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wednesday Third rape suspect in custody April 30, 2014

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By J.R. Oppenheim and Thomas Romero-Salas

The UNM Police Department on Tuesday afternoon arrested another football player in connection to an April 13 sexual assault. UNMPD charged SaQwan Edwards, a 21-year-old senior cornerback, with two counts of second-degree criminal sexual penetration and one count of kidnapping, Lt. Tim Stump announced Tuesday evening in Scholes Hall. The UNMPD spokesman said Edwards turned himself in to police that evening. UNM running back Crusoe Gongbay and former UNM student Ryan Ruff face the same charges after their arrests last week. Stump said Gongbay and Ruff also turned themselves into police, and were later released on bond. No bond has been set for Edwards, Stump said. Lobo football coach Bob Davie said in a statement that Edwards, like Gongbay, has been suspended. “In accordance with policy, SaQwan Edwards has been suspended indefinitely from our football program,” Davie said. According to arrest warrants and criminal complaint affidavits for Gongbay and Ruff, obtained from Metropolitan Court

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Sergio Jiménez / @SXfoto / Daily Lobo New Mexico cornerback SaQwan Edwards talks with his coach on the sidelines during a game against the Utah State Aggies on Oct. 19, 2013. UNM Police Department Lt. Tim Stump said at a press conference Tuesday that police obtained an arrest warrant for Edwards, as the third suspect in a criminal sexual penetration case reported by a UNM student on April 13. Edwards turned himself in to the Metropolitan Detention Center Tuesday evening where he was booked on two counts of criminal sexual penetration and one count of kidnapping. Edwards is being held without bond as of Tuesday evening.

Students take first in DECA competition by Chloe Henson @ChloeHenson5

Two UNM students took home first place in an international advertising competition last week. Josh Dolin, a senior strategic communications major and Daily Lobo employee, and Sydney Sivils, a senior marketing and operations

management major, won first place in the Advertising Campaign category of the DECA International Career Development Conference in Washington D.C., according to a press release. More than 1,000 students from around the world participated in this year’s competition, according to the release. Dolin said this was the first time

UNM has won a category in the competition. “It was the craziest feeling ever,” Sivils said. “They called all the top 10 up to the stage, and then they announced the people who placed third and the team that placed second. Josh and I were holding hands … and then they announced ‘In first place from the University of New Mexico,’ and we just hugged each other right

Sergio Jiménez / @SXfoto / Daily Lobo Sydney Sivils, left, and Josh Dolin present their winning advertising campaign during Stacey Sacco’s Professional Selling class on Tuesday evening. Sivils and Dolin won first place in the Advertising Campaign category of the DECA International Career Development Conference in Washington D.C. over the weekend.

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away. We were so excited.” The UNM duo was the only team from New Mexico to be in the top 10 of the advertising category, according to a document on the DECA website. Dolin and Sivils are part of the UNM Collegiate DECA, according to the release. DECA is an international organization that prepares students for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management, according to the DECA website. Dolin said he and Sivils had felt good about the project, but were still surprised when they won. “We were very confident with how we performed, but we didn’t know if there was something better,” he said. “We were pretty surprised, especially because some people spend years going to all of these DECA things.” John Benavidez, the faculty sponsor for DECA at UNM, said he wasn’t surprised at all when Dolin and Sivils won. “I just had a feeling that they were going to win,” he said. “It was a very well-prepared presentation, very creative, just overall well done.” Dolin said he worked on the creative aspect of the team’s campaign for months and a lot of the logistical parts of it were put together a few weeks before. He said he did much of the creative part of the project, while Sivils worked with the analytical aspect of the project. “She and I decided that if we teamed up, we might bring the best of both worlds because she knows all of the analytics of business … and

I understood how to make creative executions,” he said. The team’s project was a marketing campaign for Williams-Sonoma that implemented a loyalty program the company would then advertise, Dolin said. He said the plan included print advertisements, kiosk posters and a mobile app. Dolin said Benavidez helped the team decide what to advertise and gave them feedback on their presentation during the competition. Benavidez said he thinks there were three aspects of the presentation that made Dolin and Sivils stand out from the rest of the competitors. “The creative part was outstanding. It looked like it had come from an actual advertising agency,” he said. “They did a really great job with identifying their target market and explaining that to the judges. And they provided good rationale for their media selections.” Sivils said one of the best things about winning the competition was seeing everything come “full circle.” She said she had her first marketing class with Benavidez as her instructor and Dolin as her classmate. “I learned everything I know about marketing and advertising from (Benavidez),” she said. “It’s just really cool to see it come full circle. Especially with Josh, because I took my first marketing class with Josh, and then winning this competition with Josh. It was amazing. I really couldn’t ask for anything better.”


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NBA decision on Kerry lambastes Moscow Sterling lauded by Lara Jakes and Robert Burns

Jesse J. Holland

The Associated Press WASHINGTON — Several civil rights organizations are applauding the NBA for its lifetime ban of Clippers owner Donald Sterling because of racist comments the league says he made in a recorded conversation. However, those groups still want to meet with NBA commissioner Adam Silver to discuss diversity in the executive ranks of the professional basketball league and to figure out ways to ensure such situations don’t happen again. The National Urban League, the National Action Network, the NAACP and the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation issued a joint statement cheering Silver’s announcement that he banned Sterling for life and that the league would attempt to force him to sell the Clippers. That decision, the statement said, was “a bold, courageous and resolute message that the views expressed by Sterling do not represent the National Basketball Association as an organization today or the kind of organization that it seeks to be in the future.” But Sterling’s suspension isn’t enough, the groups said, calling for Silver to meet with them to ensure Sterling “remains an anomaly among the owners and executives in the league.” “Sterling’s long-established pattern of bigotry and racist comments have not been a secret in the NBA,” the statement said. “Yet until now, they have been tolerated and met with a gentle hand and a blind eye.” The groups want Silver to talk with them about diversifying the executive ranks of the NBA, similar to efforts in other sports.

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“Our goal is for Commissioner Silver to extend these efforts beyond a reactive approach to one egregious situation to a proactive approach that will allow him to set forth and enforce clear policies and codes of conduct that reflect the best of the NBA, as well as foster a league culture that is as inclusive in practice — at all levels — as it is diverse in players and fan base,” they said. It’s not the first time a professional sports owner has been punished for controversial remarks. Major League Baseball suspended former Cincinnati Reds owner Marge Schott and fined her for bringing “disrepute and embarrassment” to baseball with her repeated use of racial and ethnic slurs. Before Silver’s announcement, the NAACP’s Los Angeles chapter withdrew its decision to give Sterling a lifetime achievement award, and returned money he donated. Sterling, 80, had been scheduled to receive the honor on May 15 as part of the 100th anniversary celebration of the Los Angeles branch of the nation’s oldest civil rights organization. He had been chosen to receive the award because of his long history of donating to minority charities and giving game tickets to inner city children. The NAACP has honored Sterling several times in the past. The national NAACP announced Tuesday that it would have its chapters review their criteria for how honors are given. “We will be developing guidelines for our units to help them in their award selection process and prevent unfortunate decisions like this from occurring in the future,” the organization said.

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The Associated Press

WASHINGTON — Secretary of State John Kerry accused Moscow on Tuesday of accelerating the crisis in Ukraine instead of sticking to an agreement to ratchet back tensions, and said NATO partners should step up efforts to lessen Europe’s energy dependence on Russian oil. Kerry’s comments were part of a two-punch pushback on Russia by U.S. diplomatic and military officials. At the Pentagon, a spokesman said Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel raised concerns with his Russian counterpart about “irregular military troops” under Moscow’s influence that are operating in eastern Ukraine. Speaking at the Atlantic Council think-tank, Kerry said NATO is facing a defining moment in the strength of its alliance. He pledged anew that NATO partners — including those that border Ukraine or Russia — would be defended to the hilt if their sovereignty is threatened. “NATO territory is inviolable,” Kerry said in his 20-minute speech. “We will defend every single piece of it.” He lambasted Moscow for what he described as reneging on a diplomatic deal struck two weeks ago in Geneva to calm tensions between pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine and the central government in Kiev. For weeks, separatists in key Russian-speaking eastern cities have overtaken local government buildings and stirred unrest in protesting the leadership in Kiev. But Ukraine officials in Kiev, and much of the West, believe Copy Chief Steve “Mo” Fye Culture Editor Jyllian Roach Assistant Culture Editor Stephen Montoya Sports Editor Thomas Romero-Salas Assistant Sports Editor J. R. Oppenheim Opinion Editor John Tyczkowski Social Media Editor J. R. Oppenheim

Russian special forces are inciting the turbulence, and fear it is a first step toward the region trying to break away from the rest of the country, as Crimea voted to do last month. As recently as last week, Kerry told reporters that Ukraine intelligence officials have intercepted conversations from known Russian commanders with separatists in Ukraine.

“NATO territory is inviolable, we will defend every single piece of it.” ~John Kerry Secretary of State Additionally, Kerry last week said the U.S. intelligence officials believe that Russia’s spies and military are actively sending personnel, weapons and money to eastern Ukraine and helping separatists there with operational planning and coordination. On Tuesday, Kerry said Ukraine’s leaders in Kiev have pulled down barricades, canceled counterterror operations against the separatists and introduced legislation to give protesters amnesty — all as promised in Geneva as their part of the deal with Russia. By contrast, “not one single step has been taken by Russia in any public way that seriously attempts to live by the spirit or the law of what was signed in that agreement,” Kerry said. “In fact, it’s fair to say they have escalated the crisis even further.” He called on Europe to further isolate Russia — a day after the U.S. announced new economic

Design Director Connor Coleman Design Assistants Erica Aragon Josh Dolin Beatrice Verillo Advertising Manager Brittany McDaniel Sales Manager Sammy Chumpolpakdee Classified Manager Brittany McDaniel

sanctions against government officials in Moscow and some businesses — and for all NATO members to maintain strong defense budgets. He also said “one of the greatest single strategic differences” that could be taken to isolate Moscow would be for Europe to end its dependence on Russian energy. He called for diversified energy sources, an expansion of infrastructure to transport oil and gas and increased energy storage — although he did not say specifically how that would happen. At the Pentagon, spokesman Rear Adm. John Kirby told reporters that during Hagel’s phone call Monday to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, in which they discussed Russia’s role in the violence in Ukraine, the conversation was at times “terse” but “never uncivil.” Kirby said Hagel described the U.S. view that the pro-Russian forces operating in eastern Ukraine are being manipulated, or at least influenced by, by Moscow. “It’s an influence we’d like to see stop,” Kirby said. “It’s an influence that is only further fomenting the pro-Russian separatists that were already in Ukraine, fomenting and fostering the violence that they’re committing. And again, Secretary Hagel was pretty clear that we expect that behavior to stop.” Kirby said that while Shoigu expressed a “different view,” there should be little doubt that “irregular elements” inside Ukraine are instruments of Russian influence. “I grew up in Florida; if it looks like an alligator, it’s an alligator,” Kirby said. Hagel also was assured, twice during the conversation, that Russia has no intention of invading Ukraine, Kirby said.

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C Car burglarized and damaged in Q Lot On April 21, UNM Police Department was dispatched to Q Lot in reference to a burglary. According to the report, the victim alleged that he parked his car sometime in the morning, and returned later that evening to find his vehicle burglarized. Further investigation found that the suspect entered the car by punching out the driver side door lock. According to the report, the ignition had been tampered with so that the vehicle could not be started and the steering wheel had been cut in an attempt to bypass the club installed by the victim. The report states the items taken from the victim’s vehicle included his wallet with a driver’s license and Lobo ID, vehicle registration, insurance card, paperwork, a Jensen aftermarket in-dash DVD player and two speakers. No fingerprints were found on the vehicle.

Cameraman reports assault during forum On April 22, a cameraman for an event in the Student Union Building called UNMPD after another man caused a disturbance during the function.



Nativo Lodge - 6000 Pan American Fwy NE


According to the report, a man was talking and clapping loudly behind the cameraman, who asked the suspect to move. The two argued and the suspect grabbed the cameraman’s wrist. The report states that the UNMPD officer observed no marks on the cameraman. The cameraman requested charges to be filed on the alleged suspect. Both subjects will be summoned into Metropolitan Court.

Truck vandalized in Lomas parking area On April 23, UNMPD was dispatched to the Lomas Parking Structure to investigate a report of vandalism. According to the report, the victim alleged that he parked his car on Sunday night, and returned the following Wednesday to find his truck damaged. The report states the victim’s tinted rear window was shattered and the tailgate was scratched or keyed. The victim also alleged he found an empty beer bottle in the bed of his truck. According to the report, the victim did not know who would cause the damage to his truck or when the incident occurred. According to the report, the estimated cost to replace the window and to repair the tailgate is under $1,000. The officer attempted to collect latent fingerprints from the beer bottle at

Saturday, May 3rd; 2:00-4:00pm Forum Free and Open to the Public

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the scene, found none. The case is considered closed pending further leads.

Tribute to Senator

Jeff Bingaman

Student assaulted in Center of Universe

to be held after forum

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Paid for by the Democratic Party of New Mexico and not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee. Your contribution will be used in connection with federal elections and is subject to the limitations and prohibitions of the Federal Election Campaign Act. Federal law requires us to use our best efforts to collect and report the names, mailing address, occupation and name of employer of the individuals whose contributions exceed $200 per calendar year. Not authorized by any candidate’s committee.

On April 23, UNMPD was dispatched to the east side of Dane Smith Hall in reference to a male subject who had been battered. According to the report, the victim stated that a male subject allegedly ran up to him and kicked the back of his knee, causing the victim to fall. The victim stated that while he was on the ground the male subject ran in a northern direction and yelled something incoherent. The report states that the incident occurred in the Center of the Universe structure. The victim sustained scrapes to the knee area of his pants, but said he was not injured. According to the report, the victim described the suspect as being in his early 20s, with short blonde hair, about 6 feet tall, thin and wearing gray tennis shoes and gray shorts. The suspect also had white earphones on at the time of the incident. The suspect was not located. by Jennifer Bartleson

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by the Daily Lobo, the three suspects drove to a house party near Constitution Avenue and Monroe Street, started talking to the victim and coerced her into getting into a blue BMW. From there, the affidavit states, the third suspect, now identified as Edwards, forced the victim to have sex at the encouragement of Gongbay and Ruff. The affidavit states Ruff dropped Gongbay and Edwards off, and Ruff drove to the UNM campus. At this point, the affidavit states, Ruff pointed a gun at the victim’s head and forced her to have sex with him. A UNM press release stated the victim returned to her dorm just before 3 a.m. and then notified a community assistant of the incident.

“The quicker they report it, the better it is for us and the better evidence can be captured.” ~Lt. Tim Stump UNMPD spokesperson Stump said UNMPD is still looking for the dark blue BMW, but did not have any additional information on the vehicle. Stump said the department is accepting tips anonymously at police. or by phone at 277-2241. UNMPD is also looking for social media posts that could be connected to the incident, he said. “I think there’s information of that evening, and it could be things leading up to that night or that particular incident that we’ve heard about, that we’ve not been able to

see or get,” he said. UNM Communications Director Dianne Anderson said results have not yet been from the state crime lab, and Stump said that processing could take weeks or months to complete. In 2013, Edwards switched from wide receiver to cornerback. He started 11 games at defensive back last season for the Lobos and finished the year with 42 tackles, two sacks, four pass breakups and an interception. Edwards scored the first touchdown of the 2013 season for UNM, a 45-yard fumble recovery against the University of Texas-San Antonio in the season-opener. Anderson said Gongbay and Edwards have not been suspended from school. Ruff has not attended class at the University since the spring 2013 semester, Anderson said citing University records, and there’s no indication whether he completed the semester. The University is conducting a separate investigation into whether Gongbay and Edwards are in violation of the Student Code of Conduct, according the press release. If they are found responsible of any violations, they could face disciplinary action that could include expulsion or a campus ban. UNMPD will also continue its investigation in the case, and Stump said he hopes the incident lets students feel safer about coming forward when sexual assault happens. “A lot of times in these cases, (victims) don’t want to come forward, and we encourage them to,” he said. “We have many facets in place for them to come forward and report crimes of this nature. “The quicker they report it, the better it is for us and the better evidence can be captured.”

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Independent Student Voice of UNM since 1895

Opinion Editor/ John Tyczkowski/ @JCTyczkowski


Daily Lobo is crossing into realm of yellow journalism

Editor, We can’t express to you how disappointed we are with your article on the divestment resolution in Monday’s Daily Lobo. We keep wondering if we were at the same meeting. For the first time in a long time we felt engaged and united with many of our graduate colleagues who were present at Saturday’s GPSA council meeting, especially after the divestment resolution was passed. Instead of offering the facts, the Daily Lobo took a position and led its readers into taking a position against the passage of the divestment resolution. There are so many discursive and semantic moves in this piece that make us wonder if that was the intent of the writer. We also don’t understand how a resolution from a coalition of nine student organizations and a 14-5-1 vote can be represented as polarizing. By presenting it as a “polarizing issue,” Chloe Henson erased the coalition of student groups present, the powerful intersectional analysis they argued for and the fact that the resolution specifically addresses corporations such as Group 4 Securicor (G4S) that deport undocumented immigrants who are UNM students and family members of UNM students. What concerns us the most is that this piece does not portray an accurate account, especially for those individuals who were not present on Saturday. The GPSA council members had a long and serious discussion that represented various viewpoints and thus we feel we were able to make an informed decision on the resolution. We don’t believe that it is fair for the Daily Lobo to gloss over the historic passing of the divestment resolution by writing such a negative article. By writing the article in this way, Henson was able to ignore what was the most important and pertinent part of the resolution, which was the question of transparency. Transparency is in the interest of all UNM students, faculty, staff and the community and is in fact an issue GPSA is concerned with as well. It has to be noted, since the Daily Lobo doesn’t mention it, that one of the central pieces of this divestment resolution is for the GPSA to call on “UNM to create a permanent committee with student representation to review, evaluate, and monitor other issues related to socially responsible investment.” We do not want our tuition and student fee money going to corporations that oppress our families and community. But before we can stop that, we need to know what corporations UNM is investing in. In conclusion, the Daily Lobo should hold itself to higher standards of neutrality when publishing stories so charged with issues of power and human struggle. History and current events have taught us the power of the media and press. Biased journalism contributes to creating tension and animosity within the various groups involved in this issue. This slanted article was unfair to those involved in the GPSA council, the persons who presented the resolution and all of UNM. Virginia Necochea, GPSA Council Representative, Language, Literacy and Sociocultural Studies Melina Juarez, GPSA Council Representative, Political Science Elisabeth Perkal, GPSA Council Representative, American Studies

Polarized response to resolution was inflated Editor,

The story titled “GPSA divestment resolution polarizes students” that appeared in the Daily Lobo’s April 28 issue is emblematic of egregious reporting by the Daily Lobo. For one, the resolution passed with 10 votes in favor of it and nine votes against it while one person abstained. It is true that the voting on the resolution was preceded by some discussion, but isn’t this how democracy works? It is true that there were some representatives who were hesitant to vote on the resolution, but they were outnumbered by those who took a stand against human rights abuses. Instead of foregrounding this fact, the reporting falsely suggests a polarization when


Sports, rape culture deters justice by Jason Darensburg

Sexual assault is a growing problem on college campuses, and UNM is not immune to this trend. The sad fact, according to a study published by the National Coalition Against Violent Athletes, is that one in three sexual assaults on a university campus is committed by a student-athlete. Research has consistently shown that student-athletes rape and commit acts of domestic violence far more often than their peers. Several big-name universities, including UConn, Michigan State, Wesleyan, Morehouse, Yale and UC Berkeley are facing federal investigations into alleged failures of accountability and outright hostility toward victims who speak out against sexual assault. According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, one in four women will be sexually assaulted while attending college. Jameis Winston won the Heisman Trophy last year for his stellar performance as quarterback of the Florida State Seminoles. When a fellow student accused Winston of raping her back in December 2012, it took eleven months for police to refer the case to prosecutors. A month later, the DA decided not to charge Winston, saying there wasn’t enough evidence. FSU went on to win the national championship and Winston received the Heisman. Next stop for Jameis Winston: the NFL draft. The Lobos made national headlines earlier this month when star running back Crusoe Gongbay was arrested on charges of kidnapping and rape. He has been suspended from the team pending an investigation. Gongbay was in a car with two other men when he allegedly assaulted a fellow UNM student in the early hours of April

13. According to court documents, the victim told police that three men grabbed her while she was sitting in a car outside of a party and forced her into another vehicle. The woman claims the men undressed her and forced her to have sex with them in the back seat of the car as they sped through the streets of Albuquerque. The first man allegedly raped her while Gongbay and the other man watched. Gongbay then allegedly proceeded to do the same. According to the documents, Gongbay and the other suspect were subsequently dropped off at an unknown location, and the third man then reportedly drove the victim back to UNM campus where he pulled out a gun and raped her at gunpoint. The victim immediately returned to her dorm and reported that she’d been the victim of a sexual assault. She was transported to a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Unit at UNM, where DNA evidence was collected and sent to the state crime lab. Regardless of your opinion on the allegations against Gongbay, the odds are good that he will be completely exonerated and all charges will be dropped. A recent study of sexual assault on college campuses conducted by The Center for Public Integrity found that the number of prosecutions involving campus rape cases is insignificant. Another study conducted by Jeff Benedict and Todd Crosset showed that student-athletes rarely face any formal criminal charges, or else that those charges are eventually dropped. The study found that while athletes make up only 3.3 percent of the male student population, they account for 19 percent of the sexual assault cases committed on campus. These statistics demonstrate that studentathletes are much more likely to commit sexual violence than the typical undergraduate. It’s a

sports-culture problem: Boys are taught from an early age that having lots of women is part of the reward for being a star athlete. In America, an unusually large number of college students are sexually ignorant. There is simply no way for kids to learn about responsible sexual behavior at any publicly-funded K-12 school today. In a country where educators are forbidden from actually discussing safe sex, date rape and sexual harassment are even more rarely discussed. Still, universities have an obligation to their students, faculty and the community to promote a safe environment in which anyone may acquire an education — not an environment in which data about sex offences are downplayed or suppressed, and investigations are stifled in order to protect their interests for the sake of “Johnny Football.” Despite the millions of dollars poured into college sports every year, the vast majority of athletic programs still lose money. Yet schools remain caught up in an ever-escalating athletic ‘arms race’ at the expense of academic scholarships, educational facilities and quality faculty. Transforming the rape culture endemic to many schools won’t be easy. Too often, campus sexual assault prevention programs try to focus on the responsibilities of potential victims. The most infuriating problem is that even when the victims do everything right — they report the crime promptly to authorities and they see a nurse to get a rape kit done — the institutions still refuse to fully investigate, often doing so only after pressure from outside sources. So remember, ladies: the primary interest the university has in your well being is that you continue to pay your tuition and don’t complain too much. Whatever happens, you’ll probably be blamed for it anyway.

the voting pattern is, in fact, suggestive of the growing concerns about companies that are implicated in human rights violations not just in Israel but across the world. Additionally, there are other parts of the report that I find disconcerting. As a former journalism instructor, I have insisted that journalists try to present reality in all its complexity rather than resort to the “everystory-has-only-two-sides” format. Unfortunately, this lesson has been lost on the Daily Lobo. Instead of speaking to the diverse coalition of students — including Students for Justice in Palestine, Students Organizing Actions for Peace, Movimiento Estudiantil Chican@ de Aztlan, the UNM Dream Team, the Men of Color Alliance, the Muslim Student Association, the Fair Trade Initiative, the Black Student Union and the UNM Arabic Language Club — to find out their interest in working hard to get this resolution

passed, the report unfortunately spends more time talking to Sarah Abonyi from Lobos for Israel to get her side of the story. It also ignores the representative from the Jewish Voice for Peace, who made a powerful case to support the resolution. While I appreciate the need to include an opposing viewpoint, why is it that the story dedicates an inordinate amount of time and space to Abonyi? What about the other members of the coalition who were present at the meeting and made a passionate case for supporting the resolution by highlighting the ways in which their own struggles were entangled with those of the Palestinians fighting the occupation? Why is it that the reporter ignored them while consciously seeking out Abonyi’s reactions? Nothing can explain this oversight other than the fact that the Daily Lobo believes that the BDS resolution has only two sides to it

while, in fact, this is an issue that spans across continents. Corporations such as G4S profit off of security regimes that operate in both hemispheres. If the reporter had paid any attention, she would have realized that a lot of the people who spoke in favor of the resolution were, in fact, not doing so for ideological reasons but had real investments in seeing it passed. Santhosh Chandrashekar UNM graduate student

Letter submission policy

n Letters can be submitted to the Daily Lobo office in Marron Hall or online at DailyLobo. com. The Lobo reserves the right to edit letters for content and length. A name and phone number must accompany all letters. Anonymous letters or those with pseudonyms will not be published. Opinions expressed solely reflect the views of the author and do not reflect the opinions of Lobo employees.


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Student band wraps DIY album by William Aranda @_WilliamAranda

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The record, called “Gatsby,” was released on April 12 for an oversold record release show at the Outpost, with family, friends and total strangers in attendance.

“It was just an all around amazing time, and it felt really good after all the 11 months of hard work and blood, sweat and tears that we put into this record.” ~Morgan Ching Guitarist “It was just an all-around amazing time, and it felt really good after the 11 months of hard work and blood, sweat and tears that we put into this record,” Ching said. He said it is not easy for

a group to release an album independently, when time and money are scarce. Ching and Jecklin formed Great States in 2010 with two other friends. While at UNM they recruited Rael and keyboardist Sean Leston after the two other members left. Ching and Rael both come from backgrounds of playing in school bands. Jecklin said he started playing trombone in the fourth grade before picking up bass in his middle school jazz band. Leston, an English/ sociology double major, was classically trained on the piano at age five. “My parents always wanted to learn how to play the piano,” he said. “Since I was a baby there was just an upright in my house and I took a liking to it.”

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William Aranda / Daily Lobo Great States members Eric Jecklin, Ryan Rael, Morgan Ching and Sean Leston, from left, perform at Amped Performance Center in downtown Albuquerque on Friday night. Great States released their debut album “Gatsby” on April 12.

Redeemable only at McDonalds located at Hanover, University, Bosque Farms, Quail, Los Lunas, Bridge, Belen, Rio Bravo, Rio Grande, Wal-Mart (Los Lunas), Moriarity, Edgewood. Expires 08/31/14

It took 11 months of toil in Popejoy Hall, but for four UNM students, putting out their debut album ‘do it yourself ’-style was worth it. Great States frontman and guitarist Morgan Ching said the process started during finals week of May 2013 and finished in January of this year. “We did a lot of the live drum tracking, a lot of the live guitar tracking, some vocal stuff, but a lot of the instrumental tracking we did at UNM in the basement,” Ching said. Ryan Rael, the band’s drummer, said the group also recorded tracks in locations outside of UNM. “When we weren’t at UNM, (we went) wherever we could try and get the best sound possible,” he said. “That meant sometimes vocal booths being closets or shoving amps into closets,” he said. Ching said the quartet wanted to avoid major record labels for their album. “What we’re most proud of about this record is that we did it all ourselves,” Ching said. “It’s a completely DIY record.” Ching said the record was recorded using proprietary recording technology and that the group was originally going to record a three-song E.P. Eric Jecklin, a jazz studies major who plays bass for Great States, said he recalls how he felt during the 11-month recording period. “We had a lot of sleepless nights because of this record,” Jecklin said, “a lot of hard work put in.”

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In collaboration with Project PeacePal, The University of New Mexico Project PeacePal student group is proud to present:

Pace for Peace 5k walk/run/relay

When: 9:00AM, May 3rd Where: University of New Mexico Johnson Field Entrance fee: $25 for adults, $20 for children, $18 for members of groups with 10 or more people *there will also be a 4-person relay team division with optional costume contest (a gift basket will be given to the team with the best costumes)

All proceeds will go to Project PeacePal to support their numerous local and international projects. To register or get more information, please visit races/pace-for-peace-2014 or call 505-426-7866

At New Mexico State University, you will discover a global campus community engaged in research and creative activities that help shape the world. As an NMSU graduate student, you will participate in the creation of knowledge and research that leads to innovative solutions to today’s challanges. We are a “high research activity” university, which means you will learn from and work alongside distinguished faculty and researchers known for their contributions in agriculture, arts and sciences, business, education, engineering and health and social services. Explore the many opportunities to advance your education in any of our Graduate Programs. Find out more at

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Food biz at crux of wage battle by Steve “Mo” Fye @UncaMo

Saturday Appointments Available

FREE and confidential Free Wi-Fi! Proud Sponsors of


& Coffee Special 59 Burrito 16oz coffee w/ burrito. Add turkey bacon or chicken sausage for 79¢ Exp. 05/6/14. Limit 1 per person


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Regular Menu Prices with UNM/CNM Student or Employee ID

Good at 1916 Central Ave. SE Location. Please visit

The restaurant business is one of close margins, where even small increases in costs can make the difference between success and failure. This makes the industry ground zero for the debate over an increase in the minimum wage. Restaurant owners worry that a hike will cut into their profits, while more and more employees and advocacy groups are rallying for a living wage. Supporters of an increase in the minimum wage frame it as a human rights issue, not just an economic issue. They refute claims by industry groups and conservatives that hikes would cause runaway inflation and unemployment. In New Mexico, State Rep. for District 14 Miguel P. Garcia (D-Albuquerque) sponsored House Joint Resolution 9 in the most recent legislative session. The resolution would have amended New Mexico’s Constitution to establish a statewide minimum wage that would increase annually based on the cost of living as measured by the Consumer Price Index. The legislation did not pass the house vote, and a similar measure approved by the senate died in the house as well. Every Republican in the house voted against HJR 9, but Garcia said he will continue to work for the passage of a state minimum wage. “We got 33 for and 29 against,” he said. “We needed 36. It’s not just an economic decision — it’s a human rights issue,”

Come join our team!

We Need You! DAILY LOBO new mexico

Studying abroad

Dental School

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Our team is going places! Join the Daily Lobo Staff. Contact 277-5656 or

Steve Fye / Daily Lobo Members of several income equality advocacy groups, as well as local supporters of a higher minimum wage, met at Focus Ink on April 22 for the Albuquerque stop of the Americans United for Change’s “Give America a Raise” bus tour. CEO of the New Mexico Restaurant Association Carol Wight said her organization opposes any amendment to the state constitution because such a measure would make it difficult to alleviate any unintended effects. “If the minimum wage goes up, prices go up,” she said. “Tying it to CPI is irresponsible.” Wight said she is concerned that such an irreversible action could lead to unemployment or inflation. “How much do you want to pay for a burger?” she said. The association helped to craft language for legislation on measures to increase the minimum wage in local municipalities, she said. She called the Bernalillo County minimum wage increase “easy to comply with” and a “model ordinance for other communities.” The county raised the minimum wage to $8 per hour on July 1, 2013 and to $8.50 the first day of 2014. She said the Bernalillo County increase would be easy for restaurant owners to take into consideration when preparing their budgets. “Those people did their homework,” she said. On the other hand, she said, the Albuquerque minimum wage hike was not well thought out and is unfair to restaurant owners and kitchen employees alike. The city measure, enacted in 2012, increased back-of-thehouse (line cooks, prep cooks and dishwashers) wages by only about 15 percent, while frontof-the-house employees (tipped employees such as wait staff ) got a 143 percent raise, she said. This would force owners to cut hours or raise prices, she said. “Servers often make $16 to $22 an hour on top of the hourly pay,” she said. She said the association would support an incremental increase in hourly minimum wage for restaurant workers if it was done at a reasonable pace. “Our mantra for right now is ‘Let’s be reasonable,’” Wight said. Measures across the country that increased local minimum wages to above the national rate seem to be working, despite dire predictions from industry groups. In 1998 Washington State raised the minimum wage and tied it to the cost of living. Since then, the state minimum wage has increased to $9.32, according to the Washington Department of Labor. According to an article on, job growth in Washington averaged 0.8 percent per year. Over that same time, the national job growth rate was 0.5 percent. The poverty level in

Washington has been lower than the national average for more than seven years. The average payroll for bars and restaurants in Washington increased by 21 percent, despite fears that the hospitality industry would suffer from loss of jobs and employee hours.

“If the minimum wage goes up, prices go up...tying it to CPI is irresponsible.”

~Carol Wight CEO of the New Mexico Restaurant Association Jared Ames is the director of New Mexico’s branch of Working America, an organization affiliated with the AFL-CIO that supports workers not represented by unions. The group has been involved in the effort to increase the minimum wage since 2007. “We worked on the ballot initiatives in Albuquerque, Santa Fe County, Bernalillo County and now the state,” he said. “We represent 110,000 New Mexicans and are working for a positive change.” The group will continue to work toward a living wage, he said. Members of another advocacy group, Americans United for Change, focused on addressing income inequality, and have been traveling the country on the “Give America a Raise” bus tour, raising support for a $10.10 national minimum wage. Originally scheduled for 11 states, the tour is now scheduled to stop in 20 or more, said Jimmy Donofrio, digital director of the organization. On April 22 the group held a press conference at Focus Ink in Albuquerque. Nancy Denker, the owner of Focus Ink, said it was fortuitous that the event coincided with Earth Day. She said Earth Day is about sustainability, and the tour supports economic sustainability. Denker said she pays all of her employees a living wage. Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham (D-NM) also spoke at the gathering. She said she is happy that Albuquerque raised the minimum wage, and added that now it is time for Congress to do the same for America. An increase in the national minimum wage would put $35 billion into the hands of the families that need it most, she said. “When people make a living wage, local economies thrive,” she said. “This is a moral issue for New Mexico families and families across the U.S. We must make sure our families don’t fall further behind.”

W , A Puzzle 30, 2014/ P lobo featuresLos Angeles Times Daily Crossword FOR RELEASE APRIL 30, 2014

New Mexico Daily Lobo


age 7



Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis

Year Zero



Level 1 2 3 4

Solution to yesterday’s problem.

ACROSS 1 Minor error 6 Catcall 10 Vishnu incarnation 14 “This Old House” carpenter Norm 15 Like many a shoppe 16 Color of Death’s dart, in “Venus and Adonis” 17 What an angry mermaid might do? 20 Not many 21 Pop’s bro 22 Hard to figure out 23 “Baseball Tonight” airer 25 Not good 26 What an angry Santa might do? 30 Frozen dessert franchise 34 Part of NCAA: Abbr. 35 Don’t exist 36 Pong developer 37 Supermodel Cheryl 39 1860s govt. for four years 40 Still in bed 41 Accustom 42 Western Wyoming county 44 __-Foy, Quebec 45 Tabula __: blank slate 46 What an angry Humpty Dumpty might do? 48 Opportunity, metaphorically 50 Backside 51 Verdict challenge 54 Spot for a facial 56 Pool float 59 What an angry witch might do? 62 Undecided 63 Smallest Great Lake by volume 64 Where subs are assembled 65 __’ Pea 66 Actress Meg 67 Skilled DOWN 1 Internet connectivity frustrations


By Steve Blais

2 Peek-__ 3 Titan who gave fire to humans 4 Least risky 5 “Unbelievable” techno-funk band 6 Philosopher Locke 7 Gas alternative: Abbr. 8 Former “Tonight Show” announcer Hall 9 Be strongly pervaded with 10 Keep apprised of one’s activities, as a superior 11 Assist with a crime 12 Chamonix peak 13 Garcia of “Ocean’s Eleven” 18 Pitch-changing pro 19 Brian who produced or coproduced several Talking Heads albums 24 Terrible twos, one hopes 25 Chips-to-be 26 Fan’s opposite 27 Turner memoir

Tuesday’s Puzzle Solved

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28 Parish head 29 First stage 31 String-pulling game 32 Ogre 33 “Holy mackerel!” 36 Lennox of the Eurythmics 38 Elementary level 43 Book club leader for 15 years 46 One following a course


47 Worked for 49 Big ape 51 Times to call, in ads 52 Field machine 53 Flammable pile 54 Branch of Islam 55 Hammer part 57 Lose one’s cool 58 Quiz 60 Do one’s best 61 Aquafresh tube letters



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(TaLK) sponsored by Korean government. $1,300~400/month (15hrs/week) + airfares, housing, medical insurance Must have completed two years of undergraduate. Last day to apply: 5/30/14 Please visit the website Questions: Jai - (213)386-3112 ex.201

2009 KYMCO PEOPLE S200 Scooter. 4527 miles. One owner. $1700. See craigs list: Belen scooter. 505‑710‑4931.

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FAST GROwING, QUICK paced online marketing company searching for skilled web developer to add to expanding team. Strong html, php, and CSS skills necessary. Must be able to think ahead and learn fast. Will be responsible for carrying out tasks such as updating custom code on multiple websites, setting up new products/ campaigns within ecommerce platforms, monitoring and updating tracking applications, testing functionality of new and updated websites. Skills testing required before hiring. This is an onsite only position located in Albuquerque. Work is performed within established policies and procedures under general supervision and performance is based upon completion of assignments and results obtained. Please submit resume with salary requirements to

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LOADED BRAND B‑12 laden energy drink. Smooth, colorless, packed with flavor and energy with no aftertaste. 24 (16oz) cans in wrapped cases. $10 per case, 5 case minimum purchase. Original or sugar free. Can be profitable fundraiser. 321‑7063.



F 3-5 10/hr. Very quiet office. Call Shelly, 265‑6491.

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GUARDSMARK THE NATION’S leader in security is hiring security officers. No Experience Required, but customer service skills are a must. Must be High school grad/GED & 21 years. EOE benefits: Free life insurance uniforms, tuition assistance. Apply by calling 505‑ 830‑2700 Monday-Friday. 9am- 5pm.

Vehicles For Sale 2008 SCION XB $4800 USD.Great con-

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1BDRM. No pets. $460/mo +electricity 980‑5812. BLOCK TO UNM. Large, clean 1BDRM

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ties and 2BDRM $695/mo+utilites. No pets. 1505 Girard NE. 304‑5853. FREE UNM PARKING. Large, clean

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tion co. seeking Engineering graduate for full time, entry level Project Engineer/Q.C. position. Background check & drug screen will be performed. Forward resume to jobs@victorcorpnm. com or fax to 505‑771‑4901. NEED EXTRA CASH?? Fresquez Companies in the Abq Sunport is now hiring all positions for our restaurants. Please call 505‑884‑7484 if interested. NATIONAL COMPANY SEEKING office/ clerical position. Hours will be 10-2 Monday-Friday. Apply in person 5240 2nd street. Advancement opportunities will be available.

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NEAR UNM, $375/MO 514‑7192. SEEKING GIRL TO live in Lobo Village

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amenities. $1290/mo. Utilities paid. No smoking. Available June.

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