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SUMMER • 2020

The Quarterly Newsletter of the Colorado Auctioneers Association

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From The President W

ith so much turmoil in 2020 it seems hard to believe that we are halfway through the year. The auction industry came to a screeching halt during the early stages of Covid-19, but it appears that most states around the country have lifted many of the restrictions which are a l l o w i n g those of us who make our living with live auctions to generate income again. Colorado remains one of the more stringent states with Covid restrictions that I work in to assemble people for a live auction, but I am optimistic that each day we are closer to regaining some sense of normalcy. I hope that you are all planning on attending the CAA summer Picnic on July 20th at the DT Ranch in Weldona. It will be a great day of of family, friends, BBQ, auction related discussions, horseshoes and a newly added Skeet Shooting tournament! It will be great to see everyone and have a great day with our auction family. With so many changes in the world it seems like each week we are encountering new challenges that we’ve not seen before. I am a creature of habit and I love history so for me it’s been an unsettling few months. I have had to force myself to make some changes and adapt in order to survive in this industry. I have a new trigger word that makes me cringe and when I hear people say “new normal” my blood pressure rises I’m sure. However, I will admit that a few changes have made my business better and more efficient so I am focusing on the positives that may come from this year. I hope that you are all able to do the same. With so much negativity in the world these days, I try to surround myself with positive and upbeat people that focus on solutions to the problem instead of the problem itself. Henry Ford said “Don’t find fault, find the remedy” and I try to remind myself of this daily. As always, if I can offer any assistance to you, please contact myself or any of our board members. We are here to serve you. Until next time, Shawn Hagler 2

BOARD OF DIRECTORS President Shawn Hagler 33505 E 156th Ct • Hudson, CO 80642 303-709-3725 • 1st Vice President Dean Gunter Mile High Car Company 1480 Ainsworth St • Colorado Springs, CO 80915 719-650-8184 • 2nd Vice President / Treasurer Mike Whitfield Peak Auto Auctions 5126 Brighton Blvd • Denver, CO 80216 719-238-8300 • Chairman Of The Board Mike Heitmann MH Bar Auction Co. 27275 Mid Jones Rd. • Calhan, CO 80808 406-450-2051 • Halie Behr (2020-2022) Halie Behr, Fundaneer Parker, CO Casey Giddings, CAI (2018-2020) Rocky Mtn Estate Brokers 24 Oak Ave. • Eaton, CO 80615 970-454-1010 • Graig Medvesk (2019 - 2021) The Auction Team 1610 Hwy 50 • Grand Junction, CO 81503 970-629-9520 • Edith Parrish-Kohler (2020-2022) Colorado Premier Realty & Auction Services 10162 Dresden St Firestone, CO 80504 303-565-0509 • Lance Nichols (2019 - 2021) Nichols Auctioneers 38241 WCR 23 • Eaton, CO 80615 970-302-6185 • Harold Unrein (2019-2021) 15333 CR 16.5 • Atwood, CO 80722 719-570-7800 • Craig Weichel (2020-2022) PO Box 623 Weldona, CO 80653 970-302-0018 • David Whitley (2019 - 2021) Rocky Mountain Estate Brokers 24 Oak Ave. • Eaton, CO 80615 970-539-1269 • Cissy Tabor • Executive Secretary 303-729-1195 •

thecoloradoauctioneer SUMMER • 2020

Identify Yourself as a CAA Member Demonstrate to your Buyers and Sellers that you are a proud member of the Colorado Auctioneers Association. Use the CAA logo in all your ads, on your business cards, on your stationery and on your website. If you’re not using it, we strongly urge you to proudly display the official CAA logo. We have 2 styles / size / shapes that can be used. The logo can be downloaded from our group, Colorado Auctioneers Association (CAA) Members Only on Facebook ( h t t p s : / / w w w. f a c e b o o k . c o m / groups/59956710490/files/) or contact our Executive Secretary, Cissy at

Zero, Zip, Zilch, Nada! Relief Fund...Free Auction Listings This is not a misprint! is offering a Relief Fund, in these tough economic times. Post your auction. Send us an email if you need relief for that auction, and we will refund the cost of your auction post. No questions asked, strictly confidential. We as a community want to see you and your business stay strong and healthy.

Contact Us at

Colorado COVID Updates: SUMMER • 2020




Colorado Auctioneer Foundation /

King Soopers Rewards Program

I’m glad to give the Mark Twain response to the status of the Foundation projects for 2020. Mark Twain was once asked a question and replied “I’m glad I can answer promptly—I don’t know.” Everything this year seems to fall into the “I don’t know category.” We’ll hope things settle down this fall.

King Soopers has changed their rewards program. You will no longer be able to add money to or reload existing King Soopers gift cards. These cards will be valid until the balance is zero.

Regarding the Mile Hi Auctioneer Open Bid Calling Contest for 2021 we are awaiting word from the National Western Stock Show Board. They may not decide until October if the National Western Stock Show will occur in 2021. Something about some sort of virus…. The Foundation Board will be in communication with the NWSS as they decide and we will jump into action if given the go ahead. The 2020 competition footage has been edited into a 2 hour television show. We are waiting on a broadcast date from Channel 12 which we believe will be in early October, stay tuned!

The process is as follows:

We have made a couple of attempts to get an online fund raising auction started. Each time we have been foiled by virus or other complications. Our hope is to get one up and going in early fall. If you have items you are willing to donate to the online auction please contact Mike Whitfield We have awarded three $1000 scholarships to deserving CAA family members. These will be presented at the 2021 Convention. The recipients this year are Ryely Smartt, Jackson Hart and Wacey Flack. Thanks to all who applied.

The NEW King Soopers Program utilizes the King Soopers Loyalty Card. If you already have a King Soopers Loyalty Card, you can register it to benefit the Colorado Auctioneers Foundation. The Foundation will then receive credit for your purchases, and it will not affect your fuel points.

1) Go to this link: 2) Clink on the link in blue that says, “Enroll Now” 3) If you already have an account log in. If you don’t have one, click on “Create an Account.” If you forgot your password click on “Forgot my Password” 4) After signing in or creating your account, you should be directed to a page called “Account Summary” 5) On the “Account Summary” page click on the link to “Community Rewards” (located on the left-hand side of the page) 6)You will be directed to a page listing all the non-profits in the program. Then use your account number to link your card to the Colorado Auctioneers Foundation. This program applies to all Kroger affiliated stores including Ralphs, City Market, Smith Food & Drug, Payless and Loaf & Jug.

The Foundation Board has decided to forgo the After you register your card and use it for Kroger or affiliated Foundation Summit for 2020. Instead we will sponsor store purchases, 5% of the purchase value will be credited to some speakers and events at the 2021 CAA Convention. the Colorado Auctioneers Foundation.

Two CAF board members, myself and Doug Carpenter, are reaching the end of our second 3 year terms. There is a need for two (2) additional board members beginning in 2021. If you would like to know more about the foundations work feel free to contact myself or any board member.

If you whave any difficulties registering your card, please call King Soopers Community rewards at 303-698-3403 Thank you for your support of your Foundation. Walt Partridge

Thanks for your support of the Colorado Auctioneers Treasurer Foundation. OJ Pratt, President


thecoloradoauctioneer SUMMER • 2020

HANNES COMBEST I woke up to a text message this morning about two professors from Stanford University who won the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences. You heard right – a friend of mine sent me this text – early in the morning. My first thought was “I think he sent it to the wrong person.” What do I care about the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences (economics was NOT my favorite subject in school). Then I opened the article from Reuters. The headline reads: U.S. Auction Theory Pioneers Win Nobel Economics Prize. I had to read it again – because let’s be honest – when was the last time you read an article that had “auction” and the “Nobel prize” in the same sentence? But sure enough, Dr. Paul Milgrom and Dr. Robert Wilson won the award for their research on auctions and how auctions benefit buyers and sellers around the world. According to the Nobel Prize’s official website, “Auctions are everywhere and affect our everyday lives.” Read that sentence again! Those in the auction industry have known that for years, but now Reuters newswire is saying it. According to Milgrom and Wallace’s theory, “rational bidders” tend to bid below their own best estimate of what they call “common value” (what we call market value) because they (bidders) don’t want to pay too much. As an auctioneer, you read that and think – that is an auction! The Nobel Laureates write that the outcome of an auction is the result of three things: 1) the format of the auction; 2) the object being sold; and, 3) what information the bidders have about the object’s value

However, I think the researchers missed the most important thing – the outcome of the auction is the result of the auctioneer’s work. The auctioneer, in concert with the seller, impacts all three of these factors. However, you as the auctioneer are totally responsible for the 4th factor. Among the hundreds of thousands of people who may want that item, your job is to find the buyer who wants it the most and turn them into an “irrational bidder”— one willing to pay more for that item than the other bidders. That’s why it is critically important that you learn the latest trends in marketing.

Last year at the NAA Digital Marketing Summit, the keynote speaker was Garry Grant, CEO of SEO, Inc. SEO

(Search Engine Optimization) is important for you to not only understand but also use with your own website because it determines how you appear on Google searches. Less than 100 people were at the summit, and a few more heard Mr. Grant at NAA’s Conference & Show in July. But now, we are introducing Mr. Grant on NAA’s new podcast: “The Auction Advocate.” This podcast is free for anyone to download – get it where you stream your podcasts. Check it out and enjoy Mr. Grant’s discussion about how to improve your website’s SEO.

We’ll be keeping track of Dr. Milgrom and Dr. Wilson. Their research really is specific to several types of auctions — mostly complex public assets (for example, radio frequencies bought and sold through the FCC). I think they can learn some things from us – about the role of the auctioneer in the auction process. As a member of the state association or the national, you have shown you are committed to improving your skills by associating with those in your profession. You network, you learn, and you improve. One thing that we will be doing for sure – Dr. Wilson, who is 83 years old, admitted to the Reuter’s reporter that he has never actively participated in an auction. Dr. Wilson will be receiving an invitation! Trust me! Regardless, he and Dr. Milgrom have proven what we all know: #AuctionsWork. They received a Nobel Prize addressing that fact – what other proof would you need?

National Auctioneers Association COVID-19 Resource Center naa-response-to-covid-19.aspx

ationrs m r o f is in uctionee h t t u LA ko A Checble to ALy the NA availarovided b p SUMMER • 2020




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Did you ever think of what your profile picture tells about you? Especially, your profile picture on a job website should be credible and show your true self because if someone doesn’t know you, the first impression he / she makes about you is by looking at your picture. •

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Let Others Recognize You: A face will help people remember you. Your Photo is Your Personal Brand: Your photo gives others clues about your personality. Makes the First Impression: If someone doesn’t recognize you, seeing your picture will help them make a first impression about you.

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The Auctions Work blog is produced by the National Auctioneers Association. Our goal is to educate the public on how and why auctions – and NAA auction professionals – are preferred in the marketplace.


thecoloradoauctioneer SUMMER • 2020


COVID-19 & Auction Houses


OVID19. The virus that stopped the world’s economy. Regardless of where you stand on the seriousness of the virus or the government mandates enacted to “flatten the curve”, small businesses were forced to bear the brunt of this disaster. And we, as members of the auction community, certainly felt the impact of business closures for which there seemed to be no end. My auction house, Colorado Premier Realty & Auction Services, is located in the city/county of Denver and as such, was subjected to additional mandates that prolonged closures by city/county government as compared to some other metro-Denver counties which seemed to have a more favorable view of re-opening their economies. I personally have had a very skeptical view of the pandemic and an even more skeptical view of the actions taken by our elected leaders but, when the stayat-home order came out on March 16th, I canceled our upcoming auction scheduled for the next day. My staff and I continued to clear estates and take property into our building as an adjunct to the real estate industry, but I stopped holding auctions. Now, months after the curve flattened in early April and finally hearing that Denver would allow groups of 50 to convene, I am back on the selling side of the auction business. I do not mind telling you, I was scared to death to hold that first auction. My bidders represent both sides of the political spectrum and hold varying opinions on the seriousness and appropriateness of the mandates put in place by the government. The issue that most concerned me, however, was that many of my bidders represent at least one or more of the populations deemed most vulnerable to COVID. Many of my bidders are over 60 years of age. Many of my bidders have a family member at home with elevated risk because of another disease like cancer, autoimmune issues, or COPD. My bidders would have difficulty with social distancing requirements because of their relationships with each other. I certainly did not want the bidders’ decision to attend the auction to contribute to compromised health. Ultimately, I turned to my experience as a nurse and as a viral scientist for guidance: * I made hand sanitizer readily available in the building.

* Staff checks soap dispensers regularly throughout the evening and sprays an alcohol mist on auction items that are impervious to damage throughout preview. * There are numerous signs posted throughout the building reminding people to wash their hands frequently. * I stopped offering refreshments and stopped selling pre-packaged snacks because I do not want people touching things that someone else might buy (and eat). * We wait to set up chairs for bidders until just before the auction to keep the room as open as possible. * I have a dedicated entrance and a separate dedicated exit so that no one must pass too closely to another person while trying to come or go. * I keep at least one of the loading bay doors open for increased circulation. I have even changed the way we sell box lots to mitigate crowding. * I’ve moved half of my auction outside to the parking lot in order to prevent crowding (not to mention so that I can actually display the items – my building was so full it was not possible to display items properly inside). * For my final act of protection (for my business and for my bidders), bidders must sign a waiver when they register for the sale. The waiver states, in summary, that the bidder understands and agrees that he/she is responsible for his/her own health and well-being, and that neither I nor my business will be held responsible for any resulting outcomes of his/her decision to attend the auction. The waiver also states that the city/ county of Denver requires the use of masks. As a former healthcare provider, however, I know that some people may not be able to use a mask because of other health issues (myself included). HIPPA regulations (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996), ensure that no one can be made to discuss or divulge sensitive information regarding his or her health. I cannot ask why someone is not wearing a mask – nor SUMMER • 2020

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COVID-19 & Auction Houses

- continued can I MAKE someone wear a mask. To that end, throughout the auction, I announce “that use of a mask is expected (as per city/county mandates) and if you are not wearing a mask, I will assume that you have a complicating health issue. Your health and well-being are your responsibility.” Thus far, we have had two auctions – thankfully, both have been gone very smoothly and the bidders seem genuinely happy to be back. I am so relieved to be operational again; I hope we continue with no future stoppages. If you have implemented other strategies for bidder safety, or policies that allow you to open/operate, I hope you will share them. Likewise, if I can be of service to you, please do not hesitate to contact me. Now more than ever, we as fellow auction professionals, need to collaborate for the good and survival of the industry. Edith grew up in rural Georgia before moving to Atlanta to attend Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) where she obtained her BS in Applied Biology – Molecular Genetics. She worked on a Master’s degree in Virology while working at the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention as a research scientist in the HIV – Retrovirology branch. After five years, she left the CDC in order to obtain her BS in Nursing and then worked as a pediatric cardiac ICU nurse taking care of babies and children who had open heart surgeries. Edith left science and medicine when she became a stay-athome parent. In 2013, Edith was ready to return to the workforce full time and had an opportunity to start anew in a completely different direction. She attended Texas Auction Academy in October of 2013, obtained her Graduate Personal Property Appraiser credentials through NAA in December of 2013, and got her real estate license in 2014. Since that time, Edith has worked exclusively in the auction industry.

2021 Convention Speakers H

alie Behr is a classically trained auctioneer and fundraising specialist with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Events and Hospitality Management from Iowa State University. Coining the term, “Fundaneer;” she is steering the ship of your organization’s fundraising. She is just one of the 200 auctioneers, out of a total 40,000 nationwide to hold the title and designation of Benefit Auction Specialist. As a leading benefit auctioneer, Halie’s knowledge and expertise of fundraising and events gives her an edge when taking your event to the next level.

Halie Behr is an accomplished auction professional with a passion for the nonprofit and fundraising industry. She is a 2010 World Wide College of Auctioneering graduate, a 2013 International Junior Auctioneer Champion, a 2014 Benefit Auction Specialist and the 2020 Colorado Bid Calling Champion. She finds joy in helping nonprofits, school, and foundations with their event planning and strategic fundraising endeavors. Coming from a well-respected auction family, Halie has learned techniques from some of the best, including her uncle, who is a three-time world champion auctioneer. Her expertise and experience are quite impressive having worked all over the United States, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for various nonprofits, schools, and a variety of organizations. 8

thecoloradoauctioneer SUMMER • 2020


First Name

Last Name

Signature I acknowledge the contagious nature of the Coronavirus / COVID-19 and that the CDC and many other public health authorities still recommend practicing social distancing. I further acknowledge that (Company Name) has put in place preventative measures to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus / COVID-19. I further acknowledge that (Company Name) cannot guarantee that I will not become infected with the Coronavirus / COVID-19. I understand that the risk of becoming exposed to and/or infected by the Coronavirus / COVID-19 may result from the actions, omissions, or negligence of myself and others, including, but not limited to, salon staff, and other salon clients and their families. I voluntarily seek services provided by Euphoria Studios LLC and acknowledge that I am increasing my risk to exposure to the Coronavirus / COVID-19. I acknowledge that I must comply with all set procedures to reduce the spread while attending my appointment. I attest that: • I am not experiencing any symptom of illness such as cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever, chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, or new loss of taste or smell. • I have not traveled internationally within the last 14 days. • I have not traveled to a highly impacted area within the United States of America in the last 14 days. • I do not believe I have been exposed to someone with a suspected and/or confirmed case of the Coronavirus / COVID-19. • I have not been diagnosed with Coronavirus / COVID-19 and not yet cleared as noncontagious by state or local public health authorities. • I am following all CDC recommended guidelines as much as possible and limiting my exposure to the Coronavirus / COVID-19. I hereby release and agree to hold (Company Name) harmless from, and waive on behalf of myself, my heirs, and any personal representatives any and all causes of action, claims, demands, damages, costs, expenses and compensation for damage or loss to myself and/or property that may be caused by any act, or failure to act of the auction, or that may otherwise arise in any way in connection with any services received from (Company Name) . I understand that this release discharges (Company Name) from any liability or claim that I, my heirs, or any personal representatives may have against the salon with respect to any bodily injury, illness, death, medical treatment, or property damage that may arise from, or in connection to, any services received from (Company Name) . This liability waiver and release extends to the auction together with all owners, partners, and employees. w SUMMER • 2020






Raising the Bar on Fundraising

Greater Giving Event Software provides Go Time Check-in, Express Check-out and Mobile Bidding with Online Auctions all in one system. Learn more at


Explore Our Solutions 800.276.5992

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2021 Convention

2021 Convention Speakers B

eth Rose Real Estate and Auctions exists to accelerate the sales process for real estate through innovative technology and world-class marketing. The company is owned by it's founder and second-generation auctioneer, Beth Rose. The company is headquartered in Maumee, Ohio with offices in Birmingham, Michigan, and Naples, Florida. Beth has dedicated her career to enhancing and giving back to the auction industry. Some of her accomplishments include being named the 2000 Rose award recipient for CAI (the award is named after Beth's late father, David Rose), 2009 Michigan Auctioneer Champion, 2016 Florida Auctioneer Champion, 2016 NAA's Marketing Campaign of the Year award, 2016 International Auctioneer Champion, 2019 Volunteer of the Year Award with the NAA,. Beth also serves as a NAA's Education Institute Trustee, Vice Chair of the Governance Committee and the Vice President for the NAA. She is an instructor at the Ohio Auction School and Reppert Auction Schools.

In addition to her service within the auction industry, Beth is also devoted to her community. She was given the Waterville Chamber of Commerce Community Leadership award. She also is the co-founder of the 501(c)3 Blessings in Disguise, which is a non-profit dedicated to providing financial assistance to individuals in need, donating free medical equipment for her Seniors Program and helping Veterans. Since its conception 5 years ago, she has helped 3635 people in her community.


ohn S. Nicholls is President of Nicholls Auction Marketing Group, Inc., and oversees all day to day operations of the company. As a second generation auctioneer, licensed in 11 states and the District of Columbia, John earned a BA in Psychology and a MS in Personnel Services. In 1990, John graduated from the World Wide College of Auctioneering in Mason City, Iowa, and is currently one of the school's featured instructors. John currently conducts over 300 auctions per year for Fortune 500 companies and is a licensed realtor. Under John's leadership, Nicholls Auction was named Business of the Year by the Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce. John is an active member of the National Auctioneers Association, and currently serves as Vice President. John also is a past President and Chairman of the Board of the Virginia Auctioneers Association. In addition, John has been a featured speaker at many state auctioneer associations throughout the country and has had the honor to represent the auction profession on the TODAY Show, the National Association of Realtors Convention, St. Judes Children's Research Hospital, multiple news publications, and on a real estate auction consulting trip to South Africa. John is active at Spotswood Baptist Church in Fredericksburg, VA, and serves on the Boards of Virginia Community Bank, the World Automobile Auctioneers Professional Association, and the Joe Gibbs Youth for Tomorrow Foundation. Some of John's honors include the following: 1994 Virginia State Champion Auctioneer, 2003 Virginia Auctioneer of the Year, 2003 World Automobile Auctioneer Champion (Nashville, TN), 2006-07 NAA Men's Division Champion of the International Auctioneer's Championship (Orlando, FL), and 2015 National Auto Auction Association's Bernie art Memorial Auctioneer of the Year Award. SUMMER • 2020




thecoloradoauctioneer SUMMER • 2020 SUMMER • 2020



Summertime Picnic Spectacular On Monday July 20, 2020, we held our annual, CAA Summer Picnic at the DT Ranch in Weldona, Colorado. The eastern location was chosen by the board due to the restrictions of the Coronavirus in some counties and we felt strongly that the picnic should be held to bring our members together for fun. Although it was a drive for some, it was a beautiful setting in a remote location where the group could enjoy cornfields, wildlife, shooting sports & friends; without any restrictions. There were approximately 50 + people that day! I believe it was one of our largest attended picnics yet. This year we added a skeet shooting competition. Many participated in the tournament from men to women & youngsters! Shawn Hagler narrowly edged out Ty Allen & Rob Hart, but ultimately took home the trophy, a shotgun donated by CAA Board Director, Casey Giddings! We also held a drawing for our CAA attendees with the prize being a shotgun donated by CAA Board Director, Edith Parrish-Kohler, in which Lance Nichols was the winner of that!!! Lunch was provided by Harold & Dorothy Unrein and Craig Weichel along with Walt Partridge grilling for everyone. We would like to “thank” Nichols Auctions for once again providing us with the hamburgers. It was a beautiful spread of burgers, hot dogs, pulled pork, side dishes & desserts!!! Just what we all needed!! Cold beverages were supplied & the day offered a relaxing time for auctioneers, competitors & friends alike! After the skeet tournament, an aggressive game of horseshoes concluded a fun day! In the running for the finals, Scott Shuman and Michael Heitmann were to name a few! The final round ultimately ended with Liz Hart & Craig Weichel vs. Rob Hart & son, Charlie Hart! First time we’ve had a father-son team hitting the finals round of our horseshoe competition. Liz & Craig won with a close win over Rob & Charlie! The weather was calm but hot; we would like to say “thank you” to Edith for providing a large commercial tent for everyone to enjoy! We were all thankful for this to keep attendees out of the sun! In a year that has been challenging for all of us, losing auctions & postponing events, it was fabulous to get together in a safe environment! Thank you to everyone that donated items that I didn’t mention here and to everyone that attended; THANK YOU!! It was definitely a day celebrated by all & a day to remember for the Colorado Auctioneers Association. As always, we thank our board members, Cissy for keeping us all in line & everyone who participated as I’m sure I’m missing someone! Craig R. Weichel Board Member & Summer Picnic Chairman

Shawn Hagler, 2020 Skeet Shoot Champion 14

2020 Horseshoe Champions - Liz Hart & Craig Weichel 2020 Reserve Champions - Rob Hart & Charlie Hart

thecoloradoauctioneer SUMMER • 2020 SUMMER • 2020



Member Spotlight


Bowman Becomes Certified

ohn Bowman is a Colorado Native and as a child being raised in Arvada, Colorado, the Saturday routine involved getting up early (3 AM) and going to the auction barn in Castle Rock, Colorado, where his stepfather was an auctioneer. He started as a “Gopher”….”go for this and go for that” handling tasks that would arise during sale day whether it be running clerk sheets, displaying items, load out and whatever else needed to be done. John wanted to learn more and eventually began to assist working the floor as a ringman at 11 yrs old. John clearly remembers being given the opportunity to sell an item every now and then, not really knowing what he was doing other than trying to imitate what he had seen. He also had an interest in law enforcement and became a police officer in 1997 and continues to serve the community today in that capacity. While working in law enforcement John and his wife, Lisa, Broker / Owner of United Country-Eagle Hawk Brokers and Auctioneers, had discussed his interest in becoming an auctioneer and being a lifestyle real estate broker in which she already knew the value that this adds to the real estate platform. Lisa can’t even tell you how many times she had to hear “A Big Brown Bug Bit a Big Brown Bear.” He attended America’s Auction Academy in 2018, where he and Lisa were introduced to “Betty Botter” which is someone” they will never forget! Attending this school was one of the most rewarding experiences he had ever been involved in, confirmed and further rooted his interest in the auction arena. John believes in learning within the industry and attended the World Champion Ringman College to continue his education.

John and Lisa had routinely talked about how to leverage technology in the area of real estate and events and while in a United Country Training, a session on drones was presented. John and Lisa discussed drones for about one minute and following her encouragement he was studying for the FAA Part 107 exam to become a (UAS) Commercial Drone Pilot. This was the training where John learned to read FAA sectional charts, drone registration requirements, airspace classifications and restrictions, operating requirements and procedures, and much more. After passing the test and receiving his commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems license (drone license), they obtained a drone that substantially meets the needs for all commercial and real estate video and photography. They also utilize top of the line editing software to enhance the projects and the projects of their team. What are the results of this new technology and education? John and Lisa have leveraged to provide 16

High Touch Professional Drone Services as they launched Fly Eagle Hawk Drone Services in 2020 (Can find on Facebook)! When asked about the benefits of professional drones services John stated the following: • We have all heard the term “location.” The drone footage shows the residential or commercial property from a different view in relation to services, roads and amenities surrounding it and the true visual of the property. • Being able to tell the story with video, which creates not only interest but excitement in the property. • Profitable Investment. RISMedia reported that listing agents who use drones could see an increase in listings as high as 73% and deal closings increases to 68%. • Drone footage is extremely valuable to farm, ranch and acreage property, as well as residential and commercial property, as it creates emotion, interest, and excitement. • John also sees the value of professional drone services within the auction community in regards to marketing your services to the public. Drone video helps create excitement and is also a great way to show what you do! John expressed the need to utilize a Licensed and Insured Commercial Drone Pilot for your projects by stating that it not only a requirement but an absolute benefit. John joined CAA immediately following auction school and has made several lifelong friendships as well as mentors. John looks forward to continuing his association and increasing his involvement with the CAA in an effort to ensure the future of the auction industry continues to thrive and grow within Colorado.

thecoloradoauctioneer SUMMER • 2020

Summertime Picnic Spectacular SUMMER • 2020



Ways to Help Prevent Top 5 COVID 19 Scams If you received an email advertising a new vaccine for the coronavirus, would you open it? If a doctor called you requesting payment to treat your family member for COVID-19, would you share your information? While the world is focused on the coronavirus (COVID-19), criminals are taking advantage of the situation. Here are some of the top scams to look out for: 1. Stimulus Scams Be alert of scammers asking for an upfront payment, bank account or social security information in order to receive your stimulus check. The government will never request this information for stimulus checks in a phone call or email. 2. CDC & WHO Scams Watch out for phishing emails from scammer posing as national and global health authorities, including the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). They hope to trick you into downloading malware or providing personal information. 3. Charity Scams Stay alert of scammers contacting you to donate fake charities. Research the organization you desire to sponsor to ensure your information is protected. 4. Product or Services Scams Items like hand Sanitizers, disinfectants and household cleaning supplies are often offered by scammers who will keep your money. Scammers also offer cures, coronavirus test kits and vaccines that do not exist. Services can range from house cleaning to doctor visits. 5. Employment Scams Scammers create jobs ads to lure unemployed consumers to fake jobs. The scammers will wire money or send fake check to you, asking to send a portion back or use the funds to purchase goods, which are directed back to the scammer.

Steps you can take to protect yourself from scams:

1. Secure your accounts: use multifactor authentication everywhere, especially with banks, phone and email providers. This extra layer of security helps keep you safe. 2. Stay vigilant: scammers will contact you by phone, email or text offering products, services or humanitarian opportunities. They often pose as credible companies “phishing” for login or personal information Pause to confirm it’s a credible company before proceeding. 3. Monitor your accounts: stay close to your personal bank accounts, report suspicious behavior and respond to alerts. 4. Use trusted Wi-Fi networks: as more people transition to work from home, ensuring your Wi-Fi network is password protected is critical to safeguard your information. 5. Be informed: visit the FTC’s Consumer Information site for more information at https://www.consumer.


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Customer Service Versus Customer Experience: What's The Difference…And Why It Matters


n case you've missed it, the term "customer experience" is everywhere in business these days. In fact, some experts have declared that focusing on the customer experience has become tthe ssiinglle mosstt iimporrttantt ffacttorr for an organization to achieve business success—creating a significant point of differentiation and competitive advantage.

service" is too often thought of as a specific department, rather than as a core value and strategic imperative, owned by the entire organization. Consider that the traditionally defined "service department" could soon be obsolete, because there are so many interactions consumers have with your business before, during, and after any one specific touchpoint.

But, what exactly is customer experience? How does it differ from customer service? And, how focused or concerned should yourbusiness or organization be about it? These are all great questions we hear from participants in our professional development training courses, so we thought this was a great opportunity to dive a little deeper.

"Customer experience," on the other hand, encompasses every aspect of a company's offerings—from the quality of its customer care to its reputation management, marketing, packaging, product and service features, ease of use, reliability and beyond. As we like to say at Disney, while no one "owns the Guest," someone, in every case, "owns the moment."

First, let's start by defining customer experience. According to Harvard Business Review, it can be defined as the sum of all interractions a customer has with a company. This can include everything from a customers initial awareness or discovery of a company, product or service, through the purchase and use of that company's products or services. Together, these all add up to the critical moments—what we call ttouchpoiinttss—that create an organization's overall customer experience.

Today, this distinction is more important than ever, especially if organizations want to continue to differentiate themselves from their competition. Customer experience must be understood and approached holistically, with those responsible for each area of a company's offerings giving intentional thought and focus on how their decisions will shape and impact the overall customer experience.

Then, to better understand what customer experience is (and isn't)…consider this story about a car dealership we worked with several years ago. Although sales were solid, management was concerned that their customers and employees were not happy. So, we worked with their team to help them intentionally create, design, and implement an experience that would exceed customer expectations at every key touchpoint. By helping them think differently about aligning the entire organization - the employees, the processes, and the physical plant itself - around the customer experience, the results were dramatic, increasing sales by 26 percent over the past few years. The key learning, we have found, is that "customer

So, there you have it. Customer experience goes beyond customer service alone, and is far more than any single leader, employee, or department. It's about truly understanding your customer as segments and as individuals, architecting a plan for delivering exceptional experiences, and then empowering employees to deliver it across all touchpoints. And, it's about developing leaders to reinforce the beliefs and behaviors that support exceptional customer experience. Bottom line, if your organization wants to advance its customer experience, you must make it a strategic business priority. What can you start doing now to be more intentional about optimizing your organization's customer experience?

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COLORADO AUCTIONEERS ASSOCIATION HALL OF FAME Award Nomination Form Deadline Submission: January 15, 2021 Hall Of Fame Guidelines I. Qualifications that weigh heavily in the selection include the contributions made by the Auctioneer to the Colorado Auctioneers Association, Inc. and if possible, the NAA. The honoree needs to have had an active interest in CAA, Inc. for ten years or more. Have they been an officer or a member of the Board of Directors; have they been on various committees; have they attended seminars and conventions; have they been a speaker or a member of a panel discussion at the conventions or seminars. II. The second area looked at closely is their auction business. It doesn’t make any difference as to the size of their auctions, the area that they encompass or the type of auctions or variety they may conduct. What is important is that they have been an active Acutioneer for more than ten years, and their professionalism, integrity and high standards have made them an auction leader in their area. III. A third area that adds some weight is the individual’s contribution to their community. Have they been active in community projects, civic organizations, elective office or any other community area? IV. Nominations will not be accepted from the nominee’s spouse or immediate family.


Personal and Confidential to the CAA Hall Of Fame Name of Nominee _____________________________________________ Residence Address _____________________________________________ Phone Number _______________________________________________ City _________________________ State ________ Zip _______________ BUSINESS INFORMATION Name of Firm ________________________________________________ Position _____________________________________________________ Number of Associates or Partners in Business _______________________ Business Address ______________________________________________ Phone Number _______________________________________________ City ________________________________________________________ PERSONAL AND FAMILY INFORMATION Spouse’s Name _______________________________________________ Does spouse participate in the auction profession: Yes No (circle one) If yes, please explain ___________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ Children (Please give names and ages): _____________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ GENERAL PROFESSION INFORMATION How long has the nominee been associated in the auction business: ______ What percentage of the nominee’s time is actively spent in the auction business: ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ Has the nominee specialized in any particular field of auctioneering: ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________

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Member HALL OF FAME Award Nomination Form Benefits Page 2 of 2 Personal and Confidential to the CAA Hall Of Fame List the educational background of the nominee, including offices held, current and past: ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ List regular auctions conducted, if any, and / or any special individual auctions conducted, which have brought attention and credit to the profession of Auctioneering: ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Previous recipients of the CAA Hall of Fame Award have established some general qualifications which they feel each nominee should possess or have shown. Please reflect your personal assessment of the nominee with respect to the following categories: 1. Honesty 2. Willingness to Share With Others 3. Standing in His or Her Communityw 4. State and National Associations 5. Contributions To The CAA and The Auction Profession Narration: ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Submitted by (please print name):_______________________________________________________________ Address:___________________________________________________________________________________ City: _________________________________________ State ___________________ Zip _____________

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Dear CAA Member, A signed copy of the CAA Code of Ethics must be on file at CAA headquarters to retain membership. Please take the time to fully read the following CAA Code of Ethics. Then sign and return this form to CAA with your membership form and dues. SIGNATURE DATE

CAA CODE OF ETHICS PART 1 - PROFESSIONAL RELATIONSHIPS Article 1 In the best interest of the public, of his fellow Auctioneers and of his own business, the Auctioneer should be loyal to the Colorado Auctioneers Association. Article 2 The Auctioneer should so conduct his business as to avoid disputes with his fellow Auctioneers, but in the event of a controversy between two Auctioneers who are members of the Colorado Auctioneers Association, he should not resort to a law suit, but submit his difference to arbitration by the Colorado Auctioneers Association, and the decision of such arbitration should be accepted as final and binding. If the dispute should be with a non-member, he should offer the services of this Board to arbitrate. Article 3 Where a member is charged with unethical practice, he should promptly and voluntarily place all the pertinent facts before the proper committee for investigation and report. Article 4 A member should never publicly criticize a competitor, and where an opinion is especially requested, it should be rendered in conformity with strict professional courtesy and dignity. Article 5 A member should not solicit the services of an employee of a fellow Auctioneer without his knowledge and consent. Article 6 In the best interest of society, of his associates, and of his own business, the Auctioneer should at all times be loyal to the Colorado Auctioneers Association and active in its works, and he should willingly share with his fellow members the lessons of his experience. 26

PART II - RELATION TO CLIENTS Article 7 In justice of those who place their interests in his hands, the Auctioneer should endeavor to keep abreast of business conditions, to keep informed in matters of law and proposed legislation affecting such interests, so as to give intelligent business advice and effective service. Article 8 In accepting the sale of real or personal property, the member pledges himself to be fair to both seller and buyer, and to protect the owner's interest as he would his own. Article 9 When consulted for an appraisal of value or liquidation problem, a member should give a well considered opinion, reflecting expert knowledge and sound judgment, taking requisite time for study, inquiry, and deliberation. His counsel represents a professional service which he should render in writing and for which he should make a reasonable charge. A member should not undertake to give an appraisal or offer an opinion on any proposition on which he has a direct or even indirect interest, without a full disclosure of such interest. Article 10 Before accepting a sale it is the duty of the Auctioneer to advise the owner intelligently and honestly regarding the market value of the business or proposition and the reasonable chance of selling at value or above. PART III - RELATIONS TO THE PUBLIC Article 11 It is the duty of every member to protect the public against fraud, misrepresentation or unethical practices in connection with the sale, disposal or liquidation of any real or personal property the Auctioneer is called upon to dispose of at public auction. Article 12 It is the duty of a member to ascertain all pertinent facts concerning every sale for which he is engaged, so that in offering he may avoid error, exaggeration and misrepresentation. Article 13 An Auctioneer is a confidential trustee of the information given by the seller or gained by him through relationship and the Auctioneer must never disclose the gross receipts of a sale or any other information that would tend to be a violation of the profession. Article 14 No special conditions, real or assumed, or inducements or directions from anyone relieve the member from his responsibility strictly to observe the Code of Ethics in this letter and spirit.

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