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Protesters encouraged by recent DOJ release by Ardee Napolitano @ArdeeTheJourno

As the Department of Justice last week agreed that the Albuquerque Police Department exercises excessive force, protests against police raged on. About 100 people rallied in front of City Hall on Saturday

afternoon to continue to peacefully protest APD’s excessive use of force. Danny Hernandez, one of the organizers of the protest, said various organizations planned the event last week in response to the DOJ’s investigation. He said they plan to make sure that the DOJ would fix the police department. “We need to keep the momentum

going,” he said. “The Department of Justice report vindicates what we have been saying all along, but it also doesn’t have many next steps yet. Right now, they’re in negotiation with the city, and we don’t really have any say on what’s going to go on. So, it’s good to keep the pressure on.” In a press conference on Thursday, the DOJ stated that there

Ardee Napolitano/@ArdeeTheJourno / Daily Lobo Los Lunas resident Carrie White, center, momentarily sheds her Guy Fawkes mask while taping a protest poster to the doors of the District Attorney’s office Saturday afternoon. About 100 people attended the protest against the Albuquerque Police Department that day to encourage the Department of Justice, which concluded its investigation of APD on Thursday, to take more concrete steps to reform the police department.

Despite DOJ report, hundreds rally for APD by Chloe Henson @ChloeHenson5 Albuquerque residents rallied at Civic Plaza Saturday afternoon to discuss the importance of the Albuquerque Police Department, to remember fallen officers and demonstrate their support for the APD. About 200 veterans, business owners and other attendees met at 10 a.m. to praise and defend the officers. After an hour, the supporters marched downtown, chanting “APD” and shaking hands with officers. The march ended in front of the police department’s headquarters, where the crowd chanted for several minutes before dispersing around noon. Attendee Michael Carrillo said he came out to support APD because he had family in the department, including his brother, John Arthur Carrillo, who was shot and killed in 1987 after responding to a call regarding domestic violence. “When my son-in-law and my brother, who was killed, and my other brother, my uncle, my grandfather have put their lives on the line for people in service to them, I feel I have to support the rest of them as well,” he said. Carrillo said he has ridden along with some APD officers, and he observes interactions the police have with city residents on a daily basis. “I know that there is a good heart in every one of them trying to do the right thing for people,” he said. The rally took place two days after the Department of Justice released the results of

Inside the

Daily Lobo volume 118

issue 133

its civil investigation of APD, which concluded that the department’s officers frequently use excessive force. The DOJ report found that the APD used deadly force against people who demonstrated only minimal threat, used less lethal force on “people passively resisting,” and officers frequently used force on people with mental illness. Despite the findings, supporters said they stood behind the department. “We’re not saying the DOJ is saying anything wrong,” said David Giesche who attended the rally. “We have faith in the men and women of this department, that they can overcome their shortfalls and they can make this a better department and a better community for all of us. But I don’t think that they can do that without the public’s support.” Giesche said the department would have to make changes in order to curb what he says is an excessive use of force. “They’re too quick to use excessive force, especially in instances of mental illness,” he said. “It’s just a matter of updating their policies and a matter of better training and just a little more modern law enforcement techniques that we haven’t seen practiced yet in APD.” Carrillo said the report did not affect his decision to support the police. He said he has questions about the report, and he wants to read it before passing any judgment on it. Robin Ulman, another rally attendee, said the DOJ report made her and her husband, Rob Ulman, come out to support the police. “I don’t know that it’s accurate. I just know that the police department needs

is “reasonable cause to believe that the Albuquerque Police Department engages in a pattern or practice of excessive force in violation of the Fourth Amendment.” Hernandez, who manages the Facebook page “Albuquerque P D in Crisis,” said that with the release of the results, the city government would be forced to rectify APD’s wrongs. “I think the pattern was there, but APD and the Berry administration have been denying it all along,” he said. “Now they have to accept the fact that it’s true, and now they have to come up with a solution.” Hernandez said he expects more civilian voices to be included in the DOJ’s reform negotiations with APD in the coming months. He said he also urges APD to implement mandatory lapel cameras to ensure officers’ accountability. In the protest, attendees marched to the District Attorney’s office from Civic Plaza carrying signs, and they taped the posters on the building’s doors. They then continued to march around downtown. Kenneth Ellis II, whose son was shot dead by an APD officer, attended the protest. He said that although he was glad that the DOJ confirmed the public’s suspicions about APD, he still pushes for the indictments of the officers involved in fatal shootings. “I’m satisfied that they are going to do the right thing and help our police department to get it right,” he said. “I’m still determined to pass some indictments because, as

the DOJ report said, the majority of over 30 killings are unjustified and unconstitutional … We need to jail killer cops.” According to the Albuquerque Journal, an APD officer killed Kenneth Ellis III by shooting him in the neck in January 2010 as Ellis III pointed a gun to his own head. Ellis, who has moved to Albuquerque from Arizona since his son’s killing, said he feels optimistic that the DOJ investigation will lead to the transformation of APD. “It’s proven in the court of law that my son’s constitutional rights were violated,” he said. “Nevertheless, they still haven’t gotten a consent decree and I still haven’t seen the structure and the parameters of this consent decree. I’m cautiously optimistic that it’s going to be enough to get it right.” Matthe Barceleau, a member of the UNM School of Law’s National Lawyers Guild who attended the event, said he expects city officials, including Mayor Richard Berry and APD Chief Gorden Eden, to take accountability of the shootings and step down. But most importantly, people should keep voicing their opinions, Barceleau said. “I expect people not to forget about it,” he said. “I expect people not to have that amnesia that comes. I expect that every time APD makes an action now, people are going to react to it. People are going to want to know, and that should be up for public review.”

William Aranda/@_WilliamAranda / Daily Lobo Four-year-old Arlynn McClaskey sits on the steps of Civic Plaza during an APD support rally on Saturday morning. More than a hundred people gathered in Civic Plaza to show their support for the police department. support, and when you hamstring the police department … you’ll be forced to make peace with the criminals,” she said. “I have no intention of making peace with the criminals.” Rally attendees who spoke also said Mayor Richard Berry should have attended the rally to show his support for the police. Rob Ulman said he can’t judge how Berry has handled the controversy surrounding the police department, but he felt the mayor could have been more supportive. “Mayor Berry and Chief (Gorden)

Heinrich talks security

(Cherry) red white and blue

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Eden are handling what they do of their own accord,” he said. “I cannot judge the way they’re doing things. I do know I feel as though Mayor Berry, when he had the opportunity to support the police department, came up short.” Rob Ulman said APD is a necessary element of the city because it protects Albuquerque citizens. “Without the APD, we would all be in a lot of trouble,” he said. “They’re the only element that stands between us and the bad guys.”


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New Mexico Daily Lobo On Thursday the Department of Justice released the

results of its civil investigation on the Albuquerque Police Department, finding the department guilty of using excessive force in multiple instances. How do you feel about this

Antonia Sarvis Sophomore, psychology “I am very happy that they came to the conclusion they did. I was worried that since there is no outside perspective, it might have been a biased finding. I’m hoping they actually follow through with some consequences.”


Cristian Villa Sophomore, geography “I totally agree with the Department of Justice, mainly because I spent some time with the APD for one of my classes. When I did my ride-along with APD, I saw a lot of excessive force.”

Julianna Wiggins Freshman, journalism and Spanish “I would agree. Statistics are statistics, and numbers don’t lie. If their findings are fact, there should be something done about that, and the APD should be recognized for what they have done.”

Savannah LaRosa-LoPresti Freshman, environmental planning and design “I feel like the verdict was expected, and that was what the public was demanding. The video was obviously an example of this excessive force. I’m glad that they found something because there was obviously something wrong.” photos by William Aranda @_WilliamAranda

volume 118

by Zachary Pavlik @zachpavlik

issue 133

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Lobo Winners! Baseball

defeated Stephen F. Austin 9-6 & 6-3 and Fresno St. 5-4, 11-6 & 4-1

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Men’s Tennis William Aranda/@_WilliamAranda / Daily Lobo U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich speaks with UNM third-year student Alden Reviere in UNM Student Union Ballroom A on Friday morning after delivering a keynote address on balancing civil liberties with national security in a digital age during the University of New Mexico National Security Studies Program spring symposium.

Senator speaks on surveillance Heinrich stresses focus over breadth in security by Zachary Pavlik @zachpavlik For U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich, D-N.M., the government should strive to enhance national security without infringing on privacy rights. On Friday morning, Heinrich addressed UNM students on the topic of cyber security, describing it as a vital field in need of reform. “We need to reign in the dragline approach to surveillance and focus on directly targeting the terrorists,” Heinrich said. “We can and we must balance the government’s need to keep our nation safe with its duty to protect our constitutionally guaranteed liberties. In my view we need substantial legal and policy reforms.” Heinrich, who was the keynote speaker for the National Security Studies Program’s annual symposium, kicked off the day’s events with his speech. Heinrich said one of the reasons for the country’s incorrect surveillance procedure is the rapidity of its introduction and incorporation into the legislative system. He said the U.S. lacks knowledge about potential national threats, such as Al-Qaeda, which results with the mentality that excessive monitoring will remedy this. “In our rush to realign our national security apparatus, our governments took some steps too quickly, in my view, and without giving them the full consideration they deserved,” he said. Heinrich said section 215 of the Patriot Act is one example of the national government making an important decision too quickly. Section 215 reformed the Patriot Act to give the government much more control over monitoring the electronic devices of normal citizens, which expands its reach in technical surveillance procedures. Heinrich said the government should reform surveillance systems to encourage clear and honest communication from the government about intelligence collection initiatives. “One way to accomplish this is through increased transparency

and accountability, so that we can have necessary public debates over these issues and avoid secret interpretation of our laws,” he said, “In the meantime, those of us who understand the potential for abuse of these collection efforts need to redouble our efforts to shift the intelligence community’s collection paradigm back to one that is narrowly focused on actual threats and respectful of the civil liberties and privacy of American citizens.” Heinrich said he was part of a group of senators who challenged the National Security Agency and U.S. director of national intelligence to produce examples in which data collection was crucial for capturing a terrorist or revealing a terrorist plot. He said the NSA was unable to do so. Frank Gilfeather, director of the NSSP, said UNM is one of only 16 universities in the nation designated as Intelligence Community Centers of Academic Excellence. He said this department has been hosting the symposium for the past five years, and Heinrich’s address is a huge asset. “When he joined the U.S. Senate, he got some very key committee assignments,” he said. “One of them was the Energy Committee, but he also got assigned to the Intelligence Committee. This became a very great opportunity for us because he, as well as Sen. Udall from Colorado, are both on that committee and have tremendous say in the very important and exciting things happening in the intelligence community.” Heinrich said the U.S. Congress is working on a legislative solution that will end bulk collection of citizen data and will instead focus more intensely on the records of known terrorists. Heinrich said he urges students to get involved and take control of the issue. He said public input is extremely helpful to him when deciding which legislation needs to be voted on. “Be part of the debate” he said. “Express your concerns. When you think the government has not implemented a law in the way true to its intent or you think a program is overreaching let your elected officials know. Give them the capacity and support of the community to try and change those things.”

defeated Utah State 6-1 and Wyoming 5-2

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won the women’s 1500m, women’s 3000m, men’s metric mile, 400m hurdles and men’s 4x400m relay at the Jim Click Shootout

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Monday, April 14, 2014

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‘Raises’ don’t improve take-home pay overall Editor, An open letter to the Provost, the President, the Board of Regents and the Legislature. With regard to Thursday’s emergency meeting about changes to the health care plan for UNM faculty and staff, I would like to make a few suggestions and offer a few opinions. First, can we please stop calling the 2.5 percent increase to base pay for staff and 3 percent for faculty “raises”? That is not what these are. With the upcoming change to our health care and retirement benefits, those small percentages are not raises, but part of a redistribution of how money is allocated within the compensation package employees receive. Some employees will see a net benefit from these changes, but many will see their actual income decrease. To call it a raise for faculty and staff implies that they will all take home more money, and that is simply not the case. While it is very difficult to analyze just how these changes will affect people, I ran the numbers for my own situation and, as best as I can tell, using my health care spending last year, if these changes (“raises,” retirement and health care) had gone into effect last year, I would have broken even. So it appears the change will have no net effect on me. That 3 percent (if it is given across the board and not varied for “merit”) will allow me to hold even. It is very difficult to find information about median and mean salaries for faculty and staff; my best guess is that I am somewhere around the 60th percentile for my salary. This would indicate that given the changes to health care, VEBA and the ERB, these “raises” will result in 60 percent of faculty and staff (with the burden being disproportionately shouldered by staff ) making less money, while 40 percent will make more. While my numbers might be off, what is absolutely appalling to me is that the increased cost of health care is being used to subsidize these “raises.” It means that those who make less are paying (in part) for the raises of those who make more. Those who can least afford it are being asked to sacrifice so those that are already doing better can have even more. I would like to suggest that these changes (retirement, salary and health care) be looked at from a holistic perspective (since it is all part of total compensation) and that the administration provide information on who is likely to make less (year over year) with the proposed changes and who is likely to make more. At least give us scenarios of how these changes effect someone with a low salary, with an average salary and with a high salary, given the same health care consumption. Given the structure of the tiers for monthly premiums and the fact that a flat cost savings is being used to fund percentage increases, the changes appear to me (on the limited information I have been able to analyze) to be extraordinarily regressive in nature. It seems to me to be the equivalent of cutting the pay of some employees to give raises to others. I, for one, do not want to participate. I do not want my holding even (if we ignore issues like inflation) to come at the cost of others falling behind. I urge you to find a more equitable way to distribute base salary increases — one that alleviates the burden being placed on those making less. Can I suggested a flat dollar amount based on the tiers used to calculate monthly health care premiums, one that gives the largest bump to those in the lowest tier, with each progressively higher tier receiving less? Thank you, Patrick Manning Associate Professor Department of Art and Art History

EDITORIAL BOARD Antonio Sanchez Editor-in-chief

John Tyczkowski Opinion editor

Ardee Napolitano News editor

UNM seems unable to put money where it matters Editor, UNM Regents and Administration are having a difficult time finding $6 million to give UNM staff a 2 percent raise and faculty a 3 percent raise without raising student tuition rates again. According to New Mexico Watchdog, over the past 15 years UNM tuition rates for New Mexico residents have increased by a whopping 170 percent. In order to fund staff raises, the Regents and Administration have proposed targeting employee health benefits by doubling the cost of deductibles and the out-of-pocket maximum. Last week, UNM President Bob Frank stated, “this is the only way we can come up with the funding,” and repeatedly reminded the panel just how lean UNM’s budget is. UNM seems to be extremely fiscally responsible when it comes to compensating staff and faculty, but fiscally irresponsible when it comes to spending on capital projects. According to the UNM Capital Projects website, iss., which has not been updated since Fiscal Year 2010-2011, their annual UNM budget of pending and completed projects was $453,235,084. UNM recently spent over $100 million to build the 206,432 square foot Cancer Treatment and Clinical Research Facility, yet the building remains only half finished, including the 4th floor infusion suite, the 2nd floor clinic space and a café for patients. After spending $100 million, one would think the bathroom doors in a clinic frequented by patients in wheelchairs would be powered for handicapped patients. Last March the UNM Health Science Center requested and easily received $5 million to complete renovations on what they call the Darth Vader Building on University Boulevard, for a final purchase of $14.5 million. Back in 2008, after the financial collapse of the United States, I asked Ava Lovell, the Executive Officer of Finance and Administration, how UNM could justify spending nearly $70 million to renovate The Pit, but could not afford to give its staff and faculty pay raises. Lovell responded that UNM is basically at the mercy of the State Legislature, which determines how the budget is allocated. I still have a hard time believing that UNM can’t lobby the Legislature much more aggressively for staff compensation. It is important that a University has firstclass buildings, modern facilities and stylish furnishings. But there is nothing more important about retaining a well-trained, competent and contented workforce than

LETTERS adequate employee compensation for cost of living increases and especially performancebased raises when they are warranted. The UNM Regents and Administration need to find a balance between these two things. Brian Fejer UNM student

than to build a shoddy shield of pity behind which to preach an absurd seditious form of civility. On a less mordant note, I would love to invite our distinguished Dean of Students to share tea sometime, and to civilly discuss the application of civility on our university campus. I’ll bring the scones. Benjamin Grossklaus UNM student

‘Students’ Dean’ shouldn’t UNM is paying for employee toss students under bus benefits with retiree benefits Editor, First of all, I would like to state that I am attempting to be as thoroughly civil as possible. However, if I do manage to slip and express an actual opinion, please forgive me. Recently our Dean of Students, Tomás Aguirre, released a column that advocates ostensibly for “advocacy and inclusion.” However, I am deeply troubled by the fact that he has hidden behind a shelter of “intent and effect” — which is not to say that those are invalid concerns when any action is under consideration, but rather that they should only inform rather than restrict. I would agree that “Bullying, intimidation, a lack of transparency, and misrepresentation of the facts” are all invalid strategies in the effort to effect change systemically, efficiently and objectively. But it is equally as invalid to cite specific students without any reference to a specific event — it is an equally despicable micro-aggression founded in fallacious rhetoric. As the “Students’ Dean,” it is not in your job description to subversively critique student concerns, it is your job to amplify them as an actor within the higher structure of the University. Even further, I would argue that passive-aggressive micro-aggression is thoroughly uncivil. You may have addressed the perceived confrontation of being labeled a “white-supremacist,” but in actuality you have done nothing other than to bolster a lacking rhetoric centered in a pity-seeking pathos at the expense of a student. Not only is this highly reminiscent of the four invalid strategies you have outlined above, it is appalling behavior. I do not doubt at all that you are indeed not a “white supremacist.” If you actually were, I’m quite sure the student body would have done away with you long ago. However, if you have been critiqued for perpetuating a system that privileges a specific group over another. I would think you would have the maturity to take it as a criticism of your paid position and not your actual personhood, and to make an effort to address the situation civilly rather

Editor, I retired from UNM a year ago. I am one of the 600 people under age 65 who have health care from the University. People seem to forget that the University opted out of the State of New Mexico Retiree Health Care Authority. The University could save the couple of percent cost and do it by itself cheaper than figured. Now it’s costing more and they can’t afford to get into the system, so costs will be shifted to the retirees now. Cost-shifting of $6 million was done three years ago by increasing co-pays, raising deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums and introducing co-insurance, a nifty, newly made up category cost. So staff and faculty who got sick or hurt ended up picking up $6 million more in costs out of pocket than they would have before. Now it seems that the University wants to find a way to come up with $6 million again, this time to pay for raises. They figure that it could be done by cost-shifting that to 600 retirees’ health care costs? Over the last 6 years, the University has given 0 percent raises how many times? How much would have been saved in operating costs if cost of living raises had been given? But in the end it seems that the plan is to give people raises and then turn around and take that exact amount back through increased health care costs and let’s hope that nobody notices that. Wow. Tom Rolland Retired UNM staff


 Letters can be submitted to the Daily Lobo office in Marron Hall or online at The Lobo reserves the right to edit letters for content and length. A name and phone number must accompany all letters. Anonymous letters or those with pseudonyms will not be published. Opinions expressed solely reflect the views of the author and do not reflect the opinions of Lobo employees.



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$1 Afghanistan After the country’s first democratic presidential election last week, former Afghan opposition leader Abdullah Abdullah leads the race, as preliminary results were released Sunday. According to Reuters, Abdullah has garnered 41.9 percent of votes based on the released 10 percent of total ballots cast from 26 out of 34 provinces on April 5. Western academic Ashraf Ghani is in second place with 37.6 percent. Still, there have been 870 cases of critical voter fraud reported so far — more than the 815 incidents reported in 2009. Final results of the election are expected to be released on May 14.

Syria Samantha Power, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, on Sunday announced that the country is investigating an incident that may have involved poison gas in the rural, oppositionheld village of Kfar Zeita on Friday. According to the Associated Press, Power said claims that poison gas was involved in the attack are “unsubstantiated,” amid efforts to remove chemical weapons in the country bugged by a three-year civil war. The Syrian National Coalition claimed that dozens were hurt in Friday’s attack. Activists claimed the gas used was toxic chlorine, the AP reported.

Chile A blaze in the historic port city of Valparaiso on Sunday left at least 11 people dead and consumed 50 houses within 700 hectares of forest and residential neighborhoods. As about 1,200 firefighters continue to extinguish the flames, authorities have evacuated thousands from the site, according to Reuters. The fire started on Saturday and raged overnight through Sunday. The Chilean Congress, housed in Valparaiso, was not damaged, but authorities worried that weather forecasts of high temperatures and strong winds could exacerbate the situation, Reuters reported.

Ukraine In an effort to rid eastern Ukraine of pro-Russian separatists, the government raided state buildings in the city of Slaviansk on Sunday, resulting in casualties on both sides of the encounter. According to Reuters, one government official was killed and five others wounded on the government’s side, while one pro-Moscow activist and two others were injured on the separatists’ side. Separatists have been hiding in the police and state security service headquarters in the city, and some have put up roadblocks in the streets, Reuters reported. Ukraine, Russia, the European Union and the United States will hold talks to address the conflict Thursday.

Mexico At least 36 people were killed Sunday in a bus wreck in the southeastern state of Veracruz, and another four were injured. According to the Agence France-Presse, the bus slammed into a badly parked trailer truck on the shoulder of a highway, causing the vehicle to burst into flames. The AFP reported that “most of the roof and tires of the bus were reduced to ashes.” Governor Javier Duarte said that because the fire incinerated the passengers, authorities are having trouble identifying the bodies. The four injured passengers have been hospitalized and are now in stable condition.

Vatican City To mark the Catholic holiday of Palm Sunday, Pope Francis ditched his prepared homily in front of the Holy Capital’s St. Peter’s Square. Instead, the pope celebrated by “hopping off his popemobile to pose for ‘selfies’ with young people and also sipping tea passed to him from the crowd,” according to the AP. The AP reported that Francis posed with the youthful group from Rio de Janeiro who had brought with them a large cross. The Pope also delivered an impromptu homily for 15 minutes during the Mass that opens the Holy Week for the Catholic Church.

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New Mexico Daily Lobo

Chopper wreckage removed from site William Aranda/@_WilliamAranda / Daily Lobo

The disabled PHI Air Medical Helicopter is hoisted from the roof of the UNM Hospital by a crane Saturday morning. On Friday, a Lobo Alert informed students and staff that electricity would be shut off the following morning for the entire campus, and that all events and classes for that morning would be cancelled. A section of Lomas in front of the hospital was blocked off to allow a crane to remove the helicopter. The aircraft’s broken tail was the first piece removed from the rooftop, followed by two 55-gallon drums of fuel before the bulk of the damaged helicopter was lifted off. The wreckage had been placed on a flatbed near the hospital’s south entrance by 10:15 a.m. The helicopter crashed on the rooftop of UNMH on Wednesday just before 6 p.m., just as it was attempting to take off after delivering a patient. The pilot suffered minor injuries, and the two passengers were not seriously hurt. No patients or staff of the hospital were injured during the incident.

Power lines reach Navajo Nation residents by Felicia Fonseca The Associated Press

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. — Life has become a little easier for Margie and Alvin Tso. The couple who raised eight children in the LeChee area of the Navajo Nation did so without a power line running to their home. For Margie Tso, that meant laundering clothes in a tub with a washboard and cooking food on a wood stove. The children did homework under the light of a kerosene or gas lamp and did not have television. At night, the lights of a nearby power plant illuminated their ranch, but decades would pass before lights would turn on in their home. When Margie Tso heard of a project to connect her family and dozens of others to

the power grid, she watched as the series of poles approached. On Monday, the Tsos had electricity for the first time. Their children “grew up a little bit on the rough side, and so did we along with them,” Margie Tso told The Associated Press. “But we made it through, and now we’re going to enjoy these lights.” Electricity is a basic necessity in most people’s lives but one that is considered a luxury on portions of the Navajo Nation. Across the 27,000 square-mile reservation that extends into Arizona, New Mexico and Utah, an estimated 15,000 homes do not have electricity, said Deenise Becenti, a spokeswoman for the Navajo Tribal Utility Authority. Some Navajos prefer not to have electricity to maintain

a traditional lifestyle. Others live miles apart, making it too expensive to connect each home, Becenti said. “We can’t ask families to live closer together, because they’ve lived on these lands for generations,” she said. The project in LeChee, a small community just outside of Page, came as the result of a mix of funding from federal grants, the tribal utility authority and the owners of the Navajo Generating Station run by the Salt River Project. The $4.8 million project that began in 2012 with a goal of connecting 63 homes is scheduled to be complete next year. More than 75 miles of power poles and electric lines have been installed. The lack of electricity has forced some Navajo residents

to become creative. Some have used small batteries to power televisions, solar power for lights and generators for appliances. Laverne Etsitty and her husband, Dennis, have parked their truck close to their home so they could use the vehicle’s battery and a power inverter to watch TV and charge their cellphones. Other residents regularly drive to the store to buy ice to keep food cool. Laverne Etsitty told Salt River Project officials that she looks forward to ending that chore. “Everyone’s dream is a refrigerator and a new stove,” she said. “I want electric stuff like a microwave and crock pot and a toaster. Usually, I have to put it under the broiler thing to make toast.” Robert Talbot, the manager of Navajo Generating Station, said

he’s hopeful that access to electricity will have a lasting, positive impact on the residents’ lives. Margie Tso is looking forward to reading more. She and her husband, who are in their 80s, are ministers who organize a large Christian camp each summer. They’ve used a generator to light up the event and used one at home as well lately. But Margie Tso said the power wasn’t reliable and they had to be choosy about what electrical devices they could run at the same time. “My husband was saying that he needed a microwave, he needed a coffee maker, and he needed a toaster that could operate now,” she said. While they have electricity now, Margie Tso said they still live without running water.

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Monday, April 14, 2014/ Page 7

LoOtraMejor Vez Thanks For Voting! Best Thai Restaurant

Best Health Service

1 Student Health & Counseling 2 Presbyterian 3 ABQ Health Partners

1 Thai Vegan 2 Orchid Thai 3 Thai Cuisine II

Best Vegetarian Restaurant

1 Annapurna’s World Vegetarian Cafe 2 Thai Vegan 3 Mint Tulip

Best Chinese Restaurant

1 Kai’s Chinese Restaurant 2 Chen’s 3 Fan Tang

Best UNM Department

1 Psychology 2 Communication & Journalism 3 Chemical & Nuclear Engineering

Best Bookstore

1 Barnes & Noble 2 UNM Bookstore 3 Page 1

Be st Health Service


Best Student Discount

Best Vietnamese Restaurant

1 May Café 2 2000 Vietnam Restaurant 3 Viet Taste

Best Theater

1 Century Rio 24 2 KiMo 3 Guild Cinema

1 McAllister Deli’s free sweet tea 2 Game day Fridays in the UNM Bookstore 3 U-Swirl

Best Place to Dance

1 Effex Night club 2 Dirty Bourbon 3 Imbibe

Best Indian Restaurant

1 Taj Mahal Cuisine of India 2 Rasoi 3 India Kitchen

Best Wings

1 Buffalo Wild Wings 2 Wingstop 3 Hooters

Best Coffee Shop

1 Satellite Coffee 2 Starbucks 3 Winnings Coffe Co.

Best Seafood Restaurant

1 Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen 2 Red Lobster 3 Pelican’s Restaurant and Bar

Thai Vegan Healthy First


BEST THAI RESTAURANT 3804 Central Ave SE ABQ, NM 87108 505-200-2290

Student Health & Counseling (SHAC)

5505 Osuna Rd NE ABQ, NM 87109 505-884-4610

1710 Cerillos Road Santa Fe, NM 87505 505-954-1780

Main Campus (East of SUB) „


Services Available to all UNM Students

(505) 277-3136


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New Mexico Daily Lobo

Lo Mejor Otra Vez

Best Burger

1 Blake’s Lotaburger 2 B2B Bistronomy 3 Holy Cow

Best Green Chile Cheeseburger

1 Blake’s Lotaburger 2 Frontier 3 Holy Cow

Best Mexican Restaurant

1 Garcia’s Kitchen 2 El Bandido Hideout 3 Los Cuates

Best Salsa

1 Sadie’s of New Mexico 2 El Pinto 3 Los Cuates


Best Fast Food Restaurant

1 Wendy’s 2 Golden Pride 3 Blake’s Lotaburger

Best Place to Work Out

1 Defined Fitness 2 Johnson Center 3 Sports & Wellness

Thank You Daily Lobo readers for making Los Cuates one of your local favorites! Best Salsa

Best Mexican Restaurant

! U O Y K N A TH 5 Award Winning Locations 10051 Coors Blvd., N.W. 4901 Lomas Blvd., N.E. 505-897-7441 Albuquerque, NM 8700 Menaul Blvd., N.E. 505-255-5079 505-237-2800 12540 North Highway 14 2200 Sunport Blvd S.E. Sandia Park, NM Albuquerque, NM 87106 505-281-0315

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Best UNM Area Restaurant

1 Frontier 2 Saggio’s 3 Gyros Mediterranean

Best Good, Hot Green Chile

1 Frontier 2 Sadie’s of New Mexico 3 El Patio

Best Daily Lobo Coupon

1 Frontier 2 Olo Yogurt Studio 3 Gyros Mediterranean

Best French Fries

1 Frontier 2 McDonald’s 3 Blake’s Lotaburger

Best Breakfast

1 Frontier 2 Weck’s 3 The Grove Cafe & Market

Best New Mexican Restaurant

1 Sadie’s of New Mexico 2 Frontier 3 El Patio

Monday, April 14, 2014/ Page 9

Best WiFi

1 Lobo WiFi 2 McDonald’s 3 Starbucks

Best Lunch

1 2 3 3 3

Frontier Dion’s Flying Star The Grove Cafe & Market Saggio’s

Best Late Night Snack

1 Frontier 2 Pita Pit 3 Last Call

Best Huevos Rancheros

1 Frontier 2 The Range Cafe 3 Weck’s

Best Burrito

1 Golden Pride 2 Twisters 3 Frontier

Best Apartment Complex 1 Lobo Village 2 The Aspens 3 Netherwood Village

Thanks to students, faculty, staff, friends and the UNM community for voting us the BEST! #1 Best UNM Area Restaurant


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1520 University ne at Indian School Very Affordable, Near UNM/Hospitals & Downtown, Pool, Clubhouse. Free Video Rentals. Pets Welcome! Free Utilities!




Roger Cox Companies Main Office




Best Green Chile Cheeseburger Best New Mexican Restaurant Best Burrito

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Netherwood Village—247.3811

Best Huevos Rancheros Best Late Night Snack Best Green Chile Best Breakfast Best Lunch Best French Fries


#2 Best Fast Food

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Best Banking Service

1 New Mexico Educators Federal Credit Union 2 Wells Fargo 3 Bank of America

Best Pool Hall

1 Anodyne Pool Hall & Cocktails 2 Downtown Distillery 3 Copper Lounge

Best Smoke Shop

Best Place to Take a Date

1 M&M Smoke Shop 2 Oasis Smoke Shop 3 Gas Pipe

1 The Melting Pot 2 Sandia Crest Tram 3 Elephant Bar

Best Sporting Goods Store

Best Salon

1 Dick’s Sporting Goods 2 Sports Authority 3 Big 5 Sporting Goods

1 Bliss Salon & Spa 2 Chez D’or Salon 3 Marc Pardo Aveda

Best Coupon Companion Coupon

1 Cold Stone Creamery 2 Starbucks 3 Eli’s Burgers

Best Live Music Venue

1 Sunshine Theater 2 Launchpad 3 Isleta Amphitheatre

Best New Car Dealership

1 Perfection Honda 2 Reliable Chevrolet 3 Garcia Automotive Group

Best Used Car Dealership

1 Houston Wholesale 2 CarMax 3 Perfection Honda

Best Bike Shop

1 The Bike Coop 2 The Outdoor Shop (UNM Recreational Services) 3 Sport Systems

Best Snow Resort

1 Taos Ski Valley Resort 2 Angel Fire Resort 3 Santa Fe Ski Resort

SKI VALLEY We’re glad to be the student favorite.

Thank you for Voting! Come See Our New Location!

Thank you UNM for voting us the best!

Still featuring Award Winning Staff and Management

2112 Central between Yale and Buena Vista next to Real Kutz NE HEIGHTS BIKE WORLD 3119 SAN MATEO NE ALBUQ. NM 87110 505-881-4233


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APPLY FOR FALL 2014 @ LOBOVILLAGE.COM 1200 Avenida Cesar Chavez • 505.925.5575 Rates & fees subject to change. See office for details. Limited time only.

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Best Greek Restaurant

1 Gyros Mediterranean 2 Olympia Cafe 3 Yanni’s Mediterranean Bar & Grill

Best Place of Worship

1 Aquinas Newman Center 2 Calvary of Albuquerque 3 Sagebrush Community Church

Best Class at UNM

1 Positive Psychology 2 Greek Mythology 3 Beatles: Musical Revolution

Best Appetizer

1 Applebee’s 2 Chili’s Grill & Bar 3 Elephant Bar

Best Used Clothing Store

1 Buffalo Exchange 2 Plato’s Closet 3 Savers

Best New Clothing Store

1 Forever 21 2 Dillard’s 3 Kohl’s Department Store

Best Place to Do Laundry

1 Home 2 Chi Omega Women’s Fraternity 3 University Laundromat

Best Adult Store

1 Self Serve 2 Castle Megastore 3 Seductions

Best Strip Club

1 TD’s 2 Fantasy World 3 Knockouts

Best Japanese Restaurant

1 Japanese Kitchen 2 Shogun Japanese Restaurant 3 Light & Healthy Mirai Express

Best Sushi

1 Korean BBQ House / Sushi & Sake 2 Shogun Japanese Restaurant 3 Sushi King

Best Buffet

1 Furr’s Fresh Buffet 2 Golden Corral 3 Route 66 Casino

Best Grocery Store

1 Sprouts 2 Smith’s 3 Trader Joe’s

New Mexico Daily Lobo

Thanks for Voting us #1 And top 3 best daily lobo coupon


106 Cornell SE Just south of Frontier Mon-Fri 11-10 Sat 11:30-10 Sun 12-9

Best Tattoo Parlor

1 Star Tattoo 2 Stay Gold 3 Custom Tattoo Company

Best Piercing Studio

1 Evolution Body Piercing 2 Sach’s Body Modifications 3 Ascension

Best Spa

1 Betty’s Bath & Day Spa 2 Bliss Salon & Spa 3 La Bella Spa & Salon

Best Alternative Mode of Transportation

1 Bicycle 2 ABQ Ride 3 Walking

Best Hotel

1 Hotel Parq Central 2 Hotel Cascada 3 Hotel Albuquerque





Cash Prize! $5 Pints! All day!

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Monday, April 14, 2014/ Page 13

Thanks for voting last fall! Here are your favorites! Best Sandwich Shop

1 Which Wich? 2 Cheba Hut 3 Subway

Best Frozen Yogurt

1 Olo Yogurt Studio 2 U-Swirl 3 Menchie’s

Best Dessert

1 Flying Star 2 Olo Yogurt Studio 3 Cold Stone Creamery

place for #1Best Frozen Yogurt

#2 #2

Best Place for Dessert

Best Local Microbrewery

1 Marble Brewery 2 La Cumbre Brewing Co. 3 Tractor Brewing Company

Best Daily Lobo Coupon

Best Teacher at UNM

1 Bruce Smith 2 Steve Alley 3 Monica Cyrino

Best Place to Study

1 Zimmerman Library 2 Chi Omega House 3 Fine Arts & Design Library

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Best Way to Volunteer

1 Agora Crisis Center 2 ASUNM Community Experience 3 Chi Omega Philanthropy

Best Pet Shop

1 Clark’s Pet Emporium 2 PetSmart 3 PETCO

Best Student Organization

1 Agora Crisis Center 2 Chi Omega Women’s Fraternity 3 Alpha Chi Omega Sorority

Best Bar Food

1 Two Fools Tavern 2 Kelly’s Brew Pub 3 O’Niell’s Irish Pub

Best UNM Athletic Team

1 Men’s Basketball 2 Men’s Soccer 3 Women’s Basketball

Best Bowling Alley

1 Holiday Bowl 2 Silva Lanes 3 Skidz Family Entertainment

Best Romantic Restaurant

1 The Melting Pot 2 Vernon’s Hidden Valley Steakhouse 3 Antiquity Restaurant

Thanks UNM Order online so you don’t have to wait in line

Best Happy Hour

1 Sonic 2 Elephant Bar 3 B2B Bistronomy

Best Margarita

1 Zacatecas 2 Sadie’s of New Mexico 3 Garduno’s of Mexico

Best Under 21 Hangout

1 Chi Omega Women’s Fraternity 2 Lotus 3 Brickyard Pizza


to get fantastic deals! 505-254-4749 2300 Central Ave. Suite D Albuquerque, NM 87106

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LoOtraMejor Vez DAILY LOBO new mexico

Are you the BEST?

Then work with the best! The Daily Lobo is looking for part-time advertising sales representatives. The Daily Lobo Advertising Sales Team offers real world experience, flexible scheduling, paid training, and the potential to earn fantastic pay— all while working from campus. Please send your resume to or call Daven at 277-5656 for more information.

Best Campus Eatery

1 Saggio’s Big Slice 2 Chick-fil-A 3 Garcia’s Kitchen

Best Italian Restaurant

1 Buca Di Beppo 2 Saggio’s 3 Olive Garden

Best Ski/Snowboard Shop

1 REI 2 Sport Systems 3 UNM Recreational Services

Best Steakhouse

1 Texas Roadhouse 2 Vernon’s Hidden Valley Steakhouse 3 Texas Land and Cattle

Best BBQ Restaurant

1 Rudy’s Country Store and Bar-B-Q 2 Mr. Powdrell’s BBQ 3 Quarters BBQ

Best Gas Station

1 Smith’s 2 Valero 3 7-Eleven

Best Pizza Place

1 Saggio’s 2 Dion’s 3 Slice Parlor

Best Bar or Nightclub

1 Effex Night Club 2 Imbibe 3 Maloney’s Tavern









New Mexico Daily Lobo

lobo Volleyball

Monday, April 14, 2014/ Page 15

Intelligent Design Meeting Michael Denton’s The Place of Life and Man in Nature The origin of proteins Should ID be allowed within science? 7-9 PM April 15 UNM Law School Rm 2401 SPONSORED BY THE INTELLIGENT DESIGN NETWORK NEW MEXICO DIVISION

Chantale Riddle

File photo / Daily Lobo

Cassie House

File photo / Daily Lobo

Riddle, House to represent UNM U.S. Collegiate National Team to

receive Lobo junior and freshman by Liam Cary-Eaves @Liam_CE

For the second straight year, UNM volleyball head coach Jeff Nelson is sending a pair of Lobos to the U.S. Collegiate National Team. “There aren’t very many schools that have multiple kids on,” Nelson said. “It’s pretty awesome to have a couple kids make it and have that experience.” Chantale Riddle will be representing UNM for the third consecutive year. Riddle was not among the five Lobos who attended the tryouts because she was being honored as the New Mexico Female Athlete of the Year. Riddle said that although she wanted to attend the tryouts, she was flattered about being selected solely on merit. “Getting ‘female athlete of the year’ for New Mexico is a huge award. It’s pretty close to an AllAmerican,” she said. “I am glad

that they still have respect for me to have me.” Riddle will be accompanied by freshman outside hitter Cassie House. Nelson said that House making the national team as a freshman is a big accomplishment. “When you make it to this level, it’s a pretty daunting task to get selected,” Nelson said. “If she doesn’t feel really good and more confident then there is something wrong with her, because she certainly should.” Of the 36 individuals selected, House is one of nine freshmen named on the national roster. “The fact that I made it as a freshman is really nerve-racking because that’s a lot of girls that have played a lot of volleyball,” she said. “It’s really, really exciting.” Riddle said having House accompany her to the national team is going to help tame her nerves. “It’s definitely like a security blanket,” she said. “Having someone that you know is going to play just like you and work just as hard as you … It’s just great to have someone share that experience with you.”

Nelson said having players being selected on a national level is a good indicator of the high quality of athletes going through the New Mexico program. “It speaks a lot of the athletes that are coming out of New Mexico,” Nelson said. “It reflects on the level of athlete that we are bringing in. I think that we are doing a better job recruiting.” Riddle finished the year first in kills (468) for UNM. The All-American currently resides in fifth place all-time for UNM in total kills (1,182). House finished off her freshman campaign with 218 kills from the outside. House said she is excited for the program to send two locally raised individuals to the USA Collegiate National Team. “It’s really cool for UNM to be able to send two girls,” she said. “I’m just looking to take in the different coaching styles and the level of competitiveness.” The two UNM players will be coached by two retired collegiate coaches, Mike Hebert and Bill Neville.

lobo football

Gautsche may sit out spring by Thomas Romero-Salas @ThomasRomeroS

With an increase of contact drills comes an increase of potential injuries. That potential became reality during the New Mexico football team’s scrimmage Saturday. Starting quarterback Cole Gautsche appeared to hurt his leg during the Lobos’ hour-and-ahalf scrimmage. Head coach Bob Davie said Gautsche pulled his hamstring and might have to be held out the rest of the spring. Davie considered the injury in a positive light. “It’s a chance for (backup quarterbacks) Clayton Mitchem and Lamar Jordan and Caleb (Kimbro) to get the rest of the reps,” he said. The scrimmage was live tackling with the exception of quarterbacks. Gautsche broke a 43-yard option run but was pushed to the ground by a defender. Gautsche lay on the ground for several minutes, then was helped off. The junior appeared to be preferring his left leg and watched the remainder of the scrimmage from the sidelines.

Friday night lights The Lobos will host a pair of nationally televised games this fall on ESPN networks, UNM and the Mountain West announced Thursday. UNM’s Mountain West conference home-opener against Fresno State on Friday, Sept. 26 will air on either ESPN or ESPN2. The other contest is scheduled for Friday, Oct. 10, when UNM will face San Diego State at 7:30 p.m. at University Stadium. Davie said having two nationally televised games doesn’t hurt. “For a program that’s still growing like we are to have the opportunity — before the (times and TV for) the Saturday games are even announced — to have two nationally televised games in our own stadium, I think that’s a pretty good message,” he said. The two games are a part of an 11-game Mountain West Friday package. Seven of those games will be broadcasted by ESPN networks while the other four will be shown by CBS Sports Network. However, UNM will pay a price for both of those games. The Lobos will be on short rest each game, having to play New Mexico State on Saturday before

File Photo / Daily Lobo Starting quarterback Cole Gautsche runs drills during spring practice. Gautsche appeared to injure his leg during the Lobos’ scrimmage on Saturday. Head coach Bob Davie said Gautsche pulled his hamstring.

the Fresno State game and at UTSA the Saturday before the SDSU game. Both Fresno State and SDSU will play three times on Friday this upcoming season. Hawaii is the only MW team that will not appear on a Friday.


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New Mexico Daily Lobo

Watson swings second Masters by Doug Ferguson

green-and-white striped Masters shirt and green tennis shoes as he waddled over to his father. “This one’s a lot different,” Watson said. “The first one, for me, it was almost like I lucked into it.” After high-fiving the crowd on his way to sign his card, Watson returned to Butler Cabin to take back the green jacket he slipped onto Adam Scott a year ago. “After giving it away last year, I wanted it back,” Watson said. “I told Adam we could just swap it back and forth every year.” Spieth, trying to become the youngest Masters champion, could only watch from the side of the green. He dazzled the massive crowd early by holing out for birdie from the front bunker on No. 4, and making back-to-back birdies to build a two-shot lead through seven holes. Bidding to become the first player in 35 years to win a green jacket on his first try, Spieth looked to be well on his way. But he three-putted for bogey on No. 8 — the first 6 on his card all week — as Watson got up-and-down for birdie to tie for the lead. Spieth then made a rookie mistake, leaving his approach below the flagstick on No. 9 and watching it roll back into the fairway, setting up another bogey

The Associated Press

AUGUSTA, Ga. — Bubba Watson’s second Masters title was nothing like the green jacket he won two years ago. The only daring shot Watson hit was one he really didn’t need. The wild swing in momentum came on the front nine, not the back nine of Augusta National. And the sweetest difference of all Sunday was seeing his 2-year-old son walk toward him on the edge of the 18th green after his three-shot victory over Jordan Spieth. Watson turned in another masterpiece and joined an exclusive group as the 17th player to win the Masters more than once. He turned a two-shot deficit into a two-shot lead on the final two holes of the front nine, then kept Spieth, 20, and everyone else at safe distance the rest of the way. Watson closed with a 3-under 69 to beat a pair of Masters rookies in Spieth and Jonas Blixt of Sweden. Two years ago, when he hit that wild hook out of the trees on the 10th hole to win in a playoff, his wife and newly adopted son were watching from home in Florida. This time, young Caleb was decked out in a

and two-shot swing. Whatever prayer he had might have ended at Amen Corner. His tee shot on No. 12 found Rae’s Creek. He missed a short birdie attempt on the 13th. Watson was too powerful, too experienced, too tough to beat. Spieth closed with six pars for a 72 and tied for second with Blixt, who never went away but never really threatened. Blixt shot a 71. “That was fun, but at the same time it hurts right now,” Spieth said. “I wanted to get in contention on the back nine Sunday, but didn’t come out on top.” Watson finished at 8-under 280 and goes to a career-best No. 4 in the world. Miguel Angel Jimenez, the 50-year-old wonder from Spain, shot 71 and finished alone in fourth. Matt Kuchar lost a share of the lead with a four-putt double bogey on the fourth hole and never challenged again. He closed with a 74 and tied for fifth with Rickie Fowler (73). This was nine holes of theater everyone expected out of Sunday at Augusta National — except it was the front nine. Nine players were separated by three shots at the start of the final

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Darron Cummings / AP Photo Bubba Watson reacts after winning the Masters golf tournament Sunday in Augusta, Ga. round only for it to turn into a twoman show. After trading pars on the opening hole, either Watson or Spieth — sometimes both — made birdie or bogey over the next nine holes. They matched birdies on the par3 fourth hole when Spieth holed out from the front bunker and Watson hit his tee shot into 4 feet. Spieth led by as many as two shots for most of the front nine, and his spectacular play overshadowed a steady hand from Watson. Two holes to close out the back nine changed everything. Amen Corner swung the Masters in Watson’s favor for good. About the only excitement then

came on the par-5 15th hole, when Watson had a three-shot lead. He hit his tee shot well left, blocked by a few pine trees. Instead of laying up safely in front of the water, he hit through the trees with a shot that just cleared the false front of the green and went just over the back. All he got was a par. Over the final hour, that’s all he really needed. It was his second win this year, and the victory puts Watson at the top of the Ryder Cup standings. He was guided all week by a simple game plan of hitting fairways and greens, and he was calmed by knowing that regardless of how it turned out, he still had a green jacket. Now he has two of them.

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Monday, April 14, 2014/ Page 17

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N MPuzzle D lobo featuresLos Los Angeles Angeles Times Times Daily Daily Crossword Crossword Puzzle FOR FOR RELEASE RELEASE APRIL APRIL 12, 14, 2014 2014

Page 18 / Monday, April 14, 2014


aily Lobo


Year Zero




Edited Edited by by Rich Rich Norris Norris and and Joyce Joyce Lewis Lewis

Level 1 2 3 4

Solution to last Friday’s problem.

SeanACROSS Dobbin is an 1 Extremely lame, English teacher at in slang the Community High 10 “The Zoo Story” School of Vermont dramatist (CHSVT) in St. 15 One with12 Johnsbury. students worked breaking newson today’s puzzle. 16 Conger cousin ACROSS 17 African kingdom Steady classic look 181Lite-__: 5Hasbro Uneducated toy guess 1993Knife part?and fork separator, in a 20 Do followers place 21 Ad lib setting 14 Black cat, to some 22 Scott who played 15 the Likelead a guru in 1976’s 16 “Bugsy Long-eared hoppersMalone” 24 Maintain the 17 Hand Vac maker 19 status Haloedquo 26 Cádiz cycle messenger 27 Colgate 20Old Nocturnal competitor annoyance 29 Spam producer 21 Once in a while 30 23“Splendor Until now in the 25 Grass” Road groove 26 screenwriter Bermuda hrs. 29One Special 31 of the “Jeopardy!” moveable feasts square 35 Mitty creator 36 Stir-fried 38 As you like it hodgepodge 39 Emma Frost 38 portrayer Ad-lib comedy in style First “X-Men: 39 Class” Hailed vehicle 40Backwoods Cavity filler’s 41 letters, or, said possessive anotherbefore way, a 42 Letters hint to 17-, 29-,P, perhaps 49- and 65-Across 43 tree ofCook Texas 42State Comedian 47 43Sch. “Thewhere Real Slim chapel Shady”service rapper 46 attendance Big name in is gloves mandatory 49 A&E reality series 48 Silk-spraying featuring the movie monster Robertson family 51 only makes 51ItArid 52 sense Past-tense whenverb it’s that sounds like a broken number 52 Oil sources 53Wine EMT quality technique 54 55 Squirrel’s 56 Collection discard to burn 60High Continental 57 fliers bank notes 58 Traumatic 64 expression Hauled to the hoosegow 60 Month abroad 65 Computer 61 Klondike product component a shell 67 with Speak one’s mind 62 68V-shaped Good earth 69 fortification Peak 63 70Postgame Moisten, asfingera lawn pointer 71 Tolkien tree creatures 72 AshDOWN Wednesday1 Hot stuff time to-Easter


4/12/14 4/14/14 Friday’s Puzzle Solved Saturday’s Puzzle Solved

By By John Sean Lieb Dobbin & the CHSVT Cruciverbalism Class

2 Swaddle DOWN 31Mimosa family Zeus and Apollo 2 member Idi of Uganda 43AM radio abbr. None 54Liszt’s Way in“Harmonies __” 5 du Nor. neighbor 66City the DVRonpioneer 7 Rhone “Not a chance!” Steeple section 78One of the five with ataste ringer basic 9 sensations “The __ of the Opera” 8 “Am I seeing 10 things?” Touch down 11 Jason’s 9 Intentionship 12Extent New driver, often 10 13Bereft, Immigrant’s subj. 11 old-style 18Outlaws Closing 12 documents 13 Causing agita 22Good German 14 way of automaker seeing 24Nicklaus Cross-shaped 21 rival Greek 23 Kind of letter lead a 26 closer Playedoften a part (in) has 27 to SeaWorld protect orca 28 Poisonous, as 25 __-Novo: waste Benin’s 30 capital Mil. roadside 28 “Rubáiyát” hazard rhyme 31 scheme Winona’s 30 “Soon” “Beetlejuice” role 32 control 32Electronic Prom hairstyle 33 mechanisms, Mark with an briefly iron 33 34Tabloid Introvertscoop 34 Sun Bowl Stadium 35 “__ Breath You coll. team Take”: Police hit

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35 Shatner 37’80s Internal colorcop of a show medium steak 36 Clean’s lack 41Mr. Puncture sound 44Not 1970s Mary Tyler 37 appropriate Moore co-star 40 He played Harold 45 in Folk story “Harold & 47 Kumar” Non-prescription: films Abbr. warmers 44 Winter 48 Used a keyboard 45 astool proof 50Cite Tattoo 46 54Counselor Not urban at Troy 55 California wine 48 Elementary valley 56 particle Textbook chapter

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49 57 Centrifuge Fork prong 58 component Big cat 50 __”: 59 “Cold Test for a future atty. 1977 hit for 61 Foreigner Like a red tomato 62 First Cookie cooker 53 name in 63 fashion Modern message 55 Hydroxyl between trysters, compound perhaps 58 coolers? 64 Short Spreadsheet 59 Pontiac feature coby 66 designed Metric distances: John Abbr.DeLorean



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GYMANSTICS INSTRUCTOR WANTED. The Little Gym of Albuquerque. As a Lit‑ tel Gym instructor your primary responi‑ bility will be to teach programs and classes based on a proven curriculum and teaching method. Interveiwing for grade school and pre‑k level instructor. Qualifications‑ Background in child de‑ velopment preferred. Background in coaching gymnastics or equivalent ex‑ periences required. 505‑897‑0496.

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COllEGE STUDENT ONlY‑ help wanted‑ intermittent weekend yard work. Lomas and Tramway area. Must have car for transportation. Most Satur‑ days and/ or Sundays 10am‑4pm. $12/hr. Call 505‑292‑2010 and leave name, phone number, and any experi‑ ence you have.

eled, 1 block UNM. 246‑2038. $475‑$485.Ask move in special.

• 18-50 Years Old • Native English Speaker • Graduated From or are Currently Attending a 4-Year Institution • Reliable Internet Access • Normal or Corrected-To-Normal Vision and Hearing The Psychology Clinical Neuroscience Center is located on the Main Campus in Logan Hall at 2001 Redondo NE. If you are interested in learning more about participation in this study please contact us: (505) 226-0649 or via email at IRB Protocol number: 09-211

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UNM Art Musuem’s 50th Anniversary Exhibitons 10:00am-4:00pm UNM Art Museum The UNM Art Museum’s Permanent Collection at Fifty Years New Mexico African American Legacy 8:00am-6:00pm Domenici Center for Health Sciences Education The exhibit focuses on the African American experience from the Civil War into the 1950s and features various communities of New Mexico. Clay, Fire and Containment: New Pottery Acquisitions Begins at 10:00am

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Maxwell Museum The exhibit covers Chinese ceramics, from the Neolithic period, pottery of sub-Saharan Africa;, & Remojadas figurines from the Gulf Coast of Mexico. Skulls and Sickles: The Visual Rhetoric of Death in ASARO’s Woodblock Prints 8:00am-5:00pm Herzstein Latin American Gallery This exhibit showcases the work of the Assembly of Revolutionary Artists of Oaxaca.

Lectures & Readings Dissertation Defense Begins at 9:00am SSCO 2065 Grant Burrier, Arts & Sciences, presents: “Ordem e Progresso:

The Programa de Aceleracao do Crecimento Developmentalism and Democracy in Brazil.” Intro to Human Rights 1:00-1:30pm SUB Alumni Room

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Kirk sets sights on NBA career By J.R. Oppenheim @JROppenheim New Mexico center Alex Kirk has made his decision: he will forgo his senior season of eligibility and declare for the NBA Draft. The Lobos men’s basketball Twitter account, @UNMHoops, announced the decision Friday afternoon after reports surfaced online that Kirk was leaving. “I just felt it was the right time,” Kirk told the Albuquerque Journal. “People are allowed their opinions, and if they don’t think I’m ready, it’s not that I don’t respect that, but I have bigger things to worry about right now. I loved everything about my time here. I think I have a bright future ahead of me, and I’m ready to start chasing this next dream.” Kirk completed his junior season with the Lobos after arriving in the same recruiting class with Tony Snell, Kendall Williams and Cameron Bairstow in 2010. Snell departed the team a year ago and was selected by the Chicago Bulls with the No. 20 overall pick. Williams and Bairstow just finished their senior season. Kirk missed the 2011-12 season after surgery for a herniated disc in his back. He returned the following season and became one of the Mountain West Conference’s best big man. He scored 12.1 points per game behind only Snell and Williams on the team’s scoring list that season.

This past season Kirk increased his scoring average by a point and a half but at times in the nonconference season he was critical of himself for not playing well enough. He helped the Lobos to a runner-up finish in the regular-season standings another MW tournament title in Las Vegas. He also pulled down 8.7 rebounds and blocked 2.7 shots per game. His 685 career rebounds ranks eighth in program history. “We are fully supportive of Alex and his decision, and will do everything we can to help him,” head coach Craig Neal said. “I recruited Alex since he was a sophomore in high school, and I have been able to work with him and watch his development.” Kirk will also graduate this semester with a degree in marketing “I think it says a lot about our program and how we develop players that we can have guys declare and be draft-ready as juniors, like Tony Snell and Darington Hobson,” Neal said. “Alex has done a great job academically having completed his degree and he is moving on to the next phase in his career.” With the departure of the Big Three (Kirk, Bairstow and Williams), the Lobos will lose 67 percent of last season’s scoring output. Starters Hugh Greenwood and Deshawn Delaney are expected to return this season, along with role players Cleveland “Pancake” Thomas, Cullen Neal, Obij Aget and Merv Lindsey — who should all see expanded roles next year.

Aaron Sweet/@AaronCSweet / Daily Lobo UNM junior center Alex Kirk runs down court during a game against UNLV this past season in the Pit. Kirk will explore his options for the upcoming NBA draft, Lobo coach Craig Neal said Wednesday afternoon.

Walker’s nine inning pitch claims Bulldog sweep by Thomas Romero-Salas @ThomasRomeroS

Big league. That’s how head coach Ray Birmingham described starting pitcher Josh Walker’s dominant performance in New Mexico’s 4-1 victory over Fresno State on Sunday at Lobo Field. Walker (5-2) pitched nine innings,

giving up one earned run on four hits with four strikeouts. The win is the 24th of Walker’s career, which ties him for second all-time at UNM, and moves his career winning percentage up to .800 — the best in program history. “I asked him to get locked in because our other starters weren’t locked in and weren’t performing very well,” Birmingham said. “For us to win this conference we have to have stellar performances from our starters.

We’re not always going to outhit people… That performance today was big league.” With the victory, the Lobos (27-11, 11-4 Mountain West) earn the season sweep over the Bulldogs. UNM defeated Fresno State 5-4 on Friday and 11-6 on Saturday. “It’s a pretty big thing,” second baseman Sam Haggerty said. “We just have to continue going against other teams as well. We have Fresno State’s number this year.” The Lobos started scoring with an RBI

Rachel Toraño-Mark / @carpeline / Daily Lobo Lobo pitching coach Dan Spencer talks to starting pitcher Josh Walker and catcher Alex Real. Sunday’s win is the 24th of Walker’s career and ties him for second all-time at UNM. Real, who went 3-4 on the day, broke the tie with a single in the fifth inning.

single by catcher Alex Real for a 1-0 in the third inning. Fresno State responded in the fourth with a home run by right fielder Jordan Luplow. Walker found himself in a jam later in the inning after giving up two singles, but got out of it after striking out third baseman Manny Argomaniz to end the inning. The Bulldogs (18-18, 7-11 MW) didn’t record another hit after the fourth. “Walker looked great today. He pounded the zone with his fastball and his slider,” Haggerty said. “I think he only walked one guy. That’s what we need on Sundays. They’re hard games to win and he did a great job.” Real, who went 3-4 on the day, broke the tie with another one-run single in the fifth frame. In the bottom of the sixth inning, the Lobos added the final two runs of the game. Center fielder Aaron Siple hit an RBI double and Haggerty brought home Siple with a single. UNM has now won five straight games and eight of its last nine games. “I feel like we’re really starting to click at this point of the season,” Haggerty said. “We’re starting to take off and just got to keep going in the right direction.” Bulldog starting pitcher Tim Borst gave up two earned runs on seven hits in five innings of work. Fresno’s relief pitcher Garrett Mundell allowed UNM’s other two runs on two hits in just 1/3 of an inning. Pitcher Jimmy Lambert finished the game for Fresno State, pitching 2 1/3 hitless innings. UNM recorded 10 hits during the course of the game, half of which were for extra bases. “I feel really good. This was probably a rebuilding year and we’re in first place,” Birmingham said. “Guys have made adjustments and they keep working at it. We still have some other guys to fix because we’re going to need everybody.” Collier leaves game early Left fielder and leadoff hitter Danny Collier suffered an apparent hamstring injury after hitting a double in the third inning. Collier left the game and was replaced by outfielder Kirby McGuire.

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