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Frank aspires to $1 billion

monday March 3, 2014

Donation goal for 2020 viewed as doable by most

William Aranda / Daily Lobo

by Ardee Napolitano @ArdeeTheJourno

After UNM President Robert G. Frank’s State of the University address, University and student officials feel positive that UNM can raise $1 billion by 2020. In his address in Keller Hall on Friday, Frank announced “Changing Worlds 2020: The Campaign for UNM.” He said that through the campaign the University will “strive for $1 billion in private support in by the end of 2020.” “We have set goals that strive beyond certainty,” he said in the address. “We are challenging ourselves. We are doing what is right. We are moving quickly and deliberately seeing results.” Initially named “Changing Worlds: The Campaign for UNM,” Frank decided to rename the campaign to reflect the goals set by his UNM’s Vision 2020, he said. The campaign was initially launched in 2006, and has so far raised $620 million. Frank said that about 60,000 donors, who include donors to the UNM Harwood Museum and to Innovate ABQ, have pitched in to the campaign. He said that 15,000 donors contributed a total of $81.6 million to the campaign in the last year. “We need to continue to build on UNM’s best ideas,” he said. “Building on the UNM 2020 goals, but with the same emphasis on student success, faculty support and capital projects as before, we want to continue to energize our alumni and friends to make meaningful gifts.” Rachel Williams, president protempore of the Associated Students of the University of New Mexico, said she thinks it is feasible for UNM to collect $1 billion in the next six years. “I’m optimistic,” she said. “President Frank has come in, and he has done really incredible things for this university. If he has really put his eyes on $1 billion by 2020, then I think that anything is possible. I would love to see that come in to UNM.” Williams said she is grateful that Frank is transparent about his financial goals for the University. But she said that in the future, she expects Frank to be more engaged with the University’s student governments. “I think it’s really beneficial for President Frank to be open about his goals,” she said. “We hear bits and pieces of it all the time, and to really get the big picture of what UNM 2020 is … is really beneficial.” Vice President of Student Affairs Eliseo Torres said he agrees with Williams with regard

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Daily Lobo volume 118

issue 108

to the $1 billion goal. He said Frank has taken huge steps for the development of UNM since he took the presidential seat in 2012. “I’m really impressed with all the progress UNM has done within the last few years,” Torres said. “I think we’re at the peak of being one of the best universities in the country.” Torres said Frank’s greatest accomplishment so far has been the formation of the Global Education Office. “He has a global view of the university,” Torres said. “We’re going beyond being a state university into an international university … I think it’s important for our students to be exposed and to travel abroad and for us to receive more international students because our world is getting smaller every day.” In 2013, the University established the Global Education Office to aid students with their global educational experience. Frank said in his address that since last year, the number of incoming international students on campus has increased by 13 percent, and the number of outgoing UNM students has increased by 8 percent. He said that by 2020, “we want 100 percent of our students to have some form of international experience, including internationalization at home.” ASUNM President Isaac Romero said he agrees with Frank. He said Frank has transformed the office by implementing more international initiatives for students, and he also finds the $1 billion goal feasible. “I expect to see President Frank work and accomplish all his goals that he has set for the University,” he said. “I’ll watch from a distance as I continue growing myself. I just hope that all of these goals can be accomplished.” Graduate and Professional Student Association President Priscila Poliana said she believes that Frank made progress with Innovate ABQ during the past two years of his presidency. She said she believes that the program will become integral for UNM students. “Innovate ABQ is something that definitely resonates with me a lot,” she said. “We are missing a missing link, which is getting students connected with the laboratories and promoting entrepreneurship.” Innovate ABQ is a two-site ‘live, work, play’ program to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship that UNM has been working on since 2012. The program will have a site downtown and a second one at Mesa del Sol. Innovate ABQ recently received $1 million from the Bernalillo County Commission and is currently awaiting results of an environmental soil study for the downtown site. Poliana said she expects that Frank will achieve his goals beyond the $1 billion in the future. “Moving forward, this will take the University where it needs to get to,” she said. “I think that we have a great team at the UNM Foundation. We can definitely do this.”

Sergio Jiménez / @SXfoto / Daily Lobo Randy Royster, President of the UNM Alumni Association, sings happy birthday to UNM alongside Lobo Louie and Lobo Lucy outside Hodgin Hall on Friday. UNM was founded on February 28, 1889 and celebrated its 125th anniversary this year.

Alumni lead Lobo revelry by Chloe Henson @ChloeHenson5

In 1889, the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of New Mexico passed a bill to create UNM. Three years later, the school opened its first building, Hodgin Hall, to a class of 108 students, said UNM Alumni Association Director Karen Abraham. After 125 years, UNM has expanded its campus to 769 acres and has an enrollment of 22,773 undergraduate students, according to a U.S. News ranking. “I think what’s incredible is that (UNM) has not only survived, but it’s thrived and it’s changed people’s lives,” she said. On Friday night, a crowd gathered outside of Hodgin Hall to celebrate UNM’s 125th birthday. The Alumni Association began planning the celebration event back in November, Abraham said, and the organization had since contacted a variety of people to notify them about the event, including students, alumni and prominent

members of the University community. Abraham said she considered the celebration to be a success because of the turnout. “It’s a wonderful mix of people who care about the University and are celebrating,” she said. Attendees of the event also celebrated the achievements they witnessed UNM attain during their time with the University. UNM Alumni Association President Randy Royster said the institution has been successful in its engagement with the community. “I think that every year, we see a higher level of engagement of students, of alumni, of community supporters,” he said. “We see constantly more of a collaborative effort between the University community and the community of Albuquerque at large.” UNM alumnus Russ Rhoades, who graduated in 1966, said that the quality of many of the programs at UNM has expanded and improved since he graduated. “We’ve come a long, long, long way since I was here,” he said. “And I’m proud of that.”

The celebration also included students who came to celebrate their school. Jeremiah Henderson, a senior studying elementary education, said he came to celebrate UNM’s birthday because the institution is a big part of his life. He said his experience at the University has been a positive one. “The more I stayed with it, the more I loved UNM,” he said. “It’s been a really great college experience.” Henderson said he hopes to stay connected and celebrate more anniversaries in the future. “I’d definitely love to come back to be an active alum at UNM,” he said. Abraham said there will be another celebration of UNM’s 125th birthday in September, during homecoming. She said during the upcoming year, there will be other anniversaries to celebrate as well, such as UNM Hospital’s 50th birthday and the Art Museum’s 50th birthday. “As you celebrate all of these things, it gives you an opportunity to reflect back and plan for the future,” she said.

New chief of staff sought Candidates for the position not to be disclosed, administration says by Chloe Henson @ChloeHenson5 UNM President Robert Frank’s administration is seeking a University faculty member to take over the recently vacated chief of staff post. Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Cinnamon Blair said the University has began an internal search for chief of staff after former UNM Chief of Staff Dorothy Rodriguez resigned for personal reasons. Rodriguez had an annual salary of $127,500, according to the Albuquerque Journal. According to

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UNLoVed by UNM

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the UNM Sunshine Portal, the annual salary for the chief of staff is $145,674. Blair said that because of certain policies, she could not reveal some aspects of the hiring process, including the candidates currently contending for the position. “I’m kind of hampered by our policies in terms of divulging information during the search,” she said. A selection committee will review the qualifications of the candidates for the position, but the UNM president will ultimately decide who to interview and select, she said.

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M o n d ay , M a rc h 3, 2014

on the

New Mexico Daily Lobo


On Wednesday, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed Senate Bill 1062, a bill that would have allowed business owners, in concurrence to their religious beliefs, to deny service to gay and lesbian couples. How did you feel about the bill

Jacob Olivas Freshman, electrical engineering “I think that God put us on this earth to be with the opposite sex, not the same sex. I don’t think that gay people should be allowed to get married or should be allowed to be together. I mean, what you do is what you do on your own time. I don’t think you need to be walking around or in public with those people.�

Carlos Trujillo Freshman, architecture “I think that it’s bigotry. I think it’s wrong. You’re segregating people just because of their sexual orientation. I’m very against it ‌ it doesn’t sit well with me.â€?

Christian Rasmussen Sophomore, English and American studies “I’m glad they vetoed it. Even though business owners should have certain rights, I don’t think they have the right to discriminate against anyone, whether that is for sexuality, race, gender or whatever. I don’t even get how a bill like that could even be proposed.� Sal Guardiola Senior, communication and Spanish “I thought it was pretty ridiculous. I understand that they put the bill under the premise of protecting religious freedom, but I see it as totally contrary to that because it is denying a person’s right to enter into a business or even purchase anything from that business as a result of their own personal identity.� compiled by Zachary Pavlik @zachpavlik

photos by William Aranda

volume 118

issue 108

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Monday, March 3, 2014/ Page 3

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Military budgeting may trim shipwrights’ contracts by Henry C. Jackson The Associated Press

WASHINGTON — To see the impact of strategic military decisions on local communities, look no further than Marinette, Wis. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel’s vision for a leaner, more versatile military targeted the littoral combat ship, the marquee product of the city’s biggest employer. And that could mean lost jobs in Marinette, a city of roughly 11,000. “It’s been hanging out there,” Marinette Mayor Denise Ruleau said. “I think the community is aware that we have two 10-ship contracts. That it will supply them with five years’ worth of work.” But Hagel’s proposal to cancel 20 of a planned 52 ship orders raises questions about the five years after that. Marinette has a relatively diverse economic base, but its biggest employer is Marinette Marine, which builds the littoral combat ships with defense contractor Lockheed Martin. About 2,000 jobs in Marinette are directly linked with the littoral combat ship program. The current projected overall cost to the Navy for the littoral combat ship program is roughly $34 billion. Ann Hartnell, the executive director of the Marinette County Association for Business and Industry, said dozens of other businesses across Wisconsin and the region, like parts suppliers, also would be affected by the cuts. “I’m not going to worry until the cuts are final, and I think that’s kind of the attitude of everyone I know,” Hartnell said. “We know it may be coming.” Marinette Marine has other projects aside from the combat ships, but state officials big and small have strongly resisted efforts to cut the program. This week, both of Wisconsin’s senators, Democrat Tammy Baldwin and Republican Ron Johnson, said they would fight to preserve the program, as did the region’s congressman, Republican Rep. Reid Ribble. Ribble said the debate over the program isn’t over. “The future of the (littoral combat ship), or its next iteration, is far from settled, and

there are numerous debates and discussions that will be occurring in the days and weeks ahead,” Ribble said. The ships also are built in Mobile, Ala. Speaking Monday, Hagel questioned the ships’ capabilities against more modern weaponry. He said the ships were designed to “perform certain missions … in a relatively permissive environment.” And he said the Navy needed to determine whether the ships had enough protection in an era with more advanced military technologies. The ships have critics in Congress, too. At a Senate confirmation hearing for a deputy defense secretary earlier this week, Arizona Sen. John McCain cited a 2013 General Accountability office report on the program’s cost overruns. In Marinette, residents dispute the negative assessments. “These sound like versatile ships,” said Hartnell. “The Navy needs to be modernized.” The shipbuilding contracts have helped bring about improved infrastructure and commercial development and created interest from other businesses, hotels and developers, Ruleau said. “We have a lot of things in the works, other retail developments, people who are looking because of the new developments with Marinette Marine,” she said. To be sure, Marinette is not relying only on its shipbuilding industry. The town and surrounding area have other manufacturing sites that make parts for planes and helicopters, and a paper production facility. A University of Wisconsin campus in located within city limits. Ruleau says flatly that she doesn’t worry about her town even if the proposed cuts to ship orders go through. “I don’t think there’s an immediate sense of emergency or concern,” she said. Hagel said the proposed cuts will be included in President Barack Obama’s budget for fiscal year 2015, which will be submitted next week. Congress would then have to approve the budget. Even as the fate of the program is debated in Washington, production of the existing contracts continues. And the

town continues to celebrate it. Last week, Marinette hosted a keel-laying ceremony for one of the ships under construction, the USS Sioux City. The ship is scheduled to be on the water by 2016. “It was a very, very nice event,” Ruleau said. “It was well- attended. So, hopefully, that is overriding this a little bit.” She added, “My hope is that people are always going to focus on the positive.”


The faces of budget cuts


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H. Marc Larson / AP Photo In this Sept. 12 file photo, workers listen to Navy Secretary Ray Mabus speak at Marinette Marine Corporation in Marinette, Wis. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel’s vision for a leaner military targets the littoral combat ship, the marquee product of the city’s biggest employer. That could mean lost jobs in Marinette, a city of roughly 11,000.

Now serving Breakfast after midnight



Editor, This is an open letter to Catholic students and parishioners of the Aquinas Newman Center. It is known that the Dominican priests who have been there for decades are being moved elsewhere and new priests are moving in. To clarify, most major universities have a Newman Center of their own, whose purpose is campus ministry and encouragement of new Catholic vocations. From what I understand, Archbishop Sheehan has found our Newman Center to be wanting and that is why he wants new leadership. As a Catholic student, I would like to attest to the lack of outreach from the Aquinas Newman Center. Their website is extremely vague and unhelpful regarding campus ministry. The Student page says they meet on Mondays for Bible study, but does not mention when, or where exactly. It says, “there’s a ton of things for you to do,” but there are no links and no information about any of the activities. The calendar is often not updated for months at a time. For example, for Catholics, Ash Wednesday and Lent is about to begin in a few days and the website still shows resources for Advent and Christmas. I subscribed to the weekly email, which comes about once a month, and is equally unhelpful. I stopped in and the pamphlets were disorganized and only seemed geared toward parishioners and Catholics in general, not students. Not only that, but no one was there except a housekeeper. Another time I went in to inquire about receiving confession on Good Friday and was told there were no times left, but there was “another Christian church up on Yale” that might have services. My point: even though I was actively seeking to become involved, I was unable to find what I needed. What must that mean


Monday, March 3, 2014

The Independent Student Voice of UNM since 1895

Opinion Editor/ John Tyczkowski/ @JCTyczkowski

Evicted Dominicans come with new leadership



then for the young people of our community who might be thinking about the religious life? They are unlikely to be recruited by the Aquinas Newman Center, and that is why new leadership is needed. Jennifer Smith UNM student

Conservative Republicans are not part of the GOP Editor, The Daily Lobo’s coverage on Wednesday of what they called the “Immigration Film Festival Debate” was largely fair. However, I do have to criticize their headline “GOP: Immigrants are a threat to U.S.” First off, the Conservative Republicans are not affiliated in any way with the GOP. We do agree with them on some issues, but that is it. Secondly, we are not against immigration. Immigrants formed the core of our country for centuries, and continue to contribute greatly to our society today. Immigrants are not a threat but a boon to our nation. What we are concerned about are the great economic and national security threats caused by illegal immigration, the rampant and casual breaking of our immigration laws. I would also like to say to the Dream Team and their allies that showing their movie concurrent with ours was counterproductive. We invited them to our screening to share our views and have a civil but informative debate afterwards. But since their film was shown concurrent with ours, neither side was able to attend the opposing side’s movie. I feel they did a great disservice to both sides due to this. Amber West President, UNM Conservative Republicans

The Lobo Letter


UNM wraps up midsemester with fees, lottery and improvements It’s hard to believe that spring break is only two weeks away; so much has been done and more has yet to be done. SFRB The Student Fee Review Board completed the final recommendation of student fee allocations this past Friday. This final recommendation will be sent to the Strategic Budget Leadership Team, which will take the SFRB recommendations into account when putting together the university budget. The recommendations will then be passed on to President Frank for approval and finally to the Board of Regents. On top of that, ASUNM and GPSA have been working together to revise Policy 1310, which allows the SFRB its oversight of the Student Activity Fee. These revisions will help ensure that students continue to have their voices heard regarding their fees. Lottery Scholarship The state legislature wrapped up this year’s session having found a temporary fix to the Legislative Lottery Scholarship. It was a long session and the legislature passed SB 347 in the final minutes. The new legislation will pull money from the General Fund and will provide funds from the state’s liquor excise tax for the next two years. Students currently on the scholarship will continue receiving their awards as normal. However, students starting to receive the scholarship next year will be required to maintain 15 credit hours minimum, up from the current 12 credit hours. In the wake of this legislation, I have already begun conversations with a few legislators that are optimistic about the future of this great scholarship. We hope to begin this summer in search of other revenue sources for the scholarship and, if successful, to see if it is possible to bring the requirements back to what they have been throughout the life of

the scholarship: 2.5 GPA and 12 credit hours minimum. There are many options to ensure the scholarship’s solvency and we will not rule any of them out. Capital Funds This year the ASUNM Governmental Affairs agency, with aid from the office of Government and Community Relations, did tremendous work to receive a sum of money for campus improvements. There are a few priorities for using this funding. The first of these is for additional lighting around campus. The next is for creating more recycling receptacles around campus. Finally, some of these funds will be used for the improvement of the volleyball and basketball courts on the east side of campus just north of Johnson field. We are still waiting for the signature of the governor before we begin these tasks. We hope to double our goal for capital funding next year and we will be seeking input from the campus about where you would like to see improvements. That is all for now. Have a great week, lobos! Isaac Romero President, ASUNM

LETTER SUBMISSION POLICY  Letters can be submitted to the Daily Lobo office in Marron Hall or online at DailyLobo. com. The Lobo reserves the right to edit letters for content and length. A name and phone number must accompany all letters. Anonymous letters or those with pseudonyms will not be published. Opinions expressed solely reflect the views of the author and do not reflect the opinions of Lobo employees.



Chief of Staff


from PAGE 1

According to an email statement, UNM President Robert Frank said his two years at UNM has taught him much about what he needs in a chief of staff. “The three areas of strength that I’m looking for in this position are excellent management skills, the ability to connect my office with the faculty and strong interpersonal skills,” he said. “This is a seven-day–a-week job that operates at a fast pace. The ideal candidate will have a demonstrated work history of applying theses skills to the complexities of our university.” Chief of staff candidates must be UNM faculty members and have at least five years of executive or administrative experience at a research institution with “very high research activity” as classified by the Carnegie Foundation, according to the job posting. Preferred qualifications for the candidates include knowledge and understanding of UNM institutional policies, knowledge of fundraising programs and methods and knowledge of the goals and objectives of a major public research university, according to the posting. Blair said the chief of staff reports directly to the UNM president and is a member of the president’s senior staff. She said the position demands a variety of duties, such as overseeing the coordination of meetings, acting as a liaison between the university and the community and being present at events. Blair said there is no definitive date for when the search will end. “It’s just going to depend on how long it takes to do the screening process and the interview,” she said. “We’re hoping to get it done as quickly as possible.”

WORLD BRIEFS China The Chinese government is continuing its search for attackers that killed 29 people in a stabbing rampage in a train station in the province of Yunnan. The government has claimed the attackers were part of a separatist group from Xinjiang, according to the Agence France-Presse. The attack, in which the perpetrators, who were dressed in black and carried knives, attacked people in a ticket line in the city’s Kunming Station, happened on Saturday. Police shot four attackers dead, arrested one and are hunting for more. About 130 people were wounded in the incident, AFP reported. Germany After U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry questioned the legitimacy of Russia’s membership in the Group of Eight leading economies amid political crisis in Ukraine, a German official on Sunday defended the country. German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said

members of the G8 should not impulsively expel Russia from the group, according to Reuters. He said that through the G8, “we in the West can speak directly with Russia,” and that Ukraine and Russia should talk their problems out. Russia has been a member of the G8 since 1998. Israel Hundreds of thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews stormed the streets of Jerusalem en masse on Sunday to protest a potential policy that would require them to be drafted in Israel’s military. While other Israeli men have been subject to compulsory military service, ultra-Orthodox men have been allowed to skip service as long as they choose to pursue religious studies instead since Israel’s founding in 1948, according to the Associated Press. Despite the push from center-right officials, the ultra-Orthodox population claims that compulsory service will disrupt their mission to preserve Jewish religion and culture.

Nigeria A series of violent attacks from Islamist militants in the city of Maiduguri over the weekend left at least 85 civilians dead, Nigerian authorities announced on Sunday. According to Reuters, two bomb explosions killed at least 46 people in the city on Saturday. In a simultaneous incident, militants gunned down civilians in a farming village near the city and shot dead at least 39. The incidents have put pressure on current Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan with his four-and-a-half year battle against Boko Haram. Jonathan will run for re-election next year, Reuters reported. Ukraine The Ukrainian military on Sunday mobilized for war against Russia after Russian president Vladimir Putin declared that he had the right to invade the territory. Ukraine’s mobilization came amid threats of economic sanctions from the United States to Russia, Reuters

reported. Russia has already seized several military bases in Crimea, a Ukrainian peninsula on the Black Sea that contains an ethnic Russian majority. However, no violent standoffs among the two sides have been reported in Crimea at the moment, according to Reuters. “This is actually the declaration of war to my country,” Ukraine’s interim Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk told Reuters. Venezuela As the Carnival weekend kicked off in Venezuela, protesters brought placards and chants with them to the beach. According to Reuters, protesters have temporarily moved to La Morena, a small beach 25 miles northeast of the capital Caracas. Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro declared Thursday and Friday to be part of the Carnival weekend, making this year’s celebrations into a four-day event. The anti-government protests have been going on since February, and 17 people have already been killed during the political turmoil. ~Ardee Napolitano


Page 6 / Monday, March 3, 2014

track & field

Coach and team runoff with titles Staff Report


The New Mexico men’s and women’s track teams swept the team titles at the Mountain West Indoor Track & Field Championships on Saturday. The victory was the second in two years for the men, and the first such title for the women. Head coach Joe Franklin earned MW Coach of the Year honors for both teams, becoming the first MW coach to take home both honors in the same year. The UNM men tallied 166.5 points for first place, while Colorado State finished in second with 133 points and Air Force claimed third with 128 points. Utah State (109.5), Wyoming (86), and Boise State (34) competed the team standings. Distance runner Luke Caldwell earned two first-place medals for UNM. Caldwell took the 5000-meter on Friday with a time of 15:20.09 and won the 3000 meter race on Saturday, clocking in at 8:34.60. In the 3000 meters, Patrick Zacharias and Adam Bitchell finished second and third, respectively, behind Caldwell. The trio became the first group in MW history to take the top three spots in the 3000. Bitchell also took second (15:21.67) in the 5000-meter with Zacharias in third (15:25.22). In the field, Warrick Campbell won the triple jump with a mark of 51 feet, 4 1/2 inches. Kendall Spencer defended his championship in the long jump with a MW Championship record leap of 25-9 1/4. Django Lovett followed suit by tying the MW record


with a jump of 7-2 1/2 in the high jump. The Lobo men also took home the 4x400 relay with a time of 3:17.75 thanks to the team of Chris Kline, Mustafa Mudada, Cheyne Dorsey and Charles Lewis, who also placed second (48.42) in the 400. Elmar Engholm earned a thirdplace finish in the mile, coming in at 4:21.27. UNM’s final medalist was Logan Pflibsen’s bronze finish in the pole vault with a height of 17 3/4. The women cruised to their first conference title with 148.5 points, nearly double that of second place Wyoming (84 points). San Diego State scored 75 points for third, Colorado State had 67 points for fourth, Boise State was fifth with 65 points, Utah State (sixth, 58), Fresno State (seventh, 50), UNLV (eighth, 46), Air Force (ninth, 37.5) and Nevada (10th, 32) rounded out the team standings. The distance runners were key components of the women’s title. Charlotte Arter won the mile (4:56.73) and claimed second in the 3000 (10:02.24), while Chloe Anderson finished second in the mile and the 800 meters. In the 60-meter sprint, Aasha Marler earned second (7.53) and Kayla Fisher-Taylor was third (7.53). Two women set school records for the Lobos. Marler leapt a UNM record 20-5 in the long jump for first place, while Margo Tucker cleared 13-2 1/4 for gold in the pole vault. Annie Stirling had the same mark as Tucker but was second due to the number of misses. Tucker became the first pole vault winner for UNM since 2003.

pen now o for t! as breakf

Sports briefs Men’s Soccer

Former New Mexico goalkeeper Michael Lisch signed to play for the Houston Dynamo, the Major League Soccer franchise announced  Wednesday. The terms of the deal were not disclosed, according to a release from the Dynamo, citing club and league policy.  The Dynamo selected Lisch with the 54th overall pick in the 2014 MLS SuperDraft. At UNM, Lisch had a 0.84 goals-against average and 11 shutouts last season, including three shutouts in the NCAA tournament, as the Lobos reached the College Cup for the second time in school history. Houston also signed another draft pick, Memphis’s Mark Sherrod. The Dynamo picked Sherrod with the 32nd overall pick. UNM also announced its upcoming spring exhibition schedule  on Wednesday. The Lobos will play Phoenix FC of the USL in Casa Grande, Ariz., on March 15; Denver University in Taos on April 5; the Air Force Academy in Albuquerque on April 12; Fort Lewis in Taos on April 19; and FC Tucson of the PDL in Tucson, Ariz., on May 3.


The UNM men captured their first win of the season over a ranked tennis opponent when they defeated No. 57 Denver 4-3 on Saturday at the Linda Estes Tennis Complex. The Lobos (12-4) earned three singles wins from Samir Iftikhar at the No. 1 position, Hayden Sabatka at No. 2, and James Hignett at No. 5, and the team swept all three doubles matches. UNM’s women’s team, meanwhile, won both its weekend duals with a 5-2 win over No. 54 Colorado on Friday and a 6-1 victory over Ball State on Saturday. The Lobos snapped a four-game losing streak with the weekend sweep. Against Colorado, UNM grabbed singles wins from Meredith Hopson at No. 3, Natasha Smith at No. 4, Dominique Dulski at No. 5 and Rachana Bhat at No. 6, as well as doubles wins at No. 2 and No. 3. The Lobos won all three doubles matches against Ball State and took five of six singles matches with wins from Lizette Blankers at No. 2, Hopson, Smith, Dulski and Bhat.



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The Mountain West Conference named seven Lobo athletes to its all-conference team, UNM announced Wednesday. Monica Dudley, Jorgi Hobson and Megan Harper made repeat appearances on the list, while Kaela McKee, Shayla King, Caitlin Gardiner and Ashley Blanchette were first-time picks. Swimmers and divers who finished eighth in the conference championships, or relay teams who were third, are tabbed as all-conference.

Hall of Honor nominations

The UNM Alumni Lettermen’s Association has started accepting nominations for the school’s Athletic Hall of Honor. According to a release from UNM, nominees include athletes, coaches, officials, administrators, groups or civic contributors “whose accomplishments have gained widespread acceptance and whose lives and careers are an inspiration.” The nomination deadline for this year’s class is  March 14. For nominations, forms and a list of required criteria, go to the UNM athletic website at and click the ‘Inside Athletics Alumni Letterman tab.’ Call the Letterman’s Association at (505) 925-5905 with questions.

~ Compiled by J.R. Oppenheim

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UNM Nordic skier Eva Severrus, along with alpine skiers Karoline Mykelbust and Joonas Rasanen, earned spots on the All-Rocky Mountain Intercollegiate Ski Association first team, UNM announced Thursday. The Lobos had nine all-RMISA selections total. UNM’s second-team selections were Anni Nord, Mats Resaland and Aku Nikander in Nordic skiing, and Mateja Robnik, Sean Horner and Juho-Pekka Penttinen in alpine skiing.

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Monday, March 3, 2014/ Page 7


New Mexico Daily Lobo

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New Mexico Daily Lobo


Lobos ash 3 wins, drop 4th

Aaron Sweet / @AaronCSweet/ Daily Lobo Infielder/Catcher Mia Hignojos returns to her feet after diving for an infield fly ball Sunday at Lobo Field. The Lobos lost to Idaho state 12-9.


D DOWNLOLA ! P P A O B O THE DAILY Scan QR Code to download FREE at the Apple Store and Google Play


by Liam Cary-Eaves @Liam_CE

After a sluggish start to the season, the New Mexico softball team won three straight games at the Lobo Invitational. The only game they lost in the tournament ended at the top of the sixth inning due to time constraints. Head coach Erica Beach said she was pleased with her team’s ability to turn things around after going 1-13 on the road to begin the season. “This was our first time playing at home; it’s always nice to sleep in our own beds and play on our own field,” Beach said. “I think our team really stepped it up this weekend.” The game was called early on Sunday, ending the Lobos’ chances of completing a sweep of the entire tournament in a 12-9 loss against Idaho State (9-7). UNM (4-14) had beaten Idaho State earlier in the invitational in a comeback effort after trailing 9-3. On Sunday, the game had a similar feel as the Lobos trailed early on against the Bengals. The Lobos’ starting pitcher, Tess McPherson, was chased out of the ball game after failing to reach the third inning. In two and two-thirds innings,

Congratulate last week’s

Lobo Winners! Baseball

defeated Northern Colorado 5-2, 17-1, 12-3 and

Men’s Basketball

defeated Utah State 67-58


defeated Buffalo 5-2, Idaho St 11-10 and Buffalo 5-2 in the Lobo Invite

Men’s Tennis

defeated Denver 4-3

Women’s Tennis

defeated Colorado 5-2, Ball State 6-1

Track & Field

won both men’s and women’s Mountain West Indoor Championships

McPherson gave up eight runs on nine hits, throwing 76 pitches before teammate Carrie Sheehan came in for relief. The Lobos (4-14) found themselves in a 7-1 hole early in the second inning after Idaho State catcher Vicky Galasso hit a grand slam to left center field. ISU continued to add to its lead and had an 11-1 advantage heading into the bottom of the fifth. UNM’s rally started when infielder Jasmine Casados hit a threerun shot over the right center field wall. Casados’ homer accounted for three of the eight runs in the inning, bringing the Lobos within striking distance. However, despite the Lobos’ appearing as though they were not done driving in runs, a judgment call ended the inning. It seemed that the Bengals’ Dara Kolar removed her foot from first base during an attempt to scoop a low throw.

“It was a rush the entire time,” Casados said. “We were all relaxed and we all just wanted to keep the rally going.” In the top of the sixth inning, ISU added one more run to increase its lead to 12-9. The game was called after that inning because the Bengals had to catch their plane back to Pocatello, Idaho. Beach did not want the fifth inning to end in the manner it did, being aware of the time constraints. “I think if we did play a full seven (innings) … we would have come out with a win,” said Beach. “I was really pleased with our offense and how they fought.” The Lobos swept the Buffalo Bulls (9-7) in the Lobo Invitational. The Lobos were scheduled to play North Dakota St. (10-6) on Saturday, but an illness overcame the majority of the team, who were unable to participate in the final two days of the tournament.





UNM shoots past UNLV in second half By J.R. Oppenheim @JROppenheim The No. 25 New Mexico men’s basketball team rallied to recover from a first-half deficit, this time on the road, to keep pace with San Diego State. Forward Cameron Bairstow finished with a game-high 22 points and Kendall Williams became the Mountain West’s all-time assist leader Sunday to lead the Lobos to a 72-58 victory at Nevada. The win maintains a first-place tie with No. 13 San Diego State, which passed Fresno State 82-67 on Saturday night. Williams provided 10 assists in addition to 11 points, putting him at 591 assists for his career. He surpassed UNLV’s Oscar Bellfield, who had 582 from 2008-12, according to the Associated Press. UNM trailed in the first half for the second-straight game but turned it on in the latter 20 minutes. Last Wednesday the Lobos fell behind by eight points midway through the second half before turning the tide and beating Utah State at home. On Sunday against the Wolf Pack, UNM found itself down by 14 in the first half but took over. The Lobos outscored Nevada 55-27 after that deficit, ending the game 14 points up. UNM surged forward with eight minutes to play, scoring 23 of the last 31 points. Much like he did against Utah State, UNM guard Cullen Neal sparked the run against Nevada with a 3-pointer and two free throws. Teammate Hugh Greenwood also hit a triple as part of a 7-0 run.

The Wolf Pack did not score consecutive points for the remainder of the game, and UNM netted another 10 points with triples from Greenwood and Cleveland “Pancake” Thomas. Bairstow sandwiched those 3-pointers with made jumpers. Nevada controlled the middle 10 minutes in first half after an early deadlock. The Wolf Pack broke a 7-all tie to hold a 31-17 lead. On three separate occasions Nevada rattled off small spurts of five or six points. Six turnovers stalled UNM’s offense until late in the half when two Bairstow free throws started a 10-0 run to close out the half. Williams, Deshawn Delaney, Alex Kirk and Bairstow netted the last eight points, all off field goals, before the break. After Nevada scored the second half’s first bucket, the Lobos dropped the next six points with back-to-back Delaney baskets and a Bairstow field goal. That run forced a 33-all tie, the first since the 14:46 mark of the first half, and the teams bounced back and forth over the next eight minutes. Center Alex Kirk also reached double-figure scoring, finishing with 10 points. As a team UNM shot 49.1 percent from the field (27 of 55), 30 percent from the 3-point line (6 of 20), and 85.7 percent from the free throw line (12 of 14). Nevada placed three in double figures with guard Deonte Burton and forward Cole Huff scoring 15 points apiece. Forward AJ West added 10 points as the Wolf Pack was 34.9 percent on field goals (22 of 63), 30 percent on triples (6 of 20), and 57.1 percent on foul shots (8 of 14).

Tom R. Smedes / AP photo New Mexico’s Alex Kirk blocks the shot of Nevada’s Deonte Burton during the second half of an NCAA college basketball game Sunday in Reno, Nev.

THE HOWL Watch Lobo news. Tune in.

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N MPuzzle D lobo featuresLos Angeles Times Daily Crossword FOR RELEASE MARCH 3, 2014

Page 10 / Monday, March 3, 2014


aily Lobo


Year Zero




Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis

Level 1 2 3 4

Solution to yesterday’s problem.

ACROSS 1 Rosary counters 6 Fall faller 10 Long hike 14 Review of business books 15 Girl in a J.D. Salinger short story 16 Wound-up fire engine item 17 Jim who sang “You Don’t Mess Around With Jim” 18 Prohibition-era saloon 20 Budget accommodations 22 Chafing dish heaters 23 Basilica recesses 25 Spanish “a” 26 John Kerry’s domain 33 Flirt with 34 Tops, as cupcakes 35 Stephen of “The Crying Game” 36 From the U.S. 37 Dwindled 39 “The Wizard of Oz” lion Bert 40 Little, in Lyons 41 Fictional plantation 42 In __ fertilization 43 Supermarket convenience 47 Tolkien giant 48 Le __, France 49 Rodeo rider, at times 53 Put on an extra sweater, say 57 Complete ninny 59 Alvin of dance 60 Midday 61 __ Reader: alternative media digest 62 Sunday song 63 PDA entry 64 Lewd look 65 Itty-bitty DOWN 1 Composer of fugues



By David Poole

2 Multinational currency 3 Big fusses 4 Absolute ruler 5 Increase the slope of 6 Tenant 7 Psychic’s claim 8 Iowa State home 9 Showcased 10 Aries 11 Chestnut horse 12 Petro-Canada rival 13 Janitor’s janglers 19 Adoptive parents of Superman 21 ’60s hallucinogen 24 Popeye’s favorite veggie 26 Physical condition 27 “It takes a licking ...” watch 28 Wolfed down 29 King beater 30 Muse for a bard 31 India’s first prime minister 32 Fortunetelling card

Saturday’s Puzzle Solved

(c)2014 Tribune Content Agency, LLC

37 Opposite of thrifty 38 Horace’s “__ Poetica” 39 “Ditto” 41 Choir member 42 DVD forerunner 44 Take exception to 45 Boxer “Marvelous” Marvin


46 Adam’s mate 49 Roman moon goddess 50 Perched on 51 “Quit it!” 52 Repetitive learning 54 Actor Alda 55 Kinfolk: Abbr. 56 “Goodness gracious!” 58 Single in a wallet

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new mexico

new mexico

Monday, March 3, 2014/ Page 11

University Sciences

Zimmerman Library, Waters Room Candidate: Mary Farrell—Dean of Libraries, University of Wyoming.

Arts & Music UNM Music Guest Instructor Recital 7:00-8:00pm Keller Hall Rebecca Ray, Oboe

Theater & Film Women in Sports: Nine for IV Film Series Begins at 3:00pm Women’s Resource Center This film series demonstrates the hardships and obstacles that

women face in sports.

Lectures & Readings LAII Vamos a Leer Book Group 5:00-7:00pm Bookworks, 4022 Rio Grande Blvd NW Sponsored by the Latin American Iberian Institute, each month educators, teachers, librarians and community members from Albuquerque come together to discuss young adult books related to Latin America. Dissertation Defense Begins at 9:30pm Mesa Vista Hall 1104 John Kemp, Arts & Sciences, presents: “Bayard Taylor and

German-speaking Central Europe: A Nineteenth-Century American Encounter.”

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12 Monday March 3, 2014

The Independent Student Voice of UNM since 1895


‘We didn’t finish, we didn’t get the job done’ by Liam Cary-Eaves @Liam_CE

After a close and painful loss to Nevada, New Mexico women’s head basketball coach Yvonne Sanchez is running out of things to relate back to her squad. “Going into the locker room and saying the same thing over and over and over again, you just run out of things to say,” she said. “We didn’t finish, we didn’t get the job done, and that’s pretty much the bottom line.” UNM (9-18, 4-12 MW) faltered late in a 60-55 loss against the Wolf Pack (16-11, 11-5 MW) at The Pit on Saturday. In yet another loss that was decided by two possessions or less, Sanchez said her team is not learning from previous mistakes, which is damaging the team’s ability to accumulate wins. Sanchez said she is not looking to direct blame toward the misfortune of having four players on the bench with injuries. “Injuries are a part of the game,” she said. “I think that with the players we have, we can win games. It’s just frustrating.” She stated, however, that the inability to learn from previous mistakes has become an issue that no one has been able to solve. The Lobos have lost eight of their last 10 games, all of which were by six points or fewer. “We turn the ball over way too much,” Sanchez said. “We haven’t done a good job learning how to finish the game.” Saturday’s game started off well for UNM, which held Nevada to only 28 percent from the field in the first half. Though they held a 24-21 lead at halftime, the Lobos squandered it with a cold spell to start the second half, allowing Nevada to control the pace for the majority of the game’s remainder. “It’s the same mistakes that we are making,” guard Antiesha Brown said.

Sergio Jiménez / @SXfoto/ Daily Lobo Women’s basketball head coach Yvonne Sanchez walks back alone to the locker room while Nevada players celebrate on the court at the Pit on Saturday. The Lobos lost to Nevada 60-55, their third loss in a row. “Whenever we are able to switch gears and really apply those things to the court, I think we will start winning games.” Brown said many of the turnovers occur when individuals are being too selfless, leading to sloppy turnovers. UNM had 20 turnovers on the night. “It’s a good sign that we are being

unselfish, trying to get each other the ball,” Brown said. “A lot of our turnovers are trying to make that extra pass.” After tying the game up at 33 apiece, Nevada went on a 10-2 run, taking advantage of an abundance of errant passes by UNM. However, the Lobos kept their

composure, going on their own 10-2 surge. Yet just after catching the Wolf Pack, UNM found itself down by seven points again. UNM answered Nevada’s late seven-point run with another spark, scoring eight straight points to take the lead with just 1:31 remaining. The Lobos and Wolf Pack traded

leads two more times, leaving UNM ahead 55-54 with under a minute remaining. In the final minute of the game the Lobos lost control and went cold from the field, while Nevada guard Arielle Wideman made six consecutive free throws for the 6055 victory.


Lobos walk away with 4 wins at Lobo Field by Thomas Romero-Salas @ThomasRomeroS

For the second consecutive week, the New Mexico baseball team faced the possibility of not completing a game due to time constraints. Fortunately, that scenario did not come into play as the Lobos dominated Northern Colorado 8-1 to complete the four-game sweep of the Bears on Sunday at Lobo Field. The game ended about 10 minutes before UNC had to leave in order to catch its plane home. UNM demolished UNC 12-3 in the first game of the doubleheader at Lobo Field. Head coach Ray Birmingham said his young team is starting to come together slowly. “We’re farther along,” Birmingham said. “Some more guys are starting to come. We got to get a couple other guys getting it … There’s nothing etched in stone, and there’s some things we’re still trying to find out

offensively and defensively.” In Game 1, UNM started out with a 6-0 lead after outfielder John Pustay hit into a fielder’s choice for an RBI. The Bears responded with three runs across the sixth and seventh innings. The Lobos then put the game away with six runs in the bottom of the eighth. Shortstop Jared Holley and first baseman Jack Zoellner both hit two RBI singles in the inning. Holley had two hits in the first game with three RBI, and he also had two hits and a single RBI in Game 2. “I’ll stay (in the ninth spot) the whole year; I’m totally fine with that,” Holley said. “I’m out there for my defense anyway.” Pitcher Chris Hammer received the loss for UNC after he pitched five innings, allowing six runs on six hits. UNM starting pitcher Colton Thomson (1-1) got the win for UNM by tossing 5 1/3 innings, allowing one run on four hits and four walks. “We have a lot of young,

vibrant guys and we’re all just really aggressive in the zone and we all want to win,” pitcher Josh Walker said. “That’s the biggest thing with this team in general.” As for the second game, Walker (2-1) threw eight strong innings, giving up one run on six hits to propel UNM to its 8-1 victory. The Lobos got on the board first thanks to a two-run single by catcher Alex Real for a 2-0 lead. UNM added six more runs across the fourth, fifth and sixth innings. Real brought in the Lobos last run on an RBI groundout. In the two games, Real went 4-8 at the plate with four RBIs. NCU earned its only run on a sacrifice fly by centerfielder Jake Ekman in the eighth inning. The Bears’ Connor Leedholm took the loss after surrendering seven earned runs on 12 hits in just five innings of work. UNM (8-3-1) begins its Mountain West Conference slate this Friday with a three-game series against UNLV. The Lobos went 25-5 last

Aaron Sweet/ @AaronCSweet /Daily Lobo Colton Thomson pitches against Northern Colorado in game one of a doubleheader Sunday at Lobo Field. season in conference play to win their second consecutive MW regular season title. “We’re ready. We’re hungry. We’re ready to get it and we’re

not giving anything back,” Holley said. “We’re going for that fourpeat. That’s what is on everyone’s minds.”

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