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September 25, 2009

Athletics under fire for racy ads Department apologizes to faculty, community and fans by Isaac Avilucea

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Lobo Louie might be in the doghouse after his apparent fling with a pin-up girl from Route 66 Casino. faculty member, said the University should The pair performed in two commercials not be endorsing such a provocative released about a month ago, and Lobo message. Lucy isn’t the only one upset about it. “I think it reflects very poorly, and I’m The ads, filmed in not prudish about such partnership with UNM’s things,” Wood said in exclusive gaming sponan e-mail. “The human sor, depicts the casino’s body is a wonderfully billboard beauty in a beautiful part of crecherry “Lobos” midriff ation, but this ad prestop, skimpy spandex ents this young woman shorts and bright red as nothing but a sexustilettos. alized image. That kind In one ad, the camof caricature just fails to era focuses on the womdo justice to women’s an bent over with her talents.” cleavage showing while In a joint statement ~Danielle Borunda, she blows a kiss in the released to the Daily mirror. A smoke alarm Lobo, President David UNM student goes off, and the womSchmidly and Krebs an walks in to find Lobo apologized to the Lobo Louie grilling in the living room. The Uni- community and fans. versity mascot then pants at her as he of“We at the University of New Mexico fers her a hot dog. and the UNM Athletic Department deep“Why is it suggestive?” said Kurt Esser, ly regret any offense taken or discomfort associate director of External Affairs and felt by anyone seeing some new advertiseAthletics Marketing. “What it means is he ments that feature the Lobo mascot,” the was tailgating. There could be innuendo in statement read. “We appreciate the supabout anything.” port of our athletic department sponsors, Esser categorically denied that the ad- and taking the concerns we heard to heart, vertisement is suggestive. He said the Uni- Lobo Athletics worked with the sponsor to versity is proud of the ad campaign. revise the ads in question.” All the same, Athletics Director Paul Several bloggers on had a Krebs apologized for the advertisements hearty discussion about the advertiseto members of the Faculty Senate, accord- ment, and Esser said he’s gotten four eing to Faculty Senate President-elect Rich- mails and two phone calls about it. ard Wood. Before the ad was approved to air, Wood, who is a father as well as a

“I thought they were a little bit more risqué than the University would like to portray themselves.”

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Get down for the take down

Stephen Wills and a group of students walk into Scholes Hall on Thursday to hand in a petition requesting an exemption from the smoking ban for on-campus residence halls. The petition had 415 signatures. Gabbi Campos / Daily Lobo

Students march for smoking rights by Andrew Beale Daily Lobo

About a dozen students marched into President David Schmidly’s office on Thursday to deliver a petition calling for an exception to the smoking ban. The petition, which had 415 signatures, requests a lift of the smoking ban outside the dormitory areas for the next two years. Schmidly wasn’t there to take the petition, but University spokeswoman Susan McKinsey accepted it on his behalf. McKinsey said the president

is aware of the request for dormitory smoking areas. Student Stephen Wills, author of the petition, helped organize a rally to gather signatures. The group assembled at La Posada and then marched across campus. Wills said the petition asks for a two-year exemption because he wants to lengthen the transition period and give residents more time to adjust to the policy. Wills said the designated smoking areas near Hokona Hall and Redondo Village are inconvenient for smokers and aren’t safe. “The two smoking areas

they have, there’s no area for us to really study at,” he said. “One smoking area is really poorly lit, so a lot of the female students don’t like to go out there at night.” Freshman Katie Zamora lives in Hokona Hall and said making an exception to the ban around the dorms would inconvenience residents. “There are areas where they can go to smoke if they would like to,” she said. “It’s just kind of a courtesy thing.” Senior Chris Fortson said he attended the rally because he’s concerned about

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UNM anticipates H1N1 outbreak by Tricia Remark Daily Lobo

Gabbi Campos / Daily Lobo Defensive end Jaymar Latchison dances with fellow teammates during Red Rally at Johnson Field on Thursday. The Lobos will play NMSU at University Stadium on Saturday at 8 p.m.

Inside the

Daily Lobo volume 114

issue 25

UNM is preparing for an H1N1 outbreak. The Student Health and Counseling Center, Provost’s Office and University Hospital, among others, are working together to combat the virus. The group has asked faculty to keep track of students’ reasons for being absent. English professor James Burbank said he received several e-mails concerning H1N1 preparation from his department chair.

Raising the bar

Rivals match up

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“The announcements have asked us to keep track of absences in class and to report if over 40 percent of the class is missing,” Burbank said. “They also said to keep a track of what reasons people have for being gone — if they were sick, what their symptoms were, that sort of thing.” Burbank said he set up his classes to stay a step ahead of an H1N1 outbreak at UNM. He is putting all of his assignments on WebCT for students who have to stay home, and he’s communicating with them by e-mail.

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New Mexico Daily Lobo Do you think the minimum grade point average required for admission should be raised from 2.25 to 2.5?

Daily Lobo asks you: “It wouldn’t be a bad thing I don’t think. I mean, maybe it would restrict some people from getting in, but I’m not really sure what Emily percentage of Blumenthal Biology people that Senior would really affect. I don’t think it would be bad. It might make students work on their GPA to get ready for college.”


“Yeah, I think they should raise it because it would make it harder to get into the school, and I think it would help students value their education more because it would be harder to get into college.”

Kelly Romero Psychology Senior

“I think they should make it 2.5 because that’s what you need for scholarships — like to keep your lottery and stuff — then you might as well Derek Riedle Broadcast come in with that Journalism requirement. … Senior I mean, if you only need a 2.25 to get in here, then I don’t think many people are going to do much better than that.”

“Definitely. It makes UNM look better and like more of a prestigious school, and I think it would make UNM look more appealing Jaret Salas to incoming Exercise Science Junior freshman who maybe worked really hard in high school to get their GPA up.”

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UNM Emergency Manager Byron Piatt said emergency operation centers at UNM have been working to keep the community in the loop as the pandemic progresses. “The message we’ve been trying to get out is social mitigation: Wash your hands, if you’re sick then don’t come to work, and teachers need to be lenient on the policy of getting doctor’s

Daily Lobo new mexico

volume 114

issue 25

Telephone: (505) 277-7527 Fax: (505) 277-6228

DAILY LOBO new mexico

notes,” Piatt said. “We don’t want sick people going out in public.” Piatt said it’s also important to get the seasonal flu vaccine, even though it won’t prevent H1N1. He said the shot is already available at the UNM Student Health and Counseling Center. “We’ve been trying to tell people to get vaccinated,” Piatt said. “We’ve Editor-in-Chief Rachel Hill Managing Editor Abigail Ramirez News Editor Pat Lohmann Assistant News Editor Tricia Remark Staff Reporter Andrew Beale Online Editor Junfu Han Photo Editor Vanessa Sanchez Assistant Photo Editor Gabbi Campos Culture Editor Hunter Riley

ext. 134 ext. 153 ext. 127 ext. 127 ext. 127 ext. 136 ext. 130 ext. 130 ext. 125

been coordinating within the University to give people many opportunities to get the seasonal vaccine and then we’ll turn around and try to get the H1N1 vaccine as soon as possible.” The H1N1 vaccine will be available after manufacturing and clinical trials are finished, according to the Centers for Disease Control

Assistant Culture Editor Chris Quintana Sports Editor Isaac Avilucea Copy Chief Elizabeth Cleary Opinion Editor Eva Dameron Multimedia Editor Joey Trisolini Design Director Sean Gardner Classified Ad Manager Antoinette Cuaderes Ad Manager Steven Gilbert


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Location: In Masley Hall, UNM Campus The opening reception for Artist/Educator, a juried student exhibition, will be Friday, 9/25 from 5-7 pm, in Masley Gallery on the UNM campus. For more info contact arted@unm. edu or 277-4112.


Women’s Resource Center Body Image Peer Support Group Starts at: 2:00 PM Location: Women’s Resource Center 1160 Mesa Vista Hall Meet every Saturday in a safe, supportive, and confidential environment to explore body image issues. This group is affiliated with the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD). 277-3716

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Women’s Resource Center Film Series Starts at: 12:00 PM Location: Women’s Resource Center 1160 Mesa Vista Hall Free screening: “Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats & Rhymes” A “loving critique” of the hip-hop industry and its glamorization of destructive,

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immunization clinics on campus once that is available,” she said. Piatt said college students are a high risk group for the flu, so they will be one of the first to get the vaccine. “The vaccine will be given to health care workers and first responders, then pregnant women, then infants six months in age to adults 24 years old,” Piatt said.

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Web site. Lori McKee, director of health and wellness at NMSU, said the two universities are preparing for the flu in similar ways. McKee said the government approved the H1N1 vaccine for production on Sept. 15, and vaccines should be available at the end of October. “We’re making plans to do

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New Mexico Daily Lobo

Friday, September 25, 2009 / Page 3

Smoking from page 1 individual liberties. “I don’t even smoke cigarettes, personally,� he said. “There’s some people that decide that they don’t like it. They want to limit people to a certain area. Well, you could start doing that with anything.�


Fortson said he thinks UNM should go back to its old smoking policy. “It makes more sense ‌ if you just have to be a certain distance from the building,â€? he said. “It’s easier to enforce.â€?

Zamora said the smoking ban should not be changed because it promotes a healthy campus. “Secondhand smoke is a really big issue, and a lot of times it ends up hurting more people who don’t smoke than who do,� she said.

marketing and advertisement, said the ad has sexual undertones. “Everything from the music to the presentation of the hot dog, I think it wraps it up with throwing ice on Louie — I thought that was interesting. It’s definitely suggestive,â€? he said. “Why throw the ice on Louie at the end? Why not throw the ice on the grill that’s on fire? The suggestion is that he’s hot-to-trotting.â€? Lascivious or not, Senior UNM student Patrick Friedman Schaffer, 23, said the way the woman is dressed in the commercial is not how fans dress at Lobo football games. “It’s not a really good representation of girls I would see at the games,â€? he said. “Definitely no high heels.â€? UNM student Danielle Borunda, 22, agreed. “That was a bad statement on their part,â€? she said. “There’s a large majority of girls that do not dress like that and find it offensive when other girls dress like that. Now that I look at it again, I see it as a little bit more against women than what I originally thought. I thought they were a little bit more risquĂŠ than the University would like to portray themselves.â€?

Schaffer said that the commercial is less than tactful and “a little intense.� “There’s little for the mind to uncover,� he said. “If the kids are seeing that, they might get the wrong picture.� Esser said that Lobo Louie doesn’t target children, though the mascot interacts mostly with children at UNM functions. Esser said the ad is meant to be straightforward. “There’s no denying that many people feel (the woman) is attractive, and maybe she showed too much body,� he said. “That’s the extent of the concern. The story is someone trying to tailgate inside. That’s it. If you watch cartoons from 20 years ago — old Bugs Bunny ads — they say things that adults get that kids do not.� Esser said it’s difficult for the University to anticipate everyone’s reaction to an advertisement. “What some people feel is inappropriate, others don’t,� he said. “We can’t judge everything. It’s just like every other political issue that comes on our campus. Some people agree with it, some people don’t.�

from page 1

Route 66 representatives asked Esser, Krebs and women’s soccer head coach Kit Vela to review the tape. Esser said that they asked the casino to tone down the ad, and they obliged. Esser didn’t say what was taken out of the original commercial. Wood said his wife was concerned about the message the commercial sends to young women and their parents. “She said, ‘I know UNM wants to recruit bright, prepared students. But if they think I’m going to send my daughter to a place that sees young women like this, they’re crazy,’� Wood said. “I feel similarly, though I do know this is not the way the University, at its core, sees young women. Most disturbing to me is that someone thought it was cute and fun.� Esser said the young woman in the ad is dressed like a 20-year-old fan, but he couldn’t recall a particular game where he’d seen her. “That’s not really the point,� he said. “Anything can be considered dirty. The intent was not to show lewd behavior.� John Benavidez, a part-time faculty member in the Anderson School of Management who specializes in

The Daily Lobo is committed to providing you with factually accurate information, and we are eager to correct any error as soon as it is discovered. If you have any information regarding a mistake in the newspaper or online, please contact

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Friday September 25, 2009

The Independent Voice of UNM since 1895

Opinion editor / Eva Dameron / Ext. 133

LETTERS Washington should listen to public on war in Afghanistan Editor, While many analysts are claiming that the Obama “surge” in Afghanistan will result in turning around the “good” war against terrorism, top military officials and public polls demonstrate the contrary. Senior military officials at the Pentagon, as if in a desperate last attempt to save their failed games of death, have stated that unless even more soldiers are sent to Afghanistan that the mission “will likely result in failure.” Let us not even mention the fact that the Soviet Union sent more than 100,000 soldiers to fail in Afghanistan compared to 68,000 currently in the country. What do the American people, in this so-called democracy, have to say about the matter? Well, a recent CNN poll shows that 52 percent of the American people oppose the war while 34 percent still support it. The political and military leadership in Washington is now so out of touch with the will of the American people that nothing short of an act of God will help us now. Let us all pray for salvation from this nightmarish chapter in our history. Muhajir Salam UNM student

UNM ‘failure factory’ has only 44% of students graduating Editor, Did you know the overall graduation rate for UNM undergraduates, six years after enrollment, is only 44 percent? More than half of the undergraduates you see around campus will probably drop out. A Sept. 8 New York Times article cited the University of New Mexico as an example of a “failure factory” because of its low graduation rates. UNM’s Hispanic graduation rate is around 41 percent, and the national Hispanic graduation rate is around 48 percent, according to current federal data published by the U.S. Department of Education. These are measured as graduation rates six years after enrollment. This data indicates UNM is graduating Hispanics at a rate lower than the national rate, but some UNM academic officers would rather you didn’t know this. In a Sept. 11 Albuquerque Journal op-ed, UNM Provost Suzanne Ortega wrote, “For many years now, Hispanic students have graduated from UNM at nearly twice the rate of Hispanics nationwide.” When I questioned this statement, Vice Provost Wynn Goering told me that Ortega based her assertion on a study that tracked 25,000 Hispanic students who were in the ninth grade in 1988. In this out-of-date study, only 23 percent graduated. I am concerned by the possible deleterious effect of Ortega’s statement. Since Ortega has not replied to my letters, I am taking the initiative to correct the public record. The shocking numbers are the financial losses when students don’t graduate from UNM. Total tuition paid by UNM students in 2007-2008 was $87 million. Total grant aid received by undergraduate students was $61 million. Mark Schneider, an economist cited in the New York Times article, has developed an indicator of financial losses. UNM’s overall graduation rate is 44 percent. Following Schneider’s approach, I estimate an annual loss to UNM students in tuition of $31 million, and losses to state and federal government of $26 million. When students don’t graduate, not only are their up-front investments of tuition, loans and grant aid lost, their lifelong earnings are also significantly reduced. Ortega’s op-ed was titled “Expect More Excellence From UNM Scholars.” Yes, I do expect excellence — from Ortega herself, who serves as UNM Provost and Executive Vice President. I expect current, accurate information about UNM’s performance, and a willingness to clarify misleading statements. I call on Ortega to publish a clarification in the Albuquerque Journal. Vicki Johnson UNM alumna


Students struggle to juggle time Dr. Peggy Spencer Daily Lobo columnist

Q: I’m often in a position in which I must choose between getting 8 hours of sleep or exercising. Is it healthier to sacrifice sleep in order to make time for a morning workout? — LG A: This is a great question, LG! Not because it is easy to answer — it isn’t — but because so many students can relate. There are only so many hours in the day, after all. Dividing your precious time between class, studying, eating, exercising, working and sleeping is a classic college challenge. Picture a juggler, a really good one, with several balls in the air. See how she deftly catches each one, holds it for a moment, then lofts it up just in time to catch the next ball as it comes arcing down. Toss, spin, catch, toss; the flying balls are a graceful blur. The practiced juggler makes it look easy. But you know that if she hangs onto a ball too long, tosses one too high, or falters in her rhythm, the whole array can come crashing down. That’s you. Each ball is a different demand on your time. You’re keeping all your duties and demands in the air; juggling study time, sleep time and all the rest. Juggling all those endeavors requires balance – that perfect stance and rhythm that gets all your work done and leaves you a healthy, fit, rested person. If you’re like most of us, that perfect stance

LETTER SUBMISSION POLICY  Letters to the Editor Submission Policy: Letters can be submitted to the Daily Lobo office in Marron Hall or online at The Lobo reserves the right to edit letters for content and length. A name and phone number must accompany all letters. Anonymous letters or those with pseudonyms will not be published. Opinions expressed solely reflect the views of the author and do not reflect the opinions of Lobo employees.

is an elusive experience. Much of the time we teeter, grabbing clumsily and dropping balls. Most of us have too many balls in the air and are not expert circus performers. So how can we keep from crashing? Again, think of the juggler. How does she do it? First of all, she practices. You can practice, too. Try exercising one day, taking that time to sleep the next. Try doing homework at the library between classes one week, at home in the evening the next. See what works best for you. How will you know? Listen to your body. Our bodies are smarter than our brains in many ways. Your body knows what you need. Get to know what it feels like when your body really needs sleep versus when you’re just foggy-headed from too many hours staring at a book or a screen. If you’re foggy-headed, exercise can be just the thing to perk up your brain. If you really need sleep, trying to cram more into your tired brain the night before a test will backfire on you the next day. When you have achieved balance, even for a moment or a day, your body knows it. You feel relaxed and strong. Your muscles are not tense, your breath flows easily, and you are alert. Get to know that peaceful feeling. Keep trying for it. Back to the juggler. Does she always keep all the balls in the air? No. Sometimes she drops one or more. What does she do? She keeps juggling until she is able to pick up the dropped ball and return it to the group. Even if she drops them all, the show is not over. She smiles, picks them back up, and starts fresh.



Abigail Ramirez Managing editor

Eva Dameron Opinion editor

Pat Lohmann News editor

Sometimes you have to let something go in order to keep the rest of the system working. You might have to sacrifice some social time in order to study, or sacrifice sleep in order to get a good workout. But that doesn’t mean your show is over. Keep your stance as best you can, and soon you’ll be back in balance with all the balls in the air. I realize I haven’t answered your question. Your body needs both sleep and exercise, and, unless you’ve figured out a way to safely jog in your sleep, you might have to choose one over the other from time to time. Only you can know what is right for you. Listen to your body’s cues, practice, and keep your stance as balanced as you can. Before you know it, you’ll be juggling with the best of them. Lastly, don’t forget to appreciate the juggler. What you are doing is not easy. Do for yourself what you would for the juggler in the street: Give yourself a round of applause. Peggy Spencer, M.D., is a board-certified family physician. She has been a UNM Student Health physician for 17 years and a Daily Lobo contributing columnist for three years. She is co-author of the book 50 Ways to Leave Your 40s. Drop your questions in her box in the lobby of Student Health and Counseling, or e-mail her directly at All questions will be considered, and all questioners will remain anonymous. This column has general health information only and cannot replace a visit to a health provider.


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New Mexico Daily Lobo

Friday, September 25, 2009 / Page 5

lobo women’s soccer

Lunch Buffet Dinner Buffet

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1435 Eubank Blvd NE

Colin Bridge / Daily Lobo Shelbie Luna celebrates after scoring a goal during Wednesday’s game at the UNM Soccer Complex. UNM defeated University of Northern Colorado 3-1.

Star player energizes youthful team Staff Report Daily Lobo

The UNM women’s soccer team has surpassed all expectations. The Lobos are 8-0-2 overUNM 3 all this season, and they’ve 1 UNC matched their number of wins from last season after handling Northern

Colorado, 3-1, on Wednesday at the UNM Soccer Complex. Head coach Kit Vela said the difference comes from a rejuvenated team. “It’s our team chemistry,” she said. “We just have a lot of heart and young talent.” Of that young talent, sophomore Jennifer Williams didn’t need much time to put the Lobos on the

see Soccer page 6

Up Next

UNM vs. Northern Arizona

Friday Soccer Complex 7 p.m.

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Page 6 / Friday, September 25, 2009

New Mexico Daily Lobo

lobo football

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Vanessa Sanchez / Daily Lobo Head coach Mike Locksley talks to quarterback Donovan Porterie in this file photo. Porterie will get his third start on Saturday against NMSU.

Longtime rivals look evenly matched by Isaac Avilucea Daily Lobo

Welcome to the Hatch green chile hot seat, Mike Locksley. The Salem Witch Trials will appear tame if the first-year head coach loses to NMSU Saturday. Locksley understands that losing to NMSU verges on sacrilege — especially since the Lobos have won the last six matchups between the two teams. “It’s unforgivable to lose to the

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Aggies,” he said. “Losing in general is unforgivable. I never think it’s good to lose. I’m not a very good loser. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s part of the process to getting better. Sometimes you take a step backward to take a step forward.” Both NMSU head coach DeWayne Walker and Locksley said that these are renovation projects. The Aggies (1-2), however, barely nudged past Prairie View A&M, a Division II college team, 21-18 on Sept. 12. For once, it seems the Lobos and Aggies match up equally — some might even suggest that the Aggies have the advantage, since they’ve lost seven of the last eight games to UNM. It’s hard to continually dominate a team, and the pendulum swings year to year. On the other hand, if the Aggies aren’t the worst team on the Lobos’ schedule, they’re certainly one of the most beatable. Locksley said that’s not the case, adding that even the best teams can underestimate their opponents. “On any given Saturday, as we’ve seen in college football, if a team goes out and plays close to perfect, they’re always going to give themselves a chance to make it a ball game,” Locksley said. “There’s so much parity in college football.” While this might just be a makeor-break game for Locksley’s Lobos, fans down in Las Cruces aren’t as eager to jump on Walker.

“I don’t think the Aggies losing is a big deal,” said NMSU sophomore Jorge Caliendo. “It’s still early in the season, but I always hate to lose to UNM.” If UNM loses this game, it’s conceivable that the Lobos will go winless all season. After facing the Aggies, UNM hits the road for two games against Big 12 phenomenon Texas Tech and conference foe Wyoming. But Locksley said this isn’t a must-win game — that’s just fan talk. “I wouldn’t dare say that. It’s Game 4 of a 12-game season,” he said. “For the fans, it’s a whole year of having to hear your buddy say, ‘Hey, you guys lost to us.’ So for Lobo Nation and the Aggie followers, I’m sure it is make-or-break.” Lobo wide receiver Chris Hernandez said the Lobos are hurting for a win. “I’m not thinking about losing to the Aggies,” he said. “That’s not on my mind. I don’t think this game could’ve come at a better time.” Notes: Donovan Porterie will get his third start of the season because B.R. Holbrook contracted mononucleosis. Holbrook won’t dress for Saturday’s game. Brad Gruner will be the Lobos’ No. 2 quarterback, and Locksley said he has no reservations putting him in the game if Porterie doesn’t produce.

Soccer from page 5 scoreboard. Less than four minutes into the game, Williams scored her eighth goal of the season. “They were a little flat and they gave us a lot of space to work with,” Williams said. “We could have gone at them harder, and we should have, but we got the win.” The goal was easy for Williams, as she was able to capitalize on a deflection from a fellow Lobo for that first goal. “(Williams is) very good and she’s getting better,” Vela said. Along with her eight goals, Williams has contributed four

assists for the Lobos with their strong start to the season. In the last four weeks she has been Mountain West Conference Player of the Week three times, which is a school record. “It’s an incredible feeling,” Williams said. “It’s not all me. The whole team works hard. They’re the ones that get me the ball.” UNM has out-scored its opponents easily, 20-4, in 2009. “Our team motivates each other. We all want to get to the next level,” Williams said. “We all give 100 percent on the field.”

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Brewster Rockit: Space Guy!

Friday, September 25, 2009 / Page 7


by Tim Rickard

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Fan Page GOOOOOOOOOO LOBOS!!! The list of upcoming Lobo athletic events


Sat 09/26 vs. New Mexico State 8pm University Stadium

is published every Friday in the Daily Lobo.


3.00 Gyros Sandwich



LOBOS! M-F 11-10 Sat 11:30-10 Sun 12-9

255-4401 106 Cornell SE JUST SOUTH OF THE FRONTIER

All Day Saturday and Sunday - No Limit Combo Plates add $4.50 No substitutions please Coupon must be present. Expires 10/04/09

To advertise in this special section, call 277-5656!

On your way to the big game?

Men's Golf

Sun-Mon 09/27-28 @ PING Preview in Bremerton, WA


Men's Soccer

Fri-Sun 09/25-27 @ Stanford Nike Classic in Stanford, CA

Women's Soccer

Fri 09/25 vs. Northern Arizona 7pm Soccer/Track Complex

Women's Tennis

Fri-Sun 09/25-27 hosts UNM Fall Invite All Day Lobo Tennis Club

Women's Volleyball

Sat 09/26 @ Wyoming Thur 10/1 vs. San Diego State 7pm Johnson Center

We make tail-gating easy! Call in, order one of our specials, and we’ll have it ready for you on your way to the game!

Golden Pride Picnic Special Feeds 5-7 people 12 pieces chicken rotisserie smoked or fried Sav 2 lbs. BBQ ribs e with $2 4 ears of corn cou this pon 1 lg cole slaw ! 1 lg potato salad 1 lg spicy beans 10 dinner rolls Save $2.00 with this coupon!

Golden Pride Dinner Combo Feeds 3-4 people 10 pieces chicken rotisserie smoked or fried Sav 1 1b. BBQ ribs with e $2 cou this 2 lg sides pon ! 6 dinner rolls Save $2.00 with this coupon!

Golden Pride Chicken

1830 Lomas NE • 242-2181

Sat 09/26 vs. New Mexico State 8pm University Stadium

Fri-Sun 09/11-13 @ Mike Berticelli Memorial Tournament in South Bend, Ind

Men's Golf

Women's Soccer


Sun-Mon 09/27-28 @ PING Preview UNM Championship Golf Course

Women's Golf

Mon-Tues 09/14-15 @ Ptarmigan Ram Fall Classic in Fort Collins, Colo

Men's Soccer

Fri 09/11 vs. Cal State Northridge 7pm Fri 09/13 vs. Tulsa 1pm Soccer/Track Complex

Women's Volleyball

Fri 09/11 vs. Cal State Fullerton 1pm Fri 09/11 vs. Baylor 7:30pm

Good luck to Men's Golf, Men's Soccer, Women's Soccer, Women's Tennis and Women's Volleyball.


LASSIFIEDs CCLASSIFIEDS Page 8 / Friday, September 25, 2009





ASY JAZZ/ BALLET instructor to teach one night per week, ages 4-15. 8991666.

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Food, Fun, Music Las Noticias Lost and Found Miscellaneous Personals Services Travel Want to Buy Word Processing

1BDRM, 3 BLOCKS to UNM, no smokers/ no pets. Clean, quiet, and affordable. 301 Harvard SE. 262-0433. WWW.UNMRENTALS.COM Awesome university apartments. Unique, hardwood floors, FPs, courtyards, fenced yards, houses, cottages, efficiencies, studios, 1 and 2 and 3BDRMs. Garages. Month to month option. 843-9642. Open 7 days/ week.


LOFT FOR RENT. 950SF newly renovated, just steps away from UNM at 2001 Gold Avenue SE. October 1st availability. $950/MO. Call or text 505450-4466.

Apartments Duplexes Houses for Rent Houses for Sale Housing Wanted Property for Sale Rooms for Rent Studios Sublets

OCTOBER SPECIAL- STUDIOS, 1 block UNM, Free utilities, $435-$455/mo. 246-2038. 2BDRM CONDO STYLE. W/D, close UNM, off street parking. Available. Call evenings 842-1640. MOVE IN SPECIAL- large, clean 1BDRM. 1505 Girard NE. No pets. $490/mo +utilities. 573-7839.

For Sale

Audio/Video Bikes/Cycles Computer Stuff Pets For Sale Furniture Garage Sales Photo Textbooks Vehicles for Sale

8700 NORTHEASTERN - Apartment B $550 2BR/1BA Private Yard GDR Property Management 883-7070 BLOCK TO UNM- Large, clean 1BDRM. No pets. $575/mo includes utilities. 2680525 or 255-2685..

Houses For Rent TULANE NE 4BDRM- furnished. Responsible tenants. $2500/mo. 299-8543.


2/3BDRM, 1BA, HARDWOOD floors/ fireplace, remodeled bathroom, large lot. Safe neighborhood minutes from ABQ Uptown, Nob Hill and North Campus. 2028 La Veta Dr NE. $925 month + deposits. 363-3353.

Child Care Jobs off Campus Jobs on Campus Jobs Wanted Volunteers Work Study Jobs

Houses For Sale BEAUTIFUL 2 STORY 3 BDRM 2 cq w/ city views. 5129 La Bajada , NW. Call anytime 249-2963

Looking for You CALC180 TUTOR NEEDED- MW 11:0012:30. Please call 554-7948.

Your Space KIANI, Hau`oli Lā Hānau <-- Hope this translates right! Happy, happy birthday! Have a great day, Kiani! -DL


Rooms For Rent COLLEGE ROOMMATES WANTED Two roommates wanted to share 3BDRM/ 1.75BA house near ABQ Uptown. W/D, utilities, and wireless included. First/ last month/ deposit. $425/mo. Contact Carlos 470-8576. ROOM FOR RENT Kathryn/ Yale. $440 furnished, $425 unfurnished. All utilities included. Call 620-0263 or 816-8362.



new mexico

new mexico

New Mexico Daily Lobo

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BOOST YOUR PRODUCTION values by renting pro video gear. Diva lights, wireless lav mic kits, boom pkgs, dollies, portable monitors, cameras. Students get 33% off rentals of $250 or more, 15% off < $250. Field & Frame 107 Tulane SE 265-5678.

Pets BALL PYTHONS FOR Sale! Many Morphs and Color Types! Mojave, Pastel, Ghost, and more! 505-264-1254 FREE KITTENS! 5 mos old, litter trained, friendly and in need of a good, loving homes. Interested or have questions call (505) 865-8893.

For Sale BRADLEY’S BOOKS INSIDE Winning Coffee Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

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Furniture 1 FLUFFY DOWN pillow. Previous owner’s scent included free. Will also consider trade for new scent. e-mail

Garage Sales ANNUAL YARD SALE at peace center. 202 Harvard SE. Saturday 9/26, 8-3. 268-9557. YARD SALE- EVERYTHING must godorm furniture, HP Computer, espresso machine, and more. Prices negotiable. Near Yale- Coal intersection- watch for signs. Fri-Sun (9/25-9/27) 8-2.

Vehicles For Sale ‘07 YAMAHA VSTAR 1300 8,500 miles. Lots of extras. $12,500obo. 505-2654225 ask for Chris. 1982 MERCEDES BENZ 240D. Great Gas Mileage, Diesel, Good Body and Mechanical condition! $1950 505-2691731 2003 FORD EXPEDITION 4X4 XLT Blue 4.6L 82K miles AT, AC, PL, PW, Running Boards, Tow Package, Exc Cond $9500 OBO 554-4475 1992 CHEVY CLAVIER runs good, new breaks. $500 OBO. Please call Lydia @ 505 907-8978.

Child Care


2010 Teach and Learn in Korea (TaLK) sponsored by Korean government ●$1,200/month (15hrs/week) plus airfares, housing, medical insurance Must have completed two years of undergraduate Last day to apply: 12/10/09 Please visit our website 2010 English Program In Korea (EPIK) ●$1,200-2,300/month plus housing, airfare, medical insurance, paid vacation Must have BA degree Last day to apply: 12/15/09 Please visit our website Jai - (213)386-3112 ex.201 TRY OUR B-SKINNY COFFEE!!! Drink fat burning coffee and make money! Visit the website below to see how you can do both.

NOW ACCEPTING APPPLICATIONS for the following positions: Bartender, Bar/ Restaurant Server, Groundsperson, Room Attendant, Lobby Attendant, Sales Manager, Front Desk Representative, P.M. Cook, Banquets Server, Night Audit. Apply in person. MCM Elegante 2020 Menaul NE EOE/M/F/D/V. OFFICE SUPPORT/COURIER Busy downtown law firm is seeking to fill PT office support/courier position. Must be dependable and have good computer, phone and organizational skiils. Must have dependable transportation, insurance and a good driving record. For consideration, please forward resume to: Office Manager, P. O. Box 1578, Albuquerque, NM 871031578, Fax to 505-247-8125 or e-mail to Call the number on our site for info on our free weekly coffee party in the Duke City! VETERINARY ASSISTANT/ RECEPTIONIST/ kennel help. Pre-veterinary student preferred. Ponderosa Animal Clinic: 881-8990/ 881-8551. LOOKING FOR COLLEGE students to tutor in 5 APS schools. Flexible hours 7-2:30 M-F. Starting salary $9.00 an hour. Contact: Rebecca Almeter alme

Sales/Marketing - Looking for recent college graduate. Sales/Marketing for medical equipment web site. Email resume to VETERINARY TECH/ ASSISTANT wanted. Experience required. Apply at 1300 Wyoming Blvd NE or fax resume to 293-8161.

TUTORING - ALL AGES, most subjects. Experienced Ph.D. 265-7799. MOVIE EXTRAS, ACTORS, Models Wanted - Up to $300/day! All Looks Needed! Call NOW 1-800-458-9303.

FEMALE HOUSEMATE WANTED to share large 4BDRM/ 3BA home off campus. Utilities will be split amongst housemates. $400/mo +negotiable deposit. 301-9377.

MARTINEZTOWN HOUSE HAS openings for 3-12 yr Old children. 5 min. from UNM, licensed, bilingual program. Pre-school, before/ after-school. Affordable. CYFD payments accepted. 7am6pm, M-F. 808 Edith Blvd. NE, 2424333.

Jobs Off Campus

BIRTHRIGHT CARES. FREE pregnancy tests, help. 262-2235. ABORTION AND COUNSELING services. Caring and confidential. FREE PREGNANCY TESTING. Curtis Boyd, MD, PC: 522 Lomas Blvd NE, 2427512.

GRADUATE STUDENT, FURNISHED ROOM, W/D, cable, smokeless, shared utilities, $250/mo +$50dd. 3449765. LOOKING FOR A NEW PLACE? Sublet $500/month + 1/3 util. 4 blocks from campus Beautiful 3BDRM/ 2BA dining, living, new kitchen, W/D. 2 rooms available Looking for serious, tidy student. Call 318-573-6409

Barbizon Modeling seeks current or former models, actors, or makeup artistry professionals to teach classes on weekends. Contact Rachel Madison 727215-5251 or

Now you can!


DE SOTO PRODUCTIONS- CD/ DVD duplication and packaging. Call 8842623 or visit us online www.desotopro PAPER DUE? FORMER UNM instructor, Ph.D., English, published, can help. 254-9615. MasterCard/ VISA..

Office Space

OFFICE FOR RENT at 202 Harvard SE. Non-profit, public interest, like-minded tenants preferred. Dimensions: 22ft x 13ft. Rent: $250 + internet. $125 security deposit. Available October 1st. For more information, call 268-9557.

LOOKING FOR A JOB? Make sure to check the Daily Lobo Monday - Friday for new employment opportunities. Check the classifieds online, anytime at

PART TIME $20/HR go to www.quick TEMP WORKModels for fitness video project. Call 514-6027 1PM to 7PM.

EARLY ED. TEACHERS. 1yr. experience. Send reume to kw.adm@hot WATER WASTE INTERNS- Perform field inspections and document violations using video camera. Must be FT college student. Valid DL required. Salary starting at $11.00/hr. E-mail resume to or call 768-3604.

Volunteers HEALTHY VOLUNTEERS AND subjects with and without asthma are needed for a new research study looking at the effects of fat and physical activity on the breathing tubes. If you qualify, compensation will be provided for your time and inconvenience upon study completion. If you are healthy or have asthma, over the age of 18, and are interested in finding out more about this study, please contact or leave a message for Teresa at (505)269-1074 or e-mail COLLEGE STUDENTS DRINKERS WANTED to evaluate a new software program. Participation is confidential and you will be reimbursed for your time in this federally funded study. More information is available at behav

Listed by: Position Title Department Closing Date Salary Job of the Day

Chemical Support Tech Chem Stores

Open Until Filled

$9.50 Front Desk Receptionist Mathematics Statistics 10-07-2009 $7.50

Computer Tech Support CAPS General Administrative Open Until Filled $10.00 / hr

Instructional Aide 2 Engineering Student Services Open Until Filled $8.00/hr

Literacy Tutors SFAO Administration Open Until Filled $8.50

Office Assistant Pediatrics Center for Development Open Until Filled $7.50 to $8.25

Referee/Lobo League Athletics Volleyball Open Until Filled $10.00

Computer Programmer Assistant HS Library and Informatics Ctr Open Until Filled 10.00 per hour

Program Assistant Physics Astronomy Department $14.00

Wish you could place ads at midnight?

FLAMENCO DANCE CLASSES with Jesus Munoz. New classes start October 5. Beginner thru Advanced. 505977-8428.


$15 Base/Appt. Flex Schedule, Scholarships Possible! Customer Sales/Service, No Exp. Nec., Cond. Apply. Call now, All ages 18+, ABQ 243-3081, NW/Rio Rancho: 891-0559.

Check out a few of the Jobs on Main Campus available through Student Employment!

Too busy to call us during the day?

CHINESE HEALING MASSAGE $25/One Hour 3214 San Mateo NE 8841155 Yes you can!

ROOMMATE WANTED FOR student house in Spruce Park, 1 block from UNM $510/mo Utilities Included call 505-264-1296 or email csweiner@gmail. com


Bookstore Support Staff LosAlamos Branch Open Until Filled 8.00

Communications Specialist Ofc of the University Secretary Open Until Filled 9.50-11.75

Office Assistant SOM Surgery Administration Open Until Filled 9.50 hourly Technical Specialist Anderson Schools of Management 09-28-2009 11.75/hr.

Advanced Office Assistant African American Student Svc AASS Open Until Filled 7.50-9.00 Office Assistant Anesthesiology Administration Open Until Filled 7.75-8.75

Cripps Lab Assistant I AS Biology General Administrative Open Until Filled $8.00/hr

Student Office Assistant Administration Open Until Filled $7.50

Program Assistant Institute for Public Health 09-30-2009 12.00

Student Lab Aide Manufacturing Engineering Open Until Filled 9.50 to 11.75

Office Assistant Center for Health Policy Open Until Filled 9.00-10.00

Office Assistant College of Pharmacy Open Until Filled $8.00/hr

Community Intern El Centro De La Raza Open Until Filled $8.50 hourly

Columnist Student Publications Open Until Filled 15.00 per column

Gallery Assistant Gallup Arts Letters Open Until Filled 7.50 Library Assistant LosAlamos Branch Open Until Filled 8.50

Keller Hall Staff Music 09-26-2009 $7.50/hr Technical Support Technology Education Center TEC Open Until Filled 7.50

Library Aid Valencia Library Open Until Filled 7.50 to 8.25 Admin Support Student Services LosAlamos Branch Open Until Filled 8.00 Cartoonist Student Publications Open Until Filled 15.00 per cartoon Lab Aide SOM Pathology Open Until Filled 7.50 EPT/ DDM Lab Assistant Gallup Arts Letters Open Until Filled 7.50 MIS Clerical III UNM Medical Group MIS 09-29-2009 $8.50 / Hour MLT Office Assistant Gallup Dental Assistant Program Open Until Filled 7.50 Library Assistant HS Library and Informatics Ctr Open Until Filled 7.50 per hour

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