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MAXIMIZING POTENTIAL Innovation is creating the future for Alberta’s energy resources. Alberta Innovates develops and invests in applied research and innovation programs to sustain, grow and diversify the province’s energy and resource sectors, develop clean technology and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our programs and expertise help create, adapt, and commercialize innovative technologies that maximize the value of Alberta’s natural and renewable resources while protecting the environment.

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2 // Community Now!

Dear Community, “The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow”. – Unknown This past year has tested all of us to the core. We have all felt the agony of yesterday and the sorrow of today. Only through the freedom of truth combined with the power of tomorrow will we overcome. It was a year of truths: We faced a pandemic Politicians fumbled Domestic violence increased Financial burdens impacted everyone Businesses closed or were put on hold Our systems couldn’t meet demands More pedophiles threatened our innocence Our legal systems have failed Mental Illness is on the rise Addiction is on the rise A blanket of racism is being exposed: A man of colour was killed in the public’s eye by a police officer (one of many lives lost in the Black community by the hands of officers.) Asian & Muslim populations and the LGBTQ+ community, faced cruel attacks… A mass grave site with 215 Indigenous children’s bodies was discovered - and this is just the beginning. Hatred, Greed, Power, Money and Religion... these make up a recipe of destruction not an antidote for humanity. And yet these are the ingredients we add to our daily lives. We need to start adjusting the formula. We need to start listening to the people within our worldy community. We all need to look in the mirror and face the unpleasant truths of the past and present. It takes a village. Our strength is our people. We need to rebuild the village, nourish humankind, and create inclusiveness. When we can sift through the lies, reflect, and blend in the organic ingredients, we will discover the power to turn the ugliness of today into a beautiful tomorrow. From the CN! Community to all communities we are sorry that anyone is facing these ugly, devastating truths. Let’s now stand together and take action for change! Tomorrow starts today. - Krista Malden

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This grassroots magazine is a platform for, about and by the community. Community \\ 3

“CALLING THEM HOME” CEREMONY Article and photos provided by Erin “Ellie” Henderson

Together in Ceremony The news of the bodies of 215 Indigenous children found at the former residential school in Kamloops, the community of Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc, is a devastating and heartbreaking discovery. This is a reminder of the trauma inflicted by settlers and colonial systems upon Indigenous children, families, and communities. On June 4, Miskanawah, with the support of United Way of Calgary and Area, held an Elder lead Cree Ceremony. In this Cree Ceremony, attendees tied multi-colour prayer cloth to 13 teepee poles. Once the teepee poles were raised, a 14th teepee pole tied with orange cloth was then added to honour and acknowledge the children. The beautiful, ‘dancing’ teepee of cloth and ribbon reflects the individual prayers of everyone in attendance and the offerings carried forward for those who join us in spirit. Here is a brief list of Indigenous-led, charitable organizations in the Calgary area to support or to learn more: Miskanawah, Awo Taan Healing Lodge Society, Urban Society for Aboriginal Youth (USAY), Aboriginal Friendship Centre of Calgary, Métis Calgary Family Services. Miskanawah (mis-con-a-wah, meaning “Pathways” in Cree) is our philosophical framework that is rooted in Indigenous teachings, ceremonies and guidance from Elders. Miskanawah is a multi-service organization, offering programs for children, youth, families, and community. www.miskanawah.ca

Small World... Huge Community David Malden

it’s a small world isn’t it? whatever happens anywhere on this globe impacts all of us everywhere this is our global village our global community a new normal is required for our global community can we talk…we have to redefine ’normal’ I think we have to define ‘equal’ as well… you know…equal in the eyes of God… equals in the eyes of the law… if we can do that, we can be well on our way to a community that is truly loving, caring and supportive of everyone we have a lot to do… end inequality, oppression and racism address climate change in a fashion that appreciates life more than money we have to be able to protest and march to get ideas across without damage and destruction we need police to provide public safety, not riot to cause violence and death

we have a lot of work to do…. we can hear the noise caused by oppression and discontent…but… we need to listen to what is being said we need to understand what we hear we need to accept the truth of what is happening we need to acknowledge that this is the truth we need to change so that we make it better for everyone imagine if there was no inequality or oppression… imagine if everyone was safe, loved and cared for imagine if everyone had equal access to health care imagine if everyone had equal access to education imagine if everyone had access to meaningful work with livable wages and benefits we have work to do…it is doable…ready ?

Community \\ 5


Steve Armstrong

The Doorway

Al Del Degan

Blaise Hunter

Lindsay Harle-Kadatz

Dave Malden

Jennifer Hadley

Erin “Ellie” Henderson

Jade Alberts

Stacy Richter

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FEATURING : Nicholas Fu

Monique Auffrey

Wayne Steer

Katherine Alberts

Shannon Bowen-Smed

Tammy Sherger

Harnarayan Singh

Dominic Vogel

Rumble Alberta

Kourtney Branagan

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JR. EDITOR: Zanika Malden

“CN! is the place where collisions happen. The REAL power of an engaged community comes from the number of unlikely collisions between two or more people, groups or ideas leading up to actionable change. CN! is the only place where that happens across industries, borders, and generations. That is an energy that I cannot resist.” -Stacy Richter, Marketing Mindbender

6 // Community Now!

The Quest: How To Inspire Using Your Superpowers

Blaise Hunter | Human Rights Consultant | Heroine


f you had to name your favourite superhero, who would it be? Now, how many of you said yourself? Since the late 1930’s the world has had a love affair with the superhero concept. We read the comic books, watch the movies, and wear the costumes all to embody the fantasy of being powerful. This phenomenon is still going strong with Marvel being featured on the cover of TIME Magazine this year. Heck, I even built my whole business brand on the allure of these crusaders. The reason I did this was because I recognized the internal desire people have to be a superhero. If we all have this common fantasy, why don’t we make our dream a reality?

The Superpower Project is about highlighting various challenges or “kryptonites” facing people and helping us neutralize their effect on us. I believe our biggest kyrptonite is, we don’t even realize we have superpowers. As a culture, we are obsessed about the quest for inspiration, purpose, and power. It reminds me of the legend of the musk deer. The deer is walking along the forest one day and suddenly it comes across the musk scent. The deer stops and is completely captivated by this magnificent fragrance. It wants to know where the aroma is coming from. It begins a quest searching all over the forest for the source of this scent. The deer searches high (continued on next page) Community \\ 7

Be your own inspiration today. Draw from what already exists within you.

(continued from page 7...) and low, day and night. It becomes obsessed with the need to locate where the smell is coming from. This story is a paradox because musk is actually produced in a gland in the deer’s own body. The deer is so enchanted by its own fragrance, it often roams around aimlessly searching on the outside what was always found on the inside. This story relates to all genders. We spend our whole lives looking for worthiness, approval, beauty, validation, inspiration, purpose, and authority outside of ourselves. When all those things are found within. We get lost in the search. I created the Heroine Movement to bring awareness to this very pattern and hep break the cycle. We are our own superheroes. We are our own inspiration. We have incredible superpowers to battle back through the storms of life. We have an extraordinary ability to inspire others just by openly living as a superhero. As a kid growing up in the 80’s, one of my favourite tv shows was, My Secret Identity starring Jerry O’Connell. That theme song still rings in my head: “You’ll never guess my secret identity.” Every fictional superhero 8 // Community Now!

always struggles to keep their identity a secret. The opposite needs to happen for the real-life superheroes that we are. So how do we inspire? First, we need to learn from the musk deer and realize we already possess the powers. We don’t need to search for them. We were born this way. Then we need to harness all those superpowers and let them heal us, fill us with hope, and fuel us to be the best superheroes we were fashioned to be. Becoming unmasked is the key. If we could remove the blanket of secrecy and foggy lenses off humanity, I genuinely believe we would see an uprising of unguarded superheroes in this world. Could you imagine the power flowing from humankind because everyone tapped into their unique power source? Can you envision the inspiration outbreak that would take place just by everyone stepping into the light? I’m inspired just writing about it. Be your own inspiration today. Draw from what already exists within you. Let it permeate the atmosphere. Let it become a ripple effect. One drop of your own inspiration is a like sound wave that impacts the entire world. That is the true essence of power. Our superpowers are inspirational. (continued on page 10)

We are a community instilling hope and connection in the lives of young people aged 17 to 24, exiting street life.

Change is Possible.

www.thedoorway.ca - CRA 13140 1226 RR0001 W O R D S









I was going through a challenging situation, I had so many people around who cared about me. Without them, I'm not sure I I would be so strong.

So much more can be accomplished when the people around you show faith and care.

Volunteering your time helps build new connections.

I found therapy again, and have a support system. Even if I fall, I know that I can reach out to people who care about me.

Having hobbies and working on keeping community connections provide resources that can help me day-to-day.

I landed a place and a job by talking to the people I know. Networking is very powerful.


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O G D E N -


S E ,


F R I E N D S @ T H E D O O R W A Y . C A

(continued from page 8...) What inspires you? What immediately comes to my mind is kindness. Humanity has faced numerous tragedies and traumas and yet I still encounter kindness on a daily basis. Kind-hearted souls in a cruel world inspires me to have hope. I look at all that I have encountered in my life and I am proud that I haven’t let the sour things said to me or done to me poison my heart. I still radiate compassion. That inspires me to continue pushing through and fighting for our citizens. If I had to pick someone else who inspires me, it is Corrie ten Boom. She faced unimaginable brutality during the Holocaust. She risked her own life to fight for the rights of others. Corrie wasn’t treated like a human in the concentration camps but in turn became one of the most influential humanitarians of this world. Her benevolence was her superpower.

Just like Corrie ten Boom, my work isn’t about elevating me and making me the greatest superhero of all time, but rather it is to contend for people to recognize their own potential and to lead with empathy and courage. We are worth fighting for. Our identity is worth the risk. We are stronger together. Kindness is the glue that connects humankind. Develop X-Ray vision and see your super identity today. Reach within your soul and access your superpowers. Inspire yourself and inspire others. Be a conduit of dreams and let love ROAR. Channelling the power of heroism kills all forms of kryptonite. Stop the search and put on the cape. We are the inspiration. To learn more about the Heroine Movement visit www.blaisehunter.com


This is Bitvo We are on a mission to become Canada’s premier cryptocurrency exchange. With a focus on customer service, security, and transparency, we make cryptocurrency trading accessible for all Canadians.

https://bitvo.com 10 // Community Now!



Community \\ 11

Telling It Like It Is Featuring

Jade & Katherine Alberts

“The June story is about someone who inspires me. Over the last year, we had a family crisis when my wife suffered a psychosis. It was a long stressful, and scary journey. We are starting to share our story, which hopefully inspires people to come forward and ask for help. There is not a person who inspires me more daily than my wife, Katherine.” – Jade Alberts

You are an amazing person, wife and Mom. You inspire me every day. Recently we had a setback in life with a mental lapse. Please share your story on why and how you think it happened? I was diagnosed with what is called unspecified psychosis.Each case of psychosis is different, and the exact cause isn't always straightforward. I honestly believe it was like a perfect storm with a combination of many triggers. I had a week of very little sleep with 2hrs a night. We had a friend who passed away that affected me; on top of all that, we had the start of COVID that resulted in changes in my work environment. I also had developed an obsession with the spiritual realm, where I thought I communicated telepathically with people and past spirits. This all led to various symptoms for months with difficulty concentrating, anxiety attacks, paranoia and suspiciousness, delusions and hallucinations. The delusions and hallucinations felt very real. I thought I was being watched, and secret messages were sent to me. I also had a grandiose delusion, an exaggerated sense of importance, and felt like I had superpowers. I also had a somatic delusion, which is when a person believes they have a terminal illness, but in reality, you are healthy. The good news was with time, professional help, but more importantly, the love and support from Jade and our girls, I was able to recover. It was not an easy year, and many times I thought I had lost you. Your strength and openness about what we were going through made it easier for us to talk about it and move forward. How did you have the strength to do this? You are right; I felt lost too. Honestly, I could have been on another planet; that is how far gone I was. The saying “it takes a village,” well, I think, it’s 12 // Community Now!

true. My strength to go on was from my family and friends, who reminded me that this would pass. Many openly talked about their struggles with depression or anxiety, or setbacks in life. They gave me hope that things do indeed get better. My parents and brothers checked in on me regularly. My mother-in-law messaged me words of inspiration every day. I knew I had to fight to come back for our girls. So many times, I felt like a child and not their mother, and I needed to be their mother. Last but not least, Jade was my rock and gave me strength. My suspiciousness and paranoia were mainly directed towards him in my active stage. This is very common with psychosis that those closest to you get the brunt of the paranoia. His openness and forgiveness helped me heal. I watched him take care of the girls and care for me when I got home from the hospital. I thought; this man really loves me. I need to come back to this world. I felt like we genuinely tested the marriage vow " in sickness and in health." We started down the traditional road of Psychologist, Psychiatrist and Meds. We felt the advice we received was wrong through our constant conversations, fired everyone, and went down a different path. How difficult was this decision? I was so vulnerable, and all I wanted was to feel better like anyone would. I looked to professionals for guidance, but they disagreed. I had a therapist who tried to get me on depression medication, but the psychiatrist disagreed. Who do you believe? I thought if only I could get on this medication, then I would feel better. Jade kept saying to me, “Kathy, you were never a person who believed in medication, and this diagnosis is not correct,” and

this diagnosis is not correct. We moved on from the Psychologist and Psychiatrist and went off all medication except the ones to help me sleep. I was just so lost and depressed and wanted what I thought was a quick fix. We talked about volunteering and taking courses to get my mind to focus on the positive again. I set things in motion for work and started to volunteer, which gave me a sense of purpose. As things started to open up, I started going to the gym with a trainer. This helped me feel like I was in my body again, and as I got stronger, so did my mind. I started to meditate consistently, journal, yoga, walks in nature, qigong and I even scheduled in showers. I put things on my calendar, and even though I never felt like doing something, I did them because they were in my calendar. I made sure that I got enough sleep and put myself to bed like a child. We eventually got a therapist who specializes in psychosis. He has educated me on psychosis and some signs in each of the stages. Over time, I could feel my thinking and mind start to change, and I knew I was starting to get better. I could laugh again. I could enjoy simple things like walking in nature, and I began to enjoy eating again. Your first day back to work was May.17. How gratifying was that, or were you scared? We put it as a goal to get back to work, so it felt like a great accomplishment. There was nervousness as I had been off work for so long. I also was worried about the stigma with mental health and about what people would think, like can I do my job. Those worries are at the back of my mind. My new saying to help me cope when I am starting to feel anxiety is “this isn’t going to matter in 100 years?” and “Who cares what people think.” That is something Jade has taught me. When people judge a book by its cover, it says more about the person, not the book. He is one of the most positive people I know. We both believe that our story needs to be shared to inspire others to ask for help, is it difficult talking about it? Yes and no.

Yes, because, like all humans, we have a fear of being judged. When you tell people, "I hear voices," they think you’re crazy. You fear how people will react to you and interact with you. I understand why people keep it quiet, especially if there is a feeling of shame and embarrassment with how you behaved. On the other hand, no, because it is only when we open up and tell our stories that others might not feel alone. Part of the problem with psychosis is it isn’t common; only 1% or 1 out 100 will experience it. It isn’t like depression or anxiety that is more commonly known. In many cases, psychosis takes time to diagnose, and there is a loss of insight and denial of having a problem whatsoever. It’s especially challenging for families who are keenly aware of a behaviour change. I often felt that nothing was wrong with me, and I thought I was going through a mystical experience. The other thing for people to realize with mental health is not giving up, keep trying, and get the right help for you. Above all, mental health takes a support system and team to get you to a better place. Never forget the hope that things can get better with time. Last but not least, remember the love and support you get from your family. I am so grateful that Jade was my rock and was there to lean on every step of the way. I am ready for the next step in our lives.

Jade Alberts Peer Guidance - Jade Alberts Consulting 403-771-1301 www.PeerGuidance.ca • www.JadeAlbertsConsulting.com www.LinkedIn.com/in/JadeAlberts

DREAM BIG, DREAM LOUD, & TAKE EVERY STEP ‘ONE GAME AT A TIME’ Having a dream is one thing, making that dream a reality is another. Harnarayan Singh made his dreams a reality. This isn’t something that happened over night and is something he has worked on his since he was a young kid, growing up in small town Alberta. With the support of his family and friends, along with the drive to be one of the most influential broadcasters, and his love for the sport of hockey…he turned his dream into a career. Harnarayan is well known in the world of broadcasting and hockey. In fact, he made history. Growing up Harnarayan had a passion for hockey and took his passion and built it into a career One Game at A Time. Inspired by Wayne Gretkzy, Harnarayan would watch Hockey Night in Canada and would be a young hockey announcer/broadcaster for his family and friends. Which later grew into him funding his own trips to games in Toronto in the early days of Hockey Night in Punjabi, where he made history in becoming the first Sikh to broadcast an NHL game in English. Today, he is one of the most influential ambassadors of the game of hockey and a voice that empowers more than the hockey community, he empowers the community at large. Harnarayan’s book, One Game at a Time is the incredible and inspiring story of how he broke through barriers and biases of the sport and life. More than that, Harnarayan blends his love of hockey with a refreshing, necessary & positive message about what it means to be a Canadian. Regardless of the challenges he faced as a kid and still to this day as an adult, being bullied and facing racism, Harnarayan has become a leader. “Hockey is a great sport that brings people together,” stated Harnarayan. “Its something people can connect over and get excited about and share. I loved watching hockey Night in Canada as a kid, 14 // Community Now!

not only because I loved the sport but because it helped me connect with other kids, my family and gave me a purpose.” Today; Harnarayan is a family man, Host & Play-by-Play Commentator for Hockey Night in Canada, Sportsnet, National Bestselling Author: OneGameAtATime.ca, Ambassador for Chevrolet Canada and Director at HEROS Charity (Hockey Education Reaching Out Society). He is a community advocate and an inspiration to current & future generations of hockey fans, broadcasters and the community at large. “I’ve been Harnarayan’s biggest fan ever since we were kids, and I am so proud of him and his perseverance through all of these years. Watching a little 3 year old call play by play for Wayne Gretzky’s every move to calling games live thirty years later is a testament to Harnarayan’s passion and dedication for hockey and everything it represents.” – Gurdeep Singh

Kourtney Branagan is a changemaker. She is a well-known leader in the innovation community and is a bold representative for inclusive neighbourhood planning. Kourtney brings her small business experience, love of technology, and passion for building community to her run for city council in Ward 11.

Q & A with Kourtney Branagan Why is community important? We are social creatures designed to be in the company of others. In 2021 as we attempt to emerge from a year full of more isolation than we are designed for, we are going to need community more than ever to continue to find our sense of purpose and connection. Community is where we find

continue to create more experiences and outcomes that continue to benefit more people. Why did you decide to run for office? I've spent the last 10 years seriously building communities of people through my paid work and through volunteerism. It has been incredibly rewarding and I am ready to do this at a bigger scale. I want to connect more people, foster bigger ideas,

common interests and values and where we devel-

and champion our potential as a city.

op and nurture our sense of belonging.

Why should people vote for you?

What are you doing to make an impact within the

A vote for me is saying yes to the openness to

community? Through the campaign I am trying to focus on safe activities (online and outdoors) as well as promoting other community builders. I continue to connect individuals with each other to build

fund community projects, embrace our economic potential, and break from the status quo. I'm open to listening, to exploring, and to advocating for the voices who need a champion. I'm not afraid of risk and innovation. I'm also a mother, so am very good

relationships, get out into community to practice

at saying no when asks are unreasonable.

acts of service - picking up dog poop at the offleash

What are some of your key goals to accomplish

park, trash around our waterways, volunteering

when you get into office?

for recycling events, and amplify the social media

I want non-profits and community building or-

posts of organizations within my ward.

ganizations in my ward to feel supported. I want

What challenges have you seen in the community

them to know I am going to help support and share

during the pandemic?

their efforts.

There is a disparity on who can access online

I want to feel as though I'm part of a team - with

events and who can. Childcare, work flexibility,

fellow councillors, with administration, and with

mental availability, digital access - these are just

citizens. For me, teams are about working strategi-

some of the limiting factors to online participation.

cally together to accomplish key outcomes.

In person has of course been challenged due to gathering restrictions causing organizers to have to pivot their offerings. I have of course seen lots of novel and unique ways for people to nurture their relationships too - learning isn't easy but I think we are uncovering that more than one way can be used simultaneously to build community. What does success look like to you ? For me, success is the feeling of wanting more of what just went well (all while being ok to acknowledge what didn't go well). It is the inspiration to build off what you've learned and experienced to

I would like to get to the point where we talk about city initiatives in a less adversarial way - where we can talk about projects and their benefits without it being 'for' or 'against' certain groups of people, where we look broadly at the landscape and recognize that we are building something for everyone but not everything is for everyone. Fun Facts •

I've never had a cavity.

I've won awards in my last three jobs.

Can't sing or dance, do it anyways.

Community \\ 15

Monique Auffrey Monique has been making a difference in the community throughout her career, and she has been recognized nationally and internationally for her achievements leading the way in the community to build strong families

Shannon Bowen-Smed Shannon




and communities for generations.

Group in 1984 and worked her way up the

In 2020 Monique won a Women of

later became the CEO. BOWEN Group has

Inspiration award for Advocate and Catalyst for Change, Monique strives to build a stronger, more diverse, safer

ranks, becoming the President in 1996 and been named a Best Managed Company by Deloitte Canada in 2019, 2020 and 2021. Shan-


non is also highly accomplished and recog-

Naming Monique as the Advocate and Catalyst for

nized in the Canadian workforce. Recently,

Change, is the perfect title for her. She has been involved in the community on the ground running through her work in charities and Not for profits, while taking an invested interested in the community at large and how she can make a difference which makes her a great Canidate for City Council. As a respected leader whose diverse Canadian and inter-

Shannon was named a SHEInnovator by the United Nations, 2018 Women Business Enterprise of the Year, has a Lifetime Achievement award PROFIT/Chatelaine Top 100 Female Entrepreneur and 2015 EY Entrepreneur of the Year. Outside of the organization, Shannon also serves as a member of the Calgary Economic

national experience has led to a reputation of excellence

Development Board of Directors and she has

in social service delivery Monique is hoping she can make

joined Bow Valley College’s Board of Gover-

a greater impact in strengthening the community at large

nors on April 20, 2021, and has been appoint-

by running for City Council, Ward 8. In 2009, Monique was presented to Her Majesty, The

ed to the future role of Board Chair by the Government of Alberta, effective July 1, 2021.

Queen at Buckingham Palace for a celebration marking

Why is community important?

the 60th Anniversary of the Commonwealth on behalf of

For me, I look at community as the place I

Commonwealth Organization for Social Work.

live, play and thrive. Like anything, relation-

She was recognized as CTV, Inspired Albertan in 2015. And she served on the Alberta Family Violence Death review committee. Monique is a mother, community advocate, and a change maker. Bringing her experience into city council will benefit the whole community. She has Sector experience in some of the hardest areas that our community faces including: housing, homelessness & Housing First and Co-Ops, Women Shelters, Domestic Violence, Children and Youth, Family Services, Humanitarian & Social Justice, Anti-Oppressive Practice & International Social Work and Board Governance & Strategic Planning. 16 // Community Now!

ships are two way and so to get the very best from my community requires me to give my very best to it. Thus I invest in my friendships, improving my neighborhood, sitting on community centered boards and championing my city because I see community as an extension of me and my family. What are you doing to make an impact within the community? Closer to home my family participates in the annual park clean-up program every year in our community and we have also become the go to COVID safe fire-pit for our family, friends and colleagues histing guests often on double shifts both Saturdays and Sundays

More broadly, BOWEN was one of three Calgary based organizations that ran a Christmas meals and clothing program for 1500 homeless in our city with a goal of turning this in to an annual event and I am concluding my final term as a member of the Calgary Economic Development Board which is the City of

What does success look like to you? That changes with age. It used to be about title, income and influence. Today, I care much more about capability, confidence and the ability to say no. What challenges did you have when you became a

Calgary’s economic arm. Our responsibility is to


ensure Calgary has a thriving and diverse economy

When I assumed my leadership role I really wanted to

now and in the future

be liked. It’s not possible. Leaders aren’t paid to make

What challenges have you seen in business during

popular decisions and they can rarely if ever explain

the pandemic? Initially people were feeling a deep sense of job/life flexibility with the elimination of things like commute

political ones. I think every leader get’s tested on all things that make them vulnerable and challenged on all aspects of their personality. I certainly did.

times and the ability to do laundry during the day.

3 fun facts about yourself (things people don’t know)

However, fast forward 13 months and that value of

I am a certified scuba diver

I rode equestrian for 12 years, six of those at

working from home is now for many feeling like seclusion and disengagement. That has businesses addressing unprecedented levels of stress leave and mental fatigue. This issue becoming even more fragile with the vaccine roll-out as you have people sitting on

Spruce Meadows •

I was asked for a dance by Prince Phillip when I was 16 years old

both sides of will they or won’t they putting employers in an incredibly precarious situation and applying yet even more pressure on businesses who have no previous experience dealing with these anomalies.


CN! Magazines

Spice Cafe & Lounge

Family owned business of 17 years Specializing in Malaysian cuisine and uniquely handcrafted espresso beverages. 403-266-2210 • 220 800-6th Ave SW Instagram: @spicecafeyyc • https://spicecafeyyc.business.site/

Meet a

Nicholas Chinese



Entrepreneur, father of 2 amazing children, owner

Explorer Group Canada LTD

of the largest multicultural

Connecting your business to

Group Canada and the

Diverse Communities WHAT WE DO We specialize in translating news, events, discounts, sales, and more with marketing through social media conglom-

marketing Alberta,

group The



Strategic Advisor of the Member of Paliament in Alberta. Most recently he became the director of AlphaPay. Nic is also an active community member and advocate. Nicholas believes supporting community is an essential part of being a leader. He has supported the community by sponsoring events and festivals in Calgary and Edmonton, along with making

erates. We use well-known

donations to multiple charities and organizations

platforms such as Instagram,

during the Covid-19 pandemic. Nicholas is always

Facebook, and Twitter, but also

looking for opportunities to connect with people

penetrate the Asian market by using Chinese social media channels. These channels are lesser known by western marketing firms, but this is where we give you an advantage.

in the community, support the community and do what he can to encourage others to do the same. Explorer Group Canada As the largest and most trusted Asian Multicultural Marketing Company, Explorer Group Canada knows how to market your products and services

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increase the revenue of estab-

unique services. Their marketing, branding, social

lished companies, but without proper media outlets and persuasive translation, attempts

media advertising, and live event services are offered in different languages, setting them apart from traditional marketing firms.

often fall short. Explorer Group

Based in Edmonton Canada, with subdivisions in

bridges the communication

Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, with additional offic-

gap and uses digital marketing to ensure our clients have sales that reach the highest potential. A partnership with Explorer Group is a partnership with success.

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es in the US in New York and New Jersey. Explorer Group is creating integrated marketing solutions with creative output to generate rich digital experiences. With over 7 years of experience with major brands and businesses, Explorer Group Canada has revolutionized communication and sales between businesses and the Asian market. Explorer Group Canada Website: www.ExplorerGroupCanada.com

AlphaPay & British Columbia. After a few years of the partnership with AlphaPay, Nicholas has recently joined them as their director. AlphaPAy is the leading Fintech Cross Boarder Payment company in Richmond BC. They specialise in Chinese Payments such as Alipay, WeChat Pay and China UnionPay. They are now combined with Visa, Master Card and AMEX; all major payment methods turned into an all-in-one payment solution. As their director, Nicholas is bringing this great payment opportunity to all Canadian business owners across Canada. AlphaPay www.AlphaPay.com

Q & A with Nicholas Fu What advice can you give to someone who is thinking about starting a business?

3.) Know your value. Make sure you know how to show people your

1.) Opportunity and Values should always be your

value, and know how to improve your value.

top priorities.

Always know your value and worth. Confidence.

To generate great opportunities for yourself and

Why is marketing important?

the amazing people around you, teach people what you have learned and give to people what you have earned, this is how you maximize your

Marketing is a way of communication, it's a language, for people to understand who you are, what

value and others!

you do, and what you want. Without language,

2.) Resources and connections matter.

is important.

people can't communicate. That's why marketing

Know yourself, your resources and connections. Then set up goals based on what you already have.

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FAMILY, CYBER SECURITY, COMEDY, COMMUNITY ADVOCACY, AND BUSINESS LEADERSHIP…. Q & A with Dominic Vogel What is cyber security? The digital equivalent of physical world security. Your doors need locks and cars are protected with alarms. Cyber security protects the digital realm. Effective cyber security is a special blend of people, processes and technology that when properly combined protect organizations, individuals or networks from digital attacks. Cyber security keeps data and systems safe and resilient.

Dominic Vogel Dominic has an established track record as a cyber security leader. He has a wide-range of experience overseeing numerous projects including security strategy development, policy development, endpoint security, and threat management. In his role as Chief Security Strategist at Cyber.SC, Dominic focuses much of his energy on helping start-ups and small/midsize businesses solve their cyber security challenges. He actively participates in the local Vancouver security community and is a regular cyber security expert for Global BC (TV), CKNW (radio), News1130 (radio), and the Vancouver Sun (newspaper). He has even appeared internationally on BBC News World TV. Dominic is a firm believer in delivering sustainable security that supports and protects business goals. Having worked within large and globally diverse organizations he has extensive security experience that has been forged over the past decade as an information security professional.

20 // Community Now!

What kind of cyber-attacks happen? For most people and organizations cyber attacks are launched by criminals. Cyber crime has surpassed the drug trade as being the most profitable crime on the planet. Every single criminal syndicate organization invests heavily in cyber crime. It’s safe, scalable, attribution is difficult, and they can carry out these attacks anywhere in the world. Ransomware is one of the most common cyber attacks affecting organizations right now. It’s the 21st century equivalent of kidnapping. Basically, your systems and data are held for ransom. You don’t regain access unless you pay the ransom (generally via a digital currency like Bitcoin) Why do companies of all sizes need cyber security? Over 75% of all global cyber-attacks are focused on small and midsize companies. There used to be a time when only the big banks and healthcare companies needed to worry about cyber security (they still do!) In an age of a digital economy, where organizations are increasingly virtualized, organizations of all shapes and sizes, and all sectors need to proactively address cyber security. For many small and midsize organizations cyber risk is an existential risk. Many do not have the big war chest to survive a data breach or sustained cyber-attack.

What happens if a company if affected by a cyber threat? Or is attacked? Ransomware is one of the most common cyber-attacks affecting organizations (particularly small and midsize companies) right now. It’s the 21st century equivalent of kidnapping. Basically, your systems and data are held for ransom. You don’t regain access unless you pay the ransom (generally via a digital currency like Bitcoin). Can you imagine your organization being down for a whole day? Or whole week? Ransomware cripple’s organizations. We do not truly realize how dependent our companies are on digital assets until they are taken away! Furthermore, if personal information (such as social insurance numbers) is compromised (commonly referred to as a data breach) your organization, executives, and board directors can be held legally liable if it can be proven that there was insufficient oversight and governance over cyber security. How do you get and maintain work life balance? I don’t balance, I try to harmonization the two. If I harmonize work and life, things are so much better...I am fusing both worlds together instead of trying to balance them. The hardest thing about harmonizing is establishing boundaries and sticking to it. An example of a boundaries: is learning to put your phone down to have family time. Or making it so it’s ok that your kid is building Lego on your desk while you work.

Three fun facts • Longest I have gone without shaving is 7 months. • I was always the goalie growing up • I’m a Disney nerd... because of my wife. We are Disney nerds together.


to securing the future of your company through

consultation, education, and implementation of the best defenses available in cyber security.

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Laura Grant Meet Laura, a woman committed to building a stronger, more environmentally friendly, diverse, innovative and connected community. Laura is the Co-Director of Alberta Bike Swap, Co-Founder at UsefulBags and Masks, UN SHEInnovator & WOI2020 Innovation Award Winner. Along with a software developer, gardener and a woman on a mission to always be innovating to make the world better. “We're only on the planet once, do good things in the world.” - Laura Grant Calgary Bike Swap/Alberta Bike Swap From an idea to thousands of attendees and bikes in 10 years. Alberta Bike Swap offers a safe environment for people to buy and sell used bicycles. Laura is the mastermind of the operation and Chris her husband is the spokesperson and promoter. Laura and Chris Grant not only designed the The Bike Swap they also designed and patented their own software and bike racks and they give the bike racks out for free to promote cycling. They also printed 135,000 bike safety cards and have given out 70,000 to date. The Bike Swap; is mentoring tech students at SAIT to re-code their website and they are working with a senior coder to redo and improve their Bike Swap software. Along with Alberta Biker Swap, Laura Co-Founded Useful Bags and Masks. She has experience in software including being the Co-Fonder of Swapoprtunity, and being a software Product manager. 22 // Community Now!

Laura is also the Director of Weapons of Grass Distruction.Weapons of Grass Destruction is a carbon offset protocol that Laura wrote in grad school. What is it about? Removing manufactured landscapes and replacing them with native landscapes. Native landscapes have survived for epochs and require the same water, nutrients, and climate that already exists. “Native Landscapes significantly reduces CO2e.” states Laura. Laura is also in discussion with the federal government about taking the bike swap and Weapons of Grass Destruction across Canada to reduce carbon and change the way people see green space. Laura is on a mission to save the environment while making live better!

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Wayne Steer Wayne’s passion is connecting people who dream of making the world a better place.

WELCOME TO ‘WAYNE(R)’S WORLD’ Wayne Steer has been involved in community building, fundraising, charities and not for profits for his entire working career…starting as a volunteer. Wayne started his journey of fundraising, after he fell in love with helping people through the Canadian Progress Club, Calgary Bow River. Wayne remained an active volunteer fundraiser for various organizations until 2004, when he joined the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) to pursue that dream as a full-time career. Wayne has worked for the ALS Society of Alberta, Canadian Red Cross and since 2010, Wayne has been actively employed by Fresh Start Recovery Centre as their Director of Funds Development. He served for sixteen years on the AFP Calgary & Area Chapter Board culminating in President, Past-President and President again in 2020 along with many other roles. In addition to being an active member of AFP at the local level, Wayne has been involved at the national and international (AFP Global formerly AFP International) levels since 2009.

24 // Community Now!

Wayne received the 2020 Outstanding Fundraising Professional Award. Wayne has been an avid ambassador for AFP for many years. In 2020 he hung up his board gavel after 16 years on the board. Derek Bechthold, who nominated him for the award stated: “Wayne exemplifies the fundraising profession through his unwavering love of people and our profession. Wayne stimulates a world of generosity and positive social good through fundraising best practice”. “The Outstanding Fundraising Professional award is less about me than it is about all of the people in my profession, place of employment, community and friends who believed and worked to make me and the work I do create value, change and hope.” Wayne Steer Wayne, has done amazing work in our community on local, international and global levels around Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access (IDEA) and recently secured funding from the Calgary Foundation to create an Intercultural Competency Coordinator at Fresh Start. When Wayne was asked “what’s next?” he said “it is time to give back to the community in a different way, and build on some of the work I’ve done around “IDEA”.” Just what that looks like is not certain at this point, but I am sure he will be able to do it with grace. Stay tuned.

Tammy Sherger How many people can stand up and say out loud “I am worth it”? This is something we aren’t taught, but its something we should be taught and Tammy Sherger, knows we are all worth it, and is here to show people their worth.

Q & A with Tammy Sherger What was your “ah-ha” moment? I started as a teen mom, dropped out of high school and was married before I was old enough to vote. At sixteen I sentence myself to a life without success. I built a prison without bars caged by my false belief that I could never overcome a perceived ‘mistake’. Fast forward to my early fifties having worked my way up from the stock room floor to the board room table even though the world was always telling me I didn’t have the ‘right’ credentials. The love for my children drove me to be successful but it was hard. I was the Chief Administrative Office and it was the night before a raise and performance review. I was on the phone with my son discussing my strategy and just before we hung up my son said to me ‘Mom it’s not that they don’t value you, it’s that you don’t value yourself. And in that one moment I realized just like countless other women I didn’t believe I was worth it. Let’s talk about purpose... why is finding or having a purpose important in work and in life? Purpose is a popular topic keeping many people stuck because they think that they can’t move forward until they ‘find’ their purpose. The opposite is true you are living your purpose every day by being the best you can be in any circumstance. Your purpose is found in your every action, interaction and life experience by just being the best version of you in that moment. Your workplace or your business can’t and won’t give you purpose, purpose is an inside job. Purpose would be simpler if we viewed it as being able to recognize our intrinsic worth and our mission is to live at our highest potential. Imagine a world where we all believed we were good enough, and our purpose was to live to our highest potential (whatever that is for you). What could we solve or achieve? How do you help people find worth? I have developed a process to help people rediscover their worthiness. Time is our most valuable commodity we don’t need to spend years finding our worthiness. The Clarity to get clear on what’s really holding you back and I promise you it’s never what you think it is. The Truth about where your worthiness really comes from so you can become empowered from the inside-out.

The Confidence to overcome fear, self-doubt and even that dreaded imposter syndrome. The Restoration of your absolute belief in yourself as we harness the power of your worthiness, your confidence, your courage, your belief so you can accomplish what you previously believed was impossible. What is the definition of worth? “I Am Good Enough just as I Am” It doesn’t matter what mistakes you believe you have made in the past, where you are right now or even if the future doesn’t seem bright. Just as you are you are worth it. People have said to me if people are in bad situations, you don’t want them to believe its ‘good’ to be there. My answer is you can’t move past, through or around difficulties to grow if you don’t believe you are worthy of the effort. When you believe that you are good enough everything becomes possible. Does profit matter and is it apart of worth? A GIANT YES! Your self-worth = your net worth. Money is not bad, your beliefs about money especially for women hold you back from what you want. I call it the either/or syndrome I can be a good person or have money. Not true if you’re a good person you’ll be one with or without money. We’ve made money the fall guy for bad behaviour. The money made them a bad person. You know beliefs about money are holding you back when you can’t ask for a raise, a sale, negotiate better pricing on a contract or even openly celebrate a raise or a big sale. I always say that no one here invented the thing we call money and if way back when it was decided that corn would be the currency, we exchange for the things we value we would all hate corn. Fun Facts •

I once was ‘Ranch Hand’ of the month….at my first job at Ponderosa Steak house :)

My hourly rate was $1.35 per hour.

I not only love to karaoke but to karaoke with costumes. Favourite karaoke song Tanya Tucker some kind of trouble.

My two greatest teachers are my grandchildren Hunter & Annabelle or as we call them H & A. They confirm almost daily everything I’ve learned and now teach about worthiness.

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Community Al Del Degan


e all understand what community is, but how often do we consider how important it is to the way society operates? Like attracts like, and people need to feel that they belong. It is so enjoyable to have a hobby when you have a community of like-minded people that share your passion. One community that really stands out is software development. It doesn’t matter if you have been coding for years, or if you just picked it up recently, there is a massive community across the planet that is willing to share and help each other out. With hundreds of programming languages and seventyish years of history, software development has come to have a culture of openness and sharing. In the late 1990’s an initiative, coined “open source”, began to crystalize the 26 // Community Now!

generous sharing culture of collaboration and contribution towards massive software development projects. From operating systems to web browsers, hundreds of thousands of geeks around the world would hammer away at their keyboards for nothing more than potential recognition and the knowledge that they contributed to something important and valuable to the world. People just built things because they needed to exist. These days it has become almost common practice for a company to release their source code into the world. Benefits include less bugs, higher security, plus greater and faster adoption because interoperability is possible. Internet-based community platforms like GitHub, Stack Overflow, Free Code Camp, and Code Project help new and seasoned developers grow their skills, get unstuck, as well as mentor and give back to their community.

The collaborative culture and community found with software development may be one of the main reasons why it is one of the most rewarding ways to pivot your career. In addition, the shortage of software developers throughout the various tech centres in North America and Europe make it a viable option for those who are either unhappy in their current career path, or unable to find work. InceptionU based in Calgary, is an organization dedicated to helping prepare people to be fit for the future without fearing it. The InceptionU Evolve programs, which include Full Stack Developer and Full Stack Designer launching in Fall 2021, are unique in that they are designed using a project-based learning model. Instead of the traditional “learn this then do an assignment and write a test,” learners experience three projects throughout the program that address real world problems. Whatever the project requires, learners will dive into necessary skills and technology needed to create a beautiful product. In essence, they learn how to learn. In addition to learning a relevant and modern tech stack, learners dive deep into Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Computational Thinking, Systems Thinking, Collaboration and Communication. Past learners of the program have acknowledged that it is these other non-technical skills that have had the most impact in their lives, while also building their new career path in tech. It would be wonderful if every other career path had such a vibrant and cohesive, organic community like software development. Yes, you can probably find a user group or formal organization based around a job title, but a true organic community is something that is uncommon when it comes to careers.

www.inceptionu.com There are skills and knowledge we know are needed. We offer learning experiences to equip you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to design and build what that uncertain future needs. Using the Mindset of design, our programming is supported by the four pillars of thinking: Learn, understand, and evaluate ideas and the thinking that lies behind them - especially our own - so that the ideas, the thinking and ultimately decisions get better.

Critical thinking Find






even fragments of ideas to imagine something new that fulfills a purpose.

Creative Thinking Organize concepts and processes so that they can be understood by a computer - a vital ability in a digitizing world.

Computational Thinking See the connections between things and the ways they influence each other. Understand the delays between actions and effects. Find points of leverage in the complexity.

Systems Thinking And is brought to life through: Learn, act and work together towards a common purpose.

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Tell Your Story… It Matters!

Jennifer Hadley


he theme of this issue is around inspiring others and being inspired ourselves. Where do you find your inspiration? How can you get those around you fired up and ready to jump into the deep ends of their challenges? Do you have any influence on the outcome of what others do, and more importantly, how do you use that influence? It all comes down to storytelling. It’s the oldest form of communication and has played a huge part in how we use influence in our lives. In this life of social media, it’s become even easier to share your story and people are watching, so what you say matters and can make a difference for someone out there whether you know it or not!

Oftentimes when we become vulnerable and share what’s in our hearts, we fear the outcome. We fear being teased, attacked for our opinions and beliefs, and we fear putting ourselves out there because we’re worried about what others will think. We all have a personal brand, and staying “on brand” seems to be more important these days than having impact. What we don’t often realize is that our stories make a difference to others and oftentimes we don’t even know it. I’ve been criticized for sharing certain things online. Even those close to me tell me, “no one cares that you went to the gym today”, “why do you need to tell people about your struggles? Shouldn’t that be private? The whole world doesn’t need to know what’s happen(continued on next page) Community \\ 29

(continued from page 29...) ing in your life!” or “There’s another post from Jennifer!”, complete with an eye roll and a sigh. Don’t forget my favourite comment, “Don’t you care what people think of you? It’s embarrassing that you’re telling everyone your whole life!” Have any of you been on the receiving end of these comments? My response is always this – My story isn’t embarrassing, it’s my life. I’m not for everyone, some people won’t agree with what I do, and that’s ok. Those that care will find something in my sharing that they resonate with, those that don’t will skip past it, and those that get angry or annoyed are usually the people that need to hear it the most! Either way - someone cares. Someone is watching and it helps them. My story might help them normalize what’s happening in their own lives. They struggle too, in similar ways over similar issues. So, my sharing might make a difference, even if it’s just to one person, and that’s worth being vulnerable for. So many times, I’ve received messages from people in my networks about how my posts have helped them get motivated or that something in my stories has touched them in a way that made a difference. People that I don’t know, people I’ve known for years, even people I’ve followed to inspire me have told me that my message mattered to them, and that they found inspiration in what I was sharing. This is why your story matters – because others will resonate on some level and it might make them feel differently about what’s happening in their lives. It could invoke emotion, thought, action, or self-reflection. All of this is why we share. It’s not for attention, for sympathy or compassion, though sometimes there is a taste of that too. However, in most

cases, the stories I share are meant to inspire or teach. So people that relate to me can see that whatever they’re struggling with is not unique to them and that we all have things in our lives that we go through. Showing my journey is my way of saying, “I know what you’re dealing with, I’ve been there, and you can get through it too.” If it has a positive influence on even one person, I’m happy and it’s worth it. I try to be as authentic as possible. As a coach, my work revolves around living without apology and inspiring others to do the same. Being who you are and not being worried about what other people think is a freedom that is a gift you are in control of giving yourself. There will always be people who criticize. There will always be people that don’t understand. And there will always be people that are jealous, angry or negative. But, that’s

not a “you” problem. We are in control of our own actions and reactions. No one else can make us feel a certain way unless we let them. And when we find ourselves in a place where we have something to say – whether it's favourable or not in the eyes of those watching – say it. Not only is it therapeutic for us to share our stories, it also builds character along the way. Honing the art of being fiercely honest and opening our hearts to our own truth is a skill that once mastered, allows us the freedom to be ourselves and to live without apology. Telling your story is all about connection. Connect with yourself first, internalize and acknowledge your own struggles, your own experiences and your own triumphs first. Only then will you show up authentically (continued on next page)

The Facilitated Virtual Discussion Group 3 PART SERIES We Mare It Easy. We Make It Fun. To Talk About… • Mental Health Optimism • Mental Wellness • Mental Fitness • Mental Health • Mental Illness Get a FREE Information Package or Sign up today By Contacting: Robert Manolson robert@powerfulplay.ca www.powerfulplay.ca

(continued from page 31...) and be who you really are. Then connect with others on a level of community, camaraderie and support. These connections are built over time, over a series of shared stories. Trust evolves with consistency and relationship building. Being open and sharing your struggles and your wins makes you a better friend, a stronger support and a relatable resource for those that are listening. Consider how others around you feel when you share something that matters to you. They tend to feel drawn to your words, to the theme, and often they respond with what happened to them. Do you notice that in conversation? When you talk about a certain topic and then everyone starts sharing their own version. Why does this happen? Because people are connecting to you through your stories. Sometimes we even meet the “one uppers” that tend to have an even better story! There’s nothing wrong with comparing stories, when well-intentioned it makes for great conversation and learning opportunities.

Building Purposeful, Engaged & High-Performing Organizations! www.scenarios2strategy.com gm@scenarios2strategy.com

32 // Community Now!

I’ve heard many times that people don’t want to say anything because they don’t want to embarrass their family or friends that are part of the stories. You can still tell your stories while being respectful of the people in them. You can get your experience across and still honour other people and yourself. It’s the difference between sharing a story versus spreading gossip. There’s a fine line, but it’s easy to do when your intentions are good and you’re sending out messages from a place of learning and support instead of hurt and anger. Before you share, check your emotional state, your gut will tell you. Share whatever you feel you’re ready, don’t go all out if you’re uncomfortable doing that, and don’t feel like you have to tell your story down to every detail. People will resonate with the theme, not the minutia. I guess what I’m saying is that when we share our truth – at our own level of comfort – we become “unintentionally inspiring”.

Rumble Alberta

Drivers Alike “See Alberta Through the Eyes of a Tourist™“

Join The Rumble Alberta Challenge today!


he main mission of this year’s Rumble Alberta road tour challenge event is to help with the economic recovery of outlying communities, charities, and rural businesses in Alberta. Any type of vehicle is welcome, from motorcycles to cars, Jeeps, SUVs, and minivans. The purpose is to have fun, visit roadside attractions, play trivia games based on the History Check App, discover new hidden gems like cafes & shops, and explore the roads less traveled across picturesque Alberta. The event runs from May 21, 2021, to October 3, 2021, throughout the province of Alberta.

For more information about Rumble Alberta visit www.rumblealberta.com, or contact Renee Charbonneau at 780-933-0182. Rumble Alberta is connecting Alberta… Here is just a few of the amazing people and Businesses who are helping making this event Possible.

(continued on next page) Community \\ 33

(continued from page33...)

1.) Food Tourism Strategies is an Alberta-owned company with a passion for growing and sharing the local food scene. Exploring everything edible: from local farms with heritage grain stories, unparalleled ranching, and bountiful farming to the top-notch restaurants led by talented culinary professionals that dot the province. The exploration continues onward with grain to glass with the thriving craft brewery and craft distillery scenes. Both business segments have boasted significant growth over the last 5 years with over 150 delightful places to whet your whistle. The team at FTS will be stopping at everything from local bakeries, coffee roasters, distilleries, breweries, meaderies to farmgate and 34 // Community Now!

off-the-beaten-path restaurants. FTS hopes that participants in the Rumble Alberta event, will come and explore all the foodie gems along the rural routes of Alberta, and have the opportunity to learn more about the ethics and guiding principles of Alberta’s food and beverage industry. For more information about Food Tourism Strategies visit www.foodtourismstrategies. com or contact Tannis Baker at 403-830-2846

2.) CXA offers four-season individual & group, Bus or You-Drive tours to the most famous resorts & attractions across Canada and part of the U.S.A.

Over 30 years of professional history in organized tours is proof that we can provide the experience and details that you expect out of a tour company We offer Motorcycle, Whitewater Rafting, Hiking tours or any type of outdoor activities in the summer. In the Winter we focus on, Ski, Snowboard, Ice Walks, and Snowshoeing Tours. Tammy is excited to be part of the Rumble Alberta Team! https://www.cxaadventures.ca/ The Motorcycle community is a close knit group of people that often have a big desire to help others and promote responsible motorbiking.

3.) Carla Lehman is a visual storyteller focused on celebrating the essence of profoundly personal moments and telling authentic stories to transform celebrations and everyday moments into a lifetime legacy of memories. Her mission in photography is in service of others, to tell stories about life events; to find the wonder and magic of every day moments and transform then into heirloom memories to treasure for generations. With 18 years of

experience, Carla connects with her clients, sees their emotions and uses that to tell their story. Carla photographs weddings, families and graduates, equine and pet photography. Carla also crafts engaging visual campaigns for personal brands, business brands, events and charities, knowing that helping them to create brand recognition is a visual way to help them serve their clients by starting compelling conversations and creating an authentic connection. www.carlalehmanphoto.ca I became involved with Rumble Alberta through a colleague who is committed to promoting rural Alberta tourism. She felt that I would be a good fit for helping to promote businesses and tourisem in small town Alberta.

4.) Phoenix Phillips is the founder of License 2 Ride World, which is a Motorcycle Magazine-style site consisting of video reviews, travel, tips, interviews, and stories. I've been a rider for 30 years exploring all parts of North America but am passionate about what Canada has to offer for riders: scenery, people, adventure. www.license2rideworld.com (continued on next page) Community \\ 35

(continued from page 35...) I am one of the influencers for Rumble Alberta: videographer, writer, photographer, and interviewer I love this Province: history, people, scenery. Knowing there is a way to bolster the businesses, communities, and the people of Alberta who are struggling during Covid is reason enough to be involved with Rumble Alberta.

Melany got involved with Rumble Alberta through the tourism industry network she has been building and maintaining while at school. She attended the 'Growing Rural Tourism' conference held in Camrose, Ab, in February of 2019, and made connections within the rural tourism community. These face-to-face connections became vital during the pandemic, where in-person networking was not possible, and led to a practicum with the CMTA/Rumble Alberta team.


5.) Melany Hydsert pivoted from her role as a professional earth scientist in the energy sector, into the tourism sector in 2017, based on her love of the outdoors and adventure travel. She earned a Travel and Tourism diploma at CDI College in 2018, and is currently in the final stages of completing her Master's of Arts in Tourism Management degree at Royal Roads University (from her home in Calgary).

6.) Paige is an inquisitive pink puppet who loves to go on adventures, whether it’s through the pages of a book or venturing on the road for real life interactions. After years of waiting for a starring role in a web show for preschoolers that never quite got off the ground, she recently decided to try her hand at hosting a YouTube commentary and review channel for preschoolers. Patrysha is a certified small business coach and trainer who has specialized in small town and rural marketing for the past 17 years, first as a writer and eventually specializing in penny pinching publicity and other frugal promotions strategies and services. Currently working as co-founder and operations manager of The Business Incubator in Whitecourt Alberta, Patrysha hopes to establish a centre that encourages entrepreneurship through education, empowerment and example. The Business Incubator www.thebusinessincubator.ca and www.thebusinessincubator. ca/youtube

36 // Community Now!

I originally got involved as just the trainer, through The Business Incubator, we were going to provide online courses and workshops for the business owners. That evolved into becoming involved with the sales and with the influencing part of the project. I am personally a home-body who doesn’t travel much, but Paige wanted to get on the road and explore.

SPONSOR: Blackjacks Roadhouse & Games Room is proud to be the host sponsor for the Rumble Alberta 2021 edition. Not only is Rumble Alberta an incredible way to explore everything our beautiful province has to offer, it gives every rider and driver a chance to support all the communities along the routes. For the biking and car communities, Blackjacks Roadhouse & Games Rooms has been a pit stop welcoming everyone for the past decade. Numerous charitable motorcycle rides have used Blackjacks as the start and finish points. And, they’ve hosted a Classic Car Meet & Greet welcoming anyone and everyone. As such, Blackjacks is the ideal location and sponsor for Rumble Alberta. Whether you are beginning your journey, and getting close to home, Blackjacks is the place to me your fellow Alberta adventurers. We are so excited to be a part of this incredible project that puts our province on display.


SCHOOL OF ROCK | CALGARY 2707-17TH AVE SW 587-353-7625 www.locations.schoolofrock.com/calgary

Join us for Fresh Start’s 13th Annual 12 Stop Ride for Recovery Motorcycle Scavenger Hunt. This all-day event is described by those who attend as:

“The best motorcycle event of the year; no question”!

Always full of fun and surprises, to amaze and thrill participants. Where else can you ride in a helicopter, look at the world from the mouth of as Tyrannosaurus Rex, decide on whether to choose a luge, bobsled or zip line, be part of a Wild West show, wrestle in a Sumo suit, or do all sorts of other innovative activities that help educate and promote some of the meanings or key words behind the 12 Steps of recovery – the foundation of Fresh Start’s national award winning treatment program. Besides having a wonderful time and two hot meals included as you meander through the top-secret route, your $50 entrance fee – YOU read correctly, ONLY $50 – your participation also saves lives and provides access to treatment for men, women and families who might otherwise be unable to afford it. Your impact can be even greater when you create your own “micro-site” and reach out to friends and family on social media to help you reach your fundraising goal to support recovery.

The opposite of addiction is not recovery; it is connection.

This year’s 12 Stop Ride is supported by RumbleAlberta! In conjunction with Travel Alberta as we all look for ways to safely shed the isolation, we have all experienced during the last 16 months of caution around COVID-19 procedures. This same physical distancing and isolation has fueled an increased need and demand for treatment for substance misuse disorder associated with drug and alcohol use.

Be part of something big, bold and worthy of support

In addition to the RumbleAlberta! Connection, our media sponsors CTV-Calgary, the Calgary Herald and CommunityNOW! Magazine will create some outstanding exposure for sponsors who will be recognized as supporters of recovery in our community. Plan on being a part of the fun and making a difference on Saturday, August 28th as a rider, donor (through pledges) or high visibility sponsor. Your participation is guaranteed to turn heads and be remembered.

Website: freshstartrecovery.ca Phone: (403) 387-6266 Information: Robby Sidhu Sponsorship Opportunities: Wayne Steer

38 // Community Now!

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Deborah Nichol

“Our world has its share of obstacles, but nothing in it happens by accident” ~Japanese Proverb

The need for emotional connection is wired into our survival as humans Physical distancing has created a disconnect. We are all trying to figure out ways to re-connected with one another. It has been such a long time since we were able to connect in real life. While we have been away from each other, we figured out is that having a connection is essential to our well-being. It doesn’t matter how we are different; the one thing we all have in common is our desire to feel connected and have a meaningful connection. The question is, how do we do that? It feels awkward to socialize. Let’s break the ice and make it easier with a Happiness Challenge. Let’s reach out to our tribe in our community and connect. Fill your bucket with fun and life. 1. Reach out to a friend or family member. 1 per day for a week. 2. Treat a friend to lunch or coffee/tea 3. Plan an outdoor potluck with friends. 4. Have a tailgate burger & milkshake with your buddy. 5. Send a note in the mail to a friend. ( snailmail)

10. Take a walk with a friend 11. Learn something new, teach it to someone else. 12. Invite a group of friends to the park & bring popsicles 13. Re-connect with an old friend or make a new one

6. Give someone a compliment

14. Organize some food trucks to come to your neighbourhood park or community centre

7. Go to the Drive-In

15. Organize a block party or tailgate party

8. Ask your neighbour how they’re doing?

16. Read a book & pass it along to a friend

9. Make a picnic lunch & make a date at a park.

17. Celebrate every win, no matter how small 18. Go for ice cream-pick a random flavour

Sometimes we just need a little help getting started. These. are just a few things you can do. Add to the list and check them off as you go. Have fun creating Happiness!!! 40 // Community Now!

Banbury Crossroads Crossroads Banbury School School

Seeking a school like home?

Seeking a school like For 40 years, Banbury has home? offered an atmosphere

where children feel safe, and relaxed. For 40 years, Banbury hascomfortable, offered an atmosphere We offer full Pre-K to Grade 12. To learnand more, where children feel safe, comfortable, relaxed. please with us today We offerschedule full Pre-Kantoappointment Grade 12. To learn more,or call Anne in the an office at (403) 270-7787. please schedule appointment with us today or call Anne in the office at (403) 270-7787.


Building B1, #201, 2451 Dieppe Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3E 7K1


Building B1, #201, 2451 Dieppe Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3E 7K1


Building B1, #201, 2451 Dieppe Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3E 7K1

Do we really need more talking around mental health? Why Canada needs to focus on listening before we encourage a nation to talk

Lindsay Harle-Kadatz


colleague asked me, “what does mental health mean to you?”

My answer was simple - it’s just a part of my whole health. Without it, my physical health, emotional health, and every other kind of health is compromised. Humans cannot be completely healthy without the mental component. And yet, we have campaigns spouting that we must reduce the stigma around mental health. Why is the stigma there in the first place if mental health is really, just human health? It’s the language we’re using around that creates a seemingly negative connotation that “mental health” should be spoken of only in quiet corners. It’s one word - stigma. Stigma is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as, “a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person.” This word alone has the power to push people away from viewing mental health as a positive conversation because of the connotation that comes with stigma. The disgrace of mental health. 42 // Community Now!

Here we are, having just passed the 11-year mark into one of Canada’s largest annual mental health campaigns, Bell Media’s #BellLetsTalk day. Their message has remained since it started: “Talk to reduce the stigma around mental health.”Why are we still putting the word stigma beside mental health? I’m here to ask - is talking the thing we should be doing? Or do we need to change the message and focus on what’s truly important? The listening that is needed for when someone is ready to talk. Change the message. Mental health IS health! Mental health is health, that much is clear. Yet, with these campaigns, “mental health” conjures up images of depression, anxiety, and people sitting silently in dark rooms. This is what makes people uncomfortable and furthers the stigma. This is what turns people away from truly considering what the campaign should be about while giving a false image of what depression looks like. Because,

the person smiling and chatting up a storm at work, can also be the person who has poor mental health. This is about creating positive health, starting with the mental aspect. Creating safe spaces for people to talk, be heard, and find comfort in knowing that they are worth being listened to on their own journey towards a healthy mind. Right now “mental health” is inadvertently confused with mental illness; emotional trauma with emotional “drama”; true connection with false connection online. Performative talking and listening rather than compassion and empathy. A society that’s scared of sitting in each other’s discomfort, which is the very thing needed for someone to choose to begin getting help for their not-so-great mental health. Listening - real listening - is what has been missing in the conversation that encourages talking. Tools to practice how to listen, how to be okay with sitting in an uncomfortable conversation, and how to not rush to fix someone’s story. “Listen to build a nation of healthy minds.” A different slogan, maybe not quite as catchy, but one that identifies where connection for healing begins. Stop placing pressure on people who need to talk When “let’s talk” is the focus, the person who needs to talk to start their healing journey may be met with judgement, disbelief, false support, and “solutions” that, while valid, do not have a place in that moment. The person who is the “listener” may not realize that their part is to just listen. Not talk.

“Do you need to talk?” when asked with compassion is an action of grace. Should someone be ready to talk, they will. The listener has given them a beautiful opening for them to now be heard and seen as someone worth listening to, regardless of how uncomfortable their story may be. Listening validates the person who needs to talk and release whatever is holding their mind hostage. The pressure should not be on someone to talk. It should be on the listener to listen without judgement. Start turning mental health into an everyday conversation Imagine saying, “I started my day with 30-minutes of journaling!” the same way you might excitedly say, “I started my day with a 5km run!” Why are we not celebrating the work we do to improve our mental state the same way we do our physical state? In fact - a healthier mental state allows us to make better choices for our physical bodies, which in turn allows us to make better choices for our mental state, which then allows us to continue to make healthy choices for our body, and so on. It’s a beautiful circle for our mind, body, and soul. By turning mental health conversations into a conversation about health in general, we build our tolerance for listening. We create an acceptance the same way we accept our physical health. Talking is powerful. But it’s only powerful if there is someone listening on the other end of the conversation who sees us. Believes us. And simply holds space for us. Do we really need to talk? Or, do you need to talk...and I need to listen? A small difference with a huge impact for a healthier nation.

Community \\ 43

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