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A Russian Folk Tale

Written by June Crebbin Illustrated by Juanbjuan Oliver

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Long ago, in a far and distant land, there lived a king called Damon. He was so rich that in his garden grew a tree full of golden apples. King Damon loved this tree and kept a strict count of all the apples. One day, he found that someone was visiting his garden at night and stealing a golden apple. Every morning, one more was missing.


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The king set a servant to watch for the thief, but the night was long and the servant, sitting down by a bush, soon fell asleep. In the morning another apple had disappeared. “I didn’t close my eyes,” the servant told the king, “but I saw no one.” After three nights, when the thief had been neither seen nor heard, Ivan, the king’s son, offered to keep watch himself.


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As darkness fell, Ivan went into the garden. He made himself walk about near the tree, afraid to sit down in case he fell asleep. An hour went by, and another, and a third. Half the night had passed when Ivan noticed something glowing in the distance. The light came closer and closer until the whole garden was lit up as if by a thousand rays of sunshine. 4

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Ivan kept very still. As he watched, he saw a Firebird fly up into the tree of golden apples. Quietly, Ivan crept nearer, but just as he reached up to catch the thief, the Firebird, startled, flew away, leaving only a feather in Ivan’s hand.


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As soon as his father was awake, Ivan showed him the feather and told him who the thief had been. From that time, although the Firebird didn’t visit the garden again, the king couldn’t stop worrying that it might. He could neither sleep nor eat nor drink. Ivan, seeing his father so saddened, took his leave, mounted his horse, Arkady, and rode away to seek the Firebird. Whether a long time passed or a little, none can say, but one day, Ivan reached a spot where the road branched off in three different directions.


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There stood a huge stone. On it was written: “Go straight ahead and you will never be seen again Go to the right and you will lose your horse Go to the left and you will die.� Ivan thought it over and made up his mind to go to the right.


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Ivan rode for a day, and another, but saw nothing of the Firebird. On the third day, he reached a dark forest. Suddenly, out of the bushes sprang a grey wolf. Arkady reared up, throwing Ivan to the ground. Terrified, Arkady galloped off into the trees.


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The Firebird: A Russian Folk Tale