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February 16, 2010

Making kindess count on campus by Tricia Remark Daily Lobo

Gabbi Campos/ Daily Lobo Johnny, a homeless man who frequents the Albuquerque area, glances to the right during an interview Saturday. Johnny has lived on the streets for more than 10 years. Johnny’s story is the first in a series investigating Albuquerque homelessness called “Without a Roof.”

The face of homelessness

Roofless by Andrew Beale Daily Lobo

Some quick calculations done my Freshman year showed me that if I gave 50 cents to everyone who asked for change, I would quickly go broke. In three years of living here, it struck me that Albuquerque seems to have a much larger homeless population than other cities. So I decided to figure out if this is true and, if so, why. The following piece is the first part of a new ongoing series, Without A Roof, that will investigate homelessness in Albuquerque. The first part of the series is a personal examination of one man’s life. The goal is to paint a picture of what life is like without a place to live. *** Johnny smokes his cigarettes down to a smoldering filter. Over the years, this has turned his fingertips black. Johnny is 43 years old and homeless. He’s been homeless “10, 14 years, maybe,” since his mother died. He gave a simple reason for being homeless: He doesn’t know how to do anything else. He said he tried to work, but couldn’t keep a job. “I never really had a job. I had two part-time jobs, but they didn’t like me. One of ‘em, I only lasted four

Inside the

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days. One I only lasted one day. I was painting,” he said. “People don’t see what I do as work, but it’s work. All the walking, talking. No sleep.” He didn’t go to college, or even graduate from high school, but he earned his GED after dropping out of high school. He used to carry the certificate with him everywhere, but he no longer has a copy. “I dropped out in the 10th grade. Then I got my GED at TVI, when it was still TVI, not CNM. But I don’t have it with me, they took it from me. When I got beat up, all my stuff got tooken,” Johnny said. He also lost his birth certificate in the attack. Selling drugs (well, marijuana anyway) was a good source of income for

Johnny until he was attacked and his drugs were stolen. Now it’s too dangerous, he said. “I made a lot of money selling pot, till I got shot in the leg,” Johnny said. “This guy had beat me up twice before, but I didn’t have my glasses. I’m glad that guy shot me, now. Back then, I would have shot him, but then I’d be in trouble.” Johnny repeatedly worries aloud that the police will read this article and use it against him, so, to be clear — today, Johnny said he does not sell or use drugs. It’s important for him to make this clear, because he’s been in jail more times than he can count. “I haven’t been to jail for going on

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five months. No tickets. Record for me,” he said. He has a negative view of most cops — “There’s very few good cops. There’s more that abuse the badge” — but he said he respects “the good ones.” “If a cop beats up a homeless, they’ll get away with it. I was beat up, roughed up three times by cops. One guy filmed it, but I let it go. I didn’t want to get killed. Because I heard of a homeless guy, won a settlement against cops. And later on, the cops killed him,” Johnny said. I long suspected that the University area has more homeless people than other parts of town because students are more sympathetic to the homeless, and Johnny (an unscientific study group, to be sure) more or less confirms this for me. “The college kids are more cool. Other people can be mean. Because there’s a lot of mean people out there. The people with money, they won’t give you nothing, but poor people, they’ll give you their last money, cause they know how it is. They’ve been through it, they feel for you,” he said. Unfortunately for Johnny, he’s now banned from campus. “I enjoy talking with kids like you, you know,” he said. “But now if I go to campus, I go to jail if I set foot on it. I haven’t been there for, like, eight years. I’ve never even seen the new SUB. I remember the old one.” He says his favorite pastime is

Nom Nom Noms

Stabbing Witness Online

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The UNM community has faced tough subjects lately, including looming budget cuts and the nationwide recession, but one UNM department decided it is the perfect time to chase away stress with some kindness. This week is Random Acts of Kindness Week at UNM, and some students think that it is an opportunity to spread good deeds around campus. “I think people can always be kinder. There is always room for improvement and people should try harder, especially on campus because school is so stressful,” student Sarah Morgese said. The Division of Student Affairs decided to celebrate the national week with a donation drive for two nonprofit organizations, said Kim Kloeppel, Student Affairs fiscal and planning officer. Cuidando Los Niños, which helps children in homeless families, and Albuquerque Rescue Mission, which serves the homeless

see Johnny page 2


Suspected stabber at large around UNM by Pat Lohmann Daily Lobo

A woman claiming to have been stabbed ran into a classroom in the Anthropology Building around 7:55 p.m., according to several witnesses who were in the classroom. Student Mike Johnson, who was visibly shaken, said a woman ran into his music appreciation class clutching her throat and asking for help. “I set my set stuff down and this poor lady walks in. She was holding her throat. She said, ‘somebody stabbed me, please help,’” he said. “We all kind of looked at each other like, ‘She’s joking.’ She moved her hand. There was blood all over her shirt.” A red substance that appeared to be blood was splattered on the sidewalk in front of the north entrance of the Anthropology Building, and the area is marked off by police tape. UNMPD responded to the scene, but deferred all comment to Lt. Robert Haarhues, UNMPD spokesman. Haarhues did not return several calls

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reading, but he only has access to books when he’s in jail. It’s hard to see why he’s living like this until I ask him about politics — his political ideas suggest maybe there’s something stranger going on in his mind than I thought. “Me, I’m like anti-government. I shouldn’t say that, you know. But I don’t like what they’re doing. They do a lot of crazy stuff, you know,” he said. But he continues: “They tried to make the Navy men invisible, so the enemy couldn’t see ‘em. And then they tell ‘em they can vanish from one point to another then


reappear. First they experiment on animals and then the people. Half their body is invisible, they can’t survive that. They do a lot of crazy stuff,” he said. Later he says, “I heard him yell at me, but I wasn’t sure if he was real at first, you know. Sometimes you hear those voices.” Johnny said he’s here for a reason and that his life is this way because God has a plan for him. But that doesn’t mean he’s without regrets. “I wish I would’ve graduated. I would’ve…” He pauses, searching for the phrase. “I would’ve not been this way.”



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over the course of two hours. Several students in the classroom corroborated Johnson’s story. Johnson said police responded within 30 seconds. He said the class responded immediately to the woman’s injury. He said several of his classmates called the police. “I took my shirt off, gave it to her,” he said. “She put it around her throat. It’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen. It shouldn’t happen at school, man.”


Kyle Morgan, another student in the class, said he and several of his male classmates bolted out the door after the woman described her assailant as a tall African American man with a black hooded sweatshirt and black hat. He said they ran around the entire building but couldn’t find the man in question. Johnson said he saw a man that matched the woman’s description standing outside the Anthropology

Building just before Johnson sat down after retrieving books from his car. He said he and the man exchanged niceties, but he looked “kind of shady.” A UNM TextMe alert system was sent out at 9:25 p.m. It said that the suspect was at large and encouraged students to be alert and walk in groups. And at 9:55 p.m., a second alert was sent out telling recipients that no further information was expected Monday night and to report suspicious activity.

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community, are the two organizations. Kloeppel said Student Affairs placed donation boxes on the first and second floors of the SUB so people can drop off canned food, toys and books for the charities. It’s important for students to get in the habit of doing nice things, Kloeppel said. “I think that having that basis of giving and being kind is helpful as you grow and go into adult life and professional careers,” she said. Students who are strapped for cash can still help, even if they can’t purchase supplies, she said. “You don’t have to have money to do things — you can just do nice things like volunteer at a charity or a non-profit,” she said. Student Allen Hrynick said he experienced a random act of kindness at UNM when he dropped his books on the stairs in the SUB.

“Everyone just stopped what they were doing and helped me pick up all my stuff,” he said. Hrynick said some people don’t do kind things for others — like smiling or going out of their way to help someone because it could be considered weird or creepy. “It shouldn’t be like that,” he said. “I think the more nice things people do for each other, the more accepting we’ll be.” Kloeppel said she first got the idea for the charitable week while working at Student Health and Counseling. John Maguire, a marketing representative for SHAC, said Student Health has been celebrating Random Acts of Kindness week for more than five years by giving inspiring notes to hard-working staff and students. “Just getting a pat on the back can go a long way for people, especially during difficult times with the economy and conflicts at UNM,” he said.

The Daily Lobo is committed to providing you with factually accurate information, and we are eager to correct any error as soon as it is discovered. If you have any information regarding a mistake in the newspaper or online, please contact

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Acts of Kindness For a full list of supplies needed, visit Unm. edu/~ovpsa For a full list of Random Acts of Kindness ideas, visit www. Some ways to spread kindness include giving a compliment, donating blood and babysitting for a friend, according to the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation Web site. Kloeppel said many people have shown that they care about others through the relief efforts in Haiti, but more can be done locally. “I wish it didn’t take a natural disaster or something major like that for people to show kindness,” she said. “It would be nice if they did it on a daily basis.”

Correction Contrary to what was printed in Monday’s article, “Substance report results surprising,” the survey considered binge drinking to be consuming five or more drinks one or more times in a two-week period, not two or more drinks.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010 / Page 3

LoboOpinion Opinion editor /Zach Gould

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Tuesday February 16, 2010 / Ext. 133

From the web In “Studying the efficiency of red-light cameras,” Tricia Remark described a recent study in progress to evaluate the viability of red light cameras or take away the funding for that program. Readers on DailyLobo. com responded: by ‘Deborah’ Posted Friday “How can ‘a 23 percent decrease in Lev el 1 trauma calls at red-light camera enforced intersections’ not be considered an increase in public safety?” by ‘Red’ Posted Friday “Seriously. The only people who oppose the red-light cameras are the selfish and irresponsible drivers who think it’s their god-given right to drive as fast and as dangerously as they want and who refuse to recognize that it puts other people (and themselves) in dangerous situations. So, grow up Jakob Schiller. The important consequences of your driving through a red light or speeding through an intersection have nothing to do with your driving record — they are the lives of people on the road with you.” by ‘Jack’ Posted Friday “If it saves just one life then it is worth it. We should ban all cars from the roads. This would drastically reduce the number of Level 1 trauma calls, not only at intersections but all parts of the road.” by ‘Clint’ Posted Friday “I think the whole point of the study is to, well, study the red-light camera results. I’m sure that will include any data from the Fire Department. Of course, (hopefully), they will also take into account some of the games that have been played with the data since the cameras where instigated, such as redefining what ‘in the intersection’ was so all the rear-end collisions would be considered on the roadway and not in the intersection even though the accident was directly caused by people overreacting to yellow lights at an intersection with red-light cameras. And Red, your statement ‘The only people who oppose the red-light cameras are the selfish and irresponsible drivers” is very juvenile and simplistic. There are a lot of other reasons to oppose those cameras, even by people (such as myself ) who have never received a citation (camera or otherwise) for running a red light. That is just not something I do intentionally.”


Specialists set new Pap test guidelines by Peggy Spencer

Daily Lobo guest columnist Ladies, this one is for you, and it is good news. You have probably heard of a Pap smear. That is the test for cancer of the cervix, also called a Pap test. It goes along with everyone’s least favorite exam, the pelvic exam. Up until last fall, you were supposed to get a Pap test every year as an adult. But now, hallelujah! The recommendations have changed. As of November 2009, the experts at the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists have decided you can wait until you are 21 to get your first Pap. After that, you can probably get by with one Pap every two years in your twenties and one every third year in your thirties! Why are the new Pap recommendations good news? Prior to this decision, lots of young women were coming up with abnormal Paps, due to infections with the human papillomavirus, one cause of cancer of the cervix. This sent them down a long road of testing and anxiety. It turns out most of those HPV infections cleared up on their own and didn’t cause cancer. Since cancer of the cervix is a slow-growing cancer, and lots of women catch HPV but then get rid of it, ACOG relaxed their previous recommendations. This will save a lot of anxiety and money. 

Editorial Board Eva Dameron


Abigail Ramirez Managing editor

Zach Gould

Opinion editor

Pat Lohmann

News editor

Letter submission policy n Letters can be submitted to the Daily Lobo office in Marron Hall or online at DailyLobo. com. The Lobo reserves the right to edit letters for content and length. A name and phone number must accompany all letters. Anonymous letters or those with pseudonyms will not be published. Opinions expressed solely reflect the views of the author and do not reflect the opinions of Lobo employees.

But before you cancel the calendar alert on your new iPad, please read on. The changed recommendations are only for the Pap test, and apply only as long as your Pap results are all normal and only if you have not had problems with your cervix or any immune system disease. You still might want to have a yearly pelvic exam for other reasons. Lots of people confuse a Pap with a pelvic exam. A Pap is just a lab test. It was invented by a doctor named George N. Papanicolaou and has saved millions of lives by finding cancer of the cervix early. The cervix is the narrow, open end of the uterus, located in the back of your vagina. To do a Pap test, a health provider collects cells from the cervix with a soft brush or small scraper.   The Pap test used to be called a Pap smear, because the cells from the cervix were smeared on a glass slide. Now it is mostly called a Pap test, because commonly the cells are not smeared but are suspended in liquid, then spun down and dropped onto a slide, where they are examined by a computer and a human technician for signs of cancer.   A pelvic exam is a physical examination of your female parts by a health professional. You get a pelvic exam when you think you have a yeast infection, or to screen for a sexually

transmitted infection, or for any number of other reasons. A pelvic exam does not have to include a Pap smear, just like an exam of your throat doesn’t have to include a strep culture. A pelvic exam also might just be part of your general health checkup. Many doctors recommend that you get a checkup once a year. I am one of them. Not only can we help you stay on a healthy track, but we can find problems while they are still small. Specific to this discussion, this would include testing for so-called silent STIs, or sexually transmitted infections that have no symptoms, like chlamydia. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommends regular screening for all STIs for most young, sexually active individuals.   If you haven’t started having sex yet, I still recommend a yearly checkup because, believe it or not, there’s more to life and health than sex. Drop your health questions in Peggy Spencer’s box in the lobby of Student Health and Counseling, or e-mail her directly at pspencer@ All questions will be considered, and all who submit letters will remain anonymous. This column has general health information only and cannot replace a visit to a health care provider.

Letter Hispanic Education Act will close academic gap in NM Editor, Recently, state legislators engaged in a public debate concerning the Hispanic Education Act. I found the comments made by several legislators to be ignorant and lacking in understanding of the historical and systemic disenfranchisement of the Hispanic population in this state. It is unbelievable to have legislators purporting to represent our community, questioning the need for a bill that attempts to correct the impact of historical deprivation and inequity. It is also abhorrent to me that they would even engage in such a debate in a state which is predominantly indigenous and Hispanic and promoted worldwide as multicultural. It is also one of the poorest states in the nation.  New Mexico cannot claim to be rich in Hispanic and native cultures and still continue to under serve and under represent the educational and economic needs of these communities.  This is cultural exploitation in its worst form and serves only to deny and disclaim responsibility for providing an adequate

education and a decent living to these very populations. The reality is that we are not only one of the poorest states but we end up at the bottom of every survey result measuring educational, economic and health attainment. We, the Hispanic community, strive to leave a legacy of opportunity and advancement for our future generations. It is shameful and a travesty to hear those legislating our future debate the merit of an act to improve the educational gaps of Hispanic students. Their denial that gaps and disparities in education exist serves only to justify their failure to enact legislative agendas which attempt to break the cycle of poverty and resolve the crisis in education and health facing our Hispanic community. To those legislators who say the legislation would provide special treatment to select groups of students based on ethnicity and to those outrageous comments comparing issues of disparity to freckled kids with glasses and overalls; to those troubled about sending the message that only Hispanics are important and to those who avoided the vote: I say, you speak out of ignorance and any inaction is tolerance of the status quo. You should know that, yes, it is our particular interest to represent the plight of Hispanics.

However, any individual, student, family or community that experiences disparity or lack of access to opportunities due to color of skin or economic status, is included in our struggle for equality, equity and justice. When we speak of “Hispanics” and address the systemic failure of the educational system to graduate and advance Hispanic children, we are addressing this failure on behalf of every child “left behind” and in most cases, this means that child is a poor child of color. The issue is not one of Hispanics separating themselves from others. It is about this state and country depriving the Hispanic community of equality, equity, parity and fair play resulting in the lack of access to benefits and opportunities and causing divisions of race, ethnicity and class. Therefore, this country and this state have the obligation and responsibility to correct this history of deprivation and to engage in discussions with our communities in determining the corrective actions. This is precisely what the Hispanic Education Act represents. Patricia Roybal Caballero Albuquerque League of United Latin American Citizens Council 34



by Chris Quintana Daily Lobo

Mike Mares sings and plays acoustic guitar for local group The Noms. The eight-month-old band is recording an album and plays a selfdescribed “acoustic pop� that led to victory in UNM’s last Battle of the Bands. Daily Lobo: So what are you doing today? Mike Mares: Today we just had a little writing retreat and practice and hanging out and eating burritos. You know, we’re just hanging out, you know, writing songs. DL: So take me through the process of writing a song. MM: I’ve been writing songs for a long time, since I was 14, but everyone in the band is very musical. If I have a guitar riff I like, I’ll bring it to practice, and we’ll just build off it. Josh will play his stuff, Greg, Jesse, Michelle, and it’s just really cool making something out of nothing because that’s essentially what you are doing as a musician. In the band we are very equal and very sharing. There’s no dominant person. It’s really cool. DL: And what about when you run into a creative block? MM: I’ll just sit outside and write down what I see. A fence, dirt or a bird trying to fly or something.

Sometimes when you have writer’s block, you just have it and you can’t do it. You just have to put it away. The thing with songs is that you can’t just sit down and say “I’m going to write a song.� That’s kind of the hardest way for me to write. I kind of just wake up in the middle of the night and say, “That sounds pretty cool.� DL: So do you have a notebook or something like that? MM: I have a Walgreens bag filled with six notebooks that I just scribble in. It’s awful. I need to get my life together. DL: Do you lose song ideas sometimes? MM: Yes, (laughs) I have lost a lot. There are times when I just misplace stuff. DL: Is that frustrating as an artist? MM: Yeah. I’ve been starting to catch up with technology lately. If I think of something cool, I’ll webcam myself on the computer and play it and save it. That really saves me unless the computer explodes. DL: Mac or PC? MM: I’ve got a PC. I’m not good with Macs. The only thing I know about apples is that they make good pies. DL: You mentioned earlier you have been writing songs since you were 14. What’s it like to write songs alone for so long and then being able to work with a band?


MM: It’s so comforting and amazing. These guys are musicians to the bone. So when I bring something in, and I have this one way of thinking about it, they throw 10,000 different things at it, and it becomes so much more than I ever thought it would. It’s definitely a blessing. I don’t struggle as much writing because we all write as a band. DL: What does your band need before you can start writing? Like breakfast burritos maybe? MM: (laughs) Our band name is, “The Noms� and that name came from the sound that you make when you eat, you know like, “Nom, nom, nom.� I would say food’s very essential to us writing music. DL: What kind of foods are the band’s favorites? MM: I would have to say Jesse’s burritos and hot whiskeys. We usually do a hot whiskey after every show. DL: So what sets your band apart from others? MM: We’re just, I don’t know how other bands operate and I don’t want to say anything, but we are just very open to everybody. There’s no seniority or dominant person in the band, we are all just, “The Noms.� We have all been friends since high school so we have known each other for a while, but we actually just started playing eight months ago.

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from page 5

DL: How does your mindset change when you get up on the stage and perform? MM: For me personally, it’s always fun. Music is fun (and) it’s supposed to be fun. I have fun, that’s the thing that I translate between practice and shows — it’s supposed to be fun. We’re always laughing on stage. I think we carry ourselves with a confidence because we feed off of each other. We have chemistry. We know what we are doing. We know who is going to play what note at what time. It’s us being confident in each other. Connecting with the crowd and each other is really big. We boogie. DL: So where’s your favorite venue thus far? MM: One of the best crowds, I think, was the Battle of the Bands at UNM. That was a fun crowd. I think all the shows around campus, just connecting with students. You know when students go to a show they just want to hang out and have fun and let loose. I think shows around campus are a step up from just bars. DL: So did you ever have just a terrible show? MM: Burt’s (Tiki Lounge) booked us on a Monday night during finals week, at midnight. We were getting paid to practice, but that’s the thing about this band. I wouldn’t say it was necessarily a bad show because we will play anywhere. We don’t know who is listening, you never know who is listening or how you can change someone’s life with a song, who knows. But I don’t think we have bad shows. There could be three people and we’d still have a blast.

Zach Gould / Daily Lobo From left, Mike Mares, Michelle Baumann, Jesse Herrera, Greg Pisotti, and Josh Herrera rehearse a song, on Saturday, during an all-day writing and practicing session for their band The Noms. The band won UNM’s Battle of the Bands in 2009.

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Come see us at the espresso coffees

buy one get one FREE



Redeemable only at McDonalds located at Hanover, University, Bosque Farms, Quail, Los Lunas, Bridge, Belen, Rio Bravo, Rio Grande, Redeemable only Wal-Mart (Los Lunas), at McDonalds located Moriarty, Edgewood. at Hanover, University, Expires 02/28/10 Bosque Farms, Quail, Los Lunas, Bridge, Belen, Rio Bravo, Rio Grande, Wal-Mart (Los Lunas), Moriarity, Edgewood. Expires 02/28/10

Bio Save Center

at 701 2nd St. SW! (505) 842-6991 SHORT ON CASH?



Earn up to $209 a month!

Be sure to bring in your Picture ID, SS Card & Proof of Residency. Bio Save Resources 701 2nd St. NW 505-842-6991

Yale Plasma Center 122 Yale Boulevard SE 505-266-5729


Yale Plasma Center

at 122 Yale Boulevard SE! (505) 866-5729 Right Acros from U




LASSIFIEDs CCLASSIFIEDS Page 8 / Tuesday, February 16, 2010



Vehicles For Sale 1968 FORD MUSTANG Coupe 6 cylinder, C-4 automatic. Running rough and needs some work. Call Kyle, 505-9078876 for more information. $4500obo. In Rio Rancho.

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Phone: Pre-payment by Visa, Discover, • 30¢ per word per day for five or more Come to to Marron show Pre-payment by Visa or Master •• Come MarronHall, Hall,room room107, 131, show •• Phone: or American is required. consecutive days without changing or your IDID and receive FREE classifieds Card is required. CallExpress 277-5656. yourUNM UNM and receive a special rate MasterCard Call 277-5656 cancelling. inofYour Rooms for Rent, orRooms any For 10¢Space, per word in Personals, • Fax or E-mail: Pre-payment by Visa or • Fax or Email: Pre-payment by Visa, Discover, • 40¢ per word per day for four days or Sale Category. for Rent, or any For Sale category. Master Card is required. Fax ad text, MasterCard or American Express is required. less or non-consecutive days. dates and dates category to 277-7531, or Fax ad text, and catergory to 277-7530 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING • Special effects are charged addtionally: e-mail or email to to classifi DEADLINE logos, bold, italics, centering, blank lines, person:Pre-payment Pre-pay bybycash, •• In In person: cash, check, money larger font, etc. check, Visa, Discover, MasterCard or • 1 p. m. business day before publication. order, money order, Visa or MasterCard. American Come room 107 Come byExpress. room 131 in by Marron Hallinfrom CLASSIFIEDS ON THE WEB Marron Hall from 8:00am to 5:00pm. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. UNM Student Publications Mail:: Pre-pay money order, in-state check, Pre-paybyby money order, in-state •• Mail MSC03 2230 Visa, Discover, MasterCard or American check, Visa, MasterCard. Mail payment, 1 University of New Mexico • All rates include both print and online Express. Mail payment, ad text, dates and ad text, dates and category. Albuquerque, NM 87131 editions of the Daily Lobo. catergory.


Jobs Wanted

AVAILABLE: EXPERIENCED CHILD care provider and professional organizer. Has own transportation and references. Call Victoria at 505-980-5022.

Jobs Off Campus

LIMITED TERM PART Time Outreach Specialist (AT Photonics Recruiter) (A1001-09) – School of Applied Technologies Responsibilities: This position is a dedicated secondary school Photonics recruiter for the School of Applied Technologies. Under the supervision of the In the Enterprise Associate Dean, this position is responManagement Training sible for building enrollment in the PhoProgram you’ll lead an tonics program and sustaining the learnambitious team and run ing communities that support students. a million dollar business. Informs middle and high school students about the CNM Photonics proAre you ready to make gram and recruits high school students real decisions everyday? to enroll. Visits targeted middle and If so, you can join a high schools, interacts with students to company BusinessWeek make them aware of career opportuniMagazine named one ties in photonics and photonic related fields. Familiarizes and communicates of the “Best Places to with high school counselors, science, Launch a Career” math and technology teachers about for four years in a row. the program and schedule recruitment activities at the schools. Organizes and implements Photonics mini-camps for secondary faculty and students. Develops and coordinates a marketing plan to promote the program. Develops and Apply online at manages a data-driven tracking system to monitor outreach and recruiting efCompetitive Salary plus bonuses forts, track student contacts, evaluate or contact: Yvonne Aragon Excellent Benefits Package marketing program success and prophone: (505) 830-8948 Competitive Salary plus bonuses vides regular reports on efforts and outemail: To ensure compliance with fedExcellent Benefits Package comes. eral and college requirements some Management Trainee mandatory training must be completed Competitive Starting Salary for this position.

From day one, I started learning what it takes to run a Enterprise is nowbyoffering successful business. AndRent-A-Car it's learning doing, not by getting coffee or filing all day. I'm even taking on the same challenges as first and second year professionals. The business training I'm receiving is really amazing and a great jump-start to my career.



Apartments Duplexes Houses for Rent Houses for Sale Housing Wanted Property for Sale Rooms for Rent Studios Sublets

STATE FARM INSURANCE 3712 Central SE @ Nob Hill 232-2886

For Sale

Audio/Video Bikes/Cycles Computer Stuff Pets For Sale Furniture Garage Sales Photo Textbooks Vehicles for Sale

FARMERS INSURANCE. AUTO liability $30/mo, full coverage $70/mo. 9486657. STRESSED? LOG ON to

Apartments APARTMENT HUNTING? MOVE IN SPECIAL- walk to UNM. 1and 2BDRMS starting at $575/mo includes utilities. No pets. 255-2685, 268-0525.


Child Care Jobs off Campus Jobs on Campus Jobs Wanted Volunteers Work Study Jobs

1 AND 2BDRMS, 3 blocks to UNM, no smokers/ no pets. Clean, quiet, and affordable. 301 Harvard SE. 262-0433. UNM NORTH CAMPUS- 1 and 2BDRMS $490-$650/mo +utilities. Clean, quiet, remodeled. Move in special! 573-7839.

Las Noticias

$620- 2 BEDROOM available- Minutes from UNM, Shuttle Bus Available, Immediate Move-in Available- Reserve Now Call 505.842.6640

LOW COST DENTAL SERVICES at UNM’s Dental Hygiene Clinic 272-4106 STUDENT PUBLICATIONS BOARD meeting Friday, February 19, 2010 at 3:00pm in Marron Hall Rm 131.

Fun Food Music

CUTE, CHARMING 2 BDRM, 1 BA 1.5 blocks south UNM. Open modern floor plan, bricks floor, DW, pool. $730 rent/$300 DD + ults. No pets, move in special. 268-0525 $480- 1 BED available for Immediate Move-in, Minutes from UNM and Apollo, It is a must see, Call us at 505.842.6640

TAI CHI TUESDAYS 7-8PM 792-4519.

Lost and Found FOUND TERRIER PUPPY near UNM School of Law. Call 210-722-0047 or 5052705160 with name and description LOST FRAMELESS PRESCRIPTION glasses in exotic gray case between A Lot and Popejoy Hall last Friday night. If found please call Mike 934-1269

Services TUTORING - ALL AGES, most subjects. Experienced Ph.D. 265-7799. MATHEMATICS, STATISTICS TUTOR. Billy Brown, PhD. 401-8139 PAPER DUE? FORMER UNM instructor, Ph.D., English, published, can help. 254-9615. MasterCard/ VISA.. ABORTION AND COUNSELING services. Caring and confidential. FREE PREGNANCY TESTING. Curtis Boyd, MD, PC: 522 Lomas Blvd NE, 2427512. BIRTHRIGHT CARES. FREE pregnancy tests, help. 262-2235.




new mexico

new mexico

New Mexico Daily Lobo

NOB HILL, LIGHT, bright, coin laundry. 2BDRM 920sqft $500/mo. About 1.5 mile from campus. No Pets. Ashley 3452000. 1BDRM CONDOMINIUM NEAR UNM. Laundry facilities, dog run, swimming pool. $495/mo includes all utilities. $200dd. Available March 1st. 861-1012. WWW.UNMRENTALS.COM Awesome university apartments. Unique, hardwood floors, FPs, courtyards, fenced yards, houses, cottages, efficiencies, studios, 1 and 2 and 3BDRMs. Garages. Month to month option. 843-9642. Open 7 days/ week. N.UNM AREA. Quiet gated 2bd/2ba, walk-in closets, patio, Fp, DW, free WIFI, pool, laundry. $767/mo + elec. no deposit. Available now. 553-0314. NEAR UNM/ NOB Hill. 2BDRM 1BA like new. Quiet area, on-site manager, storage, laundry, parking. Pets ok, no dogs. 141 Manzano St NE, $585/mo. 6102050. ***1BDRM 1BA BIG rooms, 2 blocks to UNM, lots of parking, small pets allowed. 881-3540***

From day one, I started learning what it takes to run a successful business. And it's learning by doing, not by getting

From one,all Iday. started learning it same takes tovalid run a driver's license, If you are a full-time w/ achallenges coffee day or college filing I'mstudent even takingwhat on the successful And professionals. it'slearning learningwhat byThe doing, not by getting From one, I started it business takes to training run a as firstday andbusiness. second year coffee orIntern filing day.with I'm evenlearning taking ongreat the same business. And it's doing, notchallenges by If getting I'm isallreally amazing and aby jump-start to you my you can becomesuccessful anfirstreceiving Enterprise. are ambitious, as and second year professionals. The business training coffee career.or filing all day. I'm even taking on the same challenges From day isone, I started learning what it takes to runtoamy I'm receiving really amazing and a great jump-start as first and second year professionals. The business training Fromsuccessful day resourceful one, I started learning what it hard takes run a creative, personable, working, you're the business. And it's learningand byadoing, not by to getting If you are a full-time college student validjump-start driver's license, career. I'm receiving is really amazing and w/ aon to my MOVE IN SPECIAL- STUDIOS, successful And it'seven learning bygreat doing, not by getting orbusiness. filing all taking the sameare challenges you coffee can become anday. InternI'mwith Enterprise. If you ambitious, career. coffee or filing all day. I'm even taking on the same challenges as first and second year professionals. The business training 1 block UNM, Free utilities, ideal candidate. You should also like to have fun at work and Ifcreative, you arepersonable, a full-time college student a valid driver'syou're license, resourceful andw/hard working, the I'm receiving is really and a great jump-start totraining my as first and second yearamazing professionals. The business $435-$455/mo. 246-2038. you can an Intern with Enterprise. If you areatambitious, Ifideal youcareer. arebecome a full-time college student valid driver's license, candidate. You should also likew/toahave fun work and I'm receiving is reallyto amazing and greatworking, jump-start to my Excellent should enjoy contributing team environment. We offer aBenefits Package creative, personable, resourceful andaenvironment. hard you're you canenjoy become an Intern with If you areWe ambitious, should contributing toaa Enterprise. team offerthea career. you personable, are a full-time college student a have valid driver's license, ideal candidate. Youother should also likew/to fun at you're work and creative, resourceful and hard working, the paidIfinternship and performance bonuses. !!!BARTENDING!!!: UP TO $300/day. you can become an Intern with Enterprise. If you are ambitious, should enjoy contributing a team offeranda paid internship and other bonuses. ideal candidate. Youperformance shouldto student also likew/environment. toahave atWe work $645- 1 BED Loft- Lg. square footage, If youcreative, are a full-time college valid fun driver's license, personable, resourceful and hard working, you're the

$590- 1 BED w/ office- Available NowMinutes from UNM, Shuttle Bus to UNM, Office available in home, Call 505.842.6640

near UNM, Available to move in immediately, must see home, Call 505.842.6640 ask for Jessika

NOB HILL! 1BDRM/1BA super cute apartment. Central/ Carlisle area. Available March 1st. $425/mo all utilities paid. Call Brittany 220-1047.

paid internship and other performance bonuses. should enjoy contributing to a Enterprise. team environment. We offer a you ideal can become Intern with If you ambitious, candidate.anYou should also like to have fun are at work and paid internship other performance bonuses. creative, personable, resourceful andenvironment. hard working, should enjoyand contributing to a team Weyou're offer athe idealpaid candidate. also like tobonuses. have fun at work and internshipYou and should other performance should enjoy contributing to a team environment. We offer a Apply online paid internship other performance bonuses.

Or contact: Yvonne Enriquez Apply phone:online (505)at: 830-8948 Or contact: Enriquez Apply onlineYvonne at: e-mail: online at: EOE/MFDV phone: (505)Yvonne 830-8948 Or contact: Enriquez Or contact: Yvonne Enriquez EOE/MFDV e-mail: phone: (505) 830-8948 phone: (505) 830-8948 Apply online at: EOE/MFDV e-mail: e-mail: Or contact: Yvonne YvonneEnriquez Aragon phone: (505) 830-8948 EOE/MFDV e-mail:

CAPS Note Taking Strategies Workshop Starts at: 9:00 AM Location: Zimmerman Library, 3rd floor, room # 345 CAPS is offering a Note Taking Strategies Workshop Free for students to help them learn different note taking styles and achieve success in their courses.

CANVASER $10/HR 20HRS/ wk evening and Saturdays. Call 730-2867 ASY SOCCER COACH- Saturdays only 3-5 hours. Great PT pay. Certifications/ Spanish-speaking a plus. 899-1666.

ASSISTANT/ RECEPApply online at: TIONIST/ kennel help. Pre-veterinary student preferred. Ponderosa Animal Clinic: 881-8990/ 881-8551. Or contact: $490- STUDIO- AVAILABLE for Immedi- Yvonne Enriquez ate Move-in, 5 minutes from UNM and !BARTENDER TRAINING! Bartending phone: (505) Apollo College, Spacious for 1, Call at 830-8948 Academy, 3724 Eubank NE, www. ARE YOU LOOKING for a good part 505.842.6640 292-4180. time position, near UNM, with decent EOE/MFDV e-mail:1BDRM, pay and flexible hours? We are seeking UNM/ CNM STUDIOS, A LOVELY KNOTTY Pined decor 3BDRM 1.5BA. Skylight, parking, UNM area. $850/mo. 299-2499.

2BDRMS, 3BDRMS, and 4BDRMS. William H. Cornelius, Real Estate Consultant: 243-2229.

Houses For Rent 3 BDRM, 2BA, 2 garage, excellent conditions, UNM, gated, $1250/mo, rm NE 3BDRM $1100/MO.* $1250/mo 264-7530.



WALK TO UNM and Hospital. 2BDRM/ 1BA- large living room and kitchen. $1200, first, last, and dd. 266-1172. FEMALE TO SHARE charming house. $350/mo +1/2utilities. 281-6290. A SHORT TERM. Visiting faculty, staff, student. Furnished townhome close by. UNM/ Downtown 2BDRM/ 1.5BA remodeled. Cable, FP, balcony, courtyard, 2-CG. $1200/mo +dd. Includes all utilities. 321-2802.

Rooms For Rent FEMALE WANTED TO share 4BDRM house. $400/mo. includes utilities, cable, and Wifi. Must be clean and responsible. Available immediately call 9080488 ROOMMATE NEEDED GREAT location at Eubank and I-40. $375/mo 453-0420 GRADUATE STUDENT, FURNISHED ROOM, W/D, cable, smokeless, free utilities, $295/mo +$50dd. 344-9765. ROOMMATE WANTED, UNM students. Nice house near Hyder Park, affordable, avail. now. 2.5BA, nice kitchen, garage. No pets/smoking. Jay 235-8980

a reliable and honest student to do general cleaning in our small factory. About 20 hours/week. We will train the right person. You must be able to pass drug test. Apply in person, 9-4, M-F, Red Sky Plating, 630 Oak St SE, 220-0499

Sustainability Club Starts at: 4:00 PM Location: SUB, room Acoma A Second meeting of the newly formed Sustainability Club. We are discussing goals and projects and want your input. If you have any questions, call Matt Cherrin at 934-7796.

NEED A JOB? Make sure to check the Daily Lobo Classifieds Monday - Friday for new employment opportunities. Visit us online, anytime at What? FREE Classifieds for Students? Yes! If you are a UNM student you get free classifieds in the following categories: -Your Space -Rooms for Rent -For Sale

Requirements: Associate Degree and two (2) years related experience; or equivalent combination of education and experience, in advisement, marketing, or directly related field experience. Ability to relate to and interact with middle and high school students, educators, administrators and parents. Ability to relate to and instruct a non-traditional, diverse student population. Deadline for application: Open Until Filled. Central New Mexico Community College provides an excellent benefit package that includes: a pension plan, health, dental and vision insurance, disability and life insurance. A complete job announcement detailing required application documents is available at jobs. or at CNM Human Resources 525 Buena Vista SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106.

Volunteers HEALTHY VOLUNTEERS AND subjects with and without asthma are needed for a research study looking at the effects of fat and physical activity on the breathing tubes. If you qualify, compensation will be provided for your time and inconvenience upon study completion. If you are healthy or have asthma, over the age of 18, and are interested in finding out more about this study, please contact or leave a message for Teresa at (505)269-1074 or e-mail

Check out a few of the Jobs on Main Campus available through Student Employment!

Job of the Day

Classroom Aide SFAO Administration Open Until Filled

$8.50/Hr. Orientation Leader Assoc Student Svcs Open Until Filled $9.00/Hr.

Student Office Ast. SW Hispanic Resch Inst Gen Adm 02-16-2010 $7.50-$7.88/Hr.

Research Assistant Linguistics Department Open Until Filled $9.50/Hr.

Keller Hall Staff Music Department Open Until Filled $7.50/Hr.

Research Assistant, Uxbenka Project Anthropology Open Until Filled $10/Hr.

Dorm Advisor Student Svcs Open Until Filled $9.00/Hr.

Office Assistant Dept. of Teacher Education Open Until Filled $7.50/Hr.

Data Entry Clerk Admissions Office Open Until Filled $7.50/Hr.

Research Assistant, Tsimane Anthropology Department Open Until Filled $9.00/hr

Admin Assistant COE Deans Office Advisement Center 02-26-2010 $7.50-$8.00/Hr.

Cmmunity Resident Assistant Housing Svcs Family Housing 02-22-10 $200-$900/month

For more information about these positions, to view all positions or to apply visit

CAPS Graduate Writing Workshop: Grant Writing Starts at: 1:00 PM Location: MITCH 210 This workshop is specifically designed for GPSA grant writing. Bring your current research statement, abstract, or grant application statement to workshop and refine.

Future events may be previewed at

DIRECT CARE STAFF needed to work with developmentally disabled clients. FT/ PT positions available, paid training. Fax resume to 821-1850 or e-mail to

COMPANIONS/ CAREGIVERS NEEDED to work with seniors in their homes. Assist with the activities of daily living. Rewarding work and good experience, particularly for students enrolled in human sciences (e.g., nursing, pre-med, etc.). Training provided. Student friendly schedules. Must have reliable transportation and be able to pass rigorous background check and drug screening. Send letter of interest and/ or resume to Visit our website


Campus Events

No experience necessary, training provided. 1-800-965-6520ext.100.

Salary: $16.38/hr

Events of the Day

Planning your day has never been easier! Placing an event in the Lobo Life calendar: 1.) Go to 2.) Click on “Events” link near the top of the page. 3.) Click on “Submit an Event Listing” on the right side of the page. 4.) Type in the event information and submit!

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