Alliance Fund 2018 Impact Report

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Impact Report 2018

On behalf of the LGBT&S Alliance Fund, we are pleased to provide you with our annual Impact Report. In it you’ll find information showing how your contributions are making a positive impact in our community. For the past 19 years, the Alliance Fund has been making grants to LGBTQ-serving nonprofits in Southern Arizona. Thanks to your generosity, as of this year, we have awarded 182 grants to 64 nonprofits for a total of $809,597!

Year in Review

This year we awarded $63,000, nearly 20% more than the previous year. This translated to 16 different grants for programs and services to LGBTQ youth, seniors, and transgender and gender diverse people. Projects were wide ranging and included organizations such as Pueblo High School, the Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project, Pima Council on Aging, Camp Born This Way, and the Foundation for Creative Broadcasting (KXCI). These and all of the grantees are working to support a vibrant and resilient LGBTQ community. Please take a moment to review the full list of our 2018 grant recipients on page 2.

Grant Distribution 1999-2018

Youth, Elders & Families: 32% Transgender: 12% Education: 16%

Infrastructure: 13% Human Services: 12%

Our work is simply not possible without our donors and the trust they place in the Alliance Fund. We are deeply grateful to each and every one of you for your generosity and for your commitment to our community. Our donors this year are listed on page 3. Our impact is your impact, and you can be proud of the difference you are making in the lives of LGBTQ people in Southern Arizona.

Total granting: $809,597*

Sally Dodds, Chair, Alliance Fund Board


n Political Advocacy: 5% n General Operating: 2% n Arts: 8%

The Alliance Fund Grants Award Ceremony brings the diverse LGBTQ community of Southern Arizona together In June, the 2018 annual Alliance Fund Grant Awards Ceremony was the largest ever! Filling the ballroom at the Wyndam Westward Look Resort, over 170 guests celebrated the 16 outstanding grant recipients of LGBTQserving nonprofits and grassroots organizations. It was an evening of celebration, recognition, and gratitude!


(520) 770-0800

Alliance Fund LGBT&S


Celebrating The Recipients Of Our 2018-2019 Grant Round • Bicycle Inter Community Art and Salvage (BICAS) • Camp Born This Way (SAAF Fiscal Agent) • Casa Libre en La Solana • Florence Immigration & Refugee Rights Project • Foundation for Creative Broadcasting – KXCI • Pueblo High School/IAMME Project (PPEP Fiscal Agent) • Mariposas sin Fronteras (BorderLinks Fiscal Agent) • Our Family Services • Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) • Pima Council on Aging • Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation • Southern Arizona Gender Alliance • Southern Arizona Senior Pride (SAAF Fiscal Agent) • Spoken Futures (Southwest Institute for Learning Fiscal Agent) • Tucson Jewish Community Center • University of Arizona Museum of Art

About the LGBT&S Alliance Fund

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Straight (LGBT&S) Alliance Fund is a fund of the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona (CFSA). Its mission is to engage the community to support innovative LGBTQ programs in Southern Arizona through philanthropy. Created in 1999 and in partnership with the National Lesbian and Gay Community Funding Partnership, the Alliance Fund is now in its 19th year, one of the longest running LGBTQ foundations in the country. The Alliance Fund addresses the chronic underfunding of nonprofits serving LGBTQ people and addresses this issue through philanthropy and endowment building. To build a strong, vibrant, and resilient LGBTQ+ community, the Alliance Fund connects donors with projects that benefit the community through annual competitive grant rounds. For more information, visit

A Resilient Community Comes from Donors with Vision Every day, LGBTQ-serving nonprofits and grassroots organizations are on the frontlines, working to build and support a thriving and resilient LGBTQ community. They are there in times of need, in times of joy, and in times of challenge. Some are quietly working in the background and some are displaying their work loudly and colorfully. Some nonprofits are fully staffed, and some rely exclusively on the work of volunteers. All of these organizations are deeply committed and deeply caring. Resilience is the ability that allows LGBTQ people to face and overcome personal, societal, and legal challenges. Today’s challenges are not new to LGBTQ people. They were there in the days leading up to Stonewall, in the early days of AIDS, and in the fight for marriage equality. By persevering and overcoming challenges, LGBTQ people have always come out stronger, both as individuals and as a community. Knowing that someone is on their side gives LGBTQ people the strength and support to carry on. Alliance Fund donors “have the backs” of LGBTQ-serving nonprofits and know that many of these programs continue only because of their contributions. Yet Alliance Fund donors have a larger vision for their gifts than a particular service or a personal interest. Donors know that nonprofits are a cornerstone of a strong and resilient community, that investing locally improves the capacity of nonprofits to better serve all LGBTQ people, and that their gifts are needed in both the difficult times as well as the good. Alliance Fund donors also know that their investments don’t just let the community “get by” and survive, they know their gifts help it thrive! The values held by the LGBTQ community empower and strengthen its diversity, inclusion, equity, and equality. The Alliance Fund and its donors take these values to heart and put them into action. Their vision for the future is “big picture” and that picture is bright and hopeful and optimistic. The Alliance Fund is proud to be a pillar of the resilient, vibrant, and inclusive LGBTQ communities of Southern Arizona!

The 2018 Doug Noffsinger Straight Ally Award: Michele Walsh and Timo Padilla In June, the Alliance Fund proudly presented two Doug Noffsinger Straight Ally Awards. Michele Walsh and Timo Padilla have each been working to help people live more freely and authentically in a society that is rapidly changing in how males and females have been taught to think, speak, dress, and interact. Congratulations, Michele and Timo!

Impact Report 2018


Gifts that made Alliance Fund Grants Possible June 15, 2017-June 30, 2018 Gifts over $5,000 Community Foundation for Southern Arizona Jack Challem Legacy Fund held at the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona Gloria Devore Sally Dodds Don and Dee Johnson Anne Maley-Schaffner and Timothy Schaffner Noel Matkin and Jim Sincox Fund held at the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona Noel Dean Matkin Revocable Trust Sylvia Mulka Douglas Noffsinger and Roger Funk Timothy A. Olcott and Matthew Carlton Stephen E. Quinlan

Gifts of $1,000-$4,999 Jim Allender and Ken Hellwig Arizona Flowers Robert Bell and Tom Buchanan Kristen Birner and Colette Barajas Joyce M. Bolinger and Lavina Tomer Kent R. Burbank and Vicente A. Talanquer Centra Realty Sevren G. and Dennis L. Coon Dana Dawson, Development Plus Fundraising Counsel, LLC Dorothy & CM Charitable Fund held at Schwab Sheldon Fishman and Robert Kafes Cynthia Ann Garcia Ken Godat Michael Godnick Bill Haller and John Jackson Patti M. Haring Living Trust The Stephen R. Henderson Fund John Marus Robert E. Nichol Thaddeus Pace REALM Alan Taylor and Michael Steinberg Tubac Art and Gifts Karin Uhlich Roberta C. Vandegriff

Gifts of $250-$999 Arizona Complete Health Kathy Altman and Ivy Schwartz Kelly Ault and Elizabeth Firkins Curt W. Beall Bryan Bell and Greg Reese Boca Tacos Y Tequila Dr. Kayla Boyer/Speedway Veterinary Hospital Peter Bramley and Jeff Ferst Harvey W. and Ruby Buchsbaum Thom Carchedi Chuzapalooza of Tucson Casey Chimneystar Condit

Citi Community Development Maureen A. Connolly and Fred H. Ovrom Ethan Smith Cox and Michael Bilharz Tabitha Fox James J. and Louise Glasser Lew Harper and Clifford Aberham Matt Heinz Dr. Joseph Heller James B. Hohman Jr. and Charles R. Kocher Kelly Huber & Michael LeBlanc Donna James and Christopher Rochester J. Fenton Johnson Bruce A. Lehmann David Alex Maturzeski William A. Mason William Scott McDonald James E. Nation Living Trust W. Scott Neeley and Stephen T. Russell Miki Odawa Kenneth M. Peoples Lisa Ritter Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Douglas Schmidt via Martin Schmidt Family Fund held at the San Francisco Foundation Robert B. Schreiber and Dean A. Alexander Barbara D. Smith Turnaround LLC JoLene Unruh and Linda R. Phillips Michele E. Walsh and Robert R. McCright Rob Waters and Robert Alpaugh Janice Welchert Laurie and Larry Wetterschneider Growth Fund at United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona, Inc. Walt Whitman Fund held at the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona David R. Wohl Liane Mee Wong Annemarie and Richard Zimmerman

Gifts of up to $250 Paula Aboud Nancy Alexander Anonymous Donor (2) Jill Arowesty Helene Barab and David McClain Paul M. Barby Joseph Bass, Jr. and Judith Amy Bass Dawn Batchuluun Nathaniel Bloomfield, M.D. and Suzanne Bloomfield Blue House Catering Ronald E. Bogard Esq. Stephen and Ruth Borowsky Lori Boston Diane E. Breier Judith Brown Timothy Brown

Philip R. and Barbara L. Brown Robert Stephen Browning William D. Burns Karen Carlson Robert Claassen Carlton Clark and Nancy Green W. Mark Clark and Stacy K. Parrish-Clark Travis Craddock K. L. Crofoot Sandra Davenport Lynn Davis and Chance Agrella Johnathan J. Davis Candice E. and Matthew J. Donaldson Guadalupe M. Duran LCSW, PLLC Judith L. Esparra Etherton Gallery Anne Ferro Arline J. Fireman Bob Fischella Howard Fishman and Mark Starford Kevin Flanagan Mary V. Fox, Ph.D. Robert Charles Frear Virginia Garner Chad Goebel Arlene and Mark Goldsmith Gootter Counseling and Psychotherapy, PLLC Michal Gorman Steven Gottlieb and Laura J. Penny Emery and Helene Gross Phil and Anne-Marie Hall Kimberly D. and Christine M. Hamel-Brown Jeffrey B. Harvey Helen Henderson Carol Hollander H. L. and Julie Horner Sarah Hosea Alison M. Hughes Trust Mollie Hunter Sally Hunter Carolyn M. Jackson Jeff Jackson Abby Jensen Darlene Jergens Jerald Jergens and Ronald Gilbert Stephen Jeton Carla Johnson and Andrea Mannell Michael E. Johnson and John C. Bruecker Bernard Kafes Richard D. and Phyllis R. Kane Paul Kaufman William H. or Jamie Y. Kelley Billy Dewayne Kidd and Andrew J. DeCraene Allen B. Kinzey Louise and Evan Kligman Kathryn M. Klimowicz Dick and Judith M. Kroese, PhD Susan Lax and Richard Charlott Daniel R. Lee and Jill Newly P. Lauren Levy and Martha van der Voort

C. L. Lohmann and Terri Burchett Carol L. Lohmann Lisa Koziol Gypsy Lyle Linda M. and Hollace D. Lyon Dory Martin Kevin Q. Maxey and Richard Wegner Rachel McMenamin Glen A. and Annyce Meiners Carlos S. and Alice M. Melendez Jill Merrick David H. Messick Stephen J. Metz Richard & Judith Meyer Trust Cynthia Mick Nathan K & Rhoda Miller Jr. Rev Living Tr Mark Moelleuhoff Richard Muszynski Howard Negrin Ann Weaver Nichols Karen Olson Laurel Ann Olson Luis F. Ortega Linda Valenzuela Otero Marco Prado and Richard Feldman Barbara J. Prebis and Elizabeth L. Kennedy Ray L. Ramirez Susan Reese Law Office of Kay Richter Mary Jane Ridder C. Rose Herschel and Jill Rosenzweig Erin Russ Andrew J. Schiavoni and Orah J. Fireman Harry Schloff and Edward Crozier Jerry Schuster and Laura Tremaine Georgia Schwartz Amanda Shauger Emily Sherbrooke Ann Shibuya Rochelle B. Sincox Frances Sjoberg and Gail Browne Bernice K. and Ron Slepin Richard Small Brian Sowle and Bryan G Kaplan Herbert Tannenbaum, Ph.D. Lawrence P. Temkin, M.D. and Barbara I. Temkin, Ph.D. Kathleen A. Thomson and Bernice D. Greenberg Howard D. and Cheryl L. Toff Richard H. Tracy and Stephen Barksdale Blaine and Wanda Tucker Carol Varney Laura J. Waterman and Charles Siegfried Joan Watson and Katie Ray Peter M. Weiblen Donna M. and Thomas W. Weisman Elliott & Wendy Weiss Family Rev Trust Sally Windecker Robert and Dorothy Wodraska


5049 E. Broadway Blvd., Suite 201 Tucson, AZ 85711

Legacy Donors Making a Difference Dana Dawson has been leading major development and fundraising programs for his entire career. So, when he decided to become an Alliance Fund Legacy donor it was because he really understands the importance of estate gifts. “Imagine,” he said, “having a source of permanent funding that can financially support our community. The LGBT&S Alliance Fund does just that! I have spent my career raising funds for a wide range of nonprofits. By committing a Legacy Gift to the Alliance Fund through my estate planning I feel I am helping so many organizations and impacting so many lives. I hope others will join me in supporting the LGBT&S Alliance Fund and help make a real and lasting difference in our community”. Including the Alliance Fund in your estate plans assures that the LGBTQ community of Southern Arizona will be resilient and have high quality nonprofit programs and services long into the future. The Community Foundation for Southern Arizona has seven easy ways you can help secure the future of the Alliance Fund:

1. Provide a gift to the Alliance Fund in your will or trust agreement.

Legacy Society Donors Alliance Fund As of August 19, 2018

2. Name the Alliance Fund as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

• Brian Bateman

3. Name the Alliance Fund as a beneficiary of your IRA or other qualified plan.

• Robert Bell and Tom Buchanan

4. Name the Alliance Fund as a beneficiary of a transfer-on-death (TOD) or payable-ondeath (POD) account.

• Dana C. Dawson Fund

5. Consider creating a charitable remainder trust in which you retain a stream of income for the term of your life, with the remainder being distributed to the Alliance Fund. 6. Consider retaining the use of your home, ranch, or farm real estate during your life, but upon death, the real estate is distributed to the Alliance Fund.

• Shelly Fishman and Bob Kafes • Roger Funk and Doug Noffsinger • Bill Haller & John Jackson • Steven Henderson • Noel Matkin and Jim Sincox

7. Consider transferring up to $100,000 directly from your IRA to the Alliance Fund.

• Thom Melendez

There are many ways the Alliance Fund can be included in your own estate plans. If you would like additional information, please contact Mary Louise Luna, Director, Planned Giving, Philanthropic Services at 520-2092875 or

• Miki Odawa

• Sylvia Marie Mulka • Robert S. Polinsky & Robert E. Nichol • Terral Rich & Greg Shumaker

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