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DECEMBER 2022 Carmel Resident Co-Produces New “Mandela” Musical Broadway “ “ Sam Arce COLLECTIVE PUBLISHING PUBLICATION MONTHLY
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Carmel’s Own “Broadway Sam” Arce Co-Produces New “Mandela” Musical

We are pleased to feature Carmel resident and arts enthusiast Sam “Broadway Sam” Arce on this month’s cover. Arce’s involvement with the off-West End project, “Mandela” is one of the reasons we are featuring Arce in this issue. Arce’s work as a producer, advocate, and investor in musicals, movies and shows has presented endless opportunities for Arce and it is his ultimate goal to give back to the arts community — both locally and abroad — and to not only inspire but to educate folks about the business of investing in creative projects.

Cover Story Writer // Janelle Morrison • Photo // Laura Arick


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Body Outfitters On Physical Fitness and Its Influence on the

Immune System

It’s a new year but the same viruses are still circulating throughout the nation and since it’s obvious that exercise is good for both the body and mind, we dove a little deeper into how physical exercise influences one’s immunological response. We not only looked at ways to stay healthy this winter/flu season, but also at how staying active impacts mental health.

Sharing his expertise and advice on these subjects is the Assistant Site Manager at Body Outfitters in Carmel, Alex Jaquez. Jaquez has been a personal trainer since 2015 and has a bachelor’s in Kinesiology.


We don’t need Bill Nye the Science Guy to explain how keeping our bodies fit helps to keep us healthy but a better understanding of how intensity and frequency plays into the science of good health may motivate some of us to get our bodies moving.

“I found studies that discuss how staying active and fit boosts your immune health,” Jaquez shared. “To quote a study published in 2020, Physical exercise as a tool to help the immune system against COVID-19: an integrative review of the current literature stated, ‘The practice of physical exercise, both in its acute form and in its chronic form, significantly alters the immune system. Studies indicate that the modulation of the immune response related to exercise depends on factors such as regularity, intensity, duration and type of effort applied.’ And ‘Moderate-intensity physical exercises stimulate cellular immunity, while

prolonged or high-intensity practices without appropriate rest can trigger decreased cellular immunity, increasing the propensity for infectious diseases.’”

Jaquez added, “[Exercise] stimulates your immune response and it will actually increase the amount of T cells you have circulating in your blood. Think of T cells — a type of white blood cell —, as the ‘fighters’ in your immune system that help to identify and destroy any kind of pathogens in your body. Another study, Protective Effects of Exercise Become Especially Important for the Aging Immune System in The Covid-19 Era stated, ‘Regular, moderate exercise will help boost the immune system at any age, thus reducing the risk of incidence or severe course of many diseases.’ And ‘Just 10 consecutive days of endurance exercise contributes to significant protection against respiratory dysfunctions.’”

It’s important to note that while the intensity of the exercise does matter, as Jaquez emphasizes, “If we have somebody who’s never really exercised before, we are going to have them exercise at a lower intensity because we want to make sure that their body has been primed to deal with the stimulus we’re about to place on it rather than overdo it.”


In the absence of sufficient Vitamin D from the sun during the winter months, many people experience the “Winter Blues.” Jaquez shared how exercise and working up to higher intensity levels will bump up your brain’s “feel-good” neurotransmitters, called endorphins.

“Whenever you exercise, endorphins get released, which are essentially your body’s feel good chemicals,” Jaquez said. “And exercise has been shown to help reduce symptoms of depression. As endorphin levels increase, stress and anxiety have been shown to decrease. An increase in endorphins can help push your confidence and self-esteem and it will also help regulate your appetite.”

The caveat that Jaquez emphasized was that someone who’s not accustomed to working out will need to work up to increase their intensity levels of exercise

Writer // Janelle Morrison • Photography // Courtesy of Body Outfitters

and will need to allow more recovery time between the bouts of exercise.

When asked when a person should focus on staying healthy before the flu and cold season officially commences, Jaquez replied, “I start by asking my clients, ‘When is the best time to plant a tree?’ It should have been 20 years ago but the second-best time to plant a tree is right now. I understand that people are busy with life, families and work but the assumption is that it’s going to take 365 days to be in the gym to see any kind of noticeable results when in reality, it could be two days a week for 30-minutes. And it doesn’t even have to be 20-30-minutes a day. It shouldn’t be all or nothing. It should be how much time do you have and with that in mind, how much are you willing to set aside?”


Help your body battle the nasty viruses and bacteria that are prevalent this time of year and contact Body Outfitters in Carmel

or Zionsville to schedule your consultation.

Body Outfitters believes everybody is different and deserves a tailored level of personal training exercise that is demanding enough to create improvement while safe enough to match current physical condition. Their certified team delivers personal training services working alongside clients to help them progress to the next level and reach goals.

Jaquez added, “[As a trainer], I take into account more about what the person wants long term and what motivates them. We should start thinking of exercise kind of like our financial [health]. If we look at it more like a Roth IRA; the more you end up investing in it, the more you’re going to reap and enjoy as you are aging. If we start at 45-years-old, we’re still going to compound, we’re still going to get a solid benefit but it’s always going to be better the quicker you start.”

For more information and to register for classes or sessions, visit

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Feintstein’s at Hotel Carmichael Presents: Mandy Barnett – The Nashville Songbook Writer // Janelle Morrison • Photography // Submitted FRIDAY, JANUARY 13 AND SATURDAY, JANUARY 14 DOORS 5:30 P.M., START 7:30 P.M. FEINSTEIN’S CABARET – CARMEL, IN $25 FOOD AND BEVERAGE MINIMUM PER GUEST

began. Her music has been featured in many major film and television soundtracks, including projects starring Clint Eastwood, Tommy Lee Jones, Martin Sheen, Reese Witherspoon, Matthew Broderick, Sigourney Weaver, Ellen Burstyn, Bill Paxton and SpongeBob SquarePants.


courage and the initiative to keep doing it and to work through my shyness, insecurity and things like that. So, that’s how

I got started, and then I did a lot of fairs, churches and political events. Back then, it wasn’t so ugly. You could actually sing at Democratic AND Republican events, and nobody would hate you.

Janelle Morrison: We’re thrilled that you’re coming to Carmel, Indiana, and are helping to kick off a new year with an incredible show at Feinstein’s. Before we talk about that, share with me how you got into “the business” and about the support you got from your family and hometown.

Mandy Barnett: My mother recognized that I had musical ability when I was quite young and that I could sing in time, sing in tune and remember words and things like that. And then as time went on, she — and people in my family — started cultivating that [talent]. I had a perfect place to hone my skills because we went to a very supportive church that my great-great grandfather founded. So, I had built-in support and loving people who would let me go up every Sunday and sing. My aunt actually guilt-tripped me into singing a solo for the Easter program because I was quite shy. But I had such a great response that it gave me the

JM: How

old were you when you started recording?

MB: I ended up winning a contest when I was 10 years old at Dollywood. I worked there for a couple of summers and then I ended up getting a record deal with Universal Records when I was 12 years old and started out in Nashville. A very famous producer — James “Jimmy” Bowen, who ran Universal — he signed me. Jimmy produced Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and you name it. He came to Nashville and got into country music when things were starting to dry up in L.A. He ended up moving to Capital Records and took me with him. So, from 12 until about 18, I was with his label and worked on weekends. It gave me a really great opportunity to learn how to record and to try out material and new material. That experience was invaluable. I was working with James Taylor’s band when they would come to Nashville to do recording sessions with country artists. So, to be 14 years old and working with Leland Sklar and Carlos Vega — who were iconic then — was a great experience.

JM: You’ve had a plethora of mentors and influences. As you look back from where you are in your career, how invaluable are those to you?

MB: They were huge! I’m just very lucky that I got meet some of the people that I did, and the timing was just right. I got to meet some people like Owen Bradley, who produced Patsy Cline and Brenda Lee and some of my favorite [artists]. He was one of the most influential producers of all time. He and his brother [Harold] recorded a lot of music with Patsy and Brenda and were very pop-centric, even though they were doing it in Nashville. Patsy [Cline] was technically country, but they found the “sweet spot”

between country and pop so that it could cross over. You didn’t necessarily have to be a country [music] fan to love Patsy Cline. To meet them and work with them was very important to me. I was from a small town in Tennessee and was worried that I wouldn’t necessarily be “authentic” singing jazz. I worried about that, but [Owen and Harold] encouraged me to keep going into it, and I’m so glad I did. I realized that most jazz singers are from the South as well and have roots in other types of music.

JM: What can you share with me about your upcoming shows at Feinstein’s?

MB: The show is called “The Nashville Songbook,” and I’ll be showcasing a lot of those great songs that I was talking about being in that “sweet spot” between country and pop. I’ll be combining some of those songs from the Great American Songbook — songs from Patsy Cline, The Everly Brothers, and Roy Orbison. And I recorded an album in 2021, which has been my biggest commercial success. It’s an album that I cut with Sammy Nestico and a 60-piece orchestra. All are songs from Billie Holiday’s “Lady in Satin.” I’ll be singing some of those songs as well, so it’s a combination of the great country standards, the Great American pop standards and some from the Billie Holiday record. I think it’s good to mix things up a little bit so that there’s peaks and valleys, so you don’t know what’s coming next. I kind of like that when I’m doing shows.


Experience Feinstein’s and all that it has to offer in 2023

Back in January 2021, Carmel Monthly celebrated the long anticipated grand opening of Feinstein’s at Hotel Carmichael after an unprecedented hiatus throughout the entertainment world as a direct result of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Feinstein’s gave us something to look forward to, and to this day, it continues to evolve itself and deliver first-rate entertainment, food and beverages.

Ispoke with Hotel Carmichael’s General Manager Jamie Hopwood and his dedicated team about how they are continuing to grow and diversify the venue’s programming as well as add to the already impressive food and beverage menus, with a renewed commitment to exceptional customer service.


Feinstein’s is an upscale entertainment venue developed in partnership with legendary musician Michael Feinstein. This signature cabaret offers a creative and inspiring space to enjoy live music, elevated menus and a refined bar and spirits selection. Modeled after Feinstein’s/54 Below in New York City and in the spirit of the Great American Songbook, this unique cabaret promises an unforgettable experience.

In addition to the intimate main room, Feinstein’s offers a private dining option in a room partitioned off the main room that

seats up to 16 people. The wall opens, allowing the private dinner party to watch and enjoy the entertainment. Audience members can order off a brilliant menu that showcases [Vivante’s] Chef Jason Crouch’s talents and features distinctive cocktails from the nightclub’s refined bar and spirits collection while enjoying the show.


As with any new establishment, there are learning curves that under the right leadership become opportunities for growth. Hopwood, a seasoned general manager, acknowledges that he and his team have learned a great deal since the doors officially opened at Feinstein’s, and they are excited about taking that knowledge and feedback from performers and guests and amplifying the experience this new year.

“From a food and beverage standpoint, we identified that we needed a separate line out of the kitchen, and we couldn’t execute to the level that we wanted coming out of the Vivante line,” Hopwood shared. “So, one

of the things we have done is rebuild the entire back banquet line into a Feinstein’s kitchen line, which has allowed us to really elevate the food and beverage experience.”

Hopwood continued, “The evolution continues with us expanding our focus from our national acts to exploring local entertainment fields as well. As the [pandemic] environment allowed, we focused on our partnerships with Actors Theater of Indiana and Don Farrell’s Frank Sinatra shows. And as those evolved, we looked at having [Don’s] Barry Manilow shows as well. Obviously, the draw to the Sinatra name and Don’s execution of these shows has made these shows very popular.”

Hopwood shared that as he and his team continued to explore local talent, they were also looking at what has happening on the national stage in terms of entertainment and what some of the other Feinstein’s clubs were featuring on their stages.

“That’s when we kind of shifted our strategy,” Hopwood said. “We looked at how we could schedule some regular programming during the week while still focusing on the national acts that we bring in on Friday and Saturday nights. We are very much aligned with the Great American Songbook and Broadway talent, and we work with John Iachetti on lining up that entertainment and then we rely on our internal team to focus on new programming that features improv and standup comedy, magicians, burlesque, drag brunches, jazz brunches and cover bands with the goal to attract different clientele through our doors to experience Feinstein’s for the amazing venue that it is. I think it is an important strategy as we see Carmel continue to grow and diversify as a key member of the community.”


I asked the team members what they enjoy most about Feinstein’s and what they wanted to share with the Carmel and greater Indianapolis communities, especially those who have yet to experience a show or event at Feinstein’s at Hotel Carmichael.

In addition to the free parking, Kathy Ray, catering sales manager at Hotel Carmichael, shared, “While I may not have known the name Franc D’Ambrosio at first, I do know The Phantom of the Opera. After the first time I saw [Franc] perform here, I thought he was phenomenal, and he brought tears to my eyes and goosebumps. When he performed here again a few months ago, I had exactly the same feeling. And I feel the same way when [Don] performs Sinatra. He’s got Frank [Sinatra] down! When he tells the historical stories about Frank Sinatra’s life, those eras really relate to the people who come

Writer // Janelle Morrison • Photography //

to the shows. When you go home with a smile on your face and say, ‘I can’t remember the last time I was really moved by someone like that’ … that’s Feinstein’s. It’s a fabulous emotion.”

Director of outlets at Hotel Carmichael Tyler Upshaw added, “If I would say one word [to describe Feinstein’s] it’s ‘Experience.’ My first day here was actually a sold-out show for Five for Fighting, and just being in that room with the energy from the performance, staff and guests, it got me energized as well! My passion for food and beverage has carried over to a passion for the performing arts as they go hand in hand. We’ve got the entertainment on our stage and these great dishes that chef and his team are preparing and the new cocktails menu that we’ve rolled out. We’re making sure that our cocktails are a high quality and higher standard. We’re doing unique infusions and table side activations with smoke and dry ice.”

Lastly, Feinstein’s at Hotel Carmichael Manager Greg Wisinski shared many exciting happenings that are coming up and some that are under development and will debut in 2023. In addition to local and national performances by popular artists, like Don Farrell, Actors Theater of Indiana, Blair Clark, and many others, Feinstein’s will be developing some additional unique

and diverse entertainment lineups. Be sure to visit for more details and to purchase tickets!

“I would like for the community to know that Feinstein’s menu is a chef-inspired menu that rotates every two weeks and stays seasonal,” Wisinski said. “It’s an opportunity for Chef Jason to get in the kitchen and get his creative juices flowing. And when it comes to the venue itself, there’s a lot of opportunities to seeing any type of entertainment in the area, but none of them are in the setting that Feinstein’s offers — the intimacy of the room. Every seat is a great seat, and our dedicated staff are definitely worth mentioning!”

Wisinski is currently working on the Wednesday night programing and some more “regular” programming, such as the Jazz Brunches, Drag Me To Brunch events and many more impressive and diverse shows that are expanding the venue into other markets and communities throughout central Indiana.

“I am working on a ‘Feinstein’s Original’ program that will be a variety show,” Wisinski said. “And I’m working on the ‘Feinstein’s Live’ programming for Wednesday nights. That’s where I see this new variety show [fitting into the schedule], and I’m working with Ball State, Butler and IUPUI’s graduate programs on

developing a ‘Stroll through the Decades,’ which will feature seven great storytellers and utilize the performing arts that’s right here in central Indiana. We’ll have some great storytellers come in and tell a really fun and interesting 5-to-7-minute story about the 1920s, 30s, 40s, 50s and so on until we run out of decades, and then we’ll start back over again.”

There are some exciting things coming for 2023 that are in production so be sure to stay in the loop and follow Feinstein’s at Hotel Carmichael on Facebook and on Instagram.

For tickets and general information, visit

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Let’s groove tonight with Carmel Symphony Orchestra under Artistic Director Janna Hymes and Serpentine Fire: The Music of Earth, Wind & Fire! Serpentine Fire is comprised of Las Vegas’ best instrumental and vocal talents. The show is a dynamic and fast-paced journey through the ’70s and ’80s hits of EW&F. This Symphony/Pops presentation has uplifting and funky music with sophisticated orchestration to create an irresistible, crowdpleasing show for all ages! Be a “Shining Star” and gather family and friends together at the Palladium on Jan. 28 for these hot sounds on a (likely) cold night.

We spoke with CSO Artistic Director Janna Hymes, as well as Mariano Longo and Tyriq Johnson of Serpentine Fire, about the upcoming concert and how energizing the night will be for all attendees.

Purchase your tickets at


“This [CSO] season has been so much fun, and I’ve loved every concert,” Hymes shared. “They’ve all been so different, and I love how the orchestra is playing. It’s just super fun! This music — of Earth, Wind & Fire — is music that I grew up with and listened to all the time. This particular concert is going to be very energetic!”

Hymes continued, “I absolutely love the energy, I love the style and I love the slow ballads, the

funk tunes and the rhythm section just playing in that groove. I think anyone, even if they don’t know who the band was, would come to this concert and love it just because it moves your body. It’s not intellectual. It’s not something that you have to study or know about before. It’s just a raw, built-in rhythm and movement to this music that anybody in the audience will react to.”

It is important for attendees to know that the experience will be an exuberant amount of fun but not so loud that they can’t [audibly] enjoy the concert.

“I don’t want anyone to feel like it’s so loud that they can’t handle it,” Hymes expressed. “These guys have been doing this show for a while, and they are solid. I think it’s going to be a great way to open the new year — with an energy that we’ve already started to create this season. I’m excited about the momentum that we’re continuing. I think to open [the year] with a program like this is really great. And the rest of the year to follow is also stellar, in my opinion. We’re getting a lot of feedback from the audience, and they’re loving the programming because everything is extremely varied and thought out. Specifically with the music of Earth, Wind & Fire, it’s been in the background of people’s lives, and [they] have been heard on commercials, movies, etc. These songs are nostalgic. They take us back to when

Writer // Janelle Morrison • Photography // Courtesy of Carmel Symphony Orchestra



The arranger and conductor behind the Serpentine Fire show is incomparable pianist Mariano Longo. Longo shared his passion for the project as well as his reverence for the founding members of Earth, Wind & Fire and the lasting impact their music has made on generations of fans.

“For my entire career, I’ve been working on arranging and producing music for artists,” Longo said. “When we started [this project] about 10 years ago, I had no idea what was going to happen. Tyriq [Johnson] is a mercenary as far has his talent, delivery and execution. He is just a magnificent talent, and I’ve worked with a lot of stars and recording artists over the years. Tyriq is every bit a national caliber talent and has an incredible voice. As this project began to unfold, it became apparent to me that this music should be expanded to symphony orchestra.”

Longo added, “It was just clear as a bell to me, because unlike a lot of pop music, there is a lot of melodic and harmonic content in every song. All of the elements are there in the catalog of Maurice White. And Earth, Wind & Fire is very rich and fertile grounds for orchestration.”

The rest of the “book” was written by Longo during the pandemic, and he enthusiastically shared that they will be brining two brand-new arrangements to Carmel when they perform with CSO.


Johnson also shared his passion for the Earth, Wind & Fire catalog and what he hopes the audience will take away from the experience.

“The music stands the test of time,” Johnson said. “It’s all-around great music. And it’s very special to me. I grew up listening to it. I’m happy that people enjoy and love to hear these songs that have a special place in my heart. The music not only sounds great, but it gives message to certain songs that you listen to. The innovator and leader of the band, Maurice White, wrote a song called ‘All About Love,’ and he’s talking about things like prosperity and kindness to one another.”

Johnson added, “We’re coming together, and we’re having a great time, and we should always feel this way about one another. Everyone has a ‘favorite’ song or something that they can go back on, and [the music] takes you back there. You get everybody in the same groove and just having a good time. So, we hope we can do that and bring that [energy] there and get people up

out of their seats and dancing in the aisles. To me, that’s cool.”

Johnson spoke about working with Longo on the Serpentine Fire project.

“Working with Mariano is a great and awesome experience,” Johnson said. “He’s a great writer, conductor and musical director for me. He is a great person to work with, and I don’t think I’d have it any other way. We hope that people will really enjoy what we bring to the table with this music, and I would just love for people to come together and spread love — just love on one another and enjoy this music. I’m looking forward to having a great time and to putting on a wonderful show!”

SerpentineFire: Let’sGrooveTonight!TheMusicofEarth,Wind&Fire Janna Hymes Artistic Director Hymes Artistic Tickets start at just $25 Call the Center’s Fifth Third Bank Box Office - 317.843.3800 7:30pm, SAT., JANUARY 28 The Palladium at the Center for the Performing Arts
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Carmel High School’s

Kole Mathison

Takes First in National CrossCountry Championship

Carmel High School senior Kole Mathison has checked a few major accomplishments off of his high school bucket list as a powerhouse runner, including crossing the finish line in first place at the Champs Sports Cross Country Championships boys 5K race in San Diego, California, on Dec. 10 — a meet that he finished 5th [place] in 2021. Mathison’s time of 14:56.6 was the fastest in the field by 11 seconds.

starting in July and all the way to these two national meets that were both in December. I think there were times in the last track season where he was kind of frustrated with himself — he was winning races but maybe wasn’t running as fast as he would’ve liked to. But between April and May of his junior year, he was able to be more kind and a bit more patient with himself, and then he went on to win two events [1600m and 3200m with state records] at the state meet. He’s always been willing to train and to do the things that made him more consistent.”


“I started playing sports at a very young age and tried it all,” Mathison said. “I started running in the 4th and 5th grades, and that kind of kickstarted my love for the sport. I won multiple races, and winning was a good feeling,

Writer // Janelle Morrison • Photography // Raymond Tran and Scott Mathison

so I was like, ‘I think I can keep doing this running thing.’ And then I ran throughout middle school and still had a lot of fun. Obviously, I didn’t win everything in middle school, and that was a learning experience. In the beginning, I ran because winning was fun and that was my motivation for running. Now, I’m just thankful that God has blessed me with the gift to run at the level that I do, and every time that I ‘toe the line’ to race, I want to give all the glory to Him. Winning isn’t everything, and win or lose, I’m still out there enjoying myself and having a good time, and I’m thankful that I learned that [lesson] at a young age.”

Mathison reflected upon his progression over the last 4 years.

“My progression throughout high school has been amazing,” Mathison expressed. “I was surprised at what I was able to do coming into CHS and being the number one runner on the team. That was not something I really expected. I was just hoping to be in the top 7. Throughout the 4 years, I’ve met so many great people and have had great mentors on the team as well as great coaches. Jut seeing how the team and myself have progressed over the [4] years has been really cool. I always wanted to win that team title, and we were finally able to do that my senior year. And I finally got an individual title as well, so to do both on the same day was something really special and made it so much sweeter.”

Mathison added, “It’s been such an incredible journey, and I’ve learned so many great things and have built some amazing relationships with people that I still hold close to me to this day.”

The CHS cross country program is an athletic fraternity in the sense that previous and current members of the CHS program become part of a “brotherhood” and form connections that can be life lasting.

Just days after the Champs Championship, Mathison was visited by CHS graduate and pro distance runner Ben Veatch at a practice. Though the two are seven graduating classes apart, they share a special bond, in addition to both having been coached by Altevogt while at CHS.

“Ben and I are good friends,” Mathison said. “We met about a year and a half ago, and we’ve gone on runs, conversed and had workouts together over the past year or so. It’s been fun getting to know him. He’s done some amazing things in high school at IU, and now he’s running pro for Dark Sky Distance — a pro club up in Flagstaff, Arizona, [sponsored] by Under Armour. So, it’s really cool to see him succeeding at the highest level and to have him as a friend, and to [have him] show up at practice — 2 days after the [Champs] race — was awesome.”

Mathison added, “It just shows that this [CHS] program and the team that we have goes a long way, and guys from years past still follow the team because it’s a big part of our lives and it’s kind of a family — a ‘brotherhood’ for sure.”


Before graduating from CHS and heading out to the University of Colorado where he has signed a letter-of-intent to compete in cross country and track and field for CU, Mathison shared that he is

training for the U20 USA Cross Country Championships that will be held on Jan. 21, 2023, in Richmond, Virginia.

“The [U20 USA] is a qualifying meet for the [U20] World Championships which will be in Australia on February 20, 2023,” Mathison shared. “I qualify if I finish in the top 6, so that’s what’s next on my schedule. I’m going to continue training for that, and hopefully, I’ll be able to put on that Team USA singlet and represent [the team] in Australia. After that, I will gear up the track season and just have fun with it and try to contribute to possibly winning a team track and field state title, as it’s my senior track season. After that, I may run some national races in June and then get out to Boulder, Colorado, as soon as I can to get summer training and miles in and join my new team.”

Lastly, Mathison shared that while he’ll be studying Integrative Physiology at CU, his “number one goal” is to sign a pro [running] contract and has aspirations of competing at the Olympics in the future.





We are pleased to feature Carmel resident and arts enthusiast Sam “Broadway Sam” Arce on this month’s cover. Arce is a successful, licensed real estate broker and instructor at F.C. Tucker in Carmel. When he’s not helping people achieve their dreams of homeownership, he is helping creatives realize their artistic dreams both locally and abroad.

Arce resides in Carmel with his wife Miya and is father to son Sam “Sammy” Arce III and daughter Michelle Arce Shellah and is a proud grandfather to Michelle and her husband, Waleed’s son, Dean. Additionally, he is a passionate co-producer and investor in off-Broadway and West End musicals. Arce currently sits on the Actors Theater of Indiana Board of Directors.

Arce’s involvement with the off-West End project, Mandela is one of the reasons we are featuring Arce in this issue. Arce’s work as a producer, advocate, and

investor in musicals, movies and shows has presented endless opportunities for Arce and it is his ultimate goal to give back to the arts community — both locally and abroad — and to not only inspire but to educate folks about the business of investing in creative projects.

Becoming “Broadway Sam”

Arce shared how his love for musicals and the arts in general began when he was a child and performed semi-professionally in high school and college productions. While his father and grandfather were in the real estate industry, Arce

didn’t find his passion for that [industry] until after college. Arce enlisted with the ROTC program, and it is there that a dear friend dubbed him “Broadway Sam” out of Arce’s affinity for attending as many on and off-Broadway productions as possible.

The nickname organically became Arce’s moniker and as his success in real estate enabled him to invest in professional productions and other entertainment projects, his reputation as a supporter grew beyond the local arts scene all the way to New York, Las Vegas and London. Arce has been investing in these

Writer // Janelle Morrison • Photography // Laura Arick and submitted

endeavors under his company, Broadway Sam Theatrical Productions — a team of four — since 2018.

Some of the shows Arce has invested in include: The Broadway productions ican Son and Getting the Band Back Together; Off-Broadway productions including Rock of Ages: The Musical and Broadway Bounty Hunter; London West End productions The Prince of Egypt and Be More Chill; and the Las Vegas shows Criss Angel Mindfreak and Heartbreak Hotel.

Arce also invested in A Beautiful Noise: The Neil Diamond Musical. In addition to co-producing Mandela, he is currently working on a myriad of projects including Discovering Broadways’ Hamlet, two parody musicals in Las Vegas: A Musical About Star Wars and NEWSical, both produced by Michael Duling D’Angora and Tom D’Angora. He is also co-producing SUPER YOU, book, music and lyrics written by Lourds Lane, along with his partners Mary Maggio and Jeff Neuman.

Arce has recently taken a role as a partner with Indiana local film company Pigasus Pictures. Pigasus is most well

known for their previous films The Good Catholic, The Miseducation of Bindu, and this year’s thriller hit So Cold The River. They have produced six feature films entirely in the state here in Indiana including the Carmel-based feature film The Duel coming out in 2023.

Together with Arce, the team is set to produce multiple features in the next five years and is currently financing these films through their second venture capital film fund. The upcoming slate includes the film LITTLE FIVE, the next great Indiana sports film inspired by the story of the first women’s Little 500 race in 1988 at Indiana University. Pigasus will also be bringing major Hollywood stars and production partners to the state with 5 new features currently in development. With Arce’s partnership and experience, the company is set to bring a major spotlight to film in Indiana.

Arce shared, “I have found that for me to deal with all of the challenges that I deal with, and what theater has done for me, it has given me a safe space to enjoy, and take a two-hour vacation. Movies do that for me also and I exercise. It gives

me a place to get lost in another story and be part of someone else’s creation. What I’m doing is investing in other people’s creativity and using my resources, financially. I’ve been seeing Broadway shows every year of my life since seeing Jesus Christ Superstar in 1972. I don’t only see Broadway or West End productions, but also local [productions]. I am very supportive of local theater. My superpower is to motivate, to encourage and to inspire.”

Mandela: A New Musical

Arce connected with the Mandela project in 2019 and is a co-producer along with his partners Mary Maggio, Daniel Peterson and Scott Abrams. Arce also recruited Andrea Moorehead and Missy Shopshire as supporters of this remarkable project that highlights a specific period of Nelson Mandela’s extraordinary life that is being shown at the Young Vic in London, England. Arce was present for the opening and was in the company of two Mandela family members who are intimately involved with the project.

Co-produced by Mandela’s granddaughter Nandi Mandela and his great-grandson Luvuyo Madasa, with music and lyrics written by Greg Dean Borowsky and


Shaun Borowsky, and directed by Schlele Williams, Mandela is a powerful production that Arce and the entire Mandela team hope will find its way to West End and eventually to Broadway.

By sharing anecdotes of precious family moments spent with their grandfather and great-grandfather, Nandi Mandela and Madasa are delighted to have helped the Mandela team tell the story of Madiba as both a family man as well as an inspirational icon so many have come to admire and are excited by the potential for Mandela to touch lives all around the world.

“I was inspired by Mandela,” Arce reflected. “What I loved about this story, it’s a more specific time of his life. I love the music and the authenticity of the dancing. We have a South African choreographer, Gregory Maqoma and the Borowsky brothers are also South African. That side of the Mandela family is from Mandela’s first marriage who is representing the Mandela family in this production. There is nothing in this

show that does not have the Mandelas’ seal of approval.”

When asked how Mandela is performing from an off-West End production

point of view, Arce shared, “Mandela is doing very well. It’s getting good reviews and constructive reviews, and that’s part of this process. Our goal is to take it to the West End, then to Broadway and the bucket list is to bring [the production] to South Africa. I wanted to be part of Mandela for the [social] message so I feel like I’m part of something even bigger. I got Missy and Andrea into the developmental stage of this project, which is a bigger risk that can have bigger rewards. I believe in the Hamilton effect. That effect is, you’ve got to be in the room when it happens and not give away your shot. I’ve been living that my whole life. The footprint for me will really be the people that I’ve encouraged. It may not be on my tombstone but knowing that I’ve helped encourage and move lives forward, and have helped in whatever way that I can, that’s enough for me in my heart.”

Be sure to follow Broadway Sam on Facebook and Instagram!

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Carmel High

School Alumna Inducted


Hamilton County Basketball Hall of Fame

The former shooting guard, All-State player [both junior and senior years at CHS] assisted the Lady Greyhounds in 2008 with their win at the Class 4A state championship and is a record holder [school career scoring record] for which these accomplishments earned Chrissy Steffen’s induction into the esteemed HOF.

e spoke with Steffen as she reflected on her HOF induction and her athletic career at CHS and Bowling Green State University, from which she graduated in 2013. She shared how her experiences influenced her current career as an Academic Advisor at BGSU.


Like many CHS athletes, Steffen’s passion for sports was nurtured through the Carmel Dads’ Club, as well as elementary and middle school and having been “dragged” to older siblings’ sports activities.

“At a very young age, I had an appreciation for sports,” Steffen shared. “I grew up with three older brothers and was around sports all the time. Looking back, there was a lot of stuff that my parents [John and Patty] were taking me to, on top of my three older brothers’ [practices and events].”

Once in high school, Steffen turned her focus solely to basketball.

“I played other sports, but with Carmel being such a big high school, I focused on basketball during that time,” Steffen said. “When I was a freshman, we were picked as one of the top teams to probably win state. We had a really strong senior class. But it was my junior year when we won state. I think we were surprising to a lot of people, but everything ‘clicked,’ and we worked as a team.”

When asked what Steffen took away from her experiences at CHS, on and off the court, she replied,” I think gaining confidence — not only shooting-wise and being on the court — but [confidence] in my leadership abilities.”


Steffen set the CHS career scoring record, totaling 1,427 points as a senior, and led the Metropolitan Conference in scoring during her junior year. She was an Associate Press All-State First-Team selection and a McDonald’s All-America nominee ... she averaged 15.8 points and 6.7 rebounds her senior year, earning All-State FirstTeam accolades by the Indiana Basketball Coaches Association as well as the Indiana Coaches Girl Sports Association. Additionally, Steffen was a three-time All-MIC (Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference) First-Team choice and was also named to the All-Hamilton County First Team three times ... as a junior, and helped her team advance and win the Indiana High School Athletic Association Class 4A state title her junior year, after which she was named the tournament’s MVP.

Steffen graduated from CHS a distinguished graduate — National Honor Society and 2009 Indiana Basketball Coaches Association Senior Academic All-State — and began her collegiate career as a BGSU Falcon. She is 16th on the BGSU career scoring list, and she ranks fourth in school history in three-pointers made. Steffen also helped the Falcons advance to national postseason play in each of her four seasons, including two trips to the National Collegiate Athletic Association Championships and two appearances in the Women’s National Invitation Tournament.


After graduating from BGSU, Steffen completed her master’s degree at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and eventually returned to BGSU, where she is on staff as an academic advisor after working as an athletic advisor and counselor at the University of Illinois, University of Wisconsin–Madison and University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

“I feel like just being around sports in general makes you somewhat a competitive person and want to strive to be the best,” Steffen stated. “And also, how to work as a team. Understanding that people come from different backgrounds and understanding those different dynamics


you can [be] is something that I learned and have transferred [those skills] to the workplace, for sure.”

Steffen also attributed her time management skills to her high school and collegiate athletic careers.

“Looking back, I really don’t how I did it all,” Steffen said. “No wonder I was tired all the time! And looking back on what I thought were some of my hardest moments, it feels like if I was able to do that, then I can do even more now, and I have figured out how to balance all of that now.”


Steffen, who is not an affirmation seeker, was honored when she was informed that she would be inducted into the Hamilton County Basketball HOF. Director of Athletics & Activities at CHS, Jim “Jimmy” Inskeep, spoke about why Steffen was inducted this past December.

“Chrissy Steffen set a higher standard during her time at Carmel,” Inskeep stated. “She was a great teammate, and her on-the-court accomplishments are legendary. Chrissy embodies everything you would want in our student-athletes, and she has continued to pay it forward as an adult helping collegiate student-athletes.”

Steffen spoke about what the induction means to her at this stage of her life.

“Dave Nicholson called me in October, and Jimmy Inskeep told me,” Steffen recollected. “Jimmy’s been a big advocate of mine, and I’m appreciative of that. While

deep down I am excited about myself, I’m also my biggest critic too. I look back more at what our team had done in general more so than at my individual accolades. But I know I had a pretty good career at Carmel. Really, it’s the people that were involved in the program at the time and less about the wins and losses — that’s what I take away and what I remember the most. I think about the relationships that I had with teammates and coaches, and that was the best part about being on a team and a program like [CHS].”

Steffen was surrounded by family, friends and former coaches at the induction ceremony.

“It was just lovely to be around so many people that have been there for me,” Steffen expressed. “It’s a special gym, and when you walk around the top and see all the different state championships, Indiana All-Stars, etc., you see there is so much tradition in that high school. So, looking back on that team and knowing that we’re on that wall forever — it is definitely something that I’ll remember for a very long time.”

The Perfect Retirement

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