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December 8, 2010

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Funding for Castetter Hall addition dries up DE


ti m e s by Ruben Hamming-Green

The Castetter Hall addition, the hulking construction project next to the Yale bus stop, will not be completed by its scheduled April deadline. Melissa Vargas, the strategic planner with the Provost’s Office, said the first and third floors would be built, but not usable. She couldn’t say when the building will be completed — if at all — since Bond D failed during the Nov. 2 election, leaving no available funding sources.

work in the biology department, and the new lab space would provide students more work opportunities and study space. “When you get new space it allows you to do new things and do things better, but I don’t think it’ll harm the (students) that we have now ...” he said. “It was a disappointment, but also a motivation to make sure that it does get done eventually.” Vargas said the biology annex would have been demolished after the Castetter Hall addition was completed, but it will remain at least for the foreseable future. “It’s a small and very dysfunctional building,” she said. “It’s one of those buildings that’s very old and is an energy hog, and it’s just not functional for the current way they’re doing biology.” ASUNM Sen. Daniel Parker, a biology student, said he was disappointed when he heard that Castetter Hall would not be completed.

“Who wants to come to UNM where we have half of a biology building?” ~Daniel Parker ASUNM Senator “We’ll continue with the legislative strategy,” she said. “It might take a couple of years, but that’s the primary way we get capital dollars. It remains a top priority for the Provost’s Office. We just don’t currently have an identifiable funding source.” Only the building’s second floor will be operational. Bond D would have provided $3.8 million toward the building’s $9.9 million cost. The biology building addition will function primarily as laboratory space. Richard Cripps, chair of the biology department, said 140 undergraduate employees

“I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “If the taxpayers aren’t going to do it, I think the University needs to reallocate money to finish buildings. That’s a bare minimum. Who wants to come to UNM where we have half of a biology building?” Vargas said that the road to secure funding is unclear. “We have actually, institutionally, not had the conversation about how we’re going to approach the next legislative session,” she said. “What else can you do if the voters don’t pass the funding?”

If you know of a creative or cost-effective measure in your department or elsewhere, please send an e-mail to to be featured in our “Desperate Times” feature.

Chris Quintana / Daily Lobo Castetter Hall, which has been under construction since summer, will not be completed by its April deadline. Bond D’s failure in the Nov. 2 election has left UNM officials to find alternative funding. Only the building’s second floor will be operational.

SUB barber cuts his losses by Shaun Griswold

Paul Panas has the hook up on quality, inexpensive haircuts. Yet, UNM wants the small business owner to dig deeper into his pockets to continue trimming up students. Panas signed a five-year lease agreement with the SUB that raised his monthly rent by $200, and by the fifth year, his rent will be doubled. “Most of the students say they come here because of the prices, the haircuts and that we’re a mom-and-pop shop,” he said. Walt Miller, Student Life vice president, said basic economics

Inside the

Daily Lobo volume 115

issue 74

Amie Zimmer / Daily Lobo Paul Panas cuts student Levi Duran’s hair at Hook You Up Barbershop at the SUB on Monday. Panas said he has raised haircut prices to cope with UNM increasing rent. drove the University’s decision to raise rent on SUB tenants. “Heat and utilities have gone up, and they have to pay their fair share,” he said. “Everybody gets an increase.” As a result, Panas’ SUB basement business, Hook You Up Barbershop, has been forced to raise haircut prices from $8 to

$10. He said he explained the situation to customers accustomed to paying $8 for a haircut. “The real estate department came and all of a sudden, out of the blue, said, ‘We have to match real estate because there are a lot of people who want this spot, and we figure we have to go and raise your rent to keep

State affair

Obama nation

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up with inflation and the real estate market,’” Panas said. Thomas Neale, Real Estate associate director, did not return phone calls or e-mails this week. Miller said other companies, such as MVD Express, have expressed interest in renting SUB property, but none have been serious. Panas said he was unsure about how much his rent will be raised in upcoming years. “Hopefully in five years we can negotiate and keep that locked in,” he said. Miller said Panas’ rent hasn’t increased during his six years as a tenant. Meanwhile, Miller said, the New Mexico Educators Credit Union endured annual rent increases during that time. Panas and his wife have been cutting hair for 19 years. The couple moved their business to UNM in 2004 after a similar incident forced the couple out of their previous location near Walgreens on Girard Boulevard. He said customer familiarity, satisfaction and low prices makes his business successful. “What’s weird about barbering (is) you know all the guys by shapes and sizes,” he said. “So there is a guy who looks like me. He’s been here a long time. There is a guy named Hollywood, a little Spanish guy, who looks like Freddy Fender, and there is a guy named Tony who has been with us the whole 19 years.” Although his rent has increased, Panas said he will continue to provide an inexpensive service to the UNM community. “It’s all about the students and the staff,” he said. “The kids, the ones that graduate come back, too. They start as freshmen, and when they graduate they come back.”


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Voters weigh in Res Life on Bond D failure fears outside takeover by Ioan Belovarski

Following Bond D’s failure in November, students and faculty are dealing with the aftermath of effects that voters might have overlooked. Student Stav Gold said he didn’t know about the bond, which would have provided $155 million to promote higher education among 31 state colleges and universities. “I didn’t know specifically what Bond D was,” he said. “I hadn’t heard of it until I heard the news that it didn’t pass. If I had known what the bond was for, I would have voted for it.” The bond was struck down by 0.2 percent, or 1,163 votes, and would have funded improvements to UNM’s biology department, the College of Education, Carrie Tingley Children’s Hospital and chemistry department renovations. New Mexico’s Secretary of State Mary Herrera said in a statement that Bond D failed because of lack of advertising. Student Daniel Rolison said he voted against the bond because he didn’t have faith that UNM would manage its money. “This was just going to be another loan that we would have to pay back later, and we’re already in debt now,” he said. Student Tyler Jordan said he learned of the bond when he saw it on the ballot. “I didn’t understand Bond D

going into the election, but I read it on the ballot,” he said. “I’m not sure why it failed to pass. Out of all the bonds on the sheet, one for education to not pass is extremely weird to me.” The sentiment is shared by others at UNM, especially those who participated in the election. Student Molly Sroges said the chemistry department and Carrie Tingley Children’s Hospital’s financial woes motivated her to vote for the bond. “They’re things that I support in general, and I think we could’ve used the monetary support for them to improve them,” she said. Professor Patrick Mariano said the bond’s loss will hamper the chemistry department. He said researchers would be affected the most. “It’s hard to predict what current faculty will do in face of not having renovated space,” he said. “And I question our ability to hire new faculty if we cannot show them, or at least tell them, that a remodeled, safe laboratory can be provided for them.” Student Morgana Langston said opponents didn’t consider the repercussions of the bond failing. “I voted for it because I’m in the biology department and the chemistry department, but my grandparents voted against it because they thought it was just more money going to a losing football team and to building new gyms,” she said.

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by Chelsea Erven

An unsigned advertisement for Monday’s Lobo Development meeting with the Resident Hall Association proclaimed, “Remember Santa Ana. Do you want answers? Because this is how you get answers.” About 40 Residence Life representatives gathered Monday to ask the Lobo Development Corporation for answers. “I think this meeting brought up a lot of really good things,” ACC representative Matt Stein said to the group. “I think there were some serious underlying questions about the day-to-day operations that your leadership has committed to responding to you on.” In addition to other slated projects, Stein said ACC plans to renovate existing dorms and would begin the process in August 2011. RHA representatives talked about amenities they would like to see improved or added to the dorms, including movie theaters, study rooms, game rooms, increased kitchen access and larger common areas. Meeting attendees were more concerned about who would manage ACC’s buildings and whether Residence Life employees would


keep their jobs. RHA representative Amir Chapel said he was worried that ACC’s management team would take over the RHA. “There’s this scenario where ACC comes onto the campus and initially manages a building or a few buildings and then, over time, they take over the whole housing community …” he said. “Now ACC has their foothold here, and there is a possibility where they could spread and just take over all of residence life as we know it today.” Walt Miller, Student Life president, said the University has no intentions of eradicating RHA, but has not figured out what the management structure will be. He said

“Aren’t we far enough along in the process that we should have this information?” ~Thomas Snodgrass RHA Director ACC might manage buildings, but it would be governed by UNM policies and the Pathfinder student handbook. “I want to be very clear,” he said. “We have an excellent Residential Life community program. My intent with the direction of this project is not to fix that. It is a fine program. My focus is to have more people have the opportunity that you and others are having and make sure we have the amenities to do that.”

Residence Life Specialist Megan Chibanga said that alcohol will be allowed at Lobo Village, which contradicts the Pathfinder policies. “(Drinking) is clearly not outlined as OK in the Pathfinder, or in our community living guide,” she said. “The Pathfinder clearly lays out the very few areas that allow alcohol ... one being the family housing, so is Lobo Village now going to be added to the Pathfinder as family housing?” Miller said Lobo Village would be classified as family housing, or an area where alcohol is allowed. “That policy is being revised by a campus committee,” he said. Attendees also expressed frustration with the lack of a concrete building plan. Thomas Snodgrass, RHA director of programming, said he didn’t understand how so many questions and issues are unanswered. “You’re giving this nice presentation now, and we’re getting these interesting facts, but we don’t have any solid information about what’s going to happen,” he said. “Aren’t we far enough along in the process that we should have this information?” UNM and ACC officials explained that uncertainly is typical of an architectural process, and the design process is constantly evolving. Stein said the “strategic housing plan” does not lay out concrete building footprints or designs; it only allows ACC to develop architectural plans. “The ‘strategic housing plan’ allows ACC to develop the preliminary materials,” Stein said. “The preliminary materials allow for a milestone to continue the architectural design while we’re negotiating a ground lease to maintain 2012 delivery.”


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Wednesday December 8, 2010 / Ext. 133

Letter Retirement board will hold meeting to discuss changes Editor, The NMERB has posted its proposal for changes concerning retirement eligibility rules. It incorporates New Mexico educational system employees’ suggestions. These suggestions will be voted on this Friday at 9 a.m. at the APS John Milne Conference Community Board Room at 6400 Uptown Blvd. N.E. The meeting is open to the public, and all affected parties are encouraged to attend the meeting.  Anyone who is working for a higher education or K-12 institution and contributing to the NMERB is affected. Proposal 6B retains our current retirement eligibility rules, increases our member contributions, possibly changes the final average salary calculation from five to seven years, and increases the years of service before being vested into the retirement system from five to seven years.   This is the least damaging proposal, as it does not require additional years of service or a minimum retirement age. Proposal 4 is a slightly watered-down version of the original recommendation that upset everyone. It increases our member contribution, changes the final average salary calculation from five to seven years, increases the years of service before being vested in the retirement system from five to seven years. But it also: Increases years of service to 30 years, with a benefit reduction under 60 (right now there is no benefit reduction if you have 25 years of service). If you have 35 years of service, there is no benefit reduction at any age. Age Service requirement:   The board hasn’t spelled out this out, but it is looking to add five more years to the Rule of 80 requirement (if you are Tier I). Age 5 years service:  The board is adding two more years, so instead the requisite age of 65 with five years of service, it will change to age 67. The board is proposing grandfathering in more employees, but didn’t say how many. Johann Sebastian Bach Community member

To look over the proposals, visit: preliminarysolvencyproposals.pdf

Editorial Board Pat Lohmann Editor-in-chief

Isaac Avilucea Managing editor


Hi there; I’m just killing time “Think before you type, otherwise you might end up writing something like this.”

by Chris Quintana Culture editor

I am in the process of re-calibrating the nucleus of an atom. Don’t ask me why. I am an English major, but I have reached the point where I have given up on trying to understand the assignments my professors give to me. I have, in essence, become a robot spouting out what task is set my way. I, however, am cursed with being a malfunctioning robot, so I can do anything, but I can’t do anything well, or anything I do is about 55 percent made up. Whatever. I have come to terms with it, but there’s no reason that the rest of you should have to. In the spirit of fighting against the mind-numbing nature of finals, I have decided to say inflammatory things with the hope of removing you, dear reader, from the brain rut that we have all sunk into. One, I am sure if you have a Facebook (If you don’t, just stop reading. No, really, I have nothing to offer you otherwise.) you have noticed last week people posting pictures of their favorite childhood

Leah Valencia News editor

Today you can help write 1,000 letters for human rights Editor,

Letter submission policy n Letters can be submitted to the Daily Lobo office in Marron Hall or online at DailyLobo. com. The Lobo reserves the right to edit letters for content and length. A name and phone number must accompany all letters. Anonymous letters or those with pseudonyms will not be published. Opinions expressed solely reflect the views of the author and do not reflect the opinions of Lobo employees.

Three, the new Kanye West album sucks. No, really. The rest of this column might be sarcastic, but these 23 words are not. Four, give up on the Lobo men’s basketball team early. The Lobos will make you believe in something, and then snatch that all from you in an instant just to see the crushed look on your face. But from the looks of the bleachers, it seems some of you have already got a jump start on that. Keep up the good work. Five, is anyone else feeling like Lobo Village would be just an awesome place to live? I mean, as a good friend told me, “It’s going to make it so much easier for the athletes to have sex with each other. They can have booze any time they want since it’s a wet campus, and since they have their own large and spacious rooms, there won’t be any issue kicking the roommate out.” I mean, I guess that already happens at the Redondo Village Apartments, but at least now the athletes will be spared the inconvenience of promising their RA it won’t happen again. “Naw, really man, I promise. Last time!” Six, some random combination of the words Locksley, gay rights, Israel, Palestine, budget cuts, Paul Roth, Iraq, South Korea, nuclear weapons, the pope and so on. If there was nothing in this list of nouns that didn’t upset you, I am sorry. I will try harder next time. If everything in this list upsets you please send me an e-mail, and I will send you more lists bound to bother. Wow. See, this is what happens when you act on the raw impulses that come from the last two weeks of school. Remember: Think before you type, otherwise you might end up writing something like this.


Jenny Gignac Opinion editor

cartoon to promote child abuse awareness. This is stupid for several reasons. Why ruin a perfectly good childhood memory with thoughts of abuse? Can’t we all just reread A Child Called It to get the appropriate level of guilt pumping in our veins? Also, promoting awareness over Facebook is a fallacy. People get on Facebook to go brain-dead — kind of like drinking but more socially acceptable, but still just as dangerous while driving. And, accordingly, any cause that occurs to them on Facebook will go something like this, “Oh my, that thing I disapprove of is so bad. I don’t like this thing, so I will click a few random buttons in order to quell my feelings about this thing.” So yeah, Facebook cartoons — dumb and ineffective. Also, I must hate abused children (Interesting side note: Microsoft Word thought that “hate” was meant to be “have.” Well Word, not yet, but all in due time). Two, winter break sucks and should not happen. Think about it. No winter breaks means no finals, and no finals means no rambling columns from yours truly. I will be completely unemployed over the break because the paper doesn’t publish, so yeah, I do want school to go on. Yes, I would keep you from your loved ones, relaxation and whatever it is kids do over winter break for the sake of a steady paycheck. I would do it with a smile and then write another column about how I think less of you all and how happy I am that I got my way and that you didn’t. Instead, because there are more of you than there are of me, I will spend my winter break wrapped in blankets and eating dried ramen noodles because it’s too expensive to turn the gas on to boil water. And when I come back, you can bet your firstborn and un-abused child that I’ll write a column about it.

Thousands of people are in prison around the world because of their beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, race or ethnicity. Many are held without charge or legitimate trials and are at risk of torture and execution. Student leader Majid Tavakoli was arrested on Dec. 7, 2009, for speaking at a demonstration marking National Student Day in Iran. Following an unfair trial — one that his lawyer was not allowed to attend — he was sentenced to eight and a half years in prison. He is a prisoner of conscience, jailed solely for peacefully exercising his right to freedom of expression — some-

thing that students in the United States take for granted. The student chapter of Amnesty International at UNM is working to raise awareness about these human rights abuses and empower others to take action against these violations. Some might argue that simply writing a letter is ineffective. Amnesty International’s human rights campaigns have been instrumental in obtaining freedom for prisoners of conscience worldwide through pressure from letters, faxes and activists’ e-mails.   Tens of thousands have been released from jail, rescued from torture or aided in other ways following Amnesty International’s action.   Recently, the military rulers of Myanmar (also known as Burma) released Aung San Suu Kyi, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate who was jailed and put under house arrest for 21 years after campaigning

for democracy and human rights in her country. Along with other factors, it was activists and students’ worldwide efforts that contributed to her long-awaited release. Today, the UNM chapter of Amnesty International is participating in the world’s largest letterwriting event. The goal is to contribute to the tidal wave of letters and cards for the shared cause of protecting human rights. I implore readers and students to take action today by stopping by SUB Ballroom A from 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. Pizza will be served to participants who contribute to our goal of 1,000 letters. We also encourage readers to join us Friday to celebrate International Human Rights Day. If we don’t stand up for human rights, who will? Adrian Carver Co-President of Amnesty International-UNM


New Mexico Daily Lobo

Wednesday, December 8, 2010 / Page 5

Obama agrees to compromise with GOP by Ben Feller

Associated Press WASHINGTON — With fellow Democrats balking, President Barack Obama declared Tuesday that a compromise with Republicans on tax cuts was necessary to help the economy and protect recession-weary Americans. He passionately defended his record against Democrats who complain he’s breaking campaign promises. “Take a tally. Look at what I promised during the campaign. There’s not a single thing that I haven’t done or tried to do,� the president said. He staunchly defended his decision to deal with the GOP in order to extend about-to-expire tax cuts for all Americans. “There are some who would have preferred a protracted political fight,� the president said at a White House news conference a day after the compromise was announced. “And I understand the desire for a fight. I’m sympathetic to that.� Many Democrats in Congress are unhappy about the agreement because it continues tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans. But Obama said a long political battle “would be a bad deal for the economy. And it would be a bad deal for the American people.� He promised a renewed fight during 2012 when the tax cuts would expire again, making the point that he still opposes the Republican position that high-income earners should get the extension, too. The agreement includes individuals making $200,000 or more a year and families making $250,000 or more. Obama called “tax cuts for the wealthy� the Republicans’ “holy grail.� “It seems to be their economic doctrine,� Obama added, previewing a likely argument during his expected re-election race in 2012. In the agreement, the president gave up a key goal. But he said the deal would stop taxes from rising for middle class Americans, “which is what I promised.� “It’s a good deal for the American people,� Obama said. Obama cast his decision to accede to the GOP position on extending the tax cuts in stark terms. “It’s tempting not to negotiate with hostage takers — unless the hos-

Scott Applewhite / AP Photo President Barack Obama gestures during a news conference at the White House briefing room on Tuesday. Obama defended his decision to extend tax cuts.

tage gets harmed. Then, people will question the wisdom of that strategy. In this case, the hostage was the American people, and I was not willing to see them get harmed.� He said the American people agree with his position, but “I haven’t persuaded the Republican Party.� Reflecting the newly increased Republican clout in Congress, he said: “I haven’t persuaded (Senate Republican leader) Mitch McConnell and I haven’t persuaded (House GOP leader) John Boehner.� Even though Democrats will control both houses of Congress until January, Obama insisted the deal was necessary to ensure enough Republican support in Congress to extend

unemployment benefits that also are about to expire, and he said a long, bloody battle with the GOP would be detrimental to recession-weary Americans. “This isn’t an abstract debate. This is real money for real people,� he said. “This package will help strengthen the recovery. That I’m confident about.� Obama called the news conference in the face of Democratic criticism of the agreement, which still needs House and Senate approval. It was part of a full-scale defense, with the White House arguing the deal would pump billions into the economy at a time it is recovering from the worst recession in eight decades and unemployment stands at

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9.8 percent. The plan calls for extending tax cuts from the Bush era that are due to expire at year’s end, renewing jobless benefits through the end of 2011 and granting a one-year cut in Social Security taxes. Several officials said the package could add $900 billion or more to the federal deficit over two years. Obama said he expects the unemployment rate to go down because of the compromise, although he would not predict by how much. He also said he believes the jobless rate will recede because the economy is growing, even if businesses haven’t yet picked up the pace of hiring enough to send large num-

bers of people back to work. Obama spoke as Vice President Joe Biden met at the Capitol with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and then other Democratic senators. House Democrats were holding their own closed-door meeting later Tuesday. “It’s something that’s not done yet,� said Reid, D-Nev. “We’re going to have to do some more work,� he said after the meeting with Biden and members of the Democratic rankand-file. Across the Capitol, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued a statement that said merely, “We will continue discussions with the president and our caucus in the days ahead.�

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Page 6 / Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Mexico Daily Lobo

THE NATIONAL SECURITY STUDIES PROGRAM Special Issues Course and Summer Study Abroad Program The UNM National Security Studies Program (NSSP) is announcing a spring semester special issues course and a student summer study abroad program. The 2 credit special issues course (open to all majors with junior standing or above), will focus on national security issues and include a team project to analyze a national security challenge. The course is listed as:  

Mgmt 490-022 (Kraye), Friday 3-4:50 p.m., Room GSM302. (Graduate Students may sign up under Mgmt 552 Howard Kraye) Cross listed as ECE 494-004, 595-004, POLS 499-20, and EC 395-004

The course will include lectures presented by a distinguished set of faculty and visiting experts with extensive national security backgrounds. Interested students may sign up for this class on-line, or come to the ďŹ rst class to add the course in the appropriate department. The NSSP summer study abroad program provides extensive engagement in Central Asia studying the languages, cultures and technical as well as social/political issues of the area (6 credit hours). This cultural immersion program is open to NSSP scholars. Contact: If you should have any questions or want additional information related to the courses, the summer program or becoming a NSSP Scholar, please contact Candace Shirley at or 277-3223 and visit

Mark Duncan / AP Photo Waves crash on the frozen shore of Lake Erie on Tuesday. North winds and sub-freezing temperatures coated rocks and trees with thick ice along the lake. In the eastern snow belt, more than a foot of snow has fallen over several days.

Snow buries towns Associated Press

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Bands of snow blasting off the Great Lakes buried one western New York town under four feet of snow and caused a pileup that left motorists stranded for hours on a stretch of Interstate 80 in northwestern Pennsylvania. The lake-effect storms were whipped by gusty winds, closing schools and disrupting travel as far north as the Lake Ontario shore. In Randolph, N.Y., a rural town 50 miles south of Buffalo, motorists were banned from driving Tuesday after the area received 40 inches officially, with some seeing even more. “I think my arm pits are higher than that so I’d say 4 feet,� Town Supervisor Dale Senn told The Associated Press over the phone. Forecasters say this blast isn’t over, with bands of heavy snow expected to continue into Wednesday. The snow was being fed by Lake Erie, which borders western New York, northwestern Pennsylvania and northern Ohio, and Lake Ontario along New York’s northwestern

edge. More was forecast for Thursday, though in lesser amounts. Senn said the driving conditions were made worse by high winds that caused poor visibility along local roads, where drifting snow pinched vehicles down to one lane. Snow-removal efforts were hampered when two of his town’s four snowplows broke down, he said. “You can’t see over the banks,� he said, “so it’s better if people stay home.� The snow piled the highest in the small towns and sparsely populated areas south of Buffalo, N.Y., and Erie, Pa. In Bradford, Pa., a foot of snow fell Monday and at least six inches more was expected Tuesday. About eight inches fell farther south in Somerset, with more reported in the Laurel Highlands east of Pittsburgh. Nearly two feet of snow was dumped on parts of northeast Ohio, with more than 20 inches on the ground by Tuesday afternoon in Pierpont, about 70 miles east of Cleveland. Winds were gusting up to 25 mph along Lake Erie, dropping temperatures into the teens and single digits, according to the National Weather Service.

S M W  I L ? RF




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JM@MTGJJ?ECAMK % $   %  #      


New Mexico Daily Lobo

Wednesday, December 8, 2010 / Page 7

Boise president blasts BCS by Todd Dvorak Associated Press

BOISE, Idaho — Boise State President Bob Kustra is taking another swing at the Bowl Championship Series, this time condemning the system that determines the national championship and other postseason games for being allowed to operate under a shroud of secrecy. Kustra dashed off an e-mail to fellow university presidents and conference commissioners Tuesday, one day after analysts discovered an error in the final BCS rankings. The glitch caused BCS officials to revise the computer rankings, moving Boise State up one spot to No. 10 and dropping LSU to No. 11. The adjustment didn’t have any impact on the Broncos’ postseason date in the MAACO Bowl in Las Vegas with Utah (No. 19 BCS, No. 20 AP). But it gave Kustra, a vocal and persistent BCS critic, an opportunity to blast officials from the BCS and the NCAA for the system’s lack of public accountability. “How many times have we heard calls for transparency on our campuses and how many times have we shared our governance and communicated with our faculties and other constituencies in transparent fashion,� Kustra wrote in an e-mail

obtained by The Associated Press. “Yet, in intercollegiate athletics, with the NCAA standing silently on the sidelines, we allow the BCS to work its magic with no idea of how accurate its rankings are on a week to week basis.� The discrepancy was discovered by Jerry Palm, who runs the websites and, in the Colley Matrix computer ratings, one of six used by the BCS. Wesley Colley said Palm, who verifies the Colley Matrix ratings, noticed the results of an FCS playoff game involving Appalachian State and Western Illinois had not been included in the data base used to generate the ratings. BCS executive director Bill Hancock said in a statement that he was “deeply disturbed� when he learned of the mistake. “This error should not have happened and is unacceptable. The final standings have been corrected. Fortunately, it had no effect on any team’s eligibility for the BCS games. But the simple fact that it could have means this issue will be near the top of the agenda for the conference commissioners’ annual review next spring,� Hancock said. Kustra would prefer to see more significant changes in college football’s method for ranking teams and declaring a national champion, and the recent BCS

mistake rekindled aggravation with a system he complains treats schools from smaller conferences like second-class citizens. The Broncos (11-1) were a hot topic of debate all season as they moved up the rankings in a bid to play for the national title or at the very least a berth in one of the other four BCS games. An overtime loss to Western Athletic Conference rival Nevada squelched those plans and left the Broncos to lobby for a berth in a lower-tier game. Last month, Kustra stoked anti-BCS sentiment after Ohio State President Gordon Gee defended the system, saying teams from power conferences like the Big Ten and SEC deal with tough, competitive schedules that are superior to those from smaller leagues “We do not play the Little Sisters of the Poor,� Gee said. Kustra accused Gee of exaggerating the strength of schedule argument and said it is unfair to demean teams like Boise State. “I don’t mind somebody stating that they don’t think we ought to be in the national championship,� Kustra said. “But to do it with such erroneous information as Gordon Gee has used, gets under the skin of all of us who thought university presidents were supposed to be standing for fairness, equity and truth in how we portray our universities.�

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snow report

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DAILY LOBO new mexico



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New Mexico Daily Lobo


New Mexico Daily Lobo

lobo men’s basketball

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Plowing through opponents by Shaun Griswold

After an exciting — and at times sloppy — overtime win against New Mexico State, the UNM men’s basketball team is back in Albuquerque and looking for its seventh straight victory against its Las Cruces rivals. Fresh off last week’s matchup, head coach Steve Alford said his team understands NMSU’s tendencies. “For a young, inexperienced team, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the effort these guys are giving,� he said. “They’re maturing quickly. They have two road wins over two really good teams, especially this team we played.� NMSU erased a 17-point, firsthalf deficit to force overtime, only to watch the Lobos regain the lead and eke out an 84-78 victory at the Pan American Center. This weeklong gap between games is the Lobos’ longest layover they will have this season. And with a week to think about its close loss, NMSU is likely ready for redemption. One thing is for certain: The Lobos must contain Troy Gillenwater. The

junior torched the Lobos for 32 points in the first contest. “He’s the most talented individual that we have played all year,� Alford said on Saturday after Gillenwater scored a career-high. �We told our guys that would be the case. It did take him 29 shots to get 32 points.� Gillenwater was 8-of-29 from the field and 3-of-11 from 3-point range. He scored 21 in the first half, but was 2-of-17 in the second half. In the event that Gillenwater struggles, NMSU will have to get contributions from other players. To date, only Hernst Laroche averages double figures. As a team, the Aggies average 40 percent shooting and just 32 percent from 3-point range. The Lobos are third in the nation in 3-point defense, holding opponents to 27 percent from beyond the arc. NMSU shot 19 percent at home against the Lobos. NMSU senior Gordo Castillo said the Aggies can’t start slow the second time around. “I mean, it was just missed reads,� he said after his team lost. “We really just wanted to stop their offense and get them working the

clock. When they came down to half court, they had like 20 seconds (on the shot clock).� In the second half UNM was bombarded by NMSU full-court press, which didn’t pay off for the Aggies in the end. Offensively, the Lobos will depend on guards Dairese Gary, Kendall Williams and Phillip McDonald. Especially McDonald, who has become an all-around player after UNM lost Ramon Martinez to graduation. McDonald is tied with Gary as the team’s scoring leader. He had a double-double at NMSU and led the Lobos in overtime with clutch perimeter shooting. “His presence and having him back in our lineup has been huge,� Alford said.

Up Next

Men’s Basketball vs. NMSU Saturday 7 p.m. The Pit

Junfu Han / Daily Lobo Guard Dairese Gary drives past NMSU’s Tyrone Watson on Saturday during the Lobos’ 84-78 overtimevictoryoverNMSU.ThetwoteamswillconcludetheirseasonseriesonSaturdayatthePit.

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New Mexico Daily Lobo

lobo women’s basketball

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DAILY LOBO new mexico


Junfu Han / Daily Lobo UNM’s Jasmine Patterson attacks the basket as Arizona’s Brooke Jackson positions herself to take a charge during Tuesday’s game at The Pit. Arizona topped the Lobos 84-60.

Wildcats take down tired team by Brandon Call

It is said that revenge is the best medicine. Unfortunately, for the UNM women’s basketball team, red-hot Arizona turned last year’s 81-61 Lobo triumph in Tucson, Ariz., into an 84-60 home loss Tuesday at The Pit. UNM was outshot 51 percent to 28.6 percent. Head coach Don Flanagan didn’t hide his disappointment in the postgame interview. “One of the poorest games I’ve ever been a part of,” he said. “We didn’t get back on defense. We didn’t block out. … We need to get back to square one.” The Wildcats improved to 6-2, while the Lobos dropped to 5-4 on the year. The game was one-sided from the opening minutes, as the Lobos got stumbled out of the gates, shooting just 2-of-15 in the first 10 minutes. Meanwhile, Arizona racked up a 25-4 lead with 11:16 remaining in the first half and never looked back. “That start paved the way for the rest of the game,” senior guard Amanda Best said. “We couldn’t get out of that hole that we dug in the first half. We had a little bit of a surge to close out the first half, but

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There were few bright spots for UNM, but Best did post a seasonhigh 20 points, while freshman Jasmine Patterson had a career-high seven steals and tied her careerhigh of 11 points. “Jazz had a good game,” Flanagan said. “She’s a freshman, but she did a good job of putting pressure on them. I feel that she was one of the only players out there that was giving them trouble on the defensive side.” The Lobos will have to rebound quickly, as they head to Oklahoma on Sunday for an afternoon matchup. “We have to go back to the gym and go to work,” Flanagan said. “We have a more successful and higherranked opponent on Sunday, so we have a lot of improvement to do in a short period of time.”

Up Next

Women’s Basketball at Oklahoma Sunday 1 p.m.

Norman, Okla.

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we couldn’t get over that hump. It was too big of a separation at that point.” The Lobos came out sluggish, looking tired having come off of 10 straight days of basketball. UNM played three games last week. “Our offense was slow,” Flanagan said. “Sometimes when you play a lot of games in a row, you can make an excuse that they have tired legs, but I don’t want to make any excuses. We need to get into better Arizona 84 shape, and we need to run the UNM 60 floor better.” UNM entered the locker room down 38-24 at halftime. The Wildcats were particularly hot from beyond the arc in the second half, hitting 12 treys during the game, as the Lobos switched to a zone defense midway through the second half. Arizona had four players in double figures, including Davellyn Whyte who posted a gamehigh 24 points. “I thought we were a pretty good defensive team until today,” Flanagan said. “You’re always concerned when you have a lot of freshmen playing that they’ll play like freshmen, and that’s what they did. A lot of the older players didn’t help, either. They didn’t step up.”


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lobo features

New Mexico Daily Lobo

Wednesday, December 8, 2010 / Page 11


Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle dailycrossword Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis

Mal and Chad

dailysudoku level: 1 2 3 4

Solution to yesterday’s problem

ACROSS 1 Rd. traveler’s stat 4 Spinnaker, e.g. 8 Tending to hang down 14 Treasure de la Sierra Madre 15 “M*A*S*H� star 16 Merited 17 Kung __ chicken 18 Members of a small army 20 Lumbering critter of Borneo 22 Conger catcher 23 Publicize 24 Delivery experts, for short 27 Remnant 28 Stuffed 31 “Knock it off!� 32 Poker ploy 34 Grumpy coworker? 36 Some Steinways 40 WWII depth charge targets 41 Bungling 42 Any day now 43 Bite like a beaver 44 Construction beam 48 Loud laugh 49 Japanese veggie 51 Take potshots 52 Game often involving a windmill 57 Pluto, now 59 Former CNN anchor Dobbs 60 Wreck, as plans 61 Losing proposition? 62 Soul, to Sartre 63 Start liking 64 WWII Normandy battle site 65 OPEC unit DOWN 1 Swabbed 2 Bedtime ritual for many 3 Provider of millions of hits 4 Woodlands deity 5 Lip balm ingredient

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Redeemable only at McDonalds located at Hanover, University, Bosque Farms, Quail, Los Lunas, Bridge, Belen, Rio Bravo, Rio Grande, Wal-Mart (Los Lunas), Moriarity, Edgewood. Expires 12/31/10







    ,      3    ,     


  !"#$%&&   !"#$%&& &'& (  ) $ 




&'& ( 

 ) $  






       !   "##  !


!   "##      ,       $   %   & '( ) !




& '( )      

  !"%$"*"    !"%$"*" &' + ,     !"#$%&& (  )


(  ) $  ) &' + , 


$ *&'& 



$ * 


+ %   $           


+ %  

$   % & '( )       

!   "##   %   & '( )  

    ,      !  $   %   & '( )

  !"%$"*"   !"#$%&& AND &' + ,    (  ) &'& ( 

)  $



- 256.7445




&#&# -   )  &&& &#&# -   )  &&& $$ & (* + +  # '%

& (* + +  # '%


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Tuesday’s Puzzle Solved

(c)2010 Tribune Media Services, Inc.

38 Web surfer’s shortcut 39 Paternity suit letters 43 Intent 45 Class with dissections, for short 46 Poise 47 Gas up 49 Not qualified 50 Double: Pref.

&#&# -   )  &&&

$$ & (* + +  # '%


51 Brief brawl 53 Wrath, in a hymn title 54 Smidgens 55 Military group 56 Casting need 57 Banned bug killer 58 “Are __ pair?�: “Send in the Clowns� lyric



Dale Lus k -T

ransferre University d from of New Mexico



The Art Center is accredited like a university, so transferring your credits is easy.


rred fr sel - TranAsfnceho n e H rage m a d A iversity of Alaska Un


$ * 






  + %  $    %     

!    "##    & '( ) 


$   %   & '( ) SPEN  LAZA



By Dan Naddor


254.7575 7575

Bachelor of Arts Degrees:$QLPDWLRQ‡*UDSKLF'HVLJQ


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new mexico

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Furniture CRIB AND DRESSER- Bellini crib with matching 3-drawer dresser, light brown, great condition, will deliver. $375. 505975-3701.

Jobs Off Campus COMPUTER GRAPHIC DESIGNER needed for advertising company. Must be professional, creative, and self-motivated. For more info contact 480-4461. GREAT PAY! REWARDING PT Job! Activity & Sports leaders needed for the spring semester in our before & after school programs. $10.50-$12.60 hr. QualiďŹ ed applicants must be available M-F, mornings (7-9 am) and/or afternoons (3:30-6 pm MTThF & 12:30-6 pm W). Paid training begins January 3. Apply online at www.campďŹ or in person at 1613 University Blvd NE. NEED PART TIME help at local golf course. Includes golf privileges! Call 217-8326 leave message. NEW COMPANY LOOKING for teachers, interns, and future teachers. Great pay, exible hours, perfect for college students. Must be professional and driven. For interview contact 480-4461.


2011 Teach and Learn in Korea (TaLK) sponsored by Korean government. â—?$1,300/month (15hrs/week) plus airfares, housing, medical insurance. Must have completed two years of undergraduate. Last day to apply: 12/10/10 Please visit our website 2011 English Program In Korea (EPIK) â—?$1,600-2,500/month plus housing, airfare, medical insurance, paid vacation. Must have BA degree. Last day to apply: 12/10/10 Please visit our website Jai - (213)386-3112 ex.201. EARN $1000-$3200 A month to drive our brand new cars with ads. www.Ad !!!BARTENDING!!!: UP TO $300/day. No experience necessary, training provided. 1-800-965-6520ext.100.

Jobs On Campus THE DAILY LOBO IS LOOKING FOR A CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING REPRESENTATIVE! Rep especially needed for the 2011 Spring Semester Mon-Fri from 9am11am; other hours are exible. 1015hrs/wk (Hourly pay with opportunities to also earn commission). Work in a fun environment right on campus! Enthusiasm, good phone etiquette, computer and organizational skills required. You must be a student registered for 6hrs or more. Work-study is not required. For info: call Dulce at 277-5656 or e-mail classiďŹ Apply online at search under Department: Student Publications.

Gain Meaningful Work Experience While Going to College! Apply now to complete paid training program during winter break!

ARCA offers excellent benefits!

Vehicles For Sale 1993 TOYOTA MR-2 Basic Body Mods. Air intake system. T-Top style. Power everything. New paint job. Negotiable pricing but asking $3,000. Call Sammy (505)331-6734.


1991 NISSAN SENTRA 4DR, 181k, 37mpg, excellent mechanically, body okay. $1600 obo. 620-0648.

Child Care CAREGIVERS FOR TOP-Quality summer/after-school child care program. Play sports, take ďŹ eld trips, make crafts, be goofy, have fun and be a good role model. Learn, play, and get paid for doing both! $9/hr plus paid holidays, paid planning time, paid preparation time, and great training with pay raises. Must be able to work Wednesdays 12PM 5PM in the fall. Apply at 6501 Lomas Blvd NE, 9:30 - 2:30 M-F. Call 2962880 or visit Work-study encouraged to apply.


SEEKING IN-HOME, experienced nanny for 15 month old. Rate negotiable. Email at ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR: JOIN a wonderful and supportive team. This is a training and leadership development position. Associate Directors are trained and prepared for promotion to the position of Program Director (responsible for overall afterschool program site management). $11/hr plus paid holidays, paid planning time, paid preparation time, and great training with pay raises (upon promotion - Program Director annual salary starts at $27,040). Apply at 6501 Lomas Blvd NE or call 296-2880. ENRICHMENT CLUB INSTRUCTIONS: Seeking people to teach enriching skills to children ages 6-12, in a top-quality afterschool program. Plan and teach short classes on: photography, painting, drawing, karate, dance, drama, sports, etc. Pay $9 - $20/hr depending on education, expertise, and experience. Apply at 6501 Lomas Blvd NE, 9:30 - 2:00 T-F. Call 296-2880 or visit www.chil UNM Work Study Encouraged to Apply.

MANAGEMENT- NO NIGHTS NO SUNDAYS. 20+ Paid Days Off/ Yr! $25K. Full beneďŹ ts. Fax HoneyBaked Ham 781-631-1183.

Fill out an application and an online DSP (Direct Support Professional) survey to be considered for an interview.

332-6700 -PNBT#MWE/& "MCVRVFSRVF /.

Opening Doors for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities since 1957. EOE/AA/ADA

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