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September 5, 2012

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NM in bottom 10 for graduation rates, salaries Last week The Chronicle of Higher Education published the Almanac of Higher Education 2012, an interactive database that compares professor salaries, graduation rates, tuition and fees, and state and research spending of higher education institu-

tions among the 50 states. Out of the 50 states, New Mexico is ranked in the bottom 10 for average full-time professor salary and sixyear graduation rate, but in the top 10 for lowest full-time student tuition and fees.

According to the almanac, New Mexico is ranked 42nd for full-time professor salary, 45th for six-year graduation rates and 7th for student tuition and fee costs. ~Compiled by Svetlana Ozden

Educational level of adults New Mexico

per 100

Spending per

Student aid

Students with


(6 year)

(4 year)



per recipient

Pell Grants

NM Institute of Mining and Technology



































Western NM







Institute of American Indian and Alaska Native Culture and Arts Development







Northern NM







Average full-time professor salary

Six-year graduation rate

District of Columbia: 1st place, $145,545 New Mexico: 42nd place, $94,635 Montana: 50th place, $80,669 U.S. average: $112,647

Delaware: 1st place, 70.8% New Mexico: 45th place, 40.6% District of Columbia: 50th place, 7.7% U.S. average: 56%

Out-of-state students Pennsylvania: 1st place, 27,675 students New Mexico: 46th place, 1,594 students Alaska: 50th place, 242 students U.S. average: 7,164 students



















Some high-school

Completions Grad. rate Grad. rate

National average

8th grade or less

High-school diploma

Some college

Associate degree

Bachelor’s degree

Master’s degree

Doctoral degree

Professional degree

Change in total academic research spending 2009-2010 school year

Former UNM President David Schmidly compensation details

Rhode Island: 1st place, +56.2% New Mexico: 47th place, -5.3% Maine: 50th place, -12.3% U.S. average: +6.9%

Base pay: $380,000 Deferred compensation paid: $120,000 Total compensation: $500,000 Provisions: $3,500 car allowance and $45,000 housing allowance Ranking: 64th/199

Endowment value and growth during 2010-2011 school year

Full-time student tuition and fees at public institution

UNM: $349,145,455, +18% in one year Harvard: $31,728,080,000, +15.1% in one year

Vermont: 1st place, $12,459 New Mexico: 44th place, $5,021 Wyoming: 50th place, $3,333 U.S. average: $7,136

To see the full report, go to, click on “Facts & Figures,” then “Almanac of Higher Education 2012” *Figures are from the 2011-2012 school year unless otherwise noted

NMSU president Barbara Couture compensation details Base pay: $385,000 Deferred compensation Paid: $0 Total compensation: $385,000 Provisions: car and housing allowance $41,965 Ranking: 111th/199

Ad astra per aspera: students build satellite payload by Antonio Sanchez

UNM student Jacy Bitsoie found herself driving down Paseo del Norte, chasing a runaway balloon in the name of science. “We were literally driving around north of Albuquerque, hoping to visually see the balloon come down or see the command module to fall with its parachute,” she said. Bitsoie had been struggling with GPS issues with her summer balloon project before, but never to the point where she lost all contact with it. But a speaker had been installed earlier on the balloon, letting out an alarm loud enough for a family to hear the balloon land in their neighborhood. “A family heard the speaker,

Inside the

Daily Lobo volume 117

issue 13

called us because it had our phone number on it and we were able to retrieve the command module that way,” she said. Bitsoie was one of nine undergraduate students this summer who launched and tracked high-altitude balloons into near space, the area between 65,000 and 350,000 feet above sea level that includes the stratosphere, mesosphere and thermosphere. Bitsoie said she was required to test radio systems and other electronics for the rigors of near space. She said the project opened her eyes to various types of engineering. “Going in as a civil engineer major, working with space dynamics and working with electronics was something completely different than from

what I was used to,” Bitsoie said. “It gave me an opportunity to work on projects outside my field and it made me realize that I do want to be a civil engineer. It just confirmed my passion.” Students worked with the Configurable Space Microsystems Innovations & Applications Center, a space electronics center at UNM, as interns for the University’s new Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Talent Expansion Program. The STEP internship program was designed to help undergraduate engineering and computer science students gain hands-on experience in their career field. UNM’s COSMIAC research center developed a new Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicles Secondary Payload Adapter

Day of the Dead class

Once HeMan, now Skeletor

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(ESPA) satellite ring, a device that carries satellites into outer space, and a new high-altitude balloon project, which focuses on radio wave tests held in near space. This summer was the first partnership between COSMIAC and STEP, and 46 engineering students participated in the paid internship. In order to be eligible for this internship, students must attend at least two of the three advisory mentorship seminars, where students can talk to UNM faculty members and advisers about future classes and possible company internship opportunities. COSMIAC Chief Research Officer Steven Suddarth said the STEP program aims to give students a hands-on approach to engineering, an opportunity that a classroom setting won’t

offer. He said students have the opportunity to deal with realworld research problems, rather than practice on problems that are set up in the classroom. “Classroom problems by nature are set up to be not that easy in that minds of a student, but they’re terribly easy compared to a lot of real-world research problems in a sense that they typically work out to an answer that’s usually verifiable,” he said. “Real-world problems don’t tend to work out that way.” From errors with software tools, to mistakes made in documentation, Suddarth said the undergraduate interns faced technical issues throughout the summer.

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New Mexico Daily Lobo


unm crime briefs

Cops: sexual comments written on dorm board UNMPD responded to a call Aug. 25. from UNM students Ashley Frost and Olivia Marin, who told officers that between Aug. 20 and Aug. 24, someone wrote “Free blowjobs here,� “Lesbian sex party at midnight bring your own dildos� and “I’m gonna rape you,� on the whiteboard outside their dorm room, according to the police report. The two women said that as far as they know, no other dorm residents have had a similar experience. No further action is to be taken.

Dorm party host ran from security, cops say On Aug. 26, UNMPD responded to a disturbance that was the result of a party in a UNM dorm room, but according to police, the room’s tenant ran from dorm security. According to the report, police found 10 people inside the dorm and identified the smell of marijuana. The resident adviser searched the room and found alcohol containers, drug paraphernalia and marijuana. The RA documented all the UNM students present, who

volume 117

issue 13

Telephone: (505) 277-7527 Fax: (505) 277-7530

will be referred to the Dean of Students for the violations. According to the police report, no criminal charges will be pursued because the violations were discovered through an RA administrative search.

UNMPD: student mailed money, got none back On Aug. 28, UNMPD responded to a call from UNM student Hao Zhang who said he received an email from someone he didn’t know, asking him for monetary help for which he would be compensated at a later date. According to the police report, the man sent $2,870 in cash and received a check from “Michelle Long� in return. However, the man’s bank later informed him that the check was fake. According to the report, the only suspect is Michelle Long.

Report: backpack stolen while owner in shower

stolen from the men’s locker room while he was showering. According to the report, Wise stowed the backpack in a locker, which he didn’t lock before leaving the area to shower. The backpack contained his Samsung Galaxy cell phone, Del Norte class ring and an iPod. The case in considered to be closed pending further leads.

E-reader reported stolen from law library desk UNM student Louise Pocock reported to UNMPD on Aug. 28 that her electronic reader had been stolen. According to the police report, she stated she left it at her assigned desk in the UNM Law Library at 11:30 a.m. and discovered it was stolen when she returned at 4 p.m. There were no witnesses and at the time the report was filed. The case is considered to be closed pending further leads. ~compiled by Alexandra Swanberg

UNM student Daniel Wise reported to UNMPD on Aug. 28 that his backpack was Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Cleary Managing Editor Danielle Ronkos News Editor Svetlana Ozden Photo Editor Adria Malcolm Assistant Photo Editor Juan Labreche Copy Chief Aaron Wiltse

Culture Editor Nicole Perez Assistant Culture Editor Antonio Sanchez Sports Editor Thomas Romero-Salas Assistant Sports Editor J. R. Oppenheim Opinion/ Social Media Editor Alexandra Swanberg

Design Director Robert Lundin Design Assistants Connor Coleman Josh Dolin Stephanie Kean Advertising Manager Renee Schmitt Sales Manager Jeff Bell Classified Manager Brittany Flowers

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“There’s something there that the students learn that they didn’t anticipate,� he said. “When they start out their summer, their planning process is they’re going to lay out that step and that step and that step. They get into it and realize they have to work outside the plan.� Student Preston Edwards participated in the ESPA ring project, which focused on maximizing the space used on the ring by increasing the number of satellites the ring can hold from six to seven. Edwards said the internship helps students get ahead of those who only have classroom experience. “I think it’s way more important in today’s economy to have actual experience in the field rather than solely just a degree,� Edwards said. COSMIAC deputy director Craig Kief said the STEP internship program works well because the program focuses on integrating different types of engineering and science students. “You had physics people, civil engineers, electrical engineers, you had mechanical engineers, all of them working together toward a common set of projects and that was probably the coolest part of the summer activity; just the intermingling of these different people and projects,� Kief said.

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New Mexico Daily Lobo

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State made to fund sex change by Denise Lavoie

The Associated Press BOSTON — State prison officials must provide taxpayer-funded sexreassignment surgery to a transgender inmate serving life in prison for murder, because it is the only way to treat her “serious medical need,� a federal judge ruled Tuesday. Michelle Kosilek was born male but has received hormone treatments and now lives as a woman in an all-male prison. Kosilek was named Robert when married to Cheryl Kosilek and was convicted of murdering her in 1990. U.S. District Judge Mark Wolf is believed to be the first federal judge to order prison officials to provide sexreassignment surgery for a transgender inmate. Kosilek first sued the Massachusetts Department of Correction 12 years ago. Two years later, Wolf ruled that Kosilek was entitled to treatment for gender-identity disorder but stopped short of ordering surgery. Kosilek sued again in 2005, arguing that the surgery is a medical necessity. In his 126-page ruling Tuesday, Wolf found that surgery is the “only adequate treatment� for Kosilek and that “there is no less intrusive means to correct the prolonged violation of Kosilek’s Eighth Amendment right to adequate medical care.� Prison officials have repeatedly cited security risks in the case, saying that allowing Kosilek to have the surgery would make her a target for sexual assaults by other inmates. But Wolf, who was appointed to the federal bench by President Ronald Reagan in 1985, found that the security concerns are “either pretextual or can be dealt with.� He said it would be up to prison officials to decide how and where to house Kosilek after the surgery. Diane Wiffin, a spokeswoman for the prisons department, said the agency would have no immediate comment on the ruling. “We are reviewing the decision and exploring our appellate options,� Wiffin said. In a telephone interview last year with The Associated Press, Kosilek said the surgery is a medical necessity, not a frivolous

desire to change her appearance. “Everybody has the right to have their health care needs met, whether they are in prison or out on the streets,� Kosilek said. “People in the prisons who have bad hearts, hips or knees have surgery to repair those things. My medical needs are no less important or more important than the person in the cell next to me.� Wolf noted that the Department of Correction’s own medical experts testified that they believe surgery was the only adequate treatment for Kosilek. The department’s ex-commissioner Kathleen Dennehy testified that giving Kosilek the surgery would present insurmountable security concerns, but Wolf said the inmate had proven that those purported concerns masked the real reason for denying surgery: “a fear of controversy, criticism, ridicule and scorn.� Kosilek’s lawsuit has become fodder for radio talk shows and Massachusetts lawmakers who say the state should not be forced to pay for a convicted murderer’s sexchange operation — which can cost up to $20,000 — especially since many insurance companies reject the surgery as elective. House Republican Leader Bradley Jones said it is difficult for him to believe that a sex-change procedure is medically necessary. “It’s one thing to say, ‘I have cancer and am in need of treatment,’� Jones said. “It seems to be more medically desirable than a necessity.� He also worried that the decision could open up a “Pandora’s box� of requests for medical procedures from other inmates. In 2008, Republican lawmakers, including then-state Sen. Scott Brown, filed legislation to ban the use of taxpayer funds to pay for the surgery for prison inmates. The amendment did not make it into law. Brown, now in the U.S. Senate, said Tuesday that the surgery would be “an outrageous abuse of taxpayer dollars.� “We have many big challenges facing us as a nation, but nowhere among those issues would I include providing sex change surgery to convicted murderers,� Brown said in a statement. “I look forward to common sense

prevailing and the ruling being overturned.� Inmates in Colorado, California, Idaho and Wisconsin have sued unsuccessfully to try to get the surgery, making similar arguments that denying it violates the U.S. Constitution’s protection against cruel and unusual punishment. Wolf noted that Kosilek’s genderidentity disorder has caused her such anguish that she has tried to castrate herself and twice tried to commit suicide. Kosilek’s lead attorney, Frances Cohen, called the decision courageous and thoughtful. “We feel very grateful that the judge listened very carefully to the medical experts and has given Michelle Kosilek what the prison doctors had recommended,� Cohen said. Ben Klein, a senior attorney at the Boston-based legal group Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, said Wolf’s ruling recognizes what some medical experts have said for years: that sex-reassignment surgery can be a “legitimate life-saving medical treatment for transgender people.� Klein said other inmates seeking the surgery can cite Wolf’s ruling, but they would still have to prove that prison officials showed deliberate indifference to their medical needs. “Not everybody will be able to prove it, but at the same time, the prisons’ decisions have to be based on proper medical care and not bias,� Klein said. In Kosilek’s case, the judge said, female hormones have “helped somewhat,� but the inmate “continues to suffer intense mental anguish� because she truly believes she is a woman trapped in a man’s body. “That anguish alone constitutes a serious medical need,� Wolf wrote. “It also places him at high risk of killing himself if his major mental illness is not adequately treated.�










Global Community Trends 2030 Daily Lobo



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Total Cost:


September 6-7, Attn: Brittany Tax: 2012 Student Union___________________________ Building Run Dates: Tuition Remission Ad

September 5, 2012

Placed by Deborah Kastman UNM Continuing Education If you have any questions Please call 505-277-6216.

All Students and Faculty Welcome 

Join us as top national experts present a forwardͲlooking view toward the year 2030attheUNMNationalSecurityStudiesProgramSymposium.Topicsinclude US, China, and South Asian relationships; NATO and its evolving role; cyberͲ conflict trends; the changing Middle East; and the New Nexus: Energy, Water, EnvironmentandSecurity. 


Cosponsored by  Office of the Provost, Office of Student Affairs, College of Arts & Sciences, School of Engineering, Anderson School of Management, International Studies Institute, Office of International Programs & Studies, Office of Career Services, Center for Science and Technology Policy Lisa Bul / AP photo In this Jan. 15, 1993 file photo, Robert Kosilek sits in Bristol County Superior Court, in New Bedford, Mass., where he was on trial for the May 1990 murder of his wife. Kosilek was convicted in the murder, and has been living as a woman, Michelle Kosilek, and receiving hormone treatments while serving life in prison in Massachusetts.

For more information, go to: 

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Independent Student Voice of UNM since 1895


Schrader sabotages his dignity with raunchy letter Editor’s note: This letter is in response to the letter “Feelings between men should never be hateful,” published in the Aug. 29 issue of the Daily Lobo. In the letter, Don Schrader shares his vision of ideal male relationships. Open letter to Don Schrader: You and I have known each other many years. Though I’m not gay, I have supported gay rights and have, in letters to local newspapers, praised your knowledge and stance on various nutrition and sociopolitical issues, once even likening you to Mahatma Gandhi. However, your increasingly frequent self-absorbed comments on “hot sex,” etc., not only display a form of the very competition among males (your vigorous daily exercises to better compete in sexual attractiveness) that your latest letter condemns, but also, and mainly, seriously detract from the greater good you do, too often coming across primarily as myopic nutcase rants and even thinly veiled sex-recruitment ads. Please, Don, wake up to your more important societal value. You’re needlessly harming your greater legacy. Kent Ponder Daily Lobo reader


Government accountability depends on Assange by Jason Darensburg

and determination in the response.” Assange as yet has not been formally charged Daily Lobo columnist with any crimes. He is only supposedly wanted for Julian Assange is the world’s most famous questioning in the Swedish case. Still, he’s been whistle-blower. The 41-year-old Australian- under house arrest in England for almost two born journalist, activist and publisher of the years, since a state prosecutor in Sweden issued infamous website WikiLeaks has been holed up a warrant. Under obvious political pressure, the at the Ecuadorian embassy in London for several prosecutor (not a judge, crucially) issued the weeks now, living in diplomatic limbo. The stately warrant for suspicion of rape, unlawful coercion redbrick embassy complex located in London’s and sexual molestation. These charges clearly need to be fully fashionable Knightsbridge district has been the scene of an incredible international standoff investigated, but supporters of Assange see the since Assange sought refuge there in mid-June, case as a ploy to have him arrested in Sweden appealing for asylum on the grounds of political and turned over to U.S. officials who want to try him under the Espionage Act. Removing Assange persecution. Earlier this year, British authorities obtained from the scene would be a huge victory for the a court order authorizing them to extradite U.S. government, and it would be a major setback Assange to Sweden for questioning in a dubious to those who believe in the public’s right to know. sexual assault case. Assange managed to jump At the very least, U.S. authorities hope to make an bail and take shelter in Ecuador’s embassy a few example of him. In December 2011, Assange’s lawyer Mark days before the U.K. was due to pack him off to Sweden to face questioning for these allegations. Stephens reiterated his client’s belief that the British authorities have now stated that Assange allegations in Sweden were simply a delaying is to be arrested “under all circumstances” if he tactic while the U.S. justice department prepares its case against him for exposing war crimes on tries to leave the building. Supporters of Assange assert that the British the WikiLeaks website. Stephens said, “Assange government is being less than sincere in its stated could face extradition or illegal rendition to the motives, and that this entire episode is a setup on U.S. from Sweden, where he could be detained in behalf of vengeful United States authorities, still a high-security prison and face the death penalty angry over the release of hundreds of thousands under the Espionage Act.” Assange has repeatedly offered to meet the of extremely damaging confidential diplomatic Swedish authorities in their own embassy in cables posted on WikiLeaks in 2010. MARCH 16, 2011 In a recent speech given by Assange from the London or at Scotland Yard, but he’s been refused balcony of the embassy, he urged America to on every occasion. This seems a bit heavy“end its witch hunt” against WikiLeaks. He also handed to many legal experts, leading to further said that the U.S. “must pledge before the world suspicions of behind-the-scenes machinations. On Aug. 15, the British government that it will not pursue journalists for shining a light on the secret crimes of the powerful.” Assange threatened to storm the Ecuadorian embassy referred to the imprisonment of human rights and forcibly arrest Assange in a move that would activist Nabeel Rajab in Bahrain and the Russian have seriously violated diplomatic conventions. punk rock band Pussy Riot, saying “There is unity According to international law, this would be in the oppression. There must be absolute unity tantamount to an invasion of sovereign territory. Foreign minister Ricardo Patiño condemned

EDITORIAL BOARD Elizabeth Cleary Editor-in-chief

Danielle Ronkos Managing editor

Alexandra Swanberg Opinion editor

Svetlana Ozden News editor

the threats, warning that the action would set a dangerous international precedent. The U.K. later tried to backtrack, claiming it was merely clarifying its legal position under Britain’s own Diplomatic and Consular Premises Act, which allows the host government to determine what land is considered to be diplomatic or consular premises. The following day, Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa granted political asylum to Assange, ratcheting up the diplomatic tension. Patiño cited reasonable concerns that Assange might be extradited to the U.S., which could lead to his indefinite incarceration or even execution. President Correa said he shares Assange’s fears that if he’s handed over to Sweden he will be extradited to the U.S. to face charges over WikiLeaks. The British Foreign Office said it was “disappointed” by Ecuador’s decision, but it still fully intended to uphold its binding agreement to extradite Assange. American and European sources insist the U.S. has filed no criminal charges against the WikiLeaks founder, and that no attempt will be made to extradite him from Sweden. Assange and his lawyers aren’t buying it, however. At the pretrial hearing for Pfc. Bradley Manning (the soldier accused of uploading some of the most politically damaging files to the WikiLeaks site), a U.S. Army investigator confirmed in court that the FBI was secretly targeting the “founders, owners or managers of WikiLeaks” for prosecution under the Espionage Act. Another leaked Pentagon memo described how WikiLeaks should be destroyed with a smear campaign leading to “criminal prosecution.” Last month, the Sydney Morning Herald disclosed that the U.S. is conducting an “unprecedented” legal pursuit of Assange. The sex crime allegations are a smokescreen behind which several governments are trying to shut down WikiLeaks for exposing their secret



Lob for a

plans for war, occupation and destruction. The excuse of “national security” is used by countries like the U.S. to withhold critical information from their own citizens. If the evidence that WikiLeaks seeks to provide was more readily available for public scrutiny and widely disseminated, many of the unlawful and immoral decisions made by our leaders behind closed doors could, perhaps, be avoided. Predictably, the mainstream U.S. news media (mostly owned by defense contractors with a vested interest in keeping their crimes from public exposure) continue to defame Assange as a “high-tech terrorist,” even though some of them, like the New York Times, profited directly from information provided by WikiLeaks. In a recent interview on Venezuelan television, Assange argued that democracy in Western countries is an illusion, and that the constant surveillance of citizens is leading to the creation of a “transnational totalitarian state.” He said, “This is an international phenomenon that isn’t just happening in the U.S. … it’s bigger than the U.S., and it’s taking us to a dark place.” Assange said that basic human rights in the West are being quietly eroded, and that the public is being negatively influenced by “massive press manipulation.” Freedom of the press is under serious threat around the world. According to the 2012 World Press Freedom Index, America’s ranking fell once again in the annual study. We’re currently tied with Argentina and Romania at No. 47. The U.K. ranks No. 28. Norway and Finland top the list, as usual; Sweden is No. 12. The University of New Mexico ® As it currently stands,UNM™ Assange is prepared New Mexico Lobos™ Mexico™ embassy to remain a resident of theNew Ecuadorian Lobos ® The Pit ® for another year if necessary. He’s hoping that Lobo Country™ Lobo Sweden will eventually drop itsNation™ case against him. “I think this is the most likely scenario,” he said. The fate of Assange just may determine the future of free speech on planet Earth. I wish him the best of luck.

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Day of the Dead alive and well by Antonio Sanchez

A six-horned, papier-mâché demon snarled over professor Regina Corritore’s shoulders as she stood by her desk. Corritore teaches “The Art and History of Día de los Muertos,” an honors course at UNM which focuses on the Day of the Dead. Students learn the history of the holiday, while also organizing and preparing for the city’s annual Día de los Muertos parade. The class hosts free and open-tothe-public art workshops on Saturdays throughout September and October. Corritore first taught the class last fall while she was the art director of the South Valley Día de los Muertos Marigold Parade. Corritore said the class tries to dispel false assumptions of the holiday. “There’s a lot of misassumptions with the Day of the Dead,” she said. “‘Oh, it’s like Halloween.’ It’s not — people have these assumptions, and we’re just trying to give them correct information.” Día de los Muertos takes place every year on All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day, Nov. 1 and Nov. 2. Traditionally, the parade is celebrated with commemorative floats and murals, honoring the lives of loved ones who have passed. Floats give participants a chance to be creative, but murals tend to focus on loved ones, with photos and related items placed by the mural. Corritore said she was surprised when her students last year took to the emotional aspect of the parade. “I think I’m just teaching an art activity, but people really get into the therapeutic aspect of it,” she said. “With people, you can tell they’re making it with love and the loss of the person — but more, they’re doing something to remember them and honor them.” Corritore said she grew up celebrating the holiday; she attended church and was raised with a personal altar in her home. Corritore said she now looks at the holiday as a way to reinstate spiritual ancestral relationships. “There’s a sense that you

Wednesday, September 5, 2012/ Page 5

Fall 2012 Field Research Grants For research in Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain, and Portugal The Latin American and Iberian Institute (LAII), with funding from the Tinker Foundation, announces the availability of Field Research Grants (FRGs) for graduate student research. FRGs support research projects in Latin America and Iberia that require limited time in the field. Awards typically cover airfare and some in-country travel and field expenses. For full application materials and more information please contact: Ashley Valenzuela-Ruesgen at

An INFORMATIONAL HELP SESSION will be held in coordination with SOLAS on Wednesday, Sept. 12 at 12pm in the LAII Reading Room located at 801 Yale Blvd NE. Application Deadline: Monday, October 15, 2012 by 5pm.

Short Stack of Pancakes for 99¢ w/ purchase of beverage

Courtesy photo Parade organizer and Day of the Dead class assistant Rusita Avila said Día de los Muertos provides a healthy and positive way for people to think about mourning and the loss of a loved one. “Día de los Muertos really lends itself to play and get out some of those issues, to talk about death freely,” Avila said. can have closer connections with people who have passed. It brings these smells, these scents, these memories. I spend a lot of time thinking where my aunts and uncles came from and their struggles; I ask my mom stories that I remember; I think about, ‘well, she doesn’t have much longer on the Earth,’ so there’s certain things where I’m like ‘I bet my mom knows that,’ about my personal history and my family history.” Parade organizer and class assistant Rusita Avila said the holiday’s spiritual ties can help bring light to an otherwise dreadful topic. Avila’s connection with death is apparent — she helps others deal with grief and loss issues as a mental help therapist. “Día de los Muertos really lends itself to play and get out some of those issues, to talk about death freely,” Avila said. “When you’re in the community doing this, even doing art workshops, it has a healing aspect to it.” Although the holiday is associated with personal healing, Avila said the parade’s goal is to achieve community healing. The parade takes place in Albuquerque’s South Valley, an area that Avila said has received unwarranted criticism. “The South Valley has gotten a

bad rap, so it’s really great to sort of be those ambassadors of the South Valley, to encourage and require them to explore that and embrace it,” she said. Student Jane Manthei said she took the course last year as a way to participate in community service. Originally from Winslow, Ariz., Manthei said the class helped her connect with the city. “I ended up learning more about the city I’m living in because I wasn’t really familiar with Albuquerque, with the South Valley, at all before this course,” Manthei said. “It’s one of the most hands-on courses I’ve ever taken, which was interesting because I totally walked into it expecting to not really participate, and by the end of it I was really participating and interacting with the community.”

Papel Picado and other Paper Crafts Workshop Sept. 8 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. Free El Jardín Enterprises Studios 803 La Vega Dr. S.W.

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An artist behind ’80s childhood Rex Barron continues his multifarious art career in Albuquerque

by Megan Underwood

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Redeemable only at McDonalds located at Hanover, University, Bosque Farms, Quail, Los Lunas, Bridge, Belen, Rio Bravo, Rio Grande, Wal-Mart (Los Lunas), Moriarity, Edgewood. Expires 09/29/12


Redeemable only at McDonalds located at Hanover, University, Bosque Farms, Quail, Los Lunas, Bridge, Belen, Rio Bravo, Rio Grande, Wal-Mart (Los Lunas), Moriarity, Edgewood. Expires 09/29/12

Arts & Music

Many children of the 1980s and ’90s remember Skeletor crying, “I’ll get you for this, He-Man!” One of the original animators who worked on the television series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Rex Barron, lives right here in Albuquerque. “We thought that stuff was not terribly high quality,” he said. “But I’ll still run into people who’ll say ‘I loved He-Man!’” Barron started working in animation before he graduated from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Calif. He worked in Hollywood for 11 years on multiple projects, including the animated version of “The Lord of the Rings,” the Pink Panther cartoon and “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.” In the late ’80s, Barron even worked on “Starchaser,” one of the first feature-length 3-D animated films. “It didn’t do very well,” he said, “but the 3-D looked pretty good.” He said being an animator sounds like a fun job, but in reality it can be just as tedious as any other 9-to-5 job. “When you’re drawing Smurfs for 40 or 50 hours a week, you begin to dislike these characters after a while,” Barron said. “So you start seeing bits of graffiti popping up around the studio that’s like ‘this is what I’d really like to do to this character if I could.’” Barron left Hollywood for New Mexico shortly after his father died. He started displaying some of his more serious works, such as paintings, at a gallery in Santa Fe. This is where he met Tom Ross, a children’s book author who gave Barron his first opportunity to work as an illustrator on the book “Eggbert The Slightly Cracked Egg.” Barron became passionate about illustrating and said his work in animation prepared him for working on children’s books. “I was thinking visually, and I was thinking sequentially,” he said. Barron illustrated many children’s books over the course of his career, and even wrote a few himself, such as “Showdown at the Food Pyramid!” and “Fed Up!” Both books’ main characters were irritated vegetables. Barbara Lohbeck, former owner of Bardean Gallery in Albuquerque,

A Child’s View From Gaza 10:00am - 7:00pm Student Union - Plaza Atrium Art Display

Community Events

Campus Events

Hebrew Conversation Class: Beginning 5:00pm Aaron David Bram Hillel House 1701 Sigma Chi, NE Albuquerque Practice speaking in Hebrew

Lobo Growers Market 10:00am- 2:00pm Every Wednesday through Oct. 3 Cornell Mall (in front of Johnson Center) A student run program that is bringing local produce to campus.

Theater & Film Snow White & The Huntsman 4:00pm - 5:30pm Aaron David Bram Hillel Student Union Mid Week Movies

showed much of Barron’s illustrative work about 15 years ago. She said his sense of humor is almost always conveyed in his art, whether in books or on canvas. “He just has this wonderful way of putting characters together,” she

“When you’re drawing Smurfs for 40 or 50 hours a week, you begin to dislike these characters,” ~Rex Barron animator said. “If you look at his paintings now, there’s quite a bit of illustration in them.” Barron eventually stopped illustrating after having difficulties with his publisher. His last book was published in 2004. “At the time, I was very

LOBO LIFE Snow White & The Huntsman 7:00pm - 8:30pm Aaron David Bram Hillel Student Union Mid Week Movies

Courtesy photo Rex Barron works on an art piece at his home. Barron is a former cartoon animator who worked on the animated version of “The Lord of the Rings,” “The Pink Panther” and “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.”

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Future events may be previewed at

disappointed when my gig with children’s books came to an end,” he said. But since then Barron has done a lot of freelance work and continues to show pieces at various galleries around the state. His most recent show was in 2011 in San Antonio, NM, and featured colored pencil art. He also does presentations for school children on how books are put together at a publisher and what it takes to be an illustrator. He said that being versatile and working on technique is the key to success for young artists. “You’ve got to do the boring stuff before you do the fun stuff,” he said. “Take classes to find out what really clicks for you.”

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012/ Page 7

Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle

dailycrosswordEdited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis

Level 1 2 3 4

Solution to yesterday’s problem.

ACROSS 1 Home to the Ibsen Museum 5 Online auction payment, say 10 Animation 14 Part of a Clue guess 15 Salsa holder 16 Political pal 17 *Saw 19 1997 Peter Fonda role 20 Like some stadiums 21 Drove (on) 22 *Head 26 Like prison windows 30 Doesn’t mention 31 Toe the line 32 Peach pit 33 Close, as a windbreaker 36 *Come 40 Glamour VIPs 41 Denmark’s __ Islands 42 Suffix with tip or trick 43 Erin of “Happy Days” 44 Mathematician Pascal 46 *Board 49 Decree 50 Tummy soother 55 One in a four-part harmony 56 *Do 59 Gubernatorial turndown 60 Cassette half 61 Prefix missing from the starred clues 62 Composer Satie 63 __ once in a while 64 Like Broadway’s Yankees DOWN 1 Inexact words 2 Gazpacho, e.g. 3 Easy run 4 Hint of things to come 5 Begrudged 6 Meaningful pile of stones



By Mel Rosen

7 Bldg. coolers 8 “Steady as __ goes” 9 Mason’s tray 10 Comic’s rewards 11 “Any volunteers?” reply 12 Sails force? 13 Scrutinized 18 Award two stars to, say 21 Glyceride, for one 23 Improper 24 Start of a parliamentary proposal 25 Math ratio 26 Hint of things to come 27 Not yet stirring 28 Game callers 29 Caraway-seeded bread, often 32 Comic Silverman 33 Tubular pasta 34 Urban addition 35 Ceremonial pile 37 In progress, to Sherlock 38 Causing puckers 39 Fed. benefits agency

Tuesday’s Puzzle Solved

(c)2012 Tribune Media Services, Inc.

43 N. Zealand’s highest peak 44 “Deep penetrating pain relief” brand 45 Subject to a penalty fee, maybe 46 Thumb twiddler 47 Capone henchman 48 More wise


49 Roof overhang 51 2007 A.L. MVP 52 Vena __ 53 Gossip column couple 54 “Coming Home” actor 56 Language suffix 57 Letters for Louis Quatorze 58 Lemony quencher


The following are the ASUNM Senator e-mail addresses and office hours for the fall 2012 semester. Each chartered undergraduate student organization is assigned to an ASUNM Senator. Discover who your senator is today! (ASUNM Office, Room 1016, SUB, lower level) Senator Alex Borowski T 12:30 P.M. – 01:30 P.M. R 04:00 P.M. – 05:00 P.M.

Senator Tyler Crawley M 02:00 P.M. – 04:00 P.M.

Senator Ana Frias TR 09:00 A.M. – 10:00 A.M.

Senator Austin Gonzales M 03:00 P.M. – 04:00 P.M. T 02:00 P.M. – 03:00 P.M.

Senator Damon Hudson M 03:15 P.M. – 04:15 P.M. R 12:00 P.M. – 01:00 P.M.

Senator Brandyn Jordan MR 12:30 P.M. – 01:30 P.M.

Senator Kayla Kutter R 11:00 A.M. – 01:00 P.M.

Senator Malika Ladha TR 02:00 P.M. – 03:00 P.M.

Senator Julianna Lautenschleger W 02:00 P.M. – 04:00 P.M.

Senator Holly Marquez W 04:00 P.M. – 06:00 P.M.

Senator Jillian Martinez W 12:00 P.M. – 02:00 P.M.

Senator Brandon Meyers W 09:00 A.M. – 10:00A.M. W 12:00 P.M. – 01:00 P.M.

Senator Miquela Ortiz TR 08:00 A.M. – 09:00 A.M.

Senator Allie Rodtang M 12:00 P.M. – 02:00 P.M.

Senator Isaac Romero T 12:00 P.M. – 02:30 P.M.

Senator Larry Salazar TR 04:00 P.M. – 05:00 P.M.

Senator Anthony Santistevan TR 11:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.

Senator Joe Stevens TR 09:30 P.M. – 10:30 P.M.

Senator Allan Stone WF 12:00 P.M. – 01:00 P.M.

Senator Cassie Thompson TR 02:00 P.M. – 03:00 P.M.

Keep yourself informed about ASUNM! ASUNM Full Senate meetings are held every other Wednesday, 6:00 P.M. in the Lobo A&B room (SUB, upper level). Check us out online at Call your Senators or our office at (505) 277-5528


LASSIFIEDs CCLASSIFIEDS Page 8 / Wednesday, September 5, 2012



new mexico

DAILY LOBO new mexico

2.2 miles to UNM, close to Rapid Ride, convenient freeway access, quiet community w/ pool, covered parking & on-site laundry MOVE-IN SPECIALS


268-8686 5700 Copper NE

Announcements FULL YEAR PARKING. $120. 1 block south of UNM. 261-6284. GREAT JOBS FOR Gay Rights! $8-$13/hr. Full or part time. Call 505255-6061. Ask for Cameron.

Fun Food Music FIESTA TENT AT Balloon Glow and Fireworks Sat. Oct 13, 4 to 10pm includes: tent, tables, chairs, tablecloths 40x20 tent, holds 150 people seats 72 party time. $1,000 OBO. Call 321-3797.

UNM/ CNM/ NOBHILL. 2BDRM apartment in small complex. 910sqft. $525/mo. also 1BDRM apartment 710sqft. $425/mo. Light & bright. Offstreet parking. Coin Laundry. No pets. 1.5 miles from campus. 345-2000.

1 BDRM APARTMENT shared with UNM female student. Utilities included. Unfurnished. Pool and Clubhouse on grounds. $305/mo. Call/text Cam 760791-1158. Female only.

1 BEDROOM HOUSE with enclosed private patio. 5 minutes from UNM. Call 505-453-5397. SMALLER 2 BDRM 218 Bassar SE $769/mo, no dog. 505-269-1731.

Housing Wanted

Lost and Found

Rooms For Rent


LOBO VILLAGE LEASE! Swimming pool, great gym, hot tub. Awesome roommates! Female only. $519/mo. 307-689-9522.

SEEKING FEMALE WHO enjoys cooking. Elderly female needs help cooking meals daily. Flexible schedule. $100/wk. Call 238-8767. TUTORING - ALL AGES, most subjects. Experienced Ph.D. 265-7799. NOT IN CRISIS? In Crisis? Agora listens about anything. Call: 277-3013. Chat: MATHEMATICS, STATISTICS TUTOR. Billy Brown PhD. College and HS., 401-8139. WE BUY JUNK cars! Cash! 702-1483. PAPER DUE? FORMER UNM instructor, Ph.D., English, published, can help. 254-9615. MasterCard/ VISA. WANTED ASAP: TUTOR for biochemistry 445, Intensive Biochemistry I, Call Joe at 220-4115.

Health and Wellness NEW TO ALBUQUERQUE? Stressed out and need some relief? Albuquerque Soccer League can help. Men’s, women’s and coed teams forming now and looking for players for the Sunday league starting September 9. Contact us at or check us out at

Apartments CLEAN, QUIET, AFFORDABLE 2BDRM $775/mo utilities included. 3 blocks to UNM, no pets. 262-0433. ATTRACTIVE 2BDRM 2 blocks south of UNM. $750/mo. includes utilities $300 dd. $200 move in Special! No pets. 2680525. 2BDRM 1BA NEW W/D and dishwasher, garbage disposal, FP, energy efficient windows refrigerated air. $715/mo +gas and electric +dd cats welcome no dogs, NS. Available September 10 . 617 Monroe NE. 550-1579. UNM/CNM STUDIOS, 1BDRM, 2BDRMS, 3BDRMS, and 4BDRMS. William H. Cornelius, Real Estate Consultant: 243-2229.

WANTED ROOMMATE TO share apt 10 min from campus. Preferably female, serious student, n/s, clean, mature, friendly. $400/mo. Call/text 347-7044714. SEEKING UNM FEMALE student to share a 3 bedroom shared bath. Rent is $520 + utilities. If interested please call 505-310-1529. QUIET MALE ROOMMATE to share 4BDRM house. Girard and Silver. $310/mo. +utilites. Ken 604-6322. ROOMMATE WANTED. ASH/UNIVERSITY. 3BDRM home. Two minute walk from UNM. 1 dog. $500/mo. + 1/3utilities. 505-603-3622. 505-228-6204. NICE 1BR HOUSE. 504 Columbia SE. (REAR) No Pets. Look in windows. $550. 266-3059. GRADUATE STUDENTS WANTED to share 3BDRM/ 2BA house with laundry room in UNM area. $425/mo + utilities. 505-615-5115. TWO ROOMS IN 3BDRM/2BA. Altura Park Home available Oct. 1st. $400/mo. each plus shared utilities. Female. Serious Junior/Senior or Grad Students to share with Pre-med. 1yr lease min. Lisa 505-480-9072. SEEKING MALE UNM student to take over Lobo Village lease August 201213. Will pay your first month’s rent. Email or call 505293-1074.

Pets PAIR OF BREEDING sugar gliders for sale, $400 including cage. Two, 8 week old gliders, $300 each and are much easier to handle. 505-227-6714, kinet

For Sale ANGELIC SOUNDS: INSTALL everything from tweeters, subs, decks, to a completely new system. Text or call 575-937-8643 or 575-808-2514 for any questions. NATIVE AMERICAN ARCHITECTURE textbook. Nabokov, author. Native American Art I -- Szabo, instructor sells used for $48 at bookstore excellent condition for $35. 505-917-9528. TWO TICKETS FOR Dallas Cowboy home games available. Tickets are in section 144, row 19. Please email for available games.

1BDRM ($545) AND 2BDRM ($645). WIFI and water included. On bus line. Laundry room. Quiet, clean and roomy homes. Call to see. Ask for student discount. 505-323-6300. www.villageat WWW.UNMRENTALS.COM Awesome university apartments. Unique, hardwood floors, FP’s, courtyards, fenced yards. Houses, cottages, efficiencies, studios, 1, 2 and 3BDRM’s. Garages. 843-9642. Open 7 days/week. 2 BDRM APARTMENT availabe. Utitlities included. Newly painted. Extra clean, carpeted, laundry on site. 3 blocks UNM. 313 Girard SE.$735/mo. 246-2038. www.kachina-properties. com (ask move-in special).

Vehicles For Sale

2001 ACURA MDX for sale. $5499 OBO. 505-453-2739.

LOST ENGAGEMENT RING with trinity knots. Reward! 505-573-6552.

STATE FARM INSURANCE Near UNM. 3712 Central SE. Student Discounts. 232-2886.

06 PT CRUISER 93,200 miles, Economical, white/grey interior. Standard transmission. Runs good. Perfect for college. $5,500 .Call/text 505-489-6515. E-mail me at


MUSICIAN NEEDS PLACE to live and practice. Just needs space and a shower. 345-2715, 249-3006.

ICRACKED 4 FIX a Blitz. One Day Only September 9. Screen Repair $94.99 Call for appointment. 505-359-1575.

MUSIC: VINTAGE FRENCH Horn (1930) with case, a few dents, $350. Conn French Horn (student) $250. Martin Cornet $125. Jimi 480-7444.

1997 HONDA ACCORD. Excellent condition. Well maintained. $3500 obo. 415515-5462.

Houses For Rent

JULLIAN EASEL FOR sale $130 original French easel, made in France excellent condition contact: Monica at 505-917-9528. 3000 AUTOS FOR sale Mazda 2004 3i. 98K, silv, 4dr 5-spd stick, man windows & locks, $6,500. Clear title. Runs great. Clean. 505-3621204.

Child Care P/T CHILDCARE NEEDED, before/after school. References and reliable vehicle required. Jennifer 505-307-2276.

Volunteers KUNM RADIO (89.9) is seeking Student volunteers to serve on the KUNM Radio Board. The Radio Board advises station management on important programming and policy issues. The Board also helps to further the mission of KUNM.

Board meetings take place on the first Tuesday of each month from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. in Scholes Hall 101 on campus. According to the Bylaws of the KUNM Radio Board, the President of ASUNM appoints two students to the Radio Board. The President of GPSA appoints one student to the Radio Board. Student terms are for one year with four terms of service possible based on reappointment by the Student Presidents. Undergraduate Students can apply to ASUNM President Caroline Muriada. The ASUNM Appointment Application is available online at or for more information email: or phone: 505277-5528. Or stop by the ASUNM office on the bottom floor of the SUB, Room 1016. Graduate Students can apply to GPSA President Marisa Silva via e-mail or phone 505659-1279. The GPSA Office is also on the bottom floor of the SUB in Room 1021. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR Agora Helpline’s Fall training! Application Deadline: September 8. Apply early, Apply now at

Jobs Off Campus SKILL BUILDING INSTRUCTORS needed to provide instruction in after school programs. Must be able to implement the educational curriculum provided. PT $12.00 hr. Must be available M-F 1-6 pm. Some prep hours may be required. Must have relieable automobile to travel NE, NW and University areas & be able to lift at least 35 lbs. 2+ years of experience with school age children preferred. Apply online at www. or in person at 1613 University Blvd NE. MCM ELEGANTE HOTEL currently hiring: Maintenance, Room Attendents, Room Inspectors, Line Cook early AM shift, Dishwasher, Bellperson, Night Auditor, Restaurant supervisor, Bartender/Banquet server, Restaurant server, Cocktail server, Catering Manager. Apply at 2020 Menaul BLVD NE. MANAGERS NEEDED FOR educational before & after school programs. Must be available mornings and afternoons, M-F, PT, $12.60 -$13.00 hr. Excellent supervisory skills & 2+ years of experience with school-age children required. Apply online at or in person at 1613 University Blvd. NE KIM JEW PHOTOGRAPHY is seeking a dependable, friendly person with great people skills. Full or Part Time. $7.50/hr to $9.00/hr DOE. Availability on Saturdays and Sundays a must. Studio Hours are 8:30am to 7:30pm including Saturdays and Sundays. Must drop off resumes or apply in person at Kim Jew Photography located at 6901 Gruber Ave, NE Suite F, Albuquerque, NM 87109. No emails, faxes, or phone calls please. !!!BARTENDING!!!: $300/DAY potential. No experience necessary, training provided. 1-800-965-6520ext.100.

MEMORY FOAM MATRESS topper for sale. Twin bed. $50 obo. Russell 909538-5335.

ASSISTANTS NEEDED FOR homework assistance & to facilitate educational activities in before & after schoo programs. Must be available M-F, afternoons or both mornings and afternoons, PT, $10.50 hr. @ years experience with school-age children preferred. Apply online at or in person at 1613 University Blvd NE


FEMALE NUDE MODELS needed for art photography. 433-9948.

BRAND NEW SILVER IPod nano 8gb for sale. Contact Edgar at 505-5142611 or e-mail at dgr_chvz@yahoo. com



Phone: Pre-payment by Visa, Discover, • 30¢ per word per day for five or more Come to to Marron show Pre-payment by Visa or Master •• Come MarronHall, Hall,room room107, 131, show •• Phone: or American is required. consecutive days without changing or your IDID and receive FREE classifieds Card is required. CallExpress 277-5656. yourUNM UNM and receive a special rate MasterCard Call 277-5656 cancelling. inofYour Rooms for Rent, orRooms any For 10¢Space, per word in Personals, • Fax or E-mail: Pre-payment by Visa or • Fax or Email: Pre-payment by Visa, Discover, • 40¢ per word per day for four days or Sale Category. for Rent, or any For Sale category. Master Card is required. Fax ad text, MasterCard or American Express is required. less or non-consecutive days. dates and dates category to 277-7531, or Fax ad text, and catergory to 277-7530 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING • Special effects are charged addtionally: e-mail or email to to classifi DEADLINE logos, bold, italics, centering, blank lines, person:Pre-payment Pre-pay bybycash, •• In In person: cash, check, money larger font, etc. check, Visa, Discover, MasterCard or • 1 p. m. business day before publication. order, money order, Visa or MasterCard. American Come room 107 Come byExpress. room 131 in by Marron Hallinfrom CLASSIFIEDS ON THE WEB Marron Hall from 8:00am to 5:00pm. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. UNM Student Publications Mail:: Pre-pay money order, in-state check, Pre-paybyby money order, in-state •• Mail MSC03 2230 Visa, Discover, MasterCard or American check, Visa, MasterCard. Mail payment, 1 University of New Mexico • All rates include both print and online Express. Mail payment, ad text, dates and ad text, dates and category. Albuquerque, NM 87131 editions of the Daily Lobo. catergory.

STUDIOS 1 BLOCK to UNM campus. Free utilities. $455/mo. 246-2038.1515 Copper NE.

1BDRM. HARDWOOD FLOORS, Fenced yard, w/d hookups, pets okay. 1115 Wilmoore SE. $495/mo. $500dd. Available September 1st. 362-0837.

New Mexico Daily Lobo

TALIN MARKET IS hiring for all positions. Please pick up application at 88 Louisiana Blvd SE. VETERINARY ASSISTANT/ RECEPTIONIST/ Kennel help. Pre-veterinary student preferred. Ponderosa Animal Clinic: 881-8990/ 881-8551. OFFICE POSITION AVAILABLE M-F afternoons. Must have computer knowledge. Bilingual is a plus. Inquiries at 505-270-9552. MR. POWDRELL’S BBQ on EAST CENTRAL is looking for cashier/counter. Please apply in person at 11301 Central N.E. after 2pm Monday thru Saturday. Part time and Full time Available. CAREGIVERS: GET PAID to offer companionship and assist senior citizens with daily tasks (cooking, light cleaning, errands, medication reminders, and sometimes personal care). Rewarding employment and excellent experience for nursing and health sciences students. No experience needed; training provided. Part time work with studentfriendly, flexible schedules. Apply online at querque MARKETING STUDENT NEEDED PT to help local flower shop with online marketing through social media, email, and other online methods. To apply email al or apply in person at 3121 San Mateo. ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATOR POSITION with Talking Talons Youth Leadership. Work outside and make a difference with Albuquerque’s youth. Contact Laurie Wearne at lauriew@talking or at 505-604-0098. PENNYSMITHS PAPER STATIONERY & Invitation store has positions open for seasonal part-time sales & paper lovers. Minimum 15 hours a week and 1 weekend day. Open M-S 10-6, Sun 125. Please stop in to fill out an application or email your resume to CAST & CREW wanted no experienced needed for union and non-union movies. Call for appointment 505-8840557

PART TIME SEAMSTRESS. Flexible hours. Must have elementry knowledge of geometry. Must be able to work independently conscientiously. Bright Future Futon/Sachi Organics 268-9738.

TALIN MARKET IS looking for morning stocker. Hours from 6am- 10am Monday-Friday. Starting pay at $9/hr. Please pick up application at 88 Louisiana Blvd SE.


MATH TUTOR NEEDED tutoring 9th grade Algebra. Pay and hours negotiable. Call 505-270-7411.

Join a movement and gain valuable experience while working from home!

Volunteer with the

Rape Crisis Center of Central New Mexico Volunteer Advocates answer the center’s phone hotline or online hotline for survivors of sexual violence and their loved ones. Contact the Volunteer Coordinator: 505-266-7712 ext 117 or Visit our website for more info! All volunteers must complete a 40-hour training. Next training begins: September 21st, 2012

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NM Daily Lobo 090512