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About this issue: BOLD Heroes Among Us T

he comic book-themed cover of this issue reflects the heroic ways that so many people are stepping up to help, just when our community needs them the most. One year after the pandemic hit, it’s a good time to celebrate the everyday heroes among us who help Broward rise to the challenge. I find heroes every time I put on my mask and visit innovative nonprofits providing Jennifer O’Flannery Anderson, Ph.D. crucial community services. For example, President/CEO I was so impressed to see Henderson Behavioral Health’s new crisis stabilization center and learn about mental health services available for Broward residents. It warmed my heart to welcome families to their new homes at Habitat for Humanity’s affordably priced neighborhood under construction in Pompano Beach. And what a treat it was to sample dishes Arc Broward cooks up in a new professional teaching kitchen, where those with developmental disabilities learn culinary career skills. Of course, the important work of nonprofits like these and others wouldn’t be possible without heroic local philanthropy. Support from Fundholders at the Community Foundation of Broward helps Henderson, Habitat and Arc Broward accomplish their important missions. Throughout Broward, our Fundholders’ BOLD generosity fuels solutions for critical emergency needs today as well as longterm support for career opportunities, schools, senior services, the arts, our environment and other issues that matter to Broward’s future. Endowments allow our Fundholders the ability to ensure that permanent resources are available – during this crisis and beyond – to make life better in Broward. The pages of this magazine provide an inside look at the heroic impact that comes from people who step up for the community they love. From BOLD philanthropists to dedicated workers at frontline nonprofits, their stories are inspiring reminders that everyone, everywhere can be a hero in their own way.




Jennifer O’Flannery Anderson, Ph.D.

Annette Bauer Sheri Brown Carol Dorko Amanda Kah Mark Kotler Jennifer Powers Angelica Rosas Abigail Symonds Nancy Thies

James Donnelly – Chair Juliet Murphy Roulhac – Vice Chair Peggy Hogan Marker – Secretary Kurt D. Zimmerman – Treasurer Doria M. Camaraza – At Large Alice Lucia Jackson – At Large J. David Armstrong Jr. Jane F. Bolin James B. Davis Alberto Fernandez Edward T. Hashek


Kirk Englehardt 910 East Las Olas Boulevard Suite 200 Fort Lauderdale Florida 33301 954.761.9503

2 Community Matters | Spring 2021

Xenia McFarling, of LifeNet4Families, is one of our 12 Hidden Heroes Award winners.


Andy Reid DESIGN

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Marcell Haywood David W. Horvitz Susanne Cornfeld Hurowitz Paige Hyatt Anne K. Joyner Dara Levan Nancy Meyer Dev Motwani Thomas R. Oliveri Mona Pittenger David M. Scully

Inside: PAGE 4 HIDDEN HEROES AWARDS Honoring 12 real-life superheroes whose work at Broward nonprofits helps our community overcome the pandemic. PAGE 8 $1 MILLION BE BOLD PRIZE BOLD new effort to inspire outside-of-the-box solutions that jump-start job creation in Broward.

PAGE 14 THE ARTS & SOCIAL JUSTICE New Art of Community projects will engage and inspire residents to take action for social justice.

PAGE 22 MEET OUR BOLD NEW COMMUNITY BUILDERS The heroic philanthropy of our new Community Builders tackles Broward’s big challenges.



ot all superheroes wear capes. But now, at least 12 of them in Broward do.

These 12 worthy recipients of flowing red capes that come with our new Hidden Heroes Awards are pictured below.

The Community Foundation of Broward’s new Broward Nonprofit Hidden Heroes Awards shine a light on heroic work that helps our community overcome the pandemic.

“These Hidden Heroes have shown amazing courage, care, compassion and love as they serve our community during the coronavirus crisis,” Community Foundation President/CEO Jennifer O’Flannery Anderson, Ph.D., said. “It is our honor to recognize their dedication to Broward and to highlight how support for local nonprofits is critical to shaping a brighter future.”

Our new awards honor representatives of local nonprofits who have gone above and beyond during the coronavirus crisis. Just when our community needs them the most, these heroes hidden among us are stepping up to feed people in need, break through senior isolation, keep families from becoming homeless and much, much more. Selected from a competitive field of nominations submitted by the CEOs of local nonprofits, our honorees include outstanding examples of BOLD impact by individuals who make life better in our community.

Patricia “Pejay” Ryan

Broward Education Foundation

4 Community Matters | Spring 2021

Natasha McFarquhar

Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies

Timothy G. Curtin

Memorial Healthcare

In addition to awarding our Hidden Heroes a cape and medal to honor their heroic deeds, the winners each received $500, restaurant gift certificates and a two-night staycation at the beautiful Bahia Mar Fort Lauderdale Beach hotel. Lots of smiles, a few tears and more than one cape twirl followed when we surprised each Hidden Hero with their new honor.

Xenia McFarling LifeNet4Families

Tina Cortez

Sawgrass Nature Center & Wildlife Hospital

Tammy Holder

Broward Performing Arts Foundation

REVEALED! REVEALED! Pandemic-fighting Superheroes Beyond the individual honors, the nonprofit organizations our Fortunately for our community, these 12 award winners Hidden Heroes represent can each receive up to $25,000 from represent just a sampling of heroic work taking place by the Community Foundation to bolster their innovative efforts nonprofits all across Broward. And it’s because of the power of local philanthropy that nonprofits in Broward have crucial to help Broward bounce back. This includes the opportunity resources to help residents who need it the most. to participate in the Community Foundation’s new Resilience & Recovery Program, which helps nonprofits Thanks to visionary Fundholders at the improve their crisis preparedness so they can “There’s always an Community Foundation, we have provided be ready for future challenges. more than $6 million in support to respond opportunity to help to the coronavirus crisis. Our Fundholders “It means a lot to be valued for the work someone else. When make it possible for front-line nonprofits to that I do,” said Hidden Hero Winner Xenia sustain and grow their critical community McFarling, who helps LifeNet4Families serve you seek out that services during Broward’s time of need. And 250 meals a day and provide showers, clothing with the dedicated support from endowed and other essentials for those in need during opportunity, you charitable Funds, we will be there to tackle the pandemic. “We all need to come together are a hero.” all of Broward’s big challenges – during this as a community to help those who can’t help - Belinda Paulicin crisis and beyond. themselves.” Gilda’s Club South Florida

Sandra Powell Broward Health

Rebecca “Becky” Gould

Museum of Discovery & Science

Elise Samet

Canine Assisted Therapy

Belinda Paulicin

Gilda’s Club South Florida

Continued on page 6

Samantha “Sam” Kelly

Lighthouse of Broward County

Alex Nesar

Habitat for Humanity


More About About O More Heroes’ BOL BOLD Heroes’ Tina Cortez

Sawgrass Nature Center & Wildlife Hospital Honored for helping sustain and grow animal treatment and release efforts during the pandemic, including taking animals home to give them 24/7 care.

Timothy G. Curtin

6 Community Matters | Spring 2021

Broward Performing Arts Foundation Honored for creating fun and engaging online programming, including sing-alongs, to keep people connected to the arts during the coronavirus crisis.

Memorial Healthcare Honored for creating online counseling and support service alternatives to inperson visits during the pandemic as well as helping coordinate food deliveries and laptop computer donations.

Samantha Kelly

Rebecca Gould

Xenia McFarling

Museum of Discovery & Science Honored for developing more online STEM programming, including entertaining and educational videos, to keep kids learning from home during the pandemic.

“If anything, this crazy virus has shown us how we are all connected,” said Hidden Hero Award Winner Tammy Holder, of Broward Performing Arts Foundation. “And that when we help one person, it ripples. The acts of one person really do ripple and affect the whole community.”

Tammy Holder

Lighthouse of Broward County Honored for producing new online services for the blind and helping to create a new mental health unit during the pandemic.

LifeNet4Families Honored for helping LifeNet4Families serve 250 meals a day and provide showers, clothing and other essentials for those in need during the coronavirus crisis.

Our Hidden Hidden Our D Impact Impact D Natasha McFarquhar

Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Honored for her work for the emergency basic needs program, which helps struggling families get financial assistance during the economic crisis.

Alex Nesar

Habitat for Humanity Honored for helping hardworking families move into affordable, safe homes in the midst of pandemic shutdowns.

Belinda Paulicin

Gilda’s Club South Florida Honored for helping expand Gilda’s Club South Florida’s cancer patient support services during the pandemic.

Sandra Powell

“It can be overwhelming at times, but for me it brings me joy and gratitude to do what I’m doing. To know that I am helping to inspire and motivate others,” said Hidden Heroes Award Winner Natasha McFarquhar, of Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies.

Broward Health Honored for helping acquire three different testing platforms that have enabled Broward Health to rapidly identify patients with the coronavirus.

Patricia Ryan

Broward Education Foundation Honored for leading marketing and public relations efforts, including modifying events to be safe for the pandemic, to champion more support for Broward students and teachers.

Elise Samet

Canine Assisted Therapy Honored for helping to provide pet therapy and other animal-assisted activities for isolated seniors, pediatric cancer patients and others in need of care during the pandemic.




$1 Million BE BOLD Prize Jump-starting Broward Job Opportunities T

he coronavirus pandemic created an economic crisis unlike any other. So, we need imaginative, outside-of-the-box solutions to get Broward residents back to work. The Community Foundation of Broward’s new BE BOLD Prize will award $1 million to the organization or collaboration that creates the most dynamic, transformative strategy to boost local employment.

Why award the BE BOLD Prize?

What’s next?

• Before the pandemic, nearly half of Broward’s workforce lived paycheck to paycheck – one emergency away from poverty. Now many paychecks are disappearing, especially in our service industries. • Without reliable work, growing numbers of hardworking families struggle to put food on the table. Broward is on the brink of a huge spike in homelessness. • Workforce development programs of the past aren’t enough to respond to this far-reaching crisis. We need innovative, unexpected ideas to get people back to work fast.

• In January we launched a Request For Proposals to find imaginative solutions worthy of our Fundholders’ $1 million investment to get Broward residents back to work as quickly as possible. • Applications are due by 11:59 p.m. on April 9. The winner will be announced by the end of May. • Community Foundation Board Members J. David Armstrong Jr. and Jane F. Bolin will lead an expert team that recommends the best choice for the BE BOLD Prize.

Why now? • One year after the pandemic hit, “temporary” closings have turned permanent for many restaurants, shops and other service-related businesses, making once reliable jobs disappear. • African-American residents make up a disproportionate number of those struggling with Broward’s unemployment spike, worsening economic disparities in our community. • Unemployment benefits and federal government stimulus checks aren’t enough to solve the problem. Broward must find local solutions to jump-start employment opportunities.


Learn More!


For more information about the BE BOLD Prize, scan the QR code or go online to

We can’t let the pandemic rob our community of the economic opportunities that should be available to all Broward residents. The BE BOLD Prize will fuel solutions that empower struggling residents who are out of work due to the pandemic – particularly

those in hard-hit minority communities – to gain stable employment. 8 Community Matters | Spring 2021

- Sheri Brown Community Foundation of Broward Vice President of Community Impact

W. George Allen’s BOLD Impact Scholarship Funds Further Civil Rights Legacy W. George Allen used his determination and talents to break down barriers in Broward and beyond. Now amid a renewed national outcry for social justice, George’s BOLD local impact continues W. George Allen and Enid Meadows Allen to grow through new scholarship Funds established at the Community Foundation of Broward. George, who died in 2019, is an education trailblazer and civil rights icon in Florida. In 1962, he earned a law degree that made him the first African American to graduate from the University of Florida. And during his 50-year legal career, George led the legal fights that helped desegregate public schools in Broward County and Hendry County. George’s legacy of giving back also includes serving on the Community Foundation’s Board of Directors from 1990 to 1995. George helped grow the Foundation during its first decade of existence. And in 1999 he co-chaired a Foundation fundraising effort that led to a $3 million infusion of support for our community. To honor their father’s commitment to Broward, Jonathan and Tim Allen last fall followed his wishes and provided a $200,000 gift to the Community Foundation. The gift has

created two endowed scholarship Funds – one named for George and the other for his wife, Enid. The new scholarship Funds will empower a new generation of students to make the most of their educational opportunities – opportunities that W. George Allen’s pioneering efforts helped make possible.

• The W. George Allen Scholarship Fund

provides annual scholarships to African-American high school graduates from Broward and from the Crooms Academy high school in Sanford, Fla. – where George was born – to obtain a degree from a Florida College/University, with preference given to students attending Florida A&M University.

• The Enid Meadows Allen Nursing Scholarship Fund

is for African-American high school graduates to earn a four-year nursing degree at a Florida College/ University, with preference given to students attending Florida A&M University.

Tim and Jonathan Allen said they hope that creating these two endowed scholarships will inspire others to step up and establish similar opportunities for local students. The Community Foundation is proud to partner with the Allen family to ensure that, through their new endowed scholarship Funds, work in the Allen name to empower achievement will never end. George Allen’s legacy lives on and inspires new generations of dynamic leaders.

Jonathan and Tim Allen present a ceremonial check to Jennifer O’Flannery Anderson and Linda B. Carter to celebrate the new scholarship Funds.


Millie’s BOLD Impact

Mildred Talkwicz Charitable Fund Mildred “Millie” Talkwicz’s life-

• •

changing philanthropy reaches all across Broward, thanks to her charitable Fund at the Community Foundation of Broward. Medical care to save the pets of families that otherwise couldn’t afford the treatment. Hospice support so more Broward residents can spend their last days in peace and comfort.

In the midst of a pandemic – when frontline nonprofits need more resources to sustain and grow critical community services – Millie’s charitable Fund fuels solutions to big challenges.

Access to breakthrough treatments for children facing cancer. That’s the BOLD impact from just the first wave of support generated by the Mildred Talkwicz Charitable Fund – an endowed Fund created with Millie’s visionary estate gift.

Mildred “Millie” Talkwicz

Help for children, animals and more is all made possible by Millie’s generosity and foresight. And with her gift, Millie joined our growing list of Community Builders – 41 visionaries who have created endowed Funds of $1 million or more to shape a brighter future for Broward.

Trustbridge Hospice Foundation to provide hospice care to individuals and emotional and spiritual support for their loved ones in the Charity Care Program. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to support patients and their families.

“Helping others brought Millie her greatest joy. She believed in the importance of giving back to the community.”

“We are profoundly grateful for the Mildred Talkwicz Charitable Fund’s support of the Trustbridge Charity Care Program. This gift ensures that lack of financial resources are not a barrier to receiving exceptional hospice care and compassion during a family’s greatest time of need, in Broward County,” said Valerie Vitale, Executive Director, Broward County for the Trustbridge Hospice Foundation.

This is just the beginning of the BOLD impact from Millie’s Fund. Because Millie established an endowed Fund – able to grow through careful investment – her legacy of support for the community she loved will last forever.

– Leverne Puskar, Millie’s best friend.

By creating an endowed Fund, Millie and our Community Builders ensure forever-support for the issues that matter most to them. For example, the nearly $500,000 in initial grants deployed from Millie’s Fund enable: The Community Foundation is proud to be Millie’s • Humane Society of Broward County to provide heartworm philanthropy partner, safeguarding her Fund and ensuring treatment and low-cost spay/neuter services through the her grants tackle the issues she cared about the most. Surrender Prevention program.

More About Millie

Millie and her husband Jack were pioneers of the car wash industry in Florida. As their first location in Panama City took off, they expanded across the state. When they moved their company headquarters to South Florida, Broward became their home. Millie loved Broward and her connection to the community grew deeper after Jack passed and their business was sold. She dedicated her time and resources to the local causes she cared about most – children and animals. Millie’s estate gift to the Community Foundation ensures that her ability to give back and help others will never end.

10 Community Matters | Spring 2021

Lesley’s endowed charitable Funds provide the critical support Broward needs, during times of crisis and beyond: LESLEY MITCHELL JONES FUND FOR THE AGING AND ELDERLY COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of BROWARD



Lesley Mitchell Jones Community Foundation of Broward Legacy Society Member

“I locked in my legacy” “I needed a partner to help me make the most of my charitable giving – both today and through my will, so I can continue making a difference after I’m gone. The Community Foundation’s expert team helped me do it by creating three endowed charitable Funds, in my name. Now I can have an impact on my community right away. And when I’m gone, my remaining assets will pour into my endowed Funds to change lives in this community I love. Now I have peace of mind knowing that the Community Foundation will ‘mind the store’ on my behalf to ensure the organizations and issues I care about are supported forever. I can’t imagine a smarter, more impactful way to create a brighter future for Broward. It feels good to BE BOLD!” Read more about Lesley’s Legacy at To lock in your legacy today, contact Jennifer Powers, Philanthropic Services Manager, at 954-761-9503 x113 or email 154 161 Legacy Society members $350 million in estate gift promises $288 473 479 named charitable Funds 35 36 years of bold community impact 11

BOLD Leader After a year unlike any other, our community requires more BOLD leadership to tackle the challenges and opportunities that 2021 brings. As we emerge from the grip of a pandemic, the Community Foundation of Broward’s Board of Directors guides philanthropy that will help our community bounce back, better than ever.

And amid a renewed call for social justice, the Community Foundation Board directs new resources to dynamic programs that break down barriers and overcome inequity. Board Chair James Donnelly heads this talented team of local leaders that includes: Juliet Murphy Roulhac, vice chair; Peggy Hogan Marker, secretary; Kurt D. Zimmerman, treasurer; Doria M. Camaraza, at-large; Alice Lucia Jackson, at-large; J. David Armstrong Jr.; Jane F. Bolin; James B. Davis; Alberto Fernandez; Edward T. Hashek; Marcell Haywood; David W. Horvitz; Susanne Cornfeld Hurowitz; Paige Hyatt; Anne K. Joyner; Dara Levan; Nancy Meyer; Dev Motwani; Thomas R. Oliveri; Mona Pittenger; and David M. Scully. Already, James and the Board have overseen the launch of exciting new initiatives such as the Hidden Heroes Awards, honoring nonprofit workers who go above and beyond during the pandemic, and the BE BOLD Prize, to help those who lost jobs during the pandemic get back to work. The Board has also signed off on new Art of Community grants that support performances, documentaries, workshops and other new arts programs that will help connect our community, foster understanding and inspire action on social justice. Through Zoom meetings, phone calls, and masked, one-on-one feedback sessions, Board members remain hands on and plugged in during this era of social distancing. Their ongoing direction and insights will be crucial to the Community Foundation’s mission to tackle all of Broward’s Issues That Matter, during this crisis and beyond. Community Foundation Board members enrich the organization with their creativity and innovation, President/CEO Jennifer O’Flannery Anderson, Ph.D., said.

Community Foundation Board Chair James Donnelly and previous Board Chair Steven W. Hudson (photo taken before the pandemic).

12 Community Matters | Spring 2021

“These are distinguished and accomplished professionals who bring a diverse wealth of experience and perspective to our Board,” Jennifer said. “They continue a strong tradition of stewarding the Community Foundation’s resources, collaboration and leadership.”

ship for 2021 BOLD New Additions Meet the five new Board members who each add a valuable perspective to the dynamic leadership team that guides our grantmaking and helps build our endowment – all to shape a brighter future for Broward. Jane F. Bolin – Mayor of Oakland Park. She is the founder and managing partner of PeytonBolin, a real estate law firm, and Giannell Title, an attorney operated title company.

Alberto Fernandez – President of ANF Group in Davie, a leading provider of preconstruction, construction management, general contracting and design-build services.

Nancy A. Meyer – President of the Miami Herald and el Nuevo Herald. She is former Publisher and General Manager of the Sun Sentinel Media Group and the Orlando Sentinel.

Mona Pittenger – An LGBT activist and philanthropist, based in Fort Lauderdale. In 2011, she retired as owner of a real estate company specializing in the management and sale of government foreclosures.

David Scully – Partner in the Loving Scully Law Group in Fort Lauderdale. He specializes in estates, tax law and corporate law.

“ I’m so excited to welcome these new leaders to our Board; each of whom brings unique talents and experiences that will help fuel the Foundation’s mission to foster bold philanthropy that makes life better for Broward residents.” - James Donnelly, Board Chair 13

The Arts & So H

ow do we heal when the wounds of injustice run so deep? How do we find our way forward when hurdles to equality seem so insurmountable? The power of the arts provides a great opportunity to help answer our community’s call for social justice. At this historic time with so many calling for change, the arts can help us talk to each other, raise awareness and spur positive action. Through the arts, we can break through the barriers that divide us. We can bridge our differences and begin to build better communities. Fundholders at the Community Foundation of Broward are making this happen with their support for Art of Community – philanthropy that ignites creativity, invokes community pride and unites local residents through the arts. This year, new Art of Community projects will spark conversations and encourage cooperation to find social justice solutions.

More About Art Of Community The arts are vital to a vibrant community. That’s why Art of Community is one of our Issues That Matter – 10 issues that affect us all and are key to shaping a brighter future for Broward. Even as the pandemic’s economic crisis threatens support for the arts, our visionary Fundholders use their philanthropy to sustain and grow the arts in Broward. Thanks to endowed charitable Funds, the Community Foundation will always be there to support the arts in Broward. To learn more about Art of Community and all the Issues That Matter, visit

14 Community Matters | Spring 2021

Social ocial Justice New Projects Made Possible By $503,800 In Art Of Community Grants African-American Research Library & Cultural Center:

Establish an arts residency program where social justice-themed projects will engage the community on issues such as pay equity, access to health care, and discrimination based on race or sexual orientation. The project culminates with an Art and Activism Festival to showcase artwork and performances produced through the arts in residency program. Art and Culture Center Hollywood: Creating two short

Broward Performing Arts Foundation: Music, theatrical performances, dance and more – both in person and online – will enable audiences to explore racial inequality, human rights, LGBT+ issues and more. The group Black Violin will lead this effort to engage residents through the arts. Also, an advisory panel of Black influencers will help shape the program content. The project culminates in an outdoor arts festival in Esplanade Park.

documentary films and a curated gallery exhibition that address inclusion, acceptance and equality for Black and LGBT+ individuals. Local residents will engage in important conversations at film screenings, panel discussions and gallery showings.

Inside Out Theatre Company: A theatre and storytelling project will engage residents through community forums, podcasts and an original theatre production at the Sunrise Civic Center Theatre, with a focus on prejudice people face based on race, age, religion and gender.

Art Prevails Project: Residents will participate in hands-on arts activities at monthly sessions, infused with sing-alongs and other artistic performances, at the FATVillage warehouse district in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Participants will discuss racism, the repercussions of mass incarceration and other important social justice topics.

NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale: A series of live performances by local and national artists that address racial inequalities, identity, migration and social structures. Each performance will be accompanied by a Q&A with the artist and a museum educator. This program will engage the community in conversations about social justice, celebrate diversity and promote healing in a time of trauma. YMCA South Florida: The new L.A. Lee Mizell YMCA Community Center will host a variety of arts activities centered on social justice issues. Artist Niki Lopez will lead participants in workshops that result in creating theatrical performances, art exhibitions and the “I Have a Dream Wall” mural.

Support for the new Art of Community projects came from the following Funds at the Community Foundation:

Helen and Frank Stoykov Charitable Endowment Fun • Ruth H. Brown Fund for the Arts • Dot and Keith Cobb Fund • Mary and Alex Mackenzie Community Impact Fund • Edward Hashek and John Jors Charitable Fund • Leonard & Sally Robbins Fund • Everett H. Metcalf Jr. Unrestricted Fund • Mary N. Porter Community Impact Fund • Community Concerts Association of Fort Lauderdale Performing Arts Fund • A Fund for the Performing Arts • Linda and Michael Carter Fund • John D. Ryan Fund • Harold D. Franks Fund • Gary J. Scotto Fund • Discretionary Community Fund • Oakland Park Woman’s Club • Deinhardt Charitable Fund • Ann Adams Fund • The Robert Elmore Family Fund • Maxine Powers Hofert Fund • Peter J. and Mary C. Barbare Fund • Barbara and Michael G. Landry Fund for Broward • Peck Family Fund • Julia C. Baldwin Fund • Frederick W. Jaqua Fund 15

Pandemic Res One year after the coronavirus

Examples Of BOLD Impact

pandemic hit, the Community Foundation of Broward remains at the forefront of helping our community bounce back better than ever. Thanks to our Fundholders, the Community Foundation has provided more than $6 million in pandemic response – tackling residents’ emergency needs and investing in long-term solutions to the far-reaching effects of this crisis. Support from endowed charitable Funds at the Foundation feeds struggling families, helps the unemployed stay in their homes, boosts outreach to isolated seniors, expands online counseling and much more. The power of endowment enables our Fundholders to support the issues that matter in Broward, during this crisis and beyond.

GARDENING FOR GOOD Helping local households affected by the coronavirus crisis learn new ways to eat better and relieve stress by growing their own food and spices in windowsill gardens and other small planters.

ONLINE ARTS ACTIVITIES New online programming developed through the Broward Center For The Performing Arts includes sing-alongs, theatrical performances, workshops, discussions with Broadway performers and more to keep residents of all ages connected, engaged and learning, while staying safe in their homes. 16 Community Matters | Spring 2021

sponse Update VIRTUAL FIELD TRIPS New virtual visits enable students, seniors and others to go online during the pandemic for informative and entertaining animal experiences at the Sawgrass Nature Center & Wildlife Hospital – creating new opportunities for residents to learn about our wildlife and natural environment.

STRENGTHENING FRONT-LINE NONPROFITS In addition to emergency support to sustain nonprofits amid the pandemic, new resilience training empowers them to be better prepared to face the longterm repercussions of this pandemic and whatever challenges emerge in the future.

HELPING GRANDPARENTS RAISE GRANDKIDS Boxes of nutritious, donated food help low-income seniors who have become the primary caregivers for their grandchildren put food on the table for their struggling families.

SUPPORT FOR CANCER PATIENTS New wave of Cancel Cancer grants include critical patient support, such as financial assistance and other aid, to help Broward cancer patients and their families overcome the hardships of the coronavirus crisis.

BREAKING THROUGH SENIOR ISOLATION Parades featuring furry, four-legged well-wishers – chauffeured in cars decorated in balloons, streamers and colorful signs – deliver drive-through canine therapy to retirement communities to help seniors who are stuck at home feel less isolated during the pandemic.

EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE CENTER A coronavirus emergency assistance center at the Parent’s Information & Resource Center in Pompano Beach brings a new food bank and a boost to mental health services for people in crisis. 17

Pandemic Response Update

JERRY TAYLOR AND NANCY BRYANT’S $1M PANDEMIC RESPONSE Shuttered businesses. Food bank lines that stretch for miles. Families on the brink of homelessness. When Jerry Taylor and his wife Nancy Bryant see their community in trouble, they can’t sit on the sidelines. So, this year they are committing $1 million to help Broward residents face the economic repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic. “There are a lot of people who have lost jobs,” said Jerry, former CEO of MCI Communications Corporation. “We wanted to do something that was immediate and impactful.” Jerry and Nancy have enlisted their local philanthropy partner, the Community Foundation of Broward, to identify the best strategies to tackle the immediate needs of Broward residents affected by the pandemic. Their goal is to lift up those who have struggled with illness, job loss and other pandemic challenges. They collaborate with their Charitable Fund Manager, Amanda Kah, to deploy support where it’s needed the most. “We knew people were struggling and needed help, but we didn’t know how to reach them. So, we called Amanda,” said Nancy, former executive director of The Society of Industrial and Office Realtors. “She brought these great programs to our attention. That’s the focus that we needed.”

The Community Foundation’s Amanda Kah (standing) helps Nancy Bryant (left) and Jerry Taylor (right) find ways to make a BOLD impact with their charitable Fund. (Photo taken before the pandemic.)

and Nancy are “Jerry making a life-changing

Since 2003, Jerry and Nancy’s donor-advised Fund at the Community Foundation has provided vital support for Broward’s children, the environment, the arts and more. Now, just when Broward needs them the most, Jerry and Nancy’s generosity fuels Economic - Amanda Kah Independence – philanthropy that helps hardworking residents overcome hardship and become self-sufficient.

difference for struggling Broward residents who need a hand up.

This year, the Jerry Taylor & Nancy Bryant Fund at the Community Foundation has already delivered more than $600,000 in critical support for food, rent and utility assistance, emergency household repairs, help to find affordable housing, workforce development, scholarships and much more.

“Jerry and Nancy are making a life-changing difference for struggling Broward residents who need a hand up,” Amanda said. “The Community Foundation is proud to further their legacy of bold impact for the community they love.”

To learn more about the Community Foundation’s BOLD pandemic response, visit or scan: 18 Community Matters | Spring 2021


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ow, more than local arts Laugh organizations need theheal support oftogether. forwardWeever, smile together. together. Cry together. And heal e smile together. Laugh together. Cry together. And together. nkers, like you, to ensure the arts thrive in Broward for generations to come. more than ever, local arts organizations need the support of forwardw, more thanNow, ever, local arts organizations need the support of forwardthinkers, like you, to ensure the arts thrive in Broward for generations to come. t yourlike fingerprints on Broward’s future.inCreate your endowed nkers, you, to ensure the arts thrive Broward forown generations to come. aritable FundPut for thefingerprints Arts at the Foundation ofown Broward today. your onCommunity Broward’s future. Create your endowed charitable for the Arts at the Community of Broward today. t your fingerprints onFund Broward’s future. Create your Foundation own endowed aritable Fund for the Arts at the Community Foundation of Broward today.

479 Charitable479 Funds | $212 Million inMillion Assets | 36 Years of Experience Charitable Funds | $212 in Assets | 36 Years of Experience Rated in the Top Community Foundations Rated in 100 the Top 100 Community Foundations | in | 479 Charitable Fundst 954.761.9503 | $212 Million Assets | | Years of Experience t 954.761.9503 | Rated in the Top 100 Community Foundations

News & Notes SEA-LEVEL RISE CALL TO ACTION The groundbreaking report “The Business Case For Resilience in Southeast Florida” found that investing in local strategies to take on sea-level rise will be good for Broward businesses. The Community Foundation teamed with the Broward Workshop, the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce and other regional partners to sponsor this deep-dive into the risks and opportunities that come from rising seas. The report projects $37.9 billion in economic benefits if Southeast Florida makes more community-wide improvements such as replenishing eroded beaches, seawall construction and beach dune restoration.

2021 LEGACY SOCIETY CELEBRATION Best-selling author and Community Foundation Fundholder Brad Meltzer helped lead our 2021 Legacy Society Celebration – an online gathering honoring the 161 BOLD, forward-thinkers whose $350 million in estate gift promises to the Community Foundation will transform the community they love. Our heroes-themed virtual event featured Brad’s insights about Abraham Lincoln and other heroes – nonfiction and fiction – in his books. Brad also shared with the 75 attendees an inspiring, hopeful message about the power of local philanthropy.

HOME BUILDING HELP Splashed with paint and covered in caulk, a Community Foundation team in November joined other local volunteers to help build affordably priced homes for hardworking families at Habitat for Humanity of Broward’s new neighborhood in Pompano Beach. Support from Mary Porter’s bold estate gift to the Community Foundation jumpstarted construction of this new neighborhood, where 77 affordable homes will enable low-income residents to get a fresh start in safe, quality homes that they help build.

20 Community Matters | Spring 2021

WELCOME TO THE ‘ARTS TANK’ In a new twist to our “Food for Thought” online gatherings, participants recently got to decide which new Art of Community project would receive an additional $10,000 bonus grant from the Community Foundation. Inspired by the “Shark Tank” TV show, where entrepreneurs pitch business ideas to celebrity investors, our “Arts Tank” featured presentations from the new Art of Community grantees who shared details about their exciting projects to use the arts to champion social justice in Broward. Attendees heard presentations about the new wave of documentaries, theatrical performances, workshops, podcasts, exhibitions and more made possible


ELECTION INSIGHTS To help navigate the financial forecasts from the 2020 presidential election, Mitchell A. Drossman – Bank of America’s Head of National Wealth Strategies – recently shared his insights with our Professional Advisors Council. Exclusive opportunities to hear from wealth and estate planning experts is a benefit of joining this elite group of attorneys, accountants and financial advisors who have referred clients to the Community Foundation.

Community Foundation President/CEO Jennifer O’Flannery Anderson, Ph.D., (fourth from the left) participates in the ceremonial start of construction for the future Mary N. Porter Learning Center at Flamingo Gardens. The new learning center – made possible by Mary’s powerful estate gift to the Community Foundation – will host field trips, classes, art exhibitions and other community events for visitors who flock to the botanical garden and wildlife sanctuary in Davie.


by $503,800 in Art of Community grants. Then the Food for Thought attendees voted to award an additional $10,000 to the Inside Out Theatre Company’s plans to engage residents in storytelling events that lead to the creation of an original theatre production about the prejudice people face. Food for Thought get-togethers – held online during the pandemic – enable our Fundholders, Legacy Society members and professional advisors to learn more about big issues and see the bold impact of local philanthropy. In addition to Arts Tank, our February Food for Thought featured Chris Wilson’s inspiring story about going from prison to accomplished artist, author and business owner. To watch February’s Food for Thought video, go to

Visitors from the Community Foundation got a firsthand look, and tasted lots of delicious dishes, at Arc Broward’s new Mary N. Porter Commercial Kitchen. This professional teaching kitchen – made possible by more support from Mary Porter’s BOLD estate gift – is the centerpiece of Arc Broward’s expanded culinary training program, where residents with developmental disabilities and life challenges learn new skills for employment. The Arc Culinary program provides high-quality catering for parties, business lunches and other events, with revenues supporting their professional training and job placement efforts.

HELPING LEAD FLORIDA’S JOBS RECOVERY Gov. Ron DeSantis has appointed Community Foundation President/CEO Jennifer O’Flannery Anderson, Ph.D., to the CareerSource Florida Board of Directors. CareerSource Florida is a statewide workforce policy and investment board that partners with the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, 24 local workforce development boards and 100 career centers throughout Florida. Joining the board in the midst of an economic crisis, Jennifer’s expertise will help guide efforts to link talented workers to career opportunities and to foster workforce training that helps Florida businesses succeed and grow. 21

New Community Builders BOLD Impact T

They are the Community Builders – BOLD philanthropists who partner with the Community Foundation to establish endowed charitable Funds of $1 million or more to tackle Broward’s big challenges.

We are proud to welcome five new Community Builders to this generous group of local philanthropists. The new Community Builders are: • Cathy and James Donnelly • Andrew Wurtele • Louise Wemyss • Judith Ann Linnell • Lawrence Sanders

Support for struggling families, local schools, the arts, isolated seniors, our fragile environment – Community Builders fuel dynamic solutions for these and all the issues that matter most in Broward. Because their endowed Funds can grow through investment, Community Builders ensure they will always be there for Broward – during times of crisis and beyond.

These visionary Community Builders join the growing list of 41 generous individuals, families, businesses and local organizations who ensure forever resources for Broward with their $1M+ commitments. Endowed gifts from our Community Builders total more than $125 million – that’s more than half of the Community Foundation’s grantmaking muscle.

hey give back to say “Thank you” to the community they love. Their generosity makes life better in Broward today. And they create a legacy that shapes a brighter tomorrow.

“The Community Foundation will help me find new avenues to support Broward. I can be much more targeted to the issues that matter most to me and my family,” new Community Builder Andrew Wurtele said.

Most of our Community Builders value local philanthropy because they grew up here, launched their businesses here or have other deep ties to Broward. Others found their way to Broward later in life and fell in love with this vibrant community. Whatever inspired them to give, our Community Builders are united by their love for the place they call home. Community Builders see the growing needs in Broward. They know that more local philanthropy can provide life-changing answers. Through their collaboration with the Community Foundation, Community Builders step up and make a real difference. Their BOLD impact is felt today and grows forever.

Building Permanent Support More Community Builders are stepping up for Broward as part of the BE BOLD Leadership Campaign – a growing movement to shape a brighter future for our community. Launched in 2018, the campaign fuels innovation and creates permanent support to take on big challenges. Through the power of endowment, the campaign builds forever support to tackle Broward’s Issues That Matter – schools, the arts, economic independence, senior services and

22 Community Matters | Spring 2021

“Creating an endowed Fund cements your legacy of always being there for Broward. I’m so proud to be a part of this.” - Kurt Zimmerman Fundholder and new Chair of the BE BOLD Leadership Campaign Committee



Cathy and James met in Canada and have forged a life together in Fort Lauderdale based on family, hard work and giving back to the community they call home. Their endowed Fund provides permanent resources to tackle food insecurity, mental health and other issues that matter most to them.


Local philanthropy helps Andrew connect with the Broward community and carry on a family tradition of giving. Andrew plans to involve his 13-year-old daughter Serena in the grantmaking process for his new Fund, to help her learn the value of giving back to shape the community they love.


“We raised our family here. Our business is here. The community has been so good to us. We want to be good back,” said new Community Builder James Donnelly, who is also the Community Foundation Board Chair. “We truly hope that our gift is an inspiration for others to do the same.”

For Broward other issues that affect us all and are key to our future. The pandemic makes all of Broward’s big challenges more daunting. The BE BOLD Leadership Campaign ensures that support for solutions will keep pace with Broward’s growing needs. Already, this ambitious movement has raised $179 million toward our $500 million goal. We know we will get there thanks to bold philanthropists who establish endowed charitable Funds that lock in permanent support for Broward.

Whether dancing at glittery fundraisers, taking museum tours or soaking in a night of opera music, Judith enjoyed participating in charitable events that helped lift up the community where she lived and played. The Fund created from private foundation assets ensures that Judith’s support for children, education and civic engagement in Broward will continue forever.


Best-selling author Lawrence Sanders captivated readers with his thrilling novels about private eyes, cops and crooks. Now the Lawrence A. Sanders Fund to Promote Literacy and the Lawrence A. Sanders Scholarship Fund for Creative Writing, created through his estate, further his legacy of promoting literacy. Thanks to Lawrence’s generosity, more young people can experience the joy and empowerment that comes through reading and writing.


Louise’s dedication to animals in need began with taking in strays as a young girl growing up in Virginia and her commitment continued as an adult with her support for animal rescue organizations. Her Fund, created with an estate gift, provides permanent support for free animal spay, neutering and euthanasia services – making life better for Broward’s animals today and for generations to come. 23

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We are proud to announce

Judy Barringer Bonevac, P.A., as the new PAC Chair. Judy partners with the Community Foundation of Broward to help her clients achieve their charitable goals. Now she leads the PAC’s elite attorneys, accountants and financial advisors who collaborate with us for the good of their clients, and our community.

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