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June 25-July 1 2012

Judge: Internet not a place, prostitution can’t happen on it

The Independent Voice of UNM since 1895


Ex-president, accused of having ties to sex ring, could walk away by Elizabeth Cleary

F. Chris Garcia

AP Photo

The former UNM president accused of running an online sex ring could be off the hook after a judge ruled June 18 that brothels can’t exist in cyberspace. New Mexico law defines a house of prostitution as a “place where prostitution is practiced, encouraged and allowed,” and according to court documents from the hearing, state district judge Stan Whitaker ruled that an online message board or computer is not a place of prostitution. The case is on hold following the ruling. F. Chris Garcia and David Flory,

a retired professor at a New Jersey university, are both accused of running Southwest Companions, a 1400-member, multistate online prostitution ring. On June 23, 2011, Garcia was arrested and charged with promoting prostitution, tampering with evidence and conspiracy for his alleged involvement with Southwest Companions. The New Mexico law that defines what is and is not a brothel hasn’t been updated since 1981, before the advent of the Internet as the world now knows it. Matthew Coyte, the vice president of the New Mexico Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, told KRQE that Southwest Companions was simply a site that connected prostitutes and potential clients. “Connecting people to do whatever they want to do is not illegal. It never has been,” he said. Coyte does not represent Garcia or Flory in the case. Garcia’s attorney David Serna said Garcia could still face other charges related to the case, but he’s not yet sure what those could be. The district attorney’s office could also push for the state supreme court to reverse Whitaker’s ruling. Serna said Garcia feels encouraged that the judge agreed

with the defense concerning the application of the law. “He’s feeling wonderful … that he finally got his first day in court,” Serna said. “He is still very frustrated because even if these charges are completely thrown out, the public will be left with an impression based on a lot of false and untrue allegations.” The DA’s office didn’t immediately return a request for comment. In the more than 50 years Garcia was employed at UNM, he served in positions such as provost, vice president of academic affairs and Arts and Sciences dean. He assumed the role of UNM president from August 2002 to July 2003. According to APD, Garcia used the Internet handle “Burque Pops” and was one of seven site moderators known as the “hunt club.” Lt. William Roseman, the detective in charge of the case, told the Daily Lobo last year that Southwest Companions moderators were in charge recruiting new clients and prostitutes and screening members to ensure they are not law enforcement agents. Garcia and other moderators were paid little, if anything, for their moderation duties, he said.

Britney King / Daily Lobo Sister Celeste L. Powers, from the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence raises the rainbow flag at Santa Fe’s annual Pride Parade on June 23. Voted “Second Gayest City” by The Advocate, Santa Fe delivers with its colorful flags and people.

Speedy sessions, lack of structure plague advisement by Avicra Luckey One of the top 10 reasons students do not return to UNM is inadequate academic advising, according to the Division of Enrollment Management. Last semester, officials from National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) visited UNM to assess its advisement practices. In NACADA’s Academic Advising Program Review Report, officials said advisement problems at the University include high adviser-tostudent ratios, confusing registration holds and processes to clear them, and shallow consultations between advisers and students. Director of University Advisement Vanessa Harris said the University recognized the need for change in advisement protocol in order to improve services to students. “The provost’s office and the president’s office agreed that it was time for us to bring in some consultants to look at UNM from the outside and provide us with some feedback and I think they did an excellent job,” she said. Britney King / Daily Lobo Students wait in line at the University Advisement Center. National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) officials reported that UNM’s high student-to-adviser ratio causes advisement appointments to be too short and concluded that UNM students receive insufficient advisement.

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Issues with the system:

Adviser overload According to the report, advisement appointments are

too short to provide adequate advisement. Officials said in the report that the short appointments lead to a poor perception of advisers. “The role of advisers is perceived by the students we interviewed as one that focuses on clearing holds so they can register for courses and does not provide opportunities for developmental conversations or extended conversations about degree plans…” officials said in the report. Harris said the University will hire four new advisers within the next year to improve the studentto-adviser ratio. She said one of the advisers will be added to the University Advising Center and the other three will be advisers in the College of Arts and Sciences. Harris said the other advisers focus on advising transfer students. But Harris said the high studentto-adviser ratio is affected by inadequate faculty pay. She said the University has a high adviser turnover rate, which was included in the NACADA report. “Because of the high adviser-tostudent ratio you can get burned out a lot, because you have so many students you’re interacting with and you want to be able to give them your best, but sometimes you cant’s simply because of the numbers,” she said.

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New Mexico Daily Lobo

Career Profile: Rock band tour manager by Avicra Luckey

tour I also do merchandise, so I get a percentage of the sales.” When she isn’t on tour with the Shahin Yazzie said she grew up band, she does everything from surrounded by studious and athletic helping with yard work to painting in people in her family, so when it was order to save up. Yazzie said that while on tour, time for her to attend college it was only natural that she wanted to study she talks to the band’s fans to make them comfortable and form a deeper exercise science. But she said that three years connection with the band. She said into her studies, she abandoned a strong relationship between the them to pursue a career in the rock band and the fans ensures the band will keep their fans and continue to music industry. Yazzie left school and in be successful. “They feel like they connect with September 2011 became the tour manager for Hunter Valentine, an someone there, someone they don’t all-female alternative rock band. know, a stranger, and then they see She said she had been a fan of the the band and they connect and they band for two years and hosted come over later,” she said. “You gain an after party for the band at her a trusting fan and you make money house before the members asked to eat, so that’s what you do.” Yazzie said the band will be in seaif she would be son three of “The interested in Real L Word,” a rebeing the band’s ality TV show airing tour manager. on Showtime about “I was like, ‘I lesbian women and don’t know, the their lives. She said semester’s startthe show will follow ing, I can’t be gone the band, whose for a month. I’ve ~Shahin Yazzie members all idengot to go to school, tour manager tify as lesbians, as it I’m on scholartours the country. ship, I just can’t,’” Yazzie said despite the she said. “So I asked my mom and she was like, ‘Do it. Just go. You only band’s increased popularity and recognition, she doesn’t know if get to do it once,’” she said. Yazzie said that on the first tour she’ll be the band’s tour manager the band performed at The Roxy, forever. “I really love helping them and a world-famous venue on Sunset giving them that boost and that extra Boulevard in Los Angeles. “It was so sick because so many arm,” she said. “But it’s not my baby, great people have played there, you it’s their baby. It’s their band, it’s their know, like Nirvana, the Red Hot Chile thing, it’s their thoughts, feelings and Peppers and Mötley Crüe,” she said. everything is all in it and then ex“I got to see the green room where pressed and I’m just helping them people sign their names on the walls. express it.” She said that the excitement of It was just really bizarre to me, being so in love with music and being being a tour manager makes her job worth it, even though most of around it.” Yazzie said although she isn’t paid her time on tour involves making much, her job is still rewarding. She sure the band is fed, going on cofsaid traveling with the band gives her fee runs and running equipment the opportunity to form friendships back and forth. “Not only are you seeing the all over the country and helps her grow as a person because she has to inside of a venue, but you’re cruising the USA in a van,” she said. “You interact with many different people. “My income with them is pretty hear things like that and say ‘really nonexistent,” she said. “I’m kind people do that?’ But we pack into a of doing it out of my own pocket. I van and just cruise around — new save up money, and then when we city every day.”

“I asked my mom and she was like, ‘Do it. Just go.’”

Adria Malcolm / Daily Lobo Shahin Yazzie is the tour manager for all-female alternative rock band Hunter Valentine.

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New Mexico Daily Lobo

June 25-July 1, 2012/ Page 3

A step closer to the DREAM Act by Svetlana Ozden

Undocumented students are now eligible to work legally in the U.S. and will no longer be sought out for deportation. During a June 15 speech on immigration, President Barack Obama announced that undocumented immigrants who arrived in the U.S. before age 16 and are younger than 30 years old, are enrolled in school and do not have a criminal record will be able to apply for work permits and protection from deportation. Obama said the new policy is another step toward the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act, which would allow undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S. as a child, have been here for five years and are willing to enroll in college or the military to one day earn citizenship. He said the policy is effective immediately and that it provides an opportunity for undocumented immigrants to better their futures. “Now, let’s be clear. This is not amnesty. This is not immunity,” he said. “This is not a path to citizenship. It’s not a permanent fix. This is a temporary, stopgap measure that


“The bill alllows these students to get a permit to work, and they don’t need to be afraid that they will be deported.” ~Eliseo Torres vice president for Student Affairs lets us focus our resources wisely while giving a degree of relief and hope to talented, driven, patriotic young people.” UNM Vice President for Student Affairs Eliseo “Cheo” Torres said the new policy is a step forward for undocumented students who can now work and share more of the same privileges as students who have citizenship. He said the policy complements Senate Bill 582, a New Mexico bill that allows anyone who graduated from a New Mexico high school to receive state financial assistance for college. “Well, we’ve taken a role at the University of New Mexico, we

provide undocumented students with all the same privileges with the exception that they can’t work because they don’t have a social security number,” he said. “The bill allows these students to get a permit to work and they don’t need be afraid that they will be deported.” Torres said UNM is at the forefront in the support of education and students who want to be educated. He said the University advocates education for all people and giving hardworking, undocumented students a promise for the future. “It’s about education, educating students and allowing them to work for their education,” he said. “Now these students can work and contribute to our society. Many of them came here as babies, but because the residency and citizenship process is so long, they might not have the appropriate permits to work.” Torres said the next step is to pass the DREAM Act and allow undocumented students the opportunity to put their hard work and education to good use. He said undocumented students have overcome only the first step to a better future. “We’re going on the right path,” he said. “This will help us have a more educated society.”

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According to the report, NACADA officials recommended an eight-semester course plan for each student in order to decrease confusion students may have about courses they need. Harris said the University provides LOBO Trax, a degree auditing program so students can keep track of which classes they need to complete their degrees. She said UNM will focus on getting students to make better use of the tool. “What we find is that when we give more students more paper, they tend not to use LOBO Trax and we really want to encourage students to use that because it helps us,” she said.


I-25 I-25

According to the report, communication between advising departments was unclear and frustrated students, and NACADA officials recommended that a newsletter be sent out for advisers and that other University officials improve communication between departments. Harris said the University has already made improvements on this issue, but has yet to decide if the newsletter will be sent out once per month or twice per semester. “The goal is to have them out by the end of the summer, or at least by the beginning of the fall semester,” she said. “We should hopefully kick off into the fall semester saying ‘here’s your advising newsletter.’” According to the report, UNM lacks a defined hierarchy within the advisement department. The report stated that Harris’ position is new and there is no clear role for it, which causes confusion about

what issues should be brought to her attention. Harris said the administration will work with faculty members to ensure that everyone understands their responsibilities.

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Communication among advising units


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June 25-July 1, 2012

The Independent Voice of UNM since 1895

THE RESULTS OF LAST WEEK’S POLL: Upper-level members of the UNM administration, including UNM President Robert Frank, are now participating in the academic coaching program Success Through the Academic Year (S.T.A.Y.). The program pairs coaches with incoming freshmen to help determine and meet student needs. What do you think about this program? The program fails to address issues not directly related to academic support and therefore will probably be ineffective at retaining students past their freshman year.


I think I would have had an easier time adjusting to college life if I’d participated in a program like this.


If I had this kind of guidance when I was a freshman, I probably would not have dropped out of UNM.


I’m an incoming freshman and hope I’m selected to participate.


Out of 31 responses

THIS WEEK’S POLL: On June 18, a judge ruled that brothels can’t exist online based on New Mexico’s legal definition of a brothel, which dates back to 1981. Because of this, the case against former UNM President F. Chris Garcia, who is being charged with running an online prostitution ring, is on hold. What do you think about this decision?

The judge was just by ruling according to the law, even though the online prostitution ring is clearly wrong. The law should be updated to account for the significant changes in technology since 1981, so when the case resumes the courts can charge Garcia with breaking a law. The law should continue to define a brothel as a “place where prostitution is practiced, encouraged and allowed” and Garcia should be acquitted. Regardless of what is legally considered to be a brothel, if Garcia did run an online prostitution ring, there must be some law or laws he has broken and he should be punished accordingly.



PHOTOGRAPHERS Submit your cover letter, résumé, and five samples of work to


FROM THE WEB In last week’s Daily Lobo, opinion editor Alexandra Swanberg analyzed the conflict between the city of Albuquerque and Quote-unQuote (QuQ), the former operator of the city’s public-television stations. The city chose not to renew QuQ’s contract and instead awarded control of the stations to operator uPUBLIC TV (uTV). Readers on responded: Posted by “QuQ or uTV” “This was a wishy-washy article. She was for it, then against it, and then for it again. Honestly, this is all old news. Wish this was more updated, but we can take what we can get. I know how QuQ works, but how much do you think uTV will charge for memberships, or how long it will be before they even have our programs up and running? Also, we’re not allowed to put on our shows until it is indiemovie worthy. All of these questions, and I have left a couple of emails and tried calling twice and left messages, no one has gotten back to me, and it has been a month. If this is how they treat their future producers, then I can only imagine how they will treat new ones. I’m comfy with QuQ and fear what will happen if they can’t even return one call.”

Posted by “KM” “Seriously, how many people actually watch these programs? I bet even the closest friends and family of the hosts tune in for only a few minutes and change the channel to something else.” … “The only show I found worthwhile was ‘Garcia,’ whose kids were taken away by the court, and his daring calls to the judges. The religion shows are very poor quality, and the message equals that. Three decades of PURE CRAP IS ENOUGH!” Posted by “SD” “…Like what ‘QuQ or uTV’ said, I also have been having problems with getting uTV to respond to me. If they ignore us now, what makes you think they’ll always


be around when we need them? Being a bigger ‘local’ media center, I can only imagine how much they are charging members. QuQ treated everyone like family and understood tough times. They are our voice. They are my voice.” Posted by “Robert” “So the reporter could not find evidence that the city did anything wrong in the selection process. That means that QuoteUnQuote is unhappy with the results of the process, and is basing their court cases on their unhappiness. Sounds like a business decision was made by the city and QuoteUnQuote should fade to black. A judge’s ruling Tuesday, June 19 pushed them closer that way.”


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UNM’s neglected roads create dangerous traffic

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Your friends can only take so much of your opinions, no matter how well thought out they are. If you’re tired of your rants falling on deaf ears, try your hand at addressing the public as a columnist for the Daily Lobo. Start by sending me an email, giving me an idea of who you are and what you’d be throwing at our readers every week, or every month, depending on how often you want to step on the soapbox. The most desirable applicants will be unapologetic about their views, but at the same time have enough material to support them. Everyone has gripes, but the columnist is one who eloquently expresses herself or himself. This is what separates them from the casual Facebook user who has enough vigor to cram in a status update, but can’t really substantiate beyond this. Faculty, students and staff are all welcome to apply, though students must be enrolled in at least six credit hours for the fall semester. Only students are eligible to be paid for their work. Don’t think you can make the commitment, but still have something to get off your chest? Please, inundate my inbox with letters to the editor. You can reach me at opinion@ Alexandra Swanberg Daily Lobo opinion editor

I am writing about the road Camino de Salud on UNM’s north campus between the I-25 frontage road and University Boulevard. The posted speed limit on this road is 15 mph, but the average speed of cars is around 40-50 mph. There are two crosswalks on this road where several pedestrians have been struck down by cars. There are no road signs publicizing the crosswalks and the white lines have faded into the black asphalt. There used to be a three-way stop sign near the New Mexico Scientific

Laboratory, but one fell over and was never replaced. Between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m., a plethora of cars start blowing past the “do not enter” sign, down a one-way road, to access the frontage road. There are always several UNM police cars parked outside the Satellite Coffee shop on University Boulevard and Camino de Salud, so I was surprised when I called them and they said it wasn’t in their jurisdiction. I called 242-COPS and APD said it was UNMPD’s problem. If the University can spend $146 million on a new adult-care hospital, I would hope it could spring for stringing up some flashing yellow lights, some new road signs and patrolling the area to keep the campus safe for students, employees and visitors. Brian Fejer UNM student



 Letters can be submitted to the Daily Lobo office in Marron Hall or online at The Lobo reserves the right to edit letters for content and length. A name and phone number must accompany all letters. Anonymous letters or those with pseudonyms will not be published. Opinions expressed solely reflect the views of the author and do not reflect the opinions of Lobo employees.

Elizabeth Cleary Editor-in-chief

Danielle Ronkos Managing editor

Alexandra Swanberg Opinion editor

Svetlana Ozden News editor


New Mexico Daily Lobo

June 25-July 1, 2012/ Page 5

Lobos most scholarly in MWC by Mundo Carrillo

(Swimming) practice forces you to get on top of your work because you don’t have time to push it back.” The women’s track and field team led the way with 17 scholarathletes. The women’s soccer team and the swimming and diving team tied for second with 12 scholarathletes. UNM women’s soccer head coach Kit Vela said she stresses to her players the importance of doing well in the classroom. “We as a staff teach them all the time that there is a direct correlation to how you’re doing in the classroom and how you’re doing on your field of play,” Vela said. “I think the majority of my team buys into that, so it reflects in the team GPA.” Vela said she takes a prospect’s GPA into consideration when recruiting. “I want my top athletes to be great students,” Vela said. “When we recruit, we’re not looking for a great athlete; we’re looking for a great studentathlete. Some of my best players are also some of my best students in the best programs at UNM.” The UNM swimming and diving team may have only finished sixth in the MWC this year, but it still has something to be proud of. Sophomore swimmer Carlie McGregor earned a 4.33 GPA for the 2011-12 school year, the highest of any athlete at UNM. McGregor, along with 96 other UNM athletes, received a MWC scholar-athlete award. These awards are given to athletes with a GPA of 3.5 or higher. UNM had the highest number of scholar-athletes in the conference. Boise State came in second with 70 scholar-athletes. Eighteen of the UNM scholarathletes had a GPA of 4.0 or higher. McGregor, who has received an A+ in every class she has taken at UNM, said being an athlete has its benefits in the classroom. “For me, it’s easier as an athlete to do well in school,” she said. “It forces me to get into a rhythm. It forces me to maintain a schedule.

In the 2012 spring semester, the female athletes at UNM had an average GPA of 3.47, while the male athletes had an average GPA of 3.01. The female scholarathletes also outnumbered the male scholar-athletes 74 to 19, but the men’s ski team had the highest average GPA with a 3.77. The UNM men’s basketball team had no scholar-athletes this academic year, and the football team had only two. Vela said the disparity between the genders is due to the fact that female athletes are less likely to go on to compete professionally. “Less women go and play professionally after college, so they really understand the fact that getting their degree is equally as important as doing well in their sport,” Vela said. “A lot of male athletes feel that they’re going to play professionally, so school is kind of secondary to them. If more women played professionally, they might have that attitude as well.”

update: lobos at olympic trials TRACK & FIELD

second heat to finish 13th overall with a time of 3 minutes, 48.33 seconds.

Junior long jumper Kendall Spencer exited the 2012 U.S. Olympic Team Trials after a 17th place finish. Spencer need an 8.20 meter jump and a top-three finish in order to qualify for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, but only managed to jump 7.55 meters. Senior triple jumper Floyd Ross will compete on Thursday for a spot on the team. Former Lobo David Bishop will advance to the finals of the men’s 1500-meter run at the trials for the UK Olympic team. Bishop placed second in the



June 28 & 29, 2012 UNM Student Union Building Register NOW at • Keynotes President Bob Frank & CIO Gil Gonzales

• Tracks for Banner, Security, Departmental Solutions

Sophomore guard Hugh Greenwood did not make the 12-man roster for the Australian national basketball team and will not be competing in this year’s summer games. Greenwood had previously made the 18-man roster, but was cut from the team last week.

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New Mexico Daily Lobo


Alumna catches dream job by Thomas Romero-Salas

Fresh off her senior season, former softball catcher Jessica Garcia is getting the chance to play professionally. On June 18, Garcia received a contract to play for the Akron Racers of the Women’s Pro Softball League. She signed without hesitation, fulfilling her lifelong dream to pursue a professional softball career. She said practicing with the team feels unreal. “It really hasn’t hit me yet, but I think once I put on my jersey and hit the field, it’s going to hit me,” Garcia said. Garcia’s shot at the pros came in part because of her breakout 2012 season in which she shattered several UNM records, including home runs (24), hits (81), RBIs (69), runners thrown out (21), slugging percentage (.917) and total bases (166). Garcia, who was nominated to the 2012 National Fastpitch Coaches Association third team and 2012 Easton Fastpitch All-American

“You can only break so many records, but if you’re not winning, what’s the point?” ~Jessica Garcia catcher second team, said she’d rather win games than break records. “You can only break so many records, but if you’re not winning, what’s the point?” Garcia said. “I liked playing for my team, and I did it for the girls around me.” UNM assistant softball coach Lyndsey Angus said Garcia continued to develop her skills as a catcher and a hitter from her junior year to senior year to become one of the best offensive players in Lobo history. “Her junior year was extremely good,” Angus said, “She incredibly outplayed her junior season, which just shows how talented she is and how hard she works.” The 2012 Mountain West

Conference Softball AllConference recipient hit only one home run in her first two seasons at UNM, but Garcia said she turned the corner when she changed her mental approach to hitting. “I think a lot of it was just confidence going in there, and knowing you can do it,” Garcia said. “It’s more of a mind change and working a lot and doing extra stuff on the side.” Angus said that with the move to the pros, Garcia is going to have to be prepared to face some of the top pitchers in the nation, and will have to be able to move on after a tough outing. “I played in the pro league, and one thing in the pro league is having the ability to let bad games go,” Angus said. “Good pitchers are going to get you out most of the time in the game of softball and baseball.” Garcia said she hopes to one day be a known commodity in the softball community. “To do really well and for people to know your name, too, would be awesome,” Garcia said.

Courtesy Photo Former Lobo catcher Jessica Garcia signed a contract to play for the Akron Racers in the Women’s Pro Softball League. She holds six UNM softball records.

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any food item w/ your student ID! Not valid with any other offer. 2128 Central Avenue Southeast Albuquerque, NM 87106 (505) 242-5366

Happy Hour

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expires 07/01/12

Limit one per customer. 07/01/12 at Original Location ONLY ine-in or Carry-outKaraoke Every Thursday! 106 Cornell SE


Daily Food & Drink Specials

of equal or lesser value*

8700 Menaul Blvd., N.E. 505-237-2800


Buy 1 Entree & Get 1/2 off 2nd Entree

$1.75 OFF Any Combo or Dinner

Small Greek Fries 12oz. Soft Drink



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No substitutions, please Soft Drinks Only (Refills 50¢) Limit one per customer. 07/01/12


Chicken Special Rice, Beans, Tortilla & Soft Drink

(Regularly $7.99-$8.19) Anytime After 3:00 p.m. Limit one per customer. Expires 07/01/12


Burrito Combo Adovada, Rice, Beans & Soft Drink

coupon bonanza

New Mexico Daily Lobo

June 25-July 1, 2012/ Page 7

The Finest and Most Authentic NY Style Pizza in Albuquerque $9.99 18” Extra Large Cheese Pizza

Buy One, Get One FREE Cheese Slice 3410 Central Ave (Next to Flying Star)


Dine In, Carry Out Only Not valid with any other offers. Limit 1 per customer

Dine in only. Not valid with any other offers. Limit 1 per customer Expires 08/01/2012

$1.50 Giant Cheese Slice Dine in only. Not valid with any other offers. Limit 1 per customer

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Now at Frontier!


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.2 2 $ ve

Sa 1830 Lomas NE • 242-2181 (On Lomas west of Yale) 5231 Central Ave NW • 836-1544 10101 Central Ave NE • 293-3531 3720 Juan Tabo NE • 242-2181



One coupon pe

r customer.

Taco Special

2 Tacos (hard shell), Small French Fries & a large (32oz) Coke E N PRID GOLDE ON COUP


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OPEN 5am - 1am Every Day 2400 Central SE

$3.75 Reg. $5.89 NEW MEXICAN COMBO For only

the haps

Page 8 / June 25-July 1, 2012

MoNday Holiday Bowl Open 9AM-Midnight Korean BBQ/Sushi and Sake Open 11:30-2:30; 5-9:30

The Library Bar & Grill Happy Hour 4pm-7pm $3.50 U-Call-Its Half Priced Appetizers $2 Tacos DJ Official spinning 10pm-2am

Burt’s Tiki Lounge *Tiki Tuesdays!* *Salinger* *Driftless Pony Club* *$4 Tiki Drinks All Night*


Korean BBQ/Sushi and Sake Open 11:30-2:30; 5-9:30

Holiday Bowl Open 9AM-Midnight

TNA Smoke Shop & Tobacco Town Tattoo and Piercing 20% Student Discount M-F 8am to 10pm

TNA Smoke Shop & Tobacco Town Tattoo and Piercing 20% Student Discount M-F 8am to 10pm


RED, WHITE & BLUE PARTY! Tuesday, July 3rd! Prizes & Giveaways!

The Library Bar & Grill Tuesday July 3rd RED, WHITE, and BLUE Party!! Prizes & Giveaways Drink Specials all Night Guest DJ Ohm live on the decks!


Drink specials all night!

Holiday Bowl Open 9AM-Midnight

Live on the decks — DJ Malik and Special Guest DJ Ohm!

Korean BBQ/ Sushi Sake Open 11:30-2:30, 5-9:30

Join us for this Patriotic Party! 312 Central Ave SW

e k a S & i Sush 426


Korean BB Q


Free all you can eat sushi!!!

Buy 15 all-you-can-eat sushi dinners and get one free! n atioon c o w L en Ne ow op my & n ade ing Ac yom W




ALL YOU CAN EAT LUNCH $18.95 DINNER $21.95 Monday 11:30-2:30 5-9:30 Tuesday 11:30-2:30 5-9: 30 Wednesday 11:30-2:30 5-9: 30 Thursday 11:30-2:30 5-9: 30 Friday 11:30-10 Saturday 11:30-10 Sundays 4-9

En joy Pat our io!


3200 Central Ave. • Albuquerque, NM

The Library Bar & Grill Salsa Night with DJ Quico - 9pm The BEST Salsa Night in Town! Free Salsa Lessons Burt’s Tiki Lounge *Albuquerque’s True Skool* *Underground Hip Hop* *UHF B-Boy Crew* *$1 Tecate Draft Til Midnight* *$3 Vodka Drinks* TNA Smoke Shop & Tobacco Town Tattoo and Piercing 20% Student Discount M-F 8am to 10pm

Thursday Burt’s Tiki Lounge THE UNIVERSAL The Original Weekly Dance Party! Dance/Electro & Indie CLKCLKBNG & Guests 75 Cent PBR Until Midnight Korean BBQ/Sushi and Sake Open 11:30-2:30; 5-9:30 Holiday Bowl College Night Karaoke 9:30pm to 2:00am Two Hours of Bowling $10 One Pitcher of Beer $4 Discounted Late Night Menu

(505) 242-2992


New Mexico Daily Lobo

Tiki Tuesdays!

Salinger Driftless Pony Club $4 Tiki Drinks All Night Albuquerque’s True Skool Underground Hip Hop UHF B-Boy Crew

27 $1 Tecate Draft til Midnight $3 Vodka Drinks



The Original Weekly Dance Party! CLKCLKBNG & Guests Electro/Indie & Dance 75 Cent PBR Until It’s Gone


Left Foot Green MODRAG Alma y La Tierra Muerta


Brian Lopez Wildewood Bigawatt

TNA Smoke Shop & Tobacco Town Tattoo and Piercing 20% Student Discount M-F 9am to 10pm

Be sure to


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for the monthly calendar! NEVER

Friday Holiday Bowl Open 9AM-2AM Burt’s Tiki Lounge *Left Foot Green* *MODRAG* *Alma y La Tierra Muerta* Korean BBQ/Sushi and Sake Open 11:30-10 TNA Smoke Shop & Tobacco Town Tattoo and Piercing 20% Student Discount M-F 8am to 10pm The Library Bar & Grill Extended Happy Hour 3pm-8pm $3.50 U-Call-Its Half Priced Appetizers DJ Justincredible spinning 10pm-2am!

Saturday Holiday Bowl Open 9AM-2AM Burt’s Tiki Lounge *Brian Lopez* *Wildewood* *Bigawatt* Korean BBQ/Sushi and Sake Open 11:30-10 TNA Smoke Shop & Tobacco Town Tattoo and Piercing 20% Student Discount M-F 8am to 10pm The Library Bar & Grill Open 11am for lunch! DJ Justincredible spinning 10pm-2am!

Sunday Holiday Bowl Open 9AM-Midnight

TNA Smoke Shop & Tobacco Town Tattoo and Piercing 20% Student Discount M-F 8am to 10pm EVER.

The Library Bar & Grill Thursday Ladies Night 8pm-2am Feat. the Infamous BOOTY SHAKE! CA$H PRIZES $2.50 Corona and Landshark $3 Jose Cuervo

Korean BBQ/Sushi and Sake Open 4-9

Check out


Holiday Bowl Open 9AM-2AM

The Library Bar & Grill Now open at 11am DJ Official spinning 9pm-close!



The Best Deal In Town!

BRING in this COUPON for

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Two Hours of Bowling $10 One Pitcher of Beer $4 Discounted Late Night Menu 7515 Lomas NE

3716 Central SE 505.232.0357


4501 4th St. NW 505.345.1169


New Mexico Daily Lobo

June 25-July 1, 2012/ Page 9

theater review

‘Rio’ fuses folklore, history Trilingual play chronicles lasting effects of conquest

Sushi • Tempura • Teriyaki • Noodles • Grilled Fish 2 Pages of Vegetarian Menu

Patio Open

by Graham Gentz

Let’s get something out of the way first. Go see this show. Do it. Like right now. “Rio de Lágrimas/River of Tears” is truly something special. It is breathtaking and horrifying; it fascinates and enthralls; it’s surreal and yet staggeringly real, and does it all for a message that is impossible to ignore. Las Meganenas is an Albuquerquebased theater troupe composed of talented Latina women. They have combined historical figure La Malinche (Cortés’ indigenous lover and translator, and effective mother of the mestizo race), her connection to folk legend La Llorona, the results of NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement) and the missing and murdered women of Ciudad Juárez to create an enthralling story. This is a trilingual story — featuring Spanish, English and Nahuatl, which is an indigenous language of Mexico — that includes music and multimedia. Director Michelle Estrada Allred has created an incredible piece with playwright Soledad Hindi and musical designer Vivian Fernandez. Hindi and Fernandez also perform in the play, along with Valerie Borrego, Beatriz Villegas and Michelle Otero, who sing and perform with stunning beauty and emotional weight. Alicia Lueras Maldonado is a focal point in the action, powerfully and effortlessly playing La Malinche, La Llorona and the pinnacle maquiladora worker. The music is divine and even partly improvised, utilizing a sublime number of instruments that scatter the stage. The bewitching beauty of the many songs weaves with the punches of the raw and grotesque subject matter.  The women play spirits telling stories and history. The tragedy of La Malinche is the metaphorical betrayal and rape of Mexico by Spanish imperialism. As the narrative moves to the unfathomable and horrific torture and murder of Mexican women today, this metaphor seems anything but too extreme.


Who Says Good Healthy Food is Expensive?

Quality Food for Under $10 • We Serve Wine, Beer, & Sake 120 Harvard SE/Central • 265-5436 Across from UNM between Yale & Cornell M-F 11am-3:30; 5pm-8:30pm Sat Noon-8; Sun Closed

Adria Malcolm / Daily Lobo Guest artist Beatriz Villegas practices during a rehearsal of Rio de Lágrimas. The play covers thousands of years of local history through both historical and mythological characters, leading to the ‘90s murders of female factory workers in Juárez. The performance starts with numbers and statistics, the only connection any person would have with these horrors. It is heavy stuff. But more to the point, it is vitally important stuff. Do not go thinking it’ll be a massive bite of the reality sandwich. “Rio De Lágrimas” is too many things to count.  When La Malinche finally rises and appears physically as La Llorona, she is a slow, shuddersome nightmare, thanks to some amazing shadow work. But soon the mood is shattered by the sudden burst of bouncing mariachi music, with the spirit women laughing and dancing about La Llorona as she stiffly tries to keep up. Damn, it’s funny.  Then — no joke — they give you a beer, and the show becomes a threeheaded comedy bit with thick New Mexican accents and only the best and most hilarious local colloquialisms, ¿qué no? This kind of powerful creativity brings to mind Albuquerque’s own Blackout Theatre. The writing is poetic, beautiful and rippling with strength. The dark metaphors for NAFTA are simple and incredibly effective. “Brand-name jeans and sweatshop shoes” the spirits spit at one point. The language could not be better. The dramatic presentation would seem over the top if the subject matter wasn’t completely real.  The graphic nature of the chronic violence and rape, and the systemic apathy of the authorities, is beyond baffling.  “¿Por qué?” the maquiladora worker screams,

mirroring your thoughts, as she dies naked in the desert. Nothing is more relevant than that. You are asked to select a stone from a pile as you enter the theater. I will not rob you of your own realization of its significance, but praise its simplicity and brilliance. You are not only asked, but forced to participate and interact. Las Meganenas refuses to let you pretend its tales are only just stories, and, most importantly, it will not let you remain complacent to reality.

“Rio de Lágrimas/ River of Tears”

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Written by Soledad Hindi Scored by Vivian Fernadez Directed by Michelle Estrada Allred Wells Fargo Auditorium, National Hispanic Cultural Center 1701 Fourth St. S.W. Friday & Saturday 8 p.m. Sunday 2 p.m. Runs through July 1 $15 For reservations or ticket information, visit or call 724-4771 or follow the QR code.

Contact Daven at 277-5656 or send your resume to You may also apply online at


n n o o DA i p n u a o C mp Fall 2012 o C OBO L ILY

JUNIOR SCIENTIST OUTREACH PROGRAM Join us for an exciting and rewarding opportunity to provide FREE informal science education to 4th and 5th graders of the South Valley in Albuquerque! Volunteer applications will be accepted until July 1st! All disciplines welcome to apply! Volunteer Orientation: Sat, July 28 from 2-5pm Camp will run M-F, July 30-August 3 (7:30 am to 1pm) Visit our website: Email:




Advertising Deadline: 5pm June 29. To be a part of the buzz, call 277-5656!


Page 10 / June 25-July 1, 2012

New Mexico Daily Lobo

Statewide talent drives long-lived arts fair by Nicole Perez

Glass dogs strummed on guitars and howled at the moon, a heron flew across a Chinese-style pot and a red papier-mâché woman somersaulted through the air at the New Mexico Arts & Crafts Fair last weekend. These are just a few of the pieces featured at New Mexico’s oldest craft fair, which began 50 years ago in Old Town and later relocated to the fairgrounds. The fair exhibits only New Mexico artists, which Executive Director Ron Behrmann said distinguishes it from other art festivals of its size. “If they (artists) show up for registration and they don’t have a New Mexico driver’s license, then they’re not accepted,” Behrmann said. “There’s so much talent here, there’s no need to bring people from out of state. The way I look

at it, it puts more dollars in our economy, and that kind of thing.” Inside the rows of booths, a man wearing a purple top hat with an orange ribbon sells glassware. At the front of the Manuel Lujan building, a young man demonstrates how to use a potter’s wheel as clay splatters his jeans. In Exhibit Hall C, the “recycle man” plays instruments made from buckets, pot lids and a Simpsons drink bottle. Behrmann said many famous artists have shown their work at the fair, and that it’s an important venue for young artists, some of whom never leave. “Everybody who’s cutting their teeth, getting started in art, starts here,” he said. “Then they move on, but we have artists who have shown with us for 35 years. A few of them, that’s all they do, they do one show a year and then ours.”

Britney King / Daily Lobo Sarena Mann looks at her papier-mâché flying female figurines that were for sale in the 50th anniversary of the New Mexico Arts & Crafts Fair. Only New Mexican artists were featured in the fair, and about 232 artists attended.

DAILY LOBO new mexico


Creative minds ditched suits for smocks to hone crafts

SANTA FE Mitchell Berg—wired glass Berg is a former journalist, bartender and antique rug seller who now collects trash from the banks of the Santa Fe River and turns it into whimsical wall hangings. “I turned all my weird little talents that were useless into one thing that, now in this context, there isn’t anything like it,” he said. “I found my place; it’s like the land of misfit toys, you know? I didn’t even know who I was until I started making this.” He said like-minded people are drawn to his art, and he loves talking to them. “I draw weird people to my booth; people looking for fine paintings are not coming into my booth,” he said. “I draw people who pick things off the ground and think that a cigarette butt is interesting. We’re a tribe and get together again.” Berg said his previous jobs put a lot of pressure on him to do things the “correct” way, so his art purposely defies structure and boundaries. “I work with materials, like it’s junk,” he said. “You can’t ruin that, you can only make it better. I can’t make a mistake, and I used to always be afraid of making a mistake.”

MOUNTAINAIR Anne Ravenstone—decorative tinwork on weathered wood Ravenstone takes weathered wood from torn-down tool sheds and fences and decorates it with tin. “I never know what I’m going to do with the wood until I look at it, and then it decides how it gets decorated,” she said. Her work ranges from small decorative boxes to large bookshelves; mirrors are the most popular item. A former dancer and choreographer, Ravenstone said her past career influences her work. “Compared to other tinworkers, the designs in my tin have more movement, more spirals, and I think that’s probably just from all my years as a dancer,” she said. “I didn’t consciously think that, but I’ve decided that’s why.”


Human Rights and Social Justice: Work by Taller de Grafica Popular (TGP) Open daily during Zimmerman hours through July 13 Location: Herzstein Latin American Gallery , 2nd floor of Zimmerman Libray Free and open to the public As activists, the TGP demonstrated and lobbied for the improvement of social and political conditions in Mexico including progressive labor laws, access to education, and the control of natural resources. Civil War Medicine 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM, Monday-Friday through August 31 Location: Domenici Center Free and open to the public Civil War Medicine exhibit provides int Civil War-era medicine, surgery, nursing and public health. Reconsidering the Photographic Masterpiece 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM, Tuesday-Saturday through July 28 Location: University Art Museum Free and open to the public ($5 suggested donation) Approximately 100 works chosen from the museum’s permanent collection—some on view for the first time—that encompasses the history of photography from 1843 to 2011. The exhibition centers upon the idea of an artist’s signature or iconic image from an evolving and changed, historical perspective. CAS Prize 2012 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM, Tuesday-Saturday through July 28 Location: Raymond Jonson Gallery, University Art Museum Free and open to the public ($5 suggested donation) University Art Museum sponsors the first Contemporary Art Society of New Mexico (CAS) juried exhibition.

An Inquisitive Eye, Seeing Into Prints 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM, Tuesday-Saturday through June 30 Location: Clinton Adams Gallery, University Art Museum Free and open to the public ($5 suggested donation) View significant prints and printed books from the museum’s permanent collection, which numbers over ten thousand and spans the history of printmaking from 1493 to the present.

New Student Orientation Parents Seminar 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Location: Sub Theater

Afro: Black Identity in America and Brazil 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday-Friday Location: Tamarind Institute through August 31 Free and open to the public A group exhibition highlighting work by three Afro Brazilian artists & three African American artists who have been invited to create lithographs exploring the complexities of racial identity in Brazil and the United States.


MONDAY 6/25 CAMPUS EVENTS PrideWeek Brunch Kickoff Starts at: 11:00 AM Location: LGBTQ Resource Center UNM Comes out for Pride PrideFest event.

COMMUNITY EVENTS Isotopes Baseball Game Starts at: 7:05pm Location: Isotopes Park Isotopes versus Nashville Sounds. Gates open at 6:00pm.

TUESDAY 6/26 CAMPUS EVENTS The History of Pride Starts at: 12:00 PM Location: Sub Mirage-Thunderbird UNM Comes out for Pride PrideFest event. Graduate Students Meeting 10:00am-12:00pm Location: SUB Lobo

COMMUNITY EVENTS Isotopes Baseball Game Starts at: 7:05pm Location: Isotopes Park Isotopes versus Nashville Sounds. Gates open at 6:00pm.

UEFA European Soccer Championship Semifinals Starts at: 12:30 PM Location: SUB Atrium Join us in the SUB Atrium to watch the EUFA Semifinal match: Portugal vs Germany. Alcoholics Anonymous-- AA 101 Study Group 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Location: UNM Women’s Resource Center For women and men to share their experiences, strengths and hope with each other so that they may solve their common problems and help others recover from alcoholism. Meets every Wednesday. Pride Lunchtime BBQ Starts at: 12:00 PM Location: Mesa Vista Courtyard UNM Comes out for Pride PrideFest event. New Student Orientation Parents Seminar 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM Location: Sub Theater

THURSDAY 6/28 CAMPUS EVENTS UEFA European Soccer Championship Semifinals Starts at: 12:30 PM Location: SUB Atrium Join us in the SUB Atrium to watch the EUFA Semifinal match: Spain vs England.

ANGEL FIRE Jennifer Cavan—oil pastels Cavan paints old adobe buildings and landscapes, and tries to capture the “essence” of the place instead of the physical likeness. Her work features bright reds, greens and blues, and she was selected to be a featured artist at the Arts and Crafts Fair. She said she’s been painting similar subject matter since she first entered the fair more than nine years ago. “We basically dropped out, quit our jobs, moved to New Mexico (from Chicago), bought an old fixer-upper and a few years later I figured out this style,” she said. She said her art is appealing to locals, and that she sold many pieces. “I think my subject matter is appealing to people who live in New Mexico because it’s very New Mexican,” she said. “Everybody here is from New Mexico; most of the shows I do is people from all over the country or all over the world.”

PLACITAS Sarena Mann—papier-mâché Mann creates small, brightly colored female figures that hang from the ceiling in dance-like poses. Her booth assistant Susan Kerr said Mann attended UNM, but never graduated. “I think she spent about 10 years and never graduated — she was busy doing art,” Kerr said. Kerr said Mann first made an acrobat figurine to give to a friend’s baby, and soon other friends were asking for them. She now sells her work throughout Albuquerque, including inside the Sunport. She said Mann’s main audience is middle-aged women. “In my opinion, it’s a funny combination of they look fragile, but they also look strong and free,” Kerr said. “So we sell mostly to adult women, and it sort of captures that sense for women especially. And younger people are fascinated by the movement.”

Event Calendar

Planning your week has never been easier! Al-Anon 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM Location: UNM Women’s Resource Center Friends and family members of those struggling with someone else’s drinking can find support in a safe and confidential environment. Every Thursday.

Technology Days 2012 Starts at: 9:00 AM Location: SUB UNM IT presents Technology Today with keynote speaker Bob Frank. For a list of sessions and to register:

Pride Field Day Starts at: 11:00 AM Location: Anthropology Grassy Area UNM Comes out for Pride PrideFest event.

Zoo Music—The Elders Starts at: 7:30 PM Location: Albuquerqe BioPark Zoo Zoo Music Concert Series present The Elders. This band’s high-energy Celtic rock has earned popular and critical acclaim. Doors open at 6.

Graduate Students Meeting 10:00am-12:00pm Location: SUB Lobo Technology Days 2012 Starts at: 9:00 AM Location: SUB UNM IT presents Technology Today with keynote speaker Gil Gonzales. For a list of sessions and to register: http://techdays.unm. edu.

COMMUNITY EVENTS Liquid Currency 2012: Spend it like Water 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Location: South Broadway Cultural Center Opening Art Reception. Art Exhibit and dialogue about our most essential resource. Music, Spoken Word, and Art. Free and open to the public. Botanic Garden Concert—Lori McKenna Starts at: 7:30 PM Location: Albuquerqe BioPark Botanic Garden Summer Nights Concert Series present Lori McKenna, country singer/songwriter. Doors open at 6.

FRIDAY 6/29 CAMPUS EVENTS Pride Float Construction Starts at: 11:00 AM Location: LGBTQ Resource Center UNM Comes out for Pride PrideFest event.


SATURDAY 6/30 CAMPUS EVENTS Albuquerque Pride Parade Starts at: 9:00 AM Location: Johnson Field UNM Comes out for Pride PrideFest event. Texico Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM Location: Sub Palestine and Israel: A Question of Statehood 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM Location: Dane Smith Hall Rm 123 Lecture and discussoin by Dr. Les Field, Professor of Anthropology and Director, Peace Studies.

COMMUNITY EVENTS Animal Humane & Albuquerqe Pride Pet Park 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM Location: Expo NM Bring your whole family to PrideFest for an afternoon of fun with hydration stations, dog treats and a puppy kissing booth! Use our link to purchase tickets, and Animal Humane will receive 10% of the proceeds! http://bit. ly/NeaiU5

lobo features

New Mexico Daily Lobo

June 25-July 1, 2012/ Page 11

Weekly Horoscopes by Alexandra Swanberg

A fault confessed is half redressed. Capricorn—The warm and fuzzy feeling

Taurus—This week, you’ll spend most of

Virgo—Although you feel you’re hanging

that hits you in the pit of the stomach

your time picking up the pieces of a stormy

in limbo, what’s more likely is that you’re

called nostalgia will make you yearn for

Gemini influence. Avoid writing off the

in a position in which the next move you

solid partnership at this time. Think about

past month as a waste and try not to kick

make will have long-term consequences.

the things you feel nostalgic about and let

yourself over every mistake made. It’s time

Think carefully about what you’d like your

those feelings guide you toward a lover

to move on from the darkness it stirred in

life to look like a year from now and gear

who inspires similar feelings. If you’re

you. Whether or not you recognize it, the

every action to align with that goal. Think

already taken, this is a time to deepen

self you’ve been working toward is about

of these steps as being part of an entire

your relationship; you might consider

to be realized.

lifestyle shift, rather than improving a single

cohabitation or otherwise securing your

Gemini—As the Cancerian influence

area of your life.

future with your partner.

comes more into play, everyone’s energies

Libra—After a solid month of playing the

Aquarius—Something big swept through

are settling down, encouraging them to

field and carefully weighing your options,

your home this past month and the

cozy up in the domestic sphere. This isn’t

you’ve got a pretty good idea of who you’re

damages have left you seriously considering

a prison sentence, although you’ll be antsy

after. This is an excellent time to select a

who your real friends are. Because you’re

this next week waiting for something to

romantic partner and get to know them

a generous, friendly person, it’s easy for

rock your boat. Learn to take pleasure in

more intimately. If you’re already set up

others to take advantage of you. It’s OK to

silence by exploring avenues of your mind

with a mate, this can be a fun time to

establish boundaries, as anyone who is a

you always passed up because you were

redecorate the nest or spend time crafting

friend will have your best interests in mind.

too impatient to wait for them to reveal

together. Any creative use of the home is

This means making sure they aren’t taking


the way to go.

more than you can reasonably offer.

Cancer— A last-minute change of heart

Scorpio—After weeks of feeling certain

Pisces—This is an excellent time to get

may not actually have been so abrupt —

of where a new relationship is going, the

your finances in order, as you’ve finally

more than likely, you’ve felt this coming for

other person may surprise you by explicitly

got a clear idea of all the sources of income

a long time, but you weren’t as prepared as

stating how they feel. This sheds new light

you can possibly milk. It’s been a tight

you prefer to be. If you take time to think

on the person, whether a friend or romantic

few weeks, and though you’ve been as

out the smartest moves, you won’t have

partner, and it may or may not be a positive

flexible as anyone can be, you’re definitely

to waste energy acting on the fly as you’ve

new look. Even if it’s disappointing, at

ready for some certainty. If you’re not the

been apt to do the last few weeks. Once

least you know the truth so that further

most money-savvy person, team up with

relatively settled, you’ll want to spend a lot

down the line you don’t have to feel you’ve

someone who is as you’ll be a quick learner

of time planning for a more stable future.

been investing time and energy in a sham

this week.

Leo—Nothing sounds better than


Aries—Friends and family may chuckle to

sacking out in a hammock or having

Sagittarius—Your latest enterprise is likely

themselves when you tell them all the ways

a chill dinner with friends. There’s

to extend no further than your backyard,

you’re trying to scratch an itch that won’t go

nothing wrong with taking it easy,

physically at least. Keeping it low-key isn’t

away. They see so clearly what you refuse to

especially this week when you’ll need

typically your style, as you live life in broad

acknowledge, but this week you’re finally

to replenish your energy stores in

strokes. Domestic Cancer is becoming the

beginning to see what’s really going on. Now

preparation for the full moon coming

dominant player in the game, so you’ll have

that you’ve wised up to the proper solution,

up. For the naysayers who deem you

better luck tending to the homestead to

avoid hastily setting it into motion. Major

lazy, tell them the stars are begging you

provide a solid foundation for next month,

lifestyle changes are necessary, which will

to rest up. Look forward to a renewed

when fiery Leo restores the adventurous

take thought and meticulous action.

spirit by late next week.

spirit to your life.

dailysudoku Level 1 2 3 4

Solution to last week’s problem available at

dailycrossword Across 1 Dr. Frankenstein’s helper 5 Use a loom 10 Diner handout 14 Factual 15 Big name in kitchen foil 16 Wood choppers 17 *Magnifying glass, e.g. 19 Honorary law degs. 20 Ad __ committee 21 Seamen’s agreements 22 Bigfoot cousin 24 Chris who won 18 Grand Slam singles titles 26 Not a risky wager 29 Absolute ruler 31 Parade percussion instrument 32 Art aficionado’s hangout 34 Filly’s father 35 Old CIA rival 38 *Benefit of an unsuccessful stock trade, at filing time 41 Michael Douglas, to Kirk 42 Winged archer 44 Dry red wine 46 Cotton, wool, etc. 49 The Okefenokee and others 53 Popular painkiller 54 African virus 55 Part of USC: Abbr. 56 Liquidate 59 Put the cuffs on

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60 Band of outlaws 62 Size whose letters are hidden in the answers to starred clues 65 Walk to and fro 66 Paper purchases 67 Transfer from pitcher to glass 68 Humorist Mort 69 Span. girls 70 Golfer’s pocketful Down 1 Made you scratch 2 Phonograph record feature 3 Pound segments 4 Test, as an engine 5 Like fake fruit 6 Glamour rival 7 High cards 8 Otto __ Bismarck 9 Piece-of-cake school courses 10 Ice-creamy drinks 11 *From the library of, in Latin 12 Homer’s neighbor 13 Navy ship letters 18 Enjoy Red Lobster, say 23 Abysmal grades 25 Turning speed: Abbr. 26 South Pacific island nation 27 Continental coin



Find the solutions to last week’s puzzle at 28 Feds under Ness 30 Airport safety org. 31 Chicago cagers 33 Perform at the top of one’s game 35 Etta of old comics 36 Writer Zane 37 *Construction worker’s meal 39 Next yr.’s alums 40 “Black Beauty� author Anna 43 Manager Casey 45 Filing aid

47 Ristorante suffix 48 Aficionados 50 President with a doctrine 51 Bubonic __ 52 Curved swords 56 ER doc’s “Right away!� 57 Columnist Bombeck 58 Girl 60 Loc.-finding tool 61 Little battery 63 Gen-__: boomer’s kid, probably 64 Spot-on









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Announcements COTTONWOOD MALL IS seeking a part-time guest service representative with a strong selling background. Responsibilities include responding to guest inquiries, gift card sales to internal & external customers & supporting promotions & marketing events. Candidate must possess general mathematical skills, be multi-task oriented, articulate, computer literate, outgoing and professional with 1-2 yrs. previous customer service experience. Candidate must be available to work a flexible schedule including wekdays, weeknights, weekends & holidays. Please provide wage requirements along with your resume to be considered. Send resumes to simon-0549@simon. com or fax to: 505-897-6576. INDOOR SOCCER LEAGUES and pick up games or 2326937 for schedules. PALESTINE AND ISRAEL: A QUESTION OF STATEHOOD. Lecture and Discussion by Dr. Les Field, Professor of Anthropology and Director, Peace Studies. Sponsored by the United Nations Assocation Albuquerque Chapter. Saturday, June 30. 2-4 p.m. Dane Smith Hall 123.


Lost and Found LOST CASHMERE ZIP-up hooded sweater. Black. Lost near UNM Law School. If found please call 505-4141952. FOUND SILVER BRACELET at UNMH. Email contact information to

TUTORING - ALL AGES, most subjects. Experienced Ph.D. 265-7799.

Your Space HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN! Have a great day! Don’t get kicked out of any places! -Daily Lobo Crew

Apartments CLEAN, QUIET, AFFORDABLE, 2BDRM $750/mo utilities included. 3 blocks to UNM, no pets. 262-0433. BLOCK TO UNM. Large, quiet 1BDRM. Starting at $575 includes utilities. No pets. 255-2685.

PAPER DUE? FORMER UNM instructor, Ph.D., English, published, can help. 254-9615. MasterCard/ VISA. MATHEMATICS, STATISTICS TUTOR. Billy Brown PhD. College and HS., 401-8139.

VERY NICE 1 BDRM/1 BA in Duplex. $475 + utilities. 3 blks to UNM. Shady yard, parking. Sorry, no pets. Call Scott: 401-1076.

Duplexes OWN A BRAND new duplex (1 unit) in Mesa del Sol, 11 minutes from UNM for only $1000 move in(MFAonly)! 1943 SF views views views!! Call Jason PGI Realty 505-249-2028.

UNM NORTH CAMPUS1BDRM $515/mo. Clean, quiet, remodeled. No pets allowed. Move in special! 573-7839.

2BDRM 2BA HOUSE. Spruce Park Neighborhood. Available August 15 to July 15, 2013. $1000 + utilities. Pets OK, fenced backyard. Driveway. Grad students or faculty only. Direct inquiries to 247-3258 or

THE CEDARS & Indian Plaza Apartments. Studios, 1BDRM and 2BDRM. Pool, onsite laundry, walk-in closets, dishwasher, 5 minutes from campus on bus or bike. I-40 access. Rent starting at $475/mo. 505-255-6208. GIRARD APARTMENTS. STUDIOS remodled and furnished. Wi-fi and utilities included. pool and laundry onsite. Minutes from campus. Short term leases ok. $495/mo. 505-266-8392.

2 BDRM COTTAGE recently remodeled, 3 blocks to UNM, off street parking, hardwood floors, $750 +gas and electric. No dogs. 842-5450. NICE, BRIGHT 1BDRM house with loft, parking, appliances. $635. 3 blocks from UNM. 221 Stanford. Call Tom 9076011. NICE HOME, HARDWOOD floors, high ceilings, W/D, dishwasher, disposal, alarm system, large landscaped yard, screened-in front parch, garage, quiet neighborhood. $1200/MO, 505-5148630.

NEED UNM STUDENT to take over Lobo Village lease 8/12-8/13. Willing to pay a month’s rent! Contact koalatea. ROOMS FOR GRADUATE students, fully furnished house, 2 minute walk to UNM/UNMH. Accepting summer/fall term applicants. Water, WIFI, Cleaning service provided. Call 610-1142. GRADUATE STUDENT- FEMALE take over lease at Lobo Village. Available August. Graduate roommates, furnished, UNM shuttle, gym, pool. $519/mo. Contact Micki at 505-320-8663. NEED GIRL TO move into 4th room at Lobo Village. Nice roommates, furnished, shuttle-class, gym, pool. $500/mo +$15 electric/mo. Own bathroom! Olivia 505-363-9484. CLEAN, RESPONSIBLE ROOMMATE wanted. Remodeled home 2 blocks from UNM in lovely neighborhood. 2 rooms available: $375/mo or $475 includes utilities and laundry privileges. Available immediately. Call: 450-3083.

Office Space EXCECUTIVE OFFICE AND virtual office package. Modern facility by UNM and in Nob Hill. Perfect for professors, grad students, Start-ups. Virtual services start at $135. Suites at $495. Call 505-314-1300.

RATHER USE A local family owned small business? Call Thomson Real Estate. John Thomson 505-450-2878.

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EFFICIENCY APARTMENT. 3 blks to UNM. Off-street parking. No pets. Utilities paid. $450/month. 842-5450.

FEMALE ROOMMATE WANTED in 3BDRM 2BA house in Southwest Albuquerque. $300/mo +split utilities. Call Sara at 505-670-2527.

MUSIC: JUPITER TENOR sax $450. Jimi 480-7444.

UNM/CNM STUDIOS, 1BDRM, 2BDRMS, 3BDRMS, and 4BDRMS. William H. Cornelius, Real Estate Consultant: 243-2229. UNM/ CNM/ NOBHILL. 1BDRM apartment in small complex. 710sqft. $400/mo. Light & bright. Off-street parking. Coin Laundry. No pets. 1.5 miles from campus. 345-2000. SEE THE BEST. Unique Guest House with Private Courtyard only blocks to UNM in beautiful historic Nob Hill near Bryn Mawr / Central Avenue. No need for car. Perfect for 1 serious, quiet Graduate Student who will pamper my place. Completely furnished, even with dishes. Just bring clothes/books. References, Lease. No drugs/pets/parties/smoking. Crime Free Policy property. Only $585 to lucky student chosen to live here. Available August, 2012. Call 505-2208455. 415 VASSAR SE. Unique Vassar Village fiveplex apartments. Walking distance to CNM/UNM. 1BDRM. Gated and secure. 266-7422, 449-8197.

TWO GRADUATED MALE college students looking for another non-partying student to rent a private room in a 3 BDRM house by the UNM Pit and a block from the UNM shuttle. Furnished, wireless, W/D and utilities included. This a great deal for only $400/mo. Please call 505-850-2806 if interested. CASAS DEL RIO- Need UNM student to take over lease. WILL PAY 1ST MONTHS RENT. Contact Shannon @ 575-693-0936. “CHEAP ROOMMATE RENT” for 1600 sq ft house in NW. Looking for straight male, full time or student attendee. $335/ mo. $165 refundable deposit. No lease, furnished BDRM with internet. Laundry room, guest room, 1.5 BA, 1 pet welcomed, no loud or large parties! 505-319-0942. 1 FURNISHED ROOM available for graduate student. 3BDRM/ 1.5BA. Remodeled house, 2 blocks from UNM. Shared living space with 2 male students. Includes W/D laundry room. $425/mo, utilities included. Cleaning service provided. NS/ND. Call 410-5582. HOUSE AVAILABLE: 3 BDRMS. All utilities, internet & cable included. 1 BDRM with own bath at $600/mo. 2 BDRMS with shared bath at $500/mo. Off street parking. 1 Garage optional. Main rooms furnished. 1721 Vassar SE. 505-2174452. FEMALE NEEDED TO take over Lobo Village lease Fall 2012-Spring 2013 $519/MO, utilities paid except electric. 505-615-3631.

TWO-BEDROOM GEM in Los Ranchos. Secluded and secure. Straight male needs to share with same. No smoking or drinking, please. Available 1 July. Call 515-9708. 1700 COAL SE. 2BDRM, remodeled, wood floors, W/D, $695/mo + utilities, $300dd. No pets please. 453-9745. NOB HILL, UNM: single tenant casita. FP, AC. No pets. $490/mo. Water paid. 232-8942.

M&M SMOKESHOP IS hiring for an honest sales representative. Hourly plus commission with benefits. Flexible with student schedules. Bring resumes to: 1800 Central Ave SE Albuquerque NM, 87106 from 9am- 1pm. PRESENTLY CASTING CAPITAL Games. Cast/ crew wanted. Be in movies and tv shows. Monday- Saturday 10am- 8pm. No experience needed. 2531 Jefferson St. Suite 140. 818-479-1241. WANTED: ACTORS AND crew, alienmonster designer, DP editors, Special EFX, makeup and alien special EFX, CGI, sound person, lighting person. SAG. 818-624-5259.

!!!BARTENDING!!!: $300/DAY potential. No experience necessary, training provided. 1-800-965-6520ext.100. SUMMER WORK $15 Base/Appt. Immediate openings, FT/PT, customer sales/service, no experience necessary, conditions apply, ABQ/Rio Rancho, 505-891-0559.

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FIND YOUR NEXT employee of the month. Advertise in the Daly Lobo! 2775656.

AHL Year Round Garden Supply Indoor Garden Supplies • hydroponics • indoor grow lights • and organics!

NM’s best selection of organic and natural garden supplies!

1051 San Mateo Blvd SE • 255-3677

Houses For Sale OWN YOUR OWN Dorm! Efficient home near UNM and hospitals. 828 square feet with one bedroom, one bath and nice-sized living area. Home Team Realty Judy Wilson: 275-5464.

2BDRM. NEW PAINT/CARPETED. Laundry on-site. 3 blocks to UNM. Cats ok. No dogs. $735/mo including utilities. 246-2038. 313 Girard SE.

2BDRM ($645) AND 1BDRM ($545). Rent includes WIFI and water. Student discounts. Rapid Ride stops at our door. Well maintained and roomy, freeway access, laundry room, quiet. 3236300.



CAN I CRASH on your couch for awhile? Animal Humane NM needs fosters to provide short-term home care for friendly dogs until they are adopted. Everything is paid for & supplies are provided! Call Carolyn 938-7890.

Services BROKEN GLASSES? 2-day repair service only $24.95. ABQ Eyeglass Hospital, 2921 Carlisle Blvd. NE #116 (just S. of Candelaria). 10-5:30 M-F. 505884-0229. www.ABQEyeglassHospital. com

WWW.UNMRENTALS.COM Awesome university apartments. Unique, hardwood floors, FP’s, courtyards, fenced yards. Houses, cottages, efficiencies, studios, 1, 2 and 3BDRM’s. Garages. 843-9642. Open 7 days/week.

Houses For Rent

BART PRINCE APARTMENTS- Stunning and spacious Moorish postmodern 2BDRM; perfect for shares. Gated small complex with onsite laundry, balconies, appliance. $695/mo. Call Joseph 315-1807and ask for UNM discount!


Phone: Pre-payment by Visa, Discover, • 30¢ per word per day for five or more Come to to Marron show Pre-payment by Visa or Master •• Come MarronHall, Hall,room room107, 131, show •• Phone: or American is required. consecutive days without changing or your IDID and receive FREE classifieds Card is required. CallExpress 277-5656. yourUNM UNM and receive a special rate MasterCard Call 277-5656 cancelling. inofYour Rooms for Rent, orRooms any For 10¢Space, per word in Personals, • Fax or E-mail: Pre-payment by Visa or • Fax or Email: Pre-payment by Visa, Discover, • 40¢ per word per day for four days or Sale Category. for Rent, or any For Sale category. Master Card is required. Fax ad text, MasterCard or American Express is required. less or non-consecutive days. dates and dates category to 277-7531, or Fax ad text, and catergory to 277-7530 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING • Special effects are charged addtionally: e-mail or email to to classifi DEADLINE logos, bold, italics, centering, blank lines, person:Pre-payment Pre-pay bybycash, •• In In person: cash, check, money larger font, etc. check, Visa, Discover, MasterCard or • 1 p. m. business day before publication. order, money order, Visa or MasterCard. American Come room 107 Come byExpress. room 131 in by Marron Hallinfrom CLASSIFIEDS ON THE WEB Marron Hall from 8:00am to 5:00pm. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. UNM Student Publications Mail:: Pre-pay money order, in-state check, Pre-paybyby money order, in-state •• Mail MSC03 2230 Visa, Discover, MasterCard or American check, Visa, MasterCard. Mail payment, 1 University of New Mexico • All rates include both print and online Express. Mail payment, ad text, dates and ad text, dates and category. Albuquerque, NM 87131 editions of the Daily Lobo. catergory.

LARGE, CLEAN 1BDRM. Move in special, free UNM parking. No pets. $490/mo. +electricity. 610-5947.

NEAR UNM/ NOB Hill. 2BDRM 1BA like new. Quiet area, on-site manager, storage, laundry, parking. Pets ok, no dogs. 137 Manzano St NE, $680/mo. 505-610-2050.

New Mexico Daily Lobo

LOOKING FOR A female to take over lease at Lobo Village ASAP, June’s rent paid. Great roommates. Email me at or call/ text 575706-6131. RESPONSIBLE STUDENT WANTED. 1BDRM. $300/mo plus yard and dog care.12th and Candelaria. 505-2061891. GRADUATE STUDENTS WANTED to share 3BDRM/ 2BA house with laundry room in UNM area. $425/mo +utilities. 505-615-5115.

Jobs Off Campus WANTED: EGG DONORS, Would you be interested in giving the Gift of Life to an Infertile couple? We are a local Infertility Clinic looking for healthy women between the ages of 21-33 who are nonsmoking and have a normal BMI, and are interested in anonymous egg donation. The experience is emotionally rewarding and you will be financially compensated for your time. All donations are strictly confidential. Interested candidates please contact Myra at The Center for Reproductive Medicine of NM at 505-224-7429. ACCOUNTING ASSISTANT DESIRED. Health benefits offered. Must major in finance sophomore to senior year. Send resumes and cover letter to Call 773655-9427. OFFICE SUPPORT/COURIER BUSY law firm is seeking to fill PT office support/courier position. Must be dependable and have strong computer, phone and organizational skills. Must have dependable transportation, insurance, and a good driving record. For consideration, please e-mail resume to or fax to 505-247-8125. FRESQUEZ COMPANIES IS currently hiring Crew Members, Servers and Cooks. Cooks - 2 yr. Previous Line cook experience (Work experience a plus). Servers must be alcohol certified Apply at Fax: 505-880-1015 apply in person 8218 Louisiana Blvd. NE ABQ, 87113 ALL CANDIDATS MUST SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETE PRE EMPLOYMENT SCREENING. HIRING CARWASHERS/DETAILERS. APPLY at 3811 Edith NE 87107 or email info@precisionmobiledetail. com FEMALE NUDE MODELS needed for art photography. 433-9948. PRO MARKETING WORLD is looking for sales professionals. Send resumes and cover letter to jobs@promarketing Call 773-655-9427.

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