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Everything starts here...

in a train.



Who was my trip partner? It was Chuchu. One of my best friends from high school. His real name is JosĂŠ Luis but one day I ask him if he have a nickname and he said no. But when he was in 3th grade a teacher used to call him Chuchu because she remember her grandson with him. And when he told me that since that day until today me and everyone call him Chuchu.


Brooklin City

And where we stay? 6

That was in



Brooklin, street



Then here we start everyday our day of adventure in NYC. Taking the train in the Flushing Avenue Station. Road to the city, Manhattan.

Flushing Ave, stairs entrance


Flushing Ave, stairs

Flushing Ave train, snowing morning

Flushing Ave Station railroad, at night


Brooklyn, Manhanttan & Bronx Bridges in a snowing night.

New York [cold & snow] Since the 2nd day,in NY, it really starts to be cold. Why? Beacuse it began to snow a lot. It was 7 inches per feet. And we were in walking in the streets of China town when starts, and we were freezing. Chinatown



Trinity Church Wall Street, NY

Trinity Church, Wall Street When the present Trinity Church was consecrated on Ascension Day May 1, 1846, its soaring Neo-Gothic spire, surmounted by a gilded cross, dominated the skyline of lower Manhattan. Trinity was a welcoming beacon for ships sailing into New York Harbor.


Though skyscrapers have risen all around it,

Trinity has always ministered to the needs of

Trinity Church still stands as a significant sta-

the poor and disadvantaged. The city’s first mi-

tement of spiritual values in the heart of down-

nistry to African-Americans, both enslaved and

town Manhattan and serves as a center for con-

free, began at Trinity in 1705. During the 19th

templation, worship, and Christian community.

and 20th centuries, Trinity offered special ministries to meet the needs and hopes of succes-

There have been three Trinity Church buildings at Broadway and Wall Street. The present Trinity

sive waves of immigrants who poured into New York.

Church, designed by Richard Upjohn and consecrated on Ascension Day in 1846, is conside-

The original burial ground at Trinity Church

red a classic example of Gothic Revival archi-

includes the graves and memorials of many

tecture and is listed on the National Register of

historic figures, including Alexander Hamilton,

Historic Places.

William Bradford, Robert Fulton, and Albert Gallatin. The churchyard of St. Paul’s Chapel,

Since its founding by charter of King William III of England in 1697, the Parish of Trinity Church

at Broadway and Fulton, also has many historic tombstones.

has played a pivotal role in the religious life of this city and nation. Trinity Church has started,

The parish today continues its historic minis-

endowed or aided more than 1,700 churches,

try of daily worship, Christian fellowship, and

schools, hospitals, and other institutions.

outreach to the community, the city, the nation and the world.


Brooklin Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge


Brooklyn Bridge, JOSU

The Brooklyn Bridge, one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States, stretches 5,989 feet (1825 m) over the East River, connecting the New York City boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn (on Long Island). Upon completion, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world, the first steel-wire suspension bridge, and the first bridge to connect to Long Island. Originally referred to

Brooklyn Bridge, cloudy day

as the New York and Brooklyn Bridge, it was dubbed the Brooklyn Bridge in an 1867 letter to the editor of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, and formally so named by the city government in 1915. Since its opening, it has become an iconic part of the New York skyline. It was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1964. 19

South Street Seaport For more than two centuries, the South Street Seaport has been a place where innovation and history come together. A new proposed redevelopment by General Growth Properties, Inc. (GGP), in partnership with the City of New York, will continue this tradition of innovation, renewing the Seaport and Pier 17 and reconnecting them to Lower Manhattan, both physically and aesthetically. With this plan, New Yorkers and visitors will have even more reasons to find themselves at the Seaport. New conveniences for local residents—including a collection of specialty food stalls, unique shops to suit a range of tastes, and improved community space—will enhance the neighborhood’s quality of life.


GGP’s plan for the new Seaport addresses the needs of residents and the area as a whole. It will bring more open space for walks and recreation along the waterfront; open sightlines of the harbor from Fulton and Beekman Streets; provide a new meeting space for live performances, lectures, and children’s programs; and offer venues that celebrate both the area’s rich history and its vibrant present.



The Radio City Music Hall was completed in December, 1932. At the time it was promoted as the largest and most opulent theater in the world. Its original intended name was the “International Music Hall” but this was changed to reflect the name of its neighbor, “Radio City,” as the new NBC Studios in the RCA Building were known. RCA was one of the complex’s first and most important tenants and the entire Center itself was sometimes referred to as “Radio City.”

The Music Hall was planned by a consortium of three architectural firms, who employed Edward Durell Stone to design the exterior. Through the direction of Abby Rockefeller, the interior design was given to Donald Deskey, an exponent of the European Modernist style and innovator of a new American design aesthetic. Desky believed the space would be best served by sculptures and wall paintings and commissioned various artists for the large elaborate works in the theater. The Music Hall seats 6,000 people and after an initial slow start became the single biggest tourist destination in the city. Its interior was declared a New York City landmark in 1978. 23



Josué Medina  

Trabajo de maquetación de Josué Medina

Josué Medina  

Trabajo de maquetación de Josué Medina