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First Quarter • 2016

The The Quarterly Quarterly Newsletter Newsletter of of the the Colorado Colorado Auctioneers Auctioneers Association Association

Honor, Respect and Integrity By Cissy Tabor

Honor, Respect and Integrity evolved to be the

theme for the 2016 CAA Convention this year in spite of the fact that our CAA Board of Directors did not choose a theme going into the convention as years past and believed the speakers we had would give us a diversified wealth of information to gear us up for the upcoming year. It quickly became apparent to us that these three values of Honor, Respect and Integrity would become the theme displayed throughout our convention. Not only did our speakers exhibit these qualities, but also, they spoke upon them and the importance they have within the auction industry and to each of us; individually and collectively. Through each presentation, our speakers emphasized these values as a foundation for solid business practices and in doing the right thing. As John Nicholls pointed out, “If you Always do the right thing...You NEVER have to make a decision.” Many individuals deserve special recognition of gratitude in making the 2016 CAA Convention a success. Butch Hagelstrom worked diligently in obtaining us a strong speaker panel that was diversified to educate our association members and held to these values in his choices for speakers. A great big “thank you” to the National Auctioneers Association for sending John Nicholls and his generosity in being one of our competition judges. Mike Brandly, Russ Hilk, Scott Shuman, Rob Hart, Sean Allen, Scott Goodhue and Paul C Behr provided us the opportunity to learn from their expertise, experience and giving, can-do attitude. Shannon Mays and Charles Nicholls not only added to our fantastic panel of speakers, but they also gave of themselves in sharing their unique teaching style, stepping right in with our board to see what they could do or even adding an additional session for those eager to learn from them. The CAA Foundation hosted the 2nd Annual Kids Auction that proved to be another success for everyone involved and we will continue to look forward to it to grow. Special thanks go out to Director Dean Gunter who stepped forth for an Acquisition Committee to obtain

quality, Fun Auction item donations along with Emily Wears and OJ Pratt’s quartet group providing us with pre-auction entertainment and Sophie Nicholls for her beautiful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. Lastly, we would like to thank our exhibitors that took the time to present to our association members during the holiday weekend and for Greater Giving being a Silver Level Sponsor and presenting their services to our association. In closing, I’d like to say that our year started off with inspiration and education and I can’t wait to see everyone this summer at our picnic!

The Colorado Auctioneer is published by the Colorado Auctioneers Association, Inc. 1685 S. Colorado Blvd., Unit S-160 Denver, CO 80222 303-729-1195 The Colorado Auctioneer Newsletter is published quarterly, to serve as a communication tool between association meetings. Please contact: Cissy Tabor (970) 985-8228 • FIRST QUARTER • 2016



From the President

CAA President’s Message

By Butch Hagelstrom A very Happy New Year to all of you! It’s hard to believe that we are already into 2016! First of all I’d like to start out by thanking our past president, O.J. Pratt, for his stellar leadership and forward thinking to take our association into a stronger future. He was one of the primary forces behind the establishment of the CAA Foundation and, thru his contacts, enabled us to have the legal assistance required for the process, donated. This year we are looking to continue down the path that was laid out last year in providing educational opportunities, promoting of the CAA (both to members & non-members) and to continually monitor the legislation that impacts our industry. To that end, we were able to provide a great 2016 “kick off ” with our convention. Through the speakers and sessions that were offered, we were able to provide education and training on a number of topics pertaining to the auction world. The feedback we’ve received from attendees was overwhelmingly positive and shows that we are on the right track! Again this year, we will be sending representatives to the State Leadership meeting in Kansas City. This has been very beneficial to our association by the sharing of the different state association’s procedures and ideas. As your board, we will always strive to grow our abilities to serve the association better. As with any organization, the CAA will be only as strong as it’s membership. To that end, we are constantly working to increase our membership, through new members and welcoming back those who have left the CAA. We truly believe that there is something for everyone and our goal is to continually offer enhancements to what is now in place. Participation in the association is strongly encouraged, whether that is by volunteering to assist on a committee, serving as an ambassador for the CAA or simply contacting board members with suggestions or ideas. We are always looking for ways to improve the CAA! I wish all of you a great 2016! May you enjoy the best of health, family and business this year. I look forward to working with the outstanding Board of Directors you have elected this year, as I know they all have a big heart for the CAA and will devote their time and energy to keeping your association strong! All the best, Butch Hagelstrom 2016 CAA President


“Day At The Capitol”

PRESIDENT: Butch Hagelstrom Buckhorn Auction Services P.O. Box 306 • Fort Lupton, CO 80621 303-827-5157 •

By Michael Nichols, Legislative Chairman

1st VICE PRESIDENT: Eric Arrington The Auction Team 1610 Hwy. 505 • Grand Junction, CO 81503 970-245-1185 • Cell: 970-623-9161 • 2nd VICE PRESIDENT: Dean Gunter Mile High Car Company 1480 Ainsworth St. • Colorado Springs, CO 80915 719-570-7800 • Cell: 719-650-8184 • CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD: OJ Pratt, CAI Pacific Auction Companies / Auction Boulevard 1330 Main St. • Longmont, CO 80501 303-772-7676 • Cell: 303-598-8585 • TREASURER: Rob Hart, CAI, ATS Hall & Hall Auctions 100 S. Cherry Ave. • Eaton, CO 80615 970-716-2120 • Cell: 303-510-3866 • Sean Allen (2016-2017) 9920 City View Dr. • Morrison, CO 80465 303-888-2722 • Bryce Elemond (2016-2017) Affordable Auctioneering, LLC 25600 E. Byers Pl. • Auroroa, CO 80018 720-229-5832 • Casey Giddings (2016-2017) Rocky Mountain Estate Brokers, Inc. 24 Oak Ave. • Eaton, CO 80615 970-454-1010 • Cell: 970-222-1625 • Josh Larson (2015-2016) 310 N. Wayne • Haxton, CO 80731 970-520-2946 • Michael Nichols (2015-2016) Odle-Cumberlin Auctioneers 22300 CR 9 • Flagler, CO 80815 719-350-0126 • Cissy Tabor (2015-2016) Auctions of Hope 846 Cactus Ct. • Rifle, CO 82650 970-985-8228 • Emily Wears (2015-2016) Wears Auctioneering, Inc. 1826 Mehaffey Bridge Rd NE • Solon, IA 52333 319-331-1888 • David P. Whitley (2015-2016) Rocky Mtn. Estate Brokers, Inc. 24 Oak Ave. • Eaton, CO 80615 970-454-1010 • Cell: 970-539-1269 • Diana Raven • Association Administrator 8757 W. Cornell Ave., #9 • Lakewood, CO 80227 720-242-7971 • Cell: 303-618-1162 •

CAA Members Invited to Colorado State Capitol on April 8th


ark your Calendars CAA Members Invited Back to the Colorado State Capitol on April 8th.


In honor of National Auctioneers Week we hope you’ll join your fellow CAA members for a visit to the State Capitol on April 8th! We will meet downstairs in the café area @ 8:15 am. We are set to meet with Representative Perry Buck, in her office, at the Capitol on April 8th @ 8:30 am for introductions. Representative Buck will introduce us on the floor at approximately 9 am. All members of the CAA are invited and strongly encouraged to attend the event. Our organization will be honored and announced on the floor of the legislature. In past years, we have been able to meet many of our elected officials and this year we are hoping that we can possibly auction an item on the legislative floor. I have been hard at work lining up the day at the Capitol / Governor’s proclamation. Mark your calendar, enter it in Google, post it on Facebook or write it on the refrigerator door…but please plan to attend! Please R.S.V.P. - Michael Nichols: or call 719-350-0126. Let’s have a strong showing for National Auctioneers Day! Michael Nichols Legislative Chairman

For the Spring Newsletter (2nd


business to share with the newer generation of auctioneers.” Please email your answer to: by April 30th.




Mike Heitmann

Mike Heitmann Mike Heitmann

Office • (719) 683-7235 Office • (719) 683-7235 • (719) 683-7235 Cell • Office (406) 450-2051 • (406) 450-2051 Cell Cell • (406) 450-2051





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2016 Bid Calling Champion

By Josh Larson etting From There To Here… Born in Ft. Collins and raised all of my life in Haxtun CO, agriculture was always the name of the game for me. I have many fond memories of club animal sales and the occasional cow sale, but beyond that, I had no past experience with auctions. Frankly, the thought of being able to learn to be an auctioneer had never even occurred to me. After suggestion from a good friend, I attended Western College of Auctioneering in March of 2012; a decision that would prove daunting. Wet behind the ears and just home from auction school, I came to find progress much slower than had been expected. I’ll get to the contest shortly; but I’d like to touch on our association quickly. I had the opportunity to work with some great auctioneers, both ringing and selling. I quickly recognized I needed to learn from them and to study others. While this and constant practice certainly laid my foundation, it wasn’t until I joined the CAA in 2013, that I began to find improvement by leaps and bounds. My first convention, and every one since, I’ve been shocked to find what a welcoming group awaits me. I have learned as much from the other auction professionals as I have from any of the great classless, seminars or bid calling clinics! I really can’t say enough about what the CAA, and later the NAA and the NeAA, have done for me. These associations have helped me in all fascists of my life and the people truly are what keep me coming back! Every time I come home from one of these events they light a fire under me, and that’s worth a lot in itself! As far as competitions are concerned, I’ve competed in Colorado for the last four years, Nebraska the last three years and for my first time, at the NAA last year. Contests are a great place to learn, practice and get your name out there too! There are so many great chants in one room; you really can’t find that anywhere else. The key to contests is using them for the feedback that you wouldn’t otherwise get. For me, it’s always nice to get some direction on things I may have been working on or changed. If you’re starting out, it’s truly the only place you can buy experience. And in my opinion experience, is the one thing practice won’t get you, so get it wherever you can. I want to finish up by you telling a quick story. It’s about a 14 year old military brat, and I assure you I mean brat with the utmost respect. Though he moved around a lot he found himself not far from a small sale barn on the west coast. He was quickly drawn to the exciting atmosphere and soon knew what he wanted to do. After sharing with his Dad his plans, they loaded up in the station wagon and went to the auction. After being dropped off at the front door, he went in to proposition for a job. They sheepishly let him start by selling the chickens; his audition of sorts. To everyone’s amazement, the boy sat down and started selling those chickens at a huge premium. When he finished, they invited him back for the following




2016 First Timers Contest & Breakfast

week. Little did they know, he and his Dad would soon after load five huge crates full of over-priced chickens on top of their station wagon headed for home. This young man was Jeff Stokes. He would go on to win the IAC (International Auctioneer Championship), WLAC (World Livestock Auctioneer Championship) and the WAAC (World Automobile Auctioneer Championship), as well as operate a hugely successful benefit auction business. I often think of this story and it reminds me that we all have to start somewhere! It has always inspired me to keep learning, improving and just keep chipping away; because you never know where your hard work may take you. I guess you could say that I’m “drinking the CAA kool-aid” and I’m “buying what they’re selling,” but for me, that’s made all the difference! I can assure you I wouldn’t be where I am today were it not for the help of the CAA and its members. Along with the countless others, thank you all for your help and support. I am honored to be this year’s champion and look forward to seeing you all very soon.

FIRST TIMERS CHAMPION! I don’t think any auctioneer ever became an auctioneer to win awards. We do it because we love the profession. It’s been said, “Find something you love to do and you will never work a day in your life.” That’s how I feel about this profession. From the stories I have heard about Mr. Welton, I think he would have also agreed. Mr. Welton had a passion for helping new auctioneers get started. I think the CAA has done a great job of carrying on his legacy of making sure new auctioneers have the resources to be successful auctioneers. There are members of the CAA that show that very passion that Mr. (continued on next page)

By Michael Nichols ne of the most important resources of any organization is the addition of new active members. Whether these members are newcomers to the auction industry or veteran auctioneers, the CAA “Welcomes you” to our auction family. On the morning of New Years Day, the CAA held a special Welcome Breakfast to our new auctioneers. We were able to visit during this time and learn about how and why each of them decided to get into the auction profession. Throughout the breakfast, a majority of the Board of Directors, along with several attending members, stopped in to say “hello” and welcome them to our association. Speaking with the new members throughout the convention, I believe the Welcome Breakfast was a great success and we plan on continuing this event next year. That evening we had a spirited First Timers Bid Calling Contest; 6 new auctioneers chose to compete in the contest for the honor of earning the coveted Troil Welton Memorial Award. This award is named after an auctioneer for a reason; Mr. Troil Welton spent more than 45 years in the auction profession and was a pioneer of the CAA. He was passionate about helping new up-and-coming auctioneers and always happy to give a word of encouragement. Mr. Welton is a member of the CAA Hall of Fame and the NAA Hall of Fame. After his passing in 1999, the board voted to annually present the Troil Welton Memorial Award to the best of the First Time Bid Calling competition. All of the participants did a very professional job and I was proud to call them all, fellow auctioneers. All of the auctioneers must have completed their auction training within the last twelve months in order to compete. The rookie auctioneers who chose to compete in the contest were Rachelle Repine, Dan Schalek, Cody Johnson, Stephen Heitmann, Kason Wolfe and Dylan Bender. The competition was extremely close, having only 1 point separating the top 2 contestants. After the numbers were tallied up, Stephen Heitmann of Calhan, CO, earned the runner-up position and Cody Johnson of Yuma, CO, earned the championship title of the 2016 Troil Welton Memorial Award. Congratulations to all of the contestants in the contest. The First Timers to the CAA were also given a Scavenger Hunt to complete that challenged them to meet and visit with various members of the CAA. On Sunday, at the Hall of Fame Banquet, the First Timers who completed the Scavenger Hunt were drawn from a hat for a chance to get a free 2017 membership to the CAA. Cody Johnson was the name drawn and the winner of the free membership for next year. I would like to thank all who were able to attend and participate in the 2016 Colorado Auctioneers Association Convention. It was good to see and visit with all who were there. I want to challenge the membership body of this fine organization to go out and recruit a new member or a person who may


have been a past member and invite them to rejoin. We are a member-powered organization and we have greater strength in numbers. Whether we help one another through business opportunities, experience or fellowship; we will have a stronger united membership we can all be proud to be a part of.

Welton had. People like Bryce Elemond who has been a great mentor and friend to me. Rich and Shannon Schur, Butch Hagelstrom, Dean Gunter, Scott Shuman, John Schaffner and many others that took time to visit the students at Worldwide College of Auctioneering in Denver last fall. They all took time out of their busy schedules to help and give advice. Not every association has that kind of individual, so to me, the CAA is special and we should all be proud of our association. It was an honor to win the Troil Welton First Timers Championship Award at the CAA Convention. Going into the contest I had no idea of what to expect. I had never entered a contest so all I could do was treat it like I was at an actual auction. Every time an auctioneer gets behind the microphone, he or she is being judged, whether by the bidders or by the auction company that has hired them. So, before the competition I practiced like I normally do. I had a few nerves, but as soon as I got on stage the nerves left and I got through it. All the contestants in the First Timers Championship Contest were very talented, so when they announced my name, I was surprised. It was great to achieve one of my first goals as an auctioneer! In closing, I have to thank a few people that have helped me get where I am today. First off, I have to thank my wife, Jamie, for listening to me practice on my sound system upstairs almost every night and on long drives. I want to thank Paul C. Behr for teaching me how to be an auctioneer and giving me the foundation to start this great career as an auctioneer. I also want to thank Chuck and Brycen Miller for giving me one of my first jobs as an auctioneer and for being great mentors. Lastly I would like to thank every member of the CAA that was at the convention. I look forward to seeing everyone at the next event or at an auction! - Cody D. Johnson FIRST QUARTER • 2016 FIRST QUARTER • 2016 thecoloradoauctioneer




Matthew Heitmann Wins 2nd Annual Junior Bid Calling Championship By Mike Heitmann


o say that Matthew Heitmann has always been involved in the auction business goes without saying. Being the second son of Auctioneer, Mike Heitmann, meant that he had to be involved whether he wanted to or not. Not that he minded it… While other kids were wasting their time playing video games or being bored, Matthew always found the auction business fun and interesting. He started helping at the auctions his Dad conducted at an early age. First, it was just helping people haul their purchases to their vehicles. Then he started helping organize & set up the auctions. Eventually, he moved up to “Ringman” and lately he has been helping in the office with check in and cashiering. He is also the “go-to guy” for any kind of Tech Support. He had done just about everything in the business in one form or the other. But it wasn’t until the last couple of years that he showed any interest in bid calling. One night a couple of years ago, his Dad walked by his room and heard that familiar rhythm and sound coming through the door. When he stopped and stuck his head in, sure enough, there was Matt, practicing his chant. Mike asked if he wanted to be an auctioneer too, he kind of shrugged his shoulders and said, “I don’t know. We’ll see.” It seemed that Matt was comfortable letting his Dad and older brother, Stephen, take care of the bid calling. He wasn’t in any hurry to get on the auction podium in front of the crowd. But as he got older he wondered if he could do it. Fast forward to the CAA convention in 2015. Matthew had always come to past conventions with his folks and loved them. He always enjoyed helping out during the Fun Auction and the Championship Competition. He also would find himself sneaking in the back of the seminars listening to the speakers. But in 2015 the CAA decided to have a Junior Auctioneer Competition. In Matt’s words, he got “Volun-told” by his Dad that he would be competing. He was nervous and initially didn’t want to do it. But with a little “Moral Encouragement” from his Dad…and a crash course in how to compete in a contest, he gave it his best shot. He didn’t win that first competition, but you could say the auction bug really bit him. So when the 2016 CAA convention came around, you could say Matt was primed and ready. He spent quite a bit of time working on his basic skills…The introduction and description of the items, his posture, his appearance and last but not least, his chant. By the time the competition rolled around, you could see that all his effort paid off. His confidence and presence were that of someone much senior to him in years. 6

After the dust settled, Matt was crowned the 2016 CAA Junior Champion Auctioneer. When asked if this is something he wants to do in the future, 15 year old Matt clearly states he is interested in the auction business. He plans on getting more mic time at his Dad’s sales and polishing his skills. He says that he is more confident now that he is a little older and standing up in front of a crowd doesn’t bother him. He is also interested in becoming a pilot and thinks that would be a good skill to have in the auction business. He correctly feels that being an “All-Around Hand” makes you irreplaceable in today’s auction industry. Combine that, along with all his other activities, like school, wrestling & team roping, means that his calendar will probably be full for the next few years. But make no mistake, Matthew Heitmann will be a presence & force in the auction profession in the foreseeable future. When asked if he has any dreams of winning the CAA Champion Auctioneer’s Buckle in the future, he just smiles and says with a twinkle in his eye, “We’ll see…” FIRST QUARTER • 2016 FIRST QUARTER • 2016 thecoloradoauctioneer



Convention News

Masterpiece Quilt by Emily Ford Continues To Reflect The Giving Spirit Of CAA By Cissy Tabor “It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.” – Mother Teresa When I think of Emily Ford, this inspirational quotation embraces her heart and what she loves to do with her mother, Brenda. They started “Masterpiece Quilts…a story of love…A God-given love between a mother and her daughter who is blessed with Down Syndrome in which they give 10% of any purchase to Ekisa Ministries.” We first met Miss Emily at last year’s convention in which she made a custom CAA Quilt willingly upon request from fellow friend / congregation member, Director Dean Gunter. It quickly became apparent that the love and craftsmanship that goes into her quilt was appreciated by the auction attendees when the bidding quickly climbed well over $600 which ended up with 2 winners, 2 quilts and a new addition to our auction family with Miss Emily as an Honorary CAA Member. This year was no different! Bidding quickly climbed once again to $600 in which Kurt Campbell of Big Iron Auctions and Mike Frank of Taylor & Martin chose to buy her custom CAA Quilt, collectively! Emily and Director Emily Wears hand delivered to the winning bidder, receiving a standing ovation once again and touching our hearts. Emily’s Masterpiece Quilts are not only individually created by her, but each quilt has a custom design in which 1 square is designed differently and is symbolic of the special gene of Down Syndrome. If you are interested in purchasing a custom gift from Masterpiece Quilts, please feel free to find her items on Etsy, Every act of giving provides the simultaneous act of receiving. Each time you welcome a gift into your life, you are providing the opportunity for someone to give and I believe that our organization continues to experience a true joy in the essence of what Emily creates that encompasses what lies within her heart, given passion and love.

•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• The winners were judged from the categories with at least 2 items entered. The board felt that it would not meet “the spirit of competition” to provide an award for a category with only one entry. The 2016 CAA Marketing Contest displayed a FOUR COLOR BROCHURE: diversity of layouts and formats as diverse as our attendees in which the Board of Directors chose Real Estate - Hall & Hall a new avenue in regard to judging the entries. As Farm and/or Ranch (Machinery & Equipment) - Horse Creek previously set forth in years past, the judging was Sales Company handled independently rather than utilizing the Antique/Collectibles/General Household - Lockhart Auction membership voting process. & Realty

2016 CAA Marketing Contest Took a New Twist

Two different judging venues were used in which the print material was judged by our convention vendors and for the website and Facebook entries, they were judged by out of state industry professionals. The board had looked at the marketing contest and felt that this format for judging the entries was best to fully view / evaluate each category in addition to providing impartial and objective decisions 8

BUSINESS PROMOTION: Company Brochure/Letterhead/Envelope - Nichols Auctioneering Company Promotional Item - Affordable Auctioneers Internet Web Page - Hall & Hall Facebook - Hall & Hall

CAA Foundation

CAA Foundation By O.J. Pratt, CAI


omeone told me that you need to repeat yourself 3 times in order for the recipient to remember what you said. I think they told me five or six times so I remember! This article is one more reminder about your CAA Foundation. The CAA Foundation concept has been discussed for many years. Numerous past members have worked to get this idea moving. During the past 18 months the foundation has finally come to fruition. In large part due to pro bono legal services provided by Chris Gundlikson, managing partner of the Boulder office of Holland and Hart. We are now official! Many thanks are sent to Chris for this donation of over $25,000(+) in value of legal services. ALL CAA members are also members of the CAA Foundation. The board of directors is elected from the CAA membership. The current board consists of President- Doug Carpenter, Treasurer- Walt Partridge and board members Shannon Schur, Scott Shuman and OJ Pratt. Additionally the CAA 2nd Vice President will serve on the CAA Foundation board for one year.

King Soopers Reward Program King Soopers Reward Program Teams Up With The Colorado Auctioneers Foundation The Colorado Auctioneers Foundation has registered to participate in the King Soopers Reward Program. This is a fundraising program which will pay the foundation 5% of sales or re-loads on the King Sooper Gift Card. The 5% is paid each time we reach a total re-load of $5,000.

Walt Partridge has the cards with $40 already loaded. You simply buy the card from Walt and begin purchases from King Soopers. You can add The CAA Foundation allows anyone to make a tax deductible money and/or re-load the card at the customer donation to the newly created IRS approved 501-C-3. This service desk or cash register. donation could be something as simple as a single item, but it could also include stock certificates, a life insurance policy or even naming us in your will. It opens up many possibilities for the Foundation to raise significant funds. In the week following the 2016 convention, we have already been contacted by an attorney for his client who wants to include us in their estate plan.

Where is this money being used? In 2015 the Foundation funded the BAS (Benefit Auctioneers Specialist) Continuing Education Seminar. This is a program sponsored by the National Auctioneers Association. We had 12 first time registrants and several people that were there to audit the course. The instructors were exceptional and I believe everyone in attendance benefited greatly from the program. We were all especially thankful that it was held in Colorado. The CAA Foundation also gave out three $500 scholarships during the convention. All recipients were children of long time CAA members and well deserving of the awards.

Do not throw away your card, keep re-loading it to buy products, including gas, from King Soopers stores and The Foundation will continue to receive 5%. You can re-load the card with cash or credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Amex and so forth. This is a great way to raise money for The Foundation with no direct cost to the members. Don’t forget every CAA member is a foundation member. Let’s get going! Contact Walt at or (303) 881-2632.

If you have any questions about how you might participate in the Foundation efforts or projects to suggest, please contact any Foundation Board Member. We all look forward to great opportunities for the Foundation to serve the members of the CAA.

Congratulations to this year’s winners! FIRST QUARTER • 2016 FIRST QUARTER • 2016 thecoloradoauctioneer


9 FIRST QUARTER • 2016 FIRST QUARTER • 2016 thecoloradoauctioneer


CAA Foundation

CAA Foundation

Children’s Fun Auction Establishes CAA’s Foundation Of Success

By Cissy Tabor n organization can be proud of its successes and many times an inaugural event can be successful to attendees. However, it is the second year or thereafter that may be daunting to see if the event, in itself, is truly successful. And so the answer is… A Resounding Yes! The CAA children and grandchildren were looking forward to it even before the evening began on Friday night. As the doors opened, we could see many children go over to the Children’s Auction area; while the younger ones pulled their parents or grandparents in tow to see what was on display, others casually walked over there with a stride of confidence. It didn’t take long to see the return of our youngest auctioneers step up to the microphone and confidently shine in front a group of family, auction family and strangers to auction the item they picked out. At one point, as Sammy Hamblen pulled up a chair on stage for his grandchildren and his granddaughter immediately stepped up to the microphone, took ahold and climbed up with confidence to sell her item. Next up was “Cowboy” as Grandpa Sammy calls him and he won over the hearts of the ladies in the room as he boldly climbed up the chair, stood next to Grandpa and then sold his item. We’ve watched Shelby Shuman, Maisy Hart, Braydon Nichols, Dean Comden and Gabriella Comden participate each year and look forward to seeing them again next year with Sammy’s grandchildren and hope to see more and more join in this fun event. We would also like to give a “Big Shout Out of Thank You” to Partridge Auction Services, Pacific Auctions and Schur Success Auctions for sponsoring the children’s items that were auctioned. To say that this event is a success would be an understatement. As our CAA family members get to watch our children grow up each year at our convention, we are truly grateful to see them participate and grow in the industry that we love and look forward to their growth and can compete in our Jr. Bid Calling Championship.


CAA Awards 2016 Scholarships

We want to congratulate Abigail Mitchell, Amanda Shuman and Alex Whitley on their scholarship awards and wish each of them success in pursuing their goals!

I wanted to send my heartfelt gratitude to the Colorado Auctioneers Foundation for the Scholarship. As 2016 moves on I will be working on a proposal for research on my Doctoral Dissertation. I have been discussing possible topics with fellow academics and Topic Creation is coming along nicely. I am leaning towards a research study on coaching in the Auction industry and specifically between women in the industry. Although there is much more work to do and this journey will be the largest academic task of my life I am confident that the study will yield some very helpful findings on how to be more efficient in our learning and coaching strategies as an industry. Thank you for considering me it was an honor to stand up during the convention and receive my scholarship. Best, Abigail Mitchell M.A., D.M. In Progress National Auctioneers Association Member

Thank you so much to the CAA for the 2016 Scholarship! I am currently attending the University of Northern Colorado to pursue a career in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Creative Drama. I plan on putting the money toward my books and tuition for my second semester at school. Thank you again! God Bless, Amanda Shuman

After a five week break from my studies I have returned back to Laramie at the University of Wyoming to start my second semester. I have obtained a new course load including classes regarding, business, marketing, economics, Spanish, and more. With the scholarship monies received form the Colorado Auctioneers Association I have been able to purchase all of my recommended course materials that are in pristine condition. These textbooks, novels and online workshops will help me further my education and become one step closer to receiving my business degree. With this semester is coming new adventures that my extended auction family has helped prepare me for. I am becoming a student ambassador for the Love Your Melon campaign; that is devoted to raising money in order to give every child battling childhood cancer a hat. I also will be becoming more involved with the philanthropy, St. Jude, of the Theta Eta Chapter of Delta Delta Delta. As I prepare to finish up my first year here in Wyoming, I will also be preparing to pack a car up and head to Mason City, Iowa. This car ride will take me to the World Wide College of Auctioneering, run by our very own Paul C. Behr. I would personally like to thank everyone that has watched me grow throughout the auction business into the young adult I am today. I would be nowhere near the person I was if it wasn’t for this business raising me and teaching me that life takes hard work. Again from the bottom of my heart, thank you. “If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.” Zig Ziglar ~Alex Whitley 12 FIRST QUARTER • 2016 FIRST QUARTER • 2016 thecoloradoauctioneer



2016 CAA CONVENTION MEMORIES Special thank you to Adele Nichols with CAA Pictures FIRST QUARTER • 2016 FIRST QUARTER • 2016 8 14 thecoloradoauctioneer thecoloradoauctioneer

15 9

Media Relations

Media Relations Liaison Appointed by the Board of Directors By Cissy Tabor


he 2016 CAA Board of Directors unanimously voted for the appointment of our organizations Media Relations Liaison to be Adele Nichols. This position was proposed by OJ Pratt last year during his presidency at a board meeting in conjunction with the vision set forth last February in building a stronger membership and footprint of CAA members in the State of Colorado to the public so that we continue to promote our mission and vision statements as follows. Mission: CAA exists to educate auction professionals, to promote CAA members and to monitor legislation in Colorado for the auction industry. Vision: Our vision to have all auction professionals desire to be members of the CAA. OJ’s proposal was accepted with enthusiasm by the board and we set out to find “the right fit” of someone who understands what we try to achieve, has vision to promote the CAA and help us grow our social media impact in a combined effort between the association, members and the public; a “CAA Bragger”, if you will. Adele first became active with the CAA when her husband, Lance, was on the board and he co-chaired the summer picnic. After many years of supporting Lance, her family and the CAA in which she has graciously donated her time as the unofficial convention photographer for many years, she has joined the CAA as a member. Adele has stated that, “Truly, my life does revolve around auctions and if I’m going to open my mouth and have opinions about the organization, it’s only right that I am a full paying member! Going forward I hope to help promote auctions to the general public, share my love of the auction method of marketing and to introduce the public to all of the wonderful people within the CAA that I have come to love like an extended family!” In addition to the role of caretaker, chauffer and cook to Payten (13), Brayden (11) and Lance (really old), Adele is part of a family run farm and cattle feedlot near Severance, CO. She is the auction clerk and market analyst at Greeley Producers Livestock Auction and manages their social media in addition to assisting out in the yards with sorting feeders during the special feeder sales. If that is not enough, Adele is the Marketing and Media Manager for Horse Creek Sale Company along with working closely with the consignors up to and on sale day. Additionally, she is the Marketing and Media Manager plus ad sales for Working Horse Magazine. If that isn’t enough, she often assists in clerking or helping 16

in the office for Odle Cumberlin, Art Parker, and MH Bar on a regular basis, or anyone else who hires Lance as a contract auctioneer. Our association was pleased to have received an email from Adele, in which she stated to us, “Following yet another energizing and enthusiastic convention, Lance and I have talked and I would like to accept the position which has been called the “CAA bragger.” “As you know, our entire family is dedicated to this organization and helping to present the Colorado Auctioneers Association to the public and share in our passion in a way that I seem to have a knack for, is a good fit.” The board of director’s believe this is a great fit for the association too and are excited to see the success that will surely follow! So please help us welcome Adele Nichols as our Media Relations Liaison!

Media Relations

LIKE it Up!

By Adele Nichols The purpose of the new Colorado Auctioneers Association Facebook page is to promote the Colorado Auctioneers Association and the auction method of marketing to the general public. We hope to build relationships with those outside of the membership of the Colorado Auctioneers Association to promote the auction method of marketing and help make known to the benefits of hiring a CAA member auctioneer. In the last month the page has been active, we have been blessed with wonderful material! Take a look at the page and you will find awesome stories about CAA members including; John Korrey auctioning at the NWSS, John Schaffner as featured in a short film, Emily Wears appearance on American Idol, a story from the Greeley Tribune about Art Parker and his 40 years volunteering with the Greeley Independence Day Stampede, a radio interview with Josh Larson about the bid calling championship and more. These are all great human interest stories which get people excited about auctioneers and auctions! Additional content has included inspirational quotes, information about laws which auction goers may find of interest and news from the NAA or our neighboring state associations. For those who have an interest in the auction industry, we hope to share with them the benefits of being a member of the CAA and to further raise awareness of the events, services and opportunities afforded by being a member of the Association. At this point in time, we request that there be no individual promotion of, for profit auctions. This is a decision which I, as the liaison, personally requested mainly due to the amount of additional policing it would require. This is something which may change in the future. However, during the initial set up of this page, the best method to promote your auctions through the CAA, and the method which the CAA FB page will encourage, is to go to the CAA website.

As members of the CAA, you are paying for the privilege of posting your auctions on the website – Use it! To further promote your individual auctions, we recommend that members utilize hashtags! #ColoradoAuctioneer has been adopted by the CAA Facebook page. We will discuss hashtags and their usefulness further in the future. We highly encourage all CAA members to use #ColoradoAuctioneer in their posts promoting all things auction! Additionally, we encourage you to the suggested hashtag suggested in our NAA Spotlight this newsletter, #AuctionsWork so that the end of your social media postings in regard to your auctions and auction business will look as follows: #ColoradoAuctioneer #AuctionsWork The new Colorado Auctioneers Association public Facebook page has been active for 19 days at the time of this writing. In that time we have enjoyed:

• 209 total likes • An average of 25 people per day are actively engaged in the page

• An average of 456 people are reached (see our posts) each day.

The majority of people have liked this page as a result of a DIRECT INVITATION from someone else! That, my friends, is powerful! Have you invited all of your FB friends to like the page? I welcome your suggestions and ideas for further postsin fact, I will be counting on them. Please message the page directly or email me suggestions lanichols12@gmail. com. In addition, I welcome your questions or concerns regarding Facebook marketing and this new platform for communication by the CAA. This is your organization, I encourage you to share your love of auctions, the auction method of marketing, and involvement in the CAA by sharing posts from this page to your own!

A Colorado Auction Company

H.L. (Butch) Hagelstrom, Jr. 140 Denver Ave., Ste. F Ft. Lupton, CO 80621

Office: 303-857-2399 Mobile: 303-827-5157 FIRST QUARTER • 2016 FIRST QUARTER • 2016 thecoloradoauctioneer



Hall of Fame

Jim Brenneman Hall Of Fame Advise for Young Auctioneers Jim Brenneman chimes in as a Hall of Fame recipient for advise to the young and new upcoming auctioneers. He is a first generation auctioneer and as he recalls his motivation for getting started in the auction business, Jim found himself in admiration of the cry of the auctioneer. Growing up in Iowa, where there are plenty of auctions to attend every week, Jim found himself going with his Dad, week after week, to the auctions. He recalls most of their house was furnished with chattel from estate auctions that they had attended. Early in his career he found himself auctioning the boxed lunches and pies the ladies made for fundraising. He attended the Reisch American School of Auctioneering at Mason City Iowa, currently known as World Wide School of Auctioneering, at eighteen years of age. “Due to circumstances that life can bring, I found myself in Colorado,” Jim said. Mr. Brenneman became a contract auctioneer and remained as such his whole career. He once considered starting a business of his own, but elected against it. He then found his niche with Linnebur Auction Service, as well as cutting out his place in benefit auctions. The best advise and recommendation that Jim has to offer to set your auction career on a good path is to join associations and take advantage of the eduction that is offered. Networking is a valuable benefit and should be used early and often in your career.

To our 2016 Sponsor

Greater Giving 18

Doug Carpenter Inducted into Hall of Fame Douglas L Carpenter (Doug) was inducted into the Colorado Auctioneers Hall of Fame during the 2016 Colorado Auctioneers Association convention. Doug began his career in the late 1990’s working with Baker Auction and Estate Sales. After working with James and Carolyn Baker for several years, he purchased The Auction Team business from Steve Hunt in Grand Junction, Colorado. He later sold this business to Eric Arrington and moved back to the Eastern Slope and is now operating Auction Boulevard in Longmont, Colorado, in partnership with O.J. Pratt. Doug has always been highly regarded by his customers and those he associated with in those various communities in which he has lived and served. Doug began his service to the Colorado Auctioneers Association in January 2000 when he was elected as a Director. He has continued to serve in various capacities throughout the years and was President of the Association in 2010. Doug gained the honor of Colorado Bid Calling Champion in 2015. He now serves as Chairman of the newly founded Colorado Auctioneers Foundation. Eric Arrington ably pointed out his service to the community, the Colorado Auctioneers Association and the National Auctioneers Association during his induction. Many friends and relatives attended the induction luncheon, including Doug’s children, grandchildren, mother and father. During his acceptance speech, he recognized his family and was so pleased to have them there and also thanked those who had helped him during his career, particularly James and Carolyn Baker where he got his start in the auction business. It was a happy occasion and all enjoyed the induction ceremony, which was very emotional and happy day for those in attendance.

NAA Spotlight

NAA Spotlight By Hannes Combest


n past newsletters, I’ve written about NAA’s plan (Pathways to 2020) and how we have implemented three strategic initiatives (education, promotion, and advocacy) in order to make progress towards our vision: making NAA members the preferred auction professional used in the marketplace.

NAA has a relationship with USA Today; they publish the Auction Showcase every Tuesday and Friday in the business section. Once a month, we provide content for an article. One month it was why you should use an NAA Auction Professional for your benefit auction. NAA member and past IAC Champion, Lynne Zink from Maryland got a call from a group who saw that article, went to Find An Auction Professional and found her – she got a job because of that article.

While NAA is not a wealthy organization (we are stable!), we are rich with resources. We have 4000 members, each of whom has friends, family, clients and bidders that can be educated about the auction industry. But we’ve never reached out to those individuals!

With the consistent use of the hashtags on social media and with our connection with USA Today and other things we are doing, we are confident that we will get the message out that AUCTIONS WORK!!!

This year the NAA Promotions Committee developed a plan to use social media to extend our reach for our message. They have developed a campaign based on an idea that was recommended to us from the Michigan Auctioneers Association. We have a lot of success stories in the auction industry – most of you have many. Let’s start putting those stories on Facebook and other forms of social media, sharing them with the extended audience listed above. The reach could be huge! Particularly if we have one unifying message: #AuctionsWork A hashtag on social media will help us combine our messages into the larger pool of success stories. It brings a spotlight on our industry and on you the auction professional. For NAA members, we are requesting that you follow it with another hashtag, #NAAPro; perhaps your state association will want to implement something similar (if you are an NAA member, you can use both!). This shows you are a member of an organization of PROFESSIONALS who can be trusted to provide auctions that work! So how does this work? Let’s take Facebook for example. I have about 1300 “friends” on Facebook. About half of those friends are from the auction industry. The other half consist of people I met in previous jobs, friends and family and high school buddies with whom I have reconnected. I don’t have to convince my 650 auction friends to use auctions; but the 650 other people are now exposed to how auctions work because I am posting success stories. And if they are really interested, they can search for all posts with the hashtag #AuctionsWork or #NAAPro and see other people’s posts. The result: people call me and ask me how can they use auction to sell their car or their house or conduct their benefit auction. I have had those calls from my friends and other connections that know I work in the auction industry. I know people have gotten jobs because I have directed my connections to use Find An Auction Professional (

But we need your help. Use the hashtag on your posts. Post about your success stories. NAA has almost 4000 members; but there are more people in the auction industry that aren’t members. If we all do the same thing, we can move this message forward. And in the end, that means we are all going to be successful!

CAA Heritage & History preservation The Board of Directors is proud to announce that Jo Lockhart has volunteered to help with the preservation of the Colorado Auctioneers Association heritage and history. If you happen to have membership directories, pictures, conference material, auction publications, promotion material, press releases or any other print material and photos that you no longer would like, please contact Jo Lockhart. You can either mail the materials to her, bring them to our summer picnic or to the annual convention. A Big “Thank You” is shouted out to Jo Lockhart for overseeing this project! FIRST QUARTER • 2016 FIRST QUARTER • 2016 thecoloradoauctioneer



Auto Industry

Tilting Off Highway Vehicles By Dean Gunter OFF-HIGHWAY VEHICLE (OHV) - C.R.S. 42-6-102 (11.5) A self-propelled vehicle that is: • Designed to travel on wheels or tracks in contact with the ground. • Designed primarily for use off of the public highways and generally and commonly used to transport persons or recreational purposes. • Off-highway vehicles include vehicles commonly known as all-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles. • Off-highway vehicles do not include: • Toy vehicles (any vehicle with wheels and is not designed for use on the public highways or for off-road use) • Vehicles designed and used primarily for travel on, over, or in the water • Military vehicles • Golf carts or golf cars • Vehicles designed and used to carry persons with disabilities • Vehicles designed and used specifically for agricultural, logging, or mining purposes • Motor vehicles Snowmobile - C.R.S. 42-6-102 (18.5)

• A self-propelled vehicle primarily designed or altered

for travel on snow or ice off of the public highways and supported by skis, belts, or cleats. • Snowmobile does not include machinery used for the grooming of snowmobile trails or ski slopes. EXCEPTIONS

• Odometer disclosure is optional. • OHV is exempt from titling if used exclusively for agricultural purposes on private land.

• Cannot be a “Salvage Vehicle”.

TILTING REQUIREMENTS FOR DEALERS All current titling laws, processes, and procedures apply. • Dealers have 30 days to deliver title to customers. • Owner’s address of residence is used unless the OHV is permanently maintained at a different address. Businesses will use the address where the vehicle is principally operated and maintained. How to Acquire a Title Complete a Title/Registration Application (Form DR 2395) and submit with one of the following supporting documents: • Manufacturer Certificate of Origin (MCO) / • Manufacturer Statement of Origin (MSO) • Certificate of Title 20

• If in inventory prior to July 1, 2014, a Statement of Fact

(Form DR 2444) for each OHV. In the statement section write or type: Prior to July 1, 2014, the off-highway vehicle detailed above was held as inventory by: Dealer Name • Address • City, CO Zip • Phone Number Dealers purchase from, or trade with, an individual on or after July 1, 2014: C.R.S. 42-6-148 requires an individual to obtain title prior to selling an OHV to a dealer. Individual may obtain title by providing one of the following: • Certificate of Title • MCO/MSO • Current Colorado Parks and Wildlife Registration Note: Dealers may obtain title on behalf of the customer by Power of Attorney (Form DR 2174 or DR 2175). After the title has been established in the individual’s name, the dealer may make the assignment by POA on the title. DEALERS ESTABLISHING OWNERSHIP Establishing Title by Surety Bond Dealers unable to provide acceptable proof of ownership documents may obtain title by following the bond process outlined in the Title or Salvage Title Established by Surety Bond Checklist (Form DR 2922). Exceptions to the Purchase of the Surety Bond No surety bond is required if any of the following apply: • OHV is 25 years or older (A certified VIN inspection and notarized bill of sale within 24 months of purchase are required). • OHV was used by a dealer, manufacturer, or authorized designee for an OHV operator education or safety program. • OHV was used and held as inventory by a powersports dealer. Note: Dealer must submit a Statement of Fact (Form DR 2444) attesting to ownership of the vehicle and specifying which of the bond exemptions apply. LIEN VERIFICATION • If a Colorado Title exists, request a title search using Form DR 2489A. • If a Colorado Title does not exist, verify through the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). • Lien Verification TAXES & FEES Taxes and Fees are the same as with motor vehicles. • Dealer collects any taxes that are in common with the dealer’s address and the buyer’s address. • Dealer titles processing timeframe and fees: • State office $25 (one day turn around) • County office $7.20 (verify turn around with county) FIRST QUARTER • 2016 FIRST QUARTER • 2016 thecoloradoauctioneer




Moving Away from the Registration Table with Digital Auction Solutions By Greater Giving

Thank you all for stopping by the Greater Giving table at CAA. I enjoyed talking to you about your challenges with your nonprofit clients, demonstrating our Go Time for night of event and the mobile bidding platform. Fundraising has changed a lot in the last several of years with the advent of tablets and smart phones. Gone are the days of waiting in long lines to register for an event. With all the new digital auction solutions available to you, now you can provide your guests with a wellorganized, streamlined experience. From walking in the door to walking out with their purchases, your guests will breeze right through the process and be able to focus on having a great time supporting your cause. ~ Debby Roth-Bush Check-in on iPads with Bid Assistants With Go Time, you can speed up check-in and possibly eliminate lines altogether. Bid Assistants with iPads can quickly check in guests who have pre-registered or gather contact information for those who are registering at the door. The more Bid Assistants you have, the quicker the process for your guests. Register online Help your guests save time and hassle by offering online registration for your event. With Event Software, you can even make this registration page do double or triple duty by selling raffle tickets and providing an online donation option for supporters who can’t attend the event. Submit credit card information before guests arrive at the event Online registration allows your guests to submit their credit card information before the event. It saves them time both at check-in and check-out. They can then focus on participating in your event and having fun outbidding their friends at your auction. Bid from home Your supporters believe in your cause, but life gets busy for them too. By providing a way for your guests to bid from home, you extend your reach and make your event available to those who can’t attend. Even guests who do plan to attend 22

can start bidding early, which just builds up the excitement for your event. Buy products via Storefront (online store) Make it easy for your guests to purchase raffle tickets and merchandise or to make a direct donation at your event. With GoTime’s Storefront, your Bid Assistants have your online store literally at their fingertips as they walk around with their iPads. They can mingle with the crowd and help guests purchase items throughout the evening. Quick check-out Avoid long lines at check-out by offering to email receipts to your guests. They don’t have to wait around for a printed invoice and they can pick up their items faster. You can make check-out even easier for your guests, by providing your Bid Assistants with mobile card readers so they can conduct credit card transactions right on their iPads. All transactions tie directly into your Event Software making your life easier as well. With all the new technology available, you can streamline your event and help your guests get in and out faster and easier. The more hassles you eliminate, the more likely your supporters will be to come back and bring their friends.


Treasurer Announcement By Cissy Tabor


he CAA has unanimously appointed a new Treasurer for the Colorado Auctioneers Association. It is exciting to have Rob Hart, of Hall and Hall, accept the position for the CAA Treasurer. As a graduate of World Wide College of Auctioneering, in addition to obtaining his CAI and ATS accreditation through the NAA, Rob brings a wealth of knowledge and talent to the board. After earning an MBA from the University of Tulsa, Rob garnered experience through several national auction companies before moving to Colorado to work with Hall and Hall. As a Past President and COO of a national firm, he was responsible for all aspects of traditional finance and accounting business practices from debt management, accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash reporting, payroll and executive reporting. We are pleased to have Rob step in to handle our association finances and look forward having his involvement! We would also like to thank Walt Partridge for all his time and effort over the last few years. Well done, Walt!!

TREASURER REPORT The 2016 Convention generated over $34,737 of income against $37,352 in expenses for a $2,615 loss. Registration and Meals generated $14,200 of income. The Bid Calling Contest Registration generated $2,100 with the remaining income created through the items sold via the various auctions, exhibitors and donations. The Convention was a great success even considering the loss and The Colorado Auctioneers Association continues to be in a strong financial position. The CAA finished the year with $25,492 dollars cash for a total of $29,252.65 in total equity with zero liabilities. Along with the $9,905 in collected membership dues and advertising; there is enough cash to continue the year with similar initiatives as 2015. However, cost management needs to be a high priority in 2016 and the 2017 convention. Please keep in mind that CAA growth is dependent on our ability to grow membership and other income opportunities. Let any of the Directors or Butch know if there are opportunities that need their attention.

LIVE Media Coverage Provided for CAA Convention The BARN Media & the Colorado News Network so kindly provided coverage for the 2016 Jr Bid Calling Championship and the Colorado Auctioneer State Championship through live video streaming. At this point in time, it shows that it has been viewed 642 times with the page reflecting 96 Facebook “likes”! Our organization would like to “Thank” BARN Media Founder / Chief, Brian Allmer and his lovely wife, Connie Allmer, for their continued support to the Colorado Auctioneer’s Association and in promoting our organization, CAA and its members. You can directly watch the competitions at the following link: events/4644169 FIRST QUARTER • 2016 FIRST QUARTER • 2016 thecoloradoauctioneer




Board of Directors Meeting Summary


Meet Your Newly Elected Board Directors

By Cissy Tabor


our CAA Board of Directors have already had a busy year with 2 board meetings already held before the end of January! As standard procedure, the meeting was called-to-order and proceeded to review the minutes and then…on to business! In the first meeting we quickly set out to review the 2016 CAA Convention and set some goals to keep our association’s growth momentum going strong. In our second board meeting for the year, President Butch Hagelstrom opened up the floor for committee volunteers and set forth department goals for us to obtain to make this year successful. Last year, our association set up the ambassador program in which we discussed aspects of it and in volunteers to make it successful (Ambassador Program was printed in 2015 4th Quarter newsletter). Additional goals set forth is the CAA Day At The Capitol, Social Media Relations Liaison, Membership committee and the upcoming State Leadership Conference hosted by the NAA.


y sealed ballot at the close of the 2016 CAA Convention, your newly elected board members are Sean Allen, Bryce Elemond and Casey Giddings for the 2016 – 2017. Sean was elected for a 2nd term and Casey has previously held a director’s position and her contribution to the association was invaluable. Even though this is Bryce’s first appointment on the board, however, he has eagerly and continuously contributed to our association throughout his membership within the CAA and we are excited to have him join the team. We are looking forward to the promising outlook the 2016 CAA Board of Directors and believe that these members will be a great asset Casey Giddings Bryce Elemond for their service to the CAA. We wish to thank the outgoing members, Sammy Hamblin and Chairman of the Board John Shaffner for their continued service and look forward to having their continued support of our organization.

The board also welcomed Rob Hart, our newly appointed Treasurer, and look forward to his outlook / input to our association in wherein he has already provided us with a Treasurer’s Report that has expounded upon the initial report from Walt which pointed out some areas that need to be addressed to keep our association moving forward in a strong financial position. To assist in minimizing expenses for our convention, it was proposed to host our Hall of Fame banquets on the Friday evening instead of a Sunday luncheon. Additionally, I’d like to thank our many advertisers that we have gained this past year and Diana’s tenacious efforts in bringing all accounts current in 2016.

Welcome New Members • Dylan Bender, Wiggins, CO • Roger Casteel – Castle Properties LLC, Brighton, CO

Are you in need of a graphic designer?

Look no further! Brochures • Business Cards • Website Maintenance And much more! 10 years of experience in design!

Sarah Krautschun 970.590.3235 • 24

• Dylan DeBelly – ADR Auctioneers, Inc, Hudson, CO

• Kirsten DeBelly – ADR Auctioneers, Inc, Hudson, CO

• Matthew Heitmann – MH Bar Auctions Co, Calhan, CO

• Stephen Heitmann – MH Bar Auctions Co, Calhan, CO

• Wesley Hood, Longmont, CO

• Chad Lamb, Eaton, CO • Kyle Layman, Morland, KS • Adele Nichols – Nichols Auctioneers / Horse Creek Sale Company, Eaton, CO

• Krista Shuman – Hall and Hall Auctions, Eaton, CO

• John Sokolowski – Auctioneers Miller and Associates, Brush, CO

• Alexandra Whitley – Rocky Mountain Estate Brokers, Inc., Eaton, CO

• Kason Wolfe, Wellington, CO FIRST QUARTER • 2016 FIRST QUARTER • 2016 thecoloradoauctioneer




Member Spotlight

Outlook from Membership in the Auction Industry with CAA By Dalas Farney

Entry Deadline

April 8th



am a September 2014 graduate of the World Wide College of Auctioneering right here in Denver, CO. I missed last year’s convention due to illness, but was watching the “First Timers” bid calling contest online and cheering on my classmates, several of whom were competing that year. So, 2016 was my first convention. My overall impression was that the convention was well planned out with quality speakers presenting on relevant topics of broad interest to the members. There were a lot of new faces to me, but I was struck by how welcoming and friendly everyone was. I felt an overall sense of inclusion and connection, rather than feeling out of place among so many strangers. People were eager to introduce themselves and curious about my place in the auction world. I attended two seminars: one by Shannon Mays, about women in the auction industry, and the other by Paul Behr, Sean Allen, and Scott Goodhue about ringwork and being an effective Ringman. I enjoyed both the seminars, found the speakers to be very knowledgeable and learned new things from each. Finally, last-but-not-least, my single biggest impression from the convention was the caliber of talent who competed in the 2016 Colorado State Champion Bid Calling Contest. There were many outstanding competitors who could easily have been named Champion and gone on to represent Colorado proudly at the IAC later this year. The judges definitely had their work cut out for them! The contest also gives individuals a chance to critique themselves. Me, for example, I can see that if I decide to compete in 2017, my chant and ability to take and manage bids from the crowd are going to need some work. It’s a realistic way to help evaluate your own skills and set goals for improvement. I was proud of my many friends and auction teammates who had the courage to get up there and compete. I’ll be excited to see what the CAA has in store for us at the 2017 convention and I’ll be looking forward to networking with more of my peers again. As far as becoming an Auctioneer, that is a work-in-progress for me. I currently work in the auto-auction industry as a Ringman. I work for Dealer’s Auto Auction of the Rockies on a regular basis and for Manheim Denver on an “as-needed” basis for now. Getting contract work as a Ringman or Auctioneer in the auto industry is no easy task. Most of the people already working have been there for years, are hugely talented, are second or even third-generation auctioneers, and many have won state and world championships. So, to walk in as a beginner who has a family background in the car business, but not the auction business, was tough and maybe even a bit crazy! I am also one of not many women in this industry, to say the least. I began by attending auction

school as mentioned above. What I hoped to learn at auction school was how to be a Ringman. While at auction school learning all about auctioneering, it sparked an interest for me in getting behind the mic someday as well. My goals are simple and perhaps less ambitious than some. At this point, I am not interested in running my own auction business. I came to this industry from a 50+ hour/week corporate position and one of the things I was seeking (aside from getting out of a cubicle) was something that was not so “allconsuming,” a better work-life balance. I want to work as a contract Ringman and eventually contract Auctioneer in the auto-auction industry. I have conducted a few small benefit auctions as well and really enjoyed that. I would like to do a few of those a year, to support causes that I care about and to work with all the different people you get to meet while conducting benefit sales, but I do not wish to pursue that as my main bread and butter, so to speak. I know that if I work hard, always do my best, keep striving to be better, and listen to those who are trying to help me, I will eventually achieve my goals. I have learned so much from fellow CAA members Christopher Miller, Scott Goodhue, Joaquin Crego, Chad Lamb, Wesley Lamb, Jeff Richards and Geffery Richards. I am very fortunate to have their support in the auto-auction industry. I know I would not have made it this far and still be climbing, without it. FIRST QUARTER • 2016 FIRST QUARTER • 2016 thecoloradoauctioneer



FIRST CLASS U.S. POSTAGE PAID Permit No. 56 Parker, Colorado

Colorado Auctioneers Association, Inc. 1685 S. Colorado Blvd., Unit S-160 Denver, CO 80222 • 303-729-1195

C A L ENDAR March 20-24, 2016

Certified Auctioneers Institute (CAI), Bloomington, IN

March 22-24, 2016

CAI Next, Bloomington, IN

April 8, 2016

Day at the Capitol, Denver, CO

July 19-23, 2016

NAA Conference & Show, Grand Rapids, MI

December 15, 2016

CAA Scholarship Deadline Contact Doug Carpenter

January 6-8, 2017

2017 CAA Annual Convention FIRST QUARTER • 2016 thecoloradoauctioneer

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