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FEBRUARY 2023 Inducted Into Indiana Soccer Association Hall of Fame MONTHLY COLLECTIVE PUBLISHING PUBLICATION zionsvillemonthlymagazine.com ZCHS COACH ROB JORDAN


ZCHS Coach Rob Jordan: Inducted Into 2022 Indiana Soccer Association Hall of Fame

This month we are pleased to feature Zionsville Community High School Men’s Soccer Head Coach Rob Jordan on our cover. Jordan’s remarkable coaching career spans more than 3 decades, and his contributions to the sport throughout central Indiana were recognized last month by the Indiana Soccer Association, which inducted Jordan into its Hall of Fame. We sat down with Jordan, who shared with us where his passion for coaching and for soccer comes from. He also shared his thoughts on the ZCHS Men’s Soccer program as well as his hopes for this coming season.

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Writer // Janelle Morrison • Cover photo // Paola Williams

NextStep Psychology: You’re

Under the Care of a Compassionate and Competent Team

Wyour mental health journey are the clinically trained providers at NextStep Psychology in Zionsville. These familiar faces have formed the NextStep Psychology practice after the group’s previous place of employment closed last December.

Realizing that they — collectively as a group of providers and professionals — were making an impact in the Zionsville and surrounding communities, Brett Presley, MD, Rosalind Schmutte, PsyD, HSPP, Aimee Dershowitz, PsyD, HSPP, Abigail Leal, MA, LMHC, Katie Meyer, MS, LMHC, and Tony Jennings, Practice Manager, decided to bring all of their expertise and experience together and open the NextStep Psychology private practice.

Dr. Schmutte shared, “We knew that we had something special with this group of people. I’ve never worked with a group of people so competent and so wonderfully cooperative as what we’ve put together here. And when the other practice closed, we decided that we wanted to stay together, so we put our heads together, we did some exploring, and we were able to open our practice on January 23rd of this year.”


NextStep Psychology’s mission is to

support you on the journey towards change and growth. As a practice, NextStep provides comprehensive psychotherapy services, psychological evaluations, and psychiatric medication management. NextStep providers are clinically trained to provide psychological services to diverse populations throughout the lifespan.

Services that NextStep Psychology provides include:

• Individual, Group, and Family Psychotherapy

• Telehealth Services

• Medication Management

• Psychological Assessments

• Psychiatric Evaluation

The NextStep Psychology team is comprised of clinically trained providers who specialize in all areas and aspects of therapy, medicine management, psychological evaluations, counseling for ADHD, Autism, Personality, LGBTQ+, HIV/ AIDS, Chronic and Serious Mental Illness, Depression, Anxiety, Substance Abuse, Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psychotherapy, among many other behavioral and psychological needs related to disease and health issues.

Dr. Presley explained, “One thing that NextStep Psychology offers is the one-

stop-shopping [aspect] that is hard to find viders with lots of different backgrounds that specialize in basically every area of concern that people may have and needscriber, which is a fairly rare situation. We also have the psychological testing, and to find all three of these services in one place is pretty unique.”

Dr. Dershowitz added, “We are able to match the client with the therapist that best meets their needs. All of our treatment is tailored specifically to our clients, and we meet individually with everyone to determine what their needs are and how we can meet those needs. We also provide telehealth services as well as in-person services, which offers a lot of flexibility.”


For clients who may need to switch appointments from in person to a telehealth appointment, the convenience alone can reduce the number of cancelled appointments, delays in treatment, or the need to find a new provider in instances in which a client might have left for college out of the area.

Dr. Presley added, “By switching to telehealth while the college folks are away at school, we can continue the care without interruption, and then they can come back for in-person appointments when they’re on break or back for the summer and that provides a nice continuity of care.”

For those who are thinking about establishing treatment at NextStep Psychology but who are concerned about long wait times, don’t let that be the reason you wait before making the call! NextStep is able to see you sooner than later!

“We have openings as soon as next week or the week after that,” Tony Jennings expressed. “I hear from people calling in to schedule that they’re just

Brett Presley, MD Rosalind Schmutte, PsyD, HSPP Aimee Dershowitz, PsyD, HSPP

referrals to stress centers and inpatient services providers for patients who are in need of those services. And once the client is able to return to outpatient services, NextStep can schedule their appointments within a week or two [at most] — which is a level of service above the current industry standard. NextStep clients are also assured the highest level of confidentiality, so nobody should ever be concerned about their neighbors, coworkers, etc., learning about their treatment.

“We have very high standards of confidentiality,” Dr. Dershowitz emphasized. “For people who are concerned about others knowing: they’re never going to find out about [your treatment] from us. So, yes, while we want to help reduce the ‘stigma’ [of mental health], we also think it’s important that people who are fearful of stigma know that we are a practice that is not going to be spreading their information around. You can seek help without anyone knowing. We also want to reassure parents that we are safe place for them and their children to seek treatment. It’s important that we help parents to feel more comfortable about their children’s treatment as well.”

Meyer added, “We also hear from clients that they’ve waited to get treatment

because they’re ‘not as bad as somebody else’ or didn’t think they needed [therapy] because people go through so much worse. NextStep does a really good job of meeting our clients wherever they are in life and with processing whatever stressors there are. Whether it’s something temporary, has been building up, or something that happened a long time ago, we want people to know that it’s OK to seek help for whatever you’re going through in life, and comparisons aren’t necessarily needed in this space.”


More and more conversations and studies by medical professionals and mental health providers are connecting physical health to mental health. The providers at NextStep Psychology continue to work

existing and former clients. The quality of their life improves, and they’re likely to share their story with others. When it becomes more personalized, people are more likely to take that to heart.”

The first step to starting your mental health journey is to call NextStep Psychology or go online to request an appointment.

Dr. Presley concluded, “Our group covers most everything, all age groups, and the fact that we’re all under one roof collaborating with one another, we can staff a case and figure out what the multidisciplinary treatment plan needs to be for that person and make adjustments on the fly as things happen in real time. I think that’s definitely a huge benefit for better treatment outcomes.”

Don’t wait any longer to improve your mental health. Contact NextStep Psychology and start the journey today!

For more information about NextStep Psychology and its providers or to schedule an appointment, visit nextsteppsychologyllc.com, email us at admin@nextsteppsychologyllc.com or call us at (317) 973-8888.

Tony Jennings, Practice Manager Abigail Leal, MA, LMHC Katie Meyer, MS, LMHC
8 ZIONSVILLE MONTHLY FEBRUARY 2023 WE’LL BRING OUR SHOWROOM TO YOU! ALL SOFT WINDOW TREATMENTS ARE CUSTOM MADE IN OUR OWN WORKROOM WITH THE HIGHEST QUALITY WORKMANSHIP 3162 E. SR 32 WESTFIELD • 317.896.3833 adkinsdraperyshop.com BLINDS SHADES DRAPERIES MOTORIZATION Adkins Family-owned for over 40 years Draperies & Blinds 25%-30% SAVE FREE IN-HOME CONSULT & INSTALL ON SELECTED BLINDS & CUSTOM-MADE DRAPERIES NEXTSTEPPSYCHOLOGYLLC.COM 1650 W Oak St Suite 110, Zionsville, IN 317-973-8888 Individual, family, and couples therapy for all age groups Psychological Telehealth services management for adolescents and Children NextStep Psychology


At Feinstein's, enjoy upscale dining and cocktails in an intimate venue. Feinstein's delivers patrons a unique entertainment experience unlike any other in the Midwest!

Bobby Conte — Along The Way | Love Songs Across Different Genres

Freeform Concert Series — The Rebel Eves w/ Ryan M. Brewer | Free Entry

Rocket Doll Revue Presents: Enchante | Burlesque

Wishbone Ash | Influential UK Rock Band

Ann Talman — Elizabeth Taylor And The Shadow Of Her Smile | Reflection of their friendship

Jazz Brunch: St. Patrick's Day Edition With Blair Clark

Baby Grand Entertainment Presents: Dueling Pianos | Live Human Jukebox

ComedySportz | Improv Comedy

Scott Coulter, Alex Getlin, & John Boswell — Rock 'N Radio | Groove Along To 8 Decades Of Top Hits

Drag Me To Brunch | Drag Brunch

Freeform Concert Series — The Pinkerton Raid w/ Nicholas Johnson | Free Entry

DECEPTION: An Evening of Magic & Lies | Magic Show

EXTC | UK Rock Band

Freeform Concert Series — Tedious & Brief w/ Chad Mills | Free Entry

Feinstein's Presents: Gwen Sunkel & Tennah McDonald w/ Host Thad Mckee | Local Comedians

Kelsey Hickman — A Sweet Sinner | Country Rock 'N Roll

Lianne Marie Dobbs — Why CAN'T A Woman...? | Male Broadway Standards With A Female Twist

Josh Kaufman — Truth Be Told | Season 6 Winner Of NBC's The Voice

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1 Carmichael Square,
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SATURDAYS @ 2:00 P.M. & 7:00 P.M.

SUNDAYS @ 2:00 P.M.

Just after midnight, a snowdrift stops the Orient Express in its tracks. The luxurious train is surprisingly full for the time of the year, but by the morning, it is one passenger fewer. An American tycoon lies dead in his compartment, stabbed eight times, his door locked from the inside. Isolated and with a killer in their midst, the passengers rely on detective Hercule Poirot to identify the murderer — in case he or she decides to strike again. Note: The March 19 performance at 2 p.m. is designated as an inclusive performance, designed to create a welcoming experience that is intended for patrons who have social, cognitive, or physical challenges that create sensory sensitivities. An ASL interpreter will also be available. Large-print programs are also available for the visually impaired upon request.

ideas, the performers bring their ideas and then you put it all together and you make magic. And everybody loves a murder mystery and loves trying to solve it even when you already know the answer. We love “Titanic” even though we know how it ends and “Romeo and Juliet” even though it’s tragic. The fun of it is watching it all unfold.


My relationship with Civic Theatre goes back quite a ways, but this is my first time ever as a performer. I’ve been working for our lighting designer and scenographer, Ryan Koharchik, for 21 years now. This is the first show that I’m doing in about 10 years. Before that, I was working mostly at the Phoenix [Theatre] or Beef & Board [Dinner Theater].

I have a lovely little 8-year-old daughter who’s taking classes [at Civic], and it’s my dream to one day do a show with her, so that’s where I’m at in my personal theater journey. I do enjoy Agatha Christie and have always loved those mystery novels. This show is one that I’ve always been interested in, so, when I saw it on the [Civic] calendar, it fit into my schedule, and I was like, “Alright, let’s give this a shot!”

Isat down with director John Goodson and a few of the lead cast members to discuss why they chose to work with Civic and why they have committed their time and talent to this suspenseful production.


We’ll be in the Studio Theater, which is a much more intimate space. We’re on a “train” for most of the play. So, the trick is keeping it compact and contained and … real. But then also theatrically

engaging for the audience so that they want to watch people in very small compartments. We want to maintain some semblance of the close quarters and the stress and anxiety of just being in that space [where] you can’t escape, but then we are also letting the audience see some staging and imagery — utilizing some really cool techniques. Ryan [Koharchik] is brilliant, and we have a really awesome set that’s going to be really versatile and beautiful.

I don’t want to work on a piece that’s going to be easy. I want the challenge of having a puzzle and not having an immediate solution. I think that’s really fun, because you come in with some ideas, the designers come in with some


I typically do musicals, and I’m kind of your go-to ensemble gal. I wanted to shift that narrative and I thought that going for a play would be a good place to start to work on my acting skills. And I’ve always loved murder mysteries. I’m a true crime buff through and through. I’m constantly listening to [crime] podcasts and watching documentaries, so that really drew me to this show.

I was so excited when I got the call back because that’s not something I typically get. I think the character is really

Writer // Janelle Morrison • Photography // Courtesy of Civic Theatre PURCHASE TICKETS AT THECENTERPRESENTS.ORG.

fun, and I’ve never done accents before. Even a British accent is a challenge for me, so exploring that and the character development with such an outstanding cast has been really enjoyable! It’s going to be a truly fantastic show, and I’m just happy to be a small part of it!


I am “Hercule Poirot,” and I am detecting who the murderer potentially is, but of course, I won’t spoil it! Luckily, I’ve had experience with speaking French, just not particularly a Belgian version of it. I haven’t had to mess too much with dialect work anymore than I would with just an American regional accent, so that’s been nice and I can kind of focus on watching and reacting to the other

I just try to take the small little building blocks that are given with the script and what the character is, and from there, I watch what happens and react to it. That’s been my approach. And the reason why I work with Civic is totally selfish: it’s really fun for me. I like acting,

and this is a great, juicy part that I was lucky enough to get cast in. And being on stage with other very talented people is also affirming and fun. It’s much better than sitting at home not doing this, so, again, it’s totally selfish.


civictheatre.org | 317.843.3800 3/10-3/25 ADAPTED FOR THE STAGE BY KEN LUDWIG
Hercule Poirot Eric Reiberg Monsieur Bouc Rex Wolfley Mary Debenham Lauren Frank Colonel Arbuthnot Clay Mabbitt Hector MacQueen Luke Faser Michel/Head Waiter Ronald May Princess Dragomiroff Susan Hill Greta Ohlsson Alexis Koshenina Countess Andrenyi Evangeline Bouw Helen Hubbard Sherra Lasley Samuel Ratchett Lee Russell

Carmel Symphony Orchestra PresentsMasterworks 4 : Best of John Williams – A Tribute Concert

Experience the exceptional at two performances saluting the Master of the Movie Score: The Best of John Williams – A Tribute Concert. During a Saturday evening performance and a Sunday matinee repeat of the program, Carmel Symphony Orchestra under Artistic Director Janna Hymes will present multiple selections you know and love from movies you know by heart. And — even better! — the music will be performed to clips from the films shown on the Palladium’s big screen! This is a concert you will not want to miss, and we’ve made it easy for the entire family to enjoy with both evening and afternoon programs. Get you tickets early for these exceptional presentations honoring Hollywood’s most prolific and beloved composer at thecenterpresents.org.

CSO’s Extraordinary 2022–23 Season

The concerts come on the same weekend that the fivetime Academy Award winner is up for another Oscar® — Williams’ 53rd nomination, this time for the score to Steven Spielberg’s semi-autobiographical film, “The Fabelmans.”

“We are so excited about these upcoming performances and anticipate a couple of fantastic crowds on March 11 and 12,” said Artistic Director Janna Hymes. “We’ve really expanded and experimented with our programming during this 47th CSO

season, and this John Williams production is shaping up to be a highlight of a season that’s already been noteworthy for multiple highlights!”

The concerts’ playlist includes selections from some of Hollywood’s biggest hits, including “Star Wars,” “Hook,” “Schindler’s List,” “AI,” “Harry Potter,” “JFK,” “Jurassic Park,” “Superman,” “Jaws,” “Memoirs of a Geisha,” “ET,” and “Indiana Jones.”

“We will be performing with film clips,” Hymes said. “We could do this without film and people would come because they love the music, but to perform with the [movie] clips, I think it’s going to add another

dimension. Williams is one of my favorites, and the music is spectacular.”

Hymes’ programming this season is proving to be a big hit with CSO patrons, as the orchestra successfully rebounds from the effects of the pandemic. Attendance has continued to build since the season opened in early October, highlighted by a sell-out for January’s Serpentine Fire: The Music of Earth, Wind & Fire, and near sell-outs for two Holiday Pops! shows in early December.

Having attended some of this season’s performances, I can attest that CSO under Hymes’ masterful direction is generating

Writer // Janelle Morrison • Photography // Courtesy of CSO

some intoxicating energy that is reaching people of all ages and backgrounds — locally and throughout central Indiana.

Additionally, CSO is strengthening the community through its outreach initiatives as it continues to deliver extraordinary, energetic and fun performances.

“I’m forward-thinking, and I’m always thinking about the future and what’s relevant,” Hymes shared. “I’ve been working with the kids in area schools and connecting with the community with our community outreach, hoping that people realize we are their orchestra and we want them

to know that we are here for them. We are very flexible, and we play a lot of different styles and kinds of music. And we like to do that, and I want to keep this energy going into next season’s programming.”

When asked what Hymes would like to express to anyone who has yet to experience a CSO performance, she thoughtfully replied, “I would like, when people are hearing about CSO and talking about us, that

they feel like CSO plays not just classical [music] but relevant and cool music. I want them to think that we’re something they don’t want to miss!”

Don’t wait to experience the invigorating energy and the exceptional artistry that CSO brings to the stage with every single performance! Get your tickets today and be part of the magic that is the arts scene in Carmel, Indiana.

TICKETS ON SALE NOW! Call the Center’s Fifth Third Bank Box Office 317.843.3800 7:30 pm Sat., March 11 & 3 pm Sun., March 12 at the Palladium at the Center for Performing Arts Two Performances Scan for Tickets BEST
His greatest movie scores, performed by the CSO to the original film clips projected on the screen. Music from Star Wars • Harry Potter • Jurassic Park • Superman & more! sponsored by






Founded in the 1980s in Winnipeg, Canada, the Crash Test Dummies achieved international success with their 1993 album “God Shuffled His Feet” and the hit single “Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm,” showcasing lead singer-songwriter

Brad Roberts’ distinctive baritone voice. The group reformed in 2018 after a long hiatus and has been touring North America and Europe to mark its 30th anniversary. A new original single, “Sacred Alphabet,” is set for release in March.

Janelle Morrison: While preparing for this interview, I took a fun trip down what I lovingly refer to “Amnesia Lane” when I was a young person in school. Listening to the early [Crash Test Dummies] albums, a lot of great memories and great years came flashing back. I’m thrilled that you’re back on the road and doing this 30th anniversary … eek, tour.

I’d like to talk about what’s new with you, but before we get into that, for those in my readership that may not be as familiar with the great music that you’ve created then and now, let’s take a look at the genesis of Crush Test Dummies and what made “God Shuffled His Feet” such an iconic album.

Brad Roberts: Most people don’t

realize this, but that was actually our second record, and it vastly outsold our first record [The Ghosts that Haunt Me]. Although, I have to say our first record, in its own right, did extremely well in Canada and it went like quadruple platinum. Even though we hadn’t picked up much attention outside of Canada, we definitely experienced enormous success in our own country. I think the first single off that record, “Superman’s Song,” stands the test of time, but not much else on that record does for me. I didn’t even like that record once I was finished making it. [Laughs] I wanted to go back and start again!

JM: What, in your opinion, made your second album so successful?

BR: I think the reason why it did so

much better is because I had the experience of making a record under my belt, and I knew what I was doing the second time around. That record started getting played on this new radio format — back then — called Triple A or Adult Album Alternative, which, no doubt, you remember from back in the day. People were calling in and requesting this song [“Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm”] and asking, “Who’s that guy with the deep voice?” So, the record company noticed us, and for the first time in our career, Arista Records — who was run by Clive Davis — decided to plug us into the machine. All of the sudden, we were in every show: Saturday Night Live, David Letterman … and it was just crazy. It went through the roof, and I was extremely relieved because I had just made the best record of my life and I just really thought we were going to sink into oblivion. I am very thankful to my adoptive country [USA] for rescuing us from that fate, as it were.

JM: Your sound is still such a unique sound, and when I think about the artists that I can recognize after a couple of notes, I think of Ozzy Osbourne, David Gilmour, David Bowie, Johnny Cash, and then there’s Brad Roberts. I hear your voice, and it’s still such a cool sound. But I remember reading an interview that you gave early on, and you had some reluctancy about singing your own songs because you thought your voice was “too low.”

BR: Yes, as you recall, in the 80s there were screaming metal bands, aside from the obvious new wave thing that was going on at the time. But, in any case, the metal band screamers were the people

Writer // Janelle Morrison • Photography // Julie Curry Photography Writer // Janelle Morrison • Photography // XXXXXX CARLETON STONE, AN AMERICANA AND POP SINGERSONGWRITER NOVA SCOTIA. PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS AT THECENTERPRESENTS.ORG.

that got on the radio, and people with low voices just weren’t out there. The only person that I could think of that I listened to growing up in my grandfather’s basement, of all places, was Johnny Cash, and later on I discovered Leonard Cohen. They were barely influences on me musically, but I love their music and I just felt like there wasn’t any precedence for the way that my voice sounded. I thought it was never going to sound like a commercially viable voice. So, I looked for other people to sing my songs. Inevitably, they would inflect them in a way that just didn’t ring true with me. So, I ended up singing them. Everywhere, I was getting, “Oh, your voice man … it’s so low! It freaks me out!” and I was expecting that all. I was kind of hoping that the song would rise to the occasion and people would look past my voice.

JM: And all these years later, you still have that strong, hypnotic voice.

BR: Wait until you hear this new song that we just recorded; it’s the first thing I’ve done in 10 years or something, and

my voice is even stronger now and people have been saying as much to me after our shows.

JM: You’re referring to “Sacred Alphabet,” of which I hope we are going to be able to see you perform when you come to Carmel?

BR: Yes, and I hope that you’ll be able to listen to it on streaming platforms before, but if not, we will certainly be playing it live!

JM: Comparing now versus the early days of touring, what are enjoying about touring now? Your fans and fellow musicians understand that it’s a difficult life and there are a lot of sacrifices made. Plus, traveling in general can suck really bad, so why did you decide to get the band back together and hit the road?

BR: Well, for one thing, there’s an awful lot less pressure on me now. Back then, I had to work like 5 times harder because we were signed to a record label, and I started and finished my day doing interviews or meet-and-greets. I never had a moment to myself. Whereas now, when


we tour, I don’t have a lot of press going on. I do interviews like this one, and I’m very grateful to be able to do that, but it’s nothing like the job that it once was. It’s much less complicated going on the road for me, and it’s on my terms now.

JM: Last question, when it comes to the songwriting process for you, at this point in your career, are you inspired more by past events and experiences or more by the present?

BR: I would say the present. I don’t have any sense of golden ageism in my life, and I don’t think of the past as being “the good old days” or anything. What I do know is that the result of what has gone on in the past is the product of an evolutionary creative process. And although we only have the one big record, I’ve actually made about 10 records altogether. So, who I am as a songwriter today does depend a great deal on who I was as a songwriter yesterday, even though I’ve moved on.

GARAGE STORAGE shelving & racks • cabinets • overhead storage As Seen On
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Inducted Into 2022 Indiana Soccer Association Hall of Fame

This month, Zionsville Monthly is pleased to feature Zionsville Community High School Men’s Soccer Head Coach Rob Jordan on its cover. Jordan’s remarkable coaching career spans more than 3 decades, and his contributions to the sport throughout central Indiana were recognized last month by the Indiana Soccer Association, which inducted Jordan into its Hall of Fame.

We sat down with Jordan, who shared with us where his passion for coaching and for soccer comes from. He also shared his thoughts on the ZCHS Men’s Soccer program as well as his hopes for this coming season.


Jordan, a longtime Zionsville resident, has an impressive coaching resume that includes his work in developing not only top-rated athletes but also his advocacy for the sport in general. Jordan created the award winning “USA of Indiana Have A Ball in School Fitness with a Ball” program. Have A Ball has reached more than 50,000 school-aged children, introducing each to the game of soccer with an approved Indiana school curriculum.

Throughout his coaching career, Jordan has been recognized multiple times by

a vast list of highly respected soccer associations, including ISA, which inducted him into its hall of fame. He just completed his 12th year coaching at ZCHS and, in his words, is “still loving every minute of it.”

Jordan’s passion for soccer began in his youth, and he played for the first club team at Pike High School, at which he was head soccer coach for 24 years before coming over to ZCHS.

When asked how he feels the ZCHS soccer program has evolved over the decade-plus since he’s been head coach, Jordan replied, “The growth in and of itself and the talent of the kids — at school level — is just amazing. It’s always exciting when you [have] that kind of talent and skills in the players, and it makes life a little bit easier as a coach. You can do a lot of things with that kind of talent.”

When asked if the growing population and the increasing popularity of soccer

in the U.S. has become a challenge for the [ZCHS] program, Jordan admitted, “The school population is increasing, and we’re seeing a lot more kids playing soccer now as the popularity of the game has increased, which brings up the issue of having to make cuts. We didn’t have to make cuts the first year I got here, and now we’re having to make cuts every single year. It’s a terrible problem to have because you want every kid to be able to play and participate in a sport they love. It’s a problem that we [coaching staff] agonize over, and it’s our toughest issue.”


In addition to the support of the ZCHS administration and parents, Jordan acknowledged the support of the Zionsville Youth Soccer Association and its contributions to developing quality athletes and impressive young personalities.

“ZYSA does a great job in preparation with the kids and with teaching the game,” Jordan expressed. “They also do a great job teaching about life on and off the field. And we’re very dependent on our local and area club teams. We have such a short and abbreviated season at the high school, and we do have summer

Writer // Janelle Morrison Photography // Paola Williams Photography and Tom Marron Photography

training sessions that start in June, but then we’re basically done in October. The club [teams] season goes on pretty much year-round, and we’re very appreciative of what clubs like ZYSA do for the development of these kids. They’re bringing us kids that have great skills, great knowledge of the game and kids that are just good people.”

Jordan pointed out that many of his student athletes also play for area clubs such as Indiana Fire Academy, Hoosier Futbol Club, United Soccer Alliance of Indiana and others that he attributes in part to his team’s success.


“Since we’re an academic-based sport, everything is centered around the school and what the kids are doing in school,” Jordan emphasized. “If you’re having troubles in school and can’t take care of what’s going on at school, you’re going to have troubles being successful on the soccer team as well. You’ve got to put the time and effort into being a student, and that’s where [success] starts. You’ve got to be a person with good character. We look at those pieces first, and the rest of the pieces come together, as far as being a skilled soccer player and understanding the game tactically. That’s a luxury we’ve always had [at ZCHS], and that’s what colleges are looking for. Those coaches want to know what kind of student they are and what kind of character they have. We’ve been very blessed with kids that come through Zionsville who are the types of students collegiate coaches are looking for.”


In 2019, the ZCHS Men’s Soccer team finished a perfect season and took home the state championship title. Jordan recalled what it took to get there and his hopes for the upcoming season.

“The one thing that we’ve always pushed is that you’ve got to enjoy the game and you’ve got to have fun,” Jordan

said. “I think that group embraced that throughout training and conditioning, and they made it fun. They always enjoyed being together, and I think that camaraderie helped push us through some of those tighter games we had. The team captains’ leadership was also a big piece of our success at the state championship. And going back to character again, we had the type of kids that had incredible character, worked hard, enjoyed being together and they loved the game.”

Jordan continued, “I’m really exited [for this next season]. I’ve blessed to have great coaches around me: Nick Noel, Jason Donkersloot, Luke Beasley and Ernest Weni. What we’re all looking for and what we’re always expecting is to win a state championship and to win our conference, but we have a lot of other goals too. We have the ultimate goal in mind: that it’s not always about the wins and losses — it’s about learning about failure and how it takes a lot of failures to get to that one success.”

When asked about his feelings on being inducted into the ISA HOF, Jordan humbly replied, “I was excited of course. I was eating lunch when I got a telephone call from a few members on that selection committee and was like, ‘Why are George Perry and Steve Franklin calling me?’ I know both of them, but I don’t talk with them very often. They told me that I was going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, and I was like ‘Wow!’ It’s one of those things that you don’t know what to say once it happens, but it was exciting. I let my wife, Susie, and my sons — Matthew and Joshua, whom I coached when they attended ZCS — know, and they were pretty excited as well. I went to the [ISA] website and looked at the people who

Team Records

Pike High School

– 330 Wins, 101 Losses and 27 Ties

Zionsville High School

– 147 Wins, 47 Losses and 27 Ties

High School Total

– 477 Wins, 148 Losses and 54 Ties


– 627 Wins, 321 Losses and 109 Ties

Combined Total

– 1,104 Wins, 469 Losses and 163 Ties

Recent Coaching Accolades

2022 Indiana Soccer Association Hall of Fame

2020 United Soccer Coaches Coach of Significance Award

2019 United Soccer Coaches Great Lakes Region Coach of the Year

2019 United Soccer Coaches Indiana Large School Coach of the Year

2019 NFHS Indiana Soccer Coach of the Year

2019 ISCA Indiana Overall Coach of the Year

2019 ISCA Indiana Large School Coach of the Year

2019 ISCA District 3 Overall Coach of the Year

2019 ISCA District 3 Large School Coach of the Year

2019 Hoosier Crossroads Conference Coach of the Year

2019 Indiana Soccer Girls Club Coach of the Year

2018 ISCA Presidents Award

2018 ISCA District 3 Overall Coach of the Year

2018 ISCA District 3 Large School Coach of the Year

2018 Hoosier Crossroads Conference Coach of the Year



2019 State Champions

2018 State Championship Runner-ups

2018, 2019 Final Four

2018, 2019 Semi-State Champions

2018, 2019 Regional Champions

2018, 2019 Sectional Champions

are in the Hall of Fame. To be included with such an incredible group of people who have done so much for soccer in the state of Indiana — it is truly amazing and humbling.”

When asked what the greatest rewards of coaching are, Jordan expressed, “I’ve been very blessed to be coaching for 36 years and counting. I’ve put a lot of time and energy into coaching, but soccer has given me so much more than I’ve ever given to it. I’ve shared the life journey with thousands of kids, and I’ve witnessed unbridled joy and love for the game of soccer. It’s allowed me to travel the nation and the world. It’s a privilege that I cherish, connecting with people and watching them grow into their roles on and off the team. It is exciting to watch these kids struggle and learn and become good men and productive people in our community.”


Zionsville Youth Creates

Homeless Hygienix to Help the Underserved

Zionsville resident and Park Tudor High School Junior Anastasia Ebersole founded Homeless Hygienix in October of 2022. The nonprofit is a 501(c)(3) organization that focuses on the personal health of those in need in and around the Indianapolis area who are unable to provide for themselves.

Ebersole shared her goal for the nonprofit, which she has established with the assistance of her board of directors: to improve the awareness of personal health by fundraising money for thoughtfully curated hygiene kits that will be packaged and distributed around the Indianapolis area. Additionally, Ebersole and her board are connecting with and creating partnerships with

local area community partners to grow her brand and garner additional support for Homeless Hygienix’s purpose.


Ebersole is interested in science, specifically biology, and has aspirations of studying and working in the Public Health sector after graduating from high school and college. She is currently work-

ing towards her scuba diving certification and is a varsity athlete in both golf and tennis. A fervent community volunteer, Ebersole has volunteered at various local organizations related to her school and church as well as local organizations such as Merciful H.E.L.P. Center, Hunt Club Boarding Kennel and the Hussey Mayfield Memorial Public Library.

“A lot of my volunteer opportunities that I’ve done in the past include giving food out at food pantries,” Ebersole said. “I recognize that [the homeless] are an underprivileged group that don’t always have access to basic necessities. I also recognize how important it is to make sure that they have access to materials such as toothbrushes and toothpaste and things like that.”

Additionally, Ebersole recognizes this as a leadership opportunity outside of her school and church [Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral].

“I was interested in doing a leadership opportunity outside of school, and a friend recommended to me that I start a nonprofit,” Ebersole stated. “That sparked my interest and was something that I’d never done before. I think the idea for Homeless Hygienix goes along with my interest in helping those in need and my interest in public health.”

Homeless Hygienix goes along with my interest in helping those in need and my interest in public health.”
Writer // Janelle Morrison • Photography // Submitted


Along with her fellow board members, Erica Harrison and Dr. Niki Martine, Ebersole is passionate about providing some basic necessities to central Indiana’s growing homeless population in the form of the hygiene kits and is actively fundraising to cover the costs of the basic [hygiene] items that are included in these kits. Once the kits are assembled, they are then distributed to community partners who ensure the kits are put into the hands of people who desperately need them.

Homeless Hygienix is engaging people and local businesses through social media [Facebook and Instagram] and its website. Donations can be made directly through the website, and businesses who are interested in supporting Ebersole and her board’s efforts can contact them directly for more information about the nonprofit’s mission.

Ebersole and her board are grateful to local businesses and organizations that have offered monetary support. These in-

clude Sycamore School, Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral (Ladies Philoptochos Society, Gyro Night Committee) and the companies that are currently or will soon be distributing partners: Food4Souls, Outreach (Home for Homeless Youth), CHIP (Coalition for Homelessness Intervention and Prevention), Westminster Family and Adult Services and Northwest United Methodist Church.

Homeless Hygienix is looking to host a fundraising event in the near future to bolster its advocacy efforts.

“We’re looking to host a bowling event or maybe a golf outing,” Ebersole shared. “We’re still developing that, but it will be an opportunity for us to invite our friends and people from our [school, church and local] communities to help

raise awareness [and] some money — and to have some fun!”

Be sure to follow Homeless Hygienix on Facebook and on Instagram @homeless_hygienix and visit the website at homelesshygienix.com for more information or to make a donation.

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Lion King Kids

In partnership with Black Box Theater Company, Trailside Elementary School is proud to debut its first musical production since it’s official opening last fall. Lion King Kids opens on Friday, March 17 at 7:00 p.m. followed by two shows on Saturday, March 18 at 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. at Trailside Elementary.


Volunteer and Zionsville Community Schools parent Elizabeth Kiser shared some of the behind-the-scenes details and the growing anticipation of the school’s first musical production.

“I can tell you that Trailside is doing an amazing job getting up to the level of offerings that the other [elementary] schools are at,” Kiser said. “I’ve been really impressed with [Trailside].”

Kiser expressed that the interest from students as well as the support from parents and community members has been remarkable.

“This [production] is in partnership with Black Box Theater out of Lebanon,” Kiser stated. “We’ve got Kelley Johnson [from Black Box], who’s directing this production, and Mrs. Jy’s Music Studio [Zionsville] is leading the en-

semble. This production of Lion King Kids is comprised of [Trailside Elementary] 3rd and 4th graders. And there are 49 kids in the cast and crew, which is a significant number considering it is a smaller school

Trailside Elementary Proudly Presents: Writer // Janelle Morrison • Photography // Courtesy of Trailside Elementary

participation in this first production.”


Serving as director of this production is Kelley Johnson, who is a member of the Black Box Theater team. Black Box Theater is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational children’s theater in Lebanon, Indiana.

“We service all ages but predominantly K through 8,” Johnson said. “Black Box was started in 2012 under the guidance of our artistic director Emily Wolfgang, and we just recently expanded upon our internal structure to include an executive director, and that would be Tricia Acton. We exist to provide opportunities in an area where they weren’t accessible before and to also make them financially accessible for the people in the Boone County area.”

Johnson continued, “Our mission is teaching character to build character, so that kids are not only learning theater skills but they’re also learning how these skills relate back to the real world and are learning a lot about emotional wellness from that. When some of the parents of the 3rd and 4th graders at Trailside wanted to put on a musical production and reached out to Black Box, this fit one of Emily’s initiatives to take the Black Box mission and structure and make it portable. The support from the [Trailside] administration, faculty and parents has been amazing.”

Watching the community come together in support of the student cast and crew has been inspiring to Johnson.

“It’s really incredible to see the community come together because they want something for these kids so badly,” Johnson expressed. “And doing everything they can to make it possible is such a short amount of time on top of that. I think we’ve only had 6 or 7 weeks of rehearsals, and we only met once a week for a giant 3-hour chunk. That’s a lot for that age group, but they

still powered through it because it is something they really want to do! And when folks come to see Lion King Kids, they’re going to see 3rd and 4th graders having a great time and doing some really cool things!”

Tickets for this family-friendly musical are on sale, and there is limited seating, so don’t wait … buy yours today at trailsidemusical.ludas.com.

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