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February 5, 2010

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Know your rights as a renter in New Mexico Staff Report Daily Lobo

If you want to know what your rights when you’re renting a place, check out the New Mexico Uniform Owner-Resident Relations Act. Here are some main points from the Act: The key to getting your landlord to fix something is by writing a letter. A phone call works, but the law won’t require the landlord to do anything unless you’ve given him notice in writing. Tenants have a right to basic living standards. Landlords are required to: (1) make repairs and do whatever is necessary to keep the premises in a safe condition; (2) maintain in working order any electrical, plumbing, sanitary, heating, ventilating, air conditioning and other appliances that come with the place; (3) supply running water and a reasonable amount of hot water at all times and reasonable heat; and (4) provide trash cans for garbage disposal. Once a landlord has been put on written notice of the problem, the tenant can pay 1/3 less per day in rent until the problem is fixed. If the property is uninhabitable and you’re not staying in it, then you can stop payments altogether. Alternatively, if the probJunfu Han / Daily Lobo lem is reasonably serious, you can put Don Schrader puts on his jacket inside his sparse Silver Avenue apartment on Wednesday. Schrader, who has lived in this apartment for 22 years, has to move out by the end of the month the landlord on notice that you’re terminating the lease in seven days if the since the owners will be renovating and selling the apartments. problem is not fixed. Another key to getting your landlord to do something is to get a lease for six months or a year. Yes, it will tie you

Beloved nudist forced to move by Kallie Red-Horse Daily Lobo

Don Schrader’s apartment is every bit as unique as he is. The 12-by-14-foot apartment, which he will vacate at the end of February, displays Schrader’s history in wall-to-ceiling decoration of pictures from his life, notes on his methodologies, cards from friends and published letters to the Weekly Alibi. The apartment complex where Schrader lives, on Silver Avenue, is being remodeled and sold by the owners. Schrader has lived in the apartment for 22 years. “It’s like a museum of my life, of my memories,” he said. “I have deep roots here. ... If these walls could talk they would tell of the times I had sex with José here — as well with other men — of the many friends who

have visited, so many different people here over the years, interviewing me or who have opened their hearts to me about their lives.” The biggest challenge Schrader is facing is finding another apartment with similar dimensions, he said. “I love to live simply, so I don’t want a bigger apartment,” he said. “I don’t want to pay the money. I don’t need it, and I don’t want it. I eat only raw foods. I don’t need a refrigerator. I don’t need a stove. I don’t need a kitchen. I don’t want any of that crap, so why should I pay for it?” Large residences influence irresponsible living, Schrader said. “The bigger the apartment or home you live in, the more materials it took to build it, the more energy it takes to heat or cool it, more stuff they buy to fill it usually,” he said. “The more unfair (it is) to our 6.8 billion sisters and brothers in

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the world.” Schrader said his dedication to healthy living started when his mother passed away because of her unhealthy living style. “Much of the reason I am so devoted to health today is having seen my mother suffer so much,” he said. “I am passionately devoted to health. I eat no meat, dairy, junk food. I smoke no cigarettes, I drink no booze, I smoke no marijuana, I use no prescription drugs, I eat no cooked food. I eat no meals in restaurants. I do eat a lot of fruit, drink my smoothies and I drink urine every day, and I highly recommend it.” Schrader also said he will miss the premium sunbathing spot his resJunfu Han / Daily Lobo idence offers him. Don Schrader eats mostly fresh vegetables because he said cooked food is unhealthy for “Behind the garage on this the body. In the jars to the left, he mixed vegetables and other food together to create his morning smoothie. In an entire year he said he spent little more than $1,000 on food. see Moving page 3

ASUNM resolution cites Athletics’ accomplishments by Mario Trujillo Daily Lobo

On the heels of a GPSA special election addressing UNM Athletics, members of the undergraduate governing body weighed in, supporting a different view. The ASUNM Steering and Rules Committee passed a resolution 3-1 giving support to almost everyone in the Athletics Department – leaving out, but not condemning, Athletics

Inside the

Daily Lobo volume 114

issue 92

Director Paul Krebs and UNM coaches. The resolution will go before the full Senate next Wednesday. According to the resolution, the ASUNM gives its “full support to the more than 500 undergraduate student-athletes, the approximately 100 student employees, and 20 graduate assistants and interns staffed by the Athletics Department.” The resolution cites a number of factors that go into the support — a flourishing basketball and ski team,

a combined 3.14 grade point average of student-athletes and a 49 percent graduation rate — 11 points higher than the general student body. The resolution cites much of the same evidence Krebs gave to the Albuquerque Journal praising his program. Sen. Sean Mallory, who drafted the resolution, said it was written in response to a comment GPSA council chair Danny Hernandez made to the Daily Lobo on Monday, urging ASUNM to “chime in.”

ASUNM Senate Meeting Wednesday 6 p.m. Lobo Room A&B in the SUB Last week, the graduate population voted to urge the administration to divert student fees from Athletics, launch an investigation into the head football coach Mike Locksley/assistant coach J.B Gerald incident, and voted no confidence in Krebs.


Flaming fire?

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“I feel that this special election focuses on a few specific instances that happened a while ago that, for the most part, have been resolved and moved on,” Mallory said. “It is putting a drag on the Athletics Department that does a lot for the campus.” The resolution that made it out of committee is an indirect response to the GPSA special election. Yet a key paragraph, which was stricken in a 3-2 vote (committee chair Leon

see Resolution page 3

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“I would have to take out a student loan or I guess take another job if I had to because I really want to get through school. I don’t know what (the University) Amy Buffett would use the Sophomore Nutrition extra money for. I would have to know what the money was going towards then I would decide if it was worth paying the extra money.

Daily Lobo new mexico

volume 114

issue 92

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New Mexico Daily Lobo How are you going to cope with a tuition increase?

“It would definitely make things more difficult. With the Lottery, it makes paying for it super nice. I also have the Bridge scholarship so everything is getting paid for Brandon Terhune now. But if there was Junior a tuition increase, I Biology would have to take a job and pay off the bills. If it is necessary, I’d have to know the reasons for the increase. But right now, I don’t see it (being) necessary.”

Editor-in-Chief Eva Dameron Managing Editor Abigail Ramirez News Editor Pat Lohmann Assistant News Editor Tricia Remark Staff Reporters Andrew Beale Kallie Red-Horse Ryan Tomari Online Editor Junfu Han Photo Editor Vanessa Sanchez Assistant Photo Editor Gabbi Campos Culture Editor Hunter Riley

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“That wouldn’t be a good thing. My mom pays for my tuition, and she is a single mom. She pays for mine and my sister’s. So I think it would be hard. I Megan Costello don’t really know Freshman Education if (the increase) is necessary because I don’t know all the facts.”

“My parents pay my tuition, but I also have a scholarship. So I don’t know how that would work, if the scholarship amounts would increase also. James Bishop If that’s the Freshman Psychology case, where the scholarships and tuition increase at a similar rate, I guess that would be okay.

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Vigil made the tie-breaking vote in favor), addressed the special election directly. The paragraph states: “The recent special election held by (GPSA) holds a distorted perception of the student body’s feelings towards its Athletic program, student athletes and the funding they receive through student fees� Sen. Lazaro Cardenas, who proposed to strike the paragraph, said he didn’t want to support a resolution criticizing GPSA. “I am concerned about going after GPSA for what they hold, and what they believe in and what they feel they are doing right,� Cardenas said. Another piece was also removed. In the original version, the resolution gave full support to Krebs. That line was removed with a 3-2 vote. “I support the student (athletes) 110 percent,� Cardenas said. “Yet the administration had some iffy kind of things this past semester that I don’t agree with and I don’t condone.� Yet the resolution does list the accomplishments of Lobo Athletics


since 2006 “under the leadership of Paul Krebs.� Mallory – the only senator in committee who voted “nay� to the revised version – said he voted against his own resolution because he didn’t believe it addressed the two key points he was trying to make. Students can’t support the Athletic program without supporting the administration, including Krebs, Mallory said. He also said that GPSA’s idea to siphon student fees away from Athletics would hurt the wrong people. “I feel that GPSA doesn’t understand that when they attack student fees, they are not hurting coaches or presidents. They are hurting students,� he said. Mallory said he will attempt to work the paragraph addressing the GPSA election and the support for Krebs back into the final resolution in full Senate next Wednesday. Unlike GPSA, ASUNM is voting on a resolution rather than holding a special election. Yet Mallory said if the Senate decides that a special

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property there is a spot that I have sunbathed many times in the winter in my bikini briefs,� he said. “It is protected from the wind and it’s just beautiful there. I call it my Riviera beach, but now I’ll have to find a different Riviera beach if I can find one.� Schrader said the move could be problematic, because he might need a vehicle to move his belongings. “I have not ridden in a car since April 2001,� he said. “It’s a recipe for disaster. There are more mouths to feed in the world while the available land to grow food on is being used for highways. It’s just madness.� In the meantime, Schrader said he’ll stay with longtime friend Chuck Hosking until he can find a permanent residence. Compared to the world’s problems, Schrader said his housing inconvenience is insignificant. “That’s life,� he said. “It’s nothing to what the people in Haiti are suffering.� The impending relocation will not prevent Schrader from continuing his sun worshiping, urine drinking, UNM frequenting and daily walks, he said. “Walking is like my personal parade for fitness, health, gay liberation, naked body freedom, living simply and against cars,� he said. “It’s one of my highs in life — my personal parade of walking in the sunlight in


Friday, February 5, 2010 / Page 3

warm weather.� WORDS OF WISDOM FROM THE DON: 1. “Something I love more than being naked is being responsible as a global citizen.� 2. “I welcome anybody — friend or enemy or acquaintance. Whenever they see ways that I could live more healthy, more simply, more wisely, more compassionately — tell me. It’s even better if they not just tell me with their mouths or write it to me but actually by their example show me.� 3. “Some people collect dolls, or dishes, or cars, or real estate, or guns, or stocks or bonds. I collect wisdom from everyone I meet. Even though I may disagree with a person on 98 percent of what they are saying, maybe that other 2 percent is enlightening to me, and I can live my life accordingly. � DAY IN THE LIFE OF UNM’S FAVORITE NUDIST: “Early in the morning after I get up I have a whole regimen of exercises I do in this room. Six different kinds of crunches — 110 of each 660 crunches. Every other day I do pushups, 180 pushups. Not all at once but increments (60, 50, 40, 30). The days I’m not doing pushups I do pull ups — a total of about 60 but, again, not all at once. I also use the resistance band

election is due, it will have one. Hernandez said GPSA usually doesn’t pass resolutions without going to the voters, and the ASUNM resolution doesn’t reflect the entire undergraduate student body. “I believe they have 25,000 constituents they have to check in with,� Hernandez said. “All I have to say is that a quarter of our students voiced their opinions on the matter. And what we did represents our constituents. They can’t say the same thing.� Mallory said he’s fairly confident the resolution is representing the undergraduate student body, but he didn’t rule out a special election. “I do feel that the undergraduate student body supports these things,� Mallory said after the meeting. “I may be making a generalization, and that may be something that needs to be brought up at a full Senate meeting. And if the rest of the Senate feels necessary, we will take a special election of our own to see exactly what the student body feels.� and do Tibetan exercises. I average 45 minutes a day jumping on the trampoline either outside or in here. In between my exercises I work on my smoothie. I go over often to the Zimmerman library to read the Albuquerque Journal and the Daily Lobo, or (I got to) the CNM library. If it is a sunny day, I exercise on the trampoline outside and read or write letters out there or visit with friends. Once in a while, I listen to Democracy Now. (I go to) meetings at the Peace Center in the evening sometimes. On weekends I walk to the flea market. I love to go to the flea market. I see people I know, I meet people — many people recognize me. I love to walk to Old Town, Flea Market (and) Isleta Boulevard.�

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down to the place, but if you don’t have one, then you’re renting on a month-to-month basis and the landlord can kick you out at anytime, for any reason, by giving you 30 days written notice. If you have a lease and violate a term of your rental agreement, the landlord can’t just kick you out — he must give you at least seven days to correct the problem. If you violate the agreement a second time

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within six months of the first violation, then he can terminate the lease. But he must still give you 30 days notice to move out. If a tenant stops paying rent and abandons the property, the landlord is required to store all personal property of the resident left on the premises for at least 30 days.

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LoboOpinion The Independent Voice of UNM since 1895

Opinion editor / Zach Gould



Friday February 5, 2010 / Ext. 133

Letter Professors to blame for costs of non eco-friendly printing Editor, As we all know by now, the IT labs are implementing a pay-to-print policy. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has been witness to students printing hundreds of pages at a time in the computer labs on campus. Someone has to pay for all that ink and paper. It was only a matter of time before those costs were passed directly to the student. I have heard friends and classmates bemoan the few students who took advantage of printing privileges in the past, went a little print-happy, and ended the free ride for everyone. I must unfortunately admit that I am one of those spoilers. But what is a student to do? I have taken many history classes, always with the expectation that the course will be heavy on the reading. My basic assumption was reinforced this semester when the required reading list for my history class consisted of five texts to be purchased. This I did willingly. What came as a surprise to me were the mountains of assignments online, also required reading, to be completed each week. One look at the syllabus and I knew my $10 printing allotment would not stretch far. Sure, I could do all this reading at the computer. But what about during the discussion sections, an integral part of the class, in which it is prudent to have these reading assignments with me? Are professors encouraging every student to bring a personal laptop with them to class? How many hours a day should I have my face in a computer screen? Like the rest of you, I am alarmed by the environmental repercussions of tearing through so much printer paper. But I am also concerned with my academic performance. I know that failing to print out these articles and essays, read them and bring them to class in order to engage myself in discussions will negatively affect my grade. It’s not that I’m angry about having to do homework assignments, or even being required to pay for printing. What concerns me is the lack of regard professors show for students and the environment when creating lesson plans and choosing reading assignments. I will gladly purchase the books necessary for my success in school and continue to print out the hundreds of pages per week of required reading for my classes. I can’t help but feel guilty about all the reams of paper I will use this semester that cannot be sold back to the bookstore for future students, and cringe at the amount of money I must continually convert into LoboCash in order to cover the expense. And to those of you in the computer lab shooting me dirty looks for excessive printing: Take it up with my professor. Lisa Ruby UNM student

Letter submission policy n Letters can be submitted to the Daily Lobo office in Marron Hall or online at DailyLobo. com. The Lobo reserves the right to edit letters for content and length. A name and phone number must accompany all letters. Anonymous letters or those with pseudonyms will not be published. Opinions expressed solely reflect the views of the author and do not reflect the opinions of Lobo employees.

Editorial Board Eva Dameron


Abigail Ramirez Managing editor

Zach Gould

Opinion editor

Pat Lohmann

News editor


Life-altering consequences of Oscar wins by Chris Quintana

Daily Lobo guest columnist The Oscars are back and as useless as ever, expanding the best picture category to 10 pictures even though all anybody cares about are the front-runners. There are only three things that can happen. “The Hurt Locker” wins, “Avatar” wins or neither win. Now you, a normal person living outside of the realm of Hollywood, might wonder why these things should matter to you. Lobos, the fate of the cinematic world rests in the grandiose production of haphazardly deciding which films are better than others. Each nomination maps out a different course for the film world and it’s only fair that you should know what might happen next. Let’s first consider if “Avatar,” recent winner at the Golden Globes, will swoop in and win the best picture nomination at the Oscars. James Cameron promenades up to the stand, gives an awkward acceptance speech mentioning the “ultimate intimacy” and how pretty Sam Worthington looks in a wheelchair. He then throws Kathryn Bigelow the finger and dances off the stage. The success of Avatar leads more people to watch the film over and over again. This results in a disease known as “Avatar Blues.” This is a real disease and has been documented on CNN and other media outlets. Avatar Blues is a serious medical condition, diagnosed by fanboys, in which the patient becomes depressed because he or she cannot live in the fantasy world of Pandora, as depicted in the film. The tranquil greens and blues of the planet mixed with vicious animals and telepathic mind links drive people to want to inhabit the fictitious planet. The only cure for this disease is watching Avatar around the clock. Don’t take my word for it, just ask “Okoi” who had this to say on the film’s forum boards after watching it just once: “After I watched Avatar the first time, I truly felt depressed as I ‘wake’ up in this world again. So after a few days, I went to

the cinema and watched it again for the second time to relieve the depression and hopeless feeling.” Just imagine if this movie were to be even more exposed to the world. Long-term depression would strike the people of Earth. I suppose everyone would be too busy sitting in their homes, their blankets clutched around them like the plastic portals in Avatar watching the film, while muttering the character’s lines five seconds before they are said. Everyone would probably grow their hair out in attempts of finding spindly tentacles in their braids, but that’s beside the point. If “Avatar” won the Best Picture nomination no one would ever want to watch another film again and the production of movies would stop. Cinema as we know it would come to an end. Yet, let’s take a step back and consider the ramifications if the indie film and darling of the SAG awards, “The Hurt Locker,” were to step in and win best picture. The acceptance speech is rather the same. Bigelow is sure to throw the finger at her former husband as she walks off the stage, with the Golden Globe clutched in her other hand. Any time the folks behind indie films, and not just The “Hurt Locker,” win some form of recognition from a mainstream source their heads begin to swell unbearably. Soon they have to carry their swollen heads in wheelbarrows so they don’t drag along the ground. Eventually the heads will burst as DVD and rental revenues for “The Hurt Locker” shoot up, the film finally receiving the popular reception that its makers feel it deserved. In turn, the world’s supply of art films will shrivel up and all the populace will be left with are big-budget action films in the vein of “Avatar.” Michael Bay, seeing his chance to finally win an Oscar, will make a “Bad Boys 3” featuring some combination of Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, and a hot girl like Megan Fox or Heidi Montag. When this film premieres, the sheer excess of noise, special effects and cleavage will cause everybody’s

head to blow up. Yet supposedly there are a couple other options for the best picture/end-of-the-world scenario. Here’s a quick rundown of what I see: “The Blind Side” wins, the Oscar’s attendees all storm out of the venue and nobody ever watches the Oscars again out of disgust. “District 9” wins, sci-fi flicks become the norm, pushing real science to progress faster until we reach a stage where movies are projected in our skulls rather than on screen, and cinema ends. “An Education” wins, people ask themselves whether that’s actually a movie, then all quickly agree they have seen it so as to not appear out of the loop, when in reality no one has. Thusly, no one ever watches “An Education,” which is probably a good thing, anyway. “Precious” wins, and Monique eats the Oscar. “A Serious Man” wins, and the filmmakers’ collective resentment toward the Cohen brothers boils over onto the world, cooking us alive. “Up” wins, children of the world rejoice and adults secretly enjoy the silent triumph of the inner child in entertainment. “Up in the Air” wins, and plane ticket sales blow up. “Inglourious Basterds” wins, and everyone’s okay with this. Of course there is another and more realistic option. The awards show goes as expected — some people wear ugly dresses and tuxes, and others look dazzling. A bunch of awards are given out, mild outrage occurs at the best picture no matter what it might be and the world keeps turning — it keeps turning until the media flips out over the Oscars again next year. However the night goes, I am sure I will stop watching halfway through the announcing of the 10 Best Picture nominees. Who has the time?


New Mexico Daily Lobo

Friday, February 5, 2010 / Page 5

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Bosque Farms, Quail, Los Lunas, Bridge, Belen, Rio Bravo, Rio Grande, Wal-Mart (Los Lunas), Moriarity, Edgewood. Expires 02/28/10

Vanessa Sanchez / Daily Lobo Roman Martinez raises his hand after breaking from a huddle during a timeout in this file photo. The Lobos will face San Diego State on Saturday at The Pit.

‘Ironic’ second matchup against SDSU by Isaac Avilucea Daily Lobo

Oh, what a compelling sense of familiarity. Last time against San Diego State, the UNM men’s basketball team (20-3 overall, 6-2 in the MWC) was 15th in the nation. This time, the Lobos are ranked — what else? — 15th in the nation. “There’s a lot of irony,” said Lobo head coach Steve Alford. “We were ranked 15th in the country a month ago going into the game and they beat us in their building. UNLV came in here and beat us at home, and we dropped out of the rankings. Here we are four weeks later where we’re 15th in the country again. We get to try and redeem ourselves a little bit.” What, if anything, is different about Saturday’s matchup with the Aztecs? For one, it’s at The Pit. Two, forward Roman Martinez would argue, the Lobos are more educated, having lost to the Aztecs 74-64 at their place. “We learned a lot from that game. It really woke us up,” he said. “Losing two straight games in conference really showed us that we have to prove ourselves every week.” Three, UNM is riding a six-game conference tear. “To win six in a row in this league is a grind,” Alford said. Winning seven is even more so. But? “This team’s pretty good at learning from mistakes,” Alford said. We’ll see. For what it’s worth, the Lobos opened Mountain West Conference play with San Diego State. Eight games into league play, UNM begins its eight-game backstretch — again with the Aztecs. Alford hopes the Lobos don’t

get tweaked on the stretch. “It’s no secret what they do. They’re very good in transition and they’re one of the best rebounding teams in the country,” he said. No doubt, Saturday’s game will be played five-on-five, but it will definitely be four-on-four, too — the Lobos’ four leading scorers, Darington Hobson (15 points per game), Martinez (13.9), Phillip McDonald (11.3) and Dairese Gary (11.3) going bucket for bucket with the Aztecs’ Kawhi Leonard (11.9), Malcolm Thomas (10.8), D.J. Gay (10.2) and Billy White (10.4). Not as if Alford needs to remind himself about the importance of this game. The Aztecs, at 5-3 in the MWC, are trailing one game behind the Lobos. Unfortunately for the Aztecs, Tim Shelton, who has missed the last five games, won’t be able to go on Saturday. He’s only played in nine games all season. “You just feel sorry for him. Bigtime talent,” Alford said. “He’s one of those guys that’s a tireless worker. You never like anybody getting hurt or missing games. Boy, he’s had his share of missing games because of illness and injuries. I don’t think it affects our prep or their prep.” Not at all. All UNM is focusing on is coming out sturdy and indestructible, Martinez said — not letting the Aztecs dictate the pace or brutishly bully the Lobos. “(Last time) they out-toughed us. They really did,” Martinez said. “They got to all the loose ball(s). Hit their free throws. They out-rebounded us. They really went at us. Teams come after you when they understand that you’re ranked. There’s a little something extra (in the tank).” Still, Alford believes the Lobos’ tank is full. “To win six in a row, I think our

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demeanor’s a little bit different,” he said. “Will that make a difference in Saturday’s game? I don’t know.” One thing’s for sure, Alford said. “They’re either leaving here tied with us,” he said. “Or they’re leaving here two games behind.”

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Star guard plans to make up for loss Manning could be by Mario Trujillo Daily Lobo

San Diego State guard Jene Morris has nothing to be sorry for. On the other hand, the Lobo women’s basketball team, namely Amy Beggin, apologized to fans for letting Morris score 25 points on Jan. 6, leading SDSU to a 61-39 win inside The Pit. The Lobos travel to San Diego Saturday to start the second leg of conference play, hoping this go-around ends differently. “Everybody knows what happened, and that is something we just don’t want to let happen again,” Beggin said of the game against the Aztecs. “We are not going to let it happen again. We just go(t) to come out and play with energy and consistency for 40 minutes. And if something goes wrong, we got to keep battling, keep fighting.” Morris wasn’t the only thing standing in the Lobos’ way on Jan. 6. The Lobos offense also sputtered. They scored their lowest amount all season. They shot 15-of-56 (26.8 percent) from the field and 2-of-13 (15.4 percent) from beyond the arc — both

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are nearly season lows. The Lobos two highest scorers, Beggin and Lauren Taylor, scored a below-average nine and eight points, respectively. Since the loss, the Lobos went on a 5-2 run in conference play, pulling themselves within half a game of a four-way tie for first in conference. San Diego State, BYU and TCU sit at a three-way tie, 5-2 in conference play. The conference lineup would be a little clearer if the Lobos hadn’t muddied the water last week with a pair of wins. UNM stole a 60-57 win over BYU on the road, knocking them out of first place. The Lobos then vanquished TCU, sole conference leader at the time, pulling the Lobos into second place. “It was against two of the top teams in the conference,” Beggin said. “That was really big. It got us back in the race, but this game doesn’t get any easier. The big picture is that it was just two games that we won.” Head coach Don Flanagan said the momentum will help against the Aztecs.

But to ultimately stop SDSU, the Lobos will have to be unpredictable on defense. Last week, the Lobos held TCU to their lowest point output of the season. “They are not a great 3-point shooting team,” Flanagan said of SDSU. “They don’t shoot a lot of 3s, so your approach might be — lets ignore the 3 and jam it down low and don’t let them have a lot of inside stuff. But, whatever you do, you have to mix it up. We can’t be predictable on defense.” On the offensive end, Eileen Weissmann, who averages 5.9 points per game, proved she can be a key scorer, pouring in a career-high 17 points against TCU. Taylor, who has been out with a knee injury, will play on Saturday. She is the second-leading scorer behind Beggin, contributing 11.1 points per game. Beggin said they will need Taylor against SDSU. “It’s really nice to just have that shooter back, another weapon offensively and just to have her knowledge and her smarts, I think, is really going to help us a lot,” Beggin said.

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Men's Basketball

Sat 02/06 vs San Diego State 4pm The Pit Wed 02/10 @ UNLV

Women's Basketball

Sat 02/06 @ San Diego State Wed 02/10 vs. UNLV 7pm The Pit


Fri-Sat 02/05-06 Nordic and Alipine @ Jade Enterprises New Mexico Invitational in Taos and Red River, NM

Men’s Tennis

Fri 02/05 vs. Middle Tennessee State 6pm Sun 02/07 vs. Denver 11am Lobo Tennis Club

Track & Field

Fri-Sat 02/05-06 hosts New Mexico Classic and Multis (Indoor)) Albuquerque Convention Center Fri-Sat 02/05-06 @ Notre Dame Meyo Invitational in South Bend, IN

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playing best game yet by Barry Wilner

The Associated Press The New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts are expected to pile on the points in Sunday’s Super Bowl. The Saints scored a league-high 510 points and ranked first in total offense. The Colts scored 416 and ranked ninth. New Orleans has the league’s most accurate quarterback, Drew Brees, throwing to a deep receiving corps led by 1,000-yard wideout Marques Colston. He has three dependable running backs, including the mercurial Reggie Bush. Both his tight ends, Jeremy Shockey and David Thomas, find holes in the middle of defenses and move the chains. Indianapolis offers Peyton Manning, the only four-time league MVP, throwing to a deep group of targets led by two 1,000-yard receivers: Reggie Wayne and tight end Dallas Clark. And while the Colts’ defense has been stingy in the playoffs and the Saints force lots of turnovers, this could be a matchup that wears out the scoreboard at Sun Life Stadium. Indianapolis, winner of the last Super Bowl in Miami three years ago, is a 5-point favorite. “We have to be balanced and mix the run and the pass,” Brees said. “We have to have a plan for their pass rush, because we know how they can rush the passer. Take care of the football, try to keep Peyton and that offense off the field as much as possible and take advantage of the opportunities when we get them. “You can’t be one-dimensional against these guys, because they are too smart for that. You have to be able to do both. If you can do it efficiently, possess the ball, convert

third downs, keep them off the field, eat up the time of possession — all of those things that you talk about as an offense, that’s the key for success.” Except that’s not necessarily what the Saints do best. They are not a grind-it-out team. New Orleans had explosive plays this season from 75, 68, 66, 55, 54, 41, 37 and 36 yards. The Saints ranked sixth in yards rushing in 2009, but they’ve won 15 of their 18 games this season because of their passing prowess. New Orleans allowed just 20 sacks during the season, but that’s seven more than the Colts conceded. With defensive end Dwight Freeney, the Colts’ primary pass rusher, ailing with ankle ligament damage, it could present Brees more opportunities to throw. The matchups of Colts defensive backs Antoine Bethea, Melvin Bullitt, Kelvin Hayden, Jerraud Powers and Jacob Lacey against Colston, Robert Meachem, Devery Henderson, Shockey, Thomas, Bush and Pierre Thomas will be intriguing. Still, the key to the game will be Manning against a vulnerable New Orleans defense. And that’s the difference. When New York Jets star Darrelle Revis, the best cover cornerback in the league, blanketed Wayne in the AFC title game, Manning looked elsewhere. Youngsters Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie were unstoppable. The Saints don’t have a Revis, and their defense doesn’t come close to matching what Indianapolis faced from the Jets and Baltimore Ravens. Bottom line: Manning may be playing the best football of his sensational career — certainly good enough to win the Colts’ second NFL championship in four seasons.

Purdue beats Indiana on road 1st time in 10 years by Cliff Brunt

The Associated Press BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Robbie Hummel and JaJuan Johnson each scored 21 points, and No. 8 Purdue held off in-state rival Indiana 78-75 on Thursday night. The Boilermakers won in Bloomington for the first time since 1999 to snap an eight-game road skid against the Hoosiers. E’Twaun Moore added 14 points for Purdue (19-3, 7-3 Big Ten), which won its fifth straight heading into a showdown at conference leader Michigan State next Tuesday. Indiana’s Verdell Jones III, who led the Hoosiers with 22 points, missed a long 3-pointer at the buzzer that could have forced overtime. Tom Pritchard scored a seasonhigh 13 and Devan Dumes added 11 for Indiana (9-12, 3-6). It was the second straight tough loss for the Hoosiers. Illinois beat Indiana 72-70 on Jan. 30 when Demetri McCamey made a floater at the buzzer. Purdue asserted itself in the early minutes of the second half. Johnson corralled an errant pass from Lewis Jackson, then powered the ball in and was fouled. The three-point play gave Purdue a 57-51 lead five minutes into the second half. Indiana hung tough. Jones hit a 3-pointer to tie the game, then Jordan Hulls hit another to give Indiana a 69-66 lead with just under

6 minutes to play. Hummel hit a 3-pointer with 2 minutes left, then Moore drained a floater in the lane with 1:17 remaining to give Purdue a 75-69 edge. Jones made a 3-pointer with a minute to play to trim Purdue’s lead to 75-72 and end a scoring drought that lasted nearly five minutes. Moore missed a short jumper and Indiana regained possession and a chance to tie. Jones left the ball short on a drive. Hummel rebounded, was fouled and made two free throws. Hummel was fouled again with 4.1 seconds left. He missed the first free throw and made the second to make it 78-75 and give Jones the final shot. IU missed the front end of the 1-and-1 three times in the final six minutes. Pritchard averages just under five points per game, but he scored eight in the first 13 minutes and made Johnson work. Indiana took a 31-28 lead on a 3-point play by Jones. The shot was part of a 10-2 run that gave the Hoosiers a 36-28 lead. Indiana led 45-38 before Moore hit a 3-pointer and Barlow got a steal and layup in the final minute to cut the Hoosiers’ lead to two. Pritchard’s two-handed power dunk gave Indiana a 47-43 lead at halftime. It was the most points Purdue has allowed in a half this season and the most Indiana has scored in a half.



by Scott Adams




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WRC Film Series Starts at: 12:00 PM Location: 1160 Mesa Vista Hall Standing on My Sisters’ Shoulders weaves a story of commitment and tells the story of the women who fought for change in Mississippi. CAPS Spanish (200)conversation group Starts at: 1:00 PM Location: MVH 2037 This conversation group will take place every Friday, continuing through the week before finals.

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Dalai Lama Renaissance, Parts 1 and 2 Starts at: 4:00 PM Location: 3405 Central Ave NE Dalai Lama Renaissance, Parts 1 and 2 Call 401-7340 for more information. First Friday Arts Crawl “Peace and Love” Starts at: 6:00 PM Location: 600 First St NW

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Planning your day has never been easier! Just in time for Valentine’s day! Live music by Alicia Ultan and Tim Gaulden on Viola and Guitar. Blending jazz, flamenco, bossa nova, americana and more.


Dalai Lama Renaissance, Parts 1 and 2 Starts at: 1:00 PM Location: 3405 Central Ave NE The original multi-award winning Dalai Lama Renaissance, narrated by Harrison Ford, $5 donation. Call 401-7340 for more information. Rachmaninoff’s Second Symphony Starts at: 6:00 PM Location: 7201 Central Ave. NW For tickets and information call the NMSO Box Office at 881-8999, or visit

Basketball: Lobos vs. Aztecs Starts at: 1:30 PM The New Mexico Lobos play San Diego State Aztecs Basketball: Lobos vs. Aztecs Starts at: 4:00 PM San Diego State Aztecs play The New Mexico Lobos


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ACADEMY/MCKINNEY TOWNHOME 2BDRM, 2BA, W/D, FP, pool, carport, 1st floor, patio, cat ok. $775+dd 9809170

2003 CADILLAC CTS 3.2 V6, fully loaded, tinted windows, new tires. First 8,600 takes it. Call Thomas 730-5012.

3 BDRM, 2BA, 2 garage, excellent conditions, UNM, gated, $1250/mo, rm

CADILLAC SEDAN DEVIL ‘89 134k miles. $1000obo. Contact Jerry 9671289, 304-8035.

BEAUTIFUL 2BDRM 900SQFT. Den, w/d hookup, walk to UNM. $700/mo 299-8543, 379-7349.

1999 DODGE RAM 2500 SLT fully loaded, short bed, quad cab, nerf bars, 86,000. First 8,000 takes it. Call Thomas 730-5012.

UNM 2BDRM $800/MO* NE 3BDRM $1000/mo.* 5BR 4BA $1250/mo 2647530.

Houses For Sale ATTN: STUDENTS/FACULTY! BEAUTIFUL 3/2 w/owner financing. 185K PIN REALTY 261-1005/319-0641 UNM NORTH CAMPUS 3 bed 1 3/4 baths walk to Law/Med school in 10 minutes! Nicely updated with energy saving features Big backyard fully landscaped,Asking $218,900. Open house 1-4 Sat and Sun, Feb 6&7. or call 6155422 for appt.

Rooms For Rent ROOMMATE WANTED TO share 3BDRM house near UNM/CNM with 2 college males. $400/mo includes utilities, wireless cable internet, W/D, cable. $200dd. Call Dylan 850-2806. GRADUATE STUDENT, FURNISHED ROOM, W/D, cable, smokeless, free utilities, $295/mo +$50dd. 344-9765. FEMALE TO SHARE charming house. $350/mo +1/2utilities. 281-6290. FEMALE ROOMMATE WANTED to share 3BDRM furnished condominium in gated community. No pets/ smoking/ drugs, $450/mo +1/3 utilities. Lots of ammenities, 204-8646 mva07@unm. edu. 4 BLOCKS FROM CAMPUS 3BDRM/ 2BA W/D, Wifi, furnished or unfurnished. $500/mo + 1/3 Utilities Call 318-573-6409

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PHYSICIAN’S OFFICE SEEKING PT weekend cleaning position for approximately 8-12 hours per week. Must be dependable and have reliable transportation. Must be able to pass a preemployment drug screen. Please email resumes to

WESTSIDE/RIO RANCHO FAMILY YMCA YMCA is seeking energetic youth basketball officials, gym supervisors and childcare substitute counselors. All applicants must be able to travel to Albuquerque Westside and Rio Rancho. Apply in person at 4701 Montano Rd NW, 87120. 899-8417 PT CAREGIVER: EFFICIENCY apartment salary of $750/mo. Cable, utilities, internet access. Daily ride to/from CNM/UNM (ideal for students) Helping person in wheelchair weekday evenings and mornings, finalists will be required to have valid DL, we pay for drug and background check. No pets or smoking. Located near Academy and Wyoming. 856-5276. ASSISTANT SOCCER COACH nine year old boys team. Practice T and TH afternoons. Games on Sat. E-mail RETAIL/ COUNTER HELP needed at a local bakery. One five-hour shift available midday Sundays. $7.50/hr. Must be friendly, courteous, able to work in a team environment. Apply in person at House of Bread, 2000 Carlisle Blvd. NE. NOW TAKING APPLICATIONS for certified lifeguards. Apply at 4901 Indian School Rd NE. ACTIVITY LEADER FOR before & after school program in University area $10.50/hr. PT. Must be available for all morning & afternoon shifts M-F. Mornings 7-8:45 (M-F), Afternoons 3:35-6 (MTThF) & 12:30-6 (W). Apply online at or in person at 1613 University Blvd NE.

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THE *CAREER DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM*, an option of the Albuquerque Public Schools/ University of New Mexico Partnership Programs, offers an accelerated 17 month, 4 semester graduate program of studies culminating in a Masters Degree in Elementary Education and New Mexico Elementary K-8 Teaching License. Albuquerque Public Schools and the University of New Mexico are seeking highly motivated and academically talented college graduates (bachelors degree minimum) to participate in this teacher education program. The program consists of a semester of combined methodology and student teaching, a summer of supporting coursework, and a year of paid internship in an APS classroom. The 24 individuals selected will also receive paid tuition for 21 of the 42 credits required in the program. A 2.5-3.0 (preferred) GPA, completion of the NM Teacher Assessment Basic Skills exam, and official transcripts are among the application requirements. For program and application information, attend an information session on Thursday, February 11, 2010 from 6:007:00 p.m. at the APS Transitions Outcomes Special Education site at 1730 University SE, 87106. Applications will be available at the information session, but can also be picked up at UNM Hokona Hall rooms 114 or 124. The Application deadline is Thursday, September 9, 2010 at 4:00 in the College of Education Hokona Hall Room 114. Contact person: Eileen Waldschmidt, Program Manager, APS/UNM Career Development Program, Hokona Hall 124, UNM, Albuquerque, NM 87131-1241, (505)277-6114 or <> or visit our website at http://ted.unm. edu/teaser1.html. Click on “Career Development Program.” CHEER/ DANCE COACHES NEEDED: After school program looking for individuals 18 or older for 2010 school year. Great flexibility and pay! For more information. Call 292-8819 or WANTED: EGG DONORS, Would you be interested in giving the Gift of Life to an Infertile couple? We are a local Infertility Clinic looking for healthy women between the ages of 21-33 who are nonsmoking and have a normal BMI, and are interested in anonymous egg donation. The experience is emotionally rewarding and you will be financially compensated for your time. All donations are strictly confidential. Interested candidates please contact Myra at The Center for Reproductive Medicine of NM at 505-224-7429. !BARTENDER TRAINING! Bartending Academy, 3724 Eubank NE, www. 292-4180. DIRECT CARE STAFF needed to work with developmentally disabled clients. FT/ PT positions available, paid training. Fax resume to 821-1850 or e-mail to

Volunteers VOLUNTEER FOR THE NEW YEAR! Gain experience and join a movement. Become a volunteer advocate with the Rape Crisis Center. Training starts in February. For more information: www., 266-7711 or volun DO YOU HAVE Type 1 Diabetes? You may qualify to participate in an important research study. To qualify you must have type 1 diabetes for more than one year, be 18-70 years old, and be willing to participate in 8 clinic visits. You will be paid $50 for each clinic visit. If interested, please contact Elizabeth at 272-5454 or by email at evaldez@salud.

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APPLE MAC OS 8.6 no modem, $50. 2 bookcases 36x72, $75 OBO. La-Z-Boy Recliner, $25. My Little Pony paraphenelia, $75. Pine Southwestern 24’’ TV Hutch $100. Oak Rocking Chair $50. Wingback chair $30. All in very good condition. 575-838-7189


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M-AUDIO PROKEYS 88sx Performance Piano. Sells new for $600. Used are averaging $350-400. In perfect condition. Will sell for $250. Call or text 505-2200658.

!!!BARTENDING!!!: UP TO $300/day. No experience necessary, training provided. 1-800-965-6520ext.100.

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LOOKING FOR 2000-2007 Ford Mustang. Non-convertible, automatic, good condition, less than 80,000mi. 907-4779.


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SW Hispanic Research Institute $8.50/Hr.

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Freelance Photographer Student Pub Open Until Filled $10-$15/Photo Welcome Desk Assistant New Mexico Union Open Until Filled $7.50/Hr.

Department Student Conference & Event Coordinator New Mexico Union Events Open Until Filled $8.25/Hr. General Services Assistant Physics Astronomy Department Open Until Filled $8.25-$8.50/Hr. Program Support Staff III Physics Astronomy Department Open Until Filled $8.75/Hr.

Closing Date Data Analyst Division of Government Research Open Until Filled $8.50-$11.75/Hr.

Salary Bindery Assistant UNM Copy Center Open Until Filled $7.50/Hr.

HS Tutor English Off Campus Open Until Filled $10.00/Hr.

Museum Education Intern Art Museum 02-10-2010 $8.00/Hr.

Community Art Program Leader SFAO Admin Open Until Filled $8.50/Hr.

Columnist Student Publications Open Until Filled $15.00/column

Computer Tech. LAII General Administrative 02-28-2010 $10.00/Hr.

Educational Mentor Tutor-SSS Special Programs Open Until Filled $9.00-9.18/Hr.

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