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Contact: Coire D. Nichols Houston CDN Communications, LLC C/O: Mixworks Records | Urban Blue Print (313) 397-7918 | office (313)-720-3512 | cell

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MIXWORKS RECORDS PRESENTS THE URBAN BLUE PRINT DURING MOVEMENT 2013 Detroit, MI- Just added to the musical mayhem of Movement weekend is the Urban Blueprint presented by Mixworks on Sunday, May 26, 2013 at The Magic Stick [Majestic Theater Complex] located at 4140 Woodward Ave. from 10:00 PM – 4:00 AM. Alongside with Mixworks founder Buzz “Bangin” Goree, will be performances by Cassy [Panorama Bar, Berlin], Alex Picone [Mixworks, Cadenza], Daniel Ciocio [CRAFT, New York], Kitty Kitten [Mixworks, Montreal], Spore Print [Mixworks Detroit], Eric Johnston [Parts Unknown, Detroit] to include a Special Guest Appearance from Visionquest – Dick Tracy. Adding art–to-sound will be special live paintings by Abull Haqq, of Third Eye Visual Arts. The Urban Blueprint is sponsored by Slow’s Barbeque in Detroit. Pre-sale tickets can be purchased online at for $15.00, and slightly higher at the door. Admittance is 18 years and older with proper id.

-XAbout Mixworks Founded in 2002, by Buzz Goree Mixworks was developed to promote quality electronic music and events locally and around the world. It was Goree’s objective to showcase and represent artists and DJ’s by providing the electronic music community with quality art and music. Mixworks represents artists and DJ’s from Europe and the US, by promoting and coordinating tours. For additional information about Mixworks visit

Photo opportunities and interviews are available upon request by contacting Coire D. Nichols Houston, CDN Communications, LLC C/O Mixworks (313) 397-7918 | office, (313) 720-3512 | cell or via email -XXX-

Artists' Biographical Sketches

Cassy (Britton) was recently named as one of Rolling Stones’ top 25 DJ’s to look out for in 2013. Having residencies at Berlin’s Panorambar, Paris’ Rex Club and Amsterdam’s Trouw, she’s more than a DJ but also an acclaimed vocalist in the house and techno industry. Britton’s vocal contributions can be heard on Perlon records and self- titled label Cassy, collaborating with the likes of artist’s Ricardo Villalobos, Swayzak, and Kirk Degiorgio. |

Visionaries : Seth Troxler, Lee Curtiss, Ryan Crosson, Shaun Reeves are the mind, body and soul of Detroit’s own Visionquest. This Motown sensation has taken the world by storm imprinting an unequivocal musical movement that would be heard at international venues and festivals: Fiesta Privada in Rome, Fabric in London, Circoloco at DC10 in Ibiza to weekly residency entitled “Soul Shower,” at Club Der Visnaer in Berlin. With only a decade under their belt, the VISION, is bound to embody all of whom are willing to embrace the QUEST of their future… |!/visionquest.official

As a teenage Italian born, Alex Picone, was consumed with house and techno music. In the mid 90’s he began DJing at many local clubs in 2004 he began producing with Katy Sand (Francesco Sperotto) to form Chronic Flakes. Successfully releasing two records in 05/06 and in 08, upon making Berlin his permanent residence he hooking-up with Mixworks label manger Lucretio. Meeting Mixworks founder Buzz Goree lead to the Berlin Dub’ as a part of the Persistence EP, Mixworks’ debut releaseMusic. Playing it, producing it, and making it happen for the true heads. This is the fuel that fires the passion of Picone. A life lived for, and through, music. ▪

New York City DJ/Producer, CRAFT (Daniel Ciocio) is one of the most influential staples in the NYC Techno scene. A self-taught mixologist, Ciocio’s career was spawned in 94’ at the ripe age of 14 with the purchase with a pair of Technics 1200's and a Vestax mixer. Practice and perfection gained the attention of local underground clubs, which resulted with the production of various local and global events under the name “Twice as Proper,” from which he co-founded. With a combo of over 4 dozen EP’s and copulations Ciocio, is a force to be reckoned with a well established craft for many years to come… | https://!/daniele.ciocio?fref=ts

Artists Biographical Sketches

“Kimberly Kitty” of Montreal evolved from being a fixture, at many global festivals renown from her eccentric and eclectic gear and signature feline mask to becoming an international DJ sensation. Kimberly Kitty’s, blends of deep house and minimal techno, strokes of all her prey from her resident club the Velvet Speakeasy and various providences through Canada and the U.S. “Fueled by catnip and a penchant to party Kimberly Kitty will play a set to perk up your ears, make your paws bounce, and tails spin!” | kimberly.kitty

Sean Gifford a.k.a. SPOREPRIINT began his fascination with electronic music at a very young age. At age 17, he became a fixture on the Detroit underground rave scene. As a member of “Mixworks,” Sporeprint has had the benefit of working directly under the founder, Techno heavyweight Buzz Goree. The future looks to be very promising as Sporeprint is currently preparing to increase his exposure even more, add live performances, and getting his first release ready. He anticipates more appearances in the U.S. and internationally and prepares for the next level. ▪ |!/sporeprint

A 13 year veteran, Eric Johnston has played clubs, festivals and parties in 9 countries on 3 continents...this is not his first rodeo. He has released his music on several labels, ‘Archipel,’ ‘Leftroom,’ and ‘Cityfox,’ Ltd to name a few. Known for his well programmed sets and superb track selection, Eric always delivers. ▪

Third Earth Visual Arts was founded in 1989. For over 20 years we have provided visual conceptual imagery to the electronic music community. Working with all major Detroit Techno musicians and labels. Such as Derrick May/Transmat, Carl Craig/Planet E, UR, Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, Eddie Fowlkes, Rick Wade and many more. ▪ |

Buzz “Bangin’” Goree aka clandestine is an efficient predator unit: one of underground resistance`s assault Djs, he follows an m.o. based deeply in the tradition of UR [Underground Resistance] used specifically for UR assaults within the competitive world of Detroit Djing, buzz has consistently kicked the asses of competitors and intimidated many so-called world-class Djs. Buzz Goree started his DJ career at the early age of 13 in the city of Detroit, MI. Back in those early days, he played disco music. By age 15 he had already done guest appearances at Detroit’s top clubs, STUDIO 54 and LA UMOS among them. In 1982 Buzz Goree teamed up with the DJ-crew Audio Mix, one of Detroit´s dominating DJ teams. In 1993 he founded his first label, NIGHT GROOVE RECORDS. It was on this imprint that Goree acted as executive producer for PAULA McPHEIRSON`s "Lift Me Up" and AGENT-X’s "Groove Tracks Vol. 1” featuring BURT COLLINS. During this time he worked under the monikers THE HOUSE SQUAD and THE BLOWED PIMPS. Soon after this, Goree met UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE mastermind MIKE BANKS and worked along with him on the legendary Detroit House label HAPPY RECORDS. He co-produced the hit "Work Me" with Detroit`s artist De-Hi on this UR sub-imprint. In the same year, Buzz Goree - now also known by his production name "Clandestine" - teamed up with Underground Resistance in order to help take UR to the next level. During this period, Buzz has produced many of the infamous and unobtainable UR Assault DJammunition tracks: The "Z" Records . These records are specifically created for and only available to UR Assault DJs. The UR units always include these records in their sets, giving them a tactical advantage over rivals. Buzz also produced "THE SWARM" under the moniker REMOTE, as well as the highly recommended UR_BATTLE PACKS in 2005, which are used, among others, by battle DJs worldwide. UR`s control system asserts that the Bangin´ Goree unit is ready for global assault. Designed to be aggressive and hard-hitting, as were his preceding models, Buzz Goree is dedicated to bring havoc to dance floors on a global scale. Simply place this unit in front of the crowd and brace for impact: Buzz Goree utilizes his DJ skills in perfect combination with Minimal Techhouse, Minimal House, and Techno ranging from Classic UR to contemporary to its fullest and beyond! Buzz has done DJ appearances all over the world playing at clubs like LIQUID ROOM |Tokyo, THE SHELTER | Shanghai, REX CLUB & QUEENS | Paris, 9 MONKEYS | Madrid, CLUB 69 & SOUND HAUS | Glasgow plus at a lot of other clubs in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dublin, London and Rome. He is a regular in Berlin, having appeared at LOVE PARADE, CLUB MARIA, TRESOR, PANORAMA BAR, :// about blank, so’ (436) & SUICIDE CIRCUS. Taking advantage of the Detroit-Berlin connection, Goree maintains households in both cities, keeping him in the vein of things. He is to this day a member of Underground Resistance and does events in his home town such as the Jive Turkey series over Thanksgiving. While he is running UR’s World Power Alliance sublabel, it is temporarily deactivated to make time for Goree’s own project, the Detroit Techno-rooted imprint MIXWORKS . With this label, he's developing new young artists from around the world . It is important for Buzz to discover and foster new talent. Mixworks is not designed for a certain genre of music. “We make music that comes out of us,” explains Buzz. We can look forward to the Mixsource EP, produced by, simply, Mixworks. Yet Mixworks is more than just a label. It is also a booking agency, among other tasks Goree has taken on. Buzz Goree is a veteran on the road, having toured numerous times with such luminaries as Scan 7, Juan Atkins, A Guy Called Gerald and Suburban Knight. If you are looking for the inner city Detroit sound without all the intellectual bullshit, if you are looking for a small, sweaty venue with a DJ who satisfies the dancers, then go with the bang factor that comes standard with the original intimidator, Buzz "Bangin’" Goree. This guy is one of the most respected DJs and producers, as well as one of Detroit`s most sought after artists today. If you want the true UR experience, Buzz Goree will take you there! | Mixworks/516728288368438?ref=hl | user/313mixworks | | | https:// | |

Mixworks Urban Blueprint  

Just added to the musical mayhem of Movement weekend is the Urban Blueprint presented by Mixworks on Sunday, May 26, 2013 at The Magic Stick...

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