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The Official Publication of the Colorado PGA September 2017

Colorado PGA Professional Championship Red Sky Golf Club September 11-13, 2017

Special Awards Features Inside!

Walker’s Mantra is “GO 212 Degrees Every Day!” Nuber – A Coach of Coaches Smith Develops Life-Long Golfers through ‘Building Swings, Changing Lives’ Motto Laxson Feels Like an Overnight Success 18 Years in the Making

Colorado PGA Pro Peaks Digital Magazine

The Official Magazine of the Colorado PGA Pro Peaks is produced by the Colorado PGA

Colorado PGA Officers

West Chapter Officers

Ben Welsh, PGA Vice-President | 2017-2018 Frost Creek Golf Club

Jeff Boyer, PGA Secretary | 2017-2018 Eagle Ranch Golf Course

Jim Hajek, PGA Secretary | 2017-2018 Fossil Trace Golf Club

Brett Gagnon, PGA | 2017-2018 Red Sky Golf Club

Tom Bauerle Owner Colorado Golf and Turf

Mike Mendelson, PGA Honorary President | 2017-2019 City of Grand Junction

Brad Dombaugh CEO PSA Worldwide Corp., INC.

Board of Directors

Walter Glover Former Chief Financial Officer USOC

Ty Thompson, PGA President | 2017-2018 Colorado Springs Country Club

Leslie Core-Drevecky, PGA Honorary President | 2017-2018 Murphy Creek Golf Course

Board of Directors

Andy Benson, PGA | 2017-2019 Highlands Ranch Golf Club Rick Ellefson, PGA | 2015-2017 PGA Member Scott Erwin, PGA | 2015-2017 Maroon Creek Club Kyle Heyen, PGA | District 9 Dir. Hiwan Golf Club Charles ‘Vic’ Kline, PGA | Past District 9 Director Indian Tree Golf Club Cathy Matthews-Kane, PGA | 2016-2018 Country Club of Colorado Josh Miller, PGA | 2016-2018 GolfTEC Bobby Quaratino, PGA | 2017-2019 West Woods Golf Course Chris Swinhart, PGA | 2017-2019 Thorncreek Golf Course Dave Troyer, PGA | 2016-2018 CommonGround Golf Course

Independent Directors Theo Gregory Spencer Zinn

Ed Marzec, PGA President | 2017-2018 Country Club of the Rockies

Luke Brosterhous | 2017-2019 Catamount Ranch and Club Jacques Deyoe, PGA | 2017-2019 Aspen Glen Club Joe Kamby, PGA | 2016-2018 Country Club of the Rockies CJ Rhyne, PGA | 2016-2018 GJ Golf

Board of Director Elect

Alice Plain, PGA | 2018 - 2020 Vail Golf Club Steve VanDyke, PGA | 2018-2020 Aspen Glen Club

Colorado PGA REACH Trustees Spencer Zinn Chairman

Anne Broholm CEO AHEAD

Theo Gregory Senior Vice President - El Pomar Foundation Bob Lally Chief of Staff YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region George Lee Managing Director – Investments Wells Fargo Scott McGraw Cherry Creek Insurance Group Vice President of Employee Benefits Honarable Sue Payton President SCI Aerospace Inc.


Executive Director/CEO Eddie Ainsworth, PGA P (303) 996-1593 C (719) 761-6125 Assistant Executive Director Patrick Salva P (303) 996-1597 C (303) 246-1007 Tournament Director Justin Limon, PGA P (303) 996-1588 C (720) 390-1160 Junior Golf Director Holly Champion, PGA P (303) 996-1591 C (217) 232-1790 Executive Assistant Annie O’Donnell P (303) 996-1595 Marketing and Communications Coordinator July Malone P (303) 996-1594 Employment Consultant Keith Soriano, PGA C (720) 841-1006

Lisa Potvin Captain United States Navy LTG Ed Soriano, US Army (Ret) Director, Business Development Global Land Forces - Northrop Grumman Corporation Bill Vogeney Executive VP and Chief Lending Officer Ent Credit Union

Colorado PGA 6630 Bear Dance Drive | Larkspur, CO 80118 P | (303) 681-0742 Pro Peaks is distributed free to members and affiliates of the Colorado PGA twelve times per year. The articles and other information contained within this publication are informational and do not necessarily represent the view or opinions of the Colorado PGA. The Colorado PGA assumes no responsibility or liability for claims made for or by any product in this publication whether reported or advertised. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission of the Colorado PGA is prohibited.


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President’s Report Planning Season is Right Around the Corner! Exec. Director’s Report “I Need More Time” District Director Report Disaster Relief Rund, PGA Championship, PGA Professional Championship and PGA REACH PGA of America News Jack Nicklaus Named Honorary Chairman for 2017 Patriot Golf Day Communicating Your Value to Your Employer Special Awards Feature Walker’s Mantra is “GO 212 Degrees Every Day!” Nuber – A Coach of Coaches

September 2017

What’s Inside

15 Smith Develops Life-Long Golfers through ‘Building Swings, Changing Lives’ Motto 17 Laxson Feels Like an Overnight Success 18 Years in the Making Tournament News 20 Vlosich Claims First Colorado Senior PGA Professional Championship 22 Pro Am Recaps 23 Encore! 24 Player of the Year Updates Membership News 25 Member Update Junior Golf News 26 Drive, Chip & Putt Sub-Regional Recaps 28 Mt Elbert Wins Colorado PGA JLG Regional



Colorado PGA Pro Peaks Digital Magazine

President’s Message

By Ty Thompson, PGA

As the summer begins to wind down and we have a little time to reflect back on the season, I have found myself thinking about Vision2020 and our mission of “Serve the Member, Grow the Game.” The laser focused direction the board created during the off-season last year has played out throughout the season in many ways. We served our members as we offered a robust tournament schedule, hosted an incredible Teaching and Coaching Summit and did so much more than I can mention! We helped grow the game by awarding Growth of the Game grants, college scholarships and delivered an unbelievable number of junior programs! As we look forward, I hope you will join me and the rest of the Board of Directors at the upcoming Fall Membership Meeting at Heritage Eagle Bend Golf and Country Club. During this meeting we will take time to reflect back on a successful 2017 season and start to move forward in our planning for 2018. During our Open Forum, we want to hear from as many members as we can so that we can continue meeting our mission of “Serve the Member, Grow the Game.” We will take your thoughts and comments into consideration when we meet the following week to host our 2018 Pre-Business Planning Meeting.

September 2017

Planning Season is Right Around the Corner!

I encourage you to check out the September Sneak Peak below. We have a lot of great content including highlights of a number of our Colorado PGA Award Winners, a preview of the upcoming Section Championship and much more!

My Best,

Ty Thompson, PGA President Colorado PGA

Ty Thompson, PGA President - Colorado Section PGA | P | (303) 918-9270

Sneak Peak into September! W

hile we announced our 2017 Special Award Winners in our last issue of Pro Peaks, we continue to feature some award winners in this issue. Be sure to check out the full story about Ty Walker (Bill Strausbaugh Award), Patrick Nuber (Horton Smith Award), Leighton Smith (Player Development Award) and Todd Laxson (Youth Player Development Award) in this issue! We’re in the heart of Championship season! Check out a recap of our Senior Championship and our Women’s Championship. Incredible competitive golf was showcased at each event! There is a lot going on in the world of Junior Golf! We recap our two Sub-Regional Drive, Chip and Putt Qualifiers in this issue and highlight the PGA Junior League Golf Championship at The Greg Mastriona Courses at Hyland Hills. If all that isn’t enough, we’ve finalized the details about our upcoming Las Vegas Pro Am! Don’t miss out on this can’t miss event to end the 2017 season! Be sure to check out all of that and much more in this issue of Colorado PGA Pro Peaks!


Colorado PGA Pro Peaks Digital Magazine

Executive Director’s Message

I Need More Time! My Fellow Colorado PGA Professionals,

Lately, it sure seems like I could use more hours in my day and more days in my week. But the simple truth is, there is no such thing as “Time Management.” Time cannot be managed as each of us gets exactly the same number of hours in a day and the same number of days in a week. Wouldn’t it be great if, on the days we were extremely busy, we could use minutes and hours we had saved from less hectic days? Unfortunately, we can’t manage time but we can manage ourselves. Time is the most precious commodity on earth. I’ve probably known it but never really truly understood it the way I do now. We all have an equal amount of time with the most successful people getting a higher rate of return on it. Henry David Thoreau wrote, “It is not enough to be busy. The question is, ‘What are we busy about?’” So, how do you judge whether something is worthy of your time and attention? I came across a formula used by John Maxwell that I have found to be very helpful. It is a three step process: Rate the Task in Terms of Importance Critical = 5 points Necessary = 4 points Important = 3 points Helpful = 2 points Marginal = 1 point Determine the Task’s Urgency This month = 5 points Next month = 4 points This quarter = 3 points Next quarter = 2 points End of year = 1 point Multiply the Rate of Importance by the Rate of Urgency Example: 5 (critical) x 4 (next month) = 20 After assigning each task a number, make a to-do list recording each job from the highest-to-lowest task management score. That’s how you can manage your day. How you spend your time is an important question not only for you but for your team. People tend to take their cues from the leader when it comes to time management, so make sure there’s a match between


your actions, your business priorities and your team’s activities.

Each and every day I seem to get pulled in more ways than I have before, and I’m most certain that it is the same for most of you as well. We must manage ourselves in such a way that we are receiving the largest return on our investment based on our priorities (Terms of Importance) and how urgent it is to us. Before you begin making your to-do list, I would encourage you to take some time to determine what your priorities are in life. This may be different for each of us but it is most important to help us stay centered on who we truly are. For me, my faith, my family and my friends are such a high priority that I have to do a better job of managing me. Our family is about to get bigger in January when my wife Kynda and I become first-time grandparents. I hear it’s an extraordinary experience so I want to have plenty of time to spoil our grandchild. For me, this will be a 5 on the Critical List and a 5 on the Priority List! As you are planning your schedule and planning your future, please let us know if we can ever be of assistance. It is my and our entire staff’s privilege to serve each and every one of you! We are truly here for you!!! Very Respectfully,

Eddie Ainsworth, PGA Executive Director/CEO Colorado PGA 6630 Bear Dance Drive Larkspur, CO 80118 O – 303-996-1593 M – 719-761-6125

District 9 Director Report

Disaster Relief, PGA Championship, PGA Professional Championship and PGA HOPE By Kyle Heyen, PGA Disaster Relief Our prayers and thoughts are with our PGA Professionals in the South Texas Section of the PGA. You can now contribute to the PGA of America’s Disaster Relief Fund by going to and click on making a donation. Your donation will go to assist those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

September 2017

September Update

PGA Championship Congratulations to Justin Thomas for winning the PGA Championship at Quail Hollow in August. Justin father’s Mike and his grandfather are PGA members. Justin is now 1 of 8 PGA Champions who have a family member that is a PGA Member.

Quail Hollow was a tremendous host for the 99th PGA Championship. The golf course, fan base and volunteers welcomed the PGA of America in hosting our 99th Championship. In a joint announcement, the PGA of America and the PGA TOUR announced that beginning in 2019, the PGA Championship will be played in the month of May. Kyle Heyen, PGA District 9 Director PGA of America Head Professional Hiwan Golf Club

“In weighing the complex evolution of the golf calendar, the PGA of America’s key objectives were to promote the best interests of our signature spectator Championship, do what is best for the game and its great players, and find the most advantageous platform to fulfill our mission of serving our nearly 29,000 PGA Professionals and growing the game,” said PGA of America Chief Executive Officer Pete Bevacqua. “Our analysis began in 2013 and included an extensive list of

factors, including having to shift the date every four years to accommodate the Olympic Games. In the end, we determined that playing the PGA Championship the week prior to Memorial Day in May, making it the second major championship of the golf calendar, will achieve those three objectives. “The golf calendar is dramatically different, especially in the latter portions of the schedule, than it was in the 1970s when our PGA Championship took up residence in August. We are excited about this move to May. It provides our PGA Championship a strong landing spot on the calendar and a consistent major-championship rhythm that golf fans can embrace. For nearly 85 percent of our Membership, May is also on the frontend of the golf season. This date change will allow them to engage new players and introduce various Growth of the Game initiatives entering the heart of the golf season across much of the country.” From May 16-19, 2019, Bethpage Black in Farmingdale, New York, will host the 101st PGA Championship, which will be the first conducted in May since Sam Snead’s triumph in 1949. PGA Professional Championship Beginning in 2019, the PGA Professional Championship, the largest all-professional national golf event, will be conducted in late April as a result of new continued on page 8


Colorado PGA Pro Peaks Digital Magazine

PGA of America News continued from page 9 competition dates for the PGA Championship, which will move to May 16-19, 2019. The 2019 PGA Professional Championship will be played April 28-May 1, at a site to be determined. The Championship has been played in June since 1997. The 2018 Championship will be conducted June 17-20, at Bayonet Black Horse in Seaside, California. PGA Club Professionals in the 312-member PGA Professional Championship presented by Club Car, Mercedes-Benz and OMEGA, will continue to compete for 20 berths in the PGA Championship. “The shift in dates for these two Championships opens an exciting new chapter in the annual PGA golf calendar, but the essence of the PGA Professional Championship - our showcase event for PGA Professionals – will not change,” said PGA of America President Paul Levy. “PGA Members will continue to have the opportunity to compete for a national championship and the low 20 scorers will advance in a matter of weeks to compete on a world stage in the PGA Championship.” PGA REACH PGA REACH, the 501(c)(3) charitable foundation of the PGA of America, whose mission is to impact lives through golf, has been named an Official Charity Partner of the 2017 TCS New York City Marathon. More than 350 official charity partners will be part of the 2017 TCS New York City Marathon, which offers a unique and wide-reaching platform to raise awareness for important causes, such as PGA REACH. The race will take place on Sunday, Nov. 5, 2017. Last

year, 9,000 charity runners raised $36.1 million during the marathon on behalf of hundreds of not-for-profit organizations across the nation. Since the inception of the Official Charity Partner program in 2006, a total of $235 million has been raised. “PGA REACH is proud to serve as an Official Charity Partner of the 2017 TCS New York City Marathon,” said PGA of America CEO Pete Bevacqua, who will run as part of the PGA REACH team in the marathon. “The PGA REACH team is excited to have a unique opportunity to run in this remarkable event, in order to raise money and awareness for the mission of PGA REACH.” In addition to Pete and I the PGA REACH team include: PGA Board Members Scott Ashworth and Tim Fries; Kentucky PGA Section President and PGA Master Professional Ralph Landrum; Sun Country PGA Secretary Matthew Long; and Colorado Section Member and GOLFTEC CEO and PGA Member Joe Assell. The PGA of America runners are charged with a goal of individually raising a minimum of $2,500 each in support of PGA REACH. Have a great October, look forward to seeing you in October at the Fall Meeting. Sincerely,

Kyle Heyen, PGA National PGA Director, District 9 Head Professional, Hiwan Golf Club

2017 RMGSA Golf Merchandise Show Crown Plaza - DIA (15500 E 40th Ave, Denver, CO 80239) - Tuesday, October 10th | 8:00AM to 6:00PM - Wednesday, October 11th | 8:00AM to 5:00PM MSR Points - PGA Member will earn 2 MSR points for attending the show For more information, please click here


Employment News

By Keith Soriano, PGA


s September arrives and the end of the season is in sight, now is the time to begin collecting the valuable information that will help you communicate the value of the PGA Professional and the impact that you have had on your facility utilizing the Revenue Scorecard as well as an Annual Executive Summary. These valuable business tools quantify and report revenue derived from your consumer engagement programs as well as providing an overall summary of your contributions to the facility. It is important that you regularly communicate the financial information, successes or “wins” for you and your staff as well as challenges you’ve faced and overcome. The items below provide a good starting point for what kind of information you should begin gathering to support your case for increases in compensation, responsibilities, or advancement in position. Quantifying and recording this information also makes updating your resume and employment documents significantly more streamlined.

September 2017

Communicating Your Value to Your Employer

Items to Track/Include in Communication *Quantify your benchmarks & focus on areas of monetary improvement* •

Golf fee revenue

Rounds played

Merchandise revenue

Membership sales/levels

Participation – Tournaments and Player Development Programming

Food and beverage revenues


Positive budget impact – revenue/expense

Challenges – shows employer you are identifying challenges and being proactive

Member/Customer feedback

Upcoming noteworthy events

Staff reporting – successes, changes, staff development

Keep monthly record of benchmarks information on file

In some cases, the mechanism to collect this information is available within your existing POS system. In other cases, you may need to create tracking mechanisms to accurately report the information. Contact Keith Soriano, PGA Employment Consultant for details and assistance in leveraging these powerful tools or to help develop ways in which to capture this information that can help lead to career advancement and opportunity Keith Soriano, PGA 720.841.1006


Colorado PGA Pro Peaks Digital Magazine

PGA of America News

PGA REACH Named an Official Charity Partner of the 2017 TCS New York City Marathon Two Colorado PGA Professionals to Run on PGA of America Team


GA REACH, the 501(c)(3) charitable foundation of the PGA of America, whose mission is to impact lives through golf, has been named an Official Charity Partner of the 2017 TCS New York City Marathon. More than 350 official charity partners will be part of the 2017 TCS New York City Marathon, which offers a unique and wide-reaching platform to raise awareness for important causes, such as PGA REACH. The race will take place on Sunday, Nov. 5, 2017. Last year, 9,000 charity runners raised $36.1 million during the marathon on behalf of hundreds of not-for-profit organizations across the nation. Since the inception of the Official Charity Partner program in 2006, a total of $235 million has been raised. “PGA REACH is proud to serve as an Official Charity Partner of the 2017 TCS New York City Marathon,” said PGA of America CEO Pete Bevacqua, who will run as part of the PGA REACH team in the marathon. “The PGA REACH team is excited to have a unique opportunity to run in this remarkable event, in order to raise money and awareness for the mission of PGA REACH.” For those interested in supporting efforts with Team PGA REACH, please visit here by Thursday, September 14, to pledge your support. In addition to Bevacqua, the PGA REACH team runners include: PGA Board Members Kyle Heyen, Scott Ash-


worth and Tim Fries; Kentucky PGA Section President and PGA Master Professional Ralph Landrum; Sun Country PGA Secretary Matthew Long; and GOLFTEC CEO and PGA Member Joe Assell. The PGA of America runners are charged with a goal of individually raising a minimum of $2,500 each in support of PGA REACH. The 2017 TCS New York City Marathon will feature a world-class American and international professional athlete field, charity runners, and thousands of runners of all ages and abilities. More than 10,000 volunteers help to support participants across the 26.2-mile race route, which touches each of New York City’s five boroughs and is lined with more than 1 million neighbors and guests. The 2017 TCS New York City Marathon will be broadcast live nationally on ESPN2. “We are thrilled to welcome PGA REACH as an Official Charity Partner of the 2017 TCS New York City Marathon,” said Michael Rodgers, Vice President of Development and Philanthropy for New York Road Runners. “Participants in our Official Charity Partner program run for causes that are important to them, while raising critical funds that directly impact hundreds of charity organizations. We are inspired by the thousands of runners who take part in this program, and wish them all the best, as they begin their incredible journey to the 2017 TCS New York City Marathon.”

PGA of America News

September 2017

Jack Nicklaus Named Honorary Chairman for 2017 Patriot Golf Day J

ack Nicklaus joined PGA of America CEO Pete Bevacqua and Folds of Honor Founder Major Dan Rooney, PGA this morning (Aug. 21) at PGA Headquarters — on the popular morning show FOX & Friends — to celebrate the launch the 10th annual Patriot Golf Day. The signature fundraising event for the Folds of Honor Foundation, Patriot Golf Day is the the catalyst to providing thousands of scholarships to the spouses and children of America’s fallen and disabled service members. This marks the third time that the “Golden Bear” has served as Honorary Chairman. Although Patriot Golf Day officially takes place Labor Day weekend, Sept. 1-4, fundraising events to benefit Folds of Honor will be conducted at different times across the country. It is expected that as many as 3,000 courses will be participating across the country, hoping to top last year’s Patriot Golf Day record donations of $6.3 million.

One recipient is Hannah Davis, whose father, Jeff Davis, was an Army Ranger and Green Beret. The Davis family lost their hero when he was just 31, and Hannah was an infant. Her stepfather, Doug Bell, a PGA General Manager in Manistee, Michigan, has been an incredible influence in Hannah’s life since she was a child. The Folds of Honor scholarship allowed her to attend and graduate from Michigan State University. Hannah is now working at a local news station in Northern Michigan. Her brother has also received a scholarship and is enrolled in the PGA Golf Management University program at Ferris State University. During Labor Day Weekend, participating golf facilities around the country host special events, tournaments, and ask golfers to donate at least one additional dollar to their greens fee. Non-golfers can also participate by making a donation to the foundation at its website, For more information, visit

A decade ago, PGA Professionals embraced Patriot Golf Day and made it one of their prized charitable endeavors. Since 2007, more than 16,000 scholarships have been awarded by Folds of Honor.


Colorado PGA Pro Peaks Digital Magazine

Special Awards Feature

Walker’s Mantra is “GO 212 Degrees Every Day!”

GOLFTEC Regional Manager Earns Colorado PGA Bill Strausbaugh Award Ty Walker, GOLFTEC-Denver Tech Center, has been bestowed the 2017 Colorado PGA Bill Strausbaugh Award for showing outstanding integrity and commitment to mentoring PGA Professionals and for having made a significant impact on the careers of PGA Professionals.

“I like to help people—I’m wired that way and receiving this award lets me know that my energy and efforts have been noticed,” says Walker when asked what this award means to him. To Walker, winning the 2017 Colorado PGA Bill Strausbaugh Award is like winning the Triple Crown. In 2002, he was the recipient of the Colorado PGA Teacher of the Year Award and in 2005, the Horton Smith Award. Walker’s professional focus is divided between two buckets. The first is to help lower handicaps and to help golfers get the most enjoyment from the game. The second bucket strives to raise the quality of life for the PGA professional.


Special Awards Feature

It is unsubstantiated whether one of Walker’s first baby photos showing him propped up by a golf club wearing a golf hat shaped his childhood dream of being a golf professional in the summer months and a ski pro in the winter months but that is what happened. In 1990, he traveled to Aspen, Colo., where he split his time working at Aspen Golf Course and running a ski shop in Snowmass. Realizing he wanted to take golf to a full-time level, he accepted a position to manage a state-of-the-art indoor golf facility for Ken Venturi back in his home town of Chicago. These experiences are the stepping-stones that led to Walker being the first employee of GOLFTEC in 1996 where he is now the Regional Manager. As a PGA Teaching Professional, he has made a significant impact on the careers of PGA Professionals and, to date, has taught over 50,000 lessons. “GOLFTEC had provided me with a platform to do what I love and that is to teach golf, teach people to play better and teach people to be better people,” comments Walker. “What is really fun for me is that after being with GOLFTEC for 20 years, I am getting the opportunity to teach the kids of parents that I previously taught. Working with multiple generations of golfers has shown me the impact I have made on people’s lives.” In fact, it is his interaction with golfers that Walker most enjoys about what he does on a day-to-day basis. He is not yet done helping other golf professionals or golfers in general and hopes that he will be able to teach another 50,000 golf lessons.

September 2017

Walker was born in the Philippines where his father, a naval officer, was stationed. Being born during a typhoon, Robert Walker quickly became known as ‘Ty,’ a name that has stayed with him throughout his life.

burning building rather than the one running away. Walker contributes his success in golf and in life to the mentors who have guided him. This includes people like his dad, Tom Wilcox, PGA, and Alden Richards, PGA. He is a proponent of having a mentor as much as he is of being a mentor. “I would like to thank all of the mentors I have been fortunate to have in my life. These are the role models that have made me the person I am today,” reveals Walker. “To me, it is as important and rewarding to have a mentor as it is to be a mentor for someone else. Mentors have always guided me and been there to make it happen and I hope I too can be that person for someone else.” Walker’s calling card is the 212 Rule – At 211 degrees, water is hot. At 212 degrees, water boils. With boiling water comes steam and with steam you can power a train. He believes that if you go the extra degree in life, you can make a difference in the lives of others. “GO 212 degrees every day!,” concludes Walker.

Some other golf-centered goals he expresses include winning the National Teacher of the Year Award, becoming a top 100 teacher in the country and playing all top 100 golf courses in the world. Nobler than his golfing goals, however, are the ambitions he holds for himself personally. Walker wants to always be the best that he can be. He wants to exemplify the traits of a person who would run into the


Colorado PGA Pro Peaks Digital Magazine

Colorado PGA Special Awards Feature

Nuber – A Coach of Coaches Awarded Colorado PGA Horton Smith Award Patrick Nuber, National Director of Teaching Quality for GOLFTEC, has been named the recipient of the 2017 Colorado Section Horton Smith Award. This award recognizes a Colorado PGA Member for their outstanding and continuing contributions in developing and improving educational opportunities for PGA Members and Apprentices. When asked what receiving this award means to him, Nuber states, “This award does not come without a lot of help from those around me and I want to thank everyone who has helped to make me the person, the trainer and the PGA Professional I am today. “Receiving the 2011 Colorado PGA Teacher of the Year Award helped to validate for me that my career was progressing, that I had a place in golf instruction and that I might be pretty good at teaching. This award, the Horton Smith Award, further confirms for me that the trajectory of my career as a PGA Professional continues to rise.” Nuber grew up in a family of golfers in a small town in


Oklahoma. Golf became a part of his childhood and living on the sixth green provided easy access to the course. Following graduation from the Professional Golf Management program at Mississippi State University, he embarked on a career with GOLFTEC. At the time, Nuber was not sure that instruction was going to be his place in golf, however, after his first year with GOLFTEC and experiencing some success, he realized that teaching was his place and teaching was his passion. Now a PGA Certified Professional and a two-time Colorado Section award winner, he has the privilege to train and guide the 650-plus GOLFTEC Coaches who taught almost one million lessons in 2016. Additionally, he has had the opportunity to instruct hundreds of other PGA Members, Apprentices and teachers from other PGA Sections at event like the 2017 PGA National Teaching and Coaching Summit held in Orlando, Fla. While he continues to teach his own students, his greater impact lies in teaching the teachers. He continued on page 16

Colorado PGA Special Awards Feature

September 2017

Smith Develops Life-Long Golfers through ‘Building Swings, Changing Lives’ Motto R

eceiving the 2017 Colorado Section Player Development Award is Leighton Smith, PGA, owner of Leighton Smith Golf and Program Director for The First Tee of Pikes Peak. This award is presented to a section member who has made extraordinary contributions and achievements in conducting and supporting Play Golf America initiatives.

“It is an honor to be singled out to receive this award and I realize it would not be possible without the support I have received from others in the industry throughout the years,” says Smith. “Not only does this award mean a lot to me personally but, in reflection, I am humbled to be in the company of the other award winners who epitomize the traits of golf professionals.” Being a Colorado Springs native, Smith is thrilled to have the opportunity to practice his trade in his hometown and to be able to give back to this community that means so much to him. While running

a youth development program full time, he also operates his own golf-instruction business designed to help adult golfers reach their highest potential He found his love for golf during his junior year of high school but it was while attending the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs College of Business and the PGA Golf Management program that he discovered his passion for learning about golf and, more specifically, teaching the game of golf. Leighton began his golf career as a swing instructor at The Hank Haney International Junior Golf Academy in South Carolina. As a coach at the academy, he sharpened his skills as an instructor and player. The experience proved to deepen his passion to help others achieve their dreams and overcome adversity. “I find my true center when I am on the tee getting to know my client and helping them to be excited about continued on page 16


Colorado PGA Pro Peaks Digital Magazine

Colorado PGA Special Awards Feature continued from page 14

continued from page 15

develops and delivers the training for golf instruction but also for the business side of golf instruction.

the game of golf,” shares Smith.

When asked about the growth of the game, Nuber said, “Time and money are factors that can limit golf’s growth. That said, the other significant barrier is simply the difficulty of the game. Golf can be hard and people don’t like to do things they are not good at, especially when they take time and cost money. When people play better golf, they enjoy golf more. When they enjoy golf more, they play more and participation rates increase. As a teacher to the teachers, I can have a greater impact on the game and its growth.” To Nuber, teaching coaches is not much different than teaching students. “With any new learning, it is important to provide the context for why the information matters to the person and how it is presented. For our Coaches, we help them to use the swing data and information they receive to deliver their instruction more accurately and concisely. This makes their instruction simple,” says Nuber. Nuber also believes that for him to be successful as a trainer and to gain the trust of new coaches, it is imperative for him to display the traits of a PGA Member and represent GOLFTEC appropriately. “This goes far beyond appearances,” says Nuber. “It also includes other important characteristics that uphold the image of a PGA Professional such as reliability, accountability, integrity, ethics, respect, empathy and trustworthiness. “Seeing our Coaches successes with their students and their own careers is extremely rewarding for me,” continues Nuber. Equally rewarding are the challenges Nuber and his team face daily. This includes driving the current and future direction for GOLFTEC instruction, identifying ways to improve lesson experiences, how to help Coaches teach even better lessons, how to help new or experienced teachers grow their business or vetting the latest technologies. “I hope that my story can inspire other professionals,” concludes Nuber. “I hope I can serve as an example that there are great career and growth opportunities in golf. I know a lot of what I do is for GOLFTEC but I also want other Members or Apprentices to know that I am available for anyone who has a question or would like to talk about golf. I want the section to know my door is always open.”


Smith is able to combine these two passions – golf and helping others – through his work at The First Tee of Pikes Peak by creating programs that attract youth to golf while preparing them for life. A program that began with just 23 kids in 2013 had an enrollment of 746 just four years later. His motto, Building Swings, Changing Lives, exemplifies the foundation of Smith’s work with his junior clients as well as his adult patrons. “Leading a year round junior golf program at one of the fastest growing First Tee chapters across the country is by far my most significant contribution to growing the game of golf,” contents Smith. Smith has also developed other programs designed to bring assorted community groups together to experience how golf can be fun and beneficial to one’s life. Over the last year, the number of clinics offered to women, businesses and just for fun has tripled. With military being a large part of his community, Smith makes it a point to work with this contingent as well. Smith’s Atlas Prep program is an example of this where high school juniors and seniors pursuing a military career can receive golf instruction and hear presentations from local military leaders. He also finds time to assist with the PGA HOPE (Helping Our Patriots Everywhere) program and the U.S. Olympic Committee FLAME (Finding Leaders Among Minorities Everywhere) program. “What attracts me to HOPE and FLAME is the appeal of helping people in the community where golf wouldn’t necessarily be their sport of choice,” continues Smith. “Participants learn the skills of a game that they can play for rest of life.” Being an alum of UCCS, Smith is afforded the opportunity to mentor and develop aspiring PGA Professionals attending the golf management program. He is present in the lives of up to 100 aspiring young golfers each year. “Creating comradery in the golf industry is important to me and being able to inspire and serve is essential,” concludes Smith. “My entire career thus far has been dedicated to growing the game and building positive relationships with people through golf. I feel very fortunate to love what I do. “I aspire to be an asset to the programs I serve, to the city, to the section and to any organization I work with. I want to help as many people as I can to enjoy the game of golf and to always be someone that others can count on."

Colorado PGA Special Awards Feature

Cherokee Ridge Head Professional Named Youth Player Development Award Winner Todd Laxson, Head Golf Professional at Cherokee Ridge Golf Course, has been presented the 2017 Colorado Section Youth Player Development Award. This award is designed to recognize a Colorado PGA golf professional who is a leader in junior golf, reflects the image and qualities that juniors can emulate and provides opportunities and experiences for juniors to learn and play golf.

September 2017

Laxson Feels Like an Overnight Success 18 Years in the Making

“Winning this award basically confirms the thanks that I have for all the people that came before me, like Judy Bell who believed in me when I didn’t even believe in myself and Paul Ransom, one of my life-long mentors,” confides Laxson when asked what winning this award means to him. “It also shows that consistency lends itself to success. I feel like I am an overnight success 18 years in the making.” How often is it that a PGA Professional gets the opportunity to be the head golf professional at the same course where he learned the game? That’s what happened for this local-boy-makes-good. Laxson, a Manitou Springs native, got his first set of clubs from the Easter bunny when he was seven years old. While his father and grandfather played league golf at Cherokee Ridge Golf Course, he played Cherokee’s par 3 course. Hired in 2000, he has been a member of the staff at Cherokee Ridge Golf Course for his entire career; 2017 marks his 18th year at the only course he has called home.

have the experience to play wherever their lives take them.” According to Laxson, working with junior golfers has been easy at Cherokee Ridge since it is likely the most junior-friendly golf course in the Springs. The staff made it clear that junior golfers were welcome and that they wanted them to consider Cherokee Ridge their home. Because of this push, five high school teams practice at Cherokee Ridge and the course hosts more than 40 junior varsity, four-team matches during the season.

“Things have come full circle,” says Laxson. “Ironically, the electronic-supply-house league my father and grandfather played in all those years ago is one of the leagues that is still going strong here at Cherokee Ridge.”

Laxson works diligently to provide a family-focused atmosphere. He believes that the inability to pay should not be a barrier towards improving ones golf skills. To show his dedication to this effort, his lesson rates reflect that philosophy.

Development is the place Laxson most enjoys helping. He believes that “at the heart of teaching golf is being a teacher.” He appreciates watching his players grow and helping them to achieve their goals. Teaching the game of golf while cultivating athletes and nurturing healthier people is his ambition.

Laxson serves the junior golf community through multiple roles. He serves as lead instructor for the largest junior golf program in Colorado Springs while also working closely with Pikes Peak Linkers, a local non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring every child in Colorado Springs has access to golf from an early age. The Linkers coordinate the students while Laxson manages and trains the instructional staff, develops the curriculum and implements the programing. Since 2007, Laxson has served as the continued on next page

“We teach skill sets and we sharpen minds. We are in the business of teaching kids to be great adults,” Laxson comments. “These young golfers are getting the foundation they need to not only play today but to


Colorado PGA Pro Peaks Digital Magazine

continued from page 17

Colorado PGA Special Awards Feature

president of Pikes Peak Junior Golf. He has been the head golf coach for a local boys’ high school team and was recently hired as an assistant coach for the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs girls’ golf team. But by far his favorite group to work with each year is the 20 students from the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind. “These amazing kids do more with a disability than you can imagine,” observes Laxson. “Each of these roles motivates me to expand my knowledge of the game and to learn more so I can be a solid resource to these junior golfers.”

professionals understand the important and impactful role they can play in the lives of young golfers. One way he works to affect this at Cherokee Ridge is to pair his brightest, best and most experienced golf instructors with the players who need the most instruction. Not only does this make for a dynamic performance system, but it makes the newest golfers feel as important as the most seasoned players. “I love what I and my staff are able to accomplish here at Cherokee Ridge,” concludes Laxson. “Our programs continue to build a love and respect for the game, and more importantly, develop character and a desire to compete that will last a lifetime. We have a passion and conviction about the great sport of golf and its ability to develop a person, not just a golfer.”

Being a father of two young boys, Laxson hopes golf

Presenters Finalize Topics for Teaching & Coaching Workshop

Colorado PGA Professionals to Highlight Hands On Workshop Set for September 21, 2017 at The Ranch Country Club


he Education Committee is happy to announce the creation of the Colorado PGA Fall Teaching and Coaching Workshop. This one-day, hands-on workshop will feature some of the best instructors in the Colorado Section sharing with you their insights into the game in a 30 minute Ted-Talks style presentation. Below are details about the event and the confirmed instructor. Event Details The Ranch Country Club Thursday, September 21, 2017 9:00am to 3:00pm MSR Points - Members will earn 7 MSR points for attending this event. Registration - $50 (includes lunch) Golf - an optional 9-hole “fun round” will be held after the seminars conclude Trent Wearner, PGA | Director of Instruction, Trent Wearner Golf Academy Helping with Students’ Outlook & Attitude Don Hurter, PGA | Director of Instruction, Castle Pines Golf Club My 5 Flaws in a Golfer that you have to fix Luke Brosterhous, PGA | Director of Golf, Catamount Ranch and Club Learning and Swing Cues – Using the right ones at the right time (tentative title) Steve Beach, PGA | Director of Instruction, Glenmoor Country Club Short game; chipping, pitching and sand game Nick Clearwater, PGA | Vice President of Instruction, GOLFTEC How big data can be used to simplify golf instruction and improve Student’s games quickly Ed Oldham, PGA | Head Professional, The Ranch Country Club Ideas for helping students with the mental game


September 2017


Colorado PGA Pro Peaks Digital Magazine

Tournament News

Vlosich Claims First Colorado Senior PGA Professional Championship R

on Vlosich has had an illustrious playing career. The PGA Life Member has competed in the U.S. Open, five U.S. Senior Opens, the PGA Championship and two Senior PGA Championships. Here at the section level, Vlosich has won three Colorado PGA Professional Championships consecutively between 1991 and 1993, but he had never won the biggest senior event in the Colorado Section. Tuesday, August 15, Vlosich checked that win off as he claimed the 2017 Colorado Senior PGA Professional Championship at Valley Country Club with a nine-under-par 135. Vlosich opened the event with an unassuming three-under-par 69 with four birdies and just one bogey. That left him three shots behind overnight leaders Mike Northern and Bill Loeffler and in a tie with four other players for seventh place. Ahead of Vlosich was Mike Northern, the defending champion, Mike Zaremba, the 2005 champion and Doug Rohrbaugh, the 2012 and 2013 champion. It was safe to say, he had his work cut out for him. Playing in the second to last group, Vlosich had a flaw-


less second round. The 60-year-old from Lakewood, Colo. made six birdies, three on the front and three on the back and no bogeys to fire an impressive six-underpar 66. “I guess I didn’t make any bogeys today,” Vlosich noted when asked about his round. “I just went about my business and didn’t even realize it.”

Tournament News

It was his putter than led Vlosich to victory on Tuesday. A day after striking the ball extremely well, he noted one big change between his two rounds. “I made a few putts today which was nice,” noted Vlosich of his round. “I hit it really close all day yesterday and didn’t make a single thing. All of my birdies were from inside a foot or two.”

into the Senior PGA Professional Championship set for this coming September 28 thru October 1, 2017, at Desert Mountain Golf Club in Scottsdale, Ariz. Loeffler and Northern were already exempt into the event based on their previous finish -- Northern finishing in the top10 in 2016 and Loeffler having won the event in 2007. Joining Vlosich, Northern and Loeffler are; Don Hurter, PGA Director of Instruction at Castle Pines Golf Club; Michael Zaremba, PGA Director of Golf at Desert Hawk at Pueblo West; Bill Hancock, PGA Head Professional at Littleton Golf & Tennis Center; Barry Milstead, PGA Head Professional at Valley Country; and Rick Cole, PGA Head Professional at Eaton Country Club. Thank you to Valley Country Club and their members for hosting this event!

September 2017

While Vlosich did all he could, there were a number of other players he had to wait out to claim his title. Northern started the day with a three shot lead on Vlosich and made a move of his own with back-to-back birdies on the 12th and 13th to get to nine-under-par. He, however, gave a shot back when he bogeyed the par-5 15th. Northern had chances coming in, including a 12-foot birdie putt at the last, but was unable to gain any more ground on Vlosich.

While all 54 players were competing for the championship, they were also competing for six qualifying spots

Qualifiers for the 2017 Senior PGA Professional Championship

Ron Vlosich, PGA Life Member

Don Hurter, PGA Castle Pines Golf Club

Mike Zaremba, PGA Desert Hawk at Pueblo West

Bill Hancock, PGA Littleton Golf and Tennis

Barry Milstead, PGA Valley Country Club

Rick Cole, PGA Eaton Country Club

Mike Northern, PGA Life Member

Bill Loeffler, PGA The Links Golf Course


Colorado PGA Pro Peaks Digital Magazine

Tournament News

Sharamitaro Wins at Eisenhower On a day that was downright miserable with cold, rainy conditions, Blake Sharamitaro didn’t let the weather keep his round from heating up! Sharamitaro made seven birdies in route to firing a four-under-par 68 to win the Eisenhower Golf Club Pro Am. “(The round) was a battle all day. I got to four-underpar quickly in the round before the delay,” noted Sharamitaro. “I made some really good par saves when the rain was at its worst before the delay, which certainly kept me in it. I played the course much more aggressively off the tee than the first time I played it last year, which seemed to work out.”

In the team event, Johnson partnered with Pete Garvin, Jeff Cline and Mike Love to win the title with a 15-under-129. Ron Vlosich, PGA Life Member and Brian Gott, PGA Owner at Gott Golf led their teams to tie for second place.

Hackenberg, Witczak Shine During Eclipse at Greeley CC Pro Am Brian Hackenburg and Jason Witczak finished tied for first at the Greeley Country Club Pro Am on Monday, August 21, 2017. Both players posted an even-par 70 to grab first place honors. Hackenburg, an Assistant Professional at Riverdale Golf Course, made three birdies to go with three bogeys during his round to be the first to post his score. Witczak, the Director of Instruction at The Club at Pradera, made two birdies to go along with two bogeys during his round.

Bradley, PGA Head Professional at Blackstone Country Club guided his team to a second place finish after posting 84 points. Dale Smigelsky, PGA Director of Golf at Collindale Golf Course finished in first place in the 50 for 50 Senior Division after posting a two-over 72. The event was stopped for fifteen minutes from 11:35a to 11:50am so players could check out the 95% total eclipse.

In the team event, Josh Troyer, PGA Head Professional at Greeley Country Club, used his home course advantage to lead his team to victory. Troyer partnered with Eric Nordhagen, Jeff Bedingfield, and Mike Shoop to tally 86 points in the Modified Stableford event. Eric

Thank you to Greg Heiny, PGA Director of Golf and the membership of Greeley Country Club for hosting the event.

Like fine wine, a number of Colorado PGA Professionals seem to get better with age. Their strong play was on display Monday, August 28, 2017 at Cheyenne Country Club as two members over 60 tied for the victory. Ken Krieger, PGA Head Professional at the host facility and Rick Cole, PGA Head Professional at Eaton Country Club both posted rounds of threeunder-par 69 to claim a one shot victory. Krieger tallied four birdies and just one bogey while Cole amassed five birdies to go along with two bogeys.

National GC; Chris Johnson, PGA Life Member; and Ron Vlosich, PGA Life Member.

Krieger, Cole Tie at Cheyenne Country Club Pro Am

Four players tied for third place after finishing at twounder-par 69. Those players were; Geoff Keffer, PGA - Greater Golfer D.C.; Perry Holmes, PGA - Colorado


Finishing in second place was Chris Johnson, PGA Life Member, who posted four birdies during his round to finish at three-under-par 69. Barry Milstead, PGA Head Professional at Valley Country Club and Caine Fitzgerald, PGA Assistant Professional at Meadow Hills Golf Course both posted two-under-par 70 to finish in third place.

In the team event, a low gross-low net contest featuring one PGA Professional and three amateurs, Scott Lane led his team to victory. Lane, an instructor at the MetaGolf Learning Center, partnered with Chuck Lane, Mike Gill and Kyle Linton to post an impressive 17-under-par 127. In second place, just a stroke back at 16-under-par 128 was Caine Fitzgerald, PGA Assistant Professional at Meadow Hills Golf Course and his team of Mike Mounts, John Boyles and Carl Ellis.

Tournament News

September 2017 Pictured (l-r) - Erica Webster, Ty Thompson, Holly Champion, Debbie Zamprelli, Terra Shehee, Liz McCabe, Alexandra Braga, Kelly Deimund, Carina Capobianco Katie Milstead.


Denver CC’s Braga repeats as Colorado PGA Women’s Champion by Gary Baines - 8/23/2017


s Herman's Hermits famously sang more than 50 years ago, "Second verse, same as the first."

The second playing of the Colorado PGA Women's Championship looked a lot like the first, at least regarding the top of the leaderboard. Like in 2016, Alexandra Braga from Denver Country Club won the championship. Like last year, she led after the first round. And just as in 2016, she prevailed by three strokes. Despite an 8-over-par round of 79 at The Club at Ravenna in Littleton in Wednesday's final round, Braga earned the trophy again. After five birdies in Tuesday's round of 69, the 33-yearold managed only one during the final round. But that didn't keep her from going wire-to-wire in the event for the second consecutive year. Stefanie Ferguson of CommonGround Golf Course, a former CWGA Match Play champion who finished third last year, placed second this time round, with a 76 on Wednesday leaving her at 151 overall. Tara Morris of the Country Club at Castle Pines ended up third out of the 11-player field at 156 following a secondround 75. The tournament was open to female players who are either PGA or LPGA members or apprentices based within the Colorado PGA's boundaries.


Colorado PGA Pro Peaks Digital Magazine

Tournament News

Dow Finsterwald Colorado PGA OMEGA Player of the Year 1 | Geoff Keffer | Greater Golfer Development Center | 4,653.82 2 | Eric Bradley |Blackstone Country Club | 3,731.17 3 | Blake Sharamitaro | Riverdale Golf Courses | 3,551.17 4 | Kyle Voska | The Links Golf Course | 3,238.02 5 | Caine Fitzgerald | Meadow Hills Golf Course | 3,049.37 6 | Rick Cole | Eaton Country Club | 2,978.83 7 | Chris Johnson | Life Member | 2,887.92 8 | Barry Milstead | Valley Country Club | 2,730.50 9 |Jason Witczak |The Club at Pradera | 2,644.51 10 | Visanu Tongwarin | Legacy Ridge Golf Course | 2,292.67 11| Sherry Andonian | Valley Country Club | 2,181.98 12 | Dale Smigelsky | Collindale Golf Course | 2,052.50 13 | Peter Norwood | MetaGolf Learning Center | 2,006.62 14 | Kirk Trowbridge | MetaGolf Learning Center | 1,730.83 15 | Ron Vlosich | Life Member | 1,679.39 16 |Ken Krieger |Cheyenne Country Club | 1,490.50 17 | Dan O’Shaughnessy | Meadow Hills Golf Course| 1,256.09 18 | Jeff Carter | Riverdale Golf Courses | 1,223.00 19 | Paul Lobato | Meridian Golf Club | 1,203.75 20 | Dave Detweiler | Life Member | 1,203.00 21 | Scott Hart | Life Member | 1,194.67 22 | Scott Sommers | Saddleback Golf Club | 1,158.70 23 | Ari Papadopoulos | Red Sky Golf Club | 1,084.00 24 | Dave Troyer | CommonGround Golf Course | 1,045.50 25 | Will Panella | Buffalo Run Golf Course | 1,034.12 26 | Craig Stephens | Indian Peaks Golf Course | 965.67 27 | Patrick Reidy | Inverness Hotel & Golf Club | 955.31

Senior Colorado PGA OMEGA Player of the Year 1 | Rick Cole | Eaton Country Club | 5,340.83 2 | Dale Smigelsky | Collindale Golf Course | 4,528.50 3 | Mike Northern | Life Member | 4,402.00 4 | Chris Johnson | Life Member | 4,357.92 5 | Ron Vlosich | Life Member | 4,233.39 6 | Barry Milstead | Valley Country Club | 3,230.50 7 | Sherry Andonian | Valley Country Club | 2,621.98 8 | Ken Krieger | Cheyenne Country Club | 2,404.50 9 | Doug Rohrbaugh | Ironbridge Golf Club | 2,281.50 10 | Michael Zaremba | Desert Hawk at Pueblo West | 2,075.00

Colorado PGA Apprentice Player of the Year 1 | Patrick Grady | University of Colorado |2,679.33 2 | Bryan Hackenberg | Riverdale Golf Courses | 2,638.52 3 | Rich Lash | MetaGolf Learning Center | 1,997.32 4 |Brandon Bingaman | The Bridges Golf and Country Club | 1,745.00 5 | Andrew Hebert | Indian Peaks Golf Course | 1,395.17 6 | Ben Lanting | Bear Creek Golf Club | 1,238.00 7 | Steve Bidne | University of Northern Colorado |1,006.00 8 | Audie Dean | Littleton Golf & Tennis Club | 868.00 9 | Jeramy Curry | The Links Golf Course | 827.67 10 | Tim Richardson | Todd Creek Golf Club | 731.00

As of August 31, 2017 24

Route 411

An update on our Colorado PGA Members

Happy Birthday! September 1 Micah R. Rudosky, PGA Tray D. Shehee, PGA Jonathan D Atencio September 2 Al Pryor, PGA September 3 Tristen B. Fay, PGA September 4 Robert L. Haldeen, PGA Andrew D. Hilts, PGA September 5 Erin E. Diegel, PGA Graham T. Cliff, PGA Ty Thompson, PGA Brady R. Jones, PGA September 6 Dow H. Finsterwald Sr., PGA September 7 Rich M. Zulkoski, PGA Cory M. Boillot, PGA William K. Parker, PGA September 8 Bob Lewis, PGA Craig S. Parzybok, PGA Jeffrey Trace Kea, PGA Anthony B. Chesla, PGA Alexander G. Harris, PGA

September 9 Michael E. Stubblefield, PGA Stephen M. Bidne Nathan L. Corsbie, PGA Benjamin E. Spiers, PGA September 10 Cade A. Benson, PGA September 11 Jason T. Young, PGA September 12 Daniel Harvanek, PGA James D. Davidson, PGA September 13 Mark C. Wiebe, PGA September 14 Jacob W. Diehl, PGA Richard J. Hartman, PGA Bryan S. Hackenberg September 15 Eliot E. Moore, PGA Luke A. Lucero September 17 Kent Heusinkveld, PGA James A. Edfors, PGA September 18 Casey A. Schiel, PGA

Jerred P. McKinney, PGA September 19 Randy C. Burross, PGA Leslie J. Core-Drevecky, PGA Lonnie Reed, PGA Matthew R. Magley, PGA Shane S Sutherland

September 2017

Membership News

September 21 Remington D. Post, PGA September 22 Tim Stevens, PGA John P. Kienast, PGA September 23 Randy Kahn, PGA Geoffrey R. Hiland, PGA September 24 Stan Fenn, PGA September 25 Brett J. Walton, PGA John T. Rogala, PGA September 27 Robert T. Nelson, PGA Craig J. Corcoran, PGA September 29 Joshua G Miller, PGA Vincent J. Downie, PGA

New Members Jason L. Gullett, PGA | A-8 | The Golf Club at Bear Dance Brett R. Wolf, PGA | A-8 | Hillcrest Golf Club

Welcome to the Colorado PGA! Geoffrey P. Bisi, PGA | A-8 | Roaring Fork Club | previously in the Southern California Section

New Apprentices Ryan D. Husted | B-8 | Valley Country Club


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Junior Golf News

Taking The Next Steps By Gary Baines 8-12-2017

Sixteen junior golfers, including Colorado Junior Match Play girls champion Emma Bryant of Aurora, earned spots into Regional Qualifying for the Drive, Chip & Putt Championhip by virtue of their performances Saturday in a Sub-Regional at CommonGround Golf Course in Aurora. The top two finishers in each of eight divisions on Saturday punched their tickets to the Regionals, set for Sept. 16 at Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Okla. From there, the top finisher in each division will make it to the 2018 National Championship, set for April 4 at Augusta National Golf Club, site of the Masters. Bryant tied for high points Saturday in the girls 14-15 division with Alyssa Chin, with both advancing.

through Local, Sub-Regional and Regional Qualifying.

Another player who moved on Saturday, Matai Naqica of Centennial, has now made it to the DCP Regionals two straight years in the boys 10-11 division. He had by far the high point total in that division on Saturday.

In all, 40 boys and 40 girls will compete in the Nationals of the Drive, Chip & Putt Championship, which is sponsored by the Masters, the USGA and the PGA of America. The competition is limited to players 7-15.

This year, for the first time, a second Sub-Regional will be held in Colorado, this one next Saturday (Aug. 19) at Walnut Creek Golf Preserve in Westminster. In three of the first four years the DCP has been held, zero Coloradans made it to Nationals, But three instate junior golfers -- Luke Trujillo, Arielle Keating and Caitlyn Chin -- went to Nationals in the spring of 2016.

Each participant in the DCP is awarded points for each skill based on his or her performance, with the points added together for an overall score. Here are all those who will advance to Southern Hills, with their points from each of the three skills on Saturday (drive, chip and putt) -- and their total -- at CommonGround.

Players who make it to Nationals have to advance

Drive Chip & Pub Sub-Regional Aug. 12, 2017 at CommonGround GC in Aurora Advance to Regionals (Drive-Chip-Putt--Total)


Boys 14-15 Joshua Gallegos 57-55-55--167 Kaden Ford 61-45-40--146

Boys 10-11 Matai Naqica 50-60-60--170 Mason Smith 31-45-45--121

Girls 14-15 Alyssa Chin 31-55-60--146 Emma Bryant 51-40-55--146

Girls 10-11 Callia Ward 26-60-60--146 Lillian McDermott 30-45-50--125

Boys 12-13 Riley Stephens 42-55-55--152 Brian Knapp 36-3-55--122

Boys 7-9 Collen Todd 28-45-31--104 Santiago Liberto 16-30-46--92

Girls 12-13 Kaylee Chen 54-55-36--145 Avery Sky 38-37-55--130

Girls 7-9 Eleanor Warden 23-40-50--113 Allie Smith 11-55-45--111

Tulsa-Bound By Gary Baines - 8/19/2017

Sixteen more junior golfers punched their tickets to the Regional round of qualifying for the Drive, Chip & Putt Championship through a Sub-Regional held Saturday at Walnut Creek Golf Course in Westminster. It’s the first time two Sub-Regionals have been conducted in Colorado in the same year as CommonGround Golf Course in Aurora hosted one last weekend. Among those who advanced on Saturday was Sofia Choi of Littleton, winner of the last two girls titles in the Junior Golf Alliance of Colorado’s 11-13 Junior Series Championships. Choi won the girls 14-15 division on Saturday, a year after advancing to Regionals in the 12-13 division. Also earning a spot in Regionals on Saturday was Ashton Edwards of Boulder, son of University of Colorado men’s head coach Roy Edwards. Ashton Edwards placed second in the boys 7-9 division on Saturday, behind Max Riley.

September 2017

Junior Golf News

The top two finishers in each of eight divisions on Saturday earned trips to the Regionals, set for Sept. 16 at Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Okla. From there, the top finisher in each division will make it to the 2018 National Championship, set for April 4 at Augusta National Golf Club, site of the Masters. In three of the first four years the DCP has been held, no Coloradans made it to Nationals, But three in-state junior golfers -- Luke Trujillo, Arielle Keating and Caitlyn Chin -- went to Nationals in the spring of 2016. Players who make it to Nationals have to advance through Local, Sub-Regional and Regional Qualifying. In all, 40 boys and 40 girls will compete in the Nationals of the Drive, Chip & Putt Championship, which is sponsored by the Masters, the USGA and the PGA of America. The competition is limited to players 7-15. Each participant in the DCP is awarded points for each skill based on his or her performance, with the points added together for an overall score. Here are all those who will advance from Colorado sites to Southern Hills, with their points from each of the three skills (drive, chip and putt) -- and their total for the Sub-Regionals at Walnut Creek on Saturday and at CommonGround on Aug. 12:

Drive Chip & Pub Sub-Regionals

AUG. 19, 2017 AT WALNUT CREEK GOLF PRESERVE IN WESTMINSTER ADVANCE TO REGIONALS (Drive-Chip-Putt--Total) Boys 14-15 Joshua Stouder 36-35-60--131 Hunter Khan 42-35-46--123

Boys 10-11 Kaden Devenport 46-45-55--146 Tucker Jaffe 36-60-35--131

Girls 14-15 Sofia Choi 33-41-65--139 Rachel Penzenstadler 41-21-55--117

Girls 10-11 Rylee Salome 21-55-45--121 Macy Kleve 21-36-40--97

Boys 12-13 Yusuke Ogi 60-36-45--141 Wesley Erling 47-45-37--129

Boys 7-9 Max Riley 32-55-55--142 Ashton Edwards 21-4-65--90

Girls 12-13 Abigail Aeschleman 34-50-55--139 Ali Mulhall 48-27-60--135

Girls 7-9 Adrielle Miller 13-41-31--85 Molli Mulhall 22-7-55--84 For all the scores from Saturday, CLICK HERE.


Colorado PGA Pro Peaks Digital Magazine

Junior Golf News

Mt. Elbert Is Victorious And Regional Bound T

he Greg Mastriona Golf Courses at Hyland Hills in Westminster hosted the best of the best PGA Junior League All-Star teams in Colorado for the SemiFinals and Championship matches on Sunday, August 27, 2017. Four teams from all of Colorado became the best 40 players in the state out of over 1,500. In the Semi-Finals the Pikes Peak team from Colorado Springs and captained by PGA Professional Ben Spiers faced Mt. Massive of Denver (captained by PGA Professional, Rick Timm) for their chance at the Championship. The game looked very close as the groups starting coming in but, with 3-0 victories in their second and third matches, Mt. Massive would come out on top with a score of 9 points to 3. In the other Final Four matchup, Mt. Bierstadt from Steamboat Springs (Captained by PGA Professional Tom Taylor) would play Mt. Elbert of Aurora and also captained by Rick Timm, PGA. Mt. Elbert took a commanding lead in the first two matches but Mt. Bierstadt showed they were fighters in the third and winning 2.5 to .5. It was not to be though as Mt. Elbert emerged victorious scoring 8 points over Mt. Bierstadt’s 4.


In the afternoon, Pikes Peak would play Mt. Bierstadt for the consolation round to determine third and fourth place. This match proved to be the closest of the day. Both teams were tied after exchanging the lead three separate times going into the final match. Pikes Peak would defeat Mt. Bierstadt with the final match, 2 flags to 1, to win the consolation round and take third for Colorado. What a battle! Our Championship match between Mt. Massive and Mt. Elbert would round out the day. The teams were neck in neck after the first two match scores were posted. After a tough battle, Mt. Elbert won the final two matches with scores of 2 points to 1 and emerges victorious! All 10 of Mt. Elbert’s players will move on to the Regional Competition right here in Colorado on September 9, 2017 at The Greg Mastriona Golf Courses at Hyland Hills in Westminster to earn their chance to play in the National Championship. Congratulations to all those who played in the Final Four! You are an amazing representation of junior golf in Colorado!

Champion: Mt. Elbert Captain: Rick Timm, PGA Assistant Coach: Kyle Voska, PGA Traejan Andrews | Timm Golf Ty Andrews | Timm Golf Kaden Davenport | Timm Golf Rachel Penzenstadler | Timm Golf Andy Schwartz | The Links Dylan Bundy | The Links Qwenton Caldwell | The Links Max Zadvorny | South Suburban Cade Rummell | Highlands Ranch Ayzic Belanger | Family Sports Runner Up: Mt. Massive Captain: Rick Timm, PGA Assistant Coach: Pat Tait, PGA Blake Sullian | Timm Golf Matai Naqica | Timm Golf Andre Dumonteil | Timm Golf Gavin Amella | Timm Golf Will Reinhart | Timm Golf Carter Okeefe | Raccoon Creek Garrison Beutler | Raccoon Creek Evan Hunter | Raccoon Creek Jackson Smith | South Suburban Ty Martin | Family Sports

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Second Runner Up: Pikes Peak Captain: Ben Spiers, PGA Assistant Coach: Rich Parker, PGA Ryan Falender | Garden of the Gods Club and Resort Noah Keller | Garden of the Gods Club and Resort Logan Burwell | Garden of the Gods Club and Resort John Berson | Garden of the Gods Club and Resort Walker Asp | Garden of the Gods Club and Resort Emily Cheng | The Club at Flying Horse #2 J.ordan Lu | The Club at Flying Horse #2 Chase Crane | The Club at Flying Horse #1 Thomas Herholtz | Country Club of Colorado Kale Parthen | Country Club of Colorado Fourth Place: Mt. Bierstadt Captain: Tom Taylor, PGA Assistant Coach: Luke Brosterhous, PGA

September 2017

Teams listed by place below:

Travis Seitz | Haymaker #1 Mike Dinapoli | Haymaker #1 Logan Kagan | Haymaker #1 Charlie Reismann | Haymaker #1 Rax Rotermund | Catamount Charlie Thompson | Catamount Jack Fox | Catamount Dave Andujo | Haymaker #2 Ryan Peck | Haymaker #2 Heck Staphenson | Rolling Stone Ranch

Golf in Schools Program Request Forms Available W

ithout question, the Golf in Schools program has quickly become an essential tool in introducing kids to the game of golf as well as a great stepping stone for your junior programs during the summer. Would you like to get involved? The Colorado PGA is now accepting program requests for the Spring semester. PGA Professionals and Educators are welcome to submit a program request form. The fall program request window is now open and will close on October 31st. Forms submitted after this date may not be considered, so get yours in soon! Requests do not guarantee funding; those programs that are approved will be notified and further details will be required. A huge thank you to those who have made GIS a huge success thus far. We anticipate another great year for this program as we continue to positively impact the lives of others through the game of golf. Click here to access the Program Request Form for Teachers Click here to access the Program Request Form for Golf Professionals


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Wilson makes it 3 wins in a row, Dumonteil 2 straight in JGAC 10 & Under Junior Series Championship By: Gary Baines Repeat and three-peat. That was the story of the day for the winners of the Junior Golf Alliance of Colorado's 10 & under Junior Series Championship at the Pfluger Course at Pinehurst Country Club in south Denver. Andre Dumonteil of Centennial handled the repeat part on Wednesday, winning the 10 & under boys title for the second straight year, this time with a career-best round of 7-under-par 67. And, at age 9, Dumonteil could have a shot at three straight championships in this age division. But 10-year-old Ashleigh Wilson of Highlands Ranch managed that feat this year with her third girls title in a row. After firing an even-par 74 on Wednesday, she's the first to accomplish that at the 10 & under level and just the second regardless of age/gender division as Somin Lee won three straight 14-18 Junior Series Championships on the girls side from 2008-10. The only others to have won three Junior Series Championships -- in their case not consecutively -- are Jennifer Kupcho of Westminster and Coby Welch of Highlands Ranch. "To me, it means a lot -- a lot, a lot -- because what I want to be when I grow up is a golf pro, so this really matters," said Wilson, winner of nine JGAC events in 2017. As for Dumonteil, he becomes just the second two-time winner in the boys 10 & under Junior Series Championship, joining Brayden Bozak (2012 and '13). "This year I was really proud of myself because last year I didn't do very good but I still won," said Dumonteil, who likewise notched his ninth win of the season in JGAC tournaments. "This year I actually played my butt off and I won, so I'm happy about that." Indeed, the 7-under-par total for the round that Dumonteil (below) shot was two better than his personal best. On Wednesday, he made an eagle on No. 15 -- missing a double eagle by an inch after hitting


a hybrid from 132 yards -- to go with seven birdies and two bogeys. He's won this tournament each of the two years he's competed in it. "It feels really good" to post his best round relative to par, he said. "I shot shot 5 under two weeks ago and eagled in the playoff so it gave me a little confidence that I could do it. "I'm happy I shot 7 under and I'm proud of myself that I shot that with two bogeys." Tyler Long of Evergreen carded a 73 to finish runnerup, six strokes behind Dumonteil. Ty Andrews of Windsor checked in at 74 for third place. In the girls tournament, Wilson prevailed by nine strokes after a four-birdie, four-bogey day. She matched her career best with the even-par round. On No. 9, she rolled in a 25-foot birdie, then backed it up with another bird on No. 10. "Winning this three years in a row" is the thing I'm most proud of in golf, she said, "considering (the streak started) when I was 8. That's the thing that sticks out the most. "This year, I put in the time to make sure I had everything down." The Junior Series Championships for 11-13 year olds was held earlier this week, with Gage Messingham of Arvada and Sofia Choi of Littleton earning the titles. The 14-18 tournament will be conducted Saturday and Sunday (Aug. 12-13) at Pelican Lakes in Windsor.

JGAC 11-13 Champions Crowned T

hey went about it in totally different ways, but Gage Messingham of Arvada and Sofia Choi of Littleton arrived at the same outcome on Tuesday afternoon at The Fox Hill Club in Longmont. Messingham (below in orange) prevailed in a sudden-death playoff to earn the boys title in the Junior Golf Alliance of Colorado's 11-13 Junior Series Championship, while Choi lapped the field in claiming victory in the girls division.

Choi (left), 13, became the first player to win the girls 11-13 tournament twice. That's no small accomplishment considering the likes of Jennifer Kupcho -- who recently finished 21st in the U.S. Women's Open -- have claimed the title. "It's pretty big," said Choi, who's part of the Hale Irwin Elite Player Program at CommonGround Golf Course. "I was just trying to play the best I could." This time around, Choi birdied two of the last three holes on Tuesday to win by 18 strokes after rounds of 74-77 left her at 7-over-par 151. It marked her fourth Junior Golf Alliance victory of the season. "I was just trying to shoot better than yesterday," said Choi, who recently placed 13th in her age division at the Optimist International Junior Golf Championships in Florida. "That was my goal." Though she didn't quite meet that standard, she finished with the only two rounds in the 70s in the girls field. Placing second at 169 was Kaylee Chen of Highlands Ranch, the points leader coming into this event. And 9-year-old -- and that's no typo -- Hadley Ashton of Erie finished third at 171 after a Tuesday round which featured a pitch-in par on No. 10 and a 7-foot birdie at No. 12. "It feels good" to place third against girls much older than herself, "but I wish I could have played better today," said Ashton, whose instructor is Colorado National Golf Club PGA general manager Matt Schalk. He's the father of Hailey Schalk, who won the AJGA Hale Irwin Colorado Junior by Transamerica as a 15-year-old this year. For the record, at age 9, Ashton (below at left, with Choi and Chen) has already shot a 3-under-par 69 in a practice round for the IMG Academy Junior World Championships in San Diego, where she finished 28th in her age division. On the boys side at Fox Hill, the 13-year-old Messingham rebounded from back-to-back double bogeys on the 15th and 16th holes on Tuesday to finish

September 2017

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par-birdie in regulation, making a 15-foot putt on 18. Traejan Andrews of Windsor, the 2014 winner of the 10 & under title in this event, went birdie-par-birdie down the stretch to force a playoff. Both players went 77-76 to tie at 9-over-par 153. In sudden death, with each player facing a 30-foot birdie putt on the par-4 first hole, Messingham left his attempt about 2 feet short, while Andrews went 3 feet past. Then Andrews, the season-long points leader entering the week, lipped out his par putt, opening the door for Messingham to make his par for the victory. "This means a lot to me," said Messingham, who finished second to Andrews in a 10 & under Junior Series Championship three years ago. "I didn't play too well, but I recovered well, made some putts and shot pretty good. "This pretty much is the biggest thing I've won. My confidence was high. I just went into it thinking I could win." The victory was the third of the season in Junior Golf Alliance events for Messingham, who recently competed at the Optimist International Junior. (Messingham is pictured at left with Andrews.)

Liam Wood, who won the 10 & under Junior Series title in 2015, finished third at 155 at Fox Hill after closing with a 79 on Tuesday. The Junior Series Championships for other age divisions will take place later this week, with the 10 & under event set for Wednesday (Aug. 9) at Pinehurst Country Club's Pfluger 9, and the 14-18 tournament scheduled for Saturday and Sunday (Aug. 12-13) at Pelican Lakes in Windsor.


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