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TikTok will be setting a screen time limit for accounts belonging to users under the age of 18.



Nothing fosters strong relationships more than the rush to solve intricate puzzles before the time hits zero!


From adults all the way down to little children, procrastinating seems to be something that people everywhere struggle with.


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Finding the perfect park for your little one can be a real challenge because there’s not always baby-friendly equipment, and older kids can tend to take over the playground. Here are some fantastic playgrounds with great people and equipment you and your baby will love.

Red-tailed Hawk Park

Besides having baby-friendly equipment like the net saucer swing where you can sit with your kiddo or the inclusive swing seat with a safety belt, the park has a spray ground. A soft spray shoots up in certain areas to cool off your baby, and they can play in the water. The spray ground is open daily from 10 a.m.-7 p.m. starting May 28.

Red-tailed Hawk Park, Aurora

Little’s Creek Park

Little’s Creek Park is perfect for young kids because it has toy spinners, small slides, and baby swings. The park also looks like a pirate ship! This park has two playgrounds right next to each other, so if one’s too busy, your baby can easily play on the other. This is also a great place to relax because of the pond, benches, and shaded areas.

Little’s Creek Park, Littleton.

Plum Valley Park

The park in Highlands Ranch has a little of everything that all ages will love. The park features animal spring riders, baby-friendly steps and swings, and even a separate toddler/baby platform with a slide. This is a great park if you have older kids, too, because of the tall playground with a giant slide.

Plum Valley Park, Highlands Ranch.

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Best Places for Stargazing

Warm nights are finally heading our way, so let’s add stargazing to our spring bucket list. This is an excellent activity for kids to learn more about outer space in a fun and interactive way. Depending on your schedule, here are some places that are a short drive from Denver and others that would make for the perfect weekend adventure.

Lookout Mountain

For a quick stargaze outing, Lookout Mountain is a perfect spot that’s about an hour from Denver. Choose from one of the hikes or pull off along Lookout Mountain Road to view the dazzling stars. The mountain is closer to the city than the other locations, but it makes for a quick and perfect late-night activity.

Lookout Mountain, Golden

Red Rocks

Another stargazing area that’s close to town is Red Rocks. With the unique and colossal sandstone walls, seeing the glowing stars up above makes it a beautiful spot. The warmer weather means Red Rock concerts, so jump online to check the schedule and avoid concert days.

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater, Morrison

Florissant Fossil Beds

Enjoy beautiful and extraordinarily bright stars at the Florissant Fossil Beds, located an hour west of Colorado Springs. This is a great place to stargaze because it’s far enough away from the bright city but still easily accessible for families. Venture on your own any night of the week or join a Night Sky Tour where you will learn about the stars.

Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument, Colorado Springs

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Make a weekend out of stargazing and head to the Great Sand Dunes. The sand dunes are far enough away from light pollution that guests can see the Milky Way galaxy. The best time to see the Milky Way is in the early morning hours during spring.

Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve, Alamosa

— Austria Cohn

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Paid Time Off for Families is Here

The new Colorado program, Paid Family and Medical Leave (FAMLI) will be available on January 1, 2024. This program allows employees to receive paid leave when “growing their families” or helping a loved one through a serious illness.

“FAMLI will provide paid family and medical leave for workers in Colorado that are going through particular needs in their life that will pull them away from the ability to work,” says Tracy Marshall the Division Director for this program. “Whether that’s involving their children, family, spouse, parents, military service, or incidents involving intimate partner violence or assault. All of those different things would be reason for them to be able to utilize that relief.”

This program allows employees to take up to 12 weeks off, and women who are having a difficult pregnancy receive an additional four weeks. Not only will mothers have the opportunity for paid time off during and after their pregnancy, but this 12-week period also applies to fathers.

“One of the things that I’m really excited about with this program is that people are eligible to take that bonding leave from birth adoption or foster placement within the first year after that addition to their family,” says David Gallivan the Compliance and Appeals Branch Manager for the Colorado FAMLI Division. “That means that people who are having children now or who are in the adoption process or the foster placement process are actually going to be eligible for that leave in early 2024.”

In other words, families adding a new member in the first week of April will have the opportunity to take 12-weeks off in the coming year.

Employers don’t have a choice to participate, Marshall says, “the employers have to do something, whether that’s offering their own plan or whether that’s utilizing the state’s plan, but doing nothing is not an option for them.”

To prepare for the FAMLI program, employees will notice a deduction from their pay stub right now, and in 2024, the Colorado Department

of Employment (CDLE) will begin paying out those benefits. The CDLE will begin accepting applications at the end of this year.

“We do realize that people are trying to plan around additions to their family, and we want to make sure that we’re very efficient in our managing those claims when they come to us,” Marshall adds.

Currently, Marshall works for the CDLE, but previously she was in the healthcare field as a registered nurse. Marshall believes this program is important for several reasons, including giving parents time to spend with their new babies.

“I used to spend a lot of time working in the neonatal ICU and see parents that still have their infants in the NICU, but essentially required to go back to work,” Marshall says. “It’s a heartbreaking decision for people to have to make.”

This new Colorado program will help parents welcome their new children to the family as well as give employees the opportunity to take care of their sick loved ones.

good to know
Photo by

Understanding Congenital Heart Defects

Hearing from a pediatrician that your baby has a Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) is a terrifying moment, but there has been recent research that is allowing children with CHDs to live longer and healthier lives.

CHDs are the most common type of birth defect, affecting nearly one percent of births per year in the U.S., states the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

An infant's heart is the size of a plum, and doctors, researchers, and other health professionals are searching for answers regarding CHDs.

Dr. Immanuel Turner, the Chief of Pediatric Heart Surgery at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, operates on infants with heart defects.

“The terrifying component of it never leaves. If it does leave, then I probably don’t need to do this anymore,” Dr. Turner says. “The rewarding component, obviously years of training to make sure we can do this at a really high level, is a key piece, but the reward is seeing the patients get better.”

When patients and their parents return to the post-op clinic, moms have said that this is the 2.0 version of their baby because they’re kicking, rolling over, and have so much more energy, Dr. Turner says.

“From a care standpoint, we’re trying to cultivate that relationship with the parents as a part of our care team,” Dr. Turner says. “It really helps the rest of the ICU, surgery, cardiology, to make sure that after we get the patient through the surgery that they really continue to thrive.”

What causes CHD?

There are still unknowns about CHDs, including there is not a direct cause-and-effect relationship for us to know exactly why the defect develops.

“If you think about the multitude of steps to help the developing heart, either one of those steps can cause a potential congenital heart defect to form,” Dr. Turner says.

Even though there are no clear causes, there are preventative measures parents can take, for example, not smoking during pregnancy.

“CHDs also are thought to be caused by a combination of genes and other factors, such as things in the environment, the mother’s diet, the mother’s health conditions, or the mother’s medication use during pregnancy,” states the CDC. “For example, certain conditions a mother has, like preexisting diabetes or obesity, have been linked to heart defects in the baby.”

How Do Doctors Detect CHD?

“For those that have critical heart disease, about 15 percent have a genetic component. Now, that’s what we actually have the ability to test for,” Dr. Turner says. “As we continue to develop the tests, even in the last 5 to 10 years, [we’ve] identified other gene sequences that either have deletions or duplications that are involved with certain genetic or certain congenital defects.”

Children are living longer and healthier lives because medical facilities can catch the defect earlier. From anesthetic to the ICU, this early detection allows the medical team to better plan for when the baby is born.

“The combination of those has really helped us be able to take on some of the more complex congenital heart defects and have them be able to survive,” Dr. Turner says.

According to the CDC, about one in four babies with this defect have a critical CHD. Typically, critical CHD will require surgery within the first year of life.

What to Look Out For?

“Some of the symptoms parents and even the patients can look for are shortness of breath, changes in what you think fitness level would be, being able to keep up with peers, and feeling your heart race. All of those things, probably as they progress, are things you want to get worked up and at least go to your primary care doctor,” says Dr. Turner.

Keeping a relationship with your child’s pediatrician is vital because not every child is diagnosed at birth. Identifying heart defects early on will improve a child’s livelihood and outcome.


Camping With a Baby: 4 Tips You'll Need

Some of my best memories are of camping with my family, and I’m sure yours are, too. Wanting to go camping to get away from it all and connect with nature is a necessity, but how do you safely and successfully camp with a baby in tow? Let’s discuss it.

Where to Camp

For your first-ever trip, pick a campsite that’s close to home and has a bathroom nearby. That way, if it all goes awry, you can easily pack up and go home or use the camp bathroom to get access to running water and toilets for convenience.

As for actual spots, here are a few to look into that have bathrooms and other useful amenities available:

• Ridgway State Park

• Lake Pueblo State Park

• Stillwater Campground on Lake Granby

• White River National Forest

• YMCA Snow Mountain Ranch Campgrounds

• Reverend’s Ridge at Golden Gate Canyon

• State Park

What to Pack

Lifejackets or floaties, if camping near a body of water. Kids get away from us even under the most watchful eyes, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If your baby is still loving a warm bottle, a small saucepan with a spout or a kettle would be great to heat water and milk. If you aren’t wild about heating this up over a fire, a propane camping stove might be another must-buy.

Clothes. Overpack with baby clothes. If the weather is hot and humid, your baby will need cooler clothes. If it’s suddenly really cold, being able to layer up will be crucial. Plus, you never know when you’ll have an obscene diaper blowout.

A baby sling or carrier backpack. Holding your baby while you’re camping and hiking is going to get old quickly, so you’ll need another transportation option.

Figure out your bug repellent and sun care options now. Be aware that it is not recommended to use bug repellent on infants under two months of age. Instead, purchase mosquito netting to place over the baby carrier. As for sun protection,

get a shade cover for your baby carrier and dress your baby in lightweight, long sleeve shirts and pants with a brimmed hat that covers their ears.

Prepare for Everything Ever

Unfortunately, the weather is a huge factor in camping safely, and having proper shelter will save you a lot of trouble.

Fill up on gas before you settle at the campsite. Being able to shelter in the car to keep warm or get through rough weather is better than huddling in a fabric tent with your fingers crossed.

Buy a canopy tent. In a pinch, standing under a canopy tent will provide shade under the sun and protection from the elements while it’s raining (or worse, hailing).

How Long Should We Stay?

The perfect sweet spot to aim for is a solid three days, which shouldn’t be overwhelming for you or your baby. The first night will always be difficult, but try to stick it out because the second night tends to go much smoother. By the third day, everyone should be enjoying their stay before heading home the next morning.


Things We Love

Enjoy the warmer weather with these products perfect for playtime, keeping the phone juiced up, packing the on-the-go essentials, and keeping mosquitos at bay.


This compact Summer Pop 'N Jump Activity Center unfolds in seconds to give your baby a safe place to play both indoors and outdoors. It features a canopy, plenty of toys, and a removable jumper seat for easy cleanup. $69.99,


If a beach trip is in your future, this Key Living Water and Sand Play Set is perfect for keeping the kids entertained. It comes with a paddle windmill, a watering canister, a rake, a shovel, and four sand molds for optimal building. $29.99,


Keep your travel essentials organized with the Aucuu Letter Clear Travel Bag, perfect for holding makeup, toiletries, sunscreen, haircare items, and more! It features glittery chenille letters and easy-to-clean waterproof nylon and PVC material. $9.99,




Avoid mosquito bites with these Cliganic Mosquito Repellent Bracelets that are DEET-free and one-sizefits-all. They are made with essential oils, including the classic citronella oil, and come with resealable bags for extending wear time.


Never struggle to keep your phone charged again with this Mini Portable iPhone Charger. It’s a lipsticksized USB Type C charger that easily and securely attaches to your charging port for juicing up anywhere, anytime. $29.99, good to know
By Sarah Batrous


Home Births on the Rise

The most common way mothers give birth is in a hospital surrounded by nurses and their doctor. This type of birthing is common but doesn’t fit every mother or soon-to-be mother. Home births have gained popularity in recent years for several reasons, including the COVID-19 pandemic, and people are learning that this is a safe and spiritual way to give birth.

Photo by Organic Home Birth

Emily Thompson, a midwife at Organic Home Birth, located in Colorado Springs, answers popular questions about this form of birthing and why it is becoming increasingly popular.

“Home births are for the 85 percent of people who are having a low-risk pregnancy,” Thompson says.

A low-risk pregnancy includes having one baby (not twins), and the mother is in good health, so she has normal blood pressure, doesn’t have blood sugar issues, and overall, doesn’t have any significant underlying health history.

Why Do Mothers Choose Home Births?

A home birth tends to be a more intimate experience, where the mother knows, trusts and has a connection with her midwife and receives continuous care.

“We’re not having to go from birth to birth or room to room like at a hospital. You get that continuous support,” Thompson says. “At our practice, we bring a total of three people to a birth, so you have a whole team really there to support you.”

Leading up to the birth, Thompson will meet with her clients 12 to 15 times for a prenatal appointment. These prenatal visits not only go over the physical health of the mom, but she checks in with their emotional well-being as well.

“That’s one of the things that people really look for when they’re considering home birth. They want to know, ‘who’s going to walk with me on this journey?’” Thompson says. “When you have that mutual trust established, then the birth really tends to go well because we are already able to communicate well.”

People who go the other direction with a more common hospital birth don’t always get to build trust with their physician before the baby is born.

“A typical OB patient spends approximately one hour over the course of their whole pregnancy with their OB/GYN…mostly the nurses are doing everything in the office, and they see the doctor for five to seven minutes,” Thompson says.

“Whereas with a midwife, you’re going to see me for the whole appointment every time. We’re going to spend that whole hour together, so we definitely have a much deeper relationship.”

Another benefit of doing a home birth is you get to call all of the shots. The midwives are there to make sure everyone is in good health and that the parents get the experience they want.

“We place a lot of emphasis on informed decision-making. So we will talk with parents pretty extensively about all the aspects of their care, and then we will leave the actual decisionmaking process to them,” Thompson says. “My job as a midwife is to go into their home and ensure that mom and baby are safe and healthy and that the birth is proceeding the way it’s supposed to. But also to help them have the birth they are looking for.”

One benefit of having a home birth is that you can make all the decisions, from choosing who you want at the birth to where you want to give birth. Typically, hospital births are very structured, and there isn’t room for all the aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc.

Additionally, home births are in the comfort and privacy of your own home, so it tends to be a much more intimate experience rather than being in a hospital room. Having a baby is a big deal, and parents should be able to have the experience they want.

Why Are Home Births Growing in Popularity?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), from 2020 to 2021, home births increased in 30 states. The increases ranged from 8 percent in Florida to 49 percent in West Virginia.

“There was a lot of fear, especially in the beginning surrounding COVID, and there were a lot of people that were really concerned about not being able to have the people that they wanted with them in the birth space,” Thompson says.

Aside from the fear of the pandemic, Thompson also believes the thoughts and feelings around home births are changing. When she became a

midwife 15 years ago, many people didn’t know it was an option or thought the birthing method was strange.

“But I feel like now there’s been enough exposure. There have been several documentaries that have been made about home birth, and there are a lot more celebrity people doing home births now,” Thompson says.

Babies Are Expensive, Are Home Births?

Every parent knows how expensive giving birth in a hospital is, and the fees seem to never end. Yet, home births are significantly cheaper. At Organic Home Births, depending on insurance, the practice charges $4,000. This fee includes prenatal care, delivery, and postpartum care.

Why Water Births?

Women choose a water birth because it’s more comfortable for them.

“We provide an inflatable birthing pool for every client, but I like to say that the pool is a tool; it’s not a destination,” Thompson says. “About 60 percent of our clients give birth in the water because it’s their preference…The baby is not harmed by being born in the water. They don’t generally breathe until their face hits the air. So we’re not concerned about babies being born into water.”

What Choice is Right for Me?

Similarly to how hospital births aren’t for everyone, home births aren’t the right fit for everyone either. The natural birthing process can be much different than in a hospital, and women who have a high-risk pregnancy should go to the hospital to have their baby. This can be a beautiful, spiritual experience for couples, so if you’re interested in exploring this form of birth, contact a home birthing center for more information.

Photo by Organic Home Birth


Introducing Your Pet to Your Baby

If you have a baby on the way, you and your partner are not the only ones expecting; your fur baby will be anticipating a new addition to your family, too! It’s important to prepare your dog or cat for the arrival of their sibling, even if your pet is naturally gentle and easygoing. Dr. Stephen Lee has some tips and tricks to help your furry best friend meet their new best friend.

Photo by

When and how should you start preparing to introduce your pet to the baby?

At the six-month mark, you should be allocating new routines for your pets. “Most of these animals have had free roam of the house, and a lot of people have an extra room in their house where they put the dog bed or the litter box. This room usually ends up being the baby’s room,” says Dr. Lee. “Early on, you’ve got to start relocating your pet’s stuff. Start finding other locations in the house to become their spot.”

You should also prepare your pet for all the physical presence of the baby, such as the noises and the toys. “When you start having baby showers and getting those hand-me-down toys, put them together so you can desensitize your pet to those new objects. Get them used to the noises beforehand. Nowadays, everything makes so much noise, so put the batteries in those toys and let your pet start listening to stuff,” Dr. Lee adds.

How do I set boundaries for my pet and child?

“Every parent has a different idea of how involved they want their pet to be with their child,” says Dr. Lee. “Put the baby gate up if you want to; make sure your dog or cat knows they are not allowed in there.”

Even if you don’t mind your pet being in the same room as your baby, it’s important to establish boundaries ahead of time if it is going to change your pet’s routine. Teach them the boundary now so that your dog or cat does not correlate it to the baby and think the baby is the reason they are being restricted.

You should also make sure your pet respects when the baby is in your lap or on a piece of furniture. “Most people, before they have kids, will sit in a chair, and their animal will come peeling around the corner and flying into their lap. All of a sudden, when you sit down, you’re gonna have a baby in your hand, so your pet needs to learn to sit before they go in your lap or

sit next to you,” Dr. Lee shares. “They have to be asked, told, and taught; they aren’t going to do it the day the baby comes home.”

It could be helpful to use a baby doll to teach your pet how to respect this boundary. Hold the baby doll and let your pet know that they can get on the couch, but they have to sit next to you and not on top of you.

How do I approach the first meeting?

“The big thing I saw is you cannot force the bond between your two-legged kid and your fourlegged kid,” says Dr. Lee. “You want to keep that first introduction very brief and very supervised. Usually what I say to do is have the baby in their carrier, on the ground, and let your pet come up and sniff it. Some dogs are going to be excited, and some are going to look at the baby and be like, ‘see you later! I don’t want anything to do with what’s in there.’ I recommend that, unless you absolutely know your animal is going to be okay, put them on a leash so you can pull back if it gets too inquisitive.”

Don’t make a big deal out of the first meeting. If you think your dog will be concerned about the baby, be sure to make the meeting without having your family there. Everybody is going to want to be there when the baby gets home, but you can’t have an entourage and expect your dog to have a great first meeting with the baby. So, have your family wait outside and give you 15 minutes to let your pet sniff the baby before letting everyone come in. Dogs and cats get overstimulated, so they can’t bond with your baby when their surroundings are crowded and noisy.

What are some things I should and should not worry about?

One thing parents worry about the most is their pet biting their kid. The truth is, your pet will only bite if they feel threatened.

“You’re dealing with a newborn, and that newborn is no threat to your animal whatsoever,” Dr. Lee notes. “The child cannot grab them, run after them, or corner them. That problem comes when the child turns about seven months old and starts to crawl, grab, and bite. The good news is your pet has several months to get used to the child. I would say that, of the 100 percent of parents concerned about their pet biting their child, only 1 percent still has that fear by the time six months roll around.”

Usually, that 1 percent has reason for concern because their pet is untrustworthy, but, if you start the discipline early, you will have plenty of time to work through that. Cats are likely to avoid the child at all costs for some time because cats do not tend to like things they are unsure of. So, your cat should not cause any problems. If you’re a dog owner, one thing you should take care of is your dog’s obedience skills.

“I tell everybody, if you find out you’re pregnant, why not get a few sessions with a dog trainer to teach your dog the basics: “no,” “sit,” and “stay,” says Dr. Lee. “If a dog can learn these three things, you will have no problem. And, the earlier you get them trained, the less stress there will be.” Parents are also often worried about their dog licking the child. Rest assured, your dog will not give your child a disease by licking them (think about it: your dog has licked you plenty of times and has not gotten you sick). If you’re still worried about your dog licking your baby, you can get their teeth clean before the baby comes home so they have a clean mouth.

Another thing: everybody wants their pet to fall in love with their baby on the first day, but some relationships take time! There is not a dog or a cat that loved mom and dad before they had a kid that will not be able to love them all at some point. Be slow, patient, and gentle, and soon your fur baby will get along just fine with your real baby.

Photo by

Pregnancy After Miscarriage

There are no words to describe the feelings women and their partners experience after getting pregnant and having a miscarriage. After a miscarriage, people can feel anger, grief, devastation, depression, or a tornado of feelings all at once. Always remember there isn’t a book of rules to follow that tells you how you should feel after a miscarriage.


Unfortunately, stigmas around miscarriages tend to silence women. An article published by the World Health Organization states, “Women still face enormous stigma and shame when they lose a baby, and they are often not encouraged to talk about their experience and loss. This can lead to isolation and disconnection, even from their partners and close family, and means that women end up trapped in their own personal grief. Such compounded pain is unacceptable.”

The reality of miscarriages is that it happens a lot more often than we all think.

“It is estimated that as many as 26 percent of all pregnancies end in miscarriages…” states the National Library of Medicine (NIH).

Why Do Miscarriages Happen?

Miscarriages can occur for several reasons, including structural problems. When a baby is forming, the construction of the vital organs is very important. Yet, if there’s an error on the cellular level, it can lead to a miscarriage. Another reason miscarriages happen is because of chromosomal abnormalities.

“We start as one cell that multiplies millions and millions of times, and during those very critical first multiplication of cells, if any of the chromosomes misaligned, you can have really significant chromosomal problems down the road. Our body recognizes those as incompatible with life and will lead to a miscarriage,” states Dr. Beth Carewe, an OB/GYN Physician at HealthOne. Women who have had a previous miscarriage can still become pregnant and deliver a healthy baby. After a miscarriage, a woman's menstrual cycle and body is ready for another baby, the physical and psychological effect of a miscarriage can still be present.

“I always say that when you’ve had your cycles returned, and they’re regular, that’s your body telling you that it’s physically

ready for another pregnancy. But that does not mean that you have to be emotionally or mentally ready to dive back in,” Dr. Carewe says. “A lot of times that grief, work, and processing the loss with your partner and deciding when you’re ready to jump back in can be longer than it takes your body to hormonally flip that switch and be back on track.”

Dealing with a Miscarriage

“It sounds simple, but I tell patients the only way through this is through it. You have to kind of feel all of the feelings and work through the grief, or else, it just sits there,” Dr. Carewe says. Her advice for women who are struggling with a miscarriage is to communicate. “Being open to talking about pregnancy loss, whether it’s with a partner or with a family member or a provider.”

All feelings are valid no matter how far along the pregnancy was because there’s a loss at every stage. “No loss is more significant or more important than others when it’s happening to you,” Dr. Carewe adds.

A critical piece when you’re becoming pregnant after having a miscarriage is communicating with your partner and making sure that you’re both ready to try again.

“I think sometimes partners get left out a little bit of the conversation, but it’s a loss for that partner as well,” Dr. Carewe says. “Depending on the partner balance, grief can look really different between any two people regardless of their sex or gender. We all grieve in a really different way, and making sure that everyone’s made it through that kind of grief process is really important.”

Trying Again After a Miscarriage

“It’s always going to be nerve-racking having a pregnancy after a miscarriage. If you’re not sure in those first couple of weeks if

everything is developing normally, it just intensifies that anxiety,” Dr. Carewe says.

Getting pregnant after a miscarriage, there will likely be anxiety during the next pregnancy, especially when the pregnancy gets to the point where the first miscarriage took place. Dr. Carewe adds, “Sometimes it’s just about the nonmedical things. The psychological support and the reassurance aspect is really important for those couples.”

Dr. Carewe states that after a single miscarriage, the chances of having a successful pregnancy are as high as 75-85 percent. “It’s something we watch very closely, but it’s not going to significantly increase risk for that to happen again. In fact, there are very good chances that women will experience a successful pregnancy.”

According to USC Fertility, “Two percent of pregnant women experience two pregnancy losses in a row, and only about 1 percent have three consecutive pregnancy losses.”

Becoming pregnant again, women have struggled with bonding with that next pregnancy and getting their hearts invested. This struggle tends to end once the patient knows the baby and pregnancy are okay.

Before trying again, consider establishing a relationship with your physician because it can be an important part of your physical well-being, and they can guide you through the next pregnancy. Physicians can also provide you with tips on what your diet and lifestyle should look like.

The conversation about starting a family doesn’t need to end with a miscarriage. Women can still become pregnant and give birth to a beautiful and healthy baby when they are emotionally ready. When it comes to miscarriages, the only thing that needs to end is the stigmas that are silencing our future mothers.

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TheBigWonderful is back for the annual Derby Party. There will be over 50 craft vendors, food trucks, live music, and samples to test. May 6. Belleview Station, Denver.


Walk MS: Grand Junction

Take a step towards a world free of MS, and register today. The event is open to all ages and has no participation cost. May 6. Canyon View Park, Grand Junction. mssociety.

The Bright Lights of Broadway 4

The Aurora Singers present this perfect performance for the entire family. Be ready for amazing choreography, costumes, and sets. Find tickets online ranging from $8-12, and children under 10 can attend for free. May 6-7. South Middle School, Aurora.


Fruita Fat Tire Festival

Celebrate mountain bikes, gear, and trails at the Fruita Fat Tire Festival, where manufacturers come together so avid riders can test out the new equipment. Ride on some of the best routes and gravel roads, and enjoy food, drinks, and music! May 12-14. Fruita.

Events may change after publication deadline. Please phone ahead to confirm important information and check with locations about individual COVID rules. HEADS UP!

OurPicks 2
happenings 24 COLORADO PARENT MAY 2023


Civic Center EATS

The annual food truck event is back on Wednesdays and Thursdays for delicious lunches throughout the summer. There will be live music every week presented by Your Mom’s House. May 17-Sept.14. Civic Center Park, Denver.

7 Highlands Farmers Market


Colorado Springs Food Tour

The three-hour walking tour features five delicious food spots that are some of the most loved restaurants in downtown Colorado Springs. This event reoccurs Thursdays through Sundays and costs $69. Downtown Colorado Springs.

Colorado Chocolate Festival 10

The delicious festival is back for another rich and savory weekend. There will be all kinds of different chocolates from warm chocolate fountains to truffles, fudge, brownies, and so much more! Luckily, the festival at the Crowne Plaza DIA Convention Center lands on Mother’s Day weekend, which all mamas will love.

There will be live entertainment, fun contests, and ways to win Golden Tickets to spend at any booth. The famous Chocolate Martini Bar is back and serves a selection of wines and beers. There will be over 80 vendors from across the U.S. selling various chocolate, candy, and other foods. The newest feature at the festival is the Chocolate Spa which has Dark Chocolate Facials, Chocolate Raspberry Facials with raspberry cleans and creamy masks, and a Chocolate Jelly Mask. Massages like the Coco Butter Chair Massage, Thai Massage with hot Thai compresses, and more are also available!

To attend the festival, tickets are required, which are $10 each, but children 12 and under get in for free! To sample the different chocolates, guests can buy Taste Tickets which are $10 for a dozen. Parking is free at the festival. Each vendor decides their own sample size, so the festival suggests that each person should have around 24 tickets. If you want some extra perks and don’t want to wait in line, consider buying a VIP pass for $50, which comes with early admission, 12 VIP Indulgence Tickets, reserved seating, and more.


CKS Paddlefest

If you can’t make the Colorado Chocolate Festival in May, mark your calendars for the Loveland Chocolate Festival in September and the Choctoberfest on October 7 in Aurora.

May 12-13.

Crowne Plaza DIA Convention Center,

happenings OurPicks
CKS Paddlefest has something in store for everyone, including live music, local food, and events on and off the river for the whole family to enjoy. It’s the perfect way to soak up some sun and enjoy on-river and off-river events. May 26-29.
Buena Vista.
Head to the farmers’ market that is open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. to grab your fresh fruits, vegetables, and other goods from local farmers. Shop, eat, and listen to live music every Sunday with the family. May 21-Oct.15. Highlands Square, Denver.

to do today


1 Monday

Music & Movement


Bring your children ages two through five for a fun and interactive learning experience with music, movement, dancing, and stories. Socialize and play with your kiddos at this free, recurring program that does not require registration. Broomfield Library.

Night Writers Group


Head to the drop-in writer’s group every Monday to meet with other aspiring writers to improve your craft. Join the inclusive space to celebrate creativity, achieve goals, and

work together. Longmont Library.

2 Tuesday Kids Create


The Denver Public Library offers a unique hands-on learning experience for ages five and under. The kids will explore new materials and create fun projects. Reach out to the library if you need any accommodations. Denver Public Library.

Paint Nite


For people 21 and up, paint a beautiful picture called “Here Comes the Sun” while you enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail. Reserve a spot online for $35, which includes all the supplies, and the proceeds go to support the local artist Monica, who is guiding the class. Improper City, Denver.

3 Wednesday Homeschool Day 10am-4pm

The Homeschool Day: The Science of Star Wars & Science Fiction welcomes kindergartners to twelfth graders on a fun-packed day. There are several activities like workshops, origami starships, presentations, and more! Space Foundation Discovery Center,

Colorado Springs.

Forts Funniest Competition


The Forts Funniest Competition is back for another year full of laughs, where the audience will determine the funniest comedian. The show will be a three-round tournament-style bracket, and the finalists will win cash prizes, paid stage time, and bragging rights. This event is for 21 and up, and general admission is $10 and can be bought online. The Comedy Fort, Fort Collins.

Kids Café


Swing by for a free, nutritious snack sponsored by the Food Bank of the Rockies. Available for children ages 18 and under, until supplies run out. Anythink Huron Street, Thornton.

Teen Hangout


Hang out with friends at Anythink! Anythink Huron Street, Thornton.

4 Thursday

Chess Club for Kids


Bring your children between the ages

of 5 and 11 to learn how to play chess. This event is for all experience levels; if your kiddo knows how to play, they can find a partner and play a match. Loveland Public Library.

Star Wars Party


May the 4th be with you as you celebrate Star Wars at Stir Events. The themed party will have delicious food and fun drinks inspired by the Galaxy. Costumes are strongly encouraged because there will be a contest. Buying a ticket includes games and food, and beverages are an additional cost. Stir Events, Denver.

5 Friday

Family Gym Time


Bring the entire family Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays to Breckenridge Recreation Center. There are inflatables, gym mats, and other equipment to make for a great family activity! No registration is required, but a drop-in fee is due once you arrive at the rec. Breckenridge Recreation Center.

6 Saturday

Cinco de Mayo Scholarship Gala 4pm-11pm

The el Cindo de Mayo Scholarship Gala is packed with events that make for a fun and meaningful night. There will be a silent auction, entertainment, social, and a dance. Ticket information can be found online and starts at $30. Creekside Event Center, Colorado Springs.

Duck Race Festival

Enjoy the beautiful spring weather at the Estes Park Duck Race Festival, which is packed full of exciting activities like the Duck Waddle 5k, live music, the yellow rubber duck race, and more. Jump online to see the full schedule of events and register. George Hix Riverside Plaza, Estes Park.

7 Sunday

Best Buddies Friendship Walk


The Best Buddies Friendship Walk supports inclusion for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Register or donate online, which helps the Best Buddies program in schools, workplaces, and communities. Washington Park, Denver.

Go Club


Bring your teens and kiddos to the library to learn how to play the ancient and mysterious board game Go. The game was developed thousands of

See the ducks race to the finish line on May 6.
happenings May 26 COLORADO PARENT MAY 2023

years ago in China, and it’s easy to learn but takes a long time to master. Boards are provided and available to take home. Boulder Public Library.

8 Monday

Food Bank Drop Off


Every Monday morning, Life Center Littleton volunteers set up to receive drop-off food donations. Donations are accepted Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., but there might not be volunteer members to help assist with the drop-off. Life Center Littleton.

9 Tuesday

Drop-in Ping Pong


Do you love playing ping pong? If so, this drop-in ping pong event is perfect for you. Meet others who love the game and practice your hit during the twohour session. Louisville Recreation.

Free Admission

Enjoy free admission at the Denver Art Museum on the second Tuesday of each month. Explore the beautiful museum with your family that features 70,000 pieces. This is a great way to teach children about art and history. Denver Art Museum.

Just Me and My Mom: Toddler Time


This event is perfect for children under six years old and their moms. You will make adorable handprint bowls, read a cute book, and enjoy snacks and drinks. Parents must stay with their kiddos during craft time. Tickets are required and are $25 for each child. Angelo’s Pottery Studio, Grand Junction.

10 Wednesday

2023 Annual Breakfast


This annual breakfast helps raise funds to maintain Denver Public School programs that are rooted in academics, social-emotional tools, and college and career readiness. There is no cost to attend this event, but donations are welcome. Registration begins at 7:15 a.m. Seawell Grand Ballroom, Denver.

The Great ArtDoors


Join the Great ArtDoors with Kid Connect in the Neighborhood, where all ages are welcome, and crafts are geared to ages three to six. This artfocused program helps kids develop and gather resources to cope with stress, work together, and express themselves through art. Children will meet friends in this fun and inclusive environment. Louisville Public Library.

11 Thursday

Denver Ukefest


The three-day festival starts Thursday and features all things ukulele. Attend the workshops that are for all levels of uke players, and watch amazing concerts! The festival begins at Grandma’s House and is open to everyone - no tickets are required. Grandma’s House, Denver.

12 Friday

Kids Club


Bring your kiddos, ages 5 to 10, for a 45-minute playdate. There will be a storytime session, music, games, crafts, and more activities. Registration is not required for this event. Alamosa Public Library.

Whiskey Soaked


Prepare for an exciting weekend at the Whiskey Soaked; Burlesque, Blues, and Booze that will make for a great night out with friends or a fun date night. Warm your insides while you listen to live music and watch aerial artists. Tickets are $45, and the show continues until Sunday, May 28. Clock Tower Cabaret, Denver.

13 Saturday

Chalk Lines & Vines


The Chalk Lines and Vines are back for a third year, where guests will sample wine and watch chalk artists create masterpieces. There will be live music, food trucks, and entertainment, but the event is for 21 and up. Snag a ticket online for Saturday or Sunday. Arapahoe County Fairgrounds Event, Aurora.

Kinder Kingdom: Musical May


Sign your kindergarten kiddo up for the half-day camp that will let the little ones wander around, make new friends, and learn about nature. Kindergarteners will build crafts, play games, and meet the CMZoo animal ambassador. Registration for members is $35, and non-members are $40. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Colorado Springs.

14 Sunday

Mother’s Day! Misty Coast


At Painting with a Twist, create a beautiful painting at the event Mother’s Day! Misty Coast. Painters should arrive 15 minutes before to grab a drink, get a smock, and find a seat. Prices range from $37 to $49. Painting with a Twist, Lakewood.

Sunday Swing


The historical Buffalo Rose hosts a special evening full of swing dancing and live music from the Flatirons Jazz Orchestra. Free dance lessons begin at 4 p.m., and the live entertainment starts at 5 p.m. Tickets are $20 online and $25 at the door. Buffalo Rose, Golden.

15 Monday

Experience the Sprince


Leadership Pikes Peak offers a two-day program that takes a deep dive into the history, government, economy, environment, art, and more of Colorado Springs. Meet others who are interested in the history and the development of Colorado Springs during the program. Jump online to learn more about the event. Leadership Pikes Peak, Colorado


Story Time


At the Western Museum of Mining and Industry, bring your kiddo to the story time they will love! Registration is not required for this event, but children do need to be accompanied by an adult. The event is for children ages three and older. Western Museum of Mining & Industry, Colorado Springs.

16 Tuesday

After School Fun


Once a month, Columbine Library welcomes all kids for an interactive learning experience. Your kiddo will explore science, technology, art, math, and more through crafts and games. This is a great way for children to play with a friend while simultaneously learning and exploring. Columbine Library, Littleton. jeffcolibrary.

Breastfeeding Class


This prenatal class covers all the essential topics related to breastfeeding. From learning about normal newborn feeding patterns to milk supply, the course will debunk myths and answer guests’ questions. Registration is required and costs $50. Colorado Birth and Wellness, Denver.

17 Wednesday

Fondue Date Night

At Kuper, enjoy a fondue date night every Wednesday that comes with a delicious fondue platter and a pre-selected bottle of wine. Seating times are 5:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., with a 90-minute limit. Registration is required, and the date costs $75 per couple. If you don’t like the preselected wine, you can upgrade to your favorite bottle for an additional fee. Kuper Wine Bar, Longmont.

Paint. Sip. Safari.


Join the Zoo for an adults only program where you not only get to create memories but a painting of one of the animals as well. Spend the evening at the Zoo strolling through animal exhibits, enjoying an adult beverage, meeting animals up-close, and creating a masterpiece. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Colorado Springs.

18 Thursday

Rifle Rendezvous Festival


The Rifle Rendezvous Festival is a perfect weekend for children because it’s packed with exciting events until May 21. The kiddos will love the Mud Bog Carnival, youth rodeo, live music,

Walk for Best Buddies on May 7.
happenings May MAY 2023 COLORADOPARENT.COM 27

car show, and Barn Dance. Jump online to view the entire event schedule and see ticket prices. Garfield County Fairgrounds, Rifle.

Somebody’s Friend Movement and Music Festival

From May 18 through the 21, enjoy the inaugural Somebody’s Friend Movement and Music Festival in RiNo. Over 45 dance companies come together to bring an exciting show that all ages will love. This is a great way to celebrate and support Denver and the Front Range dance community as artists perform on two stages. Denver Central Market.

19 Friday

3rd Friday Art Walk 4-8pm

Starting the third Friday in May, head to downtown Monte Vista for art, music, hands-on activities, and vendors that everyone will love! This event will reoccur until August 19. Downtown, Monte Vista.

20 Saturday

Family Craft & Gift Festival


Head to Colorado Springs Masonic Center for a free, outdoor festival!

There will be games, crafts, and live music that kids will love, along with loved food trucks and over 40 local and national vendors. Masonic Center, Colorado Springs.

Rise and Vibes Festival

The annual music festival is back for another family-friendly weekend. Located just outside of Durango, enjoy some of the most breathtaking parts of Colorado while listening to live music. There are areas to set up tents and RV


hookups so families can camp out all weekend long. Animas River Valley, Durango.

21 Sunday

Sensory Friendly: Passport to Culture


The Passport to Culture program is designed for children and families to learn and experience art and culture outside of the classroom. There will be performances, workshops, and other entertainment that everyone will enjoy. Lonetree Arts Center.

22 Monday Community Playgroup


Bring your kids, ages three and under, to the Summit County Community Playgroup every Monday. This event is free and a perfect way to start off the morning. There are crafts, games, and toys for kids to play with. Family & Intercultural Resource Center, Silverthorne.

23 Tuesday

Strolling Stories: Fun on the Farm Strolling Stories at Botanic Gardens Chatfield Farms combines story time and nature hikes. Children will walk along the trail, stop to read a seasonally-themed story, and then continue on their adventure. There will be a vegetable patch to explore and animals to discover on the farm. Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Farms.

Drop-in Meditation


On the second and fourth Tuesday of every month, head to Vail Public Library for a drop-in meditation session. This is an informal gathering that allows you to explore the form of meditation. There will be two facilitators who will guide

the practice and help people explore. Vail Public Library,

24 Wednesday

Paint. Sip. Safari.


Join the Zoo for an adults only program where you not only get to create memories but a painting of one of the animals as well. Spend the evening at the Zoo strolling through animal exhibits, enjoying an adult beverage, meeting animals up-close, and creating a masterpiece. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Colorado Springs.



Wednesday morning, learn how to make delicious quiches and play with different flavors. Even if you don’t like quiche, try the class because the French Kitchen Culinary has made many people love the dish. Registration is required, and tickets cost $94. The French Kitchen Culinary Center, Colorado Springs.

Women Crush Wednesday 5:30-8pm

All women cyclists are invited to socialize and ride gravel bikes Wednesday. Dress casually, challenge a night out on May 24. GetinfreeonMay31. 28 COLORADO PARENT MAY 2023

yourself, and meet others in an accepting environment. The routes require technical bike-handling skills, so this activity may not be suitable for beginners. Rayback Collective, Boulder.

25 Thursday

MountainFilm Festival

The Telluride documentary film festival happens until Monday, May 29, and powerful films, art, and ideas will be shared with the community of filmmakers and enthusiasts. Festival passes are on sale now, so jump online to reserve a spot! Telluride.

26 Friday

Blood Drive

The Lafayette mobile blood drive by Vitalant accepts walk-ins, but appointments are encouraged. Donating blood helps others in our community, so jump online to schedule an appointment. Use the blood drive code “1536.” Lafayette Public Library.

Boulder Creek Festival


A festival for everyone comes to Boulder! Enjoy delicious food, a beer festival, shopping, vendors, and even kid-friendly activities like children’s concerts, performances,

and games! The festival starts Friday and ends May 26. Boulder Creek Path.

Grand Old West Days

Bring the whole family to the Grand Old West Days happening May 25 through the 29. Jump online to view the entire list of events like Craig Chamber Carnival, parade, cowboy shoot, and more! Craig.

27 Saturday

Denver Arts Festival

For Memorial Weekend, celebrate art at the Denver Art Festival on May 27 and 28. From local to national artists, explore the wonders and beauties of art, as well as wine and beer and live music. Kids will also fall in love with the Kids Art Zone, where they can paint, win prizes, and take photos. Central Park, Denver.

Parent’s Night Out


Drop your kiddos off at the Sky Zone and enjoy the night yourself. Every Friday, each child will receive a drink, and two slices of pizza, while they jump the night away! Tickets are $30 for the first child but $10 off for every additional child. Sky Zone, Colorado Springs.

28 Sunday

BBQ Fest


Sunday is the last day to enjoy the BBQ Fest at Empower Field. Snag a ticket and enjoy an all-you-can-eat and drink. There will also be live music from several artists; check online to see the schedule. Empower Field at Mile High, Denver.

29 Monday

Daisy the Highland Cow


At Painting with a Twist, bring your family to paint Daisy the Highland Cow. Tickets range from $27 to $39 per person. Parents don’t need a ticket if they are only supervising. Painting with a Twist, Fort Collins.

Historic Boulder Walking Tour


Join the guided tour to explore the history and mystery of Pearl Street in Boulder. This is a fun way to learn more about the city; tickets are $20 each. Jump online to secure a spot and explore the other tours offered, including the Pearl Street Paranormal. Pearl Street, Boulder.

30 Tuesday

SpotlightWalk to Defeat ALS

provide that equipment at no charge.”

There is not a cure for ALS, but some of the money also goes towards genetic testing and, overall, to further the research of the disease.

Pet Shop Summer Camp


This is the perfect summer camp for any kiddos (ages four and up) wanting a new four-legged friend. Kids will create pets galore and amazing pet accessories. They will use clay, paint, and draw during the three-day camp. Registration is required, and the summer camp costs $160, which includes the supplies. Kids Create Studio, Broomfield.

Teen Dungeons and Dragons Club


Join the unknown world of Dungeons and Dragons, where teens will go on adventures and complete campaigns. For ages 12 to 18, new players and experienced alike are all welcome to participate. Snacks will be provided, and registration is required. Pikes Peak Library, Colorado Springs. ppld.

31 Wednesday

Free Admission

Every month, the Clyfford Still Museum offers free admission for guests to explore the unique art collection. The museum focuses on abstract shapes, lines, colors, and ideas that young children will love. Clyfford Still Museum, Denver.

register for the walk, and donations are optional. Guests can register as an individual or join a team.

On May 6, the ALS Association Rocky Mountain Chapter welcomes everyone to the Walk to Defeat ALS in Colorado Springs. This walk raises money to help support people in our community battling the disease. “Walks raise critical funds to support those

WalktoDefeatALSsupports thoseinourcommunity battlingthedisease.

living with ALS and their kids or their caregivers in our local community,” says Tami Anderson, the Development Manager at the ALS Association Rocky Mountain Chapter. “The funds are used for equipment that’s needed for our individuals with ALS, and we

According to the ALS Association, “approximately 5,000 people in the U.S. are diagnosed with ALS each year.” The ALS Association Rocky Mountain Chapter covers Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming, and there are several fundraisers happening throughout the year. The funds raised during the walks go back to help the local community in the three states.

By participating in the walk, it’s raising awareness for the disease and supporting individuals with ALS and their families. There is no cost to

There will be local vendors, companies, and a DJ at the walk along with an award ceremony that recognizes individuals who are battling ASL. This is a day to support one another and remember the people who have passed from the nervous system disease.

“We’re trying to urge people to come out with their families and rally around individuals that they love or know of that has ALS or has passed from ALS,” says Anderson.

People interested in attending can register online. If you can’t make the Walk to Defeat ALS in May, there will be another on September 30 in Fort Collins at City Park.

America the Beautiful Park, Colorado Springs.


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