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Reluctant SFRB yields to Athletics by Ardee Napolitano @ArdeeTheJourno

UNM’s Athletics Department might receive $4 million in student fees from the University next fiscal year. The University’s Student Fee Review Board elected to respect in full the department’s budget request during the board’s second round of deliberations Saturday. But SFRB member Matthew Rush said that despite contention on Athletics’ funding sources, the board’s hands were tied. “I don’t think students should be funding Athletics at this amount,” he said. “But the reality is the regents are going to approve this. I think it’s understood that this is roughly what the regents would like to see Athletics at, so we’re going to fund them at that amount.” Last year, the SFRB recommended that Athletics receive $2.3 million in student fees for FY 2014. The recommendation then went to the Board of Regents, who have the final say on appropriations. The regents overrode the SFRB’s numbers; the SFRB’s current recommended appropriation for Athletics is the same as that which the department received from the regents last fiscal year. The current recommendation will amount to about $169 per fulltime student for next fiscal year. The SFRB estimates next year’s total

by Chloe Henson @ChloeHenson5 After almost eight years, UNM is still uncertain about plans for a new wellness center on campus. UNM President Robert Frank said his administration would conduct a public dialogue to figure out what the next step for the proposed wellness center will be. “We’ve been doing all these surveys about what people think of the right stats, what people want in the community,” he said. “Now that we have all that input, we will go to that public dialogue, and that’s what everyone’s been waiting for.” According to an article by the Daily Lobo, representatives from the UNM administration, the Associated Students of the University of New Mexico and employees from Johnson Center and the Student Health and Counseling Center introduced the idea of replacing or reconstructing Johnson Center and the SHAC building in 2006. While a new committee that worked on the wellness center last semester proposed a four-phase plan, Frank said there are no concrete plans

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The Athletics Budget

$100,000 recomended by the SFRB $100,000 granted by the regents

Last year, the SFRB recommended that Athletics receive $2.3 million in student fees for FY 2014. The regents then overrode their recommendations and granted them an extra $1.7 million. This year the SFRB is granting the $4 million upfront.


The percent of the estimated $617 student fees devoted to the Athletics Department





Ardee Napolitano/@ArdeeTheJourno / Daily Lobo Student Fee Review Board Chair Priscila Poliana, center, stretches as other board members try to finish student fee recommendations over lunch at a meeting on Saturday at the Student Union Building. After the meeting, the board tallied a total preliminary recommendation of $617 per student. Of the total sum, $169 per-student recommendation is for the Athletics Department. The SFRB will forward its final recommendations to the Strategic Budget Leadership Team on March 1. student fees at $617 per full-time also request a concise list of expendi- said. “That is a significant portion of student, which is a $6 increase from tures from the department. what they’re asking funding for … the present school year’s fees. Rush said that Athletics should The reality, as far as I’m concerned, Along with the appropriation, the work particularly on reducing its is that we’re funding $4 million to board will require Athletics to provide travel costs. Athletics, and I’ve just come to aca 10-year strategic plan detailing fu“They’d have to look into ways of cept that.” ture initiatives the department plans reducing travel costs in order to start According to Athletics’ SFRB to reduce its expenses. The SFRB will saving us, the University, money,” he see Athletics PAGE 3

Wellness center’s future unsettled Cost of reconstruction is off-putting to many

February 3, 2014 $4 Million

The Independent Student Voice of UNM since 1895


for the project. “I think what we would have is some tentative plans, and then those plans would lead to concrete plans,” he said. “We’re a long way from concrete plans right now.” Frank said the administration is also planning to bring in a consultant to help design the center. “We put out a (response for proposal) for a consultant to work with us on this (public-private partnership) process,” he said. Tim Gutierrez, associate vice president of Student Services, said he didn’t know who the University would team up with to work on the center. But he said the potential partnership would help UNM construct a new building for a wellness center. “The public-private partnership is all designed to help the University in the sense of being able to expand their facilities and reduce cost,” he said. James Foty, a member of the committee who has been working on the wellness center, said many people thought the center was a good idea, but were concerned about cost. “I guess my sense is that, in general, students like the idea of the wellness center,” he said. “But I think the more critical students are questioning how it’s going to be paid for.” According to a story by the Daily Lobo, the former proposal for the

see Wellness PAGE 3


According to Athletics’ SFRB Funding Request Form, about $1.4 million of Athletics’ total budget request is for travel costs, $1 million for complimentary student tickets, $800,000 for equipment, $438,000 for academic support and $300,000 for student athlete care.

Sofia Jaramillo / AP Photo Annicka and Janet Pollack celebrate as the Seattle Seahawks score a touchdown during the third quarter of the Super Bowl at a Superbowl party Sunday in Everett, Wash.

Seahawks shock fans, foes alike by Barry Wilner

The Associated Press EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — Defense wins championships, and the NFL has not seen a defense like Seattle’s in a long time. The Seahawks won their first

Minimum wage Monday

Kirk returns

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Super Bowl title Sunday night in overpowering fashion, punishing Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos 43-8. That relentless defense, the NFL’s stingiest, never let the five-time MVP get going, disarming the highest-scoring offense in league history.

Seattle (16-3) was too quick, too physical and just too good for Denver, and that was true in all areas. What was hyped as a classic matchup between an unstoppable offense and a miserly defense turned into a rout.

see Super

Bowl PAGE 6


55 |28

M PageTwo Street


M onday, F ebruar y 3, 2014

on the

New Mexico Daily Lobo On Tuesday, President Obama in his State of the Union address

discussed the possibility of raising the minimum wage from $7.35 to $10.10 for federal contract workers. Would you support this


Terri Bilbao Junior, nursing “I think it’s beneficial. For people starting out, they kind of need the money, especially if they’re in college.”

Adam Gutierrez Freshman, undecided “I think it’s a positive thing for the country because we need more wages and more incentive to work. I would support it.”

David Moya Sophomore, statistics “Actually, I was reading in the Albuquerque Journal about how the minimum wage in New Mexico isn’t enough for someone to live off of, especially if you calculate the cost of food, living, insurance, stuff like that. So, I fully support it.” Molly Morrison Freshman, dental hygiene “I would support it. So many people now, even with college degrees, are working at McDonald’s, and they need to be able to survive at a decent environment. I think they have enough minimum wage in Albuquerque because they just raised it, but I know anywhere else, it’s lower.”

compiled by Ardee Napolitano / @ArdeeTheJourno photos by William Aranda

volume 118

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wellness center involved four phases of construction and redesign. The funding was under discussion, but depending on the specifics of the project, the budget ranged from $58 million to $71 million. Gutierrez said he has heard students voice similar opinions concerning cost. “Overall, most of the student reaction is very positive,” he said. “The concern that they have, and rightly so, is the cost.” Gutierrez said the planning committee found that students did not support the four-phase project, and as a result the planning committee

for the center was looking into alternative plans. “I don’t think they supported that, the four-phase,” he said. “It was too costly, and it left too much open to what they may have to pay for in the future ….We’re looking at an alternative and reevaluating student needs.” Frank said he personally wants to see a wellness center that unites the UNM community. “I want a center that engages our students and our faculty and staff in one spot that provides recreation and wellness and brings our campus community together,” he said. “That’s what I’d like.”

Sergio Jiménez / Daily Lobo A bathroom stall in need of service is closed off inside Johnson Center. UNM administration will open public discussion in order to determine the next phase of the wellness center project.

from page 1

Funding Request Form, about $1.4 million of Athletics’ total budget request is for travel costs. The department is also requesting $1 million for complimentary student tickets, $800,000 for equipment, $438,000 for academic support and $300,000 for student athlete care. SFRB member Matt Fleischer agreed with Rush. Rather than costing UNM money, he said the department should be a source of revenue for the University. “I still don’t like funding Athletics through student fees,” Fleischer said. “I think we should be spending on the Athletic Department through the University, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. I’d like to see in the long term the Athletics Department generate profit and contribute financially to the University rather than the University contributing financially to Athletics.” Luke Holmen, a non-voting member of the SFRB, said the main problem with Athletics is that it has given up on entering the Bowl Championship Series, which comprises the major games in the NCAA. “They’re doing a great job with generating funds,” he said. “But the main problem is that they’re not going to be able to get into the BCS. In the past, (Athletics Associate Director) Tim Cass has said that was his primary goal. During

Monday, February 3, 2014/ Page 3 the hearings, I asked him about that, and he said that’s not even on the table anymore.” Holmen said that during the SFRB budget hearings in January, Cass said participation in the BCS would bring in $30 million to the department and would make it more sustainable.

“The history of this process has made the Athletics Department not to be very responsive to students.” ~Priscila Poliana SFRB chair According to an article by the Daily Lobo published in January 2013, Athletics is still in the process of paying back a one-time $1.25 million loan it took from the University in July 2011. The University gave the department 10 years to pay back the loan. Athletics pays UNM $12,500 per month. At the meeting, SFRB Chair Priscila Poliana said although she thinks funding Athletics is important for the University, the department should

listen to student perspectives more in their decision-making processes. “What I have a problem with is the fact that the history of this process has made the Athletics Department not to be very responsive to students,” she said. “That’s very problematic. I have pointed that out to President (Robert) Frank and to the regents. But I think that’s still where we stand.” Board member Frankie Gonzales questioned whether passing Athletics’ budget request is a good move. “If we do that, does that signal that maybe this board doesn’t need to even make a recommendation on it?” he said. But Rush said passing the department’s request as-is will be an appropriate compromise. “The SFRB has at least helped to make Athletics more transparent,” he said. “Hopefully, we’re working forward into the direction that SFRB will be working closer with Athletics. I think the reason that we’re passing this is that it’s likely to stay the same. It’s just going to be a cause of agitation for us to try to make cuts.” The SFRB will have to submit its recommendations to UNM’s Strategic Budget Leadership Team before they become finalized by the Board of Regents. The SFRB will submit its final recommendations on March 1.




Monday, February 3, 2014

The Independent Student Voice of UNM since 1895

Opinion Editor/ John Tyczkowski/ @JCTyczkowski


New Atheists neglect modern cases for God Editor, It is perhaps something of a surprise that almost none of the so-called New Atheists have anything to say about arguments for God’s existence. Instead, they tend to focus on the social effects of religion and question whether religious belief is good for society. One might justifiably doubt that the social impact of an idea is an adequate measure of its truth, especially when there are reasons being offered to think that the idea in question really is true. Namely, the social effects of something do nothing to refute the validity or truth of an argument in its own regard. Many scientific theories — e.g. Darwinism — have certainly had at least some negative social influences, but that is hardly grounds for discrediting the theory and simply ignoring biological evidence in its favor. So is the case with negative social aspects surrounding religion: examine the evidence/arguments present for theism, not the hypocrisy or egregious actions of adherents, which does nothing to negate the truth of theism. Perhaps the New Atheists think that the traditional arguments for God’s existence are now passé and so no longer need refutation. If so, they are naïve. Over the last generation there has been increasing interest among professional philosophers, whose business it is deliberate difficult metaphysical questions, in arguments for God’s existence. This resurgence of interest has not escaped the notice of even popular culture. In 1980, Time Magazine ran a major story entitled, “Modernizing the Case for God,” which described the movement among contemporary philosophers to revamp the traditional arguments for God’s existence. Time marveled: “In a quiet revolution in thought and argument that hardly anybody could have foreseen only two decades ago, God is making a comeback. Most intriguingly, this is happening not among theologians or ordinary believers, but in the crisp intellectual circles of academic philosophers, where the consensus had long banished the Almighty from fruitful discourse.” The noted philosopher Roderick Chisholm opined that the reason atheism was so influential in the previous generation is that the brightest philosophers were atheists; but today, he observes, many of the brightest philosophers are theists, using a tough-minded intellectualism in defense of that belief. Top theistic philosophers can be found at Yale, Oxford, Princeton, Notre Dame and USC, to name a few. Moreover, it seems that the New Atheists, such as Daniel Dennett, the late Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins are blissfully ignorant of this ongoing revolution in Anglo-American philosophy. They, and many young college atheists, are generally out of touch with cutting-edge work in this field. There are, as many intellectuals believe, good arguments for God’s existence. Namely, many arguments for the God’s existence, which cannot be fully addressed in this letter, are logically valid, their premises are true and their premises are more plausible than their negations. Therefore, insofar as we are rational people, we should embrace their conclusions. Much more remains to be said and has been said. But I trust that enough has been said here to show that the traditional theistic arguments need to be refuted by the New Atheists, not merely the social aspects. Mac Morin UNM student

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The Olympics are held for peace by Jason Darensburg

I confess: I love the Olympics. I’ve enjoyed the global spectacle for as long as I can remember, even though the first Games I recall were the tragedy-marred 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich. One morning I turned on the TV and instead of the games, there were German policemen running around on rooftops! 1972 was the year Palestinian terrorists from the Black September group broke into the Olympic village and took 11 Israeli athletes hostage. In an incredible act of cowardice, all of the hostages were eventually killed on the tarmac at Fürstenfeldbruck Airport as they waited in helicopters. Most of the terrorists were killed by German sharpshooters following the botched ambush attempt, although three of them survived and were imprisoned. In another twist to this horrible tragedy, the West German government was later forced to free the three men when another terrorist cell hijacked a Lufthansa Airlines flight, demanding their release. The Germans were compelled to free the perpetrators, who received a hero’s welcome upon their arrival in safe-haven Libya. The vengeful Israeli spy agency Mossad eventually tracked two of the men down and assassinated them. Four bystanders were blown up in the explosion that killed Ali Hassan Salameh in Beirut, and in a case of mistaken identity, an innocent Moroccan man was killed during the manhunt. Jamal Al-Gashey is believed to be the sole surviving terrorist, currently in hiding with his wife and two children. The Olympic Games are a target for extremists, from the tragedy in Munich to right-wing fanatic Eric Rudolph’s deadly bombing at the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta. As a consequence, these celebrations of international goodwill now proceed under heavy military guard. Sochi 2014 will be no different. Global participation in the Olympics has increased steadily over the years: nearly every nation on Earth is currently represented. This growth has created many challenges for host countries, notably the outrageous expense of holding the games.

The Russian government is rumored to have spent more than $50 billion, a new record, on the Winter Olympics in Sochi, amid the usual complaints of bribery, corruption and incompetence. Security will be a major concern when the games kick off on February 9; Islamist militants have repeatedly vowed to disrupt the festivities. It remains to be seen if President Putin’s heightened security measures will be effective in keeping the venue safe.

“The important thing at the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part; for the essential thing in life is not to conquer but to struggle well,” ~Pierre de Coubertin founder of the modern Olympic Games The Olympics are a tremendous proving ground for world-class athletes. It gives them the opportunity to compete against each other on an international stage. Nearly 220 million Americans tuned in for NBC’s awful Summer Olympics coverage in 2012, making the London Olympics the most-watched event in U.S. television history. This sort of world-wide exposure is only possible because of the sheer size and scale of the games, the number of countries taking part and the wide variety of sports represented. The modern Olympics were founded by French aristocrat Pierre de Coubertin in 1894, and the first official games were held that year in Athens. The first Winter Games took place in 1924 in Chamonix, France. Baron de Coubertin believed in promoting international peace and cooperation by reviving the ancient Greek tradition of establishing periodic truces for the sake of athletic competition. “The important thing at the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part; for the essential thing

in life is not to conquer but to struggle well,” de Coubertin wrote. Those sentiments have not exactly panned out in the real world. Aside from terrorist acts, the supposedly apolitical Olympics have been marred in the ensuing years by several boycotts: many African nations pulled out of the ‘76 Montreal Games protesting apartheid in South Africa; the U.S. boycotted the 1980 Moscow Olympics in response to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and the L.A. Olympics in 1984 were boycotted by communist countries in retaliation for 1980. More controversy erupted last year over Russia’s so-called “anti-gay” legislation. While the law’s proponents argue it is aimed at protecting children from harmful influences, critics insist the move is part of a broader crackdown on Russia’s gay community. Russia has come under heavy international criticism for its treatment of LGBT people. The U.S. Olympic Committee acted swiftly to quell any talk of an official U.S. boycott in 2014: “Our boycott of the 1980 Olympic Games did not contribute to a successful resolution of the underlying conflict. It did, however, deprive hundreds of American athletes — all whom had completely dedicated themselves to representing our nation at the Olympic Games — of the opportunity of a lifetime.” President Obama said that he opposed boycotting the games in favor of incorporating several openly gay athletes into the U.S. delegation. I find it ironic that all the gay-bashers in this country now find themselves ideologically allied with Vladimir Putin, one of the most despotic rulers of the 21st century.

EDITORIAL BOARD Antonio Sanchez Editor-in-chief

John Tyczkowski Managing editor Opinion editor

Ardee Napolitano News editor





Central African Republic After surrendering to the African Union during the weekend, about 200 militia fighters with the Muslim group Seleka fled the capital of Bangui on Saturday. According to the Agence France-Presse, Central African authorities claimed that the fighters left for the city of Kaga Bandoro, which is north of Bangui. They speculate that the Seleka troops fled to avoid revenge attacks from the Christian militia “AntiBalaka” after the African Union seized Seleka troops on Saturday. The country has been in political crisis since a coup d’état in March last year. France Thousands gathered in the streets of Paris and Lyon on Sunday to protest the French g o v e r n m e n t ’s “family-phobia.” About 100,000 protesters stated that the legalization of gay marriage in France, which the government enacted last year, is harmful to traditional families, according to Reuters. Protesters also condemned new sex equality lessons that the government had recently required schools to hold and urged the government not to legalize medical procedures that would help same-sex couples to have children, Reuters reported. Lebanon For the third time in Lebanon, the extremist group Nusra Front has claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing in the country on Saturday. Late Saturday, the group posted on its Twitter account that the car blast, which occurred in the Shiite town of Hermel in northeast Lebanon, aimed to punish the Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah,

Saudi Arabia A c t i v i s t s are expressing outrage about a counterterrorism law that the Saudi Arabian government passed Sunday. The law states that any act that “undermines” state or societal stability in the country can be tried as an act of terrorism in the country, the Associated Press reported. These acts include simple calls for regime change in the Middle Eastern country. Through the new law, Saudi Arabian authorities will also be permitted to monitor phone calls and Internet activity and to raid homes of suspected individuals. Sri Lanka The Sri Lankan government on Sunday rejected the United States’ push to issue a third United Nations human rights resolution against it. United States ambassadors decided to table a resolution against the country because of worsening allegations of war crimes committed by the military in its civil war that ended in 2009, Reuters reported. But Sri Lanka’s External Affairs Ministry said the country’s claims are “reckless and irresponsible statements without evidence,” according to Reuters. South Africa South Africa’s Constitutional Court announced Sunday that it will publicly reveal the last will and testament of former president Nelson Mandela on Monday, two months after his death. According to AFP, the Mandela Foundation will lead the unveiling and will read

a summary of the former president’s final wishes in the planned media briefing. Mandela, who died on Dec. 5, became South Africa’s first black president in 1994 after spending 27 years in prisons under the Apartheid regime. Thailand After three months of political turmoil, Thailand held a nationwide parliamentary election on Sunday. No incidents of violence have been reported throughout the duration of the election despite protesters forcing polling stations in Bangkok to close, the AP reported. Protests of thousands erupted in November after complaints of corruption against the government of current Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra. The results of Sunday’s election will not be announced until a series of by-elections have finished. The first leg of the subsequent elections is on Feb. 23. Ukraine Amid threemonth-old protests, Ukraine on Sunday has succumbed to Western pressures to liberate Dmytro Bulatov, an activist who was kidnapped, tortured and arrested by authorities. According to Reuters, Bulatov has fled to the neighboring Eastern European country of Lithuania, which is a member of the European Union. Bulatov’s bloody photos have been circulating in the media controlled by forces opposed to Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich, who rejected possible cooperation between his country and the EU.



which fights alongside Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. According to the Associated Press, at least three people were killed in the incident.

by Ardee Napolitano @ArdeeTheJourno


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Page 6 / Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl

from page 1

Punctuating Seattle’s dominance were a 69-yard interception return touchdown by linebacker Malcolm Smith to make it 22-0, and Percy Harvin’s sensational 87-yard kickoff runback to open the second half. Smith was dubbed the game’s MVP. When the Seahawks, up by 29 points, forced a Denver punt early in the third quarter, the “12th Man” — and there were legions in MetLife Stadium — began chanting “L-O-B, L-O-B.” As in Legion of Boom, the Seahawks’ hard-hitting secondary, part of a young team with an average age of 26 years. “This is an amazing team. Took us four years to get to this point, but they never have taken a step sideways,” head coach Pete Carroll said. “These guys would not take anything but winning this ballgame.” The Broncos’ loss again raised questions about Manning’s ability to win important games. He is 11-12 in the postseason, 1-2 in Super Bowls. He never looked comfortable against a defense some will begin comparing to the 1985 Bears and 2000 Ravens — other NFL champions who had runaway Super Bowl victories. Seattle forced four turnovers; Denver had 26 all season. The Seahawks looked to be at ease — and not just their defense, which lost All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman to a high ankle sprain in the fourth quarter. Russell Wilson, who has an NFL-record 28 wins in his first two pro seasons, including playoffs, had a 23-yard TD pass to Jermaine Kearse late in the third quarter to make the score 36-0. Wilson also hit Doug Baldwin for a 10-yard score in the final period of what had become one

of history’s most lopsided Super Bowls. For the fifth time in six meetings between the NFL’s No. 1 offense and defense, the D dominated. “We been relentless all season,” Wilson said. “Having that mentality of having a championship day every day. At the end of the day, you want to play your best football, and that is what we did today.” Denver fell to 2-5 in Super Bowls, and by the end many of Manning’s passes resembled the “ducks” Sherman said the All-Pro quarterback sometimes threw. The victory was particularly sweet for Carroll, who was fired in 1994 by the Jets, led the Patriots for three seasons and again was canned. After a short stint out of coaching, he took over at Southern California and won two national titles. But he always felt he had unfinished business in the NFL. Carroll confronted that business by lifting the Vince Lombardi Trophy, four years after taking charge in Seattle and eight years after the Seahawks lost in their only previous Super Bowl appearance to Pittsburgh. No Super Bowl had been played outdoors in a cold-weather city before — not that the Big Apple was anything close to frozen Sunday, with a 49-degree temperature at kickoff. And no Super Bowl has started more bizarrely. Things went sour for Manning and the Broncos from the very first scrimmage play, and by halftime they were down 22-0 — their biggest deficit of the season and the only time they didn’t score in a half. On that first play, Manning stepped up toward the line just as

Ben Margot / AP Photo Seattle Seahawks’ Malcolm Smith, right, runs after recovering a fumble by Denver Broncos’ Demaryius Thomas, on ground, during the second half of Super Bowl XLVIII football game Sunday, Feb. 2, 2014, in East Rutherford, N.J. center Manny Ramirez snapped the ball. It flew past the incredulous quarterback into the end zone, where Knowshon Moreno dived on it for a safety. A mere 12 seconds in, Seattle led 2-0 with the quickest score in Super Bowl history, beating Chicago’s Devin Hester’s kickoff return to open the 2007 game — against Manning’s Colts. That one ended much better for Manning, as Indianapolis won the championship. This one was a fiasco throughout. Steven Hauschka, who missed only 2 of 40 field goals entering the game, made a 31-yarder for 5-0 and a 33-yarder for 8-0 after Doug Baldwin toasted 15-year veteran

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cornerback Champ Bailey, in his first Super Bowl, for 37 yards on third down. Then the Seahawks began scoring touchdowns. Manning’s third-down pass to Julius Thomas sailed way too high and directly to safety Kam Chancellor, giving the Seahawks the ball at Denver’s 37. Harvin, finally healthy after a virtually wasted first season in Seattle, sparked the short drive with a 15-yard burst, and a third-down pass interference call on Tony Carter gave Seattle the ball at the 1. Marshawn Lynch scored to make it 15-0. Then Smith, with a play emblematic of the best defense the

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NFL has seen in years, made his second huge play in two weeks. Cliff Avril got to Manning’s arm as he was throwing, the ball fluttered directly to Smith, who took off down the left sideline for a 69-yard interception TD. Manning trudged to the sideline, a look of disgust on his face. That look didn’t improve when, after a drive to the Seattle 19, his fourth-down pass was tipped by Chris Clemons and fell harmlessly to the Meadowlands turf. So did Denver’s reputation as an unstoppable force.

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oefnft ID % 1it0h Studupon

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w & Co


Lim TO A U thin City


g win


h Wit




women’s basketball


300yr Ave SE 0 0 8 8 3 St. C ess 213

s in ear y 1 s|3


New Mexico Daily Lobo

in Bus



“Honest mechanics!” “Great place for students to get car repair done!” “Best service I ever had.”

We Will Beat Any Written Estimate “Ask About Our Money Back Guarantee!”

Lobos break losing streak Staff Reporter

The New Mexico women’s basketball team snapped a fivegame losing streak on Saturday with a 76-73 win at San Jose State. Guard Sara Halasz scored eight of UNM’s first 13 points, finishing with 18 points for the game. She also hit a 3-pointer that snapped a three-minute scoreless streak in the first half. Halasz is now 19 points away from the 1,000th of her career. Forward Khadijah Shumpert returned to the starting lineup and

added 16 points, including 11 in the first half. She missed three games because of a concussion before playing the next four off the bench. After UNM held a 42-36 halftime lead, SJSU rattled off an 18-4 run through the first 8:12 of the second half and led 54-46. The Lobos then tied the game at 59 behind a 14-7 rally. Down the stretch, UNM outscored the Spartans 17-14 for the win. UNM forward Deeva Vaughn had a double-double with 11 points and 10 rebounds, and guard Antiesha Brown netted 13 points. San Jose State (8-13, 2-8

Mountain West) picked up 23 points from guard Jayzyl Tauala, 14 points from guard Classye James, 12 points from forward Jasmine Smith and 10 points from guard Rebecca Woodberry. As a team UNM (8-12, 3-6 MW) shot 42.6 percent from the field (29 of 68), 21.1 percent from the 3-point arc (4 of 19) and 56 percent from the free throw line (14 of 25). San Jose State countered by shooting 42.6 percent on field goals (23 of 54), 31.6 percent on the 3-pointers (6 of 19) and 72.4 percent on foul shots (21 of 29).

Mountain West women’s standings through Feb. 2 Team Colorado State Boise State Fresno State UNLV Nevada Wyoming San Diego State Utah State New Mexico San Jose State Air Force

Conf. W-L 8-1 7-2 6-3 6-3 5-4 4-4 4-4 4-5 3-6 2-8 0-9

Conf. Pct. .889 .778 .667 .667 .556 .500 .500 .444 .333 .200 .000

Overall W-L 16-4 12-8 12-8 9-12 10-10 13-6 7-11 10-10 8-12 8-13 1-18

Overall Pct. .800 .600 .600 .429 .500 .684 .389 .500 .400 .381 .053 Source:


Download the NM Daily Lobo App


fifth place (61 points), while Nebraska took the title with 138.5 points and LSU nabbed second (103). Notre Dame (69 points) and TCU (66 points) finished third and fourth, respectively. Senior Django Lovett was the men’s only individual winner. Lovett jumped 7 1/4 in the high jump for the victory. “I felt good coming into competition,” he said. “My body is

or this small puppy will cry. Download FREE at the Apple Store and Google Play Store

from Back

Women’s Team Rankings


in the 3000 meters with a time of 8:46:68. The men also had a couple of athletes score in the field. Yannick Roggatz (third, 24-1 1/2) and Kendall Spencer (fourth, 2310 3/4) placed in the long jump. “I think we’re positioning ourselves for the conference championship and maybe we can compete on both sides this year,” Franklin said.

Men’s Team Rankings





LSU Nebraska New Mexico Notre Dame Arizona State UCLA TCU Utah State Air Force

151 121 87.5 75.5 66 57.5 42 33.5 27

Nebraska LSU Notre Dame TCU New Mexico UCLA Air Force Utah State Arizona State

138.5 103 69 66 61 60 47 43 35.5

Congratulate last week’s

Lobo Winners! Men’s Basketball

defeated Utah State 78-65 & San Jose State 72-47

Women’s Basketball

defeated San Jose State 76-73


won the women’s 15k freestyle in the Spencer Nelson Invitational


defeated NMSU 154-32

Women’s Tennis

defeated Grand Canyon 4-3, NAU 7-0 & Western NM 7-0

Track & Field

feeling healthy and I’m consistently clearing a good mark and I think something good is going to pop off the next couple of weeks.” The distance races were where the men got a significant portion of their points. Luke Caldwell led the team with a third-place finish in the mile, clocking in at 4:06:38. Jake Shelley chipped in with a third-place finish of his own

won women’s 800-m run men’s high jump in the Lobo Team Invitational


New Mexico Daily Lobo


Stadlers head for Masters by John Nicholson The Associated Press


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — The Smallrus finally hoisted a big PGA Tour trophy. Kevin Stadler, the 33-year-old son of major champion Craig “The Walrus” Stadler, won the Phoenix Open on Sunday for his first PGA Tour victory. Stadler won when playing partner Bubba Watson missed a 5-foot par putt on 18. “It was a little weird way to win a golf tournament,” Stadler said. “I fully expected him to make the putt. I would have rather made mine to win it.” Stadler closed with a 3-under 68 for a one-stroke victory over Watson and Canadian Graham DeLaet. Watson shot 71, and DeLaet had a 65. “He beat me,” Watson said. “He’s a great player.” Stadler won in his 239th tour start, earning a spot in the Masters — a tournament his father won in 1982. The Stadlers are the ninth father-son winners in tour history and will be the first to play in the same Masters. “It’s going to be great for me because it’s really my last one,” said Craig Stadler, a 13-time PGA Tour winner with nine Champions Tour victories. “I kept saying, ‘When he gets in, that’s my last one.’ … I’m proud of him. It’s awesome.”


from Back


his eye. There was no immediate word if Greenwood will miss playing time. He missed three games in December with a wrist injury.

“It does not look good, but he’s tough and he’ll bounce back,” Craig Neal said.

Mountain West men’s basketball standings Through Feb. 2

Ross D. Franklin / AP photo

Team San Diego State New Mexico Nevada UNLV Wyoming Boise State Colorado State Air Force Utah State Fresno State San Jose State

Conf. W-L 8-0 8-1 7-2 6-3 5-3 5-4 3-6 3-6 2-7 2-7 0-10

Conf. Pct. 1.000 .889 .778 .667 .625 .556 .333 .333 .222 .222 .000

Kevin Stadler finished at 16under 268 at TPC Scottsdale, his home course. Raised in Colorado, he played in Denver Broncos colors, wearing an orange shirt and blue pants and hat. What was he wondering when Watson was standing over his par putt on 18? “How long the playoff was going to take and how long until I can watch the football game,” Stadler said. Phil Mickelson closed with a 71 to tie for 42nd at 3 under. Lefty was making his 25th appearance in the event he won in 1996, 2005 and 2013.

Overall W-L 19-1 . 17-4 12-10 15-7 14-7 15-7 12-10 9-11 12-9 9-13 6-16

Overall Pct. 950 .810 .545 .682 .667 .682 .545 .450 .571 .409 .273


Kevin Stadler hits his tee shot at the 10th hole during the final round of the Phoenix Open golf tournament on Sunday in Scottsdale, Ariz. “My game is not far off, even though the score says that it is,” Mickelson said. “It was just a fraction off.” He showed no signs of the back pain that forced him to withdraw at Torrey Pines, and will play next week at Pebble Beach. “Back feels great,” Mickelson said. The event drew an estimated 563,008 fans, breaking the seven-day record of 538,356 set in 2008. The tournament drew a golf-record 189,722 on Saturday and 60,232 on Sunday.


DAILY LOBO new mexico

Monday, February 3, 2014/ Page 9

LOBO LIFE Current Exhibits

Raymond Jonson to Kiki Smith 10:00am-4:00pm UNM Art Museum New exhibit at the UNM art museum, on view in the main gallery. New Mexico African American Legacy 8:00am-6:00pm Domenici Center The exhibit focuses on the African American experience from the Civil War into the 1950s and features the various communities of New Mexico.

Campus Events

Campus Calendar of Events

Coffee and Tea Time 9:30-11:00am LGBTQ Resource Center

Guest Artist Begins at 6:00pm Keller Hall

African American Student Services: Black History Month Events African American Student Services Begins at 11:00am Annual Flag Raising Ceremony.

UNM Brass Day 8:00am-3:00pm Keller Hall Free and open to the public. Concert, Brass Choir, Brass Quintets.

College for Social Transformation 4:00pm-6:00pm SUB Lobo A&B Come to this student forum to share your thoughts on the direction of this new college.

Arts & Music

Lectures & Readings Baker Morrow Lecture 5:30-6:30pm George Pearl Hall A lecture by Baker Morrow, FASLA, principal at Morrow Reardon Wilkinson Miller, Ltd. Landscape Architects.

Finding Internships for the Aspiring Scientist/Health Science Professional 4:00-5:00pm American Indian Student Services Presented by Jaron Kee, CAPS tutor-Chemistry, Biology & Math.

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N M Puzzle D lobo featuresLos Angeles Times Daily Crossword FOR RELEASE FEBRUARY 3, 2014

Page 10 / Monday, February 3, 2014



Year Zero




aily Lobo

Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis

Level 1 2 3 4

Solution to yesterday’s problem.

ACROSS 1 NetZero and AOL 5 Winter precipitation 9 “Poison” plant 14 NBAer O’Neal 15 Classic film character whose last word was “Rosebud” 16 “The Devil Wears __” 17 Linus’ trademark in “Peanuts” comics 20 Bone: Pref. 21 U-shaped river bend 22 USN rank 23 NYC dance troupe 25 Daunting duty 27 1959 Hudson/Day film 33 Emulated Michael Phelps 36 School subj. with a lab 37 Link with 38 Stable newborns 39 Chatter 40 Mistaken 42 Wine, on le menu 43 Increasing in vol., musically 45 __ firma 46 Decline 47 Rope material 48 Song publisher’s output 50 Othello’s confidant 52 Barnyard clucker 53 Former Texas governor Richards 55 Church keyboard 59 Say 63 Waistline concern 66 Without a break 67 “Not a problem” 68 Sky bear 69 Fizzy fountain drinks 70 Lowly laborer 71 CPR pros DOWN 1 “That __ last week!” 2 Females



By Peter Schaefer

3 War-ending agreement 4 Rat on the gang 5 Hit the slopes 6 Belg.-based peacekeeping gp. 7 Black stone 8 Jack who played Sgt. Joe Friday 9 Breed, as salmon 10 Keats’ Grecian vase 11 Disturbs the status quo 12 Port in Yemen 13 Litter box users 18 Like some hightech machines 19 Search (for) 24 Bed with a mate 26 GI show gp. 27 TV show about a consultant thought to have ESP 28 “As if __!” 29 Having similar opinions 30 Canines and molars 31 “But only God can make __”: Kilmer

Saturday’s Puzzle Solved

(c)2014 Tribune Content Agency, LLC

32 “The Maltese Falcon” actor Peter 34 Suspect’s story 35 “Hardball” airer 38 Case of false incrimination 41 Surg. branch 44 Restful retreat 48 Achy 49 False 51 Olympians’ dreams


53 “Famous” cookie guy 54 Chile boy 56 Surprised sound 57 Fluish feeling 58 Wolfe of detective fiction 60 Time in office 61 Sunrise direction 62 Nutritional stds. 64 Forensic ID 65 D.C. bigwig

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12 Monday, February 3, 2014


UNM fifth among top teams at invitational by Thomas Romero-Salas @ThomasRomeroS

The close familiarity between Charlotte Arter and Chloe Anderson was showed off during Saturday’s New Mexico Team Invitational. Anderson helped pace Arter to a second-place finish in the women’s mile with a time of 4:44:40, the second fastest time in UNM history. Arter returned the favor in the 800 meter race by assisting in Anderson’s time of 2:11:40, which was good for first. Anderson said she was boxed in at the beginning of the race and felt she might have set a personal best if she had not been stuck. “It’s good because we run together and train together and we’ve raced together for years. We know each other’s race tactics, which helps a lot,” Anderson said. “At the same time we can give it back as well when we’re racing.” Those finishes helped the UNM women’s track and field team take third place (87.5 points) among the nine teams in competition. The Lobos finished behind LSU (151 points) and Nebraska (121 points). In the field, freshman Jannell Hadnot leapt 42 feet, 3 1/2 inches to claim second place in the triple jump. Hadnot’s mark was the second best in UNM’s history. Margo Tucker took second in the pole vault with a mark of 12-8 1/4. “It was fun,” head coach Joe Franklin said. “It was nice to know the team score and people competing for team championships.” The men’s team had a little more trouble against the elite competition at the Albuquerque Convention Center. UNM grabbed

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Di-Linh Hoang / Daily Lobo Margo Tucker takes second in women’s pole vault, adding eight points to New Mexico’s score. UNM competed Saturday against nine other teams, including Louisiana State University and Notre Dame, at the New Mexico Team Invitational in the Albuquerque Convention Center.


Kirk’s home return lends to Lobos’ victory by J.R. Oppenheim @JROppenheim UNM center Alex Kirk, back on the floor after sitting out two games with a leg injury, returned to take the opening tipoff Saturday night against San Jose State. Rather than tipping it to teammate guard Hugh Greenwood, Kirk sent the ball past the end line and out of bounds. A bit overzealous in his return, perhaps? “I’m not sure what happened,” Kirk said. “Sorry, Hughie — I thought he was going to hit it.” The awkward tip aside, the junior center made a strong return at The Pit. He played only 19 minutes but scored 13 points in UNM’s 7247 win over the Spartans, a team that has yet to beat a Mountain West Conference opponent. Kirk netted the game’s first points on a jumper on the Lobos’ first possession and had nine minutes by halftime. He played only eight minutes in the second half and scored another four points, but UNM did not need much production from its key players since the Spartans made just six of their 19 field goal attempts in the half. “I mean, he’s one of our leaders, he’s one of the four captains,” guard Cullen Neal said. “He’s one of the best centers in the country. It’s huge to have him back.”

In order to work Kirk back into the lineup, head coach Craig Neal said he kept the center’s playing time to 20 minutes against SJSU. One minute under, Neal said, is better than one minute over. Kirk said he had been dealing with the injury for “quite a while,” but Craig Neal said it began to aggravate Kirk in the games prior to the Jan. 25 outing at Colorado State. Kirk sat out during that game and Tuesday’s Utah State contest in Logan, Utah. “I think it was bothering him three games previous; it was an all-the-time ache,” Craig Neal said. “We were fortunate to catch it and give him some rest. I think the days off helped him. He looked like he had a lot of energy and played well tonight.” Kirk said his leg felt well after the contest on Saturday. “It was crazy how much a week does just for your body, how I was hurting,” he said. “I was rehabbing and that kind of stuff, just to take a breath and relax. I learned some stuff just from sitting out there and watching those guys play.” National college basketball analyst Doug Gottlieb criticized UNM’s defense on Twitter on Jan. 28, stating, “New Mexico can really score, but they can’t defend ball screens w/Kirk — no real bench either.” As of Saturday night, five people retweeted Gottlieb’s post; Kirk was one of them.

“Yeah, what’d we give up, 47 points? Pretty awful,” Kirk said. “People are going to say what they want, and I guess he’s one of the best analysts in the country, so we’ll have to take that in stride and watch tape and pound fact and get better.” The 47 points surrendered to San Jose State was the lowest this season for UNM. The Lobos held SJSU to 34.1 percent from the field (15 of 44) and outrebounded the Spartans 40-26. SJSU had only two offensive rebounds and no secondchance points. SJSU never really threatened UNM, which opened the game with a 17-3 run, entered halftime up 37-25 and led by 29 points late in the game. Forward Cameron Bairstow paced UNM’s scoring output with 14 points and guard Kendall Williams added 11. The blowout allowed Neal to play several reserve players for significant minutes and 10 different Lobos scored buckets. Greenwood leaves game early Late in the second half, Greenwood’s face collided with a San Jose State player’s arm, leaving a cut on his face and his right eye swollen. No foul was called on the play, but Greenwood missed the remainder of the game and returned to the bench with an ice pack over

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Alex Kirk, back on the floor after sitting out two games with a leg injury, ensures two points by slamming the ball through the net Saturday at the Pit against San Jose State. New Mexico won with a commanding lead of 72-47, improving to 17-4 overall and 8-1 on the Mountain West. Aaron Sweet @AaronCSweet Daily Lobo

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