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MAXIMIZING POTENTIAL Innovation is creating the future for Alberta’s energy resources. Alberta Innovates develops and invests in applied research and innovation programs to sustain, grow and diversify the province’s energy and resource sectors, develop clean technology and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our programs and expertise help create, adapt, and commercialize innovative technologies that maximize the value of Alberta’s natural and renewable resources while protecting the environment.

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When working from home takes you to the job site, choose Budget. Celebrating 47 years of being locally owned and operated. Support local, and stay safe.


Produced Live September 22-24, 2021


Inventures smashes through the walls of convention, bringing the best and brightest together for awe-inspiring creative collisions. Through a stimulating agenda of live and streamed keynote presentations and expert panels, startup pitch competitions and networking opportunities, Inventures is more than a great conference filled with great programming - it’s an opportunity to build networks, strike deals and launch creative ideas into overdrive. Produced Live in Calgary, along with distributed events across Alberta, Inventures is a space in which investors and entrepreneurs can discover each other, build chemistry, learn from global innovation leaders and stay informed..

Be there, from wherever you are.


A new generation of digital nomads is creating a ‘do anything from anywhere’ workplace shaped by technologies that erase distance and compress time. Human to humanoid interaction is gaining sophistication thanks to automation and machine learning. In parallel, data visualization, augmented reality and interdisciplinary trends are bringing the arts to STEM, expanding opportunities for a resilient, creative and diverse workforce.

AgTech Meets BioTech

Co-Designing Healthier Living

Technologies that put the person at the center of the solution are helping to save lives and lessen costs on a local and global scale. Against the backdrop of the global health pandemic, rapid response systems are revolutionizing the way we treat disease and how we prevent it. Sensor technology, predictive data models, advanced algorithms and robotics are transforming how health care is designed, delivered and received.

Building Adaptive Communities

Smart agriculture and geo-sciences are at the heart of an expanding universe of bio-tech solutions for critical issues – from feeding one billion undernourished people to sheltering millions who live without adequate essentials. Genomics, real time soil and water data, regenerative practices are driving the radical transformation of labour intensive farm-to-fork supply chains to high-tech, interconnected processing hubs.

Vibrant new cities are emerging from concrete monoliths as technologies interconnect symbiotic neighborhoods built with smart electricity grids, shared transportation networks, vertical food production centres and green spaces. Shared mobile and transportation networks, modular construction, 4-D printing technologies and sustainable materials are helping to generate livable communities that reimagine daily interaction between people, structures and technologies.

The AI Datasphere

Net-Zero Emission Energy

The wide spectrum of intelligent automation and algorithmic learning technologies represents a powerful and adaptive strategic platform. Riding on it is data, the new currency – with an estimated 20 billion active IoT (internet of things) devices in use. This is driving monumental leaps in blockchain, quantum computing, fintech and augmented analytics. This is met by equal urgency to create impenetrable security systems for global trade, banking and consumer product supply chains.

The future of energy production and consumption is at the forefront of global conversations. Through innovation, net zero emission in the production and use of conventional energy resources is within sight. This includes CCUS, blue hydrogen, and advanced materials from bitumen.These and other energy transforming technologies are pointing the way to highdemand and high value markets for low carbon products. As wholesale socialchange sweeps across sectors, industry leaders from energy to manufacturing toinformation technologies are finding better ways to address changing demands.

Back to “Normal” Coping with change as we head into the fall Jennifer Hadley


here’s something about the fall that brings us all full circle. The end of summer vacations, long warm nights, and the world coming into a calmer state full of pumpkin spice and oversized sweaters. To me, the fall has always been the start of the ‘new year’. The kids go back to school, we refocus after our summer shenanigans and come back in a way to our normal routines. F. Scott Fitzgerald said it perfectly: “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall”. I couldn’t agree more. And this year, more than ever, there is a feeling in the air of going back to normal – whatever that means these days! Covid-19 has done a number on us in the routine department, and has thrown us all for a loop when it comes to our daily lives. Going into this fall specifically comes 6 // Community Now!

with a lot of questions, maybe even some anxiety, and probably some hesitation too. Who knows what’s coming? Is there a fourth wave looming? Is there another lockdown on the way? Will our kids be back to school or are we going to have another online learning adventure? Masks, vaccines… it’s A LOT to think about! So how do we normalize what is happening around us when we’re all experiencing ‘pandemic fatigue’? How do we re-enter society after such a polarizing experience the whole world is going through? The vaxxed, the unvaxxed, the maskers, the anti-maskers… Can’t we all just get along? I don’t mean to minimize anyone’s personal feelings on these situations, we all have our different levels of comfort and

we all have our reasons for thinking one way or another. This is not an article about politics or science, this is an article about how we’re all feeling going back to ‘normal’, and the fall is usually the time that we shed our summer tans, pull up our boots, and get back to work. How can we go back to regularly scheduled programming while still being conscious of what is happening around us? How can we embrace the idea of kindness and acceptance when there has been so much finger pointing and judgement in the last 18 months? For me, it’s all about reminding myself that everyone comes from a different place, has a different value system, and a different view of the world. In fact, aren’t our differences what make the world such a beautiful place? So, when we go back into the world, so to speak, we have a choice as to how we will approach it. We can choose to be fearful, cautious, nonchalant, judgemental, arrogant, or open. These are all choices that we make every day that shape how our lives turn out. And this isn’t just about Coronavirus, this is how we live every day. What we don’t often realize is that we have the power to shape our lives as we wish based on the choices we make. It is absolutely true that our lives are a direct result of the decisions we make, and so, it is up to us to make the decisions that will benefit us and others around us to curate our most optimal life! I used to think this was all a bunch of fluffy talk. I used to think that you can’t out-think a bad day or a health concern, and I admit that I was wrong. We shape our thoughts and beliefs, we choose to be happy or not, and we use our words and actions to build our days into weeks, months, and years. So, when we feel like life is happening to us, let’s stop and think for a moment – what decisions did I

make that led me to this point? What things did I do, think, feel, or say that created this situation for me? Of course, when we bring it back to this pandemic, we have no control over what the government or doctors or the W.H.O. are doing. But we do have full control over how we react to it. And when we focus on the things we CAN control, we end up in a much happier, more stable place. When you venture back to the office, or send your kids back to the classroom next month, remember this – you are in charge of how it will go. It is in your hands, and it will unfold in the way that only you allow it to. Yes, there will be discussion about who has been vaccinated, which vaccine they have, or if they chose not to, etc. But notice the word ‘they’ in these conversations, and consider this – what does this have to do with YOU? Expect to walk into a world where not everyone is vaccinated, how does that make you feel? How can you manage your own feelings to overcome this fear without judgement? What can you do for yourself to be comfortable in this situation? Approximately 25% of people will not have been vaccinated and you won’t know who. Does that matter? Can you control it? No. So build a coping plan for yourself as to how you plan to handle these experiences. That’s what you have full control over, and that is what is going to shape your experience in resurfacing as the world reopens. This is how it works for everything in life. There are things we can control, and things we can’t. We tend to focus a lot of our energy and attention on uncontrollable situations and that’s where our anxiety and fear comes from. We have no say in what the weather, government legislation (until election day –

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that’s when we have control over our political environment), and most importantly – what other people do or think or say. And so, if we have no control over those things, why spend any energy on them? What we can do is focus inward, have a backup plan and go forward with our best intentions for a positive outcome. There’s a reason we plan for a rainy day! We know it’s coming, so we plan for it. I call this an Obstacle Coping Plan, and when we know what obstacles we might expect, we are better equipped to manage them and ourselves if and when they occur. What do you have in place for your Obstacle Coping Plan? What can you anticipate that might derail your thoughts, feelings, or actions? And then, how will you cope with these events if and when they happen? If you’re planning on things going wrong, they will. Alternatively, if you’re expecting things not to go your way, and plan to consciously change the outcome, you’ll find yourself in an easier transition and in a life that is more positive as you proactively approach your hesitations. It’s all about reframing your perspective. It takes practice, slowing down, being conscious of what is happening around you, and feeling the emotions you’re experiencing instead of labeling yourself as those experiences. For example – you are feeling the emotion of anger, versus, you are angry. It’s a subtle flip of words, but makes a huge difference in your overall experience of the emotion. How are you reframing your experience to create a comfortable environment for yourself as you venture out into the new normal? Might be time to build your own OCP!

Celebrating “failure” Together Creates Community, Resources and Opportunity 2.) Why is it important for people to share stories about their mistakes and failures? Having the opportunity to learn from others failures allows individuals to take a step back and prevent those issues from occurring in their own business. Despite the subject matter being failure, it is also quite motivating to know that the struggles you are facing are completely normal and even successful people have been right where you are. 3.) How do people get involved ? If you are hosting an event with a failure compo-

Q & A with Founders Shahr Savizi. MBA & Amanda Ovaici BA, LLB

nent let us know! We have great materials to help

1.) Why did you start Fuckup nights?

are always on the hunt for great entrepreneurs and

We were tired of the constant image of perfection

interested in speaking at their next event.

in individuals' respective careers or companies, being projected without a fair representation of what it actually takes to accomplish some of these goals. The world seems to romanticize the entrepreneurial pursuit, by just showing the end accomplishment and never showing the struggles, long hours, sacrifices and obstacles it takes to get there.

facilitate the conversation and help spread the word that failure is a natural progression to something greater, you just need to keep moving forward. We great stories! ontact FuckUp Nights YYC if you are

4.) When is your next event? November 18, 2021 www.showpass.com/fuckupnightsyyc_november18 5.) What can people expect when they attend an

That side of the story needs to be shown so that


up-and-coming entrepreneurs or anyone devising

Drinks, catered food, a great networking experi-

a large-scale goal don't feel alone when they are struggling. They soon come to realize, that this is merely a natural state/ experience everyone needs to overcome when pursuing one's goals.

ence, as individuals are excited to share their epic failures with one another. We've developed a community that is willing to support one another with their personal experiences and provide support. Lastly, some epic FuckedUp Failure stories.

Turning Your Flaws Into Your Power

Blaise Hunter | Human Rights Consultant | Heroine

To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom ~ Socrates How well do we really know ourselves? To be wise means to understand our insides and outsides as well as our strengths and weaknesses. People often fall into two categories. Either we mask up the faults and project perfection or we only focus on the flaws and ignore our strengths. Flaws, we all have them and yet we as humans strive to hide or eliminate them daily. What was once a minor weakness, now becomes the focal point in our every day lives. The Superpower Project is about highlighting various challenges or “kryptonites” facing 10 // Community Now!

people and helping us neutralize their effect on us. A deadly kyrptonite facing us these days is the fear of the flaw. We truly have a hard time accepting our own limitations. We always say nobody is perfect but then we spend our lives in the constant pursuit of perfection. There is a disconnect with our mentality and our actions. I genuinely believe our flaws are an untapped power source. We just need to alter our thinking surrounding them. We are facing the wrong thing. I often talk about the 80/20 rule. We are all 80 percent pure perfection with talents, giftings, attributes, and beauty. The other 20 percent make up the slight vulnerabilities within. If we scored 80 percent on a test isn’t that a pass? I’m the first to admit if

I got an 80, I would be obsessing on what I got wrong instead of the majority of what I got right. It’s all in how you look at it. Our flaws don’t make us ugly; they make us human. We must accept this statement to fully experience all what life has to offer. What are your flaws? Do you take the time to fully know thyself? Once we can accept we only have a tiny percentage of faults, this makes room to have a different perspective about them. We are more than a flaw. True power comes into play where the strength and weakness intersect. This reminds me of a tradition in Japan. When a bowl or cup falls and shatters into pieces, we throw them away angrily and regretfully. Yet there is an alternative, a Japanese practice that highlights the breaks by infusing the cracks with gold. It’s called kintsugi. The mended pottery is then displayed with pride and the flaw is celebrated instead of shamed. We need to start integrating gold within our factures and allow them to work for us rather than against us. I was recently asked what my biggest weakness is. I decided to infuse gold into my answer and wear this fault proudly. My biggest flaw has also been my greatest gift—rejection. For so long I rejected the idea I was enough and the 80/20 could never coexist. Instead of allowing unconditional love and acceptance to fill my broken places with gold, I walked around fragmented. One day I made a choice which changed the course of my life—I turned my flaw into my superpower.

By removing my own masks and allowing vulnerability to prevail, I also became the mirror. My greatest challenge is to recognize people aren’t rejecting me but rather their own reflection in the mirror. This is difficult for a girl who has a history with trauma and abandonment. I understand these situations are strengthening my will to love myself and own who I am at all costs. I accept and validate myself. Instead of fragmented, I am whole and filled with glistening gold. By facing my flaw, it became my power. I removed all the control it had over me. That is an incredible superpower to have—authority.

I wrote my book and started my own business all in the effort to own my worth and breathe fire. I didn’t realize this would set off a chain of events that would test these very goals. Once I started to become my own heroine, many people didn’t appreciate this new persona. I am persecuted, betrayed, and wounded by strangers and loved ones yet I still stand.

What can you do today to shift the energy surrounding your flaws? Let us aim for wisdom not perfection. The next time you notice the flaw, remember these four words. Know. Accept. Gold. Power. Stronger Together isn’t just a term to help humanity unite, it also applies to the individual. When we are unified within, we become unbreakable. Community \\ 11

Pride is a celebration of resilience, community and love, and this year is no different. Pride is an opportunity to recognize the contributions of the 2SLGBTQ+ community, give thanks to folks who paved the way, acknowledge for how far we've come and how far we still need to go. Pride is powerful. Calgary Pride celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2020, with over 40 years of community history in Calgary. All are welcome to celebrate the 2021 Calgary Pride Festival, B!G PRIDE, from Aug 27 to Sept 6 at various Calgary venues and online! Free tickets will be available on Showpass starting Aug 16. Join in Calgary Pride's vision: Our city, free from discrimination against gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation. - Elliot Rae Cormier

12 // Community Now!

Aug 27 - Sept 6, 2021 Multiple venues & online! Free Tickets on showpass from Aug 16

calgarypride.ca #Wearecalgarypride

Photo by Russ Hepburn

Photo by Russ Hepburn

14 // Community Now!

Photo by Russ Hepburn

Flying to Success; Meet Monica Dauenhauer


magine soaring through the air going on adventures to discover land and animals.…Going on adventures like this, is like something out of the movies, something most people can only imagine doing…. But for Monica Dauenhauer it’s her job! Monica is a Canadian Bush Pilot and Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. She flies for Kenn Borek Air to both Polar regions and anywhere in between. Her uniform can shift from Parka and boots to white shirt and shorts.

She has worked in the Aviation industry for 24 years, flown 14 seasons in Antarctica and has chased 24 hour daylight for most of her career. Monica has found a love of the history in both polar regions and is proud to be a part of this history with serving the local people, supporting science and helping adventurers reach their goals and destinations.

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Q & A with Monica Dauenhauer What inspired you to become a pilot? I was fourteen when my cousin, Rob, took me for a flight in his Cessna 172 airplane. The thrill of that flight stayed with me. Later, during my international backpacking travels, I met a young British woman named Pippa while sitting on a catamaran in the Great Barrier Reef. Pippa was excited and shared her news to me of a telegram she received from her parents that she was offered a job with a regional airline called British Midlands. Her news really inspired me. It wasn’t long before I was on a plane home to start my training. Describe what it is like to be a bush pilot. After I received my private pilot licence, I started to learn more about how bush pilots had opened up the North. Reading stories of pilots such as Punch Dickens, Wop May and Jimmy Anderson inspired me and I wanted to be part of this. I’d like to share a quote of Jimmy Anderson that speaks volumes as to how a bush pilot thinks. “When you start out flying you are fair, after a while you get pretty good, then you get extra good, then you get excellent, then you get immaculate, then you scare the shit out of yourself and you’re fair again…” Although times have changed immensely from those early pioneering days, there is still a sense of being on your own in a pretty harsh environment and having to make decisions to where is safest to land and developing the skills to do that, either on the tundra with tundra tires or on glaciers or sea 16 // Community Now!

ice with skis. Today, as a pilot flying in the Arctic and Antarctic there are still challenges with receiving forecasted weather in these sparsely populated areas, due to having limited, if any, observations on the ground to help develop a forecast. Flying in these beautiful untouched landscapes, seeing the most amazing wildlife and meeting like minded people is what keeps me coming back for more. Who played a role in your success? The people I’ve met along my career path have helped me in different ways. My friend, Mike Rogers, had recommended me to his employers on a couple of occasions. This was just after I became certified as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. Brent Este, my chief engineer who had left to work for a new company recommended me to join this new company as an engineer and co-pilot. As a brand new co-pilot with Unaalik Aviation, my chief pilot, Colin Gunn was a huge support to me. He had a tremendous amount of patience and taught me many important skills. After living in the north for almost three years, and getting a little burnt out with working two positions, I decided to finally take up a request from a pilot friend of Kenn Borek Air, who had consistently encouraged me to come to the “dark side”. My friend, Harry Hanlan, made the phone call to his chief pilot to recommend me. Within a few hours, I was hired over the phone. I am so very grateful for having these kind souls in my life.

Where do you fly and what do you do? My flying career takes me to the Arctic in the spring and summer months and to the Antarctic in the fall and winter months. In the Arctic I can be positioned in either Inuvik, NWT, Resolute Bay, Nunavut or Iqaluit, Nunavut. My flying missions can support the local people, scientific research, exploration companies and tourism. Most all communities in the North are only accessible by air, ocean or skidoo. Aviation is their main connection to many of the locals needs including food, equipment and medical services. While supporting these different groups we can be landing in many places from the sea ice to glaciers to tundra. In the spring we start with our wheel skis and by mid June we are preparing for the installation of tundra tires to land on the terrain to safely meet the requests of our customers. Some of our cargo can include drill rod, seismic equipment, camp equipment, snow mobiles, small tractors, 400lb fuel drums, frozen caribou, dog teams, medevac patients, and boxes of apples, to name a few. In the fall, my crew and I start preparing my assigned aircraft for the long ferry flight to the Antarctic. I have a co-pilot and engineer and have enough aircraft spares and our set of skis to operate for a full Antarctic season which is roughly October to February. We support scientific research to many countries that have established bases and tourism. This means we can be positioned in many places on the continent from the coastline to the Antarctic’s interior including the South Pole. What is your favorite flight? My favorite flight is flying along the Sentinel Range of the Ellsworth mountains in Antarctica.

Having the opportunity to land the Twin otter on a multitude of glaciers in amongst the highest peaks in Antarctica gives me a sense of gratitude. I am one of very few people that have this opportunity and I savor it. I enjoy this flight so much that I treat it as if it may be the last time. What advice would you give people who are looking to achieve their dreams. My advice would be to keep persevering. Always be authentic and true to yourself. All of your hard work will pay off. Even when you fail, you will have built resilience and more knowledge and skill to pick up and try again. Your determination and hard work will be noticed and you may get a helping hand when you least expect it. What’s next? Very good question… At this time, I am so happy to just be flying again after having a 14 month furlough. All I can say, from my experience, is that I will know when the opportunity presents itself, I would weigh the pros and cons and if it feels right I’d take it. Life is too short to not take a chance.

Fun Facts: • I rode my bicycle across the Pyrenees. • I played soccer on a glacier in Antarctica with David Beckham. • I ran a half marathon on Union Glacier, Antarctica.

Community \\ 17

Telling It Like It is www.PeerGuidance.ca Advice from founders: “If you had one piece of advice for small businesses or start-ups, what would it be?” Jamie Sale

Founder of Olympic Gold Medalist / World Champion Figure Skater / Motivational Coach & Speaker To make sure that you have a CLEAR vision of what you want, to decide for it EVERY DAY, and to learn to shut off your survival brain (your saboteurs) or fears and take action in the absence of knowing all of the answers. We need to give power to the part of us that believes in ourselves and what we are doing and most definitely listen to your gut....it’s always right. _____________________________

Rob Bartko

Founder of Trades Link https://www.gettradeslink.com If you had one piece of advice for small businesses or start-ups, what would it be? My advice for small business or Start-Ups is three-fold: 1. Mentally prepare yourself as a Founder for a lot of mental “ups-and-downs”. The ownership and operation of the business falls on your shoulders, and some days the weight of it all can feel like more than you can handle. What has helped me is knowing that even experienced Founders still battle through down-times. When

you are mentally prepared to face these downtimes with some strategies, it is much easier to get through them. Always keep the big picture on the horizon ahead of you in focus, and keep plugging away with persistence! 2. Your Team is the most important part of your business! Surround yourself with the best Team Members available, and fill in the gaps where you and your Team are the weakest. A great exercise for this assessment is to write down a skills matrix for each individual, to indicate where your Team lacks expertise and experience. 3. Keep it simple. It’s very easy to get caught up in new business trends that do not always help your business. When the business is struggling, go back to the basics, remember who your clients/ customers are, and how to cater to their needs. A great exercise for this is developing a “Customer Journey Map” for all your customer types. This is a mapping exercise to lay out the entire process a customer will take to get to your business. For example, once the customer determines they have a home repair task (i.e., a leak), they might search “plumber” and weigh options on who to hire. As a business, you want to be able to situate yourself across as many different avenues as possible, so they can be directed to your company. FixIt Service Pros wants to be the service provider who you think of first to fix your property!


Savana Radley

Founder of Radley Robots https://www.radleyrobots.com Be persistent. Lots of people drop out but the name of this game is staying in it. Trust yourself and trust the people you work with. It’s way less effort to star from a position of trust and a lot more motivating for your team. Surround yourself with people who believe in you. Don’t apologize for having a big vision. There are enough small-minded people in the world – you can be bigger.

Mike DeBoer

Founder of LevellingUp www.LevellingUp.ca I know this sounds like I’m pitching, but the best advice I can give is to find a mentor. And I’ve found the most effective mentoring relationships are those where both parties are committed to success – which generally means there has been some financial investment. Jade Alberts Founder of Peer Guidance Why did you choose to support entrepreneurs as your business?

Sorry, that’s four pieces of advice but the most important is persistence.

Because I am one and know of the struggles when you are sitting on that lonely island and thinking no one understands what you are going through. It is as simple as that.



Kristyn Carriere, Christine Reimer & Leanna Carriere

Jade Alberts

Fuel your next adventure! www.sevensummitssnacks.com

“I am inspired daily by Entrepreneurs in Alberta. It does not matter what challenges are thrown at them; they step up.”

Founder of 7 Summit Snacks

As per our delightful Peer Guidance chat, we have some (healthy) internal discussions around “just go for it” and “test absolutely everything first”. Belief is the fire that fuels you, but entrepreneurs really require confidence to think their product/ service will make it. Seek feedback and test your bias as much as possible at the beginning: that’s the best time to make big strategic changes. And then don’t be offended (or surprised) when someone calls your baby ugly. _____________________________

Founder of Peer Guidance

Why did you choose to support entrepreneurs as your business? “Because I am one and know of the struggles when you are sitting on that lonely island and thinking no one understands what you are going through. It is as simple as that.”

WE RECOVER TOGETHER. One Stop at a time. Robby Sidhu


obby Sidhu is a person in long term recovery since February 22nd 2017 as well as a Fresh Start Alumnus. Recently he was hired as the Recovery Advocacy Manager for Fresh Start Recovery Centre which is a role that combines all of his passions in one place…. Unity, Recovery, Service and of course Motorcycles. Robby is currently working on the 13th Annual 12 Stop Ride for Recovery Motorcycle Road Rally and it seems everyone is excited to have an in person ride this year. With the pandemic last year, the bike run was moved to a virtual week long event that was missing one of the key pieces that has made this run such a great success year after year… Connection! The opposite of Addiction is connection and that is something that has been missing in all things for the last year and half. With multiple lockdowns, the recovery community (and communities in general) have had limited options to be together and we have seen the impact it has had with overall mental wellbeing and with addiction. Robby started as a volunteer for Fresh Start in 2017 and one of the first committees he served on was for the 12 Stop Motorcycle Run. In his time riding a motorcycle up until this point; the journey was similar to the one he faced in his addiction, isolation and not quite belonging anywhere. This quickly changed as volunteering with the 12 step fellowships and in Recovery community events helped build a fellowship around him with a host of new friends. Similarly, there is a large Recovery Motorcycle community in Calgary that graciously

20 // Community Now!

accepted him and many others with a similar background. The Motorcycle community is very accommodating of new riders and bike runs are a huge part of the culture. They also help teach new riders the rules of the road and how to skillfully ride; similarly, to how a sponsor would take a person in recovery through the steps and share a new way of living. The 12 Stop ride for Recovery Motorcycle Road Rally is a fun event with stops based around the Steps of recovery from the 12 step-based fellowships. It brings awareness to recovery, teaches people about the program of recovery and HOW to break down the stigma attached with addiction. This event is one of the main fundraisers for Fresh Start Recovery Centre and is a way to bring awareness to this chronic disease and that there is a solution through recovery. “No journey is too long if we have good company” and Robby thanks many as his journey has turned from one that had those around him worrying constantly to a life that is filled with so many blessings. Recovery, Advocacy and service allows him the opportunity to give back to the Recovery community that has done so much for him. Please join Fresh Start for their annual 12 Stop Ride For Recovery Motorcycle Road Rally on August 28th 2021 at 8:30am - visit www.Freshstartrecovery.ca to register. If you would like more information on how you can sponsor the 12 stop ride, support Fresh Start or donate. Please email Robbys@freshstartrecovery.ca







www.12stoprideforrecovery.ca 411 41st Ave N.E.

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How to Listen when Someone Talks about Mental Health Two ears, one mouth, and how we can use them to be of real support Lindsay Harle-Kadatz

Note: this article discusses eating disorders. “People start to heal the moment they feel heard.” - Cheryl Richardson


hink about this for a moment. Then think about a time that you felt heard, truly heard. How did you heal from


For me, it was a conversation on a couch with a friend. Here, I shared my story of self-hate and how I was nearly a decade into a life-controlling purging habit. What I ate, immediately went out. While I didn’t immediately seek help post-conversation - I still had a couple more months to gather the courage to seek professional help - it was the first time I felt heard without judgement. This validated that maybe, just maybe, I was worth healing. Why was this conversation so powerful? In one word: listening.

22 // Community Now!

The other person didn’t rush in with feedback on what I should do. She didn’t judge or tell me what was wrong with me and I shouldn’t feel the way I did. She didn’t tell me about someone else she knew who had an eating disorder. She didn’t prioritize her own getting out of discomfort over my vulnerability in the moment. She simply listened. A decade later, I am here. Purge free. It’s how she listened though that had a great impact. The listening that started my path to healing. This is something we all need to practice. What to say when someone shares their mental health journey The truth is, it’s hard not to rush in with solutions, or judgements, or how it impacts you. Yet, none of this matters or needs a response. One of the most powerful things you can say is, “I don’t know what to say, but I believe you.”

When someone starts to share their insides with you, it can be scary and overwhelming as you listen. You may want to dive in with solutions, with quick answers, with “did you try this?” or a myriad of other things so you can get the person off of their pain. It is hard to see other people in pain. It is hard to sit in the discomfort of this pain. It is hard to not

take the words they’re saying personally and make them about you. The person sharing doesn’t need you to do anything other than listen and believe them. Other things you can practice saying include: (continued on next page)

(continued from page 23...) “I don’t have any answers, but I’m here to listen. Thank you for sharing with me. What do you need for support right now?” This is what supportive listening is. Someone who is bravely sharing their inner demons around their mental health challenges just needs another person who is willing to hold space for them as they process their pain, numbness, self-loathing, and even their grief. Remember that the human body is (typically) built with two ears and one mouth. When the mouth is moving, the ears are closed. What’s harder is listening with intention and not to respond. When you listen to respond, you’ll miss key things they’re saying to you because you’re more focused on what you’ll say rather than what they’re currently saying. Solutions are not needed Our school system has failed us all in a major way. We are taught to always look for a solution to a problem. If that solution doesn’t work, find another one. Then another until the problem is solved. Yet, the person who is talking is most likely aware of what solutions are out there for them. A solution - nor an opinion - is not what they need. In reality, the person sharing will not take the action you’re recommending unless they have explicitly asked for it. Even then, they won’t act until they are ready. On a deep level, they know this to be true. That they are the only one responsible for taking positive action in caring for their mental health when they are ready. Often, all that is needed in that moment is to know they are heard, they are worthy of being heard, and that you are okay to just be with them in the discomfort of everything they’ve 24 // Community Now!

shared. It may be the hardest thing we can ever do - just listen without giving a solution. Remember, your discomfort is valid When someone shares about their mental health challenges, it can create discomfort within you. This is valid. However, when you prioritize getting yourself back into comfort by throwing quick solutions and opinions to the listener, you may inadvertently cause them harm. This invalidates everything that they’re sharing in the moment. This is why it’s crucial to practice listening. To arm yourself with tools to quiet your own need for comfort in the moment. After you’ve listened and supported this individual, making sure that they are okay, go and take care of yourself. Go inward and ask yourself why you were uncomfortable listening to their story. For many, listening can be very triggering within their own story. Get curious and see your discomfort as an opportunity for your own growth. For your own mental resilience. For a better understanding of who you are. Even for your own journey to healing your mental health. Listening is a practice. A hard practice that goes against our nature as a problem-solving species. You will not get listening right every time. The best thing you can do is be kind to yourself. Then, practice listening in all conversations. Listen without an agenda or judgement. Listen with empathy, compassion, and curiosity for your own inner self. Your willingness to listen could be the very thing that allows someone to start their journey and take the step to overcome their own mental health challenge.

Banbury Crossroads Banbury Crossroads School


Seeking a school like home?

Seeking a school like For 40 years, Banbury has home? offered an atmosphere

where children feel safe, and relaxed. For 40 years, Banbury hascomfortable, offered an atmosphere We offer full Pre-K to Grade 12. To learnand more, where children feel safe, comfortable, relaxed. please with us today We offerschedule full Pre-Kantoappointment Grade 12. To learn more,or call Anne in the an office at (403) 270-7787. please schedule appointment with us today or call Anne in the office at (403) 270-7787.


Building B1, #201, 2451 Dieppe Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3E 7K1


Building B1, #201, 2451 Dieppe Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3E 7K1


Building B1, #201, 2451 Dieppe Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3E 7K1

Community Corner Monique Auffrey

Let’s Talk About Sunalta and the Sunalta Community Hub Project!

is operating beyond capacity and the requires more space and funding to meet community needs.

few years ago, while living in Sunalta my late husband and I had an opportunity to work closely with the Sunalta Community Association. While Wylie sat on the board of directors of the Association, I was Executive Director of Discovery House and was called on to help lend a hand on the initial grant application the community association was putting forward for a new project, a new and audacious idea- A BIG, BRIGHT, BOLD IDEA- the new SCA Hub Project. This was around 2015-2016. We had no idea at the time how much this seedling would grow into the massive and visionary project it would become. I reached out recently to the Association’s Executive Director, Jenn Balderston to get an update on the project. I was completely blown away by how far the project has come.

The SCA is building a community hub to fund and deliver programming for Calgarians. The purpose-built facility will include a community and demonstration kitchen, coffee kiosk, programming spaces, multisport hardscape, mini soccer pitch, outdoor stage, outdoor cooking hearth, natural playground, greenhouse and expanded community gardens. The Hub will be a self-sustaining social enterprise where the income it generates supports free programs and services that address community-wide concerns of poverty, social isolation and food insecurity; 25% of residents are new Canadians (27% refugees), 1 in 4 residents live on low income, and over 34% live alone. The community is also a food desert and residents self-report being food insecure. Hub offerings will include social and Indigenous programs, community building initiatives, employment opportunities and training, and food education and distribution. The Hub will create welcoming and inclusive gathering spaces, engage residents in the design and activation, provide access to supports and services, and create platforms to spark community economic development.


Here’s some of what Jenn shared; The Sunalta Community Association’s (SCA) existing infrastructure, consists of an underutilized and undeveloped, 1 ½ acre lot along with a small 100-year-old non-accessible and energy-inefficient building. The SCA 26 // Community Now!

In 2017-2018 Sunalta was chosen as one of 5 communities to be a part of the Community Hubs Initiative in partnership with the United Way of Calgary, the City of Calgary and Rotary Clubs of Calgary. With this support the community was able to engage in an extensive Community Engagement Process Report, Existing Physical Resources Report and a Gap Analysis, Feasibility Study and a Master Plan and Design Scope Report. This is such an exciting time. To see the realization of a dream such as this come to life. It really illustrates the power of community WITH community. It reminds me of the theme for World Social Work this year- Ubuntu- I Am Because We Are- Strengthening Social Solidarity and Global Connectedness. This is what is happening in our back yard! Calgary truly is the best place to live, work and play! They have not reached the finish line just yet- Anyone interested in volunteering or donating to help break social isolation, food insecurity and poverty by contributing to programs that are making a real difference don’t hesitate to reach out to Jenn. Visit them @ www. sunalta.net or drop by the big red hall! You’ll be sure to find folks in the garden or kicking a soccer ball. They even have a toy lending library- SO COOL. Catch ya next time, somewhere round the neighborhood! Monique Community \\ 27

How Mayor and Council Candidates will bring back the community spirit back!

28 // Community Now!

To bring Calgary’s spirit back we need a build our culture into a warmer, friendlier and more supportive one. Bringing people together and fostering community spirit can help individuals discover new things, re-enter society and fulfill their potential. After the difficult year endured by all, it’s important to build and maintain a healthy rapport with others because these acts of trust and togetherness make where we live so worthwhile. If we can be anything, we can be kind. With respect, grace and humility, as your Mayor, I pledge to help Calgarians by promising to work wherever and whenever possible to keep Calgary the best city to live, work, learn and play. - Grace Yan (Calgary Mayoral Candidate) I will bring our city spirit back by bringing Calgarians together and fostering a collective belief in our ability to (1) generate 80,000 new jobs by the end of the decade, (2) make Calgary a top destination to live, learn, work and play, and (3) include everyone in Calgary's recovery. We have all the ingredients we need. As Mayor, my infectious positive can do attitude, combined with an actionable plan, will make this vision a reality. - Jan Damery (Calgary Mayoral Candidate)


I have a high sprit personality that will be infectious across this City. I love to engage with people and will constantly be engaging with the public! - Diana Steel (Edmonton Mayoral Candidate) How do we bring community spirit back? With kindness.... there’s too much attacking people’s spirit! Music music music brings people together in a positive way- we forget our differences and we dance! Monique (City Council Candidate, Ward 8) When I think about city spirit, I think about seeing Churchill Square packed with people during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. I think about hosting Red Bull Crashed Ice, the Edmonton Folk Music Festival, the Fringe Festival, Cariwest Festival, Heritage Days and so much more. We’re a city that desires to gather, to soak in energy from the crowds around us. No doubt COVID has taken away that feeling but it’s not just COVID. Our sense of pride, belonging, and spirit comes from the strong belief that Edmonton is Canada’s best city. That, when you’re not here, you’re missing out on something amazing. If I’m elected Mayor, I’ll be a committed partner to the organizations that encourage city spirit, you’ll see me out there taking in a play, walking in a parade, or buying you a beer in the beer gardens. We’ll find a way to make life easier for these community organizers as well by simplifying applications and streamlining interactions with administration. And hey, maybe we’ll throw the City of Champions sign back up. I’ve never been in a city more deserving of that title than Edmonton. – Cheryl Watson (Edmonton Mayoral Candidate).

Community \\ 29



Lifetime Achievement

both a regional and national level. She is the immediate past Chair of BLG’s Partnership Board, the firm’s governing body, and the first woman at BLG

Presented by TD Bank

to hold the position. Melinda is also the former


Regional Group Manager of BLG’s Corporate &

Dr. Elizabeth Cannon

Capital Markets Group in Calgary. Melinda has

is an expert in Geomat-

practised securities and corporate law for over 20



years, with a focus on securities, corporate finance

President Emerita of the

and commercial transactions. She regularly advises

University of Calgary.

boards of directors and committees of public and

She served as the university's eighth president

private companies. She is currently the Vice Chair

and vice-chancellor, the first alumna to hold that

of the Board of Governors for SAIT and is active in

position. Prior to her appointment as president,

the mentorship and development of young profes-

Cannon was the dean of the Schulich School of En-

sionals. In 2017, she was named as one of Canada’s

gineering. Her research has been on the forefront

Top 100 Most Powerful Women.


of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) since 1984 and she has commercialized technology to over 200 agencies worldwide. She previously held the

Large Enterprise

NSERC/Petro-Canada Chair for Women in Science and Engineering for the Prairie Region. Her support for advancing women has spanned decades

Presented by RBC

and taken many forms including raising public awareness about science and engineering careers

Denise Man leads the

for women and developing programs to encourage

Technology, Innovation

women to explore careers in STEM fields (Women

and Engineering team

in STEM), mentoring programs and as a commu-

and is accountable for

nity role model. She is a business leader, inde-




pendent board member and vested in Calgary’s

modernization of ATB’s core technologies, along

economic diversification.

with innovation under ATB Ventures. Denise has worked on artificial intelligence research and is the proud owner of seven patents and several publications with the US Patent Office. She is a member

Professional Services

of the Mount Royal University Board of Governors and the Board of Directors for the National Music Centre. She serves as a coach and mentor to others

Presented by Nutrien


30 // Community Now!

interested in careers in Science, Technology, En-

Park is a

gineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) and

senior member of BLG’s

is committed to people, inclusion, and a safe and


healthy workplace.



Small and Medium Enterprise Presented by EDC


ing a dozen awards and over 20 selections at film festivals worldwide. Salima is a Board Director and Secretary of the Alberta Hate Crimes Committee, a Tedx YYC speaker and coach, and co-founder of Calgary’s Annual Empathy Week.

Reimer is a



entrepreneur and dedicated community leader and mentor. Currently, the CEO of Fillip, a fintech start-up leading digital transformation in the small business fuel card industry and the Site Lead of Creative Destruction Lab Rockies. Alice works with Canadian academic, government and investment organizations to help accelerate technology companies with the potential to transform the world’s social, industrial, and economic landscape. Alice is a co-founder and director of The51, a financial platform for democratized access to female capital for female led businesses, serves on the board of Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund, Syantra Diagnostics Inc. and is the former Board Chair of Startup Calgary and The A100.

Male Champion Presented by CIBC


Davidson is a

founder, and




respected Director,

most recently acting as the Deputy Chairman of GMP FirstEnergy. He is the Co-Founder of FirstEnergy Capital, a G7 Founder of Creative Destruction Lab – Rockies, Board Director of ATB Financial and Topaz Energy, and a member of the Business Council of Alberta, the Economic Futures Council of Junior Achievement, the Fraser Institute and the Modern Miracle Network. Jim is an advocate for gender parity and a tireless supporter of women across all stages of their careers (board service,

Social Enterprise Presented by PwC

Salima Stanley-Bhanji

executive leadership and entrepreneurs). His leadership and conviction that women play an integral role in the success of companies and nonprofits is evidenced by his actions and the women whose careers Jim has made a direct impact on.

is a lawyer, filmmaker and the CEO of Humainologie, a Calgary based nonprofit that uses art, including film, to spread empathy, increase inclusion, and reduce discrimination. After leaving private legal practice in 2008, Salima has taken on various leadership roles in the not for profit sector in Calgary including as the Executive Director of Vibrant Calgary, a not for profit working in poverty reduction and advocacy; and as the General Counsel of the Calgary Homeless Foundation. Salima has produced/directed over 20 short films for Humainologie in three languages receiv-

The Calgary Influential Women in Business Awards was established to champion the women (and men) in our city who have achieved professional excellence while also championing diverse leadership in our community. Through their leadership and influence on our corporations and boards they provide advice and counsel on strategy, policy and profitability that benefit some of Canada’s largest companies. These honourees have used their influence to advance women and diversity in Calgary. Community \\ 31

The ART of Storytelling through Innovation

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” Van Gogh

32 // Community Now!

The ART of storytelling through innovation. Innovation is a word often used to describe the creativity/idea of creating new ways of doing things. Art, is just that. Art. Which is mostly seen as a visual display of expression. Storytelling, is known in the form of writing and conversation. What happens when you put art, storytelling and innovation together? Beyond Van Gogh is what happens! This is one of the most incredible displays of storytelling to be created. It’s a visual display of Van Goghs life story, using displays of his art, and the words he spoke. Words are captured on every piece of art as you walk through the the halls... you get to learn about Vav Goghs history, about his art, his struggles, his visions ...

“I dream of painting and then I paint my dream.” Van Gogh

As you enter the second room, you can hear beautiful music as you watch the different types of Van Gogh’s brush strokes fall from the roof on to the floor and across your feet... As you enter the main display room, the walls surround you with moving pieces of Van Gogh’s artwork changing and dancing across the walls and floor. The beauty of each piece is magical as it appears and disappears. This is a show that everyone must see. Get you tickets today. https://calgaryvangogh.com Community \\ 33

“For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.” Van Gogh

34 // Community Now!

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?” Van Gogh

Community \\ 35

We are a community instilling hope and connection in the lives of young people aged 17 to 24, exiting street life.

Change is Possible.

www.thedoorway.ca - CRA 13140 1226 RR0001 -

When people stop judging themselves and simply accept who they are this is when you will begin to see a positive change.

Acceptance will help get through the bad moments. Life goes on, be strong, keep your head high, cherish those you love.

Keeping it real is accepting someone for who they are because we all want that acceptance ourselves.

Acceptance is.... Allowing yourself to change, caring for others past the judgements, and choosing to keep going.

Taking ownership and accepting responsibility has shown that I can walk away from the street.

It takes time and effort to do good in life. I’ve learned to be more patient with myself and to be more accepting of others. B A Y

1 0 ,

2 8 0 8

4 0 3 - 2 6 9 - 6 6 5 8

36 // Community Now!

O G D E N -


S E ,


F R I E N D S @ T H E D O O R W A Y . C A





SCHOOL OF ROCK | Calgary 2707-17th AVE SW, Calgary, AB (587) 353-7625 calgary.schoolofrock.com

Community \\ 37

Helpful Technology

Al Del Degan


hen it comes to technology, the world has changed in some pretty amazing ways. Sure, there are some things that haven’t turned out so great, but technology has benefited a lot of people. I want to share with you some of the technologies that I have found very useful in my life, from smartphone apps to meditation and smart home technology. Any one of these items may be up for personal preference, but let me show you how some of it works together to make life easier. We are in the era of IoT (Internet of Things) where devices are made to work together wirelessly and that has changed the world for the better. Let’s get right down to my list: 38 // Community Now!

Google Nest Mini - for timers, alarms, weather, and almost any question I have. You can probably replace this with your favorite smart speaker manufacturer, but I tried Google, Amazon, and Apple and I put them through their paces. It was the Google Nest Mini that consistently outperformed the rest. You will want to have a yourname@gmail. com account with Google to make things all work properly. I think the most common phrases that our family uses include: “what time is it?”, “what is the weather outside?”, “set an alarm for X:XX”, “add XXXXX to the shopping list” and

“set a timer for X minutes”. We have one in the kitchen, and for the timer function alone I wouldn’t give it up for anything. Being able to ask random questions like “what is the current population of Canada?” or “how do you get wine out of carpets?” is a massive benefit you will enjoy too. I know some people talk about privacy concerns, but the big tech giants already know everything about us from tracking years of data. As Jim Gibson (https://twitter.com/jimagibson) says: “you can’t put the genie back in the bottle” so you may as well take advantage of the additional functionality provided by big data. Either that or put on your tinfoil hat and go live in the mountains! Google Nest Thermostat - for managing the heat and cooling of my home. I haven’t tried any other smart home thermostats, but I can tell you that the Nest works very well, it is simple to set up and operates flawlessly. As it works nicely with Google Nest Mini, we can say “Hey Google, set the temperature to 21 degrees”. Google Nest Protect - for smoke and CO2 detection in my home. This is one that you might question the cost of, until you have them installed. Then you don’t question it anymore. Simple things like in combination with your Google Nest Mini, they test themselves once a month without any involvement from you. Also, in the dark if you walk near it a nice soft light (continued on next page)

If you are a couch potato are you going to test your endurance by running a marathon? No of course not! Why do so many businesses invest in an expensive cyber security penetration test before actively improving their foundational cyber security? You do not need to do the test first if you are going to fail! Tell me you’re eating and exercise regime and I can tell you whether or not you can knock out push-ups. Tell me about your company’s cyber security capabilities and I can tell whether or not your organization is prepared to face modern cyber threats. Invest in testing AFTER making improvements and being consistent over a period of time. Work your way up to the marathon! Start by assessing your capabilities first! Contact us today www.cyber.sc

(continued from page 39...) will come on to light your way. If you burn some food in the kitchen, it will announce that it is detecting smoke and will give you a few seconds to whip out your smartphone and silence the alarm before it starts (you can also push the button on it with a stick or something, just be gentle). Smart Home Electrical Plugs - for turning off and on lights. There is no better companion for a Google Nest Mini than smart plugs. We have some soft warm lights in our bedroom and at night you can walk in the room and say “Hey Google, turn on the bedroom light”. Then when you are ready to go to sleep you can say “Hey Google, goodnight!”. It says “Goodnight” back to you, turns off the light and begins playing you some soft music until you fall asleep. Of course, depending on how many smart home gadgets you have, you can set up your “Goodnight” routine to do all kinds of things, like turn down the temperature, close blinds, whatever you like. The whole concept of a smart home is hard to imagine, until you live in one. It used to be that you had to spend thousands of dollars to have professionals wire and install complicated controls, but now, you can slowly build a smart home as your time, and budget allows. As new components are invented you can add them in since they only need to connect to your Wifi network to communicate with each other. You will want to make sure that the new components are compatible with your smart home speaker, whichever one you go with. A note on security. Since all these smart home and IoT devices are installed on your home wifi network, it is important to make sure 40 // Community Now!

your wifi network is secure. Use a strong password, and if possible have all your IoT devices on a separate network than your main computers. You might need to contact your nephew or cousin who is good with computers to get things set up just right. The terminology you would want to google is VLAN, but I am not going to get into detail here as it would take another twenty pages. Zero - for managing your fasting. Moving off of smart home stuff, if you don’t already know, intermittent fasting is one of the best things you can do for your body. There are many benefits, but it can be difficult to manage the timing. I found an app for my smartphone called Zero that does all the work for me. When I begin my fast, usually around 6:30pm, I just click “Start Fast” and then after 16 hours it lets me know my fast is finished. I then click “Stop Fast” and go eat. I have been successfully fasting every weekday for a couple years, and the app makes it simple. Muse Headband & App - for meditation and focus. I know that meditation and mindfulness is crucial to a healthy life. The problem is that I am terrible at meditating… Well, at least I was until I bought my Muse headband. Muse is a physical headband device that you wear around your head with sensors at your forehead and temples as well as behind your ears. It takes readings continuously and transmits them to your smartphone where you have the Muse app running. You can select from numerous types of meditation and pick sounds that you are comfortable with. I like the rain myself. If I am calm, the rain is light and when I am really calm the rain stops and you can hear birds chirping, showing you that (continued on next page)

The Facilitated Virtual Discussion Group 3 PART SERIES We Mare It Easy. We Make It Fun. To Talk About… • Mental Health Optimism • Mental Wellness • Mental Fitness • Mental Health • Mental Illness Get a FREE Information Package By Contacting: Robert Manolson robert@powerfulplay.ca www.powerfulplay.ca

(continued from page 40...) you have reached a state of deep relaxation. If your mind is busy, the rain gets harder and louder and more stormy. Meditation has become like a video game now, and I really enjoy it. Noise Cancelling Headphones - for getting work done without distraction. When you are on an airplane, or you are trying to get some focused work done, I highly recommend noise cancelling headphones. The quiet comfort 15 series from Bose are hard to beat. I have had a pair for many years, and I would hate to be without them. When I have to fly, I take them on the plane and listen to music or movies noise free. When I am editing audio or trying to focus on working in my home office, the family and dog are mere distant sounds that don’t interrupt my focus. 3D Printer - for making stuff that got broken, didn’t fit, or I just always wish existed. Lastly, I want to let you know about how useful it can be to have a 3D printer. They are not as expensive as you might think, and you can pick up an amazing one for well under $500. Honestly, I never dreamed of how much I would use my printer until I started with it. They are definitely not as simple to use as an inkjet printer, but hey, you are essentially taking a roll of plastic filament and melting it into tiny dots and sticking them together in precision layers. It’s like having a Star Trek replicator in your office. They even make ones that print chocolate! Even if you don’t have any skills to create 3D models, there are thousands of ready to print models for free on the Internet. You can browse through to find all kinds of things, including useful kitchen gadgets, mounting 42 // Community Now!

brackets, hinges, connectors, plugs and almost anything you can think of. There are websites that have 3D models that you can buy, but Thingiverse has almost everything you could ever want at no charge. Links: • 3D Printer - Creality Ender 3 V2: https://www.creality.com/goods-detail/ ender-3-v2-3d-printer • Noise Cancelling Headphones: https://www.bose.ca/en_ca/products/ headphones/noise_cancelling_headphones/noise-cancelling-headphones-700. html#v=noise_cancelling_headphones_700_black • Muse Headband: https://choosemuse.com/shop/ • Zero Fasting App: https://www.zerofasting.com/ • Smart Plugs: https://www.amazon.ca/ s?k=smart+plug&ref=nb_sb_noss_2 • Nest Protect: https://store.google.com/ca/product/ nest_protect_2nd_gen?hl=en-GB • Nest Thermostat: https://store.google.com/ca/product/nest_ learning_thermostat_3rd_gen?hl=en-GB • Google Nest Mini: https://store.google.com/ca/product/ google_nest_mini?hl=en-GB • Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com

How you can buy Bitcoin in Canada Tristram Waye, Content Writer for Bitvo Inc


ou may have heard about crypto from a friend or in the press. The names Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP are common. There are many other cryptocurrencies and tokens, but Bitcoin is the biggest by market cap. It’s also the oldest. Cryptocurrency represents the next generation of finance. Bitcoin is the granddaddy of the space, and it’s where all the other 6,000 plus crypto projects got their inspiration from. So if you’re looking to get involved in cryptocurrency, what do you need to know? By the time you’re done reading, you’ll know the why, what, where, and how to buy Bitcoin in Canada.

Why Bitcoin Your view on Bitcoin depends on what you have heard and believe. It has been called money, a payment system, a hedge against inflation. It’s protection against failing monetary systems. It has also been called speculative and an investment.

Bitcoin is all of those things, but it is also a vote about the future of finance that is open to anyone. Like most of crypto, Bitcoin connects with the financial system but exists outside and independent of it. This provides buyers and owners with financial democracy. You can move money or value in and out of the traditional system into the Bitcoin network easily and at low cost. Bitcoin is not issued or controlled by any government. Founded in 2009, it also has a fixed number of units at 21 million, with 18 million issued so far.

What can you do with Bitcoin? You can do several things with Bitcoin. You can buy some as a vote for this new form of money and financial system. You can buy and hold (or hodl) some as a form of financial asset. (continued on next page) Community \\ 43

(continued from page 43...)

You can trade Bitcoin actively as a day trader, market maker, swing trader, or portfolio manager through a cryptocurrency exchange. You can buy BTC with CAD and move your BTC to an altcoin exchange to participate in various other speculative altcoin and token projects. You can use them to buy consumer goods. You can lend BTC to other traders for a fee. You can move money from one person to another cheaply, quickly, and easily. You can sell Bitcoin and convert it to various fiat currencies like CAD or a stablecoin like QCAD.

Where to buy bitcoin in Canada If you want to buy cryptocurrency, depending on the project, there are some different ways to acquire it. For Bitcoin, you can receive it from another party on the peer to peer network in exchange for a good or service. You can buy BTC at a Bitcoin ATM which are located worldwide, but also typically have high fees. Or you can buy Bitcoin on an exchange, which is where most people gain access to it.

Canadian cryptocurrency exchanges have rules The exchange business in Canada and around the world has been transformed in recent years.


This is Bitvo We are on a mission to become Canada’s premier cryptocurrency exchange. With a focus on customer service, security, and transparency, we make cryptocurrency trading accessible for all Canadians.

https://bitvo.com 44 // Community Now!

New regulations require crypto exchanges in Canada to register as Money Services Businesses with FINTRAC. As a part of that regulation, Canadian crypto exchanges also require their clients to complete valid KYC/ AML (know-your-client / anti-money laundering) documentation.

• A cash card to give you more flexibility

These steps help protect the market and the exchange from bad actors and stem the movement of stolen crypto coins.

• Educational material designed to help you trade better and learn faster

How to choose the right crypto exchange to buy Bitcoin When choosing a Canadian crypto exchange to buy Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency in Canada, there are a few things you should look for. Take a look at the founders and executives. Are they transparent with their backgrounds and experience? And do they have a demonstrated track record of working with other people’s money in a regulated environment? Security is a key element of crypto, and you should look for the following: • Air-gapped cold storage • Annual security audits by 3rd party security specialists • Multiple signatories Access to your fiat and digital assets should be flexible and easy. Look for the following: • Full reserve basis so that your funds are always your funds • A time-specific guarantee for access to your funds • The backing of and or access to a Tier 1 regulated financial institution

If you are trading or thinking about trading Bitcoin or other digital assets on a Canadian crypto exchange, look for the following: • Proprietary technical analysis tools to assist in your trading strategy

• Live 24/7 support team Bitvo was founded by fintech, financial, and payment experts and designed to provide Canadians with all of these important elements and security features.

How do I sign up? To sign up to Bitvo, you simply go to the Register button, and follow the instructions. It’s typically fast and easy to get set up. You can download the IOS, and Android versions on the App Store or Google Play to use the mobile app.

What ID is required? During the signup process, you will be asked for basic information like your address and other specific details. These are used to verify your identity, which is required by regulation in Canada. Every registered Canadian cryptocurrency exchange is required to follow these procedures. Typically, initial verification is instantaneous. In rare cases, you may be asked additional questions to verify your identity. If additional information is required to verify your identity, you can do this at a physical Canada Post location. (continued on next page) Community \\ 45

(continued from page 45...) We can have Canada Post physically verify your ID based on our relationship with a tier 1 Canadian financial institution. Registrations for non-Canadians may take more time, given the requirements and various guidelines that dictate how we can validate your identity. And registration may not be available in your country of residence. As soon as you are verified, you can deposit, trade, and withdraw from your Bitvo account.

How can I deposit money?

Bitvo follows best-in-class cold storage policies and procedures. These include utilizing offsite, third party, air-gapped cold storage that is only accessible with multiple signatures.

What is a wallet, and how do I choose one? Buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and digital assets requires storage. Your storage options off-exchange are referred to as wallets. There are a variety of wallet options for your Bitcoin and crypto assets.

You can fund your Bitvo account via cash, Interac, Interac eTransfer, wire transfer, or by depositing cryptocurrency.

These are:

If you make an e-Transfer deposit to your Bitvo account, there is a five-day hold from the time of the deposit of CAD and cryptocurrency withdrawals. This hold may be waived under certain circumstances.

• Paper wallets

Each funding method has a different limit, and aside from Canada Post Load, all deposits are free. You can find out more about each method’s limits on our fees page.

How does Bitvo store cryptocurrencies? Bitvo uses state-of-the-art hot and cold wallet storage. Cryptocurrencies held in hot wallet storage is always minimized to reduce the risk of losses. Hot wallet storage is contracted from BitGo, one of the world’s first and largest cryptocurrency wallet providers. 95% and up to 100% of the cryptocurrencies traded on the Bitvo Exchange are secured in cold storage. 46 // Community Now!

• Hardware wallets

• Desktop wallets • Mobile wallets • Online wallets Each method has its pros and cons. Farshad Abasi of Forward Security recommended using a combination of wallet options for extra security. For example, a hardware wallet and a paper wallet backup. For a more in-depth explanation of various wallets, you can see our comprehensive article on wallets here. With digital currencies, wallets are important, but so is security. Read more about Crypto Security and Best Practices on How to buy Bitcoin Here: bitvo.com/how-you-can-buy-bitcoin-in-canada/


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