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8 Feelings Reading

Student’s Book pages 72–74

Circle the words that end with –ing. Match the beginning of each sentence with its ending.

Penguin is climbing

through the snow.

Penguin is looking

on the frosty ice.

Penguin is running

up the hill.

Penguin is sliding

for his friends.

Penguin is swimming

into the air.

Penguin is jumping

in the cold water.


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Sounds and spelling



Student’s Book page 77


Look at the pictures. Write the words.


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Sounds and spelling

Student’s Book page 77

Crunch, crunch, Penguin’s running through the snow.

1 Say the word ‘snow’. ●

What sound do you hear at the end of the word ‘snow’? ● What letters make the sound? ● Write the letters. .

2 Add –ow to make new words. Write the words. gr + ow

sl + ow

bl + ow

gl + ow

fl + ow

thr + ow

3 Write the words under the correct picture. pillow




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Reading and writing

Student’s Book page 78

1 Imagine that you are the penguin. Complete your story. I was looking for


I ran through the


I slid on the


I looked


I climbed up the


I jumped into


SPLASH! I found


2 Read your story aloud. Check. Does it make sense?


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Listening and speaking

Student’s Book page 78

Penguin felt lonely when he was looking for his friends.

1 Work with a partner and talk about how Penguin might have felt when he found his friends.

2 Talk with your partner about what makes you happy.


Student’s Book page 78

Write six things round the happy face that make you happy.


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Student’s Book page 78

Make a poster to help children stop feeling lonely in the playground.

Don‛t be lonely


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International Primary English Workbook 1  
International Primary English Workbook 1