Collision Repair 18#3

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wo of the 12 essential behavioural we do because [the boss] always wants more.” ership is balancing the celebration of sucIn other words, the leaders were good at cess with motivation to improve. You can characteristics of leadership we teach are “leaders are good at giv- being never satisfied, but not good at giving see how this could be simple or complex. A simple “thank you” can be appropriate, a ing encouragement — and they are encouragement. big blowout barbecue might be better or a With some coaching from us, the leadnever satisfied.” These are among the toughest company event may be the best way to celership group was able to develop the right components of leadership and they require tremendous skills to keep in balance with approach and improve morale and perfor- ebrate so employees feel appreciated and you create a desire for more the need for improveof that type of recognition. ment, even when things On the other side of the are well in keeping spirits equation is how to motivate high on a daily basis. people to want to do better. What this balance enWhat it entails is simple sounding, tell people This is where the real leadertails sounds simple: tell skills are tested because people they have done a they have done a good job and get them excited ship you certainly do not want good job and get them about doing even more. Of course, you can see your message to be disheartexcited about doing even rather, you want it to more. Of course, you can that if one side of the formulae is not balanced ening; be optimistic and uplifting. see that if one side of the As a recent article by Galproperly things will go off-side quickly. formula is not balanced lup stated: “Managers play a properly, things will go huge role in your employees’ offside quickly. What daily experience and engagemakes the process critical ment level. Give your people is the fact that from the the kind of leader who will employee’s perspective, the need for acknowledgment and recogni- mance. This is where the skill set comes lift them up. Give them a coach, not a boss.” This is the attitude that will keep you the tion has always been the most desired element into play. It must be learned and practised properly in a very balanced fashion to one who’s driving. of satisfaction — even more than money! One of the things that a lot of leaders fear achieve the desired results. Think of this process like an athletic is if they praise their people, they will beJay Perry is co-author of the come complacent and think: “OK, we are coach who speaks to the athlete about what book Success Manifesto with great. Let’s coast.” If encouragement is done he or she did correctly and where improveBrian Tracy, and the founder of Ally Business Coaching, inappropriately, that could be the result. The ments can be made. The coach will then a process improvement and opposite can also happen: employees feel so offer suggestions and, more important, ask leadership development dejected because there is no recognition of questions that spark thoughts about how firm. He can be reached at their efforts or, as one of our client’s workers rise above the current performance level. The chief characteristic of effective leadtold us: “It doesn’t seem to matter how much