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Colorado PGA Officers

West Chapter Officers

Jim Hajek, PGA Vice-President | 2019-2020 Fossil Trace Golf Club

Brett Gagnon, PGA Vice-President | 2019-2020 Red Sky Golf Club

Ben Welsh, PGA President | 2019-2020 Frost Creek Golf Club

Dr. Phil Brown President/Founder, Six Points Consulting

Jeff Boyer, PGA President | 2019-2020 Eagle Ranch Golf Course

Cathy Matthews-Kane, PGA Secretary | 2019-2020 Country Club of Colorado

Brad Dombaugh CEO - PSA Worldwide Corp. Walter Glover EVP/COO - United States Olympic Endowment

Luke Brosterhous Secretary | 2017-2019 Catamount Ranch and Club

Ty Thompson, PGA Honorary President | 2019-2020 Crosshairs Consulting

Ed Marzec, PGA Honorary President | 2019-2020

Board of Directors

Andy Benson, PGA | 2017-2019 Highlands Ranch Golf Club Jeff Boyer, PGA | 2019-2020 Eagle Ranch Golf Course Bob Doyle, PGA Past District 9 Director

Board of Directors

Tom Apple, PGA | 2019-2021 Country Club of the Rockies Jacques Deyoe, PGA | 2017-2019 Aspen Glen Club

Steve VanDyke, PGA | 2018-2020 Aspen Glen Club

Ed Marzec, PGA | 201-2020 PGA Member

Bob Lally Chief of Staff - YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region George Lee VP - Ameriprise Financial Services Inc.

Kenny Thayer, PGA | 2019-2021 Beavercreek Golf Club

Charles ‘Vic’ Kline, PGA Past District 9 Director

Dominic Karaba President - Specialty Lending and Business Banking - UMB Bill Keller Lieutenant Colonel USAF, Retired

Alice Plain, PGA | 2018 - 2020 Vail Golf Club

Kyle Heyen, PGA Past District 9 Director Hiwan Golf Club

Theo Gregory Senior Vice President - El Pomar Foundation

Colorado PGA REACH Trustees

Adam McDiarmid Regional Manager - Business Banking - UMB

Jim Miller, PGA | 2018-2020 Sonnenalp Golf Club

Spencer Zinn Chairman

Scott McGraw VP of Employee Benefits Cherry Creek Insurance Group

Josh Miller, PGA | 2016-2018 GOLFTEC

John Andrew Brigadier General USAF - Retired

Honorable Sue Payton President - SCI Aerospace Inc.

Dennis Murray, PGA | 2018-2020 Valley Country Club

Dan Bennett Investor/Partner, Southwest Greens Management

LTG Ed Soriano, US Army (Ret) Director, Bus. Dev. Global Land Forces - Northrop Grumman Corporation

Mike O’Donnell, PGA | 2018-2020 Fort Carson Bobby Quaratino, PGA | 2017-2019 West Woods Golf Course Chris Swinhart, PGA | 2017-2019 Thorncreek Golf Course Dave Troyer, PGA | 2016-2018 CommonGround Golf Course

Independent Directors Theo Gregory Spencer Zinn

John Bond President, BOOST Performance Consulting Agent, ReMax Urban Properties

Bill Vogeney Chief Revenue Officer Ent Credit Union

Anne Broholm CEO | AHEAD


Executive Director/CEO Eddie Ainsworth, PGA eainsworth@pgahq.com P (303) 996-1593 C (719) 761-6125 Assistant Executive Director Patrick Salva psalva@pgahq.com P (303) 996-1597 C (303) 246-1007 Tournament Director Justin Limon, PGA jlimon@pgahq.com P (303) 996-1588 C (720) 390-1160 Junior Golf Director Holly Champion, PGA hchampion@pgahq.com P (303) 996-1591 C (217) 232-1790 Junior Golf Coordinator Scott Minta sminta@pgahq.com P (303) 996-1590 C (630) 532-3230 Executive Assistant Annie O’Donnell adonnell@pgahq.com P (303) 996-1595 Marketing and Communications Coordinator Judy Malone jmalone@pgahq.com P (303) 996-1594 Career Consultant Keith Soriano, PGA ksoriano@pgahq.com C (720) 841-1006 PGA Junior League Regional Manager Anthony Vitale, PGA avitale@pgahq.com C (561) 267-1208

Tom Bauerle Owner - Colorado Golf and Turf

Colorado PGA

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Colorado PGA Pro Peaks Digital Magazine

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Member Update

President’s Report

Invest in Yourself This Off-Season Executive Director’s Report

Together is Better

District Director Report/PGA of America News

An Historic Annual Meeting in Palm Springs, CA Colorado PGA News

Colorado Section Honors Veteran While Receiving 2018 Herb Graffis Award Independent Director/REACH Chair Zinn Honored with Vic Kline Award President’s Award Goes to Long-Time Friend of the Colorado PGA, Allen Walters Joe Cole, Colorado Springs News Director Helps Share Story of Colorado PGA REACH Career News

Who Is The Right Mentor For You? PGA of America News

Colorado PGA and PGA of America Scholarship Applications Available Colorado PGA News

Colorado PGA Honors Noble Chalfant Recipients Tournament News

Closing It Out Rohrbaugh Advances to Final Stage of Champions Tour Q-School

Junior News 24 Youth on Course Continues Growth Across Colorado 26 National Letter of Intent Roundup Front Cover INDIAN WELLS, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 8: Ty Thompson, PGA/Honorary President Colorado PGA Section receives the Herb Graffis Award from PGA of America President, Paul Levy during the 102nd PGA Annual Meeting held at the Renaissance Indian Wells Resort & Spa on November 8, 2018 in Indian Wells, California. (Photo by Darren Carroll/PGA of America)

November 2018


Membership News

Membership News An update on our Colorado PGA Members By the Numbers Members - 723 Associates - 101 Total - 824 Male Members - 687 Female Member - 36 11th out of 41 Sections 110 – Management positions (MP, A-4, A-9, A-11, A-13) 308 – Club Professionals (A-1, A-2, A-7, A-8) 110 – Instructors (A-6, A-10, A-12, A-14) 24 – Expanded Career Paths (A-15 thru A-24) 114 – Life Members (LM, LMM, LMA, LMMA) 57 – Other Categories (A-3, A-5, HM, IN, F, RM)

New Members

The Colorado PGA welcomes new members and associates to our Section on a regular basis. For some, this is the first time they have joined our Section while others may be returning. Please join us in welcoming them! Brian T. Turner, PGA | A-1 | Dos Rios Golf Club Garrett D. Froggatte, PGA | A-6 | The Club at Flying Horse

Class Changes

Colorado PGA members are always on the move. The following members have changed classification within the Section in the last month. Robert R. Cooley | B-8 | Aurora Hills Golf Course | previously at Black Bear Golf Club Christ Johnson, PGA | A-13 | Country Club at Woodmoor | previously a Life Member Gregory W. Kohr, PGA | A-1 | Heather Gardens Golf Course | previously at Legacy Ridge Golf Course Sonny A. Scheer, PGA | A-8 | Country Club at Castle Pines | previously at The River Course At Keystone Rachel J. Cavalier, PGA | A-8 | Boulder Country Club | previously at Lakewood Country Club

New Associates

The Colorado PGA welcomes our newly registered associates. Associates in the PGA of America are responsible for upholding the mission of the PGA, to establish and elevate the standards of the profession and to grow interest and participation in the game of golf. Jason M. Anderson | Deer Creek GC @ Meadow Ranch | B-6 Nathan A. Schelling | Bell Nob Golf Course | B-8

JGAC Internships Available

As a Colorado PGA Professional, do you know of someone looking for an internship in the junior golf arena? The Colorado PGA is seeking two (2) qualified applicants for an internship position in junior golf tournament operations and junior golf development programming during the spring/summer/fall of 2019. Successful applicants will be responsible for helping conduct all day-to-day operations of the Section’s Golf in Schools, Junior Golf Alliance of Colorado, Drive Chip and Putt Qualifiers and PGA Jr. League. These programs provide weekly events throughout the Colorado Section for junior golfers ages 6-18. Click here for complete details about the available positions. Questions can be submitted to Holly Champion at hchampion@pgahq.com. 


Colorado PGA Pro Peaks Digital Magazine

President’s Message

Invest in Yourself this Off-Season Dear Members,

First, I want to express my gratitude for the opportunity to serve as your President the next two years. I can assure you that the Board and Officers are fully committed to improving the lives and careers of our members. This month marked a historic accomplishment for the PGA of America as Suzy Whaley took the helm as the President of the PGA of America. Not only is Suzy an incredible leader, she is an example of those who strive to improve, never stop learning and pave the way for others. Even after having been elected as a national officer of the PGA, she continued her education by completing the Master Professional Program just this past spring. She is an example for all of us that if you work hard, learn from the people around you and never be afraid to be FIRST, you can accomplish great things. In the way that President Whaley has notched a few firsts, the Colorado Section has been a trailblazer among the Sections and was recognized for the Herb Graffis Award for the second time in just 8 years. All that we have accomplished and strive to improve could not be done by few but rather takes all 824 of us with heart and soul for the game of golf and our communities. Ty’s acceptance of the Herb Graffis Award on behalf of the Section Members and Colorado PGA REACH was amazing. The praise that followed from other Section and National leaders was something that every Colorado PGA Section Member should take to heart. At our recent PGA Annual meeting, Suzy came to me and Ty at a break and said “Thank you for all that your members are doing… That’s what we call GETTING IT DONE”! As we enter our slower months of the Colorado golf season, I challenge everyone to invest in yourself. Though we all stay busy with planning for next year and the occasional 60 degree day on the Front Range, I encourage you to find some way to improve yourself. Take the time to identify your fascination, seek the appropriate avenue or community and get to learning. Whether it be Colorado PGA Educational offerings, the PGA Certified or Master Professional Programs, or even a college degree, you can renew your investment in yourself today. The Colorado PGA is here to help however you decide to challenge yourself. The Section is still accepting applications for the Colorado PGA LEAD group and will start programming soon. If considering the Certified or Master Professional Programs, the PGA of America has just launched a new “Life Long Learning” campaign that will update the process for certification. There will be new content soon so please look to PGA.org for more information.

Ben Welsh, PGA President Colorado PGA Head Professional Frost Creek bwelsh@pga.com P | (970) 328-2326 C | (970) 688-0115

Lastly, I just want to remind you that you have one of the most well rounded, knowledgeable and accessible networks in the world available to you as a PGA member. If there is something you would like to learn more about that will help you in your career, there likely is a PGA Member who is an expert or at least can steer you in the right direction. If you need help making connections or need an introduction, the Section Staff, our Board or myself are always happy to help! While the off-season is always a much needed refresher between busy seasons, it also can be the time you need to renew your passion, change your career or even your life. As a mentor once told me, “Every job is right place, right time opportunity and it is your responsibility to be ready when it presents itself”. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the Holiday season.

Ben Welsh, PGA Frost Creek, Head Golf Professional Colorado Section PGA, President P | (970) 328-2326 C | (970) 688-0115

November 2018


Executive Director’s Message

Together is Better H

ow far did we run that day? I’ll never know. After so many hills, after so many miles, after so many turns through scrub brush and stands of scrawny pine, we became mindless running machines, lifting one foot after another after another after another. All started well enough. The cadence was right. We were young. We were strong. We were soldiers. It was even exhilarating in a funny kind of way. The troops moved well. We found our rhythm. But the sun flamed ever higher in a brassy sky, the packs bit into our shoulders, our rifles grew heavier by the mile, and the dirt trail stretched endlessly on.

We’d been running every day, but this was something else. We’d been sweating from the time we rolled out of the rack before daybreak, but now moisture drained from every pore in our bodies. Sure, this was the physical training stage of the U.S. Army Ranger School, and we expected exertion. Even exhaustion. But this was no morning PT rah-rah run in T-shirts. This was something out of a Nightmare. We ran in full field uniform. Loaded packs. Helmets. Boots. Rifles. The works. As usual, the word was “You go out together, you stick together, you work as a unit and you come in together. If you don’t come in together, don’t bother to come in!”

Eddie Ainsworth, PGA CEO/Executive Director Colorado PGA eainsworth@pgahq.com

For a boy from the apple country of Washington State, the south Georgia heat felt like a soggy wool poncho draped over the top of my fatigues. The sun seared down on our helmets, burned into the metal on our nearly obsolete M-14s, drove hot needles in the exposed skin at the back of our necks. We ran through rolling country, kicking up clouds of powdery dust that stung our eyes and coated our throats. Somewhere along the way, through the fog of pain, thirst and fatigue, my brain registered something out of formation. Two rows ahead of me, I noticed one of the guys out of sync. A big, rawboned redhead named Sanderson. His legs were pumping, but he was out of step


with the rest of us. Then his head began to loll from side to side. This guy was struggling. Close to losing it. Had anyone else noticed? Yes, someone had. Without missing a step, the Ranger on Sanderson’s right reached over and took the distressed man’s rifle. Now one of the Rangers was packing two weapons. His own and Sanderson’s. The big redhead did better for a while. The platoon kept moving, jaws slack, eyes glazed, legs pushing like pistons. But then the head began to sway again. This time, the Ranger on the left reached over, removed Sanderson’s helmet, tucked it under his own arm, and continued to run. All systems go. Our boots thudded along the dirt trail in heavy unison. Tromp-tromptromp-tromp. Sanderson was hurting. Really hurting. He was buckling, going down. But no. Two soldiers behind him lifted the pack off his back, each taking a shoulder strap in his free hand. Sanderson gathered his remaining strength. Squared his shoulders. And the platoon continued to run. All the way to the finish line. We left together. We returned together. And all of us were the stronger for it. I heard this story recently and wanted to share it with all of you, especially during this time of Thanksgiving. As our focus turns to 2019 and how we can best serve the Membership of the Colorado Section, please take a moment and reach out to one of your fellow Colorado PGA Professionals and offer them a word of encouragement, a word of thanks, a word of hope. Having someone run by our side from time to time to lighten our load can make a world of difference. Together is better! Happy Thanksgiving!!! Please let us know if we can be of any assistance. All the Best, Eddie Ainsworth, PGA

Executive Director/CEO - Colorado PGA 6630 Bear Dance Drive - Larkspur, CO 80118 eainsworth@pgahq.com P (303) 996-1593 | C (719) 761-6125

Colorado PGA Pro Peaks Digital Magazine

November 2018


PGA of America News

An Historic Annual Meeting in Palm Springs, CA Whaley Elected President of the PGA of America


hat an amazing and historic PGA Annual Meeting! The election of Suzy Whaley as the 41st President of the PGA of America was the highlight of the meeting, although there were many other highlights as well. The Colorado Section’s Ty Thompson accepting the Herb Graffis award on behalf of the section’s members and associates was another highlight. I’ll let your leaders tell you “the rest of the story,” but the Colorado Section has certainly raised the bar for this award. In addition to Suzy’s election, the delegates elected Jim Richerson to the office of Vice-President and John Lindert from the Michigan Section to the office of Secretary. These three officers will make up a very solid officer core to go with the 14 district directors, of which five new ones were sworn in at the meeting. Seth Waugh, new CEO of the Association, gave an inspired introductory speech, which gave some insight to the delegates what a remarkable find this man was, and is. He continues to identify that the main task at hand is to make sure, as our association continues to prosper financially, we find a way to use these funds to be able to make an impact on PGA members’ lives.

Ron Rawls, PGA District 9 Director PGA of America Head Professional Crane Creek CC


Looking forward to 2019, the Board of Directors will focus on a number of things, including Employment, Education and Expanding Benefits to members – which also happen to be the three priorities identified by PGA Members in the most recent member survey. In addition, the Board will work to enhance communication – from members to sections, sections to national, members to national, etc. That’s where I come in. If you have any questions or need information, please don’t hesitate to contact me. The Board needs your feedback. The Board needs you to get involved and be involved. PGA Members need to promote and enhance our brand. We represent the PGA badge – we are 28,000 members strong and

it is up to us to continue to promote our brand. On the heels of a very successful PGA Championship, the PGA of America negotiated a new broadcast agreement with CBS and ESPN to televise the PGA Championship starting in 2020 and running through 2030. The rights include digital rights, and with CBS and ESPN as partners we will experience wall-to-wall full-field coverage of all four rounds of our PGA Championship, which will equate to 175 hours of live coverage. This new deal begins with the 2020 PGA Championship to be held at TPC Harding Park in San Francisco. The 2018 PGA Jr. League Championship was held November 16-19 at Greyhawk in Scottsdale. It has been a very successful year for PGA Jr. League, as we have experienced tremendous growth, surpassing 50,000 participants, over 40,000 who identify as beginner or recreational players. This growth generated over $7.6 million in registration income and over $40 million in incremental revenue for the 2,500 participating PGA Professionals and facilities. There is still potential for growth, and in 2019, there will be additional enhancements to the program. I encourage all PGA members and associates who are not involved in PGA Junior League to get involved. In closing, I want to congratulate Sherry Andonian from Valley Country Club (T29), and Doug Rohrbaugh from Snowmass (T57) for their respective finishes in the recent Senior PGA Professional Championship. The courses played tough but these two each played four consistent rounds. Congratulations! Please remember, I am here to serve you, the Members and Associates of the PGA of America. If there is anything I can do or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me, ron@cranecreekcc.com. At your service, Ron Rawls, PGA District 9 Director PGA of America Head Professional Crane Creek CC

Colorado PGA Pro Peaks Digital Magazine

PGA of America News

Suzy Whaley Elected 41st President of the PGA of America By PGA of America


he standing ovation cascading throughout the Indian Wells Renaissance Resort came in waves as Suzy Whaley, the first woman elected president of the PGA of America, made her way to the stage, on November 9 during the Annual Meeting. Whaley, a PGA/LPGA member, whose career is a series of milestones in Association history, was elected a day before her 52nd birthday. She is the PGA Director of Instruction at Suzy Whaley Golf in Cromwell, Connecticut; and the PGA Director of Instruction at The Country Club of Mirasol in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Delegates at the 102nd PGA Annual Meeting also elected Jim Richerson as PGA Vice President. He is also the Vice President of Operations for Troon®, in Scottsdale, Arizona. John Lindert of Grand Ledge, Michigan, the PGA Director of Golf at The Country Club of Lansing (Michigan), was elected PGA Secretary. Also, Paul Levy, President and CEO of PKL Golf Management and Club Services, in Indian Wells, California — who served as the 40th PGA President — assumes the role of PGA Honorary President. Whaley recalled her “journey to this moment,” which began with her mother, who opened the door to golf for her; and then led to her first coach, PGA Hall of Famer Joe Tesori of Syracuse, New York, who presented opportunities for women in golf. 

member of the PGA Board of Directors; and PGA Hall of Famer Renee Powell, PGA/LPGA, of East Canton, Ohio, the first African-American female PGA Member, who is also in the first class of women honorary members of the Royal & Ancient Golf Club in St. Andrews, Scotland. “Renee encouraged me, but more than that, challenged me to sit at a table where no one else looked like me,” said Whaley. “We had a conversation about the importance of giving back to the PGA, and again, she looked at me and said, ‘You need to do this; you can do this. Let’s go!’ “It’s a turning point in our history that affords all of us a chance to play and lead. Now, I’m here for you and for the long haul,” added Whaley. “Together, I know that we can all get clubs in people’s hands. We must come together and focus on what we have in common – a love of golf and a shared obligation for what is best for the PGA of America. “Thank you for putting your trust in me. I’m ready, and as Renee would say, ‘Let’s go!’ ” In addition, Bill Troyanoski, John Bridgeman, Nathan Charnes, Terry Russell and Tony Martinez were elected to the Board of Directors. Each Director will serve a three-year term. Also sworn in as an Independent Director was Andrea B. Smith, Chief Administrative Officer for Bank of America.

Then, there were trailblazers like Sue Fiscoe, the first woman PGA Member to attain PGA Section presidency (Northern California); Mary Bea Porter King, the 2011 PGA First Lady of Golf; Alice Dye, the first woman

November 2018


Colorado PGA News

Colorado Section Honors Veteran While Receiving 2018 Herb Graffis Award

By Judy Malone

“The Colorado Section is doing some pretty special things,” stated PGA President Paul Levy, “from giving away mortgagefree homes, activating school golf and actually getting the kids from school golf to the golf course, being one of the biggest supports of PGA Jr. League Golf in the nation and they’re a section that can impact other sections to continue to grow and give back.” This was the introduction afforded by Levy to the Colorado Section on Thursday, November 8, when it accepted the 2018 Herb Graffis Award during the 102nd PGA Annual Meeting at Renaissance Indian Wells (California) Resort & Spa.

INDIAN WELLS, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 8: The Colorado PGA Section presents David and Heidi Beck a mortgage free home donated by Colorado PGA Reach during the 102nd PGA Annual Meeting held at the Renaissance Indian Wells Resort & Spa on November 8, 2018 in Indian Wells, California. (Photo by Darren Carroll/PGA of America))

The Herb Graffis Award is presented to a PGA Section that exhibits extraordinary and exemplary contributions and achievements in the area of Player Development. This award considers initiatives conducted by the Section, involvement of members in Section and National Growth of the Game Programs, and overall impact on growth of the game. “What a proud day for the Colorado PGA and Colorado PGA REACH when all of our efforts are showcased in front of the entire leadership of the PGA of America,” shared Eddie Ainsworth, PGA, Colorado Executive Director and CEO. Accepting the 2018 Herb Graffis Award, Colorado’s Honorary President Ty Thompson, PGA, began by saying, “Our story is a simple one rooted in collaboration. It honors each and every one of our 800+ members and associates that are on the frontlines teaching the game and serving our communities” With permission from Levy to execute a special-ops mission during his time on stage, Thompson had the honor of presenting the keys to a mortgage-free home to Retired Army Specialist David Beck and his wife Heidi. Beck supported Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan in 2009 and 2010 and is the recipient of the Purple Heart for being wounded during combat operation. Through a partnership between Colorado PGA REACH Foundation, the Military Warriors Support Foundation and Wells Fargo, Beck and his wife had the gratification of a thunderous standing ovation as the ceremonious key was exchanged. It was definitely a day for the Colorado PGA and Colorado PGA REACH to shine! The complete festivities of the award presentation were captured in video. Click the video above or click here to watch the full production.


Colorado PGA Pro Peaks Digital Magazine

Colorado PGA News

Independent Director Zinn Honored with Vic Kline Award By Judy Malone


he Charles “Vic” Kline Award is presented annually to a member of the Section’s Board of Directors in recognition of outstanding service and leadership to the Section. This year’s welldeserving recipient is Independent Director and Colorado PGA REACH Chairman Spencer Zinn. “I am honored and humbled to receive this award,” begins Zinn. “I am proud to serve on the Board as an Independent Director and pleased to be able to assist in promoting the welfare of the Colorado Section and its members. The Colorado Section has so much to be proud of, as the recent 2018 Herb Graffis Award suggests, and there is so much we can do as a Section to build on our current successes.”

developed and extends through both the physical and financial crude oil trading markets, including extensive knowledge of physical supply and transportation logistics in North America.

When asked about his involvement with Colorado PGA REACH, Zinn admitted, “Colorado PGA REACH is near and dear to my heart. We have an absolutely amazing group of Trustees supporting the goals and initiatives of the Foundation and I feel honored to serve with them. I anticipate we will be able to successfully further leverage the outstanding knowledge and experience of our Trustees and the network they bring to the Foundation.”

Philanthropy and community participation have always been important in Zinn’s life. He has served on a number of volunteer boards and currently serves as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Colorado PGA Reach where he has spearheaded the expansion of Trustees. Since 2015, he has been a Board Member of the Colorado Section of the PGA and recently completed his service as a member of the Board of Directors at Cherry Hills Country Club.

Zinn is an energy executive with nearly 30 years in oil marketing, oil refining and midstream operations and is among the foremost experts in North American oil markets. He is an expert in oil and products hedging and has a long history in utilizing oil futures and options. Throughout his career, Zinn has demonstrated a long record of successful leadership.

“I am at a point in my life where it is my desire to utilize some of my strengths to help make a positive difference,” concludes Zinn. “With Colorado PGA REACH, so much good can be done. We’ve all seen the positive results that golf can bring to people across our society – young and old, male and female, and of all sorts of diverse backgrounds. Golf has been such an immensely positive influence on my own life. It is my hope that we can all help influence others in such a positive way, and I know of no better vehicle for using golf to catalyze that kind of influence than Colorado PGA REACH.”

Zinn is the Chief Commercial Officer and a co-founder of West Edge Energy, a company formed in 2017 that is primarily engaged in midstream and downstream oil and gas operations. Prior to founding West Edge, he was employed as Executive Vice President of Crude Oil Purchasing and Trading with Wyoming Refining Company. Zinn worked to help the company expand its capacity by 30 percent while adding and upgrading the requisite pipeline and logistics assets. Prior to this, he served as a Crude Oil Trader for Ashland Oil in Houston, Texas. In his years of crude oil trading and supply, his expertise has been uniquely and broadly

November 2018

Zinn earned a degree in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Colorado. A longtime resident of Colorado, he is an avid golfer and skier among other hobbies. He enjoys the Colorado lifestyle with his wife Sheila and two boys.


Colorado PGA News

President’s Award Goes to Long-Time Friend of the Colorado Section, Allen Walters by Judy Malone


he recipient of the 2018 Colorado PGA President’s Award is a longtime friend of the Colorado Section. Allen J. Walters, publisher of the Colorado AvidGolfer Magazine, is being honored with this year’s award. “This is a tremendous honor and I am beyond grateful,” stated Walters when asked what receiving this award meant to him. “Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would win the prestigious Colorado PGA President’s Award. I’d like to think that I do what I do to support the Colorado PGA because I think it’s the right thing to do. Allen Walters received the President’s Award from Colorado PGA Awards Committee Chair However, it makes you feel Bobby Quaratino, PGA during the 2018 Awards Gala at Colorado Golf Club. great to be recognized for your “It is impressive to witness all of the great things Eddie contribution. To be added to Ainsworth, the Section and its Members do to improve the list of past winners such as Dan Hogan, Pat Hamill, our community on and off the golf course,” continues Ed Mate and Kevin Laura is very humbling.” Walters. “We are also very proud to have helped raise Walters’ magazine and newspaper career spans more $170,000 in support of Colorado PGA Reach through than four decades, which includes a 12-year career with our annual Schomp BMW Cup (formerly Corporate the Gannett Co. and 14 years with Media News Group, Cup) Golf Tournament. It is a privilege to be considered the owner of The Denver Post. Walters came on board one of the Colorado PGAs strategic marketing partners with AvidGolfer in June of 2002, just two months after and a part of its collaboration team!” the inaugural issue, and continues as its publisher. Walters has served on numerous boards, such as the About 80 percent of Colorado AvidGolfer’s content is Better Business Bureau, Downtown Denver Partnership Colorado-oriented with neighboring states accounting and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. for the remainder of the content. He describes the Currently, he serves on the Board of Trustees at magazine’s innovative business model as a premium The First Tee of Green Valley Ranch and the Board for members of the Colorado AvidGolfer Golf Passport. of Trustees of the Colorado Open Golf Foundation, Today the Golf Passport program has about 4,500 which administers the CoBank Colorado Open members that receive a magazine subscription, as well Championships to benefit The First Tee of Green Valley as digital content via ColoradoAvidGolfer.com. There Ranch. are a total of 32,000+ rounds of golf played each year Walters, a native of Stockton, California, moved to through the Golf Passport program. Colorado in August of 1988. He and his wife Nancy Colorado Avid Golfer values its 16-year partnership have two awesome children, Erica and Jason. In his with the Colorado PGA Section and with many of its spare time, Allen enjoys playing golf and tennis, skiing, 800+ Members. traveling and spending time with his family and friends.


Colorado PGA Pro Peaks Digital Magazine

Colorado PGA News

Joe Cole, Colorado Springs News Director Helps Share the Story of Colorado PGA REACH by Judy Malone


a one-hour nightly broadcast with 16 staff to adding a four-hour morning show, a 5:00 p.m. show, a 6:30 p.m. show and a two-hour weekend morning show directing more than 40 staff.

During his acceptance of the award, Cole expressed his appreciation for being selected to receive this award. He also shared his love for the game of golf and complimented the Section for the work it does to use the game of golf to help others.

Some of the highlights for Cole as an anchor included working on stories such as the Waldo Canyon Fire, Black Forest Fire and Planned Parenthood shooting. These were trying times for the community and he was honored to share reporting responsibilities from the desk, helping get important information to the public as quickly as possible. Fox21 won numerous broadcasting awards for some of this coverage.

t is with great pleasure that the Colorado PGA recognizes Joe Cole as the 2018 Todd Phipers Media Award Winner. Cole is the former weeknight anchor for FOX21 in Colorado Spring and now handles the tasks of News Director.

Cole is a graduate of the University of Alabama where he received his degree in Broadcasting with a double minor in Psychology and Speech Communications. Cole started his career in broadcasting as a reporter for the Fox Affiliate in Fresno, Calif. From there, he moved behind the anchor desk as a morning anchor in Medford, Ore., followed by a short stint at KRDO in Colorado Springs. On March 11, 2001, Cole anchored the first-ever broadcast of FOX21 News at Nine.

Cole and FOX21 have partnered with the Colorado Section on promoting Section events like the inaugural Women’s Leadership Summit and Colorado PGA REACH Invitational, to name a couple. Cole has called southern Colorado home since 2000. When not at work, he can probably be found somewhere on a local golf course.

For 10 years, Cole wore two hats, those of News Director and Anchor. Since 2001, programming at Fox21 News has seen great success, evolving from just

November 2018


Career Consultant News

Who Is The Right Mentor for Me? W

e hear a lot about the importance of having a mentor or mentors in our industry. Some of us have been fortunate enough to have worked for someone or with someone we consider to be a mentor. But, what made them valuable to us?

Many times we have looked to someone and wanted them to be a mentor because of their reputation or stature in the golf business--maybe they were a top merchandiser, or an accomplished teacher, or just seem to have had all the right jobs in the industry. Certainly from a knowledge standpoint, there is much to be learned from those individuals who have seen great success, and we all should take advantage of that when given the opportunity. The acclaimed late American poet Maya Angelou described a great mentor in a very different way, “in order to be a mentor, and an effective one, one must care. You must care. You don’t have to know how many square miles are in Idaho, you don’t need to know what is the chemical makeup of a molecule, or of blood or water. Know what you know and care about the person, care about what you know and care about the person you’re sharing with.” Keith Soriano, PGA, is a PGA Career Services Consultant serving the Colorado and Utah Sections. He can be reached at (720) 841-1006 or ksoriano@ pgahq.com.

There is a recurring theme in what she says here. In fact, she uses a single word five times in her description of a mentor. The word is care. I would argue the best mentor you can seek out in golf is someone who has shown a genuine interest in you as a person and your future as a golf professional. To take it a step further, I would encourage you to look for someone who shares your value system. What values shape your decision-making from a career standpoint? Assessing your values is one of the first steps in your career planning process should you opt to spend time with your PGA Career Consultant. Click here to access a survey that will give me insight into your principles and values so I can best help you along this journey. Please take a moment to complete this, making a note to select the top five values that are important in your life right now. I am on the journey with you, so I will reach out to you once you have completed it to see if we can schedule a convenient time to talk further. The goal is not only for you to find the best mentor, but also to begin mapping out your career goals and a strategy to accomplish them. Ready to get started? Let’s do this.


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PGA Professionals Run Miles to Raise Funds for PGA REACH By PGA OF AMERICA


GA REACH, the 501(c)(3) charitable foundation of the PGA of America, whose mission is to impact lives through golf, announced the foundation raised more than $50,000, as an official charity team of the New York Road Runners (NYRR), for the 2018 TCS NYC Marathon, on Sunday, Nov. 4. As a charitable partner, PGA REACH assembled a team of 10 PGA Professionals (Team PGA REACH) from across the country to participate in the race, while raising funds and awareness for PGA REACH programming. The roster included: •

Kyle Heyen, PGA (Team Captain): PGA Head Professional, Hiwan Golf Club, Evergreen, Colo., Honorary District 9 Director

Jeff Adkerson, PGA Master Professional: Mississippi State PGM Program Director, Starkville, Miss.; Honorary President Gulf States Section

Tim Burr, PGA: Director of Golf, Blackhawk Country Club, Danville, Calif.

Jason Epstein, PGA: Director of Athletics, Congressional Country Club, Bethesda, Md.

Nathan Kalin, PGA: Director of Golf, Fremont Golf Club, Fremont, Neb.; President, Nebraska PGA Section

Nick Knee, PGA: Head Golf Professional, Sandia Golf Club, Albuquerque, N.M.

Michelle Murphy, PGA: CEO, Murphy Performance Golf, Syracuse, N.Y.

Trent Rathbun, PGA: General Manager, Whisper Rock Golf Club, Scottsdale, Ariz.

Joe Sutter, PGA: Head Golf Professional, Quarry Oaks Golf Club, Ashland, Neb.,

Bill Troyanoski, PGA Master Professional: General Manager, Half Moon Bay Golf Links, Half Moon Bay, Calif.; President, Northern California PGA Section

In 2017, Team PGA REACH raised nearly $29,000 to support programming for its 3 core pillars: Youth, Military and Diverse populations. As of Monday, Nov. 5, Team PGA REACH raised more than $50,000, smashing their initial goal of raising $30,000 by Nov. 11. NYRR is the official charity sponsor of the TCS NYC Marathon. For those still interested in supporting Team PGA REACH, fundraising efforts will continue through Sunday, Nov. 11, please visit crowdrise.com/o/en/campaign/pga-reach-nyc-2018.

Golf Relief and Assistance Fund Available to Aid Victims of California Wildfires The Golf Relief and Assistance Fund was created last year by the PGA of America to help golf industry personnel affected directly by qualified natural disasters. Administered by the largest community foundation in the world, Silicon Valley Community Foundation, of Mountain View, California, the fund is available to aid those dealing with the devastating California Wildfires. The fund—launched by the PGA with an initial contribution of $250,000—is designed to support both PGA Members and non-members who work in the industry. Over the past year, the Golf Relief and Assistance Fund has helped golf industry members


affected by qualified natural disasters.

“The Golf Relief and Assistance Fund is a model that has proven how PGA Members go above and beyond the role they play in the golf industry,” said PGA President Suzy Whaley. “As these wildfires impact the state of California, we look to our Members to spread the word about the availability of this fund to their fellow PGA Members, and to others who work in the golf industry in need of assistance.” To either make a tax-deductible contribution to the Golf Relief and Assistance Fund or to apply for assistance, please visit GolfReliefFund.org.

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Colorado PGA and PGA of America Financial Assistance Fund Scholarship Program Applications Now Available


stablished in 1986, the program provides college scholarships for children and grandchildren of PGA Members. It encourages and promotes the attainment of higher educational goals for the children and grandchildren of PGA Members, based on evidence of a high level of academic achievement during high school or college. Scholarships totaling $411,000 were awarded to 183 students for the 2017-18 school year. Important Dates Nov. 16, 2018 – Access the PGA Financial Assistance Fund Scholarship application here. March 4, 2019 – Deadline date for submitting scholarship application. March 18, 2019 – Deadline date for receiving the supporting documents. May 2019 – The PGA Financial Assistance Fund Scholarship recipients will be announced and notified. July 2019 – The scholarship checks will be mailed out. Aug. 2019 – Deadline date for photo submission. Oct. 2019 – The PGA Financial Assistance Fund Scholarship recipients will be on PGA.org and in PGA Magazine. Nov. 2019 - PGA Financial Assistance Fund Scholarship application will be available. Frequently Asked Questions Check out the FAQs we’ve put together to answer any question you may have. Search Tips Here are a number of suggestions your child or grandchild can follow in their search for scholarships. Click here for more information and to fill out the application.

November 2018


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Grace, Class and Professionalism Sum Up Clayton Cole By Judy Malone The Noble Chalfant Award is presented to PGA Professionals for their distinguished service to the Colorado Section of the PGA. Fitting of this description is one of this year’s recipients, Clayton Cole. When asked what receiving this award means to him, Cole stated, “The Nobel Chalfant means a lot to me because it recognizes lifetime distinction. To have the opportunity to watch past Assistant Professionals do so well once they got their opportunity as a Head Professional has been exciting and enforces for me that the training in management, operations, discipline and culture made a difference.” The most telling aspect of Cole’s career is the manner in which he dealt with the daunting assignment of taking over the reins from the most legendary golf professional in Colorado history, Warren Smith. It has been said that Cole handled his new responsibilities with grace, class and professionalism. These three words pretty much sum up Cole. Cole was born in Vicksburg, Miss., and went on to a successful collegiate career at the University of Houston. In 1970, he was elected to membership in the PGA of America, thus beginning an illustrious career as one of the finest players, teachers and administrators in Colorado golf history. Cole began as an assistant golf professional in 1970 at Cherry Hills Country Club after a brief stint on the PGA Tour. He was named the head professional at Dallas Country Club in 1974 where he remained for 12 years. He moved to Austin in 1986 to become Director of Golf/ Vice President of Operations at the Lakeway Company and then returned to Cherry Hills Country Club in 1991 as Head Golf Professional. Upon entering semi-retirement after 17 years at Cherry Hills, Cole was given an honorary membership at Cherry Hills and became just the fifth person presented a Red Jacket, joining Dwight Eisenhower, Arnold Palmer, Jay Sigel and Smith. But his contributions to Cherry Hills did not end. “I still want to be helpful to the membership at the club where I can so I have been on the Grounds Committee for the past six years,” said Cole. “It allows me additional participation in the golf industry and it is enjoyable.” Throughout Clayton’s career he has played a leadership role with the PGA Sections in the states he has lived,


Clayton Cole, PGA, is welcomed to the stage at the Colorado PGA Annual Awards Gala by emcee, Vic Lombardi.

serving on the board of both the North Texas and Colorado PGA Sections. Clayton’s playing record includes participation in 12 national championships – the U.S. Open, PGA Championship, U.S. Senior Open and PGA Senior Championship, as well as the U.S. Amateur. Cole has made significant contributions to the game throughout his 38-year career. His peers have recognized him for his outstanding involvement in developing and improving education and employment opportunities for golf professionals in Colorado. During his tenure as a head professional, Cole has trained and mentored 11 assistants that have gone on to become Head Professionals at some of the top 100 clubs in the country. Cole is so highly regarded for his mentoring of fellow PGA professionals that in 2009, he became the first member of the Colorado PGA to receive the National Bill Strausbaugh Award, which is given by the PGA of America for exemplary mentoring. “I am a believer in the proficiencies learned through the Model Netics Management Course,” confides Cole. “I believe this course afforded my assistants like Joe Assel and John Ogden with the tools to be successful in their professional, as well as their personal lives.” Cole has won a number of section and national awards throughout his career. Awards include Northern Texas PGA Professional of the Year, Colorado PGA Section Senior Player of the Year, Colorado Merchandiser of continued on following page

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Finsterwald Remains Larger Than Life in Golf Industry By Judy Malone Dow Finsterwald is being recognized as a 2018 Nobel Chalfant Award winner for his distinguished service to the Colorado Section of the PGA, as well as to the game of golf in general. “The section has a lot to be proud of,” started Finsterwald who detracted from his legacy by highlighting the accomplishments of other. “One of which is, twice in the last eight years being voted the strongest Section in the country. That’s pretty strong. Keep up the good work and keep golfing.” Sixty years ago at Llanerch Country Club in Havertown, Penn., Finsterwald was celebrating his 1958 PGA Championship win. This was the first year the event transitioned from match to stroke play and it was also the first PGA Championship that was broadcast by network television – CBS provided nationwide coverage on Saturday and Sunday. Born and raised in Athens, Ohio, Finsterwald attended hometown Ohio University where he played on the golf team. In 1969, he was inducted into the Ohio University Athletics Hall of Fame joining his father, Russ Finsterwald, who was in the first class of inductees as a football player. He turned professional in 1951 and won 12 Tour titles between 1955 and 1963. He was known for his superb short game being one of the most consistent of players on the Tour at the time. He finished fifth or better more than 50 times in his career. Finsterwald also played on four Ryder Cup Teams (1957, 1959, 1961 and 1963) and was the non-playing captain of the 1977 team. He won the Vardon Trophy in 1957, which is awarded to the Tour Professional with the lowest scoring average (his was 70.30). In 1958, he was honored as PGA Player of the Year. Finsterwald continued from previous page

the Year, Colorado PGA Horton Smith Award, Colorado PGA Bill Strausbaugh Award, Colorado PGA Warren Smith Award, CGA President’s Award and Golf World’s “100 Best Golf Shops.” In 2003, Cole was elected into the Colorado Hall of Fame. It seems that Cole is always focused on looking forward stating that he is most excited about the future opportunities that exist in the Colorado Section

November 2018

finished in the money in 72 consecutive tournaments – second only to Byron Nelson’s 113 consecutive cuts. This record stood for many years until eclipsed by Jack Nicklaus, Hale Irwin and Tiger Woods; however, he is still fifth on the list today. Finsterwald served as Director of Golf at The Broadmoor for 28 years. He simultaneously served as PGA of America Vice-President; was a member of the PGA Tournament Committee; and served on the USGA Rules of Golf Committee. He is also the Pro Emeritus of the Pikewood National Golf Club, based in Morgantown, West Virginia. In 2006, Finsterwald was inducted into the PGA of America Golf Professional Hall of Fame, and two years later into the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame. He was the first Professional from the Colorado Section to receive a National PGA Award – the 1958 Player of the Year Award. Finsterwald lives in Orlando, Fla., during the winter and Colorado Springs during the summer. He and his wife Linda, who passed away in 2015, have three sons and a daughter. because of the joint efforts of the Colorado PGA and the Colorado Golf Association. The two organizations support each other and share goals that lead in the same direction. “We are funding things in all areas of golf that will make a difference for the youth,” concluded Cole. “It is extremely meaningful to introduce golf to young people because if they get the bug as a junior, they will continue to come back to play for a life time.”


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Majure Recognized for Tireless Devotion to the Game By Judy Malone

Known for his playing ability, his vision and his teaching skills, William (Bill) Majure is the essence of a recipient of the Noble Chalfant Award and is being honored this year as a Noble Chalfant Inductee. It’s hard to know where to begin when describing the golf exploits of Majure, who was born in Philadelphia, Miss., and raised in Union, Miss. After all, his accomplishments span four decades. You could, one supposes, start with his ability as a player. As an amateur in 1961, he won the 2nd Air Force and SAC Championship. Five years after turning pro in 1963, Majure would qualify for the PGA Championship. He kept his skills honed well enough for long enough to participate in 12 consecutive Phoenix Opens, 19 straight Colorado Opens (1968-96) and nine national club pro championships (1970-75, 77-78, 85). And once he became a senior, Majure’s skills showed no signs of rust: He was a three-time Colorado PGA Section Senior Champion in the 1990s and played in two U.S. Senior Opens. Majure’s achievements off the course are just as impressive as those on the course. He played a big role in creating the Colorado Assistants Association in 1971 and served as its first President. Majure helped in many other areas, too, such as the PGA National Education Committee, golf director for the Arizona Heart Association and faculty member for the national PGA Business School. Another role for Majure is that as a teacher. Starting in 1984, he was the Director of Golf at the Country Club of Colorado in Colorado Springs. That was the most recent stop on a seven-course career that began in 1963 in Arkansas and included stays at the Broadmoor (1967-68), Lakewood Country Club (1968-69) and Cherry Hills Country Club (1969-73). And all along the way Majure felt that teaching was the backbone of professional golf, whether it’s working with youths, college students or adults. He helped create a Pikes Peak Junior Golf Association Scholarship Fund and has been closely involved with Mississippi State’s Professional Golf Management program, which sent more than 40 students to work as interns at the Country Club of Colorado. He was inducted into the Colorado Golf Hall of Fame in 2001. Majure, married to Carolyn and a father to a son and daughter, has been the epitome of what a golf professional should be since 1963. His tireless devotion to the game and players has helped thousands enjoy the sport.

Noble Chalfant Inductees

2009 - Inaugural Inductees (1957 Colorado Section PGA Officers) Joe Moniz, Jr, PGA Tex McCharen, PGA Kenneth Wright, PGA Joe Dowe, PGA Bob Veylupek, PGA Bill Jelliffe, PGA Noble Chalfant, PGA Gene Root, PGA 2010 John Trenck III, PGA Charles "Vic" Kline, PGA Paul Ransom, PGA Harold "Skeeter" Sommers, PGA Ralph Sites, PGA


2011 Ray Bostich, PGA Winston Howe, Jr, PGA Jim Johnson, PGA William Lawe, PGA 2012 Marv Mazone, PGA Keith Schneider, PGA Gene Miranda, PGA John Merrihew, PGA 2013 Barry Jennings, PGA Ralph Haddad, PGA Paul McMullen, PGA 2014 Jim Cook, PGA Gregg Jones, PGA

2015 Ann Finke, PGA Ken Krieger, PGA 2016 Tom Apple, PGA 2017 Donald Fox, PGA Lewis Lepore, PGA 2018 Clayton Cole, PGA Dow Finsterwald, PGA Bill Majure, PGA

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Tournament News

Closing It Out

Colorado PGA members Gibbs, Lanting share 30th place as PGA Assistant Professional Championship comes to close by Gary Baines - 11/18/2018 The two Coloradans who made the cut in the National Car Rental Assistant PGA Professional Championship tied for 30th place out of the 132-person field on Sunday in Port St. Lucie, Fla. Jordan Gibbs of Denver Country Club and Ben Lanting of Bear Creek Golf Club matched four-day totals of 4-over-par 292, ending up 19 strokes behind champion Kenny Pigman of Norco, Calif. Gibbs (left), who tied for ninth in the Colorado PGA Professional Championship in September, moved up 21 spots on the scoreboard over the weekend by posting back-to-back rounds Ben Lanting, Associate Professional from Bear Creek Golf Club, tees off during the final round of the National Car Rental Colorado Assistant Professional Championship at Saddle Rock Golf of even-par 72. The 31-year-old Course earlier this year. Denver resident was 3 over par through 11 holes on Sunday, but played his last seven in 3 under. For the day, he finished with an eagle -- on his third-to-last hole -- three birdies and five bogeys. Lanting, the Colorado PGA's 2018 Associate Player of the Year after winning the Colorado PGA Assistants Championship on July 31, closed with a 74 at PGA Golf Club's Wanamaker Course. He made two birdies and four bogeys on Sunday. Here are the scores of all the players with strong Colorado ties who competed this week: National Car Rental Assistant PGA Professional Championship Nov. 15-18, 2018 in Port St. Lucie, Fla. 30. Jordan Gibbs of Denver CC 71-77-72-72--292 30. Ben Lanting of Bear Creek GC 71-74-73-74--292 Missed 36-Hole Cut 87. Former Coloradan Brandon Bingaman 81-72--153 117. Jeff Carter of Riverdale GC 77-84--161 117. Caine Fitzgerald of Meadow Hills GC 80-81--161 For all the scores of the event, CLICK HERE.

November 2018



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Tournament News

Cole Claims Victory at Las Vegas Pro Am A

s the saying goes, “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas”. That doesn’t hold true on the golf course however as Rick Cole claimed the title in the Colorado PGA Las Vegas Pro Am on Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at Paiute Golf Resort. Cole continued his strong play from 2018 that saw him finish in second place in the Colorado PGA OMEGA Senior Player of the Year race by posting rounds of 69-72-74 – 215 to claim a six-stroke victory. Finishing in second place at seven-over-par 223 was Jason Witczak, Director of Instruction at the Club at Pradera/Pinery CC. Third and fourth place was wrapped up by Sherry Andonian, PGA Instructor at Valley CC and Stef Ferguson, PGA Instructor at CommonGround GC. In the team event, Blake Sharamitaro, PGA Assistant Professional at Riverdale Golf Course led his team to victory after posting a 52-under-par 380 in the three-day event. Witczak led his team to a second place finish at 45uinder-par 387 while Dustin Miller, PGA Director of Instruction at Black Bear Golf Club, and his team finished in third place at 41-under-par 391.

Rohrbaugh Advances to Final Stage of Champions Tour Q-School By Gary Baines oug Rohrbaugh of Carbondale has successfully negotiated the PGA Tour Champions Q-school in the past, and this week he overcame the first of two hurdles in his quest to return to the world's top 50-and-older golf circuit.


Rohrbaugh, who had conditional Champions status in 2015, finished 15th on Friday in one of two first-stage tournaments for senior Q-school. The top 26 players from the event in Nipton, Calif., will advance to the final stage of Q-school, set for Nov. 27-30 in Lutz, Fla., where five cards for 2019 will be distributed. Rohrbaugh, the Colorado PGA's Dow Finsterwald Player of the Year and the Senior Player of the Year in 2018, shot rounds of 73-68-71-70 for a 2-under-par total of 282 in Nipton. He made three birdies and two bogeys in the final round. The first seven holes of the course treated him well as he went a combined 7 under in that stretch over the four days. Rohbaugh, winner of the 2013 CoBank Colorado Senior Open and three Colorado PGA Professional Championships, has competed in 11 PGA Tour Champions events in his career, including two majors this year. He also advanced to the final stage of Q-school last year, placing 57th. Among the top 10 finishers on Friday were Jeff Gallagher, winner of the 2017 Colorado Senior Open (second place at 269), two-time Colorado Open champion Jim Blair (third place at 275) and 2000 PGA Championship runner-up Bob May (eighth at 279). Here are the scores for the Coloradans who competed this week in the first stage of PGA Tour Champions Q-school in Nipton, Calif. ADVANCES TO FINAL STAGE 15. Doug Rohrbaugh of Carbondale 73-68-71-70--282 FAILED TO ADVANCE 52. Coloradan Dean Sessions 77-73-75-77--302 For all the scores from Tipton, CLICK HERE.

November 2018


Junior Golf Alliance of Colorado News

Youth on Course Continues Growing Across Colorado Program to Expand in 2019 to Include More Courses Granting Access at a Subsidized Rate by Holly Champion, PGA It’s been an incredible year for the Junior Golf Alliance of Colorado and Youth on Course! It all began in 2016 when the Junior Golf Assistance of Colorado team heard about an initiative in Northern California that was geared towards getting more kids playing golf at an affordable rate. Youth on Course was founded in 2006 by the Northern California Golf Association as a way to increase the accessibility and affordability of golf for Northern California youth. Within five years, the program was thriving and opportunities expanded to include affordable golf, caddie programs, paid internships and college scholarships. The demand grew beyond Northern California, and the NCGA Foundation reimagined the program as it took hold in a national market. YOC is now in 26 regions and has subsidized 750,000 rounds of golf, hired more than 115 interns and 362 caddies and awards $250,000 in scholarships annually. The JGAC board of directors met with Adam Heieck, Executive Director for YOC, in 2017 to learn more about the program to decide if it was a good fit for Colorado and the direction of the JGAC. After hearing what Adam had to say, the JGAC knew this was something that had a great likelihood of success in our state. Once it was decided that JGAC would partner with YOC, the staff got to work creating a strategic plan for a successful launch in Colorado. Phone calls were made to facilities around Colorado and 15 courses jumped in feet first to offer the YOC benefit to young golfers. YOC access was built in to the JGAC membership for the 2018 season and was ready to hit the ground running. In its first year of implementation, the JGAC’s 1,000 members had YOC access at their disposal. This equated to 665 junior rounds of golf subsidized for a total of $3,906 paid out to participating courses. Dan O’Shaughnessy, PGA Head Golf Professional at Meadow Hills in Aurora, Colo., lead all 15 course with nearly 200 junior rounds recorded using the program. O’Shaughnessy was presented an award recognizing Meadow Hills at the Public Golf Operators meeting on November 1, 2018. JGAC members who took advantage of the YOC benefit raved about the affordability and ease of use. It opened doors to courses they had never played before and were able to enjoy because of their YOC membership. Looking ahead to 2019 and beyond, the JGAC’s goal is to onboard more golf courses to create a wider variety for youth participation. Strategic partnerships with other Allied Golf Associations are also targeted for future expansion to ensure that YOC benefits can be shared with more and more junior golfers. To learn more or get your facility involved, please contact Holly Champion, PGA, at (303) 996-1591 or hchampion@pgahq.com.


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Junior Golf Alliance of Colorado News

Season Finale

Long birdie on final hole gives JGAC 14-18 Parent/Child title to Lowes; Heitzes, McFaddens prevail in younger divisions by Gary Baines

of Colorado Springs.

Sunday’s field for the 14-18 age division of the Junior Golf Alliance of Colorado’s Parent/Child Championship featured some impressive players.

“We were pumped” at finishing with a birdie, Mike Lowe added. “We’re like, ‘Maybe we’ll get in the top five and we’ll be under par.”

The 2018 Boys JGAC Player of the Year (Dillon Stewart of Fort Collins) was on hand, as was the winner of this month’s titles in both the 3A boys state high school tournament and the JGAC Tour Championship (Jackson Klutznick of Denver). In all, three reigning state high school champs were competing -- Emma Bryant of Aurora (5A girls, pictured with dad Matt Bryant, PGA) in addition to Stewart (5A boys) and Klutznick.

As it turned out, no one else finished in red figures. Stewart and his dad Scott were among those who tied for second place at 70. Also sharing second were Mark and Leigha Devine of Windsor, Kevin and Brynn Ellis of Windsor, Kevin and Sydney Eye of Golden, and Billy and Sloane Post of Centennial, whose only major blemish on their scorecard with a triple bogey on No. 2.

But despite the stiff competition, it was a 14-year-old eighth-grader and his dad that came out on top on Sunday at Indian Tree Golf Club in Arvada. Jackson Lowe and dad Mike from Castle Rock shot the only subpar round of the day -- a 1-under 69 -- to walk away with the top prize by one stroke over five teams that finished runners-up. “We wanted to do well, but Jackson’s an eighthgrader,” Mike Lowe said. “To be honest with you, we didn’t think we had a chance (to win). There’s some good players here.” Added Jackson: “That was really cool (to claim the top spot out of a field of 61 teams). It’s cool to look at the tournament and see you beat those people too.” The Lowes finished in style as Mike drained a 40-plusfoot birdie putt on their final hole to give them a one-shot victory in the final JGAC tournament of the year. In an event that used three formats -- alternate shot for holes 1-6, scramble on holes 7-12 and best ball for 13-18 -- the Lowes finished on No. 7, a par-4 that’s a sharp dogleg left. Mike Lowe smacked a big drive that left just 62 yards into the green. But he and Jackson didn’t take advantage with their approaches as neither hit it closer than 40 feet. “We were both bummed,” Mike said. But after Jackson missed his attempt from there, Mike hit the mark in what proved to provide the slim victory margin. But at the time, the two certainly didn’t think that was going to win them the tournament. “We thought we might get in the top three,” said Jackson Lowe, who earlier this year won a U.S. Kids Golf tournament at Antler Creek Golf Course northeast

November 2018

“It feels good” to prevail. “It’s a fun event,” Jackson Lowe said. “We’re pretty competitive, but we thought, ‘Let’s go have fun today,’” said Mike Lowe, who carries a 2.2 Handicap Index at The Club at Pradera, while Jackson is a 7.8. “We weren’t grinding. If we made a bogey we were laughing. It’s a beautiful day -- no wind -- and we were very aggressive. We hit driver everywhere we could.” The Lowes finished with six birdies -- including four in a row starting on No. 11 -- and five bogeys on Sunday. -- Heitzes Champs in 11-13: Uli and Rudiger Heitz (above) of Longmont prevailed in the 11-13 age division competition, which was held Saturday at Indian Tree. The Heitzes shot a 1-under-par 69 -- making an eagle, two birdies and three bogeys along the way -- then defeated Ben and Braiden Portie of Westminster in an alternate-shot playoff that lasted one hole. Ben Portie, the women’s golf coach at the University of Northern Colorado, won the CoBank Colorado Open in 2011. Finishing third on Saturday was Calum and Andrew White of Centennial, who carded a 70. The teams on Saturday played holes 1-6 via alternate shot, 7-12 in a scramble and 13-18 best ball. -- McFaddens Winners in 10 & Under After Long Playoff: Michael and Campbell McFadden (above) of Denver needed four extra holes to claim the title in the 10 & Under competition, also held on Saturday at Indian Tree. The McFaddens shot a 1-over-par 71 and tied for the top spot in regulation with Chris and Collen Todd of Golden before claiming the title on the fourth playoff hole in an alternate-shot format. Jason and Alex Doyle of Colorado Springs fired a 72 to take third place.


Junior Golf Alliance of Colorado News

National Letter of Intent Local Roundup Stewart (Oklahoma State) leads the way for Coloradans who are headed to high-level Division I college golf programs by Gary Baines - 11/15/2018 Wednesday marked the first day that high school golfers from Colorado -- and elsewhere -- who are part of the class of 2019 could formalize their choice of college golf programs by signing national letters of intent. As is often the case, an impressive number of Coloradans will be playing college golf starting next fall. And plenty of those will be headed to NCAA Division I programs. And to take it yet another step, quite a few Coloradans will be joining DI teams that are among the best in the country. In fact, between 2019 and 2020 graduates, eight golfers from the Centennial State have either verbally committed to -- or have signed with -- college programs currently ranked among the top 100 in the nation in Division I: -- Dillon Stewart (right) of Fossil Ridge High Dillon Stewart, of Fossil Ridge High School in Fort Collins, the Junior Golf School in Fort Collins, the Junior Golf Alliance Alliance of Colorado’s Boys Player of the Year in 2018, signed on Wednesday with defending NCAA Division I champion Oklahoma State, the No. 1-ranked of Colorado's Boys Player of the Year in 2018, men’s team in the nation. Stewart is the son of PGA Professional Scott Stewart. signed on Wednesday with defending NCAA Division I champion Oklahoma State, the No. program in the country as of the end of the fall season. 1-ranked men's team in the nation. The Cowboys have As for high school juniors who recently made verbal now won 11 NCAA titles in men's golf. commitments to play college golf, they add to the -- Two other high school seniors, Jack Hughes of trend: Aspen and former Grand Junction resident Canon -- Hailey Schalk of Erie and Holy Family High School, Olkowski, will be joining the University of Colorado the 2017 JGAC Girls POY who won the 3A state high men's program, which won two tournaments in the fall and is ranked 73rd in the country, according to Golfstat. school titles as both a freshman and a sophomore, Olkowski, who now resides in Las Vegas, is the younger plans to play at CU, which is ranked No. 36 in the nation by Golfweek. Schalk has been receiving college brother of current Buff Trevor Olkowski. scholarship offers since early in her eighth-grade year. -- Dawson Holmes of Aspen will be playing his college Her dad, Matt Schalk, is the PGA general manager golf at the College of Charleston in South Carolina, a and director of golf at Colorado National Golf Club, program ranked 44th in the nation among DI teams. the home course for the CU men's and women's golf teams. -- Caroline Jordaan of Lakewood and Colorado Academy, long one of the top girls players in the state, -- Charlotte Hillary of Cherry Hills Village and is becoming a University of Denver golfer. The Pioneers Kent Denver, winner of two of the first three JGAC are currently slotted No. 79 in the country by Golfweek. Tournament of Champions, has committed to Northwestern, the No. 15 women's team in the nation, -- Lauren Lehigh of Loveland High School, the JGAC's according to Golfstat. Girls Player of the Year this past season, is headed to the University of New Mexico, the No. 85 women's All told in just the Class of 2019, at least nine Colorado


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Junior Golf Alliance of Colorado News residents and/or JGAC members have signed or will sign letters of intent for DI programs: Besides the aformentioned six, there's: -- Amy Chitkoksoong of Aurora, who's headed to the University of Northern Colorado. -- And Morgan Ryan of Centennial and Jessica Zapf of Windsor will be teammates at the University of Wyoming. It isn't often that a Coloradan signs a letter of intent to play golf for the No. 1-ranked team in the nation, but Stewart did just that on Wednesday afternoon. "It means a lot with all the hard work I've put in through the years," Stewart said recently. "Waking up early and going to play all day until the moon comes up (and) I'm still up there and have my flashlight on the range when I was little. I couldn't get enough. It just shows that if you have a dream and you want to achieve it, you can put the work in and anything is possible." Signing a prestigious letter of intent on Wednesday caps a big year for Stewart, who will graduate from Fossil Ridge in December, though he won't enroll in OSU until the fall semester. In 2018, he won the individual title in the boys Junior America's Cup, which featured some of the top junior golfers from the western U.S., Canada and Mexico, and led Colorado to its first team title ever in that event. Earlier, Stewart became the first Colorado boy to win the AJGA Hale Irwin Colorado Junior -- one of two AJGA titles he claimed in 2018. In the fall, he captured the 5A state high school individual championship and led Fossil Ridge to its first team title in boys golf. Stewart also shared medalist honors in qualifying for the U.S. Junior Amateur. And now, Stewart is going to Stillwater, Okla., to play his college golf. "It is a dream of mine," he said. "I've always wanted to go there. When I was little I was a Rickie (Fowler) fan; that's what sparked the whole idea. Being with that group of (top-level players) day in and day out as your family, you're just going to get that much better. That's what I'm really looking forward to. You're practicing with some of the top players in the country and the world every day." Here are the Colorado residents and JGAC members who have signed letters of intent or have verbally committed to a college program:

Colorado Mesa -- Dawson Holmes of Aspen (Aspen HS) -- College of Charleston (S.C.) -- Jack Hughes of Aspen (Aspen HS) -- University of Colorado -- Former Grand Junction resident Canon Olkowski, now of Las Vegas -- University of Colorado -- Dillon Stewart of Fort Collins (Fossil Ridge HS) -- Oklahoma State -- Jack Tickle (Arapahoe HS) -- University of ColoradoColorado Springs -- Jake Welch of Highlands Ranch (Valor Christian HS) -- Colorado School of Mines -- Colter Zwieg of Aspen (Aspen HS) -- Methodist University (N.C.) Girls -- Amy Chitkoksoong of Aurora (Grandview HS) -University of Northern Colorado -- Sydney Eye of Golden (Ralston Valley HS) -Metropolitan State University of Denver -- Caroline Jordaan of Lakewood (Colorado Academy) -- University of Denver -- Lauren Lehigh of Loveland (Loveland HS) -University of New Mexico -- Morgan Ryan of Centennial (Grandview HS) -University of Wyoming -- Kinsey Smith of Windsor (Windsor HS) -- Chadron State (Neb.) -- Jessica Zapf of Windsor (Windsor HS) -- University of Wyoming Out-of-State Signees for Colorado-Based Schools Boys -- Brady Arnett of Woodbury, Minn. -- University of Denver -- Aidan Mann of Elmhurst, Ill. -- Colorado Mesa -- Andrew Ni of Edinburgh, Scotland (junior from New Mexico Junior College) -- CSU-Pueblo -- Jamie Roberts of Perth, Scotland -- CSU-Pueblo Girls -- Sophie Johnson of Telford, Shropshire, England -- University of Colorado -- Anna Krekling of Oslo Norway -- University of Denver -- Mattie Millwee of Fresno, Calif. -- CSU-Pueblo -- Rileigh Vojta of St Francis, Minn. -- CSU-Pueblo -- Anna Zanusso of Venice, Italy -- University of Denver CLASS OF 2020 VERBAL COMMITMENTS -- Hailey Schalk of Erie (Holy Family HS) -- University of Colorado -- Charlotte Hillary of Cherry Hills Village (Kent Denver HS) -- Northwestern

Class of 2019 Boys -- Brandon Bervig of Colorado Springs (Liberty HS) -- University of Colorado-Colorado Springs -- Peter Grossenbacher of Eaton (Eaton HS) --

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Colorado PGA - Pro Peaks Magazine - November 2018  

This month we highlight our earning of the PGA of America Herb Graffis Award, feature a number of award winners (Vic Kline Award, President'...

Colorado PGA - Pro Peaks Magazine - November 2018  

This month we highlight our earning of the PGA of America Herb Graffis Award, feature a number of award winners (Vic Kline Award, President'...