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Products Re-fresh cod loins, tails, fillets Packed in 3,5,10 kg. boxes

Re-fresh light salted cod loins Packed in 3,5,10 kg. boxes Macro and Morhua Wet salted cod fillets and biproducts Packed in 25 kg. or 10 kg. cartons Packed in 15 kg. or 5 kg. sealed plast boxes

Light salted IQF cod fillets Packed in 5 and 11 kg. cartons

Havnen 70 - DK-7620 Lemvig - Tel. +45 97 81 17 00 - Fax +45 97 81 17 01 -

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Jeka Fish Jeka Fish is a modern, advanced fish processing company, which specializes in the production of first-class fish products from line-caught, sea-frozen white fish from the Pacific as well as the North Atlantic Ocean. Jeka Fish has more than 25 years experience in production of wet salted cod fillets, and has for years been the biggest producer of this product in the world. Jeka Fish produce re-fresh cod loins, tails and fillets all the year around. We are good in just in time deliveries, as well as long term contracts with fixed prices and quantities. Jeka Fish is also a producer of light salted IQF cod fillets, as well as light salted re-fresh cod fillets, loins and tails. Jeka Fish is MSC certified. Jeka Fish focuses on using the best production equipment available. Our 7.000 m2 plants allow production to be optimized, while ensuring quality control and traceability. At present we are in the process of implementing the international standard ISO 22000.

An Old Tradition

Folder Jeka Fisk  

Folder 3-fl A4 - Jeka Fisk i Lemvig

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