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friday August 31, 2012

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Davie’s return to playing marked by ambition

Lobos revved up to take down Jaguars

by J.R. Oppenheim

by Thomas Romero-Salas

The UNM football team will finally During his first weekly press get its first taste of game action when it conference of the 2012 season, hosts Southern University at University UNM head football coach Bob Davie Stadium on Saturday. shared the story of his final game as Head coach Bob Davie said the head coach for Notre Dame. main difference between Southern It was Dec. 1, 2001, a game MARCH 16, 2011 MARCH 16, 2011 and UNM is that the Jaguars have more rescheduled due to 9/11. Despite experience in their offensive and detallying 161 total yards, Davie’s Irish fensive schemes. squad captured a 24-18 victory over “They’ve got some guys who a Kyle Orton-quarterbacked Purdue Cherry and Silver™ The University of New Mexico ® LOCATION: Be a Lobo™ UNM™ are experienced in their system. Boilermakers. ALBUQUERQUE, NM Lobo Pride™ New Mexico Lobos™ Basically, they have more experience The win concluded Notre Dame’s MASCOT: Everyone's a Lobo™ New Mexico™ Mile High and Louder Than...™ Lobos ® LOBOS than we have in our systems,” Davie campaign at 5-6, the eighth losing Lobo for Life™ The Pit ® MASCOT NICKNAME: We Are New Mexico ® Lobo Country™ said. “Th e fi rst games of theLOBO yearLUCY you season in the Irish’s storied history. LOBO LOUIE, Lobo Nation™ worry a lot more about what you After the game, someone from the do and how you execute than your stands tossed a whiskey bottle that opponent. I have a lot of respect for flew over Davie’s head and landed Southern, but I’m more worried on the field. about how the Lobos play.” “I’m still trying to figure out if it The Lobos will mix young with old was a Notre Dame fan or a Purdue as the team returns eight offensive and fan,” joked Davie, who was let go by five defensive starters from last seaNotre Dame the following day due son’s squad and will play 15 newcomto his team’s poor performance over ers in some capacity across offense, the course of his five-season tenure. defense and special teams. It’s been a long time, but Davie Juan Labreche / Daily Lobo One of those newcomers is has found his way back to the freshman quarterback Cole Gautsche, gridiron. UNM head football coach Bob Davie talks to the media on Tuesday. Saturday’s game versus Southern University will be Davie’s first game as who went to Cleveland high school in Saturday will mark Davie’s return Lobo head coach. Rio Rancho, where he led the Storm to to coaching when he leads the UNM the state title in 2011. football team in its 2012 season Davie said Gautsche is going to get opener against Southern University, University Stadium snaps because senior B.R. Holbrook a Football Championship SubdiviSaturday, 3 p.m. is the only quarterback on the team sion opponent from Louisiana. who has played a down of Division I After his time at Notre Dame, football. Davie moved to the broadcast





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Lobo Village tightens leases, security this year Yes



said is a lotPANTONE more security now,” heforsaid. Lobo Village residentRA Kristyn by Svetlana OzdenPANTONEstates RED 200 that “all residents and guest(s) MADEIRA 1147 Miller RA RED 2263 the rules have 200 on products MADEIRA 1147 2263 Fox • University seal permitted resale: SILVER 428 required to be in possession MADEIRA SILVER 2482 PANTONE 1011 RA 2482 of 1011 not beenRA changed, but security• Alterations “Personally, I 428 didn’t want to live alsoMADEIRA said increased security meato seal permitted: PANTONEare SILVER ALTERNATE PANTONEidentifi PROCESS BLACK - 23% ALTERNATE PANTONE PROCESS BLACK - 23% / intersecting graphics permitted with seal: cation at all times.” measures SILVER have been put in place to• Overlaying here after I found that out. If I had sures have been a nuisance but that PANTONE PROCESS BLACK PANTONE PROCESS BLACK BLACK BLACK BLACK BLACK BLACK licenses consumables: “We noticed in the past that ensure residents and visitors abide• University a choice at that time, if someone theyBLACK are useful to keep the area safe is at WHITE Although Lobo Village WHITE WHITE WHITE WHITE WHITE WHITE • UniversityWHITE licenses health & beauty products: of students who were living by community rules. was like, ‘this is what’s happening at night. She said that she was also full capacity, residents claimPANTONE that guests 321 PANTONE 321 BLUE-GREEN BLUE-GREEN • University permits numbers on products for resale: 410 who have no ownership, their PANTONE 410 to start seeing GRAY GRAY “We were informing the residents• Mascot andcaricatures you’re going unaware of the increased security permitted: they weren’t made aware ofPANTONE this there 30% I permitted: 410 - 30% was not acceptable,” Miller PANTONE 410then - marks LIGHT GRAY GRAY licensing with other that ‘theseLIGHT are the guidelines that• Cross more security,’ wouldn’t measures until after she renewed year’s increase in security PANTONE mea- behavior • NO USE of current player's name, image, or likeness is permitted on commercial products in violatio have stayed.” her lease. sures until after they signed lease said. “So now we’re checking IDs we’ve had, and we’re going to hold regulations. of people coming in and out at the you accountable to that,’” he said.• NO Grace said security has questioned “It gets annoying that in there agreements. RED SILVER BLACK BLUE-GREEN GRAY RED SILVER BLACK BLUE-GREEN GRAYare REFERENCES to alcohol, drugs, or tobacco related products may be used conjunction with U Lobo Village, an off-campus residence community for UNM students that opened summer 2011, established a reputation for late-night parties and disturbances throughout the school year. In response, Associate Vice President of Student Life Walter Miller enforced more structured applications of rules and regulations at the community. Now, Lobo Village residents and guests must show identification before entering the gated community and an more security officers patrol the community after 9 p.m. The current lease agreement at Lobo Village mandates that “residents and guest(s) of (Lobo Village), when requested by management, must present a valid picture ID.” The agreement further

gates. On the weekends, security is

“The key part was making sure that

him about his residency at Lobo

security guards at the gates after 9

NOTE: The marks of The University of New Mexico controlled under a licensing program administered NOTE: The by The marks of The University Licensing of Company. Newthat Mexico Any are usecontrolled of these marks under a licensing require program administered from The by The Collegiat Colle even are further increased.” ‘visitors’ were visitors ofCollegiate residents Village and coming home late at will at night. If written I want approval someone to come

Inside the

Daily Lobo volume 117

issue 11

Miller said heightened security measures will ensure that University Student Codes of Conduct and Community Living Standards are being met. He said the same rules enforced in on-campus living facilities will be enforced at Lobo Village, but that students over the age of 21 are allowed to have alcohol in their apartments. “We’re guiding the rules of the institution. You’re allowed some guests, but not 100 guests, especially in rooms that are not designed for 100 people,” he said. “As long as you’re 21, you can still have alcohol, but because we’re checking IDs that gives us some leverage to see if someone is less than 21 years of age.”

there and that you can’t just go through the gates and wander around. You better have an ID coming in so we know who you are. It’s gated; it’s not an open property.” But Lobo Village resident Mark Grace said he was unaware that the security measures would increase when he signed his lease. He said that although he doesn’t feel the increased security is a bad thing, he probably wouldn’t have renewed his lease if he was made aware that his ID would be checked every night. “I don’t really feel like it’s a bad thing, in my head it’s a bad thing if they become a problem, but it hasn’t become a bad thing yet, but you can definitely notice that there

Bring it on, Tulsa

Not actually an Olympiad

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night is always a hassle. “I come home at like 3 in the morning sometimes, and at that point I just want to go to my house, and then I have to stop and show my ID,” he said. “I’ve even been questioned before like ‘Do you live here?’ and I’m like ‘yeah, I live here,’ but they’re just doing their jobs.” But Grace said he has noticed a decrease in the number of parties that take place at Lobo Village since security in the community has increased. “This being the first week, there have been parties, but it’s been dying down already,” he said. “It wasn’t like that last year. There were always parties then. There’s still a little partying still going on, but nothing like last year.”

pick me up, I have to walk all the way over to the gate because they won’t let them in,” she said. “In terms of having extra security at night, that’s a good thing, but it’s a hassle. If I want to leave or come back, I have to show my ID every time and it’s just unnecessary.” Fox said she doesn’t understand why she has to prove residency every time she comes home at night when she has a sticker on her car that she received as a Lobo Village resident. “I don’t need to get stopped every single time I try to come home at night,” she said. “I have a little sticker on my car that shows I’m a resident, so why do I have to show my ID?”


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PageTwo F r i d a y , A u g u s t 31, 2012

New Mexico Daily Lobo

Photo Essay: Dorm duels photos by Juan Labreche

It looked more like a scene out of “Double Dare” as groups of color coordinated teams of screaming students rooted for their respective residence halls. Last night marked the coral anniversary of the Olympiad. The inter-hall competition saw its 35th year go into the books as a group of approximately 300 students congregated on the north end of Johnson field to compete in nine different events for a trophy that has been passed around UNM’s residence halls since the 70s. Marlene Smith, senior and president of Residence Hall Association said the games are simply a source of good fun. “There is a lot of pride, a lot of cheering, a lot of good sportsmanship and no injuries,” Smith said. The trophy was eventually handed over to Santa Clara/ Laguna-DeVargas by former champs the Student Residence Center. Freshman Meri Sheegog (center) tries to maintain her balance on her partner’s back as she and fellow Laguna 2 residents compete in “birdie on a perch.”

UNM senior and resident adviser for Redondo Village Austin Campbell cheers his hall on during the 35th annual Olympiad.

Hokona in yellow and Santa Clara/Laguna-DeVargas in green watch their respective teams line up for the grapefruit croquet game.

volume 117

issue 11

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“We’re going to play Cole every game, basically,” Davie said. “It’s a long season, 13 straight weeks. We need to get some experience at quarterback; the reality is that no one has taken a snap besides B.R.” Davie said he likes what he’s seen from the true-freshman signal caller at practice. “He looks better sometimes in the game — I mean our game-like drills and scrimmages — than he does in practice,” Davie said. “He’s a lot like younger guys in that he overthinks things, and that causes him to overthrow the ball. I think he’s a better runner than thrower and he’s a tremendous leader. He’s going to need to progress as a thrower for us to be better.” Davie said it’s about time the team gets onto the field and plays an actual game. “You always want more practice time, particularly when it’s the first time starting out with a group of new guys and new coaches,” he said. “It’s time for us to go play and see what kind of team we’re going to put out on that field. I’m really anxious to go see them play.” The Lobos are coming off three consecutive one-win seasons and haven’t won an opening game since 2005, when UNM beat UNLV 24-22 in University Stadium.


Friday, August 31, 2012/ Page 3

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DO YOU HAVE TYPE 1 DIABETES? Daily Lobo file photo Departed Lobo football players Deon Long (left) and Michael Scarlett celebrate a touchdown last year. The UNM football team will start 12 new players across offense, defense and special teams on Saturday. Davie said he expects the Lobos to show a massive improvement from the last three years. “I’ve done a bunch of talking, a lot of philosophical stuff. Let’s go see what we have, it’s going to be a long process,” Davie said. “I expect us to be the most improved team in college football. I think it’s a realistic goal to be the most improved team in college football and that doesn’t necessarily mean the record is the most important thing.” The Jaguars, who went 4-7 last

season, will rely on an aerial attack against the Lobos in order to expose a passing defense that ranked 99th in the nation in 2011. The offense will be carried by Jaguars quarterbacks J.P. Douglas and Dray Joseph, who combined for 2,826 yards last year. Davie said he’ll be surprised if Southern doesn’t sling the football around against UNM in the schools’ first-ever meeting. “They’re a pass-first kind of team. I expect them to go four wide, drop back and throw the ball,” he said.

That wasn’t the end of player discipline, as defensive linemen Rod Davis and Fatu Ulale were suspended on Wednesday by the NCAA for “impermissible benefit violations.” Davis is ineligible for the first two games, while Ulale is gone for the first four. The issue of players getting into trouble is not exclusive to UNM, Davie said. In fact, the coach feels the team hasn’t had many incidents and that these kinds of issues can’t be completely eradicated. “All I can control is what we do as soon as we find out.” Davie said. “It’s something I’ve always been proud of. I’ve tried to be fair. I try to do everything as if I were a father. The moment I know, I will address it, and I will address it in front of our entire team.” Another part of the team’s new foundation is the recognition of the New Mexico Man, a new weekly award. The recipient will lead the Lobos onto the field for each home game carrying the New Mexico flag. The selection of each New Mexico Man will be based on a player’s dedication, work ethic, team spirit and unselfishness. Sophomore walk-on and Rio Rancho native Jeric Magnant is the first New Mexico Man. He received a scholarship for fall semester for displaying those award-winning attributes. “I feel really honored,” Magnant said in an Aug. 24 story in the

Daily Lobo. “I grew up here in New Mexico; I’ve lived here almost my whole life. Another reason I feel honored is because of coach Davie, he just brings a lot of respect to the program himself. Everybody I know respects him and I respect him a lot. It sounds like a great tradition to me, something that I’d like to keep going here.” There’s also the new artificial turf — dubbed Branch Field — recently installed at University Stadium. With its bright Cherry and Silver end zones and Lobos logo at the 50-yard line, it’s an inspiring sight, Davie said. “It’s amazing — you guys have been around here a long time, I’m new — but just to sit in my office and look at this stadium now, how different it looks with that new artificial surface in there, and just the reaction our players had when we got back from Ruidoso to see what that field looks like now,” he said. With Davie in charge, it’s a new beginning for UNM football. A team has just one chance to start a season with a win, and that chance comes Saturday. “If you don’t like the results of the way it’s gone, you’ve got a chance now to change it,” Davie said. “I hope our players realize we have a chance to be 1-0 for the first time in seven years. I hope they’re focused on the target. We have no excuses, so let’s go out there and go play.”

You may be eligible to participate in a research study evaluating an investigational inhaled insulin if you… • Have been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes • Are taking long-acting & mealtime insulin • Are not using an insulin pump or continuous glucose monitor • Are a non-smoker ≥ 18 years old If you qualify all study-related medical care, lab tests, and study medication will be provided. You will be compensated for your time and effort. Call Lisa at 505-272-1663 or email

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booth for ESPN, an experience he said benefited him. He said he takes a lot of pride in preparing a team for an upcoming game. He also gained an appreciation for the path along the way. “I don’t worry so much about the results as maybe I did when I first did this as a head coach, and maybe that sounds funny,” he said. “It’s (about) enjoying the process. It’s going to be a long journey. I know we can fix whatever problems we have.” Prior to hiring Davie, the Lobos struggled under former head coach Mike Locksley. UNM won just two games with Locksley at the helm, one each in 2009 and 2010. Locksley was fired after an 0-4 start in 2011, and the Lobos finished the year with just one victory. “It’s always tough with a whole new coaching staff. That’s always tough,” senior quarterback B.R. Holbrook said. “Learning new terminology, new schemes, it’s always tough. I think this offense really fits this team, and I think a lot of guys really buy into this and really like this offense.” So far, two players — Devonta Tabannah and David Vega — have been suspended from the team this week following arrests. An issue also arose during UNM’s camp in Ruidoso on Aug. 11, where Vega, Zoey Williams and Tim Foley were suspended for violation of team rules. Vega and Foley were reinstated on Aug. 20.



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Friday, August 31, 2012

The Independent Student Voice of UNM since 1895

Electromagnetic tension: it’s 90% in your mind Editor, Do you know how much intangible foundational work goes into living in a nice condo/gated complex/homestead, etc? It takes a lot of intangible/shadow work. A lot. It’s easy, but still a lot of work, like saying rosaries and “Our Father” prayers. And it takes a lot of getting rid of people who won’t … “pray their way” … but still want to ride and even will still try to preach or act like faux elite! Trying to be rich ghetto blasters that would rather censor their prayer battery (prayer battery, meaning you) and cut the prayer batteries’ real friends off … all subconsciously, of course. The work is easy, but time intensive and provokes a lot of thought and perceptual change. Also, get permission to start the foundational work within your mind, so people and ghosts can know to give you a head start. Plus, if and as you get new info and awareness, you have to train your mate’s soul soon after or a bit before (if you’re good with time) so you don’t lose him before and as you set up your amazing new world. He will frost over and die if you leave him behind in the race within. You will lose the soul that you are perceiving; it’s rare that we perceive our own souls. He will frost over and die if you leave him, whether he knows what’s going on or not. He will suddenly become more and more depressed without you if you travel alone within the realms of the electromagnetic. It’s not the money that can be started and maintained in the early few seasons with minimum wage jobs and school grants/loans. It’s all in your mind … well … 90 percent in your mind. The way the game equals a straight line that contains a maze within the lines for fun. Realm transfers are emotional beyond all belief: I can’t take him with me to my church/realm, I just have to give him a copy of my keys and let him keep his own and keep his own fresh. I’ve got to put up with all his nest buddies. They don’t want a DNA or a name change, they just want to exchange copies of keys. I said fine, so long as this agreement passes the no-technicalities physical and the good faith check. I don’t care, I just want to kick it with him. Want to join the party for the recently blind to the understanding of good and evil? Welcome back! I see you picked up some defensive skills to protect yourself from the people who perceive good and evil instead of love and heartbreak. Yay! We can defend our fort gently now that we understand their problem! They see up and down (good and evil) instead of left and right (electromagnetic spectrum). It’s just technical. A. Kyler Bonds CNM student

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Dr. Peg’s Prescription Spice may make you “clean,” but it’ll clean your clock Q: I like to smoke weed sometimes to relax. But I’m applying for a job that is going to test my urine, and a friend told me I can smoke spice instead of weed and it won’t show up in my urine. Is that true?

different chemicals, and none of them are safe. Some of the effects of spice include panic attacks, hallucinations and delusions, nausea and/or vomiting, restlessness, dilated pupils and glazed eyes, foggy memory and impaired motor A: My answer is “yes, but.” Yes it is true, coordination that can last several days. It is but I don’t recommend you smoke spice. also addictive, which opens a whole other That stuff can kill you. slimy can of worms. Call me presumptuous, Spice is one name for a mixture of plants but if you’re smart enough to be in college, and chemicals that has been openly sold in I’m guessing addiction is something you smoke shops and gas stations around the want to avoid. country until very recently. It is labeled Spice goes by several other names in“not for human consumption” and offi- cluding K2, fake weed, Skunk, Moon Rocks, cially sold as incense for burning. But what Zic Zac, Yucatan Fire, Smoking Camel and really happens is that people smoke it or Happy Daze. It has been called synthetmake tea out of it to get high. Last year, it ic marijuana because some of the chemwas the second most popular drug for high icals in it attach to the same receptors in school students after marijuana. The ap- your brain as THC, the active ingredient in peal of spice was that it was legal to buy marijuana. But the chemicals in spice stick and wouldn’t show up in drug tests. tighter to those THC receptors, and to some Spice looks like potpourri, a harm- other receptors as well, resulting in unpreless jumble of natural plant material. But dictable effects. Smokers in the know have there’s nothing natural or harmless about told me the feeling is not the same, call16, it 2011 it. The part that gets into your brain isMARCH all ing a “dirty high,” and people on spice do chemical additives, of various nasty kinds. things that marijuana smokers don’t. You Remember how I said it’s not for human may have read the stories in the news. consumption? I wasn’t kidding. These subA man in Texas, high on spice, reportstances have not been studied or regulat- edly killed his roommate’s cocker spaniel ed, and the product has been changing fast and then gnawed chunks of flesh off the to try to stay ahead of the law. You don’t dead dog. A teenager in Georgia was hosknow what’s really in there. pitalized for swelling of the brain. A family Different kinds of spice will have is suing a spice manufacturer for the death

of their son. People have died, and others have become violent and psychotic. The stories go on. For a while, the companies that manufactured it were changing the composition faster than you can say “brain damage,” trying to stay a step ahead of federal regulations that would outlaw one chemical at a time, or one recipe. Finally the feds wised up and outlawed all present and future synthetic chemicals and cocktails that could be used in this kind of drug, and the Department of Justice swept across the country confiscating the stuff right and left. This was called the Synthetic Drug Abuse Prevention Act. So now it is illegal. You can’t see it on the shelves in the smoke shops anymore, and you can’t legally buy it online. I’m not naïve enough to think that makes it unavailable. I expect you know where and how to get it. But in the interest of your health, I urge you to resist. You need those brain cells, and you’re too young to die. If the job is important to you, consider laying off the weed to get truly clean urine.


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UNM™ Peggy Spencer is a student-health physician. New Mexico Lobos™ New Mexico™ ® She is also the co-author of theLobos book The Pit ® “50 ways Lobo Country™ Lobo Nation™ directly to leave your 40s.” Email your questions to her at All questions will be considered anonymous, and all questioners will remain anonymous.

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Friday, August 31, 2012/ Page 5

men’s soccer

#2 at bay; smaller fish to fry Defeat of UCLA bodes well for coming matches by Christian Naranjo

The UNM men’s soccer team is looking to sustain its momentum after defeating No. 2 ranked UCLA last week. The Lobos (1-0-0) head off to the Tulsa Invitational in Oklahoma to face the Tulsa Golden Hurricane (1-0-0) today at 7 p.m. UNM men’s soccer was ranked No. 2 in the College Soccer News poll this week, while the NSCAA Coaches Poll placed the squad No. 3 and Top Drawer Soccer settled on No. 5. Lobo head coach Jeremy Fishbein said the team can’t overlook the Golden Hurricane. “Tulsa is a great team, consistent NCAA team, and a great attacking team, so we’re looking forward to the tournament,” Fishbein said. “We are healthy, knock on wood. Guys are getting better and our team identity is developing. We are in a real good place right now.” Fishbein said UNM is not concerned about the weeklong break between its last game against UCLA on Aug. 24 and the game against Tulsa today. “We will keep momentum on our side by focusing on getting better,” Fishbein said. “It’s a pretty focused team, so I don’t feel that is an issue of anything getting to their heads. The goals are: be your best at every opportunity, repeat as conference champions, and get some NCAA games at home. So the guys know the margin of error is pretty slim. I don’t think they are going to get too high or two low on one win. It’s a proud group.” New Mexico’s all-time record against Tulsa is 7-4-1, and 3-1 under the reign of Fishbein. The last time the Lobos lost to the Hurricanes was in 2003 by a score of 3-2. Tulsa defeated University of Missouri-Kansas City 4-0 in its season opener last Saturday. Oklahoma

Daily Lobo file photo Senior forward Levi Rossi fights for the ball against a Loyola Marymount player last season. The men’s soccer team faces Tulsa and SMU at the Tulsa Invitational this weekend.

Forward Bryce Follensbee scored two goals and presents a threat heading into Oklahoma. “Can we be better? Can we limit mistakes? Tulsa is a great attacking team so if you give them openings, they will take advantage,” Fishbein said. “We have to be good defensively. We have to have a mindset of shutting them out. If we defend first, our attacking guys will find the net.” Senior goalkeeper Victor Rodriguez is set to return in the second game of the tournament against No. 16 ranked SMU after serving a two-game suspension levied by the NCAA. Meanwhile, Patrick Poblete and Javier Lane have competed to take Rodriguez’s place in the Tulsa game. Poblete allowed two goals and had five saves against UCLA. Lane did not play. Senior forward Devon Sandoval said it doesn’t matter who starts at

goalkeeper versus Tulsa because both Poblete and Lane can play. “Everybody has complete faith in Patrick and Javier,” Sandoval said. “I don’t think it hurts us at all.” On offense, the Lobos have plenty of firepower to throw at the Golden Hurricane, with Sandoval leading the way. Sandoval contributed two goals and one assist against UCLA, which earned him College Soccer News National Player of the Week and Top Drawer’s National Team of the Week Honors. “It’s definitely an honor to get all those awards, but it’s because of my teammates,” Sandoval said. “We have the best team in the country and the hardest working team. I expect to be good every game. Those awards are nice, but it doesn’t mean anything unless we make a run at the end of the season. That’s what matters in the end.”

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Redeemable only at McDonalds located at Hanover, University, Bosque Farms, Quail, Los Lunas, Bridge, Belen, Rio Bravo, Rio Grande, Wal-Mart (Los Lunas), Moriarity, Edgewood. Expires 09/29/12

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New Mexico Daily Lobo

cross country

On their marks in the dark by J.R. Oppenheim

$2.50 Coronas $2.50 Landsharks $3 Cuervo

feat. the

INFAMOUkSe Booty Sha Contest

Ca$h Prizes!


FALL BUDGETWORKSHOPS ™‹ŽŽ„‡Š‡Ž†‘–Š‡ˆ‘ŽŽ‘™‹‰†ƒ–‡•ƒ† –‹‡•ƒ––Š‡”‡•’‡…–‹˜‡Ž‘…ƒ–‹‘•ǣ

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Enjoy our Patio and Tadami Room!


3200 Central Ave. Albuquerque, NM

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DAILY LOBO new mexico

Distance runners will compete under the lights of UNM’s North Golf Course tonight at the 2012 UNM Lobo Cross Country Classic. UNM’s first meet of the season will feature high school athletes and a community fun run in addition to collegiate races. The classic begins at 5 p.m., with the college women’s open slated for 7:30 p.m. The college men’s open race will follow at 8 p.m. The women will run 5,000 meters, while the men will run 8,000 meters. All high school races and the community fun run are 5,000 meters. Eighteen lighting towers, typically used in highway construction, will illuminate six holes at the course. It will provide a new and unique environment for the runners, which is what head coach Joe Franklin intends. “What we’re doing is something that, as far as I’m aware, hasn’t been done in New Mexico or southwestern United States,” Franklin said at a Tuesday press conference. The Lobo men enter Friday’s meet ranked 24th in the nation and second in the region. The Lobo women are receiving votes nationally and are slated fifth regionally. The Lobo Classic won’t feature many collegiate teams — primarily regional schools such as New Mexico State and Texas-El Paso. While not officially a preseason meet, the earlyseason event will give UNM runners a chance to build confidence, race as a team and attempt different tactics. “It’s a team booster; it’s a confidence booster, if anything,” said sophomore Pierre Malherbe, who was the one of the top freshman runners in 2011. “It’s going into the bigger races knowing we can run some of the times we’ve run at altitude. When you go to the bigger races, these smaller races always help you boost your confidence a bit.” The humidity on the course

Juan Labreche/ Daily Lobo The men’s cross country runners compete at a meet last season. The only home meet this season for the Lobos is today at the North Golf Course at 5 p.m. should have some effect on the night meet, Franklin said. The North Golf Course tends to be humid in the morning from the previous night’s irrigation. With races at night, the course should be much drier. Senior Josephine Moultrie said the night race could work to her advantage. “I think it’ll probably make me feel better,” she said. “I’ll be able to get up in the morning, then relax during the day. I generally like racing in the evening. A lot of track events I run are in the evening, and I just prefer that. I’m used to it.” Franklin said he’s had a good reception from the north campus

community, the surrounding neighborhood, the city and the golf course. He hopes their only home meet of the year will be a “home run.” “The kids, the local high schools athletes and college athletes are super excited about running at night,” Franklin said. “All their friends compete on Friday night, so why shouldn’t they? We’re going to fire it up.”

Lobo Invitational Tonight at North Golf Course 5 p.m.


Away games test team’s mettle by Kallye Martin The Lobo volleyball team will square off against one of the top players in the country at this weekend’s Tiger Invitational in Savannah, Ga. UNM’s first game of the tournament is today, against UNC Asheville, followed by a match against Maryland Eastern Shore, which has three all-conference players returning from last season. Maryland Eastern Shore also boasts last week’s National Player of the Week and 2011 Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference Rookie of the Year Saitaua Iosia, who averages 5.33 kills per set. “We’re going to play four matches out on the East coast,” UNM head coach Jeff Nelson said. “One of them is against a team that made the tournament last year, so that’ll be a little bit more of a test of where we’re at and what we’ve got. So we’re going to get tested both in terms of a real high-quality player (Iosia) that we’re going to have to handle, and also a team that’s experienced and tested. We’re looking forward to that.” On Saturday, the Lobos play Kennesaw State and the hosting team, Savannah State, which is returning with all five of their starters from last year. UNM senior captain Jordan

Russell said the team is prepared for the tourney after winning last week’s Sheraton Airport/LA Boxing Lobo Classic. The Lobos won the tournament by beating Duquesne University 3-1 in the final match of the tourney last week. “Everyone’s on their game and ready to go,” Russell said. “I think our match on Saturday night against Duquesne was by far our best match. We kind of brought

“Its all us down there. Theres no family; theres no friends.” ~Jordan Russell senior captain it together after losing on Friday to them in five, and it was a good thing to see our freshmen bounce back as well as any of the older kids. We needed to really push and take the win of the tournament.” Russell said the road trip will show the makeup of the team’s opponents. “I’m going into it a little blind as far as I don’t know the teams very well,” she said. “I’m excited to get away from Albuquerque and see

what our team can do on the road and be together 24/7. I mean, it’s all us down there. There’s no family; there’s no friends. We’re not going to our own homes. We’re staying together, so I’m eager to see how our team does on the road.” Sophomore Chantale Riddle, who achieved a career-high 20 kills during last week’s opening tournament and won MVP, said it felt good to win for UNM. “We just work hard every day in practice,” Riddle said. “You just have to keep a positive mindset. You can’t ever think that you can’t do something — you have to be positive that you can do anything. I’m very excited for our first away tournament and, like I said, put New Mexico on the map.” Sophomore Elsa Krieg, who was part of the All-Tournament team distinction last weekend along with returning libero Miquella Lovato, said that last weekend’s win will give players confidence going into the Tiger Invitational. “I think we just have to take it one step at a time and just go out and play hard no matter who it is,” Krieg said. “We have to keep working hard, though, and know that, yeah, we did win and stuff, and now we have a winning record, but we got to take it to the next level and just keep progressing.”

lobo features

New Mexico Daily Lobo

Friday, August 31, 2012/ Page 7

Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle

dailycrosswordEdited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis

Year Zero



Level 1 2 3 4

Solution to yesterday’s problem.


ACROSS 1 With 70-Across, what you’d likely have if you said this puzzle’s four longest answers 5 Concerning 9 Frequent settler 13 Online “Seems to me ...” 14 Mother of Judah 15 After-school treat 16 Weeded carelessly? 19 __ glance 20 Dote on 21 Stop from spreading 23 Short 25 Arctic diver 27 Jurist in ’90s news 28 Editor’s rejection of a tribute? 33 Basketball Hall of Famer Robertson 34 Like Olympic pools 35 Maker of Golf Street shoes 38 Instruction on a cap 41 Some NFL linemen 42 Type of vb. 44 1950s war site 46 Provoke Olympic winners? 50 Channel for a spree 51 __ chi 52 Ward and others 55 Disapproving utterances 57 Unpleasant laugh 61 “Either you do it, __ will!” 62 Purchased, then altered? 65 Mystique 66 Word with cast and shadow 67 Fictional sailor 68 MapQuest data: Abbr. 69 Sussex stable area 70 See 1-Across


By Norm Guggenbiller

DOWN 1 Drummer’s pair of cymbals 2 Frustrate the director, perhaps 3 Informal bridge opening 4 Pentagon org. 5 Inventing middle name 6 Feel 7 Rain delay sight 8 “We’ll just see about that!” 9 “I’m such an idiot!” 10 “Topaz” novelist 11 Conscious 12 Simultaneously 17 Summer Olympics equipment 18 Hard to debate 22 They might swing 24 Chased away 26 __-El: Superman’s birth name 29 Canadian Thanksgiving mo. 30 Raven relative 31 Slezak with six Daytime Emmys

Thursday’s Puzzle Solved

(c)2012 Tribune Media Services, Inc.

32 Leave 35 Figure on the ice 36 Placekicker’s target 37 Produce prolifically 39 Answer to a prob. 40 Ad starter? 43 Clock-setting std. 45 Almost half a glass?


47 Per 48 Microscopic alga 49 ESPN effect 53 Staggering 54 Went (with) 56 “Why not” 58 Give 59 Wasn’t guessing 60 Country runners: Abbr. 63 Hot air 64 Corner key



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new mexico

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CALL FOR INFORMATION 505-506-8040. GREAT JOBS FOR Gay Rights! $8-$13/hr. Full or part time. Call 505255-6061. Ask for Cameron. PARKING 1 BLOCK south of UNM $100/ semester. 268-0525.

DON’T FORGET! The football game this Saturday is a Red-Out! Wear your red lobo gear to support the Lobos!

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Services STATE FARM INSURANCE Near UNM. 3712 Central SE. Student Discounts. 232-2886. MATHEMATICS, STATISTICS TUTOR. Billy Brown PhD. College and HS., 401-8139. WE BUY JUNK cars! Cash! 702-1483. MATH TUTOR. MS in Mathematics. 242-2671. VENTLINE, HELPLINE, REFERRAL LINE, Just Talkline, Yourline. Agora. Call.277-3013. Chat: www.agoracares. org TUTOR FOR HIGH school freshman to help with homework, papers or projects; 2 to 8 hours from Mondays thru Thursdays. $10/hour. Yvonne 249-1144. PAPER DUE? FORMER UNM instructor, Ph.D., English, published, can help. 254-9615. MasterCard/ VISA. WANTED ASAP: TUTOR for biochemistry 445, Intensive Biochemistry I, Call Joe at 220-4115.

Health and Wellness TOHKON MARTIAL ARTS Back to school special! $25 for the first month! Learn karate & self defense. First class is always FREE! 523 Wyoming Blvd NE. 505-847-6550.


268-8686 5700 Copper NE NEW TO ALBUQUERQUE? Stressed out and need some relief? Albuquerque Soccer League can help. Men’s, women’s and coed teams forming now and looking for players for the Sunday league starting September 9. Contact us at or check us out at

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1BDRM ($545) AND 2BDRM ($645). WIFI and water included. On bus line. Laundry room. Quiet, clean and roomy homes. Call to see. Ask for student discount. 505-323-6300. www.villageat 2 BDRM APARTMENT availabe. Utitlities included. Newly painted. Extra clean, carpeted, laundry on site. 3 blocks UNM. 313 Girard SE.$735/mo. 246-2038. www.kachina-properties. com (ask move-in special).

3BDRM 2BA PLUS detached studio. Near campus. Move-in condition. Hardwood floors. All appliances stay. Joanna Muth Pargin Realty 505-4405022, 505-296-1500, JoannaMuth@ya

Rooms For Rent WANTED ROOMMATE TO share apt 10 min from campus. Preferably female, serious student, n/s, clean, mature, friendly. $400/mo. Call/text 347-7044714. CLEAN, QUIET, EMPLOYED roommate wanted to share 3BDRM house. $325/mo. including all utilities and internet. Unfurnished. 2 miles from UNM. Graduate student preferred. Lawrence 505-264-6009. QUIET MALE ROOMMATE to share 4BDRM house. Girard and Silver. $310/mo. +utilites. Ken 604-6322. ROOMMATE WANTED. HOUSE, $370/mo. + 1/2 utilities,W/D included. Preferably freshman or sophomore. reach me at 1.609kilometers@gmail. com TWO ROOMS IN 3BDRM/2BA. Altura Park Home available Oct. 1st. $400/mo. each plus shared utilities. Female. Serious Junior/Senior or Grad Students to share with Pre-med. 1yr lease min. Lisa 505-480-9072. SEEKING MALE UNM student to take over Lobo Village lease August 201213. Will pay your first month’s rent. Email or call 505293-1074. LESS THAN 1 block from UNM! 2 females in house on Stanford. Seeking clean quiet female student for attached room $300/mo. Call/text Jenny: 505400-1901. ROOMMATE WANTED TO share 3BDRM house with male and female college students $317/mo +utilities. Located near Constitution and Eubank. For details email LOBO VILLAGE LEASE! Swimming pool, great gym, hot tub. Awesome roommates! Female only. $519/mo. 307-689-9522.


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ALASKAN/SIBERIAN sale. 203-9316.

1 BDRM APARTMENT shared with UNM female student. Utilities included. Unfurnished. Pool and Clubhouse on grounds. $305/mo. Call/text Cam 760791-1158. Female only.

JULLIAN EASEL FOR sale $130 original French easel, made in France excellent condition contact: Monica at 505-917-9528.

STUDIOS 1 BLOCK to UNM campus. Free utilities. $455/mo. 246-2038.1515 Copper NE.

3000 AUTOS FOR sale Mazda 2004 3i. 98K, silv, 4dr 5-spd stick, man windows & locks, $6,500. Clear title. Runs great. Clean. 505-3621204.

ATTRACTIVE 2BDRM 2 blocks south of UNM. $785/mo. includes utilities $300dd. No pets. 268-0525.

Duplexes 1BDRM. HARDWOOD FLOORS, Fenced yard, w/d hookups, pets okay. 1115 Wilmoore SE. $525/mo. $500dd. Available September 1st. 362-0837.

Houses For Rent 2BDRM 1BA NEW W/D and dishwasher, garbage disposal, FP, energy efficient windows refrigerated air. $715/mo +gas and electric +dd cats welcome no dogs, NS. Available September 10 . 617 Monroe NE. 550-1579. 2-3BDRM 1.5BA, Hardwood floors, W/D, Large Fenced Backyard, Pond, Hottub! Pets Welcome! 215 Walter St. NE. $1500/mo. 505-331-1814. 2 BDRM COTTAGE recently remodeled, 3 blocks to UNM, off street parking, hardwood floors, $750 +gas and electric. No dogs. 842-5450.

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BRAND NEW SILVER IPod nano 8gb for sale. Contact Edgar at 505-5142611 or e-mail at dgr_chvz@yahoo. com MEMORY FOAM MATRESS topper for sale. Twin bed. $50 obo. Russell 909538-5335. BRADLEY’S BOOKS. (USED) Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Inside Winning Coffee. MUSIC: VINTAGE FRENCH Horn (1930) with case, a few dents, $350. Conn French Horn (student) $250. Martin Cornet $125. Jimi 480-7444. NATIVE AMERICAN ARCHITECTURE textbook. Nabokov, author. Native American Art I -- Szabo, instructor sells used for $48 at bookstore excellent condition for $35. 505-917-9528.

Furniture OFFICE FURNITURE: OAK desk, computer desk, hutch with shelves, atop of small table, drawer legal size file cabinets, high bookcases, conference table, small Frig, microwave. 263-7900. STANDARD PUB-HEIGHT table with four matching chairs for sale. Espresso finish, ivory fabric chair cushions. In good condition, 5 years old, $150/OBO. Email colleen.fortuin(at)gmail(dot) com

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Vehicles For Sale 1997 HONDA ACCORD. Excellent condition. Well maintained. $3500 obo. 415515-5462. 2001 ACURA MDX for sale. $5499 OBO. 505-453-2739.

Child Care CHILD CARE CHURCH services Sunday Mornings 9-10, 11-12. Experience, references. $20/Sunday. Near UNM. 254-2606. P/T CHILDCARE NEEDED, before/after school. References and reliable vehicle required. Jennifer 505-307-2276.

Jobs Off Campus MCM ELEGANTE HOTEL currently hiring: Maintenance, Room Attendents, Room Inspectors, Line Cook early AM shift, Dishwasher, Bellperson, Night Auditor, Restaurant supervisor, Bartender/Banquet server, Restaurant server, Cocktail server, Catering Manager. Apply at 2020 Menaul BLVD NE. DEPENDABLE OUTGOING INDIVIDUAL for part-time retail sales. Email resume to !!!BARTENDING!!!: $300/DAY potential. No experience necessary, training provided. 1-800-965-6520ext.100. VETERINARY ASSISTANT/ RECEPTIONIST/ Kennel help. Pre-veterinary student preferred. Ponderosa Animal Clinic: 881-8990/ 881-8551. MARKETING STUDENT NEEDED PT to help local flower shop with online marketing through social media, email, and other online methods. To apply email al or apply in person at 3121 San Mateo. TALIN MARKET IS hiring for all positions. Please pick up application at 88 Louisiana Blvd SE. LOS POBLANOS INN is hiring for part time banquet servers & bussers. Must be availible on the weekends and be alcohol certified to serve in the state of New Mexico. Please send resumes and contact info to acabral@lospoblanos. com FRESQUEZ COMPANIES IS currently hiring Crew Members, Servers and Cooks. Cooks - 2 yr. Previous Line cook experience (Work experience a plus). Servers must be alcohol certified Apply at Fax: 505-880-1015 apply in person 8218 Louisiana Blvd. NE ABQ, 87113 ALL CANDIDATES MUST SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETE PRE EMPLOYMENT SCREENING. PENNYSMITHS PAPER STATIONERY & Invitation store has positions open for seasonal part-time sales & paper lovers. Minimum 15 hours a week and 1 weekend day. Open M-S 10-6, Sun 125. Please stop in to fill out an application or email your resume to LOOKING FOR COLLEGE students to tutor in 21 APS schools. Flexible hours 7:30-3:00 M-TH. Starting salary $9.50/hr Contact: Lucy Ramirez

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CAREGIVERS: GET PAID to offer companionship and assist senior citizens with daily tasks (cooking, light cleaning, errands, medication reminders, and sometimes personal care). Rewarding employment and excellent experience for nursing and health sciences students. No experience needed; training provided. Part time work with studentfriendly, flexible schedules. Apply online at querque MATH TUTOR NEEDED tutoring 9th grade Algebra. Pay and hours negotiable. Call 505-270-7411. MR. POWDRELL’S BBQ on EAST CENTRAL is looking for cashier/counter. Please apply in person at 11301 Central N.E. after 2pm Monday thru Saturday. Part time and Full time Available.

Work Study Jobs GENERATION JUSTICE, A youth multimedia project committed to inspiring social change, is hiring an experience video Editor for a WorkStudy position. Email

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Board meetings take place on the first Tuesday of each month from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. in Scholes Hall 101 on campus. According to the Bylaws of the KUNM Radio Board, the President of ASUNM appoints two students to the Radio Board. The President of GPSA appoints one student to the Radio Board. Student terms are for one year with four terms of service possible based on reappointment by the Student Presidents. Undergraduate Students can apply to ASUNM President Caroline Muriada. The ASUNM Appointment Application is available online at or for more information email: or phone: 505277-5528. Or stop by the ASUNM office on the bottom floor of the SUB, Room 1016. Graduate Students can apply to GPSA President Marisa Silva via e-mail or phone 505659-1279. The GPSA Office is also on the bottom floor of the SUB in Room 1021.

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