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Volume 5 Issue 1 August 2022

Copyright 2022 ZX Media Corporation, Calgary Alberta Canada Community Now! VolumeMagazine.5Issue1 | Aug 2022 All rights reserved. This magazine or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher and writer. Volume 5 Issue 1: August 15, 2022. Thank you to ALL contributors, readers, advertisers and sponsors…from August 15, 2018 to NOW! #ItTakesAVillage Small World Huge Community David Malden Pt.2 Page 4 A Look Back at Volume 4 Page 5 Community Feature: Tyler Chisholm Curiosity, Community & Creating Space Page 16 Telling It Like It Is Jade Alberts Flashback Page 20 MoovEZ Page 21 The Superpower Project Blaise Hunter Bring it On Page 23 Hopes Corner KimberlyPageDawn28 In the Community Page 30 - Community Is: Everywhere o Stampede, Community, Education Careers Page 35 Alberta IoT: Investor Readiness Pt.1 Page 36 How Calgary’s Biggest Hackathon is Helping Software Developers Halle AndrewsPage40 Flash Back: Sophia Fairweather Page 45 Feature Place of the Month: Page 46 Telus Spark Science Centre Celebrating the Community Wins Page 50 Resetting After a Summer of Connecting Jennifer Hadley Page. 52 IMPACT: Promoting curiosity, innovation, storytelling & engagement to create a stronger, better place in which to live, be educated, do business & celebrate. Community Now! (communitynowmagazine.com)Magazine Kenzie Webber & Krista Malden

Small World… Huge Community (part 2) David Malden hi again... we need to be working on this…now… get to know neighbours…and strangers…find out what is important to them... we need to listen to what is being said without choosing to be offended… we need to acknowledge that this is the truth without focusing on blame and retribution... embrace your differences as well as your commonalities… we need to involve youth, encourage and focus their ideas…honour our seniors and value what is to be learned from their successes and failures... we need laws and regulations that reflect the kind of society we want... so...get involved in politics and electing representatives that support the broadest meaning of equality for all, ending oppression, providing health care, education and meaningful work with livable wages and benefits for all… embrace your planet…it needs you; you need it…work to stop the environmental damage and learn to live like you respect what this earth provides... doing nothing is not an option...failure is not an option, hope to see you on the other side of all of this... Part 1, Volume 4

CELEBRATING: 41 Issues. 4 Volumes. 4 Mental Health Summits. 100s of REMARKABLE stories. By the Community. About the Community. For the THANKCommunity.YOU!


“ ofsignaiselpforAskingHNotWeakness. ” –AlbertsJade “Let’s Breath Fire!” – Blaise Hunter “ TheTRUTHisyouCANrecover. ” –BreaultnishaVa

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Let’s share stories together, we all have something to learn, teach, and share.

Aug. 15, 2018 CN! went LIVE! Aug. 15, 2022 the 5th Volume is NOW!

Community Now! Is made up of a diverse group, who come together to create a richer and more vibrant society through storytelling, connecting, and collaborating.

Our Vision: To create more opportunities to bring together not for profit, for profit, tech, education, music and the arts, health, and entrepreneurial innovators to share their passions and their stories, to share the stories of the visionaries from all walks of life in our community and to show that we can collaborate based on this depth and breadth of our society to create new stories together that resonate even stronger. Fact: Together we can build a new and more connected community that will inspire us to continue to create new stories of support, success and everything in between.

Mission: To bridge gaps that exist and opportunities that are being missed as various groups go about their pursuits, sometimes stepping into other communities, but more often conventionally remaining in their own domains.

“ This is more then a publication, it’s a place for like minded people to connect, learn and make an impact in the community through storytelling and connecting. There is nothing more powerful then bringing people together who all have the same goal of making the world a better place.”

– Krista Malden, Founder of Community Now! Magazine

“CN! is the place where collisions happen. The REAL power of an engaged community comes from the number of unlikely collisions between two or more people, groups or ideas leading up to actionable change. CN! is the only place where that happens across industries, borders, and generations. That is an energy that I cannot resist.” Stacy Richter



Q & A with Tyler Chisholm Why is it important to knowledge share with the community/various eco systems?

How did you get into podcasts? I was looking for a medium that worked for me to connect with my community. Through the process I fell in love with meeting people and telling their stories while supporting a positive yet realistic view of everything that was happening in Western Canada.

Meet Tyler Chisholm; thought leader, community builder and entrepreneur. Curiosity has led Tyler to a lifetime of interesting, diverse and creative experiences. From farming to flying to fitness to a deep passion for marketing. Tyler has always been interested in learning and expanding into new growth areas. His curiosity has formed and created space for his own business to grow and excel, along with creating space for other businesses, organizations and people across Western Canada. Tyler is the Co Founder and CEO of clearmotive marketing, a full service agency focused on helping clients connect with their customers in new and meaningful ways. Under Tyler's leadership, clearmotive has evolved from a creative first agency to a strategy lead powerhouse that enables its client partners from across the country to maximize the success of their marketing Tylerdollars.isthe

Everything in life happens based on relationships, and the best way to foster new relationships is to become truly interested in what other people are doing. By sharing knowledge, we all get the chance to take part in the change that it can create.

Tyler Chisholm Community Feature: Tyler Chisholm Curiosity, Community & Creating Space!

host of two podcasts They Just Get It and Collisions YYC. He uses his platforms to bring a voice to advocates, challengers and thought leaders who inspire bold actions that create a more diverse and inclusive Western Canada. Tyler is a passionate philanthropist and founder of Red Express, a project designed to put toys in the hands of children in need each holiday season. He is an ambassador for International Justice Mission Canada, using his platform to support their cause of ending slavery in our lifetime. In 2012, Tyler received recognition as one of Avenue's Top 40 Under 40.

How did you come up with the various types of podcast topics? For Collisions YYC, this is based partially on the large variety of changes and shifts happening in our province and wanting to ensure people were "colliding" with the truly amazing people leading these changes. The other half is my obsession with learning about new things and allowing my curiosity to run wild! haha. My second podcast, They Just Get It, which is where I had started has evolved into a platform where aside from quenching my thirst for curiosity, I embrace people and ideas on the path less travelled. From plant medicine to grass fed beef farmers to a cool entrepreneurial couple who have made life work while also building their own business.

What does community mean? And how can we be better? Be willing to help and be willing to accept help. Fostering abundance versus scarcity in aspects of life, for when we truly support each other socially, professionally and emotionally we raise everyone up together. Collisions YYC www.tylerchisholm.cawww.theyjustgetit.cawww.clearmotive.ca

What is a collision within the business industry? A collision in business is when two ideas / people become aware of each other in a deep and meaningful way that impacts the outcome for both parties.

What advice would you give to someone starting their own business? Truly fall in love with your customer’ problem and not just your belief of their problem. Secondly, build your network every chance you get and do not be scared to collaborate and partner with anyone who can help, trust me, they are everywhere and ready to help, all you have to do is ask.

230+ Episode of Telling It Like It Is Aired Live! 37 Community Now! Features of Telling It Like It Is www.PeerGuidance.ca https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbKhV5FWGIPrHKrqOpIwRTA People Before Profit. Strategy. Scaling. Bringing People Together. #ittakesavillage #tellingitlikeitis FLASH BACK

This Issue of Telling It Like It Is Features:


Simon Bullard, Founder of

You’ve had an interesting Entrepreneurial journey, please share that with us and how it inspired MoovEz? As you get a bit older you look back and try to figure out how you got here. It took me a while to realize I've always had the entrepreneurial bug, just didn’t know it at the time. I was the kid going door to door in the winter with a friend shoveling walks for money and renting "lawn care" equipment over university summer break with a few buddies, racing around the city getting as many Spring cleanups done as possible. I’ve always had a hustle on the go but they didn't mean much to me until the dots were connected when I landed my first gig in Beijing at Jinshisong and realized immediately this is where I wanted to be. The creative energy and enthusiasm of the Startup world was immediately infectious. Waking up every morning feeling like you’re building something or contributing to the greater goal was and is a feeling that keeps me motivated every day. When I decided to leave Doko in Beijing, I wanted my next Startup to be in Canada. It was time to move on and the idea for MoovEZ started to brew. I was witness to a logistics industry that changed rapidly, seemingly overnight in China, and I thought Canada lagged behind in innovation in this space. Having been in tech logistics for almost 10 years in China, I wanted to use this insight and experience to inject some innovation into the Canadian market. What is next for MoovEZ? We've been working on Version 2.0 of our platform and will be launching that along with our mobile apps by mid late summer. We're also looking to raise our pre seed round and will be looking to close that over the coming months. With the money raised, we'll look to expand our core team, scale up our operation, grow into new markets and continue to refine our product market fit. If you had one piece of advice for a Startup or entrepreneur, what would that be? Get real gritty, like sandpaper with 1200 grit, and let go of your ego. Founder and CEO both sound fancy on your LinkedIn profile but ultimately, it's up to you to roll your sleeves up and get stuff done. This is a tough road; it'll test your mental fortitude on a daily basis. Imagine the hardest thing you've ever done, now times that by a thousand. You have to be in it for the right reasons, you have to love the process, or there's no point even getting started. That’s maybe not the most uplifting advice but the Startup world has been romanticized in a lot of ways and ultimately it comes down to a lot of hard work and stick to itiveness. I can’t see myself doing anything else, but it’s become a part of my DNA, there’s a hunger and fervour to keep building, to see things through to the end, and without that there’s no way I would have made it this far. wemoovez.com

The Superpower Project Bring It On Blaise Hunter | Human Rights Consultant | Award Winning Heroine “Don’t wait for others celebratetoyou;beyourown cheerleader”

When someone champions us, we feel seen, heard, and appreciated. Those are the moments to bask in and be grateful for the nod. But what if those celebration moments are few and far between? Do we just wait for someone else to applaud us? Receiving praise is great but we put too much importance on outside accolades rather than the internal awards. It is safe to celebrate ourselves. The Superpower Project is about highlighting various challenges or “kryptonites” facing people and helping us neutralize their effect on us. A deadly kyrptonite facing us these days is we link ego with esteem. To acknowledge and admire one’s own achievements isn’t egotistical. It is the epitome of empowerment. When coming from a genuine heart place of good pride, we demonstrate self love, self respect, joy, and feelings of accomplishment. Bad pride is when it comes from a place of lack and needs to boast to fill the void. We can all spot unhealthy pride from a mile away. It has a distinct tone that signals a lack of confidence and self worth. But the person who is grounded in healthy pride approaches self celebration with honour and sweet humility. We all have belief systems and feelings surrounding self promotion. What does being your own cheerleader look like for you? I think we do well when it’s situations that involve weight loss, academic graduations, passing tests, and finishing physical fitness races. But what about when someone starts a business, disarms their trauma responses, discovers their passions, creates mental wellness, writes a book, or achieves a personal goal? Do we have the same attitude around the congratulations? Do we hail those achievements on the same level? Do we dare to toot our own horn? We live in a world where we are quick to point out our flaws, missteps, and fails but slow to celebrate our wins. We label it arrogant or cocky. How can we say we love ourselves if we don’t fully show it? Does the external validation really carry more weight or are we seeking acceptance and validation in all the wrong places? We must be our own campaigner. We must find safety in the salute and be our biggest cheerleaders. I own a consulting business that primarily deals with branding, marketing, copywriting, and human rights advocacy. I was teaching a class and spoke about the marketing potential of award nominations. It’s a powerful tool to promote what we’re doing and leverage the credibility a nomination brings. I also talked about capitalizing on nominating yourself. This seems to be a taboo subject amongst businesses, but I promise you, every company is doing it under the radar. If someone doesn’t nominate you does that make your work any less worthy? No! Own your efforts, achievements, and progress by saying I am deserving of this award and nominate yourself. But one client opposed this position. They said it was unethical to nominate yourself and by doing this it somehow makes it fake. I was fascinated by their perspective on self nominating. This brings me back to the question, is it ego to promote yourself and your business? I don’t think so, but I’m a publicist by trade. I was trained to remove ego from it and attack PR as merely getting the message out as best and fierce as I can.

Be Aggressive B-E B-E Aggressive! B-E-A-G-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-EBeBeAggressive!

. Be Aggressive B E B E Aggressive! B E A G G R E S S I V E Be Be Aggressive!

Marketing, promoting, elevating, and awards are the lifeblood of an organization. Every good business should win some sort of award, but it takes the healthy pride, effort, epic nomination package, and risk to attain it. It’s a proactive approach with a go getter attitude. Let’s compare nominating yourself to applying for a job. Is there any difference? Your cover letter and resume are a perfectly wrapped presentation of yourself which highlights all your education, experience, and achievements. You are throwing your name into the ring. Is it bad pride to apply for a job you think you’d be good at? Of course not. Well, neither is nominating yourself for an award. You aren’t gaining any advantage. You aren’t cheating the system. It doesn’t devalue your nomination. You literally just verbalize you are worthy and want to be considered with the other impressive contenders. In all honesty, out of the three awards I’ve won, I nominated myself for two of them. For most of my life I focused only on my flaws and never my strengths. I criticized myself in my head and in the mirror. Now I choose to be the cheerleader instead of the critic. I endorse healthy pride and unleash my praise daily. When I come down on meds even if it’s just by 1 mg, I give myself kudos. When I heal hurts and inject love, I pat myself on the back. I say loud and proud, “Well done Blaise.” When I choose to hold space for my daughter and not overreact, I celebrate a mom win. When I push through my fears of difficult conversations and voice my feelings, I honour the bravery.


For more information

When I accomplish something with my work, I give myself a shout out on social media. I take great pride in my resiliency, relentlessness, and resolute heart. I give permission to empower myself and promote my wins. This is healthy This is what self esteem, self worth, and self-confidence look like in a nourishing way. When we can champion our triumphs and learn from our losses, we own our very existence. I want to encourage everyone to commend the successes. Stop viewing judgment and criticism as normal and self promotion as conceit. Allow yourself to feel happiness about where you are and where you came from. Showcase your wins with self assurance and assertiveness. Sing your praises. Shout it from the rooftops and promote the victories in your personal and professional life. Whether you win the award or not, your healthy pride prevails. Be a courageous cheerleader. Pump yourself up and say Bring It On! about Heroine Movement visit www.blaisehunter.com

“ Do you ever tell yourself you’re AMAZING? ” Be Aggressive B E B E Aggressive! B E A G G R E S S I V E Be Be Aggressive!

EPOHonourbserve;urposessential Welcome to HOPES Corner What 4 Words Represent HOPE to you? Email● Outreach@intonovus.ca ❤️ Be Bold ❤️ Be Brave ❤️ Be Kind ❤️ Be You ❤️ Kimberly Dawn Essential Care Partner Peer Support Specialist HOPE; Bridge builder & connector of DOTS; within Canada! #CPSW2022

Bullying? That's kid stuff. Nothing to do with me! If you are a member of a community, and we all are, it does have something to do with you! Our communities are as strong as their fatal weakness allows. Disrespectful community members, youth learning poor communication skills from adults modelling poor communication skills, coping with conflict by running away or by fighting these will all contribute to higher rates of bullying in a community Home - The No Such Thing as a Bully System Let's change the world! Welcome to HOPES Corner August 2022 " The difference between nothing & everything is what you do with shaky *hands* " Eddie Pinero Help us help others rebuild HOPE; within Canada for our struggling allied health care leaders & emergency responders on ~ September 10, 2022 ~ Join us at 7pm on every time zone in Canada to contribute. We want to know: What is HOPE to you? What gives you HOPE? How can we share HOPE? Share your Acrostic poem, to give others HOPE. Email● Outreach@intonovus.ca Twitter● Lead4Changes #StrongerTogether!#HOPE#ItTakesAVillage ● Be��Brave ● Be��Kind ● Be��You ● Be��United ● EPOHorizonsneinamillionerspectivesnough

Community is: EVERYWHERE! Like many we kicked off the summer by reconnecting, exploring and eventing! We had the opportunity to explore multiple Stampede events throughout the city. The culture, the community and the diversity within our city and province is remarkable. We encourage everyone to take part in as many different community events as possible…it is an amazing way to connect and learn about each other.

We kicked off Stampede with the amazing Alnoor Damji, at the Ismaili Muslim Communities StampEID Breakfast. Great speeches, Culture, Food, and it was a day full of celebrating community. And an opportunity for us to learn about the “festival of sacrifice” EID. “In true Canadian pluralistic fashion, the Ismaili Muslim Community marked this year’s concurrence of The Calgary Stampede by treating and welcoming guests from far and wide to EidAlAdha (Islamic holiday, also known as "Festival of Sacrifice," is often marked by communal prayers, large social gatherings and giving to those in need) by hosting a special 25th Anniversary #StampEid Breakfast!”

Alnoor Damji

The Stampede Rodeo! What a great experience this was, we got to sit inside, eat great food and watch multiple events. Bulls and horses were bucking, cowboys and girls were racing, and everyone there was proud to be apart of the greatest show on earth! We highly recommend going to see a rodeo! (At the Stampede or throughoutAlnoorAlberta!)Damji & Saira Subzali

One Of the greatest community Stampede BBQ’s you can attend is The Pattison Stampede BBQ. It was a great display of community, Stampede culture and a showcase of everything Pattison! The performance from the Calgary Police Services Pipe Band was a spectacular performance of drums, bagpipes and dancing. A perfect display of community and music. Find out more about the CPS Pipe Band here: CPS PIPE BAND Home

The Stampede City Progress Club and Fab Events hosted the Bull Shooters Breakfast on July 12, 2022. It was a morning filled with live music, games, food, networking and just pure Stampede fun! Fab Events is an amazing event company that supports multiple different charities within the city. Make sure to check out their up and coming events! Event Coordination - FAB Events Inc.

Fresh Start Recovery Centres Annual Stampede Breakfast. A day full of networking, celebrating, live music, great food and a strong community of Freshpeople.Start Recovery Centre is an important organization for our community…make sure you CHECK OUT their up and coming events! Home page | Fresh Start Recovery

Imagine being in your youth and playing rock & roll on the stage at the #GreatestShowonEarth, the Calgary Stampede’s Coke a Cola Stage! What a great way to learn music, build confidence and create community. Thank you, School of Rock, for creating a strong community of talented young ProgramCalgaryclickprograms,To#ittakesavillage#schoolofrockyycmusicians.learnmoreabouttheirorperformanceshere:SchoolofRock|MusicLessons&s


“The CAREERS ICT Meetup creates a safe, rewarding environment for our emerging tech talent to explore and grow into Alberta’s tech ecosystem, with local influencers from industry, education, and the community. Participating employers have first opportunity to inspire the career education development of local youth and be an employer of choice from the beginning. Together, we are helping Alberta #takeonthefuture.”

“It is always a great time, when you get to join the CAREERS ICT Meetup! Not only do you get to share your knowledge, hearing from students as they venture into the world of work, is always a great way to learn how we as business owners can be better, offer more support, and provide more opportunities.” –

– Dan Olesen, Careers Krista Malden, Founder of CN!

When you put investors, advisors and entrepreneurs in a room together, you are providing an opportunity for people to connect and learn from each other. That is exactly what Alberta IoT is doing. On July 14, 2022, Alberta IoT held an Investor Readiness Workshop for entrepreneurs who are ready to scale up their companies. This was a day filled with presentations from advisor and investors, and a round table discussion to work on pitches and slide decks. Being an entrepreneur is a lonely job, that is why organizations such as Alberta IoT, are important. Entrepreneurs are not only solving problems, but they are also creating jobs, and opportunities for the economy and community to thrive. The support Alberta IoT offers in their community is about making sure the next generation of companies will thrive while building a stronger economy.

“As a technology executive and early stage investor, I understand the power that business models enabled through IoT have. In working with AB IoT to make possible Investor Readiness training, I am pleased to give back some of my experience so that the next generation of companies may succeed.” James Freeman

“Raising capital and access to capital is consistently cited as a barrier of growth for scale up businesses in our ecosystem. We established the investor readiness workshop, brining investors and scale up business together, as a launching pad to showcase that the challenge doesn’t need to be faced alone.” Amy Scullion

The Alberta IoT Association AB Companies With A Vested Interest in IoT

“We look ahead with great excitement around the opportunities to bring the Alberta IoT community together and further help IoT and emerging tech companies achieve next level growth. Build off the success of the investor readiness workshop, our team will be launching a program with a core focus on direct mentorship between investors and organizations looking to raise capital. Stay tuned!” Brenda Beckedorf

How Calgary’s HackathonBiggest is DevelopersSoftwareHelping Halle Andrews

Calgary’s Biggest Hackathon was a great success, and we look forward to seeing what’s yet to come for the future of the technology and software developer industry. A hackathon is an event where people collaborate competitively on software projects to create a new and functioning product. The weekend of July 22 24 saw the first Calgary’s Biggest Hackathon, YYC Hacks 2022. The event was at capacity with fourteen teams initially signed up on Friday, a total of 92 participants. All fourteen teams worked over the weekend to pitch on Sunday. With only a short time to create and present an idea, over three days, all teams successfully collaborated and finished their projects. This hackathon event has contributed to the growing tech community within Calgary, helping to develop teamwork and ingenuity while also acknowledging the needs of our city. It also provided them with the opportunity to be creative and work with others under pressure in a fun environment. Hosted at Platform Calgary in July, YYC Hacks 2022 had the goal of downtown revitalization with the side effect of boosting our participants' careers and confidence. We believe that this hackathon did exactly that and more. Although the hackathon provided many new experiences, many developers can attest to

feeling inferior and like they didn’t belong when first starting. A few hackathon participants expressed this sentiment of imposter syndrome at the start of the event on Friday. “Calgary’s Biggest Hackathon” can sound daunting to any new developer, and it’s no surprise that these feelings arose. In the opening remarks by Calgary’s Mayor Jyoti Gondek, she talked about imposter syndrome being common in many different fields of work. Throughout the weekend, the hackathon was able to help these people by overcoming any potential fears or setbacks. Participants were pushed out of their comfort zone, helping them learn new concepts and gain confidence within themselves. After the event, they left with more skills than they had previously. A large part of the event was networking, building intercultural communication and increasing an individual's technological skills that will help aspiring and junior developers as they progress in their careers. Moving forward, it is valuable to have people you can relate to in your industry that can offer guidance and have skills that you can apply elsewhere. Perhaps more importantly, the participants got to create a project that could make a difference in our growing city and look good on their resumes. The projects that came out of the hackathon demonstrate what an applied solution to a challenge that is affecting the Calgary downtown area may look like. As Calgarians integrate into a post pandemic lifestyle, it is important to improve upon the events, activities, and ways of life to adjust to the

What's next for the Calgary tech community? Serene Yew, Founder of Pixel Tree & Mayor Jyoti Gondek

world we live in today. The participating teams presented solutions and ideas relating to a particular challenge the city is facing, with the area being downtown revitalization. With this chosen, the teams brought their solutions to life using their code. Importantly, YYC Hacks allowed the developers of Calgary to address current and future needs of their city through something they are passionate about coding! Without the hackathon, we would not have been able to see these ideas come to life. Hackathons can be a great way to develop new ideas about a certain concept or to think about it differently. We hope that in the future, many of these projects can be used daily by the general public to facilitate downtown rejuvenation and contribute to a prosperous city and community.

With fourteen teams working together, YYC Hacks 2022 instigated competition and synergy among team members to address the needs of the downtown area. and created products that could truly help our downtown community. Downtown revitalization is a key issue impacting Calgary and has been exacerbated during the pandemic, with record inflation and challenges to the cost of living. Participating teams developed existing or learned new skills, at the same time as making meaningful connections with others and building their networks. Pixeltree hopes that in the future, more hackathons have the opportunity to build the tech community and allow it to grow even stronger. Calgary’s Biggest Hackathon provided creative opportunities and was able to inspire others.

“LIFE IS ABOUT CROSSING BRIDGES.” “But remember you DON’T have to cross alone.”

-Sophia Fairweather “Every generation’s voice matters. Working with Sophia and watching her grow as a person and within business and writing has taught me a lot about what we are missing when mentoring the younger generation. Sophia has been an amazing advocate for pushing more people to get involved with the younger generation in business, education and what’s next.” Krista Malden

“Community Now! has given me the opportunity to explore through the pages. Which has motivated me to independence so I myself with their support, can explore the big wide world, and the sights and people.”


Volume 4 FLASH BACK: Volume 1

Robert H. Shaffer

Science Centre Feature on the Month

Learning, Creating, Exploring….

Spark Telus Science Centre A city jewel. When it opened in its current location in 2011, it was the first purpose built science centre in the country in 25 years. It houses the largest dome theatre in western Canada and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors a year and launches blockbuster shows. It changes lives and opens doors to the world of science, technology and Sparkinnovation.began in 1967 promoting curiosity, innovation and collaboration, and encouraging people to explore science and technology. Spark


TELUS Spark Science Centre

We highly recommend that you go down and discover something new!

We spent the day at the Spark Telus Science Centre exploring, creating and discovering new Thethings.maker space is one of our favorite places to visit, because there are various stations with different opportunities to learn, build, create and Thediscover.Science Centre is not just for kids and youth, it is also for adults to go and rediscover what its like to be a ‘maker’ and learn. One of my favorite things about the Science Centre is that they bring in new themes, and new opportunities for the community to learn!

8 REASONS for studying at Banbury! 1. Academically Innovative: Where learning is really fun. 2. One on One Teaching: That is called individualized learning! 3. Self-Directed Learning: Student paced! 4. Interest-Based: You learn based on your interests. 5. Small class sizes: Maximum ratio 1:10! 6. Home-like Setting: It feels like home. 7. Mixed Aged Groups: Age 3 6, 7 11, and 12 18. 8. Mutual Respect: We immediately resolve disputes which creates mutual respect www.banburycrossroads.com #201, 2451 Dieppe Avenue S.W., Calgary AB T3E 7K1 403 270 7787 phone: 403.815.0429 email: dwalker1@remax.net Deloris Walker, RE/MAX iRealty Innovations, Calgary real estate Helping you find the perfect community Call today and let us find your dream home in the community.perfect

CONGRATULATIONS: Let’s Celebrate This year marks the 10th annual awards ceremony anniversary, and AWE is excited to present your 2022 AWE Award Nominees! These women entrepreneurs are unstoppable! This year’s nominees have demonstrated incredible innovation, leadership, and resilience. AWE kicked off the nominations with two nominee networking events, to congratulate and to celebrate the nominee’s success. To see the full list of nominees or to learn more about AWE click here. 2022 Award Nominees — Alberta Women Entrepreneurs (awebusiness.com) Congratulations to ALL the Nominees! Congratulations Cohort 7 on completing your InceptionULearning! is more then a place to learn. It’s a place to grow, collaborate and build community. “We are a place of meaningful learning. The kind that will stick with y ou and enable you to be fit for the future without fearing it. Let’s connect. Congratulations Adette Larcerte, on publishing your book ‘Alohomora’! Calling all Potterheads! On August 28 from 2 4pm @ The Potion Room in Inglewood come out for a magical afternoon as the book Alohomora is launched. Each ticket comes complete with a signature beverage, treats from the trolly cart, and your own copy of the book. There are a limited number of tickets so get your tickets NOW!! https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/373422365347

Congratulations CTP on winning the 33+ National Senior ChampionshipsBaseball the FUN wins in the Community!!! Congratulations Emily on Becoming a BC & Alberta Guide Dog! Emily was born May 30, 2022 and joined BC & Alberta Guide Dogs’ Calgary Puppy Raising community on July 21st, 2022. Emily ready to fly to #YYC in her training vest comwww.bcandalbertaguidedogs. Emily flying to #YYC

Photo by: Jill DRader

RESETTING After a Summer of Connecting

As we wind down from summer, it’s a great time to reflect and reset before the fall leaves start to turn brown. The fall is usually a time of restarting and refocusing our lives and going “back to normal.” With all the NEW normal being so NOT normal, finding your place in what life has become in the last two and a half years might be tough. Kids are going back to school, we’re going back to work, some are still studying or working from home and as we cling to those last warm nights and fire roasted marshmallows.

What is normal is feeling the end of the summer blues. We work so hard all year long, saving up and planning for our summer getaways, vacations and family time –eventually, it comes to an end, and it can definitely feel sad. So how do we reset after a summer of connecting, or in this year’s case reconnecting and get ready for the inevitable colder weather, the routines, and the structure? Two words gratitude and perspective. It’s easy to fall into the negative mindset of “summer is over” and feel like it wasn’t long enough, or that you could have used just one more day at the lake. However, if you flip the script and think about how much fun you’ve had, the connections you’ve made and the much needed slower pace you’ve enjoyed, it’s way easier to transition into the fall. Go back through the photos you’ve taken over the last 3 months, read through your journal entries, and reminisce with your family and friends you’ve spent time with. These are great ways to remember the good times and maybe even relive them for a little while. Living in gratitude for those moments and memories gives you back those summer feels

Jennifer Hadley

Then we get together in the living room, dump it all out and sort it all by subject getting their school bags ready for the first day of school.

and takes away the anxiety of what changes may come. We all know that having something to look forward to is also important to stay motivated and excited for the future. This is where the concept of perspective comes in. Instead of being upset that summer is ending, get excited about the great things coming up in the fall! I for one, LOVE the weather in the fall, cozy sweaters, pumpkin-spiced everything, the colours, the smells… I can feel it just writing Growingthis!

Turning things into an adventure and a game makes it more exciting! We talk about the new friends they’ll make, the old friends they’ll see, the stories they’ll share with their classmates about what they did over the summer – and that brings us back to gratitude and remembering the good times.

up I used to love school supply shopping, it was so fun going up and down the aisles finding the perfect colour of pencil case for my brand-new pack of HB#2’s! Now I make it fun for my kids too. I want them to get excited about school starting so instead of taking the easy route of online shopping, we head out and they pick out what they want.

Settling into a tighter work routine is also less challenging when you get excited about it. It’s a great time to rearrange your desk, get yourself a new mug or make small changes to your workspace. Switching things up bumps up your creativity and gives you a fresh outlook on whatever tasks you have coming your way. Maybe refresh your branding, build new templates for your presentations or even just add an interesting tagline to your email signature small changes make things more interesting.

What’s the best way to get over the end of summer blues? Start planning your next trip! Even if it’s a one day getaway, get planning! You can even take the ideas you might have come up with as you reflected on this passing summer to incorporate into your plans for next summer! Didn’t get enough time at the lake? Plan an extra day for next year! Hated the restaurants you tried? Do some research and plan for new ones for next time! Loved the boat tour you went on? Reserve it again and add an extra excursion to it! Knowing you have more fun things coming up is a great way to get excited for what’s to come and to get serious about making that Whateverhappen.you do, make sure you take the time to reflect and enjoy the memories. Then block the time for your next adventure to create momentum moving forward. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive, it can be trying a new coffee shop or inviting a new group of friends to enjoy it with you. For me, I’m continuing to plan some sort of getaway once a month. It recharges me, keeps me looking forward and ensures that life is lived while I’m able to live it. How are you going to reset and get excited about the next season?

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