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October 23, 2009

Shop talk: Grease An original multimedia series


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Student race car team loses University funds by Nicole Raz Daily Lobo

Ryan Garcia/ Daily Lobo Trent Schara rides his custom Harley down Highway 317. Schara builds bikes at Atomic Custom, his shop. Check out the Multimedia page at to watch ‘Grease,’ the second episode in the ‘Shop talk’ series by Joey Trisolini.

The checkered flag might wave early for a team of race car-building students. The Formula Society of Automotive Engineers is an annual international collegiate engineering competition where students design and build their own race cars. The School of Engineering plans to cut funding to the program that sends a UNM team to the competition. It’s supported the group since 1998. It costs $55,000 to run the program. Students raise $25,000 of the funds primarily through donations from Sandia National Labs and the Unser Racing Museum. Last week Arup Maji, interim dean of the School of Engineering, guaranteed to pay UNM’s summer portion — $30,000 — for the next two years. But in 2011, the team will have to fend for itself over the summer, or possibly shut down, Maji said. “I am saddened that enthusiastic students might not have this opportunity, because some students certainly look forward to and are very energized by it,” Maji said. “Because I am interim dean and the financial challenges that we face, I am not in a position right now to commit summer salary for 2011.”

The team’s project manager, Joseph Conroy, and deputy project manager, Niki Naber, started two petitions to voice concern for the future of the program. The petitions have received at least 40 signatures, Conroy said. Of the $30,000 provided by the School of Engineering, $25,000 goes to the summer salary of the team’s director, John Russell. According to the UNM salary book, Russell makes $117,513 a year. Russell said 15 students participate in UNM’s FSAE, and 220 students have completed the program since it started. The program lasts a full year, including the summer term. If the program is not funded in the summer, Russell said the success of the program will suffer. “One year of not conducting the program kills all the continuity necessary for a successful program,” Russell said. “Would an interim university president think of canceling football for a year while he waited for a new university president to be appointed?” Steven Carpenter, a junior in the School of Mechanical Engineering, was going to start FSAE program in the spring, but the program has been taken off of LoboWeb.

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Growers market features live music, local fare by Andrew Beale Daily Lobo

A growers market, complete with a solar-powered band, a balloonist and more than a dozen local food vendors, will take over Johnson field on Saturday. Sustainability Studies Program Coordinator Terry Horger, who organized the event, said the growers market emphasizes environmental consciousness and local produce. She said the market is aimed at students because there are other growers markets that target the wider

community. “We really are trying to attract the people from campus, as opposed to, let’s say, the rest of the city,” she said. “We’re really trying to focus on the students, staff and faculty on campus.” Horger said this will be the only growers market for the fall, but the Sustainability Studies Program plans to make it a weekly event next semester. “Even though this is a small growers market, and unfortunately it’s the only one we’re having this semester, we’re hoping that by the

spring we’ll be having them on a more regular basis,” she said. The Sustainability Studies Program will partner with La Montañita Co-op to raise funds for future growers markets. “The thought is that we will sell Co-op memberships, and so for those members … whatever money they spend at the Co-op, 1 percent of their sales will come back to us,” she said. Bruce Milne, program director of the Sustainability Studies Program, said Sustainability Studies worked for about a month to set up this

UNM hosts free e-waste recycling Staff Report Daily Lobo

UNM community members can get their electronic waste recycled free of charge on campus this Saturday. UNM Recycling, NetImpact and the Staff Council Environs Committee teamed up to host the third annual UNM E-waste Recycling Event, where students, faculty and staff can recycle old cell phones, radios, microwaves, VCRs, DVD Players and more for free. Recycling old televisions, however, will cost $10. Linda McCormick, president of UNM Recycling, said electronic waste can hurt the environment.

Inside the

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“If they’re not recycled, then they can have a profound negative impact on the environment, because they typically contain heavy metals like lead or copper in the solder, tin — things like that,” she said. McCormick said Albuquerque hosts two similar e-waste events each year for the general public. Also, there are two companies in the city that accept e-waste throughout the year — Albuquerque Recycling and Enchantment Recycling. All of the e-waste collected Saturday will be given to Albuquerque Recycling, McCormick said. She said the company makes a profit on the items. “The reason that it’s free for everything is that there’s enough

growers market. He said the program needs additional staff before they can run the market on a weekly basis. “We’ve had seven of these events so far,” he said. “But to do it on a regular basis means we would have to have a dedicated staff person, so that’s been difficult for us to put together from existing funds.” He said the funds from the Coop program will go to hire a staff member to coordinate the growers markets. Madeline Hastings, who runs Duke’s Raspberry Ranch, will sell

Lobo Growers Market Johnson Field 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Saturday raspberries at the growers market Saturday. Hastings will share a booth at the event with her son, who owns Chillz Frozen Custard. “We combined our products. I grow raspberries, so what we do is use his custard and my raspberries and we make sundaes,” she said. Horger said the Squash Blossom

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E-waste recycling Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. ‘A’ Lot value in the recycled materials of a CD player or something like that so that they don’t have to charge us,” she said. Televisions don’t have enough valuable components, which is why it costs $10 to recycle them, McCormick said. McCormick said the e-waste event helps consumers understand the environmental implications of everyday products. Photo illustration “There’s no environmental-free lunch,” she said. “There’s a dark side to everything.”

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Vanessa Sanchez / Daily Lobo

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PageTwo Friday, October 23, 2009

Daily Lobo asks you: “Well I’ve seen some signs around for Homecoming Queen … but I wouldn’t vote and it doesn’t matter very much to me at Matthew all. I don’t pay Bergsten Senior much attention Biology to it. Maybe it’s important for some students, but I don’t think a majority of students will care.”

New Mexico Daily Lobo “What do you think about having a Homecoming court in college?”

“I think it’s pointless because college is college and not high school, and I’ve never voted in the five years I’ve been going here, and I don’t plan on going at all.”

Melissa Jordan Senior Communications

“I think it’s kind of strange, because not everyone knows each other like they did in high school, so its like kind of confusing and you just don’t even know the candidates, so it’s not as accurate as it was in high school.”

Lauren Overstreet Sophomore Business

“I think it’s pretty cool. … You know, you kind of get to relive your high school days, but it’s not really high school you know, just different Eduardo “J.R.” organizations Beroncal Senior you get to Business interact with, so I Administration think it’s cool.”

* According to the ASUNM elections chairman, 1,130 students voted in the Homecoming Court election Wednesday.

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New Mexico Daily Lobo

Race car from page 1 Carpenter said the FSAE program was one of the programs that brought him to UNM. “It is heartbreaking to know that something I’ve been working towards for the last two years is gone,� he said. “I am unsure if I want to finish my degree at UNM.� Russell said students in the program would likely be unable to raise funds to make up for the University cuts. “The team barely raises enough money to support the program costs beyond what we get from UNM,� he said. “It would take a tremendous effort — beyond what we are doing now — to fund the summer.� If the University decides not to fund Russell’s summer salary, the program may continue as a one semester course, Russell said. He said the program ran as a one semester course before 2004, but it wasn’t as successful as the three-semester model. “For what I could teach in one semester, there wasn’t enough time to build a car,� Russell said. The FSAE competition takes place in seven locations around the world — with one in Michigan and California, Russell said. Because of an increasingly tightening budget, the UNM team traveled to California last year to save money, even though 40 fewer teams competed. In Michigan’s 120-team competition, UNM’s FSAE team placed 39th in 2004, 14th in 2005, and 60th in 2006 and 2007. In 2008, UNM came in 24th in California’s 80-team competition.


Courtesy of FSAE Members of the UNM Formula Society of Automotive Engineers team surround a race car that they built as part of an international competition. The Interim Dean of the School of Engineering has not committed to providing the program with $30,000 in funding for 2011.

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Boys, a bluegrass band made up of UNM students, will perform at the market. She said they will run their equipment from a solar-powered van the Sustainability Studies Program bought in 2006. Horger said the van can power a full band for about two and a half hours. “We bought a used cargo trailer, and we retro-fitted it with a solar panel,� she said. “They plug all their

instruments into the solar powered van, and they’ve got all the power they need.� Horger said he market will attract students to local growers and encourage them to eat more local food. “What’s important about the growers market is that we’re trying to bring local, organic food and local vendors onto campus and to teach them about the importance of local food,� she said.

News in brief WASHINGTON (AP) — In the largest single strike at Mexican drug operations in the U.S., federal officials on Thursday announced the arrests of more than 300 people in raids across the country aimed at the newest and most violent cartel. La Familia has earned a reputation for dominating the methamphetamine trade and displaying graphic violence, including beheadings. U.S. officials said the cartel, based in the state of Michoacan, in southwestern Mexico, has a vast

network pumping drugs throughout the United States, specializing in methamphetamine. The arrests took place in 38 cities, from Boston to Seattle and Tampa, Fla., to St. Paul, Minn., in 19 states. Attorney General Eric Holder pledged to keep hitting La Familia and the cartels responsible for a wave of bloodshed in Mexico. He said the U.S. would attack them at all levels, from the leadership to their supply chains reaching far into the United States.

The Daily Lobo is committed to providing you with factually accurate information, and we are eager to correct any error as soon as it is discovered. If you have any information regarding a mistake in the newspaper or online, please contact

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Friday October 23, 2009 / Ext. 133

FROM THE WEB In his letter to the editor “University should encourage use of public transportation,” published Thursday, UNM staff member Chuck Reuben argued that, instead of building a parking structure at Lomas and Yale boulevards, the University should build a bus stop. Readers at responded: by ‘xander’ Posted Thursday “Uh, nah, I like having my own transportation. Parking? A tad bothersome, but I manage. A little walking, supplemented with a bike. I get along just fine. Public transportation sucks. Smelly and hot in the summer, cold and smelly in the winter. Punks and drunks all the time. A moving biological experiment. No thanks. I’ll keep my ride.” by ‘Casey’ Posted Thursday “I am a graduate student working full time and I commute to campus about three days a week from across town. I have been using the visitor parking garage because it is the quickest way in and out of the University. People like me have no time to mess with public transportation. We need to be able to get in and out quickly. I also agree with xander about the ‘moving biological experiment.’ LOL.” by ‘Cee’ Posted Thursday “Lest we forget, Parking and Transportation Services is a money generating operation and a $50 bus stop earns them no new revenue, but building a cement behemoth has the potential to bring in tons of dough. Nope, people, I don’t see them acting in the environment’s best interest in this instance (or ever, as long as they are in business for the dough).” by ‘Adelina Artist’ Posted Thursday “Public transportation is a joke. I’ll take it when I see the Mayor, the UNM faculty and other privileged people riding the bus, until then I will drive my car solo. Are you riding the bus every day, Mr. Reuben?” by ‘Michael’ Posted Thursday “Like it or not, UNM is a commuter campus. There are plenty of students that live all over town. Buses take a long time to get you where you need to be.” by ‘Matt’ Posted Thursday “Really? First, there already is a city bus stop at Lomas and Yale. Second, keep in mind that PATS is 100 percent funded by their operations (parking permit sales, ticket fees, structure and meter parking), so not one penny of your tuition dollars pay for shuttle drivers, the structures, paving, etc. Also, they’ve been highly involved in providing alternative transportation options (including free bus permits for students, staff, and faculty) that take away money from their bottom line. They want people to use the public bus system to get to campus. Sure, they’re an easy target to criticize (and they certainly aren’t perfect either), but I think they do a great job all things considered. Finally, I ride the bus to and from UNM every single day (I didn’t even buy a parking permit at all this year) because I have found the city bus to be more convenient, just as safe, and overall less stressful than driving. My transportation costs to work are lower (aka non-existent) and my car stays safe in my driveway during the day. I highly recommend giving it a shot for a whole week. Hopefully you’ll find that the bus is not as bad as you think (and you’ll see that public transportation in Albuquerque is not a joke).” Join the discussion at



Abigail Ramirez Managing editor

Eva Dameron Opinion editor

Pat Lohmann News editor

LETTER Fox News needs to state facts, not biased opinions Editor, I am pleased to see that over 50 percent of the people who have voted so far in this week’s online poll recognize Fox News as nothing more than a mouthpiece for conservativebased propaganda. Also, about 25 percent more people at least felt that the arguments presented by Fox News were rather one-sided. That makes over 75 percent of our current pollees who can see right through them. However, I am still concerned about the other 25 percent who believe Fox News is a legitimate news source. I will tell you now: Fox News is a joke. I knew this when, during this last election, Bill O’Reilly was trying to shame a magazine editor for being unfair because there was some eight front covers with Barack Obama, Michelle Obama or Joe Biden on them, and only five with John McCain or Sarah Palin. I knew this when, on practically every show, none of their

ext. 133 ext. 127

out certain details and completely ignoring other facts, it’s not fair anymore, and then when you only present one side to the issues, it isn’t even balanced. Thus, when Fox News claims to have “fair and balanced news coverage,” you should instantly realize that it’s a load of crap and false advertisement. If Fox News were to get their claws on this opinion column, they would most likely lambaste it, calling me a far-left lunatic with no justification for my accusations, and try to drag the Daily Lobo down with it. But in reality, it doesn’t really matter if I am “conservative” or “liberal.” The reason I formulate these opinions is because I’m not an idiot and can see right through them. For you Fox News enthusiasts, I recommend you check out The Young Turks. I didn’t get my opinions from them, but I certainly agree. I am certain you would find some good reasons to be suspicious of Fox News after seeing a few of their videos. Chris Cuellar UNM student


U.S. uses runoff strategy in Afghan election by Anne Gearan

The Associated Press President Barack Obama’s relief at the agreement that could quiet the political crisis over Afghanistan’s spoiled election masks his predicament as he weighs an expansion of the unpopular Afghanistan war. The administration says its ambitious plans for Afghanistan rely on a “credible partner” in Kabul. But there is no guarantee that the hastily arranged voting will confer the legitimacy the fraudulent Aug. 20 election lacked. No matter who wins the November election runoff that Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai agreed to during pressured consultations with American leaders, the United States


ext. 134 ext. 153

hosts could grasp the concept that it just might be possible to be friends with people without necessarily condoning certain actions they have done in the past or conforming to every last one of their ideologies. I knew this when, on practically every “O’Reilly Factor” show, they’d bring in Dick Morris, the man who wrote a book called something like “How Barack Obama is going to destroy our country, our future, our great American way, kill our children and share their souls with the demonic socialist leaders of Europe atop our ruined cities.” On the show, he’d always be explaining what Barack Obama was doing wrong — which was just about everything — and the “conservative” way to do it right. Folks, there’s something simple you have to understand here. It’s good, unbiased journalism when you present nothing but the facts. This is what we could call “news.” When you start including opinions, it is no longer news, and I don’t believe it matters if you present one side of opinions and then present another side to be fair. Furthermore, when you start spinning the facts, leaving



is wedded to a shaky government in which corruption has become second nature. Obama pointed to the Nov. 7 runoff as “a path forward in order to complete this election process.” He said nothing about his deliberations over what could be a huge surge of U.S. armed forces in Afghanistan, a calculation badly thrown off by the botched August voting. For the U.S., a runoff emerged as perhaps the least bad option to restore momentum and the important perception that Afghans themselves are invested in their government and its success. Karzai’s chief political rival, Abdullah Abdullah, agreed Wednesday to participate in the runoff. “You have to learn from mistakes, and

LETTER SUBMISSION POLICY  Letters can be submitted to the Daily Lobo office in Marron Hall or online at DailyLobo. com. The Lobo reserves the right to edit letters for content and length. A name and phone number must accompany all letters. Anonymous letters or those with pseudonyms will not be published. Opinions expressed solely reflect the views of the author and do not reflect the opinions of Lobo employees.

everybody needs to do that here,” said Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., who stood with Karzai for an awkward announcement of the runoff plan. Another election risks the same fraud that derailed the Aug. 20 vote, and the same risk of inciting violence and increasing ethnic divisions. If there are any more delays, the vote could also be hampered by winter snows that block off much of the north of the country starting mid-November. White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Obama has not decided whether to move ahead with a revamped strategy, and the prospect of more troops, before results of the runoff are known. Gibbs told reporters he still expects that decision within weeks. The Taliban will surely try to disrupt the voting again, and turnout is expected to be low in areas where voters were intimidated. “Another election where there’s no credible government to operate with continues to undermine our reason for being there,” said Richard “Ozzie” Nelson, a former White House counterterrorism expert now at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “It would push us further down the slippery slope of what to do next.” Anne Gearan has covered U.S. national security issues for The Associated Press since 2004.


New Mexico Daily Lobo

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lobo basketball

Fame found as a Lobo a shock for new player by Isaac Avilucea Daily Lobo

Rarely, if ever, does someone come to Albuquerque to get famous. Enter the curious case of Phillip McDonald, the UNM men’s basketball team’s second-year swingman. Upon his arrival, there were practically people lounging on the tarmac, waiting for the ballyhooed four-star prospect to plant his Nikes on New Mexico soil. Needless to say, McDonald became an overnight celebrity — so much so that he should’ve just started carrying a Sharpie in his sock. Everybody wanted his John Hancock. After home games, children and parents alike waited for McDonald to dart up toward the tunnel in The Pit, pens and Lobo memorabilia in hand. The usually introverted player said he was taken aback by the gesture. “It was actually very surprising,” said McDonald, who graciously obliged to fans’ signature requests. “In Houston I didn’t get asked for too many autographs. As soon as I flew up here to Albuquerque, I got asked for autographs as soon as I got off the plane. This is a college town. These kids really look up to you

Vanessa Sanchez/ Daily Lobo Phillip McDonald slashes through the lane in this file photo. McDonald will have to have to be more assertive with the basketball this season in order to temper UNM losing three seniors compared to when I was in Houston. When I was in Houston, you have professional teams, so you’re just a little guy.” Truth be told, there was nothing diminutive about McDonald or his play — not his stature, nor his firstyear contributions. As a freshman, McDonald played a rather large role, averaging 7.3 points per game

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3200 Central Ave. • Albuquerque, NM

in a little more than 20 minutes per game. He started 33 games, the second-most starts for a Lobo freshman since 1987-88, when Rob Robbins had 36. But by his own admission — “Last year was new to me,” he said. “I wasn’t used to playing that many games. My body was fatigued

see Basketball page 6

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New Mexico Daily Lobo

lobo football

Hoping for first win at Homecoming by Ryan Tomari Daily Lobo

UNM interim head coach George Barlow said he is going to do everything in his power to help the UNM football team get the first win of the season against UNLV. And that could include gambling early. “I can’t say I won’t go for it on fourth down,� he said. “Let’s just say this: I will definitely be out there trying to play to win if it comes to a situation to do that. If (defensive coordinator) Doug (Mallory) and coach (offensive coordinator Darrell) Dickey feel good about it, then we are going to go with it.� The Lobos need to get it done this weekend, because it might be the last chance for a victory this season. Including Saturday’s game against UNLV, UNM has six games left.

UNM (0-6) is winless for the first time since the 1987 season and riding a 10-game losing streak dating back to last season. The Lobos have lost six consecutive Mountain West Conference games since 2008, too. Enter the Rebels — currently 2-5 and a team that has given up more than 30 points in six of its seven games. But the Lobos aren’t fooled by the Rebels’ record, Barlow said. “On paper it looks like a better opportunity, a better chance to win,� he said. “They are a pretty good team when they put it all together. I am sure they are going to come and be ready to play.� UNLV has some playmakers, specifically wide receiver Ryan Wolfe, who has hauled in 50 receptions for 539 yards and a touchdown this season. Wolfe, a preseason All-American candidate, is a tremendous route runner and has great hands catching the ball in traffic. To stop Wolfe and the rest of the Rebels, cornerback Anthony Hooks said the Lobos will have to take the field at full speed. “He is a big and really physical receiver,� Hooks said. “We are just going to have to come out there with our A-game and see what we do against him. We just got to be on top of our stuff.� Barlow said the bye week helped the Lobos get back to

Up Next

Football vs. UNLV

Saturday 6 p.m. University Stadium the basics and shape up for the whomecoming game. “What we tried to do was see what we were doing well on both sides of the ball,� he said. “We tried to stick to that and that’s what we are going to try to stick with against UNLV this week. We also tried to see what we are doing well, especially with young kids who haven’t played a whole lot (this season).� Barlow’s had double duties this week, coaching the defensive back and the team as a whole because of head coach Mike Locksley’s 10day suspension. But even with the added pressure, cornerback Nathan Enriquez said Barlow is committed to commanding the secondary’s attention. “We see what we have to do this week with coach Barlow in charge,� he said. “He is doing a great job keeping us focused and not thinking about other things outside of what we have to do on the field and at practice.�

Basketball from page 5




I just realized I’d be happier going to a smaller college. Now what? I just realized I’d be happier going to a smaller college. Now what?

Fall term begins September 8 th Fall term begins September 8 th

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toward the end of the season. This game is different. They’re looking at you (on film) in the gym and trying to exploit your weakest points.� If anything, McDonald said, he was just trying not to ruffle any feathers or upset the balance of the team. “Last year, I was just basically trying to fit in and play in with the seniors,� he said. But if McDonald, as he insinuated, was holding back some of his unearthed potential, then that tells you something about how capable he is. Last season, he scored double-digits 11 times, and he also became the first Lobo since Mark Walters did it in 2003 to record a double-double. There were times, however, when McDonald balked at being assertive with the basketball and deferred to the seniors instead. In UNM’s last four games of the season, including the Lobos’ 75-67 Mountain Conference Tournament quarterfinal loss

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Graphic Design Illustration Animation Bachelor of Arts degrees: Landscape Architecture Advertising & Marketing Fine ArtsDesign Photography Interior Design Graphic Illustration Animation Landscape Architecture Advertising & Marketing The ArtArts Center is Photography the only private design college in the Southwest Fine Interior Design The Art Center is the only private design college in the Southwest with the same accreditation as the universities.

to Wyoming, McDonald had just four points. And this year, McDonald and the Lobos will be without their security blankets — guards Tony Danridge, Chad Toppert and center Daniel Faris. But Toppert, who competed against McDonald in the 3-point contest in the Oct. 16 Lobo Howl (both tied with 13), said McDonald is over the jitterbug. “I think he’s going to be a lot more confident this year,� Toppert said. “He’s coming out of his shell, and that’s going to help him on the court as well.� While McDonald may be prepared for that part of the homeopener next month, off the court he’ll probably be surprised as ever by pen-wielding zealots. “You have to watch what you say, and just try to be a role model to these kids. They look up to you,� McDonald said.

Michelle Bermudez, Agent Get discounts up 1803 Louisiana NE, Suite F1 CALL FOR A QUOTE 24/7 Albuquerque, NM 87110 Bus: 505-265-8861 P090235




Regular Roast Beef French Dip & Swiss

NEW Roast Chicken Ranch

NEW Roast Beef Patty Melt

NEW Gyro Sandwich

Limit 1 with this coupon. Not valid with Any other offer. Good at participating Arby’s. Expires 12/31/09

Limit 1 with this coupon. Not valid with Any other offer. Good at participating Arby’s. Expires 12/31/09

Limit 1 with this coupon. Not valid with Any other offer. Good at participating Arby’s. Expires 12/31/09

Limit 1 with this coupon. Not valid with Any other offer. Good at participating Arby’s. Expires 12/31/09

lobo features

New Mexico Daily Lobo

by Scott Adams


Friday, October 23, 2009 / Page 7


Yesterday’s Solutions

dailysudoku Level: 1 2 3 4

Solutions to Yesterday’s Puzzle

Complete the grid so each row, column and 3-by-3 box (in bold borders) contains every digit 1 to 9. For strategies on how to solve Sudoku, visit

Now you can help students look like they’re paying attention in class.

Sponsor the Daily Sudoku • (505) 277-5656



Sat 10/24 vs. UNLV 6pm University Stadium

Not suprisingly, this is the most popular section of the Daily Lobo.

This space could be yours.

Sponsor the Daily Crossword • (505) 277-5656

Fan Page


GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LOBOS!!! On your way to the big game?

Men's Golf

Mon-Tues 10/26-27 @ Baylor Intercollegiate in Dallas, TX

Women's Golf

Fri-Sun 10/23-25 @ Landfall Tradition in Wilmington, NC

Men's Soccer

Fri 10/23 @ Air Force Sun 10/25 @ Denver

Women's Soccer

Fri 10/23 @ San Diego State Sun 10/25 @ Cal State Fullerton

Swimming & Diving

Sat 10/24 @ Air Force Thurs 10/29 vs. Northern Colorado 5pm Seidler Natatorium

Men's Tennis

Fri-Sun 10/23-25 @ ITA Fall Regional in Las Vegas, NV

Women's Tennis

Fri-Sun 10/23-25 @ Jayhawk Invitational in Kansas City, MO


Sat 10/24 vs. Colorado State 1pm Johnson Center Thurs 10/29 @ Air Force

We make tail-gating easy! Call in, order one of our specials, and we’ll have it ready for you on your way to the game!

Golden Pride Picnic Special Feeds 5-7 people 12 pieces chicken rotisserie smoked or fried Sav 2 lbs. BBQ ribs e with $2 4 ears of corn cou this pon 1 lg cole slaw ! 1 lg potato salad 1 lg spicy beans 10 dinner rolls Save $2.00 with this coupon!

Golden Pride Dinner Combo Feeds 3-4 people 10 pieces chicken rotisserie smoked or fried Sav 1 1b. BBQ ribs with e $2 cou this 2 lg sides pon ! 6 dinner rolls Save $2.00 with this coupon!

Golden Pride Chicken

1830 Lomas NE • 242-2181


Sat 09/26 vs. New Mexico State 8pm University Stadium

Fri-Sun 09/11-13 @ Mike Berticelli Memorial Tournament in South Bend, Ind

Men's Golf

Women's Soccer

Sun-Mon 09/27-28 @ PING Preview UNM Championship Golf Course

Fri 09/11 vs. Cal State Northridge 7pm Fri 09/13 vs. Tulsa 1pm Soccer/Track Complex

Men's Soccer

vs. Baylor 7:30pm

Good luck to Men's Golf, Women's Golf, Women's Men's Soccer,Golf Women's Soccer, Swimming Mon-Tues 09/14-15 Women's Volleyball @ Ptarmigan Ram Fall Classic & Diving, Men's Tennis, Women's Tennis Fri 09/11 in Fort Collins, Colo vs. Cal State Fullerton 1pm and Volleyball. Fri 09/11


list of upcoming Lobo athletic events is published every Friday in the Daily Lobo.

To advertise in this special section, call 277-5656!


LASSIFIEDs CCLASSIFIEDS Page 8 / Friday, October 23, 2009



new mexico

DAILY LOBO new mexico



Announcements Food, Fun, Music Las Noticias Lost and Found Miscellaneous Personals Services Travel Want to Buy Word Processing

How can you turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary one? By donating plasma that goes into vital, life-saving medicines. . ng di ar h Saving a life





PAPER DUE? FORMER UNM instructor, Ph.D., English, published, can help. 254-9615. MasterCard/ VISA..

Apartments 2 BEDROOM- $650.00 5 Minutes from Campus, Vaulted Ceilings, Shuttle to UNM - call for details 505-842-6640 MOVE IN SPECIAL- large, clean 1BDRM. 1505 Girard NE. No pets. $490/mo +utilities. 573-7839. WWW.UNMRENTALS.COM Awesome university apartments. Unique, hardwood floors, FPs, courtyards, fenced yards, houses, cottages, efficiencies, studios, 1 and 2 and 3BDRMs. Garages. Month to month option. 843-9642. Open 7 days/ week.


Child Care Jobs off Campus Jobs on Campus Jobs Wanted Volunteers Work Study Jobs

UNM/ DOWNTOWN LARGE 1BDRM $355/mo +utilities, w/parking. Singles. 266-4505. $100 DISCOUNT MOVE in special! 1BDRM, $475/mo, FREE UNM Parking, 4125 Lead SE, 256-9500.

Services TUTORING - ALL AGES, most subjects. Experienced Ph.D. 265-7799. BIRTHRIGHT CARES. FREE pregnancy tests, help. 262-2235. PREGNANT? NEED HELP? The Gabriel Project offers monetary and emotional support to all pregnant women regardless of circumstance. Free pregnancy tests and ultrasound. Call 505-266-4100 ABORTION AND COUNSELING services. Caring and confidential. FREE PREGNANCY TESTING. Curtis Boyd, MD, PC: 522 Lomas Blvd NE, 2427512. MATHEMATICS, STATISTICS TUTOR. Billy Brown, PhD. 401-8139

1 BEDROOM APARTMENT- $580/mo. 5 Minutes from Campus, Beautiful community, Immediate Move in Available, Amenities Included, Some Utilities Included Call for details 505-842-6640 OCTOBER SPECIAL- STUDIOS, 1 block UNM, Free utilities, $435-$455/mo. 246-2038. LOFT FOR RENT. 950SF steps away from UNM campus at 2001 Gold Avenue. Immediate availability. $950/MO. Call/text 505-450-4466.

Donation fees vary by weight. New donors bring photo ID, proof of address and Social Security card.

ROOM FOR RENT in 4BDRM house w/ spacious basement, back yard. Closer to campus than Redondo dorms. Undergrad preferred. Call Matt 505-620-9921. MILE EAST OF campus, Morningside and Lomas, $425/mo+ ults, 4 BDRM, 2 BA, large backyard, wifi, gameroom, pear tree. Contact Pat at plohman for more details. GRADUATE STUDENT, FURNISHED ROOM, W/D, cable, smokeless, shared utilities, $250/mo +$50dd. 3449765.

Bikes/Cycles 1997 RED YAMAHA Scooter 125, 9000 miles, $1200 obo. 821-3171

For Sale

MOVE IN SPECIAL- Block to UNM. Large, clean 1BDRM. No pets. $550/mo includes utilities. 268-0525 or 255-2685.

Duplexes LOMAS/WASHINGTON AREA SWEET one bedroom, hardwood floors, no smoking, no dogs, $535/mo, 4150 Mesa Verde NE, 256-0848

Houses For Rent UNM 5BDRM/4BA, 1-CG. 3000SF, $1300/mo. *2BDRM $850. 264-7530.

BRADLEY’S BOOKS INSIDE Winning Coffee- Monday, Wednesday, Friday. 379-9794. FIREWOOD...PINON & JUNIPER MIX Split & Ready to burn, 1/2 cord $120 cash. Will deliver, $20 off w/ UNM ID. For details and to schedule 505-5048029. PS3 80G BRAND NEW. $250. Call 505440-9953 or e-mail TITLE WAVE BOOKS - Huge Sale! 20% off, raffles, snacks and more! @ NE corner Eubank & Constitution. FOR SALE: FULL body exercise machine. Hardly used. $100obo. You pick up. 459-9906.

CARLISLE/ INDIAN SCHOOL 3BDRM 1.5BA $1100/mo +utilities +dd. 2680662.

Vehicles For Sale

Houses For Sale

2008 OLDSMOBILE ALERO. 130k mi. great Shape, newer tieres and batery. $3000obo. Call Rebekah @ 459-9906.

1861 GEORGIA, NE. Close to UNM/uptown, 1350sqft, 3/4 BR, 1 3/4 BA, 1-car garage. Remodled baths, new kitchen tile, furnace, refridgerated air, roof, windows, stucco. Near bike trails, park, elementary. 715-7690

Rooms For Rent ROOMMATE WANTED FOR student house in Spruce Park, 1 block from UNM $510/mo Utilities Included call Liz 264-2644. CLEAN, RESPONSIBLE, MALE roommate wanted, 3BDRM house. $275/mo +1/3utilities. 3 blocks west of campus. No pets. 463-5982,

UNM/ CNM STUDIOS and 1BDRMS. William H. Cornelius, Real Estate Consultant: 243-2229.

FEMALE ROOMMATE WANTED.Gated community with pool. Free utilities and directv. House has 2 dogs. 505-3067088

$100 MOVING SPECIAL- 1BDRM, 3 blocks to UNM, no smokers/ no pets. Clean, quiet, and affordable. 301 Harvard SE. 262-0433.

ROOMMATE WANTED TO share 3BDRM home near UNM. 1 block from UNM shuttle $400/mo including utilities and wireless internet. Call 850-2806.

2003 CADILLAC CTS for sale. $12,000, with 91,000 mi, it’s pearl white w/ tan leather interior. Call Shawn at 570-2045223. 95’ VOLVO 850 Turbo- needs transmission, gas efficient, need to sell ASAP. $1000 obo leave message. Call Matt @ 575-770-0505.

Child Care WANTED: EXPERIENCED BABYSITTER for occasional childcare for 3 young children in NE Heights. $10/hr. Must have references and be over 18. 350-9535.

Jobs Off Campus CAREGIVER/CNA FOR DISABLED woman. Part-time am & pm. $1014/hr DOE. Call 881-4497 or email resume to


Campus Events Friday

CAPS Writing Workshop: Thesis Statements Starts at: 9:00 AM Location: DSH 229 Helping students craft effective thesis statements. CAPS Italian Conversation Group Starts at: 10:00 AM Location: El Centro de la Raza Conference Room, Mesa Vista Hall UNM BIGS Bake Sale Starts at: 10:00 AM Location: SUB Mall level Bake sale to raise funds for UNM BIGS! Come and buy our delicious goodies! Graduate Writing Workshop: Literature Review Starts at: 1:00 PM Location: DSH 234 We’ll be providing in-depth details on how to write a literature review and discussing its importance to your writing projects.

Book Signing Starts at:2:00 PM Location: UNM Bookstore A book signing by many authors, including award-winning local author Martha Egan


Women’s Resource Center Body Image Peer Support Group Starts at: 2:00 PM Location: 1160 Mesa Vista Hall Meet every Saturday in a safe, supportive, and confidential environment to explore body image issues. 277-3716




2010 Teach and Learn in Korea (TaLK) sponsored by Korean government ●$1,200/month (15hrs/week) plus airfares, housing, medical insurance Must have completed two years of undergraduate Last day to apply: 12/10/09 Please visit our website 2010 English Program In Korea (EPIK) ●$1,200-2,300/month plus housing, airfare, medical insurance, paid vacation Must have BA degree Last day to apply: 12/15/09 Please visit our website



For Sale


ev as n


204 San Mateo Blvd. SE Albuquerque, NM, 87108

Audio/Video Bikes/Cycles Computer Stuff Pets For Sale Furniture Garage Sales Photo Textbooks Vehicles for Sale

new mexico

Donate today at CSL Plasma.



Apartments Duplexes Houses for Rent Houses for Sale Housing Wanted Property for Sale Rooms for Rent Studios Sublets

e or


Phone: Pre-payment by Visa, Discover, • 30¢ per word per day for five or more Come to to Marron show Pre-payment by Visa or Master •• Come MarronHall, Hall,room room107, 131, show •• Phone: or American is required. consecutive days without changing or your IDID and receive FREE classifieds Card is required. CallExpress 277-5656. yourUNM UNM and receive a special rate MasterCard Call 277-5656 cancelling. inofYour Rooms for Rent, orRooms any For 10¢Space, per word in Personals, • Fax or E-mail: Pre-payment by Visa or • Fax or Email: Pre-payment by Visa, Discover, • 40¢ per word per day for four days or Sale Category. for Rent, or any For Sale category. Master Card is required. Fax ad text, MasterCard or American Express is required. less or non-consecutive days. dates and dates category to 277-7531, or Fax ad text, and catergory to 277-7530 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING • Special effects are charged addtionally: e-mail or email to to classifi DEADLINE logos, bold, italics, centering, blank lines, person:Pre-payment Pre-pay bybycash, •• In In person: cash, check, money larger font, etc. check, Visa, Discover, MasterCard or • 1 p. m. business day before publication. order, money order, Visa or MasterCard. American Come room 107 Come byExpress. room 131 in by Marron Hallinfrom CLASSIFIEDS ON THE WEB Marron Hall from 8:00am to 5:00pm. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. UNM Student Publications Mail:: Pre-pay money order, in-state check, Pre-paybyby money order, in-state •• Mail MSC03 2230 Visa, Discover, MasterCard or American check, Visa, MasterCard. Mail payment, 1 University of New Mexico • All rates include both print and online Express. Mail payment, ad text, dates and ad text, dates and category. Albuquerque, NM 87131 editions of the Daily Lobo. catergory.

To Today, I went to school, passed my exams and

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New Mexico Daily Lobo

Richard Gage Starts at: 2:00 PM Location: Auditorium Room 104, UNM Campus Nationally known architect Richard gage will hold multimedia presentation focusing on the structural failure of the World Trade Center Towers (9/11/01)2-5pm, all are welcome.

Werewolf The Forsaken Starts at: 7:00 PM Location: Student Union Building, Upper floor Santa Ana A&B Mind’s Eye Theatre UNM presents the Camarilla’s Werewolf The Forsaken venue. Please call Marco at 505 453 7825 for information/ confirmation.

Jai - (213)386-3112 ex.201 DIRECT CARE STAFF needed to work with developmentally disabled clients. FT/ PT positions available, paid training. Fax resume to 821-1850 or e-mail to MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE in accounting. Looking for clerical person to do inventory control, data entry, and some reception work. Apply at 7500 Central SE 620-7500. ARTISTIC MODELING SHOOT Female models needed for theme based artistic shoot. You must be 18 -25 years old. These are nude and nonnude shots. No experience necessary and all compensation is in cash. Please respond to with 2 -3 pics and contact info. Tattooed and pierced girls are a plus. Come make a lot of money in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. WANTED: JEWISH HERITAGE Egg Donor. Would you be interested in giving the Gift of Life to an Infertile couple? We are a local Infertility Clinic looking for healthy women between the ages of 21-33 who are non-smoking, university students or graduates, of Jewish heritage, who have a normal BMI, and are interested in anonymous egg donation. The experience is emotionally rewarding and you will be financially compensated for your time. All donations are strictly confidential. Interested candidates please contact Myra at The Center for Reproductive Medicine of NM at 505-224-7429 TRUMPET TUTOR $10/HR 2 times/week Near University 239-5708 266-1950 TUTOR NEEDED FOR 2 gifted boys, ages 12 and 14. Both are struggling with time management, organization, and test preparation. Successful responsible student needed to help them develop skills. 2 hours per evening Sunday through Thursday. Call 344-0187. !!!BARTENDING!!!: UP TO $300/day. No experience necessary, training provided. 1-800-965-6520ext.100.

Unique Performance by Banjoist Wayne Shrubsall Starts at: 7:00 PM Location: 600 1st Street, NW Renowned banjoist Wayne Shrubsall plays 19th-century music on a rare nylon-string banjo. Tickets are $8 in advance and $10 at the door.

Jobs On Campus WANTED: PERSON INTERESTED and experienced in political blog entry, filtering and twitter. Will be responsible for searching, creating and responding to political blogs and tweets specific to health care. Will need to commit to at least 1 hr/day for 3 to 4 weeks. Will pay $50-100 /week, based on activities performed. Email your contact info, experience, major to info@crowdpowernow. org.

Volunteers HEALTHY VOLUNTEERS AND subjects with and without asthma are needed for a new research study looking at the effects of fat and physical activity on the breathing tubes. If you qualify, compensation will be provided for your time and inconvenience upon study completion. If you are healthy or have asthma, over the age of 18, and are interested in finding out more about this study, please contact or leave a message for Teresa at (505)269-1074 or e-mail COLLEGE STUDENTS DRINKERS WANTED to evaluate a new software program. Participation is confidential and you will be reimbursed for your time in this federally funded study. More information is available at behav SEEKING STUDY PARTICIPANTS who are between the age of 18 and 21, have a self-identified special physical or medical healthcare need, and live in Bernalillo, Torrance, Sandoval, or Valencia Counties to complete two in person interviews to identify how individuals with special physical or medical healthcare needs view transition to adulthood and identify concerns. You will be compensated with a $20 VISA gift card for each completed interview. The purpose of this study is to identify issues related to transition to adulthood. Please contact Maribeth Doren, RN, MSN, PhD(c) at 899-1652 or to discuss participation or ask questions. HRRC#07223 DO YOU HAVE Type 1 Diabetes? You may qualify to participate in an important research study. To qualify you must have type 1 diabetes for more than one year, be 18-70 years old, and be willing to participate in 8 clinic visits. You will be paid $50 for each clinic visit. If interested, please contact Elizabeth at 272-5454 or by email at evaldez@salud.

Events of the Weekend

Planning your day has never been easier! Free Performance Starts at: 7:00 PM Location: 11200 Montgomery NE. Space #8 There will be a FREE performance at the Southwest Gift Baskets Coffee House, by the band “Helio Raie” and Guess. An all ages event. Phone: 294-4299

Community Events Saturday Metaphysical Alternative Health Fair Hillel Homcoming/Alumni Wine and Cheese Reception Starts at: 5:00 PM Location: The Aaron David Bram Hillel House1701 Sigma Chi Come celebrate Homecoming with an exciting pre-Shabbat wine and cheese reception. We will get the chance to catch up with both current and past students.

YOUTH DIRECTOR NEEDED for Christian Church - $15/hr - 10 hrs/wk to start up & lead grades 6-12. Some related experience needed plus leadership skills & ability to relate well to youth. Must be at least 18yers old. Resume & cover letter to: fax 505-271-5609

Starts at: 10:00 AM Location: Mamas Minerals 1100 San Mateo Blvd NE Traditional Limpia (Spiritual Cleansing) Aromatherapy Limpia (Spiritual Cleansing) Reiki Aricular Detox and more. info@ 505-266-8443 ST. JOSEPH BABIES EVENT Starts at: 6:00 PM Location: NM Museum of Natural History 1801 Mountain Rd, In order to attend guests must register at or by phone at (505)924-8000. Prizes and refreshments will be available at this fun-filled event!

FOOTBALL: UNLV Rebels vs. Lobos Starts at: 6:00 PM UNLV Rebels New Mexico Lobos @home


21st Annual Run for the House Starts at: 8:00 AM Location: Ronald McDonald House 1011 Yale Blvd Run for the House is a family event that includes a 5K Run/Walk, 1K Kids’ Fun Run/Walk and Costume Parade with Ronald McDonal For more information call 842-8960 Sai Baba Events Starts at: 4:00 PM Location: 111 Maple Street 2nd & 4th Sundays: Sai Baba Study Circle 6:00-8:00 p.m. 505-366-4982 Unmistaken Child Starts at: 4:15 and 6:30 PM Location: Guild Cinema 3405 Central UNMISTAKEN CHILD follows the 4-year search for the reincarnation of Lama Konchog, a world-renowned Tibetan master. Call 4017340 or visit

New Mexico Daily Lobo 102309  


New Mexico Daily Lobo 102309