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Economic College “Ion Ghica” High School is:

SCHOOL MISSION Making an honor from its mission as a European School and its tradition of general and professional training in the Services Domain, Economic College “Ion Ghica” dedicates itself to the personal and professional training of students in real conditions of quality of the educational process, making it possible for real chances of socioprofessional integration and long life learning

An “EUROPEAN SCHOOL” Resources Centre in the PHARE PROJECT RO 2001-2003. Continuous Professional Training Supplier – 12 qualifications in the “Services Domain” ECDL Evaluation Centre with accreditation. Support Centre for Long Distance Learning TRAINING FIRMS

Colegiul Economic ION GHICA


Calea Domnească - 223 Târgoviste - România tel: +40 372716576 fax: +40245217687

Priority domain of professional training: SERVICES. · School population: an average of 1300 students/year on three educational levels. · School personnel: 70 teachers, 15 administrative personnel staff. · Material resources: 3 building items; IT and office equipment; specialized didactic equipment. - School Restaurant “Junior”

Extracurriculars European Projects School restaurant “Junior” -

DEBATE CLUB – promoting critical thinking, public speaking and solving problems


THEATRE FORUM - promoting la tolerance and culture of diversity





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