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2016-2017 President’s Annual Report

“ Let’s transform

tomorrow together through a passion and dedication to education.

2016-2017 College of The Albemarle Board of Trustees S. Paul O’Neal, Chair Marion Harris, Jr., Vice Chair Dr. Travis Burke Doug Gardner Mike Hall David Harris Sally Francis Kehayes Patti Kersey Charles Lacefield Dr. Roger Lambertson Don McCabe Dr. Joe Peel Coleen Santa Ana George Thomas, Jr. Arty Tillett Graham Twine Fletcher Willey Joe Winslow, Jr. Robert Woodard, Sr.

S. Paul O’Neal Chair, Board of Trustees

From Our Board Chair

On behalf of College of The Albemarle’s (COA) Board of Trustees, I would like to thank our steadfast students, dedicated faculty and staff, community partners and donors for helping make COA North Carolina’s premier community college. I am honored to serve as chair of the Board of Trustees and to be a part of this dedicated community of educators, students and partners. When talking with community partners and local businesses, I promote COA as an economic development resource. The college, with resources directly from the state, can offer industry specific customized job training at any of its campuses or at your facility, to meet the needs of our region. College of The Albemarle’s success is a direct reflection of cultivated relationships built over the years and the pride our students gain because of their educational experience. We are deeply committed to serving as advocates and champions for our students across northeastern North Carolina as we prepare them to be successful wherever their journey may take them after COA. Under the leadership of COA’s newest President, Dr. Robert Wynegar, emphasis is being placed on the future of education. Dr. Wynegar is forward thinking in efforts to transform the college’s future, and as a thirty year vested mathematician, Dr. Wynegar serves as a major resource in identifying challenges ahead through data analysis. His direction defines what COA is today and where we are heading in the future. College of The Albemarle has a significant impact on the citizens of the region and I look forward to working together as we forge deeper relationships with our constituencies, and strengthening our focus on educational models as new technology and teaching methods evolve. Let’s transform tomorrow together through a passion and dedication to education.

Our New President College of The Albemarle’s (COA) tenth President, Dr. Robert Wynegar, is an inspiration for the true mission of community colleges. From St. Paul, Virginia, a small town eager to add to its mining workforce, to the fast paced city life in busy Detroit, Michigan, Dr. Wynegar has experienced a diverse array of cultures. His fate was altered when his high school guidance counselor took him aside and told him he had been chosen to represent the school at Tennessee Technological University’s Engineering Fair, which could result in an engineering scholarship. Shocked at the proposal, Wynegar took the opportunity and returned with a full scholarship. During his studies in the field of engineering, he found a niche in mathematics. Driven by his new passion, he changed majors and gave up his engineering scholarship to pursue a degree in mathematics. This decision resulted in his receiving a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Mathematics from Tennessee Technological University. He later went on to receive a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, and a Doctorate of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Valdosta State University in Georgia.

As a graduate student, Wynegar taught the same calculus class he had taken as a college freshman. “Seeing the lights come on for those students the same way they came on for me four years earlier, reminded me of why I have a passion for education and how lives can be changed in such a positive way,” he replied when asked how he felt at that moment. Wynegar’s turning point in his career was while serving as program director at a regional university, when he was invited to be a member of the admission review committee. At the committee meeting, as several students were denied admission because they did not satisfy the requirements, Wynegar’s inner passion was revealed. The reality of students being turned down for university admission compelled Dr. Wynegar to make the transition to a community college that serves all students, including traditionally underrepresented populations. This key turning point is exactly why College of The Albemarle stands out, serving seven counties in northeast North Carolina, and why it has a direct connection to its new president. In their move to Elizabeth City, Dr. Wynegar and his wife, Lyndasu, brought with them their Golden Doodle named “Dude”, their rescue terrier named “Bliss” and “Izzy”, their tortoise, who escaped for a week after moving into their new home. In their free time, the family

enjoyed scuba diving and kite flying while living in Florida and most recently flew kites at the Annual Kite Festival held on the Outer Banks this year. While living in Nevada, the family made rock hounding and silversmithing new hobbies. Their biggest adventure, however, was visiting national parks in the west including Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Arches, Bryce Canyon, Zion, and venturing three hours up to Grand Teton and Yellowstone. Dr. Robert Wynegar is a mathematician, adventurer, educator and engineer, who brings passion to the community college. To serve every student, regardless of where their talents lie, and to transform their aspirations into careers is Wynegar’s vision. Since taking the presidency position at COA, Dr. Wynegar has been forward-thinking about the college’s future and plans to focus on programs that serve both the students and the community at large. His thirty years’ experience in education will serve the demand for new programs to meet region specific workforce careers on the horizon.

Distance Education Goes “LIVE” On July 13, 2016, Dr. Susan Peck, Director of Distance Education Programs at College of The Albemarle (COA), received a letter from the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Utilities Development congratulating the college on being selected for a $288,492 grant under the 2016 Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grant Program. Dr. Peck had worked at COA 19 years prior, and after 15 years at another institution, returned and quickly recognized the need to expand COA’s distance learning programs through videoconferencing instruction. She submitted the grant application in hopes of securing funding towards upgrading the college’s the dated highway rooms and to secure videoconferencing hybrid mobile carts. These carts would serve the college’s seven county service area and increase access to dual-enrollment courses. The submitted grant proposal was established with a three year timeline to utilize the funding. A hybrid mobile cart prototype was created, followed by seven additional carts. Currently, the carts are being utilized at Gates County High School, Perquimans County High School and Hatteras Island Secondary School, as well as COA’s Regional Aviation and Technical Training Center, Edenton-Chowan Campus, Dare County Campus and Elizabeth City Campus. During the fall 2017 semester, dual-enrollment videoconferencing courses were launched. Dr. Peck assisted each high school with training on the equipment while Dr. Dean Roughton, Dean of Arts and Sciences and Secondary Education and Derek Meredith, Director of Secondary Education worked with the high schools, identifying Spanish III, Psychology 150 and English 111 as the first classes to offer. Since the launch, COA continues to partner with the public schools in selecting additional courses, and have since English 112 and Communications 231 to the spring 2018 schedule. “Advantages of the carts include increasing enrollment efficiencies and being able to offer courses at campuses they may not otherwise have run at due to low enrollment. For example, SPA 111, being taught at the Elizabeth City Campus, is now available to students at the Edenton-Chowan Campus where it would not have had enough students to run as a stand alone. We are currently exploring this same option for other classes that are required but have low enrollment at some sites,” said Dr. Roughton. Dr. Peck noted that some rural high school students have barriers to successfully being dual enrolled in college courses. First, they may live too far away to engage in on-campus courses; and secondly, some high school students need faceto-face interaction to avoid disengaging from the course (i.e. withdraw or stop attending). Having the same hybrid videoconference systems at our partner high schools provides dual enrolled high school students, who are not finding success in online courses, with another option. The use of updated videoconferencing equipment may also facilitate outreach and delivery of services to businesses across the region in the future.

Lucretia White, Program Coordinator, Developmental Reading, English and ACA; Assistant Professor, Developmental Reading and English, was one of COA’s first instructors to embrace the use of mobile videoconferencing carts for instruction.

Wired for Success College of The Albemarle (COA) is pleased to reinstate its Electrical Systems Technology (EST) program at our Elizabeth City Campus, under the direction of Program Coordinator/ Instructor Hugh Rogers. Rogers came to COA from Texas and has revitalized the program based on his hands-on experience in the industry and working at community colleges as an instructor. The program teaches students the skills needed to install, modify, troubleshoot and repair basic electromechanical systems, and offers a one-year diploma, as well as Level I and Level II Certificate options. Students are ready to enter the workforce after completing the program as they are provided a work based learning opportunity that gives them industry experience with a local employer. Some students already work in the profession and take classes to gain skills training in their field.

Electrical Systems Technology Program Coordinator/ Instructor Hugh Rogers teaches Robert Mullen and James Port the proper installation of household switches.

This program takes students from college to career in less than a year.

“This program takes students from college to career in less than a year,� noted Michelle Waters, Dean of Business, Industry and Applied Technologies. Upon completion of the program, students can install residential and commercial circuits per the National Electrical Code (NEC), interpret and apply the provisions of the NEC, and demonstrate an understanding of the components, construction and application of photovoltaic fundamentals. Jobs available to graduates include entry-level positions as apprentices and assistants for the layout, installation and maintenance of electrical/electronic systems.

Michelle Waters Dean of Business, Industry and Applied Technologies

The Art of Wearing it Well College of The Albemarle’s (COA) Professional Crafts: Jewelry and Associate in Fine Arts students presented their work on the runway in the 2017 Wearable Art Fashion show entitled Statement. The show brought new energy to the fashion runway as student models wore hand-crafted jewelry created from silver, copper, brass, enamel and gemstones as well as sculptures made from materials including balsa wood, window screen, safety pins and paper. COA Cosmetology students contributed their talents by styling the models’ hair and make-up. Runway shows were held in conjunction with First Friday Art Walk events in Manteo and Elizabeth City, and were well attended and well received by the public.   The planning behind the shows was student driven and focused on displaying the talents of COA students in creating wearable art. Kathryn Osgood, Associate Professor/Program Coordinator, Professional Crafts: Jewelry, said, “Students were excited to have the opportunity to share their talents with the community, showcase their innovative jewelry pieces and display their creative use of materials in creating wearable sculpture.”   Professional Crafts: Jewelry student Laine Lionheart echoed this sentiment, saying “The fashion show isn’t about clothes; it’s about the enormity of the students’ creativity when given an opportunity to showcase their work. We asked all the models to wear black so the art they were wearing was the star of the show.”

A model walks the runway wearing a neckpiece titled Papaver Orientale by student Tara Britton Wilkins at the COA Professional Crafts: Jewelry and Fine Arts students’ Wearable Art Show.

In education today, innovation is essential. We need to be innovative in how we provide education, and we need to prepare our students to be innovators in how they use that education.

Dr. Robert Wynegar President

Innovation Kicks Into High Gear College of The Albemarle’s (COA) Strategic Plan launched a campus-wide collaboration and formed teams, such as the 3.1: Innovation committee. One of the committee’s main goals was to develop an Innovation Center (first virtually and eventually physically) that builds collaboration, education and the incubation of ideas; and engages/ supports faculty, staff and students to take risks in finding real solutions to real problems. Receiving a $35,000 grant from the HCWGMW Fund, managed by the Northern Albemarle Community Foundation, provided the opportunity for mini innovation projects. The team sought project applications from faculty

and staff, but discovered they needed to know more about the process of innovation in order to be effective in their evaluation of them. Through their research, they found the Adobe Kickbox process, and materials to execute their own workshop following the Adobe model. They held the inaugural workshop to introduce committee members to this six step process and found it to be very effective. “Kickbox is an innovation process that Adobe developed for its own use and then open-sourced for everyone to use. It is both a process for individuals and a system for deploying that process across an organization at scale. Kickbox is designed to increase innovator effectiveness,

accelerate innovation velocity and measurably improve innovation outcomes. It can also optimize innovation investments by reducing costs compared to traditional approaches.” (Adobe, 2017). Dr. Susan Peck, one of the committee leaders, said, “I really learned a lot about myself personally and professionally. I was also impressed that all COA attendees were fully engaged in learning and applying the sixstep Kickbox innovation process. We had 15 people in this workshop for two days, and during that time 11 ideas were developed. Three or four can be implemented right away to solve or streamline processes that save time and money!”

The first graduating class of COA’s Kickbox workshop June 8, 2017.


Best of the Best

President’s Cup Winner

Campus Cup Winner: Dare County Campus Altazara “Delaney” Goldberg beats all odds when it comes to finding out what you are capable of if you put your mind to it. Selected as College of The Albemarle’s (COA) Dare County Campus Cup winner and COA’s President’s Cup Winner, Delaney is making her mark. As a front office receptionist at COA’s Dare County Campus and an honor graduate, Delaney was determined to be involved as a student and became a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, serving as the vice president. Currently, Delaney is attending North Carolina Wesleyan College, a COA academic partner that offers a four year degree pathway allowing local students to continue their education close to home at the Dare County Campus. “I did not believe a community college could do as much as it has for me. It has completely turned my life around, as well as my opinion of community colleges. I am now a firm believer that community colleges can do just as much for you as any other college,” stated Delaney. Delaney’s next goal is to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Business Administration – continuing to stand out through her hard work and dedication.

Campus Cup Winner: Edenton-Chowan Campus Rose Fleer is College of The Albemarle’s (COA) 2017 Edenton-Chowan Campus Cup Award winner. She received her degree in Culinary Arts and praises Chef Leslie Lippincott, Instructor/Program Coordinator, Culinary, for standing out as a mentor during her time at COA. Rose, a retired Navy Chief, sheds light on her experience at COA when asked how it felt to be a Campus Cup winner. “At the age of 43, I felt very proud of myself for returning to college and learning a new skill. I can now reenter the workforce ready for a new challenge.” Rose is originally from Missouri and she sets the example for individuals seeking additional skills after they have retired from one career, eager to enter another. When asked what her favorite experience at COA was, she mentioned the camaraderie at the Edenton-Chowan Campus and graduation day. She said having her parents and daughter at graduation made for a perfect day she will always cherish.

Campus Cup Winner: Elizabeth City Campus Born and raised in Elizabeth City, and a graduate of Cam Tech High School, Casey Bundy made the decision to further her education locally at College of The Albemarle (COA). As an active student, Casey volunteered her time serving as a Student Ambassador for the college, a member of the Student Government Association (SGA) and joined the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. She earned her Associate in Arts from COA and currently attends East Carolina University, majoring in economics with a minor in psychology. “Decide what to be and go be it (Avett Brothers),” referenced Casey when asked about what quote she lives by. Casey noted a couple professors who stood out along her journey, including Bobby Adams, and how he went above and beyond to help her understand chemistry; Beth Hughes and how she shaped her initial interest in the field of psychology, Elizabeth Long and how she taught her how to properly construct a paper, and Dr. Steve Raiser, who taught Casey to appreciate music and opened her eyes to new types of music, such as jazz. Casey was honored to receive the Campus Cup as a student at the Elizabeth City Campus and said, “I could never give back all that I have gained as a student at College of The Albemarle.”

Campus Cup Winner: Regional Aviation and Technical Training Center David Twine is a walking billboard for College of The Albemarle’s (COA) Computer Aided Drafting program. As a COA student and an employee of E.T. Hyman Surveying, David was able to take the lessons learned in class and apply them to his job as a drafting technician. In his program, David learned skills such as two and three dimensional modeling and how to manage the supporting hardware and software. After graduating in May 2017 with an associates degree in Computer Aided Drafting, David was ready to apply his studies. College of The Albemarle’s goal is to educate students and have them apply their knowledge in the local economy – David has been able to do just that. COA is proud to have David as the 2017 Regional Aviation and Technical Training Center Campus Cup winner.

Faculty Award Winners Teacher of the Year & Excellence and Innovative Teaching Technique Award Lucretia White was selected as College of The Albemarle’s Teacher of the Year and took pride in that the local award made her a state level nominee, as well. After being notified that she had been nominated at the state level, she submitted letters of support, curriculum vitae, a faculty self-evaluation and student evaluations. Lucretia’s future is bright as she was interviewed for the NC Community College System’s 2018 Excellence in Teaching Award as a top five finalist out of fifty-eight nominees. Additionally, Lucretia was awarded this year’s Excellent and Innovative Teaching Technique Award. She ties the award to the successful collaboration with peers, Leah Jones, Dr. Susan Peck and Shellee Rust. Working with distance education, Lucretia was able to redesign College Student Success and College Transfer Success classes according to Quality Matters® standards. One activity implemented was a basketball themed game that was used in face to face and online sections. “It added gamification to the class. Students play a virtual basketball game to learn about SMART goals; goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timebound,” said Lucretia. Lucretia received her bachelor’s degree in English from Elizabeth City State University and her master’s degree in

English from Western New Mexico University, then began teaching at College of The Albemarle. In 2012, she made the switch to a developmental instructor at COA’s EdentonChowan Campus, and by 2014 had become the Program Coordinator for Developmental Reading and English. In 2015, Lucretia was made an Assistant Professor. “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it (Charles Swindoll)” said Lucretia, when asked what quote she lives by. “Not only does she teach us, but she encourages and pushes us to our full potential, leaving no stone unturned. Many teachers and professors teach to make a living; Ms. White lives to teach us, which makes a major difference for her students” said Arelia Williams, one of Lucretia’s former students. Lucretia enjoys working at COA and finds support within her colleagues. “There is a collaborative spirit among faculty and staff at COA. We share best teaching practices and provide encouragement and support to each other. Most importantly, we are family!”

We share best teaching practices and provide encouragement and support to each other.

Lucretia White 2017 Teacher of the Year

Service Award Leah Jones, Associate Professor of Developmental Reading and English, reaches for the stars. Serving as a faculty advisor, Jones helped College of The Albemarle’s (COA) Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Honor Society achieve a three star level this year. For more than fourteen years, Jones has worked at COA. In 2017, she accepted the lead role and challenge to increase the honor society’s one star rating of more than ten years to the current three star level. Jones attributes receiving the COA Faculty Service Award to engaging students’ awareness in initiatives such as “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes,” held at Northeastern High School, and “Purple for Peace Day,” hosted by Albemarle Hopeline. Members of the college’s PTK chapter chose to raise awareness and promote the prevention of domestic violence as their service project. To achieve a three star rating, the chapter had to develop an Honors in Action project plan, publish chapter news in the form of a newsletter, develop a website/facebook page, implement a college project and maintain chronicle chapter activities for historical purposes. All requirements were met and Jones is thrilled to have advanced COA’s PTK level of engagement.

Professional Development Award “I have never looked back,” said Rebecca Walker, when she spoke about working twenty-five years as a medical assistant and then switching careers to higher education. Rebecca joined College of The Albemarle (COA) as an Adjunct Instructor for Medical Assisting in 2004, then, in July 2010, she became the Program Coordinator for Medical Assisting. Rebecca now serves as the Program Coordinator for Human Services Technology as well. Rebecca has been a member of the Medical Assisting Education Review Board (MAERB) since January 2013 and credits this service to winning the Professional Development Award. As a MAERB member, Rebecca is responsible for finalizing program reviews based on the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) standards and guidelines for accreditation of educational programs in medical assisting. As a site surveyor, she submits reports to MAERB after conducting a two-day program review which includes reviewing a comprehensive self-study and conducting an intensive on-site visit to ensure compliance with the standards. Serving as a liaison for 60 medical assisting programs, Rebecca shares current information on CAAHEP and MAERB policies and practices for accreditation through training workshops and surveys. “You never conduct a review with the same person, and this allows constant exposure to other educators who share resources and best practices,” said Rebecca, when asked what she enjoys most about being a review board member.

Staff Award Winners State Staff Person of the Year Nominee Dr. Susan Peck is College of The Albemarle’s (COA) State Staff Person of the Year Nominee and serves as the Director of Distance Education Programs. An interesting fact about Dr. Peck is that she is computer selftaught, and throughout her career has stayed ahead of new technologies by learning each system and acquiring training and knowledge on her own. A prime example of this was when the first Apple Macintosh personal computers came out, Dr. Peck took it upon herself to learn how to work and program the system, and then trained her staff. Prior to being in education, Dr. Peck brings many years of private industry experience to COA. Over the last 20 years, Dr. Peck has taught classes face-to-face, online and via videoconferencing. Her unique perspective and experience contributes to COA’s appeal and her work positively impacts enrollment directly. Through her work, COA now has testing centers established with procedures for every department served, and the roll-out of new programs, such as Quality Matters® (QM), are being implemented to elevate instruction. Dr. Peck has also worked at developing videoconferencing instruction at COA in partnership with three remote high schools in our service area. These efforts include being awarded, a $288,492 United States Department of Agriculture Rural Utility Services Distance Learning & Telemedicine Grant. Additionally, as one of three lead committee members on COA’s Strategic Planning 3.1: Innovation committee, she worked in cooperation with the COA Foundation to secure a $35,000 grant from the Northern Albemarle Community Foundation HCWGMW Fund to provide mini-grant support for nine pilot projects that use innovative practices to enhance teaching, learning and efficiencies. Although Dr. Peck has a long list of skills and accomplishments, her biggest accomplishment is her family. Her father was in education and she is proud to follow in his footsteps. “When in doubt right click,” is the quote that she lives by.

Professional Staff Person of the Year “Theatre is unique, in that if you are broken it brings out your talent and allows you to grow as a person and performer,” said Mariah Schierer, College of The Albemarle’s (COA) Professional Staff Person of the Year. Mariah works tirelessly, and truly loves her work as the manager of COA’s Performing Arts Center (PAC). She continuously looks for ways to promote the PAC season schedule and the quality of the performances and performers. Mariah has also secured season sponsorships from a local businesses, which brings positive attention to COA and the theatre. No stranger to the theatre, Mariah grew up in Maine, focusing on dance, and graduated college with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance. After moving to North Carolina, the experienced actress, singer and dancer became the box office assistant at the PAC and has since been promoted to manager. Mariah lends her talents to shows by the COA Student Theatre (COAST), Emmerich Theatre Productions and other local groups, such as Arts of the Albemarle’s Center Players. She enjoys every aspect of customer service and community outreach. “People come to see the shows because they feel like family,” said Mariah. Her talents on and off the stage, resourcefulness, efficiency, energy and creativity bring significant value to the Performing Arts Center, and provide a lasting impression on audiences.

Institutional Staff Person of the Year Raymond Evans has made quite the impression at College of The Albemarle (COA) and received this year’s Institutional Staff Person of the Year award. The award came at a perfect time, as he had just celebrated his five year anniversary with the college. Born and raised in Weeksville, North Carolina, Raymond, also known as “Squirrel,” has spent his life providing services to his local community. His first profession was farming, having worked for Tanglewood Farm for almost ten years before going into business for himself. Residents of Camden County knew Raymond as the “Camden Shell Station Guy” before selling his business after thirteen years of meeting the area’s automotive needs. “Squirrel” enjoys hunting and fishing in his off-time and spending time with family. He brings many talents and skills to COA that make him quite the handyman around campus, and he is an essential member of the team.

Para-Professional Staff Person of the Year Eighteen years ago, Renee Gladden was a student intern in the President’s office at College of The Albemarle (COA). She transformed that opportunity into a career. After her internship, Renee continued to work for COA, first as an Administrative Assistant to the President’s Executive Assistant, then as Coordinator of College Planning. She now serves as the college’s Institutional Researcher. In recent years, Renee has assisted Student Success and Enrollment Management staff by providing weekly enrollment reports and sharing the data across COA’s four campuses. The data serve as a resource for college administration and academic deans in identifying prospective students and thus promoting enrollment growth. When asked what she loves most about working at COA, Renee said, “The people and the great friends I have made along the way.”

2016-2017 FINANCIAL REPORT 10%


Student Tuition & Fees $2,166,029.15

Grants & Gifts $1,589,662.81


Other $250,235.19


Student Financial Aid $3,099,237.04




Total: $21,914,956.96

County Appropriations & Capital Aid $2,809,287.69



State Appropriations & Capital Aid $12,000,505.08

385 10%

Utilities $642,057.72


Depreciation $1,294,184.70


Services $2,430,635.44

Supplies & Materials $1,381,712.78

Degrees, Diplomas & Certificates Awarded


Scholarships & Fellowships $2,089,420.35


Students Graduated


Total: $21,620,746.51


Students Earned Multiple Degrees


Career & College Promise Students Earned Degrees or Diplomas


Salaries & Benefits $13,782,735.52

Fiscal data for the year ending June 30, 2017

Now more than ever, community colleges are playing a critical role in higher education.

Jeffrey Aldridge President, COA Foundation Board of Directors


From Our Board President Now more than ever, community colleges are playing a critical role in higher education. Students come to College of The Albemarle (COA) at all phases of their lives. Some are fresh out of high school determined to pursue their academic and career direction without incurring major debt. Others are adult learners who have delayed obtaining degrees or seek additional skills that will lead to better jobs. COA also welcomes military veterans and all students who excel in small classes with individualized instruction and advising. While COA’s tuition costs are low, they still pose a considerable financial challenge for many students. Scholarships that cover one semester, or even one course, can make the difference between students completing their degree or another semester passing by that may delay a brighter future. The Foundation Board continues to seek community resources and partnerships to ensure our students have even greater opportunities to achieve their professional and personal goals.

We are thankful for the local businesses, COA alumni, individuals and organizations that support us year after year, as the college’s state budget provides resources to sustain only essential operations. Your support, which totaled $361,059 last fiscal year, helped us provide the additional measure of excellence in student support, employee development, programs and facilities. It is an honor and privilege to serve as President of the COA Foundation Board of Directors. I continue to enjoy an established relationship with the college and I appreciate working with such a dedicated group of Board members to assist College of The Albemarle in delivering on its promise to transform lives and communities in northeastern North Carolina.


















Giving by County Total: $361,059

Scholarships Awarded From

93 Funds


Outside COA Service Area $89,276







287 Scholarships Awarded 33.4%

College Support



Types of Giving



The purpose of College of The Albemarle Foundation is to aid, strengthen and further in every proper and useful way, the work and services of College of The Albemarle, and to provide broader educational opportunities to its students, faculty and staff, and to the residents of the seven county service area served by the college. We hold more than $9M in assets designated for scholarships and college support. Our goals include securing new donors and raising more funds each year for the college, which helps close the gap between the college’s needs and our state funding.

Received 195 Students Scholarships

Value of Scholarships Awarded


Benefiting College of The Albemarle Foundation

President’s Club

Event Sponsor

Dr. Zack D. Owens & Martha Anderson Owens Trust Sentara

Biggs Cadillac Buick GMC Trucks, Inc. East Carolina Radio IdentifyYourself Long & Foster Real Estate Mildred’s Florist Shop Telephonics The Daily Advance


Technology Sponsor $5,750

Perry Auto Group

Dolphins Club $5,000

CenturyLink Chesapeake Regional Healthcare Saslow’s Jewelers TowneBank of Currituck Vidant Chowan Hospital

Blue & Orange Partner $3,500

G. R. Little Agency, Inc. Jones Printing Services McDonald’s of North Eastern North Carolina & Hampton Roads Systel Business Equipment

Premier Partner $2,500

B&M Contractors, Inc. DRS Technologies First Citizens Bank Regulator Marine TCOM, L.P. Walmart of Kitty Hawk


Event Patron $1,000

BB&T Blue Steel Lighting City Beverage East Carolina Radio Fairfield Inn and Suites Palladium The Twiford Law Firm Vector CSP Walmart of Elizabeth City

Friend of COA $500

Carolina Furnishings & Designs Derek Waters Construction Friends of Edenton Gary and Kandi Deitemeyer Hornthal, Riley, Ellis & Maland, L.L.P. J. H. Miller, Jr. Land Surveying SAGA Construction & Development Taylor Mueller Realty Todd’s Pharmacy Twiddy Realty Winborne & Associates


Dr. Zack D. Owens & Martha Anderson Owens Trust Margaret W. and Lorimer W. Midgett Trust Mr. Jim F. Perry North Carolina Community Foundation Pepsi Bottling Ventures Sentara

FOUNDATION CIRCLE $7,500 - $9,999

Elizabeth City Morning Rotary Club Wells Fargo

DOLPHINS CLUB $5,000 - $7,499

CenturyLink Chesapeake Regional Healthcare J.H. Sanders Jr. Aviation Services LLC.** Mr. & Mrs. F. Whit Hollowell Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey and Gloria Emmerich* Mrs. Frances A. Gaither Mrs. Harriette Howard Outer Banks Community Foundation Perry Auto Group** Saslow’s Jewelers** SunEnergy1 TowneBank of Currituck Vidant Chowan Hospital

BLUE & ORANGE ADVOCATES $3,500 - $4,999

G. R. Little Agency, Inc. McDonald’s of Noth Eastern North Carolina and Hampton Roads Mr. and Mrs. Charlie and Tapp Robinson Systel Business Equipment*


$2,500 - $3,499

B & M Contractors, Inc. DRS Technologies, Inc. First Citizens Bank Hockmeyer Equipment Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Oliver and Linda Etheridge Regulator Marine, Inc. Sussex Development Corporation TCOM, L.P. Walmart of Kitty Hawk


$1,000 - $2,499

BB&T Biggs Cadillac Buick GMC Trucks, Inc Blue Steel Lighting** City Beverage Company, Inc.* Dr. and Mrs. William and Patricia Sterritt Dr. Evonne Carter* Dr. Julian W. Selig, Jr. ** East Carolina Radio** Elizabeth City Area Convention & Visitors Bureau*** Fairfield Inn and Suites* Follett-COA Bookstore Gregory and Associates, CPAs, PC*** Harman Law Firm*** IdentifyYourself* Keri Pampuch Photography** Long & Foster Real Estate Manteo Lions Club, Inc. Mildred’s Florist Shop** Miss Emily J. White Mr. and Mrs. Andy and Lisa Johnson* Mr. and Mrs. Bruce and Anna Biggs Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Jennifer Purcell Mr. and Mrs. Chris Robertson Mr. and Mrs. Don and Roberta McCabe Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey and Sharon Aldridge Mr. and Mrs. John and Kristen Ward**

Mr. and Mrs. Larry and Mary Jo Sellers** Mr. and Mrs. Marion and Wilma Harris Mr. and Mrs. Mark Winslow and Lynn Hurdle-Winslow Mr. and Mrs. Michael McLain** Mr. and Mrs. Ted and Beverly Sampson** Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Mychele Conway Mr. and Mrs. William and Dorothy Fenwick Mr. and Mrs. William and Nannette Orr Mr. Clayton Small** Mr. Warren B. Davis Mrs. and Mrs. Marjorie and Margie Crisp Mrs. Ann Hoffman and Mr. Chuck Martin* Ms. Dawn Enochs NCACPA Scholarship Palladium Partners LLC Pasquotank Tribe No. 8 Imp’d Order of Red Men Rotary Club of Hertford Telephonics Corporation The Daily Advance The Willey Agency Twiford Law Firm** VectorCSP VisionPoint Media, INC Walmart of Elizabeth City

† Denotes deceased * Denotes monetary and in-kind gifts ** Denotes in-kind gifts *** Denotes Performing Arts Center sponsor

2016-2017 College of The Albemarle Foundation Board of Directors President Jeffrey A. Aldridge Vice President H. Taylor Sugg Secretary Phyllis Bosomworth


$500 - $999

Albemarle Family YMCA** Carolina Furnishings & Designs COA Literary Club Colony Tire Corporation** Dare County Arts Council Derek Waters Construction Donna H. Winborne, CPA, P.C. Dow Corning Corporation Matching Gifts Program Dr. and Mrs. Alex and Sally Kehayes Dr. Karen Wuertz, DDS** Edenton Motors, Inc.** Hornthal, Riley, Ellis and Maland, L.L.P. J. H. Miller, Jr. Land Surveying Mr. and Mrs. Joseph and Carolyn Peel* Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Carole Purser Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Ruth Lacefield Mr. and Mrs. Douglas and Diana Gardner Mr. and Mrs. George and Mary Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Ian and Allison Moody Mr. and Mrs. James and Phoebe Cartwright Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie and Patsy Harris** Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan and Julia Snyder

Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Noel Lopes Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Michelle Askew Mr. and Mrs. Russell and Rose Lay Mr. and Mrs. Taylor and Nancy Sugg Mr. and Mrs. Walker and Emily Phillips Mr. and Mrs. William and Jane Harris Mr. Gary and Dr. Kandi Deitemeyer Mrs. Phyllis Bosomworth* Ms. Robin Harris* Oasis Suites Hotel** River City Fraternal Order of Police SAGA Construction and Development Taylor Mueller Realty Todd’s Pharmacy Twiddy & Company, Realtors

Assistant Secretary Dr. Robert Wynegar Treasurer Oliver S. Etheridge Assistant Treasurer Elouise W. White Members Stephen S. Atkinson Travis Burke Dr. Lynn Butler Carl Curnutte Jeff L. Dixon Douglas S. Gardner William Owens Jennifer Purcell Kathy Stallings Brian White J. Fletcher Willey Lifetime Members N. Elton Aydlett † Bruce A. Biggs William “Woody” Foreman † G. R. Little, Jr. † Zack D. Owens † J. Samuel Roebuck Winifred J. Wood †

COA Cosmetology students show their support of breast cancer awareness on Wear Pink Day, October 5, 2016


$250 - $499

Ambrose Furniture, Inc.** Barefoot Wood Work** Cmdr. and Mrs. Michael and Angela Rasch Dockside Day Spa** Dr. and Mrs. Chris and Katherine Rogers Dr. and Mrs. Ravi and Ashley Ramsamooj* Dr. Lynn Butler and Dr. Greg Warren Earth Stone** Little River Taxidermy** Miss Lizzie’s** Mr. and Mrs. Aaron and Valerie Mueller* Mr. and Mrs. Bobby and Carol Adams Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Thompson, II** Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Barbara Byrne Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Kimberly Bartlett Mr. and Mrs. Dennis and Deanne Smith Mr. and Mrs. Dick and Laura Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Edouard Henninger** Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Colleen Woolard* Mr. and Mrs. George and Gale Flax*

Mr. and Mrs. Henry and Nancy Cuningham Mr. and Mrs. John and Lesley Miner Mr. and Mrs. Joseph and Sandy Winslow Mr. and Mrs. Justin and Jenna Hatfield Mr. and Mrs. Kevin and Wendy Brickhouse Mr. and Mrs. Larry and Jessica Lombardi* Mr. and Mrs. Larry and Marvie Cartner Mr. and Mrs. Nelson and Elizabeth White Mr. and Mrs. Skip and Robin Zinsmeister Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Grace Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Tim and Claudia Sweeney Mr. and Mrs. William and Laura Owens Mr. and Mrs. William and Sally Sharber Mr. Archie Woodworth** Mr. Rex Etheridge Mr. Russ Haddad Mr. Thomas D. Chambers** Mr. Walter B. Jolly Mrs. Nancy Ferebee Ms. Adora Pulley Ms. Ekaterina Younger Ms. Leslie Lippincott Ms. Michelle Portoukalian Ms. Virginia K. Reid Paradise Treasures**

Pfizer Foundation Photography by Jill** R.O. Givens Signs, Inc. Ramada Plaza Hotel** Rebekah Lodge First District Association Sawyer’s House of Furniture** The Carolina Club Golf** The Pointe Golf Club** Trio Wine** Upscale Furniture Resales** Vaughan’s Fine Jewelry & Gifts, Inc.**


3 Amigos** A.R. Chesson Construction Co., Inc.** Abbey’s Waggin Tails** Air Time Rentals** Albemarle Plantation** Basnight’s Lone Cedar Café** Belk of Elizabeth City** Blount’s Mutual Drugs, Inc.** Bryon’s Hot Dog Stand** Busy Living Cleaning** Butch’s Lawn Care Service** Byrum Hardware Company** Carolina Services, Inc. Christian Book Seller** City of Elizabeth City Cmdr. and Mrs. Bruce and Vonda Brown Coastal Accents** Culpepper Inn**

Currituck BBQ** Downtown Cafe and Soda Shoppe** Dr. Alfred M. Moncla Dr. and Mrs. A. P. Monds Dr. and Mrs. Bill and Mary Crutchfield Dr. and Mrs. Casey and Emily Nekl Dr. and Mrs. Evan and Jane Fiedler Dr. and Mrs. Frank and Emily Ausband Dr. and Mrs. Joseph and Karen Konefal Dr. and Mrs. Kurt and Bobbi Hunsberger Dr. and Mrs. Michael and Mary Gilbert Dr. and Mrs. Paul and Marina Stevenson Dr. and Mrs. Paul and Tracey Kizen Dr. Andrew Walser and Mrs. Jamie Gillespie Dr. Jill Lettieri Dr. Michael Sutton Dr. Travis Burke** Dr. W. Roger Lambertson Eastern Pet Company** Eclectic Designs** Edenton Bay Trading Company** Edenton Coffee House** Firehouse Subs of Elizabeth City** Fuggles Flowers** GlenRoss Properties

College of The Albemarle Student Theatre (COAST) Player’s production of Oklahoma!

The Foundation scholarship provided me the funds to further my education! Without the help, I would not have been able to continue my education and transfer to ECU in the fall. I really appreciate everything the Foundation has done for me.

Megan Bundy Class of 2018

Hilton Garden Inn** Homestyle Carpet and Appliance** Honey and Hive Bouqitue** John Boy’s Lawn Care** Lowes** Miss Katie Morgan Montero’s Restaurant, Bar, and Catering Mr. and Mrs. Larry Aguiar Mr. Gregory and Dr. Susan Peck Mr. and Mrs. Arthur and Pam Tillett Mr. and Mrs. Barry and Mary Ann Keyes Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Laura Rollinson Mr. and Mrs. Bryan and Karen Smith Mr. and Mrs. Carlton and Cherrie Boyce Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Pauline Younger Mr. Christopher Perry and Mrs. Brianne Clark Mr. and Mrs. Coran and Dana Newton Mr. and Mrs. Danny and Wanda Fletcher Mr. and Mrs. Dave Moulson Mr. and Mrs. David and Teresa Caffrey Mr. and Mrs. Dennis and Debra Crehan Mr. and Mrs. Derek and Megan Meredith Mr. and Mrs. Derek and Michelle Waters Mr. and Mrs. Don and Bonnie Thrift Mr. and Mrs. Duncan and Alice Silver Mr. and Mrs. Earl and Margie Sawyer Mr. and Mrs. Ed and Renee Shannon Mr. and Mrs. Edwin and Debra Lee Mr. and Mrs. Ernest and Anne-Marie Knighton Mr. and Mrs. Fred and Jan Riley Mr. and Mrs. Fred and Lisa Womble Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Virginia Teachey Mr. and Mrs. George and Blair Jackson

† Denotes deceased * Denotes monetary and in-kind gifts ** Denotes in-kind gifts *** Denotes Performing Arts Center sponsor

Mr. and Mrs. Graham and Gloria Twine Mr. and Mrs. Harold and Susan Chappell Mr. and Mrs. J.B. and Terri Riddick Mr. and Mrs. J.H. and Angela Miller Mr. and Mrs. J.W. and Nan Johnson Mr. and Mrs. James and Anna Boyce Mr. and Mrs. James and Anne McKell Mr. and Mrs. James and Deborah Millis Mr. and Mrs. James and Leah Jones Mr. and Mrs. James and Monica Carawan Mr. and Mrs. James C. Gibbons Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey and Melanie Carter Mr. and Mrs. John and Kathy Stolarczyk Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan and Rachel Crane Mr. and Mrs. Joseph and Terri Mihelic Mr. and Mrs. Kelvin and Sharon Brown Mr. and Mrs. Ken and Susan Myers Mr. and Mrs. Kevin and Tami Argo Mr. and Mrs. Larry and Mary Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Larry and Mary Zawacki Mr. and Mrs. Leonard and Sandra Ray Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Harriet DeHart Mr. and Mrs. Marty and Muffy Vestal Mr. and Mrs. Matthew and Holly Wood Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Denise Hall Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Phyllis Timmerman Mr. and Mrs. Nathan and Mariah Schierer Mr. and Mrs. Norman and Rhonda Watts Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Sharon O’Neal

Mr. and Mrs. Philip and Kathy Donahue Mr. and Mrs. Raymond and Maureen Donnelly Mr. and Mrs. Raymond and Teresa Godfrey Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Patricia McCall Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Phyllis Davis Mr. and Mrs. Rob and Christina Pellerin Mr. and Mrs. Roy and Patricia Godfrey Mr. and Mrs. Rufus and Andrea Dance Mr. and Mrs. Shelton and Linda Davis Mr. and Mrs. Simon and Nancy Rich Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Kavitha Sharkady Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Joan Atkinson

Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Boyce Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Claire Mills Mr. and Mrs. Todd and Sandra Krueger Mr. and Mrs. Tom and Sara Ewen Mr. and Mrs. Val and Vivian Bridgers Mr. and Mrs. Vick and Anna Roach Mr. and Mrs. Walter and Lisa Meads Mr. and Mrs. Wayman and Simona White Mr. and Mrs. Wayne and Kathy Harris Mr. and Mrs. Wayne and Lorraine Payne Mr. and Mrs. Will and Erin Nixon Mr. and Mrs. William and Patricia Hoggard Mr. Andy Mason** Mr. Berle W. Wilson** Mr. Billy Caudle**

Mr. D. Keith Nixon Dr. Dean Roughton Mr. Doug Sawyer Mr. Eric Robisch Mr. Jimmy Stallings Mr. Joseph L. Lamb, Jr. Mr. Joseph P. Passante Mr. Joseph T. Lamb, III Mr. Kendal Banks Mr. Kermit Skinner, Jr. Mr. Kevin Smith** Mr. Patrick Detwiler* Mr. Randolph Harris Mr. Solomon Brothers Mrs. and Dr. Kathy and Dwayne Stallings Mrs. Angie Godfrey-Dawson Mrs. Ginger O’Neal Mrs. Jessica Roughton Mrs. Mary Pat Omer Mrs. Rubenia Williams Mrs. Sherry Hewitt Ms. Alicia Renae White Ms. Amanda J. Everett

Ms. Annette Roberson Ms. Bettie J. Parker Ms. Cheryl Simpson Ms. Coleen Santa Ana Ms. Courtney Riddick Ms. Darlene Winslow Ms. Dawn Cressman Ms. Diane Markham Ms. Dina T. Frigo Ms. Elouise White Ms. Eushekia Hewitt Ms. Georgia K. Swayne Ms. Hollis A. Beloat Ms. Holly Pereza Ms. Janice P. Bryant Ms. Jeri Poppish Ms. Kathy Lawrence Ms. Kay Barefoot Ms. Laura Morrison Ms. Laura Rhodes Ms. Lucretia White Ms. Mary Ann Mason Ms. Myrtle Faye Oliver Ms. Nancy Muller Ms. Pamela Federline Ms. Peggy West Ms. Rebecca Walker

Ms. Rena R. Jackson Ms. Rita Seelig Ayers Ms. Sherri L. May Ms. Shirley H. Phelps Ms. Sudie Sawyer Saunders Ms. Susan Gentry Ms. Terri L. Reynolds Ms. Tessa D. Parnell Ms. Tina Clancy** Muddy Waters Coffeehouse** Nags Head Hammocks** Nixon’s Family Restaurant** Norman Young Tire Center** Outer Banks Counseling Services LLC Perry Glass Company Pineapple Café** Pitt Road Express Lube** Plaza Azteca** Point Harbor Cafe and Marina** Restaurant Services of The Outer Banks**

Matthew Austin, Wells Fargo Senior Business Relationship Manager, presents a $7,500 grant check to Lisa Johnson, COA’s Executive Director of Foundation and Development and Robin Zinsmeister, COA’s Dean of Workforce Development, Public Services and Career Readiness, on April 28, 2017. The funds were used to purchase equipment for Fire, Emergency Medical Services, Basic Law Enforcement and Nurse Aide training programs.

Roanoke Roasting Company** Rocky Hock Playhouse** Salon Sanjay** Scotch Hall Preserve Golf Course** Sentara Albemarle Women’s Center Shay Leslie Boutique** Shear Perfection** Sherwin-Williams Paint Store** Shoppes on Broad** Sidney’s Cafe & Bistro** Soundfeet Shoes** Tanger Outlet** The Barker House The Cotton Gin** The Framery** The Pines of Elizabeth City** The Spa at Waterloo Toyama** Tractor Supply Company** Twiford’s Funeral Home** Waterman’s Grill** Winslow Accounting and Tax Service, Inc.

† Denotes deceased * Denotes monetary and in-kind gifts ** Denotes in-kind gifts *** Denotes Performing Arts Center sponsor



Dare County Campus 132 Russell Twiford Road 205 S Business Highway 64/264 Manteo, NC 27954 252-473-2264



Edenton-Chowan Campus 800 N Oakum Street Edenton, NC 27932 252-482-7900



Elizabeth City Campus 1208 N Road Street Elizabeth City, NC 27909 252-335-0821


Regional Aviation and Technical Training Center 107 College Way Barco, NC 27917 252-453-3035

COA 2016 - 2017 Annual Report  

COA 2016 - 2017 Annual Report

COA 2016 - 2017 Annual Report  

COA 2016 - 2017 Annual Report