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For the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP)

Collins Big Cat for the IB PYP

Readers that are the perfect fit for the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP)

Encourage learners to develop vital reading strategies and enrich your teaching across the IB PYP curriculum with Collins Big Cat, a best-selling reading scheme that provides complete support for primary reading.

• Provide opportunity for learners to think critically, reflect and communicate with a wide range of readers

• Offer a great balance of fiction and non-fiction titles featuring beautiful illustrations and stunning photography to motivate all learners

• Support teaching across the curriculum with a variety of genres and topics

• Provide reading practice at an appropriate level for every learner

• Develop and assess key reading skills, including inference and deduction, through comprehensive teaching and assessment support

• Readers and reading collections are available in print and ebook formats, allowing for a seamless transition between school and home

Stories that reflect the real world

Chapter 2

When Tara opened her eyes, she was in a laboratory surrounded by robots. There were robot hands, robot arms and robot legs.

Oh! A robot on wheels bumped into her legs. WOAH! Tara ducked as a robot with propellers swerved around her head. 4

“Sorry!” said the boy controlling it. “You appeared right in its flight path!”

A girl scooped up the robot by Tara’s feet. “That’s Ortez –he’s a robotics engineer. He designed all these machines,” she explained.

“And that’s Ayesha,” smiled Ortez. “She teaches the robots how to learn from their surroundings and from their mistakes. It’s called artificial intelligence or AI.” The robots are probably cleverer than I am, thought Tara.


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Humpbacks are known as “acrobats of the sea” because they leap out of the water. This is called breaching. Humpbacks breach to impress other whales and remove little creatures like barnacles and sea lice from their bodies. sea lice barnacles on a humpback whale’s tail 6 61820_P001_024_RB.indd 6 19/11/19 4:35
Each humpback has different white, grey and black patterns under its tail. 7 61820_P001_024_RB.indd 7 19/11/19 4:35 PM Enable learners to connect knowledge and build conceptual understanding
Collins Big
ebook Library
all readers from the 6
on the ebook library in digital format
Supports front-of-class teacher modelling and shared reading when used on interactive whiteboards
Easily access any accompanying resources such as worksheets
• Support for parents with hints and tips to help with reading at home
Bring reading to life at school and at home Complete ebook library (180 books) 978-0-00-862612-9 £199.00 Teacher's Guide
For a full list of ISBNs and prices of all print and digital collections see back page of this flyer or contact us at
• Easy to access and straightforward to set up
The Teacher’s Guide provides information on how to make the most of the collections in your PYP classroom, with tips and suggestions on how to identify the right book for each student, ideas for pre-reading activities to spark curiosity through inquiry-led approaches, as well as recommendations for follow up and assessment.

NEW Collins Big Cat for the IB PYP Collections

We have curated 6 reading collections* categorized by reading level and PYP transdisciplinary theme to allow for maximum flexibility in the classroom.

The collections are split into 3 recommended reader levels: Early, Intermediate and Advanced readers. Early Readers are for learners up to age 6, Intermediate Readers for ages 7–9 and Advanced Readers for ages 10+. Collection 1:

(30 books) 978-0-00-863718-7 £40.00
Who we are (30 books) 978-0-00-863720-0 £40.00 Collection 2: Where we are in place and time (30 books) 978-0-00-863719-4 £40.00 Collection 3: How
Download a full PYP readers mapping chart and learn more at *Collections can be bought in packs or titles can be purchased separately. Speak to your regional representative for further information. Collection 5: How we organize ourselves
Collection 6: Sharing the planet
Collection 4: How the world works
Complete ebook library
(30 books) 978-0-00-863716-3 £40.00
(30 books) 978-0-00-863715-6 £40.00
(30 books) 978-0-00-863717-0 £40.00
(180 books) 978-0-00-862612-9 £199.00

To place an order or for any queries, contact:

HarperCollins Publishers Tel: +44 141 306 3100

Westerhill Road

Bishopbriggs Glasgow G64 2QT

International Team

For Asia enquiries contact:

For Europe enquiries contact:

Collection 1: Who we are

978-0-00-862606-8 (30 books) £160.00 ebook Collection: 978-0-00-863720-0 £40.00

Collection 3: How we express ourselves

978-0-00-862608-2 (30 books) £160.00 ebook Collection: 978-0-00-863718-7 £40.00

Collection 5: How we organise ourselves

978-0-00-862610-5 (30 books) £160.00 ebook Collection: 978-0-00-863716-3 £40.00

For Middle East enquiries contact:

For all other areas please contact:

Collection 2: Where we are in place and time

978-0-00-862607-5 (30 books) £160.00 ebook Collection: 978-0-00-863719-4 £40.00

Collection 4: How the world works

978-0-00-862609-9 (30 books) £160.00 ebook Collection: 978-0-00-863717-0 £40.00

Collection 6: Sharing the planet

978-0-00-862611-2 (30 books) £160.00 ebook Collection: 978-0-00-863715-6 £40.00

Complete ebook library

978-0-00-862612-9 (180 books) £199.00

For more information about Collins Big Cat for the IB PYP, contact us at or visit

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