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The Quarterly Newsletter of the Colorado Auctioneers Association

What Does Your 2020 Road To Success Look Like?

The Road To Success Is Always Under Construction thecoloradoauctioneer ~ Unknown FIRST QUARTER • 2020


From The President

ell, for those of us who said 2019 was a tough year, so far 2020 has replied, “Oh yeah? Watch this!” With so many global events happening and our world changing daily, not only in our communities but also in our industry, the importance of staying engaged, educated and informed, is higher than ever. Your CAA Board of Directors has been busy working on exciting changes for the betterment of the association. I will highlight a few of the things we have already accomplished. • Purchasing a $15,000 CD, along with setting $5,000 into a savings account to ensure we are good stewards of the association’s money. • Not only will the convention be moved into February, instead of the first weekend in January, which will hopefully ease some financial burdens to offset the cost of the convention right after the expenses of the holidays, but now it will run Thursday through Saturday night instead of concluding on Sunday as in years past. • The First Timers contest is now going to be a Novice Championship, where contestants may enter in their first three years (3 years) in the business, for up to three years as long as they have not previously won it. This is to encourage more novice auctioneers to come to the contest, participate and compete without having to enter the open championship against more seasoned auctioneers. It will be named the Troil Welton Novice Auctioneer Championship. • I am very excited to announce that we have added a team contest to the list of Championships up for grabs at the convention. It will be judged on how the Auctioneer and Ringman work together to sell their items. Start planning now to get your best Auctioneer or Ringman lined up as this should be a great contest!

presented that I think will serve as useful to this board to effectively continue to ensure our association prospers. I left there with a mission for us as a board to clearly define board member roles, as well as a clear vision of, “Who are we? Who do we serve? And, why we are here?” In all of my years serving on different BOD’s, I have never heard those questions asked. I think at the end of this year we should have clarity as a Board with answers to those questions. As I write this, there is a lot of negativity and worry in the world with the Caronavirus causing mass panic and despair. It has affected my business in a devastating fashion already with more to come in the upcoming weeks, I am sure. However, I will not play a victim’s role in all of this and I encourage anyone reading this to do the same. Now, more than ever, is the time to be involved in the CAA and auctioneer’s pages and forums so together we can brainstorm brilliant ideas to ensure that we all prosper in an uncertain market. I am rewriting my business plan to adapt to an uncontrollable variance that could not be predicted. If I can help you in any way, please don’t hesitate to call. I may be calling some of you for advice as well. Our auction family always has been and always will be strong with the help and support of members like you. Until next time, Shawn Hagler

We had a great showing at the NAA State Leadership Conference in Kansas City at the beginning of March with 3 board members and our executive secretary, all in attendance. There was a lot of information 2

thecoloradoauctioneer FIRST QUARTER • 2020

Identify Yourself as a CAA Member Demonstrate to your Buyers and Sellers that you are a proud member of the Colorado Auctioneers Association. Use the CAA logo in all your ads, on your business cards, on your stationery and on your website. If you’re not using it, we strongly urge you to proudly display the official CAA logo. We have 2 styles / size / shapes that can be used. The logo can be downloaded from our group, Colorado Auctioneers Association (CAA) Members Only on Facebook ( h t t p s : / / w w w. f a c e b o o k . c o m / groups/59956710490/files/) or contact our Executive Secretary, Cissy at

BOARD OF DIRECTORS President Shawn Hagler 33505 E 156th Ct • Hudson, CO 80642 303-709-3725 • 1st Vice President Dean Gunter Mile High Car Company 1480 Ainsworth St • Colorado Springs, CO 80915 719-650-8184 • 2nd Vice President / Treasurer Mike Whitfield Peak Auto Auctions 5126 Brighton Blvd • Denver, CO 80216 719-238-8300 • Chairman Of The Board Mike Heitmann MH Bar Auction Co. 27275 Mid Jones Rd. • Calhan, CO 80808 406-450-2051 • Halie Behr (2020-2022) Halie Behr, Fundaneer Parker, CO Casey Giddings, CAI (2018-2020) Rocky Mtn Estate Brokers 24 Oak Ave. • Eaton, CO 80615 970-454-1010 • Graig Medvesk (2019 - 2021) The Auction Team 1610 Hwy 50 • Grand Junction, CO 81503 970-629-9520 • Edith Parrish-Kohler (2020-2022) Colorado Premier Realty & Auction Services 10162 Dresden St Firestone, CO 80504 303-565-0509 • Lance Nichols (2019 - 2021) Nichols Auctioneers 38241 WCR 23 • Eaton, CO 80615 970-302-6185 •

Zero, Zip, Zilch, Nada! Relief Fund...Free Auction Listings This is not a misprint! is offering a Relief Fund, in these tough economic times. Post your auction. Send us an email if you need relief for that auction, and we will refund the cost of your auction post. No questions asked, strictly confidential. We as a community want to see you and your business stay strong and healthy.

Harold Unrein (2019-2021) 15333 CR 16.5 • Atwood, CO 80722 719-570-7800 • Craig Weichel (2020-2022) PO Box 623 Weldona, CO 80653 970-302-0018 • David Whitley (2019 - 2021) Rocky Mountain Estate Brokers 24 Oak Ave. • Eaton, CO 80615 970-539-1269 • Cissy Tabor • Executive Secretary 303-729-1195 •

Contact Us at FIRST QUARTER • 2020





The Foundation is hoping to kick off the year with our Online Auction We welcome any and all Foundation members to participate in these activities and we hope for your support. As a reminder, ALL members of the Colorado Auctioneers Association are also members of the Foundation.

Due to the Coronavirus, the CAF Scholarship Deadline has been changed to June 1, 2020. For the CAF Scholarship Application, please go to our website to download or contact our Executive Director, Cissy Tabor, to have one emailed to you. OR

Hey everyone, here is the quick update on the CAF online auction. Please let any CAF board member know if you have items or experiences to donate. Oj Pratt, Doug Carpenter, Walt Partridge, David P. Whitley, Dean L Gunter, Butch Hagelstrom or myself. The format for this year's auction will be just like last year. as a reminder: • We are asking the donors to take responsibility for shipping their items to the winning bidder, if applicable. • There will be a 10% BP for all purchases. • If you have a firearm to donate, please get with Oj Pratt, David Whitley or an FFL of your choice so it can be properly logged and transferred. • Please email a description of your donation and any digital photos, PDF documents, or applicable web links to me. I have set up a special email address of for auction correspondence. • After payment has been made, I will send an introduction email to both the buyer and donor so they can finalize delivery of the item or experience. The auction will be hosted courtesy of Auction Flex at . The direct link will be posted later.

To ALL of the Volunteers that helped make the 2020 Mile High Auctioneer Open a success. Scott Alexander, Roger Casteel, Chris Chopping, Casey Giddings, Butch Hagelstrom, Cynthia & Matthew Heitmann, Jo Lockhart, Brayden, Lance & Peyton Nichols, Edith Parrish-Kohler, John & Roberta Schaffner, Dorothy & Harold Unrein, Marissa Walters and Mike Whitfield. ~ Cissy


THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING THE CAF as a donor, bidder, or both! ~ Mike Whitfield 4

thecoloradoauctioneer FIRST QUARTER • 2020

Website Announcement

Colorado Auctioneer Foundation / King Soopers Rewards Program King Soopers has changed their rewards program. You will no longer be able to add money to or reload existing King Soopers gift cards. These cards will be valid until the balance is zero.

Posting Auctions & Membership Profile

The NEW King Soopers Program utilizes the King Soopers Loyalty Card. If you already have a King Soopers Loyalty Card, you can register it to benefit the Colorado Auctioneers Foundation. The Foundation will then receive credit for your purchases, and it will not affect your fuel points.

Now Partners with:

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NEW Website Launched

The process is as follows:

* 1 Platform sign-in to manage CAA Membership and Post Auctions * Email Blasts to Registered, Colorado Auction Buyers * Association Text Messaging to keep you up-to-date * Unlimited Photo upload

1) Go to this link: 2) Clink on the link in blue that says, “Enroll Now” 3) If you already have an account log in. If you don’t have one, click on “Create an Account.” If you forgot your password click on “Forgot my Password” 4) After signing in or creating your account, you should be directed to a page called “Account Summary”


5) On the “Account Summary” page click on the link to “Community Rewards” (located on the left-hand side of the page)

After you register your card and use it for Kroger or affiliated store purchases, 5% of the purchase value will be credited to the Colorado Auctioneers Foundation. If you whave any difficulties registering your card, please call King Soopers Community rewards at 303-698-3403 Thank you for your support of your Foundation. Walt Partridge Treasurer

for a limited time


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p Design Custom Ap er Special Off th * 24 Hour $49 per mon s d A t ou Customer Service With

6)You will be directed to a page listing all the non-profits in the program. Then use your account number to link your card to the Colorado Auctioneers Foundation. This program applies to all Kroger affiliated stores including Ralphs, City Market, Smith Food & Drug, Payless and Loaf & Jug.

Website Design Special Offer $899

* Custom app for the Colorado Auctioneers Association

d for a limite


Please see instructions in the back of this newsletter for Updating & Managing YOUR Profile. REMEMBER: People like doing business with people, and Your Membership Profile is a FREE Membership Benefit To Advertise: • • • •

You Your Company Your Services Your Auctions FIRST QUARTER • 2020



State Leadership

CAA Board Attends the NAA State Leadership Conference M I

embers of the CAA Board of Directors joined state association leaders and staff for two days of problem solving and learning together at the annual NAA State Leadership Conference that covered areas of mentorship programs, a Great Ideas brainstorming session for “Membership Tips & Techniques and How To Remain Relevant To Your Members” in which our From the round table discussions to the presentation Executive Secretary was asked to help speak on a panel from the Kansas City Police Department on how to be to kick off the leadership conference and this session more prepared if an emergency arises to meeting new speaking on membership relavancy. people from all over the country that are involved in There were multiple Solutions Circles Sessions that the auction industry and listening to how their State addressed conferences in the areas of the strengths Associations are doing. and challenges our state auctioneer associations face in regard to Event Logistics (contracts, money saving The hospitality at the hotel was great and the food was techniques, etc.), Event Speakers (locating speakers, delicious plus going out to an Italian restaurant on good topics, etc.), Marketing Your Event and in Monday night. I would encourage other members to Expanding Revenue Opportunities. take advantage of these seminars presented by the NAA for us and to be involved in your state association. This event concluded with a session from the Kansas Harold Unrein City Police in regard to event safety & awareness to help our state association leaders look at this topic, to become aware, to ask important questions, to look at potential issues / concerns, safety and to help become prepared for annual conference events. am so glad that I decided to attend the 2020 State Leadership Conference in Kansas City that was presented by the NAA. It was a great learning experience for me. The seminars that were offered to us will help me to be a better board member for our organization.

The networking and leadership building with our CAA Board members with multiple associations helps us to stay current, relevant, forward thinking and in working towards building an engaged board and engaged members so that the Colorado Auctioneers Association continues to be strong.

Brent Wears, Cissy Tabor, Halie Behr, Harold Unrein, Mike Heitmann and Shawn Hagler (already flying home on the plane) 6

Executive Secretary, Cissy Tabor, was asked by the NAA to speak in regard to Membership Relevancy in our state associations with fellow Executive Directors, Cali Crissup and Diane Riley

thecoloradoauctioneer FIRST QUARTER • 2020

HANNES COMBEST What have we learned from our experience with COVID 19? I wrote this title and have been staring at it for the last hour trying to figure out the answer to the question…. It’s been more than two weeks since we cancelled CAI because of the impact of the coronavirus – COVID 19. Through that experience, I’ve learned that people are generally kind and supportive. Cancelling this event for the first time in more than 39 years was one of the hardest decisions that any Board has had to make in NAA’s history. At that point the University was not closing the Memorial Union, but we weren’t sure that there would be food service available or what was happening in Bloomington. A week later, we were glad we had cancelled as the Governor issued a “shelter in place” order. We were glad that we didn’t have to start, then stop and help everyone get home safely. But when we cancelled, who knew? Yet people reached out and said thank you for making this decision. Today, our lives as we know it have changed. And the auction industry is changing as well. Shelter in place has meant fewer -many fewer- live auctions. As stated in the March 25th edition of the State of the Auction Industry Amid COVID 19, “the nature of live auctions with large crowds is inherently contrary to current government regulations.” However, people in the auction industry are getting creative. NAA is preparing to record a new webcast tomorrow called Bid Calling in a Virtual Environment and by the time you read this, it will be part of the COVID 19 response page on (PLEASE NOTE: all content is available to members AND non-members). In the survey listed above, people are looking at new opportunities, using online auctions and new technologies, and many are making new business improvements. People are taking time spent as shelter in place to learn these new technologies and to try different things.

NAA is helping with tools and resources (webcasts, papers, etc.) on the COVID 19 resource page. Each week more resources are added. You can learn from some of the most experienced people in the industry on how to start using online auctions, or how you can use SignUp Genius to improve your loadouts. In late March, NAA Leadership submitted a letter in support of the CARES Act, the economic stimulus bill, passed by Congress and signed by President Trump last week. Already there are resources on NAA’s COVID 19 page for you as a small business owner on what this means for you and your business. Are you a contract auctioneer? Did you know if you have lost jobs because of COVID 19 that you may be able to file for unemployment under this bill? You as a small business owner may be able to obtain loans from the Small Business Administration – some of which may be forgivable. These questions and others may have answers on the COVID 19 Resource page ( This is a time for you to investigate these resources. We know people in the auction industry are kind and supportive and creative. But we all need a little help. And if we all take time to figure it out, the auction industry will survive – in fact, it will be better than ever.

National Auctioneers Association COVID-19 Resource Center naa-response-to-covid-19.aspx

n matioeers r o f n i n t thisL AuctioA u o k Checble to ALy the NA availarovided b p FIRST QUARTER • 2020




Shelby Shuman Wins the 2020 Troil Welton Memorial Award


embers attending the annual, CAA Convention, who had completed their auction training within the last twelve months were eligible to compete in the Troil Welton First Timers Bid Calling Contest on Friday night. This is always a spirited and fun competition in which attending association members and the public support the competitors. At the end of the evening Eaton, Colorado’s Shelby Shuman was crowned the contest champion. In an interview with Shelby, she shared that she is involved in the FFA program and her Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) is auctioneering. “I work at the coffee shop in my church, play High School Tennis and serve as the manager for the Eaton High school basketball team. I love to travel and to be with my friends or my brother and sister.” In my last interview with her in 2017 as the Colorado Jr. Bid Calling Champion, she stated that she had a great interest in science. So is that still true? “I am interested in Physical Therapy and may study that in college. It will go right along with auctioneering as I will still be able to help people.”

myself and improve my skills. Knowing that I am going to compete creates a need to practice. I really like doing tongue twisters and number drills.” She has competed against some of the toughest in the industry and continues to shine. Her tenacity is is unwavering and a force to be reckoned with! As for this award, Troil C. Welton, who spent more than 45 years in the auction business, was a pioneer of the Colorado Auctioneers Association, and was always known for his special help to new auctioneers. Following his death in 1999, the CAA Board voted to annually present the Troil Welton Memorial Award to the winner of the First Timers Bid Calling Contest, held annually at the CAA Convention. Mr. Welton began his career in the barn of his farm and ranch. While milking, he would “auction” his cows every morning and evening and “sell” his farm machinery while working the fields. He was selected CAA “Auctioneer of the Year” in 1985, and was inducted into the CAA Hall of Fame in 1986. In 1987, he was inducted into the prestigious Hall of Fame of the National Auctioneers Association. ~ Cissy Tabor

So, what does this mean for her and her auction career? I asked her what she has been doing in the auction industry and maybe, where would she like to be in the industry? She replied by saying, “I like helping people and it has been exciting to work with churches and local clubs to help them raise money. It was an honor to have the local high school football coach ask me to help the team raise money through an auction. That was an interesting one since it was in front on my high school friends.” Shelby is no stranger to competing and now has earned two titles by doing so; 2017 Colorado Jr. Bid Calling Contest and the 2020 Troil Welton First Timers Bid Calling Contest. In addition, she has competed at the National Auctioneers Association International Auctioneers Championship (IJAC) twice. To me, she has always been a quiet, somewhat shy young lady and I wanted to ask her, why she competes and how she feels about it? “I enjoy competing as each time I compete I meet new friends, learn more about 8

FIRST TIMERS CONTESTANTS: Phloyd Berge, Shelby Shuman, Marissa Walters and T.C. Johnston

thecoloradoauctioneer FIRST QUARTER • 2020


Meet Your New 2020 Colorado State Champion Auctioneer


ow! I still beam with joy from the CAA Convention. It is truly an honor to represent the great State of Colorado as the 2020 Colorado State Champion Auctioneer. My passion runs deep for the auction industry and the Colorado Auctioneers Association. In 2010, my grandpa (we call him Geeps) bribed, with kindness of course, my sister and me to go to auction school. We arrived at World Wide College of Auctioneering with no idea what we were in for. Tongue twisters, cattle rattles and daily dozen drills galore. It ended up being one of the best experiences of my life and introduced me to the industry I respect and love. After auction school, I went on to take part in all aspects of the auction industry -- estate and coin sales throughout high school, selling pink jerseys at basketball games raising funds for breast cancer research and more. During college, I worked for the Steffes Group, clerked at Des Moines Auto Auction, and found my calling in the fundraising world, learning from some of the best in the fundraising industry like Letitia Frye, Kristine Fladeboe-Duininck and Gary Corbett, helping me to become the auctioneer I am today.

Dad coach wrestling meets. My love for competition has only expanded with auctioneering. Competing brings forth heart, grit and growth. Iron sharpens iron. Win or lose, I've learned you always win one way or another by competing. I've bettered myself, formed meaningful relationships with others, and always learn from the experience. It means the world to me to represent the Colorado Auctioneers Association. Members of the CAA are my family. I would tell anyone wanting to compete to do it, but always be prepared. Practice your intro and exit, know what you're selling, look over the scoresheet, read the magazine, go over interview questions. People put time and effort into endeavors that are important to them. Most important, be yourself. Show your heart. Every auction, every competition, and every time I step on the stage, it could be my last. I give it my all.

Thank you. Upon graduating from Iowa State University (Go Halie Behr Clones!), I took a big leap and moved out west to Colorado. I was fortunate to not only have a relative in the auction industry but someone I consider an auction legend and mentor. My great uncle, Paul C. Behr, has been my biggest supporter. We share the same passion for this great profession. Paul encourages me to do my best, take care of business, and never give up‌ important lessons when competing. I've always enjoyed competition -- state track, basketball games, tournaments or watching my

Colorado State Champion Auctioneers Mike Heitmann (2007), Scott Shuman (2014), Josh Larson (2016), Halie Behr (2020), Mike Nichols (2019), Dean Gunter (2018), Kevin Holt (2006), David Whitley (2003) and Sammy Hamblen (1990) FIRST QUARTER • 2020



NAA News

Kathy Baber, CAI for NAA Director

• 1990 Auxiliary Member of the Indiana Auctioneers Association • Served as the IAA Auxiliary President in 2000

• Served as the Convention Committee Chair for Indiana in 2004 • Began Executive Director career in 2008 with the Indiana Auctioneers Association • Member of NAA since 2008 • Attended the Reppert Auction School and graduated in December 2012 • Earned CAI designation in 2019 • Currently manage Indiana, Ohio, New York, Virginia and the World Automobile Auctioneer Professional Association (WAAPA) • Served on the NAA’s Governance Committee, the NAA’s State Association Task Force and the C&S Committee in 2013 and 2017 • Attended every State Leadership and C&S since 2009

Experienced Leadership for a Strong Future

Contact me at 317-440-7067 or

Endorsed by the NAA Candidate Review Committee Kathy Baber NAA Director Ad.indd


Electronic Voting will be available soon. Watch the NAA website for updates and VOTE KATHY BABER.

#naa pro 3/26/20

2:10 PM

Surf's up July 14-18 in San Diego! Join us for the auction industry's largest education and networking event! Learn more at 10

thecoloradoauctioneer FIRST QUARTER • 2020

Board of Directors

Meet Your Newly Elected 2020 Board of Directors


dith grew up in rural Georgia before moving to Atlanta to attend Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) where she obtained her BS in Applied Biology – Molecular Genetics. She worked on a Master’s degree in Virology while working at the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention as a research scientist in the HIV – Retrovirology branch. After five years, she left the CDC in order to obtain her BS in Nursing and then worked as a pediatric cardiac ICU nurse taking care of babies and children who had open heart surgeries. Edith left science and medicine when she became pregnant with her daughter, and became a stay-athome parent eventually working part time in the fine jewelry market for several years. In 2013, Edith was ready to return to the workforce full time and had an opportunity to start anew in a completely different direction. She attended Texas Auction Academy in October of 2013, obtained her Graduate Personal Property Appraiser credentials through NAA in December of 2013, and got her real estate license in 2014. Since that time, Edith has worked exclusively in the auction industry. She joined NAA in 2013 and CAA in 2014 because membership in professional organizations lends credibility to one’s business and provides resources not readily available for unconventional professions like auctioneering. Edith Parrish-Kohler was honored and surprised to be nominated and elected to the CAA Board of Directors in 2020 and hopes to continue to raise the bar for our industry by setting examples for professional conduct, ethics, and education. Edith hopes to serve as an example of all that the auction industry can and should be in the greater marketplace.


raig Weichel always wanted to be an auctioneer since he was a young boy. His grandfather was in the auction business and you could often find Craig around auctions growing up. He grew up in the farming industry and went to college for Ag Business. Craig started his career as an auctioneer in 2000 in which he has mostly conducted ag, farm, cattle, hay, estate & personal property with a few auto auctions in his career. For a time period, he worked for Hill & Hill Auctions company. Why auctions? He loves the auction industry, selling at a live auction and the interaction he develops with people and his sellers. Just like most of us, he lovest the auction chant! No better way to spend his day than selling at auction. He wants to do the best he can for his clients. One of his most memorable auctions was when he sold 32 bowling teams in a calcutta format in which they raised over $109,000.00! So how does he spend his spare time? He has two great kids; Allyson (16 yrs old) and Preston (14 yrs old). In addition, he enjoys boating, rodeos and agriculture. For a number of years, Craig had a conflict of attending the annual convention versus working a quarterhorse auction. However, he has the opportunity to be an active & engaged member of the CAA once again and wanted to invest into the CAA, the members, committees and network with others. He wants to serve and give back and strengthen relationships. It’s his turn now and he believes it will help him to be a better auctioneer and businessman in investing and engaging. It takes people to keep the association going.....To Give Back.

Like many dedicated members of the CAA, it is no secret, I eat, sleep, and breathe all things auctions. It has been my biggest passion since graduating from the World Wide College of Auctioneering in 2010. I have been able to work in various markets of the auction industry, but I found my niche in the fundraising realm as a benefit auctioneer in 2014. As time would pass, I would find another calling within the automobile auction industry. Currently, I own and operate Halie Behr Fundaneer LLC, conducting fundraising auctions throughout the U.S. I also, work for two different auto auction companies. I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of the auction industry which is why it was a no brainer when I was asked to join the board of the Colorado Auctioneers Association. As a mentor to many auctioneers and as an instructor at the World Wide College of Auctioneering, I love having the opportunity to give back and build meaningful relationships with others. Being a board member on behalf of the Colorado Auctioneers Association was another opportunity for me to continue to be involved in the industry. It has also allowed me the privilege to be able to help others. I am thankful for this grant honor of being able to serve the members of the Colorado Auctioneers Association. ~Halie Behr FIRST QUARTER • 2020



2020 Convention 2020 Marketing Contest Recap and The Future Of The Marketing Contest

by Mike Whitfield

We had some great material submitted and we had a panel of 3 amazing judges that were thoroughly impressed by the materials submitted by our members. Of the multiple & various marketing divisions, only 3 categories truly had submissions for judging purposes and they were compromised of 3 - 6 entries per those categories.. The marketing contest is more than just an award. It provides inspiration and ideas, particularly for our newer members in the auction industry and joining our association. In addition, we have been saving these items for historical preservation. For next year’s marketing competition, we are considering broadening the categories into three categories and return to the core focus to the contest and encourage creativity and new ideas. We’re also going to adapt our contest to reflect marketing methods in regard to digital marketing. To help us with this aspect of the convention, We NEED Your Help. We will be sending out a survey and also create a poll in CAA Members Only Facebook group this year. Your Participation is needed and necessary to guide us in a new direction for the future of the marketing contest. And even look for a unique marketing aspect that we are discusing to add to the contest that would show, the evolution of marketing concepts, ideas and materials of our CAA members. We encourage all members to participate and help us to make the annual marketing contest better. Thank you.

Raising the Bar on Fundraising

Greater Giving Event Software provides Go Time Check-in, Express Check-out and Mobile Bidding with Online Auctions all in one system. Learn more at


Explore Our Solutions 800.276.5992

thecoloradoauctioneer FIRST QUARTER • 2020

Hall Of Fame


fter 4 years, the CAA had a new Hall of Fame Inductee at the 2020 CAA Convention. It has been said to me that it is an awarded honor to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. There are many things that are looked at in regard to a nominations application that will be voted upon by the members of the CAA Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame award is a way to recognize someone that has not only given outstanding service to the auction industry, but also their involvement with the Colorado Auctioneers Association, CAA Members, fellow auctioneers, in addition to their service / activities within his / her community. It has been shared with us that this year’s inductee has contributed above and beyond within these areas and in reaching out to help other auctioneers just as he has been helped throughout his own career. His public presence supported this and reflects a high standard and strong family values. Per the CAA Hall of Fame application, nominations cannot be submitted by a family member and can be submitted by any member of the Colorado Auctioneers Association. Nominations are held active for 3 years, or until the nomination is inducted. If, at the end of that time period they are not inducted the Hall of Fame will contact the originating submitter to let them know they can resubmit their nomination, if they would like. Each year, the CAA Hall of Fame members meet privately during the annual convention to further discuss nominations and vote to see if the following year there will be an induction. And for 2020, Lance Nichols became the newest member of the CAA Hall of Fame member. “First auction I ever went to was in 1976. I was four years old and I went with dad. It just happened to be an Odle and Cumberlin auction. This was the year before dad started working for them. Being my father’s oldest son, it was only natural for me to tag along with him as much as I possibly could. Following high school and college, I enrolled in the Missouri Auction School in March of 2000. It just so happened to be the last class at Missouri Auction School that Chuck Cumberlin taught. Chuck always made me feel good throughout my life, but at auction school he made me feel a little extra special because he’d talk about the auctions that he had done with my father and me.

seeing my father serving on the board of directors for many years, I knew it was something I too wanted to do someday.” Throughout my life I’ve had the opportunity to meet, or get to know some of the best auctioneers in the business, and I’ve grown to admire many of these gentlemen. With that being said, a handful of them are CAA members that I can call my mentors, that I admire greatly, and that I’ve been lucky to call my friends. Last October when I got the call that I’d been nominated to the Hall of Fame, I had a rush of emotions. And what made it even more memorable, is that my father actually told me that I was being inducted at the advice of Walt Partridge. It’s overwhelming for me to know that so many people that I admire and respect, the Hall of Fame committee, bestowed such a great honor upon me. It’s very humbling to know that people of that select membership have granted me the opportunity to join. CAA already has a father-daugher Hall of Fame combination, but dad and I are the first, father-son combination to be inducted. It states in the CAA bylaws that a hall of fame member no longer has to pay the $100 dues to CAA each year. I, however, will continue to pay my $100 due fee to the organization that has given myself and my family so much. Myself, my family, and the entire Nichols family, are truly blessed to be members of this association, and feel that it’s our duty to give back whenever possible. I’m putting out a challenge to ALL Hall of Fame members, that if at all possible, I would ask you to pay your $100 due fee each year. This is just a little more insurance that the association we all care so much about continues to grow and prosper. I look forward to many more years of service to this great association and group of great people. I always feel that it’s important to pay it forward to younger auctioneers. And if they’re willing to work hard, I hope to mentor some younger auctioneers just like Chuck Cumberlin, Art Parker, Jim Odle, and my dad have done for me. On behalf of myself and the entire Nichols family, I say thank you.” ~ Lance Nichols Attending CAA Hall Of Fame Members (2020)

A few years after Chuck’s passing, we formed Nichols Auctioneers, consisting of John Nichols, Mike Nichols, myself, and our families. Coming full circle, I had the opportunity to experience the Colorado Auctioneers Association firsthand at a young age, having participated in numerous summer picnics and annual conventions, and FIRST QUARTER • 2020




thecoloradoauctioneer FIRST QUARTER • 2020 FIRST QUARTER • 2020




thecoloradoauctioneer FIRST QUARTER • 2020 FIRST QUARTER • 2020



Member Spotlight

One Hell Of A Ride


he past year I accomplished something that had been a few years in the making. I took a plunge into a new industry with one goal in mind, I wanted to help nonprofits and schools raise money. I decided to take my out going personality, loud voice and love of raising money and become a benefit auctioneer. I went to school at the Worldwide School of Auctioneering, graduating with September 2019 class. Scott Shuman came to school and encouraged us to join the Colorado Auctioneers Association. He explained the many benefits of the organization and the comradery we would have if we joined the group for the yearly convention. I am lucky because I reside in Denver so attending the convention was a no brainer.

As the event approached John Schaffner, the newcomer ambassador, reached out to welcome me to breakfast and see if I had any questions. I am a very outgoing person and not easily intimidated by large social gatherings but was a little nervous about attending because I knew what a close-knit group it was and unsure if I would belong. I only knew a few people in the industry and mostly just by sight. I found John at breakfast, with a few other first time attendees and right away, any unease I had felt, vanished. He, along with the others in attendance, made me feel right at home. We were given a scavenger hunt to help get us acquainted with the members and were told we would be competing in the First Timers Bid Calling competition; I was not expecting that. I spent the day getting to know fellow auctioneers by finding the answers to the scavenger hunt. I took something away from every class that I attended and it got me thinking more and more about how I could find my place in this industry. I realized the world of auctioneering is bigger than I thought and that I was interested in so many different aspects of it. From cars, to real estate, to estate auctions, the possibilities were boundless and everyone I spoke to about their piece of the industry was willing and excited to share with me their successes and stumbles and offered their hands to help me along my path. Then came the time for the competition. I was a bundle of nerves. Ordinarily I can walk on a stage in front of 300 people I do not know and not be nervous at all, 18

by Marissa Walters

but I never saw myself competing in auctioneering competitions and for sure never in front of a room of my new peers whose talents are endless. To say I was intimidated, would be an understatement. I took comfort knowing I would be competing against friends, Phloyd and T.C. as well as a lovely young lady named Shelby. I was so thankful for my peers who bid on items even when I was struggling thru my chant to make me feel like I was succeeding. In the end I had so much fun. It was awesome to watch two young kids crush it and know what is in store for their futures. As I reflect on my experience, I cannot say enough great things about my first convention. I learned a ton,

made new connections and even got a job or two out of it. Since then I have had the pleasure of calling the carts every Tuesday at Colorado Premiere Realty and Auctions Services. Been a part of the Foundation’s Mile High Auctioneer Open staff. I’ve worked as part of the largest all female ringman team under Halie Behr with my new friend Shelby Shuman to benefit Craig Hospital and had my very first benefit auction. This has been one hell of a ride I am so honored to be a member of this community.

Marissa owns / operates Wild Hair Auctions and Events, based in the Denver area as a benefit auctioneer with a passion for raising money for schools and nonprofits.

thecoloradoauctioneer FIRST QUARTER • 2020


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2020 Mile High Auctioneer Open The Mile High Auctioneer Open was launched in 2019 by the Colorado Auctioneers Foundation in conjunction with the Colorado Auctioneers Association. The format of the contest is much like the Texas Lone Star Open, with contestants selling 3 items in the preliminary round.

by Toya McCleod

The top five contestants from the preliminary advance to te finals, where they sell four items. It is held in conjunction with the National Western Stock Show, and has quickly become a top notch event, offering $10,000 total prize money, including a $5,000 first place prize. The large prize pools and ommission of an interview portion attracts top auctioneers from across the nation. Let me tell you this contest in Denver is no exception. Auctioneers from Texas, Georgia, Minnesota, New Mexico and Colorado ascended upon the National Western Stock Show with one thing in mind: $5,000. It was a super competitive field.


thecoloradoauctioneer FIRST QUARTER • 2020 FIRST QUARTER • 2020



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thecoloradoauctioneer FIRST QUARTER • 2020



~ Ryan George, Biplane Productions

his pandemic might be the best thing that has happened to the auction industry since the Internet. The mandatory quarantine has the potential to change the public perception of auctioneers in our culture.

of it. We don’t want to be a mathematical factor, an anonymous part of a supercomputer’s model. We want to know our lives matter, our businesses matter, our societal contributions matter.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen multiple auctioneers posting on Facebook about how the death tolls from COVID-19 aren’t large enough to close businesses and force some entrepreneurs out of business. As unemployment has soared to Great Depression percentages, auctioneers have pleaded online for mayors and governors and the President to ease the quarantine. While I’m sure every one of these folks care about others and the economy at large, it’s clear that their posts reveal their fears for their own livelihood.

So do our sellers. And not just our distress sellers. Our consignors don’t want to be notches on a belt. Our retiring farmers don’t want their life’s work to be just another farm sale. Our commercial agents don’t want to be accounts; they want to be a partner, a coworker, a teammate. Everyone with whom we do business is a person who wants to be known, who longs to be valued, who aches for their story to be heard.

That is a legitimate worry. While some of these auctioneers’ YouTube videos and borrowed memes might be irrational, the potential loss is worthy of concern. That loss of any sense of control is valid. That desperation is human.

And all of us just got a huge helping of understanding. We can turn that into empathy, or we can turn the recovery into busy ambition. We can sit down with people and let them talk a bit, or we can put our heads down and make this money back. We can offer sellers tailored solutions, or we can posts signs about how to jump on our assembly-line queue.

That underlying fear might be what change the auction If we leave this #safeathome season with compassion, industry for the better. we can overcome some of the stigmas the auction industry has been trying to shake for decades. We can What happens if our worries prove true? What if we offer dignity and not just an exit. We can provide some blow through our federal grants, our lines of credit, and hope to offset the worry and embarrassment. We can be our cash reserves? What if none of that is enough? What ambulance drivers instead of ambulance chasers. For if our businesses close? What happens to our families, our non-distress sellers, we can offer the kind of human our employees’ families? What will our friends think of interaction we’re all craving right now—something us? Our auctioneer peers think of us? What it we lose social media had made us forget feels so good. everything? You won’t need a government grant to buy empathy. We’ll be where so many of our clients and potential You don’t have to worry if Kroger or Walmart will have clients are. compassion in stock. Nobody can price gouge you on eBay or Amazon for your humanity. There isn’t a label Whether we sell lender-owned assets, pre-bankruptcy to check to see if kindness is manufactured in China or workouts, trustee sales, or estates, we work for people the United States. All you have to do is choose it. who’ve lived for months or even years where all of us have for the past few weeks. They’ve already made If most of us choose that response enough that it it to the embarrassment stage, the stress-eating stage, becomes habit-forming, we’ll make the auction process the inhaling-Tums-like-candy stage. That thought that more accessible than any of us could ever have dreamed. keeps you up at night has kept them awake for weeks. That discomfort that makes you hit Next Episode on Ryan George helps auction companies look like marketing your streaming service or pour an extra glass of adult experts by clarifying their message, communicating that message well, and measuring its effectiveness. He has taught beverage tonight is old news to them. Right now, you and I would love a firm date of pending relief. We’d love some sense that things will be better soon—hopefully way better. We don’t want to be a statistic. Take us off the graph, even the left side

at multiple state and national auctioneer associations’ gatherings since 2005. He taught marketing from 2012 to 2017 at the Certified Auctioneers Institute. He co-wrote the curriculum for and co-taught in the Auction Marketing Management designation course from 2014-2018. FIRST QUARTER • 2020



Wow – it’s 2020 already! A new decade, new opportunities, new challenges, new experiences! A huge thank you to everyone for attending this year’s convention in January. Also, a tremendous “THANK YOU” to all the board members for the help they gave in making this years convention a succeess. It is positively a team effort! Auctioneers are busy people - that’s who we are! I encourage you to set aside a couple days for next year’s convention. Enjoy the benefits of the education, technology updates, vendors and camaraderie of round table discussions with our colleagues. Our annual CAA Convention is one way for this association to collectively come together to get this accomplished, and I promise you will see the benefits our your membership at work. We are all guilty as auctioneers of becoming very busy with not only our auction business but our personal lives! Vast changes in technology in our business have changed many business practices. We have to remember that our business is still a people business. Hand shakes and promises still mean a lot to people. This includes not only our sellers but buyers alike! With the challenges that we are facing in this first quarter of the year, I believe we will be challenged to be in the forefront of potential sellers minds versus other companies, such as estate tag sale companies or such. We will want to do our best to have auctions and our auctioneers, be the First Choice for sellers in the upcoming markets. Just a few ideas might be, follow up with online registered bidders “Hello this is John with John Doe Auctioneers, I just

wanted to call and personally welcome you as a bidder to our online auction. If you have any questions I am here to help, please feel free to call, text or email me.” This form of contact doesn’t happen every day so it catches many by surprise but I guarantee that personal touch will set you ahead of your competitors! Another idea, send every seller at year end something during the holidays. A simple company Christmas card makes them feel like you didn’t just take their money and run! Being an Effective Auctioneer, with a personal touch to solve the problems of potential buyers is going to be a key factor to our success. Our ATTITUDE in all of this is going to be Critical. It’s the situation we’ve been dealt and we need to have a positive attitude about it. Be the Positive Light at the auction. Be a Standout at the auction. We will need to be able to project the positive attitude to the both the sellers & buyers, alike. And lastly, Gratitude. Our gratitude expressed to the sellers / owners for having an auction and to the Buyers for participating will help us put our best foot forward. Kenny Lindsay wrote in an article titled, AUCTIONS WILL BE THE SECOND EPIDEMIC, as posted in the Michigan Auctioneer.... “The unprecedented economic prosperity this country has enjoyed over the past three years, along with the lowest unemployment record in the past 50 years, was great while it lasted. Nobody saw the sniffling big bad wolf that huffed and puffed, and in one fell swoop has caused what many economists are saying to be the most catastrophic hit the United States has seen since the 1920’s Great Depression.”

BUSINESS TIP TAKE YOUR IDEA TO THE NEXT LEVEL Use Social Media as Your Focus Group Tuning in to online conversations can inform your decision making. Use Facebook and Twitter for research. When Walmart was debating whether to sell a cake-pop maker, the company studied Twitter chatter about that kind of treat. Interact on Forums. 26

Entrepreneurs can ask

questions and get honest feedback on advicesharing platforms such as the Online Storage Auction Forum ( Use a specialized search engine. Type a product description into a free social media monitoring tool such as Social Mention. The site will give you easy-to-read metrics on how people feel about that product.

thecoloradoauctioneer FIRST QUARTER • 2020

A crisis indeed. And crisis moments also present opportunities. Don’t let a crisis go to waste. The professional auctioneer must be mindful of the fact that that the auctions have proven themselves to be arguably the most resilient professions of all-time. History has shown that auctions not only survived but, in some cases, flourished during unimaginable world events. The collapse of the Roman Empire, Civil War, World War I, the Great Depression, World War II, Recessions, and who could forget Sept. 11, 2001? While the world is bracing of a future of uncertainty – one thing is sure, for many auctioneers, it is the calm before the storm. Eventually, this 21st version of the Black Plague will slowly lift. Soon everyone will crawl out of their Coronavirus bomb shelter and access the damage. For many, the fallout will be significant, cash flow is low, and the decision must be made for them to liquidate assets to reposition themselves for the future. While most everyone is negatively affected, many servicerelated industries will be terminally hit. Professional auctioneers should prepare to serve specific businesses such as Wellness: Spas, Gyms, Salons Food & Beverage Services: Restaurants, Micro Breweries, Bars Professional Services: This is a vast area, but auctioneers will be fielding a record amount of inquiries on liquidating office and business equipment Retail Outlets: Non-essential retail outlets such as bowling alleys, skating rinks, arcades, amusement parks, trampoline parks, fairs, arts and craft facilities, aquariums, zoos, escape rooms, indoor shooting ranges, public and private social clubs, and all other places of indoor public amusement. Manufacturing: According to Market Watch, United States factories are likely to close due to the Coronavirus supply-chain shock. “Already, manufacturers are grappling with disruptions to their businesses due to the COVID-19 outbreak, with many anticipating financial and operational consequences—even before some of the developments of this week,” said the National Association of Manufacturers President and CEO Jay Timmons. A newly released survey of manufacturing leaders conducted by the National Association of Manufacturers reveals the state of the industry as the Coronavirus situation unfolds.

PERSONAL PROPERTY Another factor worth noting is in 2018, the Survey of Household Economics and Decision Making learned that an alarming 40% of Americans would have to borrow money, sell something, or neglect other bills to pay for an unforeseen $400 expense. In other words, at least 4 of 10 Americans were living paycheck to paycheck in a recently thriving economy. Today, the economic outlook darkens daily, and it is reasonable to assume a staggering amount of Americans will be relieving themselves of leisure type of assets such as boats, motorcycles, and collectibles. AUCTIONEER POSITIONING Professional auctioneers should not assume that the first call a potential seller is an auctioneer. Sellers have many options. Those not predisposed to auctions are likely to seek other selling avenues. Position yourself to educate potential sellers why a professional auctioneer is likely the best avenue for them to maximize their financial outcome. Have you encountered a disheartened seller that learned how an auction would have been a better choice after the fact? That is an epidemic itself. It is for this very reason that professional auctioneers should constantly be promoting auction success stories on social media and beyond, hence the reason and successes of the Auctions Work! campaign that has been adopted by countless auctioneers nationwide. Adopt the campaign and start educating sellers about the power of the auction method of selling. For some examples, visit Now is the time to reach out to the bank’s Loss Mitigation department, bankruptcy and divorce attorneys and pay close attention to your local news and stay abreast of developments happening right under your nose. In the meantime, make it a priority to invest in Facebook and other marketing. Establish a Google Business Page and start canvassing your community and local Chamber of Commerce on how you can be the beacon of hope for those that are facing stressful decisions at this very moment. THE AUCTION PROCESS GOING FORWARD Hall of Fame auctioneer, Rick Montgomery, CEO of RJM Auctioneers in Plymouth, Michigan, said, “Auctioneers need to sit down and think what their plan is. I think within three months, business will be going gangbusters.” He added, “Online auctions are essential in the beginning. People are going to be skeptical of being in large crowds over social distancing.” FIRST QUARTER • 2020



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6. Auction Category – This is so Google can make your search more accurate. a. Auction Type

b. Property Type c. Item Type

7. Address – Only City, State and Zip Code are required. AuctionLook needs this information because they will Email Blast to Buyers in the area specific to the Geographic Location. 8. Directions – Not required, but if you fill them out, a Google map will populate.

9. Bidding URL – For Online Auctions. Put the URL of your auction & a Button will populate, directing the public to your Online Platform.

10. YouTube Link – Populates a Button to your YouTube Channel. 11. Company Website – Put the URL of the auction from your website.

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This feature is NOT required to Post An Auction…Only an option. Premier is designed to give you Top Placement on AuctionLook’s 30 syndicated auction websites, email blasts, the National App, “Auctioneer” and Home Page. It’s an opportunity for that additional exposure auctions sometimes need. Pricing on this Optional Feature is $29.00 FIRST QUARTER • 2020


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thecoloradoauctioneer FIRST QUARTER • 2020

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