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Blacktown Workers Club October 24, 2022 ƒ 70 stalls ƒ 15 workshops ƒ Combined Chamber of Commerce event ƒ 2 keynote speakers and more Proud Media Partner of WEXPO 2022. Catch all the latest local news and WEXPO updates in print and digital. www.greaterblacktownnews.com.au | www.facebook.com/theblacktownnews WEXPO | OCTOBER 2022 32-PAGE WEXPO 2022 GUIDE WWW.WEXPO.COM.AU 32 PAGE GUIDE TO WEXPO 2022

Unpacking uncertainty with Besa Deda

WESTPAC Business Bank Chief economist Besa Deda will deliver the lunch address at WEXPO 2022. Besa is also the Chief Economist of St George Bank, Bank of Melbourne, BankSA and BT –which are other businesses within the Westpac Group.

Besa has been within the Group as a Chief Economist since 2009.

Besa is one of the Bank’s key eco nomic spokespersons in the Group and is responsible for helping to formulate views and forecasts on the outlook

for the economy, interest rates and currencies.

She manages a team of economists, gives regular presentations and often appears in the media reporting on economic conditions.

Prior to this role, Besa was with the Commonwealth Bank in special isedeconomicrolesthatcoveredxed income,foreignexchange,macroeco nomics and equities. Before the CBA, Besa was with the Colonial Group.

Besa is the Secretary and Depu ty Chair for the Australian Business

Economists’ Association. She is also a member of the Melbourne Economic Forum and has previously written a regular property column for The Australian newspaper and lectured for Kaplan.

Besa will be talking about: ‘Un packing Uncertainty’. She will cover whatthenext12-18monthsholdsfor the economy, jobs market, in Western Sydney.

Tickets are just $28 per person includes lunch. To purchase head to www.wexpo.floktu.com Besa Deda.


Melissa’s recipe for success

OLYMPIC diver and motivational speaker, Melissa Wu spoke to Black town News editor, Michael Walls ahead of her special breakfast pre sentation at WEXPO 2022 on October 24. Thanks, Melissa, for spending time with us. Can you tell our audience what lessons have you learnt from sport that translate into business?

How to set goals and achieve them. I always had a vision as a young athlete to compete on the world stage and become an Olympian. My passion for diving made me hungry to reach my goals and I've always been committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve success. This involvesearlymornings,sacrices(not only from myself but also my family), discipline, hard work, commitment, per sistence and focus - not just for a short period, but over and over and over again. Resilience is key. It's not just about getting through obstacles, it's about com ing out the other side stronger. This has been an ongoing lesson for me through out my life in both sport and business and has involved a lot of hard work in the areas of mindset and mental health. I believe that the things that challenge us the most are the greatest opportunities for learning and growth. Throughout my diving career I've built resilience from constantly overcoming self-doubt and bouncing back from disappointments, and my biggest breakthroughs usually come after I've been tested the most.

Duringthesetimes,ndingthestrength to dig deep and never give up has been a huge asset to me. The resilience and grit I've developed as an athlete continuously help me overcome the many hurdles and setbacks I encounter in my businesses. I always try to learn from my mistakes and draw on the strength I've shown in the

past to overcome new challenges. Alwaysndaway. Although I've always been a hard worker and don't give up easily, in sport that's often not enough to make the podium. You need to learn how to be adaptable, whether that's ndingawaytoperformwhilecarrying injuries, handling high levels of pressure and expectation, overcoming self-doubt, or learning to block out things that are outside of your control. Often, the areas I need to focus on the most go beyond my usual diving preparation and relate to things such as nutrition, mindset, life balance, injury management, strength and conditioning, or recovery. I believe it'suptometogureoutwhatneeds work and I don't always go about it in a conventional way. I will often delve deep into these areas through research, coming up with new strategies, trial and error, leaning on my support network, or seeking further help if nec essary. I believe there's always a way, it's just about taking a proactiveapproachtoguring out what that is and having the persistence to keep explor ing new options.

The above lessons have translated to my business in terms of having a long-term vision, having the grit and determination to relentlessly pursue my goals, overcoming setbacks and obstacles along the way, and never giving up. Things don't always go to plan

or pan out the way I want them to, but I tryandndawaytomakethingswork and then stick at it until it does.

How would you define resilience in terms of success?

I think resilience is one of the most important characteristics of success. For me, resilience is about optimism, self-belief, willingness to adapt, and an ability to solve problems. These things are crucial to success in all areas of life and the challenges I've faced throughout my career have been a necessary part of me developing the mental toughness required to perform on the world stage. Resilience also plays a big part in my sense of accomplishment and my greatest achievements in life are linked to the hard work and dedication that went into them and what I had to overcome to succeed.

Your top three tips for achieving long term goals?


It might seem obvious, but many people don't set long term goals. I try and set long term goals that feel almost out of reach and are sometimes a bit scary to voice out loud. I aim high and set my sights on big things even if I know there's no guarantee I'll achieve them. By setting goals with no limits or boundaries, even if I 'fail' I will likely come close, which should still keep me headed in the right direction.

2. Break your long-term goals down

into smaller, achievable goals.

My long-term goals involve being able to achieve short term goals along the way and these short terms goals are what keep me motivated and focused each day. I regularly give myself targets to achieve and I know that everything I do today, tomorrow,ornextweekwillinuence whether or not I reach my long-term goal. Competing on the world stage for most of my life has taught the impor tance of getting the process right, so I don't make all my goals about results and performance. I try to set goals for myself that are based on improvement rather than attaching my sense of achievement solely to whether I win a medal. These types of goals are related more to my work ethic and character, which are com pletely in my control compared to where I place in a competition.

3. Goal setting is an ongoing pro cess.

I constantly set and reset goals for myself that inch me closer to my longterm goal. My goals usually change and evolve as I reach them or sometimes working towards them steers me in a completelydierentdirectiontowhatI had planned. I like to set daily goals as a constant reminder of what I want to do andsoIcanreectonwhatIwasableto achieve each day. Goal setting is an ongo ing process that helps me stay motivated and accountable and is something I do so often that I don't even need to conscious ly think about anymore.

Please define / describe a success mindset.

A success mindset for me is all about positivity, optimism, and self-belief. It soundssimple,butitcanbedicultto apply under the pressure of competition or the stress of balancing athlete and business life. When I'm faced with some thing that brings on self-doubt or a fear of failure, I try to overcome it by making all my thoughts and actions positive. When things aren't going well, or I face a setback, I try and approach the situation with optimism to achieve the best out come possible. Positivity and optimism are linked to my self-belief, so getting them right allows me to trust that I can get the job done and achieve success.

Thanks so much Melissa, we look forward to your presentation at WEXPO. For ticket purchase head to www.wexpo.floktu.com

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Champion diver Melissa Wu.
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WestpacisAustralia’srstbank and oldest company, one of four major banking organisations in Australia and one of the largest banks in New Zealand. Westpac Group’s purpose is ‘Helping Australians and New Zealanders Suc ceed’ – it’s what we do, who we are and why we come to work every day. They provide personal, business, and corporate banking.


Digital Age Lawyers

You are in trusted hands. Katherine Hawes at Digital Age Lawyers is a Bar risterandSolicitor,businessinuencer, social entrepreneur and media person ality who positively shapes her clients’ business culture. She is passionate about the need for businesses to future-proof their assets. Digital Age Lawyers is dierentiatedthroughaprimaryfocus on Digital Social Media law, policy and compliance which forms a critical aspect oftherm’sCommercialLawservices and education.


SydWest Multicultural Services

Since 1985, SydWest Multicultural Services has supported diverse refugee and migrant communities across the Greater Western Sydney. We support people of all ages and cultures, with a focus on the vulnerable and most in need. Specialising in the provision of culturally responsive care, we recognise culture and language is key to building community connections and empower ing people to reach their full potential. From our youth and family services, in cluding domestic violence support, set tlement and housing support services, employment and training, to our home care and disability services, there is a program or service for every member of the family.




QFirst Property Investment Group was founded in 2017 by real estate licensee Marites Idea Novis, along with her husband Francis Gerard Novis, from humble beginnings with one smallrealestateoceinBlacktown, NSW. With QFirst’s determination, dedication and commitment to provide excellent customer service and satis faction of home buyers and investors, it has been awarded as the “Best Real Estate Agency 2020”, and “Business Person of the Year 2020” to the founder of QFirst by the local government of Blacktown Council.


Blacktown City Council

Blacktown City Council will be providing information on the range of services provided to our community. This will include information on the support we give to businesses within the Black town local government area, the services provided to our community residents and even information on how you can join our organisation if working in local government is a career of interest.


AS Digital Pty Ltd

"We understand that every business hasdierentanduniqueneeds,thatis why at AS Digital, we take an individu alised approach to each and every one of our clients when it comes to advertising and branding consulting. We take the time to get to know our clients and their business in order to provide the best possible service available. Come see us at WEXPOandseeourhowcustomer-rst attitudedierentiatesusfromthecom petition."



An ACU education builds on the Catholic understanding of faith and reason working together in pursuit of knowledge and promotion of human dignity and the common good. An ACU education seeks to transform lives and communities. Students are challenged to look beyond the classroom, solve real world problems, develop their own search for meaning, and cultivate strong professional ethics. They are invited to stand up for people in need and causes that matter. Opportunities for personal and professional growth are critical to ACU. This is a university of service – so much so that it is built into the curricula. AllACUcoursesoerworkplacements, internships, or volunteering opportuni ties.


BNI Sydney North West & Penrith

Grow your business and your net work through quality word of mouth referrals and develop your loyal base of referral partners along with strong presentation skills at the same time! The BNI system is built on the law of reci procity, if I give business to my fellow member, they will want to give busi ness to me. The proven system is built to maximise your return and use your timemosteectivelyforthemaximum return. With over 6,000 members in Australia,BNIhasgenerated$500mil lion in revenue for its member last year alone. Please stop by our stall to be in the draw to win FREE BNI Membership valuedat$2,046!


One Law

For 20 years WentWest has been part of the Western Sydney community, deliv ering support and education to primary care health professionals such as general practitioners(GPs),practicenursesand allied health providers, working with key partners to progress the region’s health system. In July 2015, WentWest became the Western Sydney Primary Health Network(WSPHN),allowingustoex pand the work we do with our partners to deliver better health outcomes for the region.

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BREED Australia

BREED Australia is the only busi ness incubator in Western Sydney that operatesasanot-for-prot.Overthelast 25 years, we have empowered thousands of young Australians, small businesses, and disadvantaged community members through our work placement, education and business incubation programs. Our BREEDBusinessHubprovidesaordable co-workingspaces,ocehire,virtual oceservices,andmeetingandtrain ing rooms. Our educational platform, BREED Learning for Good, provides life-changing educational programs and workshops. We will provide special oersandafreeworkshoponBusiness Success Principles to visitors of WEXPO as we believe in the power of entrepre neurship.



Recognised as one of the top 10 Australian Business Strategists and; Ex perts to Watch in 2021 by the Australian Business Journal SME Business Adviso ry:Growth,FutureProong,Exit.You started with a passion, now, you need provenprotability,cashow,growth, and management strategies to reach allnew heights. We deliver all the value of a big-end-of-town consultancy with out the high fees. Our award-winning services, and innovative strategies have propelled many of our clients to remark able success, including making the BRW’s Top 100 Fast Starters List, and winning

Australian Catholic University
11 ISSUE 19 | WEXPO 2022 - Special Feature WEXPO 2022 Exhibitor

other business awards, as well as future proongtheirbusinesses,andbecoming exit ready. Contact us for a FREE onehour consultancy.



MITRONICS OFFICE TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS has been operating since operating 1994, and is a one stop shop forallyourocetechnologyrequire ments. We supply: computers and laptops, computer monitors, computer accessories, video conferencing, digital signage, interactive screens, business supplies, multifunction printers, wide formatprinters3Dprinters,oce furniture, label printers. Mitronics is proudly Australian owned, and through our tailored technology solutions, they assist companies with the security and privacy of their documents, show them how they can improve the productivity of their employees, and through their new technologies, show them innovative ways that they can achieve both revenue growth and expense reduction.


RoJo Consulting

RoJo Consulting was founded by a former journalist, and an events direc tor, responding to a need in the mar ketplace for clients who want results: TV, print, and digital publicity for their brand. Our strike rate is renowned in the industry. Our clients trust us because we have decades of combined experience in journalism, events, and publicity. Our services include: PR campaigns, events, social media content, copywriting,inuencercampaigns, brand activations, and more. WEXPO visitorscanredeemanoer:afreepress releasevaluedat$850*(conditions apply). Call: 1300 10 40 60 or email: creative@rojoconsulting.com.au


Cancer Council

Cancer Council is a federated notfor-protwhoworkstomakecancer research progress, provide information and support to those who have been diagnosed with cancer and their families, advocate to the government to make policy changes and create awareness in our community to prevent cancer. Our mission is to achieve a cancer free future and with 1 in 2 Australians to be diagnosed by age 85 it is so important youndouthowyoucandoyourbitto prevent yourself getting cancer as well as help your friends and family around you. Comeandvisitustondoutmoreabout

the exciting events we have in our local community and how you can learn to live a healthier lifestyle.


SWR 99.9 FM

SWR 99.9 FM is your local com munity FM station broadcasting from Blacktown Showgrounds. We are a notforprotorganisationservicing Western Sydney for over 30 years and we survive through the support of our generous sponsors including Workers Blacktown and WEXPO. You can listen to SWR through 99.9 on your FM dial, digital platforms including iHeart Radio, our website: www.swr999.com.au or ourattachedQRCode.Busco(Buscofor Breakfast) will be coming down to the SWR 99.9 stand in the Diamond room after his breakfast show, so come and say hi and discuss how SWR can provide you with value for money radio promotions.


The Growth Engineer

icated to designing unique solutions for your whole of business, to help position you for tomorrow’s opportunities. Our team is ready and able to assist you with all your technology and communications needs, from simple mobility or NBN, end-to-endocerelocation,complexIoT ornetworkdesign,MicrosoftOce365, web conferencing, and cyber security. We look forward to assisting at WEXPO.

Email us at: info@tbtcsydneywest.com.au

Dynamic Business Collaborators

Open for people that want to do busi ness and be known, Dynamic Business Collaborators hold Monthly Networking groups for micro, small and medium business owners, to come together to build relationships and give a positive impact on other like-minded business owners, through referrals and to add value to their connections. Our focus is to meet, share and collaborate. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month, at 9.30am, at Breed Business Hub, T2A Warawara Circuit, Niramba Education Precinct, Quakers Hill. Dy namic Business Collaborators is a Finalist in Strategic Connector of the Year Award for WWA.


Parramatta Community College

JuJu Graphics

Community Broadcast Network (CBN)DesignServices.GiveyourBrand a BOOST with our professional design services. Our design services include: Logos, Business cards, Letterheads, With Compliment Slips, Presentation folders, Marketingyers,Promotionalcards, Posters, Pull Up Banners, Infographics, Brochures, Catalogues, Annual reports, Newsletters, Magazines, Advertisements, Social media tiles, Web banners and custom creations - Just let us know what you need.



At DidgeNet, we pride ourselves on providing IT services that are designed FOR people to perform their daily business activities. We understand that technology can be daunting and ev er-changing, which is why we work close ly with our clients to ensure that they get the most out of their IT investment. Ourteamofexperiencedandcertied professionalsoerawiderangeofIT services, from managed services to cloud consulting(Oce365,Azure,AWS), digital forensics, and cyber security. If you're looking for IT services in Australia that are designed to empower people and businesses, contact us today.

The Growth Engineer has a 40-year track record of achieving MASSIVE success for clients and companies. Our clientsachieveMAJORprotablegrowth in a structured program of coaching and consulting focused on incremental improvements in processes, perfor mance, and people. Our program has been battle-tested and proven over more than two decades and literally thousands of business cases to not just improve, but absolutely transform the business and lives of those who are implement it properly. WEXPO attendees can regis ter for a complimentary PAS session to unlockahidden$50,000to$100,000in 45 minutes in their business.


Telstra Business Technology Centre Sydney West

Telstra Business Technology Centre Sydney West is a full-service ICT provid er, helping clients for over 22 years, ded

Parramatta Community College has been delivering adult and community education in Western Sydney since 1986. We’re an award-winning organisation, forsocialpurpose(not-for-prot),a Registered Training Organisation and a member of Community Colleges Aus tralia. We focus on quality education for all ensure our training is accessible. We strive to deliver various courses that cre ate opportunities for all members of the community to improve their professional and personal development.


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365 Care

365 Care provide home care services for older Australians and people living with a disability across Western Sydney. At 365 Care, we want to help you to live arichandfulllinglifeandmaintain as much independence as you can. We believe in supporting you to live your life to your truest potential, supporting you every step of the way. Come visit us at our stand at WEXPO where we can tell you more about the 365 Care experience.



We work with SME business owners who know they need to do more mar keting, but don't know what, when or how to do it. To get the results you need requires the right strategy, then the right marketing tactics which include content, design and more. First, we identify the overall marketing strategy that the busi nessneedstofollowinordertondnew clients. We then identify the right kind of tactics needed to achieve their goals. In attending our workshop presentation, attendees can learn about our 7 Steps to SmallBusinessMarketing.Ouroerfor WEXPO is a Total Online Presence Audit (TOPA)foronly$595+gst(RRP$995) valid until October 31, 2022.

SuperHelp Australia is a group of accountants specialising in Self-Managed Super Funds. We have been operating for over 15 years assisting thousands of trustees of SMSFs to manage their own super. Sandra is a licensed SMSF advisor. Book an obligation free consultation with Sandra to have all of your SMSF ques tions answered.


Local Area Marketing

Local Area Marketing & Networking Group(LAMNG)hasbusinessnetwork inggroupsinBlacktownCity(BBN),the Hills district, Parramatta, Penrith and the Lower Blue Mountains. We provide a mix of monthly online and in-person meetings. Our focus is on relationship

www. contentbox.com.au
Telstra Business Technology Centre Sydney West 12 WEXPO 2022 - Special Feature | October 2022 WEXPO 2022 Exhibitor Profiles


building with like-minded people. You get to exchange ideas, learn, social ise, collaborate, gain knowledge, form new relationships, get fresh business ideas and tips to expand your business network. Whether your business is in a sharedspace,shop,oce,industry,or home-based you will meet motivated owners and entrepreneurs to share your passion and grow your business. See us at WEXPO.


Commercial Credit Services

Ocers’whoaretherstpointofcontact should clients require assistance with their support and services. Our CSOs work very closely with external stake holders, liaising and attending meetings with Allied Health and NDIS teams. Visit our booth and learn more about our services.


If you are struggling with the collec tions on overdue accounts or looking for some professional help come and visit us. We are looking to talk to business owners aboutanexcitingnewoeringwhichis an outsourced collection reminder sys tem. We know how important client rela tionshipsare,butequallyhowdicultit can be to call customers for payment. Let Commercial Credit Services assist via its new product “Boost Collections”.


Tech Abstract

Canyourbusinessbenetfromthe Research & Development Tax Incentive Program? Have you developed a new product feature or design? Have you de veloped a new process or manufacturing method that is new in your industry?

You may be doing Research & De velopment that is eligible for the R&D Incentive and not even know it! If you’re eligible you can claim up to 43.5% of your costs back.



Care Mode

Arthur Bozikas is a professional social justice leader for people with disability and Amazon #1 best-selling author. After his day job as the CEO for a disability organisation, Arthur was lecturing many businesses manage ment courses part-time for over seven years, at the same university he grad uated from. Additionally, he also was teaching many business management subjects as a casual teacher at several TAFEcollegesforeightyears,nally concluding all his teaching commit ments to focus more on his passion for writingctionnovels.TheAussieau thor(fromBlacktown)publishedthree books internationally in 2021, with the fourth(TheBookGlassesSeriesBook2) tobereleasedlaterthismonth(Sep tember 2022). In September 2016, Ar thur was awarded an Order of Australia Medal(OAM)ontheQueens’Honour list because of over two decades as the CEO for a disability organisation, sup porting disadvantaged people.

Cumberland Ford

At Cumberland Ford we pride our selves in being ‘The Best in the West’. Our team are dedicated to making your experience fun and you’ll feel right at home during your vehicle ownership journey.We’re a team of passionate people across all departments: Sales, Administration, and Service. Our people care about the community and do our upmost to contribute when we can. This year we’re participating in the Sydney Blackmore’s Bridge Run, R U OK? Day, WEXPO, and sponsoring the Bryden’s Lawyers Golf Day. We’re also a long-time sponsor of the Blacktown Workers Club.



Care Mode Disability Support Services is a registered NDIS provider servicing clients in Victoria and New South Wales. We pride ourselves in working collaboratively with our clients, their support coordinators, and families, to empower, support and work towards realising their goals to ensure they achieve their real outcomes. What makes us unique, is our team of Client Service

In2Mortgages is a boutique mortgage brokerage which specialises in quality service to customers, by delivering a wide range of lending options and solu tions.Withover30yearsinthenance industry, In2Mortgages is well placed as leaders in the industry to also serve as Mentors for new entrants into the broking industry. Broker development covers a wide spectrum of territory and so it follows that a mentor’s experience should equally span in knowledge and experience. Our mentees are supported and guided over a 24-month period. We hold ourselves accountable for their

success. Although, mentee success is not altogether one sided; our commitment to our mentees is guaranteed by being accepted into our program.


My Skills Australia

International students. The Australian CareersBusinessCollege(ACBC)com bines training in the classroom with hands on work experience. Our in de manded Nationally Recognised Courses can earn you credit points towards Bachelor Degrees at leading universities and our training philosophy of pairing study with work placement, delivers the relevant hands-on skills that employers are looking for.


Macquarie Community College

Thinking of a career change? Or just wanting to do a short online course to upskill or get into a job quickly? My Skillscanndoutwhattrainingyou’re eligible for with our 60 second Free Skills Check and you could be on your way to achieving a nationally recognised quali cation.You’lladditionallybegiftedthe eBook “The Career Hack” guiding millen nials through all job prospects straight after school or UNI. “No one should be pigeonholed into a particular career, let’s look at all the options” - Author Simone Rennocks.


On Road Driving Education

On Road Driving Education are Australia's leading experts in driver education will provide you with the skills requiredtobeasafeandcondentdriver forlife.Weoerawiderangeofdriving lessons and courses in Sydney, Quean beyan, Wollongong, Newcastle, Canberra and Melbourne to suit your needs and pride ourselves in delivering quality education with an excellent and profes sional team.



ACBC is a Registered Training Organisation(RTO)No90271.We oerfulltimefacetofaceclassesin ourLiverpoolcampus,exibleonline study as well as supporting Trainees to learn in their workplaces. ACBC is also approved by CRICOS as a provider for

Macquarie Community College have beencreatingandprovidingaordable and inclusive learning opportunities that meet the needs of individuals, organisations and communities, for over 70 years. As a NFP Registered Train ing Organisation, we train individuals within our communities to upskill, reskill and gain new skills for work and study. Over 70% of our Child Care, Aged Care and Disability Care students graduatewithemploymentoersfrom the work placements that we organise. Our English, digital literacy and job seeker programs bridge the skills gaps for people seeking to study and work and includes our new program, SKILL S4You,aimedspecicallyatjobtraining for migrant women. Visit our stall to ndouthowwecanhelpyouwithyour training needs.


Inspiring the Future Australia

Research reveals that young people who have had four or more connec tions with people from the workplace whiletheyareatschoolarevetimes less likely to be unemployed or not in education in their early 20s. Inspir ingtheFutureAustralia(ITF)isona mission to help increase those connec tions. You and your employees can help byoeringonehourormoreayearto visit local schools to share your career story and broaden students’ career horizons. You could change a young person’s life while putting your organ isation and industry sector on their career radar.


Training Services Western Sydney

Training Services NSW works to improve training outcomes for the people of NSW. We support apprenticeships and traineeships, Smart and Skilled, and adult and community education. We're

our stand to hear more.
13 ISSUE 19 | WEXPO 2022 - Special Feature WEXPO 2022 Exhibitor
Macquarie Community College

part of NSW Department of Education. We work with industry, providers and the community on vocational education and training. This gives people practical skills and knowledge for the workplace. It can help people entering the workforce forthersttime,improvingtheirskills, or developing a new career. We provide funding, guidance and support for pro grams. This, in turn, supports economic, regional and community development.

Training Services Western Sydney –9204 7400.


Tender Loving Care

TLC is committed to provide people who have disabilities with reasonable and individualised support services to facilitate access and the successful achievement of their life goals. We work hard every day for a world where children, young people and adults with disabilities are able to easily access the services they need to achieve their goals. TLC is dedicated to advancing disability rights in the community and paving the way for all individuals to be happy and healthy.


Gem Eco Ventures

My Business Gem Eco Ventures Pty Ltd specialises in marketing Eco Friend ly products, some of which are 100% Biodegradable, Indirectly assisting in the upliftmentofartisans/artistsfromdier ent parts of the world and endeavouring tooerplasticreplacementalternatives, for a sustainable future - "Bio-Plates" are food serving plates and bowls made

fromPalmTreeSheath.Productsonoer forsalewillbediscountedspecically during Wexpo.


Hills and Shores


• Buying properties in NSW and Interstate.

• In-depth knowledge of high growth regions and suburbs.

• Above average ROI achieved through property development strategies.

• End to end management of property purchases for a stress-free experi ence.

Why people should visit you at WEXPO.

• A chance to ask any property related question to an expert.

• Receive a free investor guide upon registration.

• First 50 customer registrations to receive$1000oonourservicefee.

• Win prizes on our lucky draw.



Don’t have a mechanic that you love and trust? Then come meet Russell and Tammy, owners of Ultra Tune Blacktown. Our team has over 40 years’ mechan ical experience and will love your car like it was our own. Free Roadside with every manufacturer’s logbook service (conditionsapply).VisitusatWEXPOto geta$20vouchertouseatUltraTune Blacktown.


"We are known for our quality, and we customise and design dresses according to customer's requirements and budget. We started our business in October 2018 just by renting out cultural dresses. Then gradually started designing our dresses as per customer's needs. And we have been Finalist in the local Business Awards for 2021 and 2022.” We are look ing forward to showcasing our designs onWEXPOandoeringaspecialonour dresses: 10% - 40% discount on the day.

One Kind Box

Transform your business with the power of Behavioural Science and Psychology. Leanne Elich Consulting isabusinessadvisoryrmspecialising in ethical, human-centred sales strat egies, business systems, processes, and practices. Learn how to use behavioural science and psychology to develop your skills,strategiesandtacticstoinuence consumer behaviour and accelerate your business growth. Don't miss out on Dr Leanne Elich launching her latest book: Solving the Sales Equation named “The one-of-a-kind sales tool EVERY business needs!” – Sydney Morning Herald. A special signed edition will be available for purchase: Only at WEXPO! www.leanneelichconsulting.com

Australian Hearing & Balance Centre

At Australian Hearing & Balance Centre, they speak your language: simply advise their friendly receptionists when you call which language you speak, and they will book you in with an Audiologist that can help you. If you have tinnitus, or are having trouble hearing your loved ones, why not come in and have a full clinical hearing assessment. With a valid doctor’s referral, a consultation with them is fully bulk billed. Call them on 02 9676 8866 to book your FREE hearing as sessmentwithoneoftheirfullyqualied Audiologists. You may also be eligible for FREE hearing aids.


Have you had the chance to meet and greet One Kind Box? They’re Sydney’s newest sustainable store with low-toxic, low-plastic gifts. This small business is on a mission to connect people through earth-friendly gifting. They have a range of beautifully curated gift boxes packed with Australian artisan products and ethical gifts. One Kind Box dreams of a future in which nature’s heart beats strong. With the hope of building a more sustainable future for the Earth andsendingfeweritemstolandll,they source small batch made gifts that are low in plastic, sustainably manufactured and easy to compost. Visit us at WEXPO this October 24th to say hello and par ticipate in winning one of their gorgeous gift boxes.


True Blue Care

At True Blue Care, we understand the importance of staying true to yourself, expressing your genuine self and aspiring toreachnewheights.Therefore,weoer bespoke services and guide you to get the best out of your NDIS plan. True Blue Care is a registered NDIS provider with vast experience in disability services. We ensure that you receive the best, per son-centric approach every single visit. True Blue Aussies doing what we do best, and that is being the lodestar of your NDIS journey. True Blue stands for being your local guide, sharing our expertise and knowledge, and tailored tools and services to lead the life you want. True to our name and mission to care for our community and support our specially abled participants to seamlessly and comfortably get back within the com munity and gain control over their space and time.


Community First Credit Union

Community First has been in opera tion for more than 60 years having start ed in 1959 as the Sydney Water Board OcersCreditUnionCo-Op.Community Firststrivestooermemberssomething dierentandtrulyputsmembersrst in the delivery of products and services which help them achieve their person alnancialgoals.Today,Community First Bank has over one billion dollars in assets, has store locations stretching from the Sutherland Shire, the Hunter Region, Western Sydney and in between. As one of Sydney’s largest community-based credit unions, we are member owned andrunforthebenetofourmembers, notforexternalshareholderprot.We aim to continue to be an integral part of the communities in which our Members live and work.


Punjabi Trenz Punjabi Trenz is run by Harpreet Bhinder and his sister Ravneet Kaur. Leanne Elich Consulting
Ultratune. 14 WEXPO 2022 - Special Feature | October 2022 WEXPO 2022 Exhibitor Profiles
Inspiring the Future Australia

Coldbustersuppliesarangeofoor heating and related heating products to the Trade, Retail and DIY markets and distributes and installs throughout Aus tralia. We import and distribute only the best quality products manufactured by top international companies that invest substantial funds on new product Re search and Development in consultation with Coldbuster, ensuring leading-edge technology. Our products meet a range of European quality standards and have ISOcerticationandUSAUnderwriters Laboratory listings. The products meet Australian standards in regard to Volatile Organic Compounds and Electro Mag netic Radiation. We supply and install underoorheatingforalmostallooring nishes.Allourundertimber,under tile, in screed and in slab heating cables have a 25 year warrantee. We will price matchandbeatanyquoteforunderoor heating put to us.


SMETech Solutions

With more than 15 years of expe rience, we are adept in the labour-in tensivebuthighlyspecialisedeldof technology, and we excel at it. We are devoted to growing the markets where ourservicesareoered,includingthe cloud, digital, software, and telecommu nications markets. We propose to serve our clients in automation, cloud services, security, and help desk support. SME TechSolutionsisaninnovativeande cient provider with years of experience. We at SME Tech Solutions are proud to have served diverse groups of clients from various industries. As a result of this expertise, we have a thorough un derstanding of each industry, but we are constantly searching for new approaches to address the unique issues of our cli ents.Eachmemberofourqualiedsta is dedicated to producing work of the highest calibre.

In addition to our expertise and trustworthiness, we also come highly recommended for our approach to work, which is one of friendliness and collabo ration.


Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a Church and notforprotorganisation,bringinghope to people in the community. The Salvos is an international Christian movement, united by faith and giving hope where it’s needed most. Across Australia – in cities, country towns and rural commu nities – our work touches every demo graphic and age group.

They’re involved in national issues while also bringing hope to people who may be experiencing hardship or injustice. Since their foundations in nineteenth century London, they express their faith in charitable work to provide both the spiritual and the social support. As both a church and charity, they can preach and speak about justice, compas sion, and other issues that support the welfare of others and see them as a whole person – body, mind and spirit. At WEX PO, they will showcase their community work and would love to engage and partner with local businesses to support the community better.


Signarama Blacktown

Linked Business

We are an Australian based Business Development company that actually does the work for our clients! LBS will: Analyse andxyourcurrentsalesproblems, bring you work, and then mentor you as you grow. If you’re a business owner or managerwhoisverybusy,can'taorda full-timesalespersonORneedstollyour sales team’s funnel, then LBS is for you!


Sarah Bauling

Having been in the hospitality industry since 1998 Sarah has lived and breathed all aspects of business. Her areas of passion are customer service, events and sales and marketing. Her focus and intent to always achieve success in these areas has resulted in many hours and years of learning and experience. She knows how impactful these segments are in any business. Sarah has consolidated her experience and areas of passion to create focussed training and keynote deliveries that she shares with customers, her students and the stage. She is authentic, real and passionate. She in spires her audiences and customers to shift their thinking and the way they do things resulting in impactful changes.


Digital Presence

Our digital marketing strategy is constantly evolving to ensure we produce exceptional results for your business. We are one of Australia’s most experienced Digital Marketing Agencies serving busi nesses worldwide for over 18 years. We are an SEO agency that helps other SEO agencies with their clients. You heard that right! Speak to one of our SEO & Digital Marketing experts today, give us a call on 1300 867 726.


Western Sydney Community Forum

The people of Greater Western Sydney are our priority. Greater Western Sydney is home to around 2 million people. Its richness of culture is unique. Its diversi ty is inspiring. Its economy is booming. Its landscapes are breathtaking. In this space, we lead and shape social policy andservicedelivery.Wearedenedand driven by fairness, collaboration, integrity and excellence in all we do. We advocate for and champion solutions that sustain community resilience, health and wellbe ing. We work with community groups and organisations. We partner with Govern ment across all its levels. And we join with regional and local businesses. In this way we can collectively make an impact in building a thriving and inclusive region.


Mentor 2 Mentor

Buzz Web Media

We like to think of ourselves as an outsourced marketing department – we want to become an integral part of your business, understanding your business objectives and guiding you on digital strategy and delivering services that get results. Buzz Web Media primarily deals with Australian markets, servicing from smaller businesses right through to big brands you may recognise like Centrum & HomeWorld. Most of the work we do is brand management and digital marketing for professional services.

www. buzzwebmedia.com.au

Blacktown Workers Club

Featuringveoorsofsportingand health facilities, two restaurants, multiple function rooms and sporting clubs, the Blacktown Workers Club is a premium entertainment and leisure destination in western Sydney. Due to the NSW Government’s Public Health Orders, Blacktown Workers Club and Sports Club, Blacktown has extensive safety measures in place to ensure the health and well beingofourmembers,guests,andsta. This includes entry registration, physi cal distancing, increased cleaning, and sanitising stations. Our great facilities are just as welcoming as they’ve always been, with membership, functions, sports, and events still taking pride of place in our community.

www. blacktown.workersclub.com.au

Local Area Marketing

LocalAreaMarketing(LAM_runs a number of local business networking groups across Western Sydney. Unless you plan for business growth, it won't happen. Local Area Marketing & Net working Group – helps guide businesses to create you’re their own playbook for growth. Having a growth strategy is a key to growing your business. LAM groups examine for example: how do you create generate new leads and sales and website and social media management.


Parramatta College

The Parramatta College has been at the forefront of community education in the region since 1986. We are for social purpose(not-for-prot),aRegistered Training Organisation and a member of Community Colleges Australia. We focus not only on quality education for all, but also on ensuring that our training is ac cessible. We educate for life. This means we provide adult education opportuni ties that includes developing personal in terests, through to upskilling or reskilling for work and career.


If you've been looking for the perfect signage to advertise your products or in form customers of your services, then look no further than Signarama Blacktown: your full service sign centre, helping you with all your signage necessities. Signara ma Blacktown has the latest technology, producing the best quality signage while keeping your company image in mind. We can custom-make any type of sign for your business. For visitors to WEXPO we havethefollowingoer:10%discountfor all orders placed in November 2022.


Situated in The Hills and Hawkesbury areasofSydney,Mentor2Mentoroers businesses the facilities to collaborate and communicate with other likeminded busi nesses,todiscuss,andndsolutionsfor their business issues and future planning. With small groups of 6-8 business owners, you experience an empathetic, support ive environment to share your concerns andchallenges(andwins!!).Yourteamis made of businesses from non-competitive markets,ensuringcondentiality–an essential key of the Mentor2Mentor group process.


SWR 99.9FM

SWR broadcasts loud, live and local 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All our programming is produced in our studios at Blacktown and delivered to your near est radio on 99.9 FM by our transmitter at Horsley Park. Our broadcast can be received across most of the Sydney met ropolitan area. The diverse community of Western Sydney is represented by our wide variety of programming and regular outside broadcasts. There’s something for everyone on SWR 99.9 FM, check out the on-air guide and see for yourself.


Coldbuster Floor Heating
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Community First Credit Union.


| Co-Founder Buzz Web Media

| Grow with Google Trainer

| Federal Government Mentor for Female Founders Program

| UNE-SRI Resident Expert

A FREE 45-minute Grow with Google training session brought to you by, Grow with Google trainer and Western Sydney business identity, Lee Ussher.

You will learn -

Practical steps to be found online with Google Search & Maps. Ways to connect with more customers using Google Ads. How to interpret data to make better business decisions with analytics.

About Lee Ussher

Lee has been a seasoned professional speaker, trainer & media commentator since 2008. In 2010 Lee cofounded a brand management agency Buzz Web Media, and recently a business communications hub software Focal.Contact, to support her consulting services.

With a desire to help others shine online, she has created networks & programs to support niche industries grow. As a female founder and advocate for women in business, she founded Women With Wit (2013), an online media platform supporting & socially connecting women content creators. As an ex teacher she founded SER4KIDS (2009), an online platform supporting teachers, professionals & parents within the education sector.

Lee’s passion to share her vast experience and knowledge is also very evident in her active roles as Grow with Google trainer, Mentor for Federal Govt’s Female Founders Initiative, Resident Expert for UNE’s Smart Regional Incubator, and Advisor to Industry Schools Partnership ‘Inspiring The Future’.


Monday, October 24 Blacktown Workers Club Ballroom, Level 1. Commencing at 11:15am sharp, concluding at 12 noon.

For more info go to: www.wexpo.com.au

”My mission is to make a difference to business owners and their families so they don’t live and age poor” – Sheila Cabacungan Certified Financial Planner, Wealth Forum What if you had all the money you need to live your best life? has served Western Sydney’s Wealth Forum Small Business Owners and their Families since 2009 Financial Education, Business Financial Planning, Financial Advice and Wealth Solutions Use this QR Code to arrange a confidential conversation with us 0418454880 www.wealthforum.com.au EXPERTS IN FAST HOME LOAN APPROVALS Hi, I'm Linden Regina, Branch Manager at the Wetherill Park branch. Let’s talk Reach me on 0452 076 489 or at Linden.Regina@nab.com.au 21 ISSUE 19 | WEXPO 2022 - Special Feature
is your data safe? CHILL IT ARE YOUR IT & CYBER SECURITY EXPERTS! 1300 796 246 CHILLIT.COM.AU 22 breedaustralia.com.au Business Incubation Youth Empowerment Community Outreach Business Services Commencing in 2023
Banking doesn’t need to b e a hassle Savings Loans Banking Insurance We’re located inside the Blacktown Workers Club and open 9-5 weekdays CUMBERLAND FORD enquiries@cumberlandford com au www cumberlandford com au 145 151 Main St, Blacktown NSW 2148 (02) 9622 0400 ABOUT US At Cumberland Ford we pride ourselves in being ‘The Best in the West’. Our team are dedicated to making your experience fun and you’ll feel right at home during your vehicle ownership journey. We’re a team of passionate people across all departments; Sales, Administration, and Service. Our people care about the community, and do our upmost to contribute when we can. This year we’re participating in the Sydney Blackmore's Bridge Run, R U OK? Day, Wexpo and sponsoring the Bryden's Lawyers Golf Day. We’re a long time sponsor of the Blacktown Workers Club. Cumberland Ford are a part of the Australian Automotive Group and Motus Australia. See us in the Diamond Room at Blacktown WorkersClubatWexpoOctober24th. Get to know our team! F om e t to gh A f Shah d (Sa es Cons tan Sha n H nte (Recep on & S ock Cont ol S ppo t G enn H nter (Used Veh c e Manage ) Karen L o d (F ee Sales S ephen Ta anga (Dea er P nc pa ) Jo ge Had d Se v ce Manager) Ma o G a (Se v ce Adv so ) Pete Kaskan ot s (Ma te Techn can Sunny Chaudha y (Wo kshop Con ol e ) ohn Mc nerny Se v ce Adv so ) ona han Ra (Se v ce Adv so ) We help you prepare and keep a job. 1300 13 23 63 matchworks.com.au *Data from July 2018 – September 2022 With our employer partners* 2,600 We’ve found NSW job seekers work 19,000 23 ISSUE 19 | WEXPO 2022 - Special Feature
24 WEXPO 2022 - Special Feature | October 2022
Services Training Services NSW works to improve training outcomes for the people of NSW We support apprenticeships and traineeships Smart and Skilled, and adult and community education We're part of NSW Department of Education NSW We work with industry, providers and the community on vocational education and training This gives people practical skills and knowledge for the workplace We provide funding guidance and support for programs 132811 25 ISSUE 19 | WEXPO 2022 - Special Feature
NSW Department of Education Training
Getyourfreepressreleasevaluedat$850* *Conditionsapply E:creative@rojoconsulting.com.au P:1300104060 What is PR? Blacktown City provides a wealth of professional opportunities. Blacktown City Council is the largest council in New South Wales and a leader in the development of the western Sydney region. With almost unmatched growth expected over the next 25 years, there has never been a more exciting time to learn more about one of Sydney’s most dynamic and high-performing councils as we continue to deliver outstanding levels of service for our proud and diverse community and prepare our great City for the future. Join us at WEXPO and learn about the many ways Blacktown City Council continues to support our residents, our great City, and the growth of western Sydney. 26 WEXPO 2022 - Special Feature | October 2022
Shop 1035A Westpoint Blacktown 17 Patrick St Blacktown | NSW 2148 and the phone number: 02 8814 9387.
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28 WEXPO 2022 - Special Feature | October 2022
CRICOS registered provider: 00004G yourfuture.acu.edu.au Study at ACU Blacktown No. 1 GRADUATE EMPLOYMENT IN AUSTRALIA Graduate Outcomes Survey – Longitudinal 2021, full-time employment 29 ISSUE 19 | WEXPO 2022 - Special Feature

About the project

Safe Here is an initiative developed by Western Sydney Community Forum which aims to create easily identifiable safe spaces in commercial business areas in Western Sydney in partnership with the local businesses Business Chambers and community organ sations with a focus on areas surrounding schools The project supports and trains community volunteers and business staff to be Safe Here’ safe community space ambassadors The project aims to increase safety in community spaces frequented by people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Participants completing the training will gain the skills to support individuals and communities at risk of attack, harassment or violence stemming from racial or religious intolerance Connecting businesses to community support Local businesses play a significant and often overlooked surveillance role in the community, and may experience issues affecting their own and their customer and community’s safety The Safe Here project aims to support them to create and promote environments that are visibly hospitable to respond to emergency situations and to build awareness of support resources available such as Victims Services counselling and local community organisations Collaborative partnerships Longer term project objectives is being achieved by engaging and developing collaborative partnerships w th local business chambers, NSW Police, local councils, universities, and community organisations to work towards sustaining and growing the project into the future Locations The project will be delivered at key sites in Bankstown & Blacktown in consultation with stakeholders For more information Yusra Metwally Senior Policy and Programs 9687 9669 or 0420 479 575 yusra metwally@wscf org au ome of what I'm hearing lately is S So, bring your staff challenges to Stall B40 at and we'll find solutions together A fun team communication tool can assist in overcoming these issues, so you prosper. • many prefer working remotely rather than in a typical work atmosphere This effects staff retention • many have lost the art of communication This impacts client relationships and growth • constant video meetings have made work less fun There's a new way to quickly deal with these. 1800 887 022 info@rebootr io 30 WEXPO 2022 - Special Feature | October 2022

Live a better life in Western Sydney

Since 1985, SydWest Multicultural Services has supported diverse refugee and migrant communities across the Greater Western Sydney. We support people of all ages and cultures, with a focus on the vulnerable and most in need.

Specialising in the provision of culturally responsive care, we recognise culture and language is key to building community connections and empowering people to reach their full potential.

From our youth and family services, including domestic violence support, settlement and housing support services, employment and training, to our home care and disability services, there is a program or service for every member of the family.

• SydWest Home care for seniors • Youth

• SydWest Disability services • Settlement services

• Women and families • Support with housing

• Employment and training

Come and visit our SydWest Multicultural Services stall at the Wexpo to speak with our friendly team. Keep an eye out as we launch our rebrand with a vibrant new look!

Wexpo Monday, 24 October 9 am – 4 pm, Blacktown Workers Club
Find out more about our programs and services that can support you or a family member call 9621
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