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Volume 3 Issue 1 • August 2020

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Community Now! - David Malden

community is people...connected... people are a compilation of emotions, experiences, learnings, failings, successes, yearnings, sharing of good and not so good...and growing our community is a place, an environment of sharing and showing empathy, compassion, support and exploration by listening, believing, contributing, accepting, acknowledging, inspiring, empowering and growing together each of us as individuals, as well as the collective we, are the community, a village of many stories with many complexities... let us be true to who and what we are...especially to each other, let us grow and redirect, redefine and reconfigure for each other jump in, have a read, relate, engage... This is our community...now!....embrace it, live it, be devoted to it, share it and grow‌together

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JADE ALBERTS I’m the Founder of Peer Guidance and a Business Strategist / Entrepreneur / Connector / Investor that Tells It Like It Is. Peer Guidance is a


purpose before profit group of successful and current Entrepreneurs that have started, struggled, thrived, and sold businesses. We listen, connect and offer honest feedback that accelerates your companies growth. What does Community Now! mean to me It is a place in our community where like-minded people come together for a common goal of helping and giving back. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, and Community Now! is a place that’s always there for you.

I’ve worked with and lived my life with numbers, but also with heart, passion, music ringing in my ears that I need to sing and play, there is still love that I need to give, life that I need to live, growing up that I still need to do, mistakes I have and will make, successes that come from learning from those mistakes, a past that brought me here for whatever reasons, a now that I breathe in, looking to an adventure of a future I hope for, grateful for all, but especial-


ly for those who have chosen to truly have seen me through the seasons of change in my life and chosen to love me as I am.

I'm Jill Quirk, the STEAM coach for the Heloise Lorimer STEAM Team. I am trying to bring communities together by fostering a Maker Mindset Mentality. I believe if we are building and creating together we can achieve so much and solve the problems we are faced TOGETHER. The STEAM Team is composed of students from Heloise Lorimer School leading


design thinking activities to help encourage youth to "think outside the box" and develop a growth mindset to become great community members.

4 // Community Now!

STACY RICHTER Why is community important? The desire to belong is a unique character trait of human beings. It extends far beyond the survival instinct of being part of a group for food and protection.


It’s an emotional attachment around common interests. Belonging to a community (or communities) gives us the opportunity to serve others and satisfy the drive to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.





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PETER LAFONTAINE Communities are natures web for supporting human existence. Communities with innovative inspired positive attitudes are powerful and the way of the future.




After you pledged sign the socia l contr your supp ort. Want act, post a photo to see #Rainfores who else of it on socia tABcontrac l medi has signe t d and uploaa with the ded the hashtag #Rain social contr fores act? Go tABcontract to RAINFORE to Rainf let ST ALBE orestAB.ca everyone know RTA | to see COMMUN the comp that you've ITY SOC lete galle IAL CON ry. TRACT | SEPTE MBER 20162017

ADETTE LACERTE Community for me is a coming together as people to support one another during the tough times, to cheer each other on when we


need it, and to celebrate the victories together when they happen. It’s about sharing and caring and being a friend. We don’t have to have the same viewpoints, but we do have to have a willingness to be open to listening to other viewpoints for healthy discussion and debate. Community generally occurs when there are shared interests, shared values, or a common goal. The best communities are where the common interest, values, or goals are in the best interest of everyone both within the community and external to the community. For example, there is community in Girl Guides. There is both common interests and shared values. When they work together on a service project then the broader community is the beneficiary and the girl’s internal community bonds strengthen because they recognize that when they work together they can make a difference both inside and outside of their Guiding community.

SOPHIA FAIRWEATHER Sophia: Community is a group of people who support and find ways to make a difference and create ways to help things become better!! It is more than behavior and the process, it is focusing on what matters to the people and why!!!!!! Sophia’s online presence can easily be found on Google by Googling Sophia Fairweather, going to Twitter / LinkedIn, or her Site StartUpBySophia.com/products. She has won 6 Awards and many other recognitions: Canada 150 Women of Inspiration Award, ASTECH Award, Manning Innovation Award Alberta, TECVenture Award, ATB BoostR Award, and Alberta’s Leaders of Tomorrow Award. For her efforts in business and getting girls and women in STEM and business, she has been recognized in both the Alberta Legislative Assembly, the Canadian Senate and the Parliament of Canada; as well as being invited to speak and present.

SHAY BACHELET Shay is the Director of Marketing and Communications at Business Link. She is passionate about being on a team that works hard to support small businesses and entrepreneurs in Alberta and is excited about being able to share what Business Link does with the world! Since graduating from the University of Alberta, she’s worked in research, started her own wellness consulting business, managed an interactive marketing team, and eventually found herself on the marketing team at Business Link after utilizing some of the resources and services that the organization had to offer while running her business. Outside of work, Shay spends her time in the mountains, exploring Edmonton’s food scene, and organizes and facilitates community mindfulness classes to promote mental wellness and reduce urban isolation. 6 // Community Now!







NOW! \\ 7


BRYAN SCHAEFER Owner School of Rock Calgary • Entrepreneur •music lover . I help kids build valuable life skills through music education. Building a strong youth music community in Calgary is vital! In a community we support each other. We rally and band


together in challenging times. We celebrate when times are good. Community is being human, and humans need social interactions, whether face to face or remotely. Living, loving and learning needs to take place in groups, not alone. That is why community is so important.

SCHOOL OF ROCK | Calgary, Alberta 2707 - 17th Ave SW Phone: 587-353-7625 calgary@schoolofrock.com



Schedule A Free Trial: https://locations.schoolofrock.com/calgary

The most revolutionary music education school in the world. Our school offers music lessons to kids of all ages and abilities in a fun and social way. We are an inclusive program where all kids and adults are welcome.

www.locations.schoolofrock.com/calgary BRIAN CYMBALUK Brian Cymbaluk is a loving husband and father of three boys, proudly calling Calgary home for 2 decades now, and having accomplished a lion's share of successful ventures in his spare time!!! A Modern Entrepreneur, Brian puts the wants, needs and desires of his clients above his own, and now after many years in business, he operates WE GOT the BEAT, a small independent Drum Store, dealing with the drummer's needs, large and small as his "FUN RETIREMENT PROJECT!!!", and gets involved with philanthropic activities whenever possible! www.facebook.com/wegotthebeatgdm CN! Magazine is a local treasure in Calgary! Each and every issue is filled with strategic ways and means for us to come together and position our community towards bettering ourselves and those around us! What an amazing gift for all of us in Calgary!!!

8 // Community Now!




DEBORAH NICHOLS Deborah is The Founder of Crimson Raven Group. The name means: The importance of wisdom, intelligence and knowledge. We have a crimson feather on the website that symbolizes vitality, strength, passion & courage. Why is Community Important? More than ever we need connections and having a community helps you feel a sense of belonging.


NOW! \\ 9

WAYNE STEER Wayne Steer is a professional fundraiser in Calgary who has been a very active member of AFP (Association of Fundraising Professionals) locally, nationally and internationally for the past sixteen years. One particular area of interest beyond the leadership roles that he has held has been in the area of


“IDEA” or Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access at all levels. For the past ten years, Wayne has been working at Fresh Strat Recovery Centre – a national award-winning men’s treatment centre in Calgary – where he concentrates on raising funds in our community to help men and their families affected by and seeking recovery from their disease of addiction access the treatment they need and are will in work for. Wayne sometimes refers to himself as a “Normie in a Rehab World” meaning that understanding many of the issues facing and having empathy for people battling this disease of addiction and struggling with concurrent mental health challenges does not always require that someone has to “drink the Kool aid”. Wayne has been a contributor to CommunityNow! Magazine and can be found at https://www.linkedin.com/in/waynesteer/ In my life process I have learned the







questions, growth in spirit, and to apologize. As an elder I have learned it is critical to create and guard safe space for children and young people to evolve


DOORWAY 10 // Community Now!

with confidence and integrity, to discover their best selves and their role in their world.


Business Link provides customized


business advice and support for entrepreneurs navigating building, running and growing their own businesses. They provide one-on-one support and guidance, market research, access to experts, training, networking opportunities, and specialized support for Indigenous and immigrant entrepreneurs. Business Link strives to provide support services that will drive the growth of great Alberta Businesses.

the roads infrastructure of a great city as it grew. I was a negotiator and administrator for worker’s pay, benefits, safety, rights and protections. I am a son, brother, nephew, uncle, friend, work mate, drummer, sketcher of visions and most proudly a partner, father and grand father. I am David Michael Malden...a humble son of our global village



I was a worker and leader, building and maintaining


SheInnovates Alberta is all about recognizing and supporting a network of women in our Province that are making a difference to our Communities, Organizations and institutions with their innovative energy and talents. Community is about collaborating so that all stakeholders of a community can be lifted up! “CN! Magazine is filled with community stories that make you think, recognize the entrepreneurs in our Community and focuses on innovation that is embedded in our City. Love it and keep it coming!� Jennifer Koury , Co-Chair, SHEINNOVATES Alberta

NOW! \\ 11


















“It PATRICIA 12 // Community Now!



Takes a Village ”




100 Women Calgary is committed to raising $40,000 + per year for local charities. Our members commit to give $100 each, 4 times per year. Four hours per year. Join with other women who are committed to making our Calgary a better place.

SMALL COMMITMENT. BIG IMPACT. Learn more about us and the charities we support at

W:100womencalgary.com E: info@100womencalgary.com

IndigeSTEAM Power to Choo H EALING S ESummer L F Â STEM Camp Indigenous Youth H Y P N O TUniversity H E R A PofYCalgary July 15 /16 to July 19


14 // Community Now!




A “micro” view of the current & future state of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Jim Gibson


n my book, Tip of the Spear: Our Species and Technology at a Crossroads, I outlined the three laws of disruption that – at a macro, “species” level – was a useful framework for thinking about technology’s continuous march into the future. In this article, I will use these three laws to provide a more “micro” view of the current and future state of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Before we begin, I will summarize my bias by quoting one of my favourite researchers and writers in the field, Nick Bostrom. “Artificial Intelligence is the last invention of mankind.” There a lot to unpack in that single sentence. But suffice to say it expresses the level of importance and relevance of the topic – at least 16 // Community Now!

in my mind! Let’s bring that forward using the three Laws and see where things stand. Three Laws of Disruption: A Review. •

The slope of the technology disruption curve is dramatically increasing.

• The technology “genie” never goes back in the bottle. • Our linear systems of human organization are unprepared for sustained exponential change. As a reminder, I noted in the book that our future will be decided – soon – by how well we cope with and address these forces that are fundamentally at odds with each other. Individually, these three observations that I have elevated to “laws” are at first blush mostly

self-evident. Taken together, however, they present a set of circumstances that connects the human animal across all of time. The difference today is that the velocity of change is

AI, better algorithms are important, but raw horsepower rules. The first law of disruption clearly tells us that things are changing – and fast!

met head on with the impossible struggle to absorb change across complex and intractable societies and institutions.

Because the laws of physics are starting to limit the continued exponential increase in silicon-based processors, much speculation surrounds the potential of the arrival of specific purpose-built quantum computers for AI for algorithm execution and in the

Law 1: Slope of the Curve The underpinning of most technological change – Moore’s Law – is also absolutely at the centre of what’s happening in AI/ML. The staggering capacity increases in processor speeds and computer architecture design is creating the ability of even the simplest AI algorithms to ingest more data, traverse more logic, and store more output per unit of time. It is an exponential curve of increasing capability that shows no sign of slowing. In

training of specific AIs that would exponentially advance the state of the art. Other developments include the recent partial release from Open AI – the not-for-profit that recently became a for-profit AI organization – of the Generative Pretrained (continued on next page) Community \\ 17

(continued from page 17...) Transformer 3, commonly known by its abbreviated form GPT-3. This potential allows for huge advance in natural language queries and translation as well as the ability to create free form, context rich text, code and scripting that could significantly increase the breadth of applications and depth of machine “intelligence” It has the potential to be a very powerful– and potentially dangerous – new form of AI capabilities and is being watched very carefully. Conclusion: Computing power is at the heart of increasingly capable AIs. The progressive march of Moore’s Law – both in computation costs and capacity as well as similar exponential curves in other support technologies such as storage – will continue for the foreseeable future. Artificial General Intelligence – or AGI, the holy grail of AI researchers, is for most a matter of when not if and is predicted to arrive given the current technology curve in 20 or so years. 18 // Community Now!

Law 2: The Genie and the Bottle There are many researchers and writers – me included – who have raised fundamental concerns about the release of general-purpose AI at the level of GPT-3 and beyond because – once released – we can never return it to the proverbial bottle. Simply stated: Never in the history of the intelligent human species have we ever invented or discovered something new and then decided as a species it was not moral, useful or valuable to someone and subsequently discarded it. Never. It is simply not in our fundamental nature. And I won’t argue that it should be. This story is ancient and archetypal: Eve in the garden of Eden eating the apple of knowledge; Prometheus creator of man, stealing the fire to protect humans. Away from the myths, our recorded history begins with the discovery and taming of fire.

The biggest challenge is that as AIs become more prevalent, powerful and prescient, the possibility of unintended consequences goes up, inherent and intended or unintended biases of all forms get amplified, and human impactful decisions and actions will occur. Conclusion: The future of AI is a complex ethical issue. Whether you agree or disagree with the likely impact of AIs released generally on the human population, we can all agree that the time to have the conversation is before not after because the genie will never go back in the bottle. Law 3: Linear Systems The third law looks at systemic reaction to the exponential advances of technology. Most of our largest complex systems struggle hugely and are often pulled into change only when the costs of staying static become so high that they cannot be ignored. Big shocks that can “jar” slow moving systems and bureaucracies (continued on next page) Community \\ 19

(continued from page 19...) do happen, often in dramatic fashion. COVID19 is one such example. AI has been slow to be adopted in some of these larger “linear” type systems because the capability has often not matched the hype, the data are not in a form that makes it accessible and cost effective to do so and the talent and skills are not widely available. But this is rapidly changing as capabilities increase and widespread use starts to become part of our everyday lives. In the field of Health Care, for example – currently in the global spotlight of a global pandemic – changes are evolving in the way experts are using AI to better understand patients, diseases and care. In the medical profession, artificial intelligence is often call augmented intelligence – using it to pave the

way to a new kind of relationship between the human expert, data and algorithms. While threatening to some, the promise is huge. Similarly, the world of energy, smart cities, food and other fundamental areas of our lives, are all undergoing similar shifts as augmented intelligence helps us understand and allow greater interaction with complex adaptive systems. Slowly at first, then suddenly – just like the exponential curves that drive the underlying technology of the AI promise. Conclusions The three laws of disruption are a useful way of looking at the state of Artificial Intelligence and remind us of the challenges and opportunities AI represents. Coming back to our Nick Bostrom quote, we have before us an existential opportunity and challenge all at the same time. It is not a time to be naïve nor complacent. If we get AI right, we will indeed have created the machines that build other machines – technology that will be able to model, adapt to and engage with the complex adaptive systems of our natural and invented worlds. If we get it right, these machines will be designed, advanced and managed by the best of what makes us human not the worst. Fundamentally the future of AI makes us ask the core human question: “If we can, does it mean we should?” I believe the arc of humanity bends toward the good. But the question of today is, will that arc bend fast enough to keep pace with the speed of the fundamental changes represented by AI.

Try something new! Blacksmithing www.stonewoodandsteel.ca

Humans still have the monopoly on evil. The problem today that we’re facing is not the Terminator. The problems today are bad humans, the evil that exists in this imperfect world, using technology invented in the free world to undermine the very foundation of the free world. That’s a real problem. Stay tuned.


Keepin It YYC is a non-profit driven to spread the word to support local businesses in the Calgary area. We interview local business owners to help get their word out and make it more personal for Calgarians alike. We also share their social media posts on multiple platforms and attempt to foster community and collaboration utilizing online groups.

Q & A with Matt and Casey, founders of Keepin It YYC 1.) Why did you start Keepin’ it YYC? We realized very quickly at the start of the COVID-19 lockdown how easy it was to become disconnected from the local community and drift towards the massive online vendors for all of our goods and services. Keepin’ it YYC was our way of supporting local businesses by showing Calgarians that these are our neighbours and they are working feverishly to adapt to continue operating and contributing to our local community. 2.) Why is it important to showcase and promote local businesses? Local businesses are the engine that drives a city. In Calgary, small businesses account for over 95% of total businesses and for every $1 spent in a local Calgary business district, $6 is generated for our local economy! When our hard-earned dollars are spent in Calgary, they stay in Calgary.

3.) What platforms are you currently on? Our primary focus at the moment is Facebook where we are posting “shorts” of interviews with local business owners to help get their word out as well as good news stories and information relevant to local business. We post the full versions of their interviews on our YouTube channel and have recently started an Instagram showcasing Calgary’s unique character. 4.) What can we do better as a community to help each other keep it YYC? Awareness is the first step! As a community we need to do a better job communicating the immense benefits associated with shopping local. Once people understand these benefits, they are more inclined to seek out and use local providers and feel great while doing so. 5.) Why is it important to keep the community informed about what is happening here? Calgary has been ranked as one of the best places to live in the world for a number of years and its diverse entrepreneurial spirit is one of the many reasons for this! The health of our local business community largely dictates the overall health of our city. We love Calgary and want to continue calling it our home for many years and we imagine that you do as well!

Community \\ 21



Where is HOPE? Making an Impact; one day at a time; one story at a time; collectively building empathy in our hearts to help others, nourishes our own soul. Let’s play a game for a moment: Who am I? It’s hard to believe that a four letter word HOPE can make such a big IMPACT on one’s day. It doesn’t matter if you’re feeling it or not. It’s there in your HEART sitting dormant just waiting for the call to return to duty like a warrior to a battle. Our hearts are big and can hold lots of positive feelings however the opposite also means negative feelings can grow like cancer in our bodies, much like toxic ad-

22 // Community Now!

verse situations causes trauma to our brains. Feelings are transient like the weather. It is never going to be just one type of weather every day of the year 366days (if you count Feb 29 known as Rare Disease Day) I ask you take time to really listen with an open non-judgmental stance when you you hear stories and experiences connect your heart & mind together to reflect and build empathy for others. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change … right? Let’s grow HOPE in our communities, Let’s plant seeds of hope in the hearts of those who need it RIGHT NOW! … “It takes a village to raise a child”. It takes a nation to support those villages coast to coast across Canada. This article is the start of a feature where you will learn more about my story as an Albertan who advocates for vulnerable citizens and to young to speak for themselves. I also volunteer to help others find HOPE by sharing my perspectives as a lived experience voice of poverty and mental illness. As a peer I have a semi colon on my arm; I chose life over death and transform my life to help others having endured through times of adversity. I’ve tripped, stumbled and fallen down lots during my transition from complex patient to transformational leader as a story teller of HOPE COURAGE & STRENGTH Let’s start building HOPE in the hearts of Canadians through our stories of; Healing Opportunities Patience Endurance

There’s always HOPE; A little over one year ago on June 12 2019 my boyfriend was being transferred from one hospital to the Intensive Care Unit at another Calgary hospital. The day before ICU at first hospital refused him and 3 days before his parents and I were told there’s no more hope he was going to die in near future …he proved them wrong, eventually to return home to the community … Because of HOPE! However COVID 19 has been a real eye opener for us… he is immune compromised and despite his illness being progressive & life limiting; and greatly impacting his life, we are / were unable to access a palliative consultation, being told it didn’t meet the criteria to be eligible according to the checkboxes required for the referral. However, we did receive ACCESS to an amazing team of healthcare leaders who wear a different uniform called Community Paramedics. it’s been amazing to watch my partner connect with them while receiving IV hydration chat about STEM, SPACE-X and the periodic table of elements, at times I hear everyone laughing hard over something. Its nice to hear. It’s a different work culture, around human centered design. it’s been inspiring to hear about their program and watch my partner thrive with this temporary interventive service; https://www. albertahealthservices.ca/ems/ page16487.aspx It drives me to act as a STRONG COURAGOUS leader to … risk failure … and take advantage of the opportunities hiding in the shadows … opportunities to disrupt systems and help those who need it. Too many Canadians are being left behind without access to the dignified services they need. That’s simply incomprehensible and unacceptable! (continued on next page) Community \\ 23

Krysta the founder of magazine is passionate about community and helping others share their stories. I met her at her 2nd annual Community Now! Magazine’s mental health event and was so inspired watching her event unfold with incredible speakers. Moving from observer in audience to speaker being empowered by her. I’m grateful for this opportunity to share my voice through her magazine.

(continued from page 23...) Research shows that if the challenges to accessing services are overcome, they can be a major lever in supporting individuals to achieve greater wellbeing. #keepcalgarystrong #connectinspireact #VDS2020 #ittakesavilliage #strongertogether #yyc

24 // Community Now!

In closing and to acknowledge all our essential workers across Canada …. We see you, we thank you & grateful to live in Canada. With special recognition to the members in Calgary Fire Department Station 23 for keeping our community safe and AHS EMS for helping citizens feel valued and heard by listening when providing prehospital patient centered care in these unprecedented times.

Thank you

I’m Kimberly Dawn Kopp

BEHIND THE BRAND! Universal Women’s Network set up an amazing night of fun, excitement and inspiration for the nominees of the 2020 Women of Inspiration Awards!(#WOI2020) CN! Founder and WOI Nominee got a chance to join the other #WOI2020 nominees for a spin in a Ferrari! Fast, Exciting and Inspirational! Thank you Monica and Ferrari Alberta for a great night!

SCHOOL OF ROCK CALGARY IS THE MOST REVOLUTIONARY MUSIC SCHOOL IN THE WORLD. Traditional music education approaches don’t teach students how to perform with other musicians. The School of Rock Method™ is different. We combine one-on-one instruction with group rehearsals and live performances. This integrated approach teaches students techniques and theory while also helping them apply those skills when performing with other musicians. This method results in remarkable musical proficiency. Plus our students get to perform in some cool rock shows! We offer: Performances, camps, lessons, workshops for kids and adults 4 years and up. Contact us today for a FREE trial lesson. 2707-17th Ave SW, Calgary, AB Ph: 587-353-7625 • www.SchoolOfRock.com

Raise the Bar!

2020 Women of Inspiration™ | Virtual Awards | October 17, 2020 Recognizing the achievements of women who lead, inspire and motivate.

@UWomensNetwork | universalwomensnetwork.com

Our Mission: Promoting curiosity, communication and engagement in making Alberta a stronger and better place to live, to be educated, do business, promote innovation and community celebration. www.communitynowmagazine.com Facebook: @communitynowmagazine Twitter: @communitynowma1 Publisher@CommunityNowMagazine.com

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