Columbia College Affinity Magazine: Spring 2021

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You had a distinguished 22-year career in the military and you and your wife, Lee, are passionate about assisting militaryconnected students earn their degrees. What’s one initiative you would like to see implemented to help that process? Lee and I know that military spouses often put their own careers and educational plans on hold when their husbands or wives are reassigned or have to go on repeated deployments around the world. Their children also get caught up in the turbulence of military life. We have started a scholarship fund to help spouses (and their dependents!) finish CC degrees while their families are still with the military, and maybe even after they leave the military if they qualify and are on track to finish on time. We would like to see more done to provide these military spouses and children with financial options for finishing their college education.

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I have begun informal conversations with alumni who serve on both CC’s Board of Trustees and the Alumni Association Advisory Board. Soon we will encourage feedback from alums across the country. Personally, I’d like to see more well-endowed scholarships established to attract great students who seek a small liberal arts experience that will lead to satisfying and rewarding career opportunities. If we had more endowed chairs and professorships, we could grow our first-class faculty. We need more alumni to share their experiences with young students and recruit them to attend CC. Oh, and support for a new Alumni House/Student Welcome Center wouldn’t be so bad, either. Our alumni are uniquely positioned to lead these initiatives.

Spring 2021

How do you envision alumni making an even more significant impact on the institution in the coming years?