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February 25, 2010

First-half follies almost foil Beggin’s return by Isaac Avilucea Daily Lobo

Trudgingly, the UNM women’s basketball team trekked to a 65-50 victory over downtrodden Colorado State. For the greater part of 30 minutes, the Lobos (16-10, 8-6 UNM 65 Mountain West Conference) 50 CSU slogged toward the finish line — but they did finish, stringing together enough effort in a concentrated four-minute period to open the second half, in which Eileen Weissmann had four points, one coming off a 3-pointer. “Every time we come out after halftime, we always say we have to win the first four minutes,” Weissmann said. “That’s what our strength has been in the games we’ve won, because we come out and really attack. Whereas I feel in some of the games that were close that we lost we didn’t come out with the intensity that we showed tonight.” A spirited endeavor, plus a 3-point parade from Colorado State’s Kim Mestdagh and Chatilla Van Grinsven, kept the Rams within

striking distance — and initially put Flanagan in a scowling mood. “Everybody in the building knows (Mestdagh’s) a 3-point shooter,” the Lobos’ head coach said. “Yet we don’t get out and put enough pressure on her.” All the same, Flanagan said the Lobos were intent upon taking 3-pointers in the first half. Though they only shot nine, Flanagan said they were, at times, ill-advised. “I thought we were looking to shoot the 3 instead of letting the 3 shot come to them,” he said. “What they were doing was, ‘It might be out of my range, but I’ll shoot a 3.’” However, the Lobos quickened their pace in the opening minutes of the second half. In that stretch, the beleaguered Lobos turned up the intensity. Back came the Rams, though — Bonnie Barbee draining a trey ball. Still, after missing the last three games with a head injury, Amy Beggin wasn’t to be denied. She hardly showed signs of rust, swishing a 3-pointer to pull the Lobos within one point, before Weissmann belted up another dagger to reclaim the lead for UNM, 39-37. Beggin led the Lobos with a

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A&S Advisement closed for relocation by Tricia Remark Daily Lobo

Junfu Han/ Daily Lobo Sara Halasz and Amy Beggin embrace after the Lobos defeated Colorado State 65-50 inside The Pit on Wednesday. Beggin had a team-high 16 points in her first game back since sustaining a head injury against UNLV.

Potential Engineering deans visit UNM by Kallie Red-Horse Daily Lobo

The search for the next School of Engineering dean has narrowed to three final candidates, each of whom will visit campus over the next two weeks. Daniel Fleetwood, Patrick O’Shea and Gregory Washington will each have the opportunity to present and conduct an open forum with students, faculty and the community before the Provost makes a final decision. Fleetwood, chair of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at Vanderbilt University, was the first of the three to visit UNM. He said Wednesday that his main focus as dean would be to raise the

Inside the

Daily Lobo volume 114

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department’s national ranking in the U.S. News and World Report. “If you are on the top 50, you get different kinds of students applying both at the undergraduate and graduate levels than if you are not,” he said. “Things like trying to recruit students with stronger records and trying to improve the reputation of the school among other universities and in the industry are essential. It is also important to try to have the more accomplished faculty become members of the National Academy of Engineering and also to build research funding.” Those attending the forums have the ability to participate in the dean selection by filling out evaluation forms, said John Pieper, dean of the UNM School of Pharmacy and head of the selection committee.

“The purpose of the sheet is to allow us to collect standardized information on each of our three candidates that are coming,” he said. “We wanted a process where we could get a broad base of input from students, faculty, staff (and) alumni. The main reason is so that we can get as much information from a broad base of people as we can.” John Farris, a graduate of UNM’s Engineering department said he was concerned about the University not receiving due credit for its accomplishments. “One of my points of distress about UNM Engineering is the fact that they do a lot of neat things and get very little publicity,” he said. “I have been on some committees

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The Arts and Sciences Advisement Center is moving to a bigger and better location this week. The center will be closed until Tuesday to complete the move from Ortega Hall to the Student Services Building, according to an e-mail sent to all Arts and Sciences students on Tuesday. Brenda Claiborne, Arts and Sciences Dean, said students were informed about the closure only two days ahead of time because of the remodeling process in Student Services. “The Advising center sent an e-mail out to students as soon as we were notified of the definite move dates,” she said in an e-mail to the Daily Lobo. “As the remodeling process can be unpredictable, we did not want to send vague or confusing information to our student body before we knew the exact dates of the move.” The Advisement Center’s new space was recently re-modeled to provide waiting-room space for up to 30 students and space for three new advisers. The Student Services Center is currently home to University College Advisement, One-Stop and Bursar’s Office. Moving Arts and Sciences

Online advisement appointments can be made at

Advisement to Student Services will help streamline the advisement process, Claiborne said. She said the number of students in the College of Arts and Sciences has grown 40 percent in the last eight years. But the Advisement Center hasn’t been able to expand as well. “The University agreed that to better serve our growing population of students, the Advising Center of the College needed more space,” she said. The e-mail sent to all Arts and Sciences students said that Advisement will probably need more time to process paperwork during the move. “If you need paperwork processed, it may take longer than the usual week turnaround,” the e-mail said. “We appreciate your patience during our move.”

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New Mexico Daily Lobo

Tracy Rodarte reads, “Day in the life of Barbara Handal” in Wednesday’s paper. If a Daily Lobo staff member catches you reading the paper, you’ll win a prize and have your photo in Thursday’s Page Two feature.

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New Mexico Daily Lobo

February, February 25, 2010 / Page 3

Basketball from page 1 team-high 16 points, and she also led the Lobos in minutes with 33. “I felt like a little kid all day waiting for the game,” Beggin said. “I was excited to get back out there. I’ve never missed a game, even going back to preschool.” Too bad for CSU, Beggin didn’t miss this one. Later, the Rams pushed to within three points. The Lobos, though, pushed back. A 3-point bucket from Barbee pulled the Rams within 48-45 with 10:03 left in the second half. After that, however, the Rams drowned in the midst of a seven-minute


field-goal drought, until Mestdagh’s 3-pointer. By then, it was too little, far too late. Meanwhile, UNM whirled to a 11-2 run, boosting the lead to 12 with under four minutes to go. “Tale of two halves — I thought the second half we were much better defensively,” Flanagan said. “I thought we were slow to cut and weren’t active enough on offense, and then we were allowing them too many easy shots. What we were doing was pressuring the kids that are not their primary shooters and missing out on their shooters.” If only the Rams had kept up

what they did in the opening minutes of the first half. CSU was singeing the silk, netting a trio of 3s to start the game. But, unable to sustain, the Rams tailed off, shooting just 23.1 percent in the second half. UNM bested CSU in the second half, however, hitting 6-of-11 from beyond the arc. Beggin said CSU’s pesky defense — coupled with its early blistering shooting — gave the Lobos fits. “Colorado State’s a great team — their record doesn’t necessarily show it,” Beggin said. “Once we settle in and helped each other on defense, then we kind of got rolling.”

“I didn’t realize that I had a graduation hold on my account until yesterday,” she said. “It’s kind of inconvenient if you need to get that taken care of right away.” Student Troy Linthicum agreed that students with holds, especially those who want to sign up for eight-week classes, might be frustrated. But he said having the center in Student Services will be more convenient.

“Having everything in one spot seems like a better idea,” he said. Claiborne said she requested that the center move to Student Services over a year ago. “We are very pleased that our request was granted and that this move is happening,” she said. “It will allow us to improve services to our dedicated and hard-working students.”

recognition typically follows that.” The importance of faculty unity is fundamental to a successful department, Fleetwood said. “It’s one thing to hire well, it’s another thing to help provide an environment in which people can perform well,” he said. “What I don’t like to see are the faculty members that just shut themselves in their office and try to do everything on their own because that is a recipe for failure. It is possible for someone to be successful there but the percentages are low.” Fleetwood said his leadership style is leading by example. “If you try to get folks to do something fundamentally different than what you do, that’s a recipe for failure,” he said. “If you say you should work very, very hard and you are not perceived as working really hard yourself, that’s not really going to work.” With the other two candidates coming to UNM in the next weeks,

Pieper said he encouraged students, faculty and staff to be active in the decision making process. “The evaluations are critically important,” he said. “We will collect the information that we are receiving and add it to the candidates’ strengths and weaknesses and present that to the Provost who will make the decision.”

UNM Fair Trade Initiative Presents: A Film that comes from the heart of the Zapatista movement With a Q/A session by author and journalist John Ross About UNM Fair Trade Initiative: The UNM Fair Trade Initiative is as student organization that promotes justice for workers, farmers, and campesinos, by promoting fair trade, through education, and advocacy work.

So, Come Join UNM Fair Trade Initiative Friday 26th @ 6pm 3rd floor of the SUB in Santa Ana room B

from page 1

Although the center will be closed, Claiborne said students who need advisement services can e-mail and call the center most of Thursday and Monday. She said students who need emergency advisement can visit the University College Advisement Center in the Student Services Building. Student Julie Lang said students in Arts and Sciences who have holds on their accounts may have problems when the center is closed.

Engineering from page 1 where we tried to correct that but it’s never taken hold. I think opportunities are being missed from the standpoint of attracting students to UNM. There are opportunities maybe being missed to attract faculty by not having that kind of publicity.” The best publicity comes from active faculty conducting research while educating their students effectively, Fleetwood said. “The best publicity for the school comes from the faculty members going out to conferences and being physical and presenting good work and from publishing papers in venues with high impact,” he said. “It also comes from students who go out and are advocates for the school in their professional careers. It’s nice and necessary to have the upto-date Web site, to do the news releases, to do the brochures and the magazines, but it’s also very important to recognize that a lot of external recognition only comes as the faculty are recognized. The school’s




Patrick O’Shea —

March 1 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. in Stamm Commons, Centennial Engineering Center for students; 4:30 to 6 p.m. students, faculty, and community members in Centennial Engineering Center Auditorium Gregory Washington — March 3 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. in Stamm Commons, Centennial Engineering Center for students; 4:30 to 6 p.m. students, faculty, and community members in Centennial Engineering Center Auditorium More information available at School of Engineering’s Web site


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Thursday February 25, 2010 / Ext. 133

LETTERS PETA: ‘Organic’ meats are still slaughtered inhumanely Editor, Although I was happy to see discussion of the benefits of vegetarianism in the letter to the editor, “Not all vegetarians are radical ‘blood splatterers,’” published on Feb. 21, the author has fallen victim to a dangerous myth — that of humane “free-range” and “organic” meat, eggs and dairy products. It is impossible to humanely raise and kill the billions of animals slaughtered each year in the U.S. to satisfy this country’s enormous appetite for food from animals. Even if workers on factory farms were willing to give each individual animal the time and attention necessary to promote humane conditions, concern for animals’ wants and needs on factory farms is notoriously rare. They could not possibly attend to the countless animals that are enslaved and exploited to feed our current meat, milk and egg habit. As for animals’ chances for a peaceful death, euthanasia by painless injection — the only true form of humane killing — is impracticable in the case of animals raised for food because it renders their flesh inedible. Unfortunately, animals raised on many “organic” or “free-range” farms suffer the same conditions that characterize factory farms. The term “organic” applies only to what the animals are fed and what kind of drugs they are given — it does not signify improvements to quality of life, cleanliness or how the animals are housed. Most eggs labeled “free-range” come from hens that are raised in dark, extremely crowded sheds, much like those used to confine broiler chickens. Even on so-called “humane” farms, male chicks — of no use in egg production — are killed upon hatching, often by suffocation or by being ground up alive. When they have outlived their usefulness, hens are killed, since farmers’ need for high profits prevents them from continuing to feed and care for animals that no longer contribute to the bottom line. Conditions on small dairy farms are similarly cruel. Male calves, considered useless because they can’t produce milk, are usually sold to the veal industry or to larger dairy farms and eventually slaughtered. Pigs, cows and other animals raised for meat on “humane” farms are butchered in the same terrifying slaughterhouses as animals raised on factory farms. The intense fear and pain suffered by farmed animals are among the many reasons why we at PETA advocate a vegan diet. We have so many choices as consumers today, from veggie barbecue riblets to vegan pizza. There’s simply no reason to continue to raise and slaughter animals for food. The only truly humane alternative to making animals suffer is to stop buying and consuming animal products — and it’s not as hard as you might think. Drew Winter Peta2 College Campaigns assistant


Sororities create lifelong bonds by Tricia Remark

Assistant News Editor I never planned on joining a sorority. When I was a senior in high school, my aunt would plague me with stories about the sorority she was in, how much it could change my life, blah, blah, blah. She is an alumna of Pi Beta Phi at UNM. But I didn’t care how much she wanted me to go through “rush,” or about how many amazing memories she shared with her “sisters.” I just knew I didn’t want to be in a sorority. Everything changed when I talked to my high school dance team coach, who had also been in a sorority. On a whim I asked her what being in a sorority was like. I’ll never forget what she said: “It’s like being a part of a big dance team, except no practices, no performances.” I decided I had to at least go through rush — it didn’t mean that I had to join a sorority. And it was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. Through Pi Phi, I have gained experiences, opportunities and best friends. I found out


about the opportunity to be a counselor at an autistic children’s camp — Camp Rising Sun — through a friend in Pi Phi. I enjoyed being a counselor so much I’ve done it every summer since. My friends in Pi Phi have proofread my essays, gone with me on 4 a.m. pranking missions to fraternities and offered me their shoulders to cry on. When I was trying to raise money to do a volunteer project in El Salvador, they were right by my side cleaning The Pit and painting buildings to raise money that they would never see a cent of. They have proven to be some of the most supportive and selfless women I’ve ever met. Pi Phi members are not the only sorority girls that have affected my life positively. I can honestly say I have at least one good friend in every Panhellenic sorority on campus. I’ve traveled to San Diego with an Alpha Chi and a Kappa has given me a ride home. A Chi Omega has been one of my most influential mentors. It may be weird to think about, but being a member of a sorority gives people a special kind of bond: You know that even if you do something

like a semester exchange, you’ll come back to your sorority and nothing has changed. Your best friends are all still there for you, and you can pick up right where you left off. I might make being in a sorority sound a little too good to be true. And you might secretly be thinking, “The stuff this girl is saying could not sound more sugar-coated if she tried.” However, the biggest lesson I’ve learned through Pi Phi is that you are only rewarded when you put a lot of effort into something. As a sorority member, I’ve tried to get involved in any opportunity in Pi Phi or Panhellenic that sounds interesting to me. Panhellenic is the governing body over all the sororities. I’ve been lucky enough be a part of recruitment and hold an office in Panhellenic. I’ve laughed for hours just watching YouTube videos with Greek Life advisers and other sorority women. I know that the friends I’ve made and experiences I’ve had in a sorority will stay with me and continue to affect me throughout my entire life.

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New Mexico Daily Lobo

Thursday, February 25, 2010 / Page 5

Students to scavenge for danger by Andrew Beale Daily Lobo

UNM is responding to the Feb. 15 student attack by holding a campus safety walk tonight. Students will meet in front of the Saggio’s in the SUB at 6 p.m. There will be a half-hour introduction featuring a speech by Eliseo “Cheo� Torres, vice president of Student Affairs. ASUNM Vice President Mike Westervelt, who was in the classroom that the slashing victim walked into, will also give a speech at the event. Westervelt said the people who go on the walk will carry checklists and mark problems they find. He said the University will respond to the problems that students discover within 30 days. “They are looking to get results and make changes to the problems that are already there, like replacing light bulbs and cutting back brush,� he said. “The University is going to look into all the problems that are laid out by the people who go on the walk.� ASUNM Senator Zoila Alvarez said the event, which was organized by Torres, will improve campus security. “I think that this walk is very important because we have administrators doing it with us, which I think makes a very big difference because

then the administrators actually walk the walk and go out and tour the campus alongside students,� she said. “So I think this is a really good move on Dr. Torres’ office’s part.� She said ASUNM was planning its own meet-and-greet safetyawareness event before they learned Torres was planning the safety walk. “When we found out that Cheo was doing this, we moved back our event — the meet and greet — so that the senators could attend the walk,� she said. Torres was unavailable for comment, but Public Affairs Representative for Student Affairs, Dorene DiNaro, said Torres got the idea for the walk from an old fraternity tradition. “It used to be something the Greeks would do — I don’t know how many years ago, — and it just sort of stopped happening,� she said. And now with the stabbing, Cheo decided that we really need to change this, start doing it again and make some changes.� DiNaro said 150 people have signed up for the event through Facebook. “We’re actually expecting a pretty big turnout,� she said. “I don’t know if they’ll all actually show up, but there’s been quite an interest in it, and we’ve got some positive feedback on it.� Alvarez said problems on campus include dark areas and a lack of

security patrols. “I think that one of the things that needs to be improved on campus safety is definitely patrol. I know the campus has already made a move towards getting more walking patrol on the campus,� she said. DiNaro said the University will evaluate the students’ checklists and make improvements based on suggestions provided by the walkers. “It will go back to the Safety and Risk (Services) Department, and they’re going to put together a report, and they’ll start fixing things, of course,� she said. “They want to see what the results are first. Then they’ll make those decisions. They definitely do want to fix things, but they have to see the report first.� Alvarez said the walk will help the administration focus on what specific things need to be improved. “I think that having the safety walk is vital to the campus because you can spot out the problem areas,� she said. “Not necessarily just spending money all over campus, but just on the things that really need it.� On Feb. 15, a UNM student was stabbed in the neck by an unknown assailant. The investigation is ongoing, according to UNMPD Spokesman Robert Haarhues. Also, the victim is still hospitalized but was last said to be in “satisfactory� condition.


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news briefs LOS ANGELES— The executive director of a Northern California mental hospital has been arrested for allegedly molesting a foster child in his care for more than a decade. Napa State Hospital Director Claude Foulk was arrested Wednesday after a five-month investigation by Long Beach police. Prosecutors say there were numerous other victims but the statute of limitations prevents them from pursuing cases before 1988. The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office says the 63-yearold Foulk is charged with 35 felony counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a child. Prosecutors say the crimes oc-

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curred in the Long Beach area between 1975 and 2006. Foulk was detained on the hospital grounds in Napa and is expected to be transported to Long Beach. LOS ANGELES— A middle-class family of four vanishes, leaving their dogs unattended and rotting food in their San Diego County home. Their abandoned car is later found near the Mexico border. It might sound like a TV mystery, but the reality has relatives of the McStay family pleading for help and law enforcement searching both sides of the border for clues. On Wednesday, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department released photographs of Joseph Mc-

Stay, 40; his wife Summer, 43; and their sons Gianni, 4, and Joseph Jr., 3. The family has not been seen or heard from since Feb. 4. Their white, 1996 Isuzu Trooper was found four days later in a strip mall in San Ysidro, about 70 miles from their home in Fallbrook, sheriff’s Lt. Dennis Brugos said. “It’s all a mystery,� he said. “Is the vehicle down by the border a ploy? Were they voluntarily missing? Were they taken against their will? ... Just for a family of four to disappear, I’ve never seen anything like it.� Joseph’s brother, Michael, went to the home on Feb. 14 to check on the family but only found the dogs.

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Don’t think of this as a food review. I’m not a connoisseur of fine dining. I don’t have a sophisticated palate. I don’t need raspberry sorbet between courses, and you probably don’t either. Like you, I’m almost always hungry and I’m broke. So your humble servants at the Daily Lobo took a scale and sampled 10 local University-area restaurants. We were curious about the quantity — not quality — of food the cashstrapped student might be able to get for two dollars. “I’m really hungry and I’ve only got two dollars — what’s the most food I can get?” I asked waiters and waitresses at the local eateries. And then we just dropped hash browns, orange chicken, chocolate chip cookies or any other edible matter on a scale and found out how much food per dollar, regardless of taste, each restaurant could dish up. Whenever we couldn’t eat all the food we got, we offered it to people on the street who asked for it. Nothing went to waste. Here’s what we found:

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New Mexico Daily Lobo

Thursday, February 25, 2010 / Page 7

Doing it in the Duke City

“Quadruple Your Money with U.S.â€? MĂŠnage Ă trois — three times the fun! by Isabel

Daily Lobo Should a woman feel insufficient if her male partner voices his desire to bring another woman into the bedroom? When my boyfriend voiced such a desire to me, quite honestly, I was intrigued and seriously considered doing it. However, when I discussed the issue with my friends, they told me I wasn’t supposed to feel this way. More or less, they said this meant my boyfriend thought I alone wasn’t good enough and that there must be underlying problems with our relationship. They also told me that even though it might sound good in the abstract, when I saw him with another woman, I would inevitably be so overcome with jealousy that it would cause me to resent him thereafter. Well, despite my girlfriends’ warnings, one night after a few too many shots of Wild Turkey, my boyfriend and I went to bed with a good female friend of ours. Throughout the entire experience, I didn’t feel anything but pleased. I never felt neglected or jealous. In the morning, the three of us ate breakfast and comfortably joked with each other about the previous night’s goings on. After our friend left, my boyfriend showered me with affection. “What happened last night was so fun and exciting,� he said. “And, if anything, it just reinforced how much I love you.� The feeling was mutual. What was wrong with us? What kind of freaks were we that we could seamlessly pull off something like that, and afterward have it bring us closer together? I was convinced that a couple’s

desire for a threesome had to be more complex than simply meaning either partner was dissatisfied with the relationship. So, I sought the professional opinion of Dr. Robert Sher, a therapist in the Albuquerque area whose many specialties include sex therapy. I was shocked by what he had to say. Sher said that recently, women are becoming the likelier partners to desire a threesome. “Nowadays, it’s often the women in the relationship who are initiating it, not the men,� he said. “Men can often be intimidated by the idea of a threesome.� Sher said there would be less of a potential for problems if all partners sat down beforehand and laid out what they wanted out of the experience. He said threesomes are becoming more common as relationships are becoming healthier. He also confirmed that a threesome can in fact often bring couples closer together. “People are so healthy and have so much more ego strength,� he said. “It’s about becoming closer to each other. I’m not sure why that is. It all depends on the personalities. Some personalities are somewhat insatiable; they need something outside the traditional relationship.� It looks like my boyfriend and I aren’t so freakish after all. My best advice — if you’re in a relationship and have ever had the desire to have a threesome, talk to your partner. And if your partner has ever asked you to have a threesome, make sure you approach the situation with an open mind. Don’t look at it in terms of how you think you’re supposed to feel. While Sher said threesome experiences are bound to vary greatly from couple to couple, I think there are plenty of couples out there who, after bringing someone else into the bedroom, will be pleasantly surprised.

Mobile theater takes the show on the road by Hunter Riley Daily Lobo

The fame in Albuquerque’s backyard, TV series “Breaking Bad�, is coming to UNM on Friday with a portable movie theater. TV channel AMC is touring the Emmy-winning show nationwide, said Theresa Beyer, AMC’s vice president of promotion. “This is one of the best shows on television and, quite frankly, they need to check it out,� she said. “We’re showing a seven-minute video presentation in what we call the ‘Breaking Bad’ screening lab, which is essentially a miniature mobile movie theater. It seats about 80 people. It has stadium style seating with HD surround sound, and it’s pretty incredible.� Beyer said the difference between “Breaking Bad� and other shows is that “Breaking Bad� is not only entertaining, but high quality too. “We all know what’s on much

Breaking Bad in the mobile screening lab Between the Student Resource Center and Santa Ana dorms Friday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. of television,� she said. “‘Breaking Bad’, as proven by the Emmy awards that it’s won, is a really quality production, in its writing, directing, cinematography and acting.� Actor Bryan Cranston won two consecutive Emmys for best actor in a dramatic series for his character Walter White. “I love the show because it’s funny, quirky and very dramatic,� Beyer said. “You never really know what you’re going to get. It’s the kind of show that sucks you in and gets you involved in the crazy world of Walter White.�

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the haps

Page 8 / Thursday, February 25, 2010

HAPS Listings Thursday Pars Cuisine Unique Mediterranean atmosphere. Hookah served on the patio. Mon-Thurs 11-9 Fri-Sat 11-10, Sun 5-9 Southwest Film Center Jan Svankmajer’s Alice

6PM, 8PM Information at 277-5608 Ned’s On The Rio Grande Rolling Rock Thursdays College Night, Live Music with Reviva 8:30-close Free Rollin Rock Draft for $2.00 Appetizers $3.00 4-6 Lotus Nightclub 18+ Temptation Thursdays w/ DJ AI, DJ Flo-Fader and DJ Xes. Top 40, Hip Hop & Dance. NO COVER FOR 21+ Copper Lounge 2pm-7pm Alien IPA, Blue Moon, Honeybrown $2.50. $2.25 Domestic Beer. $2.75 Well Drinks. $6 Potato Skins. 7pm-close Copper Burger $5. Smithwick’s, Sam Seasonal, Marble Red, Bass, Stella $3. Copper house Martini and Skyy U- call it $4 Sushi and Sake Open 11:30-2:30; 5-9:30 The Library Bar & Grill The hottest booty shakin’ contest in town! 1st Place gets $200, 2nd Place $100, & 3rd Place $50! All contes-

tants will receive gift certificates for participating. Starts around 11:30pm. $2.50 Coronas and $3.00 Cuervo from 8pm-close. No Cover Burt’s Tiki Lounge *THE UNIVERSAL!* *The Original Weekly Dance Party!* *Indie/ Dance & Post Punk* *Clckclckbng & Guests* *75 Cent PBR Until Midnight* Maloney’s Tavern Happy Hour Specials! $1.00 Off All Drinks Except Bottled Beer, 7 Days A Week From 3-7PM! Featured Drinks: Smirnoff Strawberry, PBR Pints for $2.00, And PBR Liters only $4.00 All Day And Night! The Blackbird Buvette The Planet Rock w/ DLRM DJ’s 10pm Seth Hoffman - 7pm Barrett House Attic Albuquerque’s Premier Thrift Store HOT CLOTHING AT COOL PRICES. Visit our thrift store and get another 5% off with this ad. 4308 Lomas NE 262-1073


2:00pm - 7:00pm $2.50 Blue Moon Sam Adams Seasonal Honeybrown Pints $2.25 Domestic Beers $2.75 Well Drinks

7:00pm - Close $3.00 Dos Equis Tecate; Rolling Rock Honeybrown; Marble Blonde $4.00 Margaritas; Cosmos Slippery Nipples $5.00 9� 1-Topping Pizza $1.00 Tacos


e k a S & i h Sus Ko 33

Southwest Film Center Jan Svankmajer’s Alice 6PM, 8PM Information at 277-5608 Ned’s On The Rio Grande Saturday Night Live Music The Strange 9pm-1am Small Cover Charge $.25 wings 11-9 Breakfast specials all day uner $6.00

Lotus Nightclub Funktion Fridays w/ DJ Edge & DJ Quico. Top 40, Latin Dance and Hip Hop. NO COVER Copper Lounge 2pm-7pm Bridgeport IPA, Paulaner, 90 Schilling $3. $2.25 Domestic Beers. $2.75 Well Drinks. 7pm-close Jose Cuervo $4.50. Manzano Martini $6. Minderaser, Razztini, Salty Dog $4. Dos XX, Tecate, Alien, Sam Seasonal, 90 Schilling $3.00. Corona $3.25. $5 Stuffed Sopas.

Free all you can eat sushi!!!

Buy 10 all-you-can-eat sushi dinners and get one free!

*no 151-proof


now n o i y t oca dem w L n Aca g e N no min ope Wyo &

2:00pm - 7:00pm $3.00 Bridgeport IPA Paulaner; 90 Shilling Pints $2.25 Domestic Beers $2.75 Well Drinks 7:00pm - Close $3.00 Dos Equis; Tecate Alien; Sam Adam’s Seasonal 90 Shilling $3.25 Corona and Corona Light $4.00 Salty Dogs Razzitinis; Mind Erasers $4.50 Jose Cuervo $6.00 Manzano Martinis $5 Stuffed Sopapillas (Chicken or Beef)


ALL YOU CAN EAT LUNCH $18.95 DINNER $21.95 Monday 11:30-2:30 5-9:30 Tuesday 11:30-2:30 5-9: 30 Wednesday 11:30-2:30 5-9: 30 Thursday 11:30-2:30 5-9: 30 Friday 11:30-2:30 5-10 Saturday 11:30-2:30 5-10 Closed Sundays





1504 Central Ave SE

Albuquerque, NM 87106

(505) 242-7490 Enjoy our new Patio Open Tues-Fri Night



The Library Bar & Grill Ladies Night 8pm- Close $3 Absolute Drinks & Stella Drafts $2 Miller Lite Sushi and Sake Open 11:30-2:30; 5-10 Burt’s Tiki Lounge *World On Fyre* *Gnossuruss* *Boar Worship*

A unique Persian and Mediterranean atmosphere with Belly Dancer on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday nights. Hookah served on the patio. Mon-Thurs 11-9 Fri-Sat 11-10, Sun 5-9

As alumni, we’re pleased to offer the UNM community a

20% discount just by showing your UNM ID! Not valid with any other offers or promotions; excludes alcohol and tobacco.

4320 The 25 Way, Ste 100



Copper Lounge 11am-7pm well Drinks $2.75. Bloody Mary $2.50. $2.25 Domestic bottles. 2pm-7pm Alien IPA, Blue Moon, Honey Brown $2.50. 7pm-close Smirnoff flavors U- call it $4. Alien IPA, Smithwick’s, Sierra Nevada, New Castle, Marble $3. $6.75 Chk or Beef Burrito.


3200 Central Ave. • Albuquerque, NM

*no Red Bull or Martinis

Lotus Nightclub Scene Saturdays w/ DJ Flo-Fader & DJ Edge. Top 40, Dance and Hip Hop. NO COVER


rean BBQ


7:00pm - Close $3.00 All Pints $4.00 Bacardi U-Call-It* $5.00 9� 1-Topping Pizza 1/2 of Selected Apps


Pars Cuisine Belly Dancer with unique Mediterranean atmosphere. Hookah served on the patio. Mon-Thurs 11-9 Fri-Sat 11-10, Sun 5-9

Ned’s On The Rio Grande Friday Live Music Woodpeckers 6-10pm, DJ Flakey 10-close. Drink Specials all night Fried Catfish 11-9 $2.50 $2.50 Domestic Draft all day Oysters on sepcial 3-7pm

The Blackbird Buvette Influx Fridays - w/DJ Mittens - 10pm Becky Alter - 7m

Barrett House Attic Albuquerque’s Premier Thrift Store HOT CLOTHING AT COOL PRICES. Visit our thrift store and get another 5% off with this ad. 4308 Lomas NE 262-1073


Southwest Film Center Jan Svankmajer’s Alice 6PM, 8PM Information at 277-5608

Maloney’s Tavern Happy Hour Specials! $1.00 Off All Drinks Except Bottled Beer, 7 Days A Week From 3-7PM! Featured Drinks: Smirnoff Strawberry, PBR Pints for $2.00, And PBR Liters only $4.00 All Day And Night!

6 8-242

2:00pm - 7:00pm $2.50 Alien Blue Moon Marble Red Pints $2.25 Domestic Beers $2.75 Well Drinks

11:00am - 7:00pm $2.75 Well Drinks $2.50 Bloody Marys $2.25 Domestic Bottles 2:00pm - 7:00pm $2.50 Alien, Blue Moon, Honeybrown 7:00pm - Close $3.00 Alien; Smithwick’s Sierra Nevada; New Castle Marble Blonde Smirnoff U-Call-It $6.75 Chicken or Ground Beef Burrito

Pars Cuisine Belly Dancer with unique Mediterranean atmosphere. Hookah served on the patio. Mon-Thurs 11-9 Fri-Sat 11-10, Sun 5-9

Burt’s Tiki Lounge *Ex-Calico* *Grave Of Nobody’s Darling* *DJ Zenova*


2:00pm - 7:00pm $2.50 Blue Moon Sam Adams Seasonal Smithwick’s Pints $2.25 Domestic Beers $2.75 Well Drinks

7:00pm - Close $3.00 Smithwick’s Sam Adam’s Seasonal Marble Red; Bass; Stella Artois $4.00 Skyy U-Call-It* Copper House Martini $5.00 Copper Burger


Sushi and Sake Open 11:30-2:30; 5-10

7:00pm - Close $3.00 Bridgeport IPA Blue Moon; Shiner Bock Hardcore; Alien $4.00 Lemon Drops Kamikazes $5.00 9� 1-Topping Pizza $5.00 Cheeseburger w/ FF

2:00pm - 7:00pm $2.50 Alien; Blue Moon Honeybrown Pints $2.25 Domestic Beers $2.75 Well Drinks $6.00 Potato Skins

New Mexico Daily Lobo

NW Corner of I-25 & Jefferson (east of Singer)



210 YALE SE s   s WWWOUTPOSTSPACEORG Thursday, 7:30pm MARCH 4

+;N?-=';LLSÂ&#x2026;M ,?MMCM-IL?4LCI


Tuesday, 7:00pm MARCH 9


$2 16OZ $2.25 16OZ $2.75 16OZ







â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D; 0F9EC?D=â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;

Thursday MARCH 11


Student Rush Tickets! $10 the night of the show


Funded in part by the New Mexico Tourism Department

the haps

New Mexico Daily Lobo

Barrett House Attic Albuquerque’s Premier Thrift Store HOT CLOTHING AT COOL PRICES. Visit our thrift store and get another 5% off with this ad. 4308 Lomas NE 262-1073

Sunday Pars Cuisine Unique Mediterranean atmosphere. Hookah served on the patio. Mon-Thurs 11-9 Fri-Sat 11-10, Sun 5-9 Southwest Film Center Jan Svankmajer’s Alice 1PM, 3PM Information at 277-5608 Ned’s On The Rio Grande FREE Cerviche and Chicharones $3 Bloody Marys and Margaritas $2 Domestic Drafts 25¢ Wings $3.95 Huevos Rancheros. Breakfast All Day Sushi and Sake Closed Sundays The Library Bar & Grill Caliente Sundays: Drink specials start at 8pm, $3 shots of Cuervo and $3 Mexican Beers Draft & Bottles (Tecate, Negra Modelo, Corona, Corona Light, Dos Equis). Free Salsa Lessons with prizes. DJ Quico spinning your favorite Salsa, Merengae, Cumbia, and Reggaeton. Maloney’s Tavern Happy Hour Specials! $1.00 Off All Drinks Except Bottled Beer, 7 Days A Week From 3-7PM! Featured Drinks: Smirnoff Strawberry, PBR Pints for $2.00, And PBR Liters only $4.00 All Day And Night!

Barrett House Attic Albuquerque’s Premier Thrift Store HOT CLOTHING AT COOL PRICES. Visit our thrift store and get another 5% off with this ad. 4308 Lomas NE 262-1073

Monday Pars Cuisine Unique Mediterranean atmosphere. Hookah served on the patio. Mon-Thurs 11-9 Fri-Sat 11-10, Sun 5-9 Copper Lounge 2pm-7pm Blue Moon, Sam’s Seasonal, Honey Brown $2.50 Pints. $2.75 Domestic Beers. $2.75 Well Drinks. 7pm-close 9” 1-top pizza $5. Cheese Burger w F.F $5. Alien IPA, Blue Moon, Shiner Bock, Hardcore $3 pints. Kamikaze or Lemon Drop $4. The Library Bar & Grill Happy Hour 4pm- 7pm Serving Full Menu for Lunch, Happy Hour & Nightime Ned’s On The Rio Grande $4.95 Frito Pie, $2.00 Corrslight Draft $2.50 Corona and Corona Light. Appetizers $3.00 4-6pm

Tuesday Pars Cuisine Belly Dancer with unique Mediterranean atmosphere. Hookah served on the patio. Mon-Thurs 11-9 Fri-Sat 11-10, Sun 5-9 Ned’s On The Rio Grande $2.50 Tuesdays Food and Drink Specials for $2.50 The Library Bar & Grill $2.50 well, wine, & domestics from 8pm to close. Wet T-Shirt Contest every Tuesday with cash prizes! Copper Lounge 2pm-7pm Shiner Bock, Sam’s Seasonal Smithwick’s $2.50 pints. $2.25 Domestic Beers. $275 Well Drinks. 7pm-close 9” 1-top pizza $5. Tacos $1. Margaritas, Slippery Nipple, or Cosmopolitan $4. Dos XX, Rolling Rock, Tecate, Marble Blonde $3 Sushi and Sake Open 11:30-2:30; 5-9:30

Featured Drinks: Smirnoff Strawberry, PBR Pints for $2.00, And PBR Liters only $4.00 All Day And Night! The Blackbird Buvette Geeks Who Drink - 7pm Vince Le Spins - 10pm Barrett House Attic Albuquerque’s Premier Thrift Store HOT CLOTHING AT COOL PRICES. Visit our thrift store and get another 5% off with this ad. 4308 Lomas NE 262-1073

Wednesday Pars Cuisine Unique Mediterranean atmosphere. Hookah served on the patio. Mon-Thurs 11-9 Fri-Sat 11-10, Sun 5-9 Lotus Nightclub Salsa Wednesday w/ DJ Quico & DJ 12Tribe. Salsa, Merengue & Reggaeton in the back and Top 40, Hip Hop & Dancehall in the front. NO COVER

Burt’s Tiki Lounge *Tiki Tuesdays!* *Rocker’s Dub Night* *$4 Tiki Drinks All Night*

The Blackbird Buvette Poetry And Beer - 8pm

Maloney’s Tavern Happy Hour Specials! $1.00 Off All Drinks Except Bottled Beer, 7 Days A Week From 3-7PM!

Ned’s On The Rio Grande Wednesday Live Music The Annie Jean Trio 9-Close FREE Copper Lounge

2pm-7pm Alien IPA, Blue Moon, Marble Red $2.50. $2.25 Domestic Beers. $2.75 Well Drinks. 7pm-close 9” 1-top pizza $5. Selected appetizers 50% off. All pints $3. Bacardi U- call it (no 151 proof) $4. Sushi and Sake Open 11:30-2:30; 5-9:30 Burt’s Tiki Lounge *Vinyl and Verses* *Underground Hip Hop* *UHF B-Boy Crew* *$2.50 Select Pints* Maloney’s Tavern Karaoke Wednesdays! 9PM-1AM! Happy Hour Specials! $1.00 Off All Drinks Except Bottled Beer, 7 Days A Week From 3-7PM! Featured Drinks: Smirnoff Strawberry, PBR Pints for $2.00, And PBR Liters only $4.00 All Day And Night! Barrett House Attic Albuquerque’s Premier Thrift Store HOT CLOTHING AT COOL PRICES. Visit our thrift store and get another 5% off with this ad. 4308 Lomas NE 262-1073

Barrett House Attic

Albuquerque’s Premier Thrift Store

Bring this ad for 5% off! Located at 4308 Lomas NE (just west of Washington on the south side of Lomas) Mon- Sat 9:30-5 262-1073

Sushi and Sake Open 11:30-2:30; 5-9:30 Burt’s Tiki Lounge *Shoulder Voices* *Dirty Penny* ( Maloney’s Tavern Happy Hour Specials! $1.00 Off All Drinks Except Bottled Beer, 7 Days A Week From 3-7PM! Featured Drinks: Smirnoff Strawberry, PBR Pints for $2.00, And PBR Liters only $4.00 All Day And Night! Barrett House Attic Albuquerque’s Premier Thrift Store HOT CLOTHING AT COOL PRICES. Visit our thrift store and get another 5% off with this ad. 4308 Lomas NE 262-1073

NW Blvd 940 ande87104-1 r G Rio NM 1100uerque, 43.5100 2 q 505. Albu

22 Closed 23

Open @: 11 am Mon-Fri,

12 noon Sat-Sun

Happy Hour

(Tues-Sun) 4 pm - 8 pm $3 Local Pints (Marble, Santa Fe, Tractor) $3.50 Single Shot Well Drinks

Liquid Monday Happy Hour All Day! Blackbird Karaoke w/DJ Kammo 9 pm Tapped Out Tuesday 9 pm - Midnight All Pints $2.50 Single Shot Well Drinks $3 Wednesday 9 pm - Midnight $1 off Vodkas $3 Marble Pints Thursday 9 pm - close $2.50 Marble Pints $1.50 PBR Pints Friday/Saturday Late Night Happy Hour 11 pm - close NO COVER ALL EVENTS 21+




The Original Weekly Dance Party! Clckclckbng and Guests Indie/Dance & Post-Punk 75 Cent PBR Until Midnight


Ex-Calico * Grave of Nobody’s Darling DJ Zenova Indie/Dance


World On Fyre Boar Worship Gnossuruss Rock/Metal





ials SpoePcie m y a ond Frit 4-6p

$4.9p5petizers 0A $$3.0 days $2.50 Tupeescials for 0 5 . s $2d Drink ic Mus an Liv-7epm Food y a nesd pps 3 Wed $3.00 A ays

$4 Tiki Drinks All Night Underground Hip Hop

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The Blackbird Buvette 509 Central Ave NW ABQ, NM 87002

Grand Canyon * This Stick * Shoulder Voices

UHF B-Boy Crew 24$2.50 Select Pints Until Midnight

Bailout Menu - Dine In Only Basket of Onion Rings $2 Jalapeño Caps $1.50 Chips n Salsa $1.50 Burger Bites $1 Hot n Spicy Chicken Wings 3 for $1

Tiki Tuesdays!

Vinyl And Verses


The Blackbird Buvette FAREWELL VINCE! The Porter Draw - 10pm Sam Irons & The Blank Stares - 7pm

The Blackbird Buvette The Do Over - Classic Hip Hop - 8pm


Maloney’s Tavern Happy Hour Specials! $1.00 Off All Drinks Except Bottled Beer, 7 Days A Week From 3-7PM! Featured Drinks: Smirnoff Strawberry, PBR Pints for $2.00, And PBR Liters only $4.00 All Day And Night!

Thursday, February 25, 2010 / Page 9

sd Thur t. k c o h se Nig in R Roll College 8:30-Clo 2.00 $ a v ft for Revi Soul Rock Dra ps 4-6 l p n ia Rolli $3.00 Aget spec s D . t ents ith I Stud ounts w Bud Ligh c dis ud and day ll 0B $2.5 Drafts a

s sicp Enchilada Mhurim e v i ayfiLsh and3S-7pm Frid d CatOysters ie r F usic 50¢ -1am vemM i L 6pm t igh -9p pecials ayWNings 11llaDmay-$6 S d r u Sat 25r¢eakfast A ials es ing B Serv SpCehcicharrognaritas. y a d e and nd Ma wings ll Day SuCn evich arys a , 25¢ kfast A

s a FREEBloody M Draft g Bre estic ervin $3.00.00 Domcheros. S r $2 os Ran ou pm py H . 3-7 day uev Hap urday Every .95 H


! Sat aft day- ic Dr sters MonDomesthave oy 0 $2.5 We now

325 Central Ave NW 4th and Central (505) 242-7422



$100 off all drinks except bottled beer


Featured Drinks

rry Smirnoff Strawbe .00 PBR Pints


& PBR Liters only $400 ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT





AHL Year Round Garden Supply The Indoor Garden Specialists • hydroponics • indoor grow lights • and organics!

1051 San Mateo Blvd SE • 255-3677 New Location! 9421 Coors Blvd. NW Suite K • 899-0592

Zach Gould / Daily Lobo David Koch, on Tuesday, examines the two images he will show at the Art of Sensuality exhibit at AC2 Gallery. The exhibit explores how we use our senses.

A brush with sensuality: an art show by Hunter Riley Daily Lobo

David Koch said his art would be different if he had more money, but he finds a way to bring art into almost everything he does. Recycled tin foil balls are piled up about two inches high in two windows on each side of his studio door. “I put them there until they start to fall down and then I recycle them,” he said. “But I kind of like the way it

Bookstores UNM 121st Birthday Event! Friday, Feb 26th |3:00pm | UNM Bookstore, Main Campus

Book Signing with: author

V. B. Price -andphotographer

looks. Maybe I’ll put some glass up there so they can’t fall out.” Koch is one of 15 artists that are exhibiting work in the Art of Sensuality show at the AC2 Gallery on Mountain Road. “For me, sensuality isn’t necessarily sexuality; it’s anything that deals with the senses,” he said. “And these surfaces are very fetish-istic and are smooth and meant to pull you in.” Koch’s two pieces in the show involve the mind, body and spirit. Both images have a big milk splash, a diagram and a woman’s face with her eyes closed. “In this particular show there are two pieces from a series I started a few years ago called ‘Tongue Twisted Soul,’” he said. “It’s basically two threesubject paintings. I use diagrams a lot in my work because that is the mind piecing things together. And a visual metaphor for the physical is these big splashes of chocolate which I got directly off the slim fast labels, which is of the body too.” Koch said his sense of sight was rocked when he moved to New Mexico 25 years ago. “I caught the first ride out of town (Louisiana) and ended up here. Basically, I just wanted to do something different,” he said. “I love New Mexico. I totally dig it. The light is just so different out here. It’s like tripping or a cartoon sometimes. It’s the very highcontrast colors, the intense blue sky and the sun setting, it’s just crazy.” As inspired as he is, he makes art in bits and pieces, not all at once. “I have to break things down in doable parts like, what can I get done tonight,” he said. Koch said creating art in small bits helps him to organize his thoughts. He starts in Photoshop and then prints his images out, draws them onto a canvas and paints.

Opening reception for The Art of Sensuality AC2 Gallery 301 Mountain Rd. N.E. Saturday 6 – 9 p.m. Shows thru March 28

Koch’s 13-year-old cat, Echo, is his long-term furry friend who’s seen some crazy days. The cat has survived two dog fights, one where he jumped in between two dogs fighting, and the other was a one-on-one with a German shepherd. Jennifer Urban, who works in the UNM children’s Psychology Clinic, has two triptychs in the Art of Sensuality show. Urban said the senses can be hard to capture in images and that she would be most lost if she had to give up her sense of sight. “The sense I’m most willing to give up is probably my taste,” she said. “There are probably some things I don’t want to taste. I think that sight is ultimately important to communicating. I tend to not listen to people that much. I’m normally only hearing bits and pieces that I put together so I have to look around to see what’s going on.” Urban said making art helps her communicate more with her patients at the clinic. “It’s definitely therapeutic for me and for people in general,” she said. “The good thing about art is that you can say things and disguise it, so you don’t feel totally exposed. I work with children a lot and they don’t always want to talk about it, so you can veil it.”

The Daily Lobo is accepting applications for:

Robert Reck

COLUMNISTS Visit to fill

“Since its founding on the sand hills above downtown Albuquerque in 1889, the University of New Mexico has graduated countless thousands of students who have been the mainstays of New Mexico's economic, political, and cultural life. The heart and soul of Albuquerque, and beloved by its alumni across the country and around the world, UNM is much more than an alma mater. It has querencia, a place in our hearts, like a homeland.” – V. B. Price

Helping Students and the UNM Community Succeed! 2 locations to serve you! | Main Campus 2301 Central NE | Mon-Fri: 8am to 6pm - Sat: 10am to 5pm | 505-277-5451 | North Campus Domenici Education Center | Mon-Fri: 8am to 5pm - 1st Sat: 10am to 2pm | 505-277-5827 | | LOBOCA$H accepted at both locations!




lobo features

New Mexico Daily Lobo

by Scott Adams


Brewster Rockit: Space Guy!

Thursday, February 25, 2010 / Page 11


by Tim Rickard

Yesterday’s Solutions

dailysudoku Level: 1 2 3 4

Solutions to Yesterday’s Puzzle

Complete the grid so each row, column and 3-by-3 box (in bold borders) contains every digit 1 to 9. For strategies on how to solve Sudoku, visit

Get your name out there with the Daily Sudoku


DAILY LOBO new mexico




Campus Events

Death by Myth: Environmental Change, Politics, and Coping Strategies among the San of Southern Africa Starts at: 4:00 PM Location: Hibben Center Room 105 The Anthropology Colloquia Series Presents: DR. ROBERT HITCHCOCK Adjunct Professor of Anthropology, University of New Mexico

CAPS Graduate Writing Workshop: Research Abstracts Starts at: 2:00 PM Location: MITCH 204 Learn the art of constructing abstracts for a variety of purposes. Repeats March 2nd from 12-1 in MITCH 210. Changeling the Lost Starts at: 8:00 PM Location: SUB, Santa Ana A&B

Mind’s Eye Theatre UNM presents the Camarilla’s Changeling The Requiem venue. Please call Marco at 505 453 7825 for information/ confirmation.

Community Events

Sai Baba devotional singing (bhajans) Starts at: 7:00 PM Location: 111 Maple Street UNM area-Phone: 505-366-4982



Get your name out there with the Daily Crossword


Events of the Day

Planning your day has never been easier! Placing an event in the Lobo Life calendar: 1.) Go to 2.) Click on “Events” link near the top of the page. 3.) Click on “Submit an Event Listing” on the right side of the page. 4.) Type in the event information and submit!


LASSIFIEDs CCLASSIFIEDS Page 12 / Thursday, February 25, 2010



Find your way around the Daily Lobo ClassiďŹ eds

PORTABLE WASHING MACHINE, HP printer, GE DVD player, & cordless FREE moving boxes. Call for prices or make an offer 321-4903. FOR SALE: WHITE refrigerator, ~5 years old, works perfect, clean. $115. Call 505-366-1380.

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TV CABINET SOUTHWEST design 48â&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;&#x2122;x36â&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;&#x2122;x22â&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;&#x2122; $175. Cabinet. White melamine 72â&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;&#x2122;x36â&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;&#x2122;x22â&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;&#x2122; $45 Guerilla racks 48â&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;&#x2122;x24â&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;&#x2122;x36â&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;&#x2122; $40 Photos upon request. 575-838-7189 LIKE NEW WHITE wicker desk, chifferobe, gold and white mirror, movie star photos, smoked glass dining table. Call after 7pm weekdays 11-5 on weekends. 298-2295.


BRADLEYâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S BOOKSMONDAY, Wednesday, Friday. 700 new arrivals!

Furniture SOFA AND LOVE Seat. Beige twill great condition. $100 for the set. Call 301-6291.

For Sale

Audio/Video Bikes/Cycles Computer Stuff Pets For Sale Furniture Garage Sales Photo Textbooks Vehicles for Sale

PAPER DUE? FORMER UNM instructor, Ph.D., English, published, can help. 254-9615. MasterCard/ VISA.

***1BDRM 1BA BIG rooms, 2 blocks to UNM, lots of parking, small pets allowed. 881-3540***

ABORTION AND COUNSELING services. Caring and conďŹ dential. FREE PREGNANCY TESTING. Curtis Boyd, MD, PC: 522 Lomas Blvd NE, 2427512.

FIRST MONTH FREE w/extended lease, STUDIOS, 1 block UNM, Free utilities, $435-$455/mo. 246-2038.

BIRTHRIGHT CARES. FREE pregnancy tests, help. 262-2235. STATE FARM INSURANCE 3712 Central SE @ Nob Hill 232-2886 STRESSED? LOG ON to



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Fun Food Music

YUSIFâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S CAFE NOW serving hookah 6PM-10PM daily! Free Turkish coffee. 216 Yale 508-2790.

Services TUTORING - ALL AGES, most subjects. Experienced Ph.D. 265-7799

Houses For Rent 3BDRM 2.5 BA 2-Story. Close to UNM Med/ Law School, gated community, private enclosed backyard, dishwasher, W/D, refridgerator, 2 car garage. $1,050/mo +utilites, lease required. 301-0791.

Rooms For Rent


FEMALE ROOMMATE WANTED 25+. Gated community. Utilities paid. free wiďŹ ,and direcTv Coors and Rio Bravo. 2 small dogs in house. (505)306-7088.

1 AND 2BDRMS, 3 blocks to UNM, no smokers/ no pets. Clean, quiet, and affordable. 301 Harvard SE. 262-0433.

ROOM FOR RENT, nice NE Heights location. Includes ults, cable, W/D, $400. Paul 505-228-3208.

UNM NORTH CAMPUS- 1 and 2BDRMS $490-$650/mo +utilities. Clean, quiet, remodeled. Move in special! 573-7839.

FEMALE WANTED TO share 4BDRM house. $400/mo. includes utilities, cable, and WiďŹ . Must be clean and responsible. Available immediately call 9080488.

MOVE IN SPECIAL- walk to UNM. 1and 2BDRMS starting at $575/mo includes utilities. No pets. 255-2685, 268-0525.

TAI CHI TUESDAYS 7-8PM 792-4519.

UNM/ CNM STUDIOS, 1BDRM, 2BDRMS, 3BDRMS, and 4BDRMS. William H. Cornelius, Real Estate Consultant: 243-2229. WWW.UNMRENTALS.COM Awesome university apartments. Unique, hardwood ďŹ&#x201A;oors, FPs, courtyards, fenced yards, houses, cottages, efďŹ ciencies, studios, 1 and 2 and 3BDRMs. Garages. Month to month option. 843-9642. Open 7 days/ week.

ONE MILE UNM Call 24/7 764-9111 Up to 40% Discount!

NEAR UNM/ NOB Hill. 2BDRM 1BA like new. Quiet area, on-site manager, storage, laundry, parking. Pets ok, no dogs. 141 Manzano St NE, $585/mo. 6102050.


$750/$500dd. 803-5349


Phone: Pre-payment by Visa, Discover, â&#x20AC;˘ 30¢ per word per day for five or more Come to to Marron show Pre-payment by Visa or Master â&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘ Come MarronHall, Hall,room room107, 131, show â&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘ Phone: or American is required. consecutive days without changing or your IDID and receive FREE classiďŹ eds Card is required. CallExpress 277-5656. yourUNM UNM and receive a special rate MasterCard Call 277-5656 cancelling. inofYour Rooms for Rent, orRooms any For 10¢Space, per word in Personals, â&#x20AC;˘ Fax or E-mail: Pre-payment by Visa or â&#x20AC;˘ Fax or Email: Pre-payment by Visa, Discover, â&#x20AC;˘ 40¢ per word per day for four days or Sale Category. for Rent, or any For Sale category. Master Card is required. Fax ad text, MasterCard or American Express is required. less or non-consecutive days. dates and dates category to 277-7531, or Fax ad text, and catergory to 277-7530 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING â&#x20AC;˘ Special effects are charged addtionally: e-mail or email to to classiďŹ DEADLINE logos, bold, italics, centering, blank lines, person:Pre-payment Pre-pay bybycash, â&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘ In In person: cash, check, money larger font, etc. check, Visa, Discover, MasterCard or â&#x20AC;˘ 1 p. m. business day before publication. order, money order, Visa or MasterCard. American Come room 107 Come byExpress. room 131 in by Marron Hallinfrom CLASSIFIEDS ON THE WEB Marron Hall from 8:00am to 5:00pm. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. UNM Student Publications Mail:: Pre-pay money order, in-state check, Pre-paybyby money order, in-state â&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘ Mail MSC03 2230 Visa, Discover, MasterCard or American check, Visa, MasterCard. Mail payment, 1 University of New Mexico â&#x20AC;˘ All rates include both print and online Express. Mail payment, ad text, dates and ad text, dates and category. Albuquerque, NM 87131 editions of the Daily Lobo. catergory.


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new mexico

new mexico

New Mexico Daily Lobo

GRADUATE STUDENT, FURNISHED ROOM, W/D, cable, smokeless, free utilities, $295/mo +$50dd. 344-9765. 2BDRMS FOR RENT- Private residence near campus on Coal Pl. and University. $700/mo (for both) +electric. Comes with security windows and free parking. Call 505-681-0158. FEMALE TO SHARE charming house. $350/mo +1/2utilities. 281-6290. ROOM FOR RENT, UNM area $450/mo. Utilities, wi-ďŹ , laundry included. (505) 254-2890.

Vehicles For Sale 1990 RANGE ROVER, County Edition. Excellent aluminum body, never used off-road. British Racing Green with leather interior. Includes full shop manual. Located in Alamogordo, NM. $7,000. (575) 437-0220 weekdays. thank you. 1998 OLDS. 88. Good, sturdy, and dependable (medium-sized) student car w/ 4-doors, large trunk and 197,000 miles. Grey w/ no dents. or 505-2041800.

Jobs Off Campus ACCOUNTING STUDENT WANTED for data entry. Must be meticulous and experienced with Peachtree accounting software. Hourly wage negotiable. Call Paul @ 681-3391.

SALES EASY SOFT sell by phone or in person. Fortune 500 company. No experience necessary. PT 2-3 hrs/day. Work your own hours. Full-time income potential. For more info call John 6101856. REOPENED PT CAREGIVER: efďŹ ciency apartment salary of $750/mo. Cable, utilities, internet access. Daily ride to/from CNM/UNM (ideal for students) Helping person in wheelchair weekday evenings and mornings, ďŹ nalists will be required to have valid DL, we pay for drug and background check. No pets or smoking. Located near Academy and Wyoming. 856-5276. 2010 EXPANSION!

$15 Base /Appt. Flex Schedule, Scholarships Possible! Customer Sales/ Service, No Exp. Nec., Cond. Apply. Call now, All ages 18+, ABQ 243-3081, NW/Rio Rancho: 891-0559. GYMNASTICS TEACHERS WANTED. Email resume to Experience working with children a must. PT position. PART-TIME 10-20hrs/wk, ďŹ&#x201A;ex hrs between 8am-6pm. Near UNM/CNM & Downtown, Small Insurance/ Real Estate OfďŹ ce. Applicant needs great communication skills, friendly, quick learner, phone skills, positive attitude, knows; Word, Power Point, Outlook, Excel. Pay is hourly with Incentive/ activity pay. Begin Immediately. Send Resumes w/letter to: PO Box 26506, ABQ, NM 87125, Atten John. NUDE MODELING FOR a new website. Email for info and details. SUBSTITUTES NEEDED FOR preschool. EC and 45 hr. course preferred. Send resume to 2914 Commercial St. NE ABQ 87107 or fax to 3457215.

What? Free ads for students? Yes! UNM Students can place free ads in: -Your Space -Rooms for Rent -For Sale Categories



!!!BARTENDING!!!: UP TO $300/day. No experience necessary, training provided. 1-800-965-6520ext.100.




!!  PLANET FITNESS MEMBERSHIP. "*'&,+-#&+%& A LOVELY KNOTTY Pined decor SPANISH TUTORING, LATINA profes8-months remaining 3BDRM 1.5BA. Skylight, parking, UNM    !  sional. 864-6694, Excellent BeneďŹ ts area. $799/mo. 299-2499. Paid $350, asking for $175 OBO Too to call us during the day? MATHEMATICS, STATISTICSbusy TUTOR.   

Call Natasha at 505-504-4091 or email 311 PRINCETON SE UNM/CNM 3BR Billy Brown, PhD. For Sale



KIM JEW PHOTOGRAPHY is seeking a dependable, friendly person with great people skills. Part Time. $7.50/hr to $9.00/hr DOE. Availability on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays a must. Studio Hours are 8:30am to 7:30pm including Saturdays and Sundays. Please mail or drop off resumes to Kim Jew, 6901 Gruber Ave, NE Suite F, Albuquerque, NM 87109. No Faxes, emails or phone calls please. !BARTENDER TRAINING! Bartending Academy, 3724 Eubank NE, www. 292-4180.

Volunteers CAFFEINE REDUCTION EDUCATION and Overactive Bladder Symptoms. This study determines if caffeine reduction education improves overactive (gotta go) bladder symptoms. Participants compensated for time. To learn more, call (505) 272-3546. HRRC #07277 HEALTHY VOLUNTEERS AND subjects with and without asthma are needed for a research study looking at the effects of fat and physical activity on the breathing tubes. If you qualify, compensation will be provided for your time and inconvenience upon study completion. If you are healthy or have asthma, over the age of 18, and are interested in ďŹ nding out more about this study, please contact or leave a message for Teresa at (505)269-1074 or e-mail DO YOU HAVE Type 1 Diabetes? You may qualify to participate in an important research study. To qualify you must have type 1 diabetes for more than one year, be 18-70 years old, and be willing to participate in 8 clinic visits. You will be paid $50 for each clinic visit. If interested, please contact Elizabeth at 272-5454 or by email at evaldez@salud.

NEED A JOB? Make sure to check the Daily Lobo ClassiďŹ eds Monday through Friday for new employment opportunities. Visit us online, anytime atďŹ eds.


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