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Canada’s Champions

The Car Painting competitors at Skills Canada National Competition in Winnipeg. They won at the Provincial level for a chance to strut their stuff at Nationals.

Students go for Gold at 2017 Skills Canada National Competition


t’s all led up to this. All of the hard work and the time spent building their skills and honing their craft paid off when they stepped onto the competition floor at the RBC Convention Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba for the Skills Canada National Competition (SCNC).

Paul Stella of Toyota working with a group of students at Trya-Trade during the National Competition in Winnipeg. The event helps students learn about various skilled trades, in addition to the thrill of the competition.


Competing in the SCNC or at the provincial level events leading up to it is no walk in the park. In fact, it is one of the most demanding, difficult and fulfilling journeys a young tradesperson can pursue. SCNC, which has been compared to the Olympics,  bodyworx professional

By Erin McLaughlin

expects a high degree of dedication, skill and work from its competitors. It is a multi-trade technology competition for students and apprentices across Canada, with competitions in over forty different trades and skills. The first sets of competitions are provincial, with winners in those competitions earning the opportunity to compete nationally. The collision repair industry is represented in two events: Autobody Repair and Car Painting. SCNC’s primar y goal is to promote skilled trades and technologies to Canadian youth and make Canada a world leader in skill development. To do this, competitions are structured to best emulate what is actually going on in their respective industries, focusing on skills that are most necessary for students and the needs of the industry. Competitors in the SCNC and provincial competitions are judged on the quality of their work, use of time, safety precautions, clean up, workmanship and professionalism. In short, the standards very much resemble the ones they’ll encounter once they enter the workforce.