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April 30, 2010

Regents ready to set budget UNM employee wants by Tricia Remark Daily Lobo

Today the Board of Regents will finalize next year’s budget, which includes a 7.9 percent increase in tuition and fees. The meeting starts at 9 a.m. and runs until 11:30 a.m. in SUB Ballroom C. The regents formulated the amount of tuition and fee increase at their annual Budget Summit on April 2, and then based the rest of the budget around it, said Susan McKinsey, UNM spokeswoman. McKinsey said that any changes to the increases in student fees and tuition would be difficult this late in the process, but not impossible. “The regents can make any changes to the budget they want,” she said. “Changes at this point to

tuition and fees would be full-scale changes in the budget, but they can still do it.” However, the regents are supposed to submit the budget to the state by Monday, McKinsey said. “By law, we’re supposed to get it there, so it’s something we’re supposed to do,” she said. Melissa Trent, who participated in the Student Voice for Student Fees movement, said students should attend so regents understand how much students care about how the budget affects them. “It’s crucial that we have students’ presence so when regents look out they can see students that they’re affecting,” she said. Student Voice for Student Fees was formed by ASUNM and GPSA after Eliseo “Cheo” Torres, vice

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president of Student Affairs, recommended that student fees not increase in late March. The Student Fee Review Board recommended that student fees increase by $10.10. Breanna Hastings, who also participated in the movement, said student presence at the meeting will show the regents that students are in favor of the student fee increase. She said students can voice any concerns during public comment. “We’ll definitely sign up for public comment and try to let the regents know that we respect the administration and the whole process,” she said. “We just really want the SFRB recommendations to be upheld.” GPSA President Lissa Knudsen

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skateboard regulations by Kallie Red-Horse Daily Lobo

Sure, it’s a quick way to get across campus, but skateboarding could be hazardous to your health or the health of passersby. Rick Olcott, who works at University College, said he has been hit twice in the past nine months by students whizzing by. “I wasn’t hurt much, but it feels like assault. It really does,” he said. “It feels like someone coming up behind you when you are walking down the street and smacking you in the back of the head.” As a former skateboarder himself, Olcott said he is not anti-skateboarding, but that there is a time, place and manner when skateboarding is appropriate. “It seems like it’s an inappropriate activity,” he said. “Just like I can’t go swinging nunchucks through the library, if I had any. It’s just dangerous.” University policy does not authorize unsafe skateboarding or biking, said Robert Haarhues, UNMPD spokesman, but sometimes accidents happen. “The policy is they can’t ride on structures, do tricks off of the curbs or off the walls and that kind of stuff,” he said. “They are allowed to ride their

skateboard on campus to get from one class to another. Unfortunately they are going a lot faster than the people that are walking, and if people turn suddenly there is an incident.” Such an incident could result in serious injuries, Olcott said. “All it would take is a skateboarder losing control — their skateboard shooting out from under him or her at however fast they go,” he said. “It could easily shatter an ankle and I could possibly never walk again after something like that. I’m just afraid there is going to be a really nasty accident before something is done.” Student John Schooley said he hasn’t seen any collisions. “I have seen a lot of close calls, and I have had some myself, but I’ve never been a part of an actual collision,” he said. “It’s hard to maneuver through a lot of people sometimes, but most people are relatively aware, I think.” Olcott said he doesn’t want skateboarding prohibited on campus, but some regulations would promote safety. “I sympathize with the skateboarders. It’s a fun, nice way to get around, but pedestrians are not stable, reliable objects,” he said. “When I was an undergrad here, back in the

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Joey Trisolini / Daily Lobo Allen Colmenares, an art undergraduate, works on a painting of his mother at the Art Building. Visit the Daily Lobo Multimedia page online to see the second installment of “What Now,” as the Daily Lobo follows art students in their efforts to graduate and build a career.

Weh weighs in against tuition increase by Candace Hsu Daily Lobo

Allen Weh, Republican gubernatorial candidate, wants to fight government corruption, strengthen the school system, fix the budget, create new jobs and make safety a top priority. “I am going to make sure that our University system is responsible so we keep tuition rates under control. Also, we should spend our money on the core mission of the University. That mission is teaching the students in the classroom and keeping our faculty,” Weh said. “You can’t lose great faculty and keep a great University.” Weh is a graduate of UNM and holds a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree. He spoke to students, faculty and staff Thursday in the SUB Atrium. “The University of New Mexico is where I made my formal

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announcement last year,” he said. “The University is and should be our flagship institution, which means it is an institution that will need my help.” Weh said he wants to jump-start New Mexico’s economy and repair the education system. “We shouldn’t have a tuition increase in the double digits. It is not necessary,” Weh said. “The tuition increase means that we are spending money on things that are not necessary. I want to be able to put someone accountable of the spending.” He said New Mexico’s budget problem found its way to the University level, and he wants to end government corruption. “You can’t just end corruption. There is more to it,” he said. “First of all, we need to jump-start our economy. Secondly, we need to create government policies that will help and encourage jobs. I will be an advocate for the growth of the private sector.”

Weh said he understands budgeting and the needs of the economy because of his experience in owning a business. He is the chief executive officer of CSI Aviation Services, Inc. “You cannot lead people if you don’t know how to care for a person,” he said. “I have three children and four grandchildren. One of them has severe autism. I have human issues and I have compassion.” Weh said he will enforce laws on the books regarding health care, public safety and immigration. “I want to tighten law enforcement,” he said. “With this, we will make strides in public safety. I want to enforce the laws that we already have on the book. I don’t need to create new policies or laws; we first need to enforce the ones we have.” Weh sat down with students to answer questions and discuss his platform. Wesley Henderson, a junior,

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Gabbi Campos / Daily Lobo Will Masker, a CNM student, does a 360-degree flip near the Art Building on Thursday. A UNM staff member claims to have been hit twice this school year by skateboarders rolling by.

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Daily Lobo asks you: “Pyrokinesis, because stuff always looks really cool when it’s on fire, and if you can do it with your mind it’s that much better.” Chris Blackham Senior Art History and Art Studio

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New Mexico Daily Lobo

Weh from page 1 said he supports Weh. “He is a devoted family man. He wants to bring change throughout the state of New Mexico,� Henderson said. “The first thing that really appealed to me was that he takes a truck to get around the state instead of a plane like Gov. (Bill) Richardson. That probably saves us about $250,000 a year. I think that will really help us out in the long run, by cutting down useless needs.� He said another big thing that attracted him to Weh was that Weh is a veteran of the Marine Corps. “I think it is a really big thing to have a governor who has that military background at this time,� Henderson said. “I think this campus is very liberal and democratic. Even though there is a small few Republicans, I want to show my support for him.� Henderson said he encourages students to support Weh because students are affected by the budget shortfall and are the voice of the University.


crime briefs

Clubs disappear from Championship Golf Course

“I want to see him come through and take us out of this budget shortfall,� Henderson said. “I know there are a lot of nonprofit organizations that are getting cuts. I think there is a way to keep these great things while maintaining a good budget.� Laura Torres, a member of the UNM College Republicans, said she attended to hear what Weh had to say. “I agree with all his standpoints. It comes down to what you hope to happen, and I am part of the UNM College Republicans. We helped host the event,� Torres said. “The Weh campaign really wanted to come and interact with students.� She said she would like to see Weh enforce laws if he is elected governor. “My main concern is the health care plan. I would like to see him deal with it on a state level. It would be good to have someone like Weh be governor because of his intimacy with the current laws,� Torres said.

On April 17, the UNM Police Department responded to a larceny incident at the Championship Golf Course on University Boulevard. A man said he left a set of golf clubs under the breezeway, near the pro shop, for a short time. When he returned the clubs were missing. An attendant on duty said the area was under video surveillance. Police requests to see the video footage were denied because the course employee did not have access to them. The man said he was missing a Ping G5 iron and putting wedge, three Cleveland wedges, a Callaway G-9 driver and two Exotic wood irons.

Laptop stolen from car in South Lot, no leads

from page 1

Ice Age, bicyclists were a real problem, so they actually had dismount areas where people had to get off their bikes and walk them because there were some people who were severely injured in accidents.� A dismount area would be difficult to enforce, Haarhues said. “It’s possible, but it’s something that would be in violation of University policy,� he said. “Plus, I don’t have the manpower to have someone constantly watch to make sure you guys are dismounting or getting off your bike or skateboard in a particular area.� Remaining aware of your surroundings is the best way to prevent injury, Haarhues said. “I guess the precaution you can take is to look over your shoulder before you turn down a hallway or

Friday, April 30, 2010 / Page 3

On April 16, UNM police arrived to the South Lot parking area to a car burglary. A man said he parked his 2007 Chevrolet CTA at 10 a.m. When he returned at 1:15 p.m., his car’s left rear window was broken and his laptop was missing from the back seat. Police could not find any fingerprints on the vehicle. UNMPD said the burglary appeared to be a “smash and grab� because no other items were disturbed. The man said his laptop ($800), computer case ($30) and charger ($100) were stolen from the vehicle.

move down a parkway,� he said. “If you aren’t paying attention they can run right into you as you turn. That’s what naturally happens when some people are going a lot faster than the other people.� Olcott said it is a complex problem and he doesn’t have the answer, but he wanted it to be brought to people’s attention. “I personally think that the way a lot of people are riding skateboards is unsafe,� he said. “I’ve talked to a few people on campus and almost everyone I’ve talked to has either heard of or knows someone who has been hit or near hit. I don’t mean it as a condemnation of all skateboarders or all students. It only takes one or two people to ruin it for everyone else.�

Truck in parking structure covered with sawdust On April 15 a man walked into

the UNM police station to report criminal damage to his property. The man said he parked his 1994 Chevrolet S10 pickup truck in the Lomas Boulevard parking structure. When he returned, he said, his entire truck was covered in sawdust. When police went to the parking spot to investigate, sawdust was still on the ground. The man said he had no idea who would cover his vehicle’s exterior with sawdust. He said he tried for 10 hours to clean his truck but sawdust still filled the air vents. The man said the truck has possible engine damage as a result.

Professor says angry student threatened him On April 14 officers at the UNM police station spoke with a professor who said he was assaulted by an enraged student in the Social Sciences Building. The professor told police he was in a meeting with the officers of the Public Administration Graduate Student Association about misrepresenting complaints they took to the Provost in February. According to the incident report, the student grew upset with the professor and got in his face. The student was asked to leave but refused. He then stood close to the professor in a fighting stance. The professor said he felt threatened. No charges were filed.

Stereo, CDs and knife stolen from Q Lot car On April 13, UNMPD arrived at the Q parking lot in response to larceny, auto burglary and criminal damage to property incidents.

The victim said she parked her 1990 Acura IRS at noon. When she returned eight and a half hours later, the right front passenger window was busted. Her car stereo, a knife and 15 CDs were stolen, according to the report. The victim told police she did not want to pursue charges if a suspect was found.

Tools stolen from truck outside Anthropology On April 12, officers filed an incident report in response to an auto burglary that took place on the west side of the Anthropology Building parking lot. When the victim returned to his 2004 Ford SRW truck, he noticed one of his doors and his tool lockboxes were open. According to the report, it appeared the locks were pried open. The man said he was missing a Klein tool bag ($50), a fluke meter ($100), channel locks, a box threader, a mag light, a small vacuum and a spool of wire.

Saxophone taken from minivan, no suspects On April 9, police arrived at South Lot to investigate an auto burglary. The victim told police the right slider door of her 2008 Toyota Sienna minivan had been damaged. A saxophone, valued at $800, was also missing from the vehicle. The woman said she drove to her parent’s house before she called police. There was no evidence to suggest a suspect, and the saxophone was entered into the National Crime Information Center database.



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LoboOpinion The Independent Voice of UNM since 1895

Opinion editor / Zach Gould



Friday April 30, 2010 / Ext. 133

LETTER Recent letter’s views of Islam, Arizona law misguided Editor, This letter is written in response to Andres Saenz. There are multiple misconceptions in his letter published April 27 in the Daily Lobo. I’d like to address just two of them. The first one is regarding Arizona’s new law. Saenz refers to Cafferty File report, which states that 20 percent of all Mexican illegal immigrants have criminal records and says “all of the border states have the legal right to hunt down these criminals and bring them to justice under the fullest extent of the law.” I have no problem with law enforcement finding criminals. But, the law is illegal according to the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution, which states “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated.” This bill allows an officer to order someone to provide legal residency documents from persons detained under “reasonable suspicion.” What do you think the suspicion would be? It would be the color of the person’s skin. That is why it is racist to have immigration laws like this. There has to be a better way. My second point regards Saenz’s fallacious statements about Islam. Islam is a religion to follow, not a group of people. A group of fanatics claiming to be Muslim does not speak for 1.3 billion Muslims around the world. Islam does not say its followers should blow themselves up to ascend to heaven, just like how Christianity does not say to pray for more dead soldiers (an example of what Westboro Baptist Church members say). I’m not going to address your straw-man arguments against Romero’s letter, but I will address one glaring statement you made. You state “Why is there no outcry from (Muslims) to condemn murders of all forms.” There have been numerous fatwas condemning suicide bombing, terrorism, murders, etc. You are welcome to refer to this website for a comprehensive list: unc. edu/~kurzman/terror.htm. If you’re not paying attention, Saenz, you’re not going to see it. Fahed Qureshi UNM student




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LETTERS Anti-America column displays wisdom comparable to Dr. King Editor, Andrew Beale begins his column for the Daily Lobo “Hypocritical US takes part in terrorism constantly” with the following statement: “The United States government is the largest terrorist organization operating today.” In Martin Luther King, Jr.’s 1967 speech “Beyond Vietnam,” he comes to a similar conclusion when he says: “(My own government is) the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today.” Not much has changed since then. U.S. history continues to be littered with wars, occupation, massacres, torture, assassinations and secret detention. Founded on the Native American genocide, this nation is haunted by the African-American holocaust as it seeks nationalistic distraction in imperial wars. When Dr. King said as much, he was a marked man. His violent death a year later proved his point. This is just one of the many ironies in the tragedy of American history.

Becoming a fascist paper: A step-by-step process Editor, A recent letter suggests that some students feel that the Daily Lobo is fascistic. Nothing could be further from the truth. Here’s a brief guide on how you can actually become fascist. 1. Find a charismatic leader. Every fascist group needs a charismatic leader to follow blindly to a brighter future. I nominate myself, because I’m awesome and always wear a sweet hat. Barring that, I think our country might benefit from being placed under the total and utter domination of Jack Trujillo, although if he ever finds out I wrote that, he’ll probably be horrified. 2. Stop being a campus newspaper. Fascists are required to eschew the weak and unnatural abomination that is rational thought and instead embrace glorious action. A university is the opposite of everything Mussolini and company stood for. 3. More racism on your website and in your paper, not less. If you want to follow

The video recently released by the news organization WikiLeaks provides factual evidence of the judgment, a rarity in our times of corporate media control. It depicts a U.S. massacre in Baghdad from July 12, 2007, one of countless unreported. The video speaks for, or rather, against itself. The fact that it had to be leaked suggests the government’s mistrust of its own people. That the Pentagon can no longer find its own copy suggests a sense of guilt. Common sense condemns the massacre. The military, however, exonerated the culprits, effectively condoning the atrocities. If all criminals could preside over the trials of their own crimes, all would go free. As it stands, it’s the privilege of a hegemonic government and its military. We call it the Pax Americana. Those who defend the atrocities do so by rationalizing the forbidden into the permissible. They are effectively saying, “We are better Nazis than the Germans 70 years ago. They killed 6 million European Jews, we ‘just’ killed one million Iraqi Arabs.” In his 1967 speech, Dr. King recognized the

fatal kinship between the Nazi death camps in Europe then and the deadly American weaponry today. He condemned both. Today we must recognize: the continued American occupation of Iraq has as much justification as Nazi Germany’s invasion and occupation of Poland. In both cases the aggressor falsely claimed homeland defense with the murderous assault. It is a natural consequence that to the illegal occupier every movement of the occupied looks suspicious. Countless war crimes have resulted from the suppressed sense of guilt. When Leo Tolstoy recognized this deceit in human rationality, he converted to Christianity and became an uncompromising Christian pacifist who challenged state and church for their false faith of nationalism. Americans today who undergo a similar conversion too refuse to chant the imperial battle cry. Instead they humbly pray, “May God forgive America and bless the whole world.”

the path of Franco, you’re going to have to start censoring nonracist comments and stop publishing editorials about “embracing diversity” or “giving peace a chance” and start writing about how the Lithuanians caused our current economic crisis and how 99 percent of Eskimos are criminals. 4. Organize a paramilitary militia to destroy the Democrats (people who believe in the Democratic system, not members of the pathetically ineffectual political party). The militia should be large, have a uniform consisting of brown or black shirts, and spend most of its time marching in lockstep and looking for communists, democrats and foreigners. When one is found, might I suggest forcing the subversive to drink gallons of castor oil? It’s a fascist classic. 5. Your economic policy is all wrong. You apparently just give your newspaper away. This is far closer to communism than to any recognizable form of the corporatism that is so near to every fascist’s black heart. 6. You appear to embrace democracy, reporting on the results of elections and debates as if the existence of such institutions were a good thing. If you want to be fascists,

every article about an election should mock all of the candidates and call them weak and womanish. You should be constantly calling for military coups and taunting anyone who thinks that a popular election could ever produce an acceptable government. 7. Embrace war and conflict. Your paper shows a distinct “war is bad” bias, doing everything from quoting civilian death totals to printing editorials critical of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is the least fascist position possible. As a fascist organization, your goal would be to promote war with a stirring quote like “Blood alone moves the wheels of history” and inspiring stories of young men who grow up and become heroes in the glory of the trenches. Also, you would be required to constantly agitate for new wars, using scurrilous allegations and rampant xenophobia. Your current sober reporting of the facts could not be further removed from the glorification and reverence for war that is a requirement for every good fascist.

Joachim L. Oberst UNM instructor

Lawrence Allen Daily Lobo reader


New Mexico Daily Lobo

Custodians awarded for lighting up lives

Bigs and Littles’ Art Show May 1st, 2010 RFREE ADMIS SION EFR ESH 6-8pm MEN EN T

by Leah Valencia Daily Lobo

Instead of lighting up the night, the Luminaria Awards will light up the faces of four appreciated members on the UNM janitorial staff. The Office of Equity and Inclusion will have its first-ever Luminaria Awards Dinner tonight in the SUB, where the University will recognize the services of people who have gone above the call of duty in promoting diversity and support.  “There was a sentiment raised that some diversity efforts hadn’t been recognized to the degree that we should be recognizing them,” said Jozi De Leon, vice president of Equity and Inclusion. De Leon said the department decided to find a way to acknowledge more members of the UNM community, including the evening janitorial team for the Castetter Hall, Marron Hall and the Communications and Journalism Building. “They are a great representation of exactly what everyone around campus should be doing,” she said. “They take the time to get to know someone and they care about the success of others.” The idea for Luminaria Awards came from UNM professor Maggie Werner-Washburne. She said the idea came to her during the holidays when she was walking down a street lined with luminarias. “I realized that there were people all over UNM at all different levels,” Werner-Washburne said. “These people around campus that lighted other people’s lives, and got no recognition for it, so I thought of the Luminaria Awards.” Werner-Washburne nominated her janitorial staff, but she also sent around the nomination to surrounding departments and found an enormous response. The nomination received 20 conominations before reaching De Leon’s office. “We have had this group of janitors for a long time. We know them; they know us,” she said. “These janitors are a key part of the success of the University.” UNM custodian Phil Aragon said he already feels like part of the UNM community. “They all know us as ‘the staff,’ or ‘the team,’ as we like to call ourselves,” he said. “And they’ve just incorporated us as part of their team, and we have started to become one


Chroma Art Gallery

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Gary Alderete/ Daily Lobo Phil Aragon wheels his cleaning cart around the halls in the Castetter Hall. Aragon was one of the four custodians given the Luminaria award, which recognizes their commitment to the University. big happy family.” Aragon has been a janitor at UNM for 14 years. He said it started out like any other job until he got to know the people. “You start to build acquaintances, some friendships,” he said. “In 14 years, you meet a lot of people and make a lot of friends.” Aragon is one of four custodial staff members receiving the award. The others are Toby Lucero, Martin Jaramillo and Magdalena Vela. Werner-Washburne said each of them offers more than custodial services to the University. “We pay these janitors, like, $10 an hour,” she said. “For that the University is getting their help cleaning. … But for $10 they provide security and they provide community.” De Leon said the awards committee overwhelmingly accepted the nomination of the janitorial staff. “They were highly ranked by everyone,” she said. “It was unanimous.” De Leon said the awards would be celebrated with a silent auction, dinner and dance. The funds raised by the event will go to future diversity events put on by various departments on campus. The dinner will be in the SUB Ballroom, starting with a silent C





from page 1

said she will discuss funding for faculty at the meeting. “I really want to see a very clear graph that shows how many faculty we should have for the enrollment we have, how many we’re going to hire and if that really is going to take us beyond baseline,” she said. Knudsen said there is $1.5 million in the budget allocated to

Friday, April 30, 2010 / Page 5


hiring new faculty, but she isn’t sure if that is enough. “If we invested our money into faculty, then they would likely bring in more money than we spend on them,” she said. “If they start getting really efficient at grants, the grants will start covering their salary. I think that would be the best fiscal move for us to make.” CMY


The Daily Lobo is accepting applications for reporters. Visit Unmjobs.unm. edu to fill out an application.

auction at 5 p.m. De Leon said everyone is invited to attend. Aragon said the janitors will be receiving a night of paid leave to attend the event.




11:06:13 AM




Page 6 / Friday, April 30, 2010

New Mexico Daily Lobo

Legislators lack ‘appetite’ for immigration reform by Suzanne Gamboa Associated Press

Wear your


Argentine journalists accused in ‘people’s trial’

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at 701 2nd St. SW! (505) 842-6991 SHORT ON CASH?

by Michael Warren Associated Press



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WASHINGTON — Immigration reform has become the first of President Barack Obama’s major priorities dropped from the agenda of an election-year Congress facing voter disillusionment. Sounding the death knell was Obama himself. The president noted that lawmakers may lack the “appetite” to take on immigration while many of them are up for re-election and while another big legislative issue — climate change — is already on their plates. “I don’t want us to do something just for the sake of politics that doesn’t solve the problem,” Obama told reporters Wednesday night aboard Air Force One. Immigration reform was an issue Obama promised Latino groups that he would take up in his first year in office. But several hard realities — a tanked economy, a crowded agenda, election-year politics and lack of political will — led to so much footdragging in Congress that, ultimately, Obama decided to set the issue aside. With that move, the president calculated that an immigration bill would not prove as costly to his party two years from now, when he seeks re-election, than it would today, even though some immigration reformers warned that a delay could so discourage Democratic-leaning Latino voters that they would stay home from the polls in November. Some Democrats thought pushing a bill through now might help their party, or at least their

own re-election prospects. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, whose campaign is struggling in heavily-Hispanic Nevada, unveiled an outline — not legislation — on Thursday for an immigration bill at a packed news conference. Asked when it might advance, he declined to set an “arbitrary deadline.” If immigration goes nowhere this year, Democrats can blame Republican resistance, though in reality many Democrats didn’t want to deal with an immigration bill this year either. The Democrats’ draft proposal, obtained by The Associated Press on Tuesday, called for, among other things, meeting border security benchmarks before anyone in the country illegally can become a legal permanent U.S. resident. Obama praised the outline and said the next step is ironing out a bill. He said his administration will “play an active role” in trying to get bipartisan supporters. Republican Sens. Jon Kyl of Arizona and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who had been working with Democrats on immigration reform, criticized the proposal as “nothing more than an attempt to score political points.” By Wednesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi offered little hope that the issue was still alive on Capitol Hill. “If there is going to be any movement in this regard, it will require presidential leadership, as well as an appetite, is that the word? ... as well as a willingness to move forward in the Congress,” she said.

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BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — The Argentine presidency’s campaign against media criticism inspired a symbolic “people’s trial” Thursday against some of the nation’s leading journalists. The event outside the government palace was led by Hebe de Bonafini, an activist with close ties to President Cristina Fernandez and Nestor Kirchner, Fernandez’s husband and predecessor. Bonafini said her group, the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, intends to expose a younger generation to misdeeds by some journalists during the 1976-1983 dictatorship and to vindicate those members of the media who risked their lives to report about human rights abuses. “This trial has to do with denouncing the sellouts, the accomplices, those who never said anything when we were imprisoned,” she told a crowd of several hundred people. “What we don’t want is for the same journalists who lied then to keep doing it now.” The event was publicized through anonymous posters around the capital that accused prominent journalists for the leading daily newspapers Clarin and La Nacion, Sunday paper Perfil and magazine publisher Atlantida of acting as accomplices of rights abusers during the dictatorship. The dictatorship killed as many as 30,000 political opponents, including 98 journalists, according to Freedom Forum, the U.S.-based media freedom group. Fernandez herself ratcheted up

the rhetoric this week, saying some journalists “need to get an anti-rabies vaccine.” Kirchner, while denying responsibility for the anonymous signs, urged union members to keep up the pressure for implementation of a law that would shake up the media industry, calling Clarin “the backbone” of his wife’s political opposition. Grupo Clarin, one of Latin America’s largest media companies, would have to be sold off in pieces if courts approve the law. Young pro-government activists also joined in, shouting down critical authors at Argentina’s international book fair. Wednesday night, the Senate unanimously declared its “most energetic rejection of all acts of violence, intimidation, hostility and persecution against the work of journalists and the media.” Senators who support the first couple joined in the vote after rejecting a measure urging the president to make Bonafini call off her demonstration. Deputies in the lower house failed to pass a similar resolution Thursday after hearing from some of the targeted journalists, who accused the presidency of fomenting hate. “This is going to have to end with a death before the government does something about it,” said Joaquin Morales Sola, a political columnist for Clarin and now La Nacion. Opposition lawmaker Patricia Bullrich said the president’s failure to stop Thursday’s event in the Plaza de Mayo “shows that the government is behind this campaign of public shaming and attacks against the press.”


New Mexico Daily Lobo

Friday, April 30, 2010 / Page 7

lobo football

Winds tear facility, raise safety concerns by Isaac Avilucea Daily Lobo Whipping winds and otherwise inclement weather tore a hole in the fabric of the UNM Football Indoor Practice Facility Thursday, calling into question the safeness of the Lobos’ structure after a report back in January said there were flaws in the design of UNM’s $7 million facility. The Lobos’ facility was evaluated by Chavez-Grieves Consulting Engineers Inc., a local engineering firm, after the Dallas Cowboys’ facility collapsed during a thunderstorm back in May 2009. That facility was constructed by the same company, Summit Structures, which erected the Lobos’ facility. Twelve people were injured when that structure buckled under pressure. The rip in the north side of the Lobos’ structure exposed the skeletal beams. The facility wasn’t in use when the tear took place, said Media Relations Spokesperson Chris Deal. Initially, a news conference scheduled for 6 p.m. was called by the University to address any concerns about the structure’s stability,

Vanessa Sanchez / Daily Lobo The UNM Football Indoor Practice Facility was torn during a wind storm on Thursday, reigniting discussion about the facility’s durability.

but neither Associate Athletics Director Tim Kass, nor anyone from Athletics showed up and instead a press release was issued minutes later. The statement said that UNM, following its safety protocol, blocked off all entrances to the facility and the plaza after winds gusted above 60 mph.

“At that time, we followed our management plan to close the building when winds get near 60 miles per hour,” Kass said. “A tear developed in the outside fabric on the north end and, as winds increased, so did the tear.” Kass and Athletics Director Paul Krebs didn’t return phone calls

late on Thursday for comment. Though access to the plaza entrance and facility was said to be blocked off, two women somehow gained access to the plaza and wandered down the paved sidewalk by the football team’s outdoor practice field through the commons area at about 6:30 p.m.

Show your LOBO ID and get a large pizza any way you want it for only $9.99. Come and get your snack on. Delivery or carryout.

The two didn’t say how they accessed the facilities, nor did they witness when the tear in the structure took place. So far, at least six Summit-designed structures have collapsed since 2002, according to an Associated Press report published in January 2010.


PAGE 8 / FRIDAY, APRIL 30, 2010



Better batting will give ‘Iron Man’ pro-potential by Ryan Tomari Daily Lobo

If you want the answer as to why Daniel Gonzalez has played in 89 straight games as shortstop for the UNM baseball team, just ask head coach Ray Birmingham. “Gonzalez can play shortstop,” Birmingham said about the senior. “Gonzalez is the best shortstop in this league.” Inasmuch, Gonzalez is the Iron Man of Lobo baseball. But don’t mistake that to mean that Gonzalez’s body doesn’t take a beating. It does. Gonzalez said the wear and tear of playing every day has been difficult to deal with at times. “It’s rough — going through so many games,” Gonzalez said. “But this time around I have a little bit more experience because I know what I have to do. I know I have to be in the weight room, and I know not to take too many cuts and ground balls in practice. You know, now I can relax. That is pretty much how I see it now. I guess I could say I have more experience, and I am smarter this time around.” Most impressive is that Gonzalez, despite the rough-and-tumble nature of baseball, is there for the Lobos day in and day out. For that

reason, Birmingham said he isn’t shy about calling Gonzalez the best shortstop in the conference. Gonzalez said that Birmingham acknowledging his play is a confidence booster. “If coach keeps saying that about me, I am going to prove him right,” Gonzalez said. “But with me being the shortstop, I take pride in defense. I take a whole bunch of ground balls all the time, and I try to put myself in any situation I can. That way, when I get to the game, it’s much easier for me to do it.” Gonzalez has the defensive part down, and Birmingham said if he improves his at-bats, he has majorleague talent. “I think if he hits a little bit better, I think he would be a no-brain draft pick,” Birmingham said. “He is very good defensively, and I will miss him.” For the last two seasons, Gonzalez has been at the bottom of UNM’s batting order. Even so, Gonzalez doesn’t let it bother him. Instead, he said, it serves as motivation to continue to improve every day. “Our whole lineup is stacked anyway,” Gonzalez said. “I am going to hit as many times as the first batter. If he hits six times, I am going to end up hitting five times. So

Shortstop Daniel Gonzalez leaps over a Texas Tech base runner. Lobo head coach Ray Birmingham said Gonzalez is the best shortstop in the Mountain West Conference. Courtesy of Southcreek Global Media

it doesn’t really matter, and I don’t see anything wrong with it, because I am still going to get a chance to hit.” Gonzalez said his train of thought has changed during his UNM career. It’s amazing how much change can occur in a year, he said. “Last year, I was not thinking

get your photos published

like I am right now,” he said. “I am like, ‘I have to do this, because I am about to leave.’ I am thinking about the game and the little things more than I did last year. That’s what’s making us better, and it’s what’s making me better.” So what is there left for the senior to accomplish after having such an illustrious career


The Daily Lobo is accepting submissions for the photo issue. Submit your favorite single photos or series of photos to Marron Hall, Room 138, by 5 p.m. Wednesday.



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at UNM? “(A) conference title would be real good,” Gonzalez said. “We would really like that, but going to Omaha and winning that — that would be twice, no, three times as good and would make my career here that much better.” Nonetheless, Gonzalez has had a career worth remembering.

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Friday, April 30, 2010 / Page 9

lobo baseball

SDSU stands in the way of a shot at regionals by Ryan Tomari Daily Lobo

If San Diego State head baseball coach Tony Gwynn is considered one of the greatest batters in the history of MLB, that doesn’t mean his knack for clubbing balls has suddenly transferred to his players. The Aztecs are not hitting the ball like their head coach once did back in his hey-day with the San Diego Padres. SDSU is batting an anemic .297 average, last in the Mountain West Conference. Still, UNM head baseball coach Ray Birmingham will need his pitching staff for the Lobos’ upcoming series with the Aztecs. After a twoweek hiatus from Mountain West Conference action, UNM is back in the grind of conference play with a three-game series against SDSU, starting today. So what has Birmingham done to motivate his starting pitching staff? “I am a big believer in the C vitamin,” Birmingham said. “And the C vitamin is called confidence.” Fifth-year senior Max Willett said the Lobos will have to be on their toes against the Aztecs. “You know, they are a very, very good team,” he said. “We have to be ready to go at them again. These are three huge games coming up, especially with conference (play) winding down. We need a win in every game that we can get. They are going

to be good and coming out for us, because we took three from them (earlier in the season). We have to be ready to go right back at them.” Lately, though, the Lobos’ offense has put up football-like scores against their opponents. UNM has scored 114 runs in the last eight games, which includes a 29-3 win over Coppin State on April 18. But bigger than the win over Coppin State, or the offense, Birmingham said this three-game against SDSU has large implications, especially if UNM has a shot to play in the College Baseball World Series Regionals. “They’re huge for us, but everything here on out is huge for us,” Birmingham said. “We needed a couple of more games, because the RPI is important for us and league is important for us. TCU is important for us. San Diego is important for us. Utah is important for us, and every team all the way down the line.” Above all that, the MWC tournament is most important to the Lobos. Last year, the Lobos drew SDSU and fell 2-1, before losing to BYU 5-1. This time around, Birmingham wants it to be different. “We have gone to the mountain top, and we have been one rock away,” Birmingham said. “You want to see a guy who is ready to just jump off the top of it — when I get there — it’s me.”

college basketball

Competition for ultimate NCAA bracket increases by Michael Marlot Associated Press

INDIANAPOLIS — The road to the Final Four will have a new look next season. On Thursday, the NCAA’s board of directors approved expansion from 65 to 68 teams and endorsed a proposal to add three more opening-round games to the schedule. It’s only the second time in a quartercentury that the NCAA has increased the number of teams competing for the men’s national championship. Now it’s time to start mapping out the details, which could include putting at-large teams in the early games. “The (men’s basketball) committee will have to study any variety of options, and certainly the notion of looking at options involving the last at-large teams in would be one possible option,” NCAA vice president Greg Shaheen told The Associated Press. “We would expect the committee to examine all of the options.” The decision was not a surprise. NCAA officials recommended the 68-team field last week after the public loudly complained that going to 80 or 96 teams would water down the NCAA’s marquee event, and network executives insisted they did not need more tourney games to make a profit on the next television contract. So the NCAA backed the most modest expansion, at least for now. The board gave unanimous consent to the 68-team field with a caveat — it wants the “play-in” games to have more significance. “Expanding to 68 teams gave us an opportunity to involve more teams in the championship, and in doing that, we were able to enhance the experience of the opening-round game,” Clemson president James Barker, the committee chairman,

said in a statement. It’s the first time since 2001, when the NCAA added one team to the 64team team field that it has expanded. The NCAA went from 48 to 64 teams in 1985. More teams won’t be the only change fans see next March. Thanks to the new 14-year, $10.8 billion television package with CBS and Turner Broadcasting, also announced last week, fans can choose which games they want to watch. It will be the first time every tourney game will be televised live nationally. One game will be carried by CBS, with others carried on TNT, TBS and truTV. It’s a smaller overhaul than fans expected after NCAA officials spoke extensively about the format for a 96-team field four weeks ago, but it hasn’t stopped the talk about additional expansion. The new TV deal gives the NCAA sole authority to expand again, a possibility some observers believe will happen in the near future. Don’t bet on it. “Field size of any event is something people like to debate, but it’s not something the committee is interested in taking on in the foreseeable future,” Shaheen said. Tourney expansion was only part of the board’s busy schedule Thursday. It also endorsed a recommendation that would require football players to complete nine credit hours during the fall semester to be eligible for the following season. And the Committee on Academic Performance wants to eliminate waivers for Football Bowl Subdivision teams that lose players who are academically ineligible after completing their eligibility. The board believes the elimination of those waivers will force schools to place greater emphasis on retaining athletes.

Courtesy of Southcreek Global Media Rafael Neda rounds second base, after blasting a home run over the fence against Texas Tech at Isotopes Park. The Lobos travel to San Diego State for a three-game series, which kicks off today.


Page 10 / Friday, April 30, 2010


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Tiger splashes onto the course by Pete Iacobelli Associated Press

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Tiger Woods will need to stay out of the water if he hopes to contend at the Quail Hollow Championship. Woods put drives in the water off the 17th and 18th tees Thursday and finished with a 2-over 74, leaving him nine shots behind early leader Bo Van Pelt. “I was struggling so bad out there, just trying to piece together a round to keep myself in the tournament,” Woods said. Masters champion Phil Mickelson began his round in the afternoon, walking to the first tee amid cheers as Woods crossed the scorer’s area. Woods is playing his second PGA Tour event this season and hoped to build on a tie for fourth at the

by Jim Litke

Associated Press LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The Kentucky Derby goes off late Saturday afternoon and for two glorious minutes and change, horse racing will be back at the center of the universe. And then, like a hangover, the sport of kings will have to confront its grim prospects all over again. Declining revenues, smaller purses, shorter fields, less wagering and even the biggest track operators in North America in bankruptcy — the odds for renewal are so depressingly long that even mighty Secretariat likely couldn’t make a dent. That won’t stop Big Red from trying. At least at the movies. Coming this fall to a theater near you, “Secretariat” is a retelling of the greatest Triple Crown campaign ever, this time through the eyes of his owner, Penny Chenery, who took the reins of her

Men’s Golf

Thurs-Sat 05/06-08 @ Mountain West Conference Championship in Tucson, AZ

Women’s Golf


Track & Field

Sat-Sun 05/01-02 @ Payton Jordan Cardinal Invitational in Stanford, CA Sat 05/01 hosts 20th Don Kirby Memorial Invitational G.F.O. UNM Track Stadium



Good luck to Baseball, Men’s Golf, Women’s Golf, Softball and Track & Field

ailing father’s stable against the advice of her husband and turned the old-boy, old-money, bourbonfueled network that dominated the game on its ear. “Seeing yourself in a movie is really weird,” Chenery said with a laugh. Now 87 and living in Boulder, Colo., she returned Thursday to Churchill Downs, where Secretariat’s saga began. Chenery walks with the aid of a cane, but her wit remains as sharp as ever. “They told me, ‘Penny, it’s not a documentary, it’s a Disney movie,’” she added a moment later. “I’ve adjusted to a revised version of my life.” Then she paused again, looked to her left at actress Diane Lane — who plays Chenery in the movie — and beamed. “I’m younger and prettier.” Racehorses have struck the national nerve before for all kinds of reasons, but not for a long time. Secretariat ended a Triple Crown drought of 25 years by widening margins during the torrid

the facts

summer season of 1973, giving a country numbed by the war in Vietnam and the Watergate scandal something, finally, to cheer about. The feat put Big Red on the cover of both Time and Newsweek. Long before Seabiscuit, too, became a movie star, his rags-toriches-story regaled an audience suffering through the cruelest years of the Great Depression. And harkening back to a time when racing dueled only baseball and boxing for the sporting public’s attention, Man O’War’s funeral was broadcast on the radio, an honor in his day accorded only to popes and heads of state. Chenery knows only too well those days are gone forever. But she insists the same qualities that made Secretariat the most celebrated athlete of his day — a desire to take his game to a level where only history can provide a proper context for judging — never go out of style. “He loved to run,” Chenery said, “and it was a passion I got caught up in.”

Source: 2002 Readership Survey by Pulse Research

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when his ball sailed into the water. His second try struck to the green, but he missed a 30-footer and came away with a double bogey. “That’s just a bad shot,” Woods said. His problems continued on the par-4 closing hole when his drive ended up in a creek along the left side. He came up short of the green after taking a penalty stroke, then chipped to 3 feet and made the putt for a bogey. Woods followed with another bogey on No. 1, falling to 4 over through 10 holes. He finally perked up, hitting to about 15 feet on the par-3 second and making birdie. Then he added another birdie on the par-5 fifth after reaching the green in two, and kept the surge going on the eighth hole when a chip to about 5 feet set up another birdie.



Fri-Sun 04/30-05/02 @ San Diego State

Fri-Sat 04/30-05/01 @ BYU

Masters three weeks ago, his first tournament back after rampant allegations of marital infidelity led to a self-imposed hiatus from golf. He hit only four of 14 fairways while struggling through his opening round, though. Will that mean a hard afternoon of practice to straighten things out? “I’m not going to the range today, no,” Woods said. Things looked promising at the start when Woods, off a rousing welcome from a chilly crowd, hit a nearperfect tee shot on the 10th and birdied his opening hole. Woods could barely keep anything straight after that. A drive into the left rough on the 12th hole led to a bogey, and he saved par from near a holly tree on the 15th. Woods’ water world began on the picturesque, challenging par-3 17th hole,

Horse racing prosperous only in movies

Fan Page Thurs-Sat 05/06-08 @ NCAA Central Regional in Columbus, IN

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lobo features

New Mexico Daily Lobo

by Scott Adams


Friday, April 30, 2010 / Page 11


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All Graduating Art Education Students Exhibition Starts at: 11:00am Location: Masley Gallery, in Masley Hall Each student will be showing 1-2 pieces of artwork completed during his or her degree program. UNM WRC Free Film Series Starts at: 12:00pm Location: 1160 Mesa Vista Hall The Alzheimers Project shows there is now reason to be optimistic about the future. Created by the award-winning team behind HBO’s acclaimed Addiction project, this multi-platform series takes a close look at groundbreaking discoveries made by the country’s leading scientists. Diversity Celebration & Fundraising Dinner Starts at: 5:00pm Location: SUB Ballrooms A, B, & C This event will celebrate the diversity initiatives in which faculty, staff, and students have engaged, and will honor seven Presidential Luminaria Awards. Food & Life: A Place at Mother Earth’s Table Starts at: 7:00pm Location: Anthropology Bldg, Rm 163 Arab-American writer, lecturer, food and farming advocate, rural life-ways folklorist and conservationist Gary Nabhan will give the keynote lecture.


Werewolf The Forsaken Starts at: 7:00pm Location: SUB, Santa Ana A&B Mind’s Eye Theatre UNM presents the Camarilla’s Werewolf The Forsaken venue. Play a character as part of White Wolf Publishing’s ongoing official worldwide chronicle. Please call Marco at 505 453 7825 for information/confirmation.

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Mountain Laundry and Enchantment Cleaning Presents Customer Appreciation Day Starts at: 4:00pm Location: Mountain Laundry There will be free food, drinks, and prize drawings, of which the grand prize winner will win a full house cleaning provided by Enchantment Cleaning. 5th Annual Girls Night Out Starts at: 6:00pm Location: Isleta Casino & Resort Between 5:30 pm and 10:00 pm over 1,000

women 21 and up will be in attendance to enjoy a night of indulgences, shopping, chocolate, fashion and entertainment.


9th Annual RoboRAVE International Starts at: 9:00am Location: ABQ Convention Center Students are Free, adults $5.00. Adventure Challenge: The general public can compete in this event-robots are provided. Cost per heatper robot is $1. Grand prize $200 Water, Earth and Life Starts at: 10:00am Location: Ojito de San Antonio Participants will be led on a tour of unique Open Space properties and learn the history and environmental significance of the area. Space is limited and participants must RSVP in advance. RSVP to or 314-0398. MYSTIC TIBET Starts at: 12:00pm Location: Guild Cinema in Nob Hill $10 admission/$5 students with IDs - proceeds go to the RigDzin Temple

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Planning your day has never been easier! Food & Life: A Place at Mother Earth’s Table Starts at: 1:00pm Location: Hibben Center and Anthropology Building The Maxwell Museum celebrates the wild plants of cultures past and present at the second annual Food and Life event. Explore the plants, learn their health benefits and sample them!


Gita and mantra-meditation. Vegetarian snacks are served, and there is no charge for either participation or the food. MYSTIC TIBET Starts at: 12:00pm Location: Guild Cinema in Nob Hill $10 admission/$5 students with IDs - proceeds go to the RigDzin Temple Sai Baba Events Starts at: 4:00pm Location: 111 Maple Street 1st Sunday Values-based Youth group: 4:006:00 p.m. 1st Sunday Intro Talks & video: 6:00-8:00 p.m. 2nd & 4th Sundays: Sai Baba Study Circle 6:00-8:00 p.m. 505-366-4982

5 Element Qigong Exercise for Health Starts at: 10:00am Location: Tai Chi Chuan Institute Five Element Qigong is an ancient exercise for the modern world and has proven to be helpful for aching joints and bringing balance back into your body and mind. The instructor, Jonathan Gimbel, will lead you step by step through the movements. Future Bhakti Yoga / ISKCON Services Starts at: 11:00am Location: 508 Sawtooth St., SE Classes include instruction from the Bhagavad

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UNM/ CNM STUDIOS, 1BDRM, 2BDRMS, 3BDRMS, and 4BDRMS. William H. Cornelius, Real Estate Consultant: 243-2229.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANTOINETTE. Today is about following your dreams (not crushing other people’s!) Try to take it easy on us today!

SEE MY C&J 479 electronic publishing web page, Dream big. Spanish-amiga$$ (Ms. Plain-Jane Education Enterprises)


SPACIOUS 2BDRM 6 blocks west of UNM. FP, hardwoods, laundry. 201A Mulberry NE. $875/mo includes utilities. 620-4648.

Your Space

PLEASE COMMENT AND vote (take survey) on my C&J 479 Electronic Publishing Class blog. http://collegegradu Thank you, Spanish-Amiga$$ (Ms. Plain-Jane Education Enterprises).

Apartments APARTMENT HUNTING? 1 AND 2BDRMS, 3 blocks to UNM, no pets. Clean, quiet, and affordable. 301 Harvard SE. 262-0433. MOVE IN SPECIAL- walk to UNM. 1and 2BDRMS starting at $575/mo includes utilities. No pets. 255-2685, 268-0525.


Phone: Pre-payment by Visa, Discover, • 30¢ per word per day for five or more Come to to Marron show Pre-payment by Visa or Master •• Come MarronHall, Hall,room room107, 131, show •• Phone: or American is required. consecutive days without changing or your IDID and receive FREE classifieds Card is required. CallExpress 277-5656. yourUNM UNM and receive a special rate MasterCard Call 277-5656 cancelling. inofYour Rooms for Rent, orRooms any For 10¢Space, per word in Personals, • Fax or E-mail: Pre-payment by Visa or • Fax or Email: Pre-payment by Visa, Discover, • 40¢ per word per day for four days or Sale Category. for Rent, or any For Sale category. Master Card is required. Fax ad text, MasterCard or American Express is required. less or non-consecutive days. dates and dates category to 277-7531, or Fax ad text, and catergory to 277-7530 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING • Special effects are charged addtionally: e-mail or email to to classifi DEADLINE logos, bold, italics, centering, blank lines, person:Pre-payment Pre-pay bybycash, •• In In person: cash, check, money larger font, etc. check, Visa, Discover, MasterCard or • 1 p. m. business day before publication. order, money order, Visa or MasterCard. American Come room 107 Come byExpress. room 131 in by Marron Hallinfrom CLASSIFIEDS ON THE WEB Marron Hall from 8:00am to 5:00pm. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. UNM Student Publications Mail:: Pre-pay money order, in-state check, Pre-paybyby money order, in-state •• Mail MSC03 2230 Visa, Discover, MasterCard or American check, Visa, MasterCard. Mail payment, 1 University of New Mexico • All rates include both print and online Express. Mail payment, ad text, dates and ad text, dates and category. Albuquerque, NM 87131 editions of the Daily Lobo. catergory.

TINY 1BDRM HOUSE. Enclosed yard, close to UNM, references required. $475/mo +utilities +dd. 293-8164.

GARAGE SALE: TV’S, camping gear, etc. Sat 8am - 1pm. 808 Georgene Dr. NE 87123.



new mexico

new mexico

New Mexico Daily Lobo

4 NEW 2BDRM townhomes 1921 Girard NE. Hardwoods, D/W, W/D, garage. Renting in June $975/mo. 620-4648. $680- 2 BEDROOM available- Minutes from UNM, Shuttle Bus Available, PreLeasing for Fall- Reserve Now Call 505842-6640.

Condos FOR SALE OR RENT UNM condo 3BDRM/ 2-CG 1600sf refigerator, microwave, W/D. Girard/ Indian School. $1200/mo +utilities. Call 450-8625.

Houses For Sale 3BDRM 2.25BA 1 mile south of campus on Academic Place. $219,900. 505-9775381. FOR SALE BY Owner. 5305 Mescalero NE. 5 miles from UNM. 3BDRM, 1.5BA. Perfect for rental or starter home! $142,000 220-5181

Housing Wanted FOR SALE OR RENT only 6 yr. old UNM condo 3BDRM/ 2-CG 1600sf refigerator, microwave, W/D. 1905 Girard NE 87106. $1200/mo +utilities. Call 4508625 for more information.

Rooms For Rent RESPONSIBLE AND QUIET female graduate student seeking same to share 2BDRM apartment near campus. $280/mo +1/2 utilities/ internet/ cable. $200 deposit. Smoke free. Call 3065418. GREAT 4 BEDROOM house a couple blocks from campus! $425/mo, gas and electric shared. Huge room! Call 9488888. FEMALE ROOMMATE WANTED to share 2BRM Apartment. 4 blocks from UNM. $360/mo +utilities, cable and internet. (309)585-0946 MATURE UPPERCLASSMAN: FURNISHED room, W/D, cable, smokeless, free utilities, $295/mo +$50dd. 344-9765. 2 MALE STUDENT athletes looking to share 3BDRM home 1 mile south of campus off of Yale. Call for pricing. 505-977-5381. I AM LOOKING for a roommate for June/ July to share apartment located 2 blocks from UNM. Rent: $275/mo +1/2 utilities. Contact: DOWNTOWN ROOMS TWO female roomates needed $308/Month Starting May. Cats Ok. Coin laundry. Big Bedrooms. Hardwood floors. Call 414-3648407. or FEMALE WANTED TO share 4BDRM house. $400/mo. includes utilities, cable, Wifi. 3 blocks from North Campus. Must be clean/ responsible. 2 rooms available immediately Suzanne 9998296. LARGE HOME, MINUTES from UNM. Female roommate wanted. Furnished room. Very quiet. Under $400 including utilities. Robin 250-9368.

For Sale

Houses For Rent

CRT TELEVISION, APPROXIMATELY 25”, built in VCR (tape heads dirty.) $30.

1500 SQFT 3BDRM 2BA 2 living areas. In Uptown area. $900/mo. Price negotiable with longer lease. $500dd Close freeway access. 850-3521

LIKE NEW BLACK double-stack oven. Works great, looks great. $250 obo. Call 505-366-1380.

UNM 3BDRM $1000/MO *4BDRM/ 4BA $1300/mo. 897-6304. SMALL 2BDRM HOME, North Valley. Available June 1st. $800 +utilities, $200dd. Please leave message. 3445979. 306-4120. MORNINGSIDE DR NE. Ideal 2 Bdrm home. $650 299-8543 Cell 379-7349


Vehicles For Sale 1998 OLDS. 88. Good, sturdy, and dependable (medium-sized) student car w/ 4-doors, large trunk and 97,000 miles. Grey w/ no dents. $1500. 505204-1800.

2000 SATURN SL2 Auto., 4dr, good condition. Needs transmission work. Selling as is. Asking $1200. Price negotiable. 620-1103 (Leave message if no answer.)

Jobs Off Campus



!!!BARTENDING!!!: UP TO $300/day. No experience necessary, training provided. 1-800-965-6520ext.100.

Starting at $8.50/hr.

EARN $1000-$3200 A month to drive our brand new cars with ads placed on them.

Day, night, late night, weekends. Cashiers/busing positions. Will work around your schedule.

EL POLLO REAL Colombiano OPENINGS AVAILABLE Bilingual Waiteress Day-weekends-part time. Apply in person. 600 Lousiana Blvd SE WAIT STAFF PT/ FT for busy lunch cafe. Apply at Model Pharmacy, corner of Lomas and Carlisle. NOW TAKING APPLICATIONS for summer jobs for certified lifeguards and swiming instructors at both YMCA facilities. Apply at 4901 Indian School Rd NE. TEACH ENGLISH IN Korea!

2010 Teach and Learn in Korea (TaLK) sponsored by Korean government ●$1,300/month (15hrs/week) plus airfares, housing, medical insurance Must have completed two years of undergraduate Last day to apply: 6/10/10 Please visit our website 2010 English Program In Korea (EPIK) ●$1,300-2,300/month plus housing, airfare, medical insurance, paid vacation Must have BA degree Last day to apply: 6/10/10 Please visit our website Jai - (213) 386-3112 ex.201 WANTED: SOMEONE TO arrange my library, approximately 1,200 volumes. Prefer someone with working knowledge of library science. 796-5935. LEGAL SECRETARY

Criminal defense attorney with fastpaced practice seeks full time legal assistant. Familiarity with WordPerfect and Microsoft Office required. Good people and organizational skills essential. Please fax resume and cover letter to (505) 247-1954 or email to: no later than 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 4th. ALPHA ALARM IS hiring for the summer. Call 296-2202 for opportunities today. *** SUMMER WORK!!*** Great Pay Flex Schedule, Continue in the fall Customer Sales/Service, No Experience necessary, Cond.apply, All ages 18+, Call Now!! Albuquerque: 243-3081 NW/Rio Rancho: 891-0559 EARLY BIRD LAWN service now hiring for PT mowing jobs. Able to work w/ some student schedules. Call Bob at 294-2945 for information.

Apply in person.

2400 Central SE !BARTENDER TRAINING! Bartending Academy, 3724 Eubank NE, www. 292-4180. NEED YOUR NM Alcohol Server Permit??? Classes daily. ACE provides training for the responsible service and sale of alcohol as required by the State of New Mexico. Class Fee: $30. For more information call 792-3400. Convenient location-6200 Coors NW C-6, at Montano Plaza.

Jobs On Campus THE DAILY LOBO IS LOOKING FOR AN ADVERTISING SALES REPRESENTATIVE! Flexible scheduling, great money-making potential, and a fun environment! Sales experience preferred (advertising sales, retail sales, or telemarketing sales). Hiring immediately! You must be a student registered for 6 hours or more. Work-study is not required. For information, call Daven at 277-5656, or apply online at search department: Student Publications

Volunteers HEALTHY VOLUNTEERS AND subjects with and without asthma are needed for a research study looking at the effects of fat and physical activity on the breathing tubes. If you qualify, compensation will be provided for your time and inconvenience upon study completion. If you are healthy or have asthma, over the age of 18, and are interested in finding out more about this study, please contact or leave a message for Teresa at (505)269-1074 or e-mail GET INVOLVED IN YOUR COMMUNITY! Gain experience and join a movement. Become a volunteer advocate with the Rape Crisis Center. Training starts in June. For more information:, 266-7711 or

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