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Business protest over car costs

AMOVE by the federal government to impose new taxes on SUV, utes and four-wheel drive vehicles because they emit more carbons could make typical household and work vehicles unaffordable and local dealerships closing down, Hume MP Angus Taylor has warned. In the Hume electorate, made up of 17,000 kilometres of rural roads interconnecting popular towns and villages such as Appin, Bundanoon, Crookwell, Oak Dale, Taralga, Wingello to main commercial areas such as Goulburn and Camden, Mr Taylor said many average earning families who usually drive large vehicles would be impacted by the proposed tax. “The price of Australians’ favourite SUVs, utes and 4WDs will be jacked up by thousands of dollars under Labor’s proposed carbon tax on vehicles,” Mr Taylor, the Shadow Treasurer, said. More page 3.

Hume MP Angus Taylor (3rdfrom right) met with local businesses about their concerns about family car and ute tax to impact on families in the Hume electorate.

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PROPOSED TAX ON BIG VEHICLES Business concern over costs

AMOVE by the federal government to impose new taxes on SUV, utes and four-wheel drive vehicles because they emit more carbons could make typical household and work vehicles unaffordable and local dealerships closing down, Hume MP Angus Taylor has warned.

In the Hume electorate, made up of 17,000 kilometres of rural roads interconnecting popular towns and villages such as Appin, Bundanoon, Crookwell, Oak Dale, Taralga, Wingello to main commercial areas such as Goulburn and Camden, Mr Taylor said many average earning families who usually drive large vehicles would be impacted by the proposed tax.

“The price of Australians’ favourite SUVs, utes and 4WDs will be jacked up by thousands of dollars under Labor’s proposed carbon tax on vehicles,” Mr Taylor, the Shadow Treasurer, said.

“Industry analysis of Labor’s family car tax predicts the cost of some popular models such as the Toyota Landcruiser could rise by as much as $25,000.

“Labor’s newest tax will put too many cars out of reach of the average family budgets in Hume.”

A public consultation on the Albanese government’s proposed New Vehicle Efficiency Standard or NVES closed on March 4.

Once implemented, the NVES will encourage global vehicle suppliers to Australia to sell more cleaner and cheaper cars to run such as a range of electric vehicles or EVs.

Last month, the Department of Infrastructure and Transport released its consultation paper, Cleaner, Cheaper to Run Cars: An Australian New Vehicle Efficiency Standard Consultation Impact Analysis which details the economic modelling of the NVES as a way to reduce the projected 369 million tonnes of carbon emissions from transport by 2050 and provide Australians more choices on cars they can use for private and work purposes.

The findings of the paper came from the first consultation on NVES in May last year participated by 2,700 influential organisations such as the Electric Vehicles Council, and individuals, the department said on its website about the NVES.

However, during a cost-of-living crisis, Mr Taylor said, “the last thing people want to hear is that the Albanese Labor government is going to

increase the cost of family cars and utes with a great big tax.”

“Labor’s family car tax will reduce the choice of vehicles available to locals in this region, force up the price of Australia’s top-selling cars and put local jobs at risk as manufacturers threaten to pull out of the market.”

Last year, Mr Taylor said, the three favourite vehicles for families and workers in his electorate are Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger and Toyota Rav4.

According to Mr Taylor’s analysis of the proposed tax modelling on fuel emitting large cars, each of these popular cars will incur a penalty of $14,490 for Toyota Hi-Lux, $17,950 for Ford Ranger and $11,020 on Toyota RAV 4 because they use petrol fuel.

Mr Taylor also said Labor’s family car and ute tax will threaten 18,909 local jobs across NSW which will have a disastrous impact on local dealerships right across this region.

As of January 2023, the Bureau of Infrastructure and Transport Research Statistical Report showed NSW has more registered petrol-fuelled vehicles on the road at 6.1 million, with a little over 1 million light commercial vehicles and 108,016 heavy trucks.

EV’s registered across Australia account for 362,700 registered vehicles or 31 percent more from 2022, according to the bureau.

Nearly 69 percent of 21.2 million registered vehicles across Australia are petrol-powered vehicles while 28.3 percent are using diesel, the bureau data showed.

Premium land release coming soon

Set in one of the fastest growing LGAs in Australia, Oran Park is a thriving, peaceful, master planned community of new homes, wide open spaces, exceptional new schools and expanding dining and retail precincts.

Premium land is scheduled to release soon and there’s a lot to fit every budget and lifestyle.

• Close proximity to award-winning parks, green spaces and waterways

3 ISSUE 16 | April 2024 NewS @oranparktown
Well positioned near the rapidly expanding Oran Park Town Centre
Easy build lots ranging from 300m 2 to 600m 2 Visit the Sales Office today and discover all Oran Park has to offer.
the QR code to register your interest to be informed about future land releases.
The three favourite vehicles for families and workers in his electorate are Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger and Toyota Rav4.


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Local Business Awards in Campbelltown, Camden and Wollondilly. Macarthur MACARTHUR'S TRUSTED LOCAL MEDIA VOICE Macarthur WWW.MACARTHURADVOCATE.AU MACARTHUR’S TRUSTED LOCAL NEWS VOICE APRIL 2024 WARRAGAMBA DAM FULL AFTER THE RA N AFTER RAIN TEACHERS RALLY IN MACARTHUR TRAVEL PLAN YOUR SNOW TRIP TRAVEL: TAX CONCERN Business protest over car costs AMOVE by the federal government to impose new taxes on SUV, utes and four-wheel drive vehicles because they emit more carbons could make typical household and work vehicles unaffordable and local dealerships closing down, Hume MP Angus Taylor has warned. In the Hume electorate, made up of 17,000 kilometres of rural roads interconnecting popular towns and villages such as Appin, Bundanoon, Crookwell, Oak Dale, Taralga, Wingello to main commercial areas such as Goulburn and Camden, Mr Taylor said many average earning families who usually drive large vehicles would be impacted by the proposed tax.“The price of Australians’ favourite SUVs, utes and 4WDs will be jacked up by thousands of dollars under Labor’s proposed carbon tax on vehicles,” Mr Taylor, the Shadow Treasurer, said. More page 3. MP Angus Taylor (3rdfrom right) met local businesses concerns family car and impact families the Hume electorate. Healthy Western Sydney update. AUTO: Skoda replacement approaches. FITNESS: Benefits of group traning. 9 12 16 17 Watch locally made films. Stay up to date on infrastructure. Watch profiles of regional leaders. Local entertainment News 3 Newsbytes 9 Magazine 11 Healthy Western Sydney 12 Travel ................................... 14 Auto 16 Fitness 17 Puzzles ................................ 18 NEWSBYTES: Half admit to emotional baggage.
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Macarthur schools in demountables

THE latest vacancy on vital teaching roles across the Macarthur region stands at 303 impacting more than 60 percent of nearly 23,000 local students.

These vacancies are among the 10,000 roles needed to be filled up across NSW, but the federal government is struggling to meet under the National School Reform Agreement, NSW Teachers Federation president Henry Rajendra said.

Mr Rajendra arrived with a giant billboard on a truck and meet with teachers at high schools in Oran Park, Mt Annan and Gledswood on Thursday to highlight the plight of poorly funded schools in southwest Sydney.

“It’s time for the Prime Minister [Anthony Albanese] to step up,” Mr Rajendra said, adding they will be “relentless in making this case”.

“Private schools in Sydney receive substantial public funding and splurging on unnecessary vanity projects such as equestrian centres and Scottish castles while public schools are missing out.”

Mr Rajendra said they have the support of NSW premier Chris

Minns and education minister Prue Car in their proposals to lift teachers’ salaries and numbers to address widespread staff shortage.

But the federal government has not made commitments to reform proposals which would require $1.9 billion annually “to give all kids a decent shot at life.”

In his meeting with local teachers, Mr Rajendra said “they find it completely unacceptable that public

schools remain underfunded while private schools are above the levels.

“It is impacting on their workload whilst students’ numbers have grown over the years because funding and staffing have not kept up with the pace.”

Across NSW public school system, Mr Rajendra the underfunding equates to $1.9 billion shortfall or 11 percent less than what they required that would have added up to 20

percent extra teaching workforce or 12,000 permanent teachers.

“This funding could help us reduce class sizes, give our teacher more time to plan and we could provide a growing curriculum offering for our students.”

A report released by the Australian Education Union on February 24 this year revealed “stark” capital funding inequities with private and public schools, Mr Rajendra said.

North Shore’s private school, Cranbrook has spent $63.5 million more on a new pool and expanded fitness and drama facilities in 2021 than public funding allocated on 2,549 public schools with nearly half a million students, Mr Rajendra said.

The report also found public schools have more demountable classrooms, about 5,000 built between 2011 to 2022.

While new schools are being built across the Macarthur region, yet students are taught at demountable classrooms at “unacceptable levels” up to 6,000 across the schools in the state, Mr Rajendra said.

“Our students deserve permanent facilities for we have a growing population that will continue into the future,” he said.

5 ISSUE 16 | April 2024 NewS
Teachers at Mt Annan met with NSW Teachers Federation President Henry Rajendra who brought a giant billboard depicting the plight of underfunded students in the Macarthur region. Photo supplied.



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悉尼西區現提供緊急護理服務 वेस्टर््न सिड र् ी मेें तत्काल देखभ का ल िेव का एं उपलब्ध हैैं نيدس برغ في ةحاتم ةئراطلا ةيحصلا ةياعرلا تامدخ URGENT CARE SERVICES ARE AVAILABLE IN WESTERN SYDNEY URGENTCARE-WS.COM.AU 1800 371 372 WW23-18059 UCS - Poster Creative_A4 PRINT_V06-FA.indd 1 21/9/2023 11:00 am

Warragamba Dam full after the rain Residents head to recovery centres

GREATER Sydney region’s water reservoir Warragamba Dam remains at peak 100 percent on its gauge days after recent heavy rainfall.

Water NSW said the volume of floodwater offloaded from the dam whose catchment received 158.4 mm of rainfall over two days equaled to half the amount of Sydney Harbour.

On Monday, the agency said the spill rate from Warragamba Dam that supplies 80 percent of drinking water across Greater Sydney’s 5.4 million households has been reduced to 19 gigalitres per day and decreasing further as water catchments become steady.

This update comes as impacted residents and businesses along the Nepean and Hawkesbury Rivers return to their properties with the NSW and Federal government agencies jointly opening Recovery Centres to assist them.

In the Macquarie electorate covering the Hawkesbury, MP Susan Templeman has pressed for urgent recovery assistance for households, farmers, and businesses on the floodplains in Richmond and Windsor.

“I’ve already signaled they’ll need substantial help for turf, farm and vegetable producers whose properties are still underwater,” Ms Templeman said.

NSW climate minister Penny Sharpe has lifted the waste levy on impacted residents who are disposing wastes and debris generated on their properties due to the recent flood.

“I welcome the announcement from the state government that they have lifted the waste levy fee for the Hawkesbury to assist in flood recovery,” Ms Templeman said.

“This will help ease the financial burden of the clean-up and will ensure the disposal of water damaged items is done in a safe and responsible way.”

NSW State Emergency Services as-

sistant commissioner Dallas Burnes said their current focus is on transition to flood recovery resupplying the remaining isolated communities and finalising damage assessments.

“As we transition to recovery, our volunteers are out in the community undertaking damage assessments and supporting community members with clean-up activities,” Mr Burnes said.

SES volunteers are undertaking damage assessments in Sackville, Ebenezer, Pitt Town and Colo whose residents ordered to evacuate over the weekend.

Despite sunny days back on the

horizon, Mr Burnes said those impacted households must conduct their recoveries with caution.

“Damage to roads and buildings caused by flooding may still exist in your area. Be aware of road hazards including mud and debris and take care as local roads could still have water over them. Check in on your neighbours, animals and livestock if safe to do so,” he said.

From Thursday, April 11 to Saturday, April 13, Recovery Centres are open for eligible residents and businesses whose properties were damaged by the recent flooding event across Western Sydney.

The multi-agency centres provide access to urgent support services through representatives from Service NSW, NSW Reconstruction Authority, Hawkesbury City Council and NSW Legal Aid.

Head to the Windsor Function Centre Recovery Centre, at 7 Dight St, Windsor or if unable to attend, phone customer care specialists on 13 77 88.

“It is important that affected residents in the region get back on their feet as quickly as possible, which is why we’re working quickly to make sure people can access funding and find support they need at our Recovery Centre,” NSW Reconstruction Authority chief executive officer Mal Lanyon said.

“This is a challenging time for communities in the Hawkesbury, who are no strangers to natural disaster.”

7 ISSUE 16 | April 2024 NewS CRICOS 00004G PRV12008 Learn more
Educating minds. Enriching hearts. Top UNIVERSITIES WORLDWIDE* 2% * Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2023. Percentage calculated as ACU’s world rank as a proportion of the total number of universities in the world: International Handbook of Universities 2019, Palgrave MacMillan.
Seven campuses around Australia and a campus in Rome, Italy.
Warragamba Dam gates were opened on Saturday, 6 April 2024 after heavy rainfall up to 158.4 mm from Friday, 5 April 2024. Photo by WaterNSW media.


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II is produced and sourced in Western Sydney, Australia’s fastest growing region and home to the country ’s newest 24-hour international airport. II is designed to capture expert insights into business success, community engagement and leadership from the people who know. Our audience includes Western Sydney and outside the region extending overseas via Access News.

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Innovation Insights

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As a former Young Australian of the Year Awardrunner-up, Suzy’s career has evolved in tandem with the ever-changing media landscape.

Michael Walls – 0407 783 413 | Suzy Michael – 0423 447 899 Proud media partner of WEXPO.

Half admit emotional baggage

NEW research by eharmony highlights the impact of past relationships on future love lives. Almost half of respondents admit to carrying emotional baggage, with anger issues and addiction cited as the most troublesome. Despite this, many aim to learn from past mistakes to improve future relationships. However, there’s a paradox: while individuals acknowledge their own baggage, they may judge potential partners harshly for theirs, revealing complexities in navigating emotional baggage in relationships.

New Bill for community workers’ rights

THE NSW Government has unveiled a draft bill to extend leave rights for up to 250,000 community sector workers, allowing quicker access to long service leave and portability across multiple employers. Targeting disability care, domestic violence, and homelessness services, the reform aims to address job insecurity and retain essential workers. The scheme, mirroring other jurisdictions, responds to the sector’s high casualization and predominantly female workforce, aligning with the Government’s commitment to support social service workers.

Pharmacy trial proves successful

THE NSW Government’s pharmacy trial has exceeded 12,000 consultations, easing GP burden and enhancing medication access. Trained pharmacists manage UTIs and provide oral contraceptives, with over 11,000 UTI consultations and 854 pill consultations since May and September 2023, respectively. The trial expands to include treatments for minor skin conditions. Minister Ryan Park emphasizes the initiative’s efficiency and safety, aiming for further expansion to improve healthcare accessibility.

Mathematics won’t be mandated

THE Independent Education Union of Australia applauds NSW Education Standards Authority’s decision not to mandate mathematics for Years 11 and 12 students. With teacher shortages at peak levels, the move is considered pragmatic. Compulsory math would exacerbate the deficit in STEM educators, reducing subject choices and hindering student enrolment in non-government schools. The IEU advocates for en-

hanced professional development for primary teachers to bolster mathematics education.

Experts recommend using mouthguards

AS the 2024 rugby and football seasons approach, parents and athletes are urged to prioritize oral health. Shockingly, only 36% of Australians wear mouthguards during

Surgery waitlist drops 85%

Scontact sports, increasing the risk of severe injuries like fractured teeth and broken jaws. Dr Cathryn Madden emphasizes the importance of custom-fitted mouthguards from dentists to ensure proper protection, comfort, and prevention of injuries. Bupa Health Insurance members can access no-gap mouthguards at participating clinics, promoting safer sports participation.

INCE March 2023, NSW’s planned surgery waitlist has dropped by 85%, thanks to the Surgical Care Governance Taskforce and dedicated health staff. Over 12,000 fewer people await overdue procedures, with 83.6% of surgeries performed on time. Measures like expanding same-day surgery eligibility and boosting healthcare workforce help alleviate pressure on hospitals. Premier Chris Minns commends progress but acknowledges ongoing efforts to ensure prompt healthcare delivery.

9 ISSUE 16 | April 2024 Newsbytes
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CITS HIP TO BE SQUARE! Blacktown’s future is NOW

OMMUNITY organisations, members of parliament, council and property developers are running community consultations to gauge what the people of Blacktown want their city to look and feel like in future decades.

Mt Druitt masterplan has been delivered and has resulted in upgrades. The NSW Government is injecting over $92M for upgrades to Kevin Betts Stadium, aquatic centre, Dawson Mall and First Nations Community Centre.

Riverstone MP Warren Kirby, having only been elected just 12 months ago, has been conducting community forums attended by good crowds as people express their views, concerns and ideas over the unfolding of the Riverstone Town Plan.

Stephen Bali, MP for Blacktown has conducted forums and feedback sessions, distributing newsletters and contributing articles in the Blacktown News. These focus on the planning of Blacktown CBD.

Bali’s agenda is that future development of Blacktown reflects a cosmopolitan capital city befitting a local government area where its population is set to surpass Tasmania by 2035 – in numbers: to over 610,000 by 2041 with growth continuing.

Walker Corporation acquired a strategic part of Blacktown from council 12 months ago and has conducted several pop-up stalls with an online survey to gauge local initial feedback.

Results will be released in coming months and this builds on feedback generated by local MPs from their forums. The Blacktown News will report these findings.

What has been clear from all surveys, forums and community consultations is that people are sceptical of clichés and hollow catch cries like “jobs, jobs, jobs”.

There’s also scepticism about artist impressions not based on reality, although to be fair to developers craeting accurate creative visions that do reflect reality

take time and evolve as the project scope evolves.

MP Stephen Bali has advocated for a Central Living District concept. He is on record as saying: “Whilst the new Parramatta CBD is great for Parramatta, it is not Blacktown. We need to define what we are and build a central living district to suit our population.”

A key proposal has been the development of a Blacktown Town Square where people can gather in a safe environment. The Square can potentially accommodate 10,000 people for festivals right in the heart of the city making Blacktown the epicentre of major festivals for Western Sydney.

Key concerns for large outdoor festivals are parking, traffic movement, safety, the environment and functional space.

The Blacktown News has presented articles that outline where four key landowners control most of the land from Alpha Park to Colo Lane car park – some 133,000 square metres of land.

Now, imagine a town square surrounded by affordable living accommodation, social enterprises, commercial businesses, walkways, cycleways in a safe and friendly area rather than street scapes and podium parking accommodating thousands of cars.

Since 1975 our city street festivals have become a signature feature of Blacktown

and with Lunar New Year, Holi, Ramadan, Vaisakhi, Diwali, Christmas are the very embodiment of multicultural life in Western Sydney.

Blacktown can become the festive capital of not only Western Sydney but Australia – a global drawcard.

The new Blacktown CBD can become the next international festival destination, driving the visitor and tourism market which benefits the local economy and creates another local visitor magnet for those landing at Western Sydney Airport.

Furthermore, a town square could incorporate the new police station, courthouse, council civic centre, art gallery and an entertainment quarter.

Most agree that the current police station and courthouse are no longer fit for purpose; the council building has been sold and will soon be demolished; the State Government has funded a new $40M art gallery; and the Blacktown Workers Club can drive the revitalisation of an entertainment centre within the town square.

Michelle Rowland MP, Federal Communications Minister, and Member for Greenway has initiated a feasibility study to relocate SBS studios from Artarmon to potentially somewhere in Western Sydney.

We’d suggest that SBS’s ideal relocation could be to Blacktown’s Town Square; given Blacktown City has over 188 cultures from across the world and a strong Indigenous culture.

Of course, the key to all this is collaboration with stakeholders and residents so we can craft plans that take advantage of game-changing opportunities that are before us right now.

Progressive visions are built upon a foundational culture where concerns, values and aspirations can be equally and safely shared. Then the execution can begin.

WEXPO at Blacktown Workers Club

LIFESTYLE INSIDE Property Auto Crosswords Travel Mindset Films Trends Fitness
our 2024 event.
Details coming soon for
Michael Walls is publisher and editor of The Blacktown News. Blacktown City Festival in 2011 demonstrates Blacktown people love their festivals with approximately 50,000 attending the streets alive festival and parade. Budapest has a large town square that holds the Christmas markets and New Year’s eve fire works with tens of thousands of people attending in the square surrounding streets.

Closing the Gap

in Western Sydney

In Western Sydney, Darug land, we are fortunate to have one of the largest populations of First Nations peoples in Australia.

Unfortunately, despite improvements to the life expectancy of First Nations peoples, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children born in NSW between 2020-2022 are expected to live 6.8 years (males) and 5.9 years (females) less than non-Indigenous children1 We need to take action and close the gap.

First Nations Services in Western Sydney

The Western Sydney Primary Health Network commissions programs that are co-designed and led by First Nations community groups. The aim is to help people access safe environments that promote self-confidence, build community and create connections to health and wellbeing care.

We currently work with the following amazing providers:

• Aboriginal Counselling – culturally sensitive therapeutic counselling for people who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. Phone: 0410 539 905

• Baabayn Aboriginal Corporation – helps families heal from inter-generational trauma, build resilience, and find healthy coping mechanisms. Phone: 02 8608 6054

• Ted Noffs, Deadly Dreaming – offers cultural activities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people across six schools in Western Sydney. Phone: 1800 151 045

• Marrin Weejali – case management support for those experiencing alcohol and illicit

substance misuse to achieve physical, social and emotional wellbeing. Phone: 02 9628 3031

• The Shed – a safe environment to access physical and wellbeing support and connect to mental health, Centrelink, housing, legal and therapeutic services. Phone: 1300 550 099

• Too Deadly for Diabetes – a free 10-week exercise, nutrition, education and behavioural change program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who have, or are at risk of developing, type 2 Diabetes. Phone: 0447 972 172

• Western Sydney Integrated Team Care –supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members with chronic health conditions to access physical, mental health and social care. Phone: 02 8080 0522

1 Australian Government Productivity Commission (2024), Socio-economic outcome area 1: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people enjoy long and healthy lives, Closing the Gap Information Repository, available at:

Healthy Western Sydney is delivered by WentWest, the Western Sydney Primary Health Network.

Community Story

I was referred to the Western Sydney Integrated Team Care (ITC) program not knowing what support I was going to be able to get from them. I had workers come and visit me and explain what they do. Although I have a few health problems, my focus was on housing support as I was in a pretty bad situation living in my mate’s house which was about to be boarded up. The ITC workers always listened when I called in a frustrated and panicked state and provided advocacy and assistance with the Department of Housing when I felt there was no hope. I was able to secure temporary accommodation when the house got boarded up and now have a Department of Housing unit in the Penrith area. Now that I have my own place, I can focus on my health again. I will always remember the support Western Sydney ITC provided.

To find out more about First Nations health services in Western Sydney, head to

Sydney International Boat Show

The iconic Sydney boat show will return to Darling Harbour for the 55th year in a row August 1st - 4th, 2024. Free to attend, this annual event is expanded this year to include lots of activities and events on stages around the precinct and is an exciting day out for the entire family.

Burrawang and the Southern Highlands

Autumn is the perfect time for a day trip to the Southern Highlands and a visit to the stunning village of Burrawang.

Walk the length of Church Street and admire lo-

cal gardens and quaint old fashioned stores still fully functional. Enjoy a beer or lunch at the Burrawang Pub out the back in the sunshine.

2.5 Hour Hike to the 40 Foot Falls

On the way back to Sydney be sure to set aside time to complete a 2 and a half hour bushwalk known as the 40 Foot Falls.

This walk begins at the back of Lake Alexandra in Mittagong, the start of this 7km dog-friendly track is signposted. The walk is marked by red poles / tabs with red spray on them marking the way apart from the second bridge you come to (turn left at this intersection). This is a firetrail track. The falls at the end are well worth a visit on a lovely day, be sure to take your own water and snacks and sturdy shoes.

Rooftop Bars of Sydney

What an incredible city to enjoy the weather. Have a staycation this March and visit some of the city’s fun rooftop bars.

Cabana Bar

Part of the 25 Martin Place precinct, the

Cabana Bar feels like a holiday in Bali and is the perfect place for a margarita on a Saturday or a pre-theatre dinner. With its green hanging baskets and wicker nooks and crannies it’s a great spot for a fun date. Every Saturday Cabana bar has a bottomless brunch at 11.45am and 2pm for 2 hours. $89 includes a 2 hour seating with margaritas, spritzes, selters, mimosas and a shared style menu.

The Astor, Intercontinental, 117 Macquarie St

A stylish bar open from 4pm to midnight with a minimum $60 spend. The perfect spot to look out over the cityscape on a special occasion.

Dean and Nancy’s, Level 22, 2 Hunter St Sydney

With a very 1950s New york feel, this bar is a great choice when it’s cool outside. If you love the sound of the piano playing as you sip on a wine, come Thursday nights 5 -8pm. For DJ beats come Thursday to Saturday from 9pm. The location is next to some significant construction happening in the CBD, so finding the entry is part of the fun.

USA WARREN MILLER SKI MOVIE IS Touring Australia - Don’t miss out!

The world famous Warren Miller ski films, now in their 74th year, are touring Australia from May 2024. Locations include Wollongong, Canberra, Newtown, Avoca Beach, Bowral & The Blue Mountains. Visit for ticket details, movie trailer and more.


Win Warren Miller Tickets to a showing at a venue of your choice! Head to Warren Miller on instagram,

tag a friend you’d like to take and comment can’t wait!

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14 ISSUE 16 | April 2024
Find us at
to go, what to do, what to wear, what to pack and much more.

Tips to Plan your NSW Snow Travel

1. Think Creatively Where To Stay

If it’s a Perisher or Thredbo day trip you’d like to do with an overnight stay, Berridale and surrounding towns, such as Cooma are excellent bases to explore Kosciuszko National Park. Accommodation is cheaper than Jindabyne too and has rental equipment stores with good quality range equipment, shops, like Rhythm Snowsports Cooma open 24/7.

2. Mt Selwyn

Australia’s most affordable snow resort. If you’re a beginner or lower intermediate and you need more terrain than the slope at Corin Forest, try Mt Selwyn. Book ahead online and save with their 2024 season price freeze, a one

Continued from page 14

Snow Action Magazine

day pass is $15 and a 7 day pass is $75. Mt Selwyn offers season passes for $529 and with lessons with qualified instructors this is the perfect place to start from scratch or improve your technique all season long before moving to the bigger and more expensive resorts.

3. Corin Forest

The closest and cheapest snow resort to Sydney is Corin Forest, just 45 minutes from Canberra. If you’ve never seen snow before or you’re a complete beginner this is an excellent place to start. Head to their website and check out their packages to include a ski or snowboard lesson starting from $145 for adults or kids and include rental equipment, clothing and ski pass.

Head to for snow updates, amazing competitions, features on overseas and Australian resorts, book reviews, tips on travelling to Japan and Canada and more.

Win Win Win

When one of four copies of lonely

planets, gorgeous coffee table book about 150 thrilling winter adventures you can do around the world, whether this is snowshoeing, skiing, ice, climbing or hiking. To win simply head to @snowaction on instagram and comment on a winter activity you like to do. If you’d like to read the book, review head to www., it makes a perfect gift for anyone of all ages who likes to be outdoors, living life to the fullest.

Snow podcast

If you love listening on-the-go, check out Loving the Snowlife on iTunes or Spotify. It’s the podcast that helps families get ready for their next snowtrip, where to go and what to do when you get there. Follow on instagram @lovingthesnowlife and comment about what you’d like to hear next, we’re open to all topic suggestions.

Past episodes include: Solo travel, first time snow holiday DO’s and DON’Ts, kids snow holiday logistics, how to choose a season pass, weather forecasting, skincare and makeup at the snow, getting your body ready to stay injury-free, plus size snow clothing, travelling with babies and toddlers, sustainable ski brands and more.

15 ISSUE 16 | April 2024

SPORTLINE OFFERED FOR STYLE PRICING AS Skoda Kodiaq replacement approaches

SKODA is now offering its Kodiaq SportLine mid-tier SUV for the same price as the existing Kodiaq Style as the Czech importer prepares for the imminent arrival of an all-new model.

Now available for the national drive-away price of $56,490, the seven-seat Skoda Kodiaq SportLine saves customers over $5000, offering what Skoda Australia says is “more metal for your money”.

Included as standard equipment in the Kodiaq SportLine grade are 20-inch alloy wheels, tyre pressure monitoring, Matrix LED headlights with adaptive high beam, Drive Mode select, black exterior highlights and rear badges, aluminium pedals, sports comfort seats with integrated head restraints, a power adjustable driver’s seat with memory, exterior mirror memory and passenger side tilt in reverse, an auto-dimming rear-view mirror, and steering wheel mounted paddle shifters.

Options for the Kodiaq SportLine include leather seats with front seat ventilation ($2300), and a panoramic sunroof ($1900).

A Run-Out pack is also available combining the previous Tech Pack and Luxury Pack.

Instead of paying $5400 for the two packages combined, for $4600 the Run-Out pack includes adaptive chassis control, Park Assist, power adjustable passenger seat, heated front and rear seats, tri-zone climate control, 360-degree camera, adaptive lane guidance, emergency assist, an off-road mode and sleep pack including ‘airline’ style rear headrest extensions.

“Offering the Kodiaq SportLine for the same price as the Kodiaq Style follows the high value lead set by the Octavia SportLine offered for the same price as the Octavia Style,” explained Skoda Australia head of marketing and product Kieran Merrigan.

“In each segment, from a national $32,990 drive-away Kamiq Run-Out in the compact SUV class to the new $39,990 drive-away Karoq, the $42,490 drive-away Octavia SportLine and now

Either a $2900 five-year/75,000km or $3350 seven-year/105,000km service pack is available. The latter works out at $414 per service including major intervals.

the $56,490 drive-away Kodiaq SportLine – Skoda is providing the market with unbeatable value.

“When you look at national driveaway pricing, standard equipment, the European design and quality, seven-year warranty, affordable seven-year service packages, and guaranteed future value finance on every vehicle, Skoda’s value extends throughout each aspect of the purchase.”

Mr Merrigan said Skoda Choice provides transparent GFV pricing (available at the public website) that adapts

and changes the weekly repayment in real time based on the level of specification and options that customers select on the website configurator.

The Kodiaq SportLine is available for $140 per week on a 6.99 per cent comparison rate, with a 20 per cent deposit on a four-year Term.

Customers can transparently adjust on the website calculator the term (up to five years), annual mileage and deposit, and the calculator will provide weekly repayments and a guaranteed future value of the vehicle.

16 ISSUE 16 | April 2024 AutO

THE POWER OF WE Fitness benefits of group training

IN the realm of fitness, the saying “strength in numbers” holds true. Group training, a dynamic and interactive approach to exercise, has gained immense popularity for good reason. Beyond the individual pursuit of physical fitness, group training offers a myriad of benefits that extend far beyond the mere act of breaking a sweat. From motivation and accountability to social support and camaraderie, the advantages of working out in a group setting are boundless.

One of the most compelling benefits of group training is the inherent motivation it provides. When surrounded by like-minded individuals, each striving towards their fitness goals, the collective energy becomes infectious. Whether it’s a high-intensity interval training class or a yoga session, the presence of others fuels motivation, pushing participants to give their all. The shared experience

fosters a sense of camaraderie, transforming the workout environment into a supportive community where everyone encourages each other to strive for greatness.

Moreover, group training offers a level of accountability that is often lacking in individual workouts. Knowing that others are counting on you to show up and give your best effort can be a powerful motivator. It’s much harder to skip a workout when you know your absence will be noticed by your fellow group members. This accountability fosters consistency, a key ingredient in achieving longterm fitness success.

Beyond motivation and accountability, group training also provides a valuable opportunity for social interaction. In today’s fast-paced world, finding time to connect with others can be challenging. Group workouts offer a convenient way to socialize while prioritizing health and

fitness. Whether it’s exchanging workout tips, sharing personal successes, or simply enjoying each other’s company, group training creates bonds that extend beyond the gym walls.

Furthermore, the social aspect of group training can have a profound impact on mental well-being. Exercise is known to release endorphins, neurotransmitters that promote feelings of happiness and euphoria. When combined with the social support and camaraderie of a group setting, the mental health benefits are amplified. Group workouts provide a safe space where individuals can relieve stress, boost their mood, and build resilience in the face of life’s challenges.

Additionally, group training offers a diverse range of workouts that cater to different fitness levels and preferences. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete, there’s a group

fitness class suited to your needs. From dance-based cardio classes to strength training circuits, group training provides variety and novelty, keeping workouts fun and engaging. This diversity not only prevents boredom but also ensures that participants are constantly challenging their bodies in new ways, leading to greater fitness gains.

Moreover, group training fosters a sense of healthy competition among participants. While working towards individual goals, the friendly rivalry within the group pushes everyone to elevate their performance. Whether it’s striving to run faster, lift heavier, or hold a yoga pose longer, the presence of others

encourages individuals to push past their limits and reach new heights.

Group training offers a multitude of fitness benefits that extend far beyond the physical realm. From motivation and accountability to social support and mental well-being, the power of working out in a group setting is undeniable. By harnessing the collective energy of like-minded individuals, group training empowers participants to achieve their fitness goals while forging meaningful connections along the way. So, if you’re looking to elevate your workouts and experience the transformative power of community, consider joining a group training class today.

17 ISSUE 16 | April 2024 FitnesS



only be used once. No colloquial or foreign words. No capitalised nouns, apostrophes or plural words ending in “s”.




4 In which city would you find Red Square?

5 The Orange Free State is a former sovereign country within which modern nation?

6 In the famous performance company the Blue Man Group, how many ‘blue men’ appear on stage at one time?

7 Which musician made the 1984 album Purple Rain?

8 In which US state would you find Ivy League university Brown University?

9 Actor Betty White (pictured) is famous for playing Rose in which US sitcom?

10 Morganite is a gemstone of what colour?

ACROSS 1 Bale (4) 3 Tenacious (10) 10 Grave (7) 11 Assay (7) 12 Classified (8) 13 Woody plants (5) 14 Route (4) 15 Head of a gang (10) 18 Mocking (10) 20 Couple (4) 21 Disliked intensely (5) 23 Pool water additive (8) 26 Mass (7) 27 — Avenue, New York (7) 28 Forcing (10) 29 Island (4) DOWN 1 Station (4) 2 Made right (9) 4 Necessary (9) 5 Odour (5) 6 Frighten suddenly (7) 7 Exclusive (5) 8 Bursar (9) 9 Occupations (4) 53 17 35 81 276 8 73 6 27 3 86 9 42 5 3 762 84 57 3 97 52 21 69 4 96 48 38 17 12 68 7 No. 040 No. 040
What mountain range in NSW was formerly named the Carmarthen Hills?
Which artist was known for his ‘blue’ and ‘rose’ periods of work?
Into which body of water does the Dnieper River flow?
Using the nine letters in the grid, how many words of four letters or more can you list? The centre letter must be included, and each letter may
Y N C I P S H A I 9-LETTER WORD No. 040 15 words: Good 21 words: Very good 27 words: Excellent QUIZ 14 Buys (9) 16 Nice guy (9) 17 Doctor’s conclusion (9) 19 Painkilling drug (7) 22 Pulsate (5) 23 Defraud (5) 24 Impolite (4) 25 As soon as (4) HARD MEDIUM
4x4 WORD FIND No. 040 The leftover letters will spell out a secret message. ACROSS 1 Slight quarrel (4) 5 Reluctant (arch.) (4) 6 Drug-yielding
(4) 7 Vatican’s leader (4) DOWN 1 Hit with open hand (4) 2 Sport (4)



32 Israeli author of A Tale of Love and Darkness, adapted into a movie by Natalie Portman, – Oz (4)


2 Scottish crime drama series first broadcast in 2013 (8)

3 2007 Canadian drama set in New Delhi, India (4)

4 Iconic Italian actor, voice actor, singer, director and screenwriter (7,5)

5 Jessica – played Sue Storm in the Fantastic Four films (4)

6 2000 Robert Zemeckis drama starring Tom Hanks (4,4)

8 Iconic singer and

No. 049

20 He starred as Ethan Chandler in the horror series Penny Dreadful, Josh – (8)

22 Short-lived British soap set in Spain (8)

24 Wonder Woman’s alter ego, – Prince (5)

26 Actress who plays the lead role of Eleanor Shellstrop in the comedy series The Good Place, Kristen – (4)

28 Modern Family star who provides the voice of Duke in The Secret Life of Pets films, – Stonestreet (4)

30 Star of Jane the Virgin, – Rodriguez (4)




supernatural horror, a prequel to The Conjuring (9)

18 Swedish actress of La Dolce Vita and Back from Eternity, – Ekberg (5)

1. What is Ferrell’s first given name?

A. Richard

B. Clive

C. Wilson

D. John

2. One of his funniest skits on Saturday Night Live involved:

A. Cowbells

B. A monkey

C. A water slide

D. Chewing gum

3. Who plays Ferrell’s father in Daddy’s Home 2?

A. Liam Neeson

B. Mel Gibson

C. John Lithgow

D. Chevy Chase

4. In which movie does Ferrell co-star with Nicole Kidman?

A. Paddington

B. Bewitched

C. The Stepford Wives

D. The Railway Man

HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW... CODEWORD 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 R P No. 040 593471286 127864395 739526841 276958413 958713624 642187539 481632957 364295178 815349762 843529761 718935426 689147352 271386594 592764138 437258619 956471283 364812975 125693847 SUDOKU MEDIUM SUDOKU HARD qUICK CROSSWORD qUIZ 1. Blue Mountains 2. Pablo Picasso 3. The Black Sea 4. Moscow 5. South Africa 6. Three 7. Prince 8. Rhode Island 9.  The Golden Girls 10. Pink 4x4 ACROSS: 1. Spat, 5. Loth, 6. Aloe, 7. Pope DOWN: 1. Slap, 2. Polo, 3. Atop, 4. Thee Solve all the clues and an eight-letter word will be spelled out. Each number corresponds to a letter. Can you crack the code? 1 Utensil for eating soup 2 Wizardry 3 The Atlantic — 4 Part of a teapot 5 If a dog likes you, it — you with their tongue 6 Orange -flavoured fizzy drink 7 Mary Poppins’s job 8 It’s pumped by our hearts
ENTERTAINMENT CROSSWORD CODEWORD 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Y X U L S N W V O M I D E B C K Q A J F Z H G R T P 2104 ENTERTAINMENT CROSSWORD ACROSS 1 Actress of Nocturnal Animals and Tag, – Fisher (4) 7 Lars von Trier drama starring Kirsten Dunst (11) 10 Director and star of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Ben – (7) 11 Australian actress of 2016 crime-thriller Hounds of Love (4,5) 12 Kim Cattrall’s Sex and the City character (8) 14 Popular series that starred Claire Foy (pictured) and Matt Smith (3,5) 16 Sally Field’s 2015 romcom, Hello, My Name Is – (5) 17 Iconic English actress whose career spanned seven decades, – Cooper (6)
Aussie drama based on the novel by John Marsden,
When – Began (3,3)
29 Zooey Deschanel’s popular 2011–18 sitcom (3,4)
Sam Raimi’s crime thriller starring Billy Bob Thornton and Bridget
Aussie dramathriller written and directed by Matthew Saville (5) 23 Star of the 2019 sci-fi adventure Ad Astra (4,4) 25 One of the Ninja Turtles (8) 27 US
Fonda (1,6,4)
actress who stars in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (4)
9 2012 Michael Haneke French-language film (5) 13 Stephen Amell’s superhero series (5) 15 Playwright of Long Day’s Journey into Night (6,1’5)
puzzles Will Fe RR ell TODAY’S SOlUTiONS WORD FIND Secret message: Ready for take-off HIDDEN WORD Spoon, magic, Ocean, spout, licks, Fanta, nanny, blood, (SCOTLAND) 9-LETTER WORD apish, aspic, chain, chains, chin, china, chip, chips, inch, nisi, pain, pains, panic, panics, physic, PHYSICIAN, pica, pinch, piny, shin, shiny, ship, snip, spicy, spin, spinach, spiny ANSWERS: 1D, 2A, 3C, 4B. P UZZLES AND PAGINATION © PAGEMASTERS P TY LTD. PAGEMASTERS COM CROSS MATH 5x5 WORD FILL No. 015 No. 016 No. 015
C V S B D N D e S e L A S Insert the missing letters to make 10 words –five reading across the grid and five reading down. NOTe: more than one solution may be possible
Puzzles and Pag I nat I on © Pagemasters Pty ltd 2304 –× = 46 ÷ + + × + = 30 + + + –+ = 7 = = = 8 16 16 C A V e S A B O D e N U D G e A S K e D L e A D S CODeWORD –× = 46 ÷ + + × + = 30 + + + –+ = 7 = = = 8 16 16 WORDFILL CROSS MATH 5x5 6 2 5 9 8 7 4 3 1 0424
Insert each number from 1 to 9 in
shaded squares to solve all the horizontal and vertical equations. Multiplication and division are performed before addition and subtraction.

Opening February 2024

Beautiful new apartments from $475,000* in the heart of Blacktown at St Hedwig Retirement Village

From the moment you walk through the door of your brand new apartment at St Hedwig Retirement Village, you’ll know the meaning of comfort and quality.

Choose from a variety of exceptionally crafted one, two and three bedroom apartments from $475,000* just a short stroll to everything you need.

L ive su rrou nd e d b y bea u tif u lly l ands c a pe d g a rde n s an d e n joy lifestyle and a me n itie s i n a wel c o m i n g c om mun it y, w here every det a il ha s b ee n de s igne d for yo u r w ellbeing

Call 1300 191 472 to arrange an appointment and view our display apartment, or visit to find out more.

Come home to St Hedwig Retirement Village and discover the secret to your perfect retirement. *Residents

of retirement villages will need to pay fortnightly recurrent charges during their time at the village You may have to pay a departure fee when you leave this village. The advertised starting price ($475,000) is based on the starting price of a one bedroom apartment as at January 2023 and is subject to change
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