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JULY 2022

Classic Car Collector Lives with One Foot in and One Foot out of the Past

2022-07-22 9:34 AM

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Eric Bell: A Classic Car Collector Lives with One Foot in and One Foot out of the Past As the 15th Annual Artomobilia is cruising up on the calendar, we thought it was appropriate to feature Bell on this month’s cover. Bell has shown his 1955 Buick Roadmaster, which won its class at Artomobilia, and owns a remarkable collection of classic cars — and hearses— that he refers to as “anchors to memories.” We spoke with Bell about his life as a classic car collector and how it has tied in with his career path as the director and owner of Eric M.D. Bell Funeral Home located in Pittsboro, Ind. Writer // Janelle Morrison • Cover photo // Laura Arick

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Business Spotlight: Burn Boot Camp Opens in Zionsville

PUBLISHER / Neil Lucas neil@collectivepub.com / 317-460-0803

Indiana Stands with Ukraine: A Celebrity Fundraiser to be Held for Ukrainian Refugees

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF / Neil Lucas neil@collectivepub.com / 317-460-0803

Scott Holley Changes His Focus from Stocks to Stock Cars

PUBLISHER / Lena Lucas lena@collectivepub.com / 317-501-0418

The Bridgewater Club to Host Fuelicious 2022

DIRECTOR OF SALES / Lena Lucas lena@collectivepub.com / 317-501-0418

The Purpose of the Zionsville Public Safety Task Force

HEAD WRITER / Janelle Morrison janelle@collectivepub.com / 317-250-7298

Cats Versus Dogs — You Decide! Zionsville’s Olivia Broadwater on Stepping Outside Her Comfort Zone

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For advertisement sales call Lena Lucas 317-501-0418 or email lena@collectivepub.com COLLECTIVE PUBLISHING, LLC - PO BOX 6326 - FISHERS, IN 46037 ZIONSVILLE MONTHLY

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JULY 2022

2022-07-28 11:48 AM


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2021-12-17 10:27 AM


Burn Bootcamp Opens in Zionsville High-fives, Zionsville! Something different is coming to town. This summer, Burn Boot Camp Zionsville is opening up their doors and ready to change lives!


ooking to regain your health? Or maybe you’re a seasoned athlete looking for your next challenge? Burn Boot Camp’s 45-minute strength and cardio workouts are designed for all fitness levels. All workouts can be modified to meet members exactly where they are in their fitness journeys with our targeted personal training in a group setting. Burn members gain discipline that transcends fitness and maximizes the quality of life. In addition to the challenging workouts, Burn Boot Camp offers complimentary childwatch, allowing

parents the opportunity to workout while their children are in a safe, fun environment that they come to love just as much as their parents. While Burn Boot Camp may be new to the Zionsville community, the Burn leadership team is not. In fact, Franchise Partner, Maggie Browning, grew up on the northwest side of Indianapolis and has always felt a deep connection to the town of Zionsville. Mother to two young girls, Maggie fell in love with Burn Boot Camp on her quest to get back in shape and find community. It wasn’t long after joining Burn Boot Camp


Zionsville_2022July_Burn Boot Camp Business Spotlight.indd 6

as a member that Maggie became a Certified Personal Trainer and months later a Franchise Partner. Her first year as a franchise partner, she was nominated as “Franchise Partner of the Year” out of more than 400 candidates. Burn’s Zionville roots do not stop there. Operation Manager, Jen Holland, grew up in Zionsville and is thrilled to be giving back to the community she dearly loves through her passion for Burn. Jen has served various communities in the Greater Indianapolis Area as a Certified Personal Trainer for over 10 years.


Members of the Burn Boot Camp Zionsville community will also get to know Training Manager, Katie Gladieux, and Community Manager, Bridget Merlina. Katie has served the Fishers Burn Community for the last 4 years as Head Trainer, and is truly a force to behold on the floating floor. She embodies Burn’s core values in all aspects of her training, and has a gift for transforming members one workout at a time. Bridget has been a part of #BurnNa-

JULY 2022

2022-07-26 10:30 AM

tion her entire adult life first falling in love with Burn while attending college in Wisconsin. Bridget bleeds blue and finds joy in her ability to create community through event planning, social media, and member relations at Burn. Burn Boot Camp’s camps are different than other fitness classes or personal training sessions. Their elite trainers give members one-on-one attention within a group setting so members are getting the best of both worlds. Burn Boot Camp’s workouts target different muscle groups throughout the week, setting members up for the best possible results. One thing that Burn Boot Camp truly prides itself on is the community it cultivates. “When you step into our gym,

Maggie Browning, Franchise Partner Katie Gladieux, Training Manager Bridget Webster, Facilities Manager Jen Holland, Operations Manager

you become a part of #BurnNation,” says Maggie Browning. “There is not a day that goes by that I do not bear witness to inspiring transformations, members supporting members, and my training team bringing the heat keeping our community motivated. It’s truly something special.” In addition to the community inside its doors, Burn strives to be a contributing member of the larger community outside of the gym. Annually, all of Burn Nation partners with the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) and the Leukemia and Lym-


Zionsville_2022July_Burn Boot Camp Business Spotlight.indd 7

phoma Society to empower members to give back to causes greater than themselves. Through these partnerships Burn members raise funds for children with neuromuscular disorders to attend summer camp and provide finances for life saving research and development. Throughout the year, Burn Zionsville will support this cause, and others, to strive to make a posi-


tive impact on the communities that they reach. Now is your chance, Zionsville. Stop wondering, ‘what if’ or waiting for tomorrow. Burn Boot Camp Zionsville wants you to be part of its founding member community! Use the QR codes to follow us on social media and don’t forget to sign up for updates as we near our Grand Opening!

JULY 2022

2022-07-26 10:30 AM

Senior portraits Headshots Family photos







Adkins Family-owned for over 40 years


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3162 E. SR 32 WESTFIELD • 317.896.3833 adkinsdraperyshop.com


JULY 2022

2022-07-28 9:30 AM

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2022-07-22 11:15 AM

Indiana Stands with Ukraine: A V e r y S p e c i a l C e l e b r i t y F u n d r a i s e r t o b e H e l d f o r U k r a i n i a n R e f u g e e s Writer // Janelle Morrison • Photography // Submitted

On Feb. 24, 2022, the world once again came to a standstill and watched in gaping horror as the Russian Federation invaded Ukraine in a barbaric and unprovoked escalation of the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian War. The world continues to watch as the Russian military intensifies its campaign in an attempt to annihilate the country of Ukraine — creating the largest armed conflict in Europe since WWII as well as an ongoing refugee crisis.


or me, personally, it is an all too familiar and tragic storyline that tells the tale of my own German family members who were murdered under the direct order of a vile dictator. Having struck a deep nerve, I had a fateful conversation with Franc D’Ambrosio a few months back while he was visiting in Indiana. D’Ambrosio is known best for his long-running role as the Phantom in the Phantom of the Opera and for his emotional portrayal of the opera-singing Anthony Corleone, son of Al Pacino and Diane Keaton’s characters in the Academy Award-nominated film “The Godfa-

ther III.” He performs throughout the nation and at international concerts and will be returning to Feinstein’s at Hotel Carmichael this August after an unforgettable three nights in August of 2021. I was aware that D’Ambrosio was sharing his talents and was working with Polish Dominican Friars — with whom he has a personal connection — to raise awareness and funds to provide humanitarian aid for the Ukrainian refugees crossing the Poland-Ukraine border that the friars are caring for — firsthand. The Dominican Friars have a 501(c)(3) set up, and all of the monetary donations are going right into the hands of these

friars, who are literally on the front lines offering food, shelter, medical and mental health care to Ukrainian refugees and their children.

A Call to Action D’Ambrosio and Olympic figure skating champion Brian Boitano have held many intimate fundraising events for the Dominican Friars at personal and other private residences in California and Pennsylvania. With this knowledge, I recruited my publishers, Neil and Lena Lucas, and a handful of locals to assist D’Ambrosio with his fundraising efforts. For


Carmel_2022July_Ukraine Fundraiser.indd 10

2022-07-27 4:04 PM

those who don’t know, Lena [Lucas] is Ukrainian, and she has been experiencing the devastation and carnage through her family members who were living in Kyiv, Ukraine, when the war broke out. Thankfully, Lena’s family has been spared physical casualties, but the psychological impact and material losses are incomprehensible for those who have never experienced war and displacement. And so, with the power of networking within the extraordinary philanthropic community that resides in central Indiana, the publishers of Carmel Monthly [the Lucases] and I are honored to be working with an outstanding planning committee comprised of Amy and Ryan Wright of Indianapolis, Neal Burnett and Karen Bender of Indianapolis, Jeanne Martin of northern Indiana, Senior Director of Advancement at Dominican Friars [Western Province] Bryan Fegley, Franc D’Ambrosio and Brian Boitano. Together, we are coordinating an evening of entertainment, dialogue and fundraising for the Dominican Friars’ 501(c)(3). And 100% of the proceeds from tickets, as well as additional revenue brought in from an impressive live auction, will go to the friars and immediately to the aid of the Ukrainian refugees the Polish Dominican Friars are assisting. This remarkable invitation-only event will take place at the private residence of Amy and Ryan Wright on Saturday, Oct. 1, 2022. The evening will feature small plates — donated by Ryan and Amy Wright and prepared by Amy, and Lena’s mother Valentyna Ossinna who was a chef in Kyiv — sampling some of Ukraine’s most popular and delectable foods, as well as a national and local celebrity entertainment lineup — plus a special video message and performance from another celebrity artist who has recently graced the stage at Feinstein’s Hotel Carmichael.

A Noble and Obtainable Goal The planning committee is proud to announce the incomparable Franc D’Ambrosio as the evening’s headliner and and a special performance by Don Farrell and Terry Woods, and Indiana

Neal Burnett and Karen Bender

Amy and Ryan Wright

Ballet Conservatory featuring Ukrainian ballet! Attendees will also hear from representatives of the Dominican Friars, Western Province, who will provide updates on the aid that is being administered as a result of the generosity of people from around the globe. The goal of the evening’s fundraiser is to capitalize on bringing in some of our nation’s and state’s greatest talents to not only entertain us but to raise awareness of the war that the Russians are relentlessly waging against the Ukrainians and to contribute to D’Ambrosio’s goal of raising $1 million by the end of 2022. With the previous fundraising events combined, D’Ambrosio and Boitano have raised more than $500,000. “At the moment the war started, I called them [Dominican Friars] right away and asked them, ‘What can I do?’” D’Ambrosio shared. “They said, ‘We need to get money into the hands of our fellow brothers, and 100% will go towards the health care, medical needs and psychological needs of the refugees and their children.’ The Polish Dominican Priests in this Dominican order roll up their sleeves and work tirelessly — they don’t just speak with their mouths, but they speak with their actions. One of my priest friends told me that he’s turned his parish into a pediatric oncology ward because life still goes on and these children need their cancer treatments.” Anyone who wishes to donate to the Dominican Friars’ 501(c)(3) does not have

to attend the fundraiser in October to play a vital role in the Ukrainian refugee aid efforts. You can simply visit the Dominican Friars website and donate directly to their 501(c)(3). “The war and refugee crisis are no longer the top news items,” D’Ambrosio stated. “We have to work even harder now in order to raise money for these individuals. The war isn’t ending any time in the near future, and as a matter of fact, Russia is doubling down on their brutality, so these refugees need even more money and aid.” D’Ambrosio paused and with conviction, said, “It is imperative that we take care of the [Ukrainian] refugees and the children and address the physical and emotional needs. These children are the future of Ukraine — if they are not healthy and strong, there is no future for Ukraine.” Stay tuned for more details and related information on the upcoming fundraiser hosted by the planning committee and sponsored by Carmel Monthly. You do not have to attend the event in person to participate! You can make a difference today by donating to the Dominican Friars via their website at https://opwest.org/indianadonation. We would like to thank Franc D’Ambrosio for his time and efforts, and we hope to see many of you there at one of his two performances to be held at Feinstein’s at Hotel Carmichael on Aug. 26 and 27. Tickets for these shows are on sale at feinsteinshc.com.


Carmel_2022July_Ukraine Fundraiser.indd 11

2022-07-27 4:04 PM

events that include Artomobilia, at which he has earned “Best in Class” and other accolades.

On the Road to Glory

Scott Holley Changes His Focus from Stocks to Stock Cars Writer // Janelle Morrison • Photography // Submitted

Every year that I cover Artomobilia, I meet some of the most fascinating car owners who share remarkable stories about their cars and their lives. And this year’s 15th Annual Artombolia is no exception, as I have met collector and race car driver Scott Holley with Holley Motor Sport.


olley founded SBC Wealth Management, based in Carmel, Ind., in 1983 and is in the process of retiring from the helm as CEO of his company as he switches gears and focuses on his other passion — racing and collecting vintage and classic cars. “Over the past decade or so, I have sold off some of my ownership in SBC [Wealth Management] to some of our key people to create an internal succession,” Holley

explained. “There are now six owners, including myself, and it’s time for them to take the reins.” Holley and his wife, Debbie, are avid car enthusiasts and collectors of some 40 outstanding examples of automotive ingenuity and beauty. Additionally, Holley races and shows his vintage and classic cars — which include a 1963 Jaguar E-Type, a 1966 Ford Shelby GT350 and a vintage NASCAR racecar — in various racetracks and Concours

Holley shared with us that his passion for cars began at a young age. “When I had enough money from mowing yards to buy my first car, I couldn’t keep it off the drag strip,” Holley shared. “That was the beginning of cars and racing for me, and then I got married and founded SBC Wealth Management. It was the mid-80s when I got involved with Autocross [racing] through the SCCA [Sports Car Club of America] and did that for a few years.” Holley won some championships and started road racing Porsches in the early 90s. He added, “I had some friends who were traveling around racing SCCA, and we ended up putting together a four-car team, bought our own rig and all raced Porsches in different classes.” In the mid-2000s, Holley was laser-focused on building his [SBC Wealth Management] business and sold his rig and “hung up the helmet” in 2007 to focus on family and growing his business. However, Holley’s passion for cars was not extinguished, and he began collecting muscle cars in 2008. His collection comprises first-generation Dodge Vipers, Dodge Challengers, Ford Mustangs, Chevrolet Camaros and other fantastic muscle cars. Holley shared a fun little story about how his wife, Debbie, really changed the trajectory of Holley’s collection at that point in their lives. “In 2008, I had stepped away from racing, and my wife and I wanted to do some ocean boating,” Holley recalled. “We were chartering big boats, and I got my captain’s license. One day at the Miami boat show, she said, ‘Rather than buying a boat, why don’t we do some car stuff?’ I asked what she meant by that, and she said, ‘Let’s do some traveling in a fun car.’ So, I bought a Superformance Cobra — which is the only replica that is authorized by Shelby — and we joined the Superformance Cobra Owners Forum [SCOF].”


Carmel_2022July_Scott-Holley_v2.indd 12

2022-07-27 4:21 PM

Holley participates in SCOF’s annual Super Cruz and other organized cruising events with other members of the forum. “It’s six or seven days of living out of Cobras, and there’s usually a small group of hard-core cruisers —10-12 cars — and more often than not, we’re someplace in the Rockies,” Holley said. “We get rained on, hailed on and they’re usually some pretty wild trips.” At the time Holley started collecting muscle cars, Debbie said to him, “I don’t really like muscle cars. If you buy me a Jaguar XKE, you can have anything you want.” Holley added, “That’s what I did. I bought her a one-owner 1969 Jaguar XKE that was like new, and we ended up showing it around the country.”

Returning to the Track in Vintage Fashion Holley self-admittedly fell in love with Jaguars and began collecting and showing his Jaguars. Holley even got into the restoration part of collecting [vintage] cars and completely rebuilt a 1963 Jaguar E-Type that belonged to Scott Brown, a local race car driver. It was at this point that Holley got into vintage racing. “That Jaguar E-Type is a race car,” Holley explained. “When that car showed up, my wife said, ‘Are you going to race again?’ And I said, ‘Probably.’” And as his story goes, Holley ended up racing in one of the toughest classes in the vintage racing — the FIA Group 6 — and won championships in a car that was once an “underdog” and became known as the “car to beat.” “As far as racing goes, a couple of years ago, a friend of mine wanted me to drive his NASCAR road race car at Road America,” Holley shared. “I’d always thought it might be fun to have a NASCAR road race car and go road racing, but to me, they always seemed big like a school bus. I’m a sports car guy, but once I got in one, in the words of my friend, ‘They get small really quick.’” Today, Holley is the proud owner of two NASCAR road chassis and is actively racing in the NASCAR Vintage Racing

series. Holley is currently leading in points in his class, winning most of the races he’s recently competed in. “I’m kind of the old guy who’s new to the NASCAR scene, and they’re wondering who this old guy is that they’ve never heard of before driving a stock car,” Holley jested. “They quit joking when I put it on the pole at my first race up at Road America last year.” Holley added, “It’s some pretty serious racing, and we get some body damage. There were a few wrecks in Indy [IMS] this year. There’s a big race every spring called the Mitty down at Road Atlanta. It’s one of the largest vintage races in the U.S., and it’s run through the Historic Stock Car Racing Association. And Mike Hilton, who is a former president of NASCAR, met with a group of us racing our stock cars and asked if we would be interested in being the opening race for the NASCAR race at Watkins Glen [International] in 2023, and we said yes!” Taking a moment to reflect on the last couple of years, Holley said, “What really got me back into racing was that vintage Jaguar. What’s fun about vintage is not only can you still get serious and run for a championship, but the cars that we grew up with and raced back when I [was] first serious about racing you can still engineer. And in order to win and to be fast, it’s not just about being a great driver — you’ve got to have a great car. The fun part for me has always been tuning to get the car to do everything that it’s capable of doing.”

Closing One Chapter While Penning a New One As Holley is retiring as CEO from a near 40-year stint at one business that he successfully grew into a billion-dollar RIA firm, he shared that he’s soon to open his dealership, Holley Motor Sport, LLC, up at the Motor District development in Westfield. “I have an 11,000-square-foot garage for my collection,” Holley said. “And I’m fortunate to have a wife who let me have twice as much garage as house. I’ve had fun buying and selling some cars from my collection, and my good friend is the owner of the distribution network for all things Superformance and Shelby Legendary cars. So, I am opening up a dealership for Superformance and Shelby Legendary cars in one of the Motor District retail commercial buildings, which has just started construction. I hope to be there by the end of December, and we’ll probably have an open house next spring [2023].”


Carmel_2022July_Scott-Holley_v2.indd 13

2022-07-27 4:21 PM

T h e

B r i d g e w a t e r

C l u b

t o

H o s t

Fuelicious 2022

Writer // Janelle Morrison • Photography // Submitted

The Artomobilia organizers are excited to share that this year’s Fuelicious event will be held at The Bridgewater Club on Friday, Aug. 26. The prestigious golf club has a long history of designing and delivering a culinary experience like no other. No venue serves as a better canvas for presenting a stunning collection of automotive performance, luxury and heritage all in one evening. A Night of Fundraising and Fantastic Automobiles

cided to change it up and try something new. The Bridgewater Club provides us an opportunity to expand a little bit and bring the cars in closer to the dining experience, etc.”


uelicious will excite the senses by delivering a distinct environment, a premium culinary experience, a unique collection of automobiles and a premier audience of committed automotive enthusiasts that combine to create an unmatched, exclusive social entertainment experience. The Artomobilia team has a long history of designing and delivering a culinary experience like no other. Collaborating with the staff at The Bridgewater Club, the Artomobilia team has created a comprehensive menu that will boast Italian cuisine to honor this year’s marque Ferrari and other exemplary Italian brand automobiles. The evening’s entertainment will surprise and delight with a high-energy performance with a modern take on classic hits. Purpose drives the focus of this event by aligning awareness and the resources of automotive enthusiasts, business leaders and local personalities in supporting the incredible work of Meals on Wheels of Central Indiana.

Experiencing The Bridgewater Club Please note, the dress is “summer attire,” and flats — not heels — are highly encouraged, given the nature of the ground surface [grass]. Artomobilia Event Director John Leonard shared, “We’ve partnered with The Bridgewater Club and their chef this year, and there will be a great car collection, signature drinks [and] great food and entertainment, supporting Meals on Wheels of Central Indiana. Earlier that day, we will be doing a ‘Ride and Drive’ with Lake Forest Ferrari and Evans May Wealth.” Leonard addressed this year’s change of venue from the Lucas Estate to The Bridgewater Club. “We had a great run at [Lucas] for the better part of seven years,” Leonard emphasized. “They were fantastic, and we continue to love their facility, but we de-

The Bridgewater Club’s Chief Operating Officer and General Manager Mike Gardner is excited to host this year’s Fuelicious guests. Gardner shared why The Bridgewater Club is an ideal venue for large-scale events such as Fuelicious. “For the past eighteen years, The Bridgewater Club has provided exceptional experiences to our member and guests,” Gardner said. “With versatile spaces, indoor and outdoor locations, catering and more, our event team ensures that each need of the client is met during their time here. Whether it’s the 90,000-square-foot clubhouse, the 350+ acres of grounds, one of the largest outdoor spaces of any venue in the area or the exceptional service, The Bridgewater Club offers a natural, serene setting unmatched anywhere in central Indiana.” The Bridgewater Club boasts several


Carmel_2022July_Arto Fuelicious.indd 14

2022-07-26 2:08 PM

unique amenities and features in addition to its expertise in private event planning. “At The Bridgewater Club, we offer experiences tailored to the specific vision of the client,” Gardner shared. “Every event begins with choosing a location, and we offer a range of different spaces to choose from, including The Bridgewater Tent, Event Lawn and Firepit that sit in a secluded area on the east side of the property, steps away from the outdoor terrace and indoor amenities. Draped in Italian lighting and surrounded by enchanting scenery, the Event Lawn has proven to be our most popular spot.”

Gardner continued, “For this event, we are using the north driving range tees framed by lakes, the golf course, acres of open space and the beautiful clubhouse framing the backdrop. The Club’s practice facility has been rated as a Top 50 practice facility every year by Golf Range Association of America Magazine, and the outdoor spaces have been rated as a Top 10 outdoor space by Club and Resort Magazine for private clubs throughout the country. The Clubhouse was also recognized by Club and Resort Magazine as Clubhouse of the Year in 2020.” The Bridgewater Club’s Executive Chef, Chris Nealy, will delight the guests of Fuelicious with a one-of-akind Italian cuisine menu. Nealy has 20+ years of experience and studied at the acclaimed Johnston and Whales in Charleston, S.C. Nealy has been leading The Bridgewater Club’s culinary team for more than two years. “From the appetizers to the entrees and the decadent desserts, our culinary team is excited to share their creations with [Fuelicious] guests,” Gardner said. “While dining on Italian cuisine, Fuelicious guests

will enjoy an evening out on our award winning 23-acre driving range. Gardner expressed the importance of working with community organizations such as the Artomobilia team and collaborating on fundraisers like Fuelicious. “The Bridgewater Club’s focus is to provide an exceptional experience of the membership,” Gardner stated. “With that being said, our members are heavily involved in the community, and with the Club being the largest private club in the state of Indiana, there is a sense of responsibility to be a good community steward and open the Club’s doors to organizations that are having such a positive impact on the community. We are honored to partner with such a great organization whose values align with the Club.” For more information on The Bridgewater Club, visit thebridgewaterclub.com and/or contact Jena Collinsworth, Director of Events, at jena.collinsworththebridgewaterclub.com or 317-399-2449. Be sure to join us at Fuelicious this August! Tickets and tables are available at artomobilia.org/fuelicious.

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The P u r p o s e of th e

Zionsville Public Safety Task Force Writer // Janelle Morrison • Photography // Submitted


n the wake of the most recent mass shootings that have devastated communities throughout the nation, members of the Zionsville Town Council decided it was time to put their thoughts into purposeful actions.

TAKING A HARD LOOK AT CURRENT PUBLIC SAFETY MEASURES On June 8, 2022, the Zionsville Town Council announced the creation of a public safety task force to examine issues related to ensuring the safety of the community and the Zionsville students and staff at all area schools. The task force, led by councilors Alex Choi, Brad Burk and Josh Garrett, is evaluating staffing, training and equipment needs in order for the Town Council to work with the town’s administration to identify options to help address immediate needs before the next budget cycle. “This task force is designed to get input from the key stakeholders to better understand what they need but to also help move the needle with actionable items,” Plunkett stated. “This [task force] is not politically motivated. It has everything to do with public safety. As the fiscal body for the town of Zionsville, if there is something that is needed by the police

or fire departments, any staffing or other supports that are needed, we are certainly working together with the departments and the [town’s] administration to make sure that we are addressing those shortfalls and providing what is needed to all of our public safety officials.” The town councilors are actively discussing ways to improve public safety, including measures that could be taken to prevent an event, such as the recent tragedies that occurred at Uvalde, Texas; Highland Park, Ill.; and as close to home as Greenwood, Ind. The councilors are also looking at how local governments can help address these challenges. The input and data, which will be reported back at town council meetings by the task force and eventually compiled in an executive summary, will better inform the town council on what actionable items are necessary, if any are identified during this examination process.

MINIMIZING RISK AND AFTEREFFECTS OF VIOLENCE Town Council member Alex Choi is one the three councilors who is spearheading the Public Safety Task Force. “We’re taking the lead on trying to figure out if we are doing the things that we are able to do to make sure that we are providing safety and minimizing [violent


Zionsville_2022July_Safety-Agency.indd 17


acts] from happening,” Choi explained. “We know that we can’t completely eliminate those events from occurring, but we are looking at what we are doing to deter those events and how would we minimize the effects if they occur.” The immediate actionable items that the task force is working on include bringing on an intern and acclimating that person with the mission and key stakeholders. At the time of publication, Choi was working on selecting an intern, and the three councilors were in the process of contacting all of the stakeholders that include Zionsville Community Schools, Zionsville Police and Fire Departments, Boone County Sheriff Department, Mayor Emily Styron and the mental health organizations that service the communities of Zionsville and Boone County. Choi added, “The initial part is focused on gathering all the information and seeing where our deficiencies are, if we have any. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered, and we are trying to address those as well. We are looking at what other communities in this area and nationally are doing and looking at their best practices. Until we’ve looked at other places and what they have done, we’re not going to know what’s available to us.” Bearing in mind that communities like Carmel and Whitestown don’t have the revenue to match Zionsville, Choi mentioned, “We don’t have the same kind of financial resources that other neighboring communities do because of [Zionsville] being primarily residential. That is going to be one of the biggest challenges.” Additionally, Choi mentioned that the council will be discussing the community’s response to any acts of violence that impact the public safety of the community — specifically, addressing the mental health and post-event counseling needs of those that might be impacted by such an event. The task force is planning to meet once every two weeks and will be providing status updates at the regularly scheduled Town Council meetings. For questions related to the Public Safety Task Force, email town councilor Alex Choi at achoi@zionsville-in.gov.

JULY 2022

2022-07-28 11:55 AM

Eric Bell

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Lives with One Foot in and One Foot out of the Past Writer // Janelle Morrison • Photography // Laura Arick and submitted

When you think of someone who is a funeral director and owner of a funeral home, I’m willing to bet that your first description wouldn’t be of a witty and jovial person by virtue of their rather peculiar profession. Over the years, I have found Zionsville resident Eric Bell is not what I would expect a funeral director to be. He is outgoing and engaging but is genuinely compassionate when duty calls. Many know Bell to also be a talented trumpeter, a doting husband and a father with a penchant for collecting classic cars.


s the 15th Annual Artomobilia is cruising up on the calendar, I thought it was appropriate to feature Bell on this month’s cover. Bell has shown his 1955 Buick Roadmaster, which won its class at Artomobilia, and owns a remarkable collection of

classic cars — and hearses— that he refers to as “anchors to memories.” I spoke with Bell about his life as a classic car collector and how it has tied in with his career path as the director and owner of Eric M.D. Bell Funeral Home located in Pittsboro, Ind.


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AN UNCANNY SYNERGY BETWEEN CARS AND CASKETS Bell was raised in the small town of Frankfort, Ind. Bell, his father and his uncle would leaf through the pages of the automotive buyers guides that were popular and published in the pre-inter-

JULY 2022

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net era. The Bell men would bond over their aspirations, and as Bell shared, it’s one of his most cherished memories from his youth. Unaware of his destiny, Bell would hang around the town’s funeral home, Goodwin Funeral Home, to admire its classic car collection. “My ‘career’ actually started at 13 when I started hanging around the funeral home,” Bell said. “I was just fascinated with the classic cars. I was really a nuisance — for a lack of better words — and had to find something [productive] to do, so I started mowing the [funeral home] yard, washing cars and spreading gravel. By the time I was 16, I was in a suit and parking cars. In fact, one day after I got my driver’s license, I was tasked with picking up a person at a nursing home who had passed — by myself.” As a proficient trumpeter, Bell picked up the honorable gig of playing Taps at the local funerals for the funeral home when he was in high school. “They would come pick me up in the funeral home flower van from school, and we’d go to the cemetery and play Taps,” Bell recalled. “Then they’d drop me off back at the school for the exorbitant sum of $10. And that was my high school experience.” After graduating high school, Bell earned a bachelor’s degree in business from Marian University in Indianapolis and an associate’s degree of Funeral Service from Mid-America College of Funeral Service in Jeffersonville, Ind. After serving the communities of Carmel, Ind., and Indianapolis, Bell acquired the historic David A. Hall Mortuary, which is currently the Eric M.D. Bell Funeral Home. “I’m so happy being a country undertaker,” Bell expressed. “It’s easygoing out here, and through a series of events, I’m just happy to own my own place. It’s given me an opportunity to kind of replicate my childhood, and I have my own little classic car collection. We’re always one foot in and one foot out of the past, and that really resonates with what makes my funeral home special and the classic cars.”

THE JOY OF COLLECTING CLASSIC CARS Bell and I discussed his collection and the importance of exposing the younger generations to classic car collections in hopes of cultivating future stewards and enthusiasts of classic cars. “We have three generations of hearses,” Bell shared. “I’ve got a brand-new Cadillac [hearse], a 1948 Packard and a 1907 horsedrawn [hearse] that is made from handcarved wood,” Bell said. “The Packard was originally used in a tiny little funeral home in South Dakota.” All of Bell’s cars come with history and fascinating stories, from their originations to how they ended up in Bell’s garage, which is one of the reasons Bell fancies the classic cars over newer productions that come fresh off dealers’ lots. “The ’55 Roadmaster is a very special car to me,” Bell said. “I was 26 or 27, and I took out a $20,000 loan — from my uncle — and did a lot of restoration, putting it back to all original. That’s how I got started [collecting and restoring], and it’s been with me ever since. To me, it’s the most beautiful car that GM ever made, and it always will be.” Included in Bell’s collection is a 1955 Cadillac Fleetwood. “Now, the reason why I’m drawn to the ’55 Cadillac is


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because that was the car in ‘Driving Miss Daisy,’ and that movie was a big deal to me when I was a kid,” Bell shared. “It was also in ‘The Godfather.’ This car was originally owned by a funeral home in California, and that’s why it has air conditioning, which was an $800 option on a $3,000 car at that time. So, somebody really wanted that [option]!” Bell continued, “The restoration of them has become easier since I was in high school, with the internet. The good thing about owing vintage GM cars is that they used parts across 15 different cars for 30 years, so a lot of stuff is interchangeable. The parts for my ’55 Buick, the break cylinders for example, are like $4 parts and are $4,000 for a Ferrari. I have every original sales brochure and magazine ad for my cars because that stuff is very interesting to me. What I wish younger people knew about classic cars is that the cars in my collection are not expensive. You can buy a Buick like mine for $25,000 easily. And the enjoyment and pleasure that you get out of just running around in these cars — experiencing history in your hands — is so wonderful.” To contact Eric Bell, visit ericmdbellfuneralhome.com.

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2022-07-28 11:57 AM

CATS VERSUS DOGS — You Decide! Writer // Janelle Morrison • Photography // Submitted

Attention dog and cat lovers! The Humane Society for Boone County is holding a competition where everyone wins — especially the many cats and dogs for which HSforBC provides care and stress-free housing.


s Boone County’s population continues to grow, so does the number of animals needing rescue and welfare. In 2021, the HSforBC took care of more than 600 cats and dogs, which maximized its resources. Expansion and renovations to HSforBC’s shelter facility are desperately needed to accommodate a fast growing and never-ending demand. HSforBC Executive Director Susan Austin shared with Zionsville Monthly that

plans are in place to expand the current HSforBC facility. And HSforBC is kicking off the HSforBC $800,000 Renovation Fund Drive with the opportunity for its wonderful donors to designate where their money goes. Cats or Dogs? The choice is yours!

HSFORBC HAS OUTGROWN ITS SHELTER “Boone County has doubled in population, and the number of animals that need our help has doubled too,” Austin


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shared. “The need just grows exponentially. Currently, we only have room for nine dogs and 20 cats at the shelter. The renovations will double the space in the cat free-roaming room and give them a ‘catio’ to look at the birds and enjoy a more enriched free-roaming space. Instead of being able to only have 10 [cats], we will be able to have 20.” The renovation plan will also add another six runs on the back of the building for the dogs and much needed pet pantry food storage that is currently overflowing into the shelter’s lobby. Austin shared that HSforBC has received generous grants and gifts towards the renovation, but as material costs have been skyrocketing, the $800,000 renovation project is far from being funded.

JULY 2022

2022-07-28 5:44 PM



As the renovation work is soon to be underway, Austin is calling on all potential fosters to answer her call. “We need more fosters desperately,” Austin emphasized. “We [HSforBC] take care of all the expenses of being a foster, and we provide all of the food and medicine as well. We currently do not have an Animal Control Officer (AOC) in Boone County, and we are getting the calls. People sometimes just show up to our shelter with a dog, not knowing that we don’t have any space, and we have to refer them back to the sheriff’s department. Until the AOC is back up and running, we really need the public to help us. If they find a dog that is friendly enough, and they can safely keep them to help us out by fostering them — we will provide the food, etc., and if they turn out to be a great foster, we’d love to have them do it again and again!”

If you donate towards the building fund on HSforBC’s website, it will go towards the renovation and expansion of the shelter. Austin explained that HSforBC is creating window clings for those who donate. Austin added, “We’re not asking outrageous amounts to be part of it — the minimum donation is $25, and it goes up to however much someone wants to donate. If everybody could just help a little bit with [the renovations], we can make a huge difference!”

LOVE CATS? Then join the “Crazy Cat Catio Club” and help HSforBC fund the shelter renovations for the cats! Your donation will go directly to the buildout of the new “Crazy Cat Catio” and renovated cattery area for HSFORBC’s future frisky felines.


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Then the “K-9 Kennel Krew Klub” is just right for you, as your donation will help fund canine shelter renovations that include six new dog kennel isolation runs for future canine furry friends to run and play and be secure! If you love cats AND dogs, you can certainly make a donation on behalf of each!

LOVE THE HSFORBC? For every donation of $25 or more, you’ll receive a Crazy Cat Catio or K-9 Kennel Krew window sticker to proudly display on your vehicle! Choose the level that best fits your generosity for additional recognition — you could even have a dog or cat named in your honor! Please join us in answering HSforBC’s call for help by making your donations and by fostering the cats and dogs in need! Visit hsforbc.org for more information and to donate to the building fund! For those who prefer to send a check, please send your gift to HSforBC at P.O. Box 708, Lebanon, IN, 46052.

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roadwater played opposite of her friend Hayden Elefante in the lead roles of Katherine Plumber and Jack Kelly. Both gave riveting performances and exuded high levels of talent and professionalism for their young ages. Even then, Broadwater expressed interest in continuing her studies in theater while attending Ball State University, as well as further developing her talents. So, we sat down with Broadwater to hear about her successes since her senior year at ZCHS and how she is stepping out of her “comfort zone” with current projects that include performing in Civic Theatre’s upcoming production of “Rent.”


Olivia Broadwater on Stepping Outside Her Z i o n s v i l l e ’ s

Comfort Zone

Writer // Janelle Morrison • Photography // Roger Manning, Amber Bryant and Laura Arick

Zionsville Monthly caught up with 2021 Zionsville Community High School graduate Olivia Broadwater on what she’s been doing since gracing the stage at ZCHS. We last featured Broadwater and her fellow cast members on our October 2019 cover, which promoted ZCHS’ production of Disney’s “Newsies!”


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Broadwater is earning her BFA in musical theater with a minor in Spanish and telecommunications. She performed in her first ballet this past semester and says you will “rarely find her not doing something.” In addition to her passion for performing, Broadwater is civic minded and advocates for music therapy for people fighting Alzheimer’s disease through her platform “Singing for Smiles.” It is an initiative that Broadwater introduced and advocated for during her time competing at the Miss Indiana’s Outstanding Teen and Miss Indiana programs, at which she won the titles Miss Indiana’s Outstanding Teen first runner-up in 2019, Miss Indiana second runner-up in 2021 and Miss Indiana first runner-up in 2022. “I think music is one of the best ways to connect with people,” Broadwater stated. “It [Singing for Smiles] advocates music therapy for those with Alzheimer’s, and one of my goals in life is to continue ‘Singing for Smiles’ and develop it into a bigger entity or nonprofit in the future. I would like to use the arts not only as a performer but use it for my cause of [fighting] Alzheimer’s. I hope that one day I don’t have a platform because there will be a cure. I would love to be able to use music as a source of connecting people as well.” This summer, Broadwater has returned to her theatrical roots and is interning for Civic Theatre’s Young Artists Program.

JULY 2022

2022-07-28 12:01 PM


“I was part of YAP and saw from an early age how amazing not only the production quality of their shows is, but the people over there are just so genuine and you can tell that they love what they do, and they love sharing that with the younger generations,” Broadwater shared. “That’s what drew me to being an intern there.” Her positive experiences at Civic also led her to audition for the organization’s production of “Rent” that will be opening and running Oct. 7-22, 2022. Visit civictheatre.org for more information.

Winner of the Tony Award for Best Musical and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, “Rent” has become a pop cultural phenomenon with songs that rock and a story that resonates with audiences of all ages. Based loosely on Puccini’s “La Boheme,” Jonathan Larson’s “Rent” follows a year in the life of a group of impoverished young artists and musicians struggling to survive and create in New York’s Lower East Side under the shadow of HIV/AIDS. How these young bohemians negotiate their dreams, loves and conflicts provides the narrative thread to this groundbreaking musical. Broadwater has been cast in the role of Maureen Johnson, who is a performance artist. She is popular among the crowd and hosts protests, one of which is to stop the homeless from being evicted and mistreated. Maureen is quite flirtatious, leading to complications in her relationships; she can be bossy at times too. However, despite this, she is generally a good person and is there for her friends in times of need. Broadwater admitted to being self-conscious about auditioning for this role, which she had literally no time to prepare for before auditioning, as she was wrapping up the Miss Indiana


Zionsville_2022July_Oliva-Broadwater.indd 23


pageant when her mother convinced her to take a risk and go for it. “I definitely let my fear step in, and I was so nervous on the day of the audition,” Broadwater recalled. “My mom said that it was all part of my career, and I was doing what I’ve said I needed to do — go out of my comfort zone. So, I went, and it was one of the most fun auditions I’ve been to.” On playing the role of Maureen, Broadwater said, “This [role] is something that is going to push me out of my comfort zone in so many ways. That is one of the best opportunities to be able to grow as an artist — to not be comfortable and to be more ‘edgy.’ To have those experiences that you’ve never done before is so exciting. I love ‘Rent’—it’s such a beautiful story with beautiful music. And to be able to work with a team of people that I call mentors and friends now is just amazing.” Broadwater is extremely appreciative of the ongoing support the Zionsville and local area arts community continues to bestow on her. “I’m so grateful for this community,” Broadwater expressed. “This community not only values the arts, but it also values empowering the youth and the arts. I am so grateful to have people see the value in what I am doing and who want me to reach my goals.”

JULY 2022

2022-07-28 12:01 PM

World Class Cabaret at Carmel City Center August 18


They will take you on a musical parade from Barry Manilow to Kansas to Dolly Parton. The year was 1978, an eclectic year of AM radio classics, disco, movie soundtrack sensations and country crossovers. Real-life couple Tony Humrichouser (Ragtime, Fun Home) and Stephen Wallem (Nurse Jackie, Marry Me) bring an evening of retro duets and solos to a nostalgic Indiana summer night.

August 24


Join Don Farrell and the Terry Woods Jazz Quartet for a swinging, seductive, and handsomely produced show as they pay homage to the “Chairman of the Board” with a tasteful celebration of Sinatra’s life and work. What you won’t get is a crass impersonation of Sinatra. Instead, you will be crooned to with song after stylish song like “Summerwind”, “One For My Baby”, In The Wee Small Hours of the Morning”, Fly Me To The Moon, and many others.

August 26-27


Spend an evening with the incomparable Franc D'Ambrosio as he takes you on a journey to revisit some of his favorite songs from the Broadway stage. In addition to the unforgettable tunes that made him one of the world's most beloved Phantoms, Franc invites his audience to a celebration spanning Broadway's golden age to today’s hit sensations. Franc’s powerful medley from the celebrated musical Hamilton will leave you absolutely breathless. This promises to be an entertainment experience you won’t soon forget!

For tickets go to feinsteinshc.com or scan QR

Carmel_Junly2022-Feinstein's at Hotel Carmichael_v3.indd 1

August 19-20

CAROLE J. BUFFORD: One of the most sought after performers on the American vintage pop and cabaret scene. Her shows, including "speak easy." (featuring the Grammy Award-winning Vince Giordano & The Nighthawks), "Come Together," and "You Don’t Own Me," earned her rave reviews from The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Times (UK). She currently tours with her solo shows as well as with symphonies all over the country. Carole is also the recipient of BroadwayWorld's Vocalist of the Year and the recent Gold Medal winner of the American Traditions Vocal

August 25


David creates an unforgettable evening by combining worldclass sleight of hand, witty banter, and mysteries of the mind. Guests are invited into an intimate space where surprises lurk in every corner. Perfect as a date night, group event, and for the hardcore magic fan.

August 31

JUDY FITZGERALD: WALKIN’ AFTER MIDNIGHT: THE MUSIC OF PATSY CLINE The music of one of the most legendary Country singers comes to Feinstein’s as Judy Fitzgerald charms you with her tribute to the great Patsy Cline. A mix of song and stories of Patsy’s life, the evening flows its way to the hearts of those who remember her and new fans alike. I’m Back in Baby’s Arms, San Antonio Rose, Sweet Dreams, She’s Got You, Crazy… and of course, Walkin’ After Midnight, the hits are all here, and then some!

1 Carmichael Square, Carmel, IN

2022-07-27 11:21 AM