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November 21, 2011

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Juan Labreche / Daily Lobo Kyle Venter attempts to get to the ball past Duke goalkeeper James Belshaw on Sunday at University Stadium in the second round of the NCAA tournament. The Lobos beat the Blue Devils in extra time to go to the third round. See page 12 for story.

Albuquerque police responded to a domestic disturbance call Friday involving Meiko Locksley, son of former head football coach Mike Locksley and current Lobo football player. A security guard reported hearing “slapping noises” and a male screaming obscenities inside Meiko’s girlfriend’s house and called APD, according to a Meiko Locksley police report. The woman told police Meiko Locksley didn’t hit her. She said the incident was her fault because she was mad at him, police said. She told police she would not file a restraining order against Meiko Locksley because he plays football for UNM and she said she didn’t want him to get in trouble. Police located Meiko Locksley sitting in his SUV outside the apartment, which reports said smelled

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Protest thrives on web despite weather by Elizabeth Lewis

Cold weather has forced the (un)Occupy Albuquerque movement indoors and online. Protester Erica Estes said the movement has gone virtual. Protesters use websites such as, occupyalbuquerque. org and Facebook instead of picketing outdoors. “Those of us you saw in the Yale Park are still present, are still active and are still taking part in the movement,” she said. “We’re just not outside in the cold right now.” Student and protester Cisco Padilla said the weather poses a serious health concern to some members of the movement. “One of the reasons (protesters) haven’t been here recently is because some people have certain issues that don’t allow them to be in the cold,” he said. “We have elderly protesters, disabled protesters and children protesters, most of whom aren’t able to endure this kind of weather.” Student and protester Benjamin Abbott said the weather isn’t

Inside the

Daily Lobo volume 116

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the only thing keeping protesters out of Yale Park. “People are afraid ever since the police came and arrested a lot of us, including myself,” he said. “Many of us are avoiding the park because we’re afraid of that happening again.” UNM administration granted protesters a temporary permit that allows protesters to occupy Yale Park from 5 to 10 p.m. on weekdays. The permit must be renewed weekly. Estes said the permit isn’t fair. “The compromised permit isn’t really a compromise at all,” she said. “(These new hours) are less than half of the hours the park is open to the public.” Protesters willing to brave have ventured off UNM campus to demonstrate in several locations around Albuquerque. Dozens of protesters gathered at I-25’s on and off ramps last Thursday to support the $25 million bond for a Paseo/I-25 interchange project. The project could potentially create construction projects on city bridges in need of work, which could

Dylan Smith / Daily Lobo Paint cans used to create signs sit idle at Yale Park on Oct. 10. (un)Occupy protesters will be moving indoors and onto the web to avoid the cold. mean more jobs and a boost to the local economy. According to unoccupyabq. org, more off-campus (un)Occupy Albuquerque protests are planned for upcoming weeks. Protesters are planning an event called “Rockupy Robinson Park,” which

Out of the game

Guts, but no glory

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takes place on Dec. 3. Protesters will march from the Rail Runner station downtown to Robinson Park where there will be food, music and a petition. Other proposed protests include a Black Friday flash mob to promote the boycott of Black Fri-

day shopping and also the “Auction of Dreams” auction protesting against foreclosed homes. “We plan on continuing to answer the national calls to action in whatever way we can,” Estes said “It is up to the community to make these protests huge.”


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Every Monday the Daily Lobo challenges you to identify where we took our secret picture of the week. Submit your answers to The winner will be announced next week. Jabez John correctly guessed last week’s Where Are We. It was taken outside of the Centennial Science and Engineering Library.

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like marijuana. Meiko Locksley became “extremely irate and uncooperative” when officers tried to interview him, asking, “Do you know who I am?” Police reports said Meiko Locksley told officers he’s a football player and a Locksley.

Police gave Meiko Locksley a “no trespass” order for the night, but no charges were filed and he was not arrested. Meiko Locksley is a sophomore in business administration and plays the defensive back position for the Lobo football team.

Police identified the woman in the police report as the same woman who was inside Mike Locksley’s SUV when Joshua Butts, a 19-year-old man claiming to be a recruit for the football team, was arrested for DWI in September. University officials later said Butts was not a recruit.

Egypt’s military clings to power By Maggie Michael and Sarah El Deeb The Associated Press

CAIRO — Egyptian soldiers and police set fire to protest tents in Cairo’s Tahrir Square and fired tear gas and rubber bullets in a major assault Sunday to drive out thousands demanding that the military rulers quickly transfer power to a civilian government. At least seven protesters were killed and hundreds were injured. It was the second day of clashes marking a sharp escalation of tension on Egypt’s streets a week before the first elections since the ouster of longtime authoritarian leader Hosni Mubarak in February. The military took over the country, promising a swift transition to civilian rule. But the pro-democracy protesters who led the uprising have grown increasingly angry with the ruling generals, and suspect they are trying to cling to power even after an elected parliament is seated and a new president is voted in. The military-backed Cabinet said in a statement that elections set to begin on Nov. 28 would take place on time and thanked the police for their “restraint,” language that is likely to enrage the protesters even more. “We’re not going anywhere,” protester Mohammed Radwan said after security forces tried unsuccessfully to push the crowds out of Tahrir, the epicenter of the uprising. “The mood is good now and people are chanting

again,” he added after many of the demonstrators returned. Two protesters were killed on Saturday, putting the toll for two days of violence to nine. The clashes were some of the worst since the uprising ended on Feb. 11. They were also one of only a few violent confrontations to involve the police since the uprising. The blackclad police were a hated symbol of Mubarak’s regime and after the uprising, they have largely stayed in the background while the military took charge of security. The military, which took over from Mubarak, has repeatedly pledged to hand power to an elected civilian government, but has yet to set a specific date. The protests over the past two days have demanded a specific date be set. According to one timetable floated by the army, the handover will happen after presidential elections late next year or early in 2013. The protesters say this is too long and accuse the military of dragging its feet. They want a handover immediately after the end of the staggered parliamentary elections, which begin on Nov. 28 and end in March. The protesters’ suspicions about the military were fed by a proposal issued by the military-appointed Cabinet last week. It would shield the armed forces from any civilian oversight and give the generals veto power over legislation dealing with military affairs. But other concerns are also feeding the tensions on the street. Many


In a Nov. 16 article titled “Davie costs 1.5 million,” new head football coach Bob Davie’s salary was incorrect. Bob Davie has a six-year contract where he will earn $700,000 during his first year as head coach, and $760,000 for each of the subsequent years of his contracts, for a total of $4.5 million. The error was made in reporting. The Daily Lobo regrets the error.



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Egyptians are anxious about what the impending elections will bring. Specifically they worry that stalwarts of Mubarak’s ruling party could win a significant number of seats in the next parliament because the military did not ban them from running for public office as requested by activists. The military’s failure to issue such a ban has fed widely held suspicion that the generals are reluctant to dismantle the old regime, partly out of loyalty to Mubarak, their longtime mentor. The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces issued a statement expressing “regret for the events.” The council said it doesn’t intend “to extend the transitional period and will not permit by any means hindering the process of democratic transition,” in a statement read on state TV. The violence began Saturday when security forces stormed a sitin at Tahrir Square staged by protesters wounded in clashes during the 18-day uprising in January and February and frustrated by the slow pace of bringing those responsible to justice. The wounded, some on crutches, ran away when police attacked, but some fell down and were beaten by police. One of those injured on Saturday was dentist Ahmed Hararah, who lost the sight in his right eye on Jan. 28 and now thinks he lost the sight in his left eye despite treatment at an eye hospital in Cairo.

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Monday November 21, 2011

LAST WEEK’S POLL RESULTS: In fall 2012, American Campus Communities’ second on-campus student housing facility, Casas del Rio, opens. What do you think of UNM using an outside contractor to build new housing facilities? I’m in favor of it. Lobo Village is a much nicer facility than any of the dorm 68% buildings run by Residence Life. I’m in favor of it. Private corporations encourage competition, boost the 15% economy and run better than government-run institutions. I’m against it. Privatization is a threat to democracy because the people can 9% no longer elect who is in charge. I’m against it. I don’t like the Lobo Village facility and don’t want ACC to 8% build any more dorms on campus. Out of 192 responses

THIS WEEK’S POLL: Now that the UNM football team has Bob Davie as its new coach for next season, do you think the Lobos will start winning more games? Yes. He was the head coach at Notre Dame for five years, and with those credentials he is sure to lead the team to victory. No. The players are weak and that won’t change regardless of who is coaching them. Unless he is able to find a new set of players, all of whom are much more talented than the existing ones, UNM won’t be more successful next season. It’s too early to tell. Davie said he needs three years to improve the program, so let’s give him three years and see what he can do. I don’t care about football.



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Masturbation key to self-knowledge by Hunter Riley

Daily Lobo Columnist

I wanted to change things up a little bit and write a column for those of you who aren’t having sex and want to keep it that way. People assume that sex equals vaginal intercourse. Sorry to burst your bubble, but there is much more to sex than that. Oral sex is sex, same as anal sex, hence the “sex” part. Many people would consider manual stimulation a form of sex. The next few columns I write will be about different ways you and your partner can connect sexually and be intimate without having intercourse, the popular term for which is outercourse. Planned Parenthood defines it as sex play that keeps sperm out of the vagina to prevent pregnancy. It is safe, effective and convenient. In this column, I’m going to discuss mutual masturbation. I know for many women even solo masturbation is unknown territory. If that’s the case, I would recommend trying it alone before you try mutual masturbation. Masturbating with a partner can take several different forms. You could masturbate while your partner does the same, so there is less pressure on one person, or if you like the pressure, you can pleasure yourself while your partner watches, or vice versa. You can do regular foreplay such as kissing and fondling, too., an online resource for female masturbation, has a post from “Jenne” that I think sums up how most women feel about the idea of mutual masturbation.

“The first time I ever did this for a partner I felt awkward, stupid, and self-conscious for about two seconds,” Jenne wrote on the website. “It was once I looked at his face and realized just how much he was enjoying watching me enjoy myself that I no longer felt self-conscious and began to let go and indulge.” If you prefer to go one at a time, you can start by touching yourself as your partner watches, or he or she can get you warmed up and then let you take the wheel. An added bonus of mutual masturbation is that if you know exactly how to get yourself off, you are giving your partner the instruction manual to your orgasm. And that’s definitely to your benefit if you do decide to have sex in the future. Many people don’t realize that unless you give your sexual partner explicit guidance on what particular things you find arousing, you are less likely to achieve an orgasm. Turns out, most people can’t read minds. As with anything to do with sex and relationships, the only way you will make it rewarding and comfortable for both people is if you can move past the awkwardness and talk about what works and what doesn’t. Another prominent feature in mutual masturbation and solo masturbation is toys. Vibrators and dildos need not intimate men. Instead, take sex columnists Dan Savage’s advice and think of them as another tool in life’s toolbox. It’s like a how-to video. Watch attentively where and how your partner uses it. Does she spend more time inside the vaginal canal? Or does she focus on the lips and clit? This might sound intuitive, but make sure you know at

what point your partner is having an orgasm. That is why it is so important that women masturbate by themselves to figure out what they like, because if you don’t know what gets you off, it will be extra hard for your partner to figure it out. If you don’t know where or how to start, try finding porn that focuses on female orgasm. Mutual masturbation can also be you masturbating your partner like he or she would do to himself or herself. You could pleasure your partner while he or she returns the favor. I imagine that most people don’t try mutual masturbation because they feel self-conscious and are afraid of how their partners will react or what they look like while masturbating. But really, most people share the fact that they, at the very least, enjoy and probably get aroused watching someone build up to and have an orgasm. Make sure to tune your environment to your needs. If you want to role play, do that — dress up, experiment with fetishes or BDSM. Do what it takes to feel comfortable. Write a letter detailing what you want you and your partner to try; wear a costume or do it in the shower or the dark. If you are able, indulge in a glass of wine to feel slightly less inhibited. Whatever your reason is for not having intercourse, that doesn’t mean that in the mean time you can’t get a little sexy every now and again and enjoy an orgasm or two. Hunter is a senior psychology major at UNM. She has a special interest in sex psychology and research. You can send questions and comments to

LETTER Skate column advocates cavity search and seizure Editor’s note: This letter references the column “Don’t hate the skaters, hate the wheels,” by Devon Stevens, published in the Daily Lobo on Friday. The column was satire. Editor, I am a female UNM student. I also happen to ride my longboard around from time to time. It is much easier to do so during the summer semester because there are fewer people around to clog the sidewalks and to take ransom. But a lot of my fellow skaters choose to skate during times at the University when the campus is heavily populated, such as the start of term.

I have a little trouble understanding this because it’s hard to stop when there are people everywhere (get on a board and you’ll see what I mean). The obtuse belligerence of your column startled me. Skaters can hide wheels in their long hair? I have long hair and I can tell you that at any time I have my cell phone, spare change, some pears or oranges to snack on later, two small children and an extra tampon stashed away in my hair. But wheels? Never wheels. Sorry, but stationing police and guards to confiscate wheels at every corner seems like a waste of my tuition dollars. The football team also seems like a waste, but don’t get me started on that. As for the cavity searches, I doubt you will find any female skater willing to get frisked in public for hiding wheels in her lady parts. If you think this will go over smoothly with any skater you run across, you are sorely mistaken. If I were

searched in this manner, I would give a “good, hard crack to the jaw” to whoever dared to put his hands on me, trumped-up charge or not. This is a brilliant infringement on privacy you have suggested and it is quite sickening. If the Fourth Amendment holds less power than ever, why don’t we search you for wheels or maybe the illegal drugs it is blatantly obvious that you are smoking? A full cavity search, in front of the entire school, faculty and students, with Schmidly there as a witness, and a couple people taking notes. If your hobby is hating hobbyists, and it is acceptable to hate hobbyists, then I hate you. No one “rules” this campus. It belongs to the people, at least in theory. (Once McDonald’s starts sponsoring our soccer team, I think I’m going to transfer). Victoria Cardenas UNM student

New Mexico Daily Lobo

Balanced budget amendment sunk


Monday, November 21, 2011 / Page 5

by Jim Abrams

Later in the day, the top Republican on the deficit-reduction supercommittee indicated no deal WASHINGTON — Rejecting the was near but efforts would continidea that Congress can’t control ue through the last weekend before its spending impulses, the House Wednesday’s deadline. “We are painfully, painfully aware turned back a Republican proposal Friday to amend the Constitution to of the deadline that is staring us in dam the rising flood of federal red the face,” said Rep. Jeb Hensarling, ink. Democrats — and a few GOP R-Texas. “When we have something lawmakers — said damage from the more to report, we will report.” With the national debt now topbalanced-budget mandate would ping $15 trillion and the deficit for outweigh any benefits. the just-ended fisThe first House cal year passing $1 vote in 16 years trillion, supporton making feders of the constitueral deficits untional amendment constitutional declared it the only came as the sepway to stop out-ofarate bipartisan control spending. supercommittee The government appeared to be is now borrowing sputtering in its 36 cents for every attempt to find at ~Rep. Lloyd Doggett dollar it spends. least $1.2 trillion D-Texas “It is our last in deficit reducline of defense tions to head off major automatic cuts. The lead Re- against Congress’ unending desire publican on that panel said mem- to overspend and overtax,” Judiciary bers were “painfully, painfully Committee Chairman Lamar Smith, aware” of its Wednesday deadline R-Texas, said as the House debated for action and would work through the measure. But Democratic leaders worked the weekend. The House voted 261-165 in fa- aggressively to defeat it, saying vor of the measure to require an- that such a requirement could nual balanced budgets, but that was force Congress to cut billions from 23 short of the two-thirds majority social programs during times of needed to advance a constitutional economic downturn and that disputes over what to cut could result amendment. Democrats overwhelmingly op- in Congress ceding its power of the posed the proposal, arguing that purse to the courts. Even had it passed, the measure such a requirement would force Congress to make devastating cuts would have faced an uphill fight in the Democratic-controlled Senate. to social programs. The House passed a similar Most Republicans favored the measure, but there were promi- measure in 1995, with the help of 72 Democrats. That year, the meanent exceptions. Budget Committee Chairman sure fell one vote short of passing Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, the party’s the Senate. Constitutional amendments point man on budgetary matters, agreed with GOP colleagues that must get two-thirds majorities in “spending is the problem.” But he both houses and be ratified by threeadded that “this version of the bal- quarters of the states to take effect. anced budget amendment makes it The last constitutional amendment, more likely taxes will be raised, gov- ratified in 1992, concerned lawmakernment will grow and economic er pay increases. The second-ranking Democrat, freedom will be diminished.” Likewise, Rules Committee Steny Hoyer of Maryland, voted for Chairman David Dreier, R-Calif., the amendment in 1995 but said said lawmakers should be able the situation has vastly changed to find common ground without since then. “Republicans have changing the Constitution, and he been fiscally reckless,” he assertexpressed concern that lawsuits ed, saying the George W. Bush adfiled if Congress failed to balance ministration would not cut spendthe budget could result in courts ing elsewhere to pay for the wars making decisions on cutting spend- in Iraq and Afghanistan, major tax cuts and a Medicare prescription ing or raising taxes. In all, 235 Republicans and 25 drug benefit. “A constitutional amendment is Democrats voted for the amendment, four Republicans and 161 not a path to a balanced budget,” Democrats opposed it. The oth- said Rep. Lloyd Doggett, D-Texas. er two Republicans voting against “It is only an excuse for members were Justin Amash of Michigan and of this body failing to cast votes to achieve one.” Louie Gohmert of Texas.

The Associated Press

“A constitutional amendment is not a path to a balanced budget.”

WHEREAMBCAN YOUISTANDTOUT ANDIOUS FITDIINFFERENT ATCTHERSAMEE TIME?ATIVE Join a small community of forward-thinking, like-minded artists and designers. Southwest University of Visual Arts provides the in-depth education you need to excel beyond graduation.


325.0123 / SUVA.EDU


Page 6 / Monday, November 21, 2011

New Mexico Daily Lobo


Bench keeps loss close despite Rhoades’ injury by Cesar Davila

senior outside hitter Kelly Williamson helped the Lobos fight back in the first set and tie at 22-22. Rhoades sprained her ankle at the end of the point and didn’t return to the match. The Lobos lost the first two sets of the match by two points. Freshmen middle blockers Chantale Riddle and Elsa Krieg, and sophomore outside hitter Ashley Newman, were asked to step up in absence of Rhoades. They answered the call. All four sets in the match were decided by five points or fewer. Riddle finished the match with 11 kills and 14 digs. Newman added 13 kills. In the second set, Krieg was part of three consecutive points for the Lobos when she blocked three Wyoming attacks, to give UNM a 17-16 lead. Krieg is a underclassmen expected to continue the offensive production The third time failed to be charming for the volleyball team. The Lobos fell in their third encounter against the Wyoming Cowgirls in four sets, 23-25, 25-27, 25-20 and 21-25, in the first round of the MWC tournament Friday night at Johnson Center. Senior middle blocker Ashley Rhoades sprained her ankle and left the match. “It’s tough, and those things happen, especially in volleyball with all the stuff around the net,” head coach Jeff Nelson said about Rhoades’ injury. “It was unfortunate for us. I think if Ashley had stayed in the game, we might have had a different outcome.” UNM lost its two previous matches against Wyoming during the regular season, and the Lobos came out sluggish, trailing 15-8 to the Cowgirls early on. An offensive spark from Rhoades and

see Volleyball page 9

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Monday, November 21, 2011 / Page 7


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Though junior guard Caroline Durbin missed a game-winning shot against No. 13 Oklahoma, her teammates said they were impressed with her performance. With time winding down against Oklahoma, Durbin had a chance to win the game, but missed her 3-point attempt. Senior guard Porche Torrance said that Durbin is a very talented shooter and shouldn’t let (her feelings about) one missed opportunity linger in upcoming games. “I think she did a great job,” Torrance said. “She came out looking for her job off of ball screens, just looking for open shots. She shouldn’t hang her head on that last shot.” Junior guard Jourdan Erskine said Durbin looked poised against the Sooners. “She’s our shooter and we need her to do that, and she had a great game,” Erskine said. “She was confident. She came off the ball screens ready to shoot and that’s what she needs to do.” Durbin led the Lobos in scoring in all three games so far this season, including her 16 points on Saturday. In the first game of the season against Texas Tech, Durbin scored a season-high 17 points. She followed that up with 11 points against North Texas. Durbin is averaging 14.6 points per game this season. Head coach Yvonne Sanchez said Durbin is doing everything that a good shooter should do, including scoring from every spot on the floor. “(Durbin) is playing with a lot of confidence, and I like that about her,” Sanchez said. “She’s worked on her game and I think (Durbin), this year, was ready to explode.”


Men’s Basketball TEMPE, Ariz.

Men’s Basketball

defeated Arizona State 76-71

Men’s Soccer

defeated Duke 2-1; Second Round of the NCAA Tournament

The men’s basketball team returned to its winning roots when it beat Arizona State 76-71 on Friday. Head coach Steve Alford benched sophomore guard Kendall Williams and senior forward Drew Gordon, both starters, because of their poor performance against NMSU last week, and it worked. Williams came off the bench with a game-high 16 points, including the Lobos’ last three from the freethrow line. Gordon added 13 points and nine rebounds. The Lobos are now 2-1 on the season and travel to Anaheim to take on Santa Clara for the 76 Classic this Thursday.

Football LARAMIE, Wyo. The football team failed to win a second game, losing to Wyoming 31-10 on Saturday. The Lobos had a 10-7 lead late in the first half, but Wyoming responded with 24 straight points as the Lobos lost their 10th game of the season. UNM had 296 yards to the Cowboys’ 462. Junior quarterback B.R. Holbrook finished the game 18-28, passing for 162 yards and one interception. Holbrook also had 48 yards and rushed for the Lobos’ only touchdown.

Juan Labreche / Daily Lobo Whitney Johnson shoots a three-pointer over the head of Whitney Hand. The Lobos lost to Oklahoma. Not everybody can take a shot under such pressure, Torrance said, but against Oklahoma, Durbin did. “It takes heart to take that lastminute shot; if the game was tied, anybody can be relaxed,” Torrance said. “She did great, she just has to keep her head high and keep fighting.”

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Star-studded Galaxy team wins MLS cup by Greg Beacham Associated Press

CARSON, Calif. (AP) — Landon Donovan scored in the 72nd minute on passes from Robbie Keane and David Beckham, and the Los Angeles Galaxy’s three superstars won their first MLS Cup together with a 1-0 victory over the Houston Dynamo on Sunday night. Beckham won his first MLS championship in the final game of his groundbreaking five-year contract with the Galaxy, who rolled through the postseason to the franchise’s third league title after finishing with MLS’ best regular-season record. He punctuated a solid performance in the MLS Cup with an alert header to Keane, the Irish striker who joined Los Angeles in midseason. Keane made a run and eventually fed Donovan, who struck home his record 20th MLS playoff goal. Beckham lifted Donovan — selected the MLS Cup MVP — off his feet with a hug after the final whistle in the Galaxy’s record seventh appearance in the league title game. Los Angeles had the most expensive and highest-profile roster in MLS history, but the Galaxy got full value from their three highestpriced players, particularly in the playoffs. Beckham’s assist was his fourth of a stellar postseason, while Donovan scored in each of the Galaxy’s final three playoff games, and Keane was a serious offensive force despite flying across the world

in his spare time on Irish national team duty. A sellout crowd of 30,281 at Home Depot Center — where the Galaxy didn’t lose a game all season long — cheered Los Angeles past the Dynamo, who hadn’t lost in nine games since Sept. 10. Houston struggled for offense in the MLS Cup after losing leading scorer and league MVP runner-up Brad Davis to a torn quadriceps in the Eastern Conference championship. Beckham put a stylish finish on the best season of his five-year stint with the Galaxy, finishing second in MLS with 15 assists while spending the entire season in Los Angeles. The English superstar hasn’t decided where he’ll play next year, but the Galaxy hope he extends his California sojourn for at least another season. Galaxy fanatics in the Angel City Brigade supporters’ section chanted “We want Beckham!” after the final whistle. This championship had been the Galaxy’s to lose since early in the season. Los Angeles dominated the league and won the Supporters’ Shield with the second-best regular-season record in MLS history, and the Galaxy didn’t disappoint in the playoffs as they did last season. Donovan also earned vindication in his fourth career MLS championship. The United States national team star gave up his Galaxy captaincy to Beckham early in their tenure, but got it back as his partnership with Beckham matured over the past three seasons.





Missed shots tank close game by Nathan Farmer

The women’s basketball team couldn’t put a layup away soon enough to beat the Sooners. The team lost to No. 13 Oklahoma 58-56 after junior guard Caroline Durbin missed a potentially gamewinning 3-pointer with three seconds left. The rebound fell to junior guard Jourdan Erskine, who missed a layup to tie the game as time ran out. Despite the loss, Erskine said the game was better than previous ones. “I just really wanted to get this win,” she said. “So I wanted to step up my game and play that big five role. This is definitely a stepping stone.” Erskine led the team with 14 rebounds and was the only player able to use her height at the post position to work against the Sooner centers. Even though the team is now 0-3, head coach Yvonne Sanchez said she was not disappointed with the loss because the team fought until the end. “They played hard,” she said. “I told them at the beginning of the year, ‘If you guys play hard, that’s what I ask of you. If you put yourself in a position to win, that’s what we ask of you as a staff,’ and they did both of those things.” The Lobos were on fire in the first half, going 6-10 from 3-point range. Durbin went 3-3 behind the arc on her way to a game-high 16 points. UNM shot 53.6 percent from the field in the first half and was leading by as many as 12 points, but took an eight point lead into halftime. In the second half, the Sooners began to play full-court press defense, causing the Lobos to turnover the ball on multiple occasions as Oklahoma began to chip away at UNM’s lead by using its dominance down low. The Sooners had 34 points in the paint to the Lobos’ 14. Oklahoma scored 25 points off of UNM’s 23 turnovers, and Sanchez said that’s something the team needs to work on. “That’s been our Achilles’ heel,” she said. “We just have to take care of the ball a little bit and that’s my job. Until we figure it out, teams are going to pressure us.” With 4:31 left in the game, the Sooners took a 52-51 lead after two free throws from Sharane Campbell. The lead was the first for the Sooners since they had 17:29 left in the first half. Sanchez said she could see the game changing in the Sooners’ favor in the second half.


M. soccer

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Juan Labreche / Daily Lobo Guard Jourdan Erskine drives the ball against Oklahoma center Nicole Griffin. The Lobos blew a lead late in the game to the No. 13 Sooners.

“I think we took a couple of bad shots and they got a couple of transition baskets and the momentum kind of shifted,” she said. “We took the No. 13 team down to the wire and we are going to find a way to win these games.” With 1:43 left, the Lobos retook the lead after a Durbin jump shot gave them a 56-55 lead, but it was the last time the Lobos would be

leading in the game. Senior guard Porche Torrance said the game shows that the Lobos are better than their 0-3 record. “This shows that we have a lot of heart within us and keep working hard and get ready for the game on Tuesday,” she said. “It’s a tough loss, but we have to keep our heads high. We fought hard until the end. Each play, we were aggressive.”

was on their side. “They were untimely,” Williamson said. “That’s what killed us for sure in our first two sets.” Williamson, Rhoades and senior libero Allison Buck all played the last home match of their careers. Williamson led the team with 23 kills and a .288 percentage. Allison Buck led the team with 22 digs. Rhoades finished with five kills after leaving with the injury.

The Lobos, 14-14 with one match remaining, are unlikely to get an NCAA tournament at-large bid. Williamson said this is a season she’ll always remember. “I wouldn’t change it for the world,” Williamson said. “Coming here, playing for our fans, it’s unforgettable and it’s awesome that we still have so many people out here to support us.”

down. It was just a great performance.” The Lobos dominated extra time, and with two minutes left in the first extra time a long ball found Sandoval at the back post. He headed the ball across goal to a wide-open Baldinger, who headed it effortlessly. Many of the fans rushed the field to celebrate with the players. Baldinger said the goal is one he’ll never forget. “You go to believe so,” he said. “This kind of goal in front of these fans in my hometown is just something that will never leave my mind.” Baldinger said after this win there is no telling what the Lobos can do. “We feel that we are here to win

it,” he said. “We’re not here to get to the third round or the quarterfinals: We’re here to win it. The sky is the limit for us.” The Lobos now travel to take on No. 7 seed University of South Florida next Sunday in the third round.

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Rhoades and Williamson provided during their careers. “I can’t fill those shoes right now, but I hope I can just as well (as Rhoades did,)” Krieg said. “To get this kind of experience is great, but I would have loved to have Ashley Rhoades out there by my side.” The Achilles’ heel for UNM against Wyoming was serving errors. The Lobos finished the match with 12 service errors, and the mistakes seemed to happen when momentum

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Playing a man up, the Lobos pushed forward every time they touched the ball, and it didn’t take long to tie the game. Junior forward Blake Smith picked up a loose ball 25 yards from goal and half-volleyed it past goalkeeper James Belshaw. After the goal, the Lobos pushed forward for the next goal, but they missed three chances to win it in regular play. “I felt confident in that second half we were going to generate chances, and if we got one, we were going to get two,” Fishbein said. “We got after them — I think we started wearing them

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After this, you feel your energy can get you through anything, which is true. The only thing that will trip you up now is letting others’ jealousy and attempts to deflate your confidence get the better of you. Virgo — Recent events have prompted Closer, let Loboscopes smell you a growing feeling of inadequacy that’s starting to keep you from getting Capricorn — You should be preparing making it easier than anticipated to keep anything done. This is hard when all yourself away for good. to complete a project that started a you want to do is work yourself to couple weeks ago, around the new the bone, to prove to yourself you Taurus — You’ve been fighting an moon. In doing so, you may grow to can still crank out accomplishments. uphill battle with yourself for several realize how deeply involved you’ve You need to develop a more dynamic weeks now. While you understand become, perhaps losing yourself in the that to be satisfied with yourself and understanding of what you can achieve, process. Self-sacrifice is necessary and life, discipline and determination are because your worth can be measured in commendable when working towards more than man hours. Look around the necessary, something else is coaxing a worthy goal, but the feeling of gazing you into complacency. Remember the recesses of your mind for other interests at a stranger in the mirror is unsettling. ways your parents or other childhood to develop beyond what you think is Take steps to address your health, and authority figures got you to do what you expected of you. you’ll find your mentality shaping up in were supposed to. Instead of fighting Libra — Without having to look far, a more positive direction as a result. yourself, lead yourself the way you you will find doors opening up faster remember being an effective foil to Aquarius — When inspiration than you can gauge the worth of your inner child. strikes, the last thing you want to do is entering and exploring them. To make smother your precious brainchild by the decision harder, none of these doors Gemini — Your moods are more fretting over the details. You’ve been erratic than usual, and your friends and are apparently lucrative to promoting working hard to execute an idea, but current goals. How do you decide? This family may not know how to take it it looks like you’ve come closer to the is a time for exploration, so don’t think now that you’re waxing increasingly moon than a final product. You want about it too much. Drift at a leisurely toward violence and other irrational culmination, which is challenging pace, leaving and entering only as you behavior. It’s hard for you to get a when your thoughts continue to sweep grip when you’re oblivious to how please. Most importantly, don’t let grand scales. Take time to consider anyone accompanying you attempt to you’re affecting those around you as what is really possible and what you steer you— this is not about them. is the present case. Don’t punish them care about the most. Make every action for feeling hurt. Remove yourself Scorpio — This week, as hard as you count toward the heart of your goal, and from any relationship or situation try, your attempts to mask contempt you’ll reach it. you wish to keep intact. You need a and bitterness will be fruitless. It’s Pisces — Mounting frustration pushed destructive outlet. Start by demolishing uncomfortable for people to deal with the obstacles infuriating you in the you to the limit these past couple of someone who’s obviously denying first place. weeks. You recognize this is a crucial emotions. Your current turmoil is point that demands your intervention. needier than you’re used to, and won’t Cancer — For all your hard work Most days, you prefer to avoid conflict. the last several weeks, you earned a put up with your neglect until you When matters begin to degrade your resolve the issue. It’s time that you learn reward. Now all you want is to let well-being, however, it is entirely your go and run wild. It is easy for the that suffocating your feelings is counter problem and it would inappropriate productive, even though it appears as glimmering confetti to keep you not to take action. The decision will be from seeing those who are not having though you’re handling things just fine. hard if you feel obligated to consider You need relief, not temporary fixes. such a good time of it. Because you everyone in weighing your options: came out on top after a challenge that Sagittarius — When the lens through be selfish, and do your best to shake others failed to overcome, you are in a which we view and understand the the guilt. dominant position. To your long-term world grows murky and dark, it’s advantage, it would be wiser to be a Aries — When you break up with easy to get trapped in our minds. support system for those who failed, someone, no matter how long you’ve This effectively perpetuates negative using your strength to bring them up been with them, it’s always easier to thoughts as our own perspective is the to your level. see the negative traits you were once problem. You’re at such a point now, blind to. Likewise, you are coming to Leo — You’re usually set like concrete and feel yourself falling increasingly a point in your life where you need to out of touch and depressed. An apt in your ways, but a necessary change let go of a particularly stubborn habit or you experienced in the last couple distraction from your moodiness that draining relationship that is keeping you weeks proved to be more stimulating doubles as an opportunity for personal from reaching your potential. You know than stunting. You rose from a recent growth is volunteering your services. what needs to happen, so just do it. Think about how you could help others, tangle relatively unscathed, boosting All the ugliness will become apparent, your optimism and sense of capability. helping yourself in turn.

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dailycrossword Across 1 Soccer great Mia 5 Spider’s creations 9 “Beat it!” 14 Steinbeck’s Tom Joad, e.g. 15 Afghanistan’s western neighbor 16 Fabric with a repeated scenic pattern 17 National consensus 20 Metal playing marble 21 Sincere 22 Propelled with sculls 23 Camembert cousin 24 Malice 27 Cooks on a spit 32 Biol. or chem. 35 Burn soothers 37 Turn on a pivot 38 Deerstalker’s excitement 42 Grows darker 43 Clark Kent’s birth name 44 Sound of fan support 45 Garlicky shrimp dish 48 Ran at an easy pace 50 Not taken in by 52 Hairdresser Sassoon 56 “The Four Seasons” composer 60 Rock fissure 62 Dark, quiet period 64 Davis who was married to Ruby Dee

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54 Was sore after a workout 55 Riga natives 56 Cognac bottle letters 57 “__ Small World” 58 Carpenter’s clamp 59 Et __: and others 60 Vittles 61 Cinncinati team 63 Also

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TALIN MARKET IS looking for morning stocker. Hours from 6am- 10am Monday-Friday. Starting pay at $9/hr. Please apply online at or pick up application at 88 Louisiana Blvd SE.

SPEED TRAINING COACH needed to work with 2 young soccer players.

PROFESSOR WITH DISABILITY needs assistance with personal care, household chores, and other tasks. Learn more at com/site/opentouniquework/

!!!BARTENDING!!!: $300/DAY potential. No experience necessary, training available. 1-800-965-6520ext.100.

ELDERLY COUPLE NEEDS reliable person to drive them to shops and events. 263-9648.

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Volunteers UNM IS LOOKING for adult women with asthma for asthma research study. If you are interested in finding out more about this study, please contact Teresa at or 2691074 (HRRC 09-330).

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LOBO VILLAGE, GREAT location, close to pool and shuttle stop. First month’s rent free. For more information at

STUDIO 1BA. 2733 HERMOSA NE (Menaul and Carlisle). 400sqft. Carport, fenced yard, small animals ok. $400/mo +$400dd. Includes all utilities. 3mi to UNM. Call 249-2588.

NOB HILL DUPLEX for sale- rent the other unit! Get help with your mortgage/ investment in ABQ while attending UNM. listing ID: 23342331.

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new mexico

new mexico

Monday, November 21, 2011 / Page 11

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Sports Editor / Nathan Farmer



Monday November 21, 2011

Lossless Lobos defeat Duke Blue Devils lament overtime goal that sends Lobos to third round of tourney

Score 2-1

by Nathan Farmer The men’s soccer team imitated King Midas’ touch with a golden goal shot in overtime, granting it a victory over Duke in the second round of the NCAA tournament. Junior forward Devon Sandoval had the assist and redshirt freshman forward Carson Baldinger got the winning goal in the first extra time, as the No. 10 seed Lobos beat unseeded Duke 2-1 in a sold-out crowd of more than 6,200. “It felt so good to get that win in front of the local people, and two local boys connecting for the goal,” said head coach Jeremy Fishbein. “I can’t tell you how proud I am of our guys; just the resilience and the confidence in that team of ours is something else.” The game was fairly even, but Duke was in the lead after the 51st minute. However, a red card to Blue Devils’ Chris Tweed-Kent with 15 minutes remaining changed the game. The game started with a flurry of shots. Duke shot over the net in the first minute, and Lobo freshman forward James Rogers’s shot was saved soon after Both teams could have had a goal by half if it wasn’t for the spectacular goalkeeping from both keepers. Six minutes into the second half, a rare mistake by the Lobos’ defense let Duke’s Nick Palodichuk in on goal. He placed his shot to the far post, and junior goalkeeper Victor Rodriguez failed to respond, which put the Blue Devils ahead. After the goal, Duke kept its players behind the ball and waited to hit UNM on a counterattack. With 15 minutes left, the game changed when Tweed-Kent got a straight red card for an apparent elbow to a Lobo player’s face. Duke head coach John Kerr said the foul didn’t deserve a red card. “It was a huge decision,” he said. “It went against us. It really affected how we defended and gave them a huge advantage, and it was very difficult for us to come back from it.”

see M.

Soccer PAGE 9

Carson Baldinger celebrates with fans after the Lobos beat the Blue Devils in extra time on Sunday at University Stadium in the second round of the NCAA tournament. In front of a sold-out crowd, the Lobos won 2-1 and set up a third round matchup with South Florida next Sunday. Juan Labreche / Daily Lobo

NM Daily Lobo 112111  

NM Daily Lobo 112111

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