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About this issue: Creating a ‘BOLD Voice for Broward’ I

n this issue, we are thrilled to provide an inside look at the Community Foundation’s new strategic plan to be a BOLD Voice for Broward. During our eight-month strategic planning process, we met with a diverse group of local stakeholders and asked them to help us create a roadmap to our future. Business leaders, Jennifer O’Flannery Anderson, Ph.D. community activists, nonprofits, President/CEO policymakers, retirees, parents and more – these different voices of Broward provided clear insight into areas in which the community wants and needs our help. These conversations, and valued feedback from our Fundholders, Legacy Society members and other supporters, revealed new opportunities for our leadership and our resources to make a real difference. We were challenged to rethink some of our core beliefs and values. One of the most significant takeaways was simply the answer to the question: Who is our customer? The traditional answer may have been, our Fundholders. But we heard loud and clear from everyone, including our Fundholders, that our true customer must be our community. This became the prevailing theme as our new strategic plan took shape. The new plan identifies the priorities and values that will drive our grantmaking and focus our leadership to create the greatest impact possible. It challenges us to grow our assets and clearly define the value and service we provide our Fundholders – while embracing racial equity, diversity and inclusion in everything we do. I’m so grateful to Juliet Roulhac, the Chair of our Strategic Planning Committee and Vice Chair of our Board, who dedicated her time to help craft this five-year plan to grow our impact and answer our community’s call to be a BOLD Voice for Broward. PRESIDENT/CEO


Jennifer O’Flannery Anderson, Ph.D.

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2 Community Matters | Spring 2022


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Kurt Zimmerman, Chair Juliet Murphy Roulhac, Vice Chair Peggy Hogan Marker, Secretary Doria Camaraza, Treasurer Mona Pittenger, At-large David Horvitz, At-large Jonathan K. Allen Jane F. Bolin James Donnelly Alberto Fernandez Marcell Haywood

Susanne Cornfeld Hurowitz Paige Hyatt Alice Lucia Jackson Dara Levan Sigrid S. McCawley Greg Medalie Dev Motwani Burnadette Norris-Weeks Brett A. Rose David Scully Eric J. Vainder



NEWS & NOTES Rescued wildlife and therapy dogs greeted guests at our Community Builder Celebration.


NEW STRATEGIC PLAN Community input drove the creation of a BOLD new roadmap to our future. PAGE 10

NEIGHBORHOOD LISTENING TOUR Feedback from communitywide meetings sparks idea for new grants. PAGE 12

BOLD LEADERS, BOLD MISSION Meet our newest Board members and our dynamic team of 2022 Board officers. PAGE 14

BOLD MILESTONE The BE BOLD Leadership Campaign hits $250M in this growing movement to shape a brighter future.


$2 Million Transformation

Two new Mary N. Porter Legacy Fund grants T

he Community Foundation of Broward’s two new Mary N. Porter Legacy Fund grants, totaling $2 million, will expand local mental health facilities and support the completion of a new YMCA and community center. Instead of awarding just one $1 million grant, the Community Foundation’s Board of Directors in November decided two building projects were worthy of this critical support:

Henderson Behavioral Health’s new crisis stabilization center and the L.A. Lee YMCA / Mizell Community Center. These grants are made possible because longtime Broward resident Mary Porter teamed up with the Community Foundation to create a dedicated source of support for construction, renovations and other major capital projects that make life better for Broward residents.

Left to right: Alice Lucia Jackson, Community Foundation Board Member; Jennifer O’Flannery Anderson, Foundation President/CEO; Mark Russell, YMCA CFO; Sheryl Woods, YMCA President & CEO; Gabriel Ochoa, YMCA Vice President; Jay Anderson, YMCA Board Chair; Steven Ronik, Henderson CEO; Katherine Koch, Henderson Board Chair; Suzanne Cornfeld Hurowitz, Foundation Board Member; and James Donnelly, Foundation Board Member.

Mary Porter’s legacy transforms Broward Mary Porter made sure she would always be there for the community she loved. She did it by partnering with the Community Foundation to create the endowed Mary N. Porter Legacy Fund – forever support for building projects that would continue to make life better in Broward, long after she was gone. After years of generous support for the place she called home, Mary left an estate gift that enabled the Community Foundation to become the only grantmaking organization in Broward with a dedicated source of support for construction, renovations and other major capital projects that make life better for Broward residents. Now on Mary’s behalf, the Community Foundation finds exciting projects able to transform life in Broward. Our expert team vets building proposals and collaborates with a special committee that includes Board members, former Board 4 Community Matters | Spring 2022

members and community members who recommend the most impactful projects. After our Board approves a grant, our team follows up to make sure grant recipients make the best use of Mary’s support for her community. Other community building projects supported by the Mary N. Porter Legacy Fund include: • • • • • • •

Navy League – new Sea Cadet Training Center Habitat for Humanity of Broward – support for a new neighborhood of affordably priced homes Arc Broward – new teaching kitchen that launches culinary careers Flamingo Gardens – new learning center Broward Center for Performing Arts – Riverview Ballroom Urban League of Broward County – high-tech learning hub The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival – a new cinema to support emerging artists All across Broward, you can find examples of Mary’s commitment to building a better future for the community she loved.” - Jennifer O’Flannery Anderson, Ph.D. Community Foundation President/CEO

shape a brighter future for Broward L.A. Lee YMCA / Mizell Community Center The $1 million Community Foundation grant supports the completion of the new L.A. Lee YMCA / Mizell Community Center in Fort Lauderdale. The new 64,500-square-foot facility will provide early childhood education programs, afterschool summer camps, teen programs including youth in government and intentional engagement with local law enforcement. It includes a pool, space for Broward College to provide certification programs that lead to jobs, career and workforce development as well as a theatre for performing arts. Located in the historic Sistrunk community, the new YMCA/Community Center will serve more than 18,000 people annually and include history lessons about community and the previous L.A. Lee YMCA.

This grant is powerful for us. The Foundation gives all of us opportunities to do the work in the community that will really sustain the community. ” - Sheryl Woods, YMCA President and CEO

Henderson Behavioral Health The $1 million Community Foundation grant supports the completion of Henderson Behavioral Health’s new Crisis Stabilization Unit. The new Crisis Stabilization Unit enhances Henderson’s ability to provide short-term, intensive, inpatient treatment and stabilization.

One out of five people experience mental health conditions that cause

Henderson’s state-of-the-art, 32,000-squarefoot facility will help accommodate the growing number of people in our community experiencing a mental health crisis. Henderson’s upgraded campus in Fort Lauderdale enables more emergency walk-in service, expands the number of beds from 23 to 48 and includes a mobile crisis response unit and outpatient services.

them to react in certain ways. If we can help those people so that they are not on the streets, so that they are not in jail, so that we help their families... it is transformative to the whole community because we stay healthier.”

SCAN here to see a video about the new Mary Porter grants.

- Katherine Koch, Henderson Board Chair


BOLD New Stra L

eaders who make a real, lasting difference start by listening.

how the Community Foundation can make a greater impact – today and in the future.

So, when the Community Foundation of Broward started a new strategic planning process, we began by listening to the people who make this community so special.

As we listened, we studied years of data and community reports. We reviewed our previous strategic plans. We looked for ways to build on the Community Foundation’s rich history as well as new opportunities to take our impact to the next level.

In March of 2021, we started a series of listening sessions and focus groups to hear from the many different voices of Broward. We met with neighborhood leaders, nonprofit organizations, business leaders and policymakers from all across Broward. We met with many of our Fundholders, Legacy Society members, professional advisors and other Community Foundation partners. We tapped into the experience of former Board members as well as the insights of our current Board and the expertise of the Foundation’s professional leadership team.

Along the way, we were challenged to consider how we can better support our nonprofit partners who deliver critical community services. We explored new ways for our grantmaking to create a powerful impact in people’s lives. And we identified new opportunities for the Community Foundation’s leadership to make a difference on complex issues.

Over the course of eight months, we heard from dozens of community representatives about why they love Broward, what they consider our community’s big challenges and

It’s so rewarding to be part of a Board and a community that is engaged in and excited about the work of the Community Foundation. Creating a new strategic plan is going to help guide the Foundation to the next level of community leadership and impact.” Community feedback as well as input from Board members – including James Donnelly, Alice Lucia Jackson, Susanne Cornfeld Hurowitz and Kurt Zimmerman (shown left to right) – drives the focus of the new strategic plan. 6 Community Matters | Spring 2022

- Juliet Roulhac, Board Vice Chair Leads the Strategic Planning Committee

ategic Plan In October, Board Vice Chair Juliet Roulhac – who led our Strategic Planning Committee – outlined the new strategic plan to guide us through 2026. Embracing the community feedback at the heart of the new strategic plan, our Board approved this roadmap to grow the impact of philanthropy through the Community Foundation. Our new plan identifies six strategic priorities: 1 | Community leadership – Enhance our role to create transformative change. 2 | Enrich donor services – Ensure we deliver South Florida’s most satisfying and impactful donor experience. 3 | Grow Broward’s endowment – Create greater impact by growing our grantmaking muscle. 4 | Impactful grantmaking – Refocus our grantmaking where it can make the greatest impact. 5 | Communicate our value and impact – Promote our value and important role in making our community a better place to live. 6 | Operational strength – Be a strong, stable, forward-focused force for good in Broward. Crafted by listening to our community’s input, these strategic priorities will lead to exciting, momentous shifts for the Community Foundation – helping us to serve as a BOLD voice for Broward.

Vision, Mission, Values The Community Foundation’s new strategic plan clearly defines our vision for Broward, our mission to make this the best community it can be and the values that drive everything we do.


We strive to create a community that is a vibrant place where all can thrive, feel connected and have the opportunity to reach their full potential.


Transform our community through focused leadership that fosters collaboration, builds endowment, advances equity and connects people who care to causes that matter.

VALUES 1|Lead With Purpose: We take BOLD strategic action as a

community champion focused on a more vibrant and prosperous Broward for all.

2|Cherish Diversity:

We treasure diversity, stand for equity and foster inclusion within our organization and across our community.

3|Create Collaboration:

We forge dynamic collaborations with

community partners and create innovative solutions to Broward’s biggest challenges.

4|Empower Philanthropy:

We partner with visionary residents to grow enduring philanthropy that benefits our community for generations to come.

5|Listen, Learn And Share:

We evolve and grow to serve the changing needs of our community.


New Grantmaking Focus The new strategic plan evolves the Community Foundation’s longstanding support for Broward’s Issues That Matter by targeting our leadership and grantmaking on six critical areas:

Education & Youth Enrichment

Help Broward’s youth gain critical skills to shape their lives and future careers through opportunities to: access and attain academic achievement, explore and pursue career paths, and develop interpersonal and life skills.

Healthy & Thriving Communities Improve health equity and well-being in Broward by building a culture of health across all populations and communities, while also creating a resilient and sustainable environment.

Social & Economic Mobility Empower hardworking residents to move to financial stability and have a strong economic foundation to break the cycle of poverty.

Art & Culture Expand, elevate and sustain a vibrant arts community and increase exposure of unique historical and cultural experiences to all residents.

Strong Nonprofit Community

Racial Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Dismantle systems of racial inequality and social injustice to create a more equitable and inclusive community for all residents through systemic, sustainable and scalable change.

8 Community Matters | Spring 2022

Be a local resource for nonprofit professionals and volunteers to access information, tools and support to advance their leadership, strengthen their organizational capacity and help make a greater impact on critical issues in Broward.

BOLD new support for nonprofits One of the first actions of the Community Foundation’s new strategic plan is the launch of our Broward Center for Nonprofit Excellence. Time and again during our eight-month strategic planning process, we heard that Broward’s nonprofit organizations needed more help to sustain and grow their ability to serve our community. Now, as part of the Community Foundation’s strategic plan priority to expand our Community Leadership role, we are pleased to announce the creation of the new Broward Center for Nonprofit Excellence. This exciting new venture will help local charitable organizations achieve their full potential, so they are better equipped to make life better in Broward. The Broward Center for Nonprofit Excellence will: • Support the growth and development of strong nonprofits serving all of our community. • Deliver training and resources to strengthen the skills of nonprofits’ staff and volunteers. • Support navigating the operational aspects of running successful nonprofits. • Assist with technology and asset development for nonprofits. • Provide grants to support nonprofit operations and capacity building. The new Broward Center for Nonprofit Excellence builds off the success of the former Leadership Institute at the Community Foundation, which for two decades delivered a wide variety of practical, effective and engaging programs on topics such as board development and executive leadership. In the months ahead, the new Broward Center for Nonprofit Excellence will launch a comprehensive nonprofit resource hub, categorizing the training, resources and other support services currently available for nonprofits in Broward. In addition, we will conduct a baseline needs assessment to identify the additional training programs, resource development and other core mission work needed to support local nonprofits.


Leading the way will be newly hired Director Cathy Brown, who is already at work putting her stamp on this pioneering project to lift Broward’s nonprofit community to new heights. Cathy is the former Associate Director of Education for Indiana University’s Lily Family School of Philanthropy, where she led training programs for nonprofit organizations across the country. Cathy also brings 15 years of experience running small nonprofits and quasi-government agencies. The Broward Center for Nonprofit Excellence is set to launch in the fall and will be located at the Community Foundation’s office on Las Olas Boulevard in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Cathy Brown is the new director of the Community Foundation’s Broward Center for Nonprofit Excellence, which launches in the fall.

I’m honored to be a part of this new chapter of the Community Foundation’s leadership mission. The Broward Center for Nonprofit Excellence will be a valuable resource for any nonprofit to learn more and strengthen their work to make life better in Broward.” - Cathy Brown


Neighborhood Listening Tour Inspires New Support

Listen. Learn. Engage. The Community Foundation of Broward’s neighborhood listening tour is a new way for our team to hear directly from those affected by our community’s big challenges. It’s an opportunity to create new community connections and foster conversations that lead to solutions. In November, we started holding small gatherings all across Broward’s diverse neighborhoods to hear from those who care enough to share their time and thoughts with us about this community we all call home. From Deerfield Beach to Hollywood, from Weston to Fort Lauderdale, we are crisscrossing Broward to foster engaging conversations that build understanding

and identify opportunities for innovative collaborations. The informal get-togethers – at community centers, schools and other neighborhood gathering spots – typically include eight to 12 participants who provide feedback about local concerns and suggestions for improvements. Parents, business owners, students, retirees, community activists, nonprofit leaders and many more have joined us for in-person meetings as well as Zoom sessions. Each Neighborhood Listening Tour experience is unique, with insightful conversations driven by those able to offer firsthand experiences about different neighborhoods’ needs, strengths and unmet potential.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share what we are doing. We weren’t familiar with the Foundation, but now will pay attention and share with other leaders. – Pastor in Hollywood

Neighborhood feedback prompts new grants In direct response to feedback gained during the Community Foundation’s Neighborhood Listening Tour, we now offer new support to help grassroots nonprofits tackle Broward’s most pressing challenges. Our new Small Grants deliver a critical shot in the arm for small, often minority-led nonprofits that play a big role in making Broward a better place to live. We know that small nonprofits face big hurdles to sustain and expand their critical services – a challenge made more daunting by the economic repercussions of the pandemic. The Community Foundation’s new Small Grants – ranging in size from $2,500 to $25,000 per nonprofit – make it easier for trusted, front-line organizations to get the resources they need to quickly deliver critical services that help residents and enrich our community.

The Neighborhood Environmental Committee helps lead the Community Foundation of Broward’s neighborhood listening session in Coral Springs. 10 Community Matters | Spring 2022

SCAN for more information about our Small Grants.


A new grantmaking collaboration between the Community Foundation of Broward and Our Fund Foundation is providing $400,000 in critical support to foster social justice and racial equity for LGBTQ residents. The first wave of support from this new LGBTQ Social Justice & Equity Funders Collaborative champions BIPOC (Black & Indigenous People of Color) LGBTQ individuals. The Community Foundation’s support for these projects comes from charitable funds created by Fundholders who step up to ensure a legacy of support for Broward’s LGBTQ residents. Chainless Change, Inc.

TransSocial, Inc.,

Provide peer support services, critical resource linkages, and leadership opportunities for a minimum of 30 justice-involved queer and/or transgender people of color (QTPOC) over two years to reduce their contact with the criminal legal system, increase their access to community, and improve their overall quality of life.

Provides up to 80 enrollments for their virtual TLBGQ proficiency training. Four participants engage in 26 sessions of therapy and 6 hours of virtual meetings.

Peers Optimistically Working to End Recidivism (POWER):

Equality Florida Institute, Safe and Healthy Schools: Select one historically Black Innovation Zone (high school and associated middle/elementary schools) and conduct an LGBTQ racial equity needs assessment, specialized trainings, and community forums to benefit approximately 8,000 students. Maven Leadership Collective, Building Belonging in Broward: Provides equity and belonging-related professional development to 12 small-to-midsize nonprofits in Broward County. Help these nonprofits to increase access to initiatives that transform organizational culture. SunServe, Be The Change: Provides educational services in civics and local government to 35 Black and Brown LGBTQ individuals, with an emphasis on transgender women. Establish a fellowship program to empower a local cohort of BIPOC LGBTQ individuals to learn strategy to successfully run for office.

The Lifeboat Project:

“We are ecstatic to partner with the Community Foundation of Broward for this new Social Justice grant which seeks to reveal and tackle discrimination and disparities in health care, education, economic independence and other essentials and better the quality of life for LGBTQ residents.”

- David Jobin, Our Fund Foundation, President/CEO

Ujima Men’s Collective, Inc., B.R.O.T.H.A.S. Project: Provides up to 100 LGBTQ Black men opportunities to improve their knowledge and efficacy about surrounding social justice and equity in our community. Expand the number of Black LGBTQ men capable of participating in conversations about systemic racism, discrimination, white fragility and privilege. World AIDS Museum and Educational Center,

Fighting Stigma and Building Community through the Arts:

Increase social justice and equity for hundreds of BIPOC LGBTQ people in Broward County, and reduce stigma for those living with HIV/AIDS. These artistic productions that allow for rewarding dialogue, from all our community, about HIV/AIDS history and current successes and failures, while educating them on how to become involved.

“As longtime champions of LGBTQ residents, Our Fund Foundation and the Community Foundation of Broward are natural partners.” - Jennifer O’Flannery Anderson, Ph.D. Community Foundation President/CEO

Community Foundation President/CEO Jennifer O’Flannery Anderson (first on the left) and Our Fund Foundation CEO/President David Jobin (last on the right) celebrate with grant recipients. 11

BOLD Leaders, Meet our new Board Members The Community Foundation of Broward is thrilled to welcome six dynamic local leaders to our 2022 Board of Directors. Each brings talents, insights and experiences that strengthen the hands-on Board that guides our grantmaking, helps build our endowment and directs our community leadership. BURNADETTE NORRIS-WEEKS Partner in the law firm of Austin Pamies Norris Weeks Powell, PLLC; serves as counsel to various local governments in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties; founder of the Women of Color Empowerment Institute, Inc. ERIC J. VAINDER Northern Trust’s Senior Market Executive for Broward County; previously Senior Managing Director of a Private Client Advisory Team based in Miami; Chairman of the Board of Easterseals of South Florida; Board Member of the Overtown Youth Center. BRETT A. ROSE President/CEO of United National Consumer Suppliers (UNCS), a leading wholesale distributor; former Board Chair for Make-A-Wish Foundation of Southern Florida; served on the Boards of Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital and Memorial Hospital Foundation. JONATHAN K. ALLEN Director of Broward County’s Water and Wastewater Services Business Operations Division; decades of senior level management experience for city and county governments in Florida and Kansas; former member of the National Forum for Black Public Administrators (NFBPA) National Board of Directors. SIGRID S. MCCAWLEY Managing Partner of Boies Schiller Flexner; a leader in the legal fight on behalf of victims in high-profile sex trafficking cases; named Litigator of the Year by The American Lawyer; serves on ChildNet’s Board of Directors as well as the Jack & Jill Center’s Board of Directors. GREG MEDALIE Partner at Medalie & Medalie P.A. specializing in trusts & estates, business transactions and real estate; Chair of Community Foundation’s Professional Advisors Council; former Chair of the 450-member Wills, Trusts, and Estates Section of the Broward County Bar Association.

12 Community Matters | Spring 2022

, BOLD Mission Kurt Zimmerman takes the helm as Board Chair New Board Chair Kurt Zimmerman has the Community Foundation’s Board of Directors off to a BOLD start in 2022.

New Community Foundation Board Chair Kurt Zimmerman leads one of the Foundation’s first in-person Board meetings since emerging from the pandemic.

to create an updated roadmap for the Foundation’s work in the years ahead. Along with the new Board members, Kurt’s talented team of Board members includes: Juliet Murphy Roulhac, Vice Chair; Peggy Hogan Marker, Secretary; Doria Camaraza, Treasurer; Mona Pittenger, At-large; David Horvitz, At-large; James Donnelly, previous Board Chair; Alice Lucia Jackson; Jane F. Bolin; Alberto Fernandez; Marcell Haywood; Susanne Cornfeld Hurowitz; Paige Hyatt; Dara Levan; Dev Motwani; and David Scully.

As we emerge from the pandemic, Kurt and the Board have transitioned from Zoom meetings back to inperson gatherings. Already this year, the Board has approved new grants that deliver critical support for the arts, the LGBTQ community and racial equity. The Board is also guiding the implementation of our new strategic plan, created after months of community input

I’m proud to be a part of this dedicated team of local leaders who recognize the power of philanthropy to tackle Broward’s big challenges. This is a critical time for our community, and by working together I know there’s no limit to what we can achieve. - Kurt Zimmerman, New Board Chair

THANK YOU JAMES! “Unprecedented” doesn’t do justice to describe the challenges James Donnelly tackled during his two-year tenure as Community Foundation Board Chair. Finding a new President/CEO. Shepherding the BE BOLD Leadership Campaign. Oh and, by the way, guiding the Foundation through a pandemic. Lucky for us, James’ unflinching leadership, BOLD vision and steady hands were there to chart our course and lift the Community Foundation to new heights during difficult times. We are fortunate to still have James’ leadership on our Board for another year. And we are forever grateful that he and his wife, Cathy, took the BOLD step of becoming Community Builders. Thank you, James, for all the ways you make our community a better place to call home!

At the Community Builder celebration in November, James Donnelly shares why he and his wife, Cathy, are partnering with the Community Foundation to grow the impact of their philanthropy. 13


he BE BOLD Leadership Campaign has reached a huge milestone – $250 million in new gifts and planned gifts committed to shape a brighter future for Broward.

$250 MILLION RAISED through April 2022


New Charitable Funds


New Legacy Gifts


New Community Builders with

$1M+ Endowed Funds 14 Community Matters | Spring 2022

In 2018, the Community Foundation of Broward launched this ambitious movement to raise $500 million and build an endowment able to keep pace with our community’s fast-growing needs. We are thrilled to share that we are halfway to our BOLD goal, even with the unprecedented challenges that emerged from a pandemic. The growing success of this movement is made possible by BOLD leaders who partner with the Community Foundation to fuel innovative solutions and create permanent support for our community. By creating a charitable fund at the Community Foundation, you gain a philanthropy partner with the expertise to amplify your impact for the community you love. You can pool your resources with other philanthropists to tackle big challenges. And through the power of endowment, the Community Foundation ensures your legacy of BOLD impact never ends. Now’s the time to step up for the community you love. Are you ready to BE BOLD?

Learn More Go online to or contactNancy Thies, Vice President of Philanthropic Services, at 954-761-9503, ext. 106 or

ILESTONE Celebrating BOLD New ‘Community Builders’ As the success of the BE BOLD Leadership Campaign grows, more visionaries who love Broward are stepping up to become “Community Builders.”

endowment, these dedicated individuals, families and organizations fuel innovation and tackle big challenges – today and forever.

Community Builders are BOLD philanthropists who partner with the Community Foundation to create endowed charitable funds of $1 million or more.Through the power of

We recently celebrated the first new Community Builders of 2022 with a ribbon-cutting celebration where the honorees added their plaques to our ever-growing Community Builders wall.

Former Community Foundation Board Member Steve Halmos checks out the plaque that honors Steve and his wife Madelaine Halmos as Community Builders.

Angelika Schlanger, Director of The Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation, represents The Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation at the celebration for new Community Builders.

Community Foundation Board Member Mona Pittenger cuts the ribbon on her new Community Builder plaque.

Accountant Richard Jarchow leads the celebration for Donald and Patricia Collins, who became Community Builders with an estate gift. 15

WELCOME to our new Fundholders

and Legacy Society Members We are so grateful that the BE BOLD Leadership Campaign is inspiring more people to step up and partner with the Community Foundation to make life better in Broward. Through a gift today or a planned gift, BOLD philanthropists are joining this growing movement to ensure our community can thrive today and for generations to come. Since the start of our fiscal year on July 1, Fundholders at the Community Foundation have created 26 new charitable funds. Also, we have welcomed eight new Legacy Society members – philanthropists who include gifts to the Community Foundation in their estate plans.

Joy and Kyle Branyon are among the honorees at the 2022 Legacy Society Luncheon, celebrating philanthropists who include a gift to the Community Foundation in their estate plan.

Our new

Fundholders since July 1 include:

Business for the Arts Broward Stacy Casson Donald R. and Patricia E. Collins Kimberly and Jim Dix The Emily Sattee Family Meals on Wheels South Florida The Frederick A. Deluca Foundation James and Ramona Fowler Broward County Firefighters Benevolent Fund Elizabeth and Walter Gasparovic Steve and Madelaine Halmos Jude and Treavor Kuipers Larissa Lodzinski Mona Pittenger Susan and James Prince David E. Ratcliffe Leo M. and Alice J. Rutten Barry and Judy Silverman Don and Judy Thiel Kenneth and Trina Thiel Jeff Wade Burnadette Norris-Weeks and Aaron Weeks Gloria Wetherington

Our new

Legacy Society members since July 1 include:

Angelika Schlanger, representing The Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation; Mona Pittenger; Richard Jarchow, representing Donald and Patricia Collins; and Steve Halmos are honored at our Community Builder plaque unveiling for philanthropists who create charitable funds of $1 million or more. 16 Community Matters | Spring 2022

Joy and Kyle Branyon Annette Beshar David Cohen Ursula Suzanne Cott Ramona and James Fowler Thomas William Meyer and Gregory James Izak Mona Pittenger David Lee Webb 17

BOLD Connections Be sure to follow the Community Foundation on Social Media FL

Facebook, Linkedin Community Foundation of Broward


Twitter, Instagram and YouTube @cfbroward

Be a leader Be a legacy builder Be the Be adifference leader Be a legacy builder BE BOLD Be the difference BE BOLD

Partnering with the philanthropy experts at the Community Foundation of Broward empowers you to create the change you Partnering with the philanthropy experts at the Community Foundation of Broward empowers you want to see on the issue you care about. to create the change you want to see on the issues you care about. Put our philanthropic expertise and Partnering with the philanthropy at the Community Foundation Broward empowers you that For 37 years, the Foundation has helpedexperts people who love Broward createofsmart giving strategies community knowledge to work for to create the change you want to see on the issues you care about. turn dollars into BOLD community impact. you. Call us today to get started.

Be a leader For 37 years, the Foundation has helped people who love Broward create smart giving strategies that Put our philanthropic expertise and community turn dollars into BOLD community impact. knowledge to work for you. Call us to today to get Be a legacy builder Let’s BE BOLD together. started. Let’s BE BOLD together. our philanthropic expertise and community knowledge to work for you. Call us to today to get Be the differencePut started. Let’s BE BOLD together. BE BOLD Partnering with the philanthropy experts at the Community Foundation of Broward empowers you to create the change you want to see on the issues you care about. For 37 years, the Foundation has helped people who love Broward create smart giving strategies that turn dollars into BOLD community impact. 910 East Las Olas Boulevard, Suite 200 | Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301

910 East Las Olas Boulevard, Suite 200 | Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301

t 954.761.9503 | f 954.761.7102 | | t 954.761.9503 Put our philanthropic expertise and community knowledge to work for you. Call us to today to|getf 954.761.7102 | | started. Let’s BE BOLD together. 18 Community Matters | Spring 2022 CF newsletter ads.indd


10/26/18 10:04 AM

Ask an Advisor Topic:

ESG investing

“Ask an Advisor” features members of the Community Foundation of Broward’s Professional Advisors Council, who share insights about tax law, wealth management, estate planning and giving strategies that help local philanthropists create a BOLD impact. In this edition of “Ask an Advisor,” we ask expert financial advisor Joan Crain, a former Community Foundation Board Chair, about ESG investing and why it interests many charitably minded investors.


As they did with its predecessor Socially Responsible Investment (SRI), investors often construct an ESG portfolio by screening out companies that they feel rate poorly on ESG factors and then refining their selection by giving extra weight to the stocks and/or bonds of companies with high ESG ratings.


high, since leading rating firms have looked primarily at ESG risks to the companies rather than the risks the companies pose to society. The latter is more typically the concern for individual ESG investors.

What is ESG investing? ESG Investing refers to constructing a portfolio with the dual objectives of generating strong investment returns while also having positive effects on society. ESG investors select companies by analyzing the impact of their activities in three areas: • Environmental (e.g., the size of a company’s carbon footprint) • Social (e.g., the effects on society of the use of tobacco, alcohol and gambling) • Governance (e.g., a company’s board diversity and shareholder responsiveness)

What are some of the trade-offs and benefits of ESG investing that investors should know? Increasingly, investors around the globe are interested in supporting ESG issues. Investing in what they feel is a more responsible way is consistent with their values and has more than just a “feel good” effect (which in itself is a significant benefit to some investors). Proponents point out that considering ESG factors may also improve longterm investment results. Companies with good governance and a concern for environmental sustainability may reduce their potential liability, increase employee productivity and outperform their peers. However, measuring the success of ESG investing can be challenging. There are no universally accepted standards for quantifying the effects of a company’s ESG activities on society. Investors should be mindful of “greenwashing” – instances of inflating a company’s ESG credentials – as well as ESG ratings that don’t seem appropriate given a company’s core business. For instance, the ESG scores for some fast food, soft drink and energy companies have been relatively

Joan K. Crain, Global Wealth Advisor

Also, there is no global benchmark for measuring the relative performance of ESG funds, with studies during the past decade showing mixed results. Choosing an ESG investment pool with clearly defined screening guidelines for the types of companies to include and one that is overseen by trusted investment managers can help investors accomplish their goals.


Why are more charitable organizations, including the Community Foundation of Broward, providing an ESG Investment Pool option? ESG investing is growing exponentially, from being a niche strategy just a decade ago, to $330 billion in ESG funds at the end of 2021. Bloomberg predicts ESG investments will exceed $53 trillion by 2025 – one third of total assets under management! With over 75 percent of investors in a recent survey indicating they would consider ESG criteria over the next 3 to 5 years, it is important for charitable organizations to offer this to their donors. Incorporating ESG factors in investment selections is particularly important for younger investors, who are often passionate about creating a positive impact. This in turn is influencing their parents, especially when investing within “family” entities such as their donor-advised funds, family foundations and family trusts. As rising generations become more involved in investment decisions and two or even three generations work together to jointly manage their assets, family members are moving from dialogue about ESG to including ESG factors when managing their assets. For charitable organizations, whose missions are closely aligned with helping society and whose donors are seeking to “do good”, offering an ESG option makes eminent sense. To learn more about the new ESG Investment Pool available at the Community Foundation of Broward, contact Mark Kotler at or 954-761-9503 ext. 130 19


ack of access to affordable, nutritious food is a growing problem for families, seniors and others in need – especially in South Broward neighborhoods where community resources are stretched thin. New support to expand the reach of mobile food pantries, community gardens and emergency food deliveries is one of the ways the Community Foundation of Broward helps residents overcome food insecurity. We are taking on food insecurity through an exciting initiative we launched in 2020 called the South Broward Community Health Hub. The Health Hub is a collaboration of nonprofits, businesses, local governments, faith-based organizations and residents aimed at making healthy living resources more readily available. Its goal is to eliminate food deserts, expand access to health care and improve the overall health of residents. Too many people in Broward face obstacles to healthier living due to poverty, discrimination and other systemic hurdles that can make life expectancy differ zip code to zip code. Lack of health care services and limited access to healthy food are common problems for many neighborhoods made up of lower-income, mostly minority residents. The South Broward Community Health Hub takes on health inequities in Dania Beach, Hollywood, West Park, Miramar,

Hallandale Beach and other nearby areas. The collaborations and grantmaking provided through the South Broward Community Health Hub support lasting solutions that empower residents to overcome health inequities. With more than $500,000 in committed support made possible by Fundholders at the Community Foundation, the South Broward Community Health Hub is: • Awarding a series of grants to increase mobile food distributions, improve food bank storage capacity and support community gardening. • Collaborating with Memorial Healthcare System to provide free breast cancer screenings and offer other health services through mobile care centers. • Enlisting new community liaisons to lead ongoing community outreach efforts and forge more collaborations for long-term health solutions. We know that people worried about where they will get their next meal endure much more than just daily hunger pangs. Poor nutrition puts children at risk for developmental impairments and it makes adults more vulnerable to long-term health problems. Also, hungry students often fall behind in the classroom – at risk of losing out on the brighter future that education can provide. Malnourished adults are more prone to illness, which can keep them away from work and imperil career advancement.

Pictured above: Mobile food pantries bring nutritious food options to South Broward neighborhoods that often lack access to healthy, affordable food. 20 Community Matters | Spring 2022


The Dania Beach PATCH community gardens program is one of the innovative partners involved in the South Broward Community Health Hub’s work to take on food insecurity. The Dania Beach PATCH began in 2012 as one community garden on a former trash dumpsite. It is now one of Broward’s largest community gardens, leasing gardening space to residents and hosting farmers’ markets. The Dania Beach PATCH envisions creating a series of gardens that revitalize rundown properties, feed neighbors in need and unite residents through the joy of gardening. With a new $5,000 grant from the Community Foundation, the Dania Beach PATCH will provide fresh produce to at least 10 mobile food markets, with plans to possibly expand its efforts to Pompano Beach, Margate and beyond.

“It’s phenomenal to watch it grow to where it has been able to contribute so much to the community. Without the partnership, we wouldn’t be able to continue to have the vision expanded beyond Dania Beach.” - Nattaliah Earle, Dania Beach PATCH

Other projects launched by support from the South Broward Community Health Hub include: • Expanding refrigerated food storage space at St. Ruth Baptist Church in Dania Beach to help increase community food distributions. • Purchasing a new truck for the South Florida Hunger Coalition to deliver more food for those in need in Miramar. • Encouraging more production of ancestral foods on Seminole land in South Broward. “I want to help my community in Miramar and people in South Broward by sharing information, resources and opportunities that can help their health and well-being,” said Rosemary Morales, one of the new community liaisons for the South Broward Community Health Hub.

COMMUNITY MEMBERS Expanding the reach of famers’-market-style mobile food pantries is one of the strategies for tackling food insecurity in Broward. 21

Private Foundation Alternatives Running a private foundation comes with administrative hassles, endless solicitations and other obligations that can temper the joy of philanthropy. Partnering with the Community Foundation of Broward offers a simpler way to accomplish your charitable goals. You get all the benefits of a private foundation plus so much more. Benefits of Partnering With The Community Foundation • • • •

Create More Than a Private Foundation A Family Foundation Select charitable fund at the Community Foundation. SM

Receive expert guidance about top community issues and innovative opportunities for your support to make a lasting difference. We handle startup costs, tax filings, recordkeeping and investments for you. You save time and gain greater tax advantages. Leverage your giving with others to create even more impact. Ensure enduring support in your name, or anonymously, for the charitable purposes you care about the most.

• • •

Enlist our philanthropic expertise and unmatched local knowledge to maximize the impact of your philanthropy. Enjoy grantmaking to your favorite public charities locally, nationally and even internationally. Create a lasting vehicle for you – as an individual or as a family – to ensure forever support for the charitable purposes that matter most to you.

Amplify The Impact of an Existing Private Foundation Create a companion charitable fund at the Community Foundation.

With Family Foundation SelectSM, I get all the administrative services of a private foundation plus the Community Foundation’s unmatched expertise to amplify my impact. I love how they make it easy to involve my children and grow our family’s philanthropy.” – Doria Camaraza

• Gain access to our outstanding grantmaking services. We identify hidden gem organizations best suited for your support. • Broaden your community impact by leveraging your support with like- minded philanthropists at the Community Foundation. • Create a succession plan to preserve your foundation’s philanthropic intent and ensure a legacy of BOLD impact.

Let’s talk! Maximize your impact. Enjoy your philanthropy. Contact Mark Kotler at and 954-761-9503 ext. 130 . 22 Community Matters | Spring 2022

BE A LEADER. MAKE A DIFFERENCE. FOR BROWARD. BE BOLD. Steve Hudson says, “Lasting change happens when people who care about their community choose to make a difference.” That’s why Steve and the Hudson family joined the BE BOLD Leadership Campaign. The Hudsons have called Broward home for four generations, and philanthropy is a family tradition. After years of giving through their family foundation, the Hudsons saw the BE BOLD Leadership Campaign as an opportunity to amplify their impact and create resources for their community that last forever. So, with a gift from their family foundation, they established the endowed Hudson Family Fund at the Community Foundation of Broward, to fuel local solutions today and shape a brighter future for Broward. “The Community Foundation makes philanthropy easy and fulfilling,” Steve said. “They have opened our eyes to new ways to make a lasting impact for the community we love.” Underwriting support generously provided by:


Visit the website to learn more



News & Notes

UNDERSTANDING CRYPTO Expert estate planning attorney Shawn C. Snyder explored the ins and outs of cryptocurrency at the March meeting of the Community Foundation’s Professional Advisors Council. Exclusive opportunities to hear from estate, wealth and tax planning experts is one of the benefits of joining our Professional Advisors Council, which includes attorneys, accountants and financial advisors who have referred clients who create charitable funds the Community Foundation. Greg Medalie, Judy Bonevac, Debra Vogel and Kurt Zimmerman (shown left to right) were among the 30+ attendees who learned about Shawn Snyder’s tips for helping clients create a digital assets “roadmap.”

NEW GRANTS HELP BROWARD’S ANIMALS THRIVE More of Broward’s animals, and the people who love them, are getting a new infusion of support from the Community Foundation of Broward’s 2022 Animal Welfare grants. Thanks to local philanthropists who partner with the Community Foundation to help Broward’s animals, this year we are deploying more than $157,000 to continue the work of six innovative animal support programs. This is the second wave of a two-year, $315,000+ commitment for Animal Welfare projects that: boost pet adoptions, provide free food and veterinarian care, expand spay and neutering programs to reduce overpopulation, support wildlife rescue, create a sanctuary for abandoned horses and much, much more.

24 Community Matters | Spring 2022

HONORING BOLD LEGACIES The Community Foundation’s 2022 Legacy Society Luncheon celebrated the visionaries whose planned gifts will shape a brighter future for our community. Legacy Society members partner with the Community Foundation because they believe in the power of endowment to change lives for the better – to transform their community. These future estate gifts to the Community Foundation will create endowed charitable funds, in their names, that tackle Broward’s big challenges. Held on April 14 in the Mary N. Porter Riverview Ballroom at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, the

CELEBRATING OUR COMMUNITY BUILDERS Our 2021 Community Builder celebration – themed “The Treasures of Broward” – honored our new Community Builders and showcased how local philanthropy makes Broward a more vibrant place to live. Community Builders are BOLD leaders who partner with the Community Foundation to establish endowed charitable Funds of $1 million or more that shape a brighter future for Broward. Our 2021 Community Builder honorees included: Nancy Lynn Brown, Cathy and James Donnelly, Judith Ann Linnell, Lawrence Sanders, Don and Judy Thiel, Louise Wemyss, Andrew L. Wurtele, and the Barry and Judy Silverman Family. Held on Nov. 18 at the Signature Grand, this special evening featured musical performances, rescued wildlife and therapy dogs, a Sea Cadets color guard, and an interactive painting project for attendees – all examples of the local “treasures” supported by the Community Foundation.

HUMAN TRAFFICKING: INSIDE THE EPSTEIN CASE The Community Foundation’s January Food for Thought event featured the Broward attorney seeking justice for victims of one of the world’s most high-profile trafficking cases. Sigrid McCawley is most known for being the lead attorney on behalf of victims in the Jeffrey Epstein sex-trafficking case. At a special online event for our Fundholders, Legacy Society members and other Foundation supporters, Sigrid shared insights about the case involving Epstein and Prince Andrew as well as the proliferation of sex trafficking in South Florida and beyond. “This is happening right now, in front of our eyes,” Sigrid said. “We need to work as a community to stop it.”

Legacy Society luncheon showcased how support for the arts makes our community a more vibrant place to live. Along with the saxophone soloist who kicked off the entertainment, the luncheon featured spoken word poetry by renowned speaker and author Darius Daughtry as well as a performance by concert pianist Philip Dunlap, who is director of the Broward County Cultural division. “I loved it. It was inspiring to learn how the arts can connect people,” new Legacy Society member Joy Branyon said about the luncheon. “The Community Foundation is such a great way for our estate to continue to make a difference, even after we are gone.”

‘LUNCH & LEARN’ WITH EMERGE BROWARD Emerge Broward featured Community Foundation President/CEO Jennifer O’Flannery Anderson (shown behind the podium) in the “Lunch and Learn” speaker series, which helps cultivate Broward’s next generation of leaders. During a March 14 luncheon at the Tower Club in Fort Lauderdale, Jennifer shared insights about her career journey and highlighted the importance of being a strong community leader. Emerge Broward helps young professionals connect with each other, network with community leaders and develop their leadership skills. 25

News & Notes

‘HELP THE HELPERS’ COLLABORATION SUPPORTS NONPROFITS Thousands of hardworking nonprofit employees – helping our community through the pandemic and beyond – are getting a special thank you through the “Help the Helpers” initiative. Monetary contributions, gift cards as well as self-care training opportunities for nonprofit “helpers” are made possible by this collaboration of the Community Foundation, the United Way of Broward County, the Children’s Services Council of Broward County, The Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation, Health Foundation of South Florida and The Jim Moran Foundation. By working together, we are providing $655,000 for more than 110 local nonprofits to reward their outstanding employees who do so much for our community.

RISING UP THE RANKS Good news! A new listing of the nation’s top community foundations shows the Community Foundation of Broward steadily climbing up the ranks. Not only are we once again ranked solidly among the top 100 community foundation’s nationwide, we rose four spots to No. 83. The Columbus Survey (dubbed the census of community foundations) creates its list by comparing community foundations’ grantmaking assets. Thanks to our great start to 2022 – made possible by our generous Fundholders – we can’t wait for the next round of rankings to arrive.

26 Community Matters | Spring 2022

FAMILIAR FACES, HELPFUL PERSPECTIVES We were thrilled to welcome back more past Community Foundation Board Chairs for a luncheon that featured fond memories, lots of laughs and helpful insights about our path forward. Meeting with former Board

FUNDHOLDERS STEP UP TO SUPPORT UKRAINE As the heartbreaking crisis in Ukraine continues to unfold, Community Foundation Fundholders are stepping up in a BOLD way to help. Through April, our Fundholders have already committed more than $100,000 to Ukrainian aid opportunities we identified to help make sure donations create the greatest impact possible for those in need. To make a donation through the Community Foundation to help the people of Ukraine, email Amanda Kah at akah@cfbroward. org or visit our website at


leaders is a great way to keep them in the loop about the Foundation and get their feedback about our new initiatives, such launching a new strategic plan. The fall luncheon for former Board Chairs included Keith Cobb, Bill Snyder, Ginny Miller, Wendy Masi, Frank Brogan and Steven W. Hudson.

One of our new scholarship funds creates an endowed source of support to help launch the careers of future first responders. The Broward County Firefighters Benevolent Fund has partnered with the Community Foundation to create a new charitable fund that will fuel scholarships for aspiring firefighters, nurses, law enforcement officers and other first responders. This endowed scholarship fund establishes a permanent source of support for Broward students, particularly those who need financial help, to pursue careers on the front lines of helping our community.

‘FOOD FOR THOUGHT’ SHOWCASES NEW TEACHING KITCHEN Arc Broward – which helps children and adults with developmental disabilities and other life challenges – hosted the Community Foundation’s first “Food for Thought” experience of 2022. A Foundation “Food for Thought” is an exclusive opportunity for our Fundholders, Legacy Society members, professional advisors and others to learn more about Broward’s big issues as well as the work of the Foundation. This visit to Arc Broward showed how support from the Mary N. Porter Legacy Fund at the Community Foundation enabled Arc Broward to build a professional teaching kitchen that is the centerpiece of its expanded culinary training program.

COMMUNITY FOUNDATION’S HOLIDAY VOLUNTEERING Community Foundation team members had fun volunteering at the Salvation Army’s downtown Fort Lauderdale facility to help with their holiday rush. Our cheerful helpers sorted toys and took on other volunteer duties at the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program, which provides Christmas gifts to underserved youth in Broward. We were thrilled play a part in helping the Salvation Army accomplish its important mission to help spread holiday cheer to as many households as possible. 27

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489 charitable Funds u $269 million in assets u 37 years of experience u $145 million in community grants u Ranked in top 100 community foundations u

BE A LEADER. MAKE A DIFFERENCE. FOR BROWARD. BE BOLD. Larry Feuer wants to be remembered as someone who gave back to his community. He says, “The status quo is unacceptable. We have to BE BOLD to address problems that will happen decades from now.” That’s why Larry is using his estate plan to create an endowed charitable fund at the Community Foundation of Broward. He wants to impact a wide range of causes, including assistance to Broward’s LGBTQ+ community, which the Community Foundation has

Underwriting support generously provided by:


directly supported for more than 35 years. Thanks to generous donors like Larry, the Foundation has provided over $9 million towards LGBTQ+ issues so far. Larry is proud to have locked in a legacy that makes a difference in the place he calls home. “The Community Foundation of Broward ensures that I’ll be remembered as someone who helped people and created a better Broward for everyone.”

Visit the website to learn more: