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MAR. 11, 2011


Design - Build - Maintain San Diego Landscaping At Its Finest

The DIYer’s best tool: good credit (ARA) — Handy tool belt, equipped with all the essentials? Check. A vision of what the end result will look like? Check. A sense of adventure and determination? Check. Sounds like you’re ready to tackle your do-it-yourself project. Or are you? There’s one more tool you need to have a handle on before you begin — your credit. Whether your DIY project is constructing a kit car, building a shed or replacing your kitchen counters, you should check your credit score before you get started, since it’s likely you’ll use credit or even a credit card to pay for your project materials and supplies. Every time you use credit, it can affect your credit score — which in turn influences your ability to get more credit. Consider these five reasons why your credit is the first tool you’ll need to get your DIY project started: 1. When financing a home improvement project, credit makes sense for several reasons. First, because you’re using the credit to pay for something that will, in theory, increase your home’s value and your enjoyment of it; it’s an investment with foreseeable returns. Second, the cost of home improvement materials may be more than you are willing or able to pay out at one time. Credit allows you to manage the cost over a period of time that’s comfortable for you. 2. If you’ll be buying a lot of high-cost materials, the store you purchase from might offer you a store card with a seemingly enticing discount or reward for opening the account. If you know your credit score before you buy, you’ll be better able to assess if the store card’s interest rate and incentive is really competitive with the credit terms you already have on existing cards or could get from a financial institution. 3. A good credit score can help you qualify for better interest rates and lower monthly payments on loans. But your credit score can change and if you don’t check your credit report or monitor your credit, you might not know about changes right away. Before you commit to what kind of credit you’ll use for your DIY project, check your credit score. Websites like freecreditscore.com allow you to access your credit score when you enroll in credit monitoring. Monitoring your credit allows you to see how changes in your credit report can affect your score. You’ll also receive credit score alerts whenever your score changes. 4. Your credit could influence the scope of your project. When you check your score and find it higher TURN TO CREDIT ON B27



MARCH 11, 2011

What you should know before buying a 3-D TV (ARA) — Everyone, it seems, is eager for 3-D. It’s a fad that’s had its heyday more than once in pop culture, but this time all signs point to 3-D finding staying power in American theaters and homes. If you have any doubt that 3-D is hot, consider the fact that more than 100 movies — from children’s animated films to big-budget sci-fi offerings — were released in 3-D in theaters and on DVD in 2009 and 2010. And weigh the fact that nearly every major TV-maker has at least one 3-D set on the market. In fact, manufacturers are banking that Americans will embrace 3-D in their home viewing experience just as they did flat screens, high definition and Internet access. A 3-D TV may well be the high-tech investment your family opts for in 2011, but before you buy, here are a few things you should know — and consider — about 3-D television:

Cost considerations As with any new technology, 3-D TVs appeared on the market at higher prices than what you would pay for a comparable quality 2-D high definition set. While you could easily find large flatscreens for $1,000 or less in 2010, most 3-D units sold for upward of $2,000. Prices are coming down, however, and industry watchers predict

LOOK OUT New 3-D televisions are getting a lot of buzz as an exciting experience, but there are caveats as well. Courtesy photo

they’ll drop lower this year as the technology improves and manufacturers try to stimulate consumer interest. Many manufacturers have announced lower prices

Herb Festival, Spring Plant Sale and Tomatomania coming to Botanic Garden ENCINITAS — Back by popular demand is Tomatomania, part of the world’s largest tomato seedling sale, with lectures on culture and care and plenty of tomato seedlings.The event is coming to San Diego Botanic Garden on March 19 and March 20. Susan Belsinger is the honored guest at this year’s Herb Festival. Belsinger is a

on their 3-D sets for 2011. “Prices for 3-D TVs will definitely go down this year as our production costs have been dropping with improved technology,” says

Skott Ahn, LG’s chief technology officer, who also predicts that 3-D technology will become mainstream in a few years. What this means for you,



2 6 t Anniver h


culinary herbalist, educator, food writer, and photographer whose articles and photographs have been widely published. She has co-authored several best-selling, awardwinning cookbooks. Belsinger will give a program each day at 1 p.m. On Saturday, she will discuss Getting to Know the TURN TO TOMATOMANIA ON B27

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the consumer, is that this year you can probably pick up a quality 3-D TV for about what you would expect to

Any purchase of $25 or more. Limit 1 per customer

Carpet • Hardwood • Vinyl • Tile • Stone • Laminate Custom Area Rugs Blinds and Shutters

CARPET & FLOORING CENTER 662 Encinitas Blvd.

Encinitas 760-436-3244

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191 N. El Camino Real, Ste. 112

11658 Carmel Mountain Rd., Ste. 130

760.436.9030 858.451.9717



MARCH 11, 2011


Cast-iron comeback: Time-honored fixture material gets modern design


(ARA) — A skillet hidden away in a cabinet, or some other small piece of cookware — that’s about all the cast iron you’ll find in most modern homes. In the early 1900s, iron was a material of choice not just for cookware, but for many other essential items throughout the house: A skillet on the stovetop, sinks and bathtubs, and fences that decorated and defined the front yard. Even some buildings were made of iron. But as lighter, rust-resistant materials became available, iron fell by the wayside as a material in homes.

HOMES WHERE YOU'RE TREATED LIKE FAMILY • Trust • Experience • Service • Results

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Fast forward to today, and a new generation of design-savvy homeowners is rediscovering the beauty, durability and usefulness of cast iron in kitchens and bathrooms. A handful of enterprising manufacturers are reinventing the look, design and appeal of cast iron. If the concept of cast iron in kitchen and bath fixtures is new to you, consider the material’s advantages: • Durable. Enameled cast iron is especially durable, combining the longevity and dent-resistance of cast iron with the rust-proof beauty of enamel.

• Customizable. Cast-iron sinks and bathtubs add instant elegance to a space. And with more than 20 colors to choose from, it’s easy to create a customized look to reflect personal style. • Eco-friendly. Some castiron products, like those made by bath design pioneer Kohler, have a “green” side. Kohler manufactures its cast iron from 83 percent recycled materials. These three cast-iron fixtures have regained popularity — and reclaimed cast iron’s reputation as a material of TURN TO CAST-IRON ON B26


Fire Glass!

Pellets & more!

Glass Doors

Bio Fuel Fireplaces

Gas Logs

Fireplace Inserts

Wood & Gas & Pellet Stoves

Fire Pits

Enjoy our In stock items only. Expires 3/26/11

5000 sq. ft. showroom 1833 Diamond St., San Marcos 760-752-7789 in the La Costa Meadows Industrial Center www.fireplacesplus.com Open: Monday-Saturday - 9:00am-5:30pm

SIDEWALK SUNDAY San Elijo Hills is hosting a free Sidewalk Sunday celebration in the community’s beautiful Towncenter on March 13 from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Local merchants and businesses will be offering specials and there will be lots of activities for families. The San Elijo Hills Towncenter is located surrounding the intersection of San Elijo and Elfin Forest roads in San Marcos. Courtesy photo

San Elijo Hills celebrates small town living with ‘Sidewalk Sunday’ event

SAN ELIJO HILLS — 13 from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. San Elijo Hills is hosting to showcase the community’s “Sidewalk Sunday” on March vibrant towncenter and the businesses that surround the charming San Elijo Hills Town Square. The free event will feature an array of deep discounts and specials by local merchants, approximately 40 booths highlighting professional services and lots of activities for children, including jumpies, face painting and balloon artists. “Sidewalk Sunday launches a campaign by local $ $ businesses and the nonprofit San Elijo Hills Foundation to purchase purchase showcase the wealth of busiof $30 of $50 ness activity in the communior more or more ty and to encourage residents With coupon With coupon to shop locally,” said Halé Richardson, director of mar• Nursery, Maintenance, Design keting for San Elijo Hills. • Fountains, Pottery, Organics, Gift Shop “This is also a great • Weekly arrivals, delivery available opportunity for prospective home buyers to experience Barrels & Branches the vibrant lifestyle offered at 1452 Santa Fe Dr., Encinitas San Elijo Hills. In addition to shops and businesses, the San 760-753-2852

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barrelsandbranches.com Open 7 days year-round




MARCH 11, 2011

Quality tree service — but only if you need it COAST CITIES — They are the some of the largest living things on the planet and they’re always changing. They also make up 15 percent of your property value. What are they? Trees. The above facts are courtesy of Brian Bishop, owner of Bishop’s Tree Service. Bishop says his business was borne out of a lifelong love of trees, and the quality of service he offers can attest to that. “When I was a little kid, I thought Paul Bunyon and his ox was the coolest thing ever,” he said. “I wanted to cut trees. When I was 16 I just started cutting trees on my own. Around 1994 I became a certified arborist.” The rest is history.

WHAT’S YOUR STYLE? The way a room is decorated can say a lot about a person — so making the right choices is important. Courtesy photo

Telling your story through home decor

regular basis. I believe in giving something back to the community where we can.” In a community that prides itself on its trees, Bishop’s Tree Service stands out. “The difference between me and a lot of people out there is that out of our nine employees, five are certified arborists. You won’t find that ratio anywhere.” What this means for customers is that you get a certified arborist in your tree. “It takes about 20 minutes to screw up a tree forever.” Bishop stresses the importance of getting the job done right and getting it done right the first time. For more information on Bishop’s Tree Service, call (760) 720-9649 or visit www.bishopstreeservice.net.

to hearing the phrase,“The customer is always right.” Bishop doesn’t necessarily subscribe to that theory. “When we do estimates, I ask questions.The customer isn’t always right. I give the most inexpensive alternative for long-term management.” Bishop’s pride in his work and his knowledge come from his years of experience and also his role as president of the Professional Tree Care Association of San Diego, or PTCA.“The mission of PTCA is education,” he said. “Basically the reason I agreed to be president is because I believe in education.” Bishop also believes in giving back. “We donate work to San Diego Botanic Garden on a



Built from the idea up.

favorite home accessories to get a sense of which styles and colors attract you the most. If you’re getting mixed signals because you love your sleek black suit as much as your vintage watch, don’t worry.There is nothing wrong with mixing and matching styles. Just ensure you tie your design together with one cohesive element, such as a common color. Here are a few ideas for infusing your identity into your home’s decor:

Color your world Color is a great way to add personality to a room. Neutral hues can actually make a room appear quite dramatic when carried


Map NotTo Scale






Old World Pottery • Fountains • Palms Plumeria • Indoor & Outdoor Décor Water Features • Terracotta Glazed Pottery from Around the World!

The Pines







The Willows


(ARA) — With more and more people staying put in their homes, homeowners have realized the importance of creating a space that is meaningful to them and their families. Heirlooms and vacation tchotchkes are no longer hidden in closets and cupboards, but rather displayed to tell a story. Paired with the onset of do-it-yourself programs aimed at instilling design confidence in all, this new zeal is leading everyone to stop asking, “How does this look to you?” and start asking “What does this say about me?” Adding personality to a space shouldn’t be a difficult task. Look in your closet, jewelry box or to your

Today, Bishop’s has a staff of nine, who offer a variety of tree services. Crown cleaning, crown reduction, crown restoration, lifting and raising, thinning, tree removal, stump grinding, line clearance and brush clearance are all offered. Bishop and his team take pride in what they do. Their bottom line is about saving you money and saving your trees. It’s not about up-selling. “I will tell someone, ‘You don’t need me. The tree’s fine. Come back to me in two years,’” he said. “I’m a tree guy, not a salesman. It’s what I do because I want to do it. The more I can educate people, the more I can do quality tree work.Raising the industry standard.” As consumers we are used






The Pines at 4S Ranch

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When you become a Pulte homeowner, you also become a Pulte home designer. Because with our Life Tested designs, we update our homes with the ideas that can only come from experience. Which means our homes aren’t just built for life; they’re built for how you live it.


From the high $600s Single-family homes up to six bedrooms and 2,679 – 3,262 sq. ft.

The Willows at 4S Ranch From the mid $700s Single-family homes up to six bedrooms and 3,353 – 3,986 sq. ft. • 2,890 acre master planned community with more than 1,600 acres of open space, including ten miles of trails and seven community parks that feature splash parks, ball fields, picnic areas, playgrounds and views of nature. • 4S Commons, a 53-acre centrally located traditional town center featuring grocery shopping, restaurant, retail shops and services. • Highly-acclaimed Poway School District


Encinitas 760-635-1641 Open 7 Days - Delivery & Setup Available maddpotter.com



310 North Coast Hwy 101

y. 10 Coast Hw

Ranger Rd

Fallbrook 760-943-7256 Emerald M. Growers, Inc

Reche Rd

Leucadia Blvd.

136 Ranger Road 5 The Maddpotter Encinitas Blvd.

Homes listed are subject to prior sale or withdrawal from market, and price of homes are subject to change. Square footage is approximate. Community association fees required. This material shall not constitute a valid offer in any state where prior registration is required or if void by law. Photographs are not intended to represent the featured home being offered, and may also contain features or designs not available on all homes. Models do not reflect racial preference. Contact a sales associate for details. Pulte Home Corporation is a licensed California real estate broker (lic. #00876003) ©2011 Pulte Home Corporation. All rights reserved. 3/1/2011


MARCH 11, 2011


GONE GREEN A green home with a blue view. Both the front and backyard have synthetic grass which saves money on monthly maintenance and water usage. Courtesy photo

Green house next to greenhouses ENCINITAS — With all the talk in recent years about living green, how many of us actually do? Local couple William “Bill” Allen and Lyn Allen made the commitment to truly walk the walk with the house they built on Hymettus Avenue in Leucadia in 2000. A slew of improvements to the house inside and out transformed it into a water- and energy-saving paradise in one of the most desired areas in North County, proving that going green doesn’t need to mean sacrificing style. In fact, the 4,000-square-foot house is so desirable that when it was listed recently with Tyson Lund of The Lund Team, it was in escrow in record time due to the great interest for the green

improvements. It is a craftsman-style home, built in the vintage style of the 1920s and 1930s. The grass is always green at this house. The Allens installed a high-quality synthetic grass in both the front and rear yard that is both aesthetically pleasing and reduces monthly maintenance and water usage. Almost the entire yard is synthetic grass requiring virtually no water consumption. Also of note outside are the solar panels, which come with an inverter that will take excess power and sell it back to SDG&E. The Allens received money back from SDG&E in 2010.They are actually making money on their

energy bill. According to Lund, a high number of interested parties saw these systems as a bonus. Several of the buyers were downsizing from Olivenhain, where having one to two acres of property can have water and maintenance expenses of several thousand dollars monthly. With little to no electricity bills, low water bills and no mello roos, other than property taxes, monthly expenses on the property are minimal. Other green features in the home include a 70-gallon grey water system, which takes water from the showers and bathroom sinks to reuse for irrigation. There is also a hot TURN TO GREEN HOUSE ON B23

HERB FESTIVAL, SPRING PLANT SALE, AND San Diego Botanic Garden March 19-20, 10 am - 4 pm Tomatomania®, the world's largest tomato seedling sale, & lectures on culture and care. Presentation each day at 1 pm by Susan Belsinger, culinary herbalist, food writer, photographer & co-author of best-selling, award-winning cookbooks. On-going speakers on herb-related topics, guided Herb Garden tours, Herb Market & Spring Plant Sale. Kids crafts & help create a community sculpture with recycled materials. Both days 11 am - 2 pm.


with admission or membership. $

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at www.SDBGarden.org

230 Quail Gardens Dr., Encinitas 760-436-3036 • www.SDBGarden.org

MARCH 11, 2011

Get your property ready for market COAST CITIES — Realtor Marla Zanelli knows a thing or two about real estate. With more than 22 years in the business, and coming from a family of contractors, it’s no wonder Zanelli is considered a local expert. In previous years, Zanelli has focused primarily on serving coastal North County and specialized in selling second homes to those in the thoroughbred racing business for MARLA racing season ZANELLI in Del Mar. She also helps locals rent out their homes and condos for the season to clients from all over the country. A more recent development for Zanelli is a venture into managing remodels with Zanelli Designs. Using her expertise, Zanelli will help clients with remodels and repairs and help them get their home market-ready. Sometimes it’s the little things that can make the biggest difference. “Everything from restaining kitchen cabinets to choosing flooring and changing out hardware and lights can make a world of difference,” Zanelli said. “I have a client who is TURN TO READY ON B26

Spring events planned at Weidner’s ENCINITAS — March is the beginning of spring at Weidner’s Gardens. This year Weidner’s celebrates spring with special events and learning opportunities. Come learn at Fairy Gardening classes, a Succulent Wreath workshop, Moss Baskets and the Basket and Pot Rehab workshop and more. On April 16 and April 17, the Big Parade of Spring Baskets and Pots, the largest show anywhere of blooming and succulent combinations, will be held. Browse, get ideas, buy or learn to make your own at this free flower show. Don’t miss Weidner’s spring parade of color. For the complete schedule of all workshops and garden tour information, visit www. weidners.com and click on Classes and Events. Weidner’s Gardens is located at 695 Normandy Road in Encinitas. They are open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. except Tuesdays when they are closed. Call (760) 436-2194 or visit www.weidners.com for details.



Carlsbad flooring company committed to community CARLSBAD — Flooring America by Picketfence Design is pleased to announce the grand opening of their new Carlsbad showroom. The new location offers outstanding values on the lat-

est styles of carpet, luxury vinyl, laminate, hardwood, tile and stone; and not limited to flooring but also including showers, countertops and window treatments. If you are looking for

Allergy sufferers also beset with bad info (ARA) — Knowing fact from fiction can make the difference between misery and relief for millions of spring allergy sufferers. “People often sneeze and wheeze through spring if they use misinformation to manage their condition,” says allergist Dr. Myron Zitt, past president of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI). “But no one should suffer from spring allergies. Knowing the facts, getting a proper diagnosis and the right treatment allows allergy patients to feel good all season long.” The ACAAI — whose

allergist members specialize in treating allergies and asthma — dispels several common spring allergy myths. Myth: Over-the-counter (OTC, or nonprescription) oral antihistamines are just as effective as prescription medicines in controlling a stuffy nose. Fact: OTC antihistamines can help control some allergy symptoms, but they have little effect on relieving a stuffy nose or the inflammation that often occurs with allergies. They also can cause TURN TO ALLERGY ON B20

something unique or hard to find this is the place to go. The friendly staff offers complimentary design services to all their clients and the store hosts monthly design clinics to the community.

Picketfence Design, Inc. services San Diego County for both residential and commercial flooring. It is a 27-yearold, family business, owned by local Carlsbad residents Dan and Amy Taylor.

The Taylor’s have three sons who go to school locally in Carlsbad. You may recognize Dan and Amy from the sidelines of one of the local TURN TO COMMITTED ON B23

Beautiful Outdoor Living

DECKS&PATIOS 858.382.5964 by Jim

CSLB #921904


MARCH 11, 2011


Houseplants growing as a hip new niche (ARA) — Great as a gift or home decor, indoor plants are making a comeback as the coolest new trend in gardening. Cultivate, collect and even clean interior air with

them. Six smart ways to feature indoor plants for fabulous effects: 1. Great gifts: Give the gift of green with an indoor

plant. With spring holidays right around the corner, this year skip a short-lived, purchased bouquet and give a gift that will continue to blos-


som well beyond the special occasion. It is easy to find beautiful indoor plants with eye-catching blooms like anthurium, bromeliads, amaryllis and hibiscus. For an

Support local business.


Umbrellas on SALE $


inspired idea, give a living topiary shaped like a heart, or a beautiful living orchid — which can bloom for several months — instead of a mundane marketplace arrangement. Plants also make great hostess gifts, housewarming presents and get-well tokens. Give the gift of green and share a live plant with someone this holiday. 2. Terrariums: Create your own miniature garden. Invented in Victorian England and popularized in

the 1970s for their “kitschy” appeal, terrariums are fun micro-climates that can be both decorative and entertaining for kids and adults. Terrariums are generally enclosed in glass and can be planted inside anything, from brandy snifters and fish bowls, to large, upscale stained glass containers. With terrariums regaining popularity, experienced gardeners and novices alike are TURN TO HOUSEPLANTS ON B22




2840 State St., Carlsbad, CA 92008

Showroom: 760.729.3100 www.SkylarsHomeAndPatio.com

THE NEW HOUSEPLANT Houseplants don’t have to be the boring old things your mother kept on the windowsil. Photo courtesy of O2 for You


Breathtaking Ocean Views Centrally Located Near Little Italy and the Waterfront in Downtown San Diego 10½ Foot Floor-to-Ceiling Heights Direct Elevator Entries Into All Homes on Floors 24 through 33 Residences Priced From $500K to $3MM

ONLY FIFTEEN RESIDENCES REMAIN PRICED UNDER $2MM PENTHOUSES AVAILABLE AT $655 PER SQ. FT. Since November 2008, Sapphire Tower has captured 43% of all sales in our 92101 zip code listed above a selling price of $1,485,000!


888.812.3398 sapphiretower.net

— San Diego Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

4% BROKER CO-OP Sapphire Sales Team Chuck, Lisa & Glenn

SALES GALLERY OPEN DAILY 1262 Kettner Blvd., Suite #2701 San Diego, CA 92101

Prices effective date of publication and subject to change. CA License #01369404

Swim spas bring safety and comfort to fitness VISTA — An ache here, needed strength there, various joint problems and the importance of stretching are common to both the amateur athlete and the now-aging baby boomers. But too often, the high-impact training or required exercise can actually compound the problem. Aquatic Fitness Concepts, with their showroom in Vista, has the solution with their innovative swim spas called Aquatic Fitness Systems. Doctors, in fact, have begun prescribing their lap-pool style spas for their patients who need to exercise but are struggling with traditional land based programs. Californians are especially tuned in to healthy, successful aging. Aquatic workouts are well-known to be highly effective yet far less stressful on your body than any other type of exercise. And who wouldn’t prefer a low-impact workout in warm water where you can choose to swim, do circuit-training exercise, jog, stretch or row? Aquatic Fitness Systems are designed to perform like an underwater gym, and can be easily custom-tuned to emphasize trouble spots or give a full-body aquatic workout.



MARCH 11, 2011

The true luxury is that this can all be available in the convenience of your own backyard. Besides the time required traveling to use a public pool for laps or exercise, too often they are cold, crowded, loaded with chlorine and have limited schedules for use. With your own Aquatic Fitness System, you can use it anytime you want and can control exactly what temperature you want it to be. And because it has its own built in water purifier, very little chlorine is needed. Aquatic Fitness Concepts will help in finding the best program for your personal needs. The company goes the extra mile, offering customers trained aquatic fitness instructors who will recommend a complete training program for your Aquatic Fitness System. There are several different models available, all featuring swim lanes, hydro chairs and soothing jets. They range from 16feet to 19 feet long. The 7.5–foot-wide and 52- to 62inch-deep ovals can be installed both indoors or out, in or above-ground. Aquatic Fitness Concepts has the only showroom in Southern TURN TO SWIM ON B24

5 trends to make your home truly yours (ARA) — If you’re looking to purchase or remodel a home, you likely are building a long list of “must-haves,” “must-dos” and “mustincludes” for your new space. There’s no question the housing market is in a different place than it was as recently as five years ago. Of course, a tough economy has been the prevailing factor, but other things — an aging population and a tough job market — are influencing how people are living today and possibly into the future. If you’re like most home seekers and remodelers, you may find that your requirements fall in line with these five growing trends. Bigger isn’t always better: As interest grows in living more efficiently, people are building smaller homes. In fact, new homes are now 7 percent smaller than they were the previous year, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Just my style: Homeowners are aiming to make their home fit their personal visions of the best investment on the dollar, and 20 percent of new homes are currently custom-built, according to the American Institute of Architects. This trend to customize is in part made possible by the parallel trend to build a smaller home. Smaller spaces free up dollars to put toward the products that fill it. Color, decor and products that help make a home feel one-of-a-kind ver-

SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE These days, it’s more important than ever to make homes accessible for all generations. Courtesy photo

sus one-of-many are becoming king. M u l t i g e n e ra t i o n a l : Homeowners also are seeking spaces that accommodate residents of all ages. One-third of baby boomers report they have adult children still living at home or likely moving back home at some point, and 8 percent of Americans report

their parents already live with them or will in the future, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. With more people living under one roof — some possibly in diminishing health — you may be among the homeowners seeking products that will help ensure a healthier, cleaner environment. This may range from a

programmable thermostat to help you bring comfortable temps to all ages, to an air filter to help keep germs and airborne particles at bay. In for the long haul: As life expectancy increases, Americans are building homes that will allow them to “age in place.” Smart technology and system installations that will address future sight, hearing and dexterity-related limitations are becoming increasingly popular as a result. Energy-efficient: As homeowner concerns about energy costs continue to mount, so too does their attention to home design and products that will help lower their energy bills and decrease their carbon footprint. As a result, homeowners are showing increased attention to factors such as insulation and window quality. In the end, there are many products and services on the market to help meet these homeowner needs, but there’s one you may have not considered, tucked away in your basement. It’s your home heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) system, and it actually plays a role in meeting each of these growing homeowner trends. • If it’s a smaller home you seek, HVAC manufacturers such as Trane continue to rollout product solutions that TURN TO YOURS ON B23



Open 7 Days M-F: 10-7 Sat: 11-6 Sun: 12-5


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(In the Stevens Design Center)


Right off the freeway next to the Del Mar Racetrack

858-436-7775 email: CA.HYDRO@YAHOO.COM



MARCH 11, 2011

Your home office can be comfortable and functional (ARA) — When you start a home business, you will probably set aside one room or area of your house to be your office. This is the place where you’ll handle general business, customer relations, shipping and delivery of products and services, payroll and many other details that pertain to your company. Of course, this room is also in your house, so you want to make sure it looks good in case you have customers stop by, or if friends or relatives stay over. Setting up your office so that it is functional and looks nice is important, but because you’ll be spending a lot of time in there, you should make it comfortable as well.

Here are some tips on how to make your home office functional, yet fun and stylish. • If you have young children at home, designating your office separate from the rest of your house with a closed door, or a standing partition, can help your children learn that you are “at work” and not to be disturbed unless they have an emergency. If you plan to use your office space for family business as well after work hours are over, consider making a sign indicating you are busy working to hang on the door or partition. • Your desk probably will be where you spend the majority of time in your home office, which means you need it to match your style perfect-

ly. Your office chair needs to be comfortable, but you also want it to match the decor as well. You can choose a HON Volt or HON Ignition chair, picking from over 30 different fabrics and colors, allowing you to match your decorating scheme and comfort levels. Visit officedepot.com/custom design to see how a HON chair can enhance your home office space. • Decorate your office in colors and materials that will help keep you operating efficiently, but also allow you to enjoy the time you spend working. For example, yellow is considered to be a stimulating color, orange encourages creativity and green provides TURN TO OFFICE ON B24

TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS A clean, well-organized office with the right furniture can be more than just a place to do business — it can be downright enjoyable. Courtesy photo

Home and Garden

SERVICE DIRECTORY repair... revitalize...


• Dining Room • Rocking Chairs • Bar Stools • Piano Benches Pick up & Delivery

Repair Services


“First Aid for Loose and Broken Chairs & Tables”

Visit our showrooms or online

A Qualified Remodeler “Top 500 Nationally” Company 7160 Miramar Rd., San Diego • 858-693-4000 7943 University Ave., La Mesa • 619-466-5100


lic. #665346

Making your dreams Rock Solid.

Quality Furniture at Affordable Prices

Interlocking Concrete Pavers

SD Home Furnishings

4095 A Oceanside Blvd. #212, Oceanside CA 92056

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3861 Mission Ave., Oceanside SDHomeFurnishings.com

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www.manninohc.com Lic. #849183

DIVORCE MEDIATION A Peaceful Settlement RANDAL B. HOPWOOD Family Law Attorney 760-438-1800 www.Hopwoodlaw.com

COAST CITIES — When you see the trail of ants or find spider webs glistening everywhere on your way to the morning paper, it’s time to call Corky’s Pest Control. There is no reason to let ants, spiders, rodents, termites or any of the hundreds of potentially damaging pests wreak havoc on your beautiful home. Corky’s can solve your problem, and save you money and aggravation. Success in the pest control business, like most businesses, is a combination of experience, knowledge and dedication. Four decades of expertise and knowledge of our climate, our particular pest problems, and an expert’s knowledge of the products will best provide solutions for every customer. Owner Corky Mizer has over time added more services, products and diversity to his company in order to provide his customers with the greatest value. Besides the

basic high-quality pest control service that forms the core of his company, he has added the best people in each discipline to make new business divisions within Corky’s Pest Control. Included is his termite inspection and fumigation division. Corky’s is the first company to include a picture termite inspection process that allows the inspector to send pictures of the home while he is there and receive back a state-recognized termite inspection e-mailed to the customer in an absolutely minimum amount of time. Corky can also eradicate the termites in several ways, repair any structural damage that is found, and offer ongoing termite inspection, prevention and removal. Included in the termite eradication process is a four-year guarantee, knowing that if the job is done right it will TURN TO PEST ON B20




Pioneering the pest control industry


Specializing in Kitchen & Bathroom Remodels, Additions, and Repairs Quality Craftsmanship in San Diego Licensed and Insured CA State License #840289 E-mail: info@tradewindssandiego.com






Thought Provoking Spaces, Places and Soirees...

CALL CORKY For more than 44 years, Corky has satisfied thousands of residential, commercial, and mobile home customers. For more information, contact Corky’s Pest Control at (800) 901-1102 or visit www.corkyspestcontrol.com. Courtesy photo



MARCH 11, 2011

(ARA) — Do-it-yourselfers range from experts to novices, ambitious renovators to weekend handypersons, but one thing they all share is the drive to find products and tools that can make their home improvement projects easy, successful and fast. “ D o - i t - yo u rs e l f e rs appreciate home improvement products that are new and innovative,� says Patti Price, senior vice president of merchandising for Lowe’s. “They’re looking for products and tools that make projects easier, improve the functionality and efficiency of their homes, solve an old problem in a new way, and are unique and original.� Lowe’s polled a panel of DIYers recently to find out what products they considered to be the most innovative — and useful — for the start of 2011. The top products will be updated quarterly, but for the beginning of the year, here are their top 10 picks:

1. Recessed light conversion kit If you’re looking for a quick, do-it-yourself lighting upgrade, with professional results, replace a recessed light with a pendant. This conversion kit makes the process quick and easy, and the end results provide updated style. Panelists highly rated the product’s innovative features, improved functionality and easy installation.

2. Side-by-side refrigerator With an array of hightech features and an ENERGY STAR, the Whirlpool TURN TO DIYERS ON A20

Furnishing your home — made easy COAST CITIES — For the last decade 1 STOP Furniture & Patio has been San Diego’s leader in introducing the latest and greatest trends for both indoor and outdoor living. They are proud to introduce to the residents of North County elegant high-end furnishings and stylish outdoor patio collections of exceptional quality and value. Their dedicated sales team is comprised of professional designers with a penchant for helping discerning clients assess their needs and select furnishings that are innovative, stylish, comfortable and functional. As a leader in the industry, they strive to provide you with outstanding craftsmanship and the highest level of customer service that will satisfy even the most arduous clients. They offer no pressure sales and a huge selection of home furnishings to save you time and money from driving all over town. They are most famous for featuring the largest selection of custom sofas and sectionals and also regarded for showcasing an extensive variety of sophisticated outdoor patio furniture all year around. The popularity of their unique designs and excellent service has allowed them to expand into their


Top 10 products for DIYers

1 STOP Furniture Warehouse & Patio is San Diego’s only furniture store where you can furnish every room in your entire home in one easy stop. They feature nationally recognized brands like Stanley Furniture, Tommy Bahama, AicoMichael Amini, Brownstone, American Drew, Lea Kids, Broyhill, Lane, Hanamint, Mallin, Summer Classics, Telescope, Serta and many more. Founded in 2000, they are committed to serving the community and its military. They have successfully raised thousands of dollars for local San Diego charities. 1 STOP Furniture Warehouse & Patio offers the most relaxed shopping experience the industry has ever ONE STOP SHOPPING 1 STOP Furniture Warehouse & Patio is located at 9050 Kenamar Drive (off seen! Visit their massive Miramar Road just two blocks north of the Pyramid). Hours are Monday through Thursday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Friday through Sunday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, call (858) 271-9400, ext. 2 or visit www.furniturestoresandiego.com. Courtesy photo


new 20,000-square-foot designer showroom where you will find top designer brands at amazing prices. Stop by their showroom to schedule a personal inhome design consultation and see name brand patio furniture, custom sofas and sectionals, dining rooms, bedrooms, mattresses, home office, pool tables, coffee tables, kids furniture and more.

ie us D d And s e



Come ‘stop and smell The Rose’ Easter Celebration Service @ Moonlight Beach April 24th 10:30am

510 S. EL Camino Real, Encinitas, CA 92024

760.942.4900 www.elcaminocf.com



OFF T RACK GA L LER Y San Dieguito Ar t Guild, Est. 1965

/XPEHU\DUG 6KRSSLQJ &HQWHU 6XLWH & %(+,1' 67 7523(= 67$5%8&.6





our new ng es license d agetn t Lea

h Lund

With special skills in design/ staging


MARCH 11, 2011


green The master suite: a haven within your home No thumb? No (ARA) — The master bedroom has evolved into far more than a place where you hit the pillow and grab a few hours of sleep each night. Today, it’s almost a misnomer to call these modern, multifunctional rooms bedrooms. If you’re looking to renovate, expand or build a new master bedroom, think “master suite” instead. Don’t just create a cozy room meant for sleeping, because in recent years it really has turned into so much more. The growing trend of making the master suite one of your immediate family’s choice gathering spots stems from a flagging economy and the fact that more people are choosing to enjoy leisure time at home instead of out on the town. And believe it or not, many are choosing to spend it in the master bedroom. “The master bedroom has increasingly become a restful retreat within your larger home — a place where you can spend the day, if you wish, with all the comforts of a traditional family room,” says Donna Schroeder, color marketing and design manager for Dutch Boy Paints. “The trend is to combine comfort with convenient amenities in an atmosphere that is peaceful and relaxing.” One of the easiest ways SUITE LIFE With people spending a lot more time in their master bedrooms, it makes more sense than ever to accomplish this is to look to make it great. Courtesy photo

to sumptuous hotel suites for your design inspiration. Plush, comfortable and full of luxuries — big and small — hotel suites offer plenty of ideas you can mimic. You say you like coffee first thing in the morning? Why go down to the kitchen? Install a coffee bar, complete with an espresso maker, coffee grinder and a mini refrigerator to store milk for those extra-foam lattes. Don’t expect to lounge on the bed with your cappuccino in hand. Reserve space in your design for an ample sitting area where you can put a sofa, comfortable reading chairs and even a state-ofthe-art entertainment system for movie nights and lazy Sundays. Add a built-in customized entertainment center to house the latest and greatest gadgets for everyone in the house. You’ll want to have room not only for the flat screen HDTV and BluRay player but also the kids’ gaming system, DVR receiver and a nook for Dad’s sound system.You might also want to include shelves for Mom’s prized collection of romantic old movies so she can watch them in the comfort of her bedroom haven. You can picture it already, can’t you? First, however, you must set the stage TURN TO MASTER ON B26

Perfecting your patio isn’t the work of a lifetime (ARA) — Spring is a time of renewal with flowers and trees blooming, grass greening and warmer temperatures bringing us back to the outdoors. But before you can begin to truly enjoy the fresh air — there are many updates needed to help your patio areas recover from the harsh effects of old man winter. Luckily, with a few spring spruce-up projects, you can achieve a patio revival in only a weekend that’s simple, yet looks sensational.

Wash away winter When we think spring — we think cleaning. No matter what type of patio you may have, pressure washing is a simple way to make it shine. It offers instant gratification as layers of dirt, dust and grime are quickly blasted away. Don’t have a pressure washer? No need to run out and buy one; most rental companies or home improvement centers offer reasonably priced daily rentals. Or it’s an opportunity to visit the neighbors you haven’t seen during the cold months to borrow theirs.

Bring new life to old furniture Once your patio area is clean, it’s time to bring out the seating. But have your table and chairs seen better days? The outdoor elements can wreak havoc on patio furniture. Fortunately, you can easily turn something ready for the trash into a new treasure by updating it with a coat of spray paint. To start, lightly sand and clean the entire surface. Next, spray the entire piece of furniture with a new, updated paint color.For metal,wood or wicker surfaces, try Krylon’s Outdoor Spaces spray, or for plastic surfaces, try Krylon’s Fusion for Plastic spray paint. Both products are available in a wide selection of popular colors and finishes and offer superior protection to keep your patio furniture looking beautiful for years to come.

Petals and pots with pizzazz Finally, it’s time to liven up your patio area with beautiful and aromatic flowers. But just as important as choosing the pretty petals, is planting them

SPRING CLEANING Even patios that didn’t see much use — or cleaning — over the winter can be restored to beauty without a lot of fuss using a few simple tricks. Courtesy photo

in the perfect pot. Terra cotta pots are ideal since they come in a variety of sizes and are inexpensive. For added pizzazz, you can update these planters with a splash of color. You can choose one color for all of your pots or mix it up.This is a great project that allows you to experiment with all of the colors that you love but were hesi-

tant to commit to inside your home. If you change your mind, all you need is a new can of spray paint. To start, turn each pot upside down on newspaper and spray the pot with your favorite shade of Krylon Outdoor Spaces spray paint. Once dry, you may choose to spray your vibrant pot with a clear,

pearlescent or glitter spray to achieve the dazzling finish you desire. With just these few simple projects, your patio will be festive and fashionable in just a weekend’s worth of work. For more information on other products or products from Krylon, visit www.projectsinacan.com.

New trend of ‘gardening with purpose’ takes root

(ARA) — Put on your garden gloves and join in the fun because “gardening with a purpose” is taking root. The purpose may be to grow your own food or create urban sanctuaries, but planting for a greener good is changing neighborhoods and communities — one garden at a time. According to the

Association of Professional Landscape Designers, homeowners are growing more of their own food — more herbs, vegetables and fruit trees — both in dedicated vegetable gardens and mixed in the garden among flowers and shrubs. But it’s not just food production that’s driving today’s gardener. As backyard conser-

vationists, gardeners are transforming yards, gardens, rooftops and even urban alleys into green and productive spaces. Here’s a glimpse of what Susan McCoy, garden trend spotter, sees for 2011.

lawns and gardens in an environmentally friendly way, according to the National Gardening Association. “Gardens continue to reflect awareness of how our landscapes enhance and improve the environment Garden with purpose around us,” Patricia St. John, Nine out of 10 house- president of the Association holds want to manage their of Professional Landscape

Designers, says of this trend. Since healthy plants start with healthy soil, people are looking for sustainable and organic soils like OMRI-listed, compost-based, premium-blend potting soil from Organic Mechanics Soil Company. This all-purpose premier blend is good for all TURN TO PURPOSE ON B19


SOLANA BEACH — Who doesn’t love digging in the dirt, breathing fresh air while harvesting ripe vegetables and fruit? Gardening, though, can be a bit of hassle when it comes to proper planning and execution. That’s where California Hydroponics & Organics comes in, a brand new garden center located in Solana Beach. Family owned and operated by native San Diegan James Hill and his cousin Scott Stark, this company puts an emphasis on customer service, a vast product offering and a knowledgeable staff. Hill’s father is a dentist in Ramona, whose own version of customer service has won him numerous “best business” awards. “I learned a lot about customer service from my dad,” Hill said. “Customer service is underemphasized these days. My company is working to fix that.” How so? For starters, California Hydroponics & Organics offers free one-on-one advice with their qualified employees. In fact, one of their employees has a degree in agriculture. “You need an expert to answer your gardening questions,” Hill said. “There are a lot of variables involved.” What sets California Hydroponics & Organics apart from every other gardening center in town is their commitment to being a part of the community. “We treat people like people, not customers,” Hill said. “People who garden around here are all so friendly. We’ve already had people stop by showing us pictures of gardens that we helped them get going.” For those readers who are unsure of what hydroponics is, Hill notes that it is simply the growing of plants with nutrientrich water instead of soil. Whether your gardening is done hydroponically or traditionally in soil, California Hydroponics & Organics is committed to making self-sustaining gardening a practical part of every home by providing innovative, environmentally friendly and easy to use gardening products. The store caters to all types of gardeners and carries the world’s most advanced lines of premium organics and bioorganic plant nutrients and grow media for today’s avid gardener. They offer a huge inventory of name brands, a low-price guarantee and fast order processing. The store is also currently offering a 20 percent discount for first time customers. California Hydroponics & Organics is located at 564 Stevens Ave. in the Stevens Design Center. They are open seven days a week, Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Sunday from noon to 5 p.m. Call California Hydroponics & Organics at (858) 436-7775 or visit www.californiahydroponic.com for all of your growing needs.

MAR. 11, 2011





MARCH 11, 2011

All of your fireplace questions can be answered COAST CITIES — A fireplace is an absolute essential according to homebuilder statistics. Even here in sunny California, a fireplace is the key component of almost

every living room. A sure way to impress people is to have a home with a fireplace in an unconventional place like the bedroom, the kitchen or the sunroom.

The fire spaces available to today’s homeowners are much more versatile, and infinitely safer than those of the past. High-tech innovations allow for fuel efficiency and

installations in locations that were once prohibitive. At Fireplaces Plus, they are prepared to help you maximize the fireplace in your home so that it provides you with the key components of warmth, efficiency, ease and beauty. When you come to the store, you will be able to speak with trained sales technician. They will ask you specific questions which will help lead you to the products that will satisfy your individual hearth needs. In order to help make your visit to their store more productive, come prepared to answer the following questions. 1. What type of fuel are you going to burn? The fuel choices that they offer are wood, gas, electric, pellet and ethanol alcohol.

2. Is your fireplace factory built or a full masonry fireplace? If it is a prefabricated fireplace, go to every length to determine the manufacturer and the model number.The manufacturers’ name and model number are generally on a steel plate that is riveted to the metal box. If you do not have a factory built fireplace then look closely at the masonry unit that you have. Does it have a masonry base and metal flue or is there a tile lined masonry chimney? If you have a gas line into your fireplace, what type of gas do you have piped in? Natural or propane? 3. Does the chimney have a one or two story height? 4.Approximately how old is the fireplace? What fuels have been used in the past,

and when was the chimney last cleaned and swept? 5. Are the brick panels or the firebrick that line the inside of the box in good condition? 6. What are the measurements of the fireplace? You can download a measure sheet at www.fireplacesplus.com. Fireplaces Plus has been in business for 38 years. They have four certified installation technicians on staff and four trained and four knowledgeable salesmen. Their showroom has more than 50 burning displays and a huge inventory of accessories. Visit them at 1833 Diamond Street in San Marcos, or online at www.fireplacesplus.com.

Warm up to an affordably luxurious bathroom no matter the temperature (ARA) — With the advent of summer still several months away, the comfort of a hot bath or invigorating shower continues to be something to look forward to every day. However, in many ways, the bathroom can be a frigid place on a cold late-winter or early-spring San Diego day. In fact, it often may feel like the coldest room in the house thanks to all of that impersonal chrome, porcelain and tile. But, it doesn’t have to be. It’s possible to warm up even the chilliest bathroom, even on the tightest of redecorating budgets. As you plan your bathroom revamp, start by looking right under your feet. Many bathroom floors are made from ceramic tile or natural stone, such as mar-

HOT STUFF Tarkett FiberFloor Easy Living Classic resilient flooring in Savanna Flagstone Fossil beautifully provides warmth underfoot. Courtesy photo

The Drapery Shop, Inc. 2253 S Santa Fe Ave Ste A Vista, CA 92083 M-F: 8:00am-4:00pm Saturday by appointment 760-727-1617 thedraperyshop.hdwfg.com CL# 767581


ble. Sure, these hard-surface elements look nice, but they also can feel downright icy on your bare feet, not to mention hard and slippery when wet. With 207 designs in distinctive colors and textures, including authentic-looking tile and stone, Tarkett FiberFloor provides the beauty of natural flooring with enhanced durability. “Today’s fiber-backed resilient sheet flooring products aren’t your grandmother’s vinyl,” says Gary Finseth, director of marketing for Tarkett Residential. “The latest options, like FiberFloor, a Consumers Digest Best Buy, offer style and durability at a price that doesn’t break the budget. These floors are warm and soft underfoot, and they resist scuffs, scratches, indentations and water. The result is they are perfect for any bath.” Warmth, however, goes beyond flooring. Fluffy tow-

els, plush bathmats and a sumptuous velvet shower curtain will add a sense of rich warmth to the space. Wall color also plays a role. Light and airy colors, while beautiful, definitely do not convey a sense of comfort. Instead, paint your walls an unexpectedly rich color to create a welcoming, cozy atmosphere. Bear in mind that warm colors can make a bathroom look smaller, so be sure to use a soft white as an accent to balance out whatever deep tone you select. For instance, Dutch Boy’s Treaded Grapes offers a splash of color and welcoming personality in a deep, classic purple tone. Paint your bathroom walls with this leading 2011 color trend and offset the statement with Narrative Cream-colored molding and accessories TURN TO BATHROOM ON B21



MAR. 11, 2011

16950 Via de Santa Fe Rancho Santa Fe

Open Daily: 8:00am ‘til 8:00pm

858-756-3726 Home Delivery Available! Call for Details!

Available March 13 to March 17

ST. PATTY’S DAY DINNER MENU from the Service Deli

U.S.D.A. Certified Angus

Corned Beef Brisket Cured right here in our own meat dept. Cured for a minimum of 21 days, trimmed lean, full of flavor.

$ 99


Irish Lamb Stew


U.S.D.A. Choice Colorado

Lamb Loin Chops

Made fresh with Colorado Lamb, potatoes, carrots and special seasonings

Cut to the thickness you desire. The freshest and highest quality around.

Stuffed Cabbage Made with our homemade corned beef hash



$ 99




Pork Chops Always tender and juicy. Center cut, cut fresh daily

An Irish tradition.... creamy mashed potatoes with greens

$ 99



Corned Beef & Cabbage Dinner



Irish Soda Bread & Irish Tea Bread $ 99 ea.


U.S.D.A. Certified Angus

Filet Mignon


Trimmed to perfection, the most tender piece of meat available.



Beautiful Phalaenopsis Orchids Orchids aren’t the delicate, hard to grow plants some people think they are.They are the largest group of plants in the world, contrary to the notion of them as exotic imports. Correct light is important for proper plant growth. Yo can usually judge how much light an orchid needs by watching the leaves. You want the leaves to be a light grass green. Water often enough to keep continuous moisture just below the surface of the medium, but be cautious of over-watering. watering once a week is normally sufficient to keep your plant healthy and happy. Most inhome temperatures will be acceptable for growing orchids. They are comfortable when you are. Between 55º and 80º is best.Come take a look at our selection of orchids.White and purple phalaenopsis are available.

99 ea


Fresh Iowa

Colcannon $ 99 lb.

Available Wed. & Thurs. March 16 & 17



Grade A Hand Trimmed

Chicken Breast Always the freshest at Village Market. Also enjoy our marinated chicken breast, choose from lemon, garlic, teriyaki or souix wow.

$ 99


Includes our corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, carrots and Irish soda bread. Jumbo Alaskan

Cooked and Peeled


Extra large, fully cooked. THE BEST CRAB AVAILABLE.

Jumbo white shrimp steamed to perfection. Try Mrs. Shea’s Cocktail Sauce with your cooked shrimp. GREAT AS AN APPETIZER OR A MEAL.

Orange Alaskan King Jumbo Shrimp Colossal Sea Scallops Roughy Fillets Crab Legs Flow in fresh from New Zealand. Orange roughy is a mild white fish packed with flavor.

6-10 count, large and succullent. Broil or B.B.Q.

lb. Fresh

Alaskan Halibut Jet fresh halibut from the artic waters off Alaska. FRESH DAILY DELIVERIES.

Don’t forget your farm fresh produce!

5lb. bag $ 4.99

Bartlett Pears $

2.49 lb.

Organic Russet Potatoes

Braeburn Apples

Premium quality baking potatoes. Use russets for baking, frying, mashing, roasting or boiling. Store your potatoes in a cool, dark, dry, well-ventilated place. Don’t refrigerate them, doing so converts some of the potatoes starch to sugar.

New croup, large size Braeburn Apples. Very firm with sweet and slightly tart flavor. Popular as a snack or served in salads and desserts. Apple season is in full swing and they are tasting great!


1.99 lb.

Organic Baby Lettuce

Fresh Eggplant


3.99 each

1.99 ea.

Fresh and firm. Eggplant is delicious hot or cold and can be enjoyed marinated, stuffed, roasted, grilled, fried, in a casserole, in stews, or on brochettes. Choose heavy firm, unblemished skin.

Locally grown in Fallbrook. Always fresh, and the highest quality. Whole heads, simply pop off bottoms, rinse and enjoy. Very popular item.

Fresh in, and delicious. Bartlett pears are ripe when they turn completely yellow and give off a sweet aroma. They can bruise easily, so handle with care. Great lunch box item.


Butternut Squash A favorite of winter squashes. Rich full flavor. Easy to bake, or also works well cut up in microwave.

Stock up for Saint Patrick’s Day! SonomaCutrer Chardonnay 750 ml. Bottle



Cakebread Chardonnay 750 ml. Bottle



La Crema Pinot Noir 750 ml. Bottle



Matanzas Pinot Noir 750 ml. Bottle



BV Reserve Tapestry 750 ml. Bottle



Caymus Cabernet 750 ml. Bottle



.99 lb.


MARCH 11, 2011


Sophisticated florals and gifts.... C O U P O N

155 Quail Gardens Dr. Encinitas • 760.943.8757 www.twigsbyteri.com Located in Sunshine Gardens Nursery Shop Hours: 10:00am-5:00pm Tues-Sat

Order early for Easter & Mother’s Day

Bring this ad in for $

5 off

Any purchase of $25 or more

or $10 off purchase of $50 or more with this coupon. Not valid with any other offer. Expires 5-8-11

LAWN PARTY With careful planning, your lawn can end up a pretty fun place to hang out. Courtesy photo

Choose and use products with care to make your lawn something to share (ARA) — A lawn is an extension of our living space, a place where we can enjoy outdoor activities with family and friends. When pests invade our yards and threaten our comfort and safety, it’s important to take action to control insects and weeds by choosing and using lawn and garden products carefully. Protective care often involves the use of pesticides to rid lawns of harmful pests like grubs, mosquitoes, ticks, fire ants, poison ivy and ragweed. With careful research

and responsible use, homeowners can benefit from the effectiveness of these products. “Having the right tools and a plan of action gives homeowners peace of mind when it comes to protecting their living space both inside and out,” says Aaron Hobbs, president of RISE (Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment), a national organization representing the manufacturers, formulators and distributors of pesticide and fertilizer



• Trees & Palms • Bedding & Indoor Plants • Shrubs • Succulents • Native & Water Plants • Benches • Statuary • Fertilizers, Soils & Insecticides

Open 8am to 5pm daily

En Aveni da


. st Hwy N. Coa 101


La Costa Ave


FtoF O 2yo0u% t si vi xt e n r

ta Nurseitemrys Atondbeercomsobinn'edswitLah othCeros offers or on sale


400 La Costa Ave. • 2 blocks west of I-5

LA COSTA 760.753.3153 www.andersonlacostanursery.com

products used in home and lawn care. “Nothing is more rewarding than enjoying activities on a healthy lawn or a pest-free outdoor area with family, friends and pets.” Follow these simple instructions for a PEST (plan, execute, stay aware and treat products with care) plan of action: Plan — Before taking action on any lawn care project, research potential problems carefully. Every lawn differs depending on climate and location, so find out what most often affects lawns in your area. Make an action plan with specific steps to deal with problem pests, including when to tackle important projects and what methods prove most effective. Different pests require different pesticides, so knowing specifically what needs to be done allows for proper pesticide selection and pest elimination. Local lawn care specialists and extension agents can help answer your questions about making effective pest elimination plans. Execute — Once a plan is in place, proper action can be taken. Remember, however, that lawn care products are not effective unless they are used properly. Carefully read and follow all directions on how to mix, apply and store pesticides. Also, use only the label-recommended amount of product for the size and makeup of your lawn area. Stay aware — After the application of pesticides and other pest-management tools, keep track of lawn conditions. Lawns require care beyond the use of pesticides, so it remains important that grass is kept trimmed and TURN TO LAWN ON B20



MARCH 11, 2011

Five ‘luxury’ bathroom upgrades on the cheap (ARA) — It’s probably safe to say that no potential buyer ever passed on a house because the bathroom was just too lovely and luxurious. And few of us would prefer to come home at the end of the day to decompress in an outdated bathroom with a shabby shower and cabinets that have seen better days. A beautiful bathroom can help potential buyers overlook other flaws in a home. And the bath is one room where homeowners can be confident their renovation dollars will yield not only improved home value, but enhanced enjoyment as well. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend lavishly to elevate the luxury quotient of your home’s bathroom. Here are five “luxury” upgrades that can be done on a moderate — or even modest — budget: 1. Lighten up with a skylight When it comes to creating a comfortable, energy-efficient ambiance in a room, it’s hard to beat Mother Nature. Natural light helps reduce dependency on artificial light sources and the electricity they consume, and can have a positive effect on mood and overall health. You may hesitate to add a large, clear window to a bathroom, but skylights are a great way to add the luxuriousness of natural light without compromising on privacy. Choose a venting style which can also be a cost-effective way to help vent humidity, steam and odors from a bathroom. New models, like Velux America’s No Leak Skylight, eliminate leak worries; when properly installed, Velux skylights are no more prone to leaks than any other quality window. Visit www.veluxusa.com to learn more. 2. Shower yourself with luxury Ripping out that old ceramic tile and replacing it with the trendiest stone may not be in your budget, or your shower’s future, but swapping out a standard showerhead with something more luxurious probably is. It’s easy to find a variety of showerheads — from rainfall and massaging, to hand-held or dualhead and multi-jet — that will elevate your daily washing routine to a spaquality experience. What’s more, a new showerhead is one of the easiest bathroom renovations to do yourself, even if you have no previous DIY experience. 3. Accessorize, accessorize Who doesn’t love warm, plush bath towels? Or foot-soothing rugs that

IT’S A FAMILY AFFAIR After 25 years, a third generation joins the family business at Contract Carpet. Courtesy photo

AFFORDABLE TRANSFORMATION Ceramic tile is a very costeffective way to make bathrooms looks more attractive. photo

Contract Carpet celebrates 25 years of furnishing flooring Revamp your home with ceramic tile COAST CITIES — Contract Carpet remains an icon in North County flooring as it celebrates its 25th anniversary. The Dixon family and its staff at Contract Carpet continue to offer that priceless alternative to the daunting world of giant impersonal box stores. It offers that rare, family-business approach to finding just the right flooring for

your home. The Dixons have been in business in North County since 1985 and have seen countless competitors come and go while they continue to provide excellent service to their loyal customers. As Marty and Susie’s four children have grown up and completed their college years, Josh and Nick have joined the business taking part in the

everyday operations. Josh is currently managing the San Diego location while his younger brother Nick works out of both locations. They welcome you to visit either of their two showrooms to borrow samples and explore decorating ideas. Their two daughters have decided to venture into other fields, TURN TO FLOORING ON B20

Reduce spring cleaning stress with these chore-sharing tips (ARA) — When spring finally rolls around this year, families everywhere will be ready to embrace the season and all it has to offer: sunny days, higher temperatures and finally getting back outside. But a long winter means your home has some serious spring cleaning needs, which can cause serious stress when one person — Mom — has to handle it by herself. Sixty-two percent of mothers handle all household chores, according to a recent Roper study. And on average,

moms spend more than 14 hours per week cleaning and maintaining the home. “Family cooperation is key,” says Alison Gutterman, mother of two and president of Jelmar, maker of CLR cleaning products. “If you share the responsibility for chores, they’ll not only get done faster, but there will be less stress for the whole family.” Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to create a chore-sharing plan before your flock flies the coop. Create a rotating schedule of chore

assignments so no one gets stuck cleaning the toilet each time. But most of all, keep these simple spring cleaning tips in mind so doing “the chores” doesn’t have to be a chore. • Organize: Group rooms that need sprucing up into “sectors” that use similar products and methods to help break up your to-do list and tackle projects quickly. • Prioritize: If cleaning the garage has been TURN TO CHORE ON B20

(ARA) — Transforming the look of the home does not need to be a costly, complicated process. And with an increasing focus on sustainability, homeowners are more concerned with using durable products that will keep their beauty and functionality for years to come. Revamping your home with ceramic tile is a great way to establish a contemporary look that will last. The technical specifications and aesthetic applications that ceramic offers are affordable and do not necessarily involve major work. Ceramic tile is easy to clean and maintain, durable and resistant to most common forms of wear. The other

notable feature is that tile comes in a multiplicity of shapes, colors, textures, finishes and weights. This range of options in ceramic floor and wall tile makes them the perfect ally for turning original design ideas into personalized spaces. The tile experts at Tile of Spain offer these tips to consider when working with ceramic tile: • When using ceramic tile to tackle a renovation project, make the material’s versatility work as much as possible for you. Plan the kind of ambiance you want to create in any given room TURN TO CERAMIC ON B20

Home Invasions are Random.

You own a gun... now

Financial Planning


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We review your current financial position and give written advice for your life goals.

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How to make your deck an outdoor living room

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to 75


MARCH 11, 2011

sq. ft.

7310 Miramar Rd, Inside the Pyramid


(ARA) — Nothing beats relaxing in the shade or entertaining a group of guests on your own private deck. When you take the time to plan your deck for the way you live, the result can be a versatile living space and a value-boosting addition to your home. Trent Boozer, publisher of Extreme How-To magazine, notes his readers have made it clear that decks are one of the top projects they love to design and build. The Internet is full of deck plans and planning tools — and

with the range of decking products and accessories on the market, every deck can take on a personality of its own, he says. Personalization is what makes the deck an extension of the home, says Rick Preble of Deckorators, the leading deck accessory brand that embraces the concept of deck personalization. “The idea of an outdoor living room has really materialized as people have reattached to their existing homes,” Preble says. “A costeffective way to add square

footage and upgrade your lifestyle without moving is with a deck.With all the deck products and accessories available today, homeowners can customize their outdoor rooms.” Deckorators has made the process of mixing and matching different deck accessories and building materials easy with a new, easy-to-use online design program: the Deckorators’ Deck Visualizer. The online tool is free and provides TURN TO DECK ON B19

Selling the Ranch & Coast Since 1989

Marla Zanelli REAL ESTATE

DECKED OUT Personalizing your deck has become possible thanks to constant product innovations, like Deckorators Postcover and DuoConnector deck railing accessories. Courtesy photo

7420 Via De Fortuna

511 S. Rios

French Provencial town home offering a quality lifestyle! Offered at $889,000

Cul-de-sac location, horizon ocean views, .42 acre! Offered at $979,000

16180 Old Guejito Road

Chateau L’Auberge

109 Acres of park-like, beautiful country surrounded by trees & wildlife! Offered at $529,000

Fully Furnished! Ocean view condo w/hotel amenities in Del Mar! Offered at $7,000/mo. (in summer)



239 South Helix Avenue

521 S Rios

Ocean front getaway! Offered fully furnished! Offered at $1,248,000

Ocean view .42 acre to build your custom beach home! Offered at $999,000



email: realestate@delmarla.com web: www.DelMarla.com dre#01040946


DRE# 01040946

Ground cover The creeping cure for ugly bare spots and landscaping challenges (ARA) — Nearly every lawn or garden has one — a bare, ugly spot where nothing seems to grow well. Maybe the spot gets too much sun, or too much shade. Perhaps the soil is too sandy, rocky or full of clay for most plants to survive in it. Maybe it’s on a hill or slope where exposure to wind and water runoff make it uninhabitable for average plant life. Whichever one (or more) of these challenges is the source of your problem spot, chances are the cure is pretty universal: cover it up ... quickly, inexpensively and permanently with flowering or lush, green ground cover. Hardy, easy to grow and aesthetically appealing ground cover fills vacant spaces, solves landscaping trouble spots and minimizes garden maintenance. Ground cover can transform a dull, sparse space into a rich tapestry of textures, shapes and continual color. These plants can spruce up challenging spots under trees, accent transitional areas along paths and foundations, and

intensify interest in open spaces. Plus, they deliver a stunning seasonal show of flowers and colors. Ground cover is a costeffective, fast way to deal with difficult trouble spots. It performs the job of mulch at a fraction of the cost, blocking weed growth, insulating soil, protecting more fragile plants and adding visual appeal. Some ground covers even bolster nutrients for companion plants with more demanding nutritional needs. Spring is the best time to plant ground covers, giving roots a chance to become established before conditions turn harsh.But before you decide on which varieties of these landscaping miracle-makers you’ll plant, here are some ground cover guidelines: • Don’t just plant the first ground cover that catches your eye. First, take stock of your problem area so you can select a ground cover that is appropriate for the spot. Some ground TURN TO COVER ON B19



homeowners a way to visually discover the different design options they like best for personalizing a deck. The Deck Visualizer allows the user to set the virtual deck environment to a lake or backyard view and then change the deck accessories for limitless combinations. Users can select the color or grain of composite or wood decking, select the style of metal or even glass balusters, add baluster infill centerpieces, change railing colors, and add post caps, lighting options and even stone. “This deck design program is fun for homeowners to use and is a great tool for deck planning,” says Preble. “We work with hundreds of deck builders, and they appreciate having this when working with clients. It allows both consumers and deck builders to visualize different options and choose deck products prior to constructing a deck.” The North American Deck and Railing Association website (nadra.org) is another good place for consumers to start when gathering information for a deck build. The organization has a large gallery of photographs of decks that have received national awards for design or construction. Michael Beaudry, executive vice president of NADRA, says consumers are definitely hungry for deck design ideas and information on new products. NADRA offers resources to help consumers with deck and rail design and deck safety. The organization’s website also provides access to more than 1,750 different building products companies. Homeowners who want to build or who are renovating an existing deck will find new trends for 2011. One material making its move onto decks is stone. Deckorators cast stone Postcovers, which install over rail posts, are one new product in high demand. The postcovers provide the same look and feel as natural stone columns, but are designed to install over basic wood posts. Postcovers are hand-painted to look like cobblestone, fieldstone or stacked stone. The simulated product costs far less than real masonry work and makes it possible for do-it-yourselfers or contractors to add simulated stone columns to a deck. “Stone or simulated stone on a deck has become possible with new products, and it’s another example of interior design trends and the mixing of various elements making their way to outdoor living areas,” Preble says. Experts agree that putting the time into planning your deck up front and knowing what your product options are is the best way to ensure you end up with a space your family will embrace as a true outdoor living room.



MARCH 11, 2011

Tips for better remodeling or landscaping (ARA) — For many homeowners, the return of warm weather signals that time of year to launch the long-awaited home remodeling or backyard patio project. With the typical major kitchen remodel topping $58,000 and the cost of a new roof topping $21,000, according to the National Association of Realtors 2009 Cost vs. Value Report, taking on even a minor remodel calls for careful attention to detail. It’s even more important if you’re not a do-it-yourselfer and want to hire a contractor to perform some or all of the work, says FindLaw.com, the world’s leading online legal resource. Doing your homework upfront and being crystal clear in your dealings with a home remodeling or landscaping contractor will reduce miscommunication, frustration and expensive errors. If you’re ready to take the plunge, here are some timetested tips from FindLaw.com for a better remodeling or landscaping project: 1. Ask yourself: Does it make sense? Before you move too quickly, it’s critical to determine if it makes sense to remodel.The first place to look is your neighborhood. Are other neighbors improving their homes and enhancing the exteriors of their homes,as well as their yards? Is your city or town properly maintaining streets and public areas? Are you committed to staying in your home at least five years? Remodeling and landscaping can be expensive and, in many cases, you will not fully recoup your investment. While it’s important to do it for yourself, be careful not to over invest either. 2. Do your homework. Before you call a contractor, do your homework to get a good idea of what you want from your remodeling or landscaping project. Visit showrooms, talk to friends and neighbors



your plants and good for the earth.

Eco-scaping The move to de-lawn large tracks of turf and transform lawns into sustainable landscapes is achievable with the right plants that use less water and pesticides. Beautiful native plants like Solidago “Solar Cascade,” exclusively available from North Creek Nurseries, part of The American Beauties Native Plant collection, are lowmaintenance plants that attract wildlife and beneficial pollinators like butterflies, bees and birds. Proceeds benefit the National Wildlife Federation’s Certified Wildlife Habitat Program.

Sustainable containers For small space gardens, growing food in containers makes sense. Blended containers with herbs and veggies provide a one-two combo for freshness and convenience. And, containers blooming with natives, rebloomers and ornamental

TIME-TESTED TIPS With careful planning and a critical eye, remodeling can be extremely satisfying for homeowners. Courtesy photo

who have recently remodeled, read home and landscaping magazines, and visit open houses and showcase homes to see what’s hot in home remodeling and landscaping projects. Start a notebook to collect your ideas, product information and product samples. 3. Build a budget. As you do your homework, start piecing together a budget of what various products and materials may cost. Keep in mind, especially when remodeling an older home,there may be unexpected surprises (such as plumbing or electrical) that could drive up the costs of your remodeling project. To be on the safe side,always add 20 percent to the generally recommended costs of a remodeling project. 4.Listen to word-of-mouth. If you hire a contractor, make sure that any contractor that you consider is licensed, bonded and insured. Word-of-mouth is the most reliable method to finding a contractor. Ask your friends, neighbors or family members for the names of contractors or landscapers with whom they’ve worked. 5. Get multiple bids. Always get at least three proposals when selecting a contractor to handle your remodel-

ing or landscaping project. Always meet the contractor in person and never agree to hire a contractor after your first meeting. Obtain all estimates in writing and carefully compare the details that each contractor has spelled out in his or her proposal. 6. Check your permits. Be wary of the contractor who says you don’t need to pull a permit from city hall for your remodeling or landscaping project. A permit typically represents the minimum construction standard set by a local community. In other words, a permit actually protects you as the homeowner from shoddy construction or landscaping practices. If you live in a historic neighborhood, there may be more restrictive guidelines that you must follow that have been set by a neighborhood council. 7. Get references. Before you say “yes” to a contractor’s proposal, get at least three to five references from a contractor. Call the contractor’s references and ask about the experience of working with him or her — did the contractor complete the project on time and on budget? Was the contractor responsive to making changes throughout the project and the completion of the punch list

grasses beautify spaces and affordable, colorful plants that look as comfortable in benefit the environment. 21st century homes as they Succulents did in Victorian days. To learn Dry gardening using less more about the health benewater is bubbling across the fits of indoor houseplants, nation. Attractive and low- check out www.O2forYou.org. maintenance succulents have showy flowers and thick, Growing up with verfleshy foliage that stores tical gardening water like a camel’s hump. “Vertical gardens are Drought-tolerant and becoming increasingly popuable to thrive in a variety of lar and will grow far beyond conditions, succulents look anything we can envision,” great in small gardens and says Joe Zazzera, with Plant large landscapes. Get ideas Solutions, Inc. and Green from Costa Farms on varieties Plants for Green Buildings that you can mix with peren- (GPGB.org). “Businesses are nials, containers and stand- seeing the productivity, envialone or in roof gardens. ronmental quality and return on investment that indoor Indoor gardening plantings and vertical living From “steampunk” walls are bringing to their Victorian hipster decor rock- projects.” ing among young urbanites to From containers with upscale suburban homes, dec- climbing vines, flowers and orating with houseplants like veggies to vertical walls orchids, ferns and palms is blooming with edibles, plants hot. are growing up. Chic and easy to grow, orchids add a lavish touch to Urban farming and any room. Plus these hard- CSAs working beauties clean In step with the move to indoor air of volatile organic reinvigorate communities, compounds and provide oxy- urban farming and gen. Community Supported Phalaenopsis (moth) Agriculture farms (CSAs) are orchids as well as other vari- springing up nationwide. eties are perfect choices for Urban farming “micro-farms”

(all of the final details to wrap up a project)? Contact your local Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed about the contractor. And, contact building suppliers and subcontractors (electricians, plumbers, etc.) to see if your contractor pays his or her bills on time. 8. Get it in writing. Never, ever agree to hire a contractor, even if it’s your brother-in-law, on a handshake. Always insist on a contract, says FindLaw.com. Be precise about exactly what services will be performed and by when. Specify exactly what products and materials will be used. Spell out when payments will be made to the contractor and clarify what recourse you have if the work is not completed to your satisfaction. If need be, contact an attorney specializing in contracts to review the document before signing. 9. Do a gut check. You need to feel good about having someone come into your home every day for weeks or possibly several months.Working with a contractor should be fun, but more importantly, you need a contractor who listens and responds to you. Check your gut reaction. If in any way you feel uncomfortable with a contractor, don’t sign the contract. And if you have to, move quickly to cancel it. Many states allow a consumer to cancel a contract within three business days after signing it. 10. Be completely satisfied. Never pay for the entire remodeling project or landscaping project up front, before construction begins. In most cases, you’ll put down 25 percent of the total project amount to get the work started. After that, you’ll pay portions at certain milestones up until the completion of the project. Don’t make the final payment until you are completely satisfied. It’s one of your last defenses for ensuring that work is completed to your satisfaction. are converting small spaces in blighted areas into thriving farms that grow fresh produce for inner city communities. CSAs offer fresh produce and provide the chance to learn about varieties, maintaining plants and sharing experiences.

New Urbanism Sustainable urban communities that offer spots to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle are on the rise. Planting water-wise plants, collecting rainwater, building walkable streets, and fostering diversity of shops, homes and apartments with less turf and more plants encourages better stewardship of the earth, and reconnects everyone as fellow stewards of resources and communities. “We had trouble wrapping our heads around saving the rain forests,” says McCoy, “But we clearly can wrap our arms around saving our own backyards. Digging and planting gardens brings awareness that we’re all earth’s caretakers.” For a complete look at the Garden Media Group 2011 Garden Trends visit www.gardenmediagroup.com.


covers need sun, while others thrive only in shade. Some prefer dry locations. Others require moist soil. • Assess the soil at the site. Is it sandy and dry? A lovely loam? Or wet, soggy clay? There’s a ground cover for every soil condition, but you’ll also need to test the acidity level of the soil. You may need to amend your soil to raise or lower its pH content, or add organic matter to modify its texture. • Hardy as they are, ground covers still require proper fertilizing, watering and weed control to maintain their attractiveness — just like any other plant. Newly planted areas will need special attention until they’re well established. • Seed is the least expensive way to start ground cover. And planting ground cover seeds is some of the easiest sowing you’ll ever do in your yard or garden. Ground cover seeds are typically much smaller and lighter than other plant seeds; often you’ll get as many as 175,000 seeds in just 1 ounce. One way to make sowing even easier is to use a pre-mix of seeds and lime, like those offered by Outsidepride.com. The mix comes in a shaker bottle and you simply sprinkle the seeds on the planting site.The lime in the mix improves the pH of acidic soils, adds valuable micronutrients and helps break down organic matter. The lime is also white, so it’s easy to tell where you’ve spread the seed. You can find a ground cover for virtually every soil situation — and to suit every landscaping preference. Outsidepride.com offers more than 50 different types of ground cover seed, from the luminous lavender and red of Magic Carpet creeping thyme and the baby blue of Forget-Me-Not to the gorgeous greens of Irish Moss and Kenilworth Ivy. Best-sellers like creeping thyme offer homeowners a vibrant, versatile way to solve problems and accent their landscaping. Creeping thyme is a favorite for its tolerance of dry soil,low maintenance needs and ability to self-seed season after season. To get ground covers started off on the right foot, plant them in spring so they have a chance to root well. Before long, your barren, weedy trouble spots will be gone, covered by wondrous waves of flowers and foliage.



protect tootsies from cold floors? It makes sense not to skimp when it comes to choosing towels, area rugs and other accessories for your bath. Even top-quality accessories cost less than major renovations, and they can go a long way toward making your bathroom feel polished, put-together and posh. From good bath linens to a towel-warmer that can make them feel extra cozy, accessories are an economical, effective way to add luxurious touches to your bathroom.





Stacey is a professional photographer and Kelli is an EMT working toward a firefighting career. While growing the business and raising their family here, the Dixons and Contract Carpet have provided the community with more than just fine floor coverings. They have also supported and sponsored school events and youth sport teams. The staff at Contract Carpet continues to volun-



watered. If any unwanted results occur or new pests pop up, consult a lawn-care specialist or extension agent



side-by-side refrigerator won high marks for its innovativeness and improved functionality. It helps contain spills easier and it also has more storage space.

3. Re-keyable lock sets Schlage SecureKey Locksets allow homeowners to rekey the deadbolt lock using a special key. The lock cannot be rekeyed using generic tools so it provides a new solution to an old problem and improves functionality over other similar products.

4. Two-burner patio grill Although the Lowe’s poll was conducted in winter, panelists were already thinking about warm weather and grilling season when they chose the Char-Broil Quantum 2-Burner Patio Grill. The grill uses the Quantum Infrared cooking system to lock in natural juices for moist, flavorful



last longer than that. By comparison, most other companies only offer a two-year guarantee. Corky has an amazing passion for his business, and surrounds himself with the best of the best to make sure his company offers “state of the art” pest control. Among his knowledgeable staff is a full-time plant pathologist so they can find lasting and effective solutions to every

teer in their area with organizations like the Community Resource Center, putting together holiday gift baskets, as well as lending a hand with local animal shelters. At both Contract Carpet locations — 191 N. El Camino Real, Suite 112, Encinitas, and 11658 Carmel Mountain Road, Suite 130, San Diego — the Dixons and their team know that no other single furnishing in your home sets the tone like the flooring. All of their installers are

not only experts but longtime employees, offering a reliability that will meet the highest expectations of quality and workmanship. Contract Carpet offers flooring shoppers free estimates and guarantees all labor. Whether it’s the warmth of wall-to-wall carpet, the bright accent of area rugs, the finish tone of elegant wood floors, the practicality of a porcelain tile or the convenience of vinyl flooring, flooring is what gives any room its basic personality.

When furnishing a new home or bringing old floors up to date, Contract Carpet is the place to find it all, including custom window treatments that will match or compliment your flooring choice. And to the busy homeowners’ delight, shoppers don’t have to wander miles to some distant warehouse district to find the right price and selection. Visit them in the heart of Encinitas or in Carmel Mountain Ranch or call them at (760) 436-9030 or (858) 451-9717.

to help fix the problem. Treat products with care — Store all pesticides according to label directions, away from children and pets. Handling pesticide products responsibly protects both

lawn and homeowner. Ridding lawns of weeds and insects makes outdoor living spaces healthy and welcoming for activities enjoyed with family and friends.Through a PEST plan

of action, your lawn will be something to share. For more information on properly choosing and using pesticides and fertilizers, visit debugthemyths.com or www.pestfacts.org.

grilling and offers temperatures that range from intense searing to low barbecuing. What makes it even more unique though, is its convenient side shelves that fold for easy storage, perfectly sized for small patios.

waiting for mortar or adhe- practicality and designers sive to dry. who loathe the utilitarian look of some styles, especial7. Double oven range ly those with attached light When it comes to elec- fixtures. Panelists give the tric ranges, panelists the allen + roth 23-inch Leaf Whirlpool Double Oven Light Aged Bronze Ceiling Range is twice as nice. Users Fan high marks for combinenjoyed the flexibility of hav- ing innovation and function5. Lock and fold ing two ovens, allowing them ality. The product conceals to cook two different dishes the fan blades within a stylhardwood flooring Installing traditional — like a pizza and a casserole ish light fixture adorned with hardwood flooring can be — at the same time in one bronze leaf accents. labor-intensive, so it’s no sur- range. 10. Pull-down touch prise the Bruce Lock & Fold 8. Dual fuel gas grill faucet Hardwood Flooring was Among serious grilling impressive because of its Anyone who’s ever strugease of use and how it utilizes enthusiasts debate has long gled to turn on a faucet with new innovation to solve an ranged over gas versus char- messy hands can appreciate old problem. The flooring, coal. Lowe’s customers liked the utility of touch technolowhich comes in a variety of having the best of both gy. The Pilar Pulldown with finishes, installs without glue, worlds with the Char-Griller Touch 2O Technology earned nail or staples by simply lock- Duo Gas & Charcoal Grill. the approval, because of The grill puts a charcoal- thestylish and gracefully ing into place. fueled unit side-by-side with curved faucet features a pulla gas grill. Users highly rated down spout and can be touch 6. Self-adhesive tile the grill’s innovation with activated with a gentle nudge mat Ease of use is a hallmark both gas and charcoal being anywhere on the spout or of the products panelists available in the same grill handle. You can find out more chose, and the Bondera Tile and ease of assembly and about the products and their MatSet certainly meets that use. features at criterion. It is a double-sided, 9. Stylish ceiling fan www.lowes.com/innovation. peel-and-stick adhesive perCeiling fans have long Keep an eye out for more top fect for counter and wall tile. Just peel and stick, then add been a point of contention for rated products throughout tile and grout, with no more homeowners who love their this year. problem. Many of his staff members include Bachelor of Science, doctorate and special certifications among their degrees. And every day, his technicians are undergoing continued training to stay current with the evolving products their customers need and the changing pest problems that come to San Diego. Part of what is special about Corky’s Pest Control is that their service can be customized to fit individual

Put a little “Spring”

in your landscape... large or small. Come by & see us! YOU PICK-UP OR WE DELIVER! OCEANSIDE 2609 Industry St., (one block So. O’side Blvd.)

Stone & Supply Co.

760-439-7625 Coastal

858-792-0100 www.ArgoRock.com



and select colors and finishes that will help achieve it. Bright colors help enhance the light. Earthy and ochre colors transmit serenity. Blues, greens and browns can be used to create natural spaces while the contrast of black and white adds simplicity and elegance. The possibilities are as boundless as the user’s imagination. • The broad spectrum of this material’s design versatility has helped it become a popular decorative element. The old-fashioned view of ceramic as a simple, functional product to be used only in very specific rooms such as the kitchen and the bathroom, has lost ground over the years as the material has become more versatile. When working with tile, be open to the various propositions — metallic finishes, finishes that mimic the look of fabric and wood, relief work, new sizes and formats. Choose those that enhance the personality of the targeted design space. • Combinations of finishes and textures help break up the linear nature of a room and make it more dynamic. Relief and “volume” finishes, as well as large format tiles, enable you to change the

MARCH 11, 2011

apparent dimensions of a room and play with the light. Imitations of wood and leather give a greater sense of comfort and create references to natural elements. Because tile now provides such versatility and beauty, there is a growing quest to apply the qualities of ceramic to other spaces such as patios, porches and terraces, and even to other objects or furniture pieces, such as headboards, tables, benches, shelves, bookcases and inside closets.These new applications mean that homes are developing a more personal and original feel and are becoming more practical. Equally, screen-printing and digital printing techniques have opened the doors of the imagination when decorating tiles. The development of these production processes enables the final look to be highly personalized, creating spaces that are unique and custom-made. Bearing in mind the durability of ceramic, ease of maintenance and easy installation methods that enable spaces to be altered cleanly, simply and cheaply, it’s becoming clear that using ceramic tile is an efficient way to revamp your home creatively and affordably. For more tips on decorating with tile, visit www.spaintiles.info.

neglected for years, chances are it’s not a priority. Save those tough jobs until you get through the rooms you know have to get done. • Quick refresh: Have guests coming today? If you don’t have time for a deep clean, quickly freshen up each room by spraying fabric softener on drapes and curtains, and toss the pillows and couch covers in the dryer with a dryer sheet. • Use cleaning multitaskers: Maintaining that huge supply of specialized cleaners under the sink is a

waste of time and space — look for products that can tackle three or four jobs instead of just one. For example, CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner cleans caked-on grime from ceramic tile, shower doors, toilet bowls, kitchen counter tops and more with just a spray and swipe. • Create a finish line: Cleaning can go on forever if you let it. By establishing some cleaning goals before you start, you can manage your time and know when to say “enough’s enough.” Once you’re done, get back to enjoying the season and your family.



needs and budgets. Their service technicians can come to your house, evaluate the problems and provide quality solutions for each situation. If you live a green lifestyle, you’d be surprised to know most products used by Corky’s are botanicals, natural products that control pests that are environmentally friendly. You can request all botanicals if that is your preference. For properties that are fully landscaped and the customer does most of their own landscape work, Corky’s

can provide periodic professional help to keep insects and pests under control and out of your life. Even with regular maintenance, when summer comes and brings out the pests in force, Corky’s can adjust their service schedule to meet those increased needs. Many of our most common pests are attracted to aphids and whiteflys who spend their time on roses, hibiscus, citrus, and other fruit trees. The honeydew these insects secrete is what

attracts the ants, spiders, and other crawling insects, so ongoing treatments to discourage and eliminate these tempting treats for our unwanted pests are what create an insect- and pest-free yard so you can enjoy the best of the Southern California weather. For more than 44 years, Corky has satisfied thousands of residential, commercial, and mobile home customers. Comments like the following are ongoing: “I want to thank you for the excellent

service your company has provided over the past twenty years … and Steve has been a wonderful employee servicing our home.” This is why Corky’s sprays more residential homes and landscapes in San Diego. Corky’s has continued to provide interior and exterior pest control, termite control, fumigation and repair, home repair service and much, much more. For more information, contact Corky’s Pest Control at (800) 901-1102 or visit www.corkyspestcontrol.com.


bat this, OTC decongestant nasal sprays shouldn’t be used more than three days in a row. Also, an allergist can prescribe a nasal spray containing a steroid, which may be more effective and is not addictive. Myth: Allergy shots require too much time and are more expensive than taking medicine to relieve symptoms. Fact: Depending on how bothersome the allergies are, immunotherapy (allergy shots) may actually save money and improve quality of life. In fact, a recent study showed that immunotherapy

reduced total health care costs in children with allergic rhinitis (hay fever) by one-third, and prescription costs by 16 percent. The shots are similar to a vaccine, exposing the recipient to a tiny bit of allergen at a time, to build up a tolerance to it. As tolerance increases, allergy symptoms will be significantly lessened and may even go away. That can save sick days and money spent at the drug store. Myth: A blood test is the best way to diagnose allergies. Fact: Actually, skin tests are more sensitive than blood

tests. In skin allergy testing, the skin on the inside of the arms or the back is pricked with a tiny bit of an allergen. If the person is allergic, the site will become red and swollen within 20 minutes and usually clear in an hour or two. Skin testing is very safe when performed by an allergist, even in infants and young children. But no single test alone provides the entire picture. Sufferers should see an allergist, who is trained in diagnosing and treating allergies. To learn more about allergies and asthma, take a relief test or find an allergist, visit AllergyAndAsthmaRelief.org.


drowsiness. Allergists can prescribe more effective antiinflammatory medications as well as find the source of suffering, rather than just treat the symptoms. Myth: OTC decongestant nasal sprays are addictive. Fact: OTC decongestant nasal sprays are not technically addictive. However, people who overuse them may think they are because they need more and more to get relief from the congestion. To com-

Del Sur celebrates grand opening SAN DIEGO — To celebrate the opening of two parks and three new residential neighborhoods, Del Sur is welcoming everyone to a free, fun-filled Day in the Parks event from noon to 4 p.m. Saturday, March 19, at the master-planned community off Camino Del Sur just north of state Route 56. “The Del Sur lifestyle boasts an abundance of outdoor activities, so our Day in the Parks celebration will reflect that,” said Bill Ostrem, president and CEO of Black Mountain Ranch, developers of Del Sur (www.delsurliving.com). “There will be food and fun for home shoppers at three different parks and in every new home neighborhood at Del Sur.” Three new residential neighborhoods opening to the public for the first time March 19 at Del Sur are Carleton and Presidio by Standard Pacific Homes and Valencia by California West Communities. All three neighborhoods offer larger homes on large lots, and each showcases the new “Del Sur Room” designed to extend and expand indoor/outdoor living space. Prices are expected to start from the low



DAY IN THE PARKS For more information regarding the Del Sur grand opening event March 19, Day in the Parks, visit www.DelSurLiving.com/opening or call 858-481-4200. Courtesy photo

$600,000s. In addition to model home tours, prospective homebuyers will find family fun activities and refreshments at three Del Sur parks during the March 19 event. Kristen Glen Park activities will include kite decorating, kite flying and remotecontrol sailboats. Old Stonefield Park will have doggy yoga classes as

well as an obstacle course for canines. Dogs are welcome at Old Stonefield Park. Spreckels Park activities will include hamster ball races, a climbing wall and traditional park games such as bocce ball, croquet and ping pong. In addition to new Del Sur neighborhoods Carleton, Presidio and Valencia, new phases of homes are being

mounted, hard-wired and plugged-in options. Imagine the luxury of wrapping yourself in a thick, toasty towel the moment you step out of the shower. This can easily become reality. Another warming luxury, the overhead heat light, has come a long way over the years. Now you have the option of getting that infrared warmth from a standard-sized bulb instead of the oversized versions of the past. They provide instantaneous heating. Talk with your electrician to see what options would best work in your bathroom. With so many options to warm up your bathroom’s decor to fit a wide range of budgets, there is no reason to deny yourself the luxury of a cozy, spa-like escape at home.



to create a warm yet open space. And of course, a quality shower can easily warm up your body as well as your mood. But don’t settle for just any showerhead. Update your shower with a new multi-setting showerhead, such as the Moen Nurture eco-performance model. This EPA WaterSense-labeled product offers superior fullbody coverage and three different spray settings for an exhilarating experience — all while protecting natural resources. Heated towel racks — once luxury items — now are available at affordable prices for any bathroom, offering floor-mounted, wall-

Our 3rd year and Growing

built at Del Sur’s Sentinels by Davidson, and at Madeira and Mandolin by Shea Homes. Construction also continues and homes are also selling at Standard Pacific’s Bridgewalk and Pasado by William Lyon Homes. For more information regarding the Del Sur grand opening March 19, visit www.DelSurLiving.com/open ing or call (858) 481-4200.

LARGE SELECTION of Cacti and Succulents. All product locally grown, designer planters.



FLOWERS w/any purchase Expires 3-22-11

SPECIALS ON: • Tomatoes • Peppers • Herbs

$1.99 ea.

Succulent Plants Buy 2, get 1


No limit • Expires 3-22-11

GARDENS BY THE SEA NURSERY 1500 N. Coast Hwy 101 Leucadia, CA 92024 CNG


La Costa Ave

X Coast Hwy 101

MARCH 11, 2011

5 Leucadia Blvd


MARCH 11, 2011



experimenting with new ideas, plants and vessels. To create a miniature garden under glass, simply start with a few smallscale plants (mosses, liverwort or carnivorous plants like the Venus flytrap). Plant inside a mason jar and add rocks, sticks

or tiny figures to set the scene. 3. Succulent gardens: No longer gift shop novelties. Succulent gardens are rapidly becoming the cool, lowmaintenance way to bring plants inside. Nurseries and retailers nationwide are offering unique combinations of these interesting plants in assorted dishes and planters.

Or, try creating your own succulent dish garden in a welldrained bowl, dish or pot by choosing a variety of species that have the same growing requirements. Fill the planter with a specialized potting mix like Miracle-Gro Cactus Palm & Citrus Soil, formulated for slow-growing plants that require fast-draining soil.

Obtain great results with very little watering or care. For a more decorative interpretation, plant a living picture by incorporating different varieties of succulents together in one box that, once root systems are established, the container can work as decor in your home. These gardens are not only beautiful, but also a cre-

Rats or gophers destroying your yard?


Goodbye Rodents!

Don’t poison, use nature’s pest control... Attract barn owls to your yard by installing an owl nesting box! As seen on Ustream

A nesting pair consumes up to 2,000 gophers, rats and mice per year!


AIR SUPERIORITY 760.445.2023

ative way to fill empty wall space, while reaping the benefits of an indoor plant. Feed your living picture with Miracle-Gro Liquid Cactus Food for all jade, aloe, cacti and succulents. 4. Hanging plants Have little floor space, shelf space, or window ledges to spare? No problem.You can still reap the benefits of indoor plants by hanging plants from hooks on walls or ceilings.Take care to firmly anchor into ceiling joists or wall studs. Many pots, planters and baskets are made just for hanging and will allow the opportunity to hang new greenery anywhere. Take caution not to hang plants directly over a heat vent or too close to drafty windows or doors. Choose from a selection of spider plants that do well in a hanging pot like English ivy, or Boston ferns. 5. Mounted plants: The mystery revealed What are “mounted” plants? Plants requiring little or no soil for nutrients and growth are simply mounted onto bark, wood, cork, or are hung up by wire. Air plants, also known as Tillandsia and staghorn ferns are interesting and unique plants that can be mounted and hung on walls, from ceilings or nearly anywhere that would protect their roots from getting wet. These unusual plants don’t require soil because they take in nourishment and water through their leaves. In their natural tropical settings, these plants can be found attached high up in trees. These plants are sure to draw attention and make great conversation starters.

Some varieties of orchids do well mounted and make a beautiful, unique addition to any home. 6. Forcing bulbs: Boost the blooms A layer of snow may be covering the flower beds outside, but you don’t need to just wait for the colors of spring. Simply begin forcing bulbs indoors to fill your home with beautiful spring blooms all winter long. Daffodils, tulips, crocus and hyacinth are the most popular bulbs to force indoors and will add a nice splash of bright cheery color to your late winter doldrums. To get started, choose a broad, shallow pot that is clean and contains drainage holes in the bottom. Next, fill loosely with a potting medium like MiracleGro Organic Choice Potting Mix and add bulbs — ensuring the “noses” stick slightly out of the soil directly under the rim of the pot. Then, water and force bulbs into an “artificial winter” by placing in a cool place such as a basement, garage or crawl space with a temperature of around 35 to 50 degrees. Continue watering consistently until this period has ended (length depends on the variety of bulb). Finally, keep bulbs in temperatures near 60 degrees with sunlight. Soon you will be enjoying the blooms of spring right inside. Whatever your reason for incorporating plants indoors, make the experience enjoyable. Take advantage of both the air purification features of indoor plants as well as their exquisite beauty. Experiment with different ways to grow plants.

Manufactured locally since 1977 by

The perfect blend of


Featuring the finest warranty in the spa industry.


SPECIAL PRICING ON ALL SPAS 2010 floor and in-stock models are priced to sell! Get a FREE BONUS PACKAGE valued at up to $1,548 with purchase of a swim spa or hot tub. (Bonus Package may vary by model)

Hot Tubs Aquatic Fitness Concepts

Swim Spas


fitness. Aquatic Fitness Concepts swim spas utilize circuit-training stations to provide a wide variety of full body exercises and are designed to perform like an underwater gym.

accommodates all your aquatic needs: • SWIM • TRAIN • ROW • STRENGTHEN • STRETCH • RELIEVE PAIN & STRESS • RELAX Ideal for those suffering from arthritis, fibromyalgia and other health problems. Excellent low-impact aquatic exercise. Costs less than $10 to fill our largest aquatic fitness system. Energy efficient, low operating costs and tax deductible (consult your tax preparer). Call today to schedule a PRIVATE WET TEST in San Diego’s only exclusive Aquatic Fitness Showroom

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Ask us how we can replace your existing swimming pool Visit our Swim Spa Showroom by appointment only call 888-598-8922


Visit our Hot Tub Showroom at

2611 BUSINESS PARK DRIVE • VISTA 92081 M-F 10am-6pm • Sat 9am to 5pm Sun / evenings by appt.



MARCH 11, 2011


youth lacrosse games or Pop Warner Football. In addition to a beautiful new store that’s easy to shop in and easy on the eyes, customers will find the staff friendly, knowledgeable and devoted to finding the right product to meet their needs. But according to store manager Stephani Rizo, what really sets them apart is their involvement in the community and making a difference in the lives of others. “The owners of our company are very passionate about our youth and are strong supporters of numerous North County youth organizations including local schools and the San Diego Center for Children,” Rizo said. “I also have a huge love for animals and those in need, and I am currently speaking with different nonprofit organizations to dis-

water recirculating system that keeps the owner from using excess water to get hot water. Double-glazed E-rated windows throughout help with insulation, cutting down on utility costs. E-rated windows mitigate sun damage and help preserve interior improvements. The Lund Team is the perfect firm to list this house, being LEED-certified and designated green brokers themselves. Practicing what they preach, the office is naturally lit and uses 11 Solatubes. For more information, contact Tyson Lund, broker ON THE INSIDE An interior shot of the green home on Hymettus Avenue in Encinitas. Double-glazed Eassociate, at (760) 494-9918 rated windows throughout help with insulation, cutting down on utility costs. E-rated windows mitigate sun or visit www.lundteam.com. damage and help preserve interior improvements. Courtesy photo

Grand Opening

cuss ways to make a positive impact in our community. I feel so blessed to work for a company that encourages this.” “We are thrilled to deliver a better shopping experience to our customers similar to what they would find at a high-style, highquality retailer like Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrel,” she added. “Shoppers want bright, open spaces that are attractive and convenient for finding the products they’re looking for. Our new store accomplishes all these goals.” FlooringAmerica by Picketfence Design is located at 2718 Gateway Road in Carlsbad. Store hours are Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. 5 p.m. They are also open after hours by appointment. For more info, call or visit www.FlooringAmericabypfd. com.

Love your gardener? NO PROBLEM. We can help your gardener optimize your lawn for little or no additional fee by a trained lawn care expert. Call for details. WITH THIS COUPON

1. Evaluate lawn's overall health 4. Examine mowing, edging and watering practices 2. Classify grass types 5. Prescribe cure for savings 3. Identify weeds, insects and and value diseases. This offer is valid through 4-30-11. To schedule your free lawn evaluation, contact your local expert at 760-967-7800


760-967-7800 www.lawndoctor.com

YOU’LL SAVE UP TO 50% ON YOU NEXT PURCHASES.† ONLY Flooring America offers Move Or Improve Assurance. With 17,000 floors to choose from and lifetime installation guaranteed, you can rest assured - wherever life takes you. Window Coverings •

Countertops • Hardwood • Stone • Tile

Plus, Special 1-Year Financing* *See store for details. Subject to credit approval

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Buy any carpet or floor now. Then if you move or improve your floor in 10 years,


Berbers, plushes, saxonies and more!




Professional installation available.









Professional installation available.

Professional installation available.


• Free Estimates • Granular Fertilization • Weed & Insect Controls • Disease Control • Core Aeration • Power Seeding • Tree/Shrub Care


The look of wood plus easy maintenance!

Visit our new Carlsbad Showroom in Bressi Ranch 2715 Gateway Rd., Carlsbad 92009

www.flooringamericabypfd.com San Diego location 9220 Trade Pl., San Diego, 92126

Palomar Airport Rd r te Fu e




offer you the size you need to fit your space. • Heating and cooling alone accounts for half of the energy used in a home, according the Alliance to Save Energy, so it’s important to install a HVAC system that will deliver optimal performance. A product such as the Trane XC95m furnace is among the most energy efficient on the market, and is equipped with technology that allows it to communicate with all other components of a heating and cooling system. • If smart technology and a customized home experience are what you need, consider remote home energy management systems. With a solution like Schlage LiNK, a remote access solution that provides home control from a cell phone or any computer



Gateway Rd

Alicante Rd


with Internet access, you can adjust your home’s thermostat, even when you are not there. • Your heating and cooling system can also help keep your home a clean and healthy environment for all ages. Many manufacturers offer whole-house air filtration systems, and some of these systems can filter up to 99.98 percent of particles and allergens from your home’s air. If any of these home trends apply to the “must have” list for your new or remodeled home, your heating and cooling system might be a good place to begin in your planning. Visit www. trane.com to get started. With the right HVAC system, you’ll be on your way to creating your picture-perfect home environment, however small, unique, diverse, long-lasting or energy-efficient you need it to be.

S. El Camino Real


lic. #: 818307

†See actual warranties in your local sore for details. Prior orders exempt. See store for details on all offers and warranties. Offer expires 4-23-11. Participating stores only. Unless otherwise stated, all prices are for materials only. Not all merchandise in all stores. Photos are representational only Actual merchandise may not exactly match photos shown. Although we make every effort to ensure that our advertising in accurate, we cannot be held liable for typographical errors or misprints . FAME-27240.3/20-11



showroom for your best variety of modern, traditional and contemporary looks. The friendly staff looks forward to meeting

MARCH 11, 2011

COAST NEWS GROUP — SPRING HOME & GARDEN GUIDE you and having the opportunity to earn your business. 1 STOP Furniture Warehouse & Patio is located at 9050 Kenamar Drive (off Miramar Road just two blocks north of the

Pyramid). Hours are Monday through Thursday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Friday through Sunday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, call (858) 271-9400 ext. 2 or visit www.furniturestore sandiego.com.



a calming influence. Depending on the energy level you would like to have in your office, consider using file folders, binders, pictures and wall paint to bring colors into your office that would enhance your professional emotions and

behaviors. • Keeping your home office picked up is key,especially if you pace while talking on the phone or while brainstorming a business idea. Make sure all your electronic cords are bundled and tucked away under your desk so you aren’t tripping over them while chatting with a client on the phone. • Get organized with a cubby hole or filing drawer system, which will help keep the paperwork off your home office desk area and also help you find filed information quickly and easily if you were

to have a customer catch you by surprise on the phone. These items are available at office supplies store such as Office Depot. As you get your company up and running in your home office, don’t forget to add little personal touches to make it feel even more comfortable. After all, you might be spending a lot of time in your office, so there’s nothing wrong with having inspirational photos or a desk plant or two to provide you with the pleasant atmosphere you need to get your work done.


factured locally by Dimension One Spas, who has been building swim spas and hot tubs since 1977. John Trzcinka, president of Aquatic Fitness Concepts, invites you to “wet test” their swim spas by calling (888) 598-8922 to schedule an appointment.


California with a full display of swim spas available for clients to see and actually try. They are also open by appointment only to ensure your privacy while swimming. The product is manu-

Jesus said, “I am the Vine, You are the branches” Come connect to the root and bear the Fruit of the Spirit: Love, Peace & Joy

Friday Night Worship Service @ 7pm Sunday Worship Service @ 10am

510 S. EL Camino Real, Encinitas

760.942.4900 www.elcaminocf.com



MAR. 11, 2011

















50% OFF Pottery Barn, West Elm, Crate & Barrel Styles







Hrs: Mon - Thurs 10am-7pm • Fri - Sun 10am-5pm




& Patio

9050 Kenamar Dr. • San Diego, CA 92121


(Off Miramar Rd., 2 Blocks North of the Pyramid)




ll R d

ar D r.

















for this oasis, using a serene palette of color and textures to accent the space and create a true sense of retreat. The first consideration? Paint and the color it provides. Your choice of paint will create the canvas that complements and highlights all of the room’s other design features. “This year’s color trends are inspired by everyday life, making them versatile in any setting, including a master suite,” Schroeder says. “One collection that works especially well is one that reflects a practical way of life — a



out of state and I am having their home painted and recarpeted for them,” she said. “It’s a light facelift. I enjoy doing the creative work and I am happy to help my clients.” With a father who is a contractor and an uncle who is a painting contractor, Zanelli has learned plenty about how to get things done right and how to get them done cost-effectively.



choice — in American homes:

1. Kitchen sinks The kitchen sink plays host to a handful of hardworking activities in the heart of

true functionality.” In this palette, texture is key and colors are soft and faded. Windswept and washed effects, as well as monochromatic layering, set off this modern collection. Inspired colors from Dutch Boy’s innovative Color Simplicity System include Boardwalk Blue, Composed Bloom, Spruce Hollow and Range Brown. Another palette working its way into the contemporary master suite is one that revolves around technology — which also reflects the modern amenities that are incorporated into these living spaces. In Dutch Boy’s “Abyss” trend for 2011, soft

neutrals and grays complement the true serenity of a master suite and the reflective alone time you appreciate when you’re away from today’s sometimes overwhelming abundance of technology and instant communication. Consider such hues as Dutch Boy’s Gargoyle Shadow, Fresh Linen, Pursuit of Happiness and Piccolo. Nothing ties a room together better than luxurious design elements like custom-made fabric headboards and coordinating bedding in silks, Egyptian cottons and other natural fibers. Think mix-and-match when it comes to furniture — eclecticism rules in 2011. The pervasive

“The market is starting to improve,” she said. “It’s a good time to put properties on the market if you want to sell.” The two biggest pieces of advice Zanelli offers those ready to put their home on the market are to have it show like a model home and to be priced properly. Some common mistakes people make when readying to list their home are not putting any money into getting it ready and not being realistic about property values.

Nothing says more about Zanelli and her services than the words of her clients themselves. “You put a lot of energy into the endeavor which was infectious. I was impressed with your skills in putting together a great advertising and marketing program … Your following with the track people and intimate knowledge of the Beach Colony in Del Mar all contributed to our success,” said client Ed Leutheuser. Another satisfied client

the home — whether it’s cleaning up from holiday feasts or serving as a baby bathing spot. Today’s Kohler’s Lawnfield and Wheatland cast iron kitchen sinks emphasize design with an ideal balance between form

and function at an attractive price. Single-basin sinks reflect historical design, and double basin cast iron sinks offer a modern convenience. You’ll find a variety of color choices, as well as undercounter and self-rimming options.

Neighborhood Savings for Residents of NORTH COUNTY!

Take 30% OFF per gallon

Hello Neighbor...

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n Av e.

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Ave .


S y c a m o re

Santa Fe Dr.


d id o B

Encinitas Blvd.





El Camino Real

3 Locations To Serve You:

611 Sycamore Vista 760-598-0040

*Off regular price. Not valid with any other promotional offers. Bring in this coupon to take advantage of savings. No quantity restrictions on paint purchases. Discount valid on Vista paint only. Offer not valid on Benjamin Moore paint line. Offer expires 9-30-11

influence of steampunk — a quirky mix of old and new — makes it perfectly fine to blend a contemporary platform bed with an ornate, Victorian dresser. The style is flea market meets high-end, and it looks great. “Life moves at a rapidfire pace these days, and a master suite is one place where you can get away from the hustling pace and just take a deep breath,” Schroeder says. “When creating your sanctuary within your home, take time to consider all the design options so you can have a space where you can escape from responsibilities, deadlines and outside noise and simply just relax.”


2. Bathroom sinks

easy to install. With a cost well below $200, it’s pricecompetitive with sinks constructed from acrylic or fiberglass.


MARCH 11, 2011

robin’s-egg blue of your grandmother’s tea set. “We want the imagination to run wild with our new custom color-matching system,” says Emily Small, brand manager for Decor Cabinets. “Maybe you love the hue of a Spanish tile you found in a salvage yard — we can match that color to create a one-of-akind look for your home.” To promote its new colormatching system, Decor Cabinets is hosting a sweepstakes on its Facebook page. Three lucky winners will receive $500 for submitting an image featuring the colors that inspire them. Visit facebook.com/decoracabinets for more details and to enter.

throughout in various textures, such as accent pillows, rugs and upholstery. You can go bold with vibrant, saturated hues as well, in anything from artwork to furniture to wall color. “Switching up a room’s color with a quick coat of paint can really change the look, feel and personality of it,” says Jackie Jordan, director of color marketing for SherwinWilliams. “If you want your room to ooze with energy, you might choose reds and oranges, while those looking for serenity might like cooler blues or creamy neutrals.” For color inspiration and paint tips, visit Sherwin- Find your inspiration For those looking for a litsaid, “After waiting a whole williams.com or your neighyear with another realtor borhood Sherwin-Williams tle inspiration, try these fun ideas to personalize your with no results, you came store. space: Frame your grandparalong and did it in three ents’ old love letters and hang weeks with your enthusiasm Customize your space Companies have taken them in a bathroom. Use a and fantastic advertisethe demand for personaliza- shadow box to display a collecment.” If you would like to tion to heart and are increas- tion of concert tickets. Look to enlist Zanelli’s help manag- ingly offering homeowners your heritage — if you’re ing your remodel or repairs, unique ways to tailor their Scottish, investigate your or if you would like to sell spaces. For example, Decor “clan tartan” and make a your home or list your home Cabinets recently introduced throw pillow out of the plaid for rent for Racing Season, or a color-matching system that pattern. If you like the ideas, for a consultation, contact allows you to customize an but don’t have the history — her at (858) 922-1341 or e- opaque finish of your cabi- fake it. Begin your own story mail her at realestate netry. Now your kitchen island and make your home truly one can perfectly match the of a kind. @DelMarla.com.

Whether it’s the focal point in a petite powder room or coupled in a master suite’s double vanity, bathroom sinks have a tall bill to fill — homeowners require good looks and durability, which today’s enameled castiron bathroom sinks can provide. Enameling technology makes it possible to have a cast-iron sink in an array of vibrant new colors beyond your grandparents’ classic white claw-foot tub. Kohler’s Tides bathroom sink comes in over 20 colors, and its selfrimming design makes it


Elijo Hills towncenter features an exceptionally appointed 19-acre park and community center, an elementary and middle school, and urban-style townhomes.” Visitors are also invited to explore the beautiful new homes available at San Elijo Hills. Lennar is offering San Elijo Hills’ first all-solar community at Terraza. Beautifully designed models showcase three two-story floor plans ranging from 2,182 to 2,721 square feet. Terraza features an extensive package of energy-saving amenities, including a SunPower® solar system. Homes are priced from the mid $500,000s. Terraza’s exterior architecture reflects Spanish Colonial, French Country, Craftsman and Prairie styles and blends with San Elijo Hills’ distinctive 1920s coastal California character. Terraza’s standard PowerSmartSM package includes a tankless water heater, enhanced insulation, double-paned windows with new generation low-E glass, water-conserving toilets, faucets and showerheads, energy-efficient lighting,

The first cast-iron baths were free-standing models — a design so ubiquitous that many Americans still associate it with cast iron. When Kohler introduced the built-in bathtub in the early 1900s, the style quickly became the design of choice for American homeowners and remains the most popular style today. Now, you can find cast iron bathtubs that offer the convenience and functionali-

ty of the built-in style, along with the elegance and durability of enameled cast iron. For those who crave design variety, drop in/undermount and freestanding styles are also available in cast iron.You can even find styles that offer massaging water jets and bubbles. You may fondly recall your grandparents’ cast iron, but modern design and a vibrant array of colors have today’s homeowners falling in love with cast iron’s durability and convenience all over again and enjoying it for years to come — just as other homeowners have before them.

insulated air ducts and other construction innovations. Several homes are available at MarketWalk, a mixeduse townhome neighborhood in the San Elijo Hills Towncenter featuring 12 condos upstairs and 11,000 square feet of retail space on street level. Floorplans range from approximately 1,647 to 2,746 square feet with three to four bedrooms and 2.5 to 3.5 baths. The remaining homes are priced from the low $400,000s. MarketWalk, developed by HomeFed Corporation, was recently honored as the “Best Designed Mixed-Use Project” in the county by the Building Industry Association of San Diego. Information on Altaire, a new single-family home community by D.R. Horton, is available at the San Elijo Hills Visitor Center. Scheduled to open in April, Altaire is planned to feature homes ranging from 2,627 to 3,469 square feet with three to five bedrooms and up to four baths. The homes have been designed with Spanish Colonial, Craftsman and Old World architecture and threecar garages. Prices are anticipated to start in the low $600,000s.

San Elijo Hills is an award-winning masterplanned community known for its panoramic ocean views, 18 miles of hiking trails, a 250acre regional park, 1,100 acres of open space and active lifestyle. The community has been honored with the Gold Award in the “MasterPlanned Community of the Year” category at The Nationals, an annual competition that recognizes the nation’s best new communities and marketing efforts. It also received a Gold Nugget Grand Award in the “Community/Town Plan” category at the Pacific Coast Builders Conference. When complete, the 1,920-acre community of San Elijo Hills is planned for 3,400 attached and detached homes in 31 neighborhoods. San Elijo Hills encompasses the highest point in coastal North County and offers panoramic ocean views from many vantage points. The San Elijo Hills Visitor Center, which is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., is located at 1215 San Elijo Road, San Marcos. For more information on San Elijo Hills, visit www.sanelijohills.com or call toll-free (888) SAN-ELIJO (726-3545).

3. Bathtubs

MARCH 11, 2011



pay for a good 2-D set.

3-D Glasses Current 3-D TV technology requires viewers to wear a pair of 3-D glasses to enjoy the technology. Most 3-D TVs use active 3-D glasses which contain a power source within the glasses. Expect to pay around $100 to $200 per pair of active 3-D glasses. Some 3D TV manufacturers are beginning to offer a passive 3-D technology. Passive 3-D glasses do not require a power source to view 3-D content, so they are lighter and cheaper. Despite some reports that “glasses-free” 3-D TV is set to come soon, most consumer electronic experts agree that the technology is several years away from being available to consumers.

Viewing angle caveats If you’ve ever tried to watch a big game or movie on a 2-D LCD or LED TV with a large group of people, you’ve probably experienced the issue of limited viewing angle options. Because of the technology used to put the image on the screen, LCD and LED TVs don’t always offer a good image from every viewing angle. The issue is even more relevant for 3-D TVs, according to Best-3DTVs.com. That’s because 3-D TVs share the same viewing angle issues as some 2-D flat


COAST NEWS GROUP — SPRING HOME & GARDEN GUIDE screens, but with the added challenge that 3-D glasses can also block light from the screen, lowering brightness and contrast. If you’re also viewing the screen from an angle, all these factors can lead to a “very underwhelming 3-D viewing experience,” the website points out. “Most industry experts argue that 3-D technology actually increases the viewing angle problem,” says Jim Wohlford, vice president of Sanus, makers of TV mounts and accessories. “Early 3-D reviews indicate a ghosting effect around objects on the screen when viewed from an angle.” Fortunately, wall-mounting on a full-motion mount, which can resolve viewing angle issues for 2-D flat screens, is a good option for 3-D TVs as well. Products like the VisionMount VLF311 Super Slim Full-Motion Mount allow you to maintain the sleek, low profile look of a flat-screen while still having the ability to move the set to whatever position or angle is best for your viewing needs. “By placing a TV on a full-motion mount, you can be sure you can always achieve the optimal viewing angle from any seat in the room,” Wohlford says. “Fullmotion mounts are available to accommodate all sizes of TVs, are easy to install and simple to use. They apply a low-tech, time-honored solution to one of the most common problems of our favorite high-tech toys.”



than you expected, you may discover you can afford to expand the size of your project. Or, if you find some unpleasant surprises, you may decide to scale back on your project —

and refocus your efforts on improving your credit. 5. Hopefully, this will not be your last DIY project. But how you use credit to finance your current project could influence your ability to fund future projects. Before you commit, look into a credit score

estimator, which is available when you enroll in credit monitoring through freecreditscore.com. The estimator helps you understand how major financial decisions, like applying for loans or maxing out credit cards, may impact your credit score.

Do-it-yourself projects can enhance your home’s value and your enjoyment of it. By understanding one of your most important DIY tools — your credit — you’ll be better equipped to ensure your project delivers value, and not just cost, for years to come.

A FFORDABLE ELEGANCE FOR THE FstRimEaEtes DISCRIMINATING HOMEOWNER e Home • Kitchen • Bathroom Remodeling Serving San Diego and Los Angeles for over 25 years Counters, Bathrooms, Floors • All phases: Natural Stone, Marble, Tile, Granite

We can beautify any space in your home. • Bathroom Remodeling • Kitchen Remodeling • Fireplaces • Patios • Floors • And more

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Mediterranean Herbs. She takes you on a hike across a hillside in Syros, Greece, which helps “herbies” and gardeners see how these native herbs grow in hot arid climates, tenaciously hanging on rocky cliffs. She will discuss how to keep the grey and green Mediterranean herbs happy in our own gardens. On Sunday, Belsinger presents a cooking demonstration featuring these hardy, flavorful herbs along with seasonal ingredients of this sun-drenched cuisine. To find out more about Belsinger, visit www.susan belsinger.com. There will also be ongoing speakers on garden and herb-related topics, guided tours of the Herb Garden, Herb Festival Market-place, the A-Z or Herbs information booth, and the SDBG Spring Plant Sale with a multitude of vendors. If horse racing is the sport of kings, is horseradish the herb of emperors? Kids can learn about the Herb of the Year for 2011, the noble horseradish. Make potpourri “saddle bags” with herbs from the garden. Construct a “horse,” naturally, and help make a community sculpture using recycled materials Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The event is free with admission or membership. For a $2 off coupon and for more information, visit www.SDBGarden.org.

Any Service of $500 or more

Bishop’s Tree Service (760) 720-9649 Not valid with other offers. Offer Expires 7-7-11. One Coupon Per Visit Per Customer

Any Service of $1000 or more

Bishop’s Tree Service (760) 720-9649 Not valid with other offers. Offer Expires 7-7-11. One Coupon Per Visit Per Customer



MAR. 11, 2011

Issuu converts static files into: digital portfolios, online yearbooks, online catalogs, digital photo albums and more. Sign up and create your flipbook.