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Regardless of the noun, verb, or adjective that might be used to complete a word starting with eXp, this broker brand will be well known throughout the world and here in the Carmel and surrounding Indianapolis areas. We are a full service real estate company offering quality consultation, marketing and results. The real estate markets in the metro area have been eXplosive over the past 18 months and we continue to eXperience low inventories. The following chart illustrates what is and has been happening in four of the north side cities and we predict this to be the case going into 2022.

losive ectations erienced onential

For a free in home consultation, please feel free to contact us. Or, if you would like more information about eXp Realty and to join a growing company, now is a perfect time to make a move!

ert lore edient ressive andible ressive licit

Joe Kempler

Scot Pollard / Dawn Pollard

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Meet Matt Koscal, Republic Airways CAO: The Sky’s The Limit For Republic Airways And The City of Carmel Last month the City of Carmel and Republic Airways announced its plans to construct a new aviation campus for Republic and relocate its regional headquarters and crew training facility to Carmel—specifically, along the Meridian [U.S. 31] Corporate Corridor. We met with Carmel resident Matt Koscal, Republic Airways Chief Administrative Officer, who graciously shared details of the project and his thoughts on the status of the aviation industry with us. Cover Story Writer // Janelle Morrison • Photo // Laura Arick


CARMEL MONTHLY Carmel High School Senior Caroline Hammonds on Creating Art for the Community


Bath Experts Introduces Tub/Shower Renovations in Indianapolis in

PUBLISHER / Neil Lucas / 317-460-0803 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF / Neil Lucas / 317-460-0803 PUBLISHER / Lena Lucas / 317-501-0418

as Little as One Day

10 Palladium Spotlight: Ben Folds: In Actual Person Live For Real Tour 14 The Magic of IBC’s ‘The Nutcracker’ Returns to the Palladium

DIRECTOR OF SALES / Lena Lucas / 317-501-0418 HEAD WRITER / Janelle Morrison / 317-250-7298

20 A Holiday Season for the Ages in Carmel

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Best New Downtown Steakhouse - Indianapolis Monthly

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Carmel High School Senior Caroline Hammonds on

Creating Art for the Community Writer // Janelle Morrison • Photography // Submitted and staff

Some of you may have already passed through the City Center Drive tunnel and have seen the spectacular mural that is painted on the inside of the tunnel. This mural, by Carmel High School (CHS) senior Caroline Hammonds, is the first of four murals that will be designed and installed in the Monon Greenway pedestrian tunnels. The murals are a collaborative public art initiative between the Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation and CHS Art Department. Hammonds’ mural is titled “Ethereal Rapsody.” A PROMISING YOUNG ARTIST I had the extreme pleasure of speaking with Hammonds—a National Art Honor Society student—who proved to be an excellent conversationalist as well as a talented artist. We spoke about the genesis of the project, what inspired her mural design that she submitted and was selected by the Carmel’s Public Art

Advisory Committee and what she plans to do post-graduation from CHS. Once selected by the advisory committee, Hammonds went straight to work on a more detailed conceptual guide of her proposed mural. “I hopped on my tablet and used an Apple Pencil and Procreate—a drawing program for the iPad,” Hammonds


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shared. “I put eight-and-a-half hours into the conceptual guide and was very happy with how it turned out.” Hammonds then collaborated with John-Michael Polley, who is a 2009 CHS graduate, and Westfield resident Jordan Elsey to work on the vectorization of the design. Hammonds explained that this “digital process” allows an image/project to be scaled at any size without losing the quality of the image. “We had to vectorize the whole project on Adobe Illustrator, which was definitely a learning experience,” Hammonds added. “And then we had to basically redraw the entire design with new dimensions that would fit the dimensions for the actual tunnel.”


2021-10-25 1:40 PM

specific contemporary song titled “Girl of the Year” by Beach House that she listened to as she created her design. “Music played a really big part for me in the designing of this piece,” Hammonds echoed. “Music definitely affects the way that I do my art.


Caroline Hammonds standing next to Mayor Brainard at grand opening

CREATING A PIECE OF ART FOR THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY TO ENJOY Members of the CHS National Arts Honors Society and Hammonds went to work on painting the mural on Aug. 22, 2021, and ““Ethereal Rapsody” was unveiled to the community on Sept. 27, 2021. When asked how it made Hammonds feel to be at the unveiling and to be interviewed on her mural, she humbly replied, “It was crazy, to be honest. I’ve said this

before—I still can’t believe it. It is an extraordinary honor to be able to display my art in my community. My goal is to spread a feeling and to inspire other people. I didn’t want my art to just be for artists, or for musicians, or for critics. I wanted it to be for everybody, and I want it to be as versatile and timeless as possible.” Hammonds was deeply inspired by Indiana’s epic and breathtaking sunsets as well as by classical music and one

Hammonds has applied to several colleges with renowned art departments and programs, including the University of Cincinnati, where she would like to be accepted into the university’s College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP). “I definitely want to pursue a career in design,” Hammonds expressed. “The DAAP program is amazing—it gives you real work experience, and I really love what they have to offer there.” Fans of Hammonds’ art can follow her on Instagram at keeping_it_creative, where they can also purchase pieces of her work on her shop.


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720 Adams St #120, Carmel, IN 46032

675 S. Main St Zionsville, IN CARMEL MONTHLY

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Senior portraits Headshots Family photos



2460 Glebe Street • Carmel, IN 46032 • (317) 793-3140 • CARMEL MONTHLY

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Tub/Shower Renovations in Indianapolis in as Little as One Day After spending quality time at home these past 19 months, are you ready to transform your outdated bathroom into the luxurious, spa-like sanctuary that you have been fantasizing about? If yes, then it is time for you to reach out to the experts—Bath Experts—a Jacuzzi Bath Remodel dealer.



o-owners Steve Woodward, Jeff Worzala, Curt Brown and Bob Camire have a combined 50 years of home improvement experience in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. Two of the four owners live in Carmel, one resides in Zionsville, and the fourth lives in Crawfordsville.

BATHROOM RENOVATION DONE IN AS LITTLE AS A DAY Bath Experts specializes in bathroom renovations, including tub-to-shower conversions, tub replacement and the installation of walk-in tubs. When you work with Bath Experts, installation can be completed in as little as one to two days. Worzala added, “Everything [from designing to scheduling out the project] is done in the home. First, we schedule an appointment with the homeowner and we identify the ‘need.’ Then we send a representative from our company out to the home, and they go over the samples and design the homeowner’s

2020, the owners maintained their focus on growing their company, creating the best company culture for their now 50-plus employees and providing the best customer experiences to their clients. “We’ve experienced a lot of growth [in our company],” Woodward stated. “Last year, in 2020, we installed 350 jobs. We opened our Cincinnati location in November of 2020. Fast forward to this year, we’ve completed over 1,000 installations and we opened our Columbus location in September of 2021.”

new tub or shower on an iPad, so the homeowners get a visual of what it’s going to look like in their home. We provide an estimate based on what they’ve selected.”

TRANSFORM YOUR BATHROOM AND MAKE IT YOUR OWN You can select your bathtub or shower colors. Bath Experts has more than a dozen color options, ranging from traditional white to earth-toned stone and marble. You are also able to choose the wall texture and size that work best with your bathroom’s style and decor. “The homeowner has a lot of different choices and options available to them,” Worzala stated. “Not only with regards to fixtures but with the wall system, colors, design options and accessories as well. They can customize their own space, and there’s so many great options for them to choose from.”

NOW HIRING! As they are increasing the number of installations, the owners are also growing their teams to meet the expanding demand for their services and products. “We have 50-plus employees and are offering full health, dental and 401(k) plans for our employees,” Woodward said. “Our employees are important to us, and we want to be able to provide for them. We are currently hiring as we just opened our Columbus location.”


GIVING BACK As a local company, Bath Experts is planning to be heavily involved in community events in the Indianapolis area. Bath Experts is a supporter of Riley Children’s Foundation and for each of their Indiana customers, Bath Experts donates $25 to the foundation. “Children’s hospitals, in general, affected both me and Jeff in our lives—significantly,” Woodward shared. “It feels great that this is where we landed on our [give-back] initiative. We recently started the same program in Cincinnati this past August with their children’s hospital.”

SCHEDULE A DESIGN CONSULTATION It has never been easier to get the bathroom that you want. You can have the bathroom of your dreams much sooner than you think! Bask in your vibrant new tub or shower from Bath Experts in mere days. To learn more about working with Bath Experts for a shower or tub remodel and to keep up with their latest products, visit their website at

For an extended version scan QR or go to https://carmelmonthlymagazine. com/affordable-tub-to-shower-conversions-indiana-contractors/

Bath Experts opened its doors six months prior to the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and throughout


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IN ACTUAL PERSON LIVE FOR REAL TOUR THE PALLADIUM // FRIDAY, NOV. 12, 8 P.M. ET Writer // Janelle Morrison • Photography //Courtesy of The Center for the Performing Arts

RETURNING TO THE ROAD WITH A SOLO PIANO TOUR, BEN FOLDS HAS CREATED AN ENORMOUS BODY OF GENRE-BENDING MUSIC THAT INCLUDES POP ALBUMS WITH BEN FOLDS FIVE (“BRICK,” “ARMY,” “BATTLE OF WHO COULD CARE LESS”), ALONG WITH MULTIPLE SOLO ALBUMS AND MANY COLLABORATIVE RECORDS. Janelle Morrison: I read that one of your earliest memories takes you back to the age of 2, listening to your parents’ 45s— specifically, Little Richard. I was curious if that was the spark that ignited your passion for songwriting and performing?

Ben Folds: I think it definitely had a big impact. I think that anyone who listens to Little Richard understands that there is something unbound about his singing, music and playing. It’s just so out of bounds. If you think about him singing “The Girl Can’t’ Help It” or “Tutti Frutti” and think about his voice—nobody sings like that. And it gave me the idea that your only bounds are things you can’t physically do, and sometimes, that’s not even a thing. I remember reading that John Lennon—he loved these blues artists so much—and he would scream until he had no voice. I think there’s something to that, and we should all be exposed to music that’s sort of just beyond, you know?

His last album was a blend of pop songs with his “Concerto for Piano and Orchestra” that soared to No. 1 on Billboard’s classical and classical crossover charts. Folds has performed with some of the world’s greatest symphony orchestras and currently serves as the first-ever artistic advisor to the National Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Center. Tickets and the Center’s current health and safety police and protocols are detailed at

JM: Absolutely. Speaking of boundaries, as we look back at 2020 when the entire world was shut down, when people were unable to perform, tour and gather, I saw a major decline of humanity and am curious, where you were in your headspace during that time? What were some of your thoughts as they pertain to artistic creativity and what you were planning to do once the world opened back up?

Folds: I was very pessimistic about when it would open up again. Everyone had their best guesses when that would be. I mean, we cancelled our stuff super early. Folds continued [laughing]: I figured that when we finally got back out there,

we could just pretty much play a pair of spoons and do a jig on the stage and leave, and everybody would be like “YEAH!” We were just going to be so happy to get together that the bar would be lower. JM: Obviously, your fans are familiar with your work with Ben Folds Five and your solo work over the years, but I wanted to ask about The Bens Rock Over Australia tour [2003]. How did that all come about?

Folds: That was a time where I was taking on crazy schizophrenic amounts of projects and work. I did a soundtrack for a movie, “Over the Hedge,” that year, I produced a William Shatner record, I did The Bens, I started a studio, I made three EPs, a live album and an orchestral album with all-new charts. It was just an insane breakneck period of me being productive. The Bens came about because all our fans—the three Bens in that group—had all sort of jokingly said we needed to play a tour. So, a tour was booked. Ben Lee called me and said, “Hey, this is a good opportunity to make a little tour EP—that’s my new trick.” And I said, “Well, that’s my new trick too, so let’s do that.” I had the studio that I was putting together. so we went straight to the studio and just s*** out tunes in like three days.” Folds continued [laughing]: The only one of us that had a cell phone was Ben Kweller. Ben Lee and I hadn’t even discovered the cell phone yet. I remember Ben Lee and I started one song, “Just Pretend.” Each of us had written a verse and were like if [Kweller] ever gets off his f****** phone, we’ll finish this song.”


Carmel_2021Oct_Palladium Spotlight_BenFolds.indd 22

2021-10-25 1:56 PM

JM: Since you mentioned collaborating with him, what are your thoughts on William Shatner’s trip to space?

Folds: If I didn’t know Bill really well, I might have written it off as a bunch of rich boys playing with some expensive toys in space when you could make like 10,000 hospitals in Africa for that amount of money, but at the same time, we can look back at space exploration and see where it directly led to innovations which have actually saved lives on Earth. So, there’s a good argument for progress. So, it is my mind to go there first. I was super nervous because Bill’s no spring chicken, and I can’t even get on the f****** tilt-a-whirl at the county fair, and he’s going up into SPACE! I held my breath for the whole 11 mintues or whatever, and I’m waiting for him to come down and tell us that his vital signs are good! Then, they just let him step out of that beer can, with no doctor there, and I’m having a lot of feelings. I was really proud of him. He’s the oldest man to go into space and was the symbol of space exploration in the ’60s before we put a man on the moon. So, yeah, it was pretty cool. JM: I once heard you say that most of your composition is done in your head versus working it out on a piano, guitar, etc.

the Kennedy Center was shut down. Coming back, we’re going to try to come back really strong. I think it [2020] just JM: Can you briefly describe what that strengthened my resolve that we need the process is like? symphony orchestra more than it needs us. Folds: A good example is when my son And like you said, humanity took a little bit was born. I knew instantly what the song of a dump and we’re going to be recovering was. I didn’t have it all in my head, and I from that dump for a while. People lost wasn’t going to try and work it there with their f****** minds. The symbol of civil civa ukulele while live childbirth was unilization is being in the same airspace, doing folding before my eyes, but I did see [the something that’s bigger than any one persong], and there was something there and kept it [in my head]. That’s a good example son on a stage, that IS civilization—all working together for something because things happen at ingreater, and yes, everybody convenient times, and I would has to get in line a little bit, rather not be inspired to write PERFORMER SPOTLIGHT then you get to create outside a song right at the moment of that. I think experiencing that I’m being asked to cut the and seeing that “symbol” is even more cord on my first child. But it happens, and important than ever. And it’s complicated then I walk, I think about it, I let it go, and because the symphony orchestra is seen as I compose a lot that way because the tool an elite, uppity entity that thinks it’s better of moment is my mind. than everyone, but that’s not the case. The Symphony Orchestra doesn’t get paid that JM: You are the first ever artistic advisor well, and they do so much outreach and free to the National Symphony Orchestra s***. They cater to kids and all genres. They at the Kennedy Center, which is pretty do everything they can to say this is what cool. What have you been able to do society is about. And by supporting the in that role to grow advocacy and symphony, you’re doing what you’re supappreciation for the arts? posed to do. If you want to hold it up, you’ve Folds: Gosh, I’ve treated that as kind of got to hold up the symbol [of civilization], second job over the last five to six years. and you have to experience it. Things did die down during 2020 because Folds: A whole lot of it is, yeah.


Let us design and build your dream kitchen CUSTOM BUILT CABINETRY LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED ZIONSVILLE SHOWROOM SHOWROOM HOURS Mon-Friday: 9am-4pm Sat: By appointment only

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World Class Cabaret at Carmel City Center November 5

EVERETT GREENE World Famous Bass-Baritone singer Everett Greene has been making music for 7 decades, playing across the US and has also toured the world with several groups including the Count Basie Orchestra. Greene will be bringing some of his favorites songs from the American Songbook alongside Indianapolis musicians Kenny Phelps (drums), Dr. Scott Routenberg (piano), and Bethany Robinson (bass).


Electric violinist and vocalist Cathy Morris presents an unforgettably captivating presentation with an infectious enthusiasm performing her all original musical adventures and stories that create a refreshingly unique genre of its own distinctive sound of contemporary jazz.

November 26 & 27 LONNIE McFADDEN

Come celebrate the Holiday weekend with us, as we host our dear friend, Lonnie McFadden! Lonnie comes to us from Kansas City’s hottest Jazz Club: Lonnie’s Reno Club in the Hotel Carmichael’s sister hotel: Ambassador Collection Kansas City! This show is one you will not want to miss!


America’s undeniably truest Broadway star, Andrea McArdle mesmerizes audiences with the music of Broadway and Hollywood legends: Stephen Sondheim, Kander and Ebb, Jerry Herman, Johnny Mercer, and Charles Strouse to name only a few. The irrefutable Broadway defining voice who won our hearts since her epic childhood, Ms. McArdle relays countless tales of her unique life of treading the boards and sings these iconic show stoppers in the way only this super talent can.

December 2


Feinstein’s kicks off our Holiday Season of shows with Anthony Nunziata’s “An Italian Broadway Christmas”. Dubbed “America’s new romantic singing sensation,” award-winning pop & jazz vocalist, Nunziata is the Brooklyn-born, Nashville-based singer and songwriter who brings his soulful voice to classic jazz, pop standards, classical-crossover and his timeless original music.

December 3 & 4


The Ball State Jazz faculty present a live re-creation of the seminal 1962 album “Nancy Wilson/Cannonball Adderley.” Originally a quintet recording with a vocalist, Mark Buselli transcribed the recording and expanded the instrumentation to include trombone and guitar parts. The BSU Jazz Professors include Mark Buselli (trumpet), Amanda Gardier (sax), Freddie Mendoza (trombone), Scott Routenberg (piano), Nick Tucker (bass), Joel Tucker (guitar), Cassius Goens (drums) and the incredible Akili Ni Mali on vocals.

For tickets go to or scan QR

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1 Carmichael Square, Carmel, IN

2021-10-25 1:33 PM

‘The Nutcracker’ The Magic of IBC’s

Returns to the Palladium Writer // Janelle Morrison • Photography // Courtesy of IBC

Carmel’s own internationally renowned Indiana Ballet Conservatory (IBC) is presenting its beloved annual tradition, “The Nutcracker,” and is again performing on the stage of the Palladium at the Center for the Performing Arts. The majestic hall creates a breathtaking and “palatial” ambiance that sets the perfect scenery for both the audience and performers.


fter last year’s disappointing hiatus from the traditional program—due to COVID-19 cancellations and restrictions—IBC’s presentation of “The Nutcracker” is poised to be even more exhilarating and magical than ever!

A Brief Overview of IBC IBC was founded in 2010 by Artistic Director Alyona Yakovleva-Randall. IBC’s mission as a preprofessional ballet school is to be committed to providing the best classical ballet training to its students and launching the next generation of dancers onto the world stage. IBC students continually place in top positions in national and international competitions and pursue professional careers in dance throughout the globe.

Built upon a 300‐year foundation of excellence, IBC’s mission is to fuse the finest classical ballet instruction with the very best of contemporary and modern training in a professional and nurturing environment, providing all students the opportunity to thrive and achieve their goals. IBC strives to share the art of dance through performances as well as outreach programs for the underserved and to instill in its students the desire to give back in a way that will change lives and connect a community.

Featuring International and Local Talent IBC is honored to be collaborating with local talent as well as guest artist Sebastian Vinet. Born in Santiago de Chile, Vinet began ballet training at Escuela de

Ballet del Teatro Muncipal de Santiago. After two years under full scholarship, he moved to Houston, Texas, to finish his training at Ben Stevenson Houston Ballet Academy. In 2009, he joined the Houston Ballet and in 2010, the San Francisco Ballet. He has been invited to dance at international ballet galas in several nations and was awarded an apprenticeship recipient at the 2009 Prix de Lausanne. Vinet also was a recipient of the Premio Jovenes Líderes del diario El Mercurio (2009)—an award to Chilean artists, presented by the ambassador of Chile in the United States. In 2017, Vinet was the artistic director and creator of the first international ballet gala to be presented at the emblematic theater in Chile Teatro Oriente. Most recently, Vinet was honored to be a 2020 Prix de Lausanne competition jurist in Switzerland, being the youngest person in the history of the prestigious competition to be invited to join the panel of judges. IBC is collaborating again with the Indianapolis Children’s Choir (ICC) and its artistic director Joshua Pedde. For those that missed the 2019 production of IBC’s “The Nutcracker” that featured children from ICC—you are in for an unforgettable experience! Performing the role of the coveted “Sugar Plum Fairy” will be two IBC dancers, Abigail Kimball (16) from Fishers, Indiana,


Carmel_2021October_IBC.indd 14

2021-10-25 2:41 PM

and Aurora Ausserer (16) from Carmel, Indiana, who hold this distinguished honor this year. Yakovleva-Randall shared that Ausserer’s family is originally from Seattle, Washington, and her entire family uprooted and moved to Carmel so that Ausserer can train with IBC.

Performing at the Palladium in Carmel, Indiana Staged by Yakovleva-Randall and based on the 1934 choreography of Vasily Vainonen, IBC is proud to present “The Nutcracker” in front of a live and, hopefully, FULL audience. Yakovleva-Randall shared what it means to her, along with the IBC staff and

students, to perform on such a remarkable stage and luxurious concert hall. “I personally love the Palladium, and my staff and students are all excited to perform at the Palladium,” Yakovleva-Randall expressed. “This is why we are thinking outside of the box as much as possible to work with this stage. We have to adjust the choreography because it is not a ‘ballet’ stage, but we enjoy the experience, and we like working with the [the Center’s] staff a lot.” Where IBC cannot create traditional special effects such as snow, it is working with the Center’s stage crew and its lighting technology to emulate falling snow. “We have to be creative because we cannot have the traditional sets that we used

in the Toby Theater,” Yakovleva-Randall said. “We are working with Ian Marshall who is building our periaktoi [ancient Greek theatrical device that features revolving scenes].” Children and adults of all ages will be transformed by this heartwarming tale of a young girl and her beloved Nutcracker as she battles evil and learns the value and resiliency of the human spirit. This version is closest to that of the original “Nutcracker” ballet that debuted over 100 years ago in Russia, so you won’t want to miss this timeless and beloved holiday favorite! Tickets are on sale at For more information on Indiana Ballet Conservatory, visit

NOVEMBER 27 & 28, 2021 SATURDAY 2:00pm & 7:00pm & SUNDAY 1:00pm & 6:00pm

With a Special Accompaniment by The Indianapolis Children’s Choir

Tickets are available at The Center’s Box Office: | 317.843.3800 |


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2021-10-25 4:13 PM



Relax your brain. Reset your life. Cereset® helps your brain relax and reset itself, enabling you to achieve higher levels of well-being and balance throughout your life. • overcome worry & anxiety • restore hope & happiness • releases “stuck” stress • enhance learning & memory • experience restful sleep • increase energy & performance Learn more at

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2021-10-25 1:14 PM

M e e t M at t Ko s c a l , R e p u b l i c A i r ways C A O :

The Sky’s the Limit for Republic Airways and the City of Carmel Writer // Janelle Morrison • Photography // Laura Arick and submitted

Last month the City of Carmel and Republic Airways announced plans to construct a new aviation campus for Republic and relocate its regional headquarters and crew training facility to Carmel—specifically, along the Meridian (U.S. 31) Corporate Corridor.


e met with Carmel resident Matt Koscal, Republic Airways chief administrative officer, who graciously shared details of the project and his thoughts on the status of the aviation industry with us. According to Koscal, the Republic campus will include a high-tech training facility for its pilots, flight crews, technicians and other employees of the

airline. Currently, Republic is operating its Leadership In Flight Training (LIFT) Academy—a commercial aviation pilot and maintenance technician training school—near the Indianapolis International Airport. Republic will relocate its training academy to its Carmel campus, where it will showcase its state-of-theart technologies that combine flight, flight simulator, online and in-classroom training. Additionally, this campus will


Carmel_2021October_Republic AIrways.indd 17


consolidate its out-of-state training facilities into Carmel, Indiana.

A Brief History of Republic Airways Republic Airways was founded in 1974 and is one of the largest regional airlines in the U.S. Republic operates a fleet of more than 220 Embraer 170/175 aircraft and offers scheduled passenger service with daily flights to 100 cities in the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean and Central Ameri-


2021-10-25 2:00 PM

ca. The airline provides fixed-fee flights operated under its codeshare partners’ brands: American Eagle, Delta Connection and United Express. The airline employs over 6,000 aviation professionals.

The Scope of the Project The 105,000-square-foot training facility will be three stories tall and visible to travelers on nearby U.S. 31, providing passersby with a unique view of pilot-training simulators through large bay windows that will face the highway. Within the development, an “eagles nest” viewing deck will allow visitors, school students and other aviation partners a unique view of the excitement of aviation. The training facility will include 20 classrooms, 94 workstations, two cabin trainers and eight flight simulators. After the corporate headquarters is constructed, four more classrooms will be added along with two more flight simulators. The hotel adjacent to the training center will be expanded to 274 rooms and used exclusively as accommodations for trainees, visiting instructors, business partners and colleagues traveling to the aviation campus.

Mayor Brainard shared that discussions are underway on providing transportation to and from Republic’s campus so that trainees and employees of Republic can experience all that Carmel has to offer while they are staying on campus. “These folks will be here for several weeks and will be visiting Carmel from all over North America,” Brainard said. “It’s a tremendous opportunity to introduce them to Carmel, and it will help our restaurants, stores and other


Carmel_2021October_Republic AIrways.indd 18


small businesses. And hopefully, some of the pilots who have the option to live anywhere near an airport will choose to move to Carmel.” The project will bring approximately 1,900 new jobs—initially—to Carmel with estimated annual wages of $150 million.

Why Carmel, Indiana? “This was a competitive process that we started at the end of 2018,” Koscal said. “Our leaders, whether it be Mayor


2021-10-25 2:00 PM

Brainard or Gov. Holcomb, they are forward thinking and are visionary. They understand what it takes to compete and put Indiana on the map. It’s not just about having businesses, but it’s also about having the infrastructure in cities like Carmel, which attract young, up-and-coming professionals that are competing in a very competitive work environment. They want to land in a community that has good schools, low tax bases, and a community where they can get exposed to other cultures, other disciplines and the arts.” Koscal continued, “You’ll find most regional airlines with some exceptions are usually based in smaller cities that feed the hub cities. So, having our base headquarters outside of the major hubs actually makes greater sense for us. Our roots go back a long way in Indiana, and though we did look at other states and cities to expand our LIFT Academy, we saw the opportunity to marry up a new corporate campus and LIFT Academy here in Carmel.”

Expanding Aviation Outreach Opportunities Koscal explained that historically, the aviation industry lacks diversity and that the pilot path was predominantly Caucasian and male. “We haven’t done a good job in aviation going out to communities and introducing underrepresented populations of color, women and economically disadvantaged populations to the passion of aviation,” Koscal expressed. “So, if we’re serious about attracting a more diverse population moving forward into aviation, we think it’s critical to have a place that’s inviting and will help introduce individuals to the joys of aviation. And this campus will help us do that in addition to the efficiencies that it will bring to our operation.” Brainard added, “The Republic campus is going to provide an opportunity for the students in the Carmel school system and throughout Central Indiana to learn about aviation careers, the [aviation] industry and how to fly planes.”

“Domestic is back to prepandemic levels in many markets,” Koscal said. “We saw a surge of leisure travel this summer, and I think we’ll see additional surges in [leisure] travel through the holidays and as we get into spring break [2022]. We’ll begin to see some recovery of the business traveler and the international traveler as we see markets open up, but it is probably a couple of years before we’re fully back into 2019 demand levels.” To learn more about Republic Airways, visit

The State of Aviation Amid a Global Pandemic For those who may have reservations about flying, we asked Koscal, in his perspective, what the water temperature is like with regards to the current demand for domestic air travel. “I think it’s important to note that for the small number of things that go wrong in the system that moves millions of people a day—at peak travel—our crews do an amazing job, and I have to applaud them. They’re dealing with really difficult times. And we’re dealing with a population that has been through a lot—emotionally—for nearly two years. It’s a difficult environment to work in every day, and I applaud our in-flight crews who make sure that they take care of our customers and are ensuring their safety each and every single day and work to deescalate a situation so that our customers feel confident about flying with us and have a good travel experience.” As far as the industry seeing prepandemic numbers of flights both domestic and international, Koscal projected that it will take a couple of years to see numbers back to 2019 levels.


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Writer // Janelle Morrison • Photography // Submitted

It is remarkable to think that the holidays are nearly upon us. Just as 2020 seemed to last an eternity, 2021 has gone by ever so quickly. And now, the Carmel community is gearing up for what will be a holiday season for the ages. With the return of the Carmel Christkindlmarkt, the expansive list of performers coming to the Center for the Performing Arts and Feinstein’s at Hotel Carmichael, the hotel itself, and the restaurants and businesses located at Carmel City Center, all create the synergy that the City of Carmel’s administration had envisioned long before the ice rink and renowned holiday market debuted at Carter Green.


Carmel_2021October_Christkindlmarkt.indd 20



spoke with a few of the stakeholders about what they anticipate for this season with regard to guest experiences and how each of these entities will contribute to an overall ambiance of holiday pleasures and activities that are absolutely extraordinary. There is truly something for everybody, so be sure to make Carmel your destination for the holidays this season!


2021-10-25 3:59 PM

Carmel Christkindlmarkt Returns to Carter Green The Carmel Christkindlmarkt has become the premier holiday offering in Indiana, attracting well over half a million people since the opening. An extensive poll by USA Today’s 10BEST travel media group has named Carmel Christkindlmarkt the No. 1 winner in the 2019 USA TODAY 10Best Readers’ Choice travel award contest for Best Holiday Market. In addition, the market received the distinction of being the top Christmas market in the state of Indiana by Taste of Home Magazine in 2017.

After cancelling last year’s Christkindlmarkt due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the market will be back beginning on Nov. 20 and running through Dec. 24. More than 40 vendors will sell a variety of German food and drink, handmade gifts, artisan crafts and more at the 2021 Carmel Christkindlmarkt. “There are so many wonderful things happening at the market,” CEO and Market Master Maria Murphy shared. “Of course, there’s the pavilion, and it’s going to be amazing. It’s open air and COVID-19-friendly and will be a place where people can come to listen to a polka band and other entertainment throughout the market and through March to watch the ice sculpting and all the things that will take place at Carter Green—post market.” Murphy continued, “Another thing that I think is going to be really cool this year is Actor’s Theatre of Indiana will be performing their ‘Holiday Revue’ on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the market. It is free admission, and they will


Carmel_2021October_Christkindlmarkt.indd 21


be performing on the stage in the brandnew pavilion.” In addition to a myriad of new additions and an array of performances that will be offered at this year’s market, Murphy shared that there will be a special Hanukkah (also spelled Chanukah) service on Wednesday, Dec. 1, at the market. “There will be a lighting of a giant menorah, and there will be a Chanukah celebration on the stage. We’ll so some programming of Chanukah music around the lighting of the menorah as well.” For hours of operation, a complete list of vendors, activities and performances, and tickets to The Ice at Carter Green, visit


2021-10-25 3:59 PM

The Center for the Performing Arts’ Exceptional Holiday Season The Center’s CEO/President Jeff McDermott shared his thoughts on the holiday synergy that is being created literally in the Center’s front lawn. “I think what’s happening here is exactly what our city leadership envisioned would happen,” McDermott stated. “They [city leadership] wanted the Center and this campus to really be a central hub and meeting place where people can celebrate all that is great about this community.” McDermott continued, “The Carmel Farmers Market and Carmel Christkindlmarkt bring in hundreds of thousands of people to our campus each year, and those people come here and explore the venues. They look at our offerings and buy tickets to shows. And now, with the Hotel Carmichael here and all that it has to offer, it truly does make [Carmel] a destination and getaway opportunity. The Center has six resident companies and three venues, and there are things going on at Feinstein’s at Hotel Carmichael as well. Can you imagine a greater celebration of life, music and art? I think it’s a credit to the city leadership and a credit to this community for supporting all of it. It is also a credit to the Hotel Carmichael, the Christkindlmarkt, the Center and its resident companies, the Great American Songbook Foundation and the Carmel Farmers Market for all working in harmony to make all this happen.” For tickets and a complete list of performances, visit

The Hotel Carmichael and Feinstein’s at Hotel Carmichael Prepare to Shine Hotel Carmichael’s General Manager Jamie Hopwood is excited for a holiday season for the hotel and its guests—especially since the Christkindlmarkt was closed due to the


pandemic during the hotel’s inaugural holiday season. “From a winter wonderland viewpoint, I think the hotel and Christkindlmarkt experience is a perfect place for a weekday getaway–not just a weekend getaway,” Hopwood stated. “I think midweek will be a really good time for families to have people come and visit where it might not be as busy as the weekends and people will be able to enjoy all that Carmel has to offer during the week.” Hopwood continued, “From a sales standpoint, we have quite a few holiday parties booked, and it’s definitely going to be the most amazing place to have a holiday party or smaller, more intimate holiday meal CARMEL MONTHLY

Carmel_2021October_Christkindlmarkt.indd 22


with a show here [at Hotel Carmichael] with Christkindlmarkt happening right outside.” Feinstein’s at Hotel Carmichael’s Cabaret and Events Operations Manager Kelley Nichols added, “We are excited for the demographics that will be coming to the Christkindlmarkt this year and by the number of people that it will bring. We are planning on doing more shows during the week—specifically, the second and third weeks in December—to grab those customers. We’re very excited for that!” For reservations and more information on Hotel Carmichael, visit, and for tickets and a complete list of performances at Feinstein’s, visit


2021-10-25 4:00 PM

The Cake Bake Shop Brings Its Magic to City Center If you haven’t experienced the holidays at The Cake Bake Shop at City Center in Carmel, you haven’t truly experienced the splendor of the holidays. In addition to her renowned cakes and delectable dishes, restaurateur Gwendolyn Rogers’ holiday decor is iconic in and of itself. From animated polar bears to exquisite Christmas trees and swags that don the interior of the restaurant, to the splendorous exterior decor—Rogers’ and her staff add a special ingredient to the mix that is the epicenter of holidays in Carmel. “Carmel City Center was the perfect spot for my second location,” Rogers said. “It was fairly new construction at the

time, which allowed me to build my shop from the ground up. I wanted to include all the wonderful design components that I couldn’t add into my Broad Ripple Village shop due to its small size. What makes my second location so incredible is the people. I will be forever grateful to Bruce and Denise Cordingley. They are the ones that convinced me to open in Carmel City Center. It is the wonderful guests and other shops that create the ‘synergy.’ We are a happy place to visit, and everyone who comes here is celebrating all the good things in life. Good food, good music, culture, art, beauty, magic and most of all your family, friends and loved ones. It is an honor to be a part of.” For reservations and more information on Cake Bake, visit

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