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Bring cross-curricular reading to life with 89 exciting books to interest and inspire every child KEY STAGE 1


Now quizzed for Accelerated Reader!

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72 books to engage KS1 readers Level 1: Early Readers

18 exciting books for early readers who are beginning to read fluently with support. Simple language allows children to use their phonic knowledge to read new words.

£5.50 each

Hang On, Monkey! AR 9780008266486

Flutter, Butterfly! AR 9780008266493

Swing, Sloth! 9780008266509

Play, Kitty! AR 9780008266516

Dive, Dolphin! AR 9780008266523

Trot, Pony! AR 9780008266530

Peek, Otter! AR 9780008266547

Go, Cub! AR 9780008266554

Slither, Snake! AR 9780008266561

Jump, Puppy! AR 9780008266578

All About Bears AR 9780008422189

Whales AR 9780008422196

Hello, Penguin! AR 9780008422202

Buzz, Bee! AR 9780008422219

Climb, Koala! AR 9780008422226

Animal Homes AR 9780008422233

At the Beach 9780008422240

Swim, Fish! AR 9780008422257

Look inside Fascinating photography Great for readers of Yellow and Blue books

Lively text AR Quizzed for

Accelerated Reader

Sample pages from All About Bears, Level 1: Early Readers

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Level 2: Becoming Fluent

18 accessible books for children who are building reading stamina and starting to read independently. These books are longer and provide opportunities for phonics practice. Children will continue to learn about interesting wildlife, and will be introduced to the wider world via topics such as weather and travel.

Wild Cats AR 9780008266585

Polar Bears AR 9780008266592

Seed to Plant AR 9780008266608

Koalas AR 9780008266646

Spiders AR 9780008266653

Day and Night 9780008317188

Dinosaurs AR 9780008317195

Owls AR 9780008266615

£6.50 each

Storms AR 9780008266622

Giraffes AR 9780008266639

Turtles and Tortoises AR Frogs AR 9780008266660 9780008266677

Amelia Earhart AR 9780008317164

City and Country 9780008317171

In the Forest 9780008317201

Pyramids AR 9780008317225

Weather AR 9780008317232

Planes AR 9780008317218

Look inside Eye-popping pictures

Ideal for readers of Green, Orange and Turquoise books

Entertaining facts

Sample pages from Dinosaurs, Level 2: Becoming Fluent

Level 3: Becoming Independent

18 books with more challenging sentence structures and vocabulary, making them perfect for ambitious KS1 readers who still require some support. Children are introduced to famous faces such as Alexander Graham Bell and Helen Keller, while continuing to develop their knowledge of sensational topics like planets and prehistoric mammals.

£7.00 each

Alligators and Crocodiles AR 9780008266684

Manatees AR 9780008266691

Bats AR 9780008266707

Deadly Predators AR 9780008266714

Weird Sea Creatures AR 9780008266721

Lizards AR 9780008266738

Volcanoes AR 9780008266745

Pandas AR 9780008266752

Prehistoric Mammals AR 9780008266769

Sharks AR 9780008266776

Alexander Graham Bell AR 9780008317249

Coral Reefs AR 9780008317256

Helen Keller AR 9780008317270

Night Sky AR 9780008317287

Planets AR 9780008317294

Rocks and Minerals AR 9780008317300

Rosa Parks AR 9780008317317

Thomas Edison AR 9780008317324

Best for readers of Purple and Gold books

Look inside

Complex sentences

Topical content AR Quizzed for Accelerated Reader

Sample pages from Rosa Parks, Level 3: Becoming Independent

Level 4: Independent Readers

18 stimulating books for readers who are ready for complex sentence structures and vocabulary. Texts feature advanced non-fiction features such as maps and diagrams, and children will meet more historical icons such as Nelson Mandela and Anne Frank.

£7.50 each

Butterflies AR 9780008266783

Cats vs. Dogs AR 9780008266790

Deadliest Animals AR 9780008266806

Elephants AR 9780008266813

Whales AR 9780008266820

Meteors AR 9780008266837

Mars AR 9780008266844

Water AR 9780008266851

Amazing Animal Journeys AR 9780008266868

Bears AR 9780008266875

Albert Einstein AR 9780008317331

Ancient Egypt AR 9780008317348

Anne Frank AR 9780008317355

Cleopatra AR 9780008317362

Martin Luther King, Jr AR 9780008317379

Nelson Mandela AR 9780008317386

Robots AR 9780008317393

Skyscrapers AR 9780008317409

Look inside

Varied sentence structures

Perfect for confident readers of White and Lime

Out-of-this-world facts

Sample pages from Mars, Level 4: Independent Readers

17 books to captivate KS2 readers 9 exhilarating books that bring children face-to-face with exciting wildlife, from manatees to orangutans. Told from an expert’s perspective, these books are ideal for children who are ready for the challenge of varied sentence lengths, some technical vocabulary and increasing inference.

Level 5: Confident Readers

£7.50 each

Face To Face With Dolphins AR 9780008358020

Face To Face With Gorillas AR 9780008358044

Face To Face With Manatees AR 9780008358051

Face To Face With Lions AR 9780008358068

Face To Face With Orangutans AR 9780008358075

Face To Face With Whales AR 9780008358082

Face To Face With Polar Bears AR 9780008358105

Face To Face With Sharks AR 9780008358112

Face To Face With Frogs AR 9780008358150

Magnificent photography

Look inside

Suitable for lower KS2 Expert’s perspective

Sample pages from Face to Face with Lions, Level 5: Confident Readers

Save 20% with the KS2 Set (17 books) £127.50 £102 9780007981182

Level 6: Skilled Readers

8 thrilling books that continue to give children an intimate look into the lives of amazing wildlife, including leopards, penguins and grizzlies. With a wide range of sentence structures, writing styles and technical vocabulary, these books are ideal for independent readers who want to really push themselves.

£7.50 each

Face To Face With Butterflies AR 9780008358037

Face To Face With Caterpillars AR 9780008358129

Face To Face With Wild Horses AR 9780008358136

Face To Face With Grizzlies AR 9780008358143

Face To Face With Leopards AR 9780008358167

Face To Face With Penguins AR 9780008358174

Face To Face With Elephants AR 9780008358181

Face To Face With Wolves AR 9780008358198

Suitable for upper KS2

Look inside

Technical vocabulary

Engaging insight

Sample pages from Face to Face with Elephants, Level 6: Skilled Readers

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Accelerated Reader

Many of our National Geographic books are levelled for Accelerated Reader. Look for the AR symbol by each title to find out which readers are supported.

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