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UK Black Business GUIDE 2018-19

JUNE 21 - 27, 2018





Contents 35 years of celebrating diversity

Supporting businesses in our community for over 35 years! Get in touch with us and share your stories!

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UK Black Business GUIDE 2018-19


UK Black Business GUIDE 2018-19

Welcome to the first edition of our black business guide


port them. The appetite for this to happen is growing. Throughout the production of this publication the positive feedback from readers and contributors has been very encouraging. We are aware that this first edition of the business guide is a snapshot and does not include all the black businesses in the UK; it is just the start of a journey. However we will strive to reach as many entrepreneurs as we can with a view to showcasing them in the next issue.

or over 35 years The Voice has served as a platform to inspire, inform and educate Britain’s black community. And it is this remit that has led us to launch this special black business guide during this year’s Black History Month. It’s always been important to support black-owned businesses as among other things, they help provide employment and create wealth within our community.

So we are urging businesses to reach out to us through any of our platforms which are outlined on page 3. We are especially interested in enterprises outside London as our aim is to promote as many as possible across the country.

Add to this the fact that they are becoming an increasingly important part of the UK economy. More than 11,000 black entrepreneurs have been helped to launch businesses with the support of government-backed Start Up loans since 2012.

The business owners we have spoken to have revealed a range of motivations many have started a company to pursue a business idea or a passion, others after gaining professional qualifications. A significant number are continuing a family business and then there are those who have embarked on their entrepreneurial journey after being made redundant.

And there are thousands more that are selffinancing or have been assisted by family and friends. These companies have helped create thousands of jobs, as well as winning praise for their great products and excellent professional services. But sadly, many in our community either do not know about them or give them the support they deserve. We are using our platforms to highlight the important role these enterprises play and to encourage our readers, to sup-

Whatever their reasons for starting a business, we applaud their efforts. And we hope that you, our readers, will support them.

We are pleased to announce that, as part of our continued support for black businesses, The Voice will be hosting a Business Fair on Saturday, December 1, in the lead up to Christmas. For more information please email:

OUR BUSINESS CONTRIBUTORS: Sponsor: Curly Treats Supported by: MDC Group Ltd Afrock | A&J Hair and Beauty Salon | Action Coach | Afrique Okin Native | Alicia Mullings | All Inclusive Advice and Training Ltd | Almocado | Ashbrow Garage | Asikara by Laura Jane | ASO | Bespoke Binny | Beverly Palmer-Realtor | Bidii | Big Nanny’s Hair Products | Black Gifted Network | Black Apron Entertainment Limited | Black Gifted | Black Lemonade Sportswear | Bloomers Lingerie | Bods Natural Products | Bounce Essentials Ltd | Bristol African Caribbean Expo | B’s Book Keeping | CarterMills | Coffee Nubia | Colourblindonline | Culture Tree | Curly Treats | Decent Cut | Dees Imports - Walkers Wood | Dees Imports- True Juice | Differprint | Divalocks | Divine Health Living | Dorcas Creates | Dove Dental & Wellbeing Spa Ltd | Eddie Cole Accountancy | Employment Innovations | Empwer7 | Equi Botanics | Evince Therapy | Fabulous Functions UK | Far More Advanced | Flakies | Footlights Old Trafford | Foster & Edwards | FYC Haircare | Garvey Lodge Guest House | Gemstone Commercial Cleaning Services |G’s Hair Beauty Products Ltd | Guycann | Home School Enterprise | House of Bottles | House of Ohene | Hyland House Primary School | I Rep Salone | Igor Hair | Island Delight (Cleonie Foods) | IT4 Mature | Jannall’s Hair & Beauty | JLB Shipping and Logistics | Johnson Picture Framing & Art Gallery | JP Shipping Services | Kae Creations | Kaidy Engineering and Environmental Services Ltd | Keep the Faith Magazine | Kelis Africa | Kyes Healthy Choices | Lear Print | Leicala | Luxeriva | KOMPARGO | Mango Room | Maximum Profit | McCalla’s Caribbean Cuisine | MDC Group Ltd | Melita’s Food | Memories Order of Service Booklets | Mini Monster Event | Thuto Mali | Narfuor Blue | Natural Origin UK Ltd | Neter Vital | New Beacon Books | Nia Ballerina | Nicola Lespeare | Nims Din | Nylah Naturals | Onua Homewear | Oracles Organic | Original Products | Oven Rescue | Paulette Pryce - Realtor | Peace Adetoro | Pempamsie | Port Royal Patties | Property Investor UK & Overseas | Pure Goodness | Radio Diamond | Richard Weekes Chess Academy | Sassy Apparel UK | Settlement Mediation Guidance Ltd | Shy Figures Ltd | Smiths Travel and Shipping | So London Boutique | Stargirl | Sterling Winshaw Solicitors Ltd | Streetgreets | The Eden SDA School | The Project Share Co Ltd | The Soap Connoisseur | The Wellbeing Café | TKRC | To All My Black Girls | Toothbuckle | Travel Locations Ltd | Tri Star Autos | Tyliswoman | Urban IS | Xsandy’s Hair & Beauty | Young Mums |


UK Black Business GUIDE 2018-19

Why we must support black businesses


titioners in Advertising, the spending power of Britain’s black communities is worth an estimated £300 billion. It would benefit us if more of this impressive amount were spent within the community through black-owned enterprises. This doesn’t just generate greater wealth which can be redirected to projects that support people of African Caribbean heritage. It also helps to create a sense of unity and common purpose in the same way it happens in the Jewish and Asian communities for example where businesses are vigorously supported.

e visit places of business every day. Whether it’s to buy groceries, search for new outfits or plan a family holiday, they are a vital part of what makes an area or a community vibrant and unique. So, supporting community businesses really matters. It’s also why supporting black-owned enterprises is important. According to figures released in August this year, more than 55,000 businesses have been launched with the help of government startup loans since 2012, creating more than 66,000 jobs. An impressive 1 in 5 of these enterprises are blackowned. These figures show that they are an increasingly important part of the UK economy. Yet sadly, our community doesn’t always give them the support they deserve. This is one of the key reasons why The Voice is producing this black business guide. There are not only great black-owned businesses out there, but the quality of their products are firstclass, contradicting long-held myths that they are low quality and not as “good” as those made by mainstream companies. This support can achieve several important things:

Job creation: Research published last year by the Resolution Foundation found that black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) people in the UK face a significant jobs gap and pay barrier despite an increase in the number of BAME people obtaining degrees. And government figures released in March this year showed 16 to 24 year olds from BAME groups were twice as likely to be unemployed as their white peers. This shows that black people need opportunities from within their community because too often discrimination can hamper their career or entrepreneurial ambitions. As mentioned above, African Caribbean enterpris-

Generating wealth: According to data compiled by the Institute of Prac-


UK Black Business GUIDE 2018-19


es are already playing an important role in creating jobs. If they were supported and encouraged, this could go a long way to reducing the high unemployment rates we face.


Strengthening our communities Black businesses often have strong links to the local areas in which they launch. When you personally know the people behind a business there’s a connection you probably wouldn’t have if it was a major high street retailer. You celebrate its successes or express sadness if, for whatever reason, it is forced to close. These types of personal connections are what connect and strengthen us in an age where you often hear the view that black people aren’t as united as we once were.

New Beacon Books, in Finsbury Park, north London, was the first black bookshop and publishing house in the UK. Fifty-two years on, New Beacon Books is still in existence continuing to supply valuable learning resources to the community. Founded in 1966 by Trinidadian John La Rose (RIP 2006), and his partner Sarah White, New Beacon Books found itself to be far more than a bookshop, being heavily involved in black activism, and in particular the struggle for the rights of those who emigrated to London.

Leaving a legacy for the next generation Business profits leaving the community hurt youth projects, civic clubs, Saturday schools and keeps us in poverty. We can never solve our economic problems or create a future for our young people while sending all of our money out of the community as fast as we earn it. Blackowned businesses cannot succeed without our support. Our future prosperity won’t be built on what we make others do for us, but on what we do for ourselves. n

Now, with the younger generation of the La Rose family at the helm, New Beacon Books continues to promote and support new and established writers of colour, and champion diverse representation in the world of literature.

Specialising in African & Caribbean books since 1966

76 Stroud Green Road Finsbury Park London N4 3EN

Opening hours Tues - Sat: 11am - 6pm Thurs: 11am - 8pm

020 7272 4889


More than a bookshop 7

UK Black Business GUIDE 2018-19

Dedication and persistence Daniel Taylor FRSA Daniel Taylor is a renowned and highly respected design specialist with a reputation for designing and building bespoke interiors for public and private sector clients, and providing work space which is both fully functional and aesthetically pleasing. He is passionate about encouraging creativity among young people, particularly those from black and ethnic minority communities.

Taylor is the founder and CEO of award winning interior design and build company: MDC Group. Ten years ago we spoke to him about his journey and his extensive contribution to business in the UK, and 10 years later his business continues to grow from strength to strength. Daniel’s parents migrated from Jamaica to England in the 1950s and later had Daniel, making him part of the Windrush Generation and an exemplary example of its success. His journey started in his bedroom in 1998 where he had the ambition of running one of the world’s leading design and build companies, thus birthing: MDC Group. Twenty years later, Daniel has proven to be exactly what he had hoped. He has dedicated his life to developing a business that could stand strong in an ever-growing industry and turbulent economic climates offering bespoke solutions for office workplace problems. Daniel has led his team to win a number of globally recognised clients including: MTV,

A true inspiration to our children a nd generations to come Skype, Boeing, Facebook and Norwegian Air, and has also picked up a number of awards along the way. All in all, Daniel’s success reflects the hard work, dedication and persistence of a man who was committed to breaking every barrier and every glass ceiling. Admirably, as he has done that


he has also ensured that he lifted others in the process. Daniel is involved with a number of charities and organisations that work with a range of people, including young BAME people. He dedicates his time, knowledge and finances to supporting them. Needless to say that Daniel Taylor is not only a role model but also a true inspiration to our children and generations to come. Everything that Daniel has managed to achieve in the world of business, as a black British man of Caribbean decent, is worthy of praise.

UK Black Business GUIDE 2018-19

Kye’s Healthy Choices

Vegan Food & Fresh Juice

Simply Amazing Award winning Kye’s Healthy Choices is the brainchild of Shani & Jeff. We share our knowledge and love of wholesome, healthy vegan food with those seeking a healthier way of life.


Order today!

T. 07535 437222 E. W. * We also cater for private functions


Illustrator • Artist • Designer Dorcas Magbadelo is the creater behind DorcasCreates - a London based illustration brand that celebrates the beauty of Black women and the diversity of Black womanhood. Dorcas’ work aims to represent Black women is a positive fun light and highlight the sisterhood that exists amongst Black women in the UK. Products available include super cute greeting cards, art prints, tote bags, earrings and lapel pins.

Be Style.Be You

Flakie’s Fashion is a Women’s Clothing Brand founded by Fola Oworu in late 2016. Flakie’s clothes are heavily influenced by Fola’s love of vibrant Ankara prints.

You can follow Dorcas on Instagram@ DorcasCreates and Twitter: DorcasCreates and purchase her work at


UK Black Business GUIDE 2018-19


FORMULA THAT WORKED Founder of Equi Botanics 39 year old Ekwy Chukwuji-Nnene is married with two daughters and lives in London. THE IDEA The day she held a clump of her hair in disbelief following a badly done weave-on extension devastated her and she knew she needed to find out how to look after her hair. Ekwy couldn’t find anything in the shops that helped to soften and revive her hair, so she researched natural oils, seed butters and plant extracts that encouraged hair growth, nourished the scalp and conditioned the hair shaft. After much experimentation she finally found a formula that worked. BREAKTHROUGH MOMENT After the launch of her website, she discovered customers raving on social media and leaving 5 star reviews which spurred her on. On one occasion on a visit to Nigeria, a lady at the airport touched Ekwy’s hair and said she could not believe it was her natural hair and begged for information about the products she used. Ekwy knew

A World Without Sickle Cell

is a fictional romantic novel, which highlights the effects of the blood disorder. This novel creates awareness about the importance of the choices people should be making before marriage. Lola’s tragic story is heartbreaking and when it feels like she is about to find happiness, tragedy strikes again

Peace Adetoro Book available on


then that she had to move out of the kitchen. EQUI BOTANICS was born. A vegan quality hair care line for healthy hair and scalp, using highly concentrated natural plants and herbal actives for maximum long-lasting moisture. Our mission is to ensure women feel empowered knowing they are getting the absolute best from nature to nurture their hair.

UK Black Business GUIDE 2018-19

They’re Doing It:

Awe-Inspiring Black Female Entrepreneurs

Equi Botanics is a new and extremely popular all natural and exquisite haircare products for the discerning consumer. Launched in November 2017, the products are consistently sold out and have customers in over 21 countries. Equi Botanics uses only plant oils and herbal actives in high concentrations for long-lasting moisture, detangling, softening and nurturing hair. All products are toxic-free and use only ingredients from nature. Find out more at: Contact details: Website: Instagram: equibotanics Facebook: equibotanics Pinterest: equibotanics


UK Black Business GUIDE 2018-19

REAL ESTATE JAMAICA DON’T JUST HAVE DREAMS Paulette Pryce is a successful Real Estate Broker Associate, based in Jamaica. It is well documented that buying and selling property in today’s real estate market is no easy feat. Paulette offers professional insight and great customer service for homebuyers seeking to purchase their own little piece of paradise. Paulette has an in-depth real estate knowledge of both Britain and Jamaica, she provides a stepby-step customer driven service which involves purchasing or property disposal; new housing developments; renting or leasing options as well as preparing local or overseas landlords on managing their property. As a one-time UK resident, her mission is to assist, by holding their hands to navigate the Jamaican real estate landscape. Paulette’s motto is: “Don’t just have dreams, pursue them because out of the blue miracles happen!” BOOK, SHOP, SLAY Web: WWW.IGORHAIR.COM Tel: 02038686353


UK Black Business GUIDE 2018-19

Bespoke Rhinestone Design Specialist

07949 250479 @kaecreationsltd @kae_creations @kaecreations



Proverbs 22:6


CREATIVE PASSION Kae Creations provides a luxurious, professional, made-to-order service, creating unique bespoke high quality rhinestone and glitter designs for garments and products.


Personal service includes customisation of your own logo, gifts created for both individual and group occasions and events and all designs are washable at 30 degrees.


Initially, I made personalised tops for special occasions. The response received always had that “wow factor” within people’s expression. So when made redundant after 21 years in the corporate world, I decided to follow my creative passion and founded Kae Creations Ltd, October 2015.


Call: 01216491599 or 07500416635 Email:

Kae Creations can add that special touch to your event and create for you “the memory of a lifetime”.

DfE No. 333/6007 Company No. 7185716 Charity No. 1146794 PLEASE DONATE (See website for details)


UK Black Business GUIDE 2018-19


Report finds that people from black and minority ethnic communities are twice as entrepreneurial as white Britons

Sherine Walrond


eople from black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) and immigrant backgrounds are twice as likely as their white British counterparts to be early-stage entrepreneurs, according to new research from Aston University. The research, which used data from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), also found that BAME entrepreneurs are more motivated by creating businesses that have a social impact than white Britons. Since the financial crisis, the proportion of people from BAME communities and migrants starting their own firms has risen sharply. Mark Hart, Professor of Small Business and Entrepreneurship

at Aston Business School, said: “We’ve seen a big rise in people deciding to start their own business since the financial crisis.

We’ve seen a big rise in people deciding to start their own business “What this tells us is that minorities and immigrants are making a


big contribution to the prosperity of the UK, growing new firms and creating jobs in our communities. “Often, they’re setting up their businesses with the express aim of having a social impact beyond simply making money.” Among these new entrepreneurs is Sherine Walrond, 27, the founder of Ivy Wild, which offers a range of haircare products for people of any racial background with curly hair. She says: “We hear stories from parents and grandparents about how hard life was due to exclusion and it encourages us as a younger generation to use those struggles to our advantage and empower each other to succeed.” n

UK Black Business GUIDE 2018-19


PROVIDING POSITIVE ALTERNATIVES “We are all blessed with a gift or talent. Wealth, success and happiness is often found when we exploit our talent to its full potential.” The Black Gifted Network is a non profit Community Social Enterprise that provides a networking platform for the black community. Our key objectives are to provide a business training promotions and support agency and to exhibit black businesses and talent to the community. We are currently canvassing the black community to help us win the Mayor’s £1 million challenge to charities and social enterprises to implement an initiative that will benefit the community by bringing social and economic advantages as well as providing positive alternatives for misguided youth.


UK Black Business GUIDE 2018-19

PEMPAMSIE SYMBOL OF READINESS, STEADFASTNESS, HARDINESS The people of Mitcham South London can look forward to the opening of Pempamsie at 219 London Road as a welcome addition to the well renowned Pempamsie in Brixton Hill which was founded in 1992. The business is a homage to the owner’s passion for a healthy lifestyle with over 400 product lines in stock. His passion is matched by his knowledge of the products he stocks which include Neal’s Yard essential oils, TGIN skincare, Shea Moisture natural hair products, Ecover cleaning products as well as Nubian Heritage’s wellness collection sourced directly from America. Come in and enjoy what regular and long standing Pempamsie customers have been enjoying for the past 26 years! Pempamsie: symbol of readiness; steadfastness; hardiness (Adinkra Dictionary)

Est. 1998 at it's base on Brixton Hill Pempamsie has developed a holistic haven offering an eclectic mix of natural health and beauty products, art and jewellery, books, gifts & much more. We are excited to announce the opening of our new store in the heart of Mitcham town centre. A collaboration with Yaa Ohenewaa Textiles this store will continue to offer your favourite natural products ànd work towards building ties within Mitcham & the surrounding areas. . Open Mon-Sat 9.30am - 6pm Tel 020 8648 4163

We look forward to welcoming you at 219 London Rd


UK Black Business GUIDE 2018-19


NORMALISING NATURAL HAIR Launched in 2017 by HervĂŠ Despois, Afrocks is an on-demand natural hair and beauty platform connecting clients looking to get their hair styled with mobile afro hair professionals. Stella Lucien and Simone Williamson have now joined the founding team and are in charge of expanding the brand in London. Both women are incredibly excited about normalising natural hair and making sure that their clients have the best customer experience possible whilst breaking away from the negative stereotypes associated with natural hair. Since its launch, Afrocks has seen hundreds of black women book their hair appointments through the platform, from locs maintenance to cornrows, box braids and much more.


Instagram: @afrockshair

Facebook page: Afrockshair


Twitter: @afrocksofficial


UK Black Business GUIDE 2018-19


WALKERSWOOD JAMAICA SEASONINGS & SAUCES Walkerswood is a village in rural Jamaica hidden in the green hills in the lush and bountiful parish of St Ann. There at the local factory delicious sauces and seasonings are manufactured from the freshly harvested produce grown in the surrounding countryside and from across Jamaica. Walkerswood Manufacturing provides employment for many local people and supports local services including schools. When you Buy Jamaican, you Build Jamaica Walkerswood Traditional Jamaican Jerk Seasoning is a really versatile marinade wet rub that adds a Jamaican kick to all meat, fish and vegetable dishes. Simply rub a small amount into your meat or fish. For best results, marinade overnight to absorb the spicy flavour and then cook until done on your barbeque or in your oven. Walkerswood Jerk Seasoning has been included in the recent list of Men’s Health

magazine’s 125 Best Foods for Men. The publication also named Walkerswood Jerk Seasoning as The Best World Food Seasoning in 2015. DEES IMPORTS, a second generation Caribbean family-owned businesses, distributes Walkerswood products across the UK through local independent grocery stores and larger supermarket chains including ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s and Tesco. DEES IMPORTS are based in London and are the sole agents for a number of premier Caribbean food brands including Walkerswood Sauces & Jerk Seasonings. This makes DEES IMPORTS the one stop shop for all authentic, genuine Jamaican cooking sauces, jerk seasonings and pepper sauces. Doing business with us is easy – your order and we deliver! For supply and store information please contact us. Email or TEL: 0208 521 6371


PROPERPTRY OPIN ERV TYEIN ST VtoE OSrent TOU R RK UK&&O v Holiday apartments to rent v Holiday apartments OV VEERR SS EAESAS v Self-Catering v accommodation

ISIDA JOYA Self-Catering accommodation ISIDR AES JOO YARRT, ESOR YP EGTYPT v Swimmingv Pool Swimming Pool EGT, v Ø v H Restaurant H Restaurant

oliday apol ay apartments aridtm to retontrent Ø Self-Ca Ø Self-Cate te ring Complex & 24 hour security ri & 24 hour security v Gated ng ac v Gated Complex co mm mac mco od atodioatnion v to Short walk to beach v Short beach Ø Sw Ø Sw im immwalk m ing Pooling Pool v Airport pickup available v Airport pickup available Ø RestaurØ Restauran Rose Bunbury vtFreehold apartment t available anapartment Bunbury available for sale Rose v Freehold for sale Proprietor Proprietor Ø SupermØ Supe arkeCONTACT CONTACT US: t t rmarkeUS: ROSE SE BU RO BUNB URUR NB Y Y Tel: 07922 502 669 Tel: 07922 502 669 Ø G PROP at Ø Gated OP ed RI PR Co ETET m OROR RI pl Co ex mpl & 24 Email: ex ho & ur 24 Email: hour security security Independent Stylist, MAC Makeup Artist & Beauty Boss Thuto Mali is a #mumonamission. Through Ø Short wØ Short walk to alk to beachbeach her unique mix of beauty therapy, coaching and campaigning she is on a mission to, “empower Ø Airport Ø Airport pickup av pickup availablailable e women to discover their unique beauty and thrive Ø

and shine with confidence”.

Get in touch! @ThutoMali @msfabshoes | @mybeautypopup

ents v Supermarket v Supermarket

Freehold apartm Freehold ap t available tment aven aila fo rar sale ble for sale l: 07922 502 66 Tel: 0792Te 9 2 502 66 9


UK Black Business GUIDE 2018-19

Sole UK Agents: DEES IMPORTS LIMITED. TEL: 0208 521 6371 EMAIL: 19

UK Black Business GUIDE 2018-19


NOURISH NURTURE AND FEED THE SKIN Mahawa Kamara established The Soap Connoisseur, an organic toiletry company whilst on maternity leave in 2015. I stumbled upon soap-making while looking for a skincare solution for my daughter’s dry skin. Frustrated by trying many commercial products I started making my own products with natural products in my kitchen. After experimenting with several formulations, I taught myself traditional soap making, and soon found that I was producing soaps and bathing products for family and friends which fast become a viable e-business. The Soap Connoisseur understands that individuals want the best for their skin as it changes throughout the life cycle. My range of eco-friendly skin food is created to nourish nurture and feed the skin.

Organic Soap

Each product has been specially formulated with plant-based ingredients & essentials oils. These scents will cling gently to your skin

Connect With Us! T. 07557028617 / T. 0203 5098805


UK Black Business GUIDE 2018-19


TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENTS AND CUTTING-EDGE INNOVATION A smile is a universal expression of happiness. A smile can be infectious: when a recipient receives it, it is gladly returned. We believe that everybody should be able to wear a natural, clean, healthy and bright smile; a smile that can be worn with confidence.

‘Dove Dental Surgery’. In this new age of technological advancements and cutting-edge innovation in dental materials, equipment and procedures, the ‘Dove Dental & Wellbeing SPA’ has been born to meet our clients’ changing needs. We offer a unique dental experience at our new state-of-the-art facility. Our doors will be open to all, seven days a week, including late evenings and out of hours. You can also enjoy refreshments while you wait for your appointment, and catch up on your favourite TV shows with our ceiling smart TV and wireless headphones whilst in the dental chair.

Dove Dental & Wellbeing SPA aims to deliver a high standard of ethical dentistry in a relaxed and friendly environment. Patients’ interests are at the forefront of our practice and our bespoke treatment plans are tailored to their specific needs. We have a rich heritage, having served the dental needs of the community for over 100 years at 28 Garratt Lane, south west London. For over three decades, our immediate predecessor, Dr. Francis Dove, maintained this legacy with his clinical excellence and expertise, operating under the name

Our principal dentists, Dr. Jamal Johnston and Dr. Kevin Dapaah, are clinicians who take pride in their work, have warm personalities and bring a gentle touch to their practice. Our practice manager Ms Kay Dove will ensure that your experience with us is as smooth as possible.

Dove Dental & Wellbeing SPA:

Launching early 2019, Pre Register at Dental services include:

Dr Kevin Dapaah

Ms Kay Dove Practice manager

Dr Jamal Johnston

Why choose us

• State of the art facilities such as watching TV, movies, • • • • • • •

Netflix during treatment via a ceiling TV and wireless headphones Waiting room - Refreshments, Teas, coffees and water available. Out of hours services for emergencies Late evening appointments available 7 day service Children friendly environment (children play area) 0% interest finance option available Online booking system also available

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Tooth whitening Teeth straightening (Invisalign) Dental implants Dental veneers, crowns and bridges Root canal Therapy Dentures White fillings Custom made & Designed sports mouth guards Children’s Dentistry Wisdom tooth management Tooth removal Emergency dental services (within hours & out of hours) Gum treatments

• • Dental hygienist services

Dove Dental & wellbeing SPA will be launched in early 2019.For more information and to register yourself and your family go directly through our website, and take advantage of our introductory offers.


Complimentary services

• Facial rejuvenation

including Anti-wrinkle treatments & Dermal fillers

• Chemical skin peels • HIFU - non surgical face lift and skin tightening

• HIFU lipolysis - Fat loss

UK Black Business GUIDE 2018-19


GENTLE YET BEAUTIFULLY SCENTED In the heart of Brixton, PureGoodness is a natural hair & skin care brand founded by Sherilyn Dos Santos in 2016 to provide handmade plant based natural products for all. The extensive product range includes gentle yet beautifully scented soaps, natural face care, hair care, body care and raw ingredients including Organic Shea Butter and essential oils. Sherilyn believes everyone should be able to mix their own natural products using simple good quality ingredients. More than making natural products PureGoodness is about creating opportunities to ensure that local people can benefit from a business that serves them well and has their interests at heart. From the children’s workshops to the ‘make your own product sessions’, PureGoodness lives up to it’s strapline: beauty that empowers.

“business can be both commercial and socially responsible” To combat the feeling of isolation that can arise for vulnerable youth as a result of the divide perpetuated by regeneration in the area, Sherilyn provides paid work experience, holistic training, personal development and purpose to transform the prospects of her team - one person at a time. She certainly lives up to her conviction “I believe business can be both commercial and socially responsible and enhance all our lives as we contribute to the experiences of one another”.

Nylah is an exciting UK natural hair care brand with passionately developed high performance products for textured hair types. Nylah is focused on Heritage, Hair & Science and is keen to create a platform where women with Afro textures can be proud to flaunt and celebrate their unique and beautiful hair. Nylah has won several coveted awards in ethnic beauty and has made a positive impact in changing the narrative in offering solution focused hair care. With a growing range of plant-based, ethical and high-performance products, Nylah has an increasing and highly engaged audience of curl enthusiasts with a thirst for hair education.



UK Black Business GUIDE 2018-19

The search is over A local brand you can trust!

Handmade in Brixton South London, PureGoodness products ‘do what they say on the tin’. More than just products, their mission is to empower women and men to understand ingredients and learn how to use them via their regular workshops, where you can also pick up raw ingredients including Organic Shea Butter, Aloe Vera gel and a range of pure oils. Find us online at We offer FREE delivery over £25. You can also book workshops via the website. Some of the range can be purchased from Diverse at 390 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, SW9 8LF. Twitter/Instagram @puregoodness1


UK Black Business GUIDE 2018-19

Caribbean Cuisine Specialists, Catering to Events in the UK McCalla’s Caribbean Cuisine

Delicious caribbean food and event catering for all occasions including weddings, christenings, and funerals using fresh ingredients to create an authentic dining experience.

McCalla’s Caribbean Cuisine 71 - 75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ



t. t. e. w.

020 8115 2155 0790310 5155

“Come through with the real you” Wear StarGirl clothing with pride and confidence

Authentic Caribbean cuisine awaits you at McCalla’s who have been catering for social and corporate events since 2015.

Star Girl is a declaration that despite what society may tell you, you are beautiful, you are of value and you are enough.




Tag @stargirlstore on Instagram or Facebook Check out our catalogue and order!

We are a husband and wife team with strong family values which reflects in our service. Managing Director Roxanne meticulously plans for the needs of the business and the feedback is worthy of commendation.


Head chef Bob, a farmer from Jamaica, selects the best cuts of meat and cooks as taught by his mother using a coal fire. We can adapt to your requirements whether it be Caribbean fusion, ital or street food - we were voted champions at Big J’s Street Food Clash 2017. In addition to our passion for food we hold a fivestar food hygiene rating.


UK Black Business GUIDE 2018-19


00220 3117843

My name is Asari St-Hill and I am a business growth expert, a family man with two sons and a wonderful partner. I am an experienced coach and trainer who loves working with others. I joined Action Coach in 2011 and have coached many businesses to achieve their dreams since then.

Self catering holiday apartment and the flexibility of B&B with friendly and helpful staff. Spacious room with double aspect views and balcony. Amenities including fridge, sofa and excellent wifi.

I have success in many sectors including: recruitment, restaurants and cafes, retail, beauty, web design and e-commerce. The list is wide with companies turning over £10,000s to millions.

Situated in Brufut; only 3 minutes walk to the beach Peaceful location and a short walk to local shops.

I can help you if you would like to increase your turnover, margin and profit, which will enable you to find time for family and friends and ultimately have a business that can run without you.

Airport pickup and Taxis available. It has security and cleaning service daily except Sundays

Coaching business owners to achieve their dreams “Because business should give you more life!” I am looking for ambitious business owners looking to take their businesses to the next level. I do this through 1-2-1 or group coaching sessions. Try before you buy - please contact me to book your 15 minute overview call to see if we can work together and to book your face to face 90 Minute Profitability Review. Or just check out my website: - and book onto my next free business growth seminar Asari St-Hill Business Growth Expert Tel: 07852 937 981 E-mail:


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NATURAL HEALTHCARE Change your mind to change your life. Do you have limiting beliefs, phobias or unwanted habits such as smoking that you would like to change? I help people just like you to overcome these problems. I am a registered hypnotherapist, specialising in pain management, anxiety and phobias and qualified to an internationally recognised level with the National Guild of Hypnotists. I am also a member of The General Hypnotherapy Register and The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council. I have personally experienced the long lasting – benefits of hypnotherapy and would love to help you do the same.

6 H

Simple Tips for Starting a Business Starting a business can be daunting for new entrepreneurs. So what can be done to reduce the risks? Here are six simple tips

ave you been made redundant and would now like to follow your passion? Many black Britons have asked themselves these questions and have gone on to set up their own businesses. Black-owned enterprises are growing in number and are now a major contributor to the UK economy. According to research from Aston University, people from black and minority ethnic (BAME) communities are twice as likely as their white British counterparts to want to start a business. If you’re thinking of joining them there are some basic tips that every entrepreneur


should know. 1. Find your passion. There are many opportunities for entrepreneurs to create businesses but they are usually more successful if they genuinely enjoy what they’re doing. 2. Don’t just start a business, solve a problem. Rather than thinking about what products and services to sell, think about what problems you can solve. People will always look for better, faster and smarter ways to accomplish everyday tasks. As long as consumers have problems, they will always search for solutions and this has been the foundation of thousands of successful businesses. Your startup should fill a hole in a certain market or niche. Continue on page 80

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‘change your mind, to change your life’

Email: Phone: 0203 764 9423 Mobile: 07495959377

Twitter: @evincetherapy Facebook: @evincetherapy Instagram: @evincetherapy 27

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5 REASONS YOU SHOULD BUY FROM TO “ALL MY BLACK GIRLS” 1. 100% MONEY BACK QUALITY GUARANTEE. Should they mess up on quality, you will receive your money back in full!


2. 24/7 CUSTOMER SERVICE REACH. You can ask as many questions as you like at any time. 3. UK COMPANY BASE. Locality means you can get your order as early as tomorrow! 4. BLACK OWNED BUSINESS. If you are passionate about supporting black-owned businesses, please be sure to support theirs too!

October 26 2018 (4:00PM - 8:00PM) th


5. STRONG COMPANY VALUES. Their brand message is to empower and influence a positive change within the black community. Products available in Xsandy’s Hair and Beauty, Lewsisham and Pempamsie Brixton

Natural Kinky Curly Afro Hair Extensions Next day delivery available, Worldwide shipping

Before After





w. t. 0741 3339 196


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MEASUREMENT OF SUCCESS Bola Abisogun is a chartered quantity surveyor (Fellow of the RICS), a chartered construction manager (Member of the CIOB), a professional quantity surveyor (Member of the Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors) and a licensed RICS APC assessor. He is also founder and chair of DiverseCity Surveyors. The company he founded, Urbanis Limited (UK), offers ‘whole-lifecycle’ construction cost management using traditional quantity surveying skills over the life of a construction project. Urbanis is a young and dynamic firm working with clients at every stage of the property lifecycle and has expertise across sectors including commercial offices, residential, retail, hotels and industrial. of the client’s over-arching aspirations. What we do best: Its clients stem from government departments, insti- • Achieve optimum value with cost certainty tutional investors, private developers and a range of • Provide detailed and informed decision making occupiers. Its bias for technologically disruptive pro- • Undertake financial risk management from cesses, including 5D BIM, ensures that the design and the conception of your project delivery of a construction project remains cognizant

“Offering collaborative leadership to real estate clients”

London (UK) 66 Nile Street, Hackney London N1 7SR T. (0) 207 608 0808 E. Registered in England No. 4651810 VAT No: 906214354

Offering both Pre and Post Contract Consultancy including:

• Project feasibility & viability studies • Business Case Development • Technical & Financial Audit • Cost Modelling [5D BIM] and Strategic Budgeting • Construction Design Information [BIM Management] • Value Engineering / Whole Life Cycle Costing • Commercial Contract Dispute Resolution


Georgia (USA) Suite 4900 Georgia Pacific Building 133 Peachtree Street NE Atlanta, GA 30303

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Visit Our Website And Take Advantage Of Our Creative Range



Kaidy Engineering and Environmental Services Ltd is a civil engineering and project management organisation and built upon the expertise, dedication and shared values of its employees.

Kaidy Engineering and Environmental Services Ltd is a civil engineering and project management organisation and built upon the expertise, dedication and shared values of its employees. Our services include:     

Civil Engineering Project Management Project Planning Environmental Engineering Sustainable Real Estate Development

Our services include: With offic • Civil Engineering in London es , England • Project Management nd Lcall With offices in London, England and Lagos, Nigeria, we are only aa phone agaway. os, Nigeri a, • Project Planning Give us a call on 020 8906 0059, 07745517245 or +2347066543794 we a re only • Environmental Engineering phone c a Visit our website at for further information. all • Sustainable Real Estate away! Development Give us a call on: 020 8906 0059 | 07745517245 or +2347066543794 Visit our website at: for further information.


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UK Black Business GUIDE 2018-19


HEALING INSIDE OUT Divine Healthy Living inspires, assist and empowers all, in natural HOLISTIC health to enable the improvement and progressive healing of all generation. Empress Divine MFHT, IIHHT, MICHT, MICFHB Insured, member of the Federation of Holistic Therapies, is a naturopathic experienced healer in energy and intuitive therapy; working at the cellular level, as well as with nature, crystals, Thai massage, reflexology, body MOT biochemical assessments and SRT readings. The core focus of all modalities is centred around the individual requirements and groups.

Sandra won the CHUB award for Start Up Business of the year Award 2016. Named after Sandra, Xsandy’s (pronounced “Zhan-dees”) stands out from its competitors in the billion dollar afro hair industry as being a brand focused on delivering premium quality service and products to its customers.

Blending her own unique range of creams, oils, and herbs, the Empress has developed an effective way of treatment, cleansing and restoration, in maintaining the equilibrium of body, mind and soul. Healing inside out.

Address: Lewisham Centre SE13 7HB Tel: 02083184417

how to cultivate your deepest health potential Book Your Body M.O.T Biochemical Assessment Your road map to optimat health

Healing, Inside Out! Don’t wait, Don’t Hesitate

Divine Healthy Living Will check all your systems head to toe non intrusively Body M.O.T Appointments Coming to a city near you soon!

25% off 28th October 2018 Kem Unisex Salon

Book Your Appointment Now! 07443919743

Railway Terrace 3 Old Walsall Road, Birmingham, R42 1NR


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PROPERTY JOURNEY An independent estate agent located in Brixton, south London, we specialise in sales, lettings and residential management in the south west London area. We are a family-oriented business, built on values of honesty and trust with over 20 years of local knowledge. We pride ourselves on giving our clients personal, clear and informed advice, based on a deep knowledge of our business and markets. Our local area expertise and tailor-made approach to our clients have helped establish positive and long-lasting relationships within our communities.

Instagram: FMADVANCED Email: FARMOREADVANCED@LIVE.CO.UK Tel: 07904 039 409

At Carter Mills, we are determined to make your property journey as easy and successful as possible, whether you are a seasoned seller, first-time buyer, professional landlord or new tenant.

We specialise in Sales, Lettings and Residential Management in the South West London area, with over 20 years of local knowledge and expertise. Tel: 020 7771 8177 Email: Address: 112C Brixton Hill, London SW2 1AH 33

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Innovative and outstanding teaching The Eden SDA School is a co-educational independent faith school providing a stimulating, holistic and transforming education, where we seek to harmoniously develop the whole child, building strengths and patiently fortifying weaknesses. We offer a unique learning journey for children from the age of two to 18.

promotion of independent thinking, we are enabled to drive our vision to educate our pupils for eternity. Our school is a warm, friendly and vibrant learning community where our pupils’ creativity is nurtured through music, drama, dance and the creative arts; their life skills cultivated and honed and where academic excellence is facilitated and celebrated. Great results, character building, lasting friendships, a healthier lifestyle and a bright future will give each child The Eden Experience!

Eden was founded in September 1995 by our award winning head teacher, Mrs Laura Osei. We focus on not only improving our students academically but more importantly, emotionally and spiritually – growing our students’ self-belief, self-knowledge and understanding that they are special, unique, made in the image of God with a distinct purpose and role to contribute to our society. Through innovative and outstanding teaching, very small classes, the attainment of wisdom and knowledge coupled with character development and the


NAME AND REPUTATION IN THE INDUSTRY Foster & Edwards are an independent team of qualified professionals with over two decades of experience in all aspects of the property industry.

Reduced fe e applies wit h this advert !

Lettings Fee 6% and Sales Fee 1%

Operating in Brixton and surrounding areas of South London, our in-depth knowledge stems from us living and working in the area. We have witnessed the geographical and social changes within our area and community over the last 30 years. We have seen schools renovated into apartments, undesirable areas made desirable and public amenities reinvented. Our client base is built on word of mouth, client recommendations and independent marketing strategies. We constantly maintain our name and reputation in the industry as we ensure that you always receive up to date professional advice.

75 Acre Lane, Brixton London, SW2 5TH Tel: 0207 326 7929


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How will Brexit affect black businesses? “A lot of them export their technologies abroad to Europe and they don’t know what the relationship is going to be with Europe in terms of exporting their technologies and what tariffs may or may not be in place,” he said. Idowu added that black business owners could face problems accessing finance if lenders become more risk-averse in the immediate aftermath of Brexit. However Asari St-Hill, a business growth expert and trainer at Action

“We are not hearing from black business owners”

Gina Miller By Alannah Francis


ransparency campaigner and businesswoman Gina Miller has called

for black business owners to do more to make their voices heard over Brexit. She told The Voice: “We are not hearing from black business owners...this all impacts on them and we need to hear [from them]. The BAME

community needs to be much more vocal about what Brexit is going to mean for them and their lives in Britain.” Tayo Idowu, founder of Business Networking and Growth London, said that some of the tech business owners that he works with have expressed concerns about what kind of workers they’re going to be able to recruit in the UK and the extra costs they may face post-Brexit.


Coach, believes that black entrepreneurs should look to the possibilities that Brexit could bring. He told The Voice that they should “forget about what all the politicians are saying… [just ask] what is the benefit? “Is there any benefit in Brexit for me and my business...not is it good for Britain...but is it good for our businesses and our community?” He added: “The whole Brexit situation does open potential doors for us to look much wider than Europe and look to our brothers and sisters who are living in other parts of the world who we could do business with.” n

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EARNED ITS REPUTATION Due to By great demand, fine dining restaurant Mango Room has re-opened in a new location following 12 months of closure. Mango Room elevated Caribbean cuisine to an unrivalled level. It received rave reviews from food critics upon its launch almost 20 years ago and counts the global elite amongst its loyal customers. Reputable founder Derick Blake and partner Nathan Ferguson have reprised the establishment alongside head chef Roger Shakes who has run the kitchen for over 15 years. Nathan says: “The restaurant has earned its reputation as a popular brand due to its consistent excellence in food, ambiance and contemporary and artistic interior.”


Are you a fashion designer that fears fumbling through the production process?


Do you crave help navigating the manufacturing minefield?


Do you long for clear, affordable production solutions with peace of mind?

Then you’ve come to the right place! Visit our webpage below for answers to these and much more.

w: e: t: +44(0)808 166 1968

Regular tasting events for its members only club as well as delivery through services such as Deliveroo are now offered.


Mango Room Restaurant and bar.

MON-SUN 12pm-12am @mangoroomuk


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02082537062 CVA Centre 82 London Road Croydon CR0 2TB


15% off courses using code VOICE18*

At All Inclusive we have a wide variety of courses to suit your needs. Whether you are looking to get back into work from a career break or you would just like a change. We can help…. We offer day time, evening and distant learning study and wide range of workshops. We are an approved training centre for AAT and ACCA qualifications. We also offer apprenticeships in subjects such as accounting, administration and business. That’s not all, if you are interested in self-employment, we offer one to one business support and advice to entrepreneurs as well as various short courses.

Courses vAAT Level 1–4 vACCA Qualification vEmployability & Budgeting vCreating a Business Plan vFunctioning Skills vPayroll vComputerised Accounting

Services vCareer Advice vBusiness Advice vTax Advice vSelf-Assessment vBusiness Payroll Services vCompany Accounts

Nim’s Din and CHAM CHAM are the brainchildren of Nimatu Owino of Sierra Leonean and Liberian heritage. It all began with her writing recipes on her blog. When the Ebola crisis became prevalent four years ago, she decided to raise money for some Ebola charities and the supper club was founded! She named it CHAM CHAM, meaning small bites to eat or snacks, in Krio (the defacto national language of both Sierra Leone and Liberia) and began serving Sierra Leonean and Liberian feasts to Londoners. A few months of hosting the supper clubs led to a natural progression in hosting them on a more regular basis. Alongside this, Nimatu has continued to work with various charities such as Street Child and LunchBoxGift. She has even found time to create and sell her own line of CHAM CHAM Hot Pepper Sauce using a recipe based on hot pepper sauces made in these west African countries, and she is currently expanding the range.

Phone: 078 3435 7070 Email: @NimsDin Photo credits - Ellie Gillard, Nimatu Owino


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Newly arrived from Jamaica are several delicious flavoured premium quality tetra packed juices manufactured in St. Catherine, Jamaica, by Tru Juice.

Welcome to Streetgreets Cards that say what you saying?

Now available in the UK from sole agents DEES IMPORTS, flavours include June Plum, Cherry, Fruit Punch, Sorrel, Guava & Pineapple, Grape, Orange & Pineapple and Cranberry & Lychee. Best served chilled, Tru-Juice Juices are the nearest you will taste to home-made juices like Mom and Grandma used to make.

With our simple, clean cut and bold designs, your loved ones will love one of these! Established in 2017, Streetgreets use terms of endearment that you may say but won’t see in the mainstream shops. Our aim here at Streetgreets is to change that...

DEES IMPORTS is a second generation Caribbean family owned business supplying all major supermarkets, independent groceries and the catering trade. Doing business with them is easy – you order and they deliver! For supply and store information please contact us. Email or TEL: 0208 521 6371 Instagram@streetgreets Twitter@Streetgreetsuk Snapchat@Streetgreets

Product of Jamaica

Sole UK Agents: DEES IMPORTS LIMITED. TEL: 0208 521 6371 EMAIL:


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COCKTAIL KNOWLEDGE A change of career for engineer Tony Fab led to his ownership of House of Bottles in the heart of Brixton from where he has served his varied clientele for the past 20 years whether retail or wholesale.

We produce several other publications to inform and inspire our community.


He supplies the finest wines, champagnes, beers and spirits to meet the needs of every social gathering. He is proud to say that he stocks the largest range of craft beers than any other Off Licence.




Guide 2018-1 9 JAMAICA


MY, MY, MY, MALAYSIA Kuala Lumpur and Penang: Don’t choose, do them both

Jamrocking on the high seas




e Med


ia Gro


up Pub

Group Publication A Voice Media



He is happy to share his immense wine and cocktail knowledge with you whatever the occasion. Make a visit whatever the hour.

Celebrates Africa on

the Square

A Mayor of

Culture | Busin ess | Fashio n | Entertainm

ent | Litera ture

London even t

| Travel | Sport s | Food

If you would like to receive copies simply subscribe to the Voice! See page 77 for our special subscription discount offer!

HOUSE OF BOTTLES Drop by o! d an say hellen p o We are all hours. Tony

The best off-licence in the heart of Brixton

Great selection o premium A f LES

FREE local d within 2 milelivery es orders over for Soft £60 drinks and mixers in abundance 420 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton SW9 8LF. Contact Tony Fab 020 7274 7311 OR 07956 221 545


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CARIBBEAN COLLABORATION BIG UP BRINGS TOGETHER ENCONA AND PORT ROYAL Port Royal, the company behind the UK’s best-selling Jamaican patties, has paired up with Encona, the UK’s number one hot pepper sauce brand*1, to launch a new, premium patty brand – BIG-UP! The new premium patties will have added hot sauce, an extra flaky pastry crust, and even more filling, giving customers a truly authentic Caribbean taste experience. The highly popular beef and vegetarian patties have an added extra kick with Encona’s classic hot pepper sauce, and the Jerk chicken patty has a big dash of Jamaican Jerk BBQ sauce to give it even more spice. The vegetarian patty is completely vegan, offering another option for the growing vegan consumer market to try.

Founder and MD of Port Royal, Edward Johnston said: “We are always looking at how we can improve and deliver classic yet exciting new experiences for our customers. With Encona sauces, another wellknown Caribbean brand, we have the perfect partner for our new premium patties.” Jack Hillaby, brand manager for Encona said: “We are delighted to partner with Port Royal to bring our customers these exciting new patties. Interest in Caribbean food is at an all-time high and by bringing these two great, authentic products together we can offer people a truly unique taste experience.” Port Royal patties are currently sold either chilled or frozen in most major supermarkets as well as convenience stores, universities and schools and Caribbean restaurants.

… h t i w f l e S ’ u Y Big UP

! P U Big-

k Portroyalp


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Discount card helping shoppers discover black businesses


By Alannah Francis AMII FOUNDER Khalia said that the idea behind a discount card for independent black businesses came from her own struggles finding products, from food to cosmetics, in the area of London she was living in at the time. “It was getting increasingly frustrating to me that I was not buying these items from people from my own community. I was having to compromise on foundation colours and all this kind of stuff,” she recalled. These difficulties along with the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement sparked the idea.

Jamii Founder Khalia

Named after the Swahili word for community, Jamii is supporting collective buying power


“We clearly don’t have a problem with politically mobilising because we can get up and make ourselves known when we need to but there is still something missing. For me, I thought maybe the issue is actually about economics.” Jamii, which celebrated its second birthday in August, is proving to be a real success – it has 40 business partners, ranging from food to fashion, and reaches around 4,000 customers. There’s an online only and instore version of the discount card which is an incentive for shoppers to buy black. “For me, it’s not just a business, it’s a passion. I’m trying to make a change in this world...that’s the thing that pushes me forward.” Find out more at n

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GIVING YOU PEACE OF MIND Britain’s leading Black and multi-ethnic community-focused publication, promoting and supporting unity, faith and family values

At Oven Rescue, we undertake specialist oven cleaning both domestic and commercial (hotels, restaurants, pubs, fast food outlets, letting companies). We clean all oven types including Aga, Rayburn and Range cookers. We also clean all models of extractor hoods, oven and stove hobs, microwaves and barbecues and we replace any broken bulbs and redundant extractor filters.

KEEP THE FAITH MAGAZINE Britain’s leading Black and multi-ethnic community-focused publication promoting


• Multi award-winning networking tool • Great resource for your ministry • • • •

and supporting unity, faith and family values




Cele UE spre brat adin ing 93 a deca g good newde of s


leadBrit focu com ing ain’s sed munBlac


RE APtr LIG OLIib toTW uN A T IO N Qu thOeCICAS:te 2 een NTHE D MISO ,0 NIS M W 0GY 0 T IX WIoFTH T 0 f gOAIN ospUTR aK S ndIN e sy

prom pub ity- k otin faithsupp g lication andortin and valu fam g es ily


The dreams of our mothers

Educational, informative and inspirational Distributed nationwide in print and electronically Read by three generations since 2005 Advertising, sponsorship and6/5/2018 subscription opportunities available


Britain’s leading Black and multi-ethn communi ic publicatio ty-focused n promoting and

Brita leadi in’s and ng comm multi Black unity -ethn publi -focu ic suppo catio sed rting n faith

and unity, valuesfamily



hu E

Our cleaning process involves removal of all racks and trays, fan plates and bulb covers. They are soaked in our non-toxic cleaning bath located in our vans. The oven, including door and oven face, is cleaned with specialised tools and non-toxic degreasers to bring it back to good as new standard with no fumes or gases - a USP we are proud of giving you peace of mind.

supporting faith and unity, family values


E FINsouGlS D emAL GA Knife Crime: CDoOFstTHCh nd Js ME s S ian NE hu ROrist s JOINT ACTION chGR Tr he a rcIE sVE atullaenn AND CHANGE stdiff in T hs qogsntly inform A ulog ? fric in FIVEd eere ice ag u o gth


fro sba THIN tion Called to the mPSP ds RIG RnO S Cth Marketplace? Aeir SwTa ANG


Wehleobra KirtC weating khW eF trin rs ranoud ru klsiers sh n £3.95 £2.95












ME EP ou 70 tyea N TInt OvenRescueLogo_SouthEastLondon.jpg ch rs vie OFPHer AE FAw wi th : ildhooon: Church an ESINOFSLTO d an d Music UK UEITR HCLE ART M d fa ONMAT S SCORE ULTI WCEE’SEIST mily BIG I GOSMPEL COM ON life PILATION £3.95 £2.95


£2.95 when



To advertise or subscribe call 0845 193 4433 or email










KTF Voice QP A6.indd 1

04/10/2018 10:02



Let Stefan clean your oven let stefan clean your to! oven so you so you don’t have don’t have to!

y Qualit e. servic d tche Unma e valu


Stefan Mullings Owner of Oven Rescue South East London

3 Clean all oven types including Aga, 1/1

Rayburn and range cookers

3 All models of extractor hoods, oven hobs, single and double ovens, microwaves and even barbecues!

3 Environmentally friendly, non-toxic and fume-free cleaning agents

3 Fully trained and insured technicians with fixed prices, no hidden surprises!

call 07825 953950 953950or or020 0203795 37951008 1008 call 07825


ovenrescueselon ovenrescueselon

ovenrescueselondon ovenrescue_selondon

ovenrescueselondon selondon ovenrescue

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UNDERSTANDING OF CHILDREN’S DEVELOPMENT For the past 95 years Hyland House Seventhday Adventist School has been dedicated to the development of the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of its pupils between the ages of 2-11 years. We have a fantastic facility which comprises of two fully equipped science laboratories; two specialist art & design technology suites; a home economics room housing 10 cookers, sinks and work stations; a computing suite and a gymnasium, which enable us to provide a broad and balanced curriculum There are no failures at Hyland House School because children are taught “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” - Philippians 4:13.

“Relationships between the staff and pupils and between the pupils themselves are warm, caring and respectful. There were examples of good and outstanding teaching”. Ofsted judged our Early Years provision as ‘Outstanding’. “Teaching is outstanding. Staff are highly qualified. They use their deep understanding of children’s development and learning to plan and deliver a range of stimulating activities. “As a result, children grow into confident, independent learners.” said Ofsted in 2017. We say that some institutions prepare students for a job and others equip students for life. At Hyland House School we do both.

We are proud that amongst the many positive comments in Ofted’s 2011 report, they also said that: Gemstone-A6 copy.pdf




CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Gemstone Cleaning Services offers an extensive range of expert commercial cleaning and specialist services. Gemstone have experience in various commercial premises such as communal areas and office maintenance.

Want reliable, professional, trustworthy




We provide high quality office cleaning services, tailored to suit your individual needs. With meticulous attention to detail, client-oriented solutions and a customer satisfaction rate that is unsurpassed. We aim to deliver a service which is professional and affordable. CM




Call us for a free no obligation quote for all your Commercial & Domestic cleaning requirements


We have a personal stake in delivering cleaning services of the highest quality with integrity, reliability and value. We work to sustain each customer’s trust with outstanding performance with trained cleaning operatives to keep your office in excellent condition.

“The trusted cleaning company”

Tel: 07852 669 902 0203 813 1912


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HYLAND HOUSE SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST SCHOOL Holcombe Road Tottenham, London N17 9AD Tel: 0208 520 4186

Our Vision is to develop greater participation between teachers, pupils, Board and the community

Our school’s warm, friendly atmosphere supported by firm, yet kind discipline, provides an environment in which children may develop their abilities with confidence. 45

UK Black Business GUIDE 2018-19


rlybird T a E a tr x E ff O % 0 5 t Ge

Limited-Time Offer Buy Tickets

Best Shirvina , O E C & ear Founder r of the Y e c n e lu f 2018 In

9 our 201 y e r u c e to s t. Act now discoun R O J A taM ticket a rlytreat


Terms & Conditions 46 * Extra early bird price is ÂŁ10 for a general admission ticket plus booking fee. All tickets are subject to limited availability and will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis until capacity is reached, or up until midnight on 31.12.2018, whichever is sooner.

UK Black Business GUIDE 2018-19

Buy Tickets 47

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DIVERSITY IS A WONDERFUL THING My name is Tamecia Allen-Warren. I am so excited to be writing this, as the launch of ColourBlind fast approaches and preparations begin to roll out for our first product, the Colour Blind Colouring Book. It has been a whirlwind and Wynter-Tae and I have been blown away by the positive responses we’ve received from such a wide range of people. This project started because my amazing, smart and kind six-year-old came home from school one day and asked why none of her dolls or favourite characters looked like her. Wynter-Tae is a socially aware, perceptive child who is wise beyond her years. She was beginning to notice that her hair wasn’t the same texture as her Disney heroes, that her skin wasn’t as light as the dolls on the shelves of her favourite toy shop.

Creating a Better Future, Today

Accessories * clothing * education * party items

For more information call 07464 786648 or visit:


UK Black Business GUIDE 2018-19


J A Hair and Beauty Salon &


64 Cricklewood Broadway, London NW2 3EP

The owner of Johnson’s Picture Framers & Gallery, Sean Johnson, started framing pictures at the age of 16 - straight out of school.

A&J offers an appointment system that guarantees each client a friendly, personalised and efficient service.

After working for 10 – 15 years under his manager Paul, who is now a close friend, Sean branched out and has successfully run his own shop for over 15 years. Johnson’s is a small business offering opportunities to local artists to showcase their work. It offers a picture framing service and gallery space for hire.

We are opened 5 days per week from Tuesday to Saturday. Closed on Mondays, Sunday and Bank Holidays.

Tel: 0208 830 7730

It provides customers with the highest standard of service is renowned for its expertise and knowledge in the field.

Arnel: 07904 170 885 - Jean: 07956 925 863

Over 20 years of salon experience


PICTURE FRAMING & GALLERY Although we are a picture framers we are also a gallery with space for established and up and coming artists. The space in the gallery is also available for rental. We also offer a collection and drop off service for those that require it, as well as a 24 hour service at and additional cost. The staff are experienced and competent and we believe in providing a friendly service to all our customers.

T: 0207 978 5533

58 Battersea Bridge Road, London SW11 3AG


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Mediate your way to success Selina Morgan-Gayle BA (Hons) GDL MCIArb is the CEO & Founder of SMG Mediation Ltd. Selina is a full-time independent accredited civil and commercial mediator from one of the leading mediation providers (ADR Group). She is a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIarb,London), a member of the Civil Mediation Council (CMC London), ADR-ODR International and Mediation Awareness Group. She has a strong corporate background as a human resources and operations manager. Selina has had many years experience as an employment and workplace law advisor and she is equipped to handle the most sensitive of cases. Selina has been serving as an independent neutral third party since 2013.

Civil Commercial Employment & Workplace disputes Neighbourhood, Landlord and tenant disputes FAMILY DISPUTES Contact SMG Mediation for your FREE Consultation by scheduling an appointment online, email or telephone and we will be pleased to discuss cases, fees and her availability.

y and a D r u o y Refresh your Dispute Mediate way! A

Let SMG Mediate your way to success

SMG Mediation Ltd 5 Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1LG T. +44 (0) 207 406 1456 E. W.


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AFRICAN EXPRESSION Ghanaian born Natalie Manima says: “I created Bespoke Binny because I truly believe ‘home is where the heart is’ and having a home that is a reflection of you is essential to your well being.” Motivated by her experience and love of sewing, Natalie went on to build an eclectic homeware brand rooted in African expression.

85/86 Brixton Village, London SW9 T: 0203 489 9394 E:

Bespoke Binny is a British based business offering a range of handmade homeware and gift items made from West African cloth. You can find a little bit of Africa for your home in our online store as well as stock being sold at The British Library.


Homeware & lifestyle accessories rooted in the beauty of African expression Shop our carefully curated handmade selection of cushions, lampshades, bedding, aprons, oven gloves, card holders, passport holders and more...

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PROVIDE HYGIENIC, EFFECTIVE, RELIABLE PRODUCTS Alison Rogers and Rosaline Scott are Co-Founders of Toothbuckle Ltd. Toothbuckle is a new business having only been around for a year and actively selling since May 2018. We at Toothbuckle have developed and patented a toothbrush cover which gets to work immediately! Protecting your oral hygiene, reducing bacteria, and reducing cross-contamination. Its sleek design hugs your toothbrush and fits perfectly in your bathroom holder or your washbag. Where other plastic alternatives have failed the Toothbuckle through its unique design and use of quality recycable materials delivers in certified LFGB silicone and added antimicrobial silver properties. To encapsulate the customers

entire toothbrush fighting against those harmful germs that go unseen. We are the only toothbrush holder thats ideal for branding, promotion and merchandising opportunities where your company logo/colours can be seen by your customers morning and night, this consistent message is powerful in every way. Toothbuckle is set to take the travel and branding industry by storm! Our focus is always to provide hygienic, effective, reliable products to our customers that they can use at home and when travelling giving total peace of mind. We are NOW available on Amazon

PUTTING YOU FIRST Specialist in Civil Disputes & Litigation ‹ Divorce & Family Law ‹ Employment Law ‹ Housing Law ‹ Immigration ‹ Personal ‹ Injury Law ‹ Telephone: 02036438962 Website: Email: 104 Atlas Business Centre, Oxgate Lane, London, NW2 7HJ

Crime ‹

We consider the dealing of a case as a partnership between ourselves and our clients and this leads to a more effective and purpose-driven working relationship


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Rosaline Co/Founder

Alison Co/Founder

Hygienic. Effective. Reliable We know what matters to you! Total protection that’s why Toothbuckle covers and protects your entire toothbrush like no other holder on the market. Both at home and on the go! The Toothbuckle holder is fully customisable in a range of designs and you can even custom-brand it to represent your company. Now available to buy in pink or blue, Toothbuckle is also easily identifiable. Scientifically tested LFGB silicone with embedded silver particles, benefits you in keeping germ growth away from your toothbrush. It’s unique design encapsulates your toothbrush protecting your oral health.

Discounted offer available on Amazon! @toothbuckle Facebook

@ToothbuckleInfo Twitter

@toothbuckle Instagram

Toothbuckle Ltd YouTube

Website: • Email: 53

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IN THE HEART OF BRIXTON If we do not have what you want – name it – we will find it for you Original Products is an experienced and reputable psychic-medium that helps to solve everyday problems. They address all worries and concerns through religion and spirituality. Their first shop was established in Dalston over 40 years ago and fast gained a reputation for offering a trusted, reliable and professional service. They have now been in the heart of Brixton serving their clients for the past 20 years. In addition to offering spiritual help they source and stock all religious and spiritual products which includes books, statues, herbs and candles to meet your needs.

Bidii is dedictaed to educating the African Caribbean community on matters of health and well being to stimulate our collective prosperity.




We are foremost supplier of religious and spiritual products Candles, Essential oils, Bath, Soap, Herbs, Greeting cards, Statues, Incense, Books, Crosses, Rosaries, Frames, Perfumes, Herbs, Gifts. All available for your needs, come in and share the warm and caring atmosphere.

Over 40 years of experience

8 Market Row, Brixton SW9 8LD T: 0207-738-6252 E: 54

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The emphasis at EAC Accountancy Assist is to provide an affordable professional solution to meet all of your financial and accounting needs.

CREATIVITY HAS NO LIMITS Black Apron Entertainment is an emerging London-based film and theatre production company co-founded by Lynette Linton, Daniel M. Bailey and Gino Ricardo Green. The company has produced a collection of short films, music videos and other film-based content for local companies and businesses. Most recently, the trio independently produced their first full theatre production Hashtag Lightie in 2017 for a three week run at the Arcola Theatre which was longlisted for two Offie awards: Best Production and Best Set. Their ‘Creativity Has No Limits’ mantra is the main driver behind their recent successes.

Mob: 07957 421 790 Tel: 0845 116 7009


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DO YOU KNOW YOUR BRA SIZE Around 80% of women don’t

I am Sandra and owner of the Fabulous Functions UK, a family run venue styling business, creating fabulous venue decor for your celebrations. We have over 10 years experience in event organising and venue styling, working in Europe, the Caribbean and the Middle East.

Pop in for a FREE fitting and advice

209 LORDSHIP LANE East Dulwich SE22 8HA TEL :- 0208-2995023

Using accessories of the highest quality, we create a well-coordinated and inspirational venue décor that reflects your personality and style. We work with our wedding couples and clients organising their celebrations to explore ideas and define the colour scheme and style of their décor. We love a challenge and one of our most challenging commissions was to create and install 30 centrepieces for a wedding. We were contacted one week before the wedding! I am happy to say we achieved it and received a glowing review. TWITTER BLOOMERSLONDON

Wedding and Event Decoration Specialists Transforming your venue from the mundane to the MAGICAL CHAIR DECOR • FLOATING CAKE TABLE • FLOWER WALLS CENTREPIECES • BOUQUETS & BUTTONHOLES • STARLIGHT BACKDROP The little details that make a BIG difference | E: | T: 07511 842 451


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The Carib-English Kitchen Ltd 71-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ Direct line: 07436 478 043 (Lorna Williams) Direct line: 07950 468770 (Nadina Williams) Main Office: 0203 946 3235 Main Office Mobile: 07835 770812 (Chef John) Instagram: @tkrcatering, @cateringtkr


CARIBBEAN DISHES WITH AN ENGLISH TWIST The Carib-English kitchen is a family business consisting of Mum, Dad, Son and Daughter. TKR Catering was launched 2015 with 19 year old Nardina as Director and John aged 16 who is the face of the business as Junior Chef. John is the star of our Instagram videos and will be on YouTube videos coming soon. The name Carib-English reflects our widely appealing Caribbean dishes with an English twist. For example our signature ‘Love Up Chicken Curry’ is seasoned with traditional spices and is made with boneless chicken with carrots, potatoes and dumpling; a spin on the English casserole. Our clients include 1Heart TV, the annual Kings Stock Music Festival in Bedfordshire and number of community groups.


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UNIQUE FABRIC IMAGERY Truly Natural Spice Blend

London based textiles designer Alicia Mullings found her natural talent in clothing design and pursued her aspirations in early 2010 after she was made redundant from her role as a sound operator in television.

Melita’s “Kelewele Shito” is an old traditional marinade recipe of the indigenous people of Ghana. It is a mixture derived from six of the finest and authentic sun dried spices native to Africa. It is mainly used to marinate chopped ripe plantain before being fried to “Kelewele” - a spicy snack with an irresistible taste.

Other Products

The brand slogan “the message is in the print” informs us that there are hidden concepts and thoughts behind her unique designs. They are positive and empowering prints. The aim behind her designs are to encourage conversations and deeper thinking.

MOKO (Chili Pepper) powder Ideal for giving your culinary products a hot and spicy taste

CONTACT GINGER POWDER Ideal for avouring and spicing culinary products. Can also be brewed as beverage.

Melita’s Foods

SPICE EXTRA Unique extra avouring for all stews and soups

Taste it to Believe it

P. O. Box CT 4014 Cantonments, Accra-Ghana Tel: +233 (0) 261 485 771 +233 (0) 242 222 555 UK: +44 (0) 750 762 8111 +44 (0) 794 658 9346


Alicia has had the success and privilege of taking her brand abroad and showcasing her work in Fashion Week Brooklyn NYC in USA in 2016 and in Caribbean Fashion Week in Jamaica in 2014. “My ‘WHY’ is to teach through my art!” she exclaims.

The Message is in the Print

Instagram: Twitter: Facebook Website: Youtube:

Designed for fit. Loved for style


aliciamullingsworld aliciamullingsw aliciamullingsworld alicia mullings and afro babyz by alicia mullings

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Kelis Africa is a contemporary African Fashion Label retailing, clothes, accessories and jewellery

FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT At B’s Bookkeeping Accounts & Tax (BBAT) we offer professional bookkeeping, accounts, tax real time Payroll (RTI) services, for sole traders, charities, partnerships and small businesses. BBAT provides a tailored service with measurable results and competitive rates, whilst also offering a great insight into your business to ensure sustainability and growth. We have an excellent reputation in managing tax and accounting requirements and we offer you more than a financial service; we are entrepreneurs who thrive on encouraging and supporting others to start their own businesses.

‘something contemporary from something classic’ Email:

So whether you need assistance with financial forecasts, budgeting, mergers and acquisitions, financial management or tax filings, you can rely on BBAT for a professional service. Let us take care of your books, whilst you take care of business! 10% discount using code Voice10


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SKINCARE AND JUICES AS NATURE INTENDED Natural Origin UK is a brand based in South London which currently provides natural skincare for the whole family and also a selection of all natural non-alcoholic, non-carbonated fruit drinks in flavours to suit all palettes. Our aim is to produce products using materials and ingredients found in nature. Our skincare ingredients are plant based using cold-pressed virgin oils and butters, free from petro-chemicals, artificial colours and preservatives. If you suffer from agitated, irritated skin or the discomfort of eczema, our Skin Repair range could be the answer. What started out as a family solution for eczema is now available for wholesale and retail. www.naturaloriginuk/juices


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Instagram: @asoglobal // Twitter: @asoglobal // Facebook: solabel Instagram: // Twitter: @asoglobal Facebook: solabel African@asoglobal inspired t-shirts for// men & women

LONG-TIME STAPLE IN UK SHIPPING JP Shipping Ltd is a long-time staple in the UK shipping market with ties to the Caribbean through its own extensive operations and through its parent company, the Jamaica Producers Group Ltd, listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange based in Kingston. It is internationally recognised as an authorised economic operator under the European Commission and membership in local trade associations such as the British International Freight Association and the United Kingdom Warehousing Association.

Instagram: @asoglobal // Twitter: @asoglobal // Facebook: solabel

Instagram: @asoglobal @asoglobal // // Twitter: Twitter: @asoglobal @asoglobal // // Facebook: Facebook: solabel solabel


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Money Mob – helping black businesses grow


n 2016 Paul Muhammad watched a video in which a black hair supplier was informed by a customer that neighbouring business owners (from a different ethnic group) were working to drive her off the high street. This incensed Paul and led to him founding Money Mob with the aim of supporting the growth of black economics. Money Mob is a ‘buy black’ community movement that provides support, knowledge, resources and information about black-owned businesses in the UK. It is dedicated to helping black businesses grow locally and internationally using the immense resources of our community.

The Money Mob experience involves utilising the power of crowd purchasing. Money Mob targets black businesses and after passing a set criteria, a date and time is

SUPPORT: The Money Mob team in action agreed for a business to be ‘Money Mobbed’. A social media campaign is used to galvanise the community

to attend and patronise the business by spending £10. Businesses and customers are encouraged to join and support the Money Mob Loyalty Card Scheme, a vehicle for the recirculation of the ‘black pound’. As well as Paul, the other members of the team consist of Barbara Chandler and Glenys Russell who work alongside him. There is also a weekly Money Mob Black Business Forum radio show on UJR radio. The show aims to provide black businesses with a platform to publicise themselves. Follow Money Mob on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook MoneyMob101


FOR THE NEEDS OF BLACK WOMEN Luxeriva is a quality-focused British hair extensions brand that caters for the needs of black women via an online store, Luxeriva launched its flagship weave range in 2017 to have a beneficent stake in the black hair & beauty industry and aims to ensure that appropriate high quality products are available. At Luxeriva, we feel that it’s natural to understand what you look for when you purchase hair because it’s what we look for. We do not expect to spend our hard-earned money on hair that sheds excessively or starts to look dull within a month or so, which is why we’ll always make sure that all of our products meet our quality standards (and these are pretty high in case you couldn’t tell!) So whether you are looking for your next flawless protective style as the weather changes or you’d like to


change your aesthetic mid-week to inject some flavour to life’s everyday rhythm then Luxeriva is here – for women who like to get it right first time. PS. This month we’re proud to say that readers of The Voice Newspaper are the first to hear of our latest promotion. We’ll be providing 30% off any Luxeriva purchase when you sign-up to our mailing list via our website before 31st October to commemorate Black History Month in the UK.

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Quality hair for women who want to get it right first time


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CLOTHING MEN AND WOMEN CAN ENJOY London based brand Maximum Profit is excited about future expansion. A spokesperson said: “We want this to be something that men and women can enjoy, therefore we are working to produce a comprehensive range of styles to suit everyone. There’s no excuse not be stunting in MP!” The website is about to go live, which alongside social media, will give the fans of the brand an insight into when new pieces of clothing will be released and for a lucky few, who buy and sign up, the chance to come to the very first show! Check out MPLondon_ on Instagram to get a sneak peak at the latest few drops!


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Oracle’s Organic Juice Bar


Organic Healthy Food & Juices

Black Lemonade activewear is designed for positive lifestyle choices that busy people want to make every day. That’s why Black Lemonade activewear is versatile. Our apparel is warm enough for a morning walk, breathable when you’re sweating in the gym and soft enough to sleep in. –– The co-founder of Black Lemonade teamed up with her sister, an experienced designer, to create this collection of beautiful activewear. The outfits are multi-purpose so you can go straight from work to the gym or hop off a flight to go straight to a club.

Brixton Village Market, Brixton, London, SW9 8PS

Black Lemonade make sure that their clothes allow you to do exactly that.

Tel: 0758 4240 909 Open: Mon – Wed 10.00 - 18.00 Thu – Sat 10.00–23.30 • Sun 10.00 – 17.00


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YOU KNOW YOU ARE IN GOOD HANDS We create bespoke gorgeous hand craft using traditional metalsmithing techniques Modern. Trendy. Beautiful. Touched by an artisan‌made from the heart.

Finally, you have found an estate agent that will hold your hand through the entire process. Beverley Palmer has not only found ways of making it easier and less troublesome, she helps you realise that it can really be a pleasure to do business in Jamaica when it is handled properly and by a professional. From the moment you engage Beverley’s bespoke services, a successful outcome remains at the heart of all that can be done to ensure an exceptional real estate experience. Working as a licensed realtor with the Coldwell Banker franchise who have 3,300 offices worldwide and almost 90,000 sales associates in 50 countries, you know you are in good hands.

Telephone: 0793 0502 873 We are located at: Back Yard Market, Brick Lane, EC1 6QL


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At Sassy Apparel we highlight the politics, movements and activists of the anticolonial, anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist, feminist and black liberation struggle worldwide - all with good humour, a sprinkle of sass, and a whole lot of style.

IT 4MATURE DO YOU HAVE A FRIEND, MUM, DAD OR GRANDPARENT THAT COULD DO WITH SOME 1-1 ? IT4MATURE is an IT Training company founded by Osheane Chambers-Rare rising star winner in 2014. Due to constant updates in technology, is it very easy to forget that our parents and grandparents did not have the opportunity to use technology a few years ago and often become confused when trying to use it now . In a nutshell IT4MATURE provides 1-1 technology lessons and group lessons in which DBS Cleared Technology trainers travel to individuals’ homes, cafe, library or their place of work to help them with their computer, tablet or general computer tasks. Do you have a friend, mum, dad or grandparent that could do with some 1-1 computer lessons?

Life is inherently political, let your clothes do the talking.


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Divalocks are committed to ensuring you get the maximum wear out of your chosen style. e believe that African hair styles such as braids or twists are beautiful works of art which when worn with pride and elegance by women of African or Afro Caribbean heritage, exude a regal aura that is priceless.


online discount with this voucher Voice15 | Tel:+44 (0) 203 633 5083



PROJECT SHARES Opening Times Currently: Wed - Sat 10am - 5pm


We supply:

Divalocks Limited is a UK based e-commerce company, that creates and retails bespoke or already made African braided wigs worldwide via our website at


Divalocks was launched on July 13, 2017 by Ms Chinye Ukwu, as an avenue to showcase the authentic and inherently beautiful African braided styles in a wig, all made by locals in Africa.

Come and share in our Projects by registering with the African People’s Network. Ask inside shop for details

The company’s mission is to give women the choice of being able to wear braids, twists, cornrows, faux locs and any other African braided styles in a matter of seconds instead of hours. It also aims to improve the lives of the locals and showcase the beautiful braided hairstyles of Africa.

419 Whitehorse Road Thornton Heath CR7 8SD Tel: 0203 730 3945 Mobile 07931 694 797 A PROJECT SHARE IS A PROJECT SHARED


WE ARE TAKING SMALL STEPS TO SECURE BIG PROJECTS Register with the APN and get your Project Shares today

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Employment Innovations creates employment throughout the UK. We launched Project 2020 in 2016, with the aim to create 2020 jobs by the year 2020.

• Royal Kente Mugs • Adinkra Mugs • Dutch Wax Cushions • Dutch Wax Coasters• Dutch Wax Lampshades

We deliver non-traditional job creation using our unique services and aim to become the name in specialised job creation. Our team of professionals have experience which enables us to identify our clients’ needs. It also allows us to offer a value for money service that meets the needs of our partners. We challenge traditional recruitment by offering employers pre-recruitment packages, working in partnership with a number of stakeholders. We strive to create job opportunities, whilst improving economic regeneration nationwide. Founded on four principals: Transparency, Accountability, Honesty and Integrity, it is important for us to deliver our services with innovation.


Looking for Training and Employment?


We work in a person centered way matching the individual to the right programme, working with our partner providers and employers both local and national our programmes are employment focused with guaranteed employment opportunities.


Web: • Tel: 02084706144 / 07908347814 Email: Employment Innovations Ltd, 28-42 Clements Rd Ilford IG1 1BA Company Registration Number: 11086438


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You are a phone call and email TRAVEL LOCATIONS from your ideal getaway. INSPIRING Let’s turn travel ideasTRAVELLERS into a plan of action and create wonderful experiences with memories to last a lifetime. Chantelle offers a quality service from her home based travel agency, Travel Locations. It provides a no compromise service whether arranging a bespoke holiday or a budget trip. Chantelle organises short breaks, sustainable and meaningful travel experiences and trips to long haul luxury destinations.

She takes pleasure in inspiring travellers as well as learning from those who are just as curious as she is about new travel experiences. Chantelle’s unique blend of relaxed honesty with the personal touch is provided to ensure that your time and money is respected. Her attention to detail and forward planning ensures that customers can focus on their other commitments.

DifferPrint_A5.indd 1

18/09/2018 21:14:30

You are a phone call and email from your ideal getaway. Let’s turn travel ideas into a plan of action and create wonderful experiences with memories to last a lifetime.

Contact: Chantelle Louise Welsh Independent Travel Specialist Founder of Travel Locations Ltd a part of Brilliant Contact: Chantelle LouiseGroup. Welsh Travel & The Barrhead Travel Independent Travel Specialist Founder

T: 0203Travel 853 &6454 The Barrhead Travel Group. 0203 853 6454 M: 07803T:M:473 595 07803 473 595 W: W: of Travel Locations Ltd a part of Brilliant


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F Our core products are:

• • • • •

Alma oil Black seed Oil Coconut Oil Black seed Oil Turmeric

after your



rom the Moringa leaf capsules and teabags through to the Black Seed Oil and 100% raw extra virgin Coconut Oil, everything at Bod’s Natural Products is made solely from ingredients grown naturally, and sourced from specially chosen farmers around the world in order to ensure they are of the highest natural quality possible, with no additives or preservatives used. The Black Seed Oil, less well known in Western society, can be used as a moisturiser to hydrate and soften the hair and skin and help to give a person a healthier complexion. It can also be swallowed directly or added to food and drink to aid the treatment of various conditions from digestive disorders to backache and other kinds of rheumatism.

To find out more about the rest of our products please visit our online store


Create my own products Sharon McBean the owner of UK based company Nia Ballerina designs musical jewellery boxes with black ballerinas

The Perfect Keep sake Gift Every little girl should have their own keepsake box. Nia Ballerina is the perfect gift no matter what the occasion!

“Nia Ballerina is inspired by my beautiful daughter and her love for ballet!” she says. “Following my frustration of not being able to find a music box with a ballerina figurine that resembled my daughter I decided to create my own products.” The boxes went on sale in August 2016, and are currently sold worldwide from the company website. The product range includes the Nia Ballerina Doll and the Nia Ballerina Rucksack. They are currently working on a series of books about Nia’s adventures.

Nia Ballerina is the perfect gift, whatever the occasion, for any little ballerina!

0121 647 3759


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Young Mums Support Network is a Community Interest Company (CIC) offering support to struggling mothers in South London and beyond. Fiona Small set up YMSN in 2011, inspired by facing down her own challenges. Since then, she has been invited to Number 10 Downing Street in 2014, awarded the Lambeth Mayor’s “Selfless Service to the Community” in 2015, and iCare’s “Mother of Magnificence” in 2018. YMSN has formed partnerships with organisations including the NHS and local authorities, delivering programs that make mothers more confident, skilled, independent and powerful. Fiona and her team are currently crowdfunding a “Make the House A Home” project on

To find out more about the services YMSN offers and how you can support the YMSN crowdfunding campaign please visit:


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PROVIDING CONTINUOUS EMPLOYMENT House of Ohene, contemporary African designs for the family. Our items are ethically sourced, produced and made by artisans in Ghana and London. We aim to provide continuous employment to the individuals we work with, through the constant use of their goods and services which are of the highest quality. The economic development of Ghana and the wider African region is of the utmost importance and therefore House of Ohene collaborates with various sectors to ensure the development of the people. We design our items so that they can be easily incorporated into everyday wear. Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be Unique.

House of Ohene - Embracing Culture, Loving Tradition. Beautiful Hand made designs Items are produced locally in Ghana and London

Contact information Facebook: Houseofohene Instagram: @Houseofohene E-mail: Web: Telephone: 07557399935


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Leonard Sekyonda

Bridging the gap One entrepreneur is aiming to connect start-ups around the world through a new online platform By Leah Sinclair


eonard Sekyonda, founder of the online platform MyComeUp, has made it his goal to connect entrepreneurs and startups worldwide. With a greater emphasis on user support, the London-based entrepreneur has built a network that has seen 127,000 users join the fast-expanding site over two years. “I’ve talked to a lot of young, vibrant entrepreneurs who have growing start-ups that use the digital space and influence,” Sekyonda says. “However, a lot of them still lack the essential resources and connections in order to en-

hance their businesses and take them to another level. One of our core aims is to bridge the gap between millennial entrepreneurs

One of our core aims is to bridge the gap between millennial entrepreneurs and the finance world 74

and the finance world. They may be unaware of the activity and traction such relationships afford their businesses, so this is a step in the right direction.” A unique part of the platform’s success has been documenting the rise of these leaders. From ex-footballer Reece Wabara and the development of his boutique clothing line, to Nigerian rapper Runtown and his pathway to global music stardom, many have bought into the MyComeUp concept. These young entrepreneurs share their own stories and exclusive industry tips to inspire the site’s user base—a further feather in the cap of a dynamic brand with a bright future. n

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Wade Lyn CBE Managing Director Cleone Foods Limited Wade came to Britain from Jamaica to join his parents when he was seven years old. He helped in the family business, a service and petrol station, while still at school. After graduating in 1986 with a BA in Education specialising in Craft, Design & Technology, he was recruited as general manager for Kon-Long Caterers of Wolverhampton. The company produced Jamaican patties, but frustrated by their failure to see the potential of their products in the mainstream market, he decided to leave and set up Cleone Foods Ltd in 1989. Cleone Foods, manufacturers of Jamaican patties under the Island Delight brand, has experienced consistent growth and supplies the Island Delight brand to six of the major supermarkets, making it the largest manufacturer of Jamaican patties in the UK. Wade is delighted to report that the company is rebranding all of its product ranges. And in further news he also declared Delight’s delicious range of ready meals are to be sold in Morrisons and Sainsbury’s.

REE copy of our African & Caribbean Food Guide. that Island nloading THE VOICE app at:



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If the shoe fits, wear it Finding larger shoe sizes for women can be a problem. But it was one that footwear designer Arabel Manners was determined to solve FINDING HER FEET: Arabel Manners started her designer shoe company to prove her mother Petronella wrong By Vic Motune


irmingham based shoe designer Arabel Manners runs a successful luxury women’s footwear brand. The 31-year-old’s business journey began with the need to help her mum, Petronella, who struggled to find shoes that she liked in her size due to having larger feet. “Unfortunately, most highstreet and designer footwear labels don’t cater for larger sizes. Most retailers only stock shoes up to a size nine for women, however the average shoe size in the UK is increasing. Women who have large feet like my mum are limited to the type of shoes that are in their size, whereas a woman with aver-

“Luxurious finish at an affordable price” age size five feet can enjoy a much wider range.” It was this struggle that led to Arabel spotting a gap in the market for women’s shoes. “I did a lot of research about products that people with larger feet might want


to help me test the market and it kind of went from there,” the entrepreneur recalls. The Arabel Manners brand, which launched last year, offers a stylish collection of shoes in larger sizes, from seven to 11, for every occasion, including stilettos for evening wear and a more classic range comprising ankle and riding boots. Arabel says: “All of the pieces are to the highest quality with Italian handcrafted colouring, giving a unique hue as part of a high-end, luxurious finish at an affordable price. In response to our ongoing market research, we are set to include wide shoes to the range.” And there has been a surprising development for the company. “People with average size feet liked the shoes so much we branched out and started doing smaller sizes,” she reveals. n

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50% DISCOUNT SUBSCRIPTION OFFER 51 issues for only £36!

32 YEARS OF EFFICIENT AND COST EFFECTIVE SERVICE Learprint is a well established family owned business based in the Midlands. We are proud to have provided a professional service to customers throughout the country for 32 years. Our core business is printing as well as the provision of all kinds of stationery. We always strive to provide an efficient and cost effective service to corporate businesses and private individuals.

Get The Voice delivered directly to your door every week!

It’s simple and convenient! 26 issues (6 months) £36.00 51 issues (12 months) £57.00

Our designs include, but are not limited to, magazines, funeral programmes, company letterheads, business cards, notebooks, posters, flyers and invitations. We can print in quantities from 100’s to 1,000’s. Our personalised service gives us a keen understanding of what our clients require and enables us to guarantee a quality service with a quick turnaround time.

Call our office on: 0207 510 0340 and pay with any major credit/debit card. For further information email: TELLING STORIES THAT MATTER




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When talking about starting a business, religion is not something that comes up. But for Norma Jean Murrain, it provided a foundation for her enterprise to thrive By Vic Motune


t’s fair to say that faith often gets dismissed in this day and age. However, for Birmingham entrepreneur Norma Jean Murrain, her Christian beliefs provided the inspiration to launch a business that now has customers all over the world. Norma is founder and creative director of Silver Fish Jewellery, which produces Bible-inspired jewellery. Based in Birmingham’s renowned Jewellery Quarter, she and her team of craftsmen produce items such as chains, cufflinks, earrings and bracelets in unique designs that relay stories of faith, hope and love.

TECHNIQUE: Norma Jean crafting jewellery in her workshop

How faith inspired one entrepreneur And since setting up the business in 2002, she has also launched a registered charity, Treasured Foundation, which aims to change the lives of disadvantaged people around the world by teaching them traditional jewellery-making skills so they can launch micro businesses. Despite having no background in silversmithing, she decided to pursue her dream after a lecturer at a local college where she worked offered to teach her how to make jewellery. “After making my first items of jewellery, I found that my friends loved it and the business grew from there. Every day is a learn-


ing curve, bringing new growth and opportunities.” But she admits the response to her jewellery has sometimes been mixed. “When I launched a lot of Christians in Pentecostal churches weren’t wearing jewellery,” she says. “They didn’t recognise that jewellery could be this tool to express our faith.” So how does she balance her faith with the drive to make a profit? “The Bible says we should work hard with our own hands and we give to those who don’t have. That’s the message of biblical prosperity and one we try to share.”

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Welcome to

your Hair Journey starts here



Years of experience and research enable G’s Hair Beauty Products to provide you with the best hair care products possible. Our “light” Pomades, Oil Mists, Shampoos and Conditioners are guaranteed to leave your hair moisturised and scalp in healthy condition. Our G’s speciality products include: • Black Seed & Ginger - Shampoo & Conditioner • MUST GROW Hair Tonic Pomade • Black Castor & Black Seed Oil Mist • Black Castor & Hemp – Oil Mist • Fruit Juice Range

Owner of Tri Star Autos, Vincent Palmer has always had a passion for restoring motor cars. His background with Vauxhall, followed by work for a number of franchises, put him in good stead when he decided to start his own workshop, which he has successfully run for 10 years.

G’s Hair Beauty Products Ltd, 24 - 26 Regent Place, Birmingham, B1 3NJ 03332 129 833

As a Mercedes, BMW, Audi and other high-end vehicle specialist, he has never needed to advertise as most of the customers seek his exclusive service through ‘word of mouth’.


He has a base of international clients from far and wide which has included the Sultan of Dubai as well as the Metropolitan Police Superintendent.


Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi 10 YEAR


OPENING TIMES Mon - Fri: 10am - 7pm Sat: 10am - 2pm Unit 11, Barton Industrial Estate Faldo Road, Barton-Le-Clay Bedfordshire, MK45 4RP

CONTACT Tel: 01582 883913 Fax: 01582 883022 Mob: 07787 241120 Email:


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Simple Tips for Starting a Business 3. Do your research. Before you decide on which direction you want to go it’s vital to know about the needs of your target customer. What do they most want from the product or service you plan to offer? Also, check out your potential competition. The more you know, the better your chances of success. 4. Write a business plan. This is an essential step in bringing clarity to your entrepreneurial efforts. It’s also important if you are looking for outside investors, because most will want to see a well thought-out plan.

JLB SHIPPING & LOGISTICS LTD Offering weekly Shipping Service to Caribbean and Africa JLB Shipping and Logistic Ltd, provides International Shipping and Freight forwarding service to the Caribbean, North American and Africa. Established since 1989 the Company which is based in Birmingham and London is owned by Beverly Johnson, who has over 30 years experience in Shipping and Logistics and is a trainer in International trade and logistics for governments, businesses and educational institutions. There is “No shipment too small, none too large!” JLB arranges shipment for import or export; by sea or by Air; door to door. Services include packaging, crating, export documentation, shipping, marine insurance, customs clearance, and delivery. JLB Shipping & Logistics Ltd is a subsidiary of JLB INTERNATIONAL GROUP OF COMPANIES.

5. Be frugal. Many start-ups quickly run into difficulties because they spend too much in the beginning. There are many ways to spend wisely - research things like free advertising and sharing office space for example to help bring down costs. It’s also wise not to quit your day job straight away. Launching a successful enterprise and making the transition from employee to entrepreneur can be a lengthy process. 6. Be patient. While it might seem like someone suddenly hits the big time business success often doesn’t happen overnight. It usually takes years of effort to put all the pieces in place. You should start out small and build up the business sensibly. Being your own boss can be challenging but ultimately very rewarding. There are no guarantees of success but remaining positive, following a clear cut plan and learning to weather changes can boost your chances of success. n


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Coffee Nubia – the community coffee shop By Abigail Reid From the 1970s onwards, Princess Road in Moss Side, Manchester, has been a magnet for Caribbean businesses of all types. Occupants have come and gone over the years but the street remains a thriving multi-cultural hive. So, when Junior Francis decided to establish a coffee shop six years ago, it was the most obvious choice for a location. Coffee Nubia is popular amongst the African Caribbean community and those who haven’t visited the shop have most certainly heard about it or one of the many events taking place there. Junior spent his early childhood years in St Kitts, moving to the UK at the age of five. Coming from a background in computer networking and football management, a coffee shop may not seem the obvious career progression. When asked what motivated this decision his answer is simply “I love coffee”. In fact, Junior doesn’t just love coffee, he is passionate about it. After sourcing beans from all over the world to roast at home, he broadened his appreciation for the art and the science that goes into pouring the perfect cup. “I like Peruvian coffee but our customers tell us that they love Ethiopian coffee so that is what we serve here,” he added. Along with his passion for coffee

COMMUNITY FOCUS: Junior Francis, founder of Coffee Nubia

Coffee Nubia has a small bu t intimate community atmosphere –his varied menu also includes a wide range of specialty coffees, teas and hot chocolate - is his love of community. Coffee Nubia is the perfect spot for quiet relaxation in a comfy armchair or to engage in political debate and it


is a favoured location for community groups and individuals to host more informal gatherings. Anything from book readings with local authors to health seminars or maths lessons can be taking place there on an evening. Caribbean genealogist and African-centred historian, Linford Sweeney, who presents black history classes and courses at the coffee shop said: “Coffee Nubia has a small but intimate community atmosphere. They deliver excellent customer service, provide a great range of hot drinks and exquisite cakes and a culturally-pleasing place to relax with friends or to do business.”

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Audi Specialist & Quality Used Car Dealer

Providing quality service for more than 40 years! A family owned business with a reputation built upon years of excellent service • service • reputation

• quality • convenience

• value for money • integrity

We also have a dedicated team of finance experts waiting to help you. Our reputation has been built upon years of excellent service alongside high quality products, and has resulted in the steady growth of the business to its current position. We have relationships with the high street lenders and specialist motoring finance companies and we have helped hundreds of customers, even those with poor credit ratings, secure very competitive car loans. We have helped customers across the UK so why don’t you get in touch.

Opening hours are: Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m, Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. For a friendly and professional service talk to us directly on: Tel: 01484 428 591 or 01484 541 302 or sending us an email: Or visit us We are conveniently located and readily accessible to both the M1 and M62 motorways Ashbrow Road (Jnc. With Bradford Rd 82 A641), Huddersfield, Yorkshire, HD2 1DU

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It’s a Family Affair

ASHBROW FAMILY: (left to right) Johnny Flowers and his wife Alda, Nathaniel Flowers, director Robert Flowers and a representative from Click Dealers


The motivation of running his own business was Johnny’s legacy to his son Robert.

shbrow Garage prides itself on its standing as a stalwart in the motor vehicle industry having steadily built a stellar reputation over the past 44 years. Ashbrow is a specialist car dealership with main dealer facilities representing cars from the Audi Group, which include the Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda models. For that coveted purchase of the finest in motors, a visit to Ashbrow guarantees you will receive professional service and advice from co-directors father and son Johnny and Robert Flowers and their highly knowledgeable and professional sales team. The company was formed 44 years ago when Johnny, a trained mechanic from Jamaica, was bypassed for promotion because he did not have a certificate of qualification. Repairing cars for other immigrants from a friend’s lock up proved beneficial, as through word of mouth he formed his business and bought his premises on Ashbrow Road. Expansion soon beckoned but was halted for 10 years whilst he battled to purchase a piece of vacant land from the council who were adamant Johnny could not successfully run a business on the main road and thought Johnny’s plans were for scrap metal.

Johnny attributes his success to: • Hard work • Determination • Trust • Self-belief • Enjoy what you do Johnny is married to Alda and they have three children: Robert, Joan and Louise. Working in the garage are nephew Carlton and grandson Nathaniel. In the early days Alda looked after Ashbrow’s administration for 10-15 years whilst holding down her job as a nursing sister at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary. Johnny is truly a role model who is actively involved with his community. Among his many activities, he has been a school governor for the past 35 years, an executive on the Jamaica National Council in Huddersfield, and he is a member of the Black History Association. He is happy that the list is a long one as both he and his wife live by the motto to help others.


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Supporting young black business owners Despite considerable hurdles, young black entrepreneurs are making formidable gains and building successful companies. Here we highlight some of them

with a dedicated team of coaches and mentors, the company has grown from strength to strength, providing sporting opportunities that bring different groups of young people together, effectively touching the lives of over 30,000 people and providing employment opportunities for hundreds of young people. The company has been recognised by BBI UK Enterprise Minds Awards, Haringey Community Expo and Community Impact Award. Mickela, has recently been named as a finalist for a Black British Business Award and Precious Awards Social Enterprise of the Year.

By Rianna Raymond-Wiliams and Alannah Francis

The Womb Room

HR Sports Academy

1. Mickela Hall-Ramsay and Chris HallRamsay of HR Sports Academy HR Sports Academy founded by Mickela HallRamsay and Chris Hall-Ramsay, is a community interest company dedicated to building a brighter future for children and young people. In 2010, the founders started with 10 basketballs and a vision to engage disadvantaged youth to participate in physical activity and learn transferable skills, with the aim of tackling youth violence in London. Eight years later, equipped


2. Saschan Fearon-Josephs founder of The Womb Room After undergoing surgery to remove her right ovary and fallopian tube at the age of 19, Saschan Fearon-Josephs founded The Womb Room as a support service to connect young women living with reproductive health problems. Her own experience revealed that there was a lack of service provision, and she made it her duty to provide a solution to those facing similar challenges as herself. The Womb Room has connected over 20,000 women online, delivered events to over 120 people across London and empowered over 300 schoolgirls in the city. It is now working to support

UK Black Business GUIDE 2018-19


women in the workplace through a range of business and consultancy services for employers who are committed to providing a more equitable workplace.


3. Michael Makinde and Efosa Omorogbe of TiTo (Talent In. Talent Out) TiTo (Talent In. Talent Out.), created by Michael Makinde and Efosa Omorogbe, is an interactive platform that provides students with industry experience and an opportunity to generate an income through showcasing their creative skills before they graduate. The platform was born to provide young creative professionals with the much-needed experience they need to gain employment after attaining academic success in university. Since launching in January, 2018 the platform has provided over 20 students with more than ÂŁ3,000 worth of paid work and given 100 more students the opportunity to earn money through online portfolios. Through working with educational establishments and creative partners, the company is keen to tackle youth unemployment by providing a way for students to generate an income using their creative skillsets, instead of accepting menial jobs that are not aligned with their career ambitions.


inspiring confidence, building self-esteem and increasing both academic and professional aspiration. Since launching in March 2016, 2-3 Degrees has worked with over 2,500 young people from the most deprived communities across 17 different London boroughs. The company is keen to connect with more educational institutions and youth organisations, which will allow them to extend their reach and continue inspiring more young people nationally and locally to fulfil their true potential. The company has recently secured ÂŁ15,000 investment from Unltd in addition to Carl being shortlisted as a finalist for the Black British Business Awards under the Entrepreneur Rising Star category.

2-3 Degrees

4. Azzees Minnot and Carl Konadu of 2-3 Degrees 2-3 Degrees is a registered social enterprise run and owned by Azzees Minnot and Carl Konadu. Together they deliver inspirational personal development seminars to young people under 25, with the aim of


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OFFERING SOMETHING A LITTLE DIFFERENT Award-winning Samuel Habte is a decent man with decent values who has offered a decent service to his loyal and varied clients over the past nine years. His company, Decent Cut, specialises in Asian, Afro and European hair, and provides a creative and original service. Samuel’s accolades are numerous and include the coveted English Hair and Beauty Award for Men’s Stylist of the Year in 2015. ––– He invites you to bring in a picture, sketch your design or pop in for a chat about achieving your new look.

Multiple Award Winner Including: 2015



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Casting and auditions school by professional actors Khara Joseph-Pemberton is the sole franchisee of Footlights, Old Trafford. Khara joined Footlights in 2014 as an actress and impressed the company so much they couldn’t let her go! Khara taught at Footlights for over two years before deciding she wanted to run her own Footlights’ branch which she has done to huge success for the past two years. Her qualified and knowledgeable actors train children who want to be in the arts. The business has a casting agency attached, if a child has the potential to move forward into the industry we will send them for auditions. Join our Multi Award Winning Schools. Act...Sing... Dance... Aged 3yrs -18yrs call now!

Does your child want to act, sing and dance? Join our award winning school

Visit our website:


Email: Mobile: 07824665949 Office: 0161 7133026 Facebook: footlightsoldtrafford Instagram: footlightsot 87


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Lime Hut

Enjoy the hospitality

5. Afiya, founder of Lime Hut Entrepreneur Afiya officially set up her mobile Caribbean street food brand in January 2018. Lime Hut, based in Berwick Street food market in Soho, fulfils a gap in the market for fresh and light Caribbean food. “I wanted to find a way to enjoy Caribbean food in a lighter and healthier way,” Afiya said. The highlight has been her customers who turn up whatever the weather. Afiya said: “It was a cold, rainy and windy day, but huge numbers of my regular customers came out...It was at that moment I realised I had created a brand that people had fallen in love with!” But that hasn’t come without its challenges. “Lacking an extra pair of hands or the ability to clone myself has been the biggest challenge,” she said.

155B Princess Road, Manchester, M14 4RE e. w. t. 0161 258 4828

Fun. Inspirational. Informational If you are in Manchester you can pick up Radio Diamond on DAB. Radio Diamond prides itself in

Also available live online via Radio Diamond website.

being a go to radio station for the

Radio Diamond TV coming soon!

black community within the UK. Situated in the heart of Manchester, the sound, excitement, real talk and shows that Radio Diamond provides to it’s audience is one to be excited about. With DJs and Presenters who enjoy and love what they do, Radio Diamond has become a force to reckon with. Call us on 0161 312 1548



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ACMG Consultancy

6. Acacia (left) with Afropop singer Yemi Alade ACMG Consultancy works to connect brands with consumers and create exciting campaigns and experiences. Its founder, 30-year-old Acacia George, started out freelancing but took the plunge to start her own company earlier this year. She says her proudest moment so far has been “being able to consult for a global brand”.

However, there have been trials. “Once you cross a hurdle, there is always another one to face but you learn to get better at navigating your way through. I have realised there is no wrong or right way of doing something but it has to be right for you.” But the obstacles have helped Acacia learn lessons. “Everything will happen at the right time. Learn from mistakes and most importantly to congratulate yourself on achievements so far,” she said.

Smith's Travel Shipping


The third annual

Honest, Reliable and Trustworthy Travel, Shipping and Money Transfer service.


(Jamaican owned and operating for over 8 years, we know your needs best).

FLIGHTS - Greats flight and hotel package deals to the Caribbean, Gambia, Senegal and the US. Call us for special offers and payment options. £50.00 deposit to secure your seat.

is scheduled for

SHIPPING - Door to Wharf or Door to Door service to the Caribbean and Gambia at affordable prices. Quick clearance facility in Jamaica. Unbeatable special offer for December shipments.

June 1, 2019 Promote your business, network with other businesses & meet new customers! To register your interest

MONEY TRANSFER - Worldwide money transfer service. Special rates to Jamaica, the only agent in Bristol with this rate.

Tel: 0117 949 0009 | Mob 07388699615 Email: Address: 129 Wilder St. Bristol, BS2 8QU

please visit our website at:

Bristol • London • Birmingham • Swindon Leeds • Oxford Newport • Cardiff • Gloucester


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The sweet taste of success


hether it is a wedding, baby shower, christening or birthday, every special occasion calls for cake. There’s nothing quite like eating generous slices of delicious homemade cake with family or friends. And if you love baking, it can be especially satisfying to see others enjoying what you’ve made. This was the case for Bristol resident Angela Miller. For many years, baking was her passion. But after overcoming some tough personal circumstances, the mother-of-two decided she wanted to take things further. “Making cakes was always something I could do really well,” says Angela. “However, when I eventually decided I wanted to work for myself I thought ‘why not make cakes for a living?’ My local job centre put me in touch with an enterprise centre in Bristol. I did a course in how to start a business and was also helped to get my feet off the ground with a loan.” In May last year, Miller launched Angee Sweetcakes, which specialises in bespoke celebration wedding cakes, cupcakes and birthday cakes. She has quickly developed a loyal and growing base of customers in the city since starting her business. Especially popular among her sweet-toothed clients are her recently launched bespoke cakes in a jar. “The beauty of cakes in a jar is that they allow people to enjoy cakes for longer,” Angela

Bristol mum-of-two Angela Miller turned her passion for baking cakes into something much bigger

A true inspiration to our children a nd generations to come

says. “Very often you spend a lot of money on a good quality cake but then it becomes stale very quickly and you’re not able to enjoy it any


more. “But when you put the cake in a jar it actually lasts quite long, up to two weeks if you leave it in the fridge. And cake can last for up to six months if you put it in the freezer.” She continues: “Before launching the range, I collected a few recipes and experimented until I got the ones that I thought were perfect. After making the cakes I arrange them in the jar. I tried out a few recipes and the feedback from customers has been fantastic.” The Bristol entrepreneur plans to continue experimenting with new ideas to help build her customer base. n

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35 years of championing diversity

Over the past 35 years The Voice has reigned as Britain’s award-winning newspaper that informs, inspires and engages with people of African, Caribbean and mixed heritage.

The Voice is a multimedia platform with an average weekly engagement of approximately one million persons globally, covering the UK, USA, Africa and the Caribbean.

Since 1982 we have: n Championed excellence n Campaigned on issues that impact lives

It offers a rich mixture of news, entertainment, sports, life and style, special features and publications.

n Represented diverse perspectives n Influenced change to enhance society

The Voice is a vehicle through which organisations effectively engage with our community and is used by a variety of companies, government agencies and NGOs to promote their products, services and to recruit from a diverse community.

Support the Voice Newspaper and keep connected to your community! For convenience, subscribe and get The Voice delivered directly to your door. email: For enquiries or advertising telephone: 020 7510 0340 +




Voice+ Newspaper App


Voice: 020 7510 0340

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