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A letter from the History Editors: We’re excited to share the Columbia University Press history catalog for 2016. In U.S. history we have several books that revisit moments of social, political, and economic change and to explore how certain historical actors challenged the status quo. Edward T. O’Donnell’s Henry George and the Crisis of Inequality: Progress and Poverty in the Gilded Age examines George’s crucial role in the labor movement, New York City politics, and the development of a critique of American industrial capitalism that resonates in today’s new Gilded Age. Race and Real Estate: Conflict and Cooperation in Harlem, 1890–1920, by Kevin McGruder, challenges familiar narratives of the neighborhood’s history to understand how African Americans sought to develop and create a community. Two new books trace the influence of Jewish traditions and culture in the United States. Roger Horowitz’s Kosher USA: How Coke Became Kosher and Other Tales of Modern Food tells the fascinating story of how ancient Jewish law and modern American food production came to coexist. New York’s Yiddish Theater: From the Bowery to Broadway, edited by Edna Nahshon and published in conjunction with an exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York, captures the energy and creativity of Yiddish theater and its impact on American culture. The different ways in which history is understood and remembered is the subject of recent books, including Must We Divide History Into Periods. In his final work, the legendary historian Jacques Le Goff returns to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance to reveal how historical developments often resist periodization. Closer to our own time, in Consumed Nostalgia: Memory in the Age of Fast Capitalism Gary Cross critiques our current obsession with the consumer products from the past and demonstrates how that is warping our sense of history. In the history of ideas, we have new books that reexamine the historical legacies of two crucial thinkers of the modern era: Marx and Freud: Harry Harootunian’s Marx After Marx: History and Time in the Expansion of Capitalism deprovincializes Marx to examine his influence outside the West. In Political Freud: A History, Eli Zaretsky demonstrates how Freudian thought shaped political developments relating to capitalism, race, war, anti-Semitism, and feminism. And in the category of global history, we are proud to announce the publication of Richard W. Bulliet’s The Wheel: Inventions and Reinventions, featuring 120 illustrations and tracing the history of the wheel since 4000 BCE. A History of Virility. edited by Alain Corbin, Jean-Jacques Courtine, and Georges Vigarello is another world-historical highlight. We are also immensely pleased that Adam Clulow’s The Company and the Shogun: The Dutch Encounter with Tokugawa Japan (first published in 2013 and coming out in paperback in June 2016) has been honored by winning the 2015 Jerry Bentley Prize in World History from the American Historical Association. We hope you share our excitement about these new books, and we look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Bridget Flannery-McCoy, editor for U.S. history Anne Routon, senior editor for Asian history, global history, and Middle East history


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New & Notable............................................... 3 New in Paper.................................................24 Of Related Interest........................................27 Manuscript queries and proposals can be sent to Asian, Global, and Middle East History Editor Anne Routon: or U.S. History editor Bridget Flannery-McCoy: For a complete listing of Columbia’s titles or for more information about any book in this catalog, visit our web site: Most titles in this catalogue published by Columbia University Press are available worldwide from the Press. If no UK price appears for a title, it is most likely available from Columbia only in the United States, its possessions, and Canada. Titles published by The Chinese University Press, The University of Tokyo Press, Wallflower Press, Auteur Press, Transcript-Verlag, and the Social Science Research Council are available from Columbia only in North America. To order titles from these publishers in other parts of the world, please contact each press directly.

The Wheel Inventions and Reinventions Richard W. Bulliet “In this compact, learned, and richly illustrated book, Bulliet takes readers on a rollicking ride through 6,000 years of wheel history. Using textual, archaeological, linguistic, and artistic evidence, he floats bold new hypotheses, most notably that ancient Carpathian copper mining’s transport needs served as the mother of invention of the first the wheel. Ranging throughout Eurasia, Bulliet offers a fascinating story of inventions, diffusions, and rejections — a masterful technological history.” — J.R. McNeill , Georgetown University Bulliet’s most interesting finding is that a simple desire to move things from place to place did not drive the wheel’s development. If that were the case, the wheel could have been invented at any time almost anywhere in the world. By dividing the history of this technology into three conceptual phases and focusing on the specific men, women, and societies that brought it about, Bulliet expands the social, economic, and political significance of a tool we only partially understand. He underscores the role of gender, combat, and competition in the design and manufacture of wheels, adding vivid imagery to illustrate each stage of their development. $27.95 /£19.95 cloth 978-0-231-17338-4

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Must We Divide History Into Periods? Jacques Le Goff

Henry George and the Crisis of Inequality

Progress and Poverty in the Gilded Age

“Jacques Le Goff evokes how the naming of a new period entails the rejection of what precedes; when we decide ‘this was the Renaissance,’ we cast off a thing called the Middle Ages. Le Goff encourages us to avoid such partitions and appreciate time’s continuum.” —Andrea Tarnowski, Dartmouth College Jacques Le Goff argues that many of the innovations we associate with the Renaissance have medieval roots, and that many of the most deplorable aspects of medieval society continued to flourish during the Renaissance. While it is indeed necessary to divide history into periods, the meaningful continuities of human development only become clear when historians adopt a long perspective. $30.00 / £20.00 cloth 978-0-231-17300-1

Edward T. O'Donnell “Edward T. O’Donnell’s exploration of Henry George’s life and times merges labor, ethnic, intellectual, and political history to illuminate the early militant labor movement in New York during the Gilded Age. He locates in George’s rise to prominence the beginning of a larger effort by American workers to regain control of the workplace and obtain economic security and opportunity. George’s accessible, forward-thinking ideas on democracy, equality, and freedom have tremendous value for contemporary debates over the future of unions, corporate power, Wall Street recklessness, government regulation, and political polarization today.. $38.00 / £26.00 cloth 978-0-231-12000-5 2015 3 7 6 pag es / 23 illu s.

2015 184 pages Columbia History of Urban Life

european perspectives: a series in social thought and cultural criticism


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Race and Real Estate

The Freedom Schools

Conflict and Cooperation in Harlem, 1890-1920

Student Activists in the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement

Kevin McGruder

Jon N. Hale

Through the lens of real estate transactions from 1890 to 1920, Kevin McGruder offers an innovative perspective on Harlem’s history and reveals the complex interactions between whites and African Americans at a critical time of migration and development. This book introduces alternative reasons behind African Americans’ migration to Harlem, showing that they came not to escape poverty but to establish a lasting community. Owning real estate was an essential part of this plan, along with building churches, erecting youth-serving facilities, and gaining power in public office. In providing a fuller, more nuanced history of Harlem, McGruder adds greater depth in understanding its development and identity as both an African American and a biracial community.

Conducting dozens of interviews and consulting rich archival materials, Jon N. Hale weaves a social history of the Mississippi Freedom Schools from the perspective of former students and teachers. Having turned their training into decades of activism, these individuals speak invaluably on the ideologies that informed their practice and the effectiveness of their locally organized, widely transmitted curriculum. They also offer key strategies for further integrating the American school system and politically engaging today’s youth. $60.00/ £41.50 cloth 978-0-231-17568-5 February 2016  304 pages/ 22 illus.

$50.00 / £34.50 cloth 978-0-231-16914-1

2015 296 pages / 15 illus.

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Consumed Nostalgia

Engaging the Past

A Memory in the Age of Fast Capitalism

Mass Culture and the Production of Historical Knowledg

Gary Cross “A that will make an important contribution to studies of memory and modern culture and will illuminate Americans’ evolving relationships with their past.” —Susan Matt, Weber State University, author of Homesickness: An American History Gary Cross reveals how consumed nostalgia shapes how we cope with accelerating change, unpacking the cultural dynamics that turn pop tunes into oldies and childhood toys into valuable commodities. Today nostalgia can be owned, collected, and easily accessed, but its commercialization has sometimes limited memory and complicated the positive goals of recollection. By unmasking the character of modern nostalgia, Cross helps us better understand the rituals of recall in an age of fast capitalism. $35.00 / £24.00 cloth 978-0-231-16758-1 2015 304 pages

Alison Landsberg Reading films, television dramas, reality shows, and virtual exhibits, among other popular texts, Engaging the Past examines the making and meaning of history for everyday viewers. Alison Landsberg considers the films Hotel Rwanda (2004), Good Night and Good Luck (2005), and Milk (2008); the television dramas Deadwood, Mad Men, and Rome; the reality shows Colonial House, Frontier House, and Texas Ranch House; and The Secret Annex Online, accessed through the website for the Anne Frank House, and the Kristallnacht exhibit, featured on the Unites States Holocaust Museum website. These mass-cultural texts cultivate what Landsberg calls an “affective engagement” with the past, tying the viewer to an event or person and fostering a sense of intimacy that does more than simply transport the viewer back in time. By analyzing these specific popular history formats, Landsberg shows how they provoke historical thinking and produce historical knowledge, prompting a reconsideration of what constitutes history and an understanding of how it works in the contemporary mediated public sphere. $30.00 / £20.50 paper 978-0-231-16575-4 $90.00 / £62.00 cloth 978-0-231-16574-7 2015  232 pages / 20 illus.


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Your Friend Forever, Abe Lincoln

Presidential Debates

The Enduring Friendship of Abraham Lincoln and Joshua Speed

Risky Business on the Campaign Trail

Charles B. Strozier

Alan Schroeder For this third edition, Alan Schroeder analyzes the 2008 and 2012 presidential debates and the role of social media and contemporary news outlets in shaping their design and reception. He also expands his coverage of previous campaigns, including the landmark 1960 meeting between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon. Second only to the Super Bowl in viewers, presidential debates are must-see TV, yet their conception and execution largely remain a mystery to the public—even to journalists.New chapters focus on real-time debate responses and the extent to which post-debate news coverage influences voter decision making and candidate behavior.

Speed was Abraham Lincoln’s closest confidant, offering this shy and anxious political talent invaluable support after the death of his first love, Ann Rutledge, and during his rocky courtship of Mary Ann Todd. Lincoln returned repeatedly to Speed for guidance even though the two disagreed on political matters. Your Friend Forever, A. Lincoln is a rich analysis of a relationship that was both a model of male friendship and a specific dynamic between two brilliant but fascinatingly flawed men who played off each other’s strengths and weaknesses to launch themselves in love and life. Their friendship resolves important questions about Lincoln’s early years and adds significant psychological depth to his later decisions as husband, war leader, and president.


$30.00 / £20.00 paper 978-0-231-17057-4 $90.00 / £62.00 cloth 978-0-231-17056-7 July 2016  400 pages

$35.00 / £24.00 cloth 978-0-231-17132-8 May 2016 352 pages/ 20 illus

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T Karl Polanyi

The Hillary Doctrine Sex and American Foreign Policy Valerie M. Hudson and Patricia Leidl Foreword by Swanee Hunt

Blending history, fieldwork, theory, and policy analysis while incorporating perspectives from officials and activists on the front lines of implementation, this book is the first to thoroughly investigate the Hillary Doctrine in principle and practice. Does the insecurity of women make nations less secure? How has the doctrine changed the foreign policy of the United States and altered its relationship with other countries such as China and Saudi Arabia? With studies focusing on Guatemala, Afghanistan, and Yemen, this invaluable policy text closes the gap between rhetoric and reality, confronting head-on what the future of fighting such an entrenched enemy entails. The research reports directly on the work being done by U.S. government agencies, including the Office of Global Women’s Issues, established by Clinton during her tenure at the State Department, and explores the complexity and pitfalls of attempting to improve the lives of women while safeguarding the national interest.

A Life on the Left Gareth Dale Karl Polanyi (1886–1964) was one of the twentieth century’s most original interpreters of the market economy. His penetrating analysis of globalization’s disruptions and the Great Depression’s underlying causes still serves as an effective counterargument to free market fundamentalismThis biography shows how Karl Polanyi transformed from a bourgeois radical into a Christian socialist. Polanyi’s experience was a reflection and condensation of extraordinary times that informed his ambivalent stance on social democracy, communism, the New Deal, and postwar America. It highlights the historical ruptures, tensions, and upheavals that he sought to capture and comprehend and, in telling his story, engages with the intellectual and political history of a turbulent epoch. $40.00 /£28.00 cloth 978-0-231-17608-8 June 2016 416 pages

$29.95 / £19.95 cloth 978-0-231-16492-4 2015  456 pages


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NEW & NOTABLE Wiring the World The Social and Cultural Creation of Global Telegraph Networks Simone M. Müller

A History of Virility Edited by Alain Corbin, Jean-Jacques Courtine, and Georges Vigarello Translated by Keith Cohen

“An innovative contribution to the cultural history of gender, with literature as a central element, the book provides a complete and coherent sense of the trajectory of French notions of virility from and across all time periods.” —Todd W. Reeser, University of Pittsburgh These original essays follow the sociohistorical evolution of virility, as opposed to masculinity, to unsettle popular accounts of politics and culture. A major contribution to the nascent field of masculinity studies, this history consults painting, sculpture, literature, philosophy, film, and cultural and sociological critique. With the twentieth century delivering one blow after another to hegemonic virility, this book also explores where manliness might be headed next.

This unusual history focuses not only on those who advanced cable communication, but also on those who harbored alternative ideas. These battles manifested in the cable wars, discourses on morality and violence, a rivalry between science and business, and the rise of strategic nationalism. They might seem peripheral, but such struggles determined the growth of cable technology, which in turn influenced world history. Filled with fascinating characters and new insight into defining events, this book recognizes globalization’s diverse paths and close ties to business and politics. $60.00 / £41.50 cloth 978-0-231-17432-9 April 2016 384 / 10 illus. Columbia Studies in International and Global History

$50.00 / £34.50 cloth 978-0-231-16878-6 February 2016 752 pages / 32-page color insert european perspectives: a series in social thought and cultural criticism

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Political Freud

Marx After Marx

A History

History and Time in the Expansion of Capitalism

Eli Zaretsky “Zaretsky offers a fascinating analysis of the inherent political ambivalence of psychoanalysis, its intertwined conservative and utopian strands. Political Freud is a deeply interesting and important contribution to debates about the relationship between psychoanalysis, critical theory and politics.” —Amy R. Allen, Dartmouth College Political Freud is Zaretsky’s account of the way twentieth century radicals, activists, and thinkers used Freudian thought to understand the political developments of their century. Zaretsky shows how important political readings of Freud were to the theory of fascism and the experience of the Holocaust, the critical role they played in African American radical thought, particularly in the struggle for racial memory, and in the rebellions of the 1960s and their culmination in feminism and gay liberation. $35.00 / £24.00 cloth 978-0-231-17244-8 2015 248 pages

Harry Harootunian “Harry Harootunian is singularly qualified to give us a Marxism adequate to the conditions of a genuine ‘world’ (as against a Hegelian ‘universalist’) history in a global age. The Marx who emerges from this book is a nuanced, empirical, and genuinely historical thinker instead of the pseudo-scientific ‘philosopher of history’ met with in textbook accounts of Western Marxism.” —Hayden White, University of California, Santa Cruz This book deprovincializes Marx and the West’s cultural turn by returning to the theorist’s earlier explanations of capital’s origins and development, which followed a trajectory beyond Euro-America to Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Marx’s expansive view shows how local circumstances, time, and culture intervened to reshape capital’s system of production in these regions. Harootunian strips contemporary Marxism of its cultural preoccupation by reasserting the deep relevance of history. $35.00 / £24.00 cloth 978-0-231-17480-0 2015 312 pages


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Presentism and Experiences of Time

The Emergence of Iranian Nationalism

François Hartog

Race and the Politics of Dislocation

Regimes of Historicity

Translated by Saskia Brown

“François Hartog shows how unexamined assumptions about the past shape our understandings of ourselves and our place in history.” — Lynn Hunt, University of California, Los Angeles François Hartog explores crucial moments of change in society’s ways of relating to the past, present, and future. Inspired by Hannah Arendt, Reinhart Koselleck, and Paul Ricoeur, Hartog analyzes a broad range of texts, positioning The Odyssey as a work on the threshold of historical consciousness and contrasting it with an investigation of the anthropologist Marshall Sahlins’s concept of “heroic history.” He tracks changing perspectives on time in Chateaubriand’s Historical Essay and Travels in America and sets them alongside other writings from the French Revolution. He revisits the insights of the French Annales School and situates Pierre Nora’s Realms of Memory within a history of heritage and today’s presentism, from which he addresses Jonas’s notion of our responsibility for the future.

Reza Zia-Ebrahimi “This book breaks new ground in the study of recent Iranian history. It reveals and analyzes the dirty little secret of Iranian nationalism, namely that it contains a racist dimension. It is not only a well-researched and well-written book, it is also a courageous book.” — Houchang Chehabi, Boston University Reza Zia-Ebrahimi revisits the work of Fath’ali Akhundzadeh and Mirza Aqa Khan Kermani, two Qajar-era intellectuals who founded modern Iranian nationalism. In their efforts to make sense of a difficult historical situation, these thinkers advanced an appealing ideology Zia-Ebrahimi calls “dislocative nationalism,” in which pre-Islamic Iran is cast as a golden age, Islam is radicalized as an alien religion, and Arabs become implacable others. Dislodging Iran from its empirical reality and tying it to Europe and the Aryan race, this ideology remains the most sophisticated and politically potent form of identity in Iran. $60.00 / £41.50 cloth 978-0-231-17576-0 March 2016  320 pages

$35.00 / £24.00 cloth 978-0-231-16376-7 2015 288 pages European Perspectives: A Series in Social Thought and Cultural Criticism

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Studies on the Iranian World Before Islam Volume 1 Medieval and Modern

Volume 2

Edited by Anna Krasnowolska and Renata Rusek-Kowalska Today, the Iranian world, which encompasses the whole Persian-speaking and culturally “Persianate”region, including Afghanistan, Kurdistan, Tajikistan, parts of Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent, is a geopolitically sensitive region. But it is also a distinct cultural area with a rich and complex history, a mosaic of ethnic and religious groups, ancient languages and dialects, and sophisticated literatures. The essays in this volume address a broad range of questions from a variety of fields, including languages, literature, religions, history, anthropology, demography, sociology, medicine, art, and film. Vol. 1 $50.00 / £34.50 paper 978-83-233-39243 2015  302 pagesVol. 2 $50.00 / £34.50 paper 978-83-233-3955-7 2015  384 pages

Dying to Forget Oil, Power, Palestine, and the Foundations of U.S. Policy in the Middle East Irene L. Gendzier “A Middle East scholar uncovers the postWorld War II history of American policy in Palestine. From the beginning, it’s been about oil.... compiling an almost bulletproof brief. Vital reading for those looking to understand, 65 years later, the origins of the continuing conflict in the Middle East.” — Kirkus Reviews “Essential to any sophisticated understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” —Publishers Weekly Irene L. Gendzier presents incontrovertible evidence that oil politics played a significant role in the founding of Israel, the policies adopted by the United States toward Palestinians, and subsequent U.S. involvement in the region. Consulting declassified U.S. government sources, she uncovers how U.S. interests in the Middle East, notably the protection of American oil interests, led U.S. officials to rethink Israel’s military potential as a strategic ally. $40.00 / £27.50 cloth 978-0-231-15288-4

Jagiellonian University Press

2015 432 pages


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Socialism of Fools

The Politics of Genocide

Capitalism and Modern Anti-Semitism

The Holocaust in Hungary

Michele Battini

Randolph L Braham

Translated by Noor Mazhar and Isabella Vergnano

“Offering learned readings of a wide array of sources in the aftermath of Jewish Emancipation, Socialism of Fools persuasively emplaces the era’s anti-Semitic ideas and movements within the larger context of Europe’s economic, social, and political transformations and offers a provocative coda about current conundrums.” —Ira I. Katznelson, author of Desolation and Enlightenment Michele Battini targets the critical moment in which anti-Jewish stereotypes morphed into a sophisticated, modern social antiSemitism. He recovers the potent, antiJewish anticapitalist propaganda that cemented the idea of a Jewish conspiracy in the European mind. The Jewish conspiracy myth proved to be a significant political event in Europe. Battini’s investigation is crucial to understanding the atrocities of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and the ongoing threat to the welfare of Jews today.

The third revised and updated edition of this comprehensive two-volume history by one of the world’s leading experts on the Holocaust provides unparalleled perspective on the destruction of Hungarian Jewry during the Nazi era. This edition identifies and analyzes within Hungarian history, world history, and international politics the historical, political, ideological, and socioeconomic factors that shaped the attitudes and policies of the Holocaust’s main players. An exhaustive resource of everything we now know, The Politics of Genocide is essential reading for a richer understanding of this atrocity and its legacy.” $150.00 / £103.50 cloth 978-0-88033-711-3 2016 1600 pages East European Monographs

$65.00 / £45.00 cloth 978-0-231-17038-3 April 2016 352 pages

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The Making of Salafism

New Nation at Play

Islamic Reform in the Twentieth Century

A History of Sport in India

Henri Lauzière

Ronojoy Sen

“This book fills a crucial gap in modern Islamic intellectual history: it untangles the now ubiquitous term “Salafism,” showing how the concept was invented, used, and contested through the twentieth century as both an analytical tool and a self-identifier. This conceptual history is paired with rich biographical material, which locates the shifting meanings of Salafism in the context of the wider historical processes of colonialism and independence.” — Ahmed El Shamsy, The University of Chicago The Making of Salafism understands the movement as a recent conception of Islam projected back onto the past, and it sees its purist evolution as a direct result of decolonization. Today, Salafis claim a monopoly on religious truth and freely confront other Muslims on theological and legal issues. Lauzière’s pathbreaking history recognizes the social forces behind this purist turn, uncovering the popular origins of what has become a global phenomenon.

Ronojoy Sen follows the transformation of sport from an elite, kingly pastime to a national obsession tied to colonialism, nationalism, and free market liberalization. He pays special attention to the dominance of cricket in the Indian consciousness and the chronic failure of a billion-strong nation to compete successfully in international sporting competitions, such as the Olympics. Innovatively incorporating examples from popular media and other unconventional sources, Sen not only captures the political nature of sport in India but also reveals the patterns of patronage, clientage, and institutionalization that have bound this diverse nation together for centuries. $35.00 / £24.00 cloth 978-0-231-16490-0 2015 400 pages / 24 illus. Contemporary Asia in the World

$55.00 / £38.00 cloth 978-0-231-17550-0 2015  328 pages Religion, Culture, and Public Life


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Culture of Encounters

Memory Boxes

Sanskrit at the Mughal Court

An Experimental Approach to Cultural Transfer in History, 1500-2000

Audrey Truschke This rich history documents the fascinating, overlooked exchange between the Persianspeaking Islamic elite of the early Mughal Empire and traditional Sanskrit scholars. Itf recasts the Mughal Empire as a polyglot polity that collaborated with its Indian subjects to envision its sovereignty. This study also reframes the development of Brahman and Jain communities under Mughal rule, which coalesced around carefully selected, politically salient memories of imperial interaction. Culture of Encounters certifies the critical role of the sociology of empire in building the Mughal polity, which came to irrevocably shape the literary and ruling cultures of early modern India. $35.00 / £24.00 cloth 978-0-231-17362-9 March 2016 384 pages / 10 illus. South Asia Across the Disciplines

Edited by Heta Aali, Anna-Leena Perämäki, and Cathleen Sarti This volume adopts a practical approach to cultural transfer and exchange through the concept of “memory box.” Ideas of displacement, transfer, and cultural memory are explored through case studies in Scotland, Italy, and Germany, from Finland and France to the American colonies. The volume’s contributors develop an understanding of memory boxes as cultural constructions involved in the process of making and disputing memory—yet that, simultaneously, are important agents for cultural transfer over space and time. $45.00 paper 978-3-8376-2786-2 2014 242 pages / 11 illus. Transcript-Verlag

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Ethnic Conflict and Protest in Tibet and Xinjiang

Chinese Law in Imperial Eyes

Unrest in China’s West

Sovereignty, Justice, and Transcultural Politics

Edited by Ben Hillman and Gray Tuttle

Li Chen

Despite a decade of rapid economic development, rising living standards, and large-scale improvements in infrastructure and services, China’s western borderlands have experienced a wave of ethnic unrest not seen since the 1950s. Through on-the-ground interviews and firsthand observations, the international experts in this volume create an invaluable record of the conflicts and protests as they have unfolded—the most extensive chronicle of events to date. The authors examine the factors driving the unrest in Tibet and Xinjiang and the political strategies used to suppress them. They also explain why certain areas have seen higher concentrations of ethnic-based violence than others. $60.00 / £41.50 cloth 978-0-231-16998-1 April 2016 288 pages Studies of the Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University

“Chen...not only reinterprets monumental historical episodes in the relations between China and Europe, but builds on this platform a cultural history of European perceptions of punishment, justice and state perogative in China. Anybody considering legal history an arcane or marginal element of late Qing history and its international relations will have to reconsider.” —Pamela Kyle Crossley, Dartmouth College Focusing on the role of law in Sino-Western encounters, Chen brings fresh insight to the legal disputes, cultural borrowings, and heated negotiations over imperial interests and sovereignty that profoundly shaped Sino-Western conduct in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. This book captures the cultural impact of the ever-shifting balance of economic and political power on the selfimagination of Euroamerican and Chinese actors in their contact zones and beyond. $60.00 / £41.50 cloth 978-0-231-17374-2 2015 416 pages / 18 illus. Studies of the Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University


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Spreading Buddha’s Word in East Asia The Formation and Transformation of the Chinese Buddhist Canon Edited by Jiang Wu and Lucille Chia A monumental work in the history of religion, the history of the book, the study of politics, and bibliographical research, this volume follows the making of the Chinese Buddhist canon from the fourth century to the digital era. It ties the religious, social, and textual practices of canon formation to the development of East Asian Buddhist culture and opens up the study of Chinese Buddhist texts to readers interested in the evolution of Chinese writing in general and the Confucian and Daoist traditions in particular. $75.00 / £52.00 cloth 978-0-231-17160-1 2015 432 pages / 30 illus. The Sheng Yen Series in Chinese Buddhist Studies

Luxuriant Gems of the Spring and Autumn Zhongshu Dong Edited and Translated by Sarah A. Queen and John S. Major A major resource expanding the study of early Chinese philosophy, religion, literature, and politics, this book features the first complete English-language translation of the Luxuriant Gems of the “Spring and Autumn” (Chunqiu fanlu), one of the key texts of early Confucianism. The work is often ascribed to the Han scholar and court official Dong Zhongshu, but, as this study reveals, the text is in fact a compendium of writings by a variety of authors working within an interpretive tradition that spanned several generations, depicting a utopian vision of a flourishing humanity that they believed to be Confucius’s legacy to the world. $65.00 / £45.00 cloth 978-0-231-16932-5 2015 704 pages Translations from the Asian Classics

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Emperor Wu Zhao and Her Pantheon of Devis, Divinities, and Dynastic Mothers Harry Rothschild

The Great East Asian War and the Birth of the Korean Nation JaHyun Kim Haboush Edited by William J. Haboush and Jisoo Kim

“This is a fascinating study of the only female emperor in the whole of Chinese history. By delving deeply into the religious underpinnings of Wu Zetian’s power in a way that not even the most dedicated approach to her utilization of Buddhist scriptures and doctrines alone could manage, this investigation illuminates the unique quality of Wu Zetian’s reign far more effectively than previous studies. ” — Victor H. Mair, University of Pennsylvania Exploring a mystery that has confounded scholars for centuries, this multifaceted history suggests that China’s rich pantheon of female divinities and eminent women played an integral part in the construction of Wu Zhao’s sovereignty.

JaHyun Kim Haboush offers a compelling counternarrative to Western historiography, which ties Korea’s idea of nation to the imported ideologies of modern colonialism. This book instead elevates the formative role of the conflicts that defined the second half of the Chosôn Dynasty, transfiguring the geopolitics of East Asia and introducing a national narrative key to Korea’s survival. Re-creating the cultural and political passions that bound Chosôn society together during this period, Haboush reclaims the root story of solidarity that helped Korea thrive well into the modern era. $60.00 / £41.50 cloth 978-0-231-17228-8 March 2016 240 pages

$40.00 / £27.50 cloth 978-0-231-169387-8 2015 384 pages / 18 illus. The Sheng Yen Series in Chinese Buddhist Studies


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Archival Resources of Republican China in North America Chengzhi Wang and Su Chen An essential guide for researchers and students of Republican China, this volume, presented in both English and Chinese, covers personal papers, correspondences, memoirs, diaries, photographs, moving images, and other materials held at academic and research institutions across the United States and Canada. It includes concise descriptions of the people, organizations, and events connected to each entry and notes when certain collections are closely related and when materials are digitized for online access. $125.00 / £86.50 cloth 978-0-231-16140-4 2015 272 pages

Manchu Princess, Japanese Spy The Story of Kawashima Yoshiko, the Cross-Dressing Spy Who Commanded Her Own Army Phyllis Birnbaum Aisin Gioro Xianyu (1907–1948) was the fourteenth daughter of a Manchu prince and a legendary figure in China’s bloody struggle with Japan. After the fall of the Manchu dynasty in 1912, Xianyu’s father gave his daughter to a Japanese friend who was sympathetic to his efforts to reclaim power. This man raised Xianyu, now known as Kawashima Yoshiko, to restore the Manchus to their former glory. While trying to promote the Manchus, Yoshiko supported the puppet Manchu state established by the Japanese in 1932—one reason she was executed for treason after Japan’s 1945 defeat. The truth of Yoshiko’s life is still a source of contention between China and Japan: some believe she was exploited by powerful men, others claim she relished her role as political provocateur. China holds her responsible for unspeakable crimes, while Japan has forgiven her transgressions. This biography presents the richest and most accurate portrait to date of the controversial princess spy, recognizing her truly novel role in conflicts that transformed East Asia. $30.00 / £20.50 cloth 978-0-231-15218-1 2015 272 pages / 22 illus. Asia Perspectives: History, Society, and Culture

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Medieval Tastes

Kosher USA

Food, Cooking, and the Table Massimo Montanari

How Coke Became Kosher and Other Tales of Modern Food

Translated by Beth Archer Brombert

Roger Horowitz

In his new history of food, acclaimed historian Massimo Montanari traces the development of medieval tastes—both culinary and cultural—from raw materials to market and captures their reflections in today’s food trends. Tying the ingredients of our diet evolution to the growth of human civilization, he immerses readers in the passionate debates and bold inventions that transformed food from a simple staple to a potent factor in health and a symbol of social and ideological standing.

Kosher USA follows the fascinating and surprising journey of kosher food through the modern industrial food system. Drawing on episodes from the lives of the author’s own family, it traces how iconic products such as Coca-Cola and Jell-O tried to become kosher; the contentious debates among rabbis over the incorporation of modern science into Jewish law; how Manischewitz wine became the first kosher product to win over non-Jewish consumers (principally African Americans); the techniques used by Orthodox rabbinical organizations to embed kosher requirements into food manufacturing; and the difficulties encountered by kosher meat and other kosher foods that fell outside of the American culinary consensus. This book adds a significant chapter to the story of Judaism’s interaction with nonJewish cultures and the history of modern Jewish American life, as well as American foodways.

Montanari returns to the prestigious Salerno school of medicine, the “mother of all medical schools,” to plot the theory of food that took shape in the twelfth century. He reviews the influence of the Near Eastern spice routes, which introduced new flavors and cooking techniques to European kitchens, and reads Europe’s earliest cookbooks, which took cues from old Roman practices that valued artifice and mixed flavors.

$35.00 / £24.00 cloth 978-0-231-15832-9

$35.00 / £24.00 cloth 978-0-231-16786-4

April 2016 304 pages /27 illus.

2015 280 pages Arts and Traditions of the Table: Perspectives on Culinary History


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Arts and Traditions of the Table: Perspectives on Culinary History

H istory T itles . E nter C ode CONF.


Chop Suey, USA

Symbols of Power

The Story of Chinese Food in America

Ten Coins That Changed the World

Yong Chen

Edited by Thomas Hockenhull

Engineered by a politically disenfranchised, numerically small, and economically exploited group, Chinese food’s tour de America is an epic story of global cultural encounter. It reflects not only changes in taste but also a growing appetite for a more leisurely lifestyle. Americans fell in love with Chinese food not because of its gastronomic excellence but because of its affordability and convenience, which is why they preferred the quick and simple dishes of China while shunning its haute cuisine. Epitomized by chop suey, American Chinese food was a forerunner of McDonald’s, democratizing the once-exclusive dining-out experience for such groups as marginalized Anglos, African Americans, and Jews. $35.00 / £24.00 cloth 978-0-231-16892-2

This revelatory history of ten major currencies details how the trajectory of world civilization is bound up with the movement of money. From the earliest measures of precious metals to the global fiat currencies we use today, the evolution of the shekel, the drachma, the denarius, the florin, the franc, the mark, the rupee, the yen, the pound, and the dollar tracks closely with the rise and fall of influential rulers, governments, and imperial powers. These coins have acted as powerful symbols of political expression and continuity despite deeply disruptive social, economic, and political change. Rich with illustrations from the famous collections at the British Museum and elsewhere, this book charts the fascinating path of each coin as it has traveled throughout history.

2014 312 pages / 18 illus.

$19.95 paper 978-0-231-17408-4

Arts and Traditions of the Table: Perspectives on Culinary History

2015 144 pages

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Wall Streeters

Genealogy of American Finance

The Creators and Corruptors of American Finance

Robert E Wright and Richard Sylla

Edward Morris “A worthwhile read for those looking to understand the roots of the financial crisis and the present state of the economy.” —Publishers Weekly Many of Wall Street’s contemporary trends can be traced back to the work of fourteen critical figures who wrote, and occasionally broke, the rules of American finance. Edward Morris details Wall Street’s transformation from a clubby enclave of financiers to a symbol of vast economic power. Anyone interested in the modern institution of American finance will devour this history of some of its most important players. $29.95 / £19.95 cloth 978-0-231-17054-3 2015 368 pages / 14 illus. Columbia Business School Publishing

Foreword by Charles M. Royce

In this unique, well-illustrated book, readers learn how fifty financial corporations came to dominate the U.S. banking system and their impact on the nation’s political, social, and economic growth. More than 225 years have passed since Alexander Hamilton created one of the nation’s first commercial banks. Over time, these institutions have changed hands, names, and locations, reflecting a wave of mergers, acquisitions, and other restructuring efforts that echo changes in American finance. Some names, such as Bank of America and Wells Fargo, will be familiar to readers. The origins of others, including Zions Bancorporation, founded by Brigham Young and owned by the Mormon Church until 1960, are surprising. Exploring why some banks failed and others thrived, this book wonders, in light of the 2008 financial crisis, whether recent consolidations have reached or even exceeded economically rational limits. $60.00 / £41.50 cloth 978-0-231-17026-0 2015 336 pages / 300 illus. Columbia Business School Publishing


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H istory T itles . E nter C ode CONF.


The World’s First Stock Exchange Lodewijk Petram Translated by Lynne Richards

“In its focus on the 17th century Dutch stock market, this book gives a fascinating look at a remarkable episode in financial history.” — Financial History Lodewijk Petram’s eye-opening history demystifies financial instruments by linking today’s products to yesterday’s innovations, tying the market’s operation to the behavior of individuals and the workings of the world around them. Traveling back to seventeenthcentury Amsterdam, Petram describes in detail the main players, investors, shady characters, speculators, and domestic servants and other ordinary folk, who all played a role in the development of the market and its crises. His history clarifies concerns that investors still struggle with today, such as fraud, the value of information, trust and the place of honor, managing diverging expectations, and balancing risk, and does so in a way that is vivid, relatable, and critical to understanding our contemporary financial predicament. $29.95 / £19.95 cloth 978-0-231-16378-1 2014 304 pages / 20 illus. Columbia Business School Publishing

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NEW IN PAPER Hollywood and Hitler, 1933–1939

Adventures of the Symbolic

Thomas Doherty

Post-Marxism and Radical Democracy

“Thomas Doherty unfolds an epic chronicle of dueling ideologies, complicated celebrity politics, and the unstable boundaries between art, entertainment, and propaganda as World War II drew near. This is cultural analysis at its fascinating best.” —David Sterritt, chairman, National Society of Film Critics

Warren Breckman

2015 448 pages / 72 illus.

“A book that will appeal to many different constituencies—intellectual historians, political theorists, devotees of French theory, Marxists and post-Marxists, and humanists interested in the role of symbolism in culture—and is certain to become a canonical text in our field.” —Martin Jay, University of California, Berkeley

film and culture series

$30.00 / £20.00 paper 978-0-231-14394-3

$22.95 / £15.95 paper 978-0-231-16393-4

2015 376 pages

Global Intellectual History

Columbia Studies in Political Thought /Political History

Edited by Samuel Moyn and Andrew Sartori

The Weave of My Life

The contributors to Global Intellectual History explore the different ways in which one can think about the production, dissemination, and circulation of “global” ideas and ask whether global intellectual history can indeed produce legitimate narratives.

A Dalit Woman’s Memoirs

$27.00 / £18.50 paper 978-0-231-16048-3 2015 352 pages Columbia Studies in International and Global History

Urmila Pawar Translated from the Marathi by Maya Pandit Foreword by Wandana Sonalkar

“Through the descriptions of her early family life, Urmila Pawar skillfully takes the reader through a rich archive of Dalit history.... Her autobiography demonstrates the deep fissures between the feminist movement and movements for the uplift of lower castes.” —Rochona Majumdar, University of Chicago $27.00 paper 978-0-231-14900-6 2015 320 pages / 15 illus. Columbia Studies in Political Thought /Political History


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Modern India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh

A Korean War Captive in Japan, 1597–1600

Volume 2 Third Edition

The Writings of Kang Hang

Edited by Rachel Fell McDermott,

Edited by JaHyun Kim Haboush

Leonard A. Gordon, Ainslie T. Embree,

and Kenneth R. Robinson

Frances W. Pritchett, and Dennis Dalton

“This important text offers a fascinating glimpse into early modern Japan and Japanese-Korean relations from the perspective of a Korean official captured by Japanese invaders in 1597, contributing significantly to the growing body of scholarship on the largest military conflict (in terms of numbers) in the world in the sixteenth century.” —Kenneth M. Swope, University of Southern Mississippi

Sources of Indian Traditions


This third edition of Volume 2 begins earlier than the first and second, featuring a new chapter on eighteenth-century intellectual and religious trends that set the stage for India’s modern development. The editors have added material on Gandhi and his reception both nationally and abroad and include different perspectives on and approaches to the partition and its aftermath. $27.00 / £18.50 paper 978-0-231-16048-3

$30.00 / £20.00 paper 978-0-231-16370-5 2015 352 pages

2016 272 pages

Columbia Studies in International and Global History

The Company and the Shogun Grassroots Fascism The War Experience of the Japanese People Yoshimi Yoshiaki Translated by Ethan Mark

“These searing and honest accounts drawn from the diaries and memoirs of ordinary Japanese soldiers and civilians make abundantly clear the brutality of the Japanese Imperial Army..... Ethan Mark’s excellent historiographic introduction places Yoshimi’s work in the context of postwar Japan’s long process of coming to terms with its imperialist past.” —Jordan Sand, Georgetown University $30.00 / £20.00 paper 978-0-231-16568-6

The Dutch Encounter with Tokugawa Japan Adam Clulow Winner of the 2015 Jerry Bentley Prize in World History from the American Historical Association. “This carefully documented analysis.. is unquestionably a contribution to the field and an important resource for better understanding early modern Japan, its foreign relationships, and the formative years of the joint-stock companies in Asia.” — American Historical Review $30.00 / £20.00 paper 9780231164290 June 2016 352 pages / 11 illus.

2016 360 pages / 11 illus. Weatherhead Books on Asia, Columnia Unuivery

Columbia Studies in International and Global History

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NEW IN PAPER The Metamorphoses of Fat

Fashioning Appetite

A History of Obesity

Restaurants and the Making of Modern Identity

Georges Vigarell

Joanne Finkelstein

Translated by C. JonDelogu

“A brilliant piece of work....A great opening point to the many opaque aspects of the consequences of body size for the fate of individuals and societies for future historians to explore.” —Social History of Medicine $25.00 / £18.00 paper 978-0-231-15976-0 July 2016 296 pages 25 illus. European Perspectives: A Series in Social Thought and Cultural Criticism

“Joanne Finkelstein examines the emergence of restaurant patronage as a vital expression of both aspirational and acculturated societal behaviors—by groups and by individuals—with the physical restaurant itself as a public stage for the realization, refinement, and reinvention of self-identity in wealthy Western societies.” — Alexander Lobrano, author of Hungry for Paris $25.00 paper 978-0-231-16797-0 2016 224 pages

Let the Meatballs Rest And Other Stories About Food and Culture

Arts and Traditions of the Table: Perspectives on Culinary History

Massimo Montanari Translated by Beth Archer Brombert

“Montanari’s fascinating book is a cogent demonstration of the relations between the culinary and the sociological.” —Pietro Frassica, Princeton University $22.00 / £15.00 paper 978-0-231-15732-2 2015 192 pages Arts and Traditions of the Table: Perspectives on Culinary History


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H istory T itles . E nter C ode CONF.


Ballots, Bullets, and Bargains American Foreign Policy and Presidential Elections Michael H. Armacost Drawing on twenty-four years of experience in government, Michael H. Armacost explores how the contours of the U.S. presidential election system influence the content and conduct of American foreign policy. He examines how the nomination battle impels candidates to express deference to the foreign policy DNA of their party and may force an incumbent to make wholesale policy adjustments to fend off an intra-party challenge for the nomination. He describes the way reelection campaigns can prod a chief executive to fix long-neglected problems, kick intractable policy dilemmas down the road, settle for modest course corrections, or scapegoat others for policies gone awry. $35.00 / £24.00 cloth 978-0-231-16992-9

Why America Misunderstands the World National Experience and Roots of Misperception Paul R. Pillar Drawing a line from colonial events to America’s handling of modern international terrorism, Pillar shows how presumption and misperception bolstered the “with us or against us” attitude of the George W. Bush administration. Fundamental misunderstandings have created a cycle in which threats are underestimated before an attack occurs and then are overestimated after they happen. By exposing this longstanding tradition of misperception, Pillar hopes the United States can develop policies that better address international realities rather than biased beliefs. $29.95 / £19.95 cloth 978-0-231-16590-7 2016 224 pages

2015 304 pages

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OF RELATED INTEREST New York’s Yiddish Theater From the Bowery to Broadway Edited by Edna Nahshon

The Con Men Hustling in New York City Terry Williams and Trevor B. Milton “[Williams & Milton] bring the reader with them into places from Brooklyn to the Bronx that are supposed to be invisible to those not in the know. . . . An engaging read.” — The New Republic This vivid account of hustling in New York City explores the sociological reasons why con artists play their game and the psychological tricks they use to win it. Terry Williams and Trevor B. Milton, two prominent sociologists and ethnographers, spent years with New York con artists to uncover their secrets. The result is an unprecedented view into how con games operate, whether in back alleys and side streets or in police precincts and Wall Street boiler rooms.

Vividly illustrated and with contributions from leading historians and critics, this history recounts in absorbing detail the heyday of “Yiddish Broadway” and its vital contribution to American Jewish life and its crossover to American culture. Performances grappled with Jewish nationalism, labor relations, women’s rights, religious observance, acculturation, and assimilation. They reflected a range of genres, from tear-jerkers to experimental theater, and introduced American audiences to avantgarde dramatic technique. The artists who came of age in this environment include Stella Adler, Eddie Cantor, Jerry Lewis, Sophie Tucker, Mel Brooks, and Joan Rivers. From the Bowery to Broadway is a companion to an exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York scheduled for February 2016. $40.00 / £27.50 cloth 978-0-231-17670-5 2016 328 pages

$27.95 / £19.95 cloth 978-0-231-17082-6 2015 288 pages Studies in Transgression


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H istory T itles . E nter C ode CONF.


The Future of Evangelicalism in America

Mormonism and American Politics

Edited by Candy Gunther Brown and

Edited by Randall Balmer and Jana Riess

Mark Silk “Of special note is the skill with which authors and editor Candy Gunther Brown chart the great diversity among evangelical Protestant movements that nonetheless remain identifiably linked by their adherence to the Bible, their commitment to personal Christian conversion. and their adaptability within contemporary culture.” —Mark Noll, University of Notre Dame Evangelicalism has, since the 1960s, outpaced mainline Protestantism to encompass more than a third of American adults and nearly half of all U.S. Christians. Thematic chapters on culture, spirituality, theology, politics, and ethnicity reveal the movement’s dynamism as well as significant challenges. This collaborative undertaking by scholars of history, religious studies, theology, political science, and ethnic studies offers unique insight into a vibrant and controversial movement.

“The volume offers an opportunity to discuss America’s engagement with religion on such important themes as race, gender, majoritarian politics, religious liberty and its informal, but no less important, public counterpoint, toleration.” —Kathleen Flake, University of Virginia In this collection, prominent scholars of Mormonism follow the religion’s quest for legitimacy in the United States and its intersection with American politics from Brigham Young’s skirmishes with the federal government over polygamy to the Mormon involvement in California’s Proposition 8. Considering Mormonism’s treatment of women and African Americans and its portrayal in popular culture and the media, this anthology tells a big-picture story of a small sect that became a major player in American politics. $30.00/ £20.50 paper 978-0-231-16599-0 $90.00 / £62.00 cloth 978-0-231-16598-3

$35.00 / £24.00 paper 978-0-231-17611-8 $29.95 / £19.95

cloth 978-0-231-17610-1

2015 264 pages / 13 illus. Religion, Culture, and Public Life

May 2016 240 pages Future of Religion in America

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Race and Secularism in America

Beyond the Secular West

Edited by Jonathon S. Kahn and

Edited by Akeel Bilgrami

Vincent W. Lloyd “Focusing attention on the fundamental whiteness of American secularism, the collection highlights the ways in which the specificities of both race and religion have been managed—and obscured—through the ideals and practices of secular statecraft.” —Leigh Eric Schmidt, Washington University in St. Louis This anthology draws bold comparisons between secularist strategies to contain, privatize, and discipline religion and the treatment of racialized subjects by the American state. Specializing in history, literature, anthropology, theology, religious studies, and political theory, contributors expose secularism’s prohibitive practices in all facets of American society and suggest opportunities for change.

“There is no comparable collection, as challenging and rewarding for expert and educated public alike.” —José Casanova, Georgetown University What is the character of secularism in countries that were not pervaded by Christianity, such as China, India, and the nations of the Middle East? A vital extension of Charles Taylor’s A Secular Age, which chronicled the emergence of secularism in Latin Christendom, this anthology applies Taylor’s findings to secularism’s global migration. Contributors explore the transformation of Western secularism beyond Europe, and the collection closes with Taylor’s response to each essay. $35.00 / £24.00 cloth 978-0-231-17080-2 March 2016 296 pages Religion, Culture, and Public Life

$30.00 / £20.50 paper 9780231174916 $90.00 / £62.00 cloth 978-0-231-17490-9 March 2016 288 pages / 13 illus. Religion, Culture, and Public Life


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H istory T itles . E nter C ode CONF.


Palestinians in Syria

Eqbal Ahmad

Nakba Memories of Shattered Communities

Critical Outsider in a Turbulent Age

Anaheed Al-Harda

Stuart Schaar

One hundred thousand Palestinians fled to Syria after being expelled from Palestine upon the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948. Integrating into society over time, their experience stands in stark contrast to the plight of Palestinian refugees in other Arab countries. Syria’s Palestinians as a result held a different conception of the 1948 Nakba, or catastrophe, in popular memory. Based on interviews with first-, second-, and third-generation members of Syria’s Palestinian community, this book challenges the nationalist and patriotic idea of the Nakba’s memory as static and universally shared. Following the evolution of the Nakba in Syria and its transformation in the country’s Palestinian politics, this study sheds light on the enduring relevance of the Nakba among the communities it helped create, as well as its changing meaning in light of the Syrian war.

Eqbal Ahmad was the first to recognize that former ally Osama bin Laden would turn against the United States. He anticipated the rapidly shifting loyalties of terrorists and understood that overthrowing Saddam Hussein would provoke violence and sectarian strife in IraqA long-time friend and intellectual collaborator of activist, journalist, and theorist Ahmad, Stuart Schaar presents in this book previously unseen materials by and about his colleague to connect Ahmad’s experiences to the major currents of modern history. As novel and necessary as ever, Ahmad’s remarkable vision is here preserved and extended to reveal the extent to which he was involved in the political and historical conflicts of his time. $35.00 / £24.00 cloth 978-0-231-17156-4 2015  240 pages / 10 illus.

$60.00 / £41.50 cloth 978-0-231-17636-1 April 2016 304 pages

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OF RELATED INTEREST Voices of the ArAb spring Personal Stories from the Arab Revolutions ASAAd Al-SAleh

Voices of the Arab Spring

Autobiography of an Archive

Personal Stories from the Arab Revolutions

A Scholar’s Passage to India Nicholas B. Dirks

Asaad al-Saleh

A leading figure in higher education reflects on his early encounter with India, its history, and his discipline’s turn to the study of ordinary lives and cultural rhythms. Nicholas B. Dirks revisits his early investigations of kingship in India, the rise of the caste system, the emergence of English imperial interest in controlling markets and India’s political regimes, and the development of a crisis in sovereignty that led to an extraordinary nationalist struggle. He shares his personal encounters with archives on these subjects, ultimately revealing the limits of colonial knowledge and single-disciplinary perspectives. Drawing parallels to the way American universities balance the liberal arts and specialized research today, Dirks encourages scholars to apply multiple approaches to their research and build a more global archive.

“ Their accounts provide the reader with vivid images of events that may have already been ‘covered’ by the world’s media but have not, thus far at least, emerged with the kind of crystalline reality and sheer variety that is to be found within the covers of this book.” —Roger Allen, University of Pennsylvania y Narrated by dozens of activists and everyday individuals, this book documents the unprecedented events that led to the collapse of dictatorial regimes in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Yemen. For years, the volume’s participants lived under regimes that brutally suppressed free expression and protest. Their testimony speaks to the multifaceted emotional, psychological, and cultural factors that motivated citizens to join together to struggle against their oppressors. $22.95 / £15.95 paper 978-0-231-16319-4 $65.00 / £45.00 cloth 978-0-231-16318-7

$30.00 / £20.50 paper 978-0-231-16967-7 $90.00 / £62.00 cloth 978-0-231-16966-0 2015 400 pages Cultures of History

2015 272 pages


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H istory T itles . E nter C ode CONF.


Pulitzer’s Gold A Century of Public Service Journalism Roy J. Harris, Jr. Roy J. Harris Jr. adds fascinating new detail to accounts of the Washington Post investigation into the Watergate affair, the New York Times coverage of the Pentagon Papers, and the Boston Globe revelations of the Catholic Church’s sexual-abuse cover-up, and expands on underexplored stories, from the scandals that took down Boston financial fraud artist Charles Ponzi in 1920 to recent exposés that revealed neglect at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and municipal thievery in Bell, California. He examines recent Pulitzer-winning coverage of government surveillance of U.S. citizens and expands on underexplored stories. This one-hundredyear history of bold journalism follows developments in all types of reporting.

The Manhattan Project Big Science and the Atom Bomb Jeff Hughes Winner of the History of Science Society Watson Davies and Helen Miles Davis Prize

This absorbing history revisits the interactions among science, the national interest, and public and private funding that was initiated in World War I and flourished in WWII. It then follows the Manhattan Project from inception to dissolution, describing the primary influences that helped execute the world’s first successful plan for nuclear research and tracing the lineages of modern national nuclear agencies back to their source. $20.00 / £14.00 paper 978-0-231-13152-0 May 2016 200 pages / 15 illus. Revolutions in Science

$35.00 / £24.00 paper 978-231-17029-1 $105.00 / £72.50 cloth 978-0-231-17028-4 2015 488 pages / 44 illus.

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Eternal Ephemera Adaptation and the Origin of Species from the Nineteenth Century Through Punctuated Equilibria and Beyond Niles Eldredge “Eternal Ephemera is the most articulate and forceful presentation of the concept and implications of punctuated equilibria, originally formulated by Niles Eldredge and Stephen J. Gould, a concept that has played a major role in the research and development of the theory of evolution over the last four decades.” —Francisco J. Ayala, University of California, Irvine World renowned paleontologist Niles Eldredge follows leading thinkers as they have wrestled for more than two hundred years with the eternal skein of life composed of ephemeral beings, revitalizing evolutionary science with their own, more resilient findings.Filled with insights into evolutionary biology and told with a rich affection for the scientific arena, this book celebrates the organic, vital relationship between scientific

Recovering Buddhism in Modern China Edited by Jan Kiely and J. Brooks Jessup Modern Chinese history told from a Buddhist perspective restores the vibrant, creative role of religion in postimperial China. It shows how urban Buddhist elites jockeyed for cultural dominance in the early Republican era, how Buddhist intellectuals reckoned with science, and how Buddhist media contributed to modern print cultures. It recognizes the political importance of sacred Buddhist relics and the complex processes through which Buddhists participated in and experienced religious suppression under Communist rule. $60.00 / £41.50 cloth 978-0-231-17276-9 April 2016 400 pages / 20 illus. The Sheng Yen Series in Chinese Buddhist Studies

thinking and its subjects. $35.00 / £24.00 cloth 978-0-231-15316-4 2015 416 pages / 18 Illus.


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H istory T itles . E nter C ode CONF.


Imitation and Creativity in Japanese Arts

The Red Guard Generation and Political Activism in China

From Kishida Ryusei to Miyazaki Hayao

Guobin Yang

Michael Lucken Translated by Francesca Simkin

“Michael Lucken mounts an effective critique of one of the most fundamental underpinnings of discourses privileging EuroAmerican modernism, and offers conceptual alternatives for rethinking modernist studie.’ —Ming Tiampo, Carleton University The idea that Japanese art is produced through rote copy and imitation is an eighteenth-century colonial construction, with roots in Romantic ideals of originality. Offering a much-needed corrective to this critique, Michael Lucken demonstrates the distinct character of Japanese mimesis and its dynamic impact on global culture, showing through several twentieth-century masterpieces the generative and regenerative power of Japanese creativity. $60.00 / £41.50 cloth 978-0-231-17292-9 March 2016 272 pages / 40 illus. Asia Perspectives: History, Society, and Culture

“Memories of this historical experience, Yang shows, remain an actively contested component of China’s political culture to the present day.” —Andrew Walder, Stanford University Guobin Yang argues that Chinese youth engaged in an imaginary revolution from 1966 to 1968, enacting a political mythology that encouraged violence as a way to prove one’s revolutionary credentials. This dynamic would later turn the Red Guard generation against the government, culminating in the Tiananmen protest of 1989. Yang emphasizes the politics of history and memory, as contemporary memories of the Cultural Revolution are factionalized along the lines of political division that formed fifty years before. $60.00 / £41.50 cloth 978-0-231-14964-8 May 2016 304 pages Studies of the Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University

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The Book Worlds of East Asia and Europe, 1450–1850

China’s Foreign Places

Connections and Comparisons

The Foreign Presence in China in the Treaty Port Era, 1840–1943

Edited by Joseph P. McDermott and

Robert Nield

Peter Burke

China’s Foreign Places provides a historical account of the hundred or more major foreign settlements that appeared in China during the period 1840 to 1943. Most of the entries are about treaty ports, large and small, but the book also includes colonies, leased territories, resorts and illicit centres of trade. Information has been drawn from a wide range of sources and entries are arranged alphabetically with extensive illustrations and maps. China’s Foreign Places is both a unique work of reference, essential for scholars of this period and travellers to modern China. It is also a fascinating account of the people, institutions and businesses that inhabited China’s treaty port world.

“This splendid volume offers expert new insight into the ways of producing, financing, distributing, and reading printed books in early modern Europe and East Asia. This is comparative history at its best.” —Ann Blair, Harvard University This volume provides the first comparative survey of the relations between the two most active book worlds in Eurasia between 1450 and 1850. Prominent scholars in book history explore different approaches to publishing, printing, and book culture. They discuss the extent of technology transfer and book distribution between the two regions and show how much book historians of East Asia and Europe can learn from one another by raising new questions, exploring remarkable similarities and differences in these regions’ production, distribution, and consumption of books.

$70.00 / £48.50 cloth 978-988-8139-28-6 2015 400 pages / 152 illus. Hong Kong University Press

$80.00 / £55.00 cloth 978-988-8208-08-1 2016 364 pages / 4o illus. Hong Kong University Press


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H istory T itles . E nter C ode CONF.


Images of the Canton Factories 1760–1822

Christian Encounters with Chinese Culture

Reading History in Art Paul A. Van Dyke, and Maria Kar-wing

Essays on Anglican and Episcopal History in China


Edited by Philip L. Wickeri

Hundreds of Chinese export paintings of Canton trading houses and shopping streets are in museums and private collections throughout the world, and scholars of art and history have often questioned the reliability of these historical paintings. In this illustrated volume, Paul Van Dyke and Maria Mok examine these Chinese export paintings by matching the changes in the images with new historical data collected from various archives. The new findings in this volume provide unprecedented opportunities to re-date many art works and prove that images of the Canton factories painted on canvas by Chinese artists are far more trustworthy than what scholars have believed in the past. $72.00 / £49.50 cloth 978-988-8208-55-5

“This is one of the finest books on Christianity and Chinese culture to have emerged in recent years. Philip Wickeri has done the almost-impossible, and assembled an outstanding, world-class team of scholars to write on Anglican and Episcopal history in China, with essays focussing on education, liturgy, ministry, ecclesiology and theology. This is a timely, important book—and one that will re-shape the way we understand the place of Anglican and Episcopal churches in the past, present and future.” —Martyn Percy, dean of Christ Church, Oxford, UK $60.00 / £41.50 cloth 978-988-8208-38-8 2015 256 pages / 29 illus. Hong Kong University Press

2015 188 pages / 132 illus. Hong Kong University Press

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Epidemics and Colonial Anxieties

Lessons from World War I for the Rise of Asia

Edited by Robert Peckham

Edited by Andreas Herberg-Rothe

Empires of Panic

“Charting the relays of rumor and knowledge that stoke colonial fears of disease, disorder, and disaster, Empires of Panic offers timely and cautionary insight into how viscerally epidemics inflame imperial anxieties, and how words and their communication over new technologies accelerate panic, rally government intervention, and unsettle and entrench the exercise of global power. Relevant a century ago and even more so today.” —Nayan Shah, University of Southern California Empires of Panic is the first book to explore how panics have been historically produced, defined, and managed across different colonial, imperial, and post-imperial settings— from early nineteenth-century East Asia to twenty-first-century America.

This groundbreaking volume offers a historical comparison between the events leading up to World War I and current global tensions related to the economical and political rise of Asia. What are the risks that the desire of the new superpower China and great powers like India to be recognized by the West could set off a chain of events resulting in the nightmare of a great power war? The authors carefully dissect the current power dynamics in play, examining the conflict between rising, established, and disintegrating powers and the desire for recognition on all sides. $36.00 / £25.00 paper 978-3-8382-0801-5 2015 180 pages / 7 illus. ibidem Press

$58.00 / £40.00 cloth 978-988-8208-44-9 2015 256 pages / 7 illus. Hong Kong University Press


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H istory T itles . E nter C ode CONF.


Roots of Russia’s War in Ukraine

Seven Czech Women

Elizabeth B. Wood, William E.

Portraits of Courage, Humanism, and Enlightenment

Pomeranz, E. Wayne Merry, and Maxim Trudolyubov “Roots of Russia’s War in Ukraine shows the primacy of economic factors and cultural/ intellectual choices in leading Russia and the EU to the brink of confrontation without necessarily realizing the gravity of the crisis until it was too late. It also highlights the important role played by symbolic politics in the decision-making of senior Russian leaders during the crisis.” —Dmitry Gorenburg, Harvard University In February 2014, Russia initiated a war in Ukraine, its reasons for aggression unclear. Each of this volume’s authors offers a distinct interpretation of Russia’s motivations, untangling the social, historical, and political factors that created this war and continually reignite its tensions.

Joette Baer Foreword by Karel Boruvka

This book is the first historical study in English portraying the lives and fates of Czech women. The seven life stories, ranging from the late 19th century to the present day, expose the often cruel political history of Bohemia (19th century), the Czech lands in Czechoslovakia (20th century), and the Czech Republic (20th–21st century) through the eyes of prominent women whose acts and deeds on behalf of their fellow citizens remain unforgotten in the Czech collective mind. $34.00 / £23.50 paper 978-3-8382-0710-0 2015 200 pages ibidem Press

$25.00 / £18.00 paper 978-0-231-70453-3 2015 144 pages Woodrow Wilson Center Press / Columbia University Press

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Seven Slovak Women

Stormtrooper Families

Portraits of Courage, Humanism, and Enlightenment

Homosexuality and Community in the Early Nazi Movement

Josette Baer

Andrew Wackerfuss

Foreword by Jan Foltín

On Josette Baer, Revolution, Modus Vivendi or Sovereignty? “Essential to an understanding of the Slovak nation’s struggle for national identity, sovereignty, democracy, and orientation toward the west...Baer’s work provides the truest possible picture.” —Slavic Review This book is the first historical study in English to portray the lives and fates of Slovak women. These seven life stories, ranging from the late nineteenth century to the present day, expose the often cruel political history of Slovakia through the eyes of prominent women whose acts and deeds on behalf of their fellow citizens remain unforgotten in the Slovak collective mind.

Based on extensive archival work, Stormtrooper Families combines stormtrooper personnel records, Nazi Party autobiographies, published and unpublished memoirs, personal letters, court records, and police-surveillance records to paint a picture of the stormtrooper movement as an organic product of its local community, its web of interpersonal relationships, and its intensely emotional internal struggles. Extensive analysis of Nazi-era media across the political spectrum shows how the public debate over homosexuality proved just as important to political outcomes as did the actual presence of homosexuals in fascist and antifascist politics. $35.00 / £24.00 paper 978-1-939594-05-1 $90.00 / £62.00 cloth 978-1-939594-04-4 2015 352 pages Harrington Park Press, LLC

$34.00 / £23.50 paper 978-3-8382-0708-7 2015 120 pages / 13 illus. ibidem Press


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H istory T itles . E nter C ode CONF.


Economic Thought

The Evolution of Money

A Brief History

David Orrell and Roman Chlupatý

Heinz D. Kurz Translated by Jeremiah Riemer

Heinz D. Kurz takes the reader from ancient Greece to classical economics to the visionary work of Kenneth J. Arrow and Amartya Sen. Among many other topics, he explains what Adam Smith meant by an “invisible hand””; how Karl Marx’s “law of motion” works in capitalist economies; the roots of Austrian economists’ emphasis on the problems of information, incomplete knowledge, and uncertainty; and John Maynard Keynes’s principle of effective demand and economic stabilization. A final chapter sums up the major concerns of economists today and their relation to world events.

“These authors tackle two of the toughest questions in economics: What is money and why does it have value? They present an intriguing definition of money and theory of money’s value. They write a long history of money, weaving in references to current issues and dilemmas facing our society.” —Michael Kelly, Lafayette College The Evolution of Money illuminates money’s elastic nature, focusing on the tension between currency’s real and abstract properties and advancing a vital theory of money. From ancient Mesopotamia to the digital era, The Evolution of Money helps us visualize and strategize money’s next, transformative role.

$27.00 / £19.00 cloth 978-0-231-17258-5 May 2016 208 pages

$35.00 / £24.00 cloth 978-0-231-17372-8 June 2016 336 pages

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Investment A History Norton Reamer and Jesse Downing The story behind the democratization of investing is also a tale rich with lessons for professional and everyday investors who hope to make wiser choices in their own time. This entertaining history doubles as a sophisticated account of the opportunities and challenges facing the modern investor. By helping us understand this history and its legacy of risk, the authors hope to better educate readers about the individual and societal impact of investing, and ultimately level the playing field. $35.00 / ÂŁ24.00 cloth 978-0-231-16952-3 February 2016 448 pages / 13 illus. Columbia Business School Publishing


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H istory T itles . E nter C ode CONF.

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