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Nontraditional student looks to give back By Anthony Jackson @TonyAnjackson College is a place for growth and experience, in addition to learning outside of the classroom. For one particular undergraduate, college has been a journey full of life lessons. Chris Torres, an undergraduate graduating with a degree in chemical and biological engineering, considers himself a “nontraditional” college student. “(My time at UNM) has been a journey to say the least,” Torres said. “I was a nontraditional student — I started off in school older than most of my peers.” He said by knowing when to joke around, he was not vexed by the age difference between him and his peers in college. “I really had to learn when to be serious, and when not to be serious. I probably lean more to the not-so-serious part of the time, and that helped me connect with some of my peers,” Torres said. Torres said he describes himself as a “kid at heart,” and began his college career at the Central New Mexico Community College. He started studying electrical engineering before transferring to UNM two years later. He switched his major in his first year at UNM and said he has not looked back since. Torres described his coursework at the University as challenging, and said there was a time when he was on the verge of a mental breakdown. “There were times we had to do group work with some people I don’t necessarily like, or they don’t do the best work, and it becomes difficult,” he said. “There have been times where your patience is tried and you think you

can’t do it, and there have been times that I’ve doubted myself, but with the support of my peers and my network — taking classes with all these students for three years together — really helped me get by and get where I am now.” Without his support network — consisting of his girlfriend, friends and campus clubs — Torres said he would not have succeeded, and that students should reach out to peers and mentors. “It really empowers you knowing that you all are going to be doing something great in the future,” Torres said, adding that it is not about “how smart you are, but how hard you work.” Torres said some of his lighter memories at the University are from his department’s end of year barbecues and attending national conferences with members from his engineering honors society, Tau Beta Pi, to promote integrity and professionalism in engineering. “(Getting to know your peers) really helps to go out to a different place, to go party (and) have fun, while also getting the professional part of it and cooking meals together when you’re in a different city. It’s really nice to get to know who you’re working with,” Torres said. Torres started a project within Tau Beta Pi that gives back to the community and keeps a portion of New Mexico’s highways clean. He calls the project his “baby.” “We picked mile marker 206 to 207 on I-25, south of Albuquerque, and we decided to go clean it up. Since we incepted this program we have had two pickup sessions where we picked up 45 bags of trash from one side of the road,” Torres said.

Anthony Jackson / Daily Lobo / @TonyAnjackson

Chris Torres, a self described “child at heart,” graduates with a degree in chemical and biological engineering.

He added that the project will still go on after he graduates. In addition to his involvement with extracurricular activities, Torres served as a teaching assistant for three semesters. Torres said he will attend the University of Illinois in the fall of 2018 to work toward a doctorate in chemical and biological engineering. After he attains his doctorate, Torres said he wants to give back to the academic community. “I’ve learned a lot through life experiences. I’m not a traditional student and I always feel like I have a lot of life knowledge I can

pass on to younger generations,” Torres said. In addition to his overall future goals, Torres said he has a couple personal goals he wants to cross off his list. He said he wants to rebuild an engine, backpack across Europe and finally get around to something he has not learned. “I never learned how to swim. I had a near drowning experience as a child and that is a fear I’d like to conquer,” he said. Torres is leaving New Mexico by the end of this month, but he said he hopes his advice to struggling students will stick around for a while.

“Talk to somebody. I would say that is one of the biggest things. Don’t bottle (stress) up, because 99 times out of 100, there are a good number of students or peers going through the exact same thing as you, and a lot of the times you just need to vent. Take advantage of your support system and... Student Health and Counseling,” Torres said. Anthony Jackson is a freelance reporter with the Daily Lobo. He can be contacted at news@dailylobo. com or on Twitter @TonyAnjackson.

Aleja Allen pursues education in Irish Studies By Megan Holmen @megan_holmen Aleja Allen will be graduating on May 12 with a master’s degree in modern European history from the University of New Mexico. Allen’s graduate education focused on Irish studies, particularly comparing Derry, Northern Ireland and the Irish community in South Boston in the Civil Rights Era. According to Allen, her passion for history began as a child. Allen grew up as a third generation New Mexican in Pie Town, New

Mexico. She had academically debilitating dyslexia and had to be home-schooled because she could not read by the 3rd grade. However, with the help of her mother and grandmother, she began to read. Allen said the first books that she read were the American Girl books. She said she was fascinated by the historical stories and from then on out she new that history was for her. Allen said during her undergraduate career she took an Irish history class with her advisor Caleb Richardson and fell in love with Irish history and culture. “I got the support I needed

when I came to UNM,” Allen said. “The history professors here were my rocks.” According to Richardson, Allen is a passionate student that always has a strong work ethic that allows her to go above and beyond. Richardson said Allen always puts in the work necessary to reach her goals and become a competent professional. Allen’s research comparing the Irish communities of Derry, Ireland and South Boston, Massachusetts examined how the two otherwise similar communities reacted differently to the Civil Rights Movement. According to

routes at the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement. Richardson said he has no doubts that Allen will succeed. According to Allen, Richardson has always been supportive of her academic pursuits and told her she could do anything that she put her mind to. Allen has applied to three universities in Ireland and plans on moving to Ireland in the fall to pursue her doctoral degree. “She is not just interested and enthusiastic about her chosen area of study, but she is also willing to


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Annual Meeting Symposium && Symposium

Richardson, Allen’s historical research was groundbreaking because the two communities, though alike in culture, political views and socioeconomic status, took two very different approaches to the Civil Rights Movement. According to Allen, the IrishCatholic community in Derry marched to end discrimination, but the Irish community in Southern Boston marched in opposition to desegregation of schools. Allen’s research examines the differences between these two seemingly similar communities and why they took such different






New Mexico Daily Lobo

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Student finishes her journey years, discovers her identity through education By Mikhaela Smith @MikhaelaSmith18 College can be a challenging time for many students, but first generation college student Vanessa Alvillar saw it as an opportunity to learn more about others, as well as herself. This spring, Alvillar will be completing a major in psychology with a minor in criminology. After graduation, she said she hopes to pursue a master’s degree in social work at New Mexico Highlands University and eventually become a clinical counselor. Alvillar said she was inspired to become a psychology major after taking a psychology course in high school. She said that psychology is more than just a major and has helped her understand other people. “I remember taking my first psychology class in high school,” she said, “I was a junior and I just liked the way it helped me understand myself and it helped me make connections with other people...I feel this is more than just a major — it has helped me understand the bigger picture of the world.” Although she will be graduating from the University of New Mexico, Alvillar began her college career at Central New Mexico Community College. Alvillar said starting out at CNM helped ensure her long-term success as a college student.

“It was a really good transition,” she said. “ I could not have seen myself starting off at UNM. I would have been way too overwhelmed.” Once she transferred, Alvilar said attending UNM allowed her to take interesting psychology courses, such as Positive Psychology and Psychology of Personality. She also took a Chicano and Chicana Studies course that allowed her to meet a professor whose class had a profound impact on her. “I met my (Chicana and Chicano) Studies professor, her name is Carmen Samora,” she said. “I actually met up with her last week just to let her know that her class was one of the most influential classes I have ever had. She changed my perspective on my identity... She helped me learn my history, my depth and my roots.” Although she enjoyed her time at UNM, Alvillar said the financial aspect of attending a large university was challenging. “I feel like I had to depend on financial aid a lot, and sometimes that was not always easy,” she said. “I tried paying out of pocket last semester and that drove me crazy. I just wanted to have an anxiety attack and give up, but I think going through those struggles is what helps you appreciate when you are done.” When asked what advice she would give to incoming college students, Alvillar stressed the importance of mental health.

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“I think you have to stress the importance of self-care,” she said. “You have to make sure your mental health is coming first and foremost because I think it is easy to slip and become overwhelmed, and once you’re at that point you cannot do anything else.” Brianna Gonzales has been friends with Alvillar since the two were in sixth grade. She said Vanessa has overcome many challenges during college, and said Vanessa’s education will continue to help her have a positive impact on the lives of others. “Vanessa has already impacted society with the compassion and empathy she has given to the world,” she said. “I feel like her education has little to do with her impacting society, because even in the sixth grade she was bringing smiles to people’s faces and love to their (hearts).” Despite all the challenges she has overcome, Alvillar said college is a journey that has helped her grow as a person. “I really stress the importance of (college),” she said. “It’s not just the degree that you’re in, it’s the journey that I see most important. The processes you go through, the obstacles you face — that’s what you learn.” Mikhaela Smith is a freelance reporter at the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at news@dailylobo.com or on Twitter @MikhaelaSmith18.

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Monday, May 7, 2018

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LETTERS Opiates are a trap Editor, I don’t like traps. I don’t appreciate an ambush. Right now millions of Americans, some say up to 5 million, are trapped and being ambushed by the opioid crisis.

For whom the Nobel tolls? Editor, Sure, things don’t exist in international relations, but we seem to be witnessing an impending settlement of the nearly 70-yearold Korean War. Kim Jong-un recently became the first ruler of North Korea to officially visit the South, where he conferred with president Moon Jae-in. Denuclearization and a peace treaty look like real possibilities. Kim is also working out plans for a summit with US president Donald Trump. Who gets the credit? According to Moon and 19 Republican members of the US House of Representatives, Trump is the man of the hour and deserves the Nobel Peace

I listened to a woman tell her story the other night. She spoke about how she moved into the world of drugs much the same way we see depicted on television. It seems glamorous. It seems like all successful people do it. They drink and smoke and eventually take drugs. That’s when the trap is sprung, of course. She told us about the pains and loss she had in her life, including the loss of a child, her mother and her father. A hard

life, punctuated by what seemed to be relief provided by drugs and escapism. It didn’t last long. It doesn’t work. It’s hard to see from the inside, but eventually if someone works hard they can see what’s wrong. In her case, she didn’t want to live in a car, take shelter in abandoned buildings or hang around tortured individuals whose next move might be her last. She has escaped for now. The trap is carefully rigged. Many people who are addicted and

who are hiding it started out with a prescription. Some don’t even know they are addicts. Check your medicine cabinet. Check your kids. Check yourself. If we work together we can solve this. I am glad I met that woman. She’s a great public speaker. Go beyond the pain.

Prize for bringing the two Koreas to the negotiating table. Well, maybe so. There’s a lot to happen yet — the peace process is approaching, as Winston Churchill might say, the end of the beginning rather than the beginning of the end — but the thaw undeniably came immediately after, and therefore can plausibly be attributed to months of bellicose rhetoric from Trump. If things work out, he should indeed get a good deal of credit. But frankly, I’m not sure why he would want the Nobel Peace Prize, given that trophy’s tarnished history. Four past presidents have won the prize. It’s not obvious that any of them really deserved it. Theodore Roosevelt was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1906 for his mediation work in the Russo-Japanese war. But four years prior to winning the prize, he had

busied himself overseeing the butchery of somewhere between 250,000 and a million civilians (as well as 16,000 fighters) in the Philippine-American War. Thirteen years later, after campaigning on his promise not to take the US into World War One and then promptly doing so at the cost of 116,000 American lives, Woodrow Wilson won the prize for his work in establishing the League of Nations. Most people think of Jimmy Carter, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002, as the peacenik of American presidents. It’s true that he avoided taking the US directly to war as president, but he oversaw and continued or escalated US support for regimes and actions (such as the Indonesian invasion of East Timor) that resulted in hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of deaths.

And then, of course, there’s Barack Obama. He received the prize almost immediately after his election to the presidency and before he had time to do anything of substance. Having received it, instead of going out and earning it, he continued the wars started by his own predecessors and started new ones of his own. The Nobel Peace Prize is, so far as I can tell, an annual tribute to political hypocrites who make war while talking peace. South Korea’s president is quoted by his office as saying “It’s really President Trump who should receive [the prize]; we can just take peace.” If the peace comes about, any credit accruing to Trump should buy him something more worthwhile than such a bloodstained trophy

Alfred Brock

Thomas Knapp


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put in the long hours necessary to become a professional in the field,” Richardson said. Allen said one of the biggest rewards during her academic career was completing her thesis, which was about one hundred pages long. Allen said that during her undergraduate and graduate career she suffered from depression, but has found strength because of her battle with it.

Allen said she helped parent both of her younger siblings after her parents got divorced during college. After grieving her parents’ divorce and feeling much happier, she said she feels her challenges have helped her grow. “(Depression) was an obstacle, but I have found it’s really important not to give up,” Allen said. “If I give up the universe is going to win. You have to keep trying.”

Allen has been working as an assistant editor at the New Mexico Historical Review, she said, and has loved working with the authors, writing and editing. She said it was one of the most amazing and rewarding experiences. Allen hopes to someday teach at a university. She said one of her dreams is to someday have the opportunity to teach at UNM and continue the work that her professors did in inspiring students to learn about history.

“I would love to come back and teach at UNM. My department is interested in expanding the modern European section and that would be amazing,” Allen said. Megan Holmen is a freelance news and culture reporter at the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at news@dailylobo. com, culture@dailylobo.com or on Twitter @megan_holmen.

Undocumented student finds community at UNM By Shayla Cunico @ShaylaCunico The University of New Mexico’s diverse campus community is home to students and staff from all over the world, with 2018 graduate Paola Monarrez being one of them. Monarrez originally came to New Mexico 24 years ago from Hidalgo del Parral, Chihuahua, Mexico as an undocumented immigrant. “The most wonderful thing that I found about UNM was the fact that (the University) never discriminated against me for not being a citizen,” she said. Starting at UNM in 2009, before the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was passed, Monarrez said she was very grateful that being undocumented was one of the last things that she had to worry about when pursuing her degree. “I think that being an undocumented person made me feel as if I was incarcerated in my

own city. You never feel the liberty of being able to say you can just go anywhere,” she said. Shortly after coming to UNM, Monarrez found a welcoming community at El Centro de La Raza, UNM’s Latinx resource center, after being introduced to Armando Bustamante, she said. “He offered (support), and I knew that I was with family,” Monarrez said. El Centro de La Raza offers student support and resources such as community outreach programs, learning facilities and academic development. As time went on, Monarrez said that her professors and other students made her feel more comfortable on campus, and she never felt like she didn’t belong. Monarrez first came to UNM in hopes of pursuing an undergraduate degree in Architecture, but did not get accepted as an undergrad, she said. Due to this, Monarrez began to pursue a degree in liberal arts with a concentration in

Community and Regional planning, as well as Chicano and Chicana studies. “I think that was supposed to happen,” Monarrez said. “I found poetry, due to me going into Chicano and Chicana studies, the class offered by Jessica Helen Lopez, helped me find something that I could be really good at.” Monarrez said that her most memorable moment at UNM was getting to work on models in her architecture classes, and her experience doing work in her Borderland Poetics class. Monarrez said that her plan after graduation is to take a year off to work on a poetry book and travel before applying to graduate school at the UNM school of Architecture. Shayla Cunico is a music and culture reporter with the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at culture@dailylobo.com or on Twitter @ShaylaCunico.

Courtesy Photo / Paola Monarrez

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Antino Jackson turned doubt into success By Robert Maler @Robert_Maler As many people may know, student-athletes often get the benefit of receiving a scholarship to help offset the cost of attending college. They are also asked to perform well in their sport and in the classroom to earn it. Going to school isn’t always easy, and most students will be faced with a myriad of challenges along the way to earning a degree. But Antino Jackson, point guard for the UNM Lobo basketball team this past season, arguably faced more than his fair share of adversity on his way to a degree. Jackson attended school at Akron, where he also played three years of basketball as a ‘Zip’ prior to transferring to New Mexico. He said academic struggles in high school caused some programs to shy away from recruiting him and was thankful to Akron for giving him an opportunity. Charles Thomas said he was the lead recruiter on Jackson when he was trying to get him to commit to Akron. He said a childhood friend gave him a heads up about the guard and liked what he saw when he visited Houston, Texas to watch Jackson play. Not only did Jackson get himself eligible to play, he also put himself in a position where he could earn his bachelor’s degree three years into his college career. “It’s just a testament to his work ethic,” Thomas said. “He’s always been the hardest worker on the floor.” Steve McNess, the director of operations for Duquesne men’s basketball, said he thought Jackson caught a grasp of how important academics were while at Akron — not only to his success on the basketball court or in the classroom, but also in life — and he figured it out quickly. “(Jackson) is a very determined young man,” he said. “Anytime he sets his mind on something, and kind of gets fixated on it, he typically pulls it off.” After his junior year at Akron, Jackson’s head coach and several members of

File photo / Cameron Goeldner / Daily Lobo / @goeldfinger

Antino Jackson looks to drive during the first half of a game against Wyoming at Thomas & Mack Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Lobos won 85-75.

the coaching staff accepted positions at Duquesne University and he was faced with a decision about where his academic and athletic pursuits would continue. He ultimately decided he wanted to transfer to another school, but needed to pass 21 credit hours during the summer semester in order to be eligible for the NCAA graduate transfer program. Jackson said history repeated itself as several coaches backed away from him again — wishing him the best of luck in his quest, but apparently unwilling to take a chance on the guard. But UNM head coach Paul Weir put his faith in Jackson, as the first-year Lobo coach tried to piece together a roster in an attempt to resurrect the basketball program. Jackson seemed to reciprocate, saying he was impressed with the coach and what he saw on his first visit to UNM, recalling the appeal of the fans, the community and the prospect of playing in The Pit. He said his main goal was to find a landing spot that would give him the opportunity to play point guard, saying he believed in his ability to make any team better. Jackson said he passed the course load — something he was proud of himself for accomplishing — and earned his degree in sports management. He said the obstacles and knowing the

path isn’t easy is part of what drives him to set and achieve goals. “That is my reason to do it,” he said. “I can talk to myself and be like ‘Man, this is a lot’... but I know it has to be done in order to do what I want to do.” That mentality is something Derek Kelly, Jackson’s friend and trainer, said he has always seen in the basketball player. Kelly is the owner of A Million Reps, an athlete training and development company, and remembers meeting Jackson at the YMCA when he was in the eighth grade. Kelly said there was something different about Jackson, that was often missing in other talented players — heart. He said he noticed Jackson and his friend running ladder drills in between games and working on ball-handling skills. Several years later, he said Jackson reached out after Kelly posted some workout videos on his Instagram page. He said Jackson wanted to get into the gym “and the rest is history.” Kelly said he didn’t really give Jackson any advice about training at altitude when he came to Albuquerque, because of his ability to adapt. He said Jackson opted to try to make things work or at least make the best of a situation, rather than run away from challenges or problems. And things didn’t seem to get an easier as Jackson still faced challenges even after arriving at UNM. The team started just 3-8 on the season and many people started referring to the campaign as a “throw-away season.” But Jackson and the rest of the players found their footing, climbing from the early hole to finish third in the conference standing and rattled off seven straight wins before eventually losing in the Mountain West Championship game. His season was littered with highlights, as the point guard helped guide the team through the choppy waters and steer them into a winning season. A YouTube video of his highlights fittingly ended with his game-winning basket over San Diego State — perhaps his defining moment at UNM — in which he jab stepped to lose his defender and knocked down a go-ahead jumper




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to help lift his team to a 79-75 victory. At one point during the season, Weir said he had never seen a player grow and learn so much as a senior — let alone a graduate transfer. Kelly said Jackson’s father deserves a lot of credit, as he noticed him instilling hard work and discipline in his son by pushing him hard at a young age. McNess mentioned that Jackson is “smart enough to know what he doesn’t know” and constantly seeks answers because he wants to absorb knowledge and get better. And Thomas simply said “that’s just the kind of guy his is”. He also noted Jackson’s desire to please people is both his biggest flaw and his greatest attribute, adding that the student-athlete has a big heart. He also said Jackson’s mother and the desire to make her happy are driving forces for Jackson, saying she is probably both his biggest fan and critic. She was able to make it to Albuquerque to see his final home game, in which he was among three seniors who were honored that night. And while Jackson’s collegiate career is now over, the bachelor’s degree and journey it took to get there are things he and his family will place a lot of value on. McNess said he’s proud of what Jackson has already accomplished and knows he is “long-term driven.” He said Jackson is a man he would be willing to bet on and believes the future is bright for him. It remains to be seen whether Jackson will continue working to obtain his master’s degree in elementary education, but the point guard said his immediate plans are to do whatever is necessary to make it to the NBA. “He’ll play until that ball stops bouncing,” McNess said. “And then I have no doubt in my mind that he’ll take all the same traits that he’s applied to basketball and apply them to life.” Robert Maler is the sport’s editor for the Daily Lobo. He primarily covers basketball and football and contributes content for various other sports as well. He can be contacted at sports@dailylobo. com or on Twitter @Robert_Maler.

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Class of 2018

Presidential Installation of Garnett S. Stokes

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PAGE 8 / MONDAY, MAY 7, 2018 Graduate Degree Recipients

The following list is based on information gathered from the Banner database prior to our publication deadline. It has been carefully reviewed but given the number of names and evolving status of many prospective graduate’s degree status, mistakes and omissions may have occurred. Please accept our assurance that being listed or not listed here has no bearing on a student’s official graduation status.

Graduate Studies

Julie Coonrod, Dean DOCTOR OF EDUCATION Candidates for Degree, Spring 2018


Candidates for Degree, Spring 2018

Nalin Iris Andersen Sumant Avasarala Firas Nazem Ayoub William Harry Barnes Grant C Bleier Sophia Bowers Yu Chen Jesse Seth Chenven Kent Edward Coombs Ninnat Dangniam David Devon Decker Elizabeth Lynne Dickson Prashant Dogra Christopher P Erwin

Andrew Richard Ferdinand Erika Taylor Gendron Mohammadreza Ghasemkhani Joan Elizabeth Green Lara Michele Gunderson Marian Irene Hamilton Christina J Hanson Miles Madison Harvey Charles Laforest Hayes Mustafa Abdo Hersi Robert C Hoy He Huang Ruslan Hummatov Anastasia Aemilia Ierides Annikka Lee Jensen Melina Denise Juarez Ralph F Kelly Ryan D Kettler Jason Cody Kimble Jeffrey Alan Knockel Philip Leo Lafreniere Brandon C Lampe Yolanda Esperanza Ledesma Silva Rachel E Levitt Jonathan A Lewis Yamhilette Licon Munoz Ayesha L Livingston Brian MacKie-Mason Reiner Martens Rebeca Martinez Gomez Cl Kieffer Nail Han Bich Nguyen Michael Joseph O’Donnell Martha Ofelia Perez Arriaga Hamed Pourbeyram Kaleibar Justin Kevin Reale Myra N Roberts Sephira A Ryman Daniel John Sandoval Sheryl Ann Singerling

Chance R Strenth Mohammad Tayarani David Edward Weirich Robert James Zayas Kayla R Zehr Catherine Marie Zemlick Bojun Zhang Xu Zhang Xuechen Zhu MASTER OF ARCHITECTURE

Candidates for Degree, Spring 2018

Ali A Al Gahmi Patrick Louis Aspaas Batoul Baigmoradi Max T Boruff Adriana Casas Matthew George Cooper Gabriel Itzai Gaytan Alaa Suliman Hamid Joshwa Allen Hernandez Prasad Ramchandra Kamte Chaitanya Korra Rafael J Milla Cheyenne Sumner Moore Sneha Murali Jannatul Ferdous Nipa Adriana E Onate Darby K Prendergast Nikita Arvind Purohit Ifreet Rahima Jesus Manuel Rendon Elias Alexandro Rodriguez Farrokh Rostami Kia Lorenzo A Ruiz Melika Seyedakefi Ronak Bimal Shah Bethany Marie Walker MASTER OF ARTS Candidates for Degree, Spring 2018

Aleja Noel Allen

Dania Mahmoud Ismail Ammar Karen Reginne Amorim de Melo Monica V Aranda Jessica Leah Archuleta Cindi Arellanos Marlin Arriaga Brennan L Artrip Hyun Hee Bae Anna P Baugh Rebecca Marie Beck Ashlee N Begaye Ruochen Bo Giovanna Diandra Bourguet Darrell Lee Bowers Kristin Marie Brown Jazmine Perette Burt Teresa M Caprioglio Adriana Elaine Chancay Wilmer Alfredo Chavarria Andrea Amalia Chavez Valenzuela Amy L Chen Elizabeth Ann Choc Theresa Anne Clark Sergio Bernardo Cotton Deanna Creighton Cook Mikey Cunningham Anne Curry Elizabeth Curry Jordan E Debrine Hilda Solange Defoe Payne Matthias Arian Dietrich Brittanny Renee Dimas Nancy Diodati-Miller Gretchen Dubit Joseph R Duran Joshua Lee Edmiston Victoria Gayle Egensteiner Frank J Espinosa Marie Rose Fernandez Laura Marie Finley

Lindsey Frederick Malaka Friedman Rebecca Lynn Fritsch Brittany Anne Galbraith Diego Alejandro Garcia Nadia L Garcia Nicole Elizabeth Golden Rachelle N Golich Alicia C Gomez Axel Christopher Gonzalez Lauri Marie Gonzalez Derlly Gonzalez Gonzalez Leaha Christian Graham Danika Charmaine Grenko Katherine Morgan Lacy Gutierrez Abdelbaset Shofein Mohammed Haridy Laura Christine Hawton Jessica Erin Heintzleman Stuart James Hooper Marie Elise Isenberger Brianda Jaquez Gyeonghwa Jeon Benjamin Lynn John Kaylen Marie Jones Minjung Kang Sarah C Keith Amy C Kelley Seonah Kim Sarah Knopp Kaisa Tellervo Lappalainen Luke Lea Utako Elaine Legler Emily J Leslie Lazarus N Letcher Ye Lin Menelek P Lumumba Constance Jessica Lumumba-Perez Jimmy D Martinez John Richard Martinez Molly C Mata Elena Mae Matthews Candace E McKillip

Matthew P McMillian Anthony A Mclean Austin Joseph Miller Deborah Ann Montano Kylie Kay Montoya Joely M Morales-Villela Michele A Moser Emily E Northcutt William Daniel Nourse Ivonne Arlette Orozco Acosta Feliciano Otero Rosalia Cleofas Pacheco Evangeline Marie Pacheco Raquel M Padilla Angelica Marie Padilla Charles Fredrick Palmer Mason T Pellegrini Joshua N Pena Christine Andrea Perea Dao A Pham Esperanza Soledad Plath Anita Quintana Mateo Rocha Dominique E Rodriguez Yudith Yesenia Ruiz Maria Carolina Saenz Vargas Valerie Lynn Saiz Jarad Sassone-Mchugh Karen Anne Scales Chelsey Lynn Servantes Talia Olivia Sierra Melanie Sayuri Sonntag Paloma L Tarango Rebekah Irene Thomas Marco A Torres Elyda Torres-Tafoya Alex Ukropen David James Van Horn Jeremiah Vasquez Paola A Vazquez Kafda Itcora Vergara Esturain Amy Robin Vialpando

NEW MEXICO DAILY LOBO Christian Bryant Waguespack Usamah Wasif Breeanna N Watral Tracey Lynn Widner Molly Malka Miriam Wieder Sarah Michelle Wynne Rachel Yarrington Sandra Yellowhorse Valerie S Zink Rosa T de la Vega MASTER OF CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT

Mohit Khadka Lucas A Lantz Roshan Pokhrel Kevin Leigh Scales Genna M Slape Rhytham Jayeshbhai Soni MASTER OF FINE ARTS Candidates for Degree, Spring 2018

Nevarez Gabriel Encinias Charis Lillene Fleshner Brent Colby Gates Diego Miguel Gomez Caroline T Graham Candidates for Degree, Steven Daniel Howe Spring 2018 Amy Elizabeth Johnson Janill Spring Kohler Hollis Lockwood Moore Priscilla Ohta Jess Peri MASTER OF Sallie Angela Scheufler COMMUNITY Nicholas Clifford Simko & REGIONAL Faerl Marie Torres Crystal Joyce Zanders PLANNING Candidates for Degree, Molly Beth Zimmer Spring 2018 MASTER Maria Soledad Anda OF HEALTH Gordillo ADMINISTRATION Alan S Dominguez Candidates for Degree, Brett M Feldhahn Spring 2018 Roman Matthew Lopez Valoree Jean Althoff Megan Danielle Lovato Stetson Lea Berg MASTER OF Jason Ray Flores MANUFACTURING David M Hopper Mickayla M Karikari ENGINEERING Candidates for Degree, David Anthony Medrano Karen Marie Randall Spring 2018 Valerie April Toledo Kimberly M Rogulich Renee Michelle Ward MASTER OF MASTER OF ENGINEERING LANDSCAPE Candidates for Degree, Spring 2018 ARCHITECTURE Deepak Bhatta Candidates for Degree, Hari Krishna Dhamala Spring 2018 Abigail K Hoffmann Viviane Kaciope Beluse

Lance A Martinez Kenna S O’Connell Rolanda L Pana Asmita N Patel Camille A Rivera Candidates for Degree, Maurisa Anne Romero Matthew S Rothstein Spring 2018 Vittoria Rose Totaro Richard Lee Dickinson Peter Lawrence Wells Elizabeth Lynn Gatica Steven Matthew Gomez Tenzin Yonten MASTER OF Ronald Ryan Garan Hernandez PUBLIC HEALTH Heather Dawn House Candidates for Degree, Spring 2018 Darin Hunsinger Lionel Michael Candelaria Jonathan Daniel Lightcap Nina H Greenberg Tyler Bryce Lischynski Kaitlyn Connor Murphy- Celina L Martinez Belinda Vicuna White Lara Patton MASTER OF Jonathan Grijalva SCIENCE Rodriguez Candidates for Degree, Spring 2018 Nicole Alyssa Sanchez Aaron Vicente Aguilar Lisa Margaret White Tarik Zuhier Mohammad MASTER Alhmoud OF PUBLIC Akashia Lee Allen ADMINISTRATION Theyab Rashed G Alsenani Candidates for Degree, Raisa Carmen Andeme Ela Spring 2018 Matthew Anthony Baca Farah Waleed Heider Sulgi Daniel Bak Anabtawi Phoenix Baldez Bernadette Dorothy Baca Karishma Bansal Sally Anne Barker Manish Bhattarai Krystle Dawn Bowman Brian Matthew Billstrand Sharon Lynn Bydonie Jason W Booher John Cannella Teofilo Borunda Duque Hugo G Cano Nicholas Lee Buonaiuto Janice A Duran Sandra E Burdick Ryan H Edgington Sage Byrne Elizabeth Ann Fischer Alan Adrian Chavez Martin Michael Gutierrez Madelaine Seow Chavez Kathryn Savino Gutierrez Dakota Mitchell Cox Lawrence Kuan Kwei Alyssa Nicole Dalton Megan Danielle Lovato Jared D DiDomenico Brianne A Lucero Evelyn A Dohme

Tess J Houle Bishal Raj Khanal Travis D Tabet MASTER OF MUSIC

daily lobo HOUSING GUIDE




Studio $500/mo & 565 sqft. 1BDRM $535/mo. Located on Central, down the road from UNM near bus stop. Call 505-266-7000. WWW.UNMRENTALS.COM Awesome university apartments. Unique, hardwood floors, FP’s, courtyards, fenced yards. Houses, cottages, efficiencies, studios, 1, 2 and 3BDRM’s. Garages. 505-843-9642. Open 6 days/week.

COZY 2BDRM FREE utilities 3 blocks to

UNM. $735/mo. 313 246-2030, 440-8686.



3BDRMS, and 4BDRMS. William H. Cornelius, real estate consultant: www.corneliusmgmt.com 243-2229.

1 BLOCK FROM UNM. 1BDRM duplex. Hardwood floors Skylights. Driveway parking. $515/mo +gas. 505-506-5814. W/ FREE utilities, 1 block UNM. Call 505-246-2038. kachina-properties.com. 1515 Copper NE. $485-510/mo. Ask move-inspecial. Open house: Saturday, May 12, 10am-3pm.



1BDRM W/D FENCED yard, pets okay.

Off-street parking. 310 Stanford SE Available mid-May. $645/mo. utilities included. +$600dd. 362-0837.


w/d. Fenced yard, pets okay. Offstreet parking. 321 Stanford SE. $1295/mo. +$1250dd. Available now. 362-0837.

Rooms For Rent SUMMER ROOM UNM/NOB Hill, fence/-

yard, patio, free wi-fi, water, sewer, garbage. $400/mo. 505-419-3866.

2 ROOMATES FOR nice townhouse. Near UNM, 2 1/2BA, w/d, $450/mo +utilities. Available June 1st. pecoraje@law.unm.edu

Hey Lobos! Did you know you can get free advertising in this category (25 words or less). Call or email 505-277 5656, classifieds@dailylobo.com

Houses For Rent 1BDRM

HOUSE, PRIVATE parking, $660/mo. 2 blocks from UNM on Stan-ford. Available 1st of June. Call Tom 505-907-6011.

Houses For Sale


2916 SAN JOAQUIN Ave SE, 87106. It’s

gorgeous inside. Unique one of a kind home. Fully finished walk out basement. Completely remodeled house on the golf course. Near UNM, downtown, and KAFB. Brand new kitchen,new appliances, cabinets, granite counter tops, and baths. New paint, and light fixtures. Oversized wood deck off the back for great parties. Large storage shed. Refrigerated air, master BDRM + 2 additional BDRMs main floor. 1BDRM in basement with living area and kitchenette. Lots of storage, possible wine cellar. 505-264-8463.

Find your new home!




Live well at Wellington! Large spacious living! • Oversized Bedrooms •1 & 2 bedrooms starting at $680/mo • Safe gated community •2 heated pools •Relax in the clubhouse

Call today for a tour! (505) 884-1916 Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Sat at 10:00 am to 5:00 pm


3131 Adams Street NE


Housing Guide Map


1 Wellington Place 3 Lobo Rainforest 2 Resident Life







New Mexico Daily Lobo Cheyne A Dorsey Emma A Elliott-Smith Christopher R Esquibel Elizabeth E Esterly Renee S Euler Juan Jose Faria Briceno William Gregory Flynn Sean D Fournier Serafin Garcia Fernandez Piyush Garg Elizabeth Mackenzie Glenn Diksha Gupta Hayley Aurora Hajic Kelly A Marin Harris Anjanette A Hawk Adam Marshall Henrie Jonathan E Herrera Eddie Hilburn Ricardo C Huerta Peggy Harris Hyden Joseph A Jacobus Abigail Ruth Jacoby Alexander M Kaberlein Hyuna Byun Kim Susan M Klimowicz Joseph M Kloeppel Tyler Cruz Lapointe Lyudmila N Leksunkin Elias Simental Lopez Francisco Lopez Moruno Manuel J Lucero Satish Mandal Jared Kyle Mauldin Sean McCargar James Peter McGowan Nikolas Emmanuel Meneakis Junwei Meng Shepard C Moore Jane H Motsinger Breeanna Priscilla Munoz Ambroshia M Murrietta Kathryn M Narum Graham Parya Nickbeen Anthony J O’Sickey Jack Orozco Richard Anthony Ortiz Laura Pages Barcelo Rajkumar Pandi Mason C Parsons Ariel Constance Pendley Alaina D Pershall Lindsey Rayne Pittington Kevin James Reilly James Harrison Richards David Ringo Joshua A Rios Nathaniel Ristoff Gabriel A Rodriguez Ryan Skye Ross Stevie A Ruiz Elnaz Sadeghi Jenny Carolyn Sanchez Lilliana M Sanchez Geoffrey Dylan Schultz

Linday D Selters Sagert Sheets Kevin A Shipman Austin J Short Bipesh Shrestha Dimitrios Sikeridis Juan Carlos Somarriba Jarque Stephen James Stromberg Adam Michael Szilagyi Claudia E Tarin Daniel Wade Taylor Austen B Tigges Sonny Gerald Trujillo Wei Chung Tu Gladys Valentin-Gonzalez Jennifer Nicole Van Osdel Nidia Yadira Vaquera Chavez Bryan Wallace Elizabeth B Weiler Shaun R Whetten David Allen White Jon Kevin Wilson Barry E Wood Chao Xu Alexandra Victoria Yingling Xuan Yu MASTER OF SCIENCE IN NURSING Candidates for Degree, Spring 2018

Erica Pasqualita Abeita Patricia J Aldaz Taylor Bailey Nadine Janette Baldonado Jamie Boykin Kathryn Elisabeth Callan Nadia L Cano Vazquez Rebecca A Casalino Paula A Cordova Jaqueline FernandezQuezada Robert Allen Frohmader Kathryn Ann Gerber Ian A Hamilton Michelle Hannah Lisa D Hendle Xiao Wei Hua Amber Lee Jackson Elizabeth Ashley Jaffa Mujawamaria Saada Johnson Erin Joslin-Gay Christa Nicole Lee Richard P Lujan Angelo James Macario Hannah Morgan Maureen Mulvany Anita T Nelson Mary Rachel Pirkle Anne Margaret Reines Jason M Rotonda Derek George Sandoval

Rachel R Schaffner Melissa C Scott Lindsay Leigh Young MASTER OF WATER RESOURCES

Candidates for Degree, Spring 2018

Brett M Feldhahn April Kay Fox Jacqueline Alana Ronstadt Noelani Eba-jah-mi Villa EDUCATION SPECIALIST CERTIFICATE Candidates for Degree, Spring 2018

Miranda Jean Begay Laura Chiang Wilhelmina Clah Roger Crazy Wolf Sarah Curley Jennifer G Gable Kyle Monroe Haws Shannon Johnson Leah Kathleen Lawrence Sue Ellen Martin Natalie Colleen Martinez Jory L Mirabal Teresa Ramone-Wilson Esther Sanchez Melanie Ann Telles GRADUATE CERTIFICATE Candidates for Degree, Spring 2018

Tarik Zuhier Mohammad Alhmoud Dania Mahmoud Ismail Ammar Hyun Hee Bae Lisa Gaye Blue Ana Yalena Borges Kristin Marie Brown Gage James ChavezCowles Elizabeth Ann Choc Rebecca Lynn Fritsch Jorge Gonzales Amy M Harrison Laura Christine Hawton Gulnara Kussainova Rachel E Levitt Betty Patterson-Damon Patricia O’Neill Rich Sarah Ann Schulman Katharine Lynn Simmons POST-DEGREE CERTIFICATE Candidates for Degree, Spring 2018

Batoul Baigmoradi Teresa L Cutler - Broyles Laurie Grace James Firor

Candidates for Degree, Nicholas Hlatky Spring 2018 Shawn Kelley Elias Alexandro Rodriguez Joaquin Carlos Acosta Heba N Aggad Graduate Rachel Carley Atencio F Ayala Professional Kate Jason Robert Barnes Degree Jessica Belmares Ortega Recipients Cole M Benson The following list is based Jason Ryan Boberg on information gathered Minerva Borunda from the Banner database John Tyler Brooks prior to our publication Soren C Bujold deadline. It has been carefully reviewed but given Rachel Lorraine Candelaria the number of names and Holly Ann Caulder evolving status of many Barbara M Chappell prospective graduate’s Chelsea M Chavez degree status, mistakes Benjamin R Clapp and omissions may have Joshua M Clemena occurred. Please accept Melissa Kay Danks our assurance that being listed or not listed here has Landon Patrick Davis no bearing on a student’s Kaitlynn M Divine official graduation status. Sarah J Dominguez Matthew R Drum Anderson Karthik Dussa School of John Christopher Dykstra Management Daniel R Eisweirth Craig White, Dean Samantha Flores Jueun Lee French MASTER OF Brian Galinato ACCOUNTING Eric Brian Garcia Candidates for Degree, Sadaf Gul-Mohammad Spring 2018 Bisaan Hanouneh Casey Brooke Baird Shelby Paige Hansen John Albert Beck Rachel M Hartwig Alexis Nicole Briscoe Larisa Holiday Cynthia Brown Leroy D Holmes Johana Edith Burciaga Michelle Jeanette Hooper Vasquez Robert Wayne Howard Ray A Casias Kelli Patricia Howie Sarah J Chorney Sarah Catherine Finfrock Justin R Irwin Mitchell Shuji Kawamoto Diana Dainelle Hawk Tyrus V Keith Douglas R Hawk Jonathon Kruse Garrett D Jones Daniel Chiu Chan Lam Jessica R Kruse Marisa Leger Rosetta K Lee Michael Glenn Linley Mengyu Liu Jennifer Lucero Guanlin Lu Ryan Douglas Margraf Raquel Maria Lujan Vanessa Veronica Maez Kimberly Rosamond Marien David S Milton William A Martinez Gonzalo A Olivas Jocelynn Renee Paden Marisa Andrea Martinez Daisy Danielle May Alexis N Partsch Lauren Marie Medrano Erik Isaac Perez Elizabeth Noel Reinecke Austin Cole Megli Laura A Meurer Benjamin E Salas Andres Antonio Sanchez Cesar Abdiel Miranda Karoline Sovik Myklebust Mikael S Satini Michael Todd Shenberger Alan W Myre Elisha G Nash Ahene K Sraha Brock Andrew Nunn MASTER OF Prashanth Nyalakanti BUSINESS Sterling Stewart Olson ADMINISTRATION Jenna Marie Ortiz

Cecilia Diane Pacheco Alexander C Padilla Gabryela D Ramirez Alejandro Reyes Perez Kathryn Louise Richards Tanya Lynn Roth Ethan Gregory Rule Jameel E Saint-Lot Joel R Salas April J Sartin Vidya Satyanarayana Gracie G Schneiderman Bradley R Sedillo Jay D Shah Ana Shalesi Brian M Skotchdopole Jeffrey Tyler Stewart XiRong Thompson Jade A Trumbo Paulette F Wauneka Edward Michael Weagel Kristen Lauren Werntz Chanel R Wiese Anthony V Zarrella MASTER OF SCIENCE IN INFORMATION SYSTEMS & ASSURANCE Candidates for Degree, Spring 2018

Akambe Annankra Daniel C Clarke Connor Patrick Dunlop Danian B Flores Brian James Harris Matthew B Liguori Lachlan Cerran Osborne Tyler Blaine Pientka David T Rhodes Brianna V Salazar Adiel Andres Sanchez Erich S Schoenberg Julie A Smith Sindhuja Surapaneni

School of Medicine

Paul B. Roth, Dean DOCTOR OF MEDICINE Candidates for Degree, Spring 2018

Cynthia Crystal Avila Matthew Batliner Rhys C Brooks Hallie S Brown Raquel R Burbank Ashlee Crawley Candelaria Lilliam E Clinger Darian S Dhawan Jason Jared DuBroff Matthew Dominic Endrizzi Jesus Alfredo Enriquez

monday, may 7, 2018 / Page 9 Katharine E Epler Oscar I Estrada Gregory E Fahl Caroline K Fiser Nathaniel L Fox Francesca G Garcia Christian Mateo Garcia Mary Elizabeth GeezeCorley Gareth P Gilna Samantha L Goggin Janae J Gonzales Gavin Arthur Gorrell Shuhong Guo Tyler Hamilton Amber May Higgins Mary Dominica Irving Jeremiah David Johnson James Henry Jung Lance Allan Kelly Bennett B King Kisa Stephanie King Tenzin Kunsang Theresa Rose Kurtz Dukens LaBaze Jimmy T Le Nicholas Murdock Levin Michael H Louie Luke R Lovro Leah M Lucero Melissa A Martinez Krystle Lynn McCarson Alison S McGoughMaduena Brittany S Mead Jonathan Daniel Miller Gina Etoll Miller Sarah N Miller Sowmiya Murali Mara L Nydes Jacqueline Jennifer O’Neill Justin Lee Ocksrider Katherine Harrison Ogawa Marques A Pena Jennifer R Perry Tom Giles Pollard Amanda Bustamante Provencio Yousuf Qaseem Lisa M Richardson Luis P Roldan Marquette J Rose Scott Lowe Rossol Stephen Michael Sanchez Michelle A Sandoval Tyler R Seybert Bryant Richlin Shuey Utkarsh Chris Shukla Krystian J Solis Matthew A Solomon Ivo Teneng Jonathan W Thoma Jeffrey M Trujillo Tenzin Dawoe Tsewang Karissa Ryann Vasquez

Theodore Calvin Weatherwax Kathryn Welch Michael Ray Wentzel James Michael Winer Peter William Yeo Yana Zemkova Zhong Zheng DOCTOR OF PHYSICAL THERAPY

Candidates for Degree, Spring 2018

Natasha Ana Aguilar Amryn E Ayres Clark Janssen Bearsmith Abigail Charlotte Beene Ashley M Bunting Andrea Celeste Caruana Asael Checketts Zachary Adam Chenoweth William E Clinger Christopher H Edwards Chris Thomas Ellefson Aimee L Georgina Aaron S Goldstein Ryan M Hotchkiss Kelly Hope Jones Nicholas S Larkin Amy M Link Tristan Sullivan Malin Juan Adrian Martinez Margaret Quinn McConville Thy Anh Ngo Kelly Redmond Thomas Compton Render Molly C Sher Megan Striedel Daniel Tarango MASTER OF OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY Candidates for Degree, Spring 2018

Katelyn Nicole Bos

College of Nursing


Candidates for Degree, Spring 2018

Eileen M Broich Nancye J Cole Melissa Cole Louise Ann Crozier Kathleen D Davis George Marie Dresden Annabelle C Gerhardt Ryan James Harris Brenda Janine Holley

Megan R Martinez Shaun Michael Nalamlieng Thao Thu Nelson Huyen Phuc Bao Nguyen Henry Ofori Jesus I Olivas Michael David Padilla College of Lindsey Grace Pearce Pharmacy Crysta Lynn Peterson Tai Tien Phan Donald Godwin, Hanako Hirose Pitera Dean Yazmin L QuijanoDOCTOR OF Gonzalez Mohannad R Rashid PHARMACY Candidates for Degree, Alexa Erin Riccobene Spring 2018 Sarah A Rosenthal Joaquin Carlos Acosta Cristina Maria Saiz Alauna Nicole Aguilar Mary Prescillianna Salazar David Girard Archuleta Priscilla Renne Sanchez Feliz Rhiannon Archuleta Kayla Marie Sanchez Alexa Marie Argyres Newell Yasmine Hussein Awad Adam Michael Sandoval Ferriell Alexzandria Bartlett Danielle Schavz Jordan Brent Barton Pete J Sedillo Megan E Bass Cora Elizabeth Seidler Matthew L Begay-Bruno Jeffrey Tyler Stewart Jason Ryan Boberg Ian E Taylor Teofilo Borunda Duque Herman Manuel Trujillo Joshua T Brannan Leah Nicole Wagner Jaron T Cadena William Alexander Wehner Melinda Anne Chappell Rutger A Weinkauf Alejandra Virginia Chavez School of Law Hal Curtis Clark Alfred Mathewson Kevin E Collier Meghan Leigh Cullen and Sergio Pareja, Colton R Dant Co-Deans Phillip R Davis JURIS DOCTOR Princely-Roy Nunka Dikuba Candidates for Degree, Connor Stephen Doolittle Spring 2018 Morgan Nicole Duval Garrett William Adcock Amre A Elmaoued Chelsea E Allen Joseph Clint Estrada Marwan A Alsaidi Dayna Shea Fletcher Devon Marie Aragon Eric Brian Garcia Martinez Daniel Lee Goldberg Andre Kirk Archuleta Gabriel Vicente Gomez Liliana Benitez De Luna Brittany Michele Haggard Shane Patrick Briley Rachel M Hartwig Anne Rothrock Burke Kirby Amanda Hali Herrera Erin Leigh Chavez Samantha A Housey-Calico Daniel Francis D’Addio Robert Wayne Howard Kirsten L Dick Angela S Huang Sean M Distor Gail Anne Hunt Lauren Dixon Tuyet N Huynh Sean Peter Dolan David Freeland Johnson David A Domingos Cody F Ko Brwyn Noel Downing Fernando Lara Hernandez Samantha Drum Cherice Marie Laughlin Kyle P Duffy Priscilla Q Le Brittany Nicole Edwards Jessica M Lewis Jane R Elliott Mo Li Michael Freebairn Daniel I Loya Venzor Eduardo Garcia Alyssa Rose Lujan Valeria Garcia Kristine N Mantohac Julio P Garcia-Carrillo Shane Anthony Martinez Ellen Geske

Charles V Silveri Aaron Paul Skiles Connie Anne Smith-Fassler Doris V Tinagero Monica Rae Vickery Jacqueline Mary Wuellner

daily lobo HOUSING GUIDE 3

PAGE 10 / MONDAY, MAY 7, 2018 Logan Glasenapp Bryan Gonzalez Lindsey A Goodwin Alison Goodwin Salvador Alejandro Guardiola Matthew Lee Hasler Nichole Henry Ramon Hernandez Skylar Hindi Hubbard Brendon John Hischar Christine J Jablonsky Lauren Taylor Kedge Peter McLain Kelton Margaret A Kennedy Marissa Navarre Koskovich Alicia S Leger Cara R Lynch Marion Maillard Austin Cole Megli Alyssa M Mercado Amanda K Miera Lenaya L Montoya Anthony Vincent Montoya Jesse Montoya Lucia G Moran John Morseau Lalita Chiarra Moskowitz Cari Neill Nicholas Daniel Nunez Richard Que Ohlfs Nadine R Padilla Jaclyn Morgan Page Jessica Perez Elizabeth G Perkins Timothy C Piatt John C Pierce Michael S Platero Christopher J Pommier Alyssa Danielle Quijano Liisa K Rettedal Jonathan T Riedel Bayard Roberts IV Mark Fowler Rosebrough Noell Elyse Sauer Selena Sauer Allison Schumacher Smithkier Kacey M Schurr Marcus A Sedillo Gregory S Smithkier Ramon A Soto James Scott Stevens Joseph Raymond Thiel Keri Rezac Thiel Kaela Skye Thomas Diana Anahi Torres Valverde Mary Alexis Volner Christal Anne Weatherly Lauren Rae Wilber Chad D Willis Jasmine Kaye Yepa

Bachelor’s Degree Recipients

The following list is based on information gathered from the Banner database prior to our publication deadline. It has been carefully reviewed but given the number of names and evolving status of many

prospective graduate’s degree status, mistakes and omissions may have occurred. Please accept our assurance that being listed or not listed here has no bearing on a student’s official graduation status.

School of Architecture and Planning Geraldine Forbes Isais, Dean BACHELOR OF ARTS IN ARCHITECTURE

Candidates for Degree, Spring 2018

Matthew Ryan Albaugh Samuel Jacob Albert Tanya Dawn-Marie Aragon Arjun P Bhakta Antonio Castaneda Jaziel I Cervantes-Carreon Daniel Duran Gabriel Aurelio Espinosa Gonzalo Lorenzo Gonzalez Eli Salatiel Helbig Francis Heredia Ceballo Marissa A Hernandez Gilberto Herrera Elliot C Hield Chi Lan Thi Huynh Jackson Phillips Jones William A Levine Joshua R Lopez Jacob Matthew Lovato Donavin Au’Trevian Merritt Soren A Miller Sinclaire S Norris Manuel G Rubio Elder Ivan Sanchez Claire Alexandra Schali Morgan S Smith Stuart C Sproul Alexander Francisco Stone Thuy Gia Tran Adolfo Valles Jarrod D Watson BACHELOR OF ARTS IN ENVIRONMENTAL PLANNING & DESIGN Candidates for Degree, Spring 2018

Brooking Anderson-Tauzer Karina Idali Bencomo Cooper Matthew Hamm Darrin A Heller Megan N Holcomb Tiffany M Justice Andres Diego Lucero Margaret Helen Luciano Payton Lyn Showalter Samantha M Suzuki Melanie C Zuni

Anderson School of Management

BACHELOR OF Eliza I Cichocka Greyson T Clarke BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Kevin Douglas Cobb Candidates for Degree, Caleb R Cobos Pablo R Colon Spring 2018 Logan W Colyer Tracee Maxine AbeitaNicholas M Conant Torres James A Contreras Richard A Abeyta Justin Clarke Cooper Jose P Abeyta Garcia Justina J Alarcon Miguel Angel Cortez Cyrus Eugene Estigoy Adam Frank Crespin Albano Efrain Cruz Koen Alberts Nathan Daniel Cuadra Patricia Ann Alley Kelsey David Cunningham Kelly N Allred Brandon Cole Currier Ibrahim Hussain Jason C Dalcour Almeshamea Tyler S Dalmas Nirankar Kaur AmbrizJoshua L Darnell Khalsa Frederick Emmanuel Maria Concepcion Garcia David Anchondo Whitney Erica Davis Stephen S Anderson Anthony Alejandro Aragon Ella Ione Davis Angela M De Avila Paul Raphael Armijo Dominic A DeHerrera Rebecca Rose Arnold Cassandra Edith Astorga Krystl K Debruyn Evan James Deery Granados Roberto Delgado George Ayala Jennifer Diep Austin P Baca John Dillon David S Baca Deidra Peyton Dorough Tony Banh Danielle A Dotson Aubrie L Barela Richard Michael Barela Jansen Davida Downs Veronica Guadalupe Mario E Barrios Bradley Corona Bedesem Duarte Cheyenne R Duddy Darlene Begay Kelly Pletscher Duran Tynette Begay Andres Felipe Duran Dominic D Benavidez Umana Jasara M Benedict Cherise Janine Beynon Devin Grant Edwards Mohammed Taha Elfarisse Suraj S Bhakta Angelo Avery Escarcega Anna Bigger Haimanot G Bihonegne Natasha C Espana Jonathan Everett Michelle Shauna Bitsie Alisa Facer Matthew J Bloom Troy R Falter Brooke A Bohannon Dominick Ethan Farris Kyle Walters Bollin Maygan M Fay Bartholomew Bowman Nicholas Ryan FehrenAlex Kent Bradbury bach Morgan L Bradley Damian Jay Ferguson Francine M Briones Jennifer Lora Fierro Melody Ann Brooks Victoria Fisher Lam Bao Dung Bui Madison Mackenzie Burns William Tyler Flack Amanda Burnside-Lopez Alexandro Gregory Fleming Alexa R Cabrales Susanna Foster Dylan M Cahill James Henry Franklin Juan Campbell Daniela P Fry Michael A Campion Dylan J Gabaldon Lluvia Isela Cano Ernesto Gaitan-Loaiza Rachel C Capener Kayla Ying Gallagher Brittany N Carabajal Denton Steven Carman Gabrielle Marie Gallegos Nicole Michol Gallegos Ricardo Carrasco Jaclyn Renee Gallegos Amber A Carrillo Raul Garay Juan M Carrillo Simon Anthony Garcia Sara E Casaus Marcial C Garcia Melissa L Casaus Khristah Devonne Garcia Devin Kyle Cast Jessica Diane Garcia Maryann G Castillo Kenneth J Garcia Brenda Castillo Linda M Garcia Araceli Castro Bryan Rios Garcia Dillon C Cervantes Jacob T Garcia Yuchen Chen Brendan V Garcia Clara Marie Chung

dailylobo.com Manuel Garcia Tomas Rafael Garcia Cardenas Michael J Gendron Victoria M Ghahate Travis R Givens Christopher Golightly Matthew David Gomez Joshua Mark Gomez Jared T Gonzales Juan De Dios Gonzalez Lauren Michelle Gonzalez Juliet A Goodan Jesse W Gordon David Gros Stephanie Ann Haas Andriana Louise Hahn Gwendolyn Sue Harris Anthony Bryant Harry Allison S Hayat Megan Leigh Hayden Eric Matthew Henderson Havean M Hensley Alexis Hernandez Emily Hernandez Joseline Hernandez Victoria S Herren Victoria Renee Hines Justin M Hix Lilee Megan Hoey Candice R Hogan Aidan Allen Holcomb David Holmberg Justin Micheal Hordyk Avery N Horton Ruimin Hou Jr P Houston Jared Blake Houtman Brandon James Howden Leann A Hufnagel Brandon M Irving Catherine H Ish Matthew A Jackson Andrew A Janson Bryan Jaramillo Nicole M JaramilloMartinez John Spencer Jones Teraisha M Joy Essence L Kahler Demetria R Kee Brice Robert Keefer Tareq Ziad Khweis Josh Yves Killman Clifford Darrien Kindred Miranda M King Kristiana N Knee Ryan Kniss Alexandra Renee Koch Brandon Michael Koonce Kearstin Judith Krupiak Matthew S Kumar Ambrose A Kupfer Marilyn D Kusak Logan Laflamme James P Landers Gabriel Larroca Savanna Reyann Leyba Carolina Li Yuheng Liang Amanda M Linam Sara Reyanne Lloyd Travis Mitchell Lonergan Jacob E Lopez Preston Lee Lopez

Marissa R Lott Alysia N Lozoya Francis Anthony Lucero Andrew Felix Lucero Robyn L Lucero Marcos Luciano Lucero Cierra Esperanza Luna Johnny Ly Mikela A Lyons Phuong Mach Amber Rose Machac Allison L Mady Erin Danielle Maestas Jacob Julian Maestas Kanan Nazim Mammadli Taylor A Manring Farnazbanu Imran Mansuri Mercedes N Mares Vanessa Ashley Marquez Vincent G Marquez Jonathan Charles Martin Ashley M Martin Rachel Marie Martineau Ashley A Martinez Jerome A Martinez Misha A Martinez Jerick B Martinez Myriam Giovanni Martinez Adam J Martinez Rebecca M Martinez Joshua Marlo Martinez Joel Martinez Meaghan Michelle McCarthy-Bustamante Luke A McConnell Jonathon B McFarlin Michael W McKernan Joshua Kaleb Glenn Comber McKown James Joseph McNeely Bryan T Medina Douglas Membreno Jerome Mendoza Evan Edward Merhege Melinda R Mesibov Andrew R Miera Masood Mirza Iliana Paloma Molina Makayla M Mondragon Adam W Monroe Julianne Elizabeth Montano Quyt E Montoya Zachery J Montoya Allison Gale Moore Yaneli B Morales Ona-Rain Steven Morgan Jacqueline L Muller Samantha A Mullins Gil E Munoz Erik K Munoz Casey M Murphy Serge Arthur Nana Jacob Charles Nelson Joe-Elliott Nez Linh N Nguyen David Isaiah Sims Nowlin Ryan M O’Guinn Sean E O’Hea Adilene Ochoa Kene Okonkwo David Oquendo Sonia X Ordonez Michelle Jean Owens

NEW MEXICO DAILY LOBO Candace Amanda Parsons Aaron Jay Patel Ravindra Raj Patel Jessica Anne Peabody Valeria Lisette Pedroza Jonathon Robert Peele Kristina Marie Perea Kristal J Perez Justin James Perner Nicole Rebecca Perry Tristan Perry Jacob G Peterson Ashley Phommahaxay Edmundo Pichardo Perez Matthew K Plugge Dylan Poindexter Mark Anthony Portillo Danielle Lyn Postel Jenna Mari Price Mikael S Prudencio Shane Edward Pulsifer Bladimir Alejandro Quezada Ryan James Rael Sarah Rebecca Ramer Ryan C Randall Francisco Antonio Reyes-Lopez Patrick Dixon Riggs Renee R Rivera Allison Annika Robbins Amanda Ruth Robinson David L Rodriguez Maribel Rodriguez Amanda Kate Romero Nicole M Romero Anthony T Romero Imari Rubio Deisy D Ruiz Jeighleen Saavedra Samantha M Saiz Marcos A Salaz Jesse James Salazar Julianne Ashlee Sanchez Michael Christopher Sanchez Lauren Michelle Sanchez Jacob N Sanchez Joshua Sebastian Sanchez Jessica E Sandoval Michelle Eleanor Sandoval Kevin Sandoval Georgina Ann Sayles Ryan J Scarlett Carla Lynn Scheiber Daniel Warren Scholl Kevin J Schumaker Leighann Scribner Alyssia R Segura Yutong Shao Spencer R Sherwood Abdulrhman Yousef Shikh Collin A Shumway Leilani Keiko Sian Emily M Silva Lorenzo E Silveria Thomas M Skowronski Terri L Smith Travis M Smith Alexis Ann Sorrentino Marina Souto-Reyes Taylor Nicole Speis Nicolas Charles Stafford

Rena Stearns Daniel Jonathan Stein Victoria Elizabeth Stone Theodore A Studerus Jami Margarite Stverak Sughey E Surprenant Cornelius Keegan Sutanto Sydney Anne Swinehart Bountouraby Thos Sylla Brandon J Tamez Ernest P Tapia Paul A Tarin Jason P Tarin Dulce G Tello Laura Lucia Terrazas Alison Nicole Thiel Philip Alan Thomas Kyle B Thordahl Weston Glen Tice Jose Luis Tinoco-Lopez Otis Tisha Tatiana Toledo Rayna C Torres Vincent A Toya Maria Cristina Trujillo Randy Michael Trujillo Garret S Trujillo Savannah Sunshine Trujillo Ariana Veronica Trujillo Diego Trujillo Joseph Tsabetsaye Alisha Kristine Turnbull KyAnna Shyann Turrietta Nicolas A Valerio Maria Elena Varela-Cabral Marcus R Varner Jorge Vazquez Alex Gilbert Velasquez Rita Carina Veleta Rahul Sunny Verma Mikala A Vertovec Melanie M Vigil Alexis Monick Vigil Luis C Villa Matthew A Vining Jacob K Walters Michael D Ward Evan Alexander Warehime Mayela G Watson Joseph Reuben Wermer Kristin D Westfahl Elliott Nilsson Whitaker Frankie Ray White Christopher C Wiggins Steven F Williams Nathaniel G Wilson Monty Keith Wilson Marisa Elizabeth Wityak Mallory Ann Wolff Ashley R Woodard Kevin Brice Wray Xiaoya Wu Marcus Alan Yazzie Joshua Hendrick Yazzie Joel T Yazzie Kristen S Yellowhair Eric B Yellowhorse Eric A Young Brianna Jean Zachary Jannet Zapata Rene Zubiate

College of Arts and Sciences

Mark Peceny, Dean Adamatta Katumu Mudada Sabah Osmani BACHELOR OF Joshua B Pacheco ARTS Gino A Sanchez Candidates for Degree, Daniel Gerardo Sanchez Spring 2018 AFRICANA STUDIES Mariah K Sanchez Emma C Talbert Zero A Aakil-Bey Nam-Tran Viet Truong Jamal AD Cunningham Rafael A Vigil Malcolm Troy Williams AMERICAN STUDIES CHICANA CHICANO STUDIES Denise E Brown

Francesca I Glaspell Lena A Guidi Briana Nicole Madrid Jason Lewis Merriam Amelia Rose Pedrego Ryan Dominik Romero ANTHROPOLOGY

Anna Lee Allegretti Rozee Grace Benavides Mason Hunter Burks Dawn R Christopher Mather J Cotter Margaret A Daugherty Bragi Elizabeth Nekola Fey Michael Paul Fonseca David Antonio Gomez Toni Lynn Mariano Nickolas Andrew Mertens Melissa Denise Pineda Alexandra Gabriella Quijano Karina Aracely Rodgers Lauren Victoria Salter Nicole Danielle Sedillo Tiana Kely Wilkins Rachael A Williams

Marissa Victoria De Ofelia Cuellar


Itzel D Perez Camela Trujillo-Bustos CLASSICAL STUDIES

Mark Allen Campbell Sara D Pichette Derek J Soflin Melissa Angel Valenzuela COMMUNICATION

Valerie Alfaro Caitlin A Atencio Eastyn Marina Baleto Lucia S Barela Jadah J Beasley Laneah Shawn Bryan Nicholas Stephen Bustamante Anna M Cairo Christopher Isaiah Castaneda Lovato Sierra Serina Cerda Jesse Michael Chavez Marla Sabrina Chavez BIOCHEMISTRY Mariah Danae Chee Huan Thanh Nguyen Kaylyn Sue Clifford BIOLOGY Anthony Colosimo Kirsten Grace Andersen Dominic Nayla R Degreff Daniela Ivet Armendariz Adam M Estrada-Gonzales Isabella A Cervantes Brennan M Frew Miranda D Chavez Joseph D Furstinger Emily Paige Chavez Brei Ella Garcia Dale Lynn Fastle Gloria Garcia Nina Angela Geruntho Mercedes S GonzalesNicolette G Gonzales Bazan Pieta Tasnim Kelsey Seka Guhrke Lizbeth Lajeunesse Sharon Gurule Fiona Thi Nguyen Aizlinn A Gutierrez Viladeth Kito Philavong Taylor Lynne Haguewood Kerry Tao Song Lisa Marie Hahn David H Stager Isaiah G Hernandez Amber E Tinagero Andrea A Hoffman Ashley F Tsoodle Chelsea L Johnson Meagen L Twyeffort Kristina M Jones Jasmin A Valdez Michael Douglas Kaiser Maria Isabel Velasquez Celeste A Knight Justine H Yang Lyndsay Chase Levitt Helen Yeap Jacob Julian Maestas CHEMISTRY Andrew Ray Martinez Andrewe L Baca Venessa Martinez Kharli C Brockmeier Benjamin David McDonald Cheylynne M Chavez Maylin E Mireles Joseph M Gonzales Che S Montoya Cornelius Rudolph Halgryn Alexandria Rae Moore Elijah A Johnson Katelyn M Morales Zachary Alejandro Mancha Alex Shiraz Mostaghni Travis B Mayberry Vyna T Nguyen Jewel L Meyer-Hagen Sydnie Alexandria Kimberly A Meza O’Connell Kimberly Morrissey Mycayla Grace Obryan


Craig White, Dean

The Enter t ainment Guide Monday

Neon Desert Music Festival 2018 Presented by: Scoremore Shows Sat. May 26 & Sun. May 27 Tickets and line-up at neondesert.com Outpost Performance Space Student discounts and rush tickets available. www.outpostspace.org






Salt & Board We specialize in cured meat and cheese boards, gourmet toasts, pressed sandwiches and salads. We also feature an approachable wine list and craft beers you won’t find everywhere else! Open Monday 11am – 11pm www.facebook.com/saltandboard Truman Health Services Offers free rapid testing (Hepatitis C, HIV and Syphilis) Call for locations: 272-1312 www.unmtruman.com

JOHN RAYMOND & REAL FEELS NY-based indie rock and jazz trumpeter with guitar and drums




Theta Scapes: New Paintings and 5:00PM Drawings by Jon Pearson




NM’s own Southeast Asian percussion ensemble




Teen Performance Night


Winrock Shopping Center • 503.348.5157 *Promotional. EXPIRES: 07/01/2018. Present this coupon at Front Desk to redeem. Limit one coupon per customer per Power Card®. Coupon value may not be divided into multiple Power Cards. Barcode valid for one use only. Minor policies vary by location – please check www.daveandbusters.com/locations for details. Not valid with any other offers, including Eat & Play Combos, Half Price Games Wednesdays or any Half Price Game promotion. Not valid with Special Events Packages. Coupon must be surrendered at time of redemption and may not be photocopied or duplicated. Non-negotiable. Power Card activation fee is $2. ($3 Times Square). NOT FOR RESALE.


MAY 7:30PM


210 Yale SE 505.268.0044 www.outpostspace.org


New Mexico Daily Lobo


The Entertainment Guide

Dave & Buster’s Eat & Play Combo Get an entrée or appetizer + $10 power card® starting at only $17.99* (now that’s a sweet deal!) All day Sunday-Thursday Regular Hours: 11AM–12AM 2100 Louisiana Blvd NE www.daveandbusters.com

Salt & Board We specialize in cured meat and cheese boards, gourmet toasts, pressed sandwiches and salads. We also feature an approachable wine list and craft beers you won’t find everywhere else! Open Wednesday 11am – 11pm www.facebook.com/saltandboard

Salt & Board We specialize in cured meat and cheese boards, gourmet toasts, pressed sandwiches and salads. We also feature an approachable wine list and craft beers you won’t find everywhere else! Open Friday 11am – 11pm www.facebook.com/saltandboard


Truman Health Services 272-1312, www.unmtruman.com

Dave & Buster’s Eat & Play Combo Get an entrée or appetizer + $10 power card® starting at only $17.99* (now that’s a sweet deal!) Until 5 PM on Friday & Saturday Regular Hours: 11AM–1:30 AM 2100 Louisiana Blvd NE www.daveandbusters.com

Neon Desert Music Festival 2018 Presented by: Scoremore Shows Sat. May 26 & Sun. May 27 Tickets and line-up at neondesert.com Salt & Board We specialize in cured meat and cheese boards, gourmet toasts, pressed sandwiches and salads. We also feature an approachable wine list and craft beers you won’t find everywhere else! Open Tuesday 11am – 11pm www.facebook.com/saltandboard Dave & Buster’s Eat & Play Combo Get an entrée or appetizer + $10 power card® starting at only $17.99* (now that’s a sweet deal!) All day Sunday-Thursday Regular Hours: 11AM–12AM 2100 Louisiana Blvd NE www.daveandbusters.com Truman Health Services Free and confidential Rapid HIV Testing 8am-noon 801 Encino Place NE, Suite B-6 www.unmtruman.com

Wednesday Neon Desert Music Festival 2018 Presented by: Scoremore Shows Sat. May 26 & Sun. May 27 Tickets and line-up at neondesert.com Dave & Buster’s Eat & Play Combo Get an entrée or appetizer + $10 power card® starting at only $17.99* (now that’s a sweet deal!) All day Sunday-Thursday Regular Hours: 11AM–12AM 2100 Louisiana Blvd NE www.daveandbusters.com

Thursday Neon Desert Music Festival 2018 Presented by: Scoremore Shows Sat. May 26 & Sun. May 27 Tickets and line-up at neondesert.com Salt & Board We specialize in cured meat and cheese boards, gourmet toasts, pressed sandwiches and salads. We also feature an approachable wine list and craft beers you won’t find everywhere else! Open Thursday 11am – 11pm www.facebook.com/saltandboard Dave & Buster’s Eat & Play Combo Get an entrée or appetizer + $10 power card® starting at only $17.99* (now that’s a sweet deal!) All day Sunday-Thursday Regular Hours: 11AM–12AM 2100 Louisiana Blvd NE www.daveandbusters.com Truman Health Services Free and confidential Rapid HIV Testing: 12:30-5pm 801 Encino Place NE, Suite B-6 www.unmtruman.com Outpost Performance Space John Raymond & Real Feels: 7:30 pm. NY-based indie rock and jazz trumpeter with guitar and drums Student discounts and rush tickets available. www.outpostspace.org

Friday Neon Desert Music Festival 2018 Presented by: Scoremore Shows Sat. May 26 & Sun. May 27 Tickets and line-up at neondesert.com



......... SATURDAY














el paso, tx

tickets: neondesert.com + the headstand + happy house El Paso Museums & Cultural Affairs Department

monday, may 7, 2018 / Page 11


Salt & Board We specialize in cured meat and cheese boards, gourmet toasts, pressed sandwiches and salads. We also feature an approachable wine list and craft beers you won’t find everywhere else! Open Sunday 11am – 10pm www.facebook.com/saltandboard

Outpost Performance Space Gamelan Encantada: 7:30pm NM’s own Southeast Asian percussion ensemble. Student discounts and rush tickets available. www.outpostspace.org Dave & Buster’s Eat & Play Combo Get an entrée or appetizer + $10 power card® starting at only $17.99* (now that’s a sweet deal!) All day Sunday 11AM–11PM

Truman Health Services 272-1312, www.unmtruman.com Outpost Performance Space Inpost Artspace Reception 5:00pm Theta Scapes: New Paintings and Drawings by Jon Pearson Student discounts and rush tickets available. www.outpostspace.org

Saturday Neon Desert Music Festival 2018 Presented by: Scoremore Shows Sat. May 26 & Sun. May 27 Tickets and line-up at neondesert.com Salt & Board We specialize in cured meat and cheese boards, gourmet toasts, pressed sandwiches and salads. We also feature an approachable wine list and craft beers you won’t find everywhere else! Open Saturday 11am – 11pm www.facebook.com/saltandboard Dave & Buster’s Eat & Play Combo Get an entrée or appetizer + $10 power card® starting at only $17.99* (now that’s a sweet deal!) Until 5 PM on Friday & Saturday Regular Hours: 11AM–1:30 AM 2100 Louisiana Blvd NE www.daveandbusters.com

Charcuterie. Wine and Craft Beer.

Across from UNM! 115 Harvard SE, Albuquerque • 505-219-2001 • saltandboard.com


PAGE 12 / MONDAY, MAY 7, 2018 Cruz A Otero Patricia Patterson Morgan Payne Martina Jo Perea Natasha Brigit Pineda Lexus Quesada Pamela Toni Quintana Karina Quintana Jonathon J Ramirez Ashley Lynn Readmond Joshua A Reeves Samantha T Reynolds Briana Marie Romero Chenoa Sanchez Thomas Daniel Snyder Kristen Lyn Snyder Alexander Francis Stein Matthew N Strong Shannon K Stuyvesant Amber K Torneby Gabrielle D Torres Queenie Vega Eden Zoe Vigil Emily Anne Wibert Abigail Jeanette Wright Jaylin A Wyrwitzke

Joaquin Antonio Segura Mikaylah R Simpson Sarah Lynn Skaggs Alexander Mitchell Swisher Michael Lane Theiler Leah Besnahabah Thomas Shannon M Thomas Hannah Thompson Gabrielle D Torres Jocelynn Lynda Torres Efren Ray Torrez John R Valdiviez Jasmine Mae Vallejos Jessica Renee Vatoseow Amanda A Vigil Cora F Wiegel Shaniya Lechae Williams Brett Mason Williams Susanna Joy Wilson Siani Michaela Winslow Eric Julian Yorty


Carrie L Adair Brittnee Astorga Emily Ayers Joshua David Boruff Samuel James Bowman Carolina Bucheli Penafiel Liliana Y Calderon Puentes Janet Marie Coen Chelsea A Collins Neil G Condit Tatianna P Duran Taylor Grace Edwards Hannah Eva Eisenberg Joe Steve Fernandez Abigayle E Goldstein Mary E Graves Skylar I Griego Moriah Lynn Griggs Alexis Leeann Gurrola Madison Kayleah Haas Gwama N Hairstonel EAST ASIAN Mitchell D Hoffman STUDIES Jonathon Huse Jamie Alison Ary Charissa Necole Inman Charles Jason Beverly Samantha R Jamison Samantha J Bicknell Ashleigh Kathleen CRIMINOLOGY Randy Fong-Geen Ko Johnston Casey Jordan Alderete Gabriel M Maxson Bridget R Jones Erika Yusa Allen Arianna Nicole Myers Adam D Koleske Mariah E Archibeque ECONOMICS Justin R Baca Ricardo Antonio Aleman Jillian Taylor Kovach Hannah Joelle Lerner Brianna J Balzer-Martinez Mariano J Apodaca Aleacia J Linsley Dalisia F Barraza Sabrina R Apodaca Elise E Lopez Alyssa Bess Marisa Alexis Baca Sarah M Brammeier Lauren June Boulanger Joseph M Lugo Ariel E Lutnesky Brianna Monique Chavez Noah David Brooks Marla Marie Malin Larri Ann Clark Marissa A Calvillo Alycia Anne Davis Katelynne Rose Capener Javier Antonio Marrujo Ben Montoya Natalie Lynessa Duran Kristin Allison Carl Jennifer Marie Munoz Leah Taylor Garcia Jenna Mykal Davis Danyel Thomas Munoz Hannah H Glasgow Edward Davis Monique Estrella Neal Angela S Gonzales Martin Alexander Dodd Aaron Nathan Gregerson Thomas Richard Farnham Heidi D Neff Julia Susan Purrington Susan Emily Griffo Collin M Filyk Olivia C Ramirez Emily D House Andrew Jordan Garcia Tayler M Rosado Kalina Elizabeth Leisey Juan Luis Garcia Alexandra Lyn Rudisell Christopher Scott Loretto Gianna Jane Gordon Kelsey Elizabeth Rust Ryan L Lucas Jack Rutledge Hodge Jennifer Scanlan Alicia Celene Martinez David R Hugaboom Katherine Elizabeth John Paul Mendoza Eric R Knewitz Schrader Adilene Miramontes Michael Pruett Landgraf Jeremy Joseph Sena Bailey Ryder Moise Robert Alan Landon Hayley Victoria Silva Lorissa C Montoya Anand K Macherla Juanita Lexie Moronez Abraham Adam Maggard Emily Rose Streams Chelcie M Sword Haley Anne Moss Aaron C Montano Kayla C Tabuena Johnathan Thomas Moya Casey M Mulligan Savanna A Turpen Ray G Murphy Shane P Mulligan Austin Anderson Tyra Methuen Gen Nagatani Ryan D Nash Ashlea N Watley Angelina N Navarro Shane E Newsom Dalton Cole Neal Ewa Zuzanna Olszowka Jennifer N Wilson Madalyn Elise WilsonNatalya M Nieto Tristan L Padilla Fetrow Gabriella Cielo OchoaAlexander Heimer Palm ENGLISHGonzalez Adrianna Cherrington PHILOSOPHY Sara Dawn Ogle Patterson Terry Lee Tucker Nichole A Ortega Christina Lynn Powers Geoffrey Pacheco FAMILY & CHILD Mia I Raby Isaac N Parra Luisa F Sanchez-Carrera STUDIES Alexis J Pino Robert Emiliano Serrano Kaila M Calabrese Katherine Rose Pollack Maylisa May Souriyanyong Kelcie Brynn Diglio Maria M Pulido Whitnee M Johnson Devrim M Tiryaki Daniel E Ramirez Asha Safiya Ortiz Kevin K Tran Adrian Rascon Dakota M Vigil FAMILY STUDIES Kyle David Reniere Nathaniel G Wilson Angelina Maria Escajeda Christopher M Reynoso Marco B Woods Kalyn G Kollie Cinthia G Rocha ENGLISH Cassidy M Martinez Christopher Michael Marissa A GutierrezLuna Victoria Rodriguez Romero Powers Garcia Angelique J Romo David A Hernandez Ashley Nichole Truong Adelie Ruan Marcus Robert Keithley GEOGRAPHY Brittany Louise Salazar

Benjamin T Jurgonski Joe Trevino

Danielle Nicole Prokop Mychael Rose Raymer Justin S Rivera GERMAN Jacob L Romero Aron H Kruchoski Lauren A Rust HEALTH, MEDICINE Augustine Jay Saeger & HUMAN VALUES Kathleen Dakota Daniela Ivet Armendariz Saunders Frances Senam Attiogbe Cassandra J Starr-Salcido Isabella A Cervantes Carli SueAnn Stringfellow Nicolette G Gonzales Mahmoud Nasib Thabet Jessica M Green JOURNALISM & Alicia M Meador MASS Eliana Lauren Otero-Bell COMMUNICATION Lucia Vulcan Megan Tiana Aguilar HISTORY Michael Joseph Atkin Donald M Amble Shayla M Beavers Dalton Wesley Battle Carla A Beltran Frank A Blazquez Bud Wayne Cordova Tessa L Chrisman Olivia Grace Crooks Janet Marie Coen Tuan Quang Dao Kyle Garrett Dougherty Isaac J De Luna Navarro Cody P Dowd Sarah M East Eric B Faull Catherine L Farmer Keane M Frady Kenya Kourtrell Gable James Vincent Gleason Gabriel M Gallegos Sean M Harvey Gabriela M Garcia-Huff Louis F Huning Maria A Gomez Alison Kate Hunt Paulina Gomez-Legarreta Kendall Shayne Kipp Justina Migdonia Grant Preston Macfarlane Nina Antoinette Greene Colan L Mackenzie Brooke Elaine Guidebeck Macielle M Martinez Nichole M Harwood Kassandra J McCook Cassandra Nicole Mercedes Dominique Hernandez Metzgar Sarah E Ihlefeld Nicole A Nevarez Haneen Nabil Khatib Alfred F Rascon Alexander Krughoff Kenneth Edward Robinson Tamara R Lopez Jennifer Scanlan Andrew M Lucero Thomas R Sporl Vanessa MancillaErik Gandara Stocking Marquez Mark Frederick Strange Christian L Marquez Sarah Elizabeth Sykes Miranda Lynn Mattson Kyle M Tuttle Noah J Michelsohn Ronald Valencia Victor O Onimole Rosalie M Varady Santana Amanda Ortiz Kai Robert Werner Christina Vanessa Madeline Helene Whitacre Rodriguez Zacary Edward Wilson- Emily Savannah Schrader Fetrow Autumn Sage Scott INTERNATIONAL Danielle A Silva Andrea M Sisneros STUDIES Mariah E Taglialegami Serene Akkad Aamon Michael Torrez Carly J Anderson Sarah Aubrey Trujillo Dominic J Baca Harley R Tucker Arianna G Blea Brittany R Velarde Hallie J Brown Adrianna D Vigil Marilyn Caro Katherine Rose Whiting Veronica R Casados Sophia Petrina Wickert Tia H Curley Morgan L Wilt Timothy R Cutlip Samantha Lea Dickson Jeremy A Zeilik Joshua Thomas Dise LANGUAGES Annie Caroline Edwards Hazel Nathalie Bowen Amelia P Fasting Thunder Jameson Clever Sylvia Nicole Garcia Nicholas R Diaz-Llera Sarah N Hassan Mark Allen Galik Kimberly Hernandez Sergio Emmanuel Hilario Danielle H Ho Lyndsey Garland Holland Hannah Elizabeth Leigh Isaac Lira Hooker Ronni Apolline Masino Chrysa L Johnson Serena J Mickens Jonathan Charles Amanda D Ortiz-Alvarez Lockwood Sadie Ponce Virginia McDaniels Fredy Arturo Ramirez Mary Aminata McDonald Villatoro Olivia Andrea Padilla Katherine Elizabeth Nicholas Andrew Padilla Schrader Emma Marie Poisson


Andrea M Sedoryk Kimber L Sharp Casey Ann Sims Kayleigh Megan Turk

Kody Alan Love Abraham Adam Maggard Pilar A Martinez Aaron Patrick McCollum Mercedes Morton LATIN AMERICAN Brandon J Moya STUDIES Daryll Muniz Nicholas Cardona Tyler A Narvaez Yessenia Lentz Barbara D Ogushi Joel Jerry Trujillo Dominic M Peacock LINGUISTICS Diane L Peigler Sydney D Almager Felisha M Pena Cayle Talisign Chavez Theo Alexander PironeDavid A Conway Aufrichtig Samantha Jo Hammon Jeanette Rocha James E Howe Alexis Marguerite Roman Josiah R Jensen Celina Aurora Saiz Nathan Kurt Kennedy William K Sanchez Danielle Denice Moore Jason T Sanders Tristan L Padilla Luis Enrique Santiago Lindsay Yien Philp Brittanie Heather Portman Shelby Scheider Alexandra Douglas Angelica Raygoza Shomaker Justin Mark Stewart Nathan William Siegel Natalie Ann Woodard Eva S Silverman PHILOSOPHY Alberto Soto Monae Tijana Archibeque Ruben Jacob A Stearns Craig T Bailey Thomas J Stivers Kathryn Barr David A Strickland Lozen Benson Savanna Valrie Sutton Samuel P Bingham Kaski Christopher Suzuki Miles Armani Brigante Alyssa Marie Trujillo Astrid Y Carrete Sabine O Truyol Tertia Davis Dominic D Urtiaga Riley Del Rey Francis F Valencia Arlene Garcia Iridian M Valladares-Tuna Sheehan Joseph Mark Joseph Van Sickle Gonzales Chase Douglas Kolozsy Pauline Denise Wayland Kira Elizabeth Wege Troy S Lawton PSYCHOLOGY Noah J Madrid Brandon L Manzanares Leah Green Adler Lexi Oriko Akemi Jean Louise Miller Alisha Faye Akers Paxton C Pair Erica A Alcantara Valere F Pezzella Lauren Makayla Romero Carleen J Alexius Vanessa Alvillar Nick Devin Umphrey Cypress R Anaya Loren James Vigil Odalys Andujo Alexander J VonFox POLITICAL SCIENCE Sana Zohra Anwar Eric E Aragon Eric James Anderson Chandler Kurt Ballantine Margaret J Archuleta Berenice Arellano Sabrey Audra-Marie Adelene M Armenta Blakeney Stephanie Renee Dasante Jabar Browne Armstrong Julieta Carrillo Tana Larae Arnold Lillian Joy Case Laura Elizabeth Aubert Kyle D Chicharello Shannon M Avila Rudolph S Clarke Brenton Aaron Baca Bryan Patrick Cusack Bethany Anne Baca Alexander Dawson Celina C Baca Nicholas J Dominguez Tieg K Balch Henry S Doonan Amy C Baldwin Kayla Judith Duran Kedzie A Beeson Taylor C Duree Lalydia Louisa Belone Akunnaya G Ezenyilimba Danielle S Benally Mark A Garza Amanda E Bissell Sara Rita Pilar Gutierrez Jessica Leigh Broomhall Joshua R Harris Patricia D Brown James David Hughes Sarita Marie Brown Erick Xavier Huppmann Mariah G Burkett Brianna M John Tya Marie Bussell Hannah J Johnson Lucrecia L Bustillos Clay Y Latham Alexander M Byrd Tristan James Lenzo Gabriella G Cadena Adrianna Lerma Luz Hilda CamposAlan Lee Logsdon Escarcega Robert L Lopez Hannah Lynne Carmody Mary Margaret Lopez Kimberly B Carter

Jennifer Dawn Castillo Heather L Castillo Nevada N CavalloSanchez David Anthony Chavez Loryn M Chavez Cheyenne Noelle Chavez Michael S Cheromiah Alyssa L Chisholm Jae Yeon Chung Janet Hang Chuong Nick J Coddou Kacie B Coffey Iris M Cohen Catherine Rose Cole Sara Rene Collins Megan Georgia Colwell Rachael L Corchine Kassandra Kiara Coronado Stefanie Corral Maurice Perfecto Cruz Michele A Curtis Christopher Dillon Cutter Paisley M Dawson Michelle L Delaney Tricia Alarkon Desquitado Amanda Lea Dimercurio John T Ellis Mikaela S Epaloose Talia J Erisman Astrid L Escobar Karla L Escobar Mayra M Estrada Hannah E Evans Cindy Judith Figueroa Anders E Flagstad Ashley C Flores Kevin G Foust Joseph Allan Funes-Clark Sanae N Gaerlan Colleen Bonnie Gallegos Marquis A Garcia Mayte Garcia Zachary Garcia Ramon Garcia-Bencomo Hope A Gill Faith M Giron Mariah Konisha Golson Tanya E Gonzales Vivianne Gonzalez Miriam Martina Goss Shaun Grady Jade K Gray Kristen T Griego Simone Michelle Guenther Margaret Grace Guenthner Jacob Cirus Gutierrez Miranda M Halberg Alexandra M Hammon Cassadee Leigh Hanson Jacob Mackenzie Harrington Ashley Brianne Harris Karina M Heilbron Kacie D Hennard Jessica Nicole Hernandez Nicole A Herrera Arianna Domenique Herrera Aubrey R Herring Kc K Hodge Nicole J Hoganson Ryan D Hughes Kristen Ashley Hyre Tone D Jackson Sophia Olivia Jadalla Jasmine Nichole Jensen Sonja Michelle Judkins Amy J Kaplan

Giovanna V Kaz Edward Kelly Saad A Khan Leslee M Kimbrell Paul R Klejwa Aubriana Leila Lorissa Knell Arianna Marie Laster Laura M Lecaros Victoria N Limon Katrina Marie Ling Brittany Lane Lopez Joni Lee Love Leslie N Loyd Haley N Luce Connor MacDougall Rachael Melissa Marquis Bryson E Martinez Frank J Martinez Breana L Martinez Thelma P Martinez Richard S Martinez Christopher Martinez Colbie M May Kelley A McCall Daniel A McCormick Madison B McCoy Charlene Marie McGinnis Isabel Marie McGowan Chante Alise McKinley Viviana C Melero Meghan E Mendoza Ryan D Meurer Jaquelin Miramontes Neda Mirmesdagh Heidi LeAnne Monge Corrina Monroe Erica M Montano Lexus Monet Montano Amanda N Montano Kalenah L Moore Karla Maribel Morales Evelyn Morales Mary Elizabeth Mortensen Monica Munoz MaKena Bailey Nash Abigail B Nielson Amanda R Nieto Charles J Nuanes Anna C Nunn Daniel G Orban Oscar E Ordonez Barry C Ore Eliana Lauren Otero-Bell Daisy Ottaviano Ellen Y Pacheco Dominic M Peacock Micaela E Peterson Nia Dimitrova Petseva Susie Namtran Minh Pham Maeghan Caitlin Plaisance Aime Andrea Poncho Amanda M Pratt Isabel Quezada Rena J Quintana Verly Ramirez Erika Diana Rascon Tia Nicole Reid Ariel Maya Resnik Shannon Marie Reyes Andres Reza Yvonne Rivera Alonzo T Romero Karla Bianey Rosales Jacqueline Desideria Rowell Alysha A Roybal Chantel Marie Roybal Nakia Russ Elias Alejandro Salazar

Danielle Bennae Sanchez Angelina Sue Sanchez Dominique A Santillanes Casey A Shearer William Henry Sherman Emma Sindelar Jazmyne Marlene Slater Ryan M Smith Luis I Soto William James Steinkamp Sarah Elizabeth Sykes Debra A Talavera Khayla Nycole Talley Racquel M Thomas Davian S Thompson Kyle Patrick Timm Selina A Torres Kayla B Torres Deanna Leah Torrez Kayla M Troup Chantel M Trujillo Ona Pearl Trujillo Leanne R Ulibarri Uriel A Underwood Joseph L Valles Hector Patricio Valverde Jose L Velazquez Selene Concepsion Vences-Ortiz Marilena E Vigil Loren James Vigil Monica N Vigil Annastashea M Weeding Patricia Wilson Leah L Wing Kassandra E Wise Savannah M Wright Justine H Yang RELIGIOUS STUDIES

Jacob Auttie Collins Timothy P Dang Lora A Green Vanessa Renee Gunther Cynthia Manriquez Daniel Thomas Porter Lily M Sandberg RUSSIAN

Brittany Ellyse Chacon SECONDARY EDUCATION

Riley Chavez Kemper SOCIOLOGY

Milad Abdulla Jessica N Aguirre Karlene C Anderson Christian Danielle Bass Dawn Lynne Begay Charlfina Imelda Bell Damron Terrance Brooks Hallie J Brown Kayla M Carrillo Camilla F Cluett Michelle A Deaguero Justin Robert Delgado Diana Delgado Reyes Royce Andrew Deller Jose E Deras Jose L Estrada Albert Jerome Fernandez Monique C Gallegos Brianna N Gallegos Jasmine Rocio Gutierrez Matthew Jaramillo Jessica L Johnson Kelsey M Kellner Aubriana Leila Lorissa Knell Jacob C Lorenzen

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Savanah Lee Aguilar Haya F Albazzaz Galen G Alsobrook Forest O Anderson Emily Jane Andreas Rene A Arias Vladimir Arias-Antonov Adelene M Armenta Mariah Desi Armijo Katherine Anne Austin Kati Nicole Baillie Sarah Danielle Benthem Taylor R Betzen Mackenzie Tyler Bird Rachel Bjerke Christina Marie Blevins Richard A Bloemendaal Rosa Brasmer Marissa A Breslin Lanny G Brooks WOMEN STUDIES Miranda J Buck Breana R Gonzales Marcus G Bush Mitchell D Hoffman Alissa N Cabada Gomez Jasmine R Montoya Javier Matthew Carrasco Carrie A Wildenstein Ryann Elizabeth Carter Jessica P Castillo BACHELOR OF Kimberly Alanna SCIENCE Chapman-Natewa Candidates for Degree, Gabriella Alyssia Chavez Spring 2018 Tyler A Clayshulte ANTHROPOLOGY Kacie B Coffey Kara D Bond Cook Samantha Nickole Duran Tanner Sienna Katherine Denali Nicole Hunter Crannage Jaimie Yoon-Xin Lin Paxton Aber Cruz Edith Mendoza Emily Rose Czajkowski Lucas Thomas Salazar Zachary Granville Davis Micah I Smith James DeLara Elizabeth Anne Steinbach Jeremiah Jeremy Fremont Dean Alexis Jae Templeton Tenzin Desel Marissa Ann Thomas Marissa Jamilee Diaz Monyssha R Trujillo Madison R Dilorenzo BIOCHEMISTRY Michaela Marie Dolly

Karina A Dow Danielle Autumn Duarte Carla Mae Malonzo Eberhard Ariana Eddings Arianne M Estopace Edilberto Estrada Adam Matthew Fadem Clarissa M Fernandez Stephanie Ferrel Sergio O Figueroa Craig A Ford Ryan Ruth Fox Stefan A Franco Shivani Gaur Franklin Emmalea Fries Zachary N Fry Sarah Lysbeth Furlano Anthony Louis Gainsborough Alek M Gallegos Kyana M Garcia Revee Marie Garcia Andrea R Garcia Kimberly T Garcia Angela Garrison Desna V Ghatalia Ryan P Gillett Aaron Gjullin Sarah Karina Glover Isaiah Jahwon Gonzales Raeisa D Grine Samantha M Gutierrez Jessica Marie Harwood Holly Lynne Hayes Maya Nicole Haynes Karina M Heilbron Katherine R Heroff Natalie Jeane Holden Devin Michael Horinek Tyler C Howse Pedro Eduardo Ibarra Maria Angelika Hilario Isidro Aspen Fe Johnson Ellie Jean Johnson Theresa M Johnson Emily Margaret Johnson Edward Michael Jose Tyler Scott Kelly Mia Veronica Key Da Jung Kim Leslee M Kimbrell Angeline Plammoottil Kurian Nathan O Lesperance Isaac Lira Mikayla Clarice Liston Evelyn Lozano Sarah Nicole Lujan Daniel L Malczynski Xena Marie Mapel Marisa A Marquez Anna Alice Maurice Caitlynn E Mayhew Alexis R McConnell Ana Cristina McElroy Marvin M Mendoza Mercedes Dominique Metzgar Kashif Mohammed Alexandra Colette Christiane Moisand Bailee K Monk Jose A Montanez Kalenah L Moore Nichole K Moran Kimberly Morrissey Cat K Nguyen Liza T Nguyen Elliot G Nicholas Flannery K Norton Danielle Jackson Parsons Lorenzo James Pascual Angel Eliud Pavia Nathaniel Glenn Pavlik Evelyn Pope Alexis A Portillo Sarah Estelle Putnam Kenya Guadalupe Quinonez Martin Enrique Rodriguez Jessica Rodriguez-Cuna Alicia Danielle Romero Melissa R Rosenthal Alicia M Roussin Rachel E Ruckman Mehdi S Saeidi Derek R Saenz Ali A Salehpoor Gino A Sanchez Alexis M Sanchez Eric Salvador Sanchez Jay Lee Sandoval Joseph Ronald Sandoval Mackenzie B Smith Alycia Marie Snell Gabrielle M Spears Mikayla Joy Standefer Eli Micah Stewart

Michelle Manjula Thomas Christopher M Torrez Cassandra M Trujillo Bryanna R Trujillo Ashvini Rajendra Vaidya Valerie Cyria Villanueva Devan L Weaver Natalie R Weiss Celine Nicole West Faith E Weston James F Wing Sabrina R Winter Dino Zahirovic Patrick J Zedalis CHEMISTRY

Anthony M Garcia Elizabeth Anne Hjelvik Diana Perales Marisa L Poveda Rebecca Pauline Schmitt Clayton Gene Tiemann Adam J Traub Savanna A Turpen Madalyn Elise WilsonFetrow Edward Francis Wyckoff

Roheen Shekhar Deshpande Jovena Mariah Domingo Danielle Autumn Duarte Mandy S Elliott Wendy Leigh Faurot Kellen Tyler Gall Kimberly T Garcia Desna V Ghatalia Isaiah Jahwon Gonzales Stacie Ann Greth Jacob W Hanes Gabriel Richard Allen Hicks Tyler C Howse Nicole Fay Jaramillo Edward Michael Jose Nicolas A Kabsy Victoria E Kelsey Kelvin Christopher Kemper Jaime Nicole King Aubree Ellen Lantry Lyle Sebastien Leonen Reina Feliz Lewis Zekeil Roman Leyva Evelyn Lozano Jazlyn Lozoya-Acosta Darlene Suzanne Lucero Robert Derrick Martinez Kristin Lee McElroy Zoe A Montoya Adrian Perez-Valenzuela Cidney R Robertson-Benta Danielle Nicole SanchezCombs Joseph Ronald Sandoval Luke A Tessman Michelle Manjula Thomas Ashley M Torrens Michael Andrew Tran Valeria A Urbina Jasmin A Valdez Christian Armin VerdugoBlack Valerie Cyria Villanueva Andrew P Weinstein Daniel Lloyd Wilson Brhiannon Lynnae Winton

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Alicia D Montoya Brittany Louise Prince ATHLETIC TRAINING Matthew I Ross Andrew Michael Aguilar Amaiah P Saavedra Faith J Schirer Anthony C Chavez Valerie Anne Silver Sandra LeNguyen Fabian Soto Bria R Manly Mariah Maureen Martinez Marisa Armijo Stratton Lauren E Triay Cortez Montoya Jamie M Walker Sarah Jane Novak Valerie P Wesselink Stephanie N Oellien Celia Tellez BACHELOR OF Muriel K Tsosie SCIENCE IN COMMUNITY EDUCATION Candidates for Degree, Spring 2018


Lizet Castillo Graeme A Chiasson Manuel V Delgado Samantha L Fenner Lauren Jade Franklin Kandyce J Garcia Kathryn M Gentsch Jessica Reed Gianardi Carlos M Griego Elizabeth Onwubiko Igwe Cheynna Lapahie Eric C Musick Francesca G Pacheco Cinthia M Ramirez Stephanie P Reid Michael Angelo Trujillo Kayla Lynn White Andrea C Wilson

Candidates for Degree, Spring 2018


Ashley N Anthony Bianca Barrientos Margarita Blanco Lindsay Annette Buffalohead Brenda Burciaga Maya J Burnett Y Velarde Fallon S Cheek EARTH & Hannah N Cook PLANETARY Bonnie Rachel Daggett SCIENCES Suzanne Danciger-Garcia Samantha Evelyn Ascoli Heather Marie Matthew Allan Beveridge Dannenberg Sean Dylan Leister Amber Jordan Glas Brian Scott McConnell Jessica M Gomez EARLY CHILDHOOD Jayson R Gonzalez ENVIRONMENTAL MULTICULTURAL SCIENCE Miranda G Griego EDUCATION Thomas Colgan Bottomly Justin M Harcrow Jamie Nicole Apodaca Elaiya Rhiannon Jurney Charity Sage Hightower Jasmine Brittany Mathews EXERCISE SCIENCE Alyssea Marie Johnson Justin Ryan Norris Kayla A Armijo Sherry M Kelley Zachary J Romero Kaliana Banks Tera Elaine Kemp Juliet Isabella Smith Tristan V Bui Brianna C Lapington Brandon Waters Zakary Ian Coker Elizabeth Ann Lebron Jessica Ann Weed Renee Teresa Dupre Mayra Lerma-Guzman Aaron Austin Evans GEOGRAPHY Trung L Luu Tianna Angelie Fernandez Brooklyn Nichole Maez Luke Isak Andrews Francesca C Foley John T Felix Elizabeth A McLean Helenea G Gonzales Edmiles W Harvey Ila Raine Medina SIGNED LANGUAGE Mary Gutierrez Liam G Hickey Desirae K Mestas INTERPRETING Kasey Elizabeth Chad M Kerner Janna E Mills Sara Rene Collins Howington Lauren A Rust Elena R Moya Tania Sarai Delgadillo Jamie D Knox Grace T Spradley Isaac M Nieto Perez Nicole E Leitch Paul Talley Melanie A Padilla Taylor R Engleman Savinna M Lopez Jessica Ann Weed Cindra C Peterson Mariah Nicole Garcia Nicholas J Maestas Rosita Blanca Powell MATHEMATICS Marie E Gillum Jessica L Marrello Annette Ramirez Samuel P Bingham Megan A Goodwin Tyler Paul Mason Camille D Rascon Ian Allister Canavan Nicole D Montoya Danielle M Reyes Marissa Dorianna Eun-Joo Sierra Knight Tristan James Lenzo Claire E Panteah Danielle M Roach Capshaw Erica G Morales Ryan Arthur Phelan Megan Grace Seckler Rana Olivia Chan Melanie Nelson Taylor M Potter Saravahn M Simpson Jarrod Michael Clark Gabriella A Rivera Julian M Romero Stephanie A Sjaardema Gabriella M Dalton Erick Rodriguez Quincy G Slora Tianna A Spurlock Kyle James George Dee Ashley R Wachter Andris M Sturans Carlette S Tena Patrick Hagen Denne STATISTICS Tomas Vivian Tafoya Maddison A Weaver Kenny P Duong Alejandro D Aragon Hector Roberto Tapia Bryan M Welch Ashlyn Marie Dye Mariana A Bustillos Alexandria R Torres Christian Paul Fowler PHYSICAL Samuel Drew Gilletly Daphany Suzanne Viktor Francis Danby EDUCATION Corbin Matthew Gustafson Verdugo Gough Sarah A Garcia Andrew Nathan Hollis Eric Dylan Vigil Brooke Ellen Hejnal Sidney Tyler Jenkins Kevin J Kloeppel Denise J Weitnauer Edith Alice Johnston Brandon J Molina Joshua Wesley Miller Tiffany A Zimmerman Forrest Bryce Konetzni SECONDARY Jordan E Morris FAMILY & CHILD Phat V Le EDUCATION Martin Santos STUDIES Aaron C Montano Odalis Carrillo Sara Ali Joseph Bryan Murrietta Sarah R Scott Javier Hernandez Jacqueline Avitia-Jaquez College of Ari Edward Rappaport Laura Llanes Tessa L Benefield Bryan Enrique Rubio Cortney S Reed Education Julisa Caro Justyna O Tafoya William Sadler Hector Ochoa, Dean Natasha Javery Davalos Robert Peggy M Taylor Amanda Rose Salazar BACHELOR Elaine Rounds Gonzales Breannon M Trujillo SPECIAL Kiley Ann Goupil OF ARTS IN Michael P Woods EDUCATION Felicia A Herrera Guan R Zheng EDUCATION Christian Joy Alvarado Candidates for Degree, Jasmyn Anita Marquez PHYSICS Amanda Lee Cravey Spring 2018 Susana Munoz Cody Ryan Bassett Katherine J Ela Alexandra Pena SECONDARY Roderick D Cochran Jessica D Hough Elise Nicole Ronquillo Elizabeth D Eadie EDUCATION Patricia Jarvis HEALTH EDUCATION Mirabai Eliana Courpalais David Graham Hatley Carielle Abigail Bahe Monique Angelica Carrillo June Saleem Iqbal Kennedy R Brads Veronica M Rios Jeremy Michael Metzner Zachary Phillip Burke Rachel M Kline Ivan V Rajen Chase Isaiah Crawford NUTRITION/ Alexandra Adelee Dennis Charles Robinson Christian Loring Dern DIETETICS McNease Brown Phillip Mikael Erickson Rasheed Singho Abdul- Sonia Rocio Nellos Lucas R Thoennes Brandon A Esch Quddus Tory Jane Vogler Jordan Chase Vanevery Christine A Gonzales Mario Christopher Barbiere Sarena R Whitten Sayra V Gonzalez-Orozco Jaelyn Viola Marie PSYCHOLOGY School of Nicholas E Jones Emily Jane Andreas Bransford Lance Mackey Engineering Tristan E Atanasoff Brooke Ann Brenning Donovan P McIntire Jenna R Atkins Marco A Campos Christos Martin Peralta Courtney L Attson Jeanette Castaneda Christodoulou, Nicolas C Romero Joshua N Benally Derrick Hunter Collins Dean Sarah Danielle Benthem Alexander M Salmon Juliet Baltzell Corley BACHELOR OF Rachel Kate Scott Emma Margaret Brandt Rachele Ellice DiQuarto SCIENCE IN CIVIL Samantha Anne Solares Orlando Dominguez Kharli C Brockmeier ENGINEERING Carolina Tablas Lauren K Carrica Montgomery T Fowler Candidates for Degree, Benjamin Nicholas Temkin Nathan M Gomez Beverly A Chandler Spring 2018 Jacob Anthony Trujillo Emily Paige Chavez Connie E Hall Nabahe Bartola Abeita Dang H Vu Jazmine Marie Cox Madison Smith Irwin Brian Alfred Aguilera Marisa Wickham Matthew L Crawford Harman Kaur Ty Ron Billie Kristen K Cummings BACHELOR OF Victoria Martinez Timothy Ryuto Faber Jeremy Fremont Dean SCIENCE Blythe K Maunders

Caden P Gigliotti Lauren Marie Gomez Christopher Lloyd King Bethany Joy March Dennis M Martinez Justin Rae Nichols Luis Carlos Ordonez Adrian James Prien Jessica Ann Satiroff Cassy Scarlott- McClintock Brittany N Trejo Stephanie Vonnie Vause Brandon R Warden Yoma E Wilson BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING

Nicholas A Kemp Panayioti Constantine Kitsos Hosuk Lee Connie Li Gavin Vidrio Litchfield Mark T Louie Jicard Jerome Malveaux Maneesh Marri Timothy Ross Ortiz Jose L Rodriguez Joshua L Stanford Allen Joseph Stubberud Marcos P Torres Isaac S Torres Shelby Anneliese Trujillo Francisco Octavio Viramontes Leon Wilson BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN COMPUTER SCIENCE

Tyler Jonathan Albright Zaid Sultan N Alsaqer Renee C Bahr Kevin Shane Barber Ryan D Beauchemin George Benavides Ian Aiton Benjamin David J Benney Mark A Blair Jeremy B Bradley Erich W Brown Bryan S Chacon Mark Anthony Chavez Toby Garki Chiu Elizabeth Colunga Corey S D’Antonio Steven J Denning Bryan H Estrada Joseph Samuel Flores Candidates for Degree, Spring 2018 Raul Gonzalez Bencomo Mohammed Abdullah H Nicole S Graham Micah C Hawk-Lowenstein Alsubaie Luis Adan Hernandez Elena Irene Atencio Kalin Renee Baca Candidates for Degree, Matthew A Hirsch Spring 2018 Mohammad Ahmed Issa Christopher Kenji Brenden Hector Alexis Carrillo Allyce Miranda Jackman Dylan M Brown Cabada Octavio Juarez Josue De Luna Navarro Wesley A Cullom Clint D Kallenbach Eric Jens Deichmann Tyler R Esterly Chase Kayser Caterina Derr Mina Aziz Faltas Elisabeth M Keller Michelle I Erickson Clint Alan Fuhrman Leala Shannon Longmire Mina Aziz Faltas Michael Andrew Glennon Jeffrey Hunter Lopez Sebastian Fierro Allyson H GoodmanElias E Maestas Mariah J Gallegos Janow Kevin Jack McConnell Salomon A Garcia Elijah L Griffo-Black Robert Mietz Gabriel Luis Garcia Anton E Kuzmin Michael Ross Miller Joshua M Garcia Jesus E Lopez John I Montoya Kevin Anthony Golden Tomas C Manzanares Jimmienell Morgan Mary Louise Gucik Michael N Mazzella Zachary R Moss Ingrid Gutierrez Nunez Jeffrey Andrew McCall Justin Bo Mulligan Jose Pedro Hernandez Duong Van Nguyen Christopher Murtagh Sergio A Herrera Shea Marcus Nord Gerardo A Noriega Kevin Hsu Kevin Amin Omidvaran Joshua L Nowlin Mische A Hubbard Austin T Orr Reyes M Ortiz Maria Kelly Beatriz Eugenia Palacios Cristian H Paz Nolan S Kephart Abad Shannon M Peterson Kimberley S Landry Denver Stephen Quane Emily Rose Pittman Brian Leiter Deborah Suzanne Laurren Quintero Lawrence Stak Leung Rezanka Lawrence Sanchez Rael Edgar Lira Soto Jason Daniel Ralph Nicholas Richard Loner Jonathan David Roop Anacaren C Ruiz Ethan Harris Remkes Victoria Renee Lujan Alfred Michael Sanchez Ramon Calderone Reyes Monica Macias Shane Alan Richards Christian D Seely Isabella V Martinez Esteban Rodriguez Neil Colin Sparks Ava Kerrigan Mauser Derek Matthew Montoya Nicholas Allen Spurlock Alexander A Romero Joseph David Romero Germaine Francene Timothy Reece Nelson Jamie Elizabeth Sagg Chua Sy Hai-Duy A Nguyen Christine M Saucier Sahba Tashakkori Jane Nguyen Melanie B Schneider Michael Rimada-Menasco Justin Don Thomas Nathan Robert Schroeder Dennis Charles Robinson Gabriel Vytas Urbaitis Erich James Schwaller Caleb A Waters Brown Emily Shawn Scrimshaw LeRoy Francis Romero Julian M Weisburd Keith Reagan Soules Javier Zazueta Amanda C Sanchez Stephen R Spiak Samantha K Sofka BACHELOR OF Chris W Stahoviak Sandra E Stangebye SCIENCE IN Teo A Vaandrager Jacob K Stewart ELECTRICAL Craig M Stewart Jonathan B Walhood ENGINEERING Elisabeth Ruth Thomas Candidates for Degree, BACHELOR OF Spring 2018 Chris Torres SCIENCE IN Shiva Acharya Alexander D Vosburgh NUCLEAR Erika Yusa Allen Mallory Ann Waggoner ENGINEERING Matthew S Baker Achyut K Warrier Candidates for Degree, Christopher J Barney Jeffrey Alvin Weber Spring 2018 Gregory P Brunson Jaycob Frank Zamora Kyle Stuart Beling Mary C Carpenter Sophia Inez Borowsky BACHELOR OF Joe Ming Ju Chen Denise E Chavez SCIENCE IN WeyAnn Chen Alan Scott Evans CONSTRUCTION Sungcheol Choi William R Ford MANAGEMENT Nathan J Gale Candidates for Degree, Nadia M Coleman Spring 2018 Jessica Marie Depoy James R Jackson Wacey Lane Francisco Loic Herve Djamen Brandon Johnson Martinez Jessika N Jauriqui Tchapda Nicholas M Osterhaus Arif Khan Matthew Scott Ehlert Jonathan Enrique Paz Phillip J Lopez Forrest R Gabrys Thomas M Perea Alec G Lovato Christian F Geyer Moctezuma E Ramos Cory D Lucero Anthony Joseph Gonzales Carly Romnes Anthony P Maestas William Randall Green Gary Matthew Whitlow Robert G Rodarte Maren Whiting Hatch Paul Chu-En Yang Randall W Walden Maxwell S Lerma College of Rodrigo Elias Llanes BACHELOR OF Fine Arts Jacob I Marquez SCIENCE IN Kymberly Pinder, Christopher Francisco CONSTRUCTION Dean Martinez ENGINEERING Hannah M Meek BACHELOR OF Candidates for Degree, Marcus A Miera ARTS Spring 2018 Jared R Morris Candidates for Degree, Christopher S Archuleta Cian John Murphy Spring 2018 BACHELOR OF Neema Naeemi ART EDUCATION SCIENCE IN Cole R Sandin Rebecca Jenea Kram COMPUTER Thomas R Schmidt Lorraine Elizabeth Lanning ENGINEERING Ron Hunts Smith ART HISTORY Candidates for Degree, Theodore Mark Stearns Nicole E Brouillette Spring 2018 Kaelan LaRosa Tobin Jana Marie Opincariu Muhannad Abdulaziz Jamison R Wagner Amy L Padilla Almohammed BACHELOR OF ART STUDIO Brendan John Burke SCIENCE IN Dune A Alford Candyce A Bustos MECHANICAL Paula D Barteau Christian B Curley ENGINEERING Kathleen D Coucke Chase Patrick Hammett Candidates for Degree, Mariah A Edwards Guanghui L Hang Spring 2018

Frontier & Golden Pride congratulate

Lobo Winners! Baseball

defeated San Diego State 4-3

Entrepreneurship Certificate Jun 4-Aug 31


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CPA Review & Prep Jun 9-Aug 11 Sa

$845 each section 9:00AM-11:30AM

Applying Project Management for Effective Teams Jun 11-15









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defeated San Diego State 5-2

Track & Field

won the women’s 5,000m and men’s 800m in the Payton Jordon Invite and the men’s 400m relay, women’s javelin and men’s 1500m in the Masked Rider Open

Facilitating Adult Learning Jun 26-Jul 24


Decisions Made Easier in Tough Situations Jun 27




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PAGE 14 / MONDAY, MAY 7, 2018 Veronica L Goforth Alexandrea D Gowan Merry M Hospelhorn Sara M Jenkins Emmanuelle M Katz Mia D Melchor Andrew W Morrow Jana Marie Opincariu Kimberly Celeste Walker DANCE

Andrea Mariane Lozano Dante S Morning-Star Corrina O Roche-Cross Kellie Walsh DESIGN FOR PERFORMANCE

Leah Moreen Hardesty Ellis Vanessa A Evans Jessica J Warren

Amber N Neuhaus Alejandra Olivares Rodriguez Yolanda M Oney Katlin Ln Riley Gabrielle Victoria Robledo Amanda M Romero Everton Tsosie Genevieve A Valerio Devin J Wilson DESIGN & TECH FOR PERFORMANCE

Echo N Fenner Moises Hinojos Kevin Zane Holman

Candidates for Degree, Spring 2018

Samuel James Shoemaker-Trejo Jesse Lynn Yelvington

College of Nursing


Candidates for Degree, Spring 2018


Cameron D Aguilar Nicole M Anderson MEDIA ARTS David A Baca Molly Kathleen Cudia Mikel Cruz Caine M Deegan Dakota J Davis Jason K Eichwald Jacob Ryan Delamater Marc Esquibel Mario Diaz Bustamante Andy C Guardado Gina S Falcone Sabrina D Gutierrez Michaela Lee Fidel William Moreno Francisco J Gomez Julie A Mowrey Robert Josh GoodsonLauren Elizabeth Spensley Gondek MUSIC Lauren Nicole Hutchison Nicolas Pierre Armer Lyndsay B Irwin Robert A Fielder Annie M Jaynes Emilee Faith Greenhouse Rachel Mary Kieltyka Danica Denise Holets Katharine E Luna Kiana Keleher Jupiter Ariel N Manese Joseph Spenser Lotz Rachael Melissa Marcum Ellen V Lusetti Elena S Martinez Jerad Michael James Adrienne L Neef Shipley Reece M Nunn THEATRE August Peter Ortega Christine G Anderson Henry Bryson Sime Veronica M Baca William F Thomas Jodi M Benavides Joshua A Valenzuela Henry Sebastian Bender Timothy J VanOsdell Emily Joy Berkley Chionte J Wellito Eli Thatcher Calkins BACHELOR OF William M Dole MUSIC Haley K Henson Candidates for Degree, Clara F Johnson Spring 2018 Nicholas James Liam Ryan B Downs Johnson Samuel Levi Garcia William Haley Lauver Monica Goncalves Garcia Owen D Martin Nephele A Jackson Jordan Dennis Otsuka Derek Timothy Manteufel Sara Taylor Rosenthal Anne Marie Merrill Ann Marie Sergeant Carson Nicole Nolting Tomas M Romero BACHELOR OF Autumn J Scott FINE ARTS Candidates for Degree, Ariel Elizabeth White Spring 2018 BACHELOR OF ART STUDIO MUSIC Cameron James Apodaca EDUCATION Tanya V Aviles Candidates for Degree, Spring 2018 Ryan B Barfield Timothy I Boehms Noe M Barnett Alfredo Patricio Cordova Kimberly V Becerra Mikayla S Edmondson Courtney R Burnham Samuel Levi Garcia Diana L Cervantes Faith Virginia Grattan Kristin N Chapapas Garrett R Keith Danielle D Chavez Victoria Elaine Sandstrom Kyle Duke King Jerome Allen Louis Honors Julie Elizabeth Mason College Taylor B Mills Gregory Lanier, Jerico D Miranda Shelby R Montoya Dean Youri Serge Florent Mougel BACHELOR OF Adrienne Y Nary ARTS

Henderson Chandra J Henry

Rachel R Valerio Mimi Vuong Sandra Warren Elizabeth Jean Wheeler Justin W Hinkle Jennifer Jeanne Wilson Michaela Lynnlee Holler Courtney M Wolf Kylee Briana Hood Donzlynn A Worthington Xochith Edith Ibarra Dolma Yangzom Christen Danielle Illescas Allison Yates Gabriela Severina Melanie Karen Yazzie Jaramillo College of Jadzia A Jetty Pharmacy Alexandra M Jirik Jera Lynn Jones Donald Godwin, Rachel Faith Joyce Dean Monica Juarez BACHELOR OF Briani Leonay Judice SCIENCE IN Jennica C Kilbride PHARMACEUTIUrsula Kirkpatrick Lana Leung CAL SCIENCES Damon Lewis Candidates for Degree, Noelle Josephine Likovic Spring 2018 Victoria Lovato Marissa R Alcon Mariah Rae Lucero-Barner David Girard Archuleta Sanova Rae Lueth Feliz Rhiannon Archuleta Emilia A Maldonado Alexa Marie Argyres Candace Helena Markey David Bradley Arnold Kristi A Martin Ferriell Alexzandria Bartlett Katelyn Elizabeth Martin Megan E Bass Daniella Salazar Martinez Matthew L Begay-Bruno Maudie E Mauldin Molly Elizabeth Benning Jocelyn Nicole Mayo Joshua T Brannan Matthew D McCullough Wesley Taylor Browder Jenibah McGregor Amanda C Cappuccilli Claire Fontaine Merritt David Cereceres Mikayla Rae Meyers Rath Jimmy Allison Dahl Monson Chaleunphonh Jennie Marie Montano Melinda Anne Chappell Amberleigh Patricia Brittany A Chavez Morrish Hal Curtis Clark Chelsea Lauren Munson Sydney Anne Crow Linh J Nguyen Phillip R Davis Danh Tan Nguyen Daniel Vinh Duong Adina Rae Nowell Joscelyn Barbara Flores Marie Michelle Olson Dylan Douglas French Saqiba Latif Ouimet David Michael Glaser Brianda Melisa Patino Mariah D Gomez Ana Karen Paz Megan Ryan Gutierrez Kylie Brianna Pepe Cassidy S Hitchcock Alyssa J Peters Alex T Ho Samuel T Peters Samantha A HouseyStacie LeAne Pitts Calico Sherryl Anne Polak Angela S Huang Tricia Renee Poncho Troylyn V Knipfing Roberto Antonio Ramirez Evan Michael Laub Autum Michale Romero Priscilla Q Le Therese Ann Ruddell Jessica M Lewis Rachel Simone Saladen Mo Li Corrie A Salas Stefanie J Logothetis Kayliss A Sanchez Aaron Milton Lovato Andrea Janae Mykayela Daniel I Loya Venzor Sanchez Alyssa Rose Lujan Kristin N Sanchez Kristine N Mantohac Alisha Sanchez Megan R Martinez Chelsea Makesha Stacey Louise McLendon Schaeffer Lauren E Miera Rebecca Ann Schmidt Ryan S Moyers Alexandra S Schulz Caitlin Elizabeth Murtagh Lara Emily Segovia Caryn Hong T Nguyen Jaclyn Angel Serru Jesus I Olivas Rebekah L Skinner Ruquaya A Quraishi Julie A Smith Mohannad R Rashid Yolanda Soler Gutierrez Mariam A Saba Monique L Summers Laura Catherine Salazar Amber Seinna Taber Mary Prescillianna Salazar Sarah Tombolesi Ashley N Sanchez Ade A Torres Ashley Rae Sanchez Sierra A Trujillo Rosalia L Santillanes Marissa D Trujillo Lopez Kristen Taylor Trujillo Yomi N Tadfor

INTERDISC LIBERAL Preston R Hill ARTS Whitney Marie Hilton

Robin D Acothley Paulina Alcocer Melissa E Amaya Orlando Amaya Crystal Celene Archuleta Katrina Nicole Armendariz Victoria Ava Maria Armijo Fernando E Ascencio Hana Ayesh Ashley Lynn Azua Christina Antonia Baca Lynette D Baca Amanda R Baca Winter N Bateman Daniel Beckwith Johana Bencomo Michelle C Berger Stephani K Berniklau Christiana Brooke Binasiewicz James G Bostian Abbey S Bradley Jorge Luis Brena Erin D Bruner Wanda M Caldwell Marina Caroline Caraco Monica Castellano Cassandra Castillo Barbara Ann Chavez Amy E Chavez Zhenzhen Chen Candice L Christensen Ashley D Crownover Ryan R Dela Paz Christina Moore Deshayes Dominique C Dexter Danielle R Dooley Lianne R Dubick April S Dunn Erica A Duran Nicole K Eaton Breyen Nicole Engelhardt Katharine Ann English Karen Lynn Escalante Francisco A Espinoza Nissa C Felton Stephanie Jane Finley Sarah Boyd Flori Kristen J Galbreath Grisell Garcia Jordan Lea Gonzalez Sarah M Gonzalez Cynthia R Gonzalez Rachel C Grady Elizabeth Cathleen Green Nicole Elizabeth Hall Cassadee Leigh Hanson Sarah L Hanz Cheryl Haskin Madison Drew Hatfield Mary Jo-Anna Hebert Katherine Denise

Samana Tasnim Herman Manuel Trujillo Jordan Andrew Vermillion Nam Vo

College of Population Health

Karen Armitage, Dean BACHELOR OF SCIENCE

Candidates for Degree, Spring 2018

Aurora Martinez Tessa Snyder

NEW MEXICO DAILY LOBO Duc M Nguyen Rebekah Rose Padilla Rachel Lynn Parsons Jenisha S Patel Roberta M Rodriguez Rebecca E Sedillo Sarah A Sisneros Joshua Day Thais Shalem Uribe Raquel A Waters Greg A Wortman BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCES

Candidates for Degree, Spring 2018

School of Medicine

Rita-Marie A Borja Michelle E Elias Kayla G Garcia Mykaela Garland Matthew James Gonzalez Jamie D Howell Candidates for Degree, Isabella F Jimenez Spring 2018 Joaquin Salvador Romero EMERGENCY Adriana Marie SanMiguel MEDICAL SERVICES Isaac A Sustaita Seneca Taylor Atwood Denise Ann Taylor Fernando Adrian Katherine E Timm Paul B. Roth, Dean BACHELOR OF SCIENCE

Bayardo Jenna Loretz Burgess Tyrell James Clock Nelson I Dominguez Chance Echols Jude Antonio Gallegos Rubelia Idalia Gomez Jeremy J Gonzales Bryce R Johnson Garrett Mayron Martinez Nicholas Ryan Menapace Riley Marisa Montgomery Andrea Maria Montoya Alissa R Ohlhausen Mitchell Page Stefan Ryan Pino Erico Raimundi Alexandra Elizabeth Willey RADIOLOGIC SCIENCES

Sergio Rene Barragan Bobbi J Chavez Lorina M Gallegos John Carlos Lovato Allison K Martinez

University College

Robert DelCampo, Dean BACHELOR OF ARTS Candidates for Degree, Spring 2018



Albert A Abeita Lorilei Chavez Devon Chee-Arviso Kiley F Guy Nicholas M Hardy Nathan J Jopek Navalyn R Platero Nalleli Reyes Garcia Patricia Thunderchief Ashton Tso BACHELOR OF LIBERAL ARTS

BACHELOR OF Candidates for Degree, SCIENCE IN Spring 2018 DENTAL HYGIENE Zero A Aakil-Bey Candidates for Degree, James W Abeyta Spring 2018 Oludemilade Ifeoluwa Wanda Delores Abasumoh Adegoke Alexandria Rene Chacon Jason P Allen Brianna A Chavez Andrew Isonke Aqua Patricia Heather Diswood Damien Augustine Nathan C Duran Cody L Aumiller Halie Dawn East Emma Doreen Barry Celina Marie Garcia DeShae Bates Christan A Granger Raymond Baylor Damaris Rodriguez Carmen D Benavidez Herrera Selenah Sky Bequette Amber Lea Jackson Kaiser Anna A Kling Rachel Marie Bernal Michelle N Le Anne Berry Leslie Y Miramontes Anna Celine Bertrand Melanie S Moya Reycita Jean Billie

Max Anthony Bloom Jadon Wade Boatright Corey Bojorquez Deshawn Lee Brandon Latesha Clara Maire Buck Talmage L Burdine LeDarrius Cage Erynn L Caldwell Joyce Diane Calvert Carley E Campbell Javier Antonio Carrillo Rikki Carroll Amber D Chaddick Jeremy D Chaddick Sarah A Chavez Daniela Andreina Collazos Galindo Marcus Cordova Michelle Leigh Cortez Maurice S Daniels Leonard Joseph Dauphinais Christopher Ian Davis Gabino D Dimas Cigall Dion Eacott Shantika D Emker Stephanie M Erivez John Philip Espinoza Matthew B Falk Kelly Jean Famiglietta Brian K Floyd Blaise Taylor Fountain Josiah P Fredette Andre Cole Garcia Donna J Gilchrist Sean K Glover Joseph Perry Golden Derrick A Gonzales Logan D Goodfellow Gabriel Nathaniel Grace Jordan Taylor Gray Irene Garcia Groenendyk Victoria K Hahn Shlair A Hamboor Joseph Haynes Dale R Heincelman Rachel A Hendrick Brenda Angelica Herrera Garrett Anthony Hughes Mikyla Hutwohl Darryl Lloyd Johnson Kayla C Johnston Nicholas A Jojola Carith-Rose Kamermans Jennifer Jean Keeran Kaitlyn Erin Kilcoyne Mark Godwin Lane Christopher M Lane Sonya D Lara Vincent D Laroza Kaitlyn A Leffler Raquel M Lopez Eva Lillian Lowry Dominic K Lundquist Jacelyn Claire Luranc Sweeney Leroy Adrian Martinez Jerry L Martinez Angela Marie Martinez Kelsey E Mayne Tarainia S McDaniel Jonithan David McKenzie Danielle Mchugh Natalie B Meier Carlos Mendez Loviata R Mitchell Jordyn T Monahan Paola Monarrez Ponce Garrett Matthew Moore

Grace Julia Moreau Juanita Lucerita Muller Victoria N Nevitt Lauren Elise Nitschke Marisa M Nodine Rita Chavez Nunez Anthony A Ocasio Carl Johan Henning Oester Nathan E Page Megan Rae Patton Madeline H Pearson


Angela R Pena Travis Benjamin Peterson Tanna Nanabah Peterson Tashina Pinto Lucie B Platero Erin Angelyn Porter Everett M Powell Ronald V R Prieto Oshun Rappa Patrick Lavon Reed Jessica Carmen Reindorp Rochelle Rex Kathleen B Richardson Simmone Song Richardson Justin E Rivord Deandra S Rodriguez Marissa D Romero Ishmael N Rowe Jesus Andres Salazar Kayla Lauren Salazar Andrea E Sanchez Isabella M Santistevan Ayla Marie Shipley Michael C Slavich Shelley Dawn Smart Morgan Ashley Smith Kristen Lauren Sondgeroth Julianna M Sorensen Clayton M Space Caroline R Stanley DeVonta Desmond Tabannah Luis Fernando Terrazas Evahelotu Sese Tohi Victoria Ann Tom Angelica C Trujillo Travis Len Urias Sandra L Vasquez Angel Babie Vega Dee W Velasco Brandon F Vigil Derek Jordan Vigil Torin A Wertz Johnny L Williams Zacary Edward WilsonFetrow Gabriel Paul Zepeda


Natasha M Pena

Jason Jay Gomez Carleigh D Lameman Alexander A Laupheimer Dania G Loya Christopher John Ortega Kylie Gabrielle Safa TECHNOLOGY & TRAINING

Benjamin Michael Wright

The Reserve Officer Training Corps, ROTC, commissions officers into the United States Armed Forces to serve the nation in Active, National Guard, or Reserve units. Since World War I, ROTC has produced the majority of our nation’s military leaders. The concept of training and commissioning the military’s junior leaders at colleges and universities across the country has become an integral part of providing our nation’s military with well rounded, educated officers. ROTC students experience a traditional college life while also receiving leadership and military training. UNM is one of the few schools in the nation to have all four military services represented on campus.


Stephanie Erivez Nathan Gale Erick Huppmann Garrett Moore Daryll Muniz Alonzo Romero Cora Wiegel


Denton Carman Tricia Alarkon Desquitado Elizabeth Mackenzie Glenn Jasmine Brittany Mathews Bailey Ryder Moise Alexandria Rae Moore Dalton Cole Neal Kenneth E. Robinson Jameel Emile Saint-Lot Joaquin A. Segura Thomas J. Stivers Gabrielle Dawn Torres Daniel Lloyd Wilson UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS

Richard A. Abeyta Paul R. Armijo Charles J. Beverly Sarah Defonia Hendricks David A. Conway Anthony L. Gainsborough College of James E. Howe Aaron P. McCollum University UNIVERSITY STUDIES

Libraries & Learning Sciences

Richard Clement, Dean BACHELOR OF SCIENCE

Candidates for Degree, Spring 2018


Jamie A. Ary Bryan P. Cusack Timothy Y. Kohatsu Brian S. McConnell Stephanie V. Vause Angel B. Vega Brett M. Williams

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Good Luck on Finals

Congratulations Graduates! NEED A GRADUATION GIFT? $ FRONTIER BUCKS $

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UNM graduate balances life, school and work By Donald Amble @Deambler The love for travel inspired one graduate to dedicate herself to learning what it takes to help her community. Marilyn Caro double-majored in international studies and Spanish. She completed her international studies major with a concentration in culture and arts in global perspective, and she emphasized this concentration on Latin America. During her college career she also worked two jobs, one at the Starbucks in Zimmerman Library and at Glenn Smith Valdez Law Office. She said working at these two jobs helped ingratiate her into the UNM community. “I loved interacting with so many different students and faculty at Zimmerman,” she said.

Caro said balancing two jobs and two majors was challenging at times because after long days of work she would still have to go home to study, adding that time management was something she learned throughout the years. While balancing work and school, Caro was also a member of the Alpha Chi Omega, Women’s Fraternity Alpha Gamma chapter at UNM. Members of Alpha Chi Omega are involved in many on-campus activities. Caro says the on-campus community has worked wonders for her college career. “Being in Alpha Chi Omega helped me stay involved on campus and made my college experience much more memorable.” Caro said. Caro is also confident about her future and said, “Being at UNM has broadened my leadership abilities and allowed me to prepare for the post-grad world.” Caro said she is considering joining an

Madison Spratto / @Madi_Spratto / @DailyLobo / New Mexico Daily Lobo

Marilyn Caro poses on the University of New Mexico sign for senior pictures on April 28, 2018. She graduates on May 12, with a double major in international studies and Spanish.

alumni organization. “I would love to stay connected and give back

to UNM any way I can. I’ve met a lot of great people on this campus and I think giving back to the community would be satisfying.” “I’m very happy with what I was able to accomplish during my time here at UNM,” Caro said. “I’ve met so many great people that have motivated me to participate in my community.” Caro said seeing her mom struggle to speak English growing up inspired her to want to help people with English as a second language in any way she can. As for right after college, Caro will continue her job at the law office. “I’ve already got a job lined up as a legal assistant, I can’t wait to grow and make a name for myself in the world,” Caro said. Donald Amble is a freelance reporter for the Daily Lobo. He can be contacted at news@ dailylobo.com or on Twitter @Deambler.

Love for animals fuels a college education By Danielle Prokop @Prokop_Dani She has always known she wanted to work with animals — her challenge was realizing that dream. Galen Alsobrook is getting her Bachelor of Sciences in biology from the University of New Mexico this May. She had started with a chemistry minor, but “realized a little too late” that chemistry did not apply to her field of study and dropped it later in her college career. Alsobrook said she is planning to take a year off to work and take some prerequisite classes for a veterinarian technician program. She has worked since her freshman semester at Arie’s Dogland, a “doggy day-care”.

Alsobrook said that she used to want to be a veterinarian, but felt that she could not compete for the limited positions in veterinary schools. “From the time when I was little to when I was about 16, I wanted to be a vet,” Alsobrook said. “I realized that I don’t have the test-taking ability to be in that competitive environment.” Alsobrook was originally from Connecticut, but moved to Corrales with her family for her father’s job when she was 7 years old. She said mostly what she remembers from that time was the giant forest in her backyard where deer would live. In Corrales, her next-door neighbors have four horses — another has cows. She said that her love for animals was

really fostered during childhood, and grew into her passion. “[Our family has] always wanted to incorporate animals into our lives,” Alsobrook said. Alsobrook said college was a good experience, but it also had some lows. She said she struggled to be engaged in her classes because biology prerequisites did not really relate to working with animals. She said one of the highs of attending UNM was finding upper-level courses such as animal behavior and research methods. Alsobrook said finding her group of “scholastic introverts” — what she describes as friends who were really engaged in classes — elevated her experience in the program.


Danielle Prokop / Daily Lobo / @ProkopDani

Galen Alsobrook, a senior graduating this May, lounges at the duck pond on May 04, 2018.

Alsobrook page 18

FINAL EXAMINATION SCHEDULE May 7-12, 2018 Use the listing below to determine the final exam schedule for your class. Exams will take place in the rooms in which the individual classes have been meeting, unless otherwise announced Exams for lab times of a section may be given during the week preceding finals week or at the time period listed below during finals week.


New Mexico Daily Lobo

monday, may 7, 2018 / Page 17

UNM graduate looks to explore the world By Catherine Stringam @cathey_stringam

People are often warned not to make a decision based on a relationship, but for one graduate, it led her to finding her dream job. Abigayle Goldstein is one of several hundred students graduating this weekend from the University of New Mexico. She was born and raised in New Mexico and said she always wanted to move away. She originally wanted to go to college in Arizona, but she stayed at UNM for a boy — that relationship did not last long. Goldstein remained at UNM and got her core curriculum done, unsure of what to study. She decided on English, with an emphasis on creative writing and a minor in teaching English as a second language. Like many UNM students, Goldstein said she still wanted to get out of New Mexico. She said she had an itch to travel, so when the opportunity arose, she gladly took it. She spent two weeks studying abroad in Ireland during the summer of 2016.

“I didn’t think I was going to be able to study abroad,” Goldstein said. “But once I decided I was going to go, everything just worked out.” While studying abroad, she said she befriended her classmate Rachael Cassidy, and together they experienced the rich history and culture of Ireland. After their program ended, Goldstein stayed to travel more of Europe, visiting London, Paris and many of the places she had always dreamed of seeing. “You never want to stay in your little bubble, in your corner of the world, and never see everything else there is to see,” Goldstein said, adding that traveling overseas changed her perspective and broadened her horizons. Although she said she wanted to travel more, Goldstein came back to Albuquerque. She said she had to get serious about her courses and work hard to graduate on time. As she started her senior year, she said she began preparing for the future and looking into jobs. Due to her minor in teaching English, Goldstein said there were several paths she could take after graduation. One option she said she wanted to pursue was

moving abroad to teach English in another country. Goldstein said growing up in the Albuquerque area, she has seen all the things that need help — the homelessness, crime, and poor education and foster systems. “Albuquerque is kind of a mess, and I think that’s why a lot of people want to get out of here,” she said. Many of her classmates are moving to Colorado or California for better jobs and opportunities, and she said she doesn’t blame them — however, that is not what she wants to do anymore. “The more I thought about it, I realized I could stay here and make this place — the place that raised me, the place that I love — a better place for my kids and for generations to come,” she said. After graduation, Goldstein said she hopes to stay in New Mexico and teach at the high school level. While she said she knows the pay may not be great and her impact may be small, she has a deep desire to help make a difference. “There are so many places I could travel or go, but my dream job really is to work in the Albuquerque Public Schools,” Goldstein said.

Courtesy Photo / Abigayle Goldstein

Cassidy said she is excited for the kids who will get to have Goldstein as their passionate teacher. “Any world (Goldstein) teaches in will be a better one,” Cassidy said.

Catherine Stringam is a freelance reporter with the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at news@dailylobo.com or on Twitter @cathey_stringam.

History major learns from past and looks to the future By Nichole Harwood @Nolidoli1 University of New Mexico student Alfred Rascon will be graduating with a bachelor’s in history, making him the first in his family to graduate. Rascon was born in Las Vegas, New Mexico and moved to Albuquerque when he was 7-years-old and chose a degree in history because of his love of the subject, he said. “It is very interesting gaining historical perspective on anything from U.S. involvement in the Middle East, to how my wife’s family and many like them came to to New Mexico,” Rascon said. “I also feel like it’s useful in every profession.” Rascon said he has not decided on what career field he plans on going into after graduation, but said he would try substitute teaching

for a while to figure out if he is interested in teaching. Additionally, Rascon said he is very interested in going into politics. “I’m not really sure what I want to do after graduation,” Rascon said. “I have many things in mind, but I haven’t really decided yet. I guess the only goals I have are to do something that makes me happy, and to contribute to society in some meaningful and potentially memorable way.”Rascon describes his overall experience at UNM as having been positive and said he feels that he learned as much outside of class as he did in class. One impactful event that Rascon said he experienced was during his spring semester of his freshman year. “I was taking a public speaking class with Ailesha Ringer. The final speech I gave was about happiness,” Rascon said. “I had experienced pretty severe depression for the first time in my

life earlier in the semester, and I wanted to share that experience with the class and talk about how I was able to overcome it. I became a little emotional during the speech as did some of my classmates. My classmates and teacher were so supportive — it’s a moment I’ll never forget.”Rascon would not have been able to get through college without the emotional and financial support of his friends and family, he said. “They were there for me, whether I needed some money for gas during a tough holiday season, or if I just needed to get a drink and unwind from a hard week,” Rascon said.Now that he is edging nearer to his graduation date, Rascon said he admits that college was tough.“I mean, there’s a whole category of memes that are about the stress that comes from college,” Rascon said. “I pulled all-nighters frequently, ate junk,

drank way too much coffee and managed personal relationships poorly. But, I also made great memories, I learned a lot and met some really cool people.” Rascon said he is grateful for his experience as a college student and overall is happy to be done. “I’ve been in school since the age of 3 when my parents decided to put me in head start a year early,” Rascon said. “I’ve been a student for 20 years. I’m excited to experience life outside of being a student.” Rascon said his final semester was not so bad as he only has two finals and a short paper due. “Some semesters I would have five papers due, or five finals to take,” Rascon said. Rascon said he thinks that with each subsequent semester, students get more cynical, but better at managing their time and assignments. He said whenever he was stressed about a deadline he would tell himself that

by the day that the assignment is due, it will either be done or it would not and advises current students to adopt the same train of thought. “Either way I won’t have to worry about it anymore, it might not seem helpful, but it did a lot to remove the stress and helped me finish the assignment,” Rascon said. Time flies and Rascon said that he still remembers being an undergrad very clearly. “It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long,” Rascon said. “Take time to enjoy yourself, even if it means putting certain things off until later. You’re only young once.” Nichole Harwood is the culture editor at the Daily Lobo. She writes for both culture and news. She can be contacted at culture@dailylobo.com or on Twitter @Nolidoli1.

Lobo Life campus calendar of events Monday-Sunday, May 7-13, 2018 Current Exhibits LOBOMANIA! UNM Sports through the Years 8:00am-5:00pm, Monday-Saturday Zimmerman Library, Frank Waters Room 105 This exhibit encompasses all the varieties of sports at UNM and explores the development of Lobo Athletics over time. The exhibit also spotlights well-known UNM athletes and coaches. People of the Southwest 9:00am-5:00pm, Tuesday-Friday Maxwell Museum of Anthropology The exhibition celebrates the cultural history of the Southwest, especially the close relationship southwestern people have had with the land around them. Two-Fold: A Pairing of Frederick Hammersley & Matthew Shlian 9:00am-5:00pm, Tuesday-Friday Tamarind Institute Matthew Shlian’s recent work alongside a selection of Frederick Hammersley’s computer drawings and Tamarind prints. As the first

artist awarded the Frederick Hammersley Artist Residency, Shlian was able to collaborate with six different printers and produce several different bodies of work during his extended residency. New Releases 9:00am-5:00pm, Tuesday-Friday Tamarind Institute This exhibition includes most recent projects completed by artists who have been invited to collaborate with Tamarind master printers. Here Now: 24th Annual Juried Graduate Exhibition 10:00am-4:00pm, TuesdaySaturday UNM Art Museum “Here Now” includes approximately 50 artworks by 26 artists, all of whom are current graduate students in University of New Mexico’s Department of Art. This dynamic and diverse group of works surveys what is happening at UNM right now and includes painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, installation, video, and performance art. Ecologies of Resistance 10:00am-4:00pm

Maxwell Museum of Anthropology Ecologies of Resistance illustrates the artistic process of the DesertARt LAB collaborative’s site-specific ecological installation in the high desert of southern Colorado, through the use of artifacts, archival materials, and botanical samples. Time & Space are None of Our Business 10:00am-6:00pm, Wednesday & Friday CFA Downtown Studio An art display featuring works by Kym Thurman, Joe Sternod, Jeremy Dellarosa, Jesse Davila, Cynthia Rockwell, Brinna Rammage, Everton Tsosie, Diana Cervantes, Ariane Crummer, and Vera Clyne. Patrick Nagatani: A Survey of Early Photographs 10:00am-4:00pm, TuesdaySaturday University of New Mexico Art Museum University of New Mexico Art Museum proudly presents Patrick Nagatani: A Survey of Early Photographs. The exhibition

To submit a calendar listing, email calendar@dailylobo.com

features 50 foundational works, some which have rarely been seen, and makes connections to ongoing series created by Nagatani throughout his career. Meridel Rubenstein, Eden Turned on its Side 10:00am-4:00pm, TuesdaySaturday University Art Museum Meridel Rubenstein, Eden Turned on Its Side is a major photographic artwork comprised of three parts: Photosynthesis, Volcano Cycle, and Eden in Iraq. The work is about human relationships to the environment on the scales of human time, geological time, and mythical time. Ancestors 10:00am-4:00pm, Tuesday-Friday Maxwell Museum of Anthropology This exhibit introduces our ancestors and close relatives. These ancient relatives will take you through the story in which all of our ancestors had a role. Pueblo Pottery with Clarence Cruz 11:00am-3:00pm, Monday-Friday Masley Gallery II

All Graduating ARTE Student Exhibition 11:00am-3:00pm, Monday-Friday Masley Gallery


Lectures & Readings Now What? Transitioning Out of College Workshop 10:00am-1:00pm Career Services Conference, Room (UAEC 220) Sponsored by UNM Career Services. Dissertation Presentation 1:00-2:00pm Centennial Science & Engineering Library, Room 3031 Amirhosein Jafari, Engineering, presents “A Decision-Making Framework for the Selection of Sustainable Alternatives for EnergyRetrofits.”

Campus Calendar continued on pg 18

Preview events on the Daily Lobo Mobile app or www.dailylobo.com


PAGE 18 / MONDAY, MAY 7, 2018


from page



“I have a lot more friends than I anticipated finding,” she said. She said her system of receiving support, but also providing it to those around her and made her feel centered when college got rough. Alsobrook said her boyfriend of six years, Elliott McCreary-Novak, was a source of strength during the lows. “The one thing that did help me get through college was my boyfriend actually,” she said. “I would have a breakdown, weekly (at one point). He would come to my dorm and just tell me to keep pushing and keep going, no matter what.”

Her brother, Ian Alsobrook, is a freshman pursuing a double major in biology and mechanical engineering at UNM. He said that he wanted people to know his sister’s accomplishments are not just a degree, but the way she lives her life. “Whether it’s baking, class or animal care, she puts everything she’s got into what she’s doing,” Ian Alsobrook said. The next step for Alsobrook is achieving her dream to work with animals. And while she said she has always known what she wanted to do, she said she realizes other college students may not have that luxury. She said

the key is trying to understand what you reasonably can do and what will help you in a big picture sense. “Push to your limits, don’t push past them,” Alsobrook said. “Better yet, push to find your limit.” Alsobrook said that sometimes she felt people tried to tell her to be something else in college. She said there’s a pressure of a stereotype about college kids constantly wanting to party. “Even my mom was like, ‘Why don’t you go to tailgates?’ I just never have gone to one, and I see nothing wrong with that,” Alsobrook said.

Alsobrook said that college was a great place to meet like-minded friends and explore. But for her, it’s always been a means to her end — working with animals. “I know people always say college is where you go to find yourself (and) that’s true. But for me personally, I knew who I was before I came here,” Alsobrook said. Danielle Prokop is a freelance reporter with the Daily Lobo. She can contacted at news@ dailylobo.com or on Twitter @ProkopDani.

UNM provides student with int’l experience By Hazel Simmons @hazsimmons Amelia Fasting, a soon-to-be graduate with a dual bachelor’s in political science and international studies, has spent her last two years of college studying at the University of New Mexico. Fasting spent her freshman and sophomore year at Louisiana Tech University, and later transferred to UNM to finish her last years of school. Coming from a military family, Fasting has lived in a variety of places, but said she decided that New Mexico was where she resonated most with as her home. “UNM is such a unique place, it has such a different environment from my old college. It has a good energy and that’s really what I like about it here,” Fasting said. After bouncing between a variety of majors and future careers, Fasting said she eventually landed on international studies and political science and has been studying hard in these fields ever since. “It’s easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing, but UNM and being in school has really helped me figure out who I am and what I want to do,” Fasting said. She said while figuring out

what she wanted to study at school, she found herself thinking too far into the future. “I realized I needed to be focusing on what I want to do in the here and now, and realizing that made a big difference,” Fasting said. As a part of her international studies major, Fasting spent a summer attending Dongguk University, a private university in Seoul, South Korea. She said this was made possible by UNM’s resources and the wide variety of opportunities regarding international exchange and travel opportunities. “UNM has so many resources and opportunities, I recommend that all students take advantage of them while they can. There are so many options for students, and so many things to do on campus as well,” Fasting said. Fasting gives her friends and the many events on campus much of the credit for her positive college experience, and the support system she gained during school. “The friendships I have made, and people that I have met, have made my years at UNM much more enjoyable. There’s so much to do on campus and so many ways to meet people.” Fasting has spent her years at UNM working hard toward her academic standing, and has made many connections and friendships along the way.

Courtesy Photo

Photo courtesy of Amelia Fasting

“(Fasting) is an amazing person and student — she works so hard, gives everything her all, and truly goes above and beyond in everything, all while staying true to herself,” said Tanya Mejia, a third year UNM criminology

student and close friend of Fasting. After graduation, Fasting said she hopes to get a career doing research in East Asia.

Hazel Simmons is a freelance reporter with the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at news@dailylobo.com or on Twitter @hazsimmons.

Lobo Life campus calendar of events Monday-Sunday, May 7-13, 2018

Campus Calendar continued from pg 17

Student Groups & Gov. UNM Dream Team 5:00-6:30pm SUB Acoma A&B Global One to One 7:00-9:00pm SUB Luminaria UNM Entrepreneurs 7:30-9:00pm SUB Isleta

Student Groups & Gov. Survivors Writing Together 2:30-4:00pm UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center, Room 1048 Discover the healing power of writing to express thoughts and feelings. No prior writing experience needed; spelling & grammar do not matter. This group is offered in partnership with Cancer Support Now. Conceptions Southwest 3:30-4:30pm Honors Forum Young Americans for Liberty Meeting 6:30-8:30pm SUB Amigo Young Americans for Liberty is a liberty based non-profit dedicated to identifying, educating, and empowering youth activists on the UNM campus.

Tuesday Campus Events Rapid HIV Testing 10:00am-2:00pm LGBTQ Resource Center Free and anonymous HIV testing through the New Mexico Department of Health. Results are available twenty minutes after the test.

Theater & Film Les Misérables 7:30-10:00pm Popejoy Set against the backdrop of 19th century France, Les Misérables tells an unforgettable story of heartbreak, passion, and the resilience of the human spirit.

Sport & Recreation UNM Baseball vs New Mexico State University 6:30-9:30pm Santa Ana Star Baseball Complex

Meetings UNM HSC Committee Meeting 8:30-9:30am Scholes Hall, Roberts Room Staff Council Events Committee 9:00-10:00am Parish Library, Room 210 Meditation and Relaxation Group 10:30-10:50am UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center, Meditation Room, 3rd Floor

A guided meditation, relaxation and imagery group to help ease stress and improve coping. Open to patients, loved ones and staff. Staff Council Executive Committee 12:00-1:00pm University Club

Wednesday Campus Events

Peace Circle 5:30-6:00pm Front of UNM Bookstore Silent prayer circle for peace.

respond to treatment better, have fewer breaks in your treatment and keep the cancer from coming back. Offered by the UNM Cancer Center’s Patient & Family Services. Consulting Consortium 4:00-5:30pm SUB Alumni Discuss case studies and work with local businesses towards sustainable development.

Art & Music Autumn Scott, Voice Senior Recital 8:00-9:30pm Keller Hall Free to attend.

Lectures & Readings

Theater & Film

Dissertation Presentation 11:00am-12:00pm Logan Hall, Room 156 Belinda Vicuna, Psychology, presents “Religiosity/Spirituality and Cancer Risk Assessment for Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer: Latina and Non-Latina Women in New Mexico.”

Les Misérables 7:30-10:00pm Popejoy Set against the backdrop of 19th century France, Les Misérables tells an unforgettable story of heartbreak, passion, and the resilience of the human spirit.

Dissertation Presentation 1:00-2:00pm Technology and Education Center, Room 220 George Jacob, Special Education, presents “The Support Needs of First Generation Immigrant Families with Sons and Daughters with Disabilities.” Mission Nutrition - Healthy Eating During Cancer Treatment 1:30-2:30pm 1201 Camino de Salud NE, Room 1604 Feel better during your treatment by learning to maintain your weight and muscle. You might also

To submit a calendar listing, email calendar@dailylobo.com

Student Groups & Gov. Meditation 9:00-10:00am WRC Group Room Signal Transduction and Trafficking Journal Club 12:00-1:00pm CRF Room 204 Salud Toastmasters Club 12:00-1:00pm Domenici West, Room B-116 Network with others from HSC and the rest of UNM to improve your communication and leadership skills.

El Centro Study Nights 4:00-8:00pm Mesa Vista Hall, El Centro Conference Room CAPS Tutors available, coffee and snacks provided by El Centro. World Folk Art Weekly Meeting 5:00-6:00pm SUB Isleta Strategy sessions to promote folk art and a commemorative swatch for the 15 year celebration of the International Folk Art Market. BSU Women’s Bible Study 5:30-6:30pm Baptist Student Union Study the book of Romans and learn how to live confidently and in peace in a crazy world. Campus Crusade for Christ Meeting 6:00-8:45pm SUB Sandia Divorce Options Support Group 6:00-8:00pm State Bar Center, 5121 Masthead NE

Meetings Caregivers Group 10:30-11:30am UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center, Room 1048 A caregiver support group for family and friends of cancer patients. This group will explore coping skills and techniques by providing a safe environment to share concerns and difficulties in cancer care. Second and third Wednesdays of the month.

Campus Calendar continued on page 19

Preview events on the Daily Lobo Mobile app or www.dailylobo.com


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Lobo Life campus calendar of events Monday-Sunday, May 7-13, 2018 Campus Calendar continued from pg 18 Alcoholics Anonymous 12:00-1:00pm WRC Group Room Stroke Support Group 4:00-5:00pm UNM Hospital, Fifth Floor, Neurology SAC Unit Conference Room Connect with other stroke survivors and their families to learn more about stroke, share your experiences and become inspired to move forward.

Thursday Campus Events

Health Professions School of Medicine Convocation 8:00-9:00am Kiva Auditorium, Albuquerque Convention Center College of Fine Arts Convocation 10:00-11:00am KiMo Theatre MD, PhD & MD/PhD School of Medicine Convocation 10:00-11:00am Kiva Auditorium, Albuquerque Convention Center Food Not Bombs! 12:00-1:00pm In Front of UNM Bookstore Free lunch in front of the UNM Bookstore. Every Thursday at noon. Everyone is welcome. College of Nursing Convocation 3:00-4:00pm Dreamstyle Arena College of Pharmacy Convocation 3:00-4:00pm Kiva Auditorium, Albuquerque Convention Center International Convocation



3:00-4:00pm SUB Lobo A&B

for listening supportively without causing unintentional harm.

Lectures & Readings

Theater & Film

Dissertation Presentation 9:00-10:00am Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center for Health Policy, Downstairs Conference Room Patricia Rodriguez Espinosa, Psychology, presents “Psychological Factors and the Relation Between Neighborhood Conditions and Latino Health: A Mixed Methods Study.”

Les Misérables 7:30-10:00pm Popejoy Set against the backdrop of 19th century France, Les Misérables tells an unforgettable story of heartbreak, passion, and the resilience of the human spirit.

Thesis Presentation 11:00am-12:00pm Ortega Hall, Room 323D Anna Adams, Foreign Languages Literatures, presents, “Subjectivity in Yoko Tawada’s Das nackte Auge.”

Genomics Journal Club 9:00-10:00am CTRC, Room 240

Dissertation Presentation 11:30am-12:30pm Zimmerman Library, Waters Room Carolyn McSherry, American Studies, presents “The Territorial Politics of the New York Botanical Garden, 1891-1917.” Dissertation Presentation 12:00-1:00pm Logan Hall, Room 112 Kylee Hagler, Psychology, presents “Drinking Norms and College Student Alcohol Outcomes: Systematic Review and MetaAnalysis.” Dissertation Presentation 2:00-3:00pm Johnson Center, Room 118 James McCormick, Health Exercise & Sports Science, presents “Mechanisms of autophagy in prediabetic individuals compared to controls in response to acute exercise and rapamycin treatment in peripheral blood mononuclear cells.” Supportive Listening 101 3:30-4:00pm Women’s Resource Center In this 30 minute presentation you’ll learn the essential DO’s and DONT’s

Student Groups & Gov.

Biochemistry and Biology Journal Club 12:00-1:00pm BRF, Room 218


power of writing to express thoughts and feelings. No prior writing experience needed; spelling and grammar do not matter.

Journal With The Women’s Resource Center 4:00-5:00pm WRC Group Room

SGI Buddhist Club 5:00-6:00pm SUB Amigo Bring out happiness within your life and those around you.

Campus Events

Campus Crusade for Christ Weekly Meeting 6:00-9:00pm SUB Santa Ana A&B Graduate Christian Fellowship Bible Study 6:00-9:00pm SUB Alumni Lobo Toastmasters Meeting 6:30-7:30pm SUB Trailblazer/Spirit


College of Population Health Convocation 10:00-11:00am UNM Continuing Education Latin American Convocation 1:00-2:00pm Hibben Center


Biochemistry Convocation 2:00-3:00pm Domenici Auditorium Speech and Hearing Sciences Convocation 2:00-3:00pm National Hispanic Cultural Center

Cell and Molecular Basis of Disease (CMBD) Club 12:00-1:00pm Fitz Hall, Room 303

Charge 7:00-10:00pm SUB Acoma InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Weekly group gathering of fun, worship, and teaching.

Cardiovascular Physiology Journal Club 4:00-5:00pm Fitz Hall, Room 205

Something Rehearsal 7:00-9:00pm SUB Isleta

Advanced Lobo Leaders Meeting 4:00-10:00pm SUB Cherry/Silver

Hobbit Society End of Year Bash 7:00-9:00pm Honors Forum

Earth and Planetary Sciences Convocation 3:00-4:00pm Northrop Hall, Room 122

SAEA Meeting 4:00-5:30pm SUB Jemez The Society for Adaptable Education is a student organization dedicated to making the University of New Mexico an accessible destination university and to promoting disability consciousness in the community.

Sprechtisch - Deutsch Klub 7:30-10:00pm Carraro’s & Joe’s Place, 108 Vassar Dr SE Meet in a friendly atmosphere to practice speaking German.

English Convocation 3:00-4:00pm Rodey Theater

Caregivers Journaling Support Group 4:00-5:30pm UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center A journaling support group for family and friends of cancer patients. Discover the healing

To submit a calendar listing, email calendar@dailylobo.com



Jitterbugs Anonymous! 8:00-10:00pm Johnson Gym, Aerobics Room B553 Learn how to swing dance.

Meetings CL Neuroradiology Conference 2:00-3:00pm Family Medicine Center, Room 420

Chemistry and Chemical Biology Convocation 3:00-4:00pm Anthropology, Room 163 Communication Convocation 3:00-4:00pm Woodward Hall



Political Science Convocation 3:00-4:00pm SUB Ballroom B&C Africana Studies Convocation 4:00-5:00pm SUB Lobo A&B Mathematics and Statistics Convocation 4:00-5:00pm Science & Math Learning Center, Room 102, Auditorium

Campus Calendar continued on page 20

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classifieds@dailylobo.com www.dailylobo.com 505-277-5656

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Chinese Culture Center-ABQ Lin’s Martial Arts Academy

Announcements Announcements Auditions Fun, Food, Music Garage Sales Health & Wellness Legal Notices Looking for You Lost and Found Services Travel Want to Buy Your Space

Houses For Rent

UNM and CNM Students: 20% off Tuition

1bdrM house, Private parking, $660/mo. 2 blocks from UNM on Stan‑ ford. Available 1st of June. Call tom 505‑907‑6011.

Apartments aPartMents avaiLabLe! 426 sqft.

Studio $500/mo & 565 sqft. 1BDRM $535/mo. Located on Central, down the road from UNM near bus stop. Call 505‑266‑7000. WWW.unMrentaLs.CoM

Awesome university apartments. Unique, hardwood floors, FP’s, courtyards, fenced yards. Houses, cot‑ tages, efficiencies, studios, 1, 2 and 3BDRM’s. Garages. 505‑843‑9642. Open 6 days/week.

Lost and Found (Frank) 4/18/18. 12 Year‑old black/white smooth coat,small/slender frame. No collar, not chipped. Any information ap‑ preciated. Contact Laurie 505‑573‑ 0018.


For Sale Audio & Video Bikes & Cycles Computer Stuff Pets For Sale Furniture Textbooks Vehicles for Sale



Services GoinG on vaCation or sabbatical?

Need a responsible house sitter? Call Lisa Albright: 785‑312‑1340. Character references provided. garleeka@gmail. com

Ph.D., English, published, can help. 254‑9615. Voice Only. MasterCard/ VISA. WritingandEditingABQ.com

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gorgeous inside. Unique one of a kind home. Fully finished walk out basement. Completely remodeled house on the golf course. Near UNM, down‑ town, and KAFB. Brand new kitchen,‑ new appliances, cabinets, granite counter tops, and baths. New paint, and light fixtures. Oversized wood deck off the back for great parties. Large storage shed. Refrigerated air, master BDRM + 2 additional BDRMs main floor. 1BDRM in basement with living area and kitchenette. Lots of storage, possible wine cellar. 505‑264‑ 8463.

Rooms For Rent


suMMer rooM unM/nob Hill, fence/

3BDRMS, and 4BDRMS. William H. Cornelius, real estate consultant: www.corneliusmgmt.com 243‑2229.

1 bLoCk FroM UNM. 1BDRM duplex. Hardwood floors. Skylights. Driveway parking. $515/mo +gas. 505‑506‑5814. studios W/ Free utilities, 1 block UNM. Call 505‑246‑2038. kachina‑ properties.com. 1515 Copper NE. $485‑510/mo. Ask move‑in special. Open house: Saturday, May 12, 10am‑3pm.

Duplexes 1bdrM, W/d FenCed yard, pets okay.

Off‑street parking. 310 Stanford SE Available mid‑May. $645/mo. utilities included. +$600dd. 362‑0837.

tutorinG ‑ aLL ages, most subjects. Experienced Ph.D. 265‑7799.


For Sale 2003 100 year anniversary edition th

Harley Davidson Low Rider

FOR SALE 0f0 er ,0 of $o6 est b r

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We can create or modify software for you! C++, Python, Java, or web soft‑ ware running on Php, Drupal or Word‑ press. 505‑750‑1169.

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my venomous insect and brown recluse spider remedy. Check out reddyremedy.net. Contact Sadhu at sadhuremedy@yahoo.com

bed assisted living home. Centrally lo‑ cated. Flexible hours with a consis‑ tent schedule request. Competitive rates. You will be assisting residents with ADLs and supporting our amazing seniors. Call Nora 505‑264‑9982.

hey Lobos! Did you know you can receive free advertisements (25 words or less) in this category? Email classifieds@dailylobo.com from your UNM email account or call 505‑277‑5656 for more details!

CustoM soFtWare deveLoPMent!

i’M LookinG For venture capital for

LoCaLLy oWned and operated 10

For more info call 505.450.9596

Computer Stuff

kitchen help to make fantastic Celtic fare? Our open kitchen lets you be the star of the show! Love beer and food? $10/hr, free shift meals, half off beer plus tips = a great place to work. Call 505‑503‑1387 or email quartercelticbrewery@gmail.com

handy Person needed 8hrs/wk + Ex‑ perience and insurance required. Cen‑ trally located cluster of homes that need periodic maintenance and repair. Competitive rates. Email resume to garoy1108@comcast.net

2 rooMates For nice townhouse. Near UNM, 2 1/2BA, W/D, $450/mo +utilities. Available June 1st. pecoraje@law.unm.edu

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yard, patio, free wi-fi, water, sewer, garbage. $400/mo. 505‑419‑3866.

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Wanted transCriPtionist to create

readable ad for therapists sandplay collection. Already typed but need computer skills to make presentable Work from dictaphone or connect com‑ puters. Valerie, call 505‑507‑0377.


unM/CnM studios, 1bdrM, 2BDRMS,

PaPer due? ForMer UNM instructor,

GearinG uP For Summer? Looking for

2916 san Joaquin Ave SE, 87106. It’s

Cozy 2bdrM Free utilities 3 blocks to

UNM. $735/mo. 313 246‑2030, 440‑8686.

and Part‑time receptionist needed for small, fast‑paced veterinary clinic to include some Saturday morn‑ ings. Receptionist or customer ser‑ vice experience required. Veterinary experience preferred. Must be able to work with a team and independently without supervision. Looking for re‑ sponsible and dependable persons, de‑ siring long term employment. Please email resume to sandiaanimalclinic@ gmail.com FuLL

Houses For Sale


Apartments Condos Duplexes Houses for Rent Houses for Sale Housing Wanted Office Space Rooms for Rent Sublets

2BA, Off‑ SE. now.

Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Tai Chi and Shaolin Kung Fu Saturday Seminars: Qigong, Tai Chi

427 Adams SE Albuquerque 87108 Phone: 505-268-7023


duPLex For rent 3BDRM, W/D. Fenced yard, pets okay. street parking. 321 Stanford $1295/mo. +$1250dd. Available 362‑0837.

Jobs Off Campus

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earn $1000‑$3700/Mo, Pt, to drive our company cars or SUVs. www.PlateCar.com suMMer FireWorks saLes. Make 3‑

6k in ONE week. Locations still avail‑ able. muldezm@tntfireworks.com 505‑ 504‑2127.

LoCaL aGenCy has openings for di‑ rect care staff to work with adults with developmental disabilities in residen‑ tial settings and out in the community. Must pass background check and have reliable transportation. If inter‑ ested write the agency director: larry@alegriafamily.com

roadrunner Food bank’s Healthy

Foods Center and SNAP program are accepting volunteers for the summer! Our mission is to permanently end hunger in New Mexico and we need your help to get us there! This is a great opportunity for you to build your resume and gain experience over sum‑ mer break. For more information, email hfc@rrfb.org or call 505‑349‑ 5347.

LOBO LIFE Campus Calendar of Events Monday-Sunday, May 7-13, 2018 Campus Calendar continued from pg 19 Psychology Convocation 4:00-5:00pm Johnson Center Economics Convocation 5:00-6:00pm Economics Building Native American Convocation 5:00-6:00pm SUB Ballroom A


Philosophy Convocation 5:30-6:30pm SUB Theater Public Administration Convocation 5:30-6:30pm Keller Hall Honors College Convocation 7:00-8:00pm Popejoy Hall

“Broad Spectrum Revolution” in Northern Thailand.” Thesis Presentation 11:00am-12:00pm Logan Hall, Room 206 Isabel Solis, Psychology, presents “Neurobehavioral Signatures of Children-Victims of Bullying.” Physics and Astronomy Colloquium 3:30-4:30pm Physics & Astronomy, Room 190 Dr. Valerie K. Otero, presents “Quantum Matter Built from Nanoscopic Lattices of Atoms and Photons.”

Meetings Board of Regents Meeting 9:00-10:00am SUB Cherry/Silver


Art & Music

Campus Events

Autumn Scott, Viola and Karen Kelly, Violen Joint Junior Recital 2:00-3:30pm Keller Hall Free to attend.

Spring 2018 Commencement and Installation 9:00am-1:00pm Dreamstyle Arena

Lectures & Readings

Theater & Film

Workshop: Interacting with Data APIs using Python 9:00-11:00am Centennial Science & Engineering Library, DEN 2 This free workshop is part of the Code & Coffee Series. Sessions provide an introduction and overview of technical topics. All sessions are free to the UNM community and open to any level of coding ability.

Les Misérables 8:00-10:30pm Popejoy Set against the backdrop of 19th century France, Les Misérables tells an unforgettable story of heartbreak, passion, and the resilience of the human spirit.

Dissertation Presentation 10:00-11:00am Anthropology, Room 178 Cyler Conrad, Anthropology, presents “Mainland Southeast Asia in the Longue Dure: A Zooarchaeological Test of the

LULAC Council advances the economic condition, educational attainment, political influence, health, housing and civil rights of the Latino population of Albuquerque and the surrounding area.

Student Groups & Gov. Neuroscience Journal Club 9:00-10:00am Fitz Hall, Room 243 League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) 7:30-8:45pm SUB Cherry/Silver

Anthropology Convocation 1:00-2:00pm Anthropology Building, Room 11 Biology Convocation 1:00-2:00pm Yale Mall

UNM School Commencement 1:00-2:00pm Law School Buidling


Foreign Languages and Literatures Convocation 2:00-3:00pm Hokona Hall Ballroom Liberal Arts Convocation 2:00-3:00pm SUB Ballroom C

Combined BA/MD Degree Program Convocation 3:00-4:00pm Rodey Theatre Organization, Information and Learning Sciences Convocation 3:00-4:00pm Zimmerman Library, West Wing Anderson School of Management Convocation 4:00-5:00pm Johnson Center School of Architecture Planning Convocation 6:00-7:00pm SUB Ballrooms

Linguistics Convocation 1:00-2:00pm Keller Hall

Engineering Convocation 7:00-9:00pm Dreamstyle Arena Astronomy

Spanish and Convocation 1:00-2:00pm SUB Ballroom A & B


To submit a calendar listing, email calendar@dailylobo.com

heartbreak, passion, and resilience of the human spirit.


Les Misérables 8:00-10:30pm Popejoy Set against the backdrop of 19th century France, Les Misérables tells an unforgettable story of heartbreak, passion, and the resilience of the human spirit.

Student Groups & Gov.

College of Education Convocation 3:00-4:00pm Dreamstyle Arena

History Convocation 1:00-2:00pm KIVA Classroom

Physics and Convocation 1:00-2:00pm Regener Hall



Theater & Film

Anime Club 4:00-7:00pm SUB Acoma A&B

SUNDAY Theater & Film

Les Misérables 1:00-3:30pm Popejoy Set against the backdrop of 19th century France, Les Misérables tells an unforgettable story of heartbreak, passion, and the resilience of the human spirit. Les Misérables 6:30-9:00pm Popejoy Set against the backdrop of 19th century France, Les Misérables tells an unforgettable story of heartbreak, passion, and the resilience of the human spirit.

Les Misérables 2:00-4:30pm Popejoy Set against the backdrop of 19th century France, Les Misérables tells an unforgettable story of

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